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2023.05.07 02:07 Blacksmith52YT Help getting rid of dangerous dinos?

I play ark by myself (technically) on a non-dedicated server. I had a pretty good small base going until a therizinosaurus came by and killed all my dinos! I was able to get a new parasaur but otherwise i am basically back to the beginning. There are also chalicotherium moving into the area from the other side of the river (I'm in south zone 3) and I know that they are relatively dangerous. For context, my base is mostly thatch and I still haven't progressed past stone tools. Should I simply move my operation uphill, or do you have other ideas?
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2023.05.01 03:00 fr15287 Size comparisons of ARK Therizinosaurus VS Real Therizinosaurus, ARK Dragon VS Real Komodo Dragon, and ARK Maewing VS Real Platypus. These creatures (despite two of them presumably being suggested as a joke) were requested by a users in previous comments.

Size comparisons of ARK Therizinosaurus VS Real Therizinosaurus, ARK Dragon VS Real Komodo Dragon, and ARK Maewing VS Real Platypus. These creatures (despite two of them presumably being suggested as a joke) were requested by a users in previous comments. submitted by fr15287 to ARK [link] [comments]

2023.04.17 15:42 TheFeltingFiend Finally got around to that little therizinosaurus I promised! Colors were inspired by a theri I had in ark quite a bit ago, one of my favorite tames. Little dude is pretty posable, have loved working with pipe cleaners so I can change their positions after I'm done!

Finally got around to that little therizinosaurus I promised! Colors were inspired by a theri I had in ark quite a bit ago, one of my favorite tames. Little dude is pretty posable, have loved working with pipe cleaners so I can change their positions after I'm done! submitted by TheFeltingFiend to Dinosaurs [link] [comments]

2023.03.13 17:44 Impressive_Elixir Hello people of the ARK, I have joined

Hello! I just got ARK: Survival Evolved and starting playing it, super fun game.
I have played the game for 63 hours, maybe even more.
I do need some advices, like basic ones. I'm currently playing on singleplayer.
How do I tame a Therizinosaurus? What is their favorite food? I feel like this is a worthy predator in wild because it can essentially 2 shot a metal shield.
When they're down, I give them berries and stuff. But their consciousness get up so fast.
Another question, Which DLC's are worth buying? they're currently cheap in my country.
Another question, where do you find obsidians and other core materials? I genuinely enjoy this game and want to explore the entire game.
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2023.02.17 11:01 GER_RoterBaron The stories of my Ark: An Arch nemesis is born

I’ve been playing Ark for a decent amount of time and thought I would share some stories I find funny or entertaining.
A long time ago my two friends and decided we needed a new game to try and found one that looked like fun: Ark. So we bought the game and we’re immediately confused where to start. Since joining an official server looked easy we decided to do just that. After lagging ourselves from server to server we finally found one where we could move normally so we tried to tame something. The first Dino we saw was a pachy so we walked to him and slapped the living shit out of it. Sadly, we didn’t find a place to build so we had to switch servers again, but this time we found a nice beach to settle on. Soon after building our thatch hut the it was getting dark and we couldn’t see anything except for this weird looking thing in the distance. No one really knew what it was so one of us walked over and there it was: a huge feathered chicken with long claws. As our death messages would later show, it was a therizinosaurus. We tried respawning at a different location and the same thing happened. Twice.
From that point on we killed every therizino we could and if we tame one would call it idiot.
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2023.01.16 19:09 Zupaysaurus88 An Updated Dinosaur Iceberg! (82 Entries)

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2022.12.27 19:47 Prestonshaw7 Started playing Ark again after like 2 years and i tamed a therizinosaurus

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2022.11.26 19:59 gatewayfromme44 Me and the boys after beating most of the island

