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little Chicago tattoo Co, Johnson city tn, artist = tanner. new dragon fly :)

2023.03.29 01:35 KraylenOak little Chicago tattoo Co, Johnson city tn, artist = tanner. new dragon fly :)

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2023.03.29 01:20 Nikij81 To new beginnings on this sobriety path

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2023.03.29 00:25 ExoticaTikiRoom Indigenous Institute of the Americas 16th Annual IIAMERICAS CELEBRATION American Indian Festival & Pow-Wow (formerly Santa Fe Days) this weekend in Cleburne, TX, March 31-April 2, 2023!

Indigenous Institute of the Americas 16th Annual IIAMERICAS CELEBRATION American Indian Festival & Pow-Wow (formerly Santa Fe Days) this weekend in Cleburne, TX, March 31-April 2, 2023!
The 16th annual IIAmericas Celebration (IIAC): Honoring Indigenous Cultures, Dance, and Arts is presented by the Indigenous Institute of the Americas, a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit Texas organization. The IIAC gathering reflects the complex and diverse history, contemporary lives, and resilient adaptations of American Indian and Indigenous cultures today. American Indian and Indigenous artists, crafters, and Traditional product makers from Indigenous Nations across the Americas will be represented. Plan to attend all three days. Each day brings its own unique entertainment and enjoyment. This family-oriented event will keep children of all ages entertained. The beautiful outdoor environment is perfect for the youth pow-wow, crafts, stickball play, and learning activities. Come hungry for Frybread, Indian Tacos, Stew, and traditional festival foods. IIAmericas Celebration adheres to Pow Wow protocols. No Alcohol, Drug, or Firearms allowed, modest dress code for men and women entering the pow-wow circle. No dogs are allowed near the pow-wow grounds. Our event is a rain-or-shine event. Please dress according to the weather, so you will be comfortable throughout the day.
We are pleased to announce our event will be back at the Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum (CTOM) again in 2023! Our organization was thrilled with the amazing turnout and support at this new venue in 2022. More than 14,000 visitors (twice what we have ever seen before), from all over Texas and across the Nation came out for this authentic, family-friendly, interactive learning & cultural experience. Many shared this was a first up-close glimpse into the indigenous cultures. We built many new friendships with Johnson County and local communities along with the City of Cleburne. With our 2023 Celebration, we are anticipating doubling the participants and visitors!!!
The CTOM provides an unparalleled rustic outdoor venue which we have come to cherish. It has been described as “where the plains met the big trees” and “where the trees met the rivers and where the buffalo graze in the winter” by people among the Kiowa, Apache, and Comanche. We will be giving honor and recognition to the history and current lives of American Indian and Indigenous peoples who originally protected the land now known as Texas at this venue.
Please don’t miss this exciting historic outdoor gathering of American Indian artists, storytellers, championship dancers, cultural knowledge keepers, traditional cooks, stickball players, singers, and drummers. You can purchase heirloom-quality jewelry, beadwork, pottery, textiles, and other items made with cultural knowledge refined over many generations. We invite you to enjoy the oral storytellers, herbalists, youth activities, contests, and games. We bring the rich complexity of Native America, past and present.
Friday: Gourd Dance
Saturday: Grand Entry & The John Taylor Inter-tribal and Competition Youth Pow Wow
Sunday: Contests, games, exhibition dancing
Contests being planned this year are ribbon shirts, ribbon skirts, the longest hair contest for men and women, the fastest braider contest, the best NDN jokes, and many more fun activities.
We gear everything so the general public feels welcomed and a part of the festivities. Many opportunities to participate. It’s our small attempts to demystify our culture and diminish stereotypes. The public will be invited to participate in Inter-Tribal dances, Round dances, and Social dances. In addition, a Memorial Honor dance and Veterans Honor dance will be dedicated each day. We hope the community will join us to remember the friends and family lost during the pandemic and honor our Active Duty and Veterans for their service to this country.
History of our Event: IIAmericas Celebration is our new name (formerly Santa Fe Days). We wanted to rebrand our event to match the diversity of Nations represented. We are not just a Southwest Pueblo event. We have representation from more than 40 Nations and Pueblos represented in our volunteers, artists, and educational initiatives. Our event logo this year honors that change with the sacred blue corn.
IIA’s volunteers will highlight the seed ambassador program and other educational activities focused on children and their families. In 2023 we will be honoring the Sacred Oak tree and its acorns. Each child who attends our event will pick an acorn to learn about and take home. If your Nation has unique recipes, stories, songs, or ceremonies related to the Oak and Acorn, please come out to share with us so we can teach our children this history throughout the year.
IIAC is our opportunity to reach Native children and their friends from school, church, and other communities. We bring our culture into the contemporary world as a vibrant living culture rather than something in textbooks which suggests we are extinct.
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2023.03.28 23:33 Nar_val [Moonshadow] Pt. 14- Fantasy, Adventure, Inhuman protagonist, First person view.

