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2023.06.10 10:06 ghostdeep88 H: armour W: listed armour, offers


Tesla 3 mags
uny - 7led / AP - SENT / WWR heavy raider RA, RL
uny - AP - FDC scout CP, RA
uny - AP - HTD fsa CP, RA
uny - AP - SENT heavy combat LA, RA, RL
uny - AP - WWR scout LA, RA, RL
uny - AP - WWR wood LA, RL
uny - AP - any 3rd heavy robot CP, RL
B - 50c - 25 aligned auto EPR
Armour trades; and Weapon trades
7led - CAV marine LA*****
7led - FDCheavy raider RA
AP - CAV light metal CP
AP - SENT light metal LA
AP - WWR heavy combat RL
AP - WWR trapper LA
7led - FDC heavy robot CP
AP -CAV heavy combat RA
AP - FALL trapper CP
CR - CAV wood CP
CR - FDC heavy metal LA
7led - SSENT heavy leather LL
AP - FDC sturdy combat LA
AP - SENT sturdy combat LA
AP - STIM usa LL
1C - WWR trapper RL
1E - WWR trapper LA
1S - WWR heavy combat RA
7led - FDC fsa RL
AP - CAV heavy raider RA
RR - WWR sturdy metal LA
1L -SENT marine LA
7led - HTD heavy leather RA**
7led - SENT light metal RA
AP - FDC fsa LA*
AP - SENT marine CP
1L - HTD fsa RL
AP - FDC marine LA
RR - WWR heavy combat CP
RR - WWR heavy combat RA
1S - FDC heavy combat RA
7led - WWR heavy robot CP
AP - WWR usa RA*****
FR - WWR heavy combat CP
1I - FDC heavy combat RA
1S - WWR fsa CP
AP - FALL trapper LA
AP - LIMB usa RL
AP - WWR trapper RA*****
7led - FDC heavy robot CP
7led - SENT light combat CP
7led - WWR marine CP
7led - WWR wood LA**
RR - WWR trapper LL****
SPECIAL - WWR marine set 3A, 1E, 1L

1A - WWR sturdy metal CP
1E - WWR heavy combat CP***
1I - - light metal CP (2 star)
1I - - sturdy combat RL (2 star)
1I - - usa CP (2 star)
1I - FROST marine RA
1I - JWR fsa LL
1I - POIS fsa LL
1I - STIM heavy robot LA
1I - STIM wood LL
1L - FDC fsa RL
1L - SENT light Leather RL
1L - SENT trapper RL
1L - WWR fsa RA***
1L - WWR usa RL
1P - SENT heavy combat CP
1P - WWR trapper RL
1S - POIS heavy metal CP
1S - SENT fsa RA**
1S - WWR fsa CP***
7led - 50bs heavy combat RL
7led - SENT fsa LA**
7led - SENT heavy robot RL**
7led - WWR usa LL**
7led - WWR wood RL**
AP - AWR marine LA
AP - FDC fsa LL*
AP - FDC usa LL
AP - FDC wood LA*
AP - FDC wood RA*
AP - HTD trapper LL
AP - HTD wood LA*
AP - HTD wood RL
AP - FIRE heavy combat RA
AP - POIS heavy metal LA
AP - SENT heavy combat CP x2
AP - SENT heavy combat LL x2
AP - SENT light robot CP
AP - SENT sturdy combat RA
AP - SENT trapper RL
AP - SENT usa RA*
AP - SENT wood RA*
AP - SENT wood RL*
AP - WWR heavy combat CP
AP - WWR light robot RL***
AP - WWR usa CP*
AP - WWR fsa LL
AP - WWR wood CP
AP - WWR wood LL
AP - WWR wood RA
CR - FDC fsa LL
H+T - FDC usa CP*
H+T - SENT heavy combat CP
PR - FDC fsa RL*
PR - SENT sturdy Metal LL
PR - WWR fsa RL*
PR - WWR heavy raider CP**
RR - SENT marine LA
PR - SENT usa RA*****
RR - WWR heavy metal LL
1E - WWR trapper RL
1I - - usa RA (2 star)
1I - 50bs marine RL
1I - FDC trapper LA
1I - FIRE trapper RA
1I - HTD fsa LL
1I - SENT light combat LA
1I - SENT sturdy robot RA
1I - SENT marine RL
1I - STIM usa LA
1S - WWR light metal LA
7led - WWR heavy combat RA
AP - CAV trapper LL
AP - ENERGY heavy robot LA
AP - SENT light metal LA
AP - SENT light robot CP**
FR - CAV heavy combat CP
FR - WWR trapper CP
AP - AWR usa LA
AP - WWR light robot LA
FR - WWR wood CP
PR - WWR trapper CP
RR - SENT heavy combat CP
Rest of it
EXT - 7led - WWR heavy raider RA
EXT - AP - SENT heavy leather LA
GS- 1I - WWR heavy combat LA
H - 7led - WWR heavy combat LA
MUT - 7led - WWR heavy raider LL
MUT - AP - WWR heavy combat CP*****
MUT - AP - HTD wood RL
NOC - 1I - WWR heavy robot CP
NOC - 7led - WWR heavy combat RA
Z - 1I - WWR heavy combat LL
Z - 1I - WWR heavy combat RA


