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2023.03.19 07:21 underdogs6 What is the best to buy at LMS shop?

Hello gamers, I just recently came back to OSRS (no one ever quits forever).
Grinded my way from F2P to a bond, and now I'm just having fun playing the game (only 71cb).
One of the things I've been having fun doing is playing LMS. I'm pretty shit, I have no wins, but I've been getting kind of better and getting some points as I go along.
What is the best gp/point item in the LMS shop?
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2023.03.08 02:56 A5LANx Bot Detection Query

Hey all,
I started playing OSRS about 2 years ago and since then really enjoyed the PVP aspect. My favourite past-time is the LMS mini-game. This is where I've learned a lot about PKing and become somewhat decent at it. I'm not anywhere near rank 1 but I'm enjoying the slow grind to 1000 wins.
Here are my current standings:
Username: ASL4N LMS Wins: 318 LMS Games: 2993 LMS Kills: 5123
As I've improved over time I regularly get told that I'm being reported for auto-pray, AHK or botting. I've never cheated so I haven't been worried, until I came across a dude who said that the in-game LMS plugin shows that I'm detected as a bot. I wasn't able to get hold of him for more information.
I think players in LMS are extremely predictable and so prayer is easy - but I regularly get people flicking gear to check if I'm a bot or not. It's pretty frustrating.
I asked my clan to check any websites/plugins to see if I flag up - but nothing came up. I did however hear that someone with a lot of LMS wins got banned.
I don't know how to check my status and see if maybe I have to email jagex, and I'm not sure what to think or do about the whole situation. I don't want to get falsely banned especially as I near my goal of 1000 wins.
Any advice?
Many thanks.
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2023.02.24 10:04 Deathlyblaze LMS tips/mage use

Hey All, started an iron a few weeks ago never really done pvp/raids or anything like that on osrs before on the main. No idea if this is the right place to put this question but I've seen a few lms threads so hopefully. Picked up lms recently got my rune pouch/msb(i)/arrows and really enjoying it, clearly I'm trash but gotta start somewhere!
Done probs 30 games with veng and another 35 or so with ancients - though only 7 wins out of 68 games and 127 kills so far so not a stellar performance from me either way! Ancients feels great when playing the pure bracket as its 1 def so hits are consistent, definitely my favourite of the brackets.
When playing the max/zerk setups my mage just feels like its splash city, yet other peoples mage seems to hit consistent on me (even if I'm augury/robes or rigoudhidetop/robe bottom) and I struggle to catch the first freeze. I'd bet I'm doing something wrong, but feels like if I'm opening with robe top/bottom/staff + augury/mystic might + barrage should be the right play.
Is there a better way of doing it? maybe like dhide top + mystic bottom if both players are trying to freeze the other? I notice a lot of people open with robes/staff and ice barrage then swap to range, but feels like I'm often 4 casts before I actually land the freeze and puts me a bit on the back foot. But could just be confirmation bias tbh
only other thing really is best way to use sara brews, clearly they're great as you don't get delay on your attack compared to eating but your stats brew down so I've seen 1 brew sip 1 restore sip, but then you'd need to repot combat/ranging. So I'm assuming there's a good way to do this rather than locking 4 uses of pots per brew sip. Currently I've just been overhealing with 1 brew dose pre-fight, use 1 dose of restore and then combat/ranging ready to fight and only really using the other 3 brew sips once all my sharks/karams are gone as a last resort
and best way to break a veng?
any advice is very welcome!
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2023.02.23 23:23 Vibriofischeri [Suggestion] Re-add the original LMS gamemode

It's no secret that high level hybrid PVP in OSRS is borderline impossible for new players to learn. It has a learning curve that arguably exceeds that of pro SSBM and makes the LMS shop inaccessible to the vast majority of players.
Things weren't always this way, though. Originally, LMS was a classic looter battle royale where players needed to open chests and fight using whatever contents they found. It wasn't hyper competitive but it was incredibly fun. It was the closest thing to 2004 noob wildy pvp runescape has managed to recreate.
The game died very quickly because at the time there were no rewards. There was a stake variant but it was unpopular due to how RNG the game was. However in terms of pure fun, it was infinitely more enjoyable than what we have today.
Bring back the original LMS, but keep the updated rewards shop. Let casual players bonk eachother with rune scims again. The casual playerbase desperately needs it.
Here's a goofy little animation I made back when the original LMS was added, because I loved it so much
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2023.02.23 21:53 cdn_renaissance Idea: A Separate Collection Log for Bounty Hunter + BH specific uniques

