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[LF Help] Removing diamond ore entirely

2023.06.10 05:35 Phiggi [LF Help] Removing diamond ore entirely

Hello, I am making a modpack and I'm looking to remove diamond ores from the world generation entirely, is there any known way to do this; any mods?
The pack is on 1.19.2 btw.
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2023.06.10 05:34 regresstic Sources of Fatigue in D4's Design

I've gone ahead and listed down all of the 'fatigues' I've encountered during my time with D4. I'm around level 85, and feel pretty confident in the list below. Feel free to add your own perspective to Fatigues you've felt, or offer your opinions in contrast to mine below. D4 is an amazing first step for an ARPG to take, and I really think they've got the 'bones' to make something good. Addressing some of these sources of fatigue would, ultimately, be what I'm looking for in future content updates.
  1. (Design Decision) Looking at Renown and knowing I'll have to repeat this grind next season.
  2. (UI/UX) Picking up Normal/Sacred gear when I'm using Sacred/Ancestral. No way to loot filter.
  3. (UI/UX) Plucking lower tier gems out of my already-limited equipment tab.
  4. (UI/UX) Seeing Plants/Ore/Salvage tab and knowing gems could have just fit in a tab like that.
  5. (Design Decision) The amount of CC that outright stops the flow of the game.
  6. (Design Decision) A Dodge button with no immunity? Why am I not unstoppable for its duration?
  7. (Bug?) An inconsistently triggered ~1 second of locked animation at the end of my Dodge.
  8. (Balancing) Standing in boss AOEs and taking negligible damage. At least make damage ramp.
  9. (Balancing) Only a handful of monsters that represent a threat (even less excluding CC)
  10. (Game Feel) Horse maneuvering and inconsistent dips in momentum when clipping collisions.
  11. (UI/UX) The amount of unnecessary text in a Sigil's Dungeon Affixes with advanced tooltips on.
  12. (UI/UX) No quick macro option to toggle advanced tooltips on/off when I want them.
  13. (Design Decision) Finishing a quest and getting a single rare or cache of... rawhide...
  14. (Level Design) Thinking I'm done with a dungeon and seeing ANOTHER chamber to clear.
  15. (Level Design) Dying and checking how aggressively far back my respawn is in dungeons.
  16. (Level Design) Not wanting to do dungeons out of fear of tedium in their tasks/backtracking. POE maps are procedural and easy to progress through. Revisits to the game optimize.
  17. (Level Design) Dungeon names and level sections have no identity / feel random / repetitive.
  18. (Design Decision) Knowing that at most, a new season will let me choose what class to play, but my agency over what I play is broadly defined by the legendary affixes that drop for me. I felt less agency over my build than I would in a roguelike like Hades, and felt punished for trying to play the build I /wanted/ to play (playing storm druid and have only gotten wearbear uniques...).
  19. (Design Decision) Lack of agency in hunting for gear. Selling/salvaging does not fill me with the feeling that my bad gear is being converted into a potential future for good gear - crafting is too limited.
  20. (Design Decision) Seeing a white or blue item on the ground and knowing there's no reason for it to be there beyond 'that being a thing arpgs have'. Decisions like this feel as if they've been made to check off the box of what a Diablo game should be, with no real thought into how they fit into the core gameplay loop.
  21. (Design Decision) - Level Scaling - Sifting through five levels worth of new gear, hoping to find affixments that speak to the build I'm currently running and finding nothing. Meanwhile, the rest of the game has become significantly harder and I am forced to adapt to the curve and slot on a chest piece I don't want to. The game does not feel like a power fantasy of feeling stronger - it is in fact the inverse of that. Every level, I feel weaker, and I have little agency over the interactions I have with that curve. Breakpoints in uniques and paragon board capstones are the only significant breakpoints along the lvl 50-100 grind.
  22. (Design Decision) - The game is filled with tedium and backtracking, and I'm not even on my second character yet. Exploring the world once? Cool. But ARPGs are about making repeat navigations as fun and seamless as possible. The joy on new playthroughs comes from optimizing your navigation. Yet I am not excited about the prospect of doing this all over again next season. Cooldowns on 'making my horse run fast', only to have my speed clipped is frustrating. Roadblocks are frustrating. The time to navigate to a static dungeon I've already been to is frustrating. Knowing I'm faster when mounted and then having to slog it on foot through a dungeon is frustrating. Clearing a chamber, thinking I'm done, and then seeing I have to eliminate every foe in a new chamber is frustrating. Having to backtrack to the next chamber zone after finishing that floor's objective is frustrating. The amount of time I've spent in D4 not playing an arpg is frustrating. At the very least let me teleport to the next chamber in a dungeon when I've cleared its objectives, or give me a 'keystone' to drop near chamber exits that I can tp back to.
As it stands, a single full playthrough of D4 from 1-100 is exhausting. I am not finished, and I am already convinced I do not want to level another alt. Experimentation and payoff for the time I've invested in an ARPG is important to the power fantasy involved, yet I dont feel a sense of agency. I am playing a game that seems to actively does not want me to play a stormwolf druid due to the nature of both power and identity predominantly dropping from loot. The lack of crafting options to further shape gear into the playstyle I want is, also, lacking. I am greatly looking forward to seeing how they would incentivize players like myself to return, because unfortunately, I don't see myself replaying this game again.
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2023.06.10 04:36 MysteryMystery305 The devolution of Minecraft updates

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2023.06.10 04:20 PakmanAzul1 ALL My Translated Songs

I've been translating songs and making lyric videos for them for quite a bit, and 4 of my channels have been taken down, so I decided to order all my translations in a single post! Take into account that the older the season, the older the video, and thus the quality is also worse lol.
If you wish to ask for a song you'd like to see translated, feel free to send me a DM, or just write a comment.


