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2023.06.08 06:48 gribau Maybe moving to Winston-Salem (I know you’re probably tired of these posts!)

Hi all!!!! Like I said in the title, I’m sorry for a repeated post but I would love some more input! My husband and I (both mid 20s with a pup) are either moving to Winston-Salem or Greensboro! One thing we are worried about with WS is that since it gives the small town feel we may get bored easily doing the same thing over and over each weekend since there may not be a lot of variety of things to do. We’re coming from a town of a little less than 80k, and we both went to college here so we’re a little ~bored~.
I guess what I’m really looking for are suggestions on is there a lot to do in WS, how much of a small town vibe does it give off, cons of WS / comparison to Greensboro.
Thanks so much everyone :)
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2023.06.08 06:48 ThreeHeadedWhale This post has real Robert Evans energy

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2023.06.08 06:23 bluewulf71 Should I get my oil replaced at 1k?

Cars running fine, i finsihed the break in period. I talked to the dealership they said it's not required but people on the sub recommended i should. Should I ? Also the dealer said it might not be free, how much is normal to pay for oil change (first time car owner)
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2023.06.08 06:16 X123XAlice Oil change/maintenance cost 2020 ilx

I recently ran out of my free oil changes from acura from when I purchased the vehicle. I always do my own except when it’s free but in southern Ontario the acura or Honda oil plus filter or high end oils and filters run the same or more than what the dealership costs. Even the lube shops in my city cost the same as the dealership or similar. $112 from acura and give or take a few dollars from the lube shop, but $120 plus to purchase my own oil and filter. Has anyone else noticed this or is this local to me.
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2023.06.08 06:14 proxarius1 My dearest Herta, I am captivated by your enigmatic presence. Behind your aloof and indifferent façade lies a simulated universe of captivating intellect and undeniable charm, waiting to be penetrated. As a testament to my utmost adoration and love for you, I have sketched this portrait.

My dearest Herta, I am captivated by your enigmatic presence. Behind your aloof and indifferent façade lies a simulated universe of captivating intellect and undeniable charm, waiting to be penetrated. As a testament to my utmost adoration and love for you, I have sketched this portrait. submitted by proxarius1 to okbuddytrailblazer [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 06:08 Jndst21 My car says that the oil change is 4,400 miles overdue. Is my engine still okay?

My car seems to be running perfectly fine.
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2023.06.08 06:01 akshatmantri52 2020 Audi Q3 - Maintenance Question

Hi all,
I bought a used 2020 Q3 exactly 1 year ago. It had around 11.5k miles on it - and after driving it for 1 year, I'm sitting at 19.5k miles. The change oil message is popping on my screen - it's due in 3 days. Searching through the interface a bit - it shows that an oil change is needed in 3 days or 2300 miles, and "inspection" is needed by 1/1/24 or 10.5k more miles. Now the question - do I/what service do I need? The last time I gave my car into the shop was for a leaky sunroof in March - that got fixed. When I go to maintenance.audiusa.com and plug in my VIN - it shows me that the recommended service timeline is at 30k miles. However, I was under the impression that cars usually get a large service at 20k miles. Is this not true in my case? Should I just get an oil change now, and wait for the end of the year (or 30k miles, whichever comes first)?
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2023.06.08 05:53 Beyond137 Recommendations on a place for new tires?

How is the auto department at farm & fleet & walmart? I went to midas b4 for an oil change but they're pricey for tires any advice?
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2023.06.08 05:44 bojdoog Turned away from oil change shop due to “butterfly plug” in oil pan.

I was turned away from an oil change today because I had a “butterfly plug” which is a liability issue with the shop I went to (Take 5). They told me the previous oil change shop most likely stripped out the plug and added the butterfly plug as a quick cheap fix (without my knowledge). Will I need to replace the oil pan? Is it worth trying to hold the previous oil change shop accountable?
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2023.06.08 05:42 PhenolphthaleinPINK Styling products to reduce flyaways?