I put the coin purse in a pouch and rush off. My legs pounding the dusty ground as I move as fast as possible. I weave through passers by and the unaware. Morgan gives a scream from beyond sight, thankfully it seems she’s still alive. I impact with an elderly looking soft-skin, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I don’t get someone killed for helping me. That I don’t lose an ally… she is an ally? I turn into a back alley, moving under crossbeams as I catch sight of the manhunter’s cloak just before it’s gone. I make the same turn after it and I can see that morgan won’t succeed on her own, she tips a box over but the manhunter just smashes through it with it’s next step, the wood splintering. I look up and focusing my power into my hands blast out a ray of destructive power. The beam breaks on the side I hit and falls down, impacting the manhunter. It slams morgan’s pursuer against the wall for a moment as she turns left. The threat set back a couple of paces I run to intersect morgan’s new path. I nearly impact with the manhunter as I make it to my immediate goal. The dread pursuers cloak hitting my face before sliding away, the sound of fabric moving against fabric momentarily filling my hearing. I follow behind him, losing ground. Morgan gets closer and closer to his blades as we run, the various soft-skins part to let the manhunter have and unobstructed path to it’s target. We run into alley’s again and I see clothing strung up to dry, it’s a small target but I fire a shot at one line. I miss and fire again, hitting the attachment point rather than the line itself. I get the effect I wanted, the line swings down like the beam; clothes rippling to obscure and- it’s blade flashes out suddenly, cutting the line and my effort into uselessness in one motion. I see it sheath one blade then grab a loose brick and in one side turn it launches the brick at me. The impact right on my head and for a second stopping me. I look ahead and see morgan coming up to an intersection… I’ve got moments, my blasts launch out. The building breaking then crumbling as morgan screams out as she runs underneath the falling pile of brick dirt and dust. The manhunter follows, sliding along the ground as the dust kicks up into a cloud and obscures everything within. I move up and hear scrabbling sounds as the dust clears. The dark form of the manhunter is stuck underneath, moving, escaping. I turn, and after rounding another turn to go parallel with morgans direction I focus my energy onto my feet and run up the side of the building till I’m able to run and jump from roof to roof. I catch sight of her quickly and bound after her, jumping to land in front of her. She cries out then pauses.
[morgan] “m-moon?! Damn, you scared, me, oohhh, I need, to breath” she pant’s hard and I do likewise as the effort of running is catching up with us. I start to walk waving her to follow. We walk to a hidden little spot and finish catching our breath.
“I can walk us up walls as needed so lets stick together getting out of here” [morgan] “y-yeah, surprised you came back”
“because the manhunter’s of no concern, after all it would be foolish to get all worried about it right?”
[morgan] “oh shut it, it’s not like you expected it to go after me”
“true, so lets both get out as quick as possible” [morgan] “yeah but where too?”
“anywhere it isn’t for now, we’ll figure it out” [morgan] nods “alright then I’ll point the way, now that we can do stealth for this”
I nod and we move out, using alleys and roofs to move in a way that should be hard for the manhuhnter to follow. An hour later we move to an outer gate, taking up our usual disguises. Morgan quickly gets us in a caravan about to leave south. Heading into a country called Azgorad. I supply the coin purse and about half of it is taken out for our sudden joining of the caravan. Forty seven gold coins, that would last us a while but not as long as I’d like, seeing how quickly it could just evaporate with expenses. At least we were getting out, safely leaving this dry place with entirely too much water next to it in what they called a lake. I had made sure to avoid it, I still remembered the first time I saw the ocean, it’s swelling waves like malformed claws looking to grab and pull someone down into a cold watery death. I sat on the back of the last wagon with morgan as we headed off, looking at the city and it’s walls shrinking with spin of the wheels.
[morgan] “well, it isn’t exactly what we planned but we made it work right?”
I nod, another crisis averted and we are alive. I have someone I can trust… well at least somewhat trust. With the sun setting and a purple hue entering at the edges I spot something on the road behind us, a dark speck and point it out to morgan.
[morgan] “what, I… that speck? It could be some rocks or something” I shake my head.
[morgan] “you’re certain it’s moving?” I nod. She stares at it, some color draining from her skin. Then she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.
[morgan] “it’s probably nothing, just some traveler moving on the same road as us, no need to get worked up about it”
I stared at her taking each change of her face and body trying to decide if she was that foolish… after much consideration I came to the conclusion that she was denying it being a potential problem because her weaker will couldn’t handle it yet. She was more resilient than the rest of her kind so I figured she’d come around to facing the problem.
