Get your refund yet? Talk about it here!

2014.02.09 00:24 roastedbagel Get your refund yet? Talk about it here!

A place to anxiously wait and talk about filing dates, approval dates, and deposit dates from the IRS refunds!

2023.02.15 09:06 Admirable-Bad-8858 Ugh I see all this stuff rotating around

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2023.02.12 05:16 lizziec110 interesting

This is a interesting website on cycle codes https://igotmyrefund.com/irs-update-cycle-for-transcripts-and-wm
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2022.03.01 17:39 Capital-Scene3221 Transcript questions

Found this link that was helpful for me to understand my transcript, anyone that’s not getting answers back from other people on here for help look at this and it’ll break down the codes for you on your transcript
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2022.02.24 12:05 LaurenObrien8581 Just saw a few people post on igotmyrefund.com about ck with fees and ddd of 2/24 post they got their money

I checked the date and time too and it was like 15 min ago so it's coming guys
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2021.04.20 00:51 NYDoge I went to the igotmyrefund tax info website and saw this at the top...

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2021.04.03 04:53 thecouncil188 Another March 26 forum

Just another forum where people are finding out what state got what in case anyone wanted to know
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2021.03.19 13:31 KaleidoscopeFluid219 I wanted to share this image that I found with all of you. I was snooping on the interwebs and I’m sure some of you have found the igotmyrefund website. If not they have a calendar. I hope this gives us all hope.

I wanted to share this image that I found with all of you. I was snooping on the interwebs and I’m sure some of you have found the igotmyrefund website. If not they have a calendar. I hope this gives us all hope. submitted by KaleidoscopeFluid219 to IRS [link] [comments]

2021.03.10 15:12 mjramey79 For those with questions about cycle codes

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2021.03.06 01:03 WeHeartAri Things are moving!

Im following this reddit and about 10 FB groups, as well and the igotmyrefund forum. In the last 2 hours I have seen 100s of posts saying they can see their 2020 on their transcripts now (top 2 boxes) and that they have their refund pending. This doesnt mean we can all relax, but its a good sign! So far it appears this was alot of 2/10-2/13 filers, who lost bars on WMR this week. Their WMRs are still stuck on "still processing" and some of their transcripts still dont have DDD but they can see the money pending or in some cases already have it! I wanted to let everyone here know as I assume not all of us here are online to the gross extent I am. Anecdotal? Sure. BUT IT GIVES ME THE HOPE TO CHECK TOMORROW
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2021.03.05 23:36 ChaseComoPerseguir For Those of You Want to Take a Break From Looking Here to Look Elsewhere

Found the update hours (supposedly for the WMR tool on the IRS website:

This website seems like the author knows a thing or two:

Hang in there, everyone. I filed 2/12 and have been living off of your posts. They are all I have to sustain me in these dark times.
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2020.04.23 19:08 scoutmom1978 An utter and complete failure of the system