I have long, wavy hair and struggle with flyaways on the top and sides of my head (and to a lesser extent at the ends). I wear it down, in a single braid, and in a single high ponytail on a regular basis. I shampoo about twice a week, condition every day, and deep condition weekly. I never use heat tools and don't want to start. The only styling products I use are jojoba oil and a smoothing cream. I feel like a smoothing cream should take care of this problem but I've tried several drugstore and salon brands and am not seeing results. Any recs for a smoothing cream or another styling product to reduce flyaways and give me a sleek look? I'm also open to changing my shampoo and conditioner (Loma daily shampoo, Overtone daily conditioner, and Overtone The Remedy for Fine Hair) but have done a lot of trial and error with those and am pretty happy with them.
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2023.06.08 05:41 willlawler Rancid THC and CBD oil causing stroke-like symptoms?

Hi all! I've been taking THC and CBD drops for around 18 months now for anxiety and IBS and it has completely changed my life for the better. I got so sick at one point that I wasn't even able to go grocery shopping without getting anxious! Anyway, everything was going great until about a month ago. I was at university on campus for class, and about 2-3 hours after taking my drops, I started having a lot of random side effects that I've never had before. I won't list them all here, but it basically felt like I was having a stroke and contemplated going to hospital because my face went tingly and numb, I could think or form coherent sentences in class, and I got fairly dizzy. At the time I thought it was a once-off occurrence, but that same scenario has occurred 3 more times since, and all hours after taking my drops. So I'm pretty sure that that's the culprit. I did noticed that 3-5 months ago, my drops started tasting different and even had a different smell—kind of rancid—but took them anyway and felt fine until the above scenario this past month. So I guess this is just my long and convoluted way of asking if expired/unfresh CBD and THC oil can have these side effects. Considering that it has only been a recent thing, I'm hoping that I haven't suddenly developed a bad reaction to them because I honestly wouldn't be able to life a normal life without them, and just need to buy a new batch. Anyway, what do we all think?
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2023.06.08 05:38 greatfool66 Why aren’t most car and truck shocks rebuildable?

I’m coming form working on motorcycles where its normal to change fork and shock oil that turns to near water over time. I am just thinking about how to get my suspension closer to new performance on my old 2006 Tahoe and wondering why no one seems to work on car shocks. Are they just cheap enough that they are meant to be replaced? Or is it that they mostly use gas maybe. After 20 years would replacing them get a smoother compression and rebound over bumps?
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2023.06.08 05:35 kygal1881 My Lost Box Showed Up Today

My Lost Box Showed Up Today
Last week I contacted Customer Service because my box had been sitting at "Label Created" since May 12th. They said it must have gotten lost in the shipping process and initially said one item was out of stock and offered some other options to choose from to replace it.
The next day they sent me another email and said that pretty much every custom choice that I made and everything I selected in the add-on sale was out of stock so they were going to send me a refund. While I was glad they were willing to issue a refund I was disappointed that everything I had chosen was gone.
Today my lost box showed up at my house. It was a good ending to a stressful day at work.
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2023.06.08 05:32 SiteLimp 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0L 4B11 Engine Ticking Noise, See Video:

2013 Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0L 4B11 Engine Ticking , after warmed up, seems increases with RPM. Not audible while driving.
130k miles, regular 6 months synthetic oil changes at Pepboys since 70k, no other maintenance done.
Mild oil leak, few drops, after driving, small amount. Oil level was difficult to read on dipstick.
Check engine light comes on occasionally, code was read, was told computer error, no concern.
Cause of ticking? Major concern to purchase and drive as is? Seems to drive fine currently.
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2023.06.08 05:32 Acceptable-Ideal9080 AITA for being at the end of my rope with my family?