Summer 2021
  1. Sapphire Phantasm (From the Detective is Already Dead)
Winter 2022:
  1. Shuwa Shuwa (From Slow Loop)
  2. Hana (From Takagi-san Season 3)
  3. Fantasy to! (From Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan)
Spring 2022
  1. Arigatou No Hana (From Quintuplets Movie)
  2. Love Vacation (From Quintuplets Movie)
  3. Giri Giri (From Kaguya Ultraromantic)
  4. Heart wa Oteage (From Kaguya Ultraromantic)
  5. My Nonficiton (From Kaguya Ultraromantic)
  6. Akane Class Activity Report Team Sheep(From Kunoichi Tsubaki)
  7. Akane Class Activity Report Team Snake (From Kunoichi Tsubaki)
  8. Akane Class Activity Report Team Monkey(From Kunoichi Tsubaki)
  9. Akane Class Activity Report Team Ox (From Kunoichi Tsubaki)
  10. Honey Jet Coaster(From Shikimori-san)
  11. ROUTE BLUE (From Shikimori-san)
  12. BROKEN IDENTITY (From Yuusha, Yamemasu)
  13. Growing (From yuusha, Yamemasu)
  14. OveR (From Date a Live !V)
  15. Koi wa Sekai Teiri to Tomo ni (From Love After World Domination)
  16. Ao 100-iro (From Komi-san Season 2)
  17. selfish (From MobSeka)
  18. Mixed Nuts (From Spy x Family)
Fall 2022
  1. If I Could be a Constellation(From Bocchi the Rock!)
  2. The Little Sea (From Bocchi The Rock!) Lost the file, will remake soon, and it was an ugly video anyways
  3. Love is Show(From Kaguya Movie)
  4. Heart Notes (From Kaguya Movie)
  5. Romantic Manifesto (From Kaguya Movie)
Winter 2023
  1. Neppu wa Rutensuru(From Ayakashi Triangle)


Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?
  1. Heart Purupuru Jiken Desu - (Furimawasare-tai)
  2. Happy Holiday - (Syaro)
  3. Happiness Encore - (Petit Rabbit's)
  4. Nikkori Cafe no Mahoutsukai- (Petit Rabbit's)
  5. Caffeine Fighter - (Syaro)
  6. "@Guuruguru World@ - (Syaro)
  7. Sentimental-gokko - (Chino)
  8. Growth Record - (Takahiro)
  9. Chessmatch café check-au-lait- (Chino, Fuyu)
  10. E wo Sagasu Nichijou - (Rize, Syaro)
  11. The Phantom Thief Lapin - (Syaro)
  12. Hi Hi High ☆ - (Syaro)
  13. Blend of Memory - (Chino, Saki)
  14. Spring Hello!! - (Cocoa)
  15. Non Peace My Pace - (Cocoa, Chiya)
  16. Blend of Memory (Remake) - (Chino, Saki)
  17. "Rabbit House e Ikou yo♪" no Uta - (Cocoa)
Sword Art Online Alicization Symphonic Orchestra (My First Videos)
  1. Blazing the Future (Kirito, Eugeo, Alice)
  2. Meaning the Start (Alice)
  3. Deepening the Dark (Dee Eye Ell, Sigurosig, Furgr)
  4. Crossing the Thirst (Iskahn, Sheyta)
  5. Evolving the Heart (Renly, Fizel, Linel)
  6. Lightning the Lives (Asuna, Leafa, Sinon)
  7. Recovering the Courage (Kirito, Eugeo, Asuna, Leafa, Sinon)
  8. Defeating the Greed (Kirito, Asuna)
Kanojo Okarishimasu
  1. Date (Chizuru)
  2. Kanojo Sengen (Ruka) Also Remake here (Much Better)
Kaguya-sama (The ones not on the seasons section)
  1. Aoharu (Ishigami) Manga Spoilers
  2. Checking Answers (Kaguya)
  3. Kaze ni Fukarete (Ending Season 2)
Leftovers lol
  1. Ryuusei Nochi Hare (From BOKUBEN We Never Learn)

Songs I kind of translated but haven't finished (I didn't even remember most of these existed until I checked my files to make this post)
  1. That Band (Form Bocchi the Rock!)
  2. The Spring Pink Lipstick (From Kaguya-sama)
  3. Golden Route (From Kinkoi VN)
  4. shining! our life (From Kinkoi VN)
  5. Kimi no Egao Mitai Kara (From Quintuplets Videogame)
  6. Be my friend! (From The Stronges Demon Lord Reborn as a Typical Nobody)
  7. Beginning the Destiny (From SAOA Symphonic Orchestra)
  8. Sakura Selfish (From Kanojo, Okarishimasu)

And that's all of them! (I think)
I'll be updating this post when I make more!
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2023.06.10 02:46 GlassPanther [WTS] New FALLOUT VAULT 111 DOOR - .999 AG Pours, incl. Pip-Boy, Platinum Chips, Nuka Caps, and Sniper Pin! Combos and MORE!

Header Pic : https://imgur.com/y5Z0AxE.jpg
Proof Gallery

NEW! VAULT 111 DOOR ::: 2+t.oz .999 Fine Silver Pour!

VAULT DOOR - BACK ::: Weighing in at 2+ troy ounces of .999 Fine Silver, this is a great and BEEFY little pocket carry! It was 100% modelled by me and these things look great stacked! Note : These are Vault 111 ... I don't have different numbers available 😅 ::: Asking $80.00 each
Fallout Proof pic : https://imgur.com/njuCO5g.jpg


5+t.oz PIP-BOY - BACK - The 5t.oz and the 2t.oz PIP-BOY ::: Available in TWO SIZES - Either a 5+t.oz or a 2+t.oz this is one of my coolest pours ever. I really had fun making this work and I hope you enjoy owning it as much as I enjoy making it! 5+t.oz Pip-Boy ::: $200.00 each and 2+t.oz Pip-Boy ::: $80.00 each


SNIPER PIN - BACK ::: Here's another highly requested pour! This is the SNIPER PIN and this was another fun pour to make. Pure .999 Fine Silver, weighing 2+t.oz, and a very unique and interesting piece ::: $80.00 each


NUKA COLA STACKER CAPS! - BACK - STACKED ::: By HUGELY popular demand ... This took me quite a while to figure out - this is a SEAMLESS pour with a concave underside tailor made for stacking. Trust me when I say from a technical standpoint this was a tricky pour to figure out, but here we are! This is PART TWO of the Fallout collection and these 2+t.oz .999 Fine Stackers are $70.00 each!


FALLOUT - "Platinum" Chip ::: Made in .999 Fine SILVER (not platinum!) this is a GREAT little 1+t.oz coin for ANY fans of the franchise! These are solid antiqued to make them seem like they've been through some stuff! $35.00 each


How about a COMBO consisting of a 2+t.oz Pip-Boy ($80) and a NEW 2+t.oz Vault Door ($80) and a 2+t.oz Nuka Cap ($70) and a 1+t.oz "Platinum" Chip ($35) ... A total of $265 bundled all together for a flat $250.00?

