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Beaverton DMV currently taking walk-ins at all?

2023.03.29 05:07 jpdipz Beaverton DMV currently taking walk-ins at all?

Hello, I looked at the next available appointment at this location, and it's booked out till near the end of April. Has anyone been there recently, and can you tell me if they take walk-ins at all? I tried to call them but did not reach anyone. Many thanks!
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2023.03.29 05:07 Abidarthegreat Group World Building Experiences

I'm currently running a homebrew campaign. But not one that I created. I decided to have the table do the world building for me.
We spent two sessions using an RPG called "The Ground Itself" to establish a world. Once we had thousands of years of lore, I created a situation and we ran a session of an RPG called "the Quiet Year". Which the Adventure Zone recently did.
Honestly, I was worried because I didn't know what to expect. When the table voted on building a setting based on an airless, lifeless moon, I was incredibly worried that there was no way we could create enough content to make a campaign. Boy was I wrong.
Trust the process, people.
Not only did we do it, but I think my players are more invested than ever since it's their world too.
Together we managed to create a kingdom with the survivors of a colony ship crash. They discovered that the moon they were stuck on is filled with the tombs of an ancient advanced race of Aarakocra who turned themselves into near gods and vanished fighting beings from outside the universe.
Now my players are exploring the surface of the planet below, a planet filled with Eldritch mysteries. The game has a Spell Jammer meets Call of Cthulhu esthetic.
Together we even created a few new homebrew races like the Floral Folk, a group of telepathic plants who meld consciousness with the great Mother Tree, and the Chubbles, small chaotic fuzzballs the enjoy blowing things up way too much.
We are only a few months in and so I'd love to hear of other experiences with allowing the players to help build the lore of the world and then playing in it. Good, bad, are there any pitfalls to watch out for?
So far, as a DM, I can say this is the most enjoyment I've ever gotten out of a game and I hope I can keep up the momentum to drive it towards a satisfactory conclusion.
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2023.03.29 05:07 upinflames_ Should I take advantage of an engineering internship nearby?

Hey all, I would really like advice on this. I'm a junior in high school, and I'm looking to major in something in STEM, but I'm just not sure what yet. I have a very wide range of interests, such as chemistry, biology, math, space, and physics (not 100% sure because I find AP Physics 1 kinda boring, but I don't know if that's the teacher, the material being boring [some have said alg physics is uninteresting, idk] , or that I just don't love physics. Anyways, I digress). If I'm being honest, I haven't done my due diligence on careers yet, but I'm looking at maybe astrophysics, engineering (idk the specific field), chem/biochem, and maybe medicine???
Now this brings me to my dilemma. An opportunity for a eng internship has opened up near me, and I don't know if I should do it or not. It is in electrical engineering, which I don't think I'll get into, but I've been told that any eng internship will look great on a resume and provide a good experience (feel free to comment on that). Also, my area is pretty opportunity dry for these kinds of things, so its a little rare. The problem is, I have no clue if I am going into eng. I have kinda found myself leaning slightly more towards theoretical sciences (like discovering stuff), but idk about the job opportunities there/if it is practical to spend my time pursuing that. I wouldn't want to waste my time doing an eng internship if I don't go into eng, because 1) I think it might look bad if I go into an eng internship, spend my junior year summer doing it, and not pursue it (not demonstrating my passion????) and 2) I might be able to do research at a nearby college by begging a professor to let me on (this is a maybe if they'll let me, but I'm not talking out of my a**\ bc people at my school have done/do it). Any advice would be appreciated on what I should do.
This was long, but really, thank you if you read all of this. Constructive insight would be phenomenal!!!!!! Let me know of any clarifying questions.
Edit: also, the app deadline is coming up pretty soon, so I won't be able to take time and explore if I love eng. I have explored a little, but not enough
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2023.03.29 05:06 tobiasand How do you bring up therapy?