Random account but they might know since I’m about to get pretty personal. I (f19) have been going through some struggles recently, I just got out of an engagement with Ash (fake name M 21) and just lost my car but these issues with my family have been going on for years. I’m not here to trauma dump mostly because I don’t remember much of my childhood to give that kind of context anyway, but my mom (f 45) and dad (m 50) split up back in 2016 for reasons I’m keeping as a private matter. I was never close to my dad and was more of a mommy’s girl but when my younger sister (f 11, we’ll call her L) was born the whole family seemed to have taken her into favoritism. For the past almost 7 years I’ve had little to no contact with my father and the problems I’m gonna describe started around June of 2021. I just got out of school for the summer (I was a junior now a senior) and my mom bought me my first car (this is where the problem lies but I want it to be known now I’m not here to fully complain I’m thankful for the things I have however I feel as some situations could’ve been taken care of more cautiously) I got a job and worked for a month before I quit due to mental health (the managers except for one would constantly harass me (I wish I was over exaggerating bc I had customers apologize for me on their behalf), then I spent the next few months with friends before I got another job and that’s when the bigger car problems started happening (keep in mind I had smaller issues before with it not starting) not a big deal, I can fix it myself, right? Wrong. I had my cousin’s (f25) now husband (m26) help me change the brakes and went on with my day, the next day when I went to school my brakes locked up on me costing $900 to fix. I’m without it for a day or two but it’s fine. I get it back and there’s no more problems with it for a while I even got an oils change at the end of 2022. But that’s ahead. I dropped out April of 2021 for mental health issues (I was bullied by students and staff, I was flunking out, etc. I felt with depression, anxiety, and adhd since I was 12 and my family new. I was also in and out of the mental hospital in 2020 for those reasons. Over the summer of 2022 I got super depressed and cut myself off from anyone. Soon I got a job around August of 2022 and in October I met Ash. Things started going somewhat smoothly for me then in November of 2022 we felt with a family death which is still hard for everyone. None the less we all continue our lives the best we can and in December of 2022 my mom starts constantly asking me to help with the house being foreclosed ($5,000) but I worked part time and barely had any money even with Holliday hours. I even tried to explain but it ended up with the whole family arguing with me. Enter 2023 everything’s fine now and I’m getting less and less hours. Me and Ash end up getting a puppy which results in and argument with my mom, I was tired of the constant arguing so I moved in with my dad and his wife (f 40s?) this went on for 2 months until my dad got arrested in April of 2023 he then also attempted when he got out. He made me go back with my mother after 2 months of living with him. Causing issues with me and Ash’s family (another post for another day) but I finally got my ged that April and in May I got a new job and things were looking up. Then on the way to work my car broke down. My parents came to come get me and spent the whole day complaining to me about Ash. We argued and by then we had broken up (another story for another day) but I tried to get my car fixed and it still was undrivable. I sold it and have been trying to get a new one but no one in my family with help co-sign and they never taught me how to get credit so I’m out of luck there. So AITA for debating on cutting them off when I can finally figure things out? (Side note: I know I probably sound spoiled but there’s more details I’m not adding because my phone is lagging and I don’t wanna deal with the lag because it’s late and I was running around everywhere earlier with Ash to try and figure things out)
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2023.06.08 05:27 leoleiyu 🛠️Getting ready for the long road trips!🛻

🛠️Getting ready for the long road trips!🛻

engine oil & filter change, & Fumoto valve mod,

engine & cabin air filter change,

manual transmission & transfer case fluid change,

front & rear diff fluid change,

propeller shaft grease

roof rack, front skid plate & cat shield install

Some 3rd gen mods fits 2nd gen perfectly!
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2023.06.08 05:23 Capable-Squash194 2021 Aprilia tuono v4 1100

