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The Tale of Enabler and Jak

2023.03.29 06:27 hehe_Unga_Bunga_Bonk The Tale of Enabler and Jak

Okay, let’s go my guy. Typing is done on a phone so pardon any mistakes please 😁 To start things off, me (M23) and my Lovely Wife (F24) just moved into our new apartment with our one year old son. We had spent the past year living with my entitled brother (Jak 19) while he was constantly enabled by our mother (Enabler 50) and now we’re finally free of them! A little background: me and my wife moved cities back in 2021 when we were expecting our little gremlin and we thrived pretty well for a time while we lived on our own. Enabler (my mother) immediately sped over to us to try and spend as much time with gremlin as she possibly could. She was never JN, but often teetered on the line. As my brother was graduating that year, Enabler had the brilliant idea to move him out to us and help us move into a bigger place. The two conditions were that I get him his first job and that we get him on his feet. We didn’t think this would be too big a deal, as Lovely Wife only knew what I had told her about living with my family and I hadn’t lived with Jak or Enabler since 2018 when she kicked me out (another story for another day in another sub lol). We were the first to move our stuff in and Jak was moved in about a month after us. The first moment of entitlement came when Jak brought his husky with him to (at the time) permanently live with us. We weren’t prepared as gremlin was only 6 months old and had never seen a dog before. She had never been around a baby either so the first couple weeks were tense to say the least (they wound up being best friends and it broke his heart when he realized she wasn’t moving with us 😢). Things only devolved from there: we soon realized that whenever he wasn’t working, Jak would hole himself up in his room and scream at his game until 2 in the morning. Me and him work at the same factory, just different floors, and we work 14-hour days. His constant screaming and hollering was a Neverending Nightmare, especially with an infant in the house. We also found out how irresponsible he was when he refused to clean up any mess that “his” dog made. He never fed her, brushed her, played with her, or interacted with her in general. I remember he gave her one bath while we lived together. Luna didn’t deserve that, and she was at least loved by me, LW, and gremlin. Jak would also constantly complain that there was never any food in the house so he would DoorDash every night (he still does but that’s besides the point), even though LW would cook lovely meals almost every day. Because I, too, have to work the same hours he does, as well as finding the time to be a good father and husband, it’s strenuous on me to constantly keep things clean and tidy to his standards. He would never tell us this, only complain to Enabler so whenever she came over, the first thing she would do when she would walk in was complain about how dirty the house was. But Jak couldn’t do any of that grunt work because “he works a hard job for a long day! He shouldn’t have to come home and clean up this house!” Oh sure mom… like I don’t do that and more and my wife just sits around all day drinking wine and reading Cosmo. Note my sarcasm… All she would do whenever she visited was try and take our son for a few days/hours and complain that nothing was up to her standards. I’m pretty convinced that she is a closet narcissist and if you were to witness her, you’d probably agree with me. She and Jak can do no wrong and they “do too much to stress about a dirty house that’s inhabited by slackers!” At the start of the new year, our management company notified us that if we wanted to stay, we would have to sign a 12-month lease and they would be increasing our rent by $700. For me and LW, this was our last straw and with this most recent tax return, we quickly found a cute little apartment that looks like one that we had moved into close to the start of our relationship. Because my brother doesn’t deal with change very well, Enabler scrambled to try and get us to stay even with the suicide-inducing rent-hike. She got in contact with the management company and made multiple attempts to get us to reconsider and stay but we said no. She even wanted us to leave our router and modem so that he would continue having internet. This was about a month ago and we are completely moved into our new home, but Jak? Well… every time I would go over there to get one more bag or one more box, he would be sitting in his room and screaming at his game. Not a thing in his room is packed. The deadline to move out is at the end of this week and we tried to notify Enabler about this but to our utter shock, she said that she knew that he wasn’t packed and she even had the audacity to convince him to buy himself his own wifi plan and SET IT UP in the house that he’s supposed to be moving out of at the end of the week. We’re so done with them and we’re glad that we don’t have to deal with living with Jak anymore
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2023.03.29 06:27 inmyelement About PC getting ousted from BW, I’m thinking SRK was the ghost puppet master.

We talk about KJo and Gauri, but maybe SRK is the behind-the-scenes puppet master, if PC’s overall claim of being ousted is true, even to a large extent.
He had everything to lose… his wife, children, reputation, and fanbase. Without a fanbase, it would be very difficult to be a superstar. If his movies don’t sell, he’s done, and all these directors and production houses will move on, especially from an aging star. SRK thrives on his squeaky clean, female-friendly image, and has made a career out of it and constantly reminds us of it.
Has anyone considered that although fingers are pointed at kjo, gauri, etc, that SRK strategically got her out of BW, and even helped her in HW, like folks around here say (with Pitbull, for example) to basically save his ass?
SRK has insane amount of clout and can make things move within BW. I like him as an entertainer but he’s all red flags for me outside of a movie screen. Something is always off in my gut about his tightly controlled image and witty comments. Even something like claiming to be the last superstar is really using the power of suggestion to put things in people’s head for no reason. Let’s not forget the drug scene he was part of. Not an official whisper about that either. His image is way too tight, with no room for any cracks, and he’s always “on”. Something is very fishy about that in my gut.
Sitting back and watching this back and forth with the fans, and the posts over time, I’m seriously thinking that SRK has been the puppet master from behind the scenes, especially since he’s so quiet about the topic.
About ousting someone, it can be a direct blacklist or enough subtle pushbacks to make the other person realize that there’s no room for them. Even we do this with folks we are done with or it’s happened to us, and after a bit, the message is received. So the ousting can be subtle and people can just get phased out, and they leave without there being an actual fight. In terms of PC, she might have gotten the message without there being an official tamasha, so now she can still go for bday parties or talk shows because nothing was officially broken off but she had gotten the hint. Friends became acquaintances or professional contacts.
Open to some healthy discussions/speculations, but aggressive stans and trolls will be ignored.
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2023.03.29 06:26 locallyhaunted How do I help my friend's dog have a better life?

