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2023.06.10 09:06 ButterscotchMain7969 Friendship struggle in middle school

My son is finishing up G6 in middle school in an international school. It has been a particularly bad year where he struggled with friendship. He feels that he has no friends in school since most of his friends left at the end of G5.
At the beginning of G6, he was put in a class where he didn’t had any friend. To make things worse, some boys made some unkind comments about our home country and he felt that they were being racist. In particular, a boy in the class liked to pick on him and harass him verbally. For example, he would purposely butt into every conversation and say “ whatever” to him to try belittle him. We decided to let him change classes and things got better. He found a new friend group and seemed more settled.
A few days ago, he got into a fight with 3 other boys. He told me that the boys have been verbally harassing him for a few months during lunch. They would make unkind comments like he is stupid or he looks like poop and laugh. In addition, he was also particularly hurt when one boy in class said he was trying to act smart when he answered a question during class and his best friend had laughed along with that boy instead of standing up for him.
He is now back into “I hate school” mood and wants to be homeschooled. He feels that as a minority in school, it is particularly hard for him to fit into a particular group and he wonders why he is constantly targeted by other boys.
My son is smart, knowledgeable and is absolutely crazy about planes and football. We suspect him being “nerdy” compared to other boys doesn’t make him as likable? We try to tell him that friendship at this age doesn’t really last and thus, not to be so involved and upset. I would love to hear other advice on how to help him.
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2023.06.10 09:06 zpython_1 AITJ for standing up to bullies in school and being a snitch?

TL;DR down (Warning: Long story)
So this happened in Dubai. To give some background, I am a gifted genius yet unsociable 13-year-old in Year 9. I became the talk of my class since I was a new student, and when I joined, I was 12.
When I joined, the school hired a new principal who made promising changes to the school. He made clubs, new fields of study in Year 10, and a whole parade of new improvements. However, this wasn't enough to help the school attain a better grade. And it was all because of the students. The school claimed to be inclusive, but it did not have any special services and kind of segregated the classes. Everyone who was studying Urdu and Islam (mostly from Pakistan) would be in section B, while all the other races and cultures would be in section A. I am British, but since I don't know French and speak Urdu, I chose to learn Urdu. I am also a Muslim. Here I go to Year 9B.
This class was hell. Literal hell. The students were arrogant and used profanities and curses under the sun for the sake of it. Looking at this class when I first entered, I understood why islamophobia exists. These people were hitting, shouting, and abusing each other families while laughing it off as "jokes and fun". Don't get me wrong, the teachers and learning materials were amazing, complete with touchscreens and cameras, but god I hated that environment. Before I even started looking for a seat though, Jawad, probably the only nice student there offered me one at the front. I thanked him and sat down. There were a few hurdles with the teachers not knowing my behaviour and skills. but after a few days, they all knew who I was, a kind and smart student. I have no idea how I managed through the first week, I maintained my calm and never swore (I have never sworn and will keep it that way). The trouble began on Thursday. My name is quite special. it seems like the name of a not-that-famous prophet, but with one letter changed. I have pointed it out to a few open-minded people, but the rest of my class intentionally started cat-calling me by my wrong name, while others would mess it up in my face. During the class, a boy kept annoying me during class. He would come with his friend, and both of them would talk to me with that annoying fake friend voice. "How are you?" "Where are you from?" "Can I have your food?" "Am I your friend?" I was full of it. It may seem like they are trying to be friends, but they either are trying to belittle me, make fun of me, or make me a fool. I shut them down every time, but it was tiring and I just started to ignore them. Soon the boy's friend stopped coming to my table, but I had to shut the boy down myself. We have a great HOS, so I complained. He was dealt with.
Oh, how wrong I was. He later came to me during lunch and asked for some food. I had enough of him and finally in his face loud enough for everyone to hear me, I said in a sarcastic tone in Urdu: "You have already eaten up my patience, how much more will you eat?" The entire class went quiet. He went back to his place and sat down. The victory was mine.
Some students did not know what happened and I told them afterwards. No one questioned or bothered me again after that. One day, I and the class went out into the grassy area to breathe some fresh air with our Urdu teacher. The teacher knew I was weak in Urdu, and helped me get better, she even saw me as her best student. The class bully (I'll call him Abdul) sat on my legs. He is obese and both of my ankles have suffered many injuries in the past. I can't pull my legs out so I tell him to get off of me, but he doesn't respond. I then try to pull even harder, but I end up falling backwards and my hand grabs my pencil case for support. I quickly tell him "Get off of me, or else-" I was about to say "complain" when he interrupted me and said "Or else you will hit me? Huh? Hit me! I would like to see you try it. Come on! Hit me!" He was continuously screaming in my face as I told him no repeatedly. Two other students who I didn't know looked at us. Instead of telling the teacher, they just watched. I finally gave up, tired, hurt, and wanting to go home, I take my pencil case and with the weakest swing ever, I just grazed past him. He finally stood up and said he was going to complain to the teacher. I couldn't care less. The teacher came up to us and she asked me what happened. I told her everything. Abdul, however, only told her that he sat on me by mistake and that I told him to get up or I will hit him. I then told the teacher everything again, this time sparing no details, she asked me if I could walk, I could, but it was painful and limping. The 2 boys excused themselves from the conversation, but as soon as I started walking to the clinic, they asked me if I was fine. I said yes, and got my ankle checked by the nurse. Nothing serious.
When I went back to the class, I was crying and having a meltdown. I did not make any noise (I was used to it by now) but I could hear a crowd forming around Abdul, while he tries to slander me and belittle me for crying in front of them. I couldn't ignore him and the things he said were triggering PTSD about an incident long ago.
My teacher offered to come with me to complain to the HOS, but since it was bus time, It would be done the next day.
I immediately go to the HOS the next day and the same thing happens Abdul lies, and I tell everything. Abdul tries to mock me for crying about hitting him. HOS says to Abdul that I am telling the truth and am crying because I was sat on. He also reminded Abdul that I was new and that this is not a normal occurrence anywhere else. There was also another teacher there (Karen) who immediately blamed me for everything. She tried to tell me off for not going to the teacher before hitting him, and when I respond with "He sat on me!! I couldn't move!", she ignored it. She said that Abdul was a good student and was never like this. I was still crying btw. HOS then says that yes, I shouldn't have hit him, but it was completely Abdul's fault and that next time, if he does anything to me, I should immediately report it to HOS. Karen leaves (thank god) and Abdul is "escorted" out by the HOS's assistant. The HOS tells me that Abdul used to be good, but has become rotten. I should also b careful about how I respond to bullying. anyways, Abdul was given a warning and I was fine.
TL;DR: I came to a school, was annoyed and bullied, stood up for myself, and almost got blamed for it.
Edit: I will edit more school stories later, but for now I need a break. Probably update it soon.
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2023.06.10 09:05 Some_Recognition5823 Is it ok to just sage to cleanse the energy of my house ?