I think a cool way to incentivize PVP would be to add a separate collection log for unique items obtained by PKing in the Bounty Hunter craters. If this incentive doesn't exist the Bounty Hunter system will die over time just like all of its other iterations in OSRS and previously in RS3. Most people will get bored of receiving the same repetitive loot.
Similar to clue scrolls - it would be cool if you had some aspect of random loot that you receive from a kill in BH. Maybe you get a key for killing someone that you could convert to 100k or gamble it for unique cosmetics. If Jagex made cosmetics with a variety of rarity, it would incentivize people to engage in a lot of PVP. Maybe have a 3rd Age equivalent for a reward. Something that screams high status. Make the cosmetics have no stats to avoid power creep, make them trade-able, and maybe add non-skill requirements to wear them (ie: 3a equivalent requires 500 BH kills to wear). There should be 100+ items on the log to make it a grind that will have the BH world always active with people working towards goals.
I think this would also be good for content creators because it would open up the ability for people to do loot opening videos on the PVP collection log. Imagine an ironman series where someone unlocks the PVP collection log. Lots of cool possibilities.
The reason for a separate log is that the PVP community and collection-logging communities are very different. I think that PVPers should be recognized as destinctly different from the PVM oriented collection log. Maybe add LMS into the PVP log.
Downside - I could see people farming keys inappropriately. However, people already do this with larran's keys.
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2023.01.27 18:18 Specialist_Yak12 Voidwaker needs an urgent nerf!

Please bare with me through this rant, but i feel it's absolutely necessary for the health of the wild, future of pking and pvming in the wild. I'm sure many will agree with me!
What on earth was jagex thinking making the voidwaker use 50% spec?!
From a logical perspective it's flawed in two unbelievable ways (if not more).
For the following reasons: 1. it's unpredictability makes it too op (when at 50%). 2. It's speed, which means you can quickly bust out two insanely powerful specs, with just the voidwaker or paired with other 50% KO weapons such as claws, ags, ags2 or gmaul.
All skill that pkers have gained after 100s if not 1000+ hours of pking and lms can go to the bin now. Any unskilled "pker" can now protect item and spec you to lumbridge.
Put how to: - learn NHing - pray correctly - predict your opponents next move - move - stack hits - fakie - eat correctly, when to double eat, when to triple eat. - veng - keep a sensible distance from opponent, call it positioning if you will - and most importantly for pvmers that enjoy the wild, HOW TO TANK.
All that people need to do now is simply ags2 spec you, then stack it with a voidwaker spec. Or, voidwaker spec, followed by an ags/claws spec.
An important question, why doesn't jagex make the dark bow, or heavy ballista spec 50% then. And what's more powerful, the dark bow/heavy ballista spec or the voidwaker? Or just make the volatile staff spec 50%. Wait, people would cry that's unfair!
Let alone that there's already a ring called... You guessed it, the lightbearer. Rip tanking, rip pking if this isn't changed.
Don't forget it's a 4 tick weapon, that means the two specs you use are insanely fast and powerful. Sorry, but I'm sure the average player that voted for a 50% spec didn't even think this through. Just wait for when all streamers start complaining when they keep getting anti-pked by absolute noobs in the wild. Maybe then jagex will cater to their complaints?
I felt pking and pvming in the wild in osrs in general was pretty much in a sweet spot, which required a combination of skill, experience and rng occasionally, as if ahkers in the wild didn't already have a huge advantage over even the most experienced of pkers.
Before this update, getting half tbed in the wild gave you a reasonable chance of survival, and even then, it still gave an experienced pker a reasonable chance of killing you, or making you eat through your supplies quick enough to kill you, even if you're an experienced tank. I've tanked the best of the best of pkers in the rev caves, and I've also died countless times to well-timed specs with good rng, even getting smited for my viggora's chainmace 3 times. That's a risk I was willing to take, but no longer.
Forget risking in the rev caves whilst having an avarice on now, it's pointless...
A simple solution in my opinion would be to make the spec, 55% like the volatile nightmare staff, or 65% like the heavy ballista spec.
Even with 55% taking into account that it's a 4 tick weapon, paired into a elder mauler hit or ags whack it will be deadly asf. Let alone dragon thrownaxe spec, into an elder maul or ags. Pkers don't exactly lack creativity.
To conclude, I'm simply asking that the skill and experience required to go out confidently into the wild, whilst also having a chance of getting KOED is not snatched away from us. Keep it risk vs reward.
Thanks for taking your time to read this post, any other suggestions or comments are welcomed. I hope we can keep the comments civil 🙂.
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2023.01.23 08:53 40kmoose Can someone please explain LMS to me like I am an idiot.

I suck. I mean suck at OSRS PVP. People constantly change gear and prayer. I feel like I am always 4 steps behind what anyone else is doing. I want that Rune Pouch, plus I know I need to figure out at least the BASICs of PVP so I am not so scared of the Wildy.
Can someone really dumb down LMS for me so I can at least get into the top 3 for a few points every now and then ?
The only things I have seen for noobs is to just kinda range tank people and hit them with a DDS spec if they not praying melee. Don't even bother with magic swaps right now.
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2023.01.18 15:33 BigRBubba What do you think is the reason behind the strange text on the update page is?