Me and the boys after beating most of the island
My friend started a challenge of beating all of the ark bosses. We joined a cluster and got to work. We defeated the three gamma bosses. But then tragedy struck. The server owner announced that the server would be shut down in three weeks.
In that time we beat the beta bosses and the alpha brood mother. But we were running out of time. We didn’t have the resources for the alpha monkey and dragon.
But we had the resources for the beta overseer. And so the four of us started the boss. Unfortunately one of our members overheated and died on the way through the cave. But he threw who remained fought the overseer and triumphed.
I’m the end, we took this screenshot. Soup, our leader, on his roaring Reaper. Wyatt on the calm Yuty. Trin on her griffin. and me, on Meep the Pteradon, who has the highest speed stat I’ve ever seen (300%+)
It was a slightly boosted server, but not too boosted. We are going to miss our Dinos.
Meep the speedy Pteradon. Big Roy Model 1080 4WD the Therizinosaurus. Gustavo the Ankylosaurus. Seras Victoria the blood crystal Wyvern.
We will miss you all dearly.
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2022.09.30 20:02 Alex20041509 Do you wanna see made up and mythical creatures in ark 2?

As for me (you may like them) ark ruined its franchise with so many made up creatures like rock golems basiliscus, gacha ecc..
The manifesto of the game was sort of: ancient and mostly unknown creatures Becomes the main part of a wonderful game. (Who ever heard about argentavis or therizinosaurus before have played ark?)
Most of these made up creatures proposes
In my view could be replaced with real or rel like creatures(like araneo which never existed but is cool)
Some made up or fictional creatures fits well(like unicorn or griffin or even wyverns) But only few And not the 40-50% of the total.
As For the bosses the should be fictional creatures for me
Let me know your opinion in the comments And vote the poll
View Poll
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2022.09.26 22:24 fighterpilotace1 Any suggestions to improve my deck?

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2022.07.31 19:06 Kyles10s Therizinosaurus

So I'm playing on a unofficial ark server. One where a person is paying for it. Well it is a little boosted but not much. I read somewhere a therizinosaurus was great for gathering (and it is), but god are they strong. This thing is lv 20 and stronger than my lv 90 Rex was it feels like. Lv 130 was tearing me and my tribe mate a new one. Never had such a struggle taming anything ever. So we found the lv 20 later on.

My tribemates friend who runs the server said he did get a kick out of seeing "Kyle was killed by lv 130 Therizinosaur" like 14 times in a row.

Lv 20 was tamed and been put to work.
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2022.07.20 23:25 Joartrude Jurassic World Dominion

I’ve noticed that the people who appreciated this movie the most are Ark players. Prove me wrong LOL
Therizinosaurus was about epic as it gets!
Every Dino they introduced were common Dino’s on ARK.
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2022.07.01 19:20 ShortJ2016 Saddle Blueprint Help understanding Loot Tables

My brothers and I play on a private dedicated server on Ragnarok. We are relatively inexperienced with the game but we have a solid base, some level 150 tames, obtained a few artifacts, all the industrial cookegrindeforge, but we are getting to the point for bossing and thats proved a challenge. I feel like the step from the general exploration to bossing is a huge step due to breeding and general prep being pretty complex but the biggest struggle so far is that all of our saddles are primitive (for the Therizinosaurus specifically, we have mastercraft and even ascendant for other tames). Ive read the post here: and looked over the loot tables here: but I don't fully understand what I am reading enough to direct me somewhere that I can get a better saddle blueprint for our Theri's. Folks mention the lava caves or swamp caves, and I am familiar with them on the island, but not on Ragnarok. Can someone drop coords or direct me to the best places to farm drops to get a better saddle blueprint? Any recommendations on the best way to farm them? We would like to try not constantly switching maps because we only play together on the center and ragnarok so far. We also play primarily on the default settings with a few minor tweaks (1.0 difficulty, show damage numbers, etc.)
tl;dr: Ragnorak farming for Theri bp. Where do I go, what do I do? Explain it to me like I'm 5.
Unrelated, Therizinosaurus is a really hard thing to say. We named our first one Tizzy so now all of them are called Tizzies.
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2022.06.24 04:53 Jummas therizinosaurus Jurassic World

therizinosaurus was a herbivore, but i kinda feel like this was a ARK reference to it attacking almost everything that comes close to it.?
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2022.06.22 16:12 Patches3k Status Update...