I don't think my friend is caring for his dog properly.
I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I'm genuinely concerned for my friend's dog and want to help.
My friend has a young collie cross breed, just over two years old now. He lives in a very cluttered. house (not enough space to have zoomies, per se), is not played with, is not let out in the garden on his own (only ever on a short lead while my friend stands in the doorway), and does not go out for regular walks (maybe twice a week at most, usually around 30mins). I'm pretty sure this poor dog is kept in his crate for most of the day. but that's not definitive.
When I've bought it up in the past, my friend puts his lack of care for his pup down to having bad mental health/no energy/feeling unwell/didn't have the time. I know he does struggle with depression and is diagnosed with autism and adhd, so I've been very gentle with bringing it up in the past, but I feel like it's only gotten worse.
Apparently, his dog was given to him by the government as a sort of emotional support dog, and is given a monthly allowance to take care of him - except, he is not trained and he no longer goes to any lessons. I've tried to explain to him before that the reason he was awarded this dog is that he is now fully responsible - that he literally needs to take care of his dog no matter what, yet he fails to realise that. He doesn't work and isn't in education, so he definitely has the time to walk and play with him. He has the finances to hire a dogwalker if he can't do it himself.
My friend has taken to relying on everyone else around him to take care of his dog instead of doing it himself, getting friends and family to walk him. This then leads to him blaming other people for his dog not being walked.
As a dog owner myself (and also as a mentally ill and autistic person), I find this incredibly frustrating. How do I illustrate to my mate that he's not taking care of his dog properly?
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2023.03.29 06:25 PrinceofSneks Unusual rent change request from landlord

We've been renting our current home for 4 years, and are largely pretty happy with it. It's a 4 BR, 2.5 bath, with garage and front porch. The rent started at $1650, and over time it's moved up to $1800. It was below much of the market, but when we walked through it, it was irregularly painted, the carpets were matted with dog hair from years of doggoes, and had minor little things broken or wobbly here or there. We were fine with this because 1) good price and 2) he gave us explicit permission to paint and any non-structural changes to make it livable to our liking.
The factor we figured kept the house below the average for the area is the location next to a petrol truck distribution center. It's rarely sudden loud noises, although there are some on occasion. From the flow of truck traffic, there's a persistent low hum - to the point that glasses vibrate very slightly when not touched.
In the past, rent increases were pretty standard - he mentioned a new price for the next year's lease, we'd agree on it, sign the lease extension.
This time, he mentioned things like taxes, higher cost of living and maintenance, etc. - which is all well and good - but then he said, "So what do you think I should raise the rent up to?" It felt like some sort of manipulation or thought experiment. My impression was to go the Price Is Right route and response "1801!", but the weirdness is that he obviously has a price in mind, and counting on us giving him more money than the lowest he would offer.
I've negotiated salaries, home purchases, car purchases, but this is just weirding me out.
Anyone experience this before? Any of you big finance brains have any insight on this. topic?
Many thanks!
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2023.03.29 06:22 ImaginaryBug9974 my cat 1f has been sick on and off for the last week and a half

species: cat
age: 1
sex/neuter: spayed female
breed: domestic medium hair (according to emergency vet)
hx: nothing before this last weekend
clinical signs: low body temp, sneezing, twitching, excessive grooming, drooling
duration: 1.5 weeks-today
general location: southern michigan, northern indiana
vet statement on march 18: low body temp, high in one liver section (unclear). did blood test, gave fluids, prescribed medication to stimulate eating. we did not give her the medication as she was eating regularly
saturday the 18th of march, my cat had been acting off all day. she is normally out and about, occasionally vocal, and very playful. she was hiding under the couch, then staring blankly into the laundry basket, then on the couch, falling asleep and drooling. she did not seem well at all, completely abnormal behavior. we took her to the emergency vet, and they said she had a low body temperature, kept her on a heating pad or snuggled with one of us, and she was largely better after two days. we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary in the house that may have triggered this, but we did change the cats food cold turkey. we have three cats, all female spayed, the two others have been completely fine.
the following saturday, she began sneezing quite a lot. i also caught her drooling again, but it seemed to be an isolated incident (three times, not consistent). today everyone was out of the house. i saw her in the morning playing. when i came home around 7pm, she was being semi-normal. she was just asleep where she likes to lay sometimes. she hasn’t been moving around as much, she’s hiding under the couch a lot again, and she’s been sprinting when she does move, grooming herself excessively, twitching mainly on her back and ears, and denying any kind of affection or touch (highly unusual).
i suspect she may be allergic to the new food, we changed it the day before this all began, but she was relatively normal for a while. almost if not entirely back to her old self for a few days before the sneezing began. does anyone have any insight? we’re not sure what to make of it and we’re very concerned for her.
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2023.03.29 06:22 theunluckiest4 The worst day of my life is still not over.