Just purchased a brand new left over 21 tuono v4 for a hell of a deal.
My problem is the closest dealer from me is 1hr 40 minutes away, the sewer I purchased the bike from is 3.5 hours away.
I’d like to have first service done at the dealer then do all further maintenance myself. But the closest dealer wants me to drop the bike off for an unknown amount of time(roughly 2 weeks) and the dealer I purchased from said they would do a same day service since I purchased it from them. The closest dealer wants 500$ for the first service and said it will take 4-6 hours, and the dealer I purchased from said it would take 2-3 hours and be roughly 300$ with parts and labor.
Looking at the manual there doesn’t seem to be much to the first service, change oil, check chain tensions, lube, check torque on bolts on bike etc…. Is this service that simple to where I can just do it myself and maintain the warranty? I’ll still need to go to the dealer to get the service light off though which I’m sure they will charge for 🙄
Aftermarket exhaust:- is the Leo and Vince exhaust any good? I like akro but holy cow is it expensive, and the sc exhaust is up there too. Has anyone had any luck with Leo and if I install myself will it throw and code/void warranty? Does it need a tube after?
Also looking for a sexy under-tale kit for this beast.
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2023.06.08 05:18 rahksi What to replace on a riding lawn mower that sat for years?

My buddy gave me a cub cadet zero turn, Kohler 7000 that looks brand new but had not started in years, and sat in a shed. What all should I replace to get it running again?
Battery, gas lines, carburetor, oil change, spark plug, air filter, what else? Thank you!
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2023.06.08 05:09 DramaRevolutionary19 Family dynamics and generational cycles TLDR