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2023.01.11 20:23 studzmckenzyy Fundamental PvP Issues & The Wildy Boss Changes

Since the wildy boss rework has renewed the discussions about the wilderness and PvP more generally, I'd like to pose a few reasons why I think PvP is fundamentally flawed and where some of the community frustrations are coming from.
PvP Accounts Are Nearly Always At A Massive Advantage, Which Makes Running The Only Viable Meta
Killing PvMers Is More Efficient Than Ever
Most Wildy PvPers Don't Actually Want To Fight Other PvPers
Final Thoughts
Being forced to run away or die because fighting back is the least viable option is not fun or engaging content. PvP is frustrating for most of the community because the overwhelming majority of their PvP encounters are one-sided fights. The PvMers don't like being killed with zero hope of fighting back, and the PvPers are primarily interested in content that makes killing PvMers easier. It's not an easy situation for the developers to tackle, but making things even more favorable for the PvPers is clearly not the correct solution
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2023.01.02 18:55 ProudBlackMatt I like wilderness slayer

Things I like about doing wildy slayer
Things I don't like about wildy slayer
Overall I'd have to say I really enjoy wildy slayer. I watch a lot of live sports and using the double cannonball mold lets me churn out cballs and still focus on the game. I'd say having the seed pod feels mandatory as an up to lvl 30 wildy 1 click tele w/o having to fool with dragonstone jewelry and I'd rather bring barrows gloves than a glory. I think about 50% of my motivation comes from being bored of regular slayer and wanting to mix it up and the rest comes from wanting those sweet, sweet Larran's keys.
I've also noticed I've gotten better at anti-pking, something I thought I'd never do. I've started carrying the blighted snare sacks with me and if you get snared you can often get away by casting snare on the pker when you've got about 2 seconds left on your snare and then run away or run under them to log out of you're feeling frisky and think this guy isn't carrying mith seeds. Just take off your d'hide b4 casting snare if you want it to land. A lot of pkers are going to be in robes so you can bolt them with your RCB so they have to spend their time healing instead of dpsing you. That said, if I'm being jumped by more than 1 person I usually just accept my fate. What do you guys think? Do you like wildy slayer? Is the idea of getting piled in multi by some hashtag typing dorks so repulsive there ain't no way you're giving them your monkfish? Please comment anything I've missed here.
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2022.12.22 01:12 Captincoffeecak How to improve these stats in LMS

How to improve these stats in LMS
Started playing OSRS in 2022 again. And got sucked in combat system playing LMS for past 6 months only. No other OSRS content besides LMS. I keep getting stats like this in runelite. However as I understand they should be closer to the average deserved not whats actually dealt. Anyone able to explain what is happening here? Currently have 1985 LMS points and 350 LMS score wtf. cannot seem to break 500 at all. Am i not getting better / whats the problem?
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2022.12.16 11:01 AltruisticShallot644 Suggestion, Sailing as a minigame, not a skill. Sailing should never be a skill, that's a stupid idea. but a minigame, maybe.

honestly how could you even fathom the idea of Sailing as a skill? wake up to yourselves
As a minigame however, could be a great fun idea
a minigame based on all account types.Combat, skillers, or fresh accounts
combat PoV > you're on deck, random pvm encounters as the ship " sails"whatever it may be, grants you points, similar to any other minigame. pest control, soul wars, LMS.Points = rewards. and in this case, points also = rank. rewarded more points for greater participation
Skiller Pov> you're on deck, random damages to the ship, you repair, (and aim cannons?) if you're a level 3 max skiller, plenty to do just don't get into combat and die. Rewarded more points for greater participation
Fresh accounts, PoV > just a somewhat click intensive, below deck, pumping the Oars.have an npc call out telling you what to do, Full stroke, reverse stroke. to steer the boat with Oars.click intensive, so it should be for fresh accounts that want to join.Rewarded greater points, for participation and accuracy.
Rewards? Sailor outfits AND rank.so whatever it may be, (x being full set, from low tier to high) x 1k points > x 2.5k points, x 4k points, etc
and max tier, achievable for any player, skiller, combat, or freshy. as a max tier, you enter a new land.which could be anything, at this point.
Sailing as a skill, fails.
However, below, is basically a random idea, that likely won't fit into OSRS but it's the kind of idea that could follow. after obtaining max tier rank, to freely " Sail" to the next land, just finding a new continent and having, Not overpowered gears, but just new in general,
Imagine though as a max tier sailor, go to a land, and there's new materials,different types of metal, metal that is softer, and weaker, but is lightweight for example.a significant weapon such as a short spear + shield, is a 2handed weapon.Very weak but has a short bow (rapid) melee speed.special attack, a simple shield bash, which is a (shield bash + stab) which in this order.Shield, Stuns opponent, similar to dragon spear / z hasta, (until taken damage. or next tick.). followed up by an attack, which ignored all opponents defence / armour.Although a weak weapon, could be utilised within certain situations.Shield bash + attack would be in the same tick, like a dds spec.( NOT A PK'ER, But i would believe, that stunning prevents eating so there's no panic eat , during spec, which could possible work as a K.O weapon, although not very powerful.)
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2022.12.13 13:55 XLordXSith New Skill Suggestion Bounty Hunter

Yes my suggestion for the "new skill" is bounty hunter.