Checked in our investment last night guys. Went to a local AMC for a Tuesday 6:30 showing of Jurassic Park Dominion....
PACKED, full with people. This one screen must have had at least 100 people in front of it and the group of 10 people I went with easily dropped a couple Benjamin's in tickets and loads of concessions.

BTW, for those who like Jurassic Park; Dominion was great. AND for those who play ARK Survival, Jurassic Park Dominion was like playing ARK right before the tech suits come out and our little clan is trolling the nuts out of the big boys. We all know how brutal those Therizinosaurus are when your a BOB and Jurassic Park Dominion includes a killer end scene with one of those guys.
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2022.06.21 21:21 therottingbard Actual Play Ark Survival Evolved Team A Day 2&3

Day 2 - Christian If you missed Day 1 click here. If you missed Team B click here.
When the group awakes the Roman Soldier, Cato, grabs Christian and the two of them go towards the lake. Cato saw a man with an Iron Spear get killed there yesterday. He wants the spear and to loot the body.
Halfway there they run into a germanic tribal man riding a Therizinosaurus. The man robs them under the threat of using his dino. They drop what they have, including Cato's shortsword and shield. And they move on.
At the lake, they find the body of the man that was killed the other day. His lower half is destroyed, but Chris identifies him as a Russian Cossak. His body has already been looted and the spear was taken. There is a footprint nearby, but the two cannot find a set of tracks.
They double back, defeated, but find the tracks of the therizino. Cato follows the tracks and Christian reluctantly joins him. They see the man robbing a woman. He gets off his beast, leaving his sword and Cato's sword on a rock. He approaches her and forcefully takes her pearl necklace.
Cato and Christian sneak up from behind and take the swords from the saddle. The dino gets surprised by them and alerts the tribal. Cato lunges at the man but is knocked down by the therizino. It grabs the soldier's leg and hoists him up into the air.
The woman kicks the tribal through the legs, hitting him right in the balls. This stuns the man as Chris attacks the therizino and Cato slashes at its legs. It lets go of Cato and stumbles back. Cato starts to sit up when the tribal grabs him and wrestles the sword from him. Chris strikes the man's hand, Cato wrestles free getting a hold of his sword again and slashes his sword across the tribal's chest.
The woman kicks the shit out of the tribal as Chris and Cato put the dino down.
The woman introduces herself as Gabi. > Gabi Chanel is a fashion designer from 1907 France
Gabi points out that she was heading to a beacon in the distance. There is in fact a large white beam of light in the sky. The three head the rest of the way to it, finding a river that feeds out of the lake. Atop a nearby hill, the beacon hits the ground. The light beam is coming from the sky. They watch what looks like an elevator slowly descend until it reaches the hill. It has containers on it that hold a Stone Axe, a Stone Pickaxe, and a Slingshot.
The group takes it and heads back to base. They introduce Gabi to the group. Cato and Chris go out collecting wood while William and Gabi go out collecting stone. Isabella keeps a campfire going and is taking care of Chantel who is making a nice recovery.
William finds a large rock he starts breaking up into possibly usable bits. Gabi transfers the chunks of stone from William to the base. While doing so she is ambushed.
A spinosaurus comes after Gabi. She initially escapes, but it's faster and quickly catches up. Her screaming attracts the nearby William who manages to get to her just in time to see her eaten by the spino. William slinks away.
He heads back to camp and stops Cato from going to where the screams came from. He lets him know it's too late. The camp is somber as they go to sleep for the night.