I moved into a new home and I let some people I shouldn’t have let in in and it’s full of this horrible mist, I’ve tried praying for God to remove it but its still here
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2023.06.10 09:03 saraskonstigheter Part 1 - Clearing

Part 1 - Clearing
Soooo, i am dead set on redesigning my home office to a "Home Office Store and Boutique". 😍 I thought id let you guys join in on the fun and part one has now commenced 😎😎 Clearing...
I started with beeing inspired by all the prettyness over at pinterest, and then started sketching my design and meisuring my wallspace.
The plan is to install mostly wall shelves, keeping my lil art gallery to the right, and my bigger painting to the left. The cabinet is gonna get a new home and i...hopefully will have a boutique like atmosphere for my visiting customers to browse my wares. 😍🐝🐝🌞
Stay tuned ;)
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2023.06.10 09:03 1dersluys AirTag for not apologizing to my friends pregnant wife when she snapped at me?

So for context my friend and his wife live several hours away and I don’t get to see them or their kids much. He’s pretty much my best friend on earth and I want to see him so often so when I was presented with an opportunity to have a board game night with them, my new gf and an old military friend that both me and bestie knew I jumped on it.
Everything’s peachy right? The trouble is friends wife is 6mo pregnant, and not only that I’m reasonably sure has some form of autism and doesn’t get enough social interaction on a daily basis both because friend is military and is on detachment rn and because she torpedos her social relationships given enough time (at least from my perspective).
Anyway when friends wife asked the group who should host I responded I should because I’m most centrally located. She got seemingly a bit annoyed and said that they should host so that “her kids didn’t cause trouble since she would primarily watch them”. I’ve know both her kids their whole lives, babysat both of them, have multiple pets I’ve raised from infancy, and nothing particularly breakable so I figure between all that 4 hours at my home isn’t a problem and said as much. Apparently this struck a nerve, I’m not sure if it was the inclusion of being a pet parent or just disagreeing with her in general but she blew up at me. Friend does damage control and she reaches out to “apologize because she thought I might’ve been offended” I told her I don’t feel very strongly on who should host but I was shocked and bothered that she reacted so poorly to such a small disagreement. Importantly I did not apologize because not only did I feel I did nothing wrong but she apologized and I thought that meant she legitimately saw her own actions as out of line.
I thought it all ended there. A week goes by with nothing. Didn’t speak to her or anything at all, when today I got a message that was unsent before I could read it, then my friend says to the group he and his wife had to cancel, blaming it on the military and finally a message (to the whole group) saying “no don’t let him lie to you, we aren’t coming because I have an issue with OP not admitting they are wrong” I am a reasonably measured and non combative person most of the time but my response was “are you f ing kidding me right now?” She had messaged me first and then decided afterwords to deliberately make this a public problem in front of everyone. I told her she was definately in the wrong and how childish she was being, and that being pregnant can make small things seem big but didn’t excuse her behavior especially after I’d agreed to let her host anyway because it wasn’t worth the conflict. She even tried to tell me friend the “it’s him or me” because when I called him to figure out what just happened and tell him I felt blindsided he was clearly distressed and made a point of trying to be neutral because clearly he’d tried to defend me and been blown up on too. I seriously don’t even know what the heck even pissed her off to start with and her accusation that I don’t take accountability bothers me. AITAH??
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2023.06.10 09:03 JiLegend how do I (22M) become a better conversationalist with my GF (21F) ?