This happened seven months ago. I was 36 weeks pregnant at the time and had found out at my ultrasound that there were some complications but that I needed to talk to my doctor to figure out next steps. I stayed home from work the next day; around noon, I took my dogs out the yard.
It was fairly windy, and at some point while I was playing with them, the wind blew our gate down. My older dog has terrible recall (despite years of training) and ran out of the yard; I put the younger one in the house and did my best to run after her.
Before I could get ahold of her, she ran into the road at an intersection (a four way stop) and got hired by a car. A dull thud and then her yelp that was more of a scream. She bolted toward the house; I followed her.
When I got there, I was shaking so badly I could barely get the door open--she was barely able to walk and kept collapsing. I was so sure at that moment that she was going to die, and I was trying to clean her up and comfort her. I called my fiance at work and was frantically trying to explain what had happened when I heard pounding and yelling at the door.
At this point, I had my dog's blood all over my hands, arms, clothes--everywhere. I was shaking and crying when I opened the door to see a man--the driver of the car--standing in my driveway screaming at me for being irresponsible and demanding that I pay him some form of damages, give him identification, etc. He was extremely aggressive and I ended up locking myself in the house until my fiance got home which helped diffuse the situation. The damage he was so upset about? A broken headlight.
He called the police, who wrote me a ticket for an off leash dog, which I couldn't even try to contest because I was in labor by the time they processed it and it was due. They did nothing when i described his behavior toward me. Six days agter that I paid the ticket from my hospital bed. I thought that was the end of it: our daughter was under 5 lbs but healthy.
Today I got a letter in the mail asking for our insurance information. The driver filed a claim (again, for a broken headlight) and the insurance company wants our information to recoup the cost. Here's the kicker: we moved into our current place right after I found out I was pregnant. On the way to sign the lease, we got into a relatively minor car accident; a week later I had a subchorionic hemmorage and thought we'd lost the baby. It was a chaotic time, my plate was full, and I made a mistake switching our renters insurance policy: canceled the old one but didn't activate the new one. With everything going on at the time I just never realized we weren't being billed for it anymore.
We can't afford to hire a lawyer at the moment and it's looking like the best option is probably to pay them to avoid a lawsuit. I have no idea what else to do and I can't believe I'm going to have to pay money toward a man who was so aggressive and cruel while I was crying, covered in my dog's blood, and 9 months pregnant.
TL;DR: A guy hit my dog with his car and now we might be getting sued for damage to the vehicle.
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2023.03.29 06:10 Independent-Two-8286 Help From Dermatologists

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone who is an actual dermatologist can kindly answer this question please.
If an infant age 4-6 months has eczema (confirmed by only one doctor, so going with that, red peeling skin, wet, yellow crusts on forehead, scalp, and redness on body, feet hands, both cheeks), and doesn't seem to be getting better even with steroid cream and hydrating lotions /cream. How important is the aspect of having a dog in the house?
Would you not try to rehome the dog for a month and clean everything as one of the first steps (besides elimination feed diet) to finding out what is cause the flareups?
Any information would be very helpful, thank you very much in advance. Allergy testing hasn't been done because apparently too young for it.
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2023.03.29 06:10 Thebraziliangirl2 Am I a bad wife ? Am I expecting too much ? Please give your honest option

This is my first post on Reddit I’m a 25 years old female Brazilian and my husband 34 years old male. We don’t have kids yet. I’m questioning myself as a wife. My husband is the main breadwinner I work part time and make significantly less than him. I’m studying now and working on getting a career. I do 100% of the house chores from cooking all the meals to showering our dogs to changing the oil in our car. It makes me overwhelmed from time to time but my main complain here is that my husband works from the time I wake up to the time I go sleep. He doesn’t have a time to stop working at least 5 days a week. He works from home but you can’t notice him here anyway. He says it’s because we don’t have two incomes or at least mine is not very good but I’m a very cheap person I want a cheap house my car is used and I love it. I don’t really require all the money that he is making it’s mainly going for savings since we don’t spend all that. He is the one that likes expensive things. All that I want is more time with him and to feel that I have a partner more than someone that just pay my bills. He keeps saying I’m not supportive at all because I fight with him over him staying awake the whole night not taking his high pressure medicine or forgetting about his health. I talked over and over about this issue that I don’t want all this money I want a partner but he keep doing it and ignoring my complaints. I have anxiety problems and no family in the country besides him it feels very lonely although that’s not his fault I do wish he would make me feel more supported. Am I the wrong one here ? Im questioning if I want too much from him and if I’m being a bad wife.
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2023.03.29 06:06 Sushioa Am I the jerk for hitting my ex-friend's dog?

