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2023.03.29 06:10 LucyAriaRose AITA for calling my MIL on my Fiancé?

I am not the Original Poster. That is u/Whofuckingknows2. She posted in AmItheAsshole
For today's spoiler cover, u/Artichoke_Persephone sent me a fun fact to use! "Greta Thunburg’s mum represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009. It’s an interesting pop-opera number with some dancers wearing a mirrored masks at the end. Very stylish!"
Trigger Warning: Verbal/emotional abuse; drug addiction
Mood Spoiler: Slightly hopeful but mostly sad
Original Post: March 5, 2023
My fiancé (m22) was injured over a month ago and had surgery to correct things literally two days after the accident. I (21f) have been my his side the entire time. I have more or less become his caregiver.
In the last month I have taken over the role of keeping our house together. I cook all the meals. I take care of the pets. I stay up all night to tend to his endless needs. I take him to the bathroom. I have been working remote. I haven’t left the house for more than an hour since the accident (aside from taking him to and from appointments). I am not saying this to complain, I am grateful that my life allows for me to support him the way I have.
My problem is his attitude. He was given very strong pain killers for the first two weeks after surgery. He had to extend his time on them and recently stopped taking them in the last week. When he was taking them, he thanked me, told me how much he loved me, apologized at every step, though he didn’t need to. Without the meds he doesn’t seem to see that I am helping him. Every dish I bring him is the wrong one, he will yell for me and when I come he will tell me to “fuck off” if he’s in pain he expects me to fix it. I am exhausted. I can’t do anything right and it is wearing on me. I haven’t slept in weeks. I haven’t seen a friend or family member in way too long. I can’t even be on the phone for more than 10 minutes without it being an issue.
After days of what turned into verbal abuse, I called my MIL. I told her everything as soon as I saw he was asleep. I cried for about 15 minutes. I felt terrible unloading on her like that, but I had so much built up frustration I just couldn’t stop. She was very supportive on the phone, let me know I wasn’t wrong to feel like that., and let me cry. After hearing everything she was furious and ended our call to talk to her son. She tore him an new asshole. I heard him trying to defend himself through the door but it was mostly just stammering.
She flew up yesterday and put me up in a nice hotel. I haven’t heard much from my fiancé since I left but as I was leaving he was yelling at me for calling his mom, he said he didn’t want to marry someone who couldn’t be there for him in sickness. I told him I loved him and I was sorry, I am just so tired. He didn’t care and just told me to go, and his mom could do a better job for him then I ever could.
So now I’m in my way too nice hotel room, feeling like a major AH. I need to know if I am wrong here.
Edit- He began weaning off two weeks ago and became fully dependent on over the counter medication this week. He did not stop taking them cold turkey. His doctors were heavily involved too, due to previous drug abuse.
Edit 2- March 6, 2023 (Next Day)
MIL is taking him back to they’re hometown once they can get flights together. I’ll stay in this hotel until then. Fiancé doesn’t want to talk yet and tbh I don’t blame him, he knows what’s coming and that I am pissed. I’ll go visit him in a week so I have until then to decide how I want to move forward. My mother called last night about a venue she found in my hometown and I told her what’s going on, she doesn’t want to spend a bunch of money on a “pending divorce” so we are stepping back from planning.
Not much more to add, I’m excited to see my pets and be able to sleep in my own bed. I’m going to try to make my sister fly to my state so I can have some company. That’s pretty much it. I’m in serious awe about how I let my life get like this, but oh well. Today will be better.
Relevant Comments:
Is it withdrawal?
"He behaves like this frequently when in pain, just never to this degree. I can promise you that he had been weaned off and would tell me if that’s what he was feeling. I have seen him go through much worse withdrawals when we first met and this isn’t that. He is lashing out on me in pain, which I get. I was the only person around."
"He has a history of drug abuse, I took administration of the pills very seriously. Due to his history we worked very closely with his psychiatric team and the orthopedic to make his weaning period as easy as possible. I should have put that in the post but he did not stop cold turkey."
Is this abnormal?
"He has what some would call a short fuse. Especially with me. Him saying hurtful remarks to me or just blatantly putting me down is not necessarily uncommon and is something we are working on. Prior to this he would apologize and make it up to me, now even when I’m in tears he will just keep laying on insults."
OOP has thoughts later that day:
"Being away and able to process the last month of my life has been eye opening. I couldn’t imagine trying to care for a child under conditions like that. I couldn’t imagine how frustrated I would be. HIs injury is in his arm, he can walk, he can use his left (dominant) hand. I understand that he is in pain and its awful but I have had a friend with much worse injuries help us move! I’m thinking about returning my ring."
OOP is voted NTA
Update in comments (Same Post): March 13, 2023 (8 days later)
"I’ve returned. My last night in the hotel I called my parents to make a plan and it didn’t go well. I’m home with my fiancé again. He wont talk to me except to bark orders at me. I’m hoping I can move out within a month or two. Surgery and recovery are expensive and we have been living on my income for some time and I’m pretty broke but I’m keeping my head up and I’m confident I can get myself out."
Why didn't he go with his mom?
"I know she pushed for him to go home but he is a very stubborn boy. Thank you, I will be okay."
Update Post: March 22, 2023
Updates on AITA seem like a process so I’ll just post here.
I went home two days after posting. Things were sad. My mil had cleaned but the energy in the house was a bummer. The first thing he said to me when I got back was “I’m glad you’re back, can you make me a snack?” There was no apology, no accountability, just a task. He only talked to me when he needed something. His attitude was worsening. My mil took the rest of he prescribed opiates so I knew he wasn’t using.
The weekend following the MIL debacle my wonderful Fiancé told me he had friends coming to stay for the weekend. 2 hour heads up. Didn’t ask. I sighed and made up the guest room. His friend and friends girlfriend came to stay. During the stay my fiancé bought me flowers, got out of bed daily, took me out, and let me call my parents unsupervised. The day they left he was back to bed with a shitty attitude.
I wish I could say I am in my own apartment with my pets and a bottle of rosé that’s just for me. Or with my girlfriends that I haven’t seen in months. Unfortunately I’m writing this on the couch while I listen to the music that are his endless demands. However I do have a light at the end of the tunnel.
I’m scared to leave him in person but he’s leaving the country for a month in April. My sister lives abroad and I’m working on getting to her during that month. It’s a process especially with pets. I look forward to getting there.
My mother hasn’t spoken to me since I told her I was returning the ring because “That’s not we do, we clean our messes.” But I have my fathers unwavering support. I’ll miss my MIL but I deserve that kindness and understanding from my partner, not his mother. I have stopped forcing myself to find the joy in his presence and its helping to fuel my drive to get out of here. I may update again when I get to my sister but don’t be surprised if I do my best to put this chapter behind me.
Thanks for the kind words. I hope you all get the love and hugs you need.
Update in a comment on this post:
Why isn't he with his mom?
"MIL was planning on taking him, he refused. Things got very bad since I posted this. Im currently in my childhood room at my fathers (decently hungover) and I am officially a single lady."
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2023.03.29 06:09 retroverted_uterus How to job hunt in another country?

My husband and I have toyed with the idea of moving out of the US for a couple of years now. Recent events (namely, the fact that firearm related deaths are the number one cause of death in kids in the US) and the fact that employees in this country are treated like absolute dog shit, has led to me actually taking that first step.
I’ve searched for jobs out of state but never out of the country. I know we will most likely need an employer to sponsor a visa. But for those of you who have applied for jobs in other countries, do you have any advice? What is the process like?
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2023.03.29 06:07 Cautious_One_2003 He’s (31M) choosing to “chase money” rather than close the gap, I (30F) feel hopeless