We have been together for almost 6 years, and lived together for two. I am aware that this realization came a bit late. I also do realize that not all conversations need to be deep or intellectual.
We live together and thus see each other every day, except generally on the weekends. We go along great but most of what we talk about is mundane things, how our day went, things about the house, sometimes a bit of teasing etc... But she has expressed, through deeper discussions about our relationship, the need to be more intellectually stimulated. I understand why she feels that way and I know that now I'm not associated with that trait anymore. I am afraid that this has contributed to her growing slightly more distant, and I am afraid this is irreversible though I am ready to give it my best shot.
We both study science at the same uni, though in different fields, and we are both musicians. I think the problem really stems from me. I am more of an introvert, mainly succeeding in socializing with people through my sense of humour. I do have a few long, deep conversations with close friends from time to time, but it is difficult for me to reach out to new people if they do not come to me, and then again the conversation usually quickly dries up.
I don't think I particularly lack of things to say or centers of interest, I feel like I'm just very bad at talking. This is exacerbated by the fact that I am content with sitting in silence close to my gf, because I love her and don't feel the need to talk to appreciate our time together. But this does put some strain on her, and I also would personally like it if we were able to have engaging conversations.
Yesterday night for example, we went out to see friends. Everyone had a great time and it was fun. When her and I were on the way home though, we walked 10-15 minutes side by side exchanging little to no words, except some clarifications about her next day's schedule or small things like that. When there was silence, I was desperately looking for some discussion subject but my mind was literally blank. I felt like shit, especially since the couple behind us (though they got together waaaay more recently so idk if it's comparable) were talking non stop. She later told me it was frustrating that, for once where we had some time different from the routine, I had nothing to talk about. I know that a conversation goes both ways but she's probably tired of trying.
This situation saddens me, both because it puts strain on our relationship to a maybe irreversible extent, and because this makes we seem like an uninteresting person.
This is maybe less of a relationship advice and more of a personal/social advice, but it impacts my relationship which makes me want to put in some serious work.
How do I become a better conversationalist, especially with my girlfriend ?
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2023.06.10 09:02 Adam-best Stardust Essential Oil Diffuser

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2023.06.10 09:01 AzureLaneMod Amazon's Study Hall - Daily Questions Megathread (06/10)

Amazon's Study Hall - Daily Questions Megathread (06/10)
Welcome to the Daily Question Megathread!
Here you can ask questions/seek advice about Azur Lane, help each other and grow together!
Helpful Resources
Azur Lane Wiki
Azur Lane Official English Twitter
Azur Lane Community Discord Server
Azur Lane Official English Discord Server
English Community Tier List (PVE Tier list, New player guide, PvP fleets)
Nerezza's Gameplay Help Picture Guides (Gear Tier list, Shops and Crafting priority)


  • JP players can bind via binding code or Twitter account.
  • EN players can bind via Twitter account, Facebook account or Yostar account. Recommended to use Yostar Account due to uncertainty with Twitter and Facebook. These options are in Settings.
  • Use at least one account bind option; use multiple if you want to be safe.
  • If your device is lost, damaged, or a game update breaks the app and forces you to reinstall you could permanently lose your account.
  • EN accounts are easiest to recover with an account bind; make sure to bind your account in the settings and only use the login screen binding buttons to reconnect your account.
  • Using the login screen buttons without a bound account will create a new account for you and effectively erase your progress with no way of recovering it outside of contacting customer support. JUST DO IT.
  • Make sure you are selecting the correct server and method of binding when using a new device.
NOTE: It's also a good idea to remember your server and take a screenshot of your Profile Page so that customer support has an easier time recovering your account.

Detailed In-depth FAQ can be found in here.

Please read through it first before asking a question in here as the FAQ covers lots of topics.