ZELDA POURS!!! Because there's been some wild breathing about this franchise lately!

Hylian Shields ::: These weigh 2+ Troy Ounces and are hand poured. These STACK, too! ::: $75.00 each
Master Sword ::: These weigh 2+ Troy Ounces and are hand poured. Epic! ::: $90.00 each
RUPEES ::: Fantastic little RUPEES made of pure .999 Fine Silver! Each weighs 1+t.oz and are all made by hand! They are just $35.00 each!
Savior of Hyrule COMBO - Alternate Pic ::: Includes one of my .999 Fine Silver Master Swords and one Hylian Shield, as well as a GOLD PLATED NES/SNES/N64 Zelda Cart of your choosing and ONE Rupee (I know two are shown... sigh) ... That's SEVEN+ total Troy ounces of .999 Fine Silver and includes the stand for display! Each Savior of Hyrule Combo can be yours for just $250.00 each!
MASTER Combo ::: Includes a Master Sword and a Hylian Shield, along with the display base, for just $160.00 each!


MAIN GALLERY : https://imgur.com/a/Xd6teFt


NES Controllers ::: This is a GREAT 2+t.oz pour! I really tried to capture every little detail! Asking $70.00 each!
FUCK YOU PAY ME ::: The ORIGINAL FYPM pocket carry from Glass Panther! Weighing 1 troy ounce this is perfect for making decisions, or helping other people make the right decision! $35.00 each
2 Ounce Silver Pot Leaf ::: These are GREAT and everybody loves them! Two troy ounces of beefy .999 Fine Silver and these make an absolutely GREAT gift! These are $70.00 each
GAMEBOY HANDHELD - BACK ::: Finally got around to fixing my pattern mold ... Now you get ALL the detail! This is a chunky little guy weighing in at 3.5 troy ounces, give or take a couple grams and is .999 Fine Silver ::: Asking $125.00!


Here's a SIDE BY SIDE comparison between the TWO ounce and the TEN ounce Anvil : https://imgur.com/hpftwOj.jpg
I have been hesitant to offer the TEN ounce anvils for sale because they are SO BIG that I have to stretch my skills to the absolute limit to make them. They are BIG, BEEFY, and truly impressive. The 2+t.oz version is priced at $90.00 each and the 10+t.oz version is $350.00.


CHARIZARD CARDS : VIDEO ::: 4.6+ Troy Ounces of .999 Fine Silver, FULLY detailed and absolutely beautiful! This card is full scale and absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Each card ships with a Serial Numbered Certificate of Authenticity! $250.00 each!
THE PANTHER PIZZA - Gallery ::: 2 Troy Ounces of .999 Fine Silver that has been poured and designed in such a way as to make it possible to break it into individual 1/4 ounce slices! The full pie measures 55mm wide (a little over 2 inches) and is juuuust over 2 troy ounces. PIC - VIDEO of me Breaking One Apart ::: Each pie comes in a 55mm Airtite capsule! ::: These are $100.00 each
MEGALODON TOOTH ::: Beautifully antiqued and exquisitely detailed! This .999 FINE SILVER tooth weighs over 100 grams (over 3 troy ounces) and is definitely a conversation starter! ::: $125.00 each
GRENADE ::: Shown BLACKENED, but also available as BRIGHT SILVER ::: $80.00 each
SCORPIONS ::: Living in Tucson you get used to these little guys running around! They weigh between 22 and 25 grams each and can be bought in BRIGHT SILVER, Blackened, or Gold Plated! $45.00 each! These are a limited item because they are quite difficult to make!
NES Carts - SNES Carts - N64 Carts - GAMEBOY Carts ::: 2+ Troy Ounces, HIGHLY detailed, and with the LABEL OF YOUR CHOICE! ::: $70.00 each (add $5 for gold plating or blackening)
TNG COMMS BADGE ::: The surprise hit from a couple weeks back - I didn't expect how popular these would be! These beefy little beauties are made with 2 Troy Ounces of .999 Fine Silver and are then electroplated with 24k gold. I then buff the gold off strategically and you are left with this absolutely GORGEOUS collectible! Get yours now for $90.00 each!
Bat'Leth - Back ::: OKAY OKAY I get it! You guys love the Bat'Leth so I'm not going to get rid of it!!! Originally slated for discontinuation, it is back for good! Weighing in just over 1+t.oz go ahead and get yours now for $50.00 each!


Chess sets are BACK next Friday, 6/16/23!!!


I take ZELLE / VENMO / CASHAPP and BULLION TRADE ... but Zelle is strongly preferred
This was posted at 5:47 pm Arizona Time on 6/9/23!
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2023.06.10 02:13 MDD678 (serious) i think i've messed myself up

Hi. I suspect i have this, yet its been weeks, i can date it back to mid march, thankfully i have days where i am generally ok and can be reasured. concerningly from occasional disso use, and I'm concerned I may have suffered brain damage or something. I keep flashing back to the experience and get dissociation, freaky anxiety, strange thoughts and sensations that are almost identical to when I tried it. its tolerable, but it feels like its overtaken my reality because i am my reality, like its just not the same anymore. My coping resources to deal with daily life, falter when in this state, and i can't stop thinking about what will or could happen. Thankfully, at the time of it happening, like after being seen, it went away.
For any other sufferers here, especially who got it from dissos (dex) do you:
- experience headaches, especially at the back
- tinnitus
- have anxiety
- weird dreams
- have pupilar changes
- feels its linked to serotonin somehow (i think serotonin is probably responsible for fuelling it as well as the experience of many psychs anyway)
- changes in self size or perception and environmental perception
- increased insight into the world around you (like what people are doing arou
- it comes and goes
worse still it may not even be hppd, i worry i had some horrible reaction to it, and now its messed me up, but i cant think that. i asked on another forum too. i think if i really had brain damage my pupils wouldn't dilate yet i was checked for that, and they did.
etc. I don't even know if what I am experiencing is hppd or actually brain damage. it's like my brain feels like its trying to rewire itself (neurogenesis) but it keeps getting stuck in x or y state.
My next step is my gp, possibly they can arrange a ct scan or whatever, or maybe I can get that blood pressure med prescibed as its used off label. antidepressant's are too risky due to the sexual dysfunction and tbh i may have developed this from using a serotonin supplement mixed with a disso.
What I genuinely am asking is... Is it actually possible to have your brain chemistry changed in the way i am describing from usage? or that is impossible like I suspect. im getting better at "moving forward" i have to for the sake of my MH health. i just have this freaky suspicion that it somehow like changed it, yet the following morning, i was fine, which is why i suspect dissocative/flashbacks.
could experiencing mild serotonin syndrome along with a disso use cause damage? in the midst of an experience, i wasn't in any remote state to visit the docs, so i had no choice but to gut it out until i came down.
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2023.06.10 01:03 daniel_klassen um on 1.20 java op

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2023.06.10 00:57 HopelessSituation27 With the final addition of Primordial Malzeno, is it safe to say that Risebreak has the worst batch of new monsters in the series yet?

