Beef rice a roni casserole recipes

Hotdish: for fans of the King of Casseroles

2013.11.21 17:37 Gaaargh Hotdish: for fans of the King of Casseroles

Hotdish is a variety of baked casserole that typically contains a starch, a meat or other protein, and a canned and / or frozen vegetable, mixed with canned soup. ... The dish is popular in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin. Hotdish is cooked and served hot in a single baking dish and commonly appears at family reunions and church suppers Wikipedia (). Hotdish. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 21 November 2013].

2023.03.29 05:17 dumbwaeguk Creating a modern collection of tiki drinks

Hi everyone. Inspired by some more recent approaches to tiki mixing, and in light of the relative age of the most solid and memorable tiki cocktails, I'm interested in experimenting, crowdsourcing, and crafting a new cocktail collection that represents the tastes, market, and cultural values of 2023.
I'm aware there are always modern approaches to tiki, but they are diffuse, loosely organized, sometimes proprietary, and when organized neatly--such as Beachbum or Minimalist--tend to revive and reuse Vic and Beachcomber era ingredients rather than utilize more contemporary ones. So here are the ideas and philosophies I want to explore while building a new tiki cocktail compendium:
Previous cocktails have been dominated by Caribbean rum, with the occasional gin or brandy. Modern cocktails can make use of modern, tropical, and Asia-Pacific spirits such as tequila, mezcal, coconut brandy, shochu and jeontong-soju, rice wine, Southeast Asian rum, infused rums, plum spirits, Martinique shrubb, Taiwanese and Japanese whiskey, palm spirits, and perhaps a bit more sherry, port, and regional beers.
Original tiki drinks were often advertised as "a mix of exotic spices and tropical fruit juices," but often ignore what the tropics and Pacific are producing. Tiki has traditionally mostly relied on almond, lime, grapefruit, pineapple, orange, and the occasional passion fruit. We can show better respect for local produce and tastes by utilizing the ingredients of modern bartenders in the regions formerly appropriated by the orientalist approach of the first tiki wave. We have access now to mangoes, mangosteens, lychees, longans, soursop, durian, jackfruit, pandan, ube, dragonfruit, a range of melons, banana leaf, heirloom bananas, pomelo, yuzu, chili, fermented coconut, tepeche, cacao nibs, rose water, all kinds of berries, flowers, and teas. Why is orgeat rarely made with pecans or macadamia nuts? Where's the coconut sugar? Why not add tea or sichuan peppercorn to falernum? Obviously many bars are doing this, especially in Southeast Asia, but these recipes never seem to become textbook tiki canon and, again, are often diffuse and proprietary.
Not everyone in the world can get a bottle of Fee Bros 6 year limited edition gold orgeat or Pablo Escobar 21 year pot-still demerara rum. While frozen fruits can be surprisingly accessible outside of the tropics, specialized spirits are much harder to get. Recipes should make the most of Plantation or Evan Williams and be designed more around the general spirit than a very specific flavor obtained by a mix of three or four specific labels. Substitutability is key here, and posting results of experiments is very helpful.
Ideally this would involve citing blogs where you got the recipes, bars that inspired the recipe, and putting together a very user-friendly PDF or Wiki (or both) with hyperlinks, free and easy to download. This would be a community project rather than a business pursuit.
There will always be tried and true ingredients and formulas, but we can do more than shuffle them around. We can go further and try new permutations of fruits, spices, and liquors to produce something more fresh and creative while maintaining the adventurous and spicy spirit of the original tiki revolution. The idea here is to produce new mixes while also introducing new audiences to fan favorite contemporary drinks.
Let me know if you are interested in contributing to, or at least perusing, this new compendium. It will cost you nothing to do either, so I will offer some initial recipes once I put them together.
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2023.03.29 04:56 Superbungopony Caribbean style chili with Beyond Beef

Caribbean style chili with Beyond Beef
Standard recipe I found. Swapped out the pork for Beyond Beef tips because the spouse isn’t really a carnivore. Came out great. The spouse is eating the leftovers !
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2023.03.29 04:28 shrimpaccountTA Beans and rice