Other Megathreads
Weekly Lounge Megathread
Guild Recruitment Megathread VI
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2023.06.10 09:00 Anonymous__Explorer How to increase my social skills coz I am still not a part of any of my friend's group

So hey guys, firstly I am 20 year old, though no more of a teenager, yet i feel that up until now, i have completely wasted my teenage years, my relations with my friends and I feel bad about it.
Now before beginning, i must tell you that I am trying to break free and do what i haven't done in all these years, like
> I have never been to any of my friends house in my life,
> never have been in their bday parties,
> No clubbing till now,
My school life went like this, and half of my uni life is also done now.
I had a group of 5 school friends, and in our last year of school, i invited them in a restaurant to meet and have a lunch with them. That's how i started changing ( also it was COVID year, so made more sense to be together after being away ).
Right now, i try to be in connection with my friends as much as i can, either by sending memes on insta or by replying to them to their stories.
Last month, i went with my University society group over to a place for an evening, we had dinner and random talks and shit.
Now i am not a person who doesn't talk at all, though i speak less but i try to be talkative enough to get the convo going, i try to be approachable.
Now yesterday, one of my friend (from that group of 5 friends ) had her birthday, and 3 of my friends, (again from that group of 5) met at her home in order to have a small celebration. I knew about this seeing the story of one of em. A little background now into this is, i once told this girl once that i liked her and after that she said no, and i never brought it up again. We had our lives going as it is. After being in different Uni the time we had convo also reduced significantly. I don't feel bad about rejection.
But i feel bad because my school friends no longer try to contact me whenever they meet somewhere, like in the morning of one of the festival when again they posted a story on insta about it. I know some plans get made inn very short while, but if i know about it too i can still manage to be there.
Now, for yesterday i can't really say much to the girl or my friends coz i am thinking she hesitated to contact me coz it was only them three at her place not even her University friends, so I'm thinking the plan was to be with very less friends. I don't mind if she doesn't consider me much of her friend after i told her i like her.
But i feel bad coz most of my friends, go outstation, go to birthday parties, meet on festival days (holi) and I'm never with them. It's not like i never tried, in the past i contacted them, i even once in the morning of another festival called them to meet, but almost all of them were busy with one of their groups.
In college as well, people have their own groups made up and I feel a bit difficult to be with them. A few weeks ago, i went with my New uni friends to a local eatery, just so that I can enter in their group, yet even now, whenever these guys meet or go out i don't receive any message inviting me or i never get to know when are they really going, so that I can atleast go to them and ask them if I can join them .
In short, I am not a part of any group of friends.
In short, though i try and want to be with my past friends and to be with my new ones also, I feel as if i failed to make a deep connection with my school friends even after knowing them for more than 10 years, and I'm again failing to be a very good with some connection with my new ones as well.
I can't say it's their problem, the problem is with me as well coz I'm not able to make connection with any of them till now. I see my mutual friends being in their groups and going out, having fun, doing random shit, which I'm not able to do
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2023.06.10 09:00 adantakenya Plots for sale in Kitengela

Plots for sale in Kitengela

A unique gated community located in New Valley Area in Kitengela next to Safaricom's Estate. Only 2km from the main road.
Plots are 50 by 100 in size each selling at Kes 2.3 Million only. 📷📷📷
If you want to buy and build immediately, then this is the place. 📷📷📷. Residents of the estate have already started construction of their homes.
Follow the link for more information or to book a site visit.

A unique gated community located in New Valley Area in Kitengela next to Safaricom's Estate. Only 2km from the main road.
Plots are 50 by 100 in size each selling at Kes 2.3 Million only. 📷📷📷
If you want to buy and build immediately, then this is the place. 📷📷📷. Residents of the estate have already started construction of their homes.
Follow the link for more information or to book a site visit.

A unique gated community located in New Valley Area in Kitengela next to Safaricom's Estate. Only 2km from the main road.
Plots are 50 by 100 in size each selling at Kes 2.3 Million only. 📷📷📷
If you want to buy and build immediately, then this is the place. 📷📷📷. Residents of the estate have already started construction of their homes.
Follow the link for more information or to book a site visit.
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2023.06.10 09:00 Puzzleheaded-Use-110 Finally taking small steps to get better.

It’s late and this will probably get lost in the sea of posts, but that’s fine. My life has been in shambles since I moved away from my family to a completely different state.. I needed to do it for safety reasons. My depression has made me sit in bed in my new apartment, wasting away and letting dishes and laundry pile up.. but recently I got a job, I started to attempt to go on walks since the weather is so nice, and I did my dishes.
Crawling out of this hole is .. harder than I thought, but I know it’ll be worth it. My car doesn’t have enough gas to take me to work and I don’t have the money for that, so loose change and the bus will become my best friends but I know after this, it’ll be worth it. The mess in my house is so overwhelming I’m going to get a cleaning lady to do it with my first paycheck so that, at least, I can give myself a reminder of what my home should look like.
I’m generating a morning routine, I washed my hair, I called my loved ones and the people that cared about me. It wasn’t a sudden change but very, very gradual. The ideation and suicidal thoughts are still there, I’m still sluggish and irritable and it’s hard to eat, but I’m doing something. I want to experience life the way happy people do, someday. Baby steps I guess!
I just wanted to share my progress. Im too ashamed of where I am to talk about it to the people that care about me, so it’s easier here. Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.10 09:00 AutoModerator NC/NP Trade/Sell & Pet UFA/UFT Thread! - June 10, 2023

Welcome to the Daily NC/NP Trade/Sell & Pet UFA/UFT thread. A new thread will be made every day at midnight NST. Please refrain from posting individual threads and use this thread for your trading purposes!