THere are four of us in our family. My sister, myself (f), brother and youngest brother. My older sister and younger brother were. always the golden children and my brother and I (two middle) were were the ones who were subjected to all the abuse. In addition to being pit against one another..My dad was a good man but had his own issues and manipulated by my mother. My father died about ten years ago, in which everything went to my mother. After my father died the youngest brother was released from prison after 10 years. In the year following my father death somehow my mother got sick, although I still question her illness. My parents were economically well off..When my father died he made sure my mother did not have any financial worries and would be taken care of.....At the time of my fathers death, the will was set up if my mother died, or when she did everything split equally among the four children. lol My father should have known my mother better...But he was such a good man I think he wanted to see the good in that dark rock of heart.... Within one year most of my fathers money was gone as my mother purchased my convict brother a new truck, home etc etc...By the time she died the next year, he was left everything..Almost a million dollars worth of assets. My sister had a falling out with my mother later on in life so she too was exclude from the will..Specifically naming that her three children get nothing...if that isn't I hate you, I'm not sure what is..I can only laugh and feel sorrow that even in her death she had so much evil in her heart...None of this was surprising and we had found out before she had died so at least she didn't have the last laugh in her grave... My siblings are better people than I because I didn't even go to her funeral..It sounds horrible but I didn't cry when she died..I wasn't going to go to her funeral and pretend I was sorry she died...I know that sounds horrible but the only sorry I felt was she was so miserable in her life and never dealt with her issues...There are mixed emotions towards her..A part of me will feel sorry for her but then another part feels there is no excuse to hurt your children...As parents, we hurt our children but it's not intentional..It's part of being a parent..It took me years to understand that..but I can't imagine ever wanting to hurt your child or go out of your way to cause them pain..My son and I have had our ups and down, just normal parent stuff...never in a million years as screwed up as my mother was to me, would I ever want to see him in pain...or do something I know would cause him pain...That part I will never understand...for those young folks dealing with this, as time goes by things get better..being young is hard in general..being in a toxic family is tough....but with age comes insight...when you have your own children you start seeing things differently...both good and bad..a huge sense of relief came over me..Years later the anger is gone but a lot of questions of Why remain..If anything I feel a deep sense of sorrow for her for being so miserable..My sister however filled my mothers shoes in trying to do anything possible to hurt my brother and I...My youngest brother who inherited everything is back in prison, calling us asking us for money...Everything my parents had during their 40 year marriage is gone..Either sold or pawned..It makes me sad and laugh...Part of me doesn't want to help my youngest brother, but he was just a pawn in her game..If anything i refuse to let her actions continue to cause a division, because it lets her win...But it's not easy not to be resentful..Thank goodness I have a good therapist..The reason why I am posting the below situation is because anywhere else wouldn't believe the story as normal people would think it was insane or I was leaving stuff out...t
My sister and I used to be close but I began to start feeling she was trying to cause a division between my son and I....she would act as if she was supportive but in reality do things to hurt me..For many years I thought I was being paranoid or a lot of time my mom took the blame because it was expected with my home..Now I have to wonder how much blame my mother took that really it was my sister...Or things my sister would say that was a lie..Don't get me wrong, my mother had her issues but there were numerous times my sister seemed to find "love letters" from other men and give them to my father, which in turn would cause issues with my parents...I question the authenticity of this because my mother was equally as manipulative and not stupid...But yesterdays events has me questioning a lot of things with the sibling dynamics. I have my own issues after years of trauma and dysfunction. Even though I have dealt with a lot of issues it took and still takes a lot of work...I am the only one out of four that see's a therapist to address the issues..Sadly my two brothers even though treated very differently, both ended up in and out of prison and had drug issues..... My sister married well off and hides behind religion...to pray away everything..We are all in our 40s and the crap that went on 30 years ago still impacts us as adults...The dynamics no matter how much they have changed are still the same...As i get older and through therapy I've learned I don't need to cause myself hurt but it's hard when the hurt is caused now by my siblings.
Here is the situation that transpired yesterday. I do not feel I am overreacting and justified in thinking how F#### up this situation is... Honestly I am not even sure how to think or feel...For context I live across the country from my siblings. Not because of any reason except the farther I am the safer I am, or so I thought..I have not spoken to my siblings in at least a week maybe more. Even when we do speak it's usually my sister and I....the only times either of my brothers call, they want money...My sister and is nothing but small talk as our relationship has worsened over the years..The better I do, the worse my relationship with her gets. My therapist pointed out that when I became my sisters "equal" she lost control..It makes sense but i'm not sure of anything right now..
Yesterday evening I"m upstairs painting a spare bedroom, with ear buds in when I noticed my dogs going insane..They are chilled out and lazy...I remove ear buds and I hear yelling "make yourself known make yourself known"...As I walk out the door to my second floor I see no fucking joke 8 police standing in my living room walking up the steps like they after a criminal.. I"m utterly confused, scared and honestly not even sure what is happening... While my brother are in and out of prison, my life professionally and personally is so far removed from that sort of thing, seeing LEO at my door, much less inside my home is so abnormal. I can't even recall the last time I had a traffic ticket..My life is pretty mundane and boring. Honestly the next few minutes seems like a fog. They cops tell me they made entry through my basement because I didn't open the door when they knocked...If they rang the doorbell I would have heard upstairs..My earbuds were on but I can hear a doorbell or hard knock..My dogs would have heard someone knocking...THe knock must of been really light because my dogs didn't perk up until the cops were walking up my stairs to the second floor.. They seemed surprised why I didn't answer the door? As if it's abnormal to have ear buds in but I think they honestly thought the call was legit.. So Besides not hearing them, LEO are the very last people I expect to be at my house.. I don't have interactions with LEO ever. I don't live in a area where LEO visit ever...I already have PTSD from multiple combat deployments so I can't put into words the feaanxiety I was feeling at that moment... My home is one safe place...well until yesterday.. My first thought was they have the wrong house..They ask me my name and I tell them and they ask me "we got a call from your brother who said your adult son called and wanted to do a welfare check" Looking back I should have asked if they knew how to paint...but at the time my sarcasm was not on point.. The cops said when I didn't answer they let themselves in. (no shit) I am literally so confused to what's happening at that moment and feel like I"m going to pass out...I didn't even know what a welfare check was until they asked if I felt like hurting myself? For a welfare check, cops came in like they were there for a hardened criminal..If I were needing a welfare check, walking in uninvited yelling make yourself known, needing 8 total cops seems rather excessive for one single chick..I don't have fire arms so i'm unsure what they were told to garner that sort of response..But i admit it really f#### me up..it's one of the scariest situations I have been in for a really long time..