So many of Risebreak's monsters don't fit the design philosophy of the other rosters, primarily thanks to whole Yokai/Western horror theme. It gives the monsters a fantasy feel that is at odds with the more original biology/ecology focus that the rosters of other MH games follow. A majority of the community rightfully agrees that World is superior to Rise in almost every way, yet sometimes I see people say the monsters is where Rise has World beat, and I just don't see it, I overall think the designs of many of the Rise monsters are pretty mid.
Anyways, overall like everything else about Rise, the monsters are pretty underwhelming, unimpressive, and just aren't memorable at all. I don't see anyone asking for the return of a Rise monster over something from World or 4U.
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2023.06.10 00:33 Coltshan000 Kenshi: The Desolate Moon

The moon known as Kenshi is ruined, thousands of years have passed since the days of the First Empire, and such the world that began to rebuild, would be unable to regain the splendor of old as wastelands, dunes, and treacherous swamps litter the geography, with only some regions having any sort of fertility for grazing and crops, water was even more scarce. Though much metal and ore could be found in exposed veins, ruined machines and other metallic structures. Thus we're weapons of violence and war readily available, from rusted hunks of semi sharp metal to fine honed edges that were found preserved or made sharply with almost long forgotten techniques.
Yet..life still persists in this ruined world, be it in herds and packs of beasts, tribes and nations of humans and shek, the insectlike hivers, and other races that may yet persist. This is a world where most go hungry, and some are destined to starve or forced to become bandits and criminals. No one being is truly innocent, for survival of the fittest is the law of the land. This is the world you have been born into, harsh as it is. Will you survive and somehow manage to thrive? Or merely be consigned to death or slavery, or perhaps just a beasts hard won meal?
Howdy everyone, I'm hoping to find someone to roleplay with in the Kenshi universe, said setting would also have our own take on it. As we could add our own races, factions, or landmass to the moon of Kenshi and thus our own lore and history. If this interests you then please feel free to comment or DM me directly. Have a wonderful day.
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2023.06.10 00:13 Yourname942 Can this cause server issues & sever hanging?

Does anyone know this will cause any issues or cause the server to hang:
1) create an empty world folder
2) add a datapack and already configured server configs into this world folder
3) start the server (so that it initially generates the world/players can join)
What I have been doing is if I didn't like the initial world gen/world spawn, I would delete everything in the world folder (except for the datapack and server configs folders) and then restart the server. This worked a couple times, however, now it is hanging and I am timing out when trying to join in.
I worry that if I don't do this, then ores/blocks/structures that I want to disable will generate during the initial world gen (if it isn't included in the world folder prior to initializing it via the server startup)
Thank you. (sorry if this is confusing)
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2023.06.09 23:16 Prestigious-Panic634 ➡️Silver price per Gram

➡️Silver price per Gram
➡️Silver price per Gram $0.78 ➡️$AgAnt tracks the price of silver per gram. ➡️AgAnt Buy https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x0c920ac31af492674fdccb36d7aaa3e373f7c0c3

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2023.06.09 23:14 BadWolfMC BadWolfMC [Network]{18+}{Greylist}{Crossplay}{1.19.4}{SMP}{SkyBlock}{Magic}{Minigames}{Prison}{Creative}


BadWolfMC is a long-running adult Minecraft server network crafted in 2016 by nerdy admins who hoped to create an inclusive, drama free community. We have lots of room to build and a few plugins to add a little fun and to keep your creations safe without ruining the vanilla feel. Get chatting on our Discord server with in-game chat integration, pick up the game on any device with our Bedrock Crossplay feature, and easily find the answers to all your questions on our very helpful wiki, useful for n00bs and veterans alike! Join us and become a part of our growing community with members from all over the globe!

Our Servers

BadWolfMC Alpha is home to our survival worlds including the main overworld, Gallifrey, and eco-friendly resource worlds for renewable materials! Members enjoy: a complex economy based on jobs, shops, and ores; quests; dungeons; public farms including an End Grinder and Tree Farm; a vanilla gaming park where members can build; and a massive shopping center that houses space for over 80 player and server shops. Our regular seasonal events and build contests are also hosted here.
BadWolfMC Beta holds our SkyBlock, AcidIsland, and OneBlock worlds as well as our Prison gamemode and our Creative PlotWorld, which you can use for testing and planning or just letting the creativity flow.
BadWolfMC Gamma will enchant you with its magical survival worlds, full of truly difficult custom mobs (dragons!), alcoholic potions, and stunning spells! We might call her The Doctor, but here they call her Merlin!
BadWolfMC Delta is our minigame server with Bed Wars, Hide & Seek, Paintball, Elytra Challenges, & Parkour!

Our Mission

Our goal is to be your oasis away from drama and screaming children, a place to unwind and have a little fun and get creative. Our philosophy is to always enhance the game, not take away from it. We are very laid-back and won’t get on your case about language, but still request that everyone be respectful of the many cultures that find a home here. We also do our best to be EULA compliant, and we encourage and welcome feedback from all of our users.

Membership Application Required

If you like the place and the rules fit your style, apply for permissions at BadWolfMC.com!