Long-time lurker, the usual story. Just figured it’s finally time to vent and ask for advice.
I (f29) and my husband (m30) have been together for nearly 9 years, married for 2, dead bedroom for 5.
In the beginning it was amazing. We were young, at college and I was living my best sex life after a fun and crazy year before meeting him. I felt like the stars had aligned and - cringe - I knew what the songs and movies were about, and that I’d gotten ‘it out my system’ but also found someone to explore the rest with.
We left school and moved to the nearest big city. We had new jobs, friends, we shared an apartment after 2 years. It was then that the sex started to change in frequency, eventually hanging at about once a month, before we started to talk about it. We figured it was just life getting in the way, then year 3 and 4 it really took a turn. It went from infrequent but still good to infrequent and awkward, clunky and unsatisfying.
I tried to talk to him about it - I was young and thought it was about me so I hit the gym, did my teeth, went to an expensive lingerie shop around month 6 of DB but nothing. Sometimes we would start to kiss more deeply in bed and I would think “omg! We’re normal, it’s ok” but he would physically push me away having had some sort of visceral reaction. The rejection is something I still feel so sad about, it stings - my sexuality was a fun part of my identity that I carefully nurtured and enjoyed, and now I feel depressed that it’s been neglected. I feel awkward initiating and worry I’m starting to think of him as a non-sexual being, though I am still very attracted to him. We are very affectionate in all other capacities so all this feels complex.
There is a lot of backstory around it all - he has had a lot of trauma in his life right up until the month before he met me, but has never sought therapy. I am financially reliant on him. When we got married I thought it was an indication that things were going to get better as they briefly did but nope - things soon slid back to the way they were. And before you ask, we got married for legal/visa reasons.
I feel so frustrated, I feel like I’m wasting the best looking years of my life - sounds small, I know but feels significant - and I’ve also spent many nights thinking about my younger escapades that I’ve driven myself insane.
We most recently had mediocre sex a couple months back. The pattern follows that he wants to have sex when he’s drunk or high. Not a good sign - I want meaningful, intimate and sober sex.
TLDR; long term fizzle turned into complete nothingness but I still want him and want it to work - how do I broach the subject of therapy to a resistant partner? What are your experiences?
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2023.03.29 05:06 Empty-Employment-106 .. I'm lonely when I'm not alone.

I've been married for 6 years now and he is my one and only companion.. no friends and no close family.. .. I never got a ring/ a wedding.. etc. When we got together we were 16 and I already had a child ( due to unfortunate abusive circumstances) but anyway.. we dated for a while and ended up with a baby of our own shortly after legally marrying .... Flash forward to 6 years later.. I still have never gotten a ring or proposal/ no talk of a wedding etc.. I wanted another baby as I am nearing my 30's and my other children are pretty old now.. but then I realized .. what's the point? I'm already unhappy. We probably can't afford another baby.. and it would be another excuse to continue living life mediocrely.. Starting to come to terms with the fact that this will be my life forever... no cookie cuttemovie scene life.. no friends.. no wedding.. no more babies.. no more anything
Idk :c I guess all I'm trying to say is that I feel my life will pass me up unfulfilled/ and it sucks that I'm sad and alone.
I guess the only solution is to just keep on keeping on.
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2023.03.29 05:06 Meviax 29 [M4F] UK/Anywhere - British lawyer looking for an American girl to chat to and get to know

The title is of course self explanatory. I would like the opportunity to speak to someone new, I would not ordinarily have the opportunity to day to day, here in the UK. Over the last few years since graduating, I've began to meet less new people, and friends have moved away.
As for why the US specifically, it’s somewhere I’d like to visit in the near future, and so it makes sense in that regard. I also like the accent, which is of course a bonus.
This would be with friendship in mind, though I’m open minded if anything else does develop. I’m happy to chat via text, or audio chat.
As for me, I’ll list a few things about me, and you can ask the rest you’d like to know when we begin to chat:-
- Lawyer
- Multilingual
- Does not drink tea or coffee
- Has never broken a bone
- Will destroy you at monopoly
- Avid reader
- Funny - I like to make people laugh
- I enjoy American sports
- Honest
If I sound like someone you’d like to talk to, please do drop me a message, even if it’s just hi and we can go from there. Also - happy to share what I look so can do upon request.
I look forward to hearing from you!
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2023.03.29 05:06 Falador69 FFXIV Market Board