Day 3
The group wakes up and decides their camp needs to be moved somewhere safer. They grab what building materials they can and head to the hill where the beacon landed. They make it there safely but do pass by a Giant Bee Hive with cat-sized bees floating around.
They begin to build a small structure on the hill. A tiny house to hide from the elements. The majority of people may have to sleep outside under a lean-to but the house could provide security or privacy depending on the need that arises.
While building it under the hot sun, Chantel suffers heat stroke and has a seizure. Isabella helps to hold her on her side while the others get her cool water from the river. They keep her inside the building once it is built so she can cool down.
William, Cato, and Christian head out towards a structure in the distance. An obelisk glowing red. Along the way, they run into some seal-like dinos called Moschops. William feeds one some berries and it begins to follow him.
When they get to the obelisk they find that it is floating. Cato distracts a Therizino in the area while Chris and William go down to the platform underneath the obelisk. There is a terminal that can take four keys. With some deduction and accessing a screen on the terminal, they reason the platform would have some way to travel from here to another habitat if all four keys are entered.
They leave the obelisk, rejoin with Cato, and are still followed by the moschops as they return to the base. They sit around a campfire, eat berries, and chat as night falls.
A man approaches them, his face half-burnt, he asks if they'll please hand over everything they own. If they do so then they won't take revenge for their dead tribal friend. Chris backs away from the campfire into the darkness.
The group refuses. A shot rings out and Chantel drops. She's been shot in the gut. William drags Chantel into the thatch building they built. Cato and Isabella follow quickly.
They watch through holes in the wall as a Nazi soldier, a Mogolian horse archer, the half-burnt man, an Austrian crossbowman, and a Indian woman approach the building. The Indian woman is being pushed forward, she carries a first aid kit.
The Nazi says that they can help with the gunshot wound if the group hands over all their stuff. William whistles to the moschops and Chris slaps it on the back. The moschops tackles the Nazi from behind, bites the back of his coat, and throttles him. Chris charges in with the Tribal's sword and stabs the Mongolian in the back.
Cato runs out, uses his shield to block a crossbow bolt, before he runs his sword through the half-burnt man. William charges, takes the rifle from the Nazi, and fires the rifle at him executing him.
The Moschops runs and tackles the crossbowman. The Mongolian turns on Chris, somehow still alive, but the Indian woman swings her metal first aid kit. It slams into the back of his head. She and Chris begin kicking him until he stops moving.
The crossbowman fires again, this time it strikes true, and the moschops goes limp on top of him. William, enraged, drags the crossbowman out from under the moschops. He drags him into the jungle where he finishes him off without the rest of the party seeing.
After killing the Mongolian Chris introduces himself to the Indian woman. She says her name is Lakshmi. > Lakshmi Patel is a medical practitioner from modern-day India.
They collect all the supplies they can from the dead. Chris spends a while staring at the contents of a wallet the half-burnt man had on him. His name was Kyle and he was from 2040. Lakshmi and Isabella treat Chantel's gunshot wound.
The group all take turns on watch, half to watch for danger, and half to keep an eye on Chantel. And the day comes to a close.
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2022.06.15 07:55 SnooOnions1682 The correlation between Jurassic world Dominion and Ark Survival evolved, Could it mean anything legally