My boyfriend that’s over 2000 miles and I have been arguing a lot lately about his finances. We’ve only been dating about 4.5 months. I cannot move because I own and operate a small business that I cannot relocate and my parents are here and they’re getting into an elderly age (my dad will be 70 next year). I’m also their only child so if something happened to them they have no one else. My boyfriend was born and raised in my state, he has some family in a city a couple hours from me where the main airport is. But his parents died when he was in high school. He grew up poor, in the “hood”. He moved to his new state almost a year ago with his ex, they broke up a little over a month before him and I met. The only person he has there is a good buddy he sees almost every weekend.
He is going back and forth and sometimes refusing to be open to moving here. 2 weeks ago he was very open to moving here until he looked at the job marker and said there’s nothing for him. I’m confused why he’s looking as he said he wouldn’t move for over a year until he pays off his debts, maybe 2 years… He keeps looking for jobs in other cities to make more money but not where I live. It’s a small city here I get it, there’s lack of jobs. But with us both making a duel income and my parents have offered to help we would be fine. I found a job he would like here for $60-70K but he refused. He hasn’t even been at his job for one year and currently makes $73K gross income (he started there in July). He keeps talking about the potential of the job opportunities making more than double that in years but he doesn’t seem to enjoy it all that much and it’s pretty boring day to day. He claims staying will open up new opportunities to make up to $150K but that would take many many years, maybe decades. He’s holding onto a potential and who knows if he will want to stay in this job field. Where as I made $82K last year (gross income) all on my own. He says to pay off his debts before moving to me first which take at least take 1.5-2 years. What if I wait all that time and then he backs out on me?? I cannot be waiting that long without confirmation.
He keeps saying he doesn’t want to “give up his career” and is making me feel bad for not moving because we talked about me moving a bit in the beginning (which I wish we hadn’t so early on). But I finally got to visit his state twice and had some realizations. All of my friends and family say it’s a bad idea for me to move across the country so I’ve chosen and confirmed that I will not abandon my parents and my business. Today, he told me he is going to focus on “chasing the money” and possibly move to a random state to make more money. He says he might never mov to my state. He grew up poor and is fixated now on making money now that he has a high paying job but seems bad with finances. Now I feel very confused about what the future holds for us and although I understand money pays off his debts and needs it for his life it makes me feel like I’m not a priority. Although he says he wants a relationship with me he doesn’t seem to want to close the gap. We’re in our 30s, we aren’t spring chickens and I don’t want to sit around for years waiting for him to pay off his debts and to make up his mind, possibly change on me.
I really feel depressed and anxious over this cause I’ve never had a boyfriend go out of their way for me ever. They all just give up on me or get cold feet with commitment and I’m exhausted. I’m never a priority and I’m very (overly) caring and supportive. When we met I thought he was the one and he said that too. We have a special connection. But money is more important to him at this point… it’s crushing me. Help?
TL;DR: My boyfriend (who’s 2000 miles away) and I have been arguing about his finances and he is telling me he can’t/doesn’t want to move here. Some days he’s more open about it but then overthinks and says money is his priority. I operate and own a small business I can’t give up and don’t want to abandon my elderly parents as I’m their only child. He grew up poor and now that he is making more money than he ever has he is fixated on making more and more, rather than close the gap. He told me he’s going to “chase the money” which means he’s open to move to another state, anywhere except my state or city right now. This really depresses me as I don’t know what the future holds. He says he needs to pay off his debts and that could take 2 years. I’m supposed to wait around? What if he backs out on me? I feel depressed and anxious over this. He says he wants a relationship with me but he’s hyper focused on making money right now. It’s very upsetting…
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2023.03.29 06:06 Cautious_One_2003 He says he’s choosing to “chase money” instead of close the gap, I feel hopeless

My boyfriend (31M) that’s over 2000 miles and I (30F) have been arguing a lot lately about his finances. We’ve only been dating about 4.5 months. I cannot move because I own and operate a small business that I cannot relocate and my parents are here and they’re getting into an elderly age (my dad will be 70 next year). I’m also their only child so if something happened to them they have no one else. My boyfriend was born and raised in my state, he has some family in a city a couple hours from me where the main airport is. But his parents died when he was in high school. He grew up poor, in the “hood”. He moved to his new state almost a year ago with his ex, they broke up a little over a month before him and I met. The only person he has there is a good buddy he sees almost every weekend.
He is going back and forth and sometimes refusing to be open to moving here. 2 weeks ago he was very open to moving here until he looked at the job marker and said there’s nothing for him. I’m confused why he’s looking as he said he wouldn’t move for over a year until he pays off his debts, maybe 2 years… He keeps looking for jobs in other cities to make more money but not where I live. It’s a small city here I get it, there’s lack of jobs. But with us both making a duel income and my parents have offered to help we would be fine. I found a job he would like here for $60-70K but he refused. He hasn’t even been at his job for one year and currently makes $73K gross income (he started there in July). He keeps talking about the potential of the job opportunities making more than double that in years but he doesn’t seem to enjoy it all that much and it’s pretty boring day to day. He claims staying will open up new opportunities to make up to $150K but that would take many many years, maybe decades. He’s holding onto a potential and who knows if he will want to stay in this job field. Where as I made $82K last year (gross income) all on my own. He says to pay off his debts before moving to me first which take at least take 1.5-2 years. What if I wait all that time and then he backs out on me?? I cannot be waiting that long without confirmation.
He keeps saying he doesn’t want to “give up his career” and is making me feel bad for not moving because we talked about me moving a bit in the beginning (which I wish we hadn’t so early on). But I finally got to visit his state twice and had some realizations. All of my friends and family say it’s a bad idea for me to move across the country so I’ve chosen and confirmed that I will not abandon my parents and my business. Today, he told me he is going to focus on “chasing the money” and possibly move to a random state to make more money. He says he might never mov to my state. He grew up poor and is fixated now on making money now that he has a high paying job but seems bad with finances. Now I feel very confused about what the future holds for us and although I understand money pays off his debts and needs it for his life it makes me feel like I’m not a priority. Although he says he wants a relationship with me he doesn’t seem to want to close the gap. We’re in our 30s, we aren’t spring chickens and I don’t want to sit around for years waiting for him to pay off his debts and to make up his mind, possibly change on me.
I really feel depressed and anxious over this cause I’ve never had a boyfriend go out of their way for me ever. They all just give up on me or get cold feet with commitment and I’m exhausted. I’m never a priority and I’m very (overly) caring and supportive. When we met I thought he was the one and he said that too. We have a special connection. But money is more important to him at this point… it’s crushing me. Help?
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2023.03.29 06:05 TheRealSnorkel Fugitive slave laws all over again

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2023.03.29 06:04 piekowe Watch out for that tree

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2023.03.29 05:58 LadyAntiope Completed Bingo card with reviews: Re-tellings theme

This is my second year of bingo, so naturally I had to extra challenge myself and do a themed card this time. I set out to do strictly re-tellings, but I ended up broadening the category to include strongly inspired by or incorporating folk tales or mythology. It’s a category I read a lot in anyway, and I love that the genre is exploding to include cultures world-wide. And yet somehow I only ended up with 13 authors of color (out of 40 - counting all the short stories). But this year was about 90% women (with 3 non-binary and one man), so huzzah for feminist re-tellings! And all but four of the authors were new to me. I didn’t quite hit all hard mode, but the theme was my hard mode, really.
I tried to cover a variety of inspiration texts (myths, folk tales, “classic literature,” film) as well as stories from around the world, but I’m missing any representation from Australia and the Pacific Islands as well as South America. The origins of a lot of the stories are Western European, but some have been re-told in settings elsewhere in the world. East Asia also ended up well represented.
I did end up substituting a square this year. Instead of “weird ecology,” I opted for 2018’s “a god is a character” square. There were a couple books that had some weird landscaping in them, but none of them quite fit the spirit of the square. Things like a magical forest in an otherwise standard-issue earthly landscape rather than a fundamentally different ecosystem overall. If anyone has any recs for re-tellings set on far-flung planets, let me know! I tend not to do deep researching – mostly I read somewhat mindfully, hoping for the best, and panic in January.
Here’s the visual card: https://imgur.com/4XRW9W9

Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller (LGBTQIA list)
The Iliad from Patroclus’ perspective, but starting with his childhood and teenage years in which he and Achilles grow up together and fall in love.
If you remember the Iliad or just the general arc of the story of the Trojan war, then you will go into this knowing it’s going to be a tragedy. That doesn’t make the pain any less exquisite. The time we spend growing up with Patroclus moves from lonely and neglected to beautiful, golden, idyllic. The voice of Patroclus – pacifist and healer – is expertly written and his relationship with god-like Achilles is full of moments that make the heart ache. This is still on the best-seller list for a reason.

Lore Olympus: Volume One by Rachel Smythe (Substitute square: god character, HM)
Olympus is a contemporary city, albeit still only inhabited by gods, and Hades and Persephone might be falling for each other.
Graphic novel. The limited color palettes in this volume are excellent, emphasizing mood and character. It’s beautiful to read. The Greek gods are notorious for having very human flaws, and this telling feels very rooted in human emotions. Olympus feels a bit like a college campus in this telling. There’s a lot of loneliness, and trying to figure out how to fit in. It also gets a big content warning for rape.

Hag: Forgotten Folk Tales Retold by Imogen Hermes Gowar, Naomi Booth, Emma Glass, Irenosen Okojie, Daisy Johnson, Natasha Carthew, Eimear McBride, Liv Little, Mahsuda Snaith, Kirsty Logan (2+ authors, HM)
Strange folk tales from every corner of the U.K. are re-imagined – often in contemporary settings – giving women voices they may have been denied in the originals.
It took me a long time to read all these short stories because almost every one deals with death or brutality towards women. That’s not to say they all have unhappy endings – indeed, some have joyously vengeful endings – but there’s quiet tragedy and outright violence woven throughout. Powerful stories, strong narrator voices, and often poetic prose, but read when in a strong mental state.