I and my ex-friend's friendship started about a year ago, this friendship has been really toxic, our friendship going off and on, going to recently, I hung out at her house, we were having lots of fun and we were messing around with stuff in her house. Well we went outside and we found a skateboard, and we both decided to try our best to learn skateboarding (we both sucked.) I hung out with her the next day and this time when we were skateboarding her dog was outside, I was on the skateboard and she was holding me because I didn't want to fall, and her dog was right behind me, then her dog jumped up and started humping me, I fell off because of my balance and then I did a minor hit because I did it out of instinct because if like some random ass animal or random ass guy came up to me and started humping me I would hit them out of self-defense, she got furious at me and I went home. The next day I was in school and she came up to me and basically talked about how I was really bitchy for hitting her dog and I "over-excited him" I thought of it as really unreasonable, and I talked to her about it a bit after this and she said she never said I over-excited him (which she did) but she always takes things back after saying them? Am I the jerk?
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2023.03.29 05:58 zoloftflusher Sooo I’m pretty fucked at 20

I like writing in green text style to make it easy to interpret, here we go
Be me
Be a full-time college student with hardly any support
School made me take 5 classes (2 with a co-requisite, things happened and I’ll have to drop the two classes)
Have a job for 7 months, bought a car recently
Hours drop at job (25-40 hours to 17 weekly)
Car payment due ($200 for 12 months, 10 months left) so I’ll be able to pay this month then shit a lot of bricks (like $20 in my bank)
Dog died recently, gave him the meals of a lifetime and even got him cremated him with an urn, etc. (super expensive but would’ve done it again for how much of a good boy he was all these years)
Mom is asking me for a loan to help pay off a mortgage for her and her fiancé’s new house, weighing it since she’s given me so much
can’t even pay phone bill and pushed it over
I’m getting ready to sell some of my stuff to break even, but it’s crazy how life can change so quickly. All I can do is hope for the best. This really sucks but I know it’s a small bit of a bigger picture.
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2023.03.29 05:50 Lolalamb224 Inexpensive apartment ($895) on NW side available May 1

I am moving abroad and would like to sublet my large 1-bedroom apartment. Upon approval for the apartment, you would be taking over my lease which ends in July with option to renew.
The apartment is located at Belmont and Pulaski. Close (16-min walk) to Addison and Irving Park blue line trains. The building is very quiet, and heat is FREE so you will be very toasty and warm here.
$895/month including heat, water, and gas. Tenant pays electricity and internet.
Laundry: I have a little washing machine in the apartment that I can sell you, or you can go next door to the laundromat for convenience if you prefer.
Pets: no dogs allowed
Parking: street parking
Furniture: I am getting rid of everything so if you want to purchase some of the furniture that’s inside, let me know and we can work it out.
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2023.03.29 05:44 KingoftheRednecks Spears Among the Stars, ch 25