I've been playing FFXIV for a while now and I've noticed the marketboard is kinda bad. It's important for every MMO's trading system to be a free market (for the most part). And i don't want that to be taken away! But i think it can be upgraded. My issue with it is that the price you see on your server for items is technically not the actual price because there is cross server marketboard access.
The fact that addons or mods are against the rules (which is why i don't use them) it's nearly impossible for me to see the actual price of an item. Which leads to items taking a long time to sell OR leads to undercut battles. I could server swap to the 20+ different servers to fix this but it'ss 2023 and i don't think that should be the only solution. Basically, every other game out there with this much of a following does not have this issue. I originally thought it was just me but i honestly haven't ran into one person who hasn't experienced this. It's bound to happen with certain items in any game that is perfectly okay and expected, but with FFXIV it's ridiculous how often this occurs.
There are a few ways to fix this IMO but the most logical way is instead of showing the price of JUST your server the game should show the prices on every server. That way if your server says an item is 2,000,000 gil and has been selling for that price recently, but a different server is selling it for 1,500,000, you won't waste hours or days trying to sell it. OR you could wait it out and see if the price goes back up.
WoW has a similar thing, normally you can only buy and sell on your own server. But they started merging servers and had those servers share the auction house. When you sell almost ANYTHING it sells instantly or in seconds. Imagine if they couldn't see the price of their fellow merged servers without actually going to them and checking for themselves. It would slow everything down and be a terrible experience for everyone. I know this is how it's always been for FFXIV so it might be difficult even to believe it's an issue. But even if you personally haven't experienced the negative side effects yourselves, you have to at least admit it's weird that we can't see prices of other servers.
Feel free to express your opinions on this, please be respectful and cordial. Thanks.
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2023.03.29 05:05 thestorysofar12 34 [M4R] Wichita, KS - My apartment is a mess

Just moved to Wichita, Kansas this week. Don't know anyone yet and would like to fix that. My stuff is moved in, but on the floor, since my furniture won't arrive for another couple days.
If you're from Wichita or the surrounding hour-or-so radius, I'd like to hear from you! I'm more than happy to chat on here, get to know each other, and take it from there.
I made a post recently about just finding a friend in general, and it was a success! However, I'd like to meet people in person, as well. Historically I'm an introvert and a bit of a hermit, and while I have some ideas of things to do to meet people here, I figured I'd expedite the process.
Some things about me: I recently spent 18 hours on a bus to see Jedi Mind Tricks' last tour. I am a wrestling fan (mostly AEW) but will be watching Wrestlemania and have a ticket to the Raw here in Wichita in June. I like to write and currently have a blog that I'm slowly chipping away at. I used to run, got out of shape, now I walk. I've ran half-marathons and would like to run one again someday. I just got here, but I'd eventually like to check out Botanica and a Wind Surge game, as well as see some concerts (nearly any genre) or a comedy show at the Loony Bin.
Hope to hear from you!
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2023.03.29 05:05 Own-Subject-8573 Rejection sucks.

I know that’s not news to anybody. But it does. My bf and I have a REALLY good relationship. It’s not perfect, but I don’t really think perfect is possible. We really don’t have any consistent issues… except for one thing: I SUCK at handling rejection.
He’s Catholic. (AND he just naturally has a lower sex drive than me. I was on an SSRI for years, so it’s kinda like I’m making up for lost time now.) So, one night he’ll be super horny and he’ll say all these things about how he ALWAYS wants me, he wants to start hooking up more, he wants to satisfy me, blah blah blah. But the second he cums, it’s over. If I’m ever stupid enough to take what he said seriously, and I try to initiate in the next few days, he tells me he doesn’t want to do anything.
I want to make it perfectly clear that I’m not MAD at him for rejecting me. He’s well within his rights to do so, and I would NEVER want him to do anything with/for me that he was not enthusiastically consenting to do.
It’s just been like this for nearly two years, and I feel really stupid and hurt every time it happens. I feel a little used. The stuff he says is so nice, and the fact that it all disappears right after he gets what he wants (leaving me high and dry) is painful. I understand WHY he says it, we probably wouldn’t have sex at all if he didn’t…. Idk… it just makes me really sad.
Whenever I attempt to initiate anything, I get turned down. So I just sort of have to wait around for him to get horny a few times per month, and once he’s done, it’s back to square one. It sucks, and I genuinely hate myself for getting upset/sad about it.
I do my best to not seem too hurt in the moment, because I don’t want him to feel pressured or coerced. But inside it’s escalated to feel like my heart is breaking a little every time it happens. And I feel AWFUL about it. I know I shouldn’t get upset. No means no and he doesn’t need to explain himself to me… it just sucks.
Sorry for talking about nothing for so long. I just don’t really like talking about this to anybody who knows who I am because I’m scared they’ll judge me.
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2023.03.29 05:04 PedroGGBM [Skincare Routine] Skincare Routine on Isotretinoin (Accutane)

