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/MissouriPolitics is a subreddit devoted to all things political in Missouri. State governments don't get the same level of coverage as Washington, DC, but the effect that they have can often be much greater.

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Welcome to Willard,MO! This is a place for the Willard Community to interact with one another. Whats that? you're not from here? GREAT! Welcome!

2023.03.29 05:22 MrDingus84 I love my Weber Kettle, but I’m looking at getting a pellet grill as well. I smoke maybe once a month, usually ribs or butts. Are there any concerns with this specific model as to why I shouldn’t get it?

I love my Weber Kettle, but I’m looking at getting a pellet grill as well. I smoke maybe once a month, usually ribs or butts. Are there any concerns with this specific model as to why I shouldn’t get it? submitted by MrDingus84 to smoking [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 05:21 _brennalynne Quick Trip in July for a Concert

Hi all!
I am a solo female from Canada and I'm considering adding a few days to my trip (internship aboard in Valencia, Spain) to detour to Warsaw to see Harry Styles on July 2nd (he cancelled his tour date in my hometown - twice!). I'd be arriving on the 1st and leaving on the 3rd.
Any advice on getting to and from the airport, and transport to and from the venue (pge narodowy), and or things to know (or avoid) or places to stay? Should I take public transport back from the concert (what time does transport stop running)?
Prices on ticketmaster for his concert are expensive but they're the only option I know of. Is that my only 'safe' option (I wont risk a scam, especially with flight/hotel prices)?
Also, anything I should know about Warsaw in general? I wish I could stay longer!
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.29 05:19 hc627398 Nanny Boundaries: Sickness

Hi, everyone. So I am a college student and experienced childcare workenanny. Just for context, I am in a rigorous academic program/institution. I started a new position this winter and was very candid about my academic commitments, but it started off great. The parents both work very demanding jobs, but they are kind people.
I have worked with kids for a long time, but I have never seen kids that are so chronically ill.
The first non-cold incident was during winter. The kids had flu/RSV and ended up giving it to me. While they paid me when I was off, I was left with a $400 medical bill (not including medications). But I brushed it off because I know that some sickness is inevitable. They were, however, continuing to display their standard “cold” symptoms the entire time leading up to that and did not receive any medical attention.
The next incident was pink eye. This happened two days before I was about to leave to present at a research conference. I informed the parent (WFH) that their child had green secretions coming from their distinctly red eyes. They brushed me off, and said it was allergies. The next day (two days before my flight was supposed to leave) they greeted me at the door and informed me that their child did, in fact, have pink eye. I was given no notice to get a mask, wear gloves, etc. Thankfully, I only developed a cold while I was gone. But I really would’ve appreciated a heads up, and if my initial observation was taken seriously. Again, that could’ve ended up costing me hundreds of dollars-plus travel expenses-if I had gotten sick.
These kids (1.5 and almost 5) keep their severe “colds” pretty much 24/7. I do not believe there has been a single week since I started where both have been well. They are always coughing, complaining of sore throats, saying they feel hot, etc. The youngest has the worst bout of it. She has progressively gotten worse. They do not, however, take them to the doctor. I believe they give them OTC pain relievers sometimes, but nothing more than that. In December when I was working, I noticed how ill the baby had become. You can hear her wheeze almost all of the time (it’s gotten worse), because her lungs are irritated and her mucus secretions are so thick. There are times that I have contacted the parents while they were working because I was so concerned about the child’s ability to breathe. Holding her a full arms length away from me, I could hear her wheezing. But I keep getting brushed off. When they do acknowledge she is sick, they say that they simply know what to do.
A few weeks ago, the youngest threw up all over me while I was feeding her. It was all over my shirt and pants, and I did not have a change or clothes packed or my car with me to go back home and get some. I texted a friend to bring me a change of clothes. When one of the parents came up, I told them what had happened they brushed it off and said she still “spits up.” I have had kiddos spit up on me—this was vomit, and a significant amount of it. The parent did not offer me a change of clothes, to take the girl so that I could change—nothing. I was in my vomit-soaked outfit for over an hour. Because the baby was sick she kept waking up and screaming whenever I tried to put her down (asleep) so that I could change. I felt awful for her and knew it was critical for her to rest so she could fight off the virus, so I finally just let her sleep. When the parent came up about half an hour later, they sat beside me as the girl slept on me (which I also felt guilty about for sanitary reasons). I know that they could smell (and see) that I did not change, but they still did not offer me the opportunity to go change. The worst part wasn’t that I was thrown up on—it was how humiliated I felt for the rest of my shift and sitting next to that parent.
Since then, the kiddos have kept their usual “colds,” which hit me hard last week. I ended up with a sinus infection—another large bill because of medications, office visit, tests, etc. Yesterday, after finding out that the oldest boy had drinking medicine all day for a sore throat (which honestly, they always have—so I was exposed before this), I started to feel feverish and got a sore throat. I finished out my shift, but spiked a 104 fever that night. Again, the next day I had to do an office visit, medications, etc. It turns out that I have strep. And the high-risk individual that I live with is now sick also. I have a doctor note for two days, but my fever is persisting. They said we could touch base after the note is up, but I really don’t know what to say about coming in for the rest of the week—and that’s if my fever breaks.
I feel so lost, because they seem like kind people and have accommodated me when I needed a day or two off during finals and had to attend a conference. Vice versa, I am now working almost double the hours we initially agreed to—in addition to any random days that they have told me that they need all-day care. But, I still feel like I owe them, and I do not want to be a poor employee. I know that a good nanny/NF relationship requires sacrifice from both parties, and I want to try my best to make it work.
I just don’t know what to do right now. I have tried masking (new), washing my clothes as soon as I get home, regular hand washing, etc. I have spent close to $800 on medical expenses, am missing classes because of illness, and now infecting others in my household. They are always kind when I finally have to call out because of sickness, but they don’t seem to understand that their kiddos are the ones transmitting things to me.
Again, I love this family so much and truly feel for them. But I just cannot afford to be getting sick like this—for both financial and academic reasons. We never discussed sick care in my hire interview, but it says on my Nanny Profile that I do not care for sick kids.
I am also concerned about liability, if the youngest child does start to asphyxiate (on his secretions) on my watch. I have even sought advice from medical professionals on how to best handle that situation, if it were to happen, since it would go beyond standard CPR.
Does anyone have any advice for this type of thing or advice? Should I just stick it out?
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2023.03.29 05:11 vfsakvc AITAH for saying my son’s girlfriend was “kind of annoying”?