I just got back from watching Jurassic world dominion and couldn't help but recognize similarities with the dinosaurs between it and my favorite game ark. some obvious ones were the Deinonychus, Therizinosaurus, giganotosaurus, and the quetzal. but those are just random dinosaurs that happen to be in ark. the therizinos design and characteristics are not realistic at all and fallow ark, the Giga is smaller then a rex and is constantly seen as the apex predator in the game and the deino looks like its straight out of the games files. I also believe they changed the Dilophosaurus to fit more with the game as the size and look is more similar to ark then the original movie. I believe they did this so people who love this game will be more likely to watch it, that's why they also appear in the trailers, and you know it worked because of the amount of people flat out saying this is why they watched the movie. I would love to see a video about this and more inept similarities and maybe what this means legally since this is straight from the game, I've always wanted to watch a theory for ark so this would be amazing or for anyone else just some food for thought that I picked up while watching this new movie.
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2022.04.01 17:17 TheWeirdo_Dude My therizinosaurus won't harvest narco berries?

I Googled "what dino is best for harvesting narco berries" , and therizinosaurus came up as second best, so I tried to tame one, and after several deaths, I finally did it! But when I ride it, it only collects fiber? Am I doing it wrong, or did something change or something? I just want my narco berries T_T
Edit: I've been informed that there isn't only two ways to farm, but three. So for those who saw this post and had the same question as me, you can press "c" on default PC and it will harvest berries. I love this subreddit so much, and without it I would have never been able to play ark efficiently lol Thank you all <3
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2022.01.09 11:31 boywithbreadhead ARK journal entry 4: getting multiple heart attacks while trying to tame a griffin

It started of simple enough, i looked up an easy trap ( decided i should build it there, I set off on my ptera (lvl81 while max wild was 52) i flew half way accros the map to where the griffins where.
now i thought these guys where going to be hard to find, so i wanted to make a base in the general area. big. fucking. mistake.
first a fucking lvl 50 carno appeard wich wasn't that hard to deal with, a couple of shots in the face and it was down.
But then my ptera managed to get a griffin angry and tried fighting back, wich it couldn't win. i quickly made it passive and got it to follow me, jumped on and flew over the entire mountain. i thought i was safe but when i looked behind me and saw that cunt right on my tail and my bird was out of stam. i completly panicked and alt f4ed ( a reflex from whenever i fell of a cliff in bloodborne)
i got back into the game and to my suprize the griffin was gone, so what does my low on health dumbass do. i go back... why did i have to go back. it went exactly the same exept the alt f4 was not a reflex this time it was completly intended.
at this point i thought fuck no, not again, and fled the scene.
i planned to make everything i needed for the trap plus an extra foundation, bed and big storage chest. i gathered my courage and left, this time making sure to stay on the edge of the biome.
i made my little base and parked my bird on a rock that was a bit higher then the rest so i would stay safe. i went to build the trap and realized i had made stone door ways in stead of dubble door frames and got the rigth materials, once i came back however, there was a carno, i shot it and slasheed it a bit and i went down soon enough. now it was time to transport the narcotics and meat over.
It was then that i realized something, where is my ptera. my heart beating fast i looked in the log and saw it "carno lvl 51 killed let's gooooooooo (ptera lvl 81) my heart sunk and i realized that not only was my best flyer gone but i couldn't get back to base with my stuff.
now i did have 2 other flyers but they where kinda low level, better then nothing tho.
i dropped all my stuff in the storage and decided not to teleport back, but to just die.
so i tried to trap the griffin, it did not end well.
Now back at base i tried to trap the griffin (lvl 33) twice more on foor wich failed. so i thought in order to get some more food i was going to hunt with my dilo pack (22 dilo's). it was going well until i came accros a Therizinosaurus and thought "my dilo's and raptor can take that, right?" no, no they coulnd't.
turns out it was lvl 50, and it killed every single one of my dilo's while coulnd't do anything but watch. the log was filled with red messages that day. atleast i got away tho.
now at the lowest i had been in this world, i decided that before i got a new ptera saddle i had to trap a griffin on foot. so i teleported back and, somehow managed to get it stuck in the trap but i died before i could open the door so i got back 5 minutes later and managed to open the door. i came back a little later to see in it was still trapped and it was. there was also a rex close to the trap. shit. i managed to lead him away by punching it and running the oppisite direction but this wasn't the last i saw of him.
i died to some raptors and got enough keratin for a new ptera saddle and flew back with my narcotics, meat and more tranq arrows. the griffin was still there. this time i set my flyer on passive flee andwent to shoot the griffing. it was going well. everyone in the comments of the trap was saying how good it was and that it worked perfectly. so you should have seen my face when that thing landed on the open door and glitched through the roof. it wanted revenge, now i wasn't a pussy so i kept shooting it and died, respawned got my stuff and kept shooting but the griffin flew away. i went back to my little camp to get more arrows and i saw the griffin fly back to the trap, i rushed over there and nearly got it down but it fled once more, this time i nearly died again and could barely walk. so i stuffed my face with some narcotics to regen health. i hopped on the ptera and realized i had to trap it again, i put all my faith in the trap workig this time. i got the griffins attetion and after 3 attempts i got it in the trap, after a couple of shot he went down and i started feedig him.
every thing went well. every now and then i scouted for carnos or the rex but never found any, wich was good. a minute or two later i hear some stomping and turn around only to see that damned rex 5 meters away from me. i instandly jumped on my bird and kited the rex away. it nearly came back a couple of times but then it got to a place full of stego's and stayed there.
i went back and scouted again every now and then, and soon after the griffin was tamed, i named it after my lost ptera and flew it back to base.
now as epic as this adventure was it did one really bad thing, i am now really attached to the griffin and did't want to use it for the reason i got it, stealing a wyvren egg