A Clash of Steel: A Treasure Island Remix by C.B. Lee (Historical, HM)
Treasure Island set in 1826 in the South China Sea with a pirate crew of queer misfits sailing for treasure and a better life – plus actual historical Pirate Queen Zheng Yi Sao as Captain Flint.
With contemporary prose and an updated cast, this still feels true to the source material with the adventurous quest deciphering maps and clues. Long John Silver doesn’t have an exact analogue, but his surprisingly complex parental feelings come through with found-family bonds as well as a wild ride of birth-family feelings, and a fraught lesbian love interest.

Once & Future by Cory McCarthy, A.R. Capetta (Set in Space, HM)
This time, King Arthur is a queer teenage girl on the run from the big bad capitalist Mercer Corporation – in space!
In this re-telling, the characters are aware of the King Arthur story as a myth from Old Earth, but when they find themselves re-incarnating the well-worn pattern, they don’t seem to recognize it beyond the magic sword and Ari’s renewed determination to be a hero. Merlin has lived through every iteration, and has his own interests at play. Our heroes spend a fair bit of time in their space ship or on planet-sized space-stations, though it may be pushing the rule to say it’s 50% actually in space. This is a YA book and it definitely reads that way, but it’s fun. I thought the “Renaissance Faire Planet” was a bit of a stretch and the big bad was almost a caricature of every evil empire, but if you can look past a bit of cheesiness, there’s plenty of sci-fi action, a quick pace, and some intrigue under the surface.

The Wolf and the Woodsman by Ava Reid (Standalone, HM)
Hungarian and Jewish folklore plus the early spread of Christianity weave together to create a world where magic manifests differently depending on your religious tradition, the Christians are ardent new converts in charge of a poor besieged country, and persecution abounds.
The first person perspective came with a lot of (justified) rage and some pretty violent moments, but I found Évike’s voice to be frustratingly naïve at times. The pacing was uneven, and with a lot of elements in play the story was lacking cohesion. I felt okay on the enemies-to-lovers trope in this one. Overall, this book was redeemed for me by the imagined folk stories woven in, and the heart-warming moments spent in the Jewish community. (I forget the actual names of the religions in the book, but they’re pretty obvious stand-ins.)

These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong (Anti-hero, HM)
This time, Romeo and Juliet are in rival gangs in 1926 Shanghai, but their teenage romance is already dead from betrayal at the start of the book and a strange madness is devastating the city they struggle to rule.
I usually read-read, but this one I listened to and I loved the narrator! I had a few hang-ups on Juliet as a character (though perfect anti-hero material). Which was tough since she got of lot of screen time, but thankfully we also got Roma and some absolutely wonderful side characters, including a trans woman and a refuses-to-admit-it gay couple. There were some moments of lovely prose, plenty of action, and all the jostling factions in the city were well-balanced in the narrative. First of a series, I definitely want to pick up the second one soon.

All the Murmuring Bones by A.G. Slatter (Book Club, HM)
Drawing primarily on Irish folklore, this is the story of a girl who wants to escape her family obligations - ones that come with generational trauma and greed.
It’s a little hard to talk about this one without spoilers since there are basically three distinct sections and each could almost stand as a story on its own, but each depends on the earlier one. Another angry woman in this one, taking matters into her own hands and trying to break spells, break open dark family secrets, and get free of men who are trying very hard to be in charge. I liked the gothic atmosphere, the prose, and probably the middle journey section with fairy-tale creature encounters was my favorite. The family history is also told in mini fairy-tales throughout. The ending fell a bit flat, and I didn’t really connect to the main character, but neither of those were deal-breakers for me.

Spear by Nicola Griffith (Cool Weapon, HM)
From the King Arthur mythos, the story of Percival and the quest for the holy grail, but Percival is a supernatural queer woman who lives in sixth century Wales when the pagan gods still have power.
Novella. The story opens slowly and with some very poetic prose to start Peretur’s early life in the wilderness with her mother – a mythic feeling that I fell hard for right off the bat. And yet it also felt very much a story from history – the details of the setting showed the research Griffith put in. I wish it were just a touch longer to give some more room to the relationship developments that get packed into the back half of the book. But the interweaving of historical details, tidbits from myth and story, and imagination was so flawless that this re-telling feels like it could be the "true" history of the story-figure. Even including the gender flip - a skillfully handled "woman dresses as a man to be a knight" trope that works even better when the woman is queer.

Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny (Revolution/Rebellion, HM)
On a distant planet in the far future, the original colonizing crew have set themselves up as gods, specifically taking on the roles of the Hindu pantheon. One member heartily disagrees with how the rest are running things.
The prose in this one was a little tough and I’m pretty sure the style is a deliberate choice to make this book feel more akin to reading a religious text. And as a play off of Hesse’s 1922 Siddhartha, since they share the same main character. But some of it may also simply be because it was written in 1967. Still, the content is intriguing. The struggle is between the immortal gods who like being the ones with all the advanced tech (including re-incarnation to transfer themselves into new bodies), and the one who thinks this is some kinda bullshit, why make the inhabitants here go through the dark ages when they could have medicine and electricity now. The premise and watching it play out is the interest here, not so much any emotional investment in the characters.

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White (Name in the Title, HM)
Still asking, “who is the monster?” and giving the same answer even more definitively than the original, this is a re-telling of Frankenstein from Elizabeth’s POV with some distinctive twists.
In 2022 I did the Dracula read-along and then promptly decided it was finally time to do Frankenstein as well. Which meant I could now read re-tellings of these classics. Elizabeth, when you get to hear her side, turns out not only to be independent-minded, but also a remarkable anti-hero character trying desperately to maintain the only stability she’s ever known. Though there are a lot of grim happenings and emotional abuse, this version has more hope for humanity than the original (which, imo, has almost none). Also, unlike narrator Viktor, Elizabeth doesn’t make you hate her guts regularly; she’s just trying to survive. The prose was the weak point in this one, especially coming off Mary Shelley, but not detrimentally so.

What Moves the Dead by T. Kingfisher (Author Uses Initials, HM)
Poe’s short story “The Fall of the House of Usher” leaves plenty of room for embellishing and this novella does so perfectly with nightmare fungus, more rounded-out characters (including a non-binary protagonist), and horrifyingly possessed creatures.
Alex is a rational narrator, the best kind for encountering increasingly creepy phenomena. Even with the addition of a no-nonsense mycologist and a competent American doctor, the atmosphere of oppressive, inevitable horror from the original short story suffuses this novella. There certainly are rational lines of thoughts to follow to unravel the mystery of the Ushers’ illnesses, but that doesn’t stop each revelation from setting everyone on edge and fearing madness of themselves. Gothic. Horror. Perfection.

Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan (Published in 2022, HM)
The Chinese story of Chang’e is the basis for this re-telling, but this focuses on her daughter and starts after the original stories end. Xingyin’s quest is to obtain freedom and forgiveness for her mother’s actions that gained her goddess status, but exiled her to the moon.
The world building of the Celestial Kingdom was a highlight of this one for me since I’m not super familiar with the Chinese pantheon. The story itself relied on some classic YA tropes (including a love triangle, one of my least favorites) and I found the narrator’s voice somewhat simplistic. She’s also a very emotional character, which at times was endearing and at others frustrating. Wise, peaceful dragons do make an appearance, though, and there’s some good political intrigue and a few unforeseen twists. An entertaining read overall, and there’s set-up for the second book, but this one wrapped up nicely enough and I’m not feeling pressed to read the second one right away.

The Chosen and the Beautiful by Nghi Vo (Urban Fantasy, HM)
The Great Gatsby, but from Jordan Baker’s perspective and she’s a bi Vietnamese adoptee in a New York where magic makes all the parties more dazzling.
It’s hard to like any of the characters in the Gatsby story, but Jordan Baker as narrator certainly gets more sympathy from me in this go-round. Raised in a rich white family, she carries internalized racism with her, and yet struggles against it every day in a country that is trying to enact a law that will force her to leave. Where the original story condemns classism and unbridled ambition, this story expands its criticism to America’s long history of excluding people of color and the LGBTQ+ community. The prose is gorgeous, and where it overlaps with original scenes it dovetails perfectly. The magic adds an extra shimmer to this story, but doesn’t outshine the character work. I hope this one gets added to curriculums to pair with the original.

