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2017.01.19 20:48 Cheerful_Toe skyrim intro memes

it's memes from the skyrim intro

2023.06.10 08:58 Born-Pop-4906 Best neurology doctor in Patna

Best neurology doctor in Patna
"Understanding Blood Diseases: An Overview of Common Conditions and Treatments"
"Understanding Blood Diseases: An Overview of Common Conditions and Treatments" is an informative blog that provides a comprehensive overview of various blood diseases ( Neurologist near me).

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2023.06.10 08:57 Pretty_Alternative56 my last hope lol

hi! i’ve had migraines pretty much all my life but recently (since November 2022) i’ve had the absolute worst migraines, sometimes lasting for months and nothing like the ones i’ve had in the past. i’ve done an MRI and everything came back normal.. i have a neurologist appointment in november of this year (yay canadian healthcare system wait times) but i’m not sure what else i can do. my family doctor gave me so many different meds to try and none have worked, i try icing my head/neck and that doesn’t help either. i even bought one of those migraine caps which help for all of 5 seconds, it affects my vision and my balance and idk if this will make sense but i feel like i have a fever even though my temperature is normal? anyways if you have any tips or suggestions please please please share! for reference i’m a 23 year old female and it doesn’t matter if my period is near or not i have migraines at least 20 days a month
thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 08:57 EditorForAll I want to know some more about Trails from Zero!

I've heard it time and again, and often roll my eyes at the Trails series (since its often mentioned here) but I'm a big fan of Ys, adore the Trails series' art and character designs, and absolutely want to dip my toes in the games.
But I'm picky.
From what I've gathered, the Trails series starts with Sky (or something like that) and then Cold Steel. And Cold Steel is about a military academy? I can certainly see the appeal in this part of the series, but the premise doesn't do it for me. (But I've been wrong before!)
I've only seen promotional art and the Ys Origin-looking graphics, but Trails from Zero looks cool. The main lead looks like a police officer in a large city, and the simpler visuals seem much more expressive and colorful while not being so dense. I managed to wander into hearing some music from Trails of Azure while binging Ys tracks and heard a song called "The Azure Arbitrator."
That is awesome music. And I want to play the games that feature THAT song. And if I'm reading it right, the Trails from Zero is a two-parter with Trails of Azure being the sequel.
I'm gushing over Trails from Zero and I want to start with that game. The graphics. The art. The music. It looks fun.
So, is Trails from Zero a good place to get into the series? What is gameplay exactly like? I've seen later games use a grid and area-of effect bubble to plan out damage, but I could be completely wrong. Has Zero and Azure aged well? (And is the guy from Zero featured in the new game called Trails into Reverie? Does that "continue" from Azure?)
Sorry for the rant! (And double sorry for wanting to skip a ton of games in a long series >_<)
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2023.06.10 08:57 Born-Pop-4906 Best neurology doctor in Patna

"Understanding Blood Diseases: An Overview of Common Conditions and Treatments"
"Understanding Blood Diseases: An Overview of Common Conditions and Treatments" is an informative blog that provides a comprehensive overview of various blood diseases ( Neurologist near me).
This insightful guide explores common conditions such as anaemia, leukaemia, and haemophilia, shedding light on their causes, symptoms, and diagnostic methods ( Neurologist In Patna). It delves into the available treatments, including medication, transfusions, and stem cell transplantation (best surgery hospital in Patna).
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2023.06.10 08:56 Pretty_Alternative56 my last hope lol

hi! i’ve had migraines pretty much all my life but recently (since November 2022) i’ve had the absolute worst migraines, sometimes lasting for months and nothing like the ones i’ve had in the past. i’ve done an MRI and everything came back normal.. i have a neurologist appointment in november of this year (yay canadian healthcare system wait times) but i’m not sure what else i can do. my family doctor gave me so many different meds to try and none have worked, i try icing my head/neck and that doesn’t help either. i even bought one of those migraine caps which help for all of 5 seconds, it affects my vision and my balance and idk if this will make sense but i feel like i have a fever even though my temperature is normal? anyways if you have any tips or suggestions please please please share! for reference i’m a 23 year old female and it doesn’t matter if my period is near or not i have migraines at least 20 days a month
thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 08:56 Baam62 Broke up 2 days ago feeling extremely sad

Day 2 of the break up -
32M first every relationship
we were together for 6-7 months LDR (met her many times inbetween) it started off as an amazing thing i loved her with all my heart and pictured my future with her and it was over just like that.
We had some arguments where her insecurities went off and i took the brunt of that, 1) i had gone out to a dinner with work friends, i had listed everyone who was attending and we had a sudden invitee that appeared who was (freshly single) a group photo came out tagging me in it. She called me right after telling me this is not it, hanging out with a single girl who knows that shes after
i had tried to explain they are work friends i have no intention of cheating or anything im loyal which nearly caused her to break up with me at that point.
I think it all broke down completely when i was overwhelmed with emotion and cried to her because she was stating alot of things that caused me to break down(she would be distant, dry texting, saying she almost didnt love me anymore) after that it was done it seemed.
then 2 days ago after work she calls me and says this is over i lost feelings for you and i cant lie to you anymore.
i'm not saying im a perfect person i have my share of the blame too, it felt like i was the only one trying to fix issues or communicate about them.
Now im all alone been crying most of the day, i couldnt function and still thinking about her, i would get random bouts of sadness where i literally freeze and start crying.