General Server Rules

(full rules here)
Come take a look around as our guest at IP: play.badwolfmc.com We hope you’ll be as excited about this place as we are!
We look forward to seeing you in game!
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2023.06.09 23:04 coolerpolk Unreleased shoes and spikes mentioned on WA 2023 shoe list dump/breakdown: Metaspeed MD spike, Hyperion LD elite spikes, Brooks HE 4, Omega R-1, ON sprint spikes and more

list of shoes and there end development dates (sometimes is the relece date, sometimes not) taken from the list. most of the spikes come just before paris:
Brooks Omega R-1 08/10/2023 seen at chicago?
Under Armour Lightspeed 324 06/05/2023 supershoe
Fastwitch 9 MH 2 fastwitch update?
Asics Jump Pro YES YES YES YES n/a YES 25/03/2023 24/04/2024 HJ spike?
Asics Metaspeed MD YES YES YES YES n/a YES 28/01/2023 27/01/2024 MD superspike
Brooks Hyperion Elite LD R2 09/02/2024 MD superspike
Brooks Hyperion Elite MD R2 09/02/2024 LD supespike
Mizuno CIJP-20 15/04/2024 no idea
Mizuno LD SPIKE X 07/04/2024 LD supespike
Mizuno Sprint Spike Pro 22/09/2023 sprint superspike

LOTS of ON spikes, not just the cloudspike 1500 and 10k
ON Cloudspike 10000m
ON Cloudspike 10000m v2
ON Cloudspike 1500m
ON Cloudspike 1500m v2
ON CloudspikeDev 1 02/02/2024
ON CloudspikeDev 2 02/02/2024
ON Cloudspike Shinka field shoe (jumps?)
ON Cloudspike Sprint
ON Cloudspike Tohka not a field shoe but a spike, gota be an xc spike (or an entry level mid distance spike)

Nike dragonfly and vic 2 (we already knew) plus:
Nike Dev04062 v1 04/03/2024 field shoe?
Nike Dev10022 02/08/2023 field shoe?
Puma evoSpEED FAST-FWD Nitro Elite 12/04/2023 LD superspike
Under Armour Unicorn Spike ?????
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2023.06.09 21:43 Ill-Comment-1108 Good QOL idea

(TLDR) Ores make configurable sounds when in a certain proximity

im not the best when it comes to coding, like at all, but sometimes my old thinker can get some ideas out. And recently I had an idea for when it comes to finding ores. Often times when strip mining I succumb to cheating on a single player world and I enable an x-ray because of long amounts of reasoning with myself. And I find that I often missed a large patch of diamonds or iron by one block! So I had the idea, what if there was a mod where if you were close enough, each ore would produce like its own little sound. Maybe a little sparkle, and maybe which ores could be configurable. Just an idea, and if anyone knows of a mod already made with the same premice or function, could someone point me in the right direction?? thanks and i hope this inspires someone to make something like this...
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2023.06.09 21:27 FloridaFlamingoGirl Grave of young Pokémon fan, with touching message from his mom

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2023.06.09 18:46 King-pine Avatar Genji plot

35 years after Kuvira’s surrender, a tentative peace has settled around the world. After the death of Queen Hou-Ting and the Earth Empire invasion, Prince Wu of the Hou-Ting Dynasty abdicates his throne. He and Avatar Korra establish a new government, the Earth Federation, and the first democratic elections are held in the city of Gaoling in 174 AG. A woman named Ruolan is elected as the first president of the Earth Federation. Unfortunately, the best-laid plans often go awry. The nobles and the very wealthy lost a lot of benefits when the monarchy was removed, and so to have their support, President Ruolan makes sure that she and her new administration are on their good side. This results in the elite having the majority of resources and power, while the common citizens struggle to get by. 12 years later, a new president, a military general named Jianwu, is elected. But a lot in the Earth Federation has changed in those 12 years, and not all of it is good. The possibility of an economic depression is becoming more and more real, and losing reelection lurks in his future if President Jianwu doesn’t fix the economy quickly. He chooses to invade the si wòng desert and the Foggy Swamp; the desert has large deposits of oil and ore under the sand, while the swamp is a near-endless source of wood. Both the sandbenders and swampbenders fight back to protect their homes. But they cannot push back the armies of the Earth Federation, who use their machinery and larger numbers to overpower their opponents.
With both the Foggy Swamp and the Si Wong Desert simultaneously under threat, Avatar Korra had to quickly make a choice. Her hand forced, Korra goes to the aid of the swampbenders and the Banyan-Grove Tree. Korra and the Foggy Swamp Tribe successfully defend their territory from the Earth Federation but the sandbenders are vulnerable. Unable to resist the Earth Federation armies, the sandbenders are displaced from their homeland… Even with this important victory under his belt, Jianwu loses reelection to a new politician: the Dai Li leader, a man named Bao Jun. At first, things go well but a few months into his new presidency, Avatar Korra is killed in a cataclysmic explosion that threatened the whole of Ba Sing Se. Now, the Earth Federation and Bao Jun have a new goal: to find the newest reincarnation of the Avatar.
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2023.06.09 18:13 MOPOP99 Iceborne & Sunbreak - Full Paid DLC Breakdown

MHWI & MHRSB Full DLC Breakdown

So now that Sunbreak update cycle is over, I think is time to compare both games DLC style, this is a full breakdown of every piece of DLC you can buy on Rise+Sunbreak and World+Iceborne.
All prices were counted without discount and using the Steam USD pricing, information extracted from SteamDB DLC section and Capcom's own page.

Total Price

To buy everything in MHWI at no discount it'd take: 557.41 USD, with a total of 218 DLC items.
To buy everything in MHRSB at no discount it'd take: 537.49 USD with a total of 246 DLC items
Expansions (Iceborne/Sunbreak) not included, Game OST is not included.
There are packs that sell the items at a discount, these packs are listed readily on the eShop but they're rather tricky to locate if you're using Steam because the DLC tab doesn't show them and they're not listed in SteamDB so I'll not include them in my calculations.