Dawn rose over Ft. Waishen. There was little for fortifications, and three large gates; one into the forest to the north, the other two leading into the town. In better days, those two gates saw a pretty consistent traffic, as soldiers streamed out to enjoy the city and back in during the wee hours of the morning, but currently they were closed. Curiously, nobody was stationed near them. Instead the walls were lined with soldiers.
Normally Waishen was provisioned to hold twenty thousand soldiers, and more for short periods of time. Currently the troop compliment was some five thousand, soldiers who were gratefully resting after another fruitless tromp through the woods. Forces that used to focus in the cities in case of attack were spread out among fabricated Forward-Operating Bases across the forest, where one or two thousand soldiers would work and suffer and curse the Governess.
At least they weren't in Chappa itself. Life for a soldier in the capital was an excitement-track ride of ups and downs, units being praised or punished pretty much arbitrarily. Fort Waishen was only on the same continent, and that was too close for the soldiers' liking. A fortunate thing, then, that they were going to be attacked today.
The first blow was a surprise, even though it really shouldn't have been. There was a slight snapping sound, probably louder where it happened, then a bone-rattling boom at the gate. The lower officers watched over them carefully, making sure there weren't any mistakes.
“We're under attack! Fire!” Lasers popped, flash-boiling or vaporizing moisture and dust in their path, firing upwards at an angle. The response came instantly, as hundreds of lasers impact the ground in front of the fort. Klokin guns burped, spewing hundreds of balls into the air.
Now there were dozens of those snapping sounds, and soldiers ducked before explosions rocked the air. The gates swung open, and another volley of laser fire caused small explosions as they superheated the moisture in the ground. Then they were racing for the gate, many of them clearly wearing skins. Only a few of them had those monstrous predators the soldiers had heard of, apparently leashed in case things got out of hand. Somehow, the animals didn't understand the seriousness of the attack, yipping playfully as they ran along.
One more volley rang out, lacing through the treetops and the sky, before the call rang out. “There's too many! Surrender!”
Rifles were set down carefully, rather than thrown down and risk breaking, and men with strange spears and stolen laser rifles looked around threateningly as the dogs tugged at their leashes to go sniff these strangers. An old man wearing a mantle of fur and feathers walked in, carrying a satchel of the type businessmen often carry, and the commander went to meet him.
“Commander,” said the man. “I am here to offer you terms by which you can surrender.” Like many of the others, he had a strange case on his back, holding the feathered ends of a dozen spears, and a strange rod in his belt, too thin to be a club. The case in his hand was considerably more important for the moment, and he opened it to reveal a treasure.
There were several furs, of Sarvanian Forest-Leapers, Shonen Hunters, and others, glossy and beautiful, and scattered atop them like jewels on velvet were claws and fangs. Pride of place in the very center was given to a small credstick.
“I must verify these terms, on behalf of my soldiers. I intend no insult.” Clearly the term the commander intended to verify was the amount, and he picked up the credstick to hold it up to his own wristpad.
The old warrior nodded. “Your soldiers can be... paroled... and leave with their personal effects, without fear of harassment. From there, I'm given to understand, you'll be posted elsewhere,”
Commander Shafir nodded as an impressive number came up on the screen. It just so happened that each soldier already had their personal effects with them, packed and ready. “Your terms are quite reasonable, and I surrender my command. Your attack was so sudden that I don't believe my soldiers had time to sabotage any equipment.”
One of the soldiers watched a man scritch one of the predator's ears, to the creature's obvious delight, and her hand twitched, but everyone filed out in good order, heading towards the spaceport and leaving the brave vanquishers to look over their spoils.
Higa grumbled, of course. Some of those people had probably been involved in more than one action out in the woods, and while slaughters like the village they had seen were rare, killings were not. He wasn't the only one to shoot the retreating force a few glares, but they had worked most of this out beforehand, and the expedition was well-organized. The last thing anyone wanted was one of those shots to accidentally hit someone and cause a real fight.
Fortunately, he was able to see reason, and the loot left behind mollified him a good deal. Thousands of rifles and pistols, ammunition and explosives—not meant to be thrown, but still quite useable, tons of perfectly preserved rations, and dozens of vehicles. This being a hub of sorts, the vehicles seemed mostly troop-transports, which their examinations had led them to believe beforehand.
What they didn't know beforehand was what they were going to do with them. A hundred and fifty shuttles could perhaps have moved the entire tribe with a few trips, but that wasn't what they had.
Benches were set out for the council to meet, and they argued. One plan after another was offered and rejected, and it almost came to blows more than once before the shamans could smooth things over. For the warriors to see such a thing was long considered a taboo, but shamans and chieftains alike knew that whatever the spirits might think of it, harming your warriors' confidence in your leadership would be a disaster of its own.
Eventually Mogan proposed a plan, one that was laughed at until he insisted it would work, and spoke again of his experiences. In the end, they accepted it, begrudgingly, and still insisting that there were a thousand ways it could fail. Mogan didn't disagree, but neither he nor the others were able to offer a better.
The plan for the capital itself—not just the city of Chappa but the actual home of the governess—didn't get made. The chieftains insisted on seeing it before they made any decisions, which was probably the correct choice. But Mogan and Ellisan were some of the first into the city, and while he wasn't sure if it was the correct choice he knew he didn't like it.
But just like someone needed to be last on the shuttle, someone needed to be first on the train.
Thus Mogan walked into the Shansheng Spaceport with Ellisan and Karshta. Karshta had told them that the Mantu were considered suspicious if they traveled without someone, usually a Sylfa, to keep them out of trouble. Many found it insulting, but better the insult than the delays.
It also meant a special car, one that cost a little more, but when he saw how close-packed everyone was, he realized this was a blessing. Neither he nor Ellisan had a dog—it was typical of shamans not to, although not a hard rule—but Mogan wasn't sure whether a dog would have been likely to panic or made for more space. That, fortunately or not, was Higa's concern, as he would be on the next train.
The station wasn't as crowded as he might have suspected. Tourists who wanted to visit one city or the other would simply land there, but there were still people who went back and forth, and this was apparently easier than clogging up the skies. The Sovereign, of course, didn't want to look up on one of his vacations and see a sky crowded with ships and vapor-trails, but it was generally assumed that Noepe's famous clear skies were a valuable commodity for the tourists as well. Mantu were not so common, and so the three of them almost had the car to themselves.
It was linked to several others, traveling along a path laid out on the ground. The path itself was little more than a guide-rail, since the device simply floated in the air, but once the other cars were loaded it set of gracefully, picking up speed as it went.
And then picking up more speed, and more, until it was flying faster than most of the shuttles he had seen. There was little trouble with the wind, likely because there were cars before and behind, but the trip that he thought would take most of a day was over with in a little more than an hour. To his surprise, his legs weren't even shaky as he stepped off the car onto the platform. Amazing what one could get used to.
The other two had little problem, moving towards the gate. Ellisan and Karshta left, looking to find places for the others to stay, while Mogan bought a snack and had a seat to wait for the next train.
Higa was on the next, not quite so steady as he stepped down with a few others and their dogs, and one of them waited for the next. This was a process that would take a few days, so others worked on the scouting and the information-gathering. Ellisan even rented a recreational flyer so she could look over the palace from the air.
It was the most massive, ostentatious building he had ever seen.
Some of it, probably a lot of it, was dedicated to actual governance, but he wondered whether he could run across the grounds in an hour. The large area in front could have served as a killing ground for anyone who approached, but it was covered with statues, flowering plants of various kinds, even cages containing animals, including a few predators larger than a bison that paced back and forth ceaselessly in cages that were really too small for them. There were at least two dozen cages, dozens more statues, and perhaps a hundred displays for plants.
There were also distinctive markers for shields, up against the edges of walls that shone with yellow metal, and the gates looked heavy enough that the train at full speed wouldn't be able to get through them. Guards on the wall walked in heavy armor that looked more ceremonial than functional, and the gate was manned by creatures that Mogan could now recognize as Mantu Meht. Others manned plasma bolters and the repeaters that Mogan thought of as Klokin guns. Ostentatious or not, it was well-defended—and more, any attacker would have to punch through the defenses quickly, before squadrons of Aitish fighters and vehicles could arrive to surround the attacking force from all sides.
It was disheartening. The capital was obviously meant to hold out so long as the armies did, and they simply could not take on the armies stationed on-planet, much less whatever might be in orbit.
As intended, the rest of the San trickled in, a hundred or more per day, as Mogan found places for them to stay. This wasn't a boisterous trip, and while there was no trouble the days seemed to weigh heavily on everyone. The chieftains argued over ideas, and Mogan tried to be subtle about urging them to hurry up. The hours seemed to gain weight, each one bringing them closer to discovery
When they did arrive at a plan, he was pleased to find he had a part in it. And less pleased to find that Ellisan did as well.
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2023.03.29 05:43 graymuzzlesociety Meet Bentley, the senior dog who overcame cancer and is ready for his forever home!