Skin of the Sea by Natasha Bowen (Set in Africa, HM)
Inspired by West African mythology with the Little Mermaid for some plot points. Simi was a human who became a Mami Wata and is struggling to fit into her role bringing home the souls of those who died at sea. One decision endangers all the Mami Wata and sends her on a quest with a boy that will entangle her with the gods and other legendary creatures.
This story is chock full of magical beings, young adults attempting to navigate dangerous situations as well as their relationships, and quests of mythic proportions. The dark underbelly of the story is the destruction of West African communities as colonizers take their people into slave ships. Though tragedy runs alongside the story, our heroes mostly manage to stay one step ahead of the worst outcomes. The quest did some meandering, and characterizations were a bit uneven, but I think it really came together in the latter half. The main plot wraps up well, but makes set-up for the next book clear and I do intend to get to it eventually.

A Snake Falls to Earth by Darcie Little Badger (Non-human protagonist, HM)
With roots in Lipan Apache storytelling traditions, this is the story of a cottonmouth snake and a human girl whose worlds run in parallel, but become entangled as they try to save friends and family from existential threats.
This technically has two protagonists, but the snake is the one whose chapters are in first person and the human’s are in third person. This also would have been great for the hard mode BIPOC author square since the author is Lipan Apache. I absolutely loved everyone in this story. Nina is an intrepid modern girl and a loner, but with strong family ties; and Ollie is a homebody snake setting out to make his way in the wide world. The friends Ollie makes help him to discover his own bravery, and they are a delightfully colorful bunch of creatures! Nina is trying to help her grandmother and unravel the mysteries of their family’s past and possible connections to the animal people. Read this story to be filled with the love of friendship and family, and hope in the face of climate change and social media ills.

Fractured Fables: A Spindle Splintered & A Mirror Mended by Alix E. Harrow (Timey Wimey, HM)
Zinnia Gray’s illness means she likely won’t live past 21, but when she falls into a Sleeping Beauty parallel universe, she might be able to at least save someone else from that fate. In book two, she’s dealing poorly with life in the “real” world, but busting out into a new fairy tale multi-verse (Snow White’s), and finding even more complications in the re-tellings there.
I read both novellas currently out in this series, and our hero does a fair bit of jumping around the fairy tale multiverse which makes it clear that time doesn’t run evenly across it all. It’s not really the focus, but it’s there, and it does affect a couple plot points. I think Alix Harrow read the same book I did about disability in fairy tales (Disfigured by Amanda Leduc) and took it to heart to create her hero in this contemporary fairy tale take. Zinnia’s chronic illness is both from an industrial accident and an embodiment of a fairy tale curse. These books don’t take themselves too seriously, but do handle disability and the emotional impacts that come with it pretty well, I think. Disney’s re-telling style features in book one, and book two gets some darker, more horror-esque takes.

Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones (Mental Health)
The re-telling of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth you didn’t know you needed with extra depth from Germanic folk roots and a little Hades-Persephone flavor. Set in early 19th century Bavaria, protagonist Liesl is a composer stuck helping run her family’s inn; in the woods, Der Erlkönig (the Goblin King), may be a relic of a pagan past, but that doesn’t stop him from meddling with her heart and her family members.
Liesl is bipolar and her brother (prodigy violinist) has anxiety and (in book 2) severe depression. Her father is an alcoholic. The family member who gets stolen and must be retrieved is her beautiful sister, the life of the family. Liesl’s wild up and down swings are on full display when she enters the realm of the Goblin King and is trying to navigate her relationship with him, her relationship with her music, and her love for her family. This is an emotional book and you will be angry at almost every character at some point. But it’s also heartbreakingly beautiful. The romance sizzles; it’s unhealthy and you want them to fix it. It’s probably not a book for everyone, but I spent a fevered day and a half devouring it. For extra doses of struggling with mental health, sobbing, and musical composing, read book two – Shadowsong.

In the Shadows of Giants by Lazette Gifford (Self-published, HM)
In the far future, the Norse pantheon ends up pitted against the Chinese pantheon and an elder god in a potential new Ragnarok with Loki trying to avoid the mishaps of the last one – in space!
Loki gets some good character work in this book, but other characters are a little light on depth. Though Loki is the main focus, I liked that we got some chapters in the Chinese pantheon as well, getting some insight into the politics of the situation from their perspective – and not everyone in their pantheon is on board with the way things are going. Loki is also not really convinced of teaming up with the rest of his own pantheon again either, but he still has a few good ties there and room to mends some relationships. This wasn’t a stand-out novel for me, but neither do I have any strong complaints. It’s a solid sci-fi-fantasy mix, good prose, and well-paced plotting.

Reluctant Immortals by Gwendolyn Kiste (Runner-up, HM)
It’s 1967 in San Francisco and Lucy (from Dracula) and Bertha (from Jane Eyre) are the titular reluctant immortals trying to keep their tormentors from destroying more lives.
This seems like it could be an action-packed super-powered immortal battle, but instead it’s the mundanity of simply surviving as an undead being, escalating slowly into a horrifying body count. Obviously I had to read this after finishing the Dracula read-along. The tone is such a contrast! Where Dracula’s heroes struggle nobly against the darkness, this version is full of quiet desperation and bleakness more fitting as the successor to Jane Eyre. As the action ramps up in the last third, it plays out more like a contemporary horror film, including a strange liminal space in the afterlife and scenes of a modern mansion filled with the decay that the undead bring. The drug haze of California in the 60’s suffuses the story. I’m not entirely convinced this was a re-telling we needed, but I’m also not mad about it.

Kaikeyi by Vaishnavi Patel (BIPOC author)
Kaikeyi is only briefly in the Hindu epic The Ramayana, but her “wicked stepmother” action sets the plot of it in motion. In this novel, she is given a voice and a backstory and a complex world she must navigate as a woman who wants more independence not only for herself, but for all the women of her country.
The relationship building in the latter half is one of the highlights of this book. It’s helped by some magic, but Kaikeyi puts in the work to build bonds of love and mutual respect in the royal household where she is youngest of three wives. Rama (her step-son) is the main character in the original epic (a god incarnated to vanquish evil forces), and so the reader is clued in early that disaster will befall the family because of a conflict between Kaikeyi and her husband and Rama; the threat of that tragedy seeps into even the happy parts of the story. Kaikeyi is a champion of early feminism in this telling, but she’s still human with plenty of flaws and struggles and imperfect vision. I found this book to be a bit of a slow build to connect with characters, but by the end I was absolutely tearing up. A powerful telling.

Malice by Heather Walter (Shapeshifters, HM)
In this Sleeping Beauty re-telling (perhaps prequel), the villain is not yet the villain – though society certainly treats her as an outcast – and a forbidden love is blooming.
This is a coming of age story for an already young adult character. Alice wants to be accepted (and loved), proving she’s not the evil pariah society thinks she is, but she also wants to escape the role she’s forced into. The build-up of tension between her warring desires is well done. As she discovers her true powers (spoilers since I used it for the shapeshifting square!) she’s put even more at odds with the establishment, and yet her growing love for Princess Aurora gives her hope for a more idyllic outcome than the escape she’s trying to plan. This was another enjoyable but not necessarily a stand-out read for me. Excellent character work for the protagonist and a slower pacing, but never felt like it was dragging. I will definitely read book 2 since this one ends with a bang.

Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust (No Ifs, Ands, or Buts, HM)
This book mushes up elements from Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast, and probably others, and spins a whole new story with Persian flair. A poisonous princess is kept hidden away, but when knowledge of her curse comes from a demon, her decisions will have far-reaching consequences for her whole family and the question of who to trust becomes thorny.
This was another one where the protagonist is striving to be a good person, caring for her family, and yet she understandably wants to escape her curse and is maybe willing to do some questionable things to make it happen. It’s hard to keep being good when, even though you are loved, you can’t touch anyone and have to live in a gilded cage. This story took a lot of twists and turns, including betrayals of all kinds. The romance elements were laced with emotional tension, but kept sexual feelings to a bare minimum. I felt this could have used a bit of plot streamlining, but I liked the Persian-inspired world, the overall arc of the story, and I felt it wrapped up well for a complex stand-alone.

For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten (Family Matters)
I thought this would be primarily Little Red Riding Hood, but it’s got a huge helping of Beauty and the Beast and a dose of fairy tale sisters tropes as well. Red is the sister that will be sacrificed to the Wolf in the Wilderwood in hopes of the gods’ return. Turns out, that whole Wolf and Wilderwood thing is really complicated.
This has a lot of elements that I tend to look favorably on – a broody love interest, a magical forest, sibling bonds – but it didn’t quite pull together for me in this book. Both characters in the romance got good development and their choices did make sense for who they were, but it was a very frustrating one to read and caused a lot of drag in the middle. The sibling relationship was much better and the sister who gets to become queen has a wonderfully tragic arc in the name of saving her lost sister. The forest itself and the religion/magic that goes with it don’t get a ton of satisfying explanation, but that’s partly due to everyone actually struggling to figure out how it works. It gets an A+ for creepy atmosphere, though! Imagery from Grimm’s more grim tales abounds and I appreciated the slight edge of horror that creeps in. Not super likely to pick up book 2.