Free DLC

MHWI has a bunch of free DLC which you can "buy" in an all-in-one collection, the collection includes the following:
  • Gestures (7 Total): "Happy Hunting", "Classic Gestures" Bundle (Clap, Dance, Prance, Rant), "Hype Up" Bundle (2 Gestures).
  • Hairstyles (11 Total): Analytics Director, The Seeker, Commander, Admiral, Provisions Manager, Field Team Leader, The Handler, Excitable A-Lister (Aiden), Serious Handler, Third Fleet Master, The Tracker.
  • Sticker Set: Mingle Hunter
  • Room Figures: Great Appreciation & Great Jagras
  • Pendants (3 total): Super-8 Mini (Player 1 & 2) and "MH Riders - Kirin"
  • Character Edit Voucher: x1
MHRSB has 5 free DLC pieces which you can "buy" individually:
  • Hairstyles: DLC15, DLC16, DLC17
  • Character Edit Voucher: x1
  • Character Voice: Kagami
  • Palamute Layered Set: "Velkhana Costume"
Note: when I say "buy" I mean that you still have to use the Steam/eShop DLC visualizer to buy them, the price is 0$ and includes no taxes, they're not added automatically when you purchase any of the games.
Additional "free" DLC came in the form of the White Wolf set (5 pieces) if you purchased Iceborne and reach the Hoarfrost Reach, this is more like a regular layered set you can obtain by just owning Iceborne so I did not include it here because you have to own Iceborne in the first place.
Additional free DLC came in the form of the Elgado Set (2 pieces) when you download the game version 10 and posteriori, this is available regardless of Sunbreak ownership afaik.

Discord Collab

MHRSB held a special campaign with Discord offering the "Fall" layered set if you were to stream the game for 30 minutes on Discord, I did not count that here, as it was a limited event and only the US and Canada could participate.

Preorder Bonuses

You cannot buy these bonuses as they're time limited to the game launch window, but I'll still list them.
MHW pre-order bonus was the Origin Armor set (it was an skill-less armor set with 6 defense per piece) and Iceborne pre-order bonus was the Yukumo layered set, none of which were for purchase after the games launched.
Additionaly, the Origin armor would later become a layered armor set which you could craft after completing the Arch-Tempered Zorah Magdaros event quest.
MHRise pre-order bonus were the Retrieved and Forest cat layered armors for your buddies, the same goes for Sunbreak with a Shiba Inu and Stripped Cat layered, none of which were for purchase after the game launched.


Not counted here due to being only available for Switch, the number of layered sets increases by 2 if you were to count those special sets as paid content.
The sets are not available for purchase and can only be obtained in the Switch version of the game, PC version can be modded to display the sets via mods.

Paid DLC

Deluxe Sets

Both games also featured a deluxe set per game launch coming to 4 total, World deluxe kit sells for 10$, the other 3 deluxe kits are 15$.
MHW Deluxe set includes:
  • "Samurai" layered set
  • Gestures: "Zen", "Ninja Star" and "Sumo Slap" gestures
  • Stickers: "MHW-All Star" and "Sir Loin" sticker sets
  • Face paint: "Wyvern"
  • Hairstyle: "Topknot"
MHW: Iceborne Deluxe set includes:
  • "Silver Knight" layered set
  • Gestures: "Flourish", "Pledge" and "Genuflect" gestures
  • Stickers: "Research Commission Set 2" and "Pearlspring Macaque Set" stickers sets
  • Face paint: "Rising Dragon"
  • Hairstyle: "Flowing"
  • Room Decor: "Traditional"
MHRise Dluexe set includes:
  • "Kamurai" hunter layered armor set
  • "Shuriken Collar" Palamute layered armor piece
  • "Fish Collar" Palico layered armor piece
  • Gestures: 4 Jumps
  • Pose set: "Samurai"
  • Face paint: "Kabuki"
  • Hairstyle: "Izuchi Tail"
MHR: Sunbreak Deluxe set includes:
  • "Dragonsbane" hunter layered armor set
  • "C Hound" Palamute layered armor set
  • "F Devout" Palico layered armor set
  • Gestures: "Take Aim" (4 gestures)
  • Poses set: "Fight Pose" (3 poses)
  • Makeup: "Elegant Eyes"
  • Hairstyle: "Fluffy Curls"

Character Edit Vouchers

Both games need payment for the player to change the appearance of the hunter, both gmes also allow for minor edits for free (mainly just hair, hair color and facepaints)
World vouchers sell for 2.99 USD, additionally to edit your Palico appareance you'd need to pay and extra 2.99 USD, you could also buy a 2-in-1 pack for 4.99 USD, these vouchers are SINGLE PURCHASE only and they also sell in combos of two and three, if you were to buy all vouchers including the two-in-one combo it'll be 51.91 USD and you'd have 12 Hunter and 12 Palico vouchers.
Rise vouchers sell for 2.99 USD, there's no way to edit your hired buddies appearance, you can customize your buddies by simply hiring more in the Buddy plaza, these vouchers are SINGLE PURCHASE only and they also sell in combos of two and three, if you were to buy all vouchers it'll be 29.94 USD and you'd have 12 hunter vouchers.
Additionally both games gave away 2 character edit vouchers for "free", you get one for free from the in-game store and one for buying the expansion of each game (Iceborne/Sunbreak).

Hunter Layered Armors Pieces

MHWI has no layered armors for purchase beyond the Deluxe sets.
MHRSB lets you purchase individual layered pieces (head/chest/braces/coil/boots), these pieces can be either standalone or part of a full set (3~5 pieces), the price is the same for every singular piece at 1.49 usd, with 50 total pieces of Hunter layered armors for sale, totally accounting for 74.50 USD.


Both games sell additional hairstyles for 0.99 USD.
  • MHWI has 15 additional hairstyles for sale, totally accounting for 23.35 USD.
  • MHRSB has 25 additional hairstyles for sale, totally accounting for 37.25 USD.


Both games sell additional Makeup/Facepaints for 0.99 USD.
  • MHWI has 3 additional Makeup/Facepaints for sale, totally accounting for 2.97 USD.
  • MHRSB has 21 additional Makeup/Facepaints for sale, totally accounting for 20.79 USD.

Sticker Sets

Both games sell Sticker sets for 1.99 USD.
  • MHWI has 18 sticker sets for sale, totally accounting for 35.82 USD.
  • MHRSB has 14 sticker sets for sale, totally accounting for 27.86 USD

Music Packs

MHWI lets you buy special BGM for 4.99 USD each, there's a total of 8 BGM packs for purchase, totally accounting for 39.92 USD
MHRSB lets you buy special BGM for 3.99 USD each, there's a total of 12 BGM packs for purchase, totally accounting for 47.88 USD.
MHWI packs include 5 pieces of music, MHRSB packs include 4 pieces of music, the music in MHWI can only be changed for your room, MHRSB allows you to edit the music for the Gathering Hub, Kamura, Elgado, Buddy Plaza and Training Area.