Yes, I need help making beans and rice. I've searched every corner of the internet for the last 3 hours trying to find a single recipe that uses ONLY beans and rice. Every website says "basic recipe" and then has 300+ ingredients. Please, for the love of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, someone tell me how to make a can of beans and rice to make beans and rice. And please assume that I know absolutely nothing about cooking because I know less than that. I just heard it was a good meal and I'm poor.
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2023.03.29 03:25 grimstars Best beef stew recipe! (Instapot)

I’ve made this beef stew a few times and I think it’s genuinely the best thing I’ve cooked so far and it’s so easy! My boyfriend took it to work the other day and so many people asked who’s food smelled so good :D
I’m genuinely in love with this beef stew I would make it multiple nights a week if I could, when I say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever tasted I mean it (I hope the link works I’ve never tried putting one in like this before)
recipe link!
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2023.03.29 02:33 sillily Simple kimchi soup with canned salmon

Simple kimchi soup with canned salmon
Recently discovered this sub and have been enjoying all the recipe ideas, so I thought I'd toss out one of my favorite easy meals.
This makes a light and comforting soup, good for breakfast or when you have a cold. You can find lots more involved recipes online, if you want to impress someone with soup. But if you just want to turn some kimchi into a light meal, all you really need is a saucepan and a can of fish.
You need:
  • some kimchi, should be kimchi that's been sitting around long enough to get nice and sour
  • canned tuna or salmon
  • (optional) firm tofu, drained and cubed
  • cooked rice, for serving
The proportions are up to you, for the soup in the photo I used about 8oz of kimchi, a 6oz can of Wild Planet pink salmon, and half a 14oz block of tofu.
Chop up your kimchi into bite-size pieces and throw it in the saucepan with all the kimchi juice. Then add your fish, you can add some of the water or oil as well for more flavor. Break it up slightly, but not too much as it'll come apart more while you cook the soup. Pour over enough water to cover all your ingredients by an inch or two. Set the pot over high heat until it starts to boil, then turn the heat down to low.
Taste it and season - I like to use a small spoonful of fish sauce but you could also use soy sauce, gochujang, salt, a pinch of sugar to mellow it out, whatever floats your boat. Add the tofu, if you want tofu. Simmer it gently for 20 minutes.
Serve with rice - usually you have a separate bowl of rice and spoon the rice into the soup as you eat, so it doesn't get soggy. Unless you like it soggy. No judgement here.
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2023.03.29 02:21 MurkyCabinet troubleshooting arroz roja/mexican rice.

so i made mexican rice earlier this week but it's pretty obvious to me i made something different to what's served in mexican restaurants, or at least in mexican-american/mexican-canadian restaurants. it doesn't taste the same despite looking at like 3 recipes. so then that begs the question of what ingredients, techniques, or other steps i might be missing.
for reference this is what i do.
ingredients: a can of tomatoes, lots of fresh tomatoes, around 3 onions, 4 cups of rice, around a few tablespoons of chili powder, a few cloves of garlic, chicken bouillon, water, salt, pepper, and oil.
>fry onions until brown
>toast rice
>garlic, fresh tomatoes, pepper, chili powder in after rice is toasty
>canned tomatoes, water, bouillon in.
>put in oven at ~350 and walk away for 30 mins to an hour
>take out and done
i did see tomato bouillon being thrown around a lot as an ingredient. also chillis and interestingly cumin. seeing as i'm in canada though it might be harder to get tomato bouillon. mexican food's less widespread up here compared to in the US.
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2023.03.29 02:06 No-Case-2928 Fried rice?

Can I use leftover rice that was made with stock? If yes, can I mix proteins? Ie chicken stock, beef fried rice?
Can I use brown rice?
Do I NEED a wok?
This is my first time so any tips would be helpful!
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2023.03.29 02:05 sleepyshipper Gluten free recipe ideas? Recipes good for high cholesterol and diabetes?