Remember that you can use Ctrl + F to help you find items you might be interested in! Please use the following specific formats to make it easier for people searching for either NC or NP items.

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If you're trading NC items, here are a couple of guides to help you out with values and avoid being scammed: ALWAYS KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR WHEN THESE WERE LAST UPDATED AS THEY MAY BE OUTDATED.
Neocash Guide Hub
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2023.06.10 09:00 LanaiLightsFlorida Why Landscape Lighting is Crucial for Homeowners in Orlando, Florida

Why Landscape Lighting is Crucial for Homeowners in Orlando, Florida
The Power of Light: Enhancing Your Home's Aesthetics and Security
Orlando, Florida, known for its vibrant culture, beautiful landscapes, and year-round sunshine, is a place where homeowners take immense pride in their outdoor spaces. The magic of Orlando isn't only alive during the day - it continues to sparkle after the sun goes down, thanks to landscape lighting.
Landscape lighting, a crucial aspect for homeowners in Orlando, adds a new level of aesthetic appeal, safety, and functionality to your home. Here's why investing in it should be your next home improvement project.

  1. Enhanced Curb Appeal: Investing in outdoor landscape lighting can significantly improve your property's aesthetic appeal. With Lanai Lights' expert lighting installation, you can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and inviting environment.
  1. Increased Property Value: Landscape lighting can potentially increase your property's value by showcasing its best features. Lanai Lights' professional installation ensures your lighting enhances your home's appearance and increases its market value.
  1. Improved Safety: Outdoor landscape lighting can help illuminate dark areas and prevent accidents, such as trips and falls. Lanai Lights ensures that pathways, steps, and other potential hazards are well-lit to provide a safe environment.
  2. Greater Security: Landscape lighting can deter potential intruders by making your property less appealing for criminal activities. Lanai Lights helps to create a secure environment by strategically placing lights in key areas to reduce hiding spots and improve overall visibility.
  1. Energy Efficiency: Lanai Lights is committed to providing energy-efficient lighting solutions. By choosing LED lights for your landscape lighting, you can save on energy costs and reduce your environmental footprint.
  1. Extended Outdoor Use: With the proper lighting, you can enjoy your outdoor spaces well into the night. Lanai Lights helps you create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, making your patio, pool, or garden the perfect spot for evening relaxation or social gatherings.
  1. Highlight Architectural Features: Lanai Lights' expert installation can emphasize your property's unique architectural elements, such as columns, archways, or sculptures, adding depth and character to your landscape.
  1. Boost Hospitality: Outdoor landscape lighting creates a welcoming ambiance, making your property more inviting to guests. Lanai Lights can help you create the perfect setting for hosting parties, family gatherings, or simply enjoying a quiet evening outdoors.
  2. Showcase Your Landscape: Outdoor lighting can accentuate your garden, trees, and other landscaping elements. Lanai Lights ensures that your landscape is showcased in the best possible light, highlighting its natural beauty and artistic design.
  1. Low Maintenance: Lanai Lights provides durable and long-lasting outdoor lighting solutions, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance or replacement. This allows you to enjoy your beautifully lit landscape with minimal hassle.
  2. Customizable Designs: Lanai Lights offers a wide range of lighting styles, colors, and fixtures, allowing you to create a personalized look that complements your property and reflects your unique taste.
  3. Professional Installation: With Lanai Lights, you can trust that your landscape lighting will be installed by experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering exceptional results. This ensures that your investment in outdoor lighting is both functional and visually stunning.
Professional Landscape Lighting Services in Orlando
Orlando homeowners understand the value of their outdoor spaces and the importance of showcasing them in the best light. Opting for professional landscape lighting services can provide a balanced, cohesive look while ensuring proper installation and safety measures.
Whether you're looking to enhance the beauty of your home, increase its security, or extend your living spaces into the open air, landscape lighting is a critical element to consider for homeowners in Orlando, Florida. Experience the magic it brings to your home and how it can transform your everyday living experience.

Why Choose Lanai Lights?