Gesture Sets

MHWI lets you you buy gesture sets for 7.99 USD each, there a total of 2 gesture sets totally accounting for 15.98 USD.
MHWI lets you buy individual gestures for 1.99 USD each, there are a total of 21 gesture for sale, totally accounting for 41.79 USD.
If you add up both the total is 57.77 USD.
MHRSB lets you buy gesture sets for 3.99 USD each, there are a total of 8 gesture sets totally accounting for 31.92 USD

Pose Sets

MHWI lets you buy pose sets for 3.99 USD each, there are a total of 3 pose sets totally accounting for 11.97 USD
MHRSB lets you buy pose sets for 1.99 USD each, there are a total of 10 pose sets totally accounting for 19.99 USD

Monster Figurines

MHWI lets you purchase Monster Figurines for your room at 2.99 USD each, there's a total of 51 figures for purchase, totally accounting for 152.49 USD.
MHRSB has monster figurines obtainable via playing the in-game gacha after a quest and collecting secret messages in the world, the figurines can't be seen up close like in Iceborne and can be displayed in the player room.

Game Exclusive DLC

The following DLCs are only available only on MHWI or MHRSB.

Layered Weapons

MHWI does not have this feature.
MHRSB lets you buy individual layered weapons for 2.49 USD each.
Both games lets you layer your weapon for free from the crafteable weapon pool, both games had this feature added in a free tittle update.
Sunbreak additionally sells special designs for layered weapons, there's no way to obtain these designs unless you pay, with 28 pieces at sale for a total of 69.72 USD
Note that you can buy a bundle with all 14 weapons of a specific set (there's only two), buying these two bundles cost you 13.99 USD each, with buying two costing 27.98 USD

Character Voices

MHWI does not have this feature.
MHRSB lets you purchase NPC & Unique character voices for 2.99 USD, there's a total of 22 voices for purchase, totally accounting for 65.78 USD.

NPC Layered Armors

MHWI does not have this feature.
MHRSB lets you purchase NPC layered sets for 2.99 USD, there's a total of 8 sets for purchase, totally accounting for 23.92 USD.
Note that the armors they wear are obtainable via in-game quest, what they're selling you is the actual face model for the NPC, for example is impossible to recreate Fiorayne face using the character creator, so instead you can buy this set to fully look like her.
The only exception to this are the "Ran Page" and "Lance Gunn" full layered sets which are gag characters and use a hyper-caricaturized version of the Kamura set.

Palico & Palamute Layered Armors

MHWI does not have this feature.
MHRSB lets you buy layered armor pieces for your buddies, there's two types for purchase, the individual ones which cost 0.99 USD and the "full-sets" which cost 1.99 USD.
Of the first type there are 5+5 for purchase (tallying both Palamutes and Palicos), totally accounting for 9.99 USD.
Of the second type there are 7+7 for purchase (tallying both Palamutes and Palicos), totally accounting for 41.86 USD.
Combining both the total is 51.85 USD

Cohoot Oufits.

MHWI does not have this feature.
MHRSB lets you purchase Cohoot outfits for 0.99 USD, there's a total of 10 costumes for purchase, totally accounting for 9.99 USD.

Room Decor

MHWI lets you purchase Room decor items & sets for your room, there's two types, the "small" sets at 1.99 USD and the "full change" sets at 9.99 each.
Of the first type there are 9 for purchase, totally accounting for 17.91 USD
Of the second type there are 3 for purchase, totally accounting for 29.97 USD
Adding both up the total price is 47.88 USD.
MHRSB does not have this feature.

Weapon Pendants

MHWI lets you add weapon pendants to the end of your weapon, each pendant costs 0.99 USD and there are a total of 56 for sale, totally accounting for 55.44 USD
MHWRSB does not have this feature.

Handler Costumes

MWHI lets you purchase outfits for your handler, some of outfits are also "free" whenever a Gathering Hub event occurs, the handler would then have the option to change to the festive outfit for free until the festival ended.
Each sold for 2.99 USD and there are a total of 17 of these totally accounting for 50.83 USD.
Note that some of the outfits were never free or cycled through the festive outfits, one example is the Guildmarm costume.
MHWRSB does not have this feature.

Unobtainable DLC

Three free items are not obtainable anymore in MHWI.
  • AC Collab: Bayek layered set and the Assassin Hood Mantle are no longer obtainable.
  • MH Movie: The set and layered set tied to this movie are no longer obtainable.
In both cases players which already owned the items could still use them, new players are locked out of these items, if you play on PC you can mod-in the event quests that hand out these rewards.

Layered Armor Breakdown

Due to MHRSB selling layered armor piece by piece here I'll list all the "sets" available for purchase and all the individual pieces, I consider a set anything with 3 pieces or more of matching pieces.
  • "Wild" Set (SB), 5 pieces
  • "Fluffy" Set (SB), 5 pieces
  • "Fall" Set(SB), 5 Pieces
  • "Summer" Set (SB), 5 Pieces
  • "Relunea" Set (SB), 3 pieces
  • "Floral" Set (Rise), 4 pieces
  • "Swallow" Set (Rise), 3 pieces
Individual pieces:
  • Kamura Cloak
  • Kamura Braces
  • Felyne Stealth Hood
  • Reverent Wrap
  • Bow Necklace
  • Leather Choker
  • Benevolent Bandage
  • Frilled Choker
  • Gorgeous Earrings
  • Spiribird Earrings
  • Woofpurr Earrings
  • Bunny Dango Earrings
  • Kunai Earrings
  • Bombadgy Mask
  • Felyne Ears
  • Felyne Tail
  • Canyne Ears
  • Canyne Tail
  • Fox Mask
  • Theather Wig
  • Wyverian Earrings (These were an event reward in Iceborne FYI)
Total Sets: 7
Total Individual Pieces: 50
Total adding each piece: 74.50 USD

Additional Info

Both games lets you craft layered armor for free, both games offer special layered sets tied to event quests and quest rewards.
Both games lets you craft layered weapons for free.
Both games also offer you free music if you hunt the monster that is tied to that theme (i.e hunting Zinogre lets you use its theme)
Both games give guild card tittles tied to event quests and in-game achievements.
Some of Iceborne Weapon Pendants had unique designs which were tied to completing Arch-Tempered quests and beating certain in-game challenges.
Some of Iceborne room decor was free and tied to in-game challenges and quests.
MHRSB offers free Poses/Gestures/Sticker sets via event rewards.
Some of MHWI Poses/Gestures are tied to in-game collab events (WitcheFF14)
MHRSB gives certain Cohoot outfits for free tied to in-game quests and challenges.
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2023.06.09 17:19 crazygoldfi5h I’ve pre ordered again 🤦🏻‍♂️

UK folks. You can get the alloy down to £609 if you ore order with the health worker discount code (anyone can get it) and pay pal credit 4months interest free with further £20 discount.
I was going to hold off for real world reviews, if I’m lucky enough to get a unit next week I can always keep it in the box until reviews come in.
Or return it.
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2023.06.09 16:44 Zackyboi1231 Well I will be damned, first time I have seen more then 100 people active on that sub reddit too, how is nobody talking about this?