BOLS - AP - WWR T60 set
OE - MIXED - SENT ultracite set
PSA ultracite set w jetpack RA

ARI - 1S - CAV x01 RL
A - AP - FDC x01 RA
AUTO - 7led - SENT raider RA
AUTO - 7led - WWR t45 LL
AUTO - AP - CAV excavator LL
AUTO - AP - WWR excavator CP
BOLS - 7led - CAV raider LL
BOLS - 7led - SENT ultracite LL
BOLS - 7led - WWR raider RL
BOLS - CR - WWR t60 RL
CHAM - AP - SENT raider CP
CHAM - AP - WWR raider RA
CLOAK - AP - WWR raider RA
MUT - 1S - WWR t45 RL
MUT - AP - WWR t51b CP
OE - 7led - SENT ultracite RL
OE - AP - - t60 RL (2star)
VAN - PR - WWR raider LA


AWUs; forest, pink x3, red, yellow
BOS jumpsuit
Forest camo jumpsuit x2
Forest camo scout mask x2
Leather coat x2
Radicals face mask x2
Responders fireman set
Tattered field jacket x2
Travelling leather coat x2
Urban scout mask x4
White powder jumpsuit x2
Fasnacht masks;
Brahmin x2
Buffoon x2
Crazy guy x2
Deathclaw x2
Demon x4
Hag x2
Loon x4
Raven x2
Winter man x2

1000~ AA6 - health regen
800~ AA7 - max ap
900 ~ BW9 - workshop repair cost
500~ GROG5 - dmg vs scorched
900~ GROG8 - dmg resist
400~ GNB2 - laser crit damage
1200~ GNB4 - ap regen
500~ LNL3 - healing from veggies
750~ LNL8 - 5% xp in team
1000~ LNL9 - less damage from robots
1000~ TES5 - heavy ammo consumption
500~ TES8 - crit damage
900~ agility bobble heads
1500~ big gun bobble heads
1250~ energy bobble heads
500~ explosive bobble heads
1000~ leader bobble heads
350~ luck bobble heads
1250~ repair bobble heads
4000~ small gun bobble heads
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2023.06.10 10:02 SuddenManatee Radiator fan extra noisy

Posting for someone else so I can't describe the sound exactly but a local mechanic said the noise was related to the thermo fan, potentially the fan itself being loose in its casing, worn bearing etc. The mechanic suggested unplugging the fan rather than driving with it loose and shaking til it can get repaired (the drive is 6 hours on highway).
My question is, is the risk of a broken part of the blade highemore expensive/catastrohic than the risk of the engine overheating? It is currently winter in Australia so the air temperature will be around 15-20°c for the drive, which can also be broken up with breaks.
I'm just skeptial about the fan blade breaking and causing a total engine failure.
Thanks for any advice!
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2023.06.10 10:02 smartybrome Credit Repair For Beginners Basics Of Credit Repair

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2023.06.10 09:55 ashleyrollerdoorr Timely Shutter Repair: Ensuring Continuous Business Operations