  • Patented Multiple choices of Innovative designs you’ll find nowhere else.
  • Versatile Use on-screen enclosures, decks, fences, balconies, docks, tikis, pergolas & much more.
  • Energy Saving LED technology in multiple colors.
  • Holiday Lighting LED holiday light displays
  • Safe Low-voltage systems specifically designed for outdoor use.
  • Customer Controlled Remote controlled, dimmable, and automatic operation included.
  • Best Warrantees Lifetime warranty on most fixtures.
  • Lifetime Warranty Lifetime warranty on electronic components.
  • Licensed Certified Installers Professional installation by licensed certified installers
  • Made in the USA Products are Made in the USA and Assembled in USA ETL certified.
    Call Lanai Lights at 407-988-0479 or message us online to schedule a free demo and consultation.
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2023.06.10 08:58 emisaurs16 Help!!!

Yesterday I got a new betta and at the shop it was so happy and swimming around. Took it home and after a couple hours he/she in now staying on the ground looking dead and unwell. I message the shop and he said it could be shy and getting used to the tank. I attach a photo of the betta. Any idea if it looks sick or not? Ps. It’s meant to be an elephant Betta do you think it’s a boy or girl. I’m guessing girl
Thank you for your help
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2023.06.10 08:56 atharva_etc Buying a laptop in the Netherlands and service center experience

I am coming to Maastricht in September to start my master's. I was wondering what the laptop situation is in the Netherlands. I could not find much information online, and surprisingly does not offer a lot of phones and laptops. So I am confused about whether it will be better to buy a new laptop and phone after I arrive in Maastricht or buy them from my home country before coming. Does anyone know where I can find information in this regard? Or if someone here is into tech shoot me a dm!
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2023.06.10 08:55 PlantbabyS Partner has been using again and lied about it, can I get some perspective?

Here’s some back story: BF and I have been together in a serious relationship for 3 years. We’ve lived together for 2. Currently we live at our parents house because we travel for work together and are taking a break until our next gig to spend time with family — our parents live only 10 minutes away from each other.
When we met, I had already figured out he had some sort of problem with Oxy. He got into a terrible accident and what was initially to manage his pain, he started abusing. He quit that. Started taking suboxone. He had another slip but with Ambien, got so high that I was scared and I left the apartment. When I came back, he was gone and the door was unlocked. He couldn’t be reached because he left his phone. He came back the next morning and he had lost his car. Long story short, he was driving it and a stranger saw that he was intoxicated and took his keys from him. He found a ride home. Whoever that person was is an Angel. That scared him and he also stopped with Ambien. We moved to a new place, happy, and we started new jobs and we had a good relationship. He had just come back from visiting his parents — I started suspected him acting strange and accused him of taking sleeping pills again. I began acting erratically because I could tell he was on something but he wouldn’t admit to it. He sat me down and we had a talk, he told me how our relationship is fine and that I’m ruining it by thinking crazy things. I believed it and felt guilty. The next day, his behavior didn’t change and I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was taking something so I kept pushing for answers until he told me yes, he’s been taking trazadone and showed me where he was hiding it on top of the washing machine. I was furious. How could he make me seem to be the crazy one when he had lied to me? We got over that. He promised to never take it again, flushed it down the toilet. Two years later, our relationship has gotten more serious. He hasn’t done anything. We have a loving relationship, thinking of marriage, our lives are intertwined. Our family’s are involved.
Last month he flew to his home country to accompany his parents there and also have a bit of a vacation. He’s from somewhere that isn’t easy to go to — you need a visa and it’s not very safe there for tourists right now so I didn’t go. Instead I spent time travelling myself. He called me when he arrived through wifi. Everything was okay. Then I didn’t hear from him in 2 days. I finally got a hold of him, I immediately could tell by his voice, his behavior, his attitude that he was on something. I asked, are you high? To which he got defensive, threatened to go to his brother who is there with him and ask him for myself (which is unlike him to do). He was telling me a bunch of random things how he hasn’t been able to text me because the government blocked his vpn blah blah. Random stuff he wouldn’t normally say. He said he’s been sick with food poisoning and feet swelling has been taking a bunch of medications. I asked to see those medicines, to which he began to and then said “I gotta go, BYE”. I then sent him a bunch of angry texts, telling him he’s lying, that he’s manipulating me, that i’m disappointed and to put his brother on the phone so I could know the truth. The next day I called, and he had his brother answer the phone. I was caught off guard because I said that out of anger, but he showed his brothers my texts and involved him in our issue. Of course his brother said he was sick and that he’s taking antibiotics. I said I don’t want to speak with you, give to phone to my partner. That lead to a series of angry texts in the next 2 weeks between us. Long story short, he admits he’s been taking Xanax for his anxiety because of the family drama. I picked him up from the airport yesterday. He’s angry. His feet look terrible. We fight and scream in the car. He tells me it’s none of my business what he takes. And starting now, if I want to stay together it’ll be none of my business. He says I embarrassed him I front of his family and how he’s going to tell all of his brothers. He called me psycho and bi polar and that I have anger issues. I want to add that he has never been abusing to me in the past — he is not a perfect person but he has been supportive, kind, loving, mature, and takes care/respects me. I don’t know if it’s because he’s sick or if it’s the Xanax making him into someone he’s not but I feel no love. I’m angry and I reacted the way I did because I knew he was on something, asked him, and he said no and made me look to be the crazy GF. Yesterday, I said, if you were to just tell me yes you were taking Xanax and the reason why, we wouldn’t be in this predicament. He said he didn’t want to worry me, that I was thousands of miles away, and that our relationship isn’t at the level where he feels the needs to tell me his family problems. I feel shocked at that statement. We have been living together for 2 years now, we share money, we’ve planned our lives around each other, just the other week he sent me a Zillow link of a house he wanted to buy together and now he’s saying our relationship is not that serious? I see him as my family. I’m hurt. He hasn’t tried to really hear me out. He told me my feelings are my opinions and that he doesn’t accept it. He said that I was never concerned about him and that I was jealous of him being in an another country having fun. I would never think those things. Besides, I was in Thailand also having the time of my life. Why would I want him to be miserable? Is this the xanax talking? I don’t know. I’m giving him space because he asked for it. I don’t know what to do. I love him but I’m sick of being his manipulation and not being heard. It’s like he’s a completely different person since he left. I guess I just wanted to share because I haven’t shared this with’s too heavy. Any perspective would be great. Thank you <3
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2023.06.10 08:55 laladey My thirty year crisis is killing me.