I still wasn't processing everything and tell them I haven't spoken to my family in at least a few days and it was small chit chat..I can't convey how insanely confused I was as to what the hell was transpiring..I"m a very private person and this is not norma by my life today.. Deep down though none of this is knowing my siblings were involved comes as shocking.. The shocking part was it was unprovoked...I show them my phone like I even needed to justify myself.. I realize the call was orchestrated by my sister manipulating my adult son and brother. She used my brother to do the dirty work and call the police..Why she told my adult son I died is either really cruel or a lie..Honestly I do't know what the truth is as none of it makes logical sense... I know she did it to cause a division between my son and I over an upcoming trip together next week. None of my siblings and I are close due to a history of dysfunction and trauma. They live thousands of miles across the country from me. My brother would have had to speak to my sister to get my home address.. I"m still trying to understand how this even transpired or why but it's not surprising knowing the way my family dynamics are. I'm contemplating selling my home so nobody knows where I live because I can't say for certain this won't happen again. It's unbelievable anyone can make a welfare check call and if you don't answer a door, police can come in. I understand it but then again I don't because anybody can call and say whatever they want and a situation like yesterday can happen... It could have ended up a lot more tragic than it did.....It really F#### me up.... As I said it's not like the police came in gently as if there was a concern something was occurring, it was more like they came in like they were the swat team yelling and stuff..Not to mentioned the humiliation as all my neighbors standing outside because this stuff does't happen where we live...I feel my family as a whole crossed way to many boundaries and short of sociopathic.. The sick and twisted thing is somehow this all turned on me? Somehow I was in the wrong and my brother defending our sister. My son who is 25, does't understand dysfunction as I did everything I could to break the cycle by dealing with mental health early on...He's turned out pretty well adjusted so in his normal rational mind it makes no sense why his aunt would do something like this. So while it hurts that he was defending my sister, I"m not angry with him because rational people who grew up in normal homes don't understand the dysfunction. But I see how the cycle continues with my sister and her children. I've tried to address it lightly but she, like my mother, feels she is a "good mother"....
I finally came to the realization I have to cut complete and all ties with my siblings...A lot of things have happened over the years but yesterday was the final straw..I could almost understand her actions if we had spoken or gotten into an argument but none of that even occurred. I don't really have a question and I realize this is indirectly about parents, honestly I'm trying to process everything that happened..I know it seems silly that a welfare check causing this much grief, but the way the LEO came in and yelled "make yourself known" or maybe the randomness as it would be the last thing I ever expect to occur..But today every little sound startles me more than usual...I have since learned to make sure every door and. window is locked and plan on getting a security system installed but I shouldn't have to live like that..Am I overreacting? Does anyone else see history repeating itself though their siblings..My grandmother was the same way as my mother, which is weird bc my mother was hated like she hated me...Sometimes I feel silly that things that happened when I was 10 can still upset me a 30 years later..I don't resent either of the GC either..while they were treated different and better they can't see the division it created...They don't understand what it's like not to have your mother love you or be so cruel..It's unfathomable to people who do.. My sister says she forgives our mother for the hate later on because of our mothers mental heath issue..but i think it's a load of crap..My mother went out of her way to hurt her children..SHe put freaking sugar in my gas tank like who does that to their child?But the name calling had the longest impact...Always being called "fat" or "blimp"...I was never even chunky as a child..Looking back at photos I see a normal looking kid, even if I was overweight, it doesn't justify her behavior. But it's more appalling because I was worried about something that didn't' exist..I'm sorry I know this is long and all over the place..I really just needed to vent and there are very few places where people can even remotely relate to things I've said...I haven't been this"upset' or whatever I'm feeling right now in a long time.. It's like I lost control over my life...That a quick phone call when I least expect it will send a squat team of LEO to my living room..I've decided to permanently go NC with my siblings....I"m to old for this kind of drama and have worked to hard dealing with this type of treatment from my mother..At least with her I could sort of expect it and she did her dirty work..my sister manipulates my brother who should know better and worse my adult son who doesn't' understand dysfunction....I apologize again if this is long...I am just trying to process everything and maybe someone can provide some insight as to why the randomness of it..First LEO has better things to do but the what ifs of how that could have turned is scary...and as "normal" as this is with my family, I have been so far removed from it, I still find myself trying to figure out why..But there is no answer for toxic families..again i hope this is okay..i'm curious if anyone else shares similar sibling dynamics...I thought when my mother was dead I could begin the healing process I never expected to be dealing with it from my older sibling...Looking back though I realize my sister has always been the same way..I was just manipulated in thinking it was all my mom... Im really grateful for forums like this...Growing up I always felt all alone. I'm glad young people today have a platform to go to bc it's so difficult when your financially dependent on the abuser..Thank you for letting me vent..The last 24 hours has been a mix of emotions. Not only has it brought up old issue but made me really wonder if i need to NC with my siblings because it's not healthy normal behavior..My rationale is I spend the first half of my life miserable because I had no choice as a child but as an adult if people, even family cause me pain or bring strife to my life, I'm allowing myself to be unhappy...But I think a part of me craves the family I don't haveIDK Part of me almost wishes my sister and I had gotten into an argument or something so then I could "justify" her action in my head but knowing she would hurt me just to want to hurt me makes me feel like the 12 year old version of myself who has no control over her life because I am subjected to the actions my mother..Short of selling my home and moving not allowing anyone know where I live, i'm not seeing a viable solution to present this again? Or worse every little sound thinking the police are coming inside..
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2023.06.08 05:09 zanzil21 Can you help identify what’s causing this sound? 3rd gen Acura tl