Roller shutters are an essential component of many businesses, providing security, access control, and protection against external elements. However, like any mechanical system, roller shutters can experience issues that require timely repair. In this blog, we will delve into the importance of timely shutter repair in ensuring uninterrupted business operations.
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2023.06.10 09:53 Asleep_Teacher_2817 Blacklisted inquiry

Bale una kong provider globe tapos kaka 1 month lg tinamaan kami ng odette tapos after a series of multiple failed attempts to repair the connection nag opt ako mag converge so ngayon blacklisted na ako sa globe and nakaka receive ako ng calls from 3rd party companies yung naniningil tho di ko lg pinapansin. Ngayon naka converge ako and yung lilipatan ko na apartment wala silang malapit na box for transfer eh WFM ako so di pwede na maghintay ako. Options ko lg is globe and pldt eh like i said blacklisted na ako doon and ngayon baka kay converge nanaman kasi less than a year plg ako sakanila. Biglaan kasi yung lipat since pina mandate na mag office na kami weekly.
May mga tao rin ba same sa situation ko na blacklisted na sa 2 ISPs? sa credit score ako nag wo worry if totoo nga ba yun? i use gcash magbayad ng wifi eh so not sure paano nila ma che check yun in case.
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2023.06.10 09:53 Remslem First Tal run of the day - first one I've ever found... Welp.

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2023.06.10 09:51 claphamagricultural1 Tractor Mechanics Clapham Agricultural

Clapham Agricultural offers tractor mechanics services for farmers and agricultural businesses. Our skilled mechanics are equipped to handle a wide range of tractor repairs, maintenance and servicing, ensuring your machinery is running efficiently and effectively. Contact us for expert tractor support.
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2023.06.10 09:46 Relevant-Room-7002 Help- do i have fungal acne, normal acne, broken moisture barrier or do I react to something?

For Context:
I am a 22year old male.
Here are my pictures:
In February this year I had more or less glass skin. I used the panoxy benzoyl peroxide wash for more than over a year. Then I just wanted to improve skin texture even more with Differin, because I had some leftover PIH: Things started to really good. But then I had a strange tingling/burning sensation on my left cheek. I thought I broke my moisture barrier. But can I break my moisture barrier only on side of the face?Then I thought maybe the benzoyl peroxide is to drying so switched it out to the Cerave hydrating cleanser. Stil this weird tingling sensation on my cheek. Then I dropped the Differin. Because I thought my moisture barrier is broken. Although I dropped the acne fighting ingriedets my skin seemed normal. A occasional break out at the most. In order to help my moisture barrier repair I tried to have a high humidity in my room like 70%. I don't know if that caused fungal acne? I thought it is good to have humidity in order to prevent water loss from the skin. Now I don't use any actives for about 2 months, but this weird sensation one my cheek still is here. I also now think it is not a broken moisture barrier since nothing stings on my skin when I apply something.But now I have those red pumps on the side of my forehead I think the look like cloud comedones but that's an area where I never had this, which is odd to me. I also started the vanicream cleanser, because I think the Cerave hydrating cleanser is to stripping.My question is: Do I have fungal acne or or those "pimples" a result of not using any actives? Or do I have a broken moisture barrier? Or are those just closed comedones?
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2023.06.10 09:41 Yuppi_Yui There’s Miata on parking lot and i left a letter on the front windshield

There’s Miata on parking lot and i left a letter on the front windshield
Hi, English is not my first language so bare with me.. i live in Europe and on parking lot there’s been for around .. 2-3 ish years a gorgeous blue Miata left .. she is always covered in poop from pigeons and on the photos you can see it saw better days.. my mom encouraged me to write a letter to the owner if he is willing to meet and maybe sell his car to me. In short i wrote that I admired his car for a long time and its .. pity ? That it stands still in the parking lot. I have mechanics in my family so we would be able to repair her and I’m going to this somewhat prestigious car wash once a week so she would be taken care of. I left him my phone number and i hope he will be nice with the price as i want to invest into the car to make it shine and make it feel loved? I will write specs that i found on web about this specific car. Year of first registration is 1999 1. July. Motor power is 103kw and the capacity of cylinders are 1840m2.
By the way, I’m 22 years old and F. I will be learning how to drive but i already drove and after i make my tests i will be driving with Ford 2014 Focus until i get used to it and wont destroy this beauty.
Could you guys say maybe the estimate value or say something to the cosmetic repairs ? Maybe what problems this specific year has ?
In advance thank you ~
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2023.06.10 09:40 PhoenixRizez Small shed concrete pad question: Should I add a 3 1/2" perimeter edge that is about 1/4" lower than the rest of the slab to stop water from seeping into the shed under the walls? And if so, what is this called?