I hope this gets better.
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2023.06.10 08:56 random45232 How can I take good photos for a dating app if I don't like the way I look?

For context I'm a guy, currently I have a good photo of me holding my (very big) dog that I thought would be funny and it seemed to have some success at first
Other than that I mostly use selfies that I take in different locations, by the river, on the beach, in the forest etc but I don't feel like these work very well
I just feel like I look terrible when I take photos of myself, if I try to smile it usually looks forced and if I don't smile I look really unhappy and I'm not sure what to do about that, I feel like it's because I'm having to look at myself
I don't really have anybody to take photos for me and I'm kinda too embarrassed to ask anybody to help, I feel like I don't look too bad in the mirror, but when I take selfies I feel like I look awful in nearly all of them?
Any ideas or suggestions?
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2023.06.10 08:56 rMushbot Please read body

So I have now worked for the same employer since high school, I made 10$ an hour for a long time, now I’m salaried at 53k a year, I’ll be at 6 years in October this year and the owner is the only one above me. I have run about 120 sites since hired including Walmart, target, Home Depot, rite aid, Walgreens, multiple military bases and multiple hospitals. I have my OSHA 30 and I can pretty much do any construction and I have the tools to do so. I can do anererobic fiber and splice it, I can analog voice, I can do cameras, I can do anything. My main question is should I continuously work for this guy with no expectation of growth?
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2023.06.10 08:55 Born-Pop-4906 Best neurology doctor in Patna

"Understanding Blood Diseases: An Overview of Common Conditions and Treatments"
"Understanding Blood Diseases: An Overview of Common Conditions and Treatments" is an informative blog that provides a comprehensive overview of various blood diseases ( Neurologist near me).
This insightful guide explores common conditions such as anaemia, leukaemia, and haemophilia, shedding light on their causes, symptoms, and diagnostic methods ( Neurologist In Patna). It delves into the available treatments, including medication, transfusions, and stem cell transplantation (best surgery hospital in Patna).
By emphasizing education and awareness, this blog serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to understand blood diseases, empowering them to recognize symptoms, seek timely medical attention, and navigate the available treatment options for improved management and overall well-being (best neurology doctor in Patna).
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2023.06.10 08:55 Amateur0903 [USA][H]3DS, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Pokemon Emerald [W]PayPal, MegaMan Starforce Pegasus Loose

Hi Reddit. Rare game and handheld popped up near me and I really want it lol. Selling a couple of pieces of my collection to afford it. All games are CIB unless stated otherwise. Prices also include shipping. Willing to do bundle prices for more games you buy. Thank you!
Looking to buy a loose copy of MegaMan Starforce Pegasus loose as well. I will pay Price Charting shipped for a loose copy
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2023.06.10 08:54 KCJHutchins Family Storytime: Rotation

I’d say I was in upper elementary/middle school when our family decided to go to Niagara Falls for vacation. It was my first time leaving the country, so I was very excited. (Yes, it wasn’t far from the US, but I was a kid.) In I was packed into a van with my parents, grandparents, and my brother. We spent hours in the car… most of the time watching the same particular movie over and over on our little portable DVD player. Oh, it was tempting to throw it out the window once or twice, but sleep was the healthier option. Somehow my family was allowed entry into Canada. Now, I could go on and on about the trip as a whole, but I’d like to focus on one event. See, there’s this tower which overlooks over the city and Niagara Falls. One gets to the top of it by taking an outdoor facing elevator. This allows their customers to enjoy the views while ascending to their destination… unless they’re afraid of heights. It so happened three of the adults in our group possessed this fear. Naturally as the good-natured children my brother and I were, we didn’t dare tease or nudge them towards the window. That would be so mean and rude… did you detect the sarcasm? Anyways, we arrive to the top to find a somewhat fancy restaurant. The uniqueness of this place was the floor rotated to give the tables a view of the city. Got that? Only the floor moves. A long window wrapped along the outside of the dining room with a small ledge. When you go to sit down, they adamantly say not to lean or put anything on it since it stays stationary. Naturally, they put the kids near the window where we proceeded to forget this detail. An elbow slip there and a squeak here were to be expected. However, my brain forgot these moments and I placed my glasses on the ledge. As a couple of minutes passed, I realized my folly and chased after the spectacles. Apologizing to a very nice table who handed it to me. Daggers were glared at me from the servers who gave the warning. You’d think this would be the cream of the crop for embarrassment, right? Wrong. For you see my brother had to unintentionally top it. While calming down from the incident and enjoying my meal, I gazed out to see the falls. Smiling at how enjoyable it was to myself. It seems my brother shared the same thought. I know this because he was so distracted by the fantastic sights that he ended up on my lap. I giggled at first until I realized he was dragging me with him. Somewhat trapping both of us between the window and the seat. We were only freed when our parents helped. They lifted up my brother so I could pull myself out. I’m pretty sure through all these antics every eye was on us. As an adult, I’m surprised we weren’t asked to leave, or my family wasn’t too embarrassed to do so themselves. All I remember was a lot of laughing as we rotated round and round.
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2023.06.10 08:54 PhilosopherCorrect54 25M4F I would love to find my forever someone.