I’ve done a terrible job being concise here, so I’ll try to do a really quick run-down on the short stories. I just listed the first collection on my official bingo turn-in to make it easy, but I like being able to fill in all the slots in my spreadsheet, so there are five things here. Hopefully someone has made it this far down – if so, thank you for reading!

The Bloody Chamber & Other Stories by Angela Carter (collection)
The titular story is one of the better ones – a re-telling of Bluebeard. Covering the classics of western European fairy tales, this collection features a lot of liberated sex with a 70s feminist lean (publication date: 1979). Girls and beasts are the big theme. There were a few excellent ones and several that left me going “but why?”
The Bride of the Blue Wind by Victoria Goddard
Closer to a novelette, but that gave this story room to get some solid world-building in. Bluebeard again, but with Bluebeard being a djinn sort of character. I loved the trader communities and desert setting and the family dynamic with the wife’s sisters.
Tales of Old Gods & New by Kate MacLeod (collection)
This collection had two specific re-tellings: another “Norse gods in the far future” re-telling which was also a sci-fi survival story, and an African inspired goddess trying to escape the cycle of her story. These were two solid ones, some of the other in the collection I felt were unfinished scribbling thoughts for novel-sized stories.
Hunting Monsters series by S.L. Huang (2 short stories, one novella)
This collection mashed up eastern and western settings and stories, including Red Riding Hood, Beauty & the Beast, the Legend of the White Snake, and Hou Yi the Archer. The main characters of the novella are middle-aged women long past the prime in which their original stories took place and I liked that take a lot. The short stories focus on a daughter and deal with culture clashes and parent-child tensions.
A Cathedral of Myth & Bone by Kat Howard (collection)
The feature in this collection is a novelette of the King Arthur story set on a college campus with grad students who are themselves studying the mythos of King Arthur. Most of the other stories in the collection take inspiration from saints’ lives or myth and folk tale tropes (or the concept of storytelling itself) and play with them in new settings. I found a lot more hits than misses in this collection.
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2023.03.29 05:52 hjkfttu One of the biggest conspiracies is the lack of education in the United States regarding health such as eating healthy and exercise

In the United States over 40% of adults are obese and close to 75% are overweight! Schools teach about the square root of pie and pythagorean theurm but don't teach about how to take care of yourself health wise. Everyone should know what is their ideal healthy weight and try to stay around that range. Also, especially if you work an office job you have to get exercise at least 3 times a week. Being overweight and especially obese causes health problems and shortens lifespan
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2023.03.29 05:52 ThrowRAmystic0813 how accurate is the h&r block tax calculator?

if I’m understanding it correctly, if your box 2 is $0, that doesn’t count. am I correct?
awhile ago I did the tax calculator from said tax preparer and got an estimate of about $2,000+. I did contact my CPA and filed my taxes with him, and now he said I’m only getting less than $200 while owing $8 to state.
I’ve had a total of 8 jobs in 2022, 5 of which I had $0 on box #2 for. my total wages was $7,300+. please let me know if I’m understanding this correctly. I’m not doubting my CPA because I know he knows what he’s doing (he’s done my taxes since 2019) but need someone else’s opinion on this. TIA!
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2023.03.29 05:51 Cute_Panda601 What entry level job can I apply for?

I just wanted to ask what kind of entry level state jobs can I apply for. I have an associates degree in natural science and I only have experience working in a kitchen. I'm asking because I want to change careers.
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2023.03.29 05:50 flyawayboi potential transfer into engineering?

hi reddit!
hs senior who is basically done with decisions here. regretted most of the schools i applied to and realized that i would likely have to transfer if i end up liking computer engineering rather than cs (applied to a lot of smaller schools that have cs and not engineering, waitlisted from state school).
got into syracuse, brandeis and northeastern, would choose northeastern but oakland doesn’t have compE (applied cs instead of cs+compE) and i’m waiting on financial aid. syracuse is way too expensive for my family, brandeis doesn’t have an engineering program but is actually affordable (would only pay for room and board).
considering going to brandeis (if neu doesn’t work out) for a year, as i would enter there undeclared and mostly take pre-reqs (calc, physics, chem, etc.), then transfer into a school with compE. CC would be cheaper, but taking classes on top of a full time job would be very stressful and would rather avoid. although brandeis is an amazing school, i prefer a bigger school and one with an engineering program.
schools i would transfer to are BU, NEU, UMD, georgia tech, NCSU, UMass Amherst (instate school), if anyone has experience transferring into compE (or any engineering) at any of those schools as a sophomore transfer let me know!
not sure if hs stats would be useful but i currently have a 3.7uw, went test optional, URM (first gen), good extracurriculars but most aren’t stem-related.
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2023.03.29 05:46 kekacola I’m an engineer not customer support!

I’m a software engineer with 4 years of work experience, or so I thought. Well 6 months in and my recruiter recently advised me that my title is now “Application Support Analyst” but my job duties are that of an engineer
I’m currently $20k under paid in the company state (Michigan) and $12k under paid in my home state (Colorado) - remote work.
Essentially I was verbally hired as an engineer (never paid as an engineer) and recently the title was taken away too. What can / should I do without getting flagged by HR as a difficult employee?
** I don’t want to leave the company, I love it but I hate customer support with a passion especially b/c I’ve been an engineer for 4 years and this position as engineer for 6 months (recently put on phone queue)
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2023.03.29 05:43 kaedani Having trouble moving on

My ex and I met on a dating app while he was living out of state, but his job is in our shared city. We were together almost a year and long distance the whole time, but met up and stayed with each other a few times over the year. His date to move back got pushed back several times but he thanked me for my patience and talked often about his excitement about being together in person. His parents had bought him a house and we finally had a set date to end long distance.
A month before, he told me he was afraid I’d get to know the “real him”. I told him I thought we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well and, knowing he had intimacy issues, told him we can take things as slow as he needs to.
He broke up with me the day he moved back in a 3 minute phone call, just saying he was too busy for me and that I’ll find the one someday. When I asked for the real reason and not the “busy” excuse, he said we just aren’t compatible and that I want kids soon and he doesn’t. We never had that conversation. I was actually having a screening for cervical cancer done around this time, too. I asked if we could talk in person since he as only a 5 minute drive from me now and he said no.
It has been a year and 3 months since this all happened and I feel like I haven’t healed at all. I think he has been dating someone new since August of last year. I’m not hoping he comes back anymore, I just want my old self back. Being broken up with that way damaged me pretty bad psychologically. Any advice, no matter how harsh, would be appreciated.
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2023.03.29 05:42 anus-georg How do I begin?

I'm a high school English teacher with 11+ years of good experience and a background in journalism - but I'm not seeing much out there that even pays on-par with teaching. Some copy writing jobs here and there, but very little full-time or with benefits (not that my teacher benefits are much anymore...).
I don't seem to be as bad off where I am right now as many surrounding districts (and certainly good for the state - Texas), but it's been declining so swiftly that "it could be worse" is definitely no flex. The satisfaction I used to get from this job has dwindled drastically, community support has swung around and is lacking at best/hostile at worst, and whatever is left of either of those things is completely drowned-out by the growing stack of work being piled on to my (wet paper) plate.
There's just no support to be had for my position anymore, but I'm living in an economy where I've scarcely been able to save anything for the past 3 years - so even moving doesn't seem like a practical option. I'm sitting on like $1k and still have debt from things like school and moving cross-country for THIS job.
I feel more lost today than I've ever felt in my life.
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2023.03.29 05:42 No_Butterscotch_26 Mindless Meanderings of a Fool