Meet Bentley, the senior dog who overcame cancer and is ready for his forever home!
Bentley came to Gray Muzzle Society from a local shelter after his owner was unable to care for him. Upon arrival, we discovered that he had soft tissue sarcoma, and due to its rapid growth and location, amputation was the best option. Fortunately, Bentley has recovered well, and the cancer had not metastasized beyond his leg.
Bentley is about 10 or 11 years old, 17 lbs, and loves toys and leisurely walks. He's not a fan of young children or too much boisterous activity, but he gets along well with most dogs and cats. Bentley will need some patience with house training, but he wears belly bands (male diapers) and seems to be improving with positive reinforcement. He suffered from obesity previously, but with a low-carb diet and regular exercise, he lost weight for his surgery. He's looking for a family who can stick to his diet for the sake of his mobility. Bentley has a loving and affectionate personality, he would be a great companion for someone who wants a loyal, laid-back dog who loves to cuddle and play with toys.
If you're interested in fostering or adopting Bentley reach out to us here, shoot us an email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), or visit our website at www.graymuzzlesociety.org. Help Bentley find the loving forever home he deserves!

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2023.03.29 05:37 Thehappyplantman Coexisting/ Cohabitation with fiancé

Me and my girlfriend have been together two years and recently got engaged. We both have a heart for the Lord and want our marriage to be fully honored under God. We have been coexisting for around 6 months now. With this being said we have been abstaining from sexual sin, staying modest with our dressing around the house and sleeping in separate rooms. Some members of my church are disappointed with me living with my fiancé. But financially it is the best for the both of us. We are able to help each other around the house and raise our dog together as well. My question for you guys is it biblical that this is wrong if we are abstaining and staying pure? We are planning to do a one month separation before the wedding day to each grow stronger with the Lord and learn how to use his love individually to guide our marriage. What are your guys thoughts? Please use biblical reference if possible. Love you brothers and sisters! God is good ❤️
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2023.03.29 05:37 thebabushs Purchasing a private home for myself for both as an investment and to live in

Hello guys, I'm a 30 year old man looking to purchase his first property - to live in + investment. My family + me is debt free and I would classify ourselves as upper middle. I'm currently renting a 1BR with my girlfriend in CBD for 3.5k/month for the past 6 months and I'm thinking of using this sunk cost towards a mortgage instead. I'm fortunate enough that my parents will be helping me with the downpayment of the property.
My base salary is 122k/annum excluding commission. I have ~ 80k in my OA account.
  1. Should I even buy a private property in this current market condition?
  2. Type of house: 1BR New Condo/Resale?, ~1.4m - that figure is arrived as my parents are happy to pay up to 400k on the downpayment.
Some factors I have considered:
  1. CPF vs cash vs bank loan to pay off mortgage? Should I even consider paying by cash?
  2. Timing: Should I wait for a market correction?
  3. Any other advice or comments you might have. Thank you!
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2023.03.29 05:35 8158555 34 [M4F] #Chicago - Age Gap Magic

I'll be honest, I'm open to this going a lot of different directions: Relationship, fling, friend, FWB, one-nighter, open to all possibilities. Let's get to know each other see where things go before deciding. I don't like the idea of saying "well I'm only looking for sex" or "I only want a relationship" in advance. That's just so closed minded and unrealistic and doesn't let real chemistry develop like it would if we had met in person.
I am seeking someone intelligent, fun, curious and cool to spend time with and see where it goes. This can be for staying in and watching movies and ordering in, going out and trying new restaurants/bars, going on a fun weekend road trip together, or ditching work together one day and getting into trouble. Or who knows, maybe we just straight into the bedroom or shower and get crazy. No pressure either way.
Age gaps are fun and excitng. While its not an absolute requirement, I'm just sort of bored by women the same age as me. I can meet plenty of those IRL. What would be way more interesting is finding an 18-20F and be your older guy. But I'd also be open to finding someone older (45+) if you are cute and the chemistry is right.
Some requirements:
  1. You must be 18+ (if you are exactly 18, move to the front of the line)
  2. You must be in Chicago or nearby. I'm on the North Side. I'd prefer if you were too. But if you're close or in the near suburbs and mobile, maybe we can make it work
  3. Be intelligent. Type in full sentences. Understand basic geography. Don't be a republican. Have interests other than just dogs and Taylor Swift. Nerdy/ambitious girls are cute to me. Also very into athletic or skinny girls.
  4. Be willing to tell me your age and location in your first message. If you can't tell me those basics, I'm going to assume you aren't serious about meeting.
  5. No dudes. Period. Don't ask.
  6. Not really into large black women. I'm sure you are ovely people but I'm not attracted to that. Sorry, just my preference.
Look, I'm realistic and I understand women have 5 billion options online. We're all sick of dating apps, we're all lonely, and we're all craving a real connection. I know I won't get a ton of responses and half of them will suck. But I promise if you put some effort into this and give it a chance, I'll put in the same amount of effort..
Let's have some fun.
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2023.03.29 05:34 _verymcsleepy AITA for not unloading the dishwasher in the morning