BREATH in, BREATH out. Calm yo self. its gonna be ok. Think outside the box. I wish to give everyone an opportunity in adding to the empty void's of OSRS. With the proposial of crafting a new skill for us to enjoy, imo it's very hard to think of anything "skill" worthy thats not already in the game or could be classifyed under a pre existing skill. i fully under stand the dev's perspective aswell as my fellow players must's and must nots when it comes to content. And in my opinion i dont realy think we need a new skill. But thats what sparked it. I challenged myself to come up with something that is "skill" worth and not only fits OSRS but fills the voids. what i am about to pitch is an expansion on the core idea of bounty hunter in is OG fourm as a mini game, into a full blown skill. I am not perfect and willing to amit as to being clueless as to how all elements of this as a skill can be, or not be. I will simply note at some of the empty space in the game this has the potential to fill and fully round it out to ever come closer to being polished.

So what is this empty space, the void's so to speak. Well just stroll threw feed back data and look at what a majority of us are complaing about as far as in actual real problems aswell as QOL.

Pking, thats quite the rabbit hole

regardless of ones thoughts or opinions on the subject, it is a core element of the game. And in the current state of osrs a majory of PVM and skilling directly affects and influnces Pk'ing. The whole reason for the reboot was to bring back pking as we knew it pre eoc/rs3/summoning. So if we do add a new skill, why not further Andrews dream and fill out our game. and i think having the skill pvp focused will achieve our vision for osrs as a whole. This is why i open mindly suggest Bounty hunter as this skill. not only can it inclue the OG idea of bounty hunter and its crators, but it can expand into other area's of rs and include pre existing pvp content across glenlinor. It can properly introduce players to "pk'ing" in a growth format. a lot of core account builds, armor hybrid/tribrids, and weapon/food/potion combos used in pk'ing can be seen else where in the game, and can be praticed b4 one chooseing to "risk" anything. It can bring new armoweapon/food/potions into the game, or give reason to make preexisting ones make more sense or improve upon "its" QOL and overall use.

Yes i understand their may be many holes in my suggestion, but i challange you all to fill them in and allow it to make sense. THis also could be a good oppurtunity to fix a lot wrong with the current state of pk'ing and the wilderness.

i have to give a big shout out to my boi NateBrah. Seeing him take Pking aspect's of the game and applying them on his iron man to pvm of different sorts has encouraged myself to get better at pking. the pvp arena and lms are fun and have helped. but i do miss bounty hunter from the good ole days, and a low level ironman i was unable to try bounty hunter in osrs for myself, but did enjoy watching nate hold down the #1 rouge rank.
things to note.
OSRS is the fist game to ever introduce the idea of a pvp enviorment "go in, kill, loot, escape"
as to date the only other games ive seen to come up with this idea is tarkov, a dungon cralwer, and a new game in beta, Dark And Darker (playtest this month!) bounty hunter can futher this core idea to a new level in regard to instance's and a "br" format.
also i would like to note https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZW9Hd61NUU can be used in bounty hunter outside of the wilderness. Imagin having to be antipk ready at anymoment to protect urself against this random event?
Also if i cant have a toket slayer master to do boss's, then fk you guys, i want a pvp skill then.

yes i am an iron man btw. 1800IDGAF
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2022.12.11 16:19 zombeharmeh What is this melodrama about locked accounts?

I've been playing this game since 2005 and I have never owned a conventional account in that time span. I've made pures, 10 hp accounts, skillers, etc. After OSRS came out my main became a skiller with the goal of maxing out quests and gear.
If your first thought is "wow my account is devalued" you have been playing your accounts for the wrong reasons I'm sorry. When I heard about it my first thoughts were "wow I can finally fucking use fairy rings and spirit trees god bless".
For most restricted accounts this makes next to no difference. Maybe a bit stronger... But you'd be surprised how many quests that actually give you things you'd want would have conflicting combat requirements with a build. Be it defense, HP, prayer, whatever.
At a baseline this lets most restricted accounts use fairy rings, access morytania, do quests they could do before but without heavy RNG coming into place to ruin their account (desert treasure and such).
Plus a lot of accomplishments on accounts were done with exploits that are no longer available to people. 99 Slayer using group slayer exploits? Nope not anymore, sit in the museum getting 2-3k xp per hour for the rest of your life baby. Or using spawn exploits to get 0 xp for attacking monsters, only if you can place a cannon now loser!
And don't get me started on the accounts that managed to get into morytania without xp, or the LMS stat smuggling. It isn't prestigious when you had to cheat to get your way.
So really, what's at stake here. Runescape or your fragile egos?
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2022.11.23 15:51 iscythes LMS in OSRS