Am asian. I have a picture if me on my profile. I am military, soon getting out and I have a job waiting for me already so I am pretty financially stable.
I have your normal homebody interests. I like games, some anime (very picky), guitar, tv/movies (comedy/horroaction/animations)
For outdoor activities, I like hikes, rock climbing, gym, swimming, and much more tbh. I can go on and on.
What I'm looking for: - honestly I can get along with anyone. I think the biggest thing is seeing if we can share laughs or vibe together extremely well that separates you apart from others.
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2023.06.10 08:53 Daikon_TurnipBoy I think my age is the deal breaker

I thought she might've liked me? At first, it seemed like she would look my way a lot, and we'd sit near each other during lunch. I have lunch about 20 minutes before hers, so we'd see each other for the last 3-5 minutes of my lunch time. A few times, she'd sit right next to me even if another spot was open. A couple times, she'd wear something similar to what I was wearing the day before. That might be a coincidence.
If we passed each other in the mornings, she'd say hi and we'd have very brief conversations. We seem to have similar interests, and I thought we were closer in age, like a 4-5 year age gap. I was talking with someone else who was trying to guess my age and I noticed she was listening in on the conversation, like looking between me and the other person as they tried to guess my age. Recently, my birthday came up and I brought in treats for everyone. My age came up a few times then, and since then she hasn't been in to have lunch with the others and seems to be avoiding me (leaving early, working through lunch, taking different routes). It might be stress related, it started when we were getting closer to summer months and had a lot to prepare lately. I try not to bother her because it seems like she's keeping a distance, but I heard from someone else that she's actually 9 years older than me. I like her a lot, and we seem to get along well. I just don't understand what's happening lately. Any thoughts?
TLDR; I thought someone had a crush on me and just found out there's a 9 year age gap. It seems like she's been avoiding me since learning I'm 9 years younger than her.
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2023.06.10 08:53 linkelek1 Ukrajnai háború, szombat reggel

-elemzés: hova írnak szakértők ezzel a háborúval kapcsolatban -ukrán iskolások álcahálókat, mécseseket,... készítenek a katonáknak -újabb amerikai 2.1milliárd$-os katonai segélycsomag , légvédelmek, lőszerek -elemzés EW hadviselés ebben a háborúban

ukrán ellentámadás

-elemzés: hogy lett előkészítve az ellentámadás -ukrán bradley-k és leopardok feltorlódtak egy aknamezőn Mala Tokmachkanál , 3 bradley megsérült, többet magára hagytak -videó az aknamezőn lévő egyik Bradleyből -orosz KA-52 rakétáz ukrán konvojt -orosz katonák menekülnek Velyka Novosilkanál , másik videó -az ukrán hadügyminiszter helyettes üzenete -ukrán főtörzsőrmester tanácsa foteltábornokoknak -kadyroviták bázisát érte találat 50+ halott csecsen katona -ukrán támadás Bakhmutnál -ukrán tank Bakhmut mellett -orosz ellen-ellentámadás -ukrán támadás Lobkovonál -ukrán támadás Bakhmut mellett

gát robbantás

-vöröskereszteseket és újságírókat lő az orosz hadsereg -gyűlnek a bizonyítékok, hogy oroszország robbantotta fel a gáat -evakuálást végzőket ágyúzza oroszország -az árvíz Hryhorivkáig /odesa oblast/ elvitte a törmeléket , rajta egy kutyát -elemzés: oroszországot meg kell büntetni a gát robbantás miatt -az orosz hadsereg Petrivkánál is felrobbantott egy gátat -macsaka mentés

orosz sorozás/mobilizálás

-a wagneresek meg is kínozzás az elfogott orosz katonákat , nem csak az ukránokat

drónok, rakéták

-öngyilkos drón voronyezsi apartmanháyba csapódott , valószínüleg a közeli repülőgépgyár lehetett a célpont -ukrán dróntámadás orosz lövészárok ellen 1:45-nél az oroszok agyonlövik a sérült katonát, ott ez a harctéri eü -drónt szállító drón -irán segít oroszországnak drón gyárat építeni 2024 elejére lehet kész a gyár


-ukrán erdei gyakorlat elektromos rollerrel -a fronton egy CAESAR önjáró löveg -fegyver álcázás -ukrán mini MLRS -ukrán Bureviy 23-mm-es MLRS

friss térképek

-front Bakhmutnál -déli front


-orosz veszteségek péntek , $2.1B in the last 30 days, $94M reported today; 1,010 troop losses, 7-day troop average: 694, 104 landbased losses, 7-day average: 89 -orosz veszteségek szombat -az orosz hadsereg az umani szupermarketet lőtte -veszteség statisztikák -sérült orosz tank menekül még egy kicsiit -orosz TOS-1 kapott találatot