I (19f) live w/ my mom (54f), older sister (33f), nephew (7m) and our dog. My sister was in a car accident over a year ago that effected her mobility, so in order to work she stays w/ my brother (27m) during the week, and comes home on the weekends. That leaves my mom and I to care for my nephew while she’s away, but we’re okay w/ that.
Our tasks are shared decently, I’m taking online classes and spend most of my time at home as I struggle with severe depression. My mom cooks for the house and takes care of the brunt of the cleaning bc she has mild OCD, so even if I clean she’ll come back and clean it herself. I wash the dishes, take care of our dog, as well as my nephew in the evenings as my mom works two part-time jobs. My mom gets my nephew ready for school in the morning and comes home around dinner time.
This morning she loaded the dishwasher before leaving to drop my nephew off at school and going to work at 8:30am. As previously mentioned I struggle quite a bit w/ depression and I’m currently in the trenches of mental warfare so I woke up later than I typically do during the weekday at 11:30am. Our dog, who has to sleep locked in my room so he doesn’t wander into my nephews room and snatch his socks, was ofc very upset w/ me so I took him out for an extra long walk to make up for it. Once I got home I cleaned my room and put away laundry, which is taxing for me even on a good day, so I decided to lay down around 3pm just to decompress. I had an hour and a half before I needed to get my nephew so I laid down for an hour and decided to take the dog for another walk and then drive before picking up my nephew. As I was leaving the house I grabbed a to go cup from the dishwasher and in my rush to leave the house I started the dishwasher w/ out realizing. By the time I got back it wasn’t through the cycle so I just turned it off and figured I’d empty it after they dried again.
It completely left my mind until about an hour after my mom got home and she was upset bc apparently when the dishwasher cycle doesn’t finish the water will pool at the bottom. I did not know this would happen, especially as I heard water go down the drain earlier after stopping it. I of course apologized and explained but my mom then said “You pick up (nephew) in the evening and had all day to unpack it” then she went on this rant about how she was “cursed w/ lazy girls and how ironic only her son would step up and try”+ “no one does anything around the house except me”
I can admit I do often fall behind on chores but I make a point to not only catch up but to take care of the little things like filling the toilet paper holder and changing the garbage in everyone’s rooms. I teared up a bit bc I berate myself enough as it is and it feels like every time I make a mistake or forget things no one considers what I’m struggling w/, but I can’t tell if I’m just hypersensitive atm or if her upset was justified. So AITA?
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2023.03.29 05:31 ellementale Short term house/pet sitting?

Hello, I don't think this post breaks the rules, sorry if I'm wrong! I did not find my answer in FAQ or search.
I'm looking for free options to offer house or pet sitting in San Fransisco for a ~2 week stay in July.
I have looked at TrustedHousesitters, and Housesitter.com, but both are a pretty steep membership that has to be paid annually and I am only making one trip this year as it's all I can afford to do in this economy.
I don't need to be paid, I just want to offer house or pet care in exchange for a place to sleep for a few days. I have lived on my own for 10 years and have cared for all sorts of pets (cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, small animals, you name it)
As a last resort, I would be willing to pay a membership, but I'm worried I will spend $200 for a profile and there might not even be anything available at the time I want to travel, and I will have wasted that money.
If you've got any recommendations for me, or even need a sitter yourself or know someone who does, please reach out!
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2023.03.29 05:29 anonaccount382 Update on boyfriends dog