Can we add Godspells to LMS, occult necklace to Zerks & Meds/mains
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2022.11.08 15:08 Gnapes A Commentary on PVP and the Wildy

DISCLAIMEBIAS: I’ve been playing the game for a decade, only attempted pvp for a total of 2-3h in that whole time until recently
As a heavily PVM-oriented osrs player I never dipped into PVP. Not because i didn’t like it or i resented pkers, but because it was solely too hard for me. The switches, prayers, the pressure, etc was always way too overwhelming and i always got humbled doing it. My favourite youtube content is stuff from torvesta, framed, & c engineer because it blows my mind what they pull off (also great pvmers too) and its super fun to watch a good outplay.
Recently i made a UIM as a side project, just to see how far id go. I went to LMS to attempt a rune pouch… got repeatedly shit on over and over. Quit after a couple games. Had a day off one day and told myself id just camp there with the intention of learning.
I shit you not i think after 2h of not winning a single fight (that wasnt a bot) i started figuring it out. I was still losing, but i understood it. By no means am i a skilled pvper but i GET IT finally. I now have my rune pouch which i acquired in a day of playing LMS and pvp isnt out of the picture anymore
Moral of the story: the skill gap on pvp is what makes it so fun and exhilarating. The wilderness NEEDS pvp to feel that way. Just give it an honest go and maybe you’ll love it, maybe you’ll hate it… at the very least try to UNDERSTAND it so you can let people enjoy it rather than shitting on them for pking you at the chaos altar.
To the people that bash pvp and want it removed - please just look at the bigger picture and realize for some people its fully just fun as shit and they dont care that you only lost a spade.
Fang (dang)
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2022.10.10 19:30 ThunderSauceMcTits Black d'hide (i)

Since the Equipment Rebalance black d'hide has almost become dead content when compared to Blessed d'hide, sad for such iconic armor.
Perhaps make black d'hide able to be imbued, similar to the MSB, giving it the same stats as Blessed and making it untradable. This could also permanently remove (t) and (g) variants from the game, increasing their value.
The price for a 'Black d'hide scroll' could be 25-50 LMS points, making it NOT 'budget' gear.
Or... OR!.. Just make a 'Blessed black d'hide' with the dragon icon from D chain and plate replacing the god symbols.
Just my ideas to bring back some black d to OSRS.
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2022.10.06 00:25 Chaos-n-Dissonance Long time player, zerker good first time PKing build?

tl;dr at end if you don't care about me, my havent-pkd-since-rsc-thoughts, or why I'm making a pking build :D
So bit of back story... Been playing since RSC, did quite a bit of PvP in RSC, but that fell off a bit before RS2 started and haven't really PvP'd since. In the mean time, since OSRS release I've maxed my main account, have a ~2200 total iron well into the end game, and a fair bit of LMS under my belt (Finished col log except for capes on iron)... But no actual PKing accounts.
Fast forward to today. Working on some random stuff on my iron, just burning out on end game grinds like raids and nightmare.. Specifically two of the things I've always wanted were a wildy weapon (I'm not greedy, give me any, I'll love and cherish it) and the POH wildy obelisk... Which come from Revs. I found a nice spot to farm, when I find a world I can stay there for hours and pkers rarely bother me... But it's also infested with level 60-80 gold farmers/bots that just crash you out of nowhere.
So... With wildy boss rework coming up, I kinda wanna go harder on revs for as long as that hype lasts... Which means I need a way to fight back. Both of my accounts are 120+ and incapable of doing anything against these low levels. But it's the wilderness. If I had an account in the right combat bracket... I could.
Now I know what I'm making the account for. I'm perfectly aware I could get just absolute trash stats and 0 quests, entangle and start ragging them, surely they'll just tele and save me the trouble. But... It's the wilderness. I just wanna take their 200k. So if I'm making a new account anyway... Why not have some KO potential?
And ofc one of the things I've been thinking of making for a while is a zerker. Having access to all PvM is interesting, leaves room for some spiffy stuff on the account... Getting an infernal wouldn't be as aids as a straight pure... And as it happens, a nooby zerker with 94 mage for teleblock just happens to fall in the combat bracket that can hit most of these accounts. One that still is going to require some investment time wise, but staying at 60 attack and 80 strength so nothing insane... And room to grow if I actually enjoy PKing.
Does this sound like a really bad idea? I've heard zerkers have been out of the meta for a long, long time. Then again... It's hard to tell. RS gets updated so often with new items that even tho people like to joke the PvP meta is stale it really isn't (Bowfa, Nex GS & ZCB, Fang, Ring, etc. are all extremely good in PvP)... Not to mention all the new quests, which for zerkers specifically can be kind of a big deal. If it's not a terrible idea that I should burn with fire, anyone know any good build guides?
tl;dr: Wanna make an account to kill the accounts that keep crashing me at revs. They're level 60-80. Any recommendations on a build? And any build guides for that build?
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2022.09.29 16:21 ThorlaxIII How to get new players hooked: free 2 play mini raid.