I'm pretty handy and I do a lot of DIY repairs, upgrades, and remodeling, but I have very limited experience with concrete.
At my old house I ran into a shed problem. I had an oversized concrete pad poured for a metal pre-fab shed. I wanted the slab bigger than the shed on one side to keep some potted plants off the ground, but outside the shed, so on one side, the slab extended out about 2 feet beyond the shed wall. :Unfortunately, I found that during heavy rains, water would seep/flow under the shed walls and pool inside. A puddle of water inside in the heat of Florida meant anything metal inside the shed rusted badly. I assume the water came from the side of the slab that extended out past the walls, but I wasn't sure. A friend that does remodeling said I should've had the interior of the shed floor floor poured just slightly higher than the rest of the slab, so the shed walls would sit just slightly lower than the interior floor, then no water could have come into the shed.
I'm now at a new house and want to build a small lean-to shed up against the existing concrete block wall of the house with PT 2x4s and siding, and I want to add a slab for it. Due to the seepage issue I ran into before, I was thinking about somehow adding a 3 1/2" wide lowered (about 1/4") perimeter edge around the 3 sides of the slab that are away from the house (which the the walls of the shed will be built upon), so when I bolt down my base 2x4's to the concrete slab for the walls, any water that could possibly ever try to come in under the walls and into the shed (from driving rain for example) won't be able to seep inside, because the interior floor is just a little higher. Is this a thing that's done, and if so, what is it called? Is it a good or bad idea? And if it's a good idea, what's the best way to do it? It seems like it would make a lot of sense to do it this way, as water normally won't go uphill, but I can't find any posts or YouTube videos of concrete pads done this way, which makes me wonder if my great idea is actually a very bad plan. Thanks for any suggestions.
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2023.06.10 09:38 Globosetechnology Introduction to GTS’S Data Quality Management

Introduction to GTS’S Data Quality Management
Machine learning and artificial intelligence are advancing at a high-pace and taking on across a range of industries like a wildfire. To train the machine like a fine-tuned instrument, it is now more important than ever to collect vast volumes of data that is also quality-driven. Better data quality is more important to achieving the intended outcome than simply having a lot of data.
The output provided by analytical applications is authenticated by data quality, which is the subject of data management. Businesses can understand their position in the market due to analytical applications. Although there has been a significant increase in analytical capabilities in the IT sector, the quality of the data is still lacking, which could be detrimental to a corporation that relies on a machine-learning program.

How AI and ML Play an important role in data quality management

To analyze and create data models, business users, and data scientists need enormous volumes of on-demand, high-quality data. Instead of enhancing its quality and getting it ready for examination, they would rather spend their time analyzing data. To decrease manual interventions, businesses must concentrate on automating repetitive jobs and data quality procedures. Enterprises must determine the areas of data quality management where AI/ML models can contribute to increasing the level of automation. Several situations include:
  • Before executing data quality operations on target data components, AI/ML can be used to classify essential data pieces and assist in identifying significant data elements in unstructured data feeds, such as social media formats. Such a classification can aid in the hierarchy management and product categorization processes, enhancing the quality of the product data.
  • AI/ML can offer rules for data profiling, data cleansing, data standardization, and data enrichment based on the diagnosis of the data. It can also deliver proactive notifications for important data pieces. Business users can verify and incorporate these standards for processing data quality. By doing so, manual rule configuration is easier to do and the current rule set is improved. Additionally, AI/ML can efficiently suggest the most appropriate business data components and pertinent standards for redundant data.
  • AI/ML models can learn the normal manual override chores carried out by the data manager, like data repair and merge and split operations, based on prior instances, and carry out pertinent modifications from later iterations.
  • Data quality management software can improve its multilingual data processing capabilities by utilizing AI/ML. For instance, AI/ML models can be developed and used to translate text into one of the supported languages to handle a social media comment in a language that the program does not recognize.

