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2023.02.20 20:40 dj3hac Anyone have the current version (3.5.0) of SPT running on Linux? I was previously running 3.2.5 without issue, however now with 3.5.0 I'm stuck downloading singleplayer/bundles when launching the game. I've started from a clean install.

I had originally followed the guide here to install and play on Pop os, this worked perfectly for about 4 months: https://www.reddit.com/SPTarkov/comments/y6bk7g/sptaki_325_running_on_the_steam_deck
Recently I reformatted my PC and went with Nobara OS. Although it's unlikely, it's possible there is some kind of incompatibility with Nobara. Hoping to gain some insight.
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2022.07.29 08:36 pollofritto007 Help

I play sptaki since 1y, now, in the 3.1.1. version boss don't spawn, how to fix that?
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2022.04.12 02:03 FrankPetersonMalvo FinAI doesn't work anymore for latest sp-taki / tark build?

Basically title, can't get it working, always an error message that is also posted in the comments section under his mod. Tried multiple versions to no avail. If BB is gone along with Fin, what good is sptaki?
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2022.03.29 08:34 BennieOkill360 SPTAKI 2.3.0 PMC Behaviour

Hi Reddit!
Do PMC's from the same faction shoot on each other? Cause I sometimes have the feeling I come across teams. (which is very cool) Also it seems sometimes the PMC's can't see me? How do they acquire sights on me? Cause sometimes they instantly snap to me and start shooting and sometimes they would be seeing me, don't attack and when I shoot they run away. :P If it is implemented this way to get a sort of skilled playeafraid playeunskilled player diversion that that is cool. Otherwise it looks more like a bug. :D
What are your thoughts? How do they behave in your game?
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2022.03.24 09:23 BennieOkill360 SPTaki 2.3.0 - Near empty maps?

Hi! Installed SPTaki 2.3.0 yesterday and did a test run on Customs to see if things improved. It looked like I found a bit more loose loot this time around but the map felt empty... I think I heard one gunshot in the distance but I did not come accross any Scavs/PMC's except for a Scav Sniper and a camping PMC at Ruaf RoadBlock at the end (which I rushed by to extract)
I had the feeling there were almost no bots spawns cause my performance was very good throughout the raid.
Anyone else experiencing this or was it just a one time fluke?
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2022.03.08 21:51 Ceilan007 any way to speed craft hideout or make all ammo buyable in flea ?

Hello guys, i heard about some fleamarket/hideout mod for speed craft or buy anything on flea (like BP 7.62 ammo) but i can't find one in the main sptaki website, there is so much of them ! Anyone got some info/name about them to help me find them ? thanks a lot !
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2022.03.08 20:19 AC645 what is bleedingedge mod

like, I seriously can not find any info about what does this mod do, improve, alter or whatever, even on the official sptaki site, I might be an fucking idiot, but I seriously don't know what that thng is or do
so if there is anyone that do know, please tell me
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2022.01.08 16:36 travelavatar My main reason to stick to SPTAKI. No waiting times.

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2021.09.26 01:11 thicc-spoon I need some help

I followed a tutorial on downloading sptaki and i did everything right to my knowledge. But every time i start the game it shuts down a second later. Any suggestions?
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2021.09.02 11:57 jono56667 server keeps crashing

im new to SPTAki and only have like 5 raids done however 3 out of those raids the server has crashed and tarkov has completly frozen (one of which was as i was exiting) i did notice any errors come up on the servor before the crash(its open on my second monitor) but tarkov freezes thn the servor window just closes... any one having the same issue or does anyone have a fix for this???
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2021.08.05 21:24 60k4 Error, help needed

My entire pc shuts down when I start a raid. No mods, my pc components are fine, I tested in other games that take higher tolls on my gpu/cpu/ram for much longer periods, but as soon as i start a raid my entire pc restarts, sometimes instantly, sometimes it takes up to 3 minutes. It was fine for the past week, but now it is unplayable due to the guaranteed restart of my pc. I have no mods, I'm running this on a legally acquired copy of tarkov, only downgraded to the previous version (, the version of SPTAKI that I'm running is 1.5.1.My specs are as follows:RX 560 4GB GDDR5i3-7100 CPU8GB RAMInstalled on SSDAny help? Thank you in advance.
Edit: Yes I've tried reinstalling and updating drivers.

Edit: Solved the issue by clearing out everything that ever had any connection to tarkov on my pc. I went as far as to clear CMOS, RAM, all of the documents relating to tarkov, including my original bought version. Now it's fine. Yeah as stupid as I thought the solution would be. Thank you everyone

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2021.07.15 05:10 Astbark Live EFT stops at the Peacekeeper illustration screen

recently played SPT for the first time in 215 version with Patcher 1.3.0 and SPTAKI 1.6.0
The next day, when I started EFT online, it was a game where I could just see the illustrations of Peacekeeper.

The file structure at that time was
--- / Battlestate Games
--/ EFT
-/ Battleeys etc...
--- / SPTAKI
--/ Server.exe etc...

I have already tried restarting and reinstalling the OS and checking files.But Peacekeeper was looking at me all the time.
Please help me as I would like to proceed with online Tarkov at the same time.。
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2021.06.29 02:54 pixelkingliam SPTAKI under linux?

I would like to know if anyone here has successfully installed SPTAKI on linux preferably arch linux and would be willing to show me how
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