TL;DR make f2p raid that scales players like LMS so new players don’t need to max to experience end game.
So basically the most fun ive had in the past 3 years of playing osrs, was my first raids release, TOA. I have lots of friends who play osrs but are at a low combat and they don’t quite have the love for the game to push into end game pvm, and I believe it’s because they’ve never experienced it.
My suggestion would be a free 2 play raid, and in order for the new players to experience end game content, upon entering the raid, there levels would scale up, and they would get a tribrid setup. This is already in the game with LMS, which is also free 2 play! They could build a extremely basic raid that could get new players learning gear switching and prayer flicking.
Now for rewards obviously couldn’t be anything crazy because this will be free to play, but this is more as a learning experience for new players but there should be a rare trade-able unique to give free to play players that awesome feeling of waking into a treasure room with potential for of loot. The loot could even be something like the emblems from revenants, where’s it’s just like 1m gp, this would stop the price of the unique crashing from to many ppl doing it. It would even be cool if the rewards were something like an untradable bond for, say 7 days of membership?
Also last point, since the raid is free to play there’s obviously a high chance it would be botted. Now in members raids people would lose it if there was antibotting measures that would slow down or effect the raid but in free to play you can’t really get mad. It could be similar to TOA puzzle rooms or legit one of the stupid I’m not a robot, type in the above letters crap to assure there’s no botting (I’m sure jagex team could figure out a more immersive puzzle).
Thanks for reading :)
All for the cause of getting my friends addicted to the same 2007 clicking simulator as me
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2022.09.25 09:51 Long_Coach_2349 osrs lms bots????

lms could be such fun game but these bots getting out of control now? im seeing 3-5k pt bots how the fuck are they not getting banned? its almost as if someone working for jagex's bots or some shit i dont get it im seeing the same bots every day in day out why is nothing getting done.
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2022.08.12 21:45 Dirty_Mayor I miss Bounty Hunter and PvP worlds aren't helping. A Pure's perspective.

Hi, I've been playing Runescape on and off since 2006. Here are my thoughts on PvP and how it can be saved if it's not already too late.
  1. IMO it's fairly challenging to become proficient at NH bridding. LMS actually gives a free/profitable way to learn/practice. If we want more new/returning PvPers we need a way for them to learn/practice Edge PKing. This should include lower level pures that are easier to learn the basics on.
  2. PvP worlds make it extremely difficult for lower leveled accounts be matched into fair fights with people in a similar combat bracket. 15 combat levels is HUGH at lower levels, a level 70 pure will almost always lose to a level 85 pure. Being rushed every time you step out of the safe zone by someone 15 levels higher than you is discouraging to anyone.
  3. Bring more untradeable cosmetic items and UNTRADEABLE supplies to BH. This will make it cost significantly less to PK while giving a non-monetary incentive to PK. In theory I believe this would limit the botting/gold farming issues that used to plague the minigame. This alone might repopulate the worlds and allow an actual fix to a minigame that's listed on the hiscores with significantly less work than another full rework of BH.
  4. Don't force PvMers into the wilderness. It's one thing if a player wants to achieve a wilderness boss pet but locking the Dragon Pickaxe behind wilderness bosses makes no sense to me.
I'm sure plenty of people disagree with my thoughts here. For those of us that love PKing in OSRS and want PvP to stay active in this game we need some way to bring back players who have abandoned this game or bring any new faces into PvP.
I would genuinely love to hear some feedback from other people.
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2022.08.06 03:38 DTreatz Wilderness "reborn" & PvP