Impact of Machine Learning(ML) on data quality management

Incorporating machine learning solutions into their data strategy is something that many businesses are starting to do nowadays. The top data initiatives whose revenue increases for the year, according to 63% of respondents in a recent survey, were AI and ML. This should not be surprising given the sheer volume of unknowns that data quality management must manage and the difficulties big data brings with it. The below points will show you how ML works with data:
  • Completing data gaps
While many automation systems can clean data based on explicit programming requirements, it is nearly impossible for them to fill in empty data gaps without user intervention or by bringing in additional data source streams. Based on its analysis of the circumstance, machine learning may nevertheless make educated judgments about missing data.
  • Determine relevance
On the other end of the spectrum from missing data, businesses frequently gather a lot of duplicated data over time that is useless in a business setting. For instance, machine learning is being utilized in the finance sector to expedite the typically drawn-out mortgage application process.
  • Find and eliminate duplicates
For data managers, duplicate data has always been a threat that eats away at their productivity. To develop focused marketing campaigns, marketing teams must be able to tell when many records refer to the same customer. But according to a poll, approx 81% of marketers said it is extremely difficult to create a single consumer view.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence(AI) on data quality management

Data collection, storage, preparation, and advanced data analytics technologies are all included in the broad idea of artificial intelligence, or AI. Through connected data technologies, artificial intelligence systems are gradually integrating all areas of a business into a single component of data management. Let’s have a look at the working of AI for data quality management:
  • Learning More Effortlessly
As it continues to educate itself, artificial intelligence likewise learns more quickly and effectively. Regardless of the ultimate objective of an artificial intelligence application, not all data or data sources are appropriate or effective for the machine learning algorithms that form the basis of artificial intelligence development.
  • Elimination of Human Errors
Data quality presents one of the biggest challenges to the effective use of artificial intelligence systems in businesses. Recent years have seen a major advancement in data quality research as a result of increased reliance on data to support corporate decisions. To determine which quality characteristics are critical for assessing the quality of the data, researchers have been working to define concepts like accuracy, completeness, and authenticity.
  • Data Trends are Recognised to Support Commercial Decision-making
Artificial intelligence can identify data trends to help in business decision-making. To avoid losing potentially valid data and having potentially incorrect data affect the outcome, the subject matter experts’ domain experience is leveraged to explain unexpected data patterns.

How AI and ML at GTS Transform Data Quality Management

Using a layered approach and AI, such as deep learning or machine learning (ML) models, GTS develops systems to segregate low-quality data and depends on effective bots to execute them. This technology is quite good at identifying tiny patterns that individuals could miss or not understand. These procedures can produce the clean data that ML algorithms require to ensure ongoing AI-proof quality, as well as the data that they need to evaluate it. Here is how it works:
  • Detailed data profiling and control over fresh data
Most firms obtain their data from other sources. It is challenging to consistently guarantee higher data quality because the data may originate from numerous companies or through third-party applications. A trustworthy data profiling tool is useful in these circumstances.
The program should be able to look at the data’s patterns and formats, as well as any inconsistencies in each record, distributions of data values, and other pertinent details. Automating data profiling and quality alerts for incoming data whenever it is received is also essential.
  • Define the parameters for data entry
One of the essential initial steps in enhancing data quality is to establish rules before adding data to the CRM system or any other system utilized by the organization. A substantial improvement will result from setting a standard for the data presentation during submission.
Each business’ standards are different, and the regulations will include measures for using the data for different decision-making practices. At GTS, we always emphasize these matters.
  • Put AI to work cleaning
To meet the moving target and maintain data quality, requires ongoing regulating and ingesting of both good and bad data; it is not a “set it and forget it” procedure, which needs to be done by AI.
Humans are essential in this flywheel because they set the system and monitor the data to spot trends that influence the standard. They then feed the model with these properties as well as the rejected ones.
  • Identify a quality metric
Instead of depending exclusively on manual intervention, GTS will help you in developing a grading system that enables you to identify common bot techniques. Subjectivity is necessary for the successful construction of a quality metric.
Establishing boundaries for reactions across components is a must for researchers. The next word in a series can be accurately predicted by AI, but it cannot replicate a person’s memory.