Hey :D
Context: I’ve been taking Isotretinoin (accutane) for around 4 months now for my scarring hormonal acne (naturally oily skin btw). I’ve been on 30 to 40mg dosage for ~3 months, and although I’ve been getting very dry skin on my hands and a couple short depressive episodes, it’s working quite well and nearly all my acne has cleared!
I used to have a routine consisting of AM and PM alike using La Roche Posay Effaclar Gel for cleansing, DUO+ for blemish treatment, and any moisturizer (DUO+ dries out my skin, so it wasn’t much of a moisturizer for me). This worked overall quite well, but I had trouble staying consistent with the routine.
Fast forward to now, I dropped everything when I started taking accutane, and now it’s taking a toll on my skin’s brightness and overall look (Isotretinoin, however, does not dry my facial skin out significantly). I want to start cleansing and moisturizing again.
Questions: my first question is, I’ve heard multiple people on accutane say DUO+ dries their skin out a lot. If I take it and I moisturize right after and it doesn’t take a toll, should I take it even if I get good results?
My second question is can I take a Hyaluronic Acid 2% serum for plumpness and countering dryness? I would take this AM and PM before my blemish treatment. Should I even take this if I start moisturizing with CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion (it already has Hyaluronic acid)?
And my third question is about SPF moisturizer products. Should I take CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing SPF 50 (skin is very sensitive to sunlight, even more with accutane) and then the normal moisturizer at night? Or should I use the normal CeraVe moisturizing lotion both AM and PM and invest in a good aloe-based sunscreen like COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF 50 (y’all got any other good aloe-based recommendations)?
I’m trying hard to give my skin the attention it required years ago and more so now, and I don’t want to overdue it and saturate my skin with products. Any help is very much appreciated…
Thank you!
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2023.03.29 05:04 Which_Ad_5787 nagging roommate

our lease is over in 43 days, not looking for advice, just ranting to get it off my chest. but my one roommate is so draining to be around. i’ll just clarify that we have a good chore system going on. we all rotate with trash. we all clean up after ourselves. we all contribute to resources just fine.
except every time I go downstairs I dread being near my roommate. I feel like I can’t be in her presence without her making me feel like I owe her for something. she always creates problems and wants me to help her with them.
like she will consistently close the shower door rather than leave it open to air out and then tell me we (meaning she wants me to offer) need to clean out the shower bc it’s getting musty (I also don’t have a problem w our shower, I also told her we just need to let the shower air out).
i’ve cleaned the bathroom and mopped the floors multiple times and i just like don’t announce those things. yet the few times she does it she always announces it and then after announcing it tries to assign me a random task that really isn’t urgent (like washing the bathroom rugs). if it just feels like she can’t do anything good without wanting something in return.
maybe these examples don’t sound horrible but I can’t explain it she just gives off a micromanaging vibe and it feels absolutely draining to be around when I already have so much more on my plate.
wasn’t sure if anyone else could relate or has had a roommate with bossy/micromanaging vibes.
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2023.03.29 05:04 KingHuge19 Perusing coworkers ex-hookup who also works at the same player

Coworker (A)(m24) hooked up with CW(B)(f23). It lasted a grand total of 2 months. She hooked up with him and also broke up with him saying she needed to work on herself. It’s been almost 5 months and when he sees her there is still tension between the too. More frustration not sexual tension. I’ve been grouped in with this because she knows I am aware of there situation.
Last week all of us were working. (We work in different departments). She asked to talk to him but her close friend was present. He didn’t want to go alone. I agreed to go as she also asked me to join. He asked me to break the ice and go alone first. Frustrated that this tension has been a thing for months now. I told him if I go alone I’m going to tell them I want the tension to stop at least between me and them as I didn’t do anything other than exist near him. Which he said was fine. I went down brought up the awkward tension and settled my beef with them and this week has been a lot better for me.
After that night how ever my coworker said he and the girl he was with had a private conversation and it just isn’t working out. I told him to just avoid her. Because the passive aggressive no eye contact or formalities is getting bad. He agreed and said he’s done with her.
Now. A week later. She’s been overly nice to me and other guys on my shift. I don’t want to overthink it. But she’s talked to me more after that night than she has since we met. I’m hoping she’s not trying to get back at my coworker for being kind of toxic. Because from what he’s said about her she would literally be my dream girl. And if she were to ask me out. I’d have a hard time saying no. Would I be an ass? My coworker and I arnt too close outside of work.
I know there’s risks but if he’s as done as he says he is. And she’s moved on from him. Would I still be in the wrong? I don’t really believe in “the bro code” but I can understand the awkwardness it would cause if he had an issue.
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2023.03.29 05:04 PurplePlastic867 28F California - looking for friendly chats to pass this cold, rainy night (where is spring?!)