I was an avid pker back in the day, and I mean from late of classic all the way to the first mass extinction (12/10/07) by which a couple months after I quit playing, then the second mass extinction, EoC, iirc rekt like 25%(?) of the player base (per jagex).
So with this wilderness and PvP NERF I decided to re-evaluate what ways it and PvP could be changed, I won’t go into fixing/adjusting combat, at least for PvP, since that’s a whole other beast.
- First off make a wildy loot bag that you can only put in when in wildy and cant be taken out unless outside wild. (or just make it work like the one in OSRS)
Boom, now you can be prepped to stand a chance anti-pking someone or tanking out the wild cause your inventory isnt taken up by drops (because you have loot bag) and someone can go hunt to pk for profit, or get rekt if they get anti pked.
- Also make loot bag purchasable by whatever npcs, nice lil gold sink, maybe 1m per bag idk
- diminishing returns on stuns in pvp, maybe 10 seconds after the first stun
Deathmatch – provide weapons and armor, pool rewards points with safe pvp rewards system,
Bounty Hunter - Since there’s a difference now, optin/optout, here’s my take. Call slayer bounties from mandrith ‘contracts’ or tasks (whatever), call Erksine’s bounty hunting, force opt-in, double the xp, make the GP reward scale up, minimum from 250k, increase the drops rate/chance on the bounties (additive to opt-in increase), maybe even make the bounty ‘scan’ the wildy, or click scan to get a opt-in player as the bounty you can pk for a big bonus .
King of the Hill – This one was interesting to me, simple rotating King of the Hill style pvp in safe instantiated wilderness. This would be safe, reward players with safe pvp points, and help people learn the locations of things in the wildy.
-The Hill location is rotating all across the wilderness and you gain points per tick standing in the zone + additional points for every pk you obtain while in it.
- Constant notification of location of ‘hill’ in chat and indicator arrow in game.
- Start location in Wilderness Volcano, dying resets you to inside Wildy Volcano, allows gearing, changing gear, resupply, no combat until 5-10 seconds after exiting Volcano barrier
- Weapons, armor, pots, food, wilderness teleport tablets provided for locations across the wildy (Dareeyak, Carrallanger, Annakharl and Ghorrock) by ‘vendors’ or whatever (like the walking bank guys in wild)
- Teleport obelisks animations pulsing and pronounced (to draw attention) and helps people use and understand the locations of obelisks and how they work. Also can make them ‘hills’
- monsters always aggro
- reward points scale with position relative to 1st place at end of game
Arena – Het’s oasis was trash and honestly insulting to people who like pvp, it wasn’t even a somewhat replacement for Duel Arena.
Basically take Emir’s Arena in OS: The minigame gives players an opportunity to fight each other in a controlled environment, where matches take place on an alternative save game world against players of a similar skill level. Players will be able to register their interest in finding a fight; while a match is being prepared, players can continue with whatever they were doing prior.
I mean the OS team has literally already done 80% of the work for you, just come up with dope cosmetics, animations, titles, USEFUL tradeable items and USEFUL untradeable item rewards INSIDE AND OUTSIDE pvp and arena.
Also, put that bad boy somewhere back in Al Kharid where it deserves to be.
Last Man Standing – just like OS, it’s already there, keep high stakes option permanent, good money maker + rewards points for safe pvp reward system, top 3 get gp descending, players 4th and 5th next game free, also gold sink like OS*: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Last_Man_Standing*
Could even make LMS, Arena and KoTH use the same reward system since they’re all safe pvp, just make sure the rewards don’t suck and are useful for pvmers and skillers, this will incentivize people to play these modes.
Slap the safe PvP teleports onto the combat bracelet or something
First off, opt-in pvp? Tell me you hate pvp and wanted to remove it without saying it. In any case you should get a whole slew of benefits by opting into pvp.
Opt-Out PvP:
Player not opt-in to pvp in wildy should still drop their items save for 3(4 w/ protect item), like classic death drops, no gravestone, and if not obtained in time or by other players will disappear from game. EZ transfer of wealth or item deletion from the game.
EDIT: However the death mechanics work while opt-OUT could remain as such, as idk how they work NOW, deaths office iirc and a gravestone maybe?
Regular teleport restriction (some at 30 wildy, some at 20 wildy, or however it already was)
Keep whatever threat system is in place:
\- You will deal more damage and take more damage. \- Ambushes will occur more often, with larger groups of enemies and more difficult monsters. (to be fair they should probably still drop items and onl wildy loot table, just at a lower rate than opt-in) \- The Volcano will hit you harder and more often. 
Opt-In PvP wildy benefits:
The idea being that it’s CLEARLY more beneficial to do things like boss, slay, skill in the wilderness being opt-in to PvP
- Autoskull, no items saved (1 with protect item) on death.
- PvP ArmoWeapons, Statues/Statuettes, and wildy shared table added together
- dealing and taking more damage by threat level removed (or nerfed against monsters, doesn’t apply to pvp)
-Nerfed threat level rate significantly while increasing drop chance of rare items on wildy table the higher your threat level while opt-in the longer you’re in the wildy by threat lee
-Flash mob ambushes drop items (or higher chance and increased rate of items since I think they should drop items anyway, even in opt-out but lower chance and rate) and increased rate by threat level
- flash mob ambush occur slightly less often, and stay as long as engaged (so you can kill for drops?)
- lower damage and hard cap volcano damage