adventured like these are what i love about these games tho, it can get so intense
well anyway, i'm gonna go play ark now
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2022.01.04 15:02 ANegrowithaPurpose Something that I feel is important to remember about Therizinosaurus
Is that we have no direct evidence of it having feathers. Furthermore, depicting it as only partially feathered or completely bald is no more inaccurate than depicting other large megatheropods the same way.
The only reason we’ve all subconsciously accepted that Therinosaurus is fluffy is because of pop culture depictions like Ark, The Isle, and Bestinslot popularizing the nickname “danger floof”. However, just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s true.
The only evidence of feathers in Therizinosauria is with Bepiaosaurus, which was a basal member of the family and only about 7 feet long. By contrast, Therizinosaurus itself was similar in size to a Tyrannosaurus, and lived in an environment significantly warmer than the temperate floodplains that the Tyrant king himself actually lived in.
Therizinosaurus was almost definitely not a fluffball when you consider it’s size, weight, and the environment in which it lived. It was most likely either partially feathered, or entirely scaley, similar to Tyrannosaurus rex and other megatheropods.
The next time you see a bald therizinosaurus, ask yourself, “Is this really inaccurate? Or do I just have a preconceived notion of what this animal should look like because of paleo memes and pop culture?”
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2021.11.18 06:52 richman4 Completionist List