The Bottom Line

When creating data quality rules, metrics, defining data models, and standards that all employees must adhere to from the minute they enter a record into a system or extract a dataset from a third-party source, data quality dimensions serve as the reference point while using the AI and ML during the data quality management.
We at Globose Technology Solutions are fully aware that training data is an absolute necessity for your learning models. Use our platform to dramatically improve your data-quality management efforts with the technology of AI and ML, and gather a large number of premium datasets for quick machine model training.
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2023.06.10 09:37 Classic-BR What should I do with a retailer that’s sold me a product way under price?

I’ve bought a physical product from small company online shop. They operate roughly 45mins from my home in a bricks and mortar high street shop selling all kinds of collectibles/repair services.
A few days ago I made a purchase for a rare collectable item plus PP. I’ve received the email confirmation (receipt) and since then the money has been charged to my credit card.
This item seemed way undervalued and I was unsure whether 1. They just didn’t realise the value of the item 2. It was a fake/reproduction 3. Typo mistake.
Being to good of an opportunity to pass up plus the price wasn’t going to destroy my bank balance, I made the purchased.
Apart from the email confirmation, I’ve heard nothing. On the email it does say, ‘Once your package ships we will send you a notification email.’ This morning, I’ve checked the same product on the same webpage and the price has been relisted over 10x the price I paid but does say “sold out”. Obviously a typo as they’ve added an extra 9 before the decimal point.
What should I do now? Wait and see if they honour and post it out. Drive there and go pick it up and speak to them.
I’m thinking I need to act before they just refund the money back into my account and say sorry. I’m also thinking if I drove there would they be stupid enough to leave it on display for me/potential new customers to see. Would they remove the product from sight, wait for a cool off period then refund.
Unsure what to do?
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2023.06.10 09:36 AURukus Rental agreement question

I secured a great house to lease. The landlord drafted the lease agreement on Zillow. It’s very generic except for when it comes to repairs. If repairs or needed such as AC repai replace, plumbing, roof, structural damage not caused by tenant the tenant shall pay the first 100 dollars of the repair. If I didn’t break, If say the compressor to the AC wore out, why would I be on the hook to pay the first 100 dollars.
Also, I walked the house and there were some soft spots in sections of the flooring from where the contractor who flipped the house - he didn’t correctly fix the flooring when the house was flipped. The landlord said he would have the flooring fixed it is also in the contract. If I walk the house down and find that there are areas where the repairs were not sufficient would the landlord be required to have those issues fixed? The house is a nice, in a nice neighborhood, in the 3rd best school district in my state. Really want it but i want to ensure I’m not getting took.
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2023.06.10 09:33 dlfpromenade321 Apple Store Near Me DLF Promenade

Apple Store Near Me DLF Promenade
Discover the full range of Apple products, including the iconic iPhone, MacBooks, iPads, Apple Watches, and more at DLF Promenade’s best apple store near me. Our shop staff is committed to providing great customer service, whether you require assistance with software updates, repairs, or general questions. For the best experience visit our online website
Facebook :-
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2023.06.10 09:29 Magyla- No hot water in the building

Hey guys, we don’t have hot water in our building (7 apartments) for over a week now. Our renter send us a letter yesterday stating that the heating system is defected and unfortunately needs to be changed, because it can’t be repaired. I do understand that it will take a while now to change the whole heating system, but it is not super nice not being able to get a proper shower in this kind of heat at home (I do have the opportunity to get a shower at work, my neighbours not). So my question is, is there a possibility to ask for the renter to reduce Nebenkosten for the time we do not have hot water?
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2023.06.10 09:26 TootyXO Aurora R12, can't type or click

Even trying multiple keyboards I can’t type letters or numbers or do input keys or combinations. If I click on anything from YouTube videos, links, discord dms, anything, it downloads itself as an html file. Due to these problems I can’t even open my computer since I can’t type in my pin. It's the Aurora R12 on Windows 11, fully updated (Windows, Alienware, firmware, all of it). I've also ran diagnostics that came up with no issues, repaired my pc to repair points, and nothing works. Help would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.10 09:25 Long-Indication-6920 WARRANTY RELATED PROBLEMS

I recently dropped my redmi phone which i bought a month ago and the display took a lot of damage.I am well under warranty period but this is a completely new experience to me.So what is my go to step now?
provided that i am redundant to get my phone repaired by a private repair center as it voids my warranty.
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2023.06.10 09:23 JoshBeta1 Can you spare some spare parts?