Hey everyone, I’m the person who posted a few weeks ago about dating this guy and he has a massive ass pit bull who is constantly in my face.
So I opened up to him and told him how much I hate this, and I didn’t hold back. I told him how it’s a sensory nightmare and I find the dogs behavior unacceptable, that he shouldn’t be jumping up on anyone let alone licking their face. He was surprisingly very receptive , and the few times I’ve been to his house since he has been good with the dog. He started implementing behavior corrective stuff and the dog isn’t licking my face anymore. It’s chilled out thankfully. So I feel like overall the behavior that was AWFUL has stopped. But I still strongly dislike this animal. He still whines and always wants to be next to you. And honestly any amount of conversation about the dog that takes up our time gets on my nerves. I am trying, and I do dislike the dog less. I have made it extremely clear though that I am not a dog person, and I never will be. So I got that all off my chest, I guess we will see how things go. So far I’m pleased with the progress.
I have told him how life is honestly so unfair for people like me who hate dogs, because we are forced to interact with them. If someone isn’t a cat person, that’s fine. A cat will simply go hangout by itself. With a dog there is no ignoring the animal. It’s like we live in a society swarming with these things against our Will and are expected to pet them.
Today he did vent to me about his neighbor texting him because when he was working night shift the dog was barking and the neighbor asked “can you comfort it?” And my bf was very upset that his neighbor called the dog a “it”. I’ll be honest, I’ve referred to the dog as an it lol so I tried saying well I don’t think that that’s abnormal. He said well he isn’t an it! He’s a person! I was like no, your dog is an animal. He also compares his dog to having a child, which I correct him on. I’m not gonna entertain the dog obsession.
Essentially I’m very extremely blunt with him and he seems to take it fine lol. I’ll give another update as things progress.
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2023.03.29 05:23 thatjazzpianist Moving On

My mom (54) has a history of bipolar depression. When they would happen, her manic episodes would last for months on end. This last episode, she stopped taking her medicine and got involved with Q and the theories in the late summer of 2020 and it really got bad in the fall. She would leave my sister (16F now, was 14 at the time) for hours on end at all hours of the day/night while I (22F now, 20 at the time) was at college 100 miles away, never making any sense when she was asked where she was going. She kept me from going back to school for the first week of the spring semester because they were requiring students to get tested for Covid before they came back. It even led to the Dean of Students calling me personally and I had to explain that it was my mom doing all this (I think - I don’t remember a ton of specifics). She went to the Capitol. She made my sister pray in the street because we weren’t being “magnanimous” enough and were questioning what she was doing. It eventually lead to a night where my sister had to run away from home and I had to hide her from my mom because she was suffocating my sister and she threatened to charge me with child trafficking.
She eventually was hospitalized and they began treating her for schizophrenia (important for later). While she was there, I had to figure out what to do with the 3 cats and 2 dogs in the house. The pound had taken the dogs and the cats were there by themselves so I had to take all 3 cats and home them in my dorm during then (which I was not supposed to do per my college’s rules). Eventually she kinda came out of the obsession with Q and started working to get to see my sister again (she lost custody of her during this time).
I’m leaving a lot of the specific events out it’s still so upsetting and painful to remember which I guess brings me to the point of this post. Flash forward to now, she’s not talked about Q at all, but neither has she really talked about anything she did to my sister or me and listens to Fox News literally all hours that she’s awake. My sister and her went through the reunification system in the courts, but there was never anything done with me even though I was doing damage control and managing what happened with literally all of our stuff as a sophomore in college 2 hours away.
Whatever medicine they’ve started my mom since they think she’s schizophrenic on has completely changed her demeanor. She used to be so sharp and funny and talkative and loved to clean, now she’s extremely quiet, slow-moving, slow-thinking/processing, and can hardly take care of herself or remember anything. It’s also physically changed her a lot too. Her face is swollen and she shakes all the time but when I bring up my concerns, she dismisses me and says that it’s fine and that she hasn’t changed. I personally think the schizophrenia was a misdiagnosis and that she’s still manic bipolar and that the medicine they’re giving is causing more harm than good.
She used to be my best friend and now I can hardly stand to stay in my childhood house with her because it’s like I’m staying with a complete stranger. I’ve fortunately moved away, but I still have PTSD dreams of her where she’s back in her Q obsessed mind and can’t stand when I go visit.
I harbor so much anger toward her and Q and just conservatives in general now because it feels like they took away my mom and best friend. It’s been two years and I’m still struggling. I know I should be grateful that she’s stepped out of the conspiracy theory life, but now I hardly recognize her. And every time I visit her, I’m reminded of it at every turn. It’s why I don’t look at my memories on social media hardly - I have videos of her making me laugh and I can’t stand to see them because it makes me grieve the loss of that person she was again.
I’ve thought about going to a journalist or writer and telling my story but where my mom isn’t associated with it as much and is trying to recover, I don’t want her to receive any backlash. If anyone could give me any general reassurance in the comments I would really appreciate it. It’s so hard when I try to explain this to people that don’t understand Q so I’m hoping saying it to you all will help me a little with trusting my reaction and feelings.
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2023.03.29 05:21 PreperationHyourass I hope you don’t find this interesting.

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2023.03.29 05:19 chester_alabama How do you compute or decide if a job offer is worth relocating for?

My husband works at a company that operates on almost every US state and he is qualified to apply for Assistant Manager soon, wherever there is an opening. We want to take advantage of this opportunity to get ourselves out of Houston. I work remotely so we wont have to worry about being a single income household should we relocate. No kids, just us two and our dog.
We have the liberty to choose which state he can apply to and we want to be keen on choosing a location to hopefully settle and build our lives there for at least the next 10 yrs or so. We have a few requirements like our preferences in climate, housing costs, school district, cost of living, etc, but we can do a separate research on those.
Ultimately I’d like to hear from the community on the smartest ways to compute or decide if a job offer is worth relocating for. This would be our first time doing a big move in the US after moving here from abroad 2 years ago. So any advice, tip, or insight will be very much appreciated. Thanks!
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