I was unable to find any sort of completionist list for ark so I decided to make my own. This is currently just for The Island. Comment below if you think of anything I missed or find any typos/misspellings.
  1. Kill at least 1 of every dino
    1. Achatina
    2. Allosaurus
    3. Ammonite
    4. Angler
    5. Ankylosaurus
    6. Araneo
    7. Archaeopteryx
    8. Argentavis
    9. Arthropluera
    10. Attack Drone
    11. Baryonyx
    12. Basilosaurus
    13. Beelzebufo
    14. Brontosaurus
    15. Carbonemys
    16. Carnotaurus
    17. Castoroides
    18. Chalicotherium
    19. Cnidaria
    20. Coelacanth
    21. Compy
    22. Daeodon
    23. Defense unit
    24. Dilophosaur
    25. Dimetrodon
    26. Dimorphodon
    27. Diplocaulus
    28. Diplodocus
    29. Direbear
    30. Direwolf
    31. Dodo
    32. Doedicurus
    33. Dung Beetle
    34. Dunkleosteus
    35. Electropharus
    36. Equus
    37. Eurypterid
    38. Gallimimus
    39. Giant Bee
    40. Giganotosaurus
    41. Gigantopithecus
    42. Hesperornis
    43. Hyaenodon
    44. Ichthyornis
    45. Ichthyosaurus
    46. Iguanodon
    47. Kairuku
    48. Kaprosuchus
    49. Kentrosaurus
    50. Leech
    51. Leedsichthys
    52. Liopleurodon
    53. Lystrosaurus
    54. Mammoth
    55. Manta
    56. Megalania
    57. Megaloceros
    58. Megalodon
    59. Megalosaurus
    60. Meganeura
    61. Megatherium
    62. Mesopithecus
    63. Microraptor
    64. Mosasaurus
    65. Moschaps
    66. Ocyc
    67. Otter
    68. Oviraptor
    69. Ovis
    70. Pachy
    71. Pachyrhinosaurus
    72. Paraceratherium
    73. Parasaur
    74. Pegomastax
    75. Pelagornis
    76. Phiomia
    77. Paranha
    78. Plesiosaur
    79. Procoptodon
    80. Pteranodon
    81. Pulmonoscorpius
    82. Purlovia
    83. Quetzal
    84. Raptor
    85. Rex
    86. Sabertooth
    87. Sabertooth Salmon
    88. Sarco
    89. Spinosaurus
    90. Stegosaurus
    91. Tapejara
    92. Terror bird
    93. Therizinosaurus
    94. Thylacoleo
    95. Titanoboa
    96. Titanomyrma
    97. Titanosaur
    98. Triceratops
    99. Trilobite
    100. Troodon
    101. Tesoteuthis
    102. Unicorn
    103. Woolly Rhino
    104. Yeti
    105. Yutyrannus
  2. Tame every tameable dino
    1. Achatina
    2. Allosaurus
    3. Angler
    4. Ankylosaurus
    5. Araneo
    6. Archaeopteryx
    7. Argentavis
    8. Arthropluera
    9. Baryonyx
    10. Basilosaurus
    11. Beelzebufo
    12. Brontosaurus
    13. Carbonemys
    14. Carnotaurus
    15. Castoroides
    16. Chalicotherium
    17. Compy
    18. Daeodon
    19. Dilophosaur
    20. Dimetrodon
    21. Dimorphodon
    22. Diplocaulus
    23. Diplodocus
    24. Direbear
    25. Direwolf
    26. Dodo
    27. Doedicurus
    28. Dung Beetle
    29. Dunkleosteus
    30. Electropharus
    31. Equus
    32. Gallimimus
    33. Giant Bee
    34. Giganotosaurus
    35. Gigantopithecus
    36. Hesperornis
    37. Hyaenodon
    38. Ichthyornis
    39. Ichthyosaurus
    40. Iguanodon
    41. Kairuku
    42. Kaprosuchus
    43. Kentrosaurus
    44. Liopleurodon
    45. Lystrosaurus
    46. Mammoth
    47. Manata
    48. Megalania
    49. Megaloceros
    50. Megalodon
    51. Megalosaurus
    52. Megatherium
    53. Mesopithecus
    54. Microraptor
    55. Mosasaurus
    56. Moschaps
    57. Ocyc
    58. Otter
    59. Oviraptor
    60. Ovis
    61. Pachy
    62. Pachyrhinosaurus
    63. Paraceratherium
    64. Parasaur
    65. Pegomastax
    66. Pelagornis
    67. Phiomia
    68. Plesiosaur
    69. Procoptodon
    70. Pteranodon
    71. Pulmonoscorpius
    72. Purlovia
    73. Quetzal
    74. Raptor
    75. Rex
    76. Sabertooth
    77. Sarco
    78. Spinosaurus
    79. Stegosaurus
    80. Tapejara
    81. Terror bird
    82. Therizinosaurus
    83. Thylacoleo
    84. Titanoboa
    85. Titanosaur
    86. Triceratops