So I (43f) have a son (16) and he’s deaf due to condition he was diagnosed with when he was 12 and has been completely deaf for the last two years. Lately he’s been telling us about this girl at his school who he’s been hanging out with a lot and talking to and he asked if we could have her over for dinner to meet her. I was happy to have her over and meet his young lady friend.
Now something he told us about her that may constitute a “YTA” from this alone: she’s on the autism spectrum. He said she doesn’t have any friends at school and gets bullied and asked us to please be nice to her and make her feel safe. Last night her brother dropped her off and right off the bat I could see she was VERY high energy. She was really excited (but seemingly a bit nervous) to meet us. Then when we sat down to eat, she was talking pretty much nonstop. There were times my son had to wave his hands at her to let him say something, but she didn’t seem to like letting other people talk, and she would go on tangents a lot of the time. There was also a point where my son mentioned something she was passionate about and she startled us by stomping on the ground in excitement when he mentioned it.
Then her brother came and picked her up, and my son was really happy we got to meet her. Later after the kids went to bed, I talked to my husband about it and I said it was kind of awkward since she was controlling every conversation and pivoting everything back to her, and I half heartedly said “I mean honestly, she was kind of annoying” and laughed. He pointed out that she’s wired differently and may not have realized how she was coming off and that she seemed really sweet and she seems to genuinely like our son so what more could we ask for.
So here’s the thing. Our 6 year old daughter heard me say that so she ran to our son and told him what I said. Today he approached me about it and was VERY angry with me. He told me she has no friends and has never had any guy show any genuine interest in her (and she is VERY beautiful so he said to “imagine being that good looking and still having trouble finding a boyfriend”) and that I sounded like the shitheads at school who said they were compatible because he didn’t have to listen to her. I was trying to tell him that he heard me out of context and I didn’t mean it but then he went even further and told me her parents (who she doesn’t live with anymore) would openly call her stupid when she was younger so she’s had her fill of insults for one life.
I didn’t at all mean it like he thinks I did. Maybe I should’ve said it differently but I wasn’t serious and I was just trying to describe how I perceived her.
tl;dr: my son brought his autistic girlfriend to dinner with us and I half heartedly called her “annoying” to my husband and my son found out and got REALLY upset.
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2023.03.29 05:10 mferna9 I turned a $40,000 Private Loan into $595,500 worth of Real Estate (and $195,000 in Equity)

Posting to hopefully inspire someone to get started or take the next step, but also to share a win with the community.
Back in October of 2018, I bought a very small SFH (property A) at an auction for $37,500. Long story short, it was in a rural area and very few people came to the auction (and no-one besides me showed up to inspect it prior to the auction). Bidding started at 50% of the appraised value ($75,000), and I was the only bidder. I put a few thousand dollars into painting the inside, outside, and replacing the fridge and stove. Then rented it out for $950/mo (later $1,200/mo when that tenant moved out). At the time, I didn't have the cash for it, so borrowed the money from a private lender I knew personally at 12% interest.

Shortly after (early 2019), I found a duplex (Property B) on MLS I wanted to buy but still didn't have the cash for a down payment, but did have a good chunk of equity in this new property. I called a lender and asked if I could do a single loan for both properties using the equity in property A to cover the down payment for property B (duplex). Much to my surprise at the time, his response was: "Yep, it's called a portfolio loan, we do these all the time". I was able to buy the new duplex for $135,000 with the seller covering all closing costs, and the equity from Property A to cover Property B's down payment and paid off the private loan. I can't remember exactly, but pretty much nothing out of pocket! Once rates dropped after COVID I refinanced out of the portfolio loan and into separate 30-year fixed loans (I think 3.5%).

Fast forward to the end of 2022. Someone reached out to me and asked if I'd be willing to sell property A. I said yes, but for no less than $150,000 (pretty high price for this size home in this area- I was worried it wouldn't appraise). They agreed and we moved forward with the sale in February of this year. I did a 1031 exchange with the proceeds (roughly $80K), and shortly after identified 2 new duplexes (Properties C and D) to buy. They happen to be from the same seller and one was across the street from a property I already own, and the other next-door to a property I already own. Plus, both were a pretty good price and great terms (Bond for Deed with 5.75% interest rate; 30 year am; 20% down).

I closed today and the 1031 money covered all of the down payment and closing costs except for $350.00! So virtually nothing out of pocket. Cashflow is decent from day one, but the rents are slightly below market, so I know it'll be great as soon as these tenants move out.

In all, this one little house and a $40K private loan resulted in 3 duplexes:
Property B: worth $225K today ($121K in equity). Cashflows $450/mo after PITI, repairs, vacancy, capex, etc.
Property C: worth $175,500 ($35K in equity). Cashflows $180/mo after PITI, repairs, vacancy, capex, etc.
Property D: worth $195,000 ($39K in equity). Cashflows $150/mo after PITI, repairs, vacancy, capex, etc.

Happy investing!!
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2023.03.29 05:09 tacocoma1 The Complaints Department

Quality of life. There is apparently no interest in quality of life at Ableton HQ. The last great update was MIDI capture. 5 years ago. Since day 1 I've wanted to change the default key binds for the software. It's been 7 years since I began working with Ableton and the closest I have is LES + AutoHotkey with Oversampled's script which only covers most of the bases of what Live could potentially do. Max 4 Live has been a lifesaver as well for many of the features which Ableton STILL lacks. Granular, AZ Lab's Pad slicing mode, and Push 2 Arrangement Mode to name a few.
I still can't get over the fact that they haven't added a control + highlight feature after people have slowly been realizing the lack of it over a span of 10 years or so. It's not a necessity but it's little things like that which pushed me away from mouse and keyboard to the simplicity of Push's workflow (pun intended). I also was really hoping when the cloud feature was announced that it would finally allow us to easily share projects with each other by collecting all and saving with the exception of only needing to freeze/print tracks with plugins that others might not have. This would've been a game changer for me and my friends when we want to share the stems of our projects without the use of dropbox or google drive and the hassle that comes with that.
The Note app is a great addition to Ableton's lineup but the integration with other mobile/tablet applications is extremely limited and its features are so limited in general that it barely serves as a musical sketchpad. I've had plenty of other gripes about Ableton's software in the past about a lack of features as new technology is released such as integrating stem-splitting AI as an audio effect or max 4 live device. This is a feature on a handful of mobile music apps like Koala which I frequently have to set up when working in Ableton. I'll leave it there for Ableton's software.
I've had a Push 2 for a couple of years and it's been great for creating and getting ideas down without tediously clicking in piano roll or drawing automation lanes- that sort of thing. It's an amazing device for sampling and so far nothing beats the possibilities of the "hardware DAW". I have many other praises and reasons for preferring the device to anything else on the market to this day but that's not why I'm here. That being said, I can't stand the lighting power options. I understand USB C wasn't popularized until after the development of Push 2 was completed but this is no excuse for not having a rerelease or new model almost 10 years later. This seemingly simple solution to a major flaw in the device is what has me writing this portion of the review in the first place. After purchasing Push it seems like every change I've made to my home studio revolves around getting the thing to be more flexible. I purchased a MyVolts cable in order to power it from a power bank. I originally purchased a laptop and portable speaker for mobile production until I recently purchased a steam deck and set up VBan with my phone so I can use the Push anywhere I want with minimal issues getting audio on any speaker I want and close to 0 latency. Another note, its size. I can't take it anywhere unless it's the only thing in my bag. I have to be extra gentle when carrying it that way because the only solutions to travel are glorified tupperware (Decksaver) and Analog Cases (the standard in bulky but reliable cases since forever). I purchased an Analog case and I rarely use it because it has to be checked on a flight and it's way too bulky to make it on any road trips. No way around it when packing. Nothing new here, music equipment will always be impossible to haul for a number of reasons. Maybe it's not in Ableton's best interest to continue with Push development but it sure would've saved me a lot of headaches and money if they did. Not to mention the other issues I have with the device.
There are so many buttons on Push which, coming from a company that prides itself on creating software with fully integrated UI, is ridiculous. I understand a lot of passion and hard work went into creating the interface of the device revolving around the software. There's a reason the creators have their signatures on the back panel of every device. However, they did not meet the mark when it comes to conciseness and ease of use. It takes multiple button combinations to accomplish what can be done with a single mouse click in the software. I'm aware of many people who have the same complaints in their reviews of the Push. I also understand that this device was intended more for live performance but in my opinion, they targeted the wrong audience. There is also a major lack of functionality when it comes to changing parameters and many important functions of Ableton and VSTs alike. So much has to be MIDI mapped before Push is even remotely close to being a full solution for mouse and keyboard. As someone who takes pride in owning a Push, it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify the price combined with a lack of flexibility and native Ableton features. I haven't recommended it to anyone in a while even though it truly has a monopoly on Ableton hardware integration for obvious reasons.
With the steam deck I purchased, I was able to map almost all of the features of the Push (plus a few software features that it lacks) onto a controller with around 80+ total inputs/ combos which are all easily accessible on 16 (give or take) buttons of the device using the activator options through steam controller mapping. I've playtested these controls with a few friends and we made them at least twice as intuitive as Push 2's interface. This covers almost all of Ableton's necessary features and provides a great handheld and portable solution to music production for half the price of Push 2. Push only accomplishes a similar feat on around 60 buttons with a handful of combinations on top of that totaling around 70 possible inputs/ combos. This is obviously leaving out a lot of the draw to Push being mostly screenless and having a lot of buttons to accomplish exactly that. My argument for the deck is portability and ease of use. I could go on but for the sake of anyone reading this far, consult experienced people before purchasing a specific piece of music hardware, and don't make the same mistakes that we do by not studying up before making purchases or you'll be extremely let down by what you receive.
Edit: forgot to mention the lack of audio drivers in Ableton. The reason so many people come to this subreddit with audio device issues. ASIO is great and most audio interfaces solve the problem entirely but it still baffles me why they wouldn’t create their own like many other DAWs have. Quality of life.
TLDR Ableton is a groundbreaking DAW with plenty of near-necessary features which other DAWs don't provide, but it will quickly be left in the dust if they continue to slow development and procrastinate listening to customer feedback. And when the right group of software developers comes along they will easily take Ableton's place in a heartbeat. Push 2 became outdated the day it was released and continues to become more of a relic to own today. New technology and hardware on the market makes a good argument for the discontinuation of Push, but nothing beats the feeling of a well-designed piece of music hardware when developed by a forward-thinking team. Hopefully, others will agree that while Ableton does a lot of the heavy lifting for music producers, they need to take development and updates to the next level in order to stay ahead of the game. Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.29 05:06 TokyoBang I’m attracted to older women