Well I will be damned, first time I have seen more then 100 people active on that sub reddit too, how is nobody talking about this? submitted by Zackyboi1231 to wingsoffirememes [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 15:43 Triggerunhappy How do you plan your train world

Right now I’m working on my firsts foray into a train world with each plant responsible for 1 or 2 components.
How do you lay out your train stations? Currently I’m doing 1 per component in a plant but this feels clunky. Especially when putting in outbound stations for outbound local ore.
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2023.06.09 14:03 IlluminatedApe In 2002, the US Strategic stockpile of Silver was depleted. Spoiler: We never recovered. US MINT IS BLUFFING with Premiums!!! (Click for Proof)

In 2002, the US Strategic stockpile of Silver was depleted. Spoiler: We never recovered. US MINT IS BLUFFING with Premiums!!! (Click for Proof)
Please review yesterday's post for better context.
On June 25, 1968, the Treasury Department transferred 165,000,000 fine troy ounces of silver to the DLA's Strategic and Critical Stockpiles which was required by the passing of the same agency named Act.
The above Congressional Record shows that in June 2002, the US Government's Silver stockpile was approximately 2 months from being depleted, which lead to the passing of the Support of American Silver Eagle Bullion Program Act on July 23, 2002.

The findings of the law give us a clear indication that the US government stockpile was indeed depleted of its silver reserves and this new law allowed the Treasury to acquire Silver from other sources than the depleted the DLA's strategic and critical materials stockpile in order to continue the US Silver Eagle Program.
I noted here how the US only has 4 active silver ore mines as of current; Idaho, Nevada and Alaska are the only producing states. This data can be sourced via the Department of Labor's Mine Data Retrieval System here.

DLA has the Precious Metals Recovery Program (PMRP) to offset the usage of silver in the military by recycling unusable military property which contained precious metals. Allowed the military access to extremely cheap silver compared to the open market.
As of 2019, the program collected and refined $515 million worth of PM as noted by the same source.
In this news article from 2010, says the program had saved the taxpayer near $300 million within 30 years. Its interesting to consider the above more recent source shows in 2019 the total savings to the taxpayer was only an additional 35 million in savings.
However much precious metals that are recovered are sent to the Defense Supply Center, Philadelphia (DSCP) as per law.
What should be reminded to the reader that it was reported recently that the US munition stockpile has critical shortage problems. So, the government being able to pull silver out of their ass by cannibalizing the military is seemingly no longer an option.
On May 28th 2021, the US Mint emailed customers:
The key takeaway passages from this are:
The global silver shortage has driven demand for many of our bullion and numismatic products to record heights.”
As the demand for silver remains greater than supply, the reality is such that not everyone will be able to purchase a coin.”

Before I inform the reader of my conclusions from all this information, we need to go back in time to a popular subject in the silver rigging history, the Hunt Brothers. As shown below is a 100oz bar that was dumped on the market by the Reagan administration to counter the attempt by the Hunt brothers to free us from the silver market manipulation. At the time, the news reported that the reason the US govt dumped their stockpile was due it being no longer needed. WHICH is directly in conflict with the government document I sourced and reported on yesterday here where the DoD stated that Silver was the most widely used precious metal in the government.
Two things have changed, we are many Apes now and the government no longer has the stockpile to dump the market. So they came out with the paper game after to keep the rigged game in check; however, what all this evidence suggests to me is that if Apes squeezed the mint, Yellen would be forced to purchase and increase the price of silver (by law they must go by the price set by a widely accepted commodity exchange; ie COMEX), or have to admit that there is a shortage of silver which will force panic in the markets world wide.
Am I jumping to conclusions here? What are Ape thoughts? Could the high premiums of American Silver Eagles represent the classic poker bluff to deter Apes away? Could we force the US treasury to directly drain the Comex for us?
This plan would only work with a group momentum and comes at great cost, so please join in on this discussion because its very important!!! Is this the true Achilles heel right now?
submitted by IlluminatedApe to SilverDegenClub [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 12:19 RSA_Grower Seedling is starting to go purple under the leaf

Seedling is starting to go purple under the leaf
Hello world 🌎 👋
I'm probably going to delete this account by Monday, I would just like to ask a question and hopefully someone could help me.
I'm growing a Skunk #99 (F) by Bulk Seed Bank in a grow tent, the seedling is about 4 - 5 weeks old and it's starting to go purple underneath the leaf. I got this seed for free from a seed bank and unfortunately they only sent me one so I don't have any others to compare it to, I'm hoping that someone is either growing or has had experience growing this strain to advise me.
We are currently in winter here in SA so other growers here tell me the temp of my tent might be to low, I keep it between 20°C and 23°C and my other seedlings are doing well in the same environment, someone also told me it could be root shock from when I planted the Jiffy Pod into my growing medium. I believe my humidity is fine its around 50 to 60% and my lighting should be sufficient as I'm using a wing reflector with a 600w MH lamp, my tent is 80 x 80 x 170cm with a 100mm inline fan. This is my first tent that I intend on using for popping seeds, growing the plants and planting them outside 2 weeks before spring.
Overall the seedling is healthy and it's growing well so maybe my concern is for nothing but please let me know.
I also have a question on cloning, last grow season I planted some Mazar Extra and was impressed with how big they grew, so 2 months before flower I took 2 clones and they were my first test subjects for my tent, but the poor bastards are suffering and I'm contemplating on just putting them out there misery, but perhaps someone knows what I'm doing wrong and can advise me on how to pull them back. I've never cloned a plant or maintained clones so I'm not sure if my environment is adequate, so any pros let me know.
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