It’s all a stupid waiting game at this point and I hope that everyone receives the help they need in relatively reasonable amounts of time. I got lucky in a way, because my parents (retirees on SSI with decent retirement incomes) split their $2400 with me and my sister. I can wait for whatever else might come from the IRS. Sure, I’m very disappointed the system sucks and there are no answers, but I’m ok for now. Not everyone is in the same boat.
I’m a teacher, and I spent the first two weeks of the quarantine calling to see if parents and kids had questions about distance learning. I spent the last three days making the same calls to parents, but instead of reminding them to do work, I ended up providing emotional support to at least four families that had their income completely disappear. Yesterday was the worst. So I donned a mask and took $800 of that money my parents gave me and bought groceries for several families. THAT’S what makes me so sad and upset. I live in an area where casinos are the main source of income. They’ve been shut down for weeks. This affects tons of folks, from the US citizen working as a cook at the buffet to the undocumented person from Guatemala emptying the slot machine ash trays. I don’t usually get involved in immigration issues and such, but watching and hearing parents cry about wondering about their next meal is heartbreaking. We also have a homeless camp behind my neighborhood (a consequence of Katrina, over ten years ago) and the flow of people through my neighborhood, lugging their few personal possessions with kids in tow, makes all of my concern about my lack of payment seem so selfish and inconsiderate. But for a country of such power, intelligence, and innovation, it’s terribly disappointing to see a system like the IRS fail miserably at providing help to those in dire need.
You see, a lot of our families don’t have bank accounts. Life literally revolves around tax time. When those refund checks hit, pop-up car lots selling a ten year old car with 150,000 miles spring up like mushrooms after the rain. Lots families don’t use free tax filing services because they could use a refund advance. So, they do their taxes at Walmart or wherever H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt is set up. Heck, I even had a neighbor let people come use her computer and internet (for $20) so folks could use Turbo Tax and get the refund advance. A great many are also considered “Pathers” and have to wait until mid February for their refund due to certain tax credits. And now, these are some of the same people that are screwed. I don’t have direct evidence, but from piecing together from Turbo Tax forums, Igotmyrefund.com, and reddit, it seems that a lot of folks taking refund advances are the same people now in “stimulus purgatory.” Santa Barbara Tax Group (SBTG) is an intermediary between the IRS, Turbo Tax, and GreenDot. When you take the advance, these folks establish a temporary account number (doesn’t appear on your tax return, read the fine print of the refund advance TOA). They “loan” you your advance, and when the IRS issues your refund, it goes to the intermediary bank. In my case, that’s SBTG. Ironically, neither Turbo Tax nor SBTG could provide any answers to clients when asked “does the IRS. Have my DD info?” Turbo Tax forums were flooded with messages and the generic response was “we are waiting for guidance from the IRS.” Supposedly, SBTG could not come to an agreement with Green Dot regarding fees. In fact, SBTGs website explicitly said that in the event payments were deposited to temporary accounts, they’d withhold fees (according to my SBTG account for this year’s tax return, $122, part of which went to Turbo Tax) then forward to the Turbo Card, as refund advance clients must receive their final refund on the card. They also mentioned returning deposits to the IRS “as quick as possible.” My personal opinion is this: 1) IRS, in an attempt to make funds available to people as quickly as possible, jumped the gun on direct deposits, assuming the DD information on file for most taxpayers was correct. 2) After doing so, realized that some deposits would go to temporary accounts, so they provided the portal to allow people to feel they’d taken the correct measures to ensure prompt deposits. Didn’t matter, see #4. 3) Meanwhile, SBTG and GreenDot couldn’t come to an agreement on fees. 4) Deposits went out, and now an unknown amount of money is sitting somewhere, possibly at SBTG, earning interest instead of fees, this benefiting SBTG. 5) Meanwhile, out here in the real world, some of the lowest earners and most in need are putting faith in the IRS that if their money went to SBTG, it’ll come back and be reissued to their updated DD account per the portal. 6) Those same folks, myself included, are not receiving any information, much less stimulus checks, because there is no way they will pay us twice. In their procedures, we’ve been paid. The fact the IRS has no way for an individual to ACTUALLY see if a payment has been made makes me believe this more. Sure, you can check the portal (but don’t do it more than once a day or whatever so you don’t lock yourself out anywhere from 24-49? hours), but it’s not going to tell you a DDD if the funds they’ve already sent are hanging around out there, like at SBTG. 7) Final verdict: I honestly believe some of us will not get this payment. At least until some government investigation or threat of litigation makes intermediaries like SBTG disclose the truth about the actual number of deposits made to temporary accounts, how long they held the money, and IF they ever returned said deposits to the IRS.
I’m tired. I’m sad. I’m confused. And I freaking pay my taxes every year. I think we all deserve an honest answer and clear information about this situation. I hope that EVERYONE gets the assistance they need and deserve. But I’m very hesitant to trust ANYONE or ANYBODY when it comes to this situation. What I can say is I will never use Turbo Tax or H&R Block, nor take a refund advance ever again. I did last year for convenience (pay off credit cards from Christmas and get a little ahead on bills), but I won’t fall into that trap again. Because it feels like some of the banks, like SBTG, wanted a little piece of the stimulus pie at the expense of some taxpayers currently unemployed, underpaid, and worrying about dying from a threatening disease.
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2020.02.09 20:12 NachoWifi8390 Claimed education credits, and still waiting on refund?

Has anyone who efiled and claimed education credits still on accepted? Filed on 1/31 and still on accepted. A few people on igotmyrefund are saying the same. Anyone here in the same boat?
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2018.03.03 03:26 InternetAddictsAnon What about your income tax money? No, what about YOUR income tax money???

Guy I've known for 3 years: Send me money for a bus pass.
Me: :) Sorry. I'm broke.
Guy I've known for 3 years: What about your income tax money?
Me: Most people didn't get paid, look on Igotmyrefund facebook page in the comment section.
Guy I've known for 3 years: That's not true.
Me: Are you a woman?
Guy I've known for 3 years: Long pause...
Hey dipshit, what about YOUR income tax money?! No, what about your JOB?!
I'm not a heartless person, but you mean to tell me that you cannot get a job, yet you can afford cigarettes? Like how have I had a job continuously for 3 years now and you have not? What woman in their right mind finds a man who stays on facebook all day with no job interesting?
I'm shocked he didn't say anything back to that last bit except "you know I'm not a woman." That's funny, I really could not tell.
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2016.04.08 16:58 SunstyIe Anyone still waiting on their Oregon tax refund? What gives?

My federal refund came to me in about a week, but it's been 5+ weeks on my OR refund. I called their automated line and it said I was up for a "manual review". Apparently this is happening to a lot of people in OR this year:
Anyone have any insights on this? Other predditors afflicted? Hopefully they'll get it sorted soon
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2015.01.23 10:35 weeklygrind Posters at IGotMyRefund are really irritating.

IRS officially opened for processing returns on 1/20/15. People are complaining about they have not proceeded to the next bar (approved). They are calling IRS asking for reasons why.
Just chill. I know majority of you have children and are getting a few grand back, but if you managed finances correctly you could have saved your self the stress of checking IRS's "where's my refund" tool 65 times a day.
Give it 21 days. If you don't get any progress, maybe ante up your game a bit. But fuck, I would hate to be associated with anyone like that.
Me: How are things?
Me: Oh. How is that going?
Me: When did you file?
Friend: January 20th
Me: Well more than likely you will get it within 21 days. If not, you may get an error code when you check the refund, you can call IRS and settle it from there.
Me: ttyl
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2014.02.09 00:31 roastedbagel 2/12ers - have you received your deposit yet?

Talk about it here!
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2014.02.09 00:30 roastedbagel 2/10ers - have you received your deposit yet?

Discuss it here!
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2014.02.09 00:30 roastedbagel Transcript talk! Anything and everything about transcripts!

Post away!
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2014.02.09 00:29 roastedbagel Important phone numbers and other resources.

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2014.02.09 00:25 roastedbagel Generic talk about when you filed and when to expect your refund!

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