Days passed, we kept lookout on the rear cart as it rolled along. Though we’d hop off to jog beside it fairly often through the day if for no other reason than we grew tired of sitting. The whole way that black speck kept following us, just at the limit of what we could see, dipping in and out of view with the landscape.
The final night we pressed on longer than usual as the leader wanted to get into the city walls. Once we got past the outer gate we were cast off from the caravan. They’d done their job and we went off on our own in this wooden city. While it was all timber construction aside from the walls nothing seemed to be low quality. All of the exposed wood was coated, painted, treated and made to withstand the weather. Beyond that everything fit well, carved with patterns, icons, and generally made… beautiful. I hated to admit it but these soft-skins had definitely added a great amount of beauty to their city.
[morgan] wipes a tear away “wish they could’ve seen this.” I nod and after a moment motion.
[morgan] “y-yeah, we should be moving. No need for us to chat tonight since I feel ready to drop and I bet you feel the same.” I alternate my arms up and down.
[morgan] “really? How’d that take less out of you than me? Well it doesn’t matter cause I’m ready to pass out, now lets find a spot for tonight.” we searching in the dark, wandering and walking in the unfamiliar city. One thing I note of it in comparison to the last is how much less space there seems to be. Almost all passages are an alley of some sort, the buildings hang over and sometimes connect above where the walkways are. It feels as tangled and bunched up as any forest I’ve been to. Eventually we find a building that looks like what we want, the wood carved cleanly but unadorned. We go inside and it’s a bar with a table nearby and a sitting alcove. Morgan talks with the bartender and he gets us a couple cups with soup in them and then two rolls of bedding. For the sleeping room through the side door. After gulping down the almost flavorless soup that would have been better if it actually was flavorless we go into the already packed room. Benches stacked against one wall and four tables sanding with people sleeping on top of them.
[morgan] “oh, we just uh go wherever I guess” I nod and sigh. Soon we find a space to put down for the night.
I wake to the sound of a bell and then an annoyingly loud mans voice.
[innkeeper] “Alright! Wake up you louts! It’s time to clear out! Anyone with bedding needs to turn it back in and if you want brekfas then it’ll cost yah!”
both morgan and I groan as we roll over and get up onto our feet. Picking up the bedding and taking it back to the bartender, or innkeeper. Whichever he was. After that morgan decided that we should go somewhere else for food and I nodded my agreement. We eventually found a good breakfast, one where I could get meat. The soups barely did anything for me. After breakfast we wandered about the town looking at potion selling shops as well as inns and general knowledge. It was a long day and by the end we were making our way back to an inn where we’d be able to have a room and then I saw it. The white skull on a bird-like helm. I pulled morgan back immediately and brought her close to whisper.
“it followed us, the manhunter is here” [mogan] sighs and nods “hoped he didn’t. Shall we go up the buildings then?”
I nod and she hops onto me when we’re in position. The dense nature of the buildings here actually make it easier to be stealthy as we walk up the buildings side. The angled roof of this humid place give us barriers for the manhunters sight. It takes a while longer than we thought but we manage to sneak our way to the inn. Inside I sit down exhausted, morgan isn’t the heaviest soft-skin but she isn’t exactly a light pack to carry either.
[morgan] “damn, this really changes things. I was hoping that we could do some more potion brewing here but”
“it’ll just hunt us down and kill us there” [morgan] “him, not it! This guy isn’t anything more than flesh and blood”
“never said he wasn’t. Anyways we need to find a way to sneak out and not be followed.” [morgan] “any suggestions? Or just stating the obvious. Damn it why is he after me?!”
“that I have no idea, I doubt the ingredients for a good potion are cheap. Possibly out of our price” [morgan] “you know a potion that could help us?”
“sort of, potion to breathe in water… I’d rather not use that and the critical ingredient is rare” [morgan] “how rare?”
“our armies don’t cross rivers, that’s how rare” [morgan] “damn, wait… couldn’t you just use boats or swim?”
“we’re not good at boats and… well we don’t swim, we just sink” [morgan] “o-oh, wait do you great freaked out being near a lot of water? Is that why you never went near the king lake?”
“yes, water is bad for my kind now can we please get on solving our manhunter problem?” [morgan] “can’t we kill him?”
“would the rest of his… clan come after us?” [morgan] “organization I think, and yeah probably.”
we did not come up with any solid plan that night before lapsing into sleep.
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2023.03.28 15:08 Mars_to_Earth If it’s just a good campaign, it will probably be worth it.