There are lots of reasons why I’m attracted to older women. Aside from being mature, responsible and independent, I’m attracted to them because they have wisdom. Alam na nila kung ano ang gagawin. They know how to communicate well and solve problems. May initiative sila at marunong makiramdam sa situation, hindi yung kailangan mo pang ipaliwanag lahat para maintindihan nila. Another thing na naaappreciate ko sa kanila is yung pagiging caring. I think its natural for them na maging caring kasi some of them might have nephews and nieces already. Some of them might have elderly parents din. Doon mo talaga makikita how patient they are with people. Yung patience ng pagaaruga sa mga taong they care for and that shows din kung paano sila magmahal. I never dated nor had a relationship with someone older than me, I slept with a few yes, and yeah siguro doon ko nakita lahat ng mga namention ko dito through observation lang din and experience.
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2023.03.29 05:06 iTripperr How long after flight departure have you received your item?

It’s my first time ordering from Temu and I just got a flight departure status update on the shipping. How many days after this update did it take to receive your item?
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2023.03.29 05:05 HueSplat 4257 Driver BETA - Game On Driver support for Crime Boss

Didn't see this posted yet.

Installer release date: 3/28/2023 Driver date: 3/23/2023
Intel® Game On Driver support on Intel® Arc™ A-series Graphics for: • Crime Boss\* Get a front row pass to gaming deals, contests, betas, and more with Intel Software Gaming Access.
Intel® Arc™ Graphics Products: • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020\ (DX11) may experience application crash during gameplay.* • Sea of Thieves\ (DX11) may exhibit color corruption on water edges.* • System may hang while waking up from sleep. May need to power cycle the system for recovery. • GPU hardware acceleration may not be available for media playback and encode with some versions of Adobe Premiere Pro. • Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve\ may exhibit color corruption with Optical Flow*
INTEL® ARC™ CONTROL KNOWN ISSUES: • Windows UAC Admin is required to install and launch Arc Control. • The Live Performance Monitoring page may not apply the desired removal of some performance metric tiles. • The Resizable Bar status may show an incorrect value on systems with multiple Intel® Graphics Adapters. • Using Arc Control Studio capture with certain games may incorrectly generate multiple video files.
Intel® Arc™ Control Performance Tuning (BETA): • Intel® Arc™ Control Performance Tuning is currently in Beta. As such, performance and features may behave unexpectedly. Intel® will continue to refine the Performance Tuning software in future releases.
CONTENTS OF THE PACKAGE: • Intel® Graphics Driver ( • Intel® Media SDK Runtime ( • Intel® oneVPL GPU Runtime ( • Intel® Graphics Compute Runtime for OpenCL\ Driver* • Vulkan\3 Runtime Installer* • Intel® Graphics Driver Installer (1.0.737) • oneAPI Level Zero Loader and Validation Layer • Intel® Graphics Compute Runtime for OneAPI Level Zero specification • Intel® Arc™ Control installer (1.66.4728.1) • Intel® Driver Support Assistant
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2023.03.29 05:04 Jomskylark Easterns, Northwest Challenge, Huck Finn, East Coast Scrimmages, B-Team Brodown, AC Open – Weekend Discussion [April 1-2]

Predict, Discuss and Follow the Weekend's Events

Use these discussion threads to talk about matchups, share predictions, find stream info, react to results and more. You can also chat live in our discord channel. Feel free to discuss any event, not just the featured events!


April 1-2 in partly cloudy Little River, SC
Livestreaming Schedule
Date Local Time UTC Time Div Matchup Watch
Easterns is US Eastern time. Viewing requires a Full ($12.99/mo) or Plus ($19.99/mo) subscription. Games WILL have commentary. Schedule subject to change but won't be updated here. If the links don't work, try here.
Men's Pools – Schedule and Results
Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
#1 Massachusetts #2 North Carolina #4 Vermont #7 Oregon
#12 Pittsburgh #11 Minnesota #8 Cal Poly-SLO #13 Carleton
#24 NC State #18 Northeastern #15 Tufts #14 Brown
#21 California #20 Ohio State #22 Georgia #17 Michigan
Auburn UNC-Wilmington Wisconsin #25 South Carolina
Follow: Easterns Facebook, @Ultiworld, @UltiworldLive

Northwest Challenge

April 1-2 in rainy Seattle, WA
Men's Pools – Schedule and Results
Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
#19 British Columbia #16 Washington Utah State #23 Oregon State
#12 D-III Whitman Utah Western Washington Victoria
Dartmouth Washington State Gonzaga Chico State
Women's Division – Schedule and Results
The main women's division was last weekend, however, it looks like there will be at least one game between Portland and Whitman this weekend, as part of the Tier 2 division. Not sure if more teams are still to be added to the schedule.
Follow: @DiscNW, @Ultiworld, @UltiworldLive

Huck Finn

April 1-2 in partly cloudy O'Fallon, IL (near St Louis)
Men's Pools – Schedule and Results
Pool A (Tier 1) Pool B (Tier 1) Pool C (Tier 2) Pool D (Tier 2) Pool E (Tier 3) Pool F (Tier 3)
Washington-St Louis Iowa State Wisconsin-Milwaukee #10 D-III St Olaf St Louis Marquette
Emory Missouri #6 D-III Grinnell Illinois Boston University Georgia State
Cincinnati Purdue Chicago Kentucky Arizona State Illinois State
Notre Dame Alabama Florida State #9 D-III Missouri S&T DePaul Central Michigan
Vanderbilt Indiana #8 D-III John Brown Michigan State
All teams can reach the championship bracket, but more spots are allocated to teams in higher tiers.
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East Coast Scrimmage Weekend