I'll just preface this by saying 99% of my diet originally consisted of sandwiches, pasta and other junk foods that had gluten in it (think stuff like frozen buffalo wings, burritos, etc).
I found out roughly a year ago (after experimenting with my diet) that I basically have a sensitivity to gluten. It's not so extreme to the point I can't eat anything that's been potentially contaminated with gluten, but I can't eat immense amounts of it either.
I've been struggling to figure out what sort of things to cook, because I'm not a very good cook. I literally gave myself food poisoning 4 times alone last year as a result of messing up chicken 4 different times (needless to say, I got myself a meat thermometer after the 4th time).
It's kind of leaving me between a rock and a hard place, as I'm not a very creative cook either. I've mostly stuck to eating a lot of potato based dishes and spaghetti (with gluten free noodles) as they're the only things I know how to reliably cook (without giving myself food poisoning). But it's getting old and I can't sustain myself on spaghetti and potatoes forever, so I'd like to switch things up.
But I'm having trouble finding gluten free recipes that basically beginner friendly; or low effort in terms of prep. I'm also having trouble finding recipes that would appeal to me in particular, due to the fact I really can't taste (or smell) anything all that well. So if anyone has some spicy gluten free dish recipes, I'd welcome it.
I'd also appreciate it if anyone has some recipes to share that are also good for diabetes and high cholesterol in addition, as I'd like to be able to cook for my mom, too.
She doesn't really have any issues with gluten like I do, so she can pretty much eat things I can't. The only real restrictions she has (aside from what the diabetes and high cholesterol give her) is the fact she needs something something that'll be meaty and hearty; as she's pretty much not a fan of eating healthy under most circumstances (as it is, she only began to improve her eating habits as a result of having to accommodate my gluten-sensitivity issues). So if you have any recipes that are basically meaty (like beef, chicken, etc) and filling, that would be good for someone with diabetes and high cholesterol, I'd appreciate it.
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2023.03.29 00:42 MissMollyMakes New Miss Molly Makes video: Moroccan Beef Cous Cous & A Lovely New Recipe! #1069

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2023.03.29 00:29 ihadaface I have some frozen london broil and bottom round I don't know what to do with. Can I make jerky with it?

Both are months old but still good. I had other beef from the same batch gifted to me that tasted fine once cooked up (one was a prime ribeye steak, totally fine). I'm open to suggested recipes for actually preparing these cuts as a meal, but I'm kinda curious about making jerky. I figured I could thinly slice everything up, marinate them awhile, then throw them in my dehydrator. I have zero idea which cuts are ideal for jerky, but I assumed if I had random meat not being used, may as well jerky it, right?

What would y'all do?
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2023.03.28 23:12 CaptainCloud77 Hummus burrito bowl

I was making a burrito bowl with grilled chipotle chicken, sauteed peppers and onions and rice, but was out of guacamole so I put a scoop of hummus in it and it was amazing, I don't know why I never tried it before. Are there any recipes that mix rice and hummus? Googling didn't turn up much.
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2023.03.28 22:56 annievilla Calories of Ala King Rice Bowl from KFC?

Planning to make this a part of my meal plan. As two or three dinner meals a week.
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2023.03.28 22:53 Squeezitgirdle Sloppy garlic cheeseburger (asking)

I've done a bit of googling but couldn't find anything close enough.
When my grandmother was alive, she used to make this thing. It would be a loaf of garlic bread with ground beef mixed with some sort of cheese sauce on top. I don't know if there were any other ingredients though. (chopped peppers sound good).
Its probably a weird way to describe it, but as a kid I thought of it as mac and cheese but with meat instead of noodles.
Then at the end she'd throw the loaf of garlic bread (precooked?) in the oven and cheesy meat on top, then sprinkle more cheese on top to melt.
Thanks in advance, I hope this was the right place to ask!
Would love to get some help finding it or a recipe similar to it so I can make it for my wife. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.28 22:37 Food_Stomach Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

Chicken Fried Rice Recipe
Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken Fried Rice is a popular dish that originated in China, but has now become a staple in many other countries around the world. This dish is not only easy to make, but it is also delicious and can be served as a main course or as a side dish.
Read More:
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2023.03.28 21:37 Glopuss Supermarket (Coles & Woolworths) specials March 29 - April 4

A selection of items “on special” this week in Coles and Woolworths that may be of interest to keto followers. Many are processed so not really suitable for “clean keto”. Victorian data, some may not be available interstate. Consider house brands may be cheaper than ‘specials’
Alcohol (except no carb beer) excluded. Drink prices exclude recycling deposits. Fruit & Veg probably vary by state, so excluded.
If you are doing an online order, I suggest you also look at the stores' ONLINE ONLY specials as I don't always include all of these, many are multibuys.
‘Locked prices’ might now be considered specials as unlocked prices have increased, but same every week til April so not included as ‘specials’.