You know, shows make fun of mid-life crisis like it's something stupid and silly. You get a new haircut, you buy a new car, etc. I figured that when I hit my 40s-50s I would have a little one of my own.
I can't do this. I can't go through this now. I already have my own issues, but I didn't know that when I turned thirty it would devastate me as a person. There is so much pressure to have your shit together at thirty. And I want to ignore it, I want to just be able to ignore my life lagging behind, I want to be someone who doesn't compare but I can't.
I'm married to the most wonderful person and I know and I get constantly reminded how damn lucky I am to have found him. I know. He's incredible, I know.
But who am I? I am uneducated, lazy, poor, mentally ill, and have no discernible skills. I work at a little cafe that I got out of pure luck. I have never travelled aside from moving to be with my husband.
The little girl who I was, who DREAMT of living an explorer's life, who never ever imagined the struggle of money...
How can you go day by day by day without a purpose? I wake up, I go to work, I come back, I sleep. In between that are my cats and my wonderful husband. But what about me?
I thought that I had gotten a handle on this and accepted my path as my own. But I can't. I can't, I can't. I can't accept that I'm not at the same level as everyone else. Friends are moving because they're rich enough to do so. Friends can save up to travel to dream destinations. So many people living day by day seeing a goal ahead of them, knowing that it gets better and it WILL.
How the fuck can anyone live without assurance? I need assurance. I need God or something to tell me that eventually I will travel through Europe or Asia. That eventually I will be able to travel to see my mum again. That eventually it won't seem to farfetched to be proud of the person I will become. That I will be educated and will work somewhere that makes a lot of money for my family. That someone will look at me and SEE value in me as a worker.
But how can I ever become someone when I can barely afford dinner?
It doesn't matter to me the possible suffering people might have in their homes and on the outside it seems perfect. I want to care. I do. But day to day to day I'm punched down at the reality that I am alone in my feelings in comparison to everyone I know in real life.
My husband tries to comfort me, but he's younger than me. He has time. I feel like years are passing me by. I am lucky I found him, I am. I wouldn't trade any part of my twenties if it meant giving up on him. But at the very least I wish that I would've tried harder. That I would've been smarter. That I would've had a plan and a journey I wanted to discover.
I swallowed so much of myself in being a good wife, a great partner that I lost all my friends. Every part of who I was was dedicated to him. My BPD blindfolded me. And just now, barely now, do I realize that I am barely a person.
How do you go everyday not knowing who you are? Who do you want to become? What dreams do you have? Or even more so, what REALISTIC dreams you KNOW you can reach?
Im so scared.
I feel like everyone is flying ahead of me. I can't even bear to see anyone because I start crying in self-pity. Even my younger co-workers who have so much life ahead of them, make me weep when I'm back home.
How can I not compare? Please, someone tell me how. How can you not look at everyone else zooming around the world, having babies, earning great wages, and here I am... Wiping tables and listening to everyone living their dream.
Tomorrow I have to face two close friends who are moving overseas for a better job. They just bought a flat not too long ago. They already earn great wages, but they want to live more in luxury which I don't blame them. They have no cares. They eat out everyday, they can buy whatever they want, they can live just as they want. When I asked them about their cats, they said it would ONLY be $6k to bring them over with them.
Six thousand dollars. I can't even fathom having over a thousand after bills. Am I the crazy one for comparing my life against theirs? They're just a couple years older than me and this is them. I know that he has worked so hard for where he is but he is humble. I know that she hasn't. Things just kind of fall in place for her.
How can I not compare? How can I not be jealous?
I hate myself for being the way I am. I can't see past my envy of everyone. I just can't. It's so hard.
My own battle with my mental health has always been difficult but on medication it's gotten easier. But now it's hit me harder than ever and I can't cope. I can't.
And I look into the eyes of my husband who pushes himself everyday and I can see it in his eyes.
"You just have to."
I can't. Please. I can't.
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2023.06.10 08:55 nakedsamurai Hal Ashby