April 1 in rainy Ardmore, PA (near Philadelphia)
Women's Pool – Schedule and Results
Pool A
#1 North Carolina
#2 Vermont
#5 Tufts
#15 Yale
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B-Team Brodown

April 1-2 in partly cloudy Pittsburgh, PA
Men's Pools – Schedule and Results
Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Pittsburgh-B Penn State-B #21 D-III Franciscan #23 D-IIII Messiah
Ohio Lehigh-B Michigan-B Ohio State-B
#18 D-III Rochester Carnegie Mellon-B Shippensburg Case Western-B
SUNY-Fredonia Ave Maria Dayton-B SUNY-Buffalo-B
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Atlantic Coast Open

April 1-2 in partly cloudy Axton, VA
Women's Pools – Schedule and Results
Pool A
George Washington
George Mason
Men's Pools – Schedule and Results
Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D Dev Round Robin
Penn State Duke Rutgers Cornell Maryland-B
#3 D-III Richmond Virginia Tech Lehigh Georgetown South Carolina-B
#5 D-III Navy Temple Connecticut Liberty Virginia Tech-B
Johns Hopkins MIT VCU East Carolina Cornell-B
George Mason American Charlotte YCC Georgetown-B
George Washington-B
Follow: Tournament Site, @OakCreekUlti, @Ultiworld, @UltiworldLive
Top 25 Rankings from Ultiworld Top 25, but not yet updated for this week.
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2023.03.29 05:02 ugly_duckling_5 To move or not to move, that is the question.

Hey, all. I have the most infuriating dilemma that's practically driven me to insanity.
On one hand, I have an apartment that I absolutely love and deeply consider my home. There's no part of me that would be moving... If it weren't for my neighbors. They have a tendency to be fairly noisy, mostly playing their TV loud enough for me to hear and I have an upstairs apartment. I've tried calling the office, thinking it's better for my apartment manager to talk to them than me. But, every single time. They seem to be okay, but a week or so later they're back at it. Maybe I'm overreacting, but it's an every day type of occurrence. There's more to their noisiness, but this is the current worst part to deal with. Most of the rest is excessive slamming doors, etc. Before them, I could enjoy my entire apartment in peace. Now, I feel confined to my bedroom and miss out on my living room/art studio space. But, maybe with my white noise machine, etc, I could deal with that.
Now, for the decision-making difficulties. A little over a week ago, I found a house that looked nice from the outside. I applied, even without seeing pictures. Why? Because my neighbor downstairs, the same ones who have been a huge bother already, is pregnant. I'm terrified that the baby could keep me up at night, bother me while I'm trying to work, etc. I understand it's a baby and they have little control over how it may act, but I need to consider my own life as well. I have no idea how bad that will be for me being above them. It could be horrendous. It could be no problem at all. Or anything in between. But, the house itself is fairly nice. Just doesn't quiet compare aesthetically in some ways to my apartment.
Now, this house has its perks. I want to keep my mountain views. It has mountain views upstairs. This is fairly difficult to find, even if the views aren't as good as I have it now. It's in the location I want, for a price I can mostly afford. It's just missing on a few things like I prefer hardwood in the living area, dark cabinetry with lighter countertops. But mostly I like to have blinds on my dang windows and they not only don't have them, but won't install them. It has the yard, the privacy, but missing on the aesthetic things that I most enjoy. I do like it for the most part and another home that I can afford in this very small area may not come along, but I'm not sure I even want to stay here longer than a year. Unless things change in my life and I find friends, etc, in the next year after already not finding that in the year I've been here, I might leave despite loving this state/area.
So, if you were in my situation, what would you do? Things to keep in mind - I work from home and I'm in my home frequently, so it's nice to have low amounts of noise. - The home could cost me about $3,500 in deposits and moving costs, closer to just $600ish just in moving costs. I should get most of the security deposit back, so I try not to think about those costs. Rent, etc is only about $40/mo increase, but utilities could me hundreds every month. Anywhere from at least $100 to as far as $400/mo increase, though I think closer to 200-300/mo. - While I do like the home, there's a huge part of me that wants to just put everything in storage and travel for several months or so after my next lease is up (a year from now either way, which can be a long time in either scenario). However, a year is a long time and I could end up changing my mind and staying and the house could then become a huge asset if the owners let me stay for at least a could of years and not just the one year lease. -My apartment manager has assured me that if the baby is something I can't handle and keeps me up, etc, that I can get out of my lease with no fees, etc. However, it's really hard to find a good home for a decent price here and especially hard to find one with a mountain view, even just from upstairs.
If anyone has any thoughts, please let me know. I'm back and forth in a way that would make anyone dizzy! I have probably the best apartment you can get, but crappy downstairs neighbors. I don't want to be chased out, but maybe a house is better for me? But I'm not sure it's worth the financial output. I'm just all over the place and any advice helps.
TLDR; I have the best apartment you can imagine with great mountain views and beautiful interior, but fairly annoying neighbors as is and they have a baby on the way. I can't predict how the baby will be and my manager says I can leave if it's bad, no fees, but I don't know if I should preemptively move to a house I'm less in love with for more money when it's nearly impossible to find a house here in my price range at all.
Should I risk it and stay in a home I love or go for the house that may be the best I could get when I don't know if I'd stay more than a year?
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2023.03.29 04:58 Available-Edge-5896 BPI CC - AIRASIA Dispute

Hi, I just wanted to ask for help or ideas. I booked an Airasia Flight last Jan 30, got billed in my cc and paid for it in February. Then March 3, Airasia cancelled my flight.
I went to BPI branch and they told me I need to have a cancellation memo or refund confirmation from merchant but I don’t know how to get it. Any idea?
Yung ticket for refund ko sa Airasia naka work in progress lang all this time. 😔
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2023.03.29 04:55 castdeluxee [Store] COLLECTOR'S CACHE 2O15/2O16/2O17/2O18/2O19 and International 1O CollectorsCache [W] Paypal / GCASH / Crypto , dota2 skins/tf2keys @130%

i made a GOOGLE SHEET for my reserved clients to sort things.


If some things are might missing, you can check my profile, you can comment on my profile too, if you like to discuss..

Steam Community :: CACHE.DELUXE!

𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟱 𝗖𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗼𝗿'𝘀 𝗖𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗲 :

name of set no. of pcs sold final inventory price ($) USD
Fires of Vashundol (doom) 1 0 1 $74
Echoes of the Eyrie (vengeful spirit) 2 2 0 $19
Brawler of the Glacier Sea (tusk) 1 1 0 $28
Garb of the Cunning Augur (rubick) 2 0 2 $36
Apostle of Decay (necro) 2 1 1 $24
Beacon of Cerulean Light (skywrath) 1 0 1 $24

𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟲 𝗖𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗼𝗿'𝘀 𝗖𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗲 :

name of set no. of pcs sold final inventory price ($) USD
Oni Knight the Dark Conqueror (CK) 2 0 2 $17
Fortified Fabricator (tinker) 1 1 0 $30
Diabolical Fiend (SF) 1 1 0 $36
Stormwrought Arbiter (sven) 2 0 2 $65
Iceburnt Elegy (winter wyvern) 3 0 3 $9
Wartorn Heavens (zeus) 3 2 1 $20
Heir of Terror (bane) 3 3 0 $7
Dirgeful Overlord (undying) 4 2 2 $13
Nightsilver's Resolve (luna) 3 0 3 $9
Fractured Envoy (arc warden) 1 1 0 $32
Rising Glory (magnus) 2 2 0 $4
The Family Values Bundle (meepo) 2 0 2 $7
VERY RARE Doomsday Ripper (PUDGE) 1 0 1 $145

⠀𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟳 𝗖𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗼𝗿'𝘀 𝗖𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗲 :

name of set no. of pcs sold final inventory price ($) USD
Jolly Reaver (pudge) 3 1 2 $25
Eternal Testament (death prophet) 4 0 4 $10
Secrets of the Katekhein (winter wyvern) 4 1 3 $9
Rumrunner's Carronade (brewmaster) 4 0 4 $9
Abyssal Vortex (enigma) 4 1 3 $9
Samareen Sacrifice (huskar) 4 1 3 $10
Seablight Procession (undying) 4 3 1 $12
Corruption of the Virulent Krait (venomancer) 4 0 4 $10
Seaborne Reprisal (kunkka) 1 1 0 $45
Pressure Regulator (clockwerk) 4 1 3 $9
Meranth Dragoon (sven) 4 0 4 $28
Spoils of the Vodou Rover (wd) 4 1 3 $10
Shadowforce Gale (luna) 4 0 4 $7
Mechalodon Interdictor (gyro) 4 1 3 $10
Riptide Raider (Monkey) 3 0 3 $11
The Dread Prophet (NP) 4 0 4 $9
Covenant of the Depths (invoker) 3 3 0 $28
Sovereign of the Kray Legions (SK) 4 0 4 $13
Cunning Corsair (riki) 4 2 2 $9
Chitinous Stalker (nyx) 4 1 3 $10
𝐑𝐀𝐑𝐄 Submerged Hazard (tinker) 5 2 3 $73
𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐘 𝐑𝐀𝐑𝐄 Manta Marauder (batrider) 3 0 3 $60

⠀𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟴 𝗖𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗼𝗿'𝘀 𝗖𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗲 part 1

name of set no. of pcs sold final inventory price ($) USD
Trail of the Sanguine Spectrum (BS) 11 0 11 $4
Pitfall Crusader (pango) 11 0 11 $8
Insights of the Sapphire Shroud (Darkseer) 11 0 11 $5
Pillar of the Fractured Citadel (SB) 11 3 8 $4
Forlorn Descent (undying) 11 2 9 $6
Stonemarch Sovereign (WK) 10 2 8 $13
The Murid Divine (necro) 11 0 11 $9
Primer of the Sapper's Guile (techies) 11 1 10 $4
Molokau Stalker (veno) 11 0 11 $4
Raptures of the Abyssal Kin 11 2 9 $5
Fate Meridian (invoker) 11 0 11 $12
Grasp of the Riven Exile (weaver) 11 1 10 $6
Visions of the Lifted Veil 10 2 8 $12
𝐑𝐀𝐑𝐄 Dread Compact (warlock) 9 3 6 $55
𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐘 𝐑𝐀𝐑𝐄 Endowments of the Lucent Canopy (shaman) 6 0 6 $65

𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟴 𝗖𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗼𝗿'𝘀 𝗖𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗲 part 2:

name of set no. of pcs sold final inventory price ($) USD
Pitmouse Fraternity (meepo) 16 1 15 $5
Fires of the Volcanic Guard (ember) 17 7 10 $4
Third Awakening (DK) 16 12 4 $9
Shackles of the Enduring Conscript (Axe) 17 4 13 $5
Shimmer of the Anointed (nyx) 17 0 17 $5
Cruelties of the Spiral Bore (magnus) 17 17 0 $13
Loaded Prospects (brewmaster) 17 2 15 $5
Ire of Molten Rebirth (phoenix) 17 0 17 $7
Dread Ascendance (doom) 17 11 6 $8
𝐑𝐀𝐑𝐄 Raiments of the Obsidian Forge (underlord) 10 2 8 $9
𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐘 𝐑𝐀𝐑𝐄 ̶L̶e̶g̶e̶n̶d̶s̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶D̶a̶r̶k̶h̶e̶a̶r̶t̶ ̶P̶u̶r̶s̶u̶i̶t̶ ̶N̶S̶)̶ 2 2 0 $135

𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟵 𝗖𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗼𝗿'𝘀 𝗖𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗲 part 1:

name of set no. of pcs sold final inventory price ($) USD
Echoes of the Everblack (abaddon) 9 0 9 $7
Allure of the Faeshade Flower (dark willow) 10 1 9 $10
Paean of the Ink Dragon (grimstroke) 9 0 9 $8
Scorched Amber (DK) 9 9 0 $7
The Arts of Mortal Deception (enigma) 9 1 8 $5
Poacher's Bane (tidehunter) 9 0 9 $7
Soul of the Brightshroud (DP) 9 1 8 $10
Curse of the Creeping Vine (undying) 10 2 8 $8
Pursuit of the Ember Demons (huskar) 10 0 10 $8
Appetites of the Lizard King (slark) 9 3 6 $8
Forbidden Medicine (dazzle) 9 3 6 $8
Riddle of the Hierophant (oracle) 10 0 10 $6
Glimmer of the Sacred Hunt (drow) 9 3 6 $11
Adornments of the Jade Emissary (earth spirit) 10 0 10 $9
RARE Defender of Ruin (disruptor) 11 5 6 $8
VERY RARE Gothic Whisper (PA) 8 8 0 $35

𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟵 𝗖𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗼𝗿'𝘀 𝗖𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗲 part 2:

name of set no. of pcs sold final inventory price ($) USD
Sight of the Kha-Ren Faithful (drow) 7 1 6 $8
Souls Tyrant (SF) 7 2 5 $20
Endless Night (abaddon) 7 1 6 $7
Dapper Disguise (pudge) 7 3 4 $7
Fury of the Bloodforge (BS) 7 3 4 $6
Grim Destiny (WK) 7 4 3 $6
Distinguished Expeditionary (tusk) 7 7 0 $5
𝐑𝐀𝐑𝐄 Fowl Omen (necro) 6 2 4 $9
𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐘 𝐑𝐀𝐑𝐄 Cinder Sensei (ember) 4 4 0 $45

𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗻𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹 𝟭𝟬 𝗖𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗼𝗿'𝘀 𝗖𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗲 part 1

name of set no. of pcs sold final inventory price ($) USD
Origin of the Dark Oath (NS) 9 9 0 $7
Ravenous Abyss (underlord) 2 2 0 $6
Apocalypse Unbound (AA) 6 1 5 $5
Beholden of the Banished Ones(warlock) 7 7 0 $4
Fury of the Righteous Storm (disruptor) 4 2 2 $4
Lineage of the Stormlords (jugg) 8 8 0 $11
Silent Slayer (silencer) 9 9 0 $7
Mindless Slaughter (pudge) 9 9 0 $5
Heartless Hunt (bounty hunter) 8 1 7 $8
Herald of the Ember Eye (grimstroke) 2 2 0 $6
Fissured Flight (jakiro) 2 1 1 $6
Flashpoint Proselyte (huskar) 7 3 4 $7
Signs of Allfather (natures prophet) 2 2 0 $7
Glory of the Elderflame (lina) 9 9 0 $15
Songs of Starfall Glen (enchantress) 2 0 2 $5
RARE Ancient Inheritance (TINY) 10 10 0 $10
VERY RARE Forsworn Legacy (MARS) 7 2 5 $15

𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗻𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹 𝟭𝟬 𝗖𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗼𝗿'𝘀 𝗖𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗲 part 2

name of set no. of pcs sold final inventory price ($) USD
Evolution of the Infinite (enigma) 3 3 0 $5
Beast of the Crimson Ring (bristleback) 5 0 5 $7
Clearcut Cavalier (timbersaw) 5 2 3 $5
The King Of Thieves (KOTL) 5 1 4 $5
Horror from the Deep (tidehunter) 5 5 0 $5
Ire of the Ancient Gaoler (arc warden) 5 5 0 $11
Talons of the Endless Storm (chaos knight) 5 5 0 $6
Carousal of the Mystic Masquerade (rubick) 4 0 4 $7
Crown of Calaphas (shadow demon) 2 2 0 $5
Wrath of the Fallen (doom) 5 5 0 $4
Blacksail Cannoneer (sniper) 5 1 4 $7
Secrets of the Celestial (skywrath) 5 1 4 $5
Blaze of Oblivion (phoenix) 5 0 5 $5
Master of the Searing Path (ember spirit) 5 5 0 $10
RARE Steward of the Forbidden Chamber (TA) 5 1 4 $13
VERY RARE Claszureme Incursion (Facelessvoid) 3 1 2 $45
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2023.03.29 04:55 raj9898930989 [Store] 8a8a's Store of Ti5/Ti6/TI7/TI8/TI9/TI10/Nemestice/Aghanim's Collector's Caches Sets/Ultra Rare Immortals

-hey !!i sale collecter cache with legit price and if you dont find any cache in my inventry kindly tell me i will arrange from my trusted sources.

-payment crypto usdt/binance/paypal (10% Discount of total value)

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(1) The International 2015 Collector's Cache:-

Set Name Hero Price(USD)
Serpent of the Emerald Sea Medusa 50$
Flowersong Tempest Windranger 70$
Garb of the Cunning Augur Rubick 45$
Flowing Entropy Spectre 50$
Echoes of the Eyrie Vengeful Spirit 35$
Armor of the Unyielding Mask Juggernaut 80$
Beacon of Cerulean Light Skywrath Mage 35$
Apostle of Decay Necrophos 55$
Brawler of the Glacier Sea Tusk 50$
Fires of Vashundol Doom 100$

(2)The International 2016 Collector's Cache:-

Set Name Hero Price(USD)
Doomsday Ripper Pudge 150$
Creeping Shadow Pa 150$
Diabolical Fiend SF 75$
Stormwrought Arbiter Sven 75$
Fortified Fabricator Tinker 65$
Fractured Envoy Arc warden 50$
Wartorn Heavens Zues 55$
Heir of Terror bane 25$
Oni Knight the Dark Conqueror ck 40$

(1)The International 2017 Collector's Cache:-

Set Name Hero Price(USD)
Meranth Dragoon Sven 35 $
Mechalodon Interdictor Gyrocopter 18 $
The Dread Prophet Nature's Prophet 18 $
Eternal Testament Death Prophet 18 $
Chitinous Stalker Nyx Assassin 18 $
Riptide Raider Monkey King 18 $
Secrets of the Katekhein Winter Wyvern 15 $

(2)The International 2018 Collector's Cache I and Cache II :-

Set Name Hero Price(USD)
Molokau Stalker Venomancer 15 $
Dread Ascendance Doom 23 $
Fate Meridian Invoker 23 $
Trail of the Sanguine Spectrum Bloodseeker 15 $
Ire of Molten Rebirth Phoenix 17$
Shackles of the Enduring Conscript Axe 17$
Endowments of the Lucent Canopy (Very rare) Shadow Shaman 65 $
Pattern of the Silken Queen Broodmother 15 $
Shimmer of the Anointed Nyx Assassin 10$
Pitmouse Fraternity Meepo 13 $
Fires of the Volcanic Guard Ember Spirit 18 $
The Rat King Chen 13 $
Cruelties of the Spiral Bore Magnus 20 $
Raiments of the Obsidian Forge Underlord 20 $
Loaded Prospects Brewmaster 18 $
Primer of the Sapper's Guile Techies 15 $
Insights of the Sapphire Shroud dark seer 13 $
Morbific Provision Witch Doctor 18$
Pillar of the Fractured Citadel Spirit Breaker 15$
Pitfall Crusader Pangolier 18$
Raptures of the Abyssal Kin qop 15$
Third Awakening dk 25$

(3) The International 2019 Collector's Cache I and Cache II :-

Set Name Hero Price(USD)
Allure of the Faeshade Flower Dark Willow 15$
Tribal Pathways Warlock 11$
Grim Destiny Wraith King 13$
Verdant Predator Venomancer 11$
Dapper Disguise pudge 13$
Directive of the Sunbound Clockwerk 13$
Fury of the Bloodforge Bloodseeker 13$
Endless Night Abaddon 18$
Sight of the Kha-Ren Faithful Drow Ranger 15$
Tales of the Windward Rogue Pangolier 15$
Automaton Antiquity Broodmother 13$
Distinguished Expeditionary Tusk 13$
Prized Acquisitions Batrider 7$
Fury of the Bloodforge Bloodseeker 13$
Souls Tyrant Sf 25$
Fowl Omen Necro 18$
Pursuit of the Ember Demons Huskar 15$
Forbidden Medicine Dazzle 15$
Echoes of the Everblack Abaddon 18$
Defender of Ruin Disruptor 25$
Adornments of the Jade Emissary Earth Spirit 18$
Priest of the Proudsilver Clan Chen 12$
The Arts of Mortal Deception Engima 7$
Poacher's Bane Tidehunter 15$
Riddle of the Hierophant Oracle 15$
Scorched Amber Dk 18$
Curse of the Creeping Vine Undying 15$
Paean of the Ink Dragon Grimstroke 15$

(3) The International 2020 Collector's Cache I and Cache II :-

Set Name Hero Price(USD)
Ravenous Abyss Underlord 7.50$
Apocalypse Unbound AA 7.50$
Beholden of the Banished Ones Warlock 7.50$
Fury of the Righteous Storm Disruptor 5$
Silent Slayer Silencer 10$
Mindless Slaughter pudge 15$
Heartless Hunt Bounty hunter 10$
Herald of the Ember Eye Grimstroke 10$
Fissured Flight jakiro 7.5$
Flashpoint Proselyte Husker 15$
Signs of the Allfather Nature prophet 10$
Glory of the Elderflame Lina 20$
Origin of the Dark Oath Night Stalker 20$
Songs of Starfall Glen Enchantress 4$
Ancient Inheritance Tiny 25$
Forsworn Legacy Mars 40$
Evolution of the Infinite Engima 6$
Beast of the Crimson Ring bristle back 10$
Clearcut Cavalier Timber 6$
The King Of Thieves Keeper of light 7$
Horror from the Deep Tide 18$
Ire of the Ancient Gaoler Arc warden 20$
Talons of the Endless Storm ck 10$
Carousal of the Mystic Masquerade Rubick 6$
Crown of Calaphas Shadow demon 10$
Wrath of the Fallen doom 12$
Blacksail Cannoneer Sniper 10$
Secrets of the Celestial Skywrath mage 7$
Blaze of Oblivion Phoenix 6$
Steward of the Forbidden Chamber Templar Assassin 20$
Master of the Searing Path Ember 25$