RUSSIAN OFFENSIVE CAMPAIGN ASSESSMENT, JUNE 9, 2023 Ukrainian forces continued counteroffensive operations in at least four areas of the front on June 9, making further gains around Bakhmut and in Western Donetsk. Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged on June 9 that the Ukrainian counteroffensive recently began and noted that Ukrainian forces still have offensive potential, a departure from previous Kremlin efforts to downplay Ukrainian counteroffensives. Contrarily, much of the Russian information space prematurely claimed that the Ukrainian counteroffensive has failed after Russian forces damaged more Western-provided Ukrainian military equipment on June 9. Ukrainian officials directly acknowledged that Ukrainian forces expect to suffer equipment losses during counteroffensive operations. The Russian command structure responsible for areas of southern Ukraine is unclear and likely overlapping. Russian forces carried out missile and drone strikes across Ukraine on the night of June 8 to 9. Several independent sources reported additional evidence that an internal explosion likely destroyed the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant (KHPP) dam on June 6. The White House revealed on June 9 that Iran is helping Russia build a drone manufacturing factory in Yelabuga, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, underscoring the growing military cooperation between Tehran and Moscow despite Western sanctions. Chief of the Russian General Staff Army General Valery Gerasimov discussed increasing Russian-Chinese military cooperation with Chinese Central Military Commission (CMC) Joint Staff Department Chief of Staff Liu Zhenli on June 9. Russian and Ukrainian forces conducted limited and localized ground attacks south of Kreminna. Russian forces continued ground attacks near Bakhmut and on the Avdiivka-Donetsk City line. Ukrainian forces continued limited ground attacks on the administrative border between Donetsk and Zaporizhia oblasts and in western Zaporizhia Oblast. Russia continues to evade international sanctions and has reportedly restored access to key Western microchips and electronics that Russia needs to produce military equipment. Russia continues to evade international sanctions and has reportedly restored access to key Western microchips and electronics that Russia needs to produce military equipment. A Ukrainian report states that Russian authorities may be preparing evacuations from northern Crimea. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on June 9 that Russia will begin deploying tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus in July 2023, and this is not an escalation from Putin’s prior nuclear weapons rhetoric.


ukrán tigrisgörény marbled polecat péntek reggel
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2023.06.10 08:53 ohwellimessedup Things to do around Christ University Central campus

Hi! I got into Christ University recently and will be moving to Bangalore next month. I just want to ask if anyone can help me with recommendations around the city. Like fun things around the campus that I can indulge myself in. What are the best places to eat near the campus and offbeat places to visit?
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2023.06.10 08:51 ThreeMonthsTooLate So, I’m just going to come out and say it… I have some issues with how Brotherhood ended.