Because JJ is taking some much needed time off reviewing and providing his insights into COI, I thought I would provide something in the meantime. I would not call it filling in for JJ, as I am hardly at his level. I’m more like the unofficial side show for this week- providing (hopefully) some humor to help you come to grips with the shit that was spewed by Rick and the gang this week. While I have not had any Skyrizi cocktails, I do randomly call 1-800 numbers and ask them to check my ZIP code. Maybe that qualifies me for this role? I don’t know. But let’s get on with the pain.
We start off this week at the Garden Shaft. Which is this season’s location of the money pit. Craig and Scott are talking to one of the Dumas workers about their progress. They’re at 67 feet and probing for a gold spot along the way. Typical men, working in a new hole and not knowing where the g-spot is at. Clotworthy spews some junk about how significant the garden shaft is because of material dating back 60 years before the discovery of the money pit, and how the garden shaft is located in the “Treasure Zone”, which I’m guessing is the forthcoming name of the Oak Island theme park. Scott says something, but I wasn’t paying attention. Then again, he never says anything important, anyway. So, who cares. Dude has more speaking roles this season than our beloved Billy. Side note: I do find it funny that we’re supposedly in the original money pit, and there’s no talk or concern about the flood tunnels. You know, the fucking tunnels we wasted seasons looking for? Throwing dye into them… Building a fucking damn in the cove. Of course, the flood tunnel theories fell flat. But they won’t acknowledge that, or fess up that maybe all these theories are total bull. Instead, they’ll conveniently mention nothing of it and toss more shit into the frey to keep you off balanced. And, hope you’re more concerned about your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis to notice.
Our next scene is at the quadrilateral. For those of you who don’t know, this is Prometheus’ latest tangent to fill needless episodes. Supposedly, it was mentioned in Dead Nolan’s book, which the Alive Nolan decided to reveal for the first fucking time on the previous episode (I’m sure the book will be published soon, with a forward by Rick. Another book for the kooks to cite and come up with new BS theories to waste our time for the next 5 seasons, at least). Rick, Tom Nolan, “and the rest” as Clotworthy put it (Billy and Gary), are at the Quadrilateral. And thankfully, we are about to get some Billy excavating time. It’s mentioned how the quadrilateral has a mysterious group of boulders on it. I don’t know what’s so mesmerizing about the boulders. And the quadrilateral looks like the state of Nevada, which has a ton of boulders. So, I’m not impressed here. As the digging starts, they uncover “little sticks” which are cut and burnt. This leads to our first wild speculation of the week. Because these little burnt sticks are similar to the ones found under the stone pathway by the swamp, instantly this means that the quadrilateral is made by the people who made the stone pathway. We’re then shown flashbacks to when the crew took a pointless trip to Portugal to look at a stone road. And told once again how the two are so similar and there must be a Portuguese connection to them. They keep digging and Billy notices some clay. Some blue clay. And blue clay was found when they were fucking around in the money pit area and swamp a few seasons ago. We’re then led into our first commercial break. And thank god, because I need slam my head into the desk a few times. It’s bad enough watching this show. Having to then write about it? Fuck me. I’m only doing this one week.
OK. I’m a little dizzy, but we return to the quadrilateral. We got serious Clotworthy bs time. Blue clay in the money pit, swamp, and now in the quadrilateral! So obviously, it’s all connected. That’s now an Oak Island fact. They bring in the Geologist turd guy for 10 seconds to add some sort of authority to this BS claim. But, I’m over this guy. No geologist would let them get away with saying that limestone cavities underground have to be manmade. Fuck off, Rocks for Jocks dude. After he’s pushed to the side, we then get the other quack scientist, Dr. Spooner. I used to like this guy initially. He seemed grounded. Stayed in his lane. But between his water testing, and even dating a fucking nail, this dude is just another sellout on the show who’ll say anything to keep Prometheus happy. He analyzes the clay and finds some more burnt wood. He surmises it cannot be natural. Rick jumps in to say that because there were boulders, it means this is obviously a “safe” and there is something significant below. Of course, he doesn’t want to dig. He wants to wait for Tom Nolan and do more investigating. I’m going to go off on a tangent here, but…
I swear, Rick maybe the entire fucking problem with this crew. Let’s not forget folks, he was a postman, aka, GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE. In other words, he gets nothing done but spends a lot of someone else’s money. It was natural he would end up conning his brother into spending money on this disaster. This show has been on for 10 years. And all they had to do was a dig a big damn hole and see if there’s anything in the ground. Now, if I was given a job of digging a big damn hole, and my boss came up to me 10 years later to ask about the progress, I sure as hell wouldn’t go: “Well, we started digging in the money pit like you asked. But then we wanted to do some sonaradalidar detection and analyze the fuck out of it for inferences to treasure. After that, a few random ass guys with history degrees from Fuck You University came to the island and told us we should dig in other spots. They thought the treasure was [Templar, English, Aztec, French, Portuguese, Pirates, Phoenician, Egyptian, Martian]. So we did that. Found nothing. Then, we drained the swamp near the money pit 3 or 4 times, spent millions on dynamite to scare all the birds away, all to try and get more inferences on what lies below the ground. We also fucked around looking for a dock, and found a stone road. In terms of digging in the money pit area, we drilled tiny fucking holes all over it. Enough to turn it into Swiss cheese. We thought a few times we ‘just came down the edge’ of something. But, instead of just moving a few inches over and drilling again, we went to a new spot, chosen at random and still found nothing. Oh, and we took a shit load of trips to Europe. Just to look at some old castles and carvings, none of which has anything to do with the drilling job.” No, I wouldn’t. I’d have been fucking fired years earlier. But that’s COI. Making the US bureaucracy seem efficient.
Ahem, so after we leave the quadrilateral, “later that afternoon” we go to the war room. I’m excited. Because it’s a meeting time, and we have this week’s tinfoil kook! This week, we have Francisco Nogueira from Portugal. I’m getting giddy and tingly. Not because of any revelations or theories that are going to solve the mystery, but we’re guaranteed some extreme fucking head nodding action. Let’s see what Francisco says. I should not that he speaks perfect English, but gets subtitled (yet, I still barely understand Gary). We’re told that the Azores is a key place for north Atlantic explorers. And then we get into some Templars, Baby B-roll. Clotworthy tells us the Templars went to Portugal, rebranded, and then took their treasure to North America. Makes sense to me! Francisco, who honestly sounds like a hostage reading the terrorists demands after 4 weeks of torture (definitely not from starvation, though) says the Portuguese Knights of Christ were exploring in the 15th and 16th centuries. Were shown some nodding and smiling from Simple Jack and Alex. Our Kook then says the “mysterious” wall is of Portuguese style. I don’t know what specific style he’s talking about. It’s a bunch of fucking rocks stacked on top of one another. I’m sure more civilizations other than the Portuguese knew how to stack rocks on top of each other. However, the revelation is enough to get Simple Jack to exclaim, “No way!” He’s got to be feeling good. After all, it was his detective work that found a big ass fucking tree next to the wall a few weeks ago. Francisco continues. Apparently, only the Portuguese would fill in gaps of a wall with small rocks. I guess this implies that Spain and France were the first to create glory holes. We get more dramatic nodding and amazement. It seems we’re going all in on Portugal now. Fuck off, Duc d'Anville, Francis Beacon, Sinclair, and Long John Silver (I don’t know. I’m sure he’ll get some mention soon). We’ll bring you all back in a few seasons when this shit falls apart and they find nothing. The revelation was enough to cue the dramatic music and a commercial break. Good. I don’t drink alcohol, but I’m going to go look for some cooking sherry or something to help me through this. If not, maybe I’ll inhale some Pam. If anything, it’ll help with this dry nose thing I have going on. I’ll turn the TV up so I can hear if there are any prescriptions I can ask my doctor about.
I found some ice cream and ate myself into an ice cream headache. But it kind of helped with the pain from banging my head int the desk earlier. We return to the war room with our chubby Portuguese kook. I guess his revelations were too much to conclude in one segment. Naturally, we get a recap of what we just heard 4 minutes ago. Because obviously everyone that watches this show has the attention span of a cat who snorted 8 lines of catnip. We’re now told that the Portuguese came to Oak Island, in secret. We get a few seconds of legitimate history regarding King Phillip II of Spain putting the hurt on Portugal. But then we quickly get into bs about missing treasure. And obviously, Portuguese went across the world and dumped it on Oak Island. Long story short, the Knights of Christ decided to put their precious treasure on a boat, sail across the Atlantic, and bury it on an island they never went to before. Dougie jumps in to give us some NSCC-level education about Templars. Never trust a Doug. Finally, Rick gives us one of his garbage corporate meeting wrap ups. And we’ve officially wasted about 10 minutes of show on this garble.
Later that afternoon (this is one fucking long day), we’re back at the quadrilateral. Rick has brought back more people. Spooner once again says the clay shouldn’t be here. And the clay and boulders were transported here. Personally, I think they found Samuel Ball’s septic tank. That’s my guess. Spooner pokes around and conveniently finds something sticking out of one of the sides of the hole. I don’t see Barkhouse, so I’ll assume whatever it is, he planted it like most other shit found on the island. It’s too much for us to comprehend, so another fucking commercial break is in order.
After several more commercials about plaque psoriasis plaguing this nation, we return to the big find. It’s a rusted piece of metal, shaped like a U. Gary claims it’s an iron staple. But this fuck has been wrong a few times this season. I’m guessing we’ll get some Carmen time soon. They keep digging.
The “following morning” we briefly see Scott and Dumbasses still looking for the Garden Shaft’s g-spot. Then we’re taken to the lab with, I guessed it, Carmen. Rick, Marty, and Craig are there. And Emma looks to be checking out Twitter or something. Let me just say, this whole “one day ago” is bull. Rick’s hair is longer and he has a lot more beard than he did “yesterday” afternoon. Carmen says the staple is used to help change the direction of rope and used with a pulley. The crew surmises this means the staple was used to get the boulders in the quadrilateral. Carmen says staples like that were used during medieval times. Clotworthy gives us a diatribe, but I tuned him out. Emma confirms the staple is old. Oh, and it seems she’s using Laird’s Microsoft account. Not cool, Emma. Miriam wouldn’t do that. Also, Prometheus forgot to blur out the date and time on the computer screen. Says 3:49pm. Morning my ass, Clotworthy. And another fucking commercial. I guess the commercials are good for people with overactive bladders. But, you can discover Gemtesa to help with your overactive bladder! Just it’ll give you every time else and likely kill you. Oh, and probably more bladder issues. But they’ll have a pill ready for that, too! Ahem…
We return to the lab. Clotworthy tells us it’s a medieval staple. Also, we are now to call the quadrilateral the “Great Quadrilateral”. I guess that’s an okay name for the hotel at the Treasure Zone.
“Later that afternoon”, we’re back out at the Garden Shaft. Scott failed to find the g-spot, so Rick and Craig have come out to help the Dumbasses probe for it. This obviously means were in for a big moment. A climax, if you will. We’re told that the g post was not found on the eastern wall. So they’re now going to look for it on the west. West sideee, baby. We get a little interview with Marty. He tells us that once they get to the bottom of the hole, they can start probing down and around to look for that g-spot. The Dumbass supervisor speculates that whoever first made the hole was in a rush. My experience with guys is that most are in a rush. This doesn’t surprise me one bit. Craig talks about his experience probing. Unfortunately, no g-spot found this week. And we’re not taken to “the next day” at the war room. I’m guessing this is where we’ll declare victory for the week. Time is running short. More head nodding? Let’s see!
The war room meeting is to get an update on the mysterious wall. Come to think of it, the wall reminds me more of that one from the end of the Shawshank Redemption. Only that wall had something valuable under one of its rocks. But, back to the meeting. We’re practically at all hands-on deck. Simple Jack is in his seat. You know he is revved up for this meeting after his tree discovery. Laird is asked to tell use more about the wall. He says it’s unique and we’re given a flashback of Laird, Miriam, and Alex digging up the wall a few weeks ago. Naturally, this whole scene was just to satisfy the thirsty Miriam-obsessed. Back in the war room, Craig gives us a date on the piece of charcoal found under the stone wall. The range is 1474-1638- Conveniently fitting into this week’s theory of Portuguese treasure. In fact, we’re told that “we know” Portuguese were in the area. I guess if it’s said on COI, it HAS to be true! Simple Jack can’t contain himself anymore and gives us a profound thought to think on for the rest of the week: people don’t build walls for no reason. Wow, Jack. Fucking wow. There’s an old saying that says it’s better to remain silent and appear stupid, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Jack really should try that now and then. We’re given some more shit by NSCC Professor Doug about the Templars, and Rick says we need to keep an open mind until the facts say otherwise.
And that’s the show for this week. Thank Fucking God. I foolishly thought it would be fun to try this with JJ out. Fuck that. JJ, much respect to you. I don’t know how you do it. I’m amazed every week with your reviews/rants. After giving it a go myself, I’m even more perplexed how you get it done. But with that, I’m off to the 24-hour liquor store now. Peace!
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2023.03.29 05:38 Pagedpuddle65 Treat ChatGPT as a general-purpose API with a statically-typed client