Cole List function still stuffed



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2023.03.28 21:35 Food_Stomach Beef Nihari Recipe

Beef Nihari Recipe

Beef Nihari
Beef Nihari is a traditional Pakistani dish that is loved by many. It is a slow-cooked beef stew that is rich in flavor and spices. In this blog, we will explore the steps involved in making Beef Nihari, along with some tips and variations to make the dish your own.
Read More
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2023.03.28 21:25 KookyMessage3650 Thinking of other weightless alternatives

Before you start judging, please read my post fully before commenting.
Obesity is prevalent in my family. My sister had gastric bypass surgery as she was nearing 400lbs. She actually almost died from the surgery as she was bleeding internally and had to be put in an induced coma until they could repair the damage. She eventually recovered and lost a lot of weight which I’m proud of her for doing because she eats well and works out.
I’m currently at my heaviest. I’m 220lbs, 5’5 and I’m only 28 years old. I have a toddler. I’ve been working out consistently 3 times a week, for 1 hour. Doing heavy weight lifting and cardio. I’ve also changed my eating habits. I eat Greek yogurt, whole wheat toast, chicken, lean beef, lots of veggies, rice, oatmeal with protein powder, etc. I actually just made a pickled cabbage soup that is super delicious and healthy. I occasionally eat out but when I do, I try to make sure it has some healthy nutrients to it or is one of the lowest calorie options available.
Despite these changes, I’ve gradually gained 20lbs in the past few months. I was 170lbs before pregnancy, gained 60lbs, lost 30lbs immediately after birth and have gained 20lbs. I am completely honest when I say that yes, I will sometimes have a binge day, but my binge eating has probably improved the most lately and they’re far and few in between.
I made a doctors appointment for Friday as I have already ruled out things like thyroid issues and PCOS through blood tests. I am going to ask and see if I can get on a weight loss drug to AID in my weight loss and get the ball rolling. My intention isn’t to stay on a drug, or rely on it. But I’m really doing the best I can and I want to be around for my daughter. I don’t want to get to the point of a risky weight loss surgery. I love my life and want to be around for the long haul.
Im wondering if anyone can tell me how you’ve found a weight loss drug has helped you if at all. If you experienced side effects, managed to keep the weight off, all the ins and outs.
If you made it this far, thank you! I appreciate the understanding, please be kind as I’m being very vulnerable.
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2023.03.28 20:11 Beneficial-Post1845 dealing with a delusional friend. we cant stand her anymore.