My options for the night are Sims, brownies, or Reddit. Sims and brownies are in another room, so here I am! And I really don’t wanna leave my bed after my workday.
About me (now in bullet format for easier skimming):
About you (hopefully):
Happy chatting :) Don’t know where to start? Tell me about your happy place in the world!
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2023.03.29 05:03 thelsdthrowaway I am going insane

Am I being manipulated or stupid?
I started the process of breaking up with my bf of 2 years this morning because I wasn't happy with our relationship anymore. We're both 22 and long distance (like really long, USA to Japan), having met in college while he was doing an exchange program. The first year I spent with him was the best of my life, and I think about it often. But now it's different. We've met up 3 times since starting long distance a year ago, and each time has had a big blowout argument. He left me alone sick in a foreign country, literally sprinting away after telling me how he disliked me. When I didn't chase him he came back and complained how I was supposed to follow him, even though I had been afraid I'd puke like 10 minutes before. Another time while he visited we had a blowup argument because I'd said I'd be open to drive him and friends to a party. I'd said I didn't want to agree to a hard time, it's a college house party and it'll go late, but he gave them a time (10pm I think), and got really naggy and insisted that I leave my event to drive him. When I tried to tell him I wasn't ok with how the night went down, he insisted on having a shouting match outside the house, breaking down into sobs and begging me not to leave him. He then went back into the party and talked about the event with our mutual friends, while I went home and picked him up later. Another time we had an argument about my unfortunate hairline (I'm a 22 year old white guy with a pretty badly receded hairline), an argument we've had before and never really reach a conclusion on. Eventually he said he'd stop bringing it up if I promised to get hair plugs. I told him I didn't want to make a promise just to stop an argument, and we kicked it down the road again. We had plans to move to another country to live with each other for a year before getting married to get him a green card to live in the US, but now I don't want to move across the world and risk being unhappy and isolated. I started breaking up with him and told him my reasoning (the arguments, the fact that he isn't out to his family despite talking marriage, our mismatched libidos(we haven't had penetrative sex since he left 10 months ago despite meeting up and spending almost 2 months together)). He's hysterical, constantly texting and calling after our nearly 2 hours of calls, telling me how much he loves me and how he didn't mean the things he said about my hair and how he can't live without me. I feel so bad seeing him cry, and I know he's given things for our planned future (grad school testing, starting his career, etc). I don't know if breaking up is the right thing, he really doesn't want it and I don't really either. I love the memories we have together, and laying in bed wrapped around him is the happiest I've ever been. But I don't know if I can handle that level of dedication. I'm not sure whether I love him or just care for him and his well-being. I constantly fantasize about dating new people, and have installed dating apps to look around before deleting them out of guilt. We're clearly both a mess, I'm sick with a cold and exhausted from my lab work and college capstone projects. I'm planning to start therapy soon, so should I hold off on the breakup stuff? I feel like I'd be lying if I stayed in the relationship because I think I've fallen out of love, but idk if I'm having a mental health episode and if the urge to break up will pass.
I'm a mess, sorry for formatting.
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2023.03.29 05:02 Onetoomanystories Babies being babies are just too cute

At about 4 months my baby would lift up his legs for me when I was changing him, I found it adorable. 2-3 weeks ago my baby started holding his feet and flexing his toes while up in the air fascinated with himself. He knows he’s able to touch them and it progressed to well everyone puts my feet near their face so …. I wonder if I can bring them closer to me and now it’s just baby puts his foot in his mouth 😂
Every time we change his diaper he’s immediately doing baby gymnastics to shove his little feet into his mouth. Even when he’s fully clothed, he will flex his legs around and up in the air and then get this look on his face like OH FEETTTTT! I love this stage so much.
Feel free to share ur favorite little thing 🥰
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2023.03.29 05:02 BirthdayDesperate417 Overjoyed!!