Can you spare some spare parts?
I have had this Betamax VCR for so many years... I bought it in 2009, and it's exactly like the one I had when I was a child (or very alike, at least). 🥺😭
It's a Sony SL-2405, part of the simplest Betamax VCR series ever made: 2300, 2305, 2400, 2405, 2410, and 2415. They used to be very common here in Mexico, along with the black "Super Betamax" series from the late eighties and most of the nineties (300, 330, 340, 390, 700, S400, S500, S600, etc.). 💁🏾
Alas, mine was a victim of a sudden short circuit (caused by someone else misusing a power plug cord extension), and a moving with a bad ending. 😢
I can't send this to "Mister Betamax", or any other repair service in the States. That's beyond my budget. 😖
Does someone have some spare parts available? I don't want to end up buying tons of broken devices, just to cannibalize them. 🥺🙏🏾❤️
Also, shipping charges are expensive for me, so buying tons of broken devices online is not a choice... 😓
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2023.06.10 09:19 hmservicecenter HM Service Center - HUL Water Purifier Repair RO Service center

HM Service Center - HUL Water Purifier Repair RO Service center
HM Service Center - HUL Water Purifier Repair RO Service center are famous for their performance and high quality of services.Our expert technician provides the all brands repair service
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2023.06.10 09:13 Quickfixs-5477 Best Gas geyser repair services in Kothrud Gas geyser repair

We are one of the most significant, well-known, and reasonably priced service providers for gas geyser repair, gas geyser installation, and servicing in kothrud. First off, we have qualified professionals who can fix any kind of water heaters at your local location. This is one of the best gas geyser repair services in Kothrud.
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2023.06.10 09:13 vinyllover15 Best place to get replacement parts?

Best place to get replacement parts?
This literally just happened. Driving home on a tight highway and clipped a road work sign that was sticking out into the road. The silver piece clips back in but the black trim broke, as seen on the top right of the mirror assembly. Is this an expensive repair? Any advice would help! (2018 Mazda 3 touring)
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2023.06.10 09:08 ideaofevil I'm being forced to take my 2005 SL500 to an official dealership for a part replacement that needs specific security coding. What's the best way to approach their employees to not be hustled?

My area is kinda surrounded on all sides by shady Mercedes service centers who like to add on unneeded repairs and services to your specific needs, and I'm not sure how I should approach them to get what I only need worked on. I have a faulty EIS (electronic ignition switch) that my mechanic can't repaireplace because it requires Mercedes security coding, and I'm sure my local dealership service centers are gonna say I need to replace my brakes or taillights - or something additionally not needed - as well (all four dealerships have tried to do this to me at different times before - warranty sensotronic brake system needs replacement? You need new pads because they're bare even though your mechanic already replaced them 5 months prior and showed you that they're still meaty, etc).
So far, I've made an appointment over the phone with Mercedes to bring the car in. But I think I only talked to a phone rep and not to an actual technician:
-Does anyone know if I can specifically ask to speak to a service tech when I get there? Or is the phone person the only one I need talk to? Do I need to speak to a service tech at all?
-And since I know exactly what part I need replaced, do I need to demand in writing that they only work on that part? I'm afraid they're gonna try to do some diagnostic service on top of my request and will try to charge me for something I don't need. But mostly I know the EIS isn't coding as an error, and I'm really afraid that Merc will try to do a diag first, won't see an error, and are gonna try to charge me for a diagnosis while refusing to do the part replacement entirely.
-My other worry is that all of my local dealerships give older cars to their newer mechanics to work and practice on while the more seasoned "pro's" repair the newer stuff that's still under warranty (this actually created a problem for me with another older Merc I owned a couple years ago that I had to bring in, so it's not rumor or superstition on my part).
I really am stuck having to use a dealership for this specific repair, and I'm just looking for advice on what I should do from any car enthusiasts here. Thanks much.
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