TDRL: friend during program has many irritating behaviors that has increased over a series of events. our group went from close to strongly disliking this girl.
I (18F) am currently studying abroad and have a small group of friends which includes my roommate Hannah (19F) and our friends Bree (20F), Jess (19F), and Allie (19F) who are all roommates with Jess and Allie sharing a room while Bree is in their apartment. Hannah and I are also roommates.(these are all fake names!!) We are apart of a very small program- there are only 17 people in total, with only 5 guys in the group in one apartment (important context)
I knew Jess and Hannah previously, but I met Bree and Allie upon arrival 2.5 months ago. We all got along very well but early on, my friends and I observed some…annoying behaviors from Allie. Just small little things that made us stop and think. She gets annoyed if we say no to her if we don’t want to do something just she wants to do (especially when it’s inconvenient). She says rude things at times. She is constantly asking for tiny favors that she doesn’t necessarily need to ask anyone to do for her. She pouts when something doesn’t go exactly her way. Nothing is ever her fault- she sat in a lady’s paid seat on an airplane. Instead of moving calmly, she put up a fight and called her a bitch. She tried cutting the line at a club and when someone called her out, she called them a bitch. She is so hypocritical- she won’t clean up after herself but complains about dirtiness and uses others things but no one else can do things like that. She complained about how this one guy was disgusting and to beware of him, but texts and hangs out with him. We were all still close but kept these behaviors in our minds. Until she had a 180° change.
One weekend, Allie didn’t go home after class, Jess sent her a text asking if she was okay but Allie didn’t respond. She came home the next morning at 7 AM to get ready as we had a school excursion that day. We learned that morning she stayed at the apartment of the guys in our program. During the day she was fine, acting like her normal self. The next two days though, she stayed at the guys apartment sleeping there and staying there all day. We were all very confused.
Allie started confiding in Bree, and Bree would then relate the problems to me, Jess, and Hannah. Allie had started to limit conversations with J, H, and me. As Bree is telling us conversations she had with Allie, we learn that she is dramatizing situations that happened, as well as lying about things that never happened. Ex- Allie asked Hannah to go to the grocery store with her and show her how to make fried rice while Hannah was at the gym. Hannah say she couldn’t go at the moment since she was at the gym, and also told her she didn’t have an exact recipe- she just mixes rice, eggs, and veggies together. Allie was saying Hannah absolutely refused to go and wouldn’t tell her the ingredients at all so she had to make something else for dinner.
It became obvious that she had a problem with Jess, Hannah, and I- especially Jess, but was not communicating anything to us. It became a routine for Allie to go over to the guys to hang out or sleepover. She will take Jess’s ingredients and make dinner at the guys but claims to buy them. She does not talk to us, then out of nowhere acts super bubbly and nice before asking if we can do something for her. We have heard through the grapevine of the small program of the shit she has said behind our backs yet when we go out on a club night, she acts like all is well and wants to take pictures with us to post on her socials. She then goes back to cold. After two weeks of acting like this she told Bree that “she’s ready to come back to the group”.
We had a trip planned to go to Paris, which we planned FOR her. She has invited the guys to go the same weekend because she wants to “ditch us and hang out with them instead”. Upon hearing that, the remaining four of us have decided we do not want to go anymore. We don’t have a place to stay booked so we aren’t leaving her hanging, especially because the guys are going.
I personally cannot wait to tell her that e are not going. My friends and I are completely exhausted from her personality changes, fake behavior, and manipulation. 2/5 guys coddle and baby her every need, letting her share in one’s bed during sleepovers. 3/5 are getting annoyed she’s over there and overstepping. The 2/5 think that Jess Hannah and I are absolute bitches from the things she has told them. But every other person in the program has seen through her shit. She also has said multiple times she has no friends at home, and we are beginning to think this behavior is the reason why. I am excited to remove myself from her when this semester is over, and just blocking her. I know this was long, but I had to rant on here because everyday there’s something new.
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2023.03.28 20:01 Yaboipalpatine what do yall think of this? wouldn't this usually be called a tomahawk?

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2023.03.28 19:48 ri_ulchabhan RSD and cooking

Does anyone have advice for managing RSD when cooking?
My wife (who usually cooks) was recently on a work trip for a week, so I had to make all my own meals. I found that my anxiety about cooking was significantly decreased compared to when I cook for both of us. I realized it’s because I’m normally terrified to cook something that tastes bad (and now my wife has to eat it and will hate me and … insert typical RSD thoughts).
I can manage the executive dysfunction aspects of cooking reasonably well, but how do I reduce the rejection anxiety when cooking for both of us? It’s especially bad when I’m unfamiliar with the technique or recipe, and I was raised in a household with an extremely limited palette (white midwestern casseroles, mainly) so most of what I do is new to me.
I should be clear that all of this anxiety is illogical and internal (my wife is very clear that she is fine with bad-tasting meals or will be happy to hear something else up if I totally ruin the food), and I know in the moment that I’m catastrophizing, but it doesn’t help my panic.
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2023.03.28 19:40 adr_602 Is this considered content now? Setting up your camera and recording yourself vacuuming your counter?? Lmao I cannot 😂

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2023.03.28 19:31 Th3SkinMan Any good recipes?

Wanting to mylar store some rice here soon. I'm curious if anyone stores premade recipes like you would for backpacking? Like a family sized mylar with rice dehydrated veggies and seasonings, that way you can have a bunch of meals ready to go. What's your favorite prep recipe?
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