More specifically, I have issues with Edward’s final transmutation to save Alphonse. I’m actually going to break this down into a couple of different parts because my problems are both in the mechanics of how such a transmutation works as established in the story and the thematic implications of said transmutation on the overall narrative.
Part 1: Issues with the Mechanics of Alchemy and the Gate of Truth
First off, the metaphysics. I know that part of the point of literally any iteration of FMA is that Equivalent Exchange is absolute BS – on a moral level. Scientifically speaking, it’s an absolute truth. The problem that the brothers have is that they treat Equivalent Exchange as a moralistic truth of the universe as much as it is a scientific one. However, just because something isn’t a moral truth doesn’t mean that it still isn’t a scientific truth that the characters have to abide by. As soon as Equivalent Exchange stops being a scientific law, then it stops being a narrative element to explore and just becomes Deus Ex whatever the Mangaka wants.
So, with that being said, what was Equivalent about this Exchange at the end of the series? Edward has to give up his ability to access the truth to pull Alphonse out of the Gate. He’s not materializing matter out of nothing – Alphonse’s body was being held inside the Gate. If it were really Equivalent, then something of equal value (mass, composition, etc.) should have taken its place.
Mind, this is completely ignoring the fact that the original transmutation that got Alphonse’s body into that situation, to begin with, was not an equivalent exchange either. Almost explicitly so - Alphonse and Edward both accessed the Truth when they tried to bring their mother back, Edward lost his leg and Alphonse lost his everything. Where is the equivalence in that? The only thing I can think of is that a set amount of mass was required to be taken in exchange for seeing the Truth and the Truth itself treated Edward and Alphonse as a single entity with Alphonse taking the brunt of the exchange. However, the problem with that is that the brothers are objectively not one entity – they are two separate individuals. So, then why not give them the same treatment to begin with? All things being equal, either both brothers should have become trapped within the Truth or they both should have lost a limb (which is actually more in line with their mentor, Izumi). Mind, this is also the same story that has Edward canonically sacrifice his arm for his brother’s soul, even though those two things aren’t equivalent either (scientifically or otherwise).
And under that assumption, if Equivalent Exchange holds true as a scientific law, then when Edward pulled Alphonse out of the Gate, he should have been able to do so without having to sacrifice his ability to transmute. After all, if Alphonse got placed inside of the Gate because of an inequivalent exchange and the world does operate on the law of equivalent exchange (at least scientifically speaking) then the only way to make inequivalent exchange equivalent again is to undo it – releasing Alphonse’s body from the Gate free of charge.
Of course, on a meta-level, all this talk about the metaphysics of the Gate and the Truth kind of just feels like a bunch of theoretical nonsense anyways. A handwaved excuse bending over backward to desperately explain why something is one way and not another.
It's needlessly overcomplicated and there’s already a perfectly rational explanation of where Alphonse’s body went from the very start of the series – that horrifying corpse thing the brothers made as a result of their botched human transmutation. After all, a body disappeared and something like a body then appeared. It wouldn’t take a genius to put together where the body probably went.
In fact, this would also do a better job of explaining how Edward was able to transmute his brother’s soul into the armor and why they couldn’t do it for Tricia’s soul. Alphonse’s soul is right there, dying in a malformed corpse, but still alive, at least for the time being. Edward losing his arm could be chalked up to a rebound (hey, remember those were supposed to be a thing?) caused by him not really understanding what he was doing.
But Arakawa didn’t want to go with that obvious route because of where it led. If Alphonse’s body was turned into that horrifying corpse thing, then there wouldn’t exactly be a convenient way to restore Alphonse and get the happily ever after that she wanted for the character. After all, his body obviously can’t be both trapped within the Gate and a pile of malformed organs on the floor, now could it?
And this, I think, leads into my other – more prominent - issues with Edward’s final human transmutation.
Part 2: The Thematic Impact of Human Transmutation in FMA
I think my problems with the brothers ending in Brotherhood can really be summarized with a single scene:
Alphonse (at the end of the series, having finally gotten his body back): “Hey, Ed. I’ve been thinking about something.”
Edward: “Me too. I think we should bring Mom back.”
Now, I know, I know. This is a non-cannon outtake made by Studio Bones meant to be taken as a joke. But as a wise man once said, ‘What is a joke but an ugly truth with a punchline?” And while I don’t think that’s always true, it certainly applies here.
Because here’s the thing; the brothers – even up to their very last scenes – never changed. They never grew. They never learned.
The beginning of Full Metal Alchemist, starts off with a simple question about death – what do we do about uncomfortable truths? Whether it be the Manga, 2003, or the second episode of Brotherhood (the first one was trying to do something else entirely), every single iteration of FMA begins with this question in some way – whether it be Rose struggling between Cornello’s lies and the ugly truth that her boyfriend is dead and will never return, or the brother’s botched human transmutation to bring their dead mother back, or the Military’s genocide of the Ishvallan people, or the brother’s reaction to learning that Shou Tucker turning his daughter into a chimera to retain his State Alchemist’s and that he had done the same to his wife two years prior, the story of early FMA was all about unfortunate and terrible truths and how people came to terms with them.
And how did FMA propose one to deal with such truths? Not through human transmutation, that’s for sure. Whether it be Tucker’s human transmutation of Nina to retain his State License, the brother’s botched human transmutation, or them advising Rose against doing the same, the answer to the question is never human transmutation.
And that makes sense – human transmutation is effectively an erasure of that terrible truth that the transmuter is trying undo - an attempt to go back to before the character was aware of that unfortunate truth or else to write it out of existence. It is the narrative equivalent of burying one’s head in the sand and closing their eyes to something they don’t want to see. And any character who attempts to do this is rightly punished for their actions. Edward and Alphonse are punished. Izumi is punished. Shou Tucker is punished.
But if human transmutation is the failure condition of the FMA story, then why are the Manga and Brotherhood having Edward perform human transmutation and then rewarding him for it? That is literally the same mistake that got him and his brother into this predicament to begin with!