What are your thoughts on the director Hal Ashby?
Of course Harold and Maude is widely appreciated. I've long been impressed with The Last Detail, need to rewatch Being There and Bound for Glory, the Woody Guthrie biopic. Earlier this year, I watched his first film, The Landlord, where a well-heeled Beau Bridges buys a Brooklyn tenement.
I'm watching Coming Home right now and am truly stunned.
'Unconventional' is too often used, and I'm not entirely sure what that's supposed to mean. But there's this lived-in quality to his best films, made over less than a decade, that is really second to none. He manages, with a loose directorial style, to show people dealing with incredible weight of circumstances without being cloying or sentimental.
He's a director I wish got more attention. I know he gets some, of course, but he's just not bombastic, he's looking at very particular things, and he's a bit 'quieter' than many of the New Hollywood directors ascendant in the seventies.
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2023.06.10 08:54 chdinteriors Professional Interior Designer in Wilmington, NC

Are you ready to transform your living space into a breathtaking sanctuary that reflects your unique personality and style? Look no further! CHD Interiors is here to make your interior design dreams come true! As a leading interior designer in Wilmington NC, CHD Interiors has the expertise and creativity to bring your vision to life. With years of experience and unparalleled attention to detail, our team is dedicated to creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also functional and comfortable. Contact us at 843.357.1700.
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2023.06.10 08:49 Both-Mechanic-6381 I am doing a fan-made series tell me what you want to see in the crossovers also tell me what you think of episode 1 of Arrow back from the bed there will be 15 episode seasons

Episode 1: "Back from the Dead"
We see the familiar skyline of Star City as the camera pans down to an alleyway where we see a group of hoodlums robbing a convenience store. Suddenly, a figure drops down from the rooftop, taking the burglars by surprise. He quickly takes them out one by one with precision, using a bow and arrow as his weapon of choice. The man is none other than Oliver Queen, back from the dead.
Oliver: "I am Oliver Jonas Queen. After five years in hell, I returned home with only one goal -- to save my City. But in my absence, a new darkness has risen. And I will stop at nothing to extinguish it."
We then see Oliver back in his lair, studying a map of Star City when he receives a message from his old friend and tech expert, Felicity Smoak.
Felicity: "Oliver, there's been a new villain that's surfaced in the City. He calls himself Eclipse, and he's been causing all sorts of trouble."
Oliver: "What kind of trouble?"
Felicity: "He's been robbing banks, stealing high-tech gear, and causing chaos in the streets. And from what I've heard, he's been using a bow and arrow just like you."
Oliver: "I need to find out who he is and stop him before he gets any stronger."
Cut to a scene of Eclipse standing on a rooftop, surveying the City below him. He is wearing all black, with a hood that covers most of his face. He pulls out his bow and arrow and takes aim at a nearby skyscraper, shooting an arrow that sticks into the wall.
Eclipse: "Time to make my mark on this City."
Cut back to Oliver, who is tracking Eclipse's movements. He investigates a warehouse where Eclipse was last seen and finds a set of blueprints for a new weapon, which he believes is going to be used to destroy the city.
Oliver: "I need to find out who this Eclipse is and fast."
Cut to a scene of Oliver walking in the rain when he is ambushed by Eclipse, who beats him soundly and almost kills him. Oliver is shocked when the hood of Eclipse falls, revealing his true identity: his former student Robert Baxter.
Oliver: "Robert, what are you doing? Why are you doing this?"
Robert: "You never trusted me, Oliver. You always favored your other students over me. I had to prove myself to you."
Oliver: "I'm sorry, Robert. You don't have to do this. Let's talk this out."
Robert: "It's too late for that, Oliver. You're going to die like the rest of them."
Robert raises his bow and arrow to shoot when he suddenly gets hit by a tranquilizer dart from Felicity, who had been tracking Oliver's movements.
Felicity: "Oliver, are you okay?"
Oliver: "Yeah, thanks Felicity. Let's take him in."
Cut to a scene of Robert being taken into custody as Oliver watches from a distance. He realizes that his old life as the Green Arrow is not over just yet.
Oliver: "I may be back from the dead, but I can't do this alone. It's time to assemble a new team to help me save my City."
The episode ends with a shot of Oliver looking over the city, determined to bring justice to Star City once again.
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