Some might have pointed it out already or felt the same way, but I’m getting a bit tired of arpg streamers who are analyzing diablo 4 endgame to death based on a beta that only goes up to lvl 25. Already giving it the casual stamp. Whatever that may be.
Highly focusing on the itemization and skill trees and how they are good or bad seems like a disservice to what IS presented here. At least to me, but of course I’m not an arpg streamer and don’t rely on thousands of hours of arpg content. At this moment I’m much more interested in the campaign and the setting. And from my experience in the beta, that alone should probably be worth my initial investment.
Min-maxing items and skill trees. As of this moment I simply don’t give a shit.
Why do we expect every ARPG, specifically to have an endgame te begin with? What is so bad about just having a good campaign and then just go play something else? But i digress.
This game in beta is already AAA quality and in some ways propels the genre forward.
There’a a lot to look forward to and I can safely say that if your happiness is not heavily reliant on what the endgame will be you will probably have a wonderful arpg and get your money’s worth.
I think the TLDR is, if you are not a gigachad arpg streamer, there’s a lot to look forward to.
EDIT: I’m not saying I don’t want an endgame. I’m saying that you’ll probably get your money’s worth regardless of the endgame. There is so much focus on the itemization and skilltrees by a particular audience that other aspects don’t get addressed enough. I think they ask for people’s attention just as much. If not more, as we can actually get a better idea of them based on the beta.
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2023.03.28 14:42 rrmdp 📢 Ballad Health is hiring a RN (FT) 7p-7a Pediatrics - Johnson City, TN!