If Brotherhood had held the brothers’ narrative actions to its thematic consequence, then what we should have seen was Alphonse trade his soul for Edward’s arm – which then materializes over Edward’s auto-mail plate, causing the arm to be unusable and will need to be removed following the fight. Let’s say that Edward survives the ensuing fight with Father and defeats him, as per cannon, and then tries to bring back Alphonse by sacrificing his ability to transmute to restore Alphonse’s body to reality only for Alphonse to immediately collapse dead due to the terrible state that his body was in from being left in the Gate for so long, leaving Edward off both without his brother and the ability to perform alchemy.
Sure, it’s brutal and definitely a downer way to end the series off on, but it is thematically appropriate as the brothers ultimately failed to learn from their mistakes the last time around and ultimately repeated them. They tried to turn back the clock and undo a truth that they didn’t like – which is what got them into their situation to begin with.
And really, when you think about it, thematically speaking, if the brothers could undo their past mistakes and restore Alphonse effectively from death, then what’s stopping them from trying it again with others? Why not try to bring back their mother like the outtake pokes fun at? Or resurrect Maes Hughes? Or resurrect Nina? Where does the buck stop? And if they can’t do that, then why should they with Alphonse? What makes him so special? Doesn’t Hughes deserve to live a long, happy life with his family? Doesn’t Nina? After all, we’re not exactly capable of resurrecting the dead in our world now are we? Wasn’t this series supposed to be about accepting unfortunate truths? What’s a more unfortunate truth than
My point here is that Brotherhood tries to have it both ways – it both wants to be a story that says that you cannot undo the past, while also having the main protagonists that succeed at doing just that. It wants to be a story that pushes for this idea of accepting the truth no matter how ugly that truth might be, while simultaneously refusing to face the ugly truths that are being set up by its own narrative.
Part 3 : 2003
Now, you may be pointing out right now that 2003 had the brothers do the exact same thing as what Brotherhood did and yet I’m not criticizing that series for doing so. And no, I am not. But that’s because I think the way that series ended was making a point that the brothers had made the wrong decision. After all, the brothers end up separated and in much worse situations than they began with. It’s an ending made with the understanding of the right answer is to their situation and purposefully choosing not to take it, whereas Brotherhood by contrast tried to cover its eyes and ignore said answer.
Part 4: Letting Go
And what is that answer? Well, Edward’s actually already told us. Back in the second chapter of the Manga, at the end of the Liore arc, when Rose is left wondering what she is supposed to do now that she knows the truth that she cannot get her dead boyfriend back, Edward tells her to stand on her own two feet and move forward.
This is also reinforced in the lyrics to the FMA musical number “Brothers” of all things. The lyrics themselves are framed as an interaction between Edward, who’s apologizing to Alphonse for “shattering his [Alphonse’s] chance to live” and lamenting that “there is no cure for death.” The final two lines of that song are “What’s gone is forever lost. Now all we can do is live.”
This is something that should have been the crux of Izumi’s character. With her philosophy of the One and All, she should have scolded the brothers for repeating the same mistakes that resulted in their situation to begin with and advocated for them to give up their quest for the Philosopher’s Stone and seek to restore their bodies. That is, after all, what she has done – to live out her remaining days surrounded by those close to her.
So, what’s the thematically correct answer to the brothers’ problem? It’s for Alphonse to die and Edward to come to terms with said death and not try to resurrect him. And yes, it does have to be Alphonse. Why?
Part 5: Alphonse Elric, the Golem
Alphonse Elric – as far as his character design is concerned - is effectively a golem. Almost as stock standard a golem as you can possibly get, actually. Now while most people just think of golems as being a standard fantasy monster, they actually have a deep lore with Jewish folklore.
How so? Well, generally speaking, a golem was a construct created from some inorganic material (traditionally clay) and was powered by the name of God being inscribed on either the tongue or forehead of the creation. Seeing the parallels with Alphonse yet?
Now, while there is a huge variation in Golem stories, they almost always have some elements in common – namely a.) they were created to fulfill a specific role such as defending a Jewish community or doing menial labor and b.) they are only ever meant to be temporary. Typically, a golem would have to be shut down or decommissioned on the Sabbath and a lot of Golem stories often about situations where the creator of the Golem doesn’t do that, causing said Golem to go on a rampage and cause some sort of devastation, resulting in the creator having to destroy the Golem.
So, with this understanding of what a Golem is and the general lore of what makes a golem what it is, let’s apply all of this to Alphonse. And with that, I’m going to start with a seemingly simple question – how is Alphonse moving around?
Well, if Equivalent Exchange still holds true as a scientific law, then something has to be powering Alphonse's armor to move. Now, for this situation, I’m going to throw out Brotherhood’s explanation that his body is trapped within the Gate of Truth because I think that answer is just a hand-waved excuse so that nobody has to think about the ramifications of what is actually going on. This is FMA after all, and FMA – as it introduced itself - is a story about facing and accepting terrible truths, so what’s the terrible truth about this situation?
Ultimately, excluding Brotherhood, there are really only two possible answers here – either the power is coming from the armor or it’s coming from Alphonse’s soul attached to the armor. And the armor itself clearly isn’t undergoing some sort of alchemical transmutation. And we already know that souls can be used as a power source in FMA’s universe. And it would certainly tie into Alphonse's connection with golems and their folklore.
And frankly, I can’t think of a crueler karmic punishment for Edward than causing the destruction of his brother’s soul because he couldn’t accept the possibility of living without said brother and ultimately be forced to watch his beloved brother descend into madness knowing that he was the one to do this to Alphonse and that it ultimately falls to him to put an end to his brother’s madness.
Needless to say, I know what my next fanfiction project is going to be! Full Metal Alchemist: Requiem, coming soon!
Part 6: Conclusion
In all seriousness though, I do think that it’s a bit of a letdown that Brotherhood is as thematically contradictory as it is. I guess that’s what 2003 is for, but still…
Also, please don’t take any of this criticism as me hating Brotherhood in any way. I do really enjoy the series, even if I am sad that it basically threw out its own premise in favor of ensuring that all the main characters got a happily ever after regardless of whether it made sense or not.
But what do you guys think about all of this? Am I onto something about Brotherhood and its use of Human Transmutation? Or am I just thinking about this way too much? Let me know down below.
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2023.06.10 08:51 Few_Oil4967 Not disrupting NS for uni