    87. Trilobite
    88. Troodon
    89. Tesoteuthis
    90. Unicorn
    91. Woolly Rhino
    92. Yutyrannus
  3. Breed every breedable dino
    1. Achatina
    2. Allosaurus
    3. Angler
    4. Ankylosaurus
    5. Araneo
    6. Archaeopteryx
    7. Argentavis
    8. Arthropluera
    9. Baryonyx
    10. Basilosaurus
    11. Beelzebufo
    12. Brontosaurus
    13. Carbonemys
    14. Carnotaurus
    15. Castoroides
    16. Chalicotherium
    17. Compy
    18. Daeodon
    19. Dilophosaur
    20. Dimetrodon
    21. Dimorphodon
    22. Diplocaulus
    23. Diplodocus
    24. Direbear
    25. Direwolf
    26. Dodo
    27. Doedicurus
    28. Dunkleosteus
    29. Electropharus
    30. Equus
    31. Gallimimus
    32. Giganotosaurus
    33. Gigantopithecus
    34. Hesperornis
    35. Hyaenodon
    36. Ichthyornis
    37. Ichthyosaurus
    38. Iguanodon
    39. Kairuku
    40. Kaprosuchus
    41. Kentrosaurus
    42. Lystrosaurus
    43. Mammoth
    44. Manata
    45. Megalania
    46. Megaloceros
    47. Megalodon
    48. Megalosaurus
    49. Megatherium
    50. Mesopithecus
    51. Microraptor
    52. Mosasaurus
    53. Moschaps
    54. Ocyc
    55. Otter
    56. Oviraptor
    57. Ovis
    58. Pachy
    59. Pachyrhinosaurus
    60. Paraceratherium
    61. Parasaur
    62. Pegomastax
    63. Pelagornis
    64. Phiomia
    65. Plesiosaur
    66. Procoptodon
    67. Pteranodon
    68. Pulmonoscorpius
    69. Purlovia
    70. Quetzal
    71. Raptor
    72. Rex
    73. Sabertooth
    74. Sarco
    75. Spinosaurus
    76. Stegosaurus
    77. Tapejara
    78. Terror bird
    79. Therizinosaurus
    80. Thylacoleo
    81. Titanoboa
    82. Titanosaur
    83. Triceratops
    84. Troodon
    85. Tesoteuthis
    86. Unicorn
    87. Woolly Rhino
    88. Yutyrannus
  4. Kill all bosses on all three difficulties
    1. Broodmother Lysrix
    2. Dragon
    3. Megapithecus
    4. Overseer
  5. Build every structure
    1. Crafting
      1. Campfire
      2. Cooking Pot
      3. Mortar and Pestle
      4. Refining Forge
      5. Smithy
      6. Chemistry Bench
      7. Fabricator
      8. industrial Cooking
      9. Industrial Forge
      10. Industrial Grill
      11. Industrial Grinder
      12. Tek Replicator
    2. Production
      1. Bee Hive
      2. Beer Barrel
      3. Compost Bin
      4. Crop Plot (Small, Medium, & Large)
      5. Feeding Trough
      6. Tree Sap Tap
      7. Air conditioner
      8. Dino Leash
      9. Lamppost
      10. Omnidirectional Lamppost
      11. Cloning Chamber
      12. Tek Trough
    3. Irrigation
      1. Stone Irrigation Pipe (Flexible, Inclined, Intake, Intersection, Straight, Vertical, & Tap)
      2. Water Reservoir
      3. Metal Irrigation Pipe (Flexible, Inclined, Intake, Intersection, Straight, Vertical, & Tap)
      4. Metal Water Reservoir
    4. Storage
      1. Bookshelf
      2. Preserving Bin
      3. Storage Box
      4. Large Storage Box
      5. Wooden Cage
      6. Refrigerator
      7. Vault
      8. Cryofridge
      9. Tek Dedicated Storage
    5. Power
      1. Electrical Cable ( Flexible, Inclined, Intersection, Straight, & Vertical)
      2. Electrical Generator
      3. Electrical Outlet
      4. Tek Generator
    6. Vehicles
      1. Wooden Raft
      2. Motorboat
    7. Other Tek
      1. Tek Teleporter
      2. Tek Transmitter
      3. Tek Forcefield
      4. Tek Turret
  6. Craft Full Tek Armor
    1. Tek Helmet
    2. Tek Chestpiece
    3. Tek Gauntlets
    4. Tek Leggings
    5. Tek Boots
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2021.07.24 15:10 TwelveGaShotgun "NEW CRACKED ARK" 24/7 PvP No Wipe Hosting a PvP event 7pm est this evening! 1v1 Therizinosaurus Fights, winner get choice of 5 BP'S & 1000 element! Discord Code: fYgxscEevk

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