- make all drops while opt-in noted, and maybe auto collect inside loot bag.
-1.5x or double xp while opted-in, additive(multiplicative) with demonic skull and brawl gloves
- brawling gloves should always opt you into pvp, or only drop/obtained while opt-in
-Increase amount of rolls on clues, or increase chance of greater loot drop on clues in finished in wildy (maybe indicate that the clue scroll chest was obtained in wildy with a skull icon next to it)
-target player character drops full loot on kill (save for 1 with protect item) and unique loot bag
-make the pvp weps and armor more likely to be dropped by wildy monsters, even more with revenants and wildy bosses
-make the pvp weps/armor NOT degrade while used in wildy when opt-in
-make the pvp weps/armor do EXTRA damage/provide EXTRA defense to wildy monsters when opt-in
-add more materials and increase materials for invention from dissaembling of pvp weps/armor so they’re more desirable
- increase wildy loot table drop rate for muddy chest
- increase rate of unique drop while opt-in (i.e. lava strykes wyrm scalp, etc.)
- slayer bounty emblem, gain full potential when pking someone
Gear and Inventory Risk Meter? (TBD)
Wilderness Combat Areas
So there’s always been single way combat and multi way combat, now idk how iffy the multi way pvp works, but I’m sure with all the constant damage and constant stuns, there should probably be some mitigation.
My suggestion, make diminishing returns on stuns, maybe 10 seconds after the first stun, halving the amount of time you’re stunned every timed you get stunned,
make diminishing returns on damage per player, like keep indicator on the debuff bar of how many people are hitting you in multi and keep lowering the max damage for every other person hitting you except the initial person.
In single way combat, similar pj timer like in OSRS: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/PJ_timer
Wilderness Drops
PvP ArmoWeapons, Statues/Statuettes, and wildy shared table added together
PvP Armor: Statius(melee), Vesta(melee), Zuriel(magic), Morrigan(ranged):
\- make them have an increased chance of dropping while opt-in, \- make them non-degradeable in wilderness while opt-in also, \- add new materials for disassembly and increase materials gained for disassembling to increase price/utility \- buff abilities of PvP weapons (cept Statius Hammer...maybe nerf that) \- add effects to armor sets? (and for gawd sake give, Vesta a helmet) 
- put stronger monsters in muddy chest area, buff muddy chest drop (and even further by opt-in pvp)
- Corrupt items….we should probably remove them completely, and just replace them with the regular versions, they only last x amount of IRL time when worn, and aren’t particularly useful or worth buying.
- Keep statuettes and emblems (like ancient emblem), obviously more likely to get while opt-in, good money, maybe even make them able to be disassembled (if they’re not?) with good materials
- Maybe make more in-between level armors/weapons that are enhanced have special abilities/effects, usable outside wildy (though degradable) and good for invention materials.
- And also include items useful OUTSIDE the wilderness, stop being scary you don’t need to make every single item accessible by only pvmers
- Items need to drop for what they’re worth r g.e. value (like a dharok’axe) I’ve seen inconsistencies with regards to how items drop on death, if a dudes wearing 10m I want the 10m on kill m8, also, keep untradeable drops on pk buffed in cost dropped but same mechanics (Some untradeable items, such as Korasi's sword, are converted into coins for the killer.)
- remove immortality clearing TB
Wilderness Bosses
Speaking of wildy bosses, why arent there any? Save for chaos elemental, which is weak as f and should be updated , OSRS managed to make like several wilderness bosses, clearly RS3 can do something similar without phases and dynamic abilities like Arch-glacor
Idk why you didn’t take inspiration from OSRS like you did Zuk, I mean, seems you did that pretty well so what’s the problem.
- make good drops ofc including pvp armor wildy table, and a significantly increased drop chance when opt-in, since you’re clearly risking getting pked
- make their attacks always aoe, this gives people a more level playing field when opt-in if they get attacked by a pker, since the pker will also be attacked by the boss
-Chaos Ele btw – take the crap drops off, buff his drops, or overhaul him completely and add wildy drop table to him as base table
-Would also be cool for enhanced capes like Mage Arena 2 which could be new capes, have effects, enhance god spells, etc for rs3,
OS: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Mage_Arena_II
but make the capes degradable to regular and always opt-in during obtainment to kill bosses for the capes.
Wilderness Dungeons
Why are there few and why do they suck? Lets get some mobs and bosses with GOOD DROPS going underground, with all the added benefits of opt-in above, maybe even traps you can set that can damage health, damage pray, damage stamina, and poison pkers/mobs or even used against you.
A lot of these are just me spitballing, from what I've read on wiki, though up, and seen from the OS team, and they're not even that complicated and work in conjunction with this 'update'.
I mean jeezuz there so much other stuff you could have done instead of just “screw pvp, lets placate everyone else”
Best case, people start getting into pvp for titles, high scores, profit and the thrill because they can practice through the safe pvp while still gaining rewards and money, then start risking later when they’re more confident.
Worst, it’s an aside while the wilderness “reborn” still exists. It’s an actual Win-Win as far as I see it, and without too much additional cost considering most of the assets are the same and/or the work has been done on the younger brother OSRS.
You make it proper of wildy being pvp incentivized, accessible, dangerous and extremely profitable.
Someone please let a mod see, Idk if they even read these reddit forums
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