Hi guys, just to keep it short and sweet, anyone here did NOT disrupt NS to pursue uni education? Is it common? Currently , still waiting to get enlisted but I guess it's fine to think ahead of time!
Have seen cases of poly grads enlisting even in Nov so I am just wondering what if I was that lucky person to be in that situation...
Uni uses trimester system so only monthly holidays, serving back during breaks isnt an option.
Personally, feel that more time is needed to prepare for studies as compared to only given a week to prepare after leaving the military life.
I was actually thinking of spending the time after ORD to brush up on my knowledge/secure internships to gain more experience.
Among my peers/families, there are of course many different responses as well.
What to do.... didn't expect the possibility of me having to contemplate with regards to this matter ==
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2023.06.10 08:51 Acceptable-Cod-8297 Medicare SSDI & Tricare

I am a veteran. My wife is still active duty. I am on SSDI and entitled to medicare. They automatically enrolled me into Medicare. I am eligible to use tricare due to me wife being active duty.
Am i able to delay my medicare enrollment?
Additionally, my wife might be medically retired from the military in the coming year or so. When she get’s medically retired (and entitled to tricare) will i need to enroll in medicare at that point? Or can i continue to delay it?
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2023.06.10 08:51 MechanicInk262 Wisconsin Free-Standing Deck

Wisconsin Free-Standing Deck
Hi all, new here. After several bids to build a deck on our 3 year old house, my wife volunteered me to build it myself. The exterior is hardie board, and we prefer to not deal with the pain that’s involved with removing and water proofing. Our only option then is a free standing deck. This will be my first deck build but I’m no stranger to construction or carpentry. I’ve searched high and low for answers to the questions I am asking below. Inspectors in my county are notorious for not answering phones or emails, and when they do finally respond, it’s an “I don’t have time to explain this to you” situation. I’ve also reached out to contractors for information but their solutions seem very……hack-ish. The questions I have are as follows:
  1. The photos I’m attaching are of the “proposed” deck shape that will sit up against the house, but the way the code is worded for my area, it sounds like the footings near the house need to extend to the depth of my basement? (8’) which seems awfully steep considering the frost line is 48”. Also, when code states “maximum length of joist” is that referring to the run from beam to beam? (I.e 9’ between beams, so joists are spanned 9’, or is it total length of the joist through the deck?)
  2. There’s a concrete stoop off the back of our house that the builder put in. I need to run a rim joist right up to the house, so do I just cut the rim joist and joists to run around the stoop? Do I attach the joists to the stoop? There only 6.5” from the stoop to the bottom of the sliding door, and I was planning on using 2”x10” joists. If I am not able to cut in the joists around the stoop, or attach to the stoop, my only option would then be to remove the stoop?
Thank you in advance for any help. When I start projects my brain hyper focuses on the details so until everything is planned out to the last nail and board, I’m good for little else
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2023.06.10 08:50 Professional-Ear9663 WIBTA for watching Barbie with my best friend instead of the friend I planned to watch it with?

I (26F) have two very close friends. Let's call them Ben (25M) and Lucy (24F). Ben has been my best friend for nearly a decade and has always been there for me. I became friends with Lucy a bit (maybe 2 years) after I became friends with Ben.
I had a bit of an issue with Lucy at first because we were both officers in a club. I did majority of the work, while she barely did anything. Despite this, we were able to work out our issues and become very good friends. After Ben, she's my closest friend.
After college, Ben and I made an effort to see each other often and call everyday. Lucy and I mostly just talked online and only saw each other once or twice year.
Now here comes the issue. Lucy recently got a new boyfriend. Let's call him Ron.
Ron and Lucy are from very different backgrounds. Lucy grew up rich and privileged while Ron did not. Lucy is an outspoken feminist (much like Ben and I), and Ron grew up in a community that was quite misogynistic. Of course, we can never blame someone for their upbringing. Ron acknowledges that some of his views are problematic and always makes an effort to learn.
Recently, Ron made a misogynistic joke. Lucy got mad at him for it, and I'd like to believe that he realizes he was wrong (idk, he said, "ok I'll just take it back". I'd like to think that's admitting he's wrong but some people disagree.).
Ben picked up on this and started making jokes behind Lucy's back about Ron being a misogynist. I told Lucy about this, and she seemed fine with it and even agreed to it (as far as I understand).
Recently, it came up in a conversation between Ben and Lucy. Long story short with the conversation, Ben realized that making those jokes about Ron (even if not to his face) are wrong. He apologized to Lucy for making those jokes even if it was behind her back, and promised not to make them again.
Lucy got mad, one thing led to another, and she ended up unfriending him. When I talked to her about it, she said that it was because she hated that she was being associated with a misogynist: something that she, an outspoken feminist, would never do. I honestly find this weird since while I understand her staunch principles, her last boyfriend WAS indeed a misogynist (he even objectified a girl in front of her family!).
Ben has been trying to make amends with Lucy since then. Most recently, he offered peace offerings to Lucy and Ron, which Lucy declined. I asked if she wouldn't even give him a chance to make up for his mistake. She said that it's still too early to do anything. Take note that it's been less than 3 weeks at this point since the fight between them.
Now here's my conflict: we had planned to watch Barbie as a group. It was originally supposed to just be me and Lucy, but then she invited Ron to the group, so I invited Ben.
Lucy and I have very strong principles about choosing and siding with other people. Ben is my best friend so I expect him to always side with me over other friends whom I have beef with (unless it's the girl he's dating, then that's understandable. However we haven't really had that problem yet, but that's an exception I'd make).
Lucy has the same principles. We're avoiding the topic of Barbie, but I just know that she will end up asking me to choose between watching it with her or Ben. If that happens, I plan to choose Ben basis that he is my best friend. I impose a certain standard on him, so I can't be a hypocrite and back down when the time comes to apply it to me.
I know Ben is in the wrong in this situation, and he has been trying his best to make amends. I know also that Lucy has her own feelings and boundaries, and she's not obligated to forgive him if she doesn't want to. But somehow there's something off about the whole situation.
So would I be the asshole if I indeed chose Ben over Lucy? Also how do you think I should explain it to her? Do you think there's any chance of them making up between now and July 21?
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2023.06.10 08:50 dadcamebackwithcandy [M4F] The Heart Soars on Black Wings; it sees Rainbows in the Dark