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2023.03.28 14:42 rrmdp 📢 Ballad Health is hiring a Occupational Therapist-Pediatric (FT) Johnson City, TN (JCMC)!

Apply → https://jobboardsearch.com/redirect?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=bot&utm_id=jobboarsearch&utm_term=www.localjobs.com&rurl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cubG9jYWxqb2JzLmNvbS9qb2Ivam9obnNvbi1jaXR5LXRuLW9jY3VwYXRpb25hbC10aGVyYXBpc3QtcGVkaWF0cmljLWZ0LWpvaG5zb24tY2l0eS10bi1qY21jLz9yZWY9am9iYm9hcmRzZWFyY2g=
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2023.03.28 13:35 jonycartor Distributed Power Generation Systems Market Profit And Loss Analysis, And Forecast To 2032

Global Distributed Power Generation Systems Market Size, Share, And Strategic Insights For 2023-2032
The Global Distributed Power Generation Systems Market Size Is Projected To Reach Multi-Million By 2032, In Comparison To 2023, With Unexpected Cagr During The Forecast Period 2023 To 2032. The Distributed Power Generation Systems Market Report Including Full TOC, Tables, Figures, And Charts With An In-Depth Analysis Of Pre And Post Covid-19 Market Occurrence Impact Analysis And Scenario By Region. This Market Report Identifies Various Key Players In The Market And Sheds Light On Their Collaborations And Strategies To Combat Competition. Global Distributed Power Generation Systems Market Report Provides Breakdown Data Of Different Types Of Products, Current Competitive Situation, Market Segment By Type, Application, And Market Forecasts. Moreover, All The Industry Insights Included In This Global Market Report Will Lead To Actionable Ideas And Better Decision-Making. Clients Will Certainly Trust The Data Provided During This Report Because It Comes Solely From Precious And Real Resources.
The Time-Tested Distributed Power Generation Systems Market Research Report Makes Available Data On Patterns, Improvements, Target Business Sectors, Materials, Limits, And Advancements. Also, The Comprehensive Distributed Power Generation Systems Market Report Provides A Two-Dimensional Picture Of The Market. By Knowing The Global Revenue Of Manufacturers, The Global Price Of Manufacturers, And The Production By Manufacturers During The Forecast Period Of 2023 To 2032. Also, Despite Inflation & Fearing Recession, Businesses Across the World Expected to Do Better in 2023. The Reader Can Identify The Footprints Of Business Strategies In The Distributed Power Generation Systems Industry. This Report Focuses On Market Qualitative Analysis, Providing Market Driving Factor Analysis, Market Development, Constraints, Industry Trends, Market Entry Strategy Analysis, Etc.
Interested in this report? Fill Out Details To Receive Sample Report PDF:https://market.biz/report/global-distributed-power-generation-systems-market-gm/#requestforsample

Key Segments Covered In Distributed Power Generation Systems Industry Research:

Distributed Power Generation Systems Market By Type:

On The Base Of Product Type This Report Displays The Output, Return, Price, Market Share, And Growth Rate Of Each Type, Primarily Divide Into:
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Combines Heat and Power (CHP) Fuel Cells Micro Turbines Wind

Distributed Power Generation SystemsMarket By Application:

This Report Focuses On The Status And Outlook For Major Applications End Users, Consumption( Sales), Market Share, And Growth Rate For Each Application, Including:
Residential Commercial Industrial

Competitor Overview Of This Market:

This Report Provides An Overview Of Leading Companies And Their Successful Marketing Strategies.
Ballard Power Systems Bloom Energy Capstone Turbine First Solar Ansaldo Energia LG Fuel Cell Systems GE Aisin Seiki Siemens Panasonic Toshiba Ceres Power Delphi Doosan Fuel Cell Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Neah Power Systems Shanghai EverPower Technologies Wuxi Suntech Power

Regional Industry Analysis Of This Market:

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North America Europe Asia Pacific Latin America The Middle East & Africa
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