I've been working on this project for a couple of weeks to make computer-to-ChatGPT programming easier. My basic thesis is that we can now completely rethink "hard" programming problems by leaning on ChatGPT for more than just user-to-chatbot use-cases.
So I've created HardConversations, which is an open source tool to generate a statically-typed client based on pre-defined questions you want a program to be able to ask to ChatGPT; you define the input and output types so you don't have to worry about parsing natural-language answers. (Right now it only generates code in Go, but other languages could be added fairly easily).
I have a big example use-case below to showcase the concept, or you can read more and see some simpler code examples on Github.
I'd love any feedback or thoughts. I have a lot of ideas on improvements to make, at this point it's more of a proof-of-concept than anything. (Also, parts of this will probably be improved immensely once plugins take-off more. And I also really want to add images as a possible data-source).


Let's say you work for a recruiting agency. Your company has a database full of resumes of potential job candidates. Clients come to you with job descriptions. You are tasked with building an automated tool that does all of the following:
  1. Find the 3 best candidates for a job description. Candidates can live anywhere, but we should prefer candidates that live in the same state as the job.
  2. Parse the candidates contact info from their resume.
  3. Automatically send an email to the candidates with a description of the job and an invitation to apply. Ideally the email will be personalized based on the candidates resume.
Let's see how HardConversations can help us solve these problems.
We can define the details of the "conversation" that our application wants to have in a YAML file to make answering these questions easy. We need to give some instructions about the conversation to give some context, and then we define the various types of questions our application can "ask." We will "ask" these questions by calling functions. These questions are going to be directly related to the 3 requirements above.
We also need to define what the input and output should be for each of these questions. For example, if we want to parse candidate info from a resume, we can have HardConversations make sure the answer is returned from ChatGPT as a Go struct called Candidate, which has fields for Name and Email.
Putting this all together in a YAML file looks like this:
version: 1 conversations: - path: "./autorecruiter" instruction: Given a list of resumes, you are able to determine which ones are the best fit for the job description. questions: - function_name: RankResumes prompt: Return just the IDs of between 1 and 3 resumes in a comma-separated list, ranked from best to worst fit for the job description. Do not include resumes that are not a good fit. input: "string" output: "[]int" - function_name: GetCandidateInfo prompt: "Return the candidate info from the resume" input: string output: github.com/troylelandshields/hardconversations/samples/recruiteresumes.Candidate - function_name: GenerateRecruiterMessage prompt: Generate a message to send to the candidate about the job; mention what you like about their resume and why you think they would be a good fit for the job. input: "github.com/troylelandshields/hardconversations/samples/recruiteresumes.RecruiterMessageRequest" output: github.com/troylelandshields/hardconversations/samples/recruiteresumes.Email 
Now that we've defined this "conversation", we want to be able to write an application that can use this functionality. We use the hardc CLI to generate libraries from this YAML file by executing hardc generate -f path/to/file.yaml.
Now we have an auto-generated, statically-typed client that we can create like this:
aiRecruiter := autorecruiter.NewClient(openAIKey) 
However, that's not all we need for this to work. We need to provide the resumes as a data-source that ChatGPT can utilize to find the best candidates.
To do that, we can add a "source provider" that HardConversations can use to add more contextual information to the conversation with ChatGPT, as needed.
// resume.ResumeProvider will return a list of resumes from the same state as the job. aiRecruiter.AddSourceTextProvider(db.ResumeProvider{}) // we also want to provide out-of-state resumes, but with slightly less preference, so we'll weight them a little less. aiRecruiter.AddSourceTextProvider(db.OutOfStateResumeProvider{}, sources.WithWeight(0.95)) 
Now, we can match resumes with jobs. Let's say we wanted to do it in a web-service. It would look something like this rough outline:
func HandleNewJob(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) { // get new job details from the request; description and state var jobDetails Job json.NewDecoder(r.Body).Decode(&jobDetails) // add the job state to the context so it can be used by the resume provider ctx := context.WithValue(r.Context(), jobStateKey, jobDetails.State) // create a new thread for this "conversation" thread := aiRecruiter.NewThread() // ask ChatGPT to rank the best fitting resumes; the provided sources will be used as contextual info resumeIDs, _, _ := thread.RankResumes(ctx, jobDetails.Description) for _, id := range resumeIDs { // get the resume from the database resume, _ := db.LookupResume(id) // ask ChatGPT to parse the Candidate details from the unstructured text of the resume candidate, _, _ := thread.GetCandidateInfo(ctx, resume.Text) // ask ChatGPT to generate a personalized message that we can send to the candidate personalizedMessage, _, _ := thread.GenerateRecruiterMessage(ctx, RecruiterMessageRequest{ Candidate: candidate, ResumeText: resume.Text, }) // ... send email message } } 
Solving any single one of these problems in software may have been pretty difficult. Interfacing with ChatGPT in a statically typed way through the client generated by HardConversations, however, we were able to get a working version up-and-running very quickly, and now we can iterate from here to continually measure and improve its success metrics.
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2023.03.29 05:38 tooth_fixer New Jersey dental licensure question