Can you help identify what’s causing this sound? 3rd gen Acura tl
I have an older TL that is making clunking/grinding noise while driving. At the minimum, I need a new power steering rack (pointed out by my mechanic during the last oil change) - but before going to the shop to have this done, I’m wondering if I should order any other parts for any obvious issue that can be identified by this sound.
I took a video with my phone outside of the car so that you can hear it clearly.
Thank you!
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2023.06.08 05:08 Awkward-Programmer38 They bought my junker, but where to they sell it?

Just dumped my 1998 Camaro Z -1 convertible, lots of accessory problems and I never change the oil for 50,000 miles. Yet they gave me $6300, and didn’t even drive it ! The agent literally left her car running when she photographed and verified that the car was in my name did the paperwork, and then said you should get paid and 1 to 2 days put the sticker on it that said Carvana and that was it. Done in 6min! But I’m sure they don’t sell it on their website because really - who would want it old 1998 Camaro? So where do they sell it?
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2023.06.08 04:52 Sad-Commercial-1868 How can i get rid of frizzy hair and get silky hair?

How can i get rid of frizzy hair and get silky hair?
This is my natural hair and yes it’s virgin hair. I know i have some sort of wave to my hair which can also be why my hair looks frizzy but it just never looks smooth and silky. I rarely use the straightener, only if I’m going out and want my hair to look good.
I shampoo my hair once every 4 days since my head gets oily fast. For products, i use stuff from the drugstore (Aveeno Clarify & Shine Shampoo n Condtioner, L’Oréal extraordinary oil, John Frieda heat protectant spray-i rarely use this) and i do prefer cheaper products but I’m open to stuff that are worth the buck. I also have a really itchy scalp so the shampoo has been helping with that and is why i use it. Will masks help? Change of routine? Change of products?
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