(4) Nemestice 2021 Collector's Cache:-

Set Name Hero Price(USD)
Silence of the Starweaver Oracle 10$
Caerulean Star Enchantress 8$
Astral Terminus Enigma 8$
Twilight Hex Dark Willow 14$
Litany of the Damned Doom 14$
Arcane Inverter Gyrocopter 15$
Creed of the Skullhound Lycan 20$
Desert Bloom Nature's Prophet 14$
Eyriebound Imperator Skywrath Mage 10$
Anthozoan Assault Tiny 18$
Vision of the Seraph Scion Vengeful Spirit 20$
Defender of the Brumal Crest Winter Wyvern 10$
Red Sands Marauder Shadow Shaman 20$
Footfalls of the Sporefathers Witch Doctor 50$

(5)Ultra Rare Immortals:-

Set name Hero Price
The Strings of Suradan Bundle Hoodwink 35$
Bloodfeather Finery Queen of Pain 55$

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2023.03.29 04:52 Hammer_IX Need opinion on sub

Need opinion on sub
Looking to buy a sub for my new car. Idk anything really about which ones are good or bad and I'm hoping to get your opinions. I have this pioneer pre loaded one in my cart that I was thinking of getting but I figured I'd ask around first before buying to see if it's decent quality. I don't need anything super fancy. Just looking to get abit more bass:)
submitted by Hammer_IX to CarAV [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 04:52 Kevsmith96 AITAH For Not Wanting My Wife To Be Stay At Home Mom

My Wife (24 f) and I (26 m) just had our first baby a couple of months ago. The previous year she graduated with a bachelor's in biology. She got a job with the state and makes decent money. The jib is a stay at home position and works 8-5 m-f. She also has amazing benefits for her and our baby at no cost to us. We have free childcare because our family owns a daycare.
With two week left in her maternity leave she is wanting to be a stay at home mom because of the following:
-She is attached to our baby and will be sad to have her go to daycare.
-She feels like her job is not fulfilling enough and it has nothing to do with her degree.
-She wants to go back for her masters degree to be a counselor.
I make a little above the average individual and could support us on my salary alone (with very strict money management), but I feel like just my income will not provide the life that I want for my child.
I have told her in response to her reasons:
-I know it is sad, but bringing a baby to daycare is something most people have to do in order to work and support their families.
-I understand that it has nothing to do with biology, but you are paid well, have great benefits for you and our baby. You get to work from home, no weekends, and no on call.
-I totally support going back to school. Research the program you want to take, find out the cost, and we can talk about loans or maybe save for the tuition.
From these responses, she claims that I don't understand how she feels, and I am giving her no option but to keep working at her current job.
I personally do not see a reason why she needs to be a stay at home mom. Maybe if we have to pay $1,000/mo for daycare, it would make sense, but we don't.
Am I the asshole for not wanting my wife to be a stay at home mom?
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2023.03.29 04:51 jadenwu39x Contiki Coupon and Promo code of April

Here is the Contiki Coupon and Promo code of April
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2023.03.29 04:49 welldressedpepe Moving in the summer. Twin Falls, ID to Minneapolis, MN

Our family of 3, me, my wife and our toddler daughter are relocating to Minnesota this summer
We are weighing our options at the moment We got 2 cars and planning on driving each of our cars to Minneapolis in May, fly to Vancouver from Minneapolis to fly to Korea (flight booked for May 29th). Since we are relocating but have an international trip right before, this is one option
Other one would be driving my truck myself from Idaho to Minnesota, fly back to Salt Lake City for my wife to pick me up, then drive from Idaho to vancouver, park her car at YVR then drive from Vancouver to Minneapolis in July when we come back. My truck will be in a storage unit near Minneapolis airport till July when we return in this case.
Currently driving in May both cars to MN is top choice. We are both teachers and we will start driving May 25th, last day of school. We at that point only have about 2 nights 3 days to complete the drive
This route, if we stop two nights, which route would be the best that passes through more cities rather than long stretch of nothing and also where would you recommend the stopping point for the first and the second night? I was thinking Billings and Fargo
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2023.03.29 04:48 AvatarSozin What we know about the legendary teamups of MoM so far, and what we can speculate

From what it seems, there will likely be at least 15 of the teamups in March of the Machine: 10 dual color rares and 5 wedge colored mythics. We know that each teamup will be two characters from the same plane and none of the planes have multiple teamups (this only counts for the main set, not the commander ones). Some of the cards have been officially revealed, some we see in the story, and some we got from Maro's teaser. Here is the list of all that we know so far:
WU – ?
WG – Ghalta and Mavren (official reveal)
WB – Drana and Linvala (official reveal)
WR - ?
UB - ?
UR - ?
UG - ?
BR – Rankle and Torbran (MoM story – Eldraine)
BG – Yargle and Multani (official reveal)
RG – Kogla and Yidaro (Maro’s teaser)
WBG – Thalia and the Gitrog Monster (official reveal)
WBR – Kroxa and Kuronos (Maro’s teaser)
URG – Borborygmos and Fblthp (Maro’s teaser)
UBG - ?
WUR - ?
As for the planes revealed, they are:
So, what can we speculate after this? It might be difficult to predict what other planes will have the teamups since the story isn't always as consistent in what cards will be revealed (i.e. innistrad story didn't mention Thalia or the Gitrog Monster at all), but I think a good place to look is actually in some of the promo artwork. Using the art from the draft booster box we see : Chandra, Borborygmos, Esika, Kairi, Dina, and Baral, while the set booster features Thalia, Quintorius, and Teferi. While Chandra, Teferi and likely Quintorius are gonna be planeswalkers in the set (quint maybe a flipwalker), I think since we know Thalia and Borborgymos get teamup cards, then maybe those characters will as well. So lets start speculating!
Dina is probably the easiest to place, as she is golgari in color identity, so the only place she will really fit is in the Sultai mythic slot. Who she teams up with is a tossup, as there are 3 other legends all with a simic color identity she could partner with (technically there is a mono colored dean but we know from the story that most of the deans except for Umbrose are compleated). Dina could partner with Jadzi, Zimone, or Tanazir Quandrix. Any of these is an option, but if I had to guess, maybe Jadzi, as it would feature different types of people teaming up to face a threat, but I could totally see also Zimone.
Next I'll look at Esika, and if we eliminate the sultai slot thanks to Dina, means she will likely be part of the simic teamup. Three good options align: Orvar, Cosima, and Alrund. I would say also Koma would fit but story also shows him being compleated so I'm going to rule that out. It is hard to tell which WOTC would choose. If they wanted to stick with the different creature types then Orvar would be the pick, but I am wondering if Cosima might be the pick, as both Esika and Cosima had vehicles featured with both of them in Kaldheim, so maybe a simic vehicle commander? Would be interesting and unique!
Now we get to more broad speculation. Kairi and Baral are both mono blue and there are four more options left for blue to fill. If I had to guess, I would stick Baral with Pia Nalaar, as it fits the theme of "unlucky allies" and would make an interesting izzet spellslinger deck, while maybe Kairi is with Light paws? Could be a Azorius auras commander, wouldn't be the first one since Bruna exists, but its an option.
This still leaves 3 other pairs left. Now we have eliminated 4 more planes featured in the team, that being Kamigawa, Kaldheim, Arcavios, and Kaladesh. Where else should we look? Well, if we went off of what planes have been featured in pioneer, we get (not including new phyrexia) New Capenna, Amonkhet, and Tarkir. New Capenna has been featured quite substantially in the story, so I am very will to bet there will be a significant teamup there. Now what it will be is totally up in the air, but there might be a good guess to make if we go off of a different teaser and some of the story, as Maro mentions that two creature types will be draft themes (one being phyrexian). Following the end of the story, angels spread throughout the multiverse to try to heal as much as they can, and they come from New Capenna. I'm willing to bet Giada will be part of a teamup, and if we look at the options left, we have Jeskai and Boros. Maybe Jaxis? I don't see any izzet cards in New Capenna at all, so I'm guessing she will be part of the Boros teamup.
Next up lets look at Amonkhet, which has really not gotten much love recently, especially not getting any story entry. My gut says that Hazoret is probably still kicking ass, so she will be featured in the teamup? That would leave her to be Jeskai and therefore partnered with Temmet. Lastly, lets look at Tarkir, and the last color pair being Dimir. Well the Drifiting Death Silumgar fits this bill, maybe with his undead khan servant Sidisi?
What do you guys think? Am I really wrong? Am i somewhat close? We will find out soon!
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2023.03.29 04:48 numbbutistillfeelit3 Friend 24-F told me to go die after ending the friendship because I’m 25-M “toxic” for being tired.