Hello! I am currently a pediatric dental resident with an active license in a Midwest state. I took the WREB exam in 2022, prior to the CDCA/WREB merger. I will complete my program in June 2024, meaning I'd have held my active license for two years. At the end of my program, I may have to move to New Jersey due to my SO's job. New Jersey's Dental Board website specifies they only accept CITA or CDCA as licensure exams, and for licensure by credentials, you have to have had at least 5 years of active practice in a single jurisdiction. My questions is: For those who have been in a similar situation as me, is there any way I can obtain a license in NJ without taking the CDCA Exam? Or am I going to register to take the CDCA manikin exam prior to moving to NJ? Thanks!
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2023.03.29 05:37 FakeRubberTrees The bullying hypocrisy unleashed over Posie Parker

The bullying hypocrisy unleashed over Posie Parker
Clements does a commendable job at breaking down the concerns many of us are feeling over what happened at the protest.
His diagnosis of the underlying problems are incisiveness and insightful.
I think it's worth considering the article with an open mind, wherever your sympathies may lie. What's discussed here is independent of - and dare I say goes beyond - whether you agree or disagree with Posie Parker.
Sam Clements is a poet, editor, and former academic from Auckland.
OPINION: Those disruptive Posie Parker protesters who opposed her presence in Aotearoa, and who have been congratulating themselves over their raucous, aggressive, bullying behaviour, ought to navel gaze a little and look up the definition of hypocrisy.
Don’t preach love, tolerance and respect, then brazenly do the opposite. It’s not a one-way street. Dignity and self-control, whatever the circumstances, matters.
Issues such as gender identification, queer expression, restroom access, puberty blockers and the like are not simple ones. Pretending they are ignores the complex interplay and influence of cultural perspective, philosophy, theology, gender identification and human biology and physiology.
They’re issues with a wide range of views and opinions across the spectrum. They’ve ignited debates of all sorts of hues across cultures, countries, communities, and social strata.
I’m not a fan of this woman in the slightest. She’s coarse, rough, borderline maniacally obsessed, and often acidically offensive.
Repeatedly, for example, referring to trans women as men is inflammatory, crude and callously dismisses the deeply profound and complex psychological and endocrinologically mediated potency and realness of gender identity, and seeks to further marginalise. It was hardly necessary to openly state an underlying genetic and chromosomal reality.
Equally, spreading fears of masses of marauding men identifying as women assaulting women in their restrooms is not supported by any statistics, and is frankly barking.
But she had a right to speak. She was never going to incite harm or hate for the transgender community. The attempt to block her entry to the country was frankly embarrassing.
Instead, a hornets’ nest has been stirred online of many incensed at Parker’s treatment. What could have been a storm in a Royal Doulton posy cup has become something else entirely. It has rightly ignited debate over the protection of the right of free speech, and over Parker’s positions.
And it’s paradoxically the latter that really could be weaponised to the detriment of transgender people down the line. It risks tarring and homogenising an entire “group” with the same brush: that it’s pushy, demanding, intolerant, absolutist, and greedily detached from “reality” in its demands.
Too readily those opposed to, or who question, trans demands, are accused of “hate speech”. The term is grossly overused, often misused and loaded. It’s often employed by individuals or groups who appear blissfully ignorant of the concepts of irony, paradox, cliché, and hypocrisy.
How much better a respectful protest would have been. Instead, those shrilly protesting her were played.
She never expected an audience of thousands supporting her, but she sure knew she’d bring out the opposition.
She could easily have hired private venues, but the point never was numbers. Why hold events behind closed doors where protester gatecrashers can be legally removed, when broad daylight in a park setting provides theatre and drama?
What better way to generate great social media footage than to appear in Albert Park in the CBD? The perfect backdrop on a fine autumnal morning. The perfect venue of historical protest significance beloved by the left.
Cancelling her Wellington appearance and exiting the country? Excellent stagecraft. Check out the video and still footage being posted on Twitter. You allowed her to victimise herself on steroids. As some journalists have noted, you fell for it.
The publicity generated for Parker has been immense and international. In the spring an election will be fought that now focuses to a substantive indirect degree on cultural ideology.
Thanks to over-egged, highly strung “do-goodism”, everyone from Cape Reinga to the Bluff now knows who Posie Parker is. She’s been given priceless branding she loves and craves. And ignited debate.
Look forward to ACT and NZ First making mileage. Look forward to growing rumblings from Telegram conspiracy theorists and far right extremists. Look forward to being painted as fanatical extremists yourselves, however (possibly/probably/arguably/wholly) undeserved and ridiculous.
While I salute and acknowledge the sincere and heartfelt work many do on campuses and within various social community groups and settings in the area of “safe spaces”, and the potential benefits of such spaces, the cosy cocooning of some of these LGBTQI+ “safe” spaces too often seeks to shield and protect from the realities of the real world. A place where debate takes place, differences of opinion exist – however strong, painful, or hurtful – and that underpins all civilised, educated, and culturally sophisticated societies.
We fail to appreciate that at our long-term peril.
Listening, learning, exploring, debating, and ultimately respecting difference of opinion, is important, even if we passionately and angrily disagree.
If opinion advocates violence clearly, unambiguously, and implicitly, we have laws that will result in prosecution of those individuals. Attempting to shut down strong opinions, however unpalatable we might find them, including through attempting to enact repressive laws, is not in the interests of a healthy democracy.
People may never reach consensus, but at least they’ll never be accused of lacking decency. And maintaining decency, particularly in the face of indecency, matters.
Will we fail at decency? Yes. We’re all human. But it matters that we never tire in our endeavours to find common ground, however tenuous and fragile that ground may be, or to forget the human.
Such endeavours can produce great long-term good. That is something all passionate believers in liberty should surely agree upon.
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2023.03.29 05:34 Popular_Room_6776 Creators going to the police (not mentioning names before you get offended on behalf of someone)

So as some of you are probably aware more than one creator has stated they are going to the police over this page. Most recently it’s been claimed there was threats made towards a child. I’ve failed to find evidence of this threat, I’ve searched through EVERY post looking for a threat and I’ve asked for proof to be sent to me if anyone has it (this still stands if you have it please sent it through) but if you want me to take these claims of going to the police seriously maybe don’t make/have people make fake accounts messaging me directly pretending to be the police 🤦🏻‍♀️ Realistically nothing in here is untrue it’s just the harsh truth and of course people find that offensive. You put your children on the internet (which most of us strongly advocate against anyway) people are going to think they have a right to an opinion and of course those opinions can be hurtful but baby cheeses not everyone is going to think your child is insanely talented, someone might say your child is a brat but realistically the only way you can control or stop that is not subjecting your innocent children to it, it’s literally your job. Not to mention the fact children shouldn’t even be aware of reddit ffs and if you are that stupid you are going to actively tell your kids about this shit no one is to blame but yourself. Keep your kids off the fucking internet until they are old enough to fully comprehend the risks of it and they can make an informed decision. Children don’t exist for you to market them and profit from them.
If you are offended by this all I can say is the truth hurts.
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2023.03.29 05:33 nullfightinggames Batman shouldn't be accused of everything joker does for not killing him

Tl:dr Batman is a vigilante that does not (or atleast tries not) to kill any criminals this includes the joker, i see a lot of people throw batman under the buss for not killing joker and him basically escaping arkham asylum and then proceeded to do fucked up shit but to be fair before anyone is sent to prison they go to a fair trial (judging by united states standards which im sure gotham is part of) and the judge or jury decides the best punishment for your crimes being that joker does fucked up things a whole bunch of times you'd think at some point they'll rule the death penalty for him, i know in one of the batman comics it is explained that the death penalty isn't allowed in gotham but even then in a city where there is literal super villains doing fucked up shit they'd bring back the death penalty and get rid of those villains like joker.
Summary: the judge or jury in a court room should be questioned for not enforcing the death penalty
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2023.03.29 05:32 bronderblazer Backup destination takes too long.

I have a 2TB vm that I try to backup every night. The backups take several hours even though it's only incremental. Worse even, if a nightly backup fails then it takes about 24 to clean up the incomplete previous run and another 24 hours to run again. Meanwhile my DR replicas of that VM are on hold When the replicas run they do so an an acceptable time frame (several times a day).
I think my local NAS where I store this replicas is just not fast enough. and the job does state that the bottleneck is on the target. Is there anything in veeam backup job config I could do? or should I just get a faster NAS probably SSD's.
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2023.03.29 05:28 Illustrious_Boot_505 Daily Smoker

I’m confused a lot of people talk about Monkey Whizz, U Pass, & Quik Fix working, but there’s also ALOT of people claiming they failed. I live in a state where it’s illegal, but I’m sure I can probably get my hands on some. I’m just seriously curious if it’s worth the risk for job seekers or if it’s literally just a gamble every time. I’m looking into possibly non-serious medical work/workplaces
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