Around this time last year, I was facing extreme distress as I was about to graduate college and the weight of my student loans became extremely real. I had a job lined up that paid about 32k a year with nearly 120k in private student loans alone. I felt helpless and like my life was over. My payments began in December 2022 and thank goodness for federal loans being paused. My first payment was around $1300 and creeped up over time to over $1400 because of one variable interest rate on one of my loans. My rates ranged from 9.75%-14.3%...I never saw a way out. HOWEVER, I got a new job with a significant pay increase and just got approved to refinance 3 of the loans (chose those with the highest interest) at a rate of 6.40%! There is a long way to go for me, but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. GOODBYE SALLIE MAE
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2023.03.29 05:02 skylamarie97 25F Looking for artsy friends!!

hello there my name is Skyla, I am 25 years old. I am a college graduate with a degree in religious studies. I am originally from a rural area in Tennessee, and moved to New York City to get my shit together.
It should be noted that I am a cult survivor and I was held against my will by my parents for almost a decade. Because of these experiences I do have some weird quirks and mannerisms. Like for example I find it fun to go to grocery stores to look around and buy different new foods to make me happy, because my parents never wanted to spend money on me and wouldn’t allow me to keep the diet I wanted. Along with this, I love doing activities that are considered childish (e.g. wearing brightly colored clothes, playing webkinz regularly and watching children’s tv) because I was never allowed to express myself freely growing up so I just have an extremely delayed adolescents.
When it comes to what I like I am more on the eccentric side of things. My definition of fun is going to houses of worship to socialize and interact with the worshipers there along with that i love going to shows in small venues and finding new music through this avenue. I love to play old computer games, and webkinz regularly. I love buying children's art projects and doing them to de-stress. I am also autistic/have ADHD and should mention that what my special interests, which are: religion, old/dead languages, kidcore and y2k aesthetics, old internet, ancient near east, late 19th century-early 20th century Europe,astrology,supernatural stuff, early modern Eastern European Jewish culture and history, and pop punk music are just a scratch on the surface of some of my special interests. I also love to film tiktoks and am trying just for the hell of it to become an content creatoinfluencer that focuses on talking about religion and documenting my life while wearing extremely bright rainbow aesthetics. Along with this I write in my free time too; mostly academic material with other informative literature too, along with personal essays and pieces. It should be noted politically, I am a leftist, a communist to be exact. Lately tho I have been getting into trying to make my own art. I am learning how to use Blender and saving up to buy an iPad so I can learn how to use Procreate to start seeing art in the world that I want to see. Along with all of this, I love to cook and figure out new foods I like to eat!! my favorite food to cook though is pasta along with breakfast foods, halal plates, and wraps.
Lookwise i am 5'8 midsize. I mostly dress extremely feminine, wearing lots of dresses and I love to play in makeup too. Along with that I cover my head for modesty,religious reasons.
Doesn't matter the background when it comes to who I want to talk to just please don't be a big meanie xoxo
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2023.03.29 05:02 ugly_duckling_5 To move or not to move, that is the question.