I (M25) had a friend and we’ll call her Cyn (F24).. we met on a dating app but after the first couple of conversations I could tell she immediately was going to be platonic so I kept it strictly as that. She has this habit of getting upset with me and so she’ll block me on everything and contact me after a few months to explain what happened. The last time it happened, I got pretty tired of it and explained how it made me feel. Cyn has the habit of trauma dumping on me, I originally said it was okay but when you get paragraphs of the SAME traumas everyday you tend to run out of things/advice to say and on top of that, I work two jobs and go to school full-time (not important but she has a part time job). She recently trauma dumped on me on Sunday, I honestly was very tired from working and doing homework after that I just didn’t respond because there’s not much that I can say. Cyn is pretty selfish, I’m usually buying everything whenever we’re out and she’s CONSTANTLY asking me for favors nonstop and question me when I’m not able to do a favor for her. I’ve taken her to a hockey game, I’ve taken her out to eat, and whenever she’s in lack of funds I’ll send her some quick cash just to make sure she gets home safe. It started getting to the point where it felt like I had a girlfriend even though we never did ANYTHING intimate and started feeling very draining.
We recently went to a place to eat because she was having a bad day, I was met with a hug and she said she wanted to hear my voice so I showed up like any friend would. We went to eat and I thought the restaurant she was going to pick was going to be cheap, it wasn’t, so she goes “Can I an entree, dessert, and a drink?” And I went “No, that’s hella expensive” and she looked at me and said “Why are you so cheap? You have a full-time job” and that sent me overboard. I just basically said “It’s annoying how I do a lot of things for you and yet it’s never enough, you’ve blocked me three times and each time you called me I picked up the phone no matter how irritated I was because I thought you needed a friend, it feels like you’re walking all over me” and she replied with “Well you shouldn’t let me walk all over you if you feel like that” and we got into this argument and she eventually started crying at the table and played the victim. She told me to sit next to her and hold her hand, she wanted to hold my hand for some reason so I just went with it and forgot it.
We started saying “I love you” to each other just to make things better between us. She would say it a lot and I would say it back, I never meant it to become anything more than a platonic relationship because I honestly say “I love you” to a lot of my friends.
ANYWAYS, on Sunday she sent me paragraphs again of her trauma and I was busy with work and didn’t respond, I should’ve just said something but at the same time I work at a nursing home so caring for 13 dementia patients isn’t exactly a job with any downtime. She got really angry with me later that night for not responding, she said “Just don’t talk to me rn. Sometimes you don’t own up to your shit. Like you don’t understand. THAT shit hurts my feelings but most importantly AFFECTS me. Maybe you had time. Maybe you didn’t. But I just want to feel heard. Esp with that hard and serious stuff I’m telling you about. It’s also not easy to talk about. Just a simple thing would be enough” BUT also whenever I respond with something simple it’s always met with “That’s it?” So I didn’t know what to do. So I gave her her space and then I noticed she took a screenshot of my Snapchat for some reason but I didn’t think anything of it. I go on to find out, she removed me from Snapchat, Instagram, and blocked my number. I honestly got tired of it so I blocked all of her stuff too and sent her a note saying “Okay, I see you blocked me again. Please don’t contact me, this is bringing back trauma of my bio dad since he would pop in and out of my life when he pleased and I’m not cool with that. Good luck. ✌️ “ and no response.
TODAY, I get a message on tiktok from her asking why did I block her and how she didn’t think it would hurt me that she blocked me lol. After that, I honestly kinda lost it and just said how selfish she’s been since we’ve been friends and all the rude comments she’s ever made, I’ve brought this up in the past but she would “apologize” and then do the same shit over again so I got tired of them. The end of the conversation I was told that I’m just like my dad (she’s never even met my dad), she never loved me (im fine with that), and how I used her: I asked how I used her and she responded with “You wanted me idk” and I can promise rn, I’ve never initiated ANYTHING with this woman and every offer of a “kiss on the cheek” she’s told me I’ve denied it every time. The last thing was she told me “Go die. Fucking pussy. Go to hell. I feel bad for all your exes, I don’t know how they dealt with your pussy ass” and how she wasn’t sorry for saying she wanted me to die.
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2023.03.29 04:45 ldiggles Parents who get overstimulated

How do you regulate? Especially when you have an infant and you can’t just leave when they cry?
My baby cried while in the car and I could not handle it. I started crying once she stopped. It was overwhelming. It wasn’t the feeling of “oh no poor her I need to help my baby” it was pure sensory overload. This doesn’t happen all the time but most often happens in the car. I assume since driving already provides enough stimulation.
It happened again later and again, I couldn’t regulate. I started humming to myself at the perfect pitch to vibrate my teeth which was the only thing that made it barely manageable for the short drive. I’ve never done anything like that. The second drive was only literally 2 minutes and my brain immediately went into fight or flight. It NEEDED to dissociate? (I’m not sure if that’s the right word) I needed to just detach from reality and go blank and I couldn’t. There was no more “I need to regulate” it was too late for that and more so that I need to shut off. And since I couldn’t I just tried to fill my brain and body with a new feeling and noise that would drown the baby out or at least distract me from it. I couldn’t tolerate it for 2 minutes.
I am working with a therapist but I don’t see her again until next week so any suggestions would be great. Before having a baby, I’ve rarely been overstimulated in a situation that I couldn’t remove myself from or at least use strategies to help myself.
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2023.03.29 04:45 chillbroni 95 on PPL written. Decent right rudder skills. AMA

Snarky title aside, stoked to see that 95 on paper. Studied with Flight Ready app and The Finer Points app trial. Did the entire question bank once through then one practice test a day for 2 weeks. Took notes and drilled missed questions afterwards. Weekend before, 4 practice tests a day each day. Day of test, didn’t look at anything and rolled in with some positive thoughts.
Codes of missed questions: -PA.I.F.R2 -PA.I.G.K1c
I think one was a silly misstep on detonation vs pre-ignition and another dumb miss on Vno.
One heads up, if your instructor endorsed your logbook, make sure the right part “14 CFR Part 61.105” is in there. The one I had from Amazon had an old number. Luckily TFP app had sent me one too which got me out of the jam with the proctor.
On to checkride prep!
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