(Tags: Angel, Tarzan & Jane, Romance, Slice of Life, Fantasy, Iceland)
41/m, I write as many paragraphs/lines as I feel are needed. Dialogue can be a paragraph or less, scene setting can be five or more. It doesn’t matter a lot to me so long as you’re interested and invested in what we do. If you’re not, say something and we’ll change it up.
I’m on UTC-5, or Central Time, US. I work night audits right now, so I’ll have a lot of downtime. Available times are between 5pm to 10:30pm, then 7:30am-10am Sunday-Thursday. If you’re up late, or work nights, I can always post during work.
I’d like to see your posting frequency to be at least once every other day, though if you’re making huge posts where you take your time, a couple a week is fine. Or several a day! I can post at least 3-4 times daily, depending.
I am chill about this. How good your writing is isn’t that important to me, though I’d love a sample. I write as best I can because I love writing. I just ask you speak to me if there’s a concern, rather than just run and block. I can adjust, but I would rather solve a problem than cut someone out of my life.
Here’s the first image I had of the setting:
Iceland. Perspective suspended in the air over the sea, facing the top of a cliff with a jagged fissure in it, just a few hours before sunset.
"The sun is a starburst of tarnished brass, too old to be gold, too soon to be scarlet, suspended just above the edge. The scattered grasses than lean off the ledge are emerald and look warm to the touch, but just slightly. The air holds the breath of winter within it—the sharp points within a velvet pincushion.
The maw of the cleft is dark. Aged fingers of sunlight reach within, feeding the nesting birds the warmth of its final hours. Flits of feathers echo amidst song shared and repeated by rocks and gulls.
Move down, and the schism narrows, too tight for sunny fingers to squeeze through. Bird calls can still be heard, but now also the ocean that breaks against the rock. The curve and tooth of moss and stone twist the crash into new sounds, hollow and whispering of what else the dark hides.
The cliff itself grows in your periphery; the color of coffee met with cream. It is faceted like the edge of some primitive blade, so that it does not crumble to sand when struck, but cleaves into knives and needles. The surface is a sea of waves in desert hues, each crest a razor to the palm.
Down further now, nearing the tide that grows louder, the gap of black only as wide as your arms outstretched. There are no birds now, but if your eyes adjust, bundles of bats can just be seen, shuddering and stretching as they rouse to fly with the evening stars.
Down, and down, narrower and narrower, louder and louder, until a short tunnel forms, large enough for four men to stand abreast, with four more on their shoulders.
At the end of this short journey, within the cacophony of a hundred waves breaking a hundred shores, there is the very top another tunnel, which would surely be revealed at lowest tide.
A shimmer of golden torchlight dances there like a hearth fire, brighter and warmer than the remains of the sun.”
Can you see it?
My character has no name, but is called “Aesir” after Norse tradition. He is a man that is not a man, with silver eyes, hair long and black and wild, fair skin and dark furs that cover it. Wings blacker than his hair appear as needed, ethereal, each feather that of a peacock, yet where fake eyes would be, real eyes watch, prismatic and shining in judgement of good or evil.
He does not know how to speak, but can share feelings and visions to convey his intent, in a way he has done with few others.
His purpose is to protect the locals from evil airs and spirits. The people rarely catch sight of him, but are grateful for his work; they place charms to invite his protection: of a pair of raven feathers with two rainbow eyes painted on the wide ends, strung together to the striker of a silver bell, that when the wind blows, the chime rings out to him.
Possible stories we could write together:
A woman—your creation—crashes her ship at the cleft in the rock, needing rescue or saving herself, suddenly standing before him in his cave.
A resident of a local village seeks him out, in search of his help or in gratitude. Perhaps she is declared evil unjustly, perhaps she simply needs to meet him herself.
An arranged companion, selected from the community, to help him in his work protecting the local villages.
In all cases, he will show himself to you, because you are different, in a way you define.
If you would like to make the one that meets my angel, let me know.
Thank you for your time.
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2023.06.10 08:49 quokkchidna 37M - Active/creative & friendly Australian looking for long term friends from near or far

Hi there! I'm looking to find a friend, either near or far that's keen to build a long-term mutual effort connection with each other!
I’d describe myself as friendly, open & compassionate, I also carry the qualities of being honest and straightforward in a easy going sense which in the typical way us Aussies are renowned for!
I keep active with going to the gym, running, cycling, occasionally swimming laps and in the warmer months snorkeling. I also enjoy being creative with drawing cars, practicing songs on the guitar & heading out and about to participate in photography.
When I need to wind down I enjoy listening to music (mostly alternative pop/rock/folk/electric), on occasions after all that exercise with recovering in the spa or sauna. Not much of a couch potato but sometimes I don't mind abit of TV shows (usually comedy/drama/docos) finally for those gamers out there I also play abit on Playstation.
Thanks for reading and if I've piqued your interest fell free to send me a chat message, I'll genuinely appreciate it :)
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