Hey, all. I have the most infuriating dilemma that's practically driven me to insanity.
On one hand, I have an apartment that I absolutely love and deeply consider my home. There's no part of me that would be moving... If it weren't for my neighbors. They have a tendency to be fairly noisy, mostly playing their TV loud enough for me to hear and I have an upstairs apartment. I've tried calling the office, thinking it's better for my apartment manager to talk to them than me. But, every single time. They seem to be okay, but a week or so later they're back at it. Maybe I'm overreacting, but it's an every day type of occurrence. There's more to their noisiness, but this is the current worst part to deal with. Most of the rest is excessive slamming doors, etc. Before them, I could enjoy my entire apartment in peace. Now, I feel confined to my bedroom and miss out on my living room/art studio space. But, maybe with my white noise machine, etc, I could deal with that.
Now, for the decision-making difficulties. A little over a week ago, I found a house that looked nice from the outside. I applied, even without seeing pictures. Why? Because my neighbor downstairs, the same ones who have been a huge bother already, is pregnant. I'm terrified that the baby could keep me up at night, bother me while I'm trying to work, etc. I understand it's a baby and they have little control over how it may act, but I need to consider my own life as well. I have no idea how bad that will be for me being above them. It could be horrendous. It could be no problem at all. Or anything in between. But, the house itself is fairly nice. Just doesn't quiet compare aesthetically in some ways to my apartment.
Now, this house has its perks. I want to keep my mountain views. It has mountain views upstairs. This is fairly difficult to find, even if the views aren't as good as I have it now. It's in the location I want, for a price I can mostly afford. It's just missing on a few things like I prefer hardwood in the living area, dark cabinetry with lighter countertops. But mostly I like to have blinds on my dang windows and they not only don't have them, but won't install them. It has the yard, the privacy, but missing on the aesthetic things that I most enjoy. I do like it for the most part and another home that I can afford in this very small area may not come along, but I'm not sure I even want to stay here longer than a year. Unless things change in my life and I find friends, etc, in the next year after already not finding that in the year I've been here, I might leave despite loving this state/area.
So, if you were in my situation, what would you do? Things to keep in mind - I work from home and I'm in my home frequently, so it's nice to have low amounts of noise. - The home could cost me about $3,500 in deposits and moving costs, closer to just $600ish just in moving costs. I should get most of the security deposit back, so I try not to think about those costs. Rent, etc is only about $40/mo increase, but utilities could me hundreds every month. Anywhere from at least $100 to as far as $400/mo increase, though I think closer to 200-300/mo. - While I do like the home, there's a huge part of me that wants to just put everything in storage and travel for several months or so after my next lease is up (a year from now either way, which can be a long time in either scenario). However, a year is a long time and I could end up changing my mind and staying and the house could then become a huge asset if the owners let me stay for at least a could of years and not just the one year lease. -My apartment manager has assured me that if the baby is something I can't handle and keeps me up, etc, that I can get out of my lease with no fees, etc. However, it's really hard to find a good home for a decent price here and especially hard to find one with a mountain view, even just from upstairs.
If anyone has any thoughts, please let me know. I'm back and forth in a way that would make anyone dizzy! I have probably the best apartment you can get, but crappy downstairs neighbors. I don't want to be chased out, but maybe a house is better for me? But I'm not sure it's worth the financial output. I'm just all over the place and any advice helps.
TLDR; I have the best apartment you can imagine with great mountain views and beautiful interior, but fairly annoying neighbors as is and they have a baby on the way. I can't predict how the baby will be and my manager says I can leave if it's bad, no fees, but I don't know if I should preemptively move to a house I'm less in love with for more money when it's nearly impossible to find a house here in my price range at all.
Should I risk it and stay in a home I love or go for the house that may be the best I could get when I don't know if I'd stay more than a year?
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2023.03.29 05:01 YaellowLambo On 5th month of ozempic, down 26 lbs but worried about getting off.

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone can give me some insight on life after ozempic.
I’ve been overweight pretty much my whole life. I’ve struggled my whole life with weight loss. I managed to lose some weight but never enough. During Covid I lost 15-18lbs. After that I plateaued for about a year and half, I really struggled and gained it all back plus an additional 15 pounds…
Ozempic finally gave me the peace of mind and results! I’m now nearing the end of my 5th month and I’m starting to worry about what life will be like after ozempic and what my appetite or weight gain will look like.
If you’re comfortable, please share your experience!
For reference I’m at 25F. I’m now 26lbs down and at 165lbs!
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2023.03.29 05:00 eggwardpenisglands My hoya of nearly 6 years - I'm moving soon, does anyone have any tips on untangling or pruning in order to take it with me? It's my favourite plant!

My hoya of nearly 6 years - I'm moving soon, does anyone have any tips on untangling or pruning in order to take it with me? It's my favourite plant! submitted by eggwardpenisglands to gardening [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 05:00 liptonlily Anyone know abt an alleged “bonus pay” for clean play staff leaving early (Philadelphia location)

Ive been clean play since i started working at starbucks with the exact same partners, on the exact same day, for nearly a year. Recently our manager have been getting on me and my coworkers for finishing clean plays early/leaving early because “we get paid extra” when we finish the clean play early but none of us have ever gotten paid extra for finishing a clean play early and my coworker who’s been with the company for nearly a decade said that they’ve never been paid extra/seen other partners get paid extra for clean plays, Anyone know anything abt this? Or is it completely made up??
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