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Not just SCUBA, but snorkeling and skin diving as well! We welcome everyone, from the least experienced newbie budding with questions to the salty geezer grumbling about 'kids these days with their fancy regs and self-clearing snorkels'

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Welcome to Milwaukee's bike subreddit! From the urban commuters to the beach cruisers, everyone and their bike is welcome here for newbie advice, pro events, and everything in between! Bike maps and bike shops are listed in the wiki.

2023.03.29 05:57 Maximum_Smoke2795 Veggies giveaway

Tomatoes, wheat, sugar cane, carrots, potatoes! I even will throw in some flour and sugar if you need it! (I’ll give away for free but if anyone would be willing to let me shop on their island that would also be cool) 🥹😄
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2023.03.29 05:56 TarienCole El Cid Compeador Build Brainstorm.

Trying to work out a Core Difficulty viable build based on Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, aka El Cid. Because Hero of the Reconquista is adjacent to the Fifth Crusade. Is he not?
Historically, he was said to be brave and tactically adept. Such that his honorific was granted him by the Moors, either during his service to the Taifa of Zaragoza or with his conquest of Valencia. He was said to have had the annals of the Roman Legions read to him, and was adept at deceptive tactics and even a measure (for the time) of psychological warfare.
Background: Thinking Martial Adept, for the Improved Unarmed Strike, so I can get to Crane Style w/o Monk if desired. Pure RP concept would be Leader, of course.
Base class seems Cavalier to me, especially since the tales include his love for Babieca, his steed. I would say Gendarme for the mounted damage. Except he was a renowned tactician. And Gendarme drops the tactician feats.
Mythic Path: Legend. To me that is a pretty obvious choice. Probably Angel leading into it, though Aeon might be an option, if it offered something to the build. Don't see him as Chaotic, so that side of the spectrum is out.>! (And we even get to RP his exile.) !<
Going Legend means a proper 2nd class. If I'm going pure power, that is probably Mutagen Fighter w/ a dip into Rowdy Rogue for maximum damage spikes. If I'm going more RP, I would lean more into a Paladin. Divine Scion seems to be an option, here, and one that would emulate his adaptive tactics fairly well.
Human, because we need the feats. Weapon Focus in both Sword and Longspear, for the lance charge. Mounted Combat (of course). Outflank on both him and the Steed. Shake it Off on both if I can afford it as well. Dodge for AC and access to Crane Style. Power Attack, Cornugan Smash. Advantage of going fighter would be Weapon Spec in both weapons.
Stats: Sticky. Historically, he was Strong, Clever militarily (if not always politically), a charismatic leader (which is partly why Alfonso didn't want him anywhere near the court after Sancho's death). So:
Str: 18 +4 Dex: 13+1 (needed for Dodge, and mobility points for mounted combat) Con: 14 (would like 16. But no way will we afford it.)
Int: 12 (would like it higher. But that ain't happening.)
Wis: 8 (because hey, he was politically less than astute and we have to dump something).
Cha: 14 (and this can't be dumped because otherwise he's not a believably inspirational figure.) Which probably leans me toward some Paladin variant as 2nd class.
This stat spread would annoy me a little for a martial character. But with Legend's boost, I'm less concerned.
Please feel free to contribute any constructive thoughts or ideas of your own. :)
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2023.03.29 05:56 CommonSalty8245 Why must everything be glass?!

I would love some thoughts. I love my mother-in-law but she and I sometimes disagree on the acceptable level of risk in the home. The current issue has to do with the gifts that she has been getting for my oldest for the last year or so. My oldest is a little less than 6 and since she turned five my mother-in-law has been getting her these gorgeous little trinkets. The issue is that they are all glass. Currently, to solve this issue, they have been put away until she is older, but MIL wanted her to be able to display them, so asked if she could get my daughter a small lockable wall unit with a clear glass front we could put above her bed so that she could see them. This sounded like it would be fine. What came home from shopping, however is a 4" by 3" floor unit that is almost entirely glass. She wants to put it together with me, anticipating that it will be able to go in the girls room. The bedroom that my daughters share is only 8'x10'. I cannot figure out anywhere to put it size wise, and just having a glass unit in the room with a rambunctious 5 year old and an adventurous 3 year old is terrifying. What options do I have here? It is a tempered glass unit so am I overreacting to the danger here? Has anyone had any experience with glass storage and small children?
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2023.03.29 05:55 toastyghostyhq can't edit posts or add image descriptions anymore

as the title suggests, my ability to add captions to images while making posts or edit posts after the fact have completely disappeared. pressing the 3 dots near my profile picture on existing posts of mine still leads to a list of options, but 'edit' isn't one of them, like it used to be before. when i add an image to a post, even multiple, clicking on them just leads me to the 'edit image' page instead of the one i could use to add captions under
uninstalling and reinstalling didn't help this. anyone know what's causing it?
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2023.03.29 05:55 Objective_Bug_6397 i need help

i need help
im new to db legends and i was just using tickets and out of nowhere it tells me everything in the shop is undergoing maintenance and i cant link any of my accounts cause its an error or something so i cant uninstall... i need help i got alot of good chars and chrono crystals when i started the game and i dont wanna lose them
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2023.03.29 05:55 Responsible-Pea-794 Content creator 💋

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2023.03.29 05:54 megathrowswayphia I (26F) made my BF's (25M) best friend (mid 20sM) girlfriend (mid 20sF) cry and called her a keyboard activist. BF is now in a weird spot

BF lives in our hometown (Im in another city) and we went to HS together. he's part of a big friend group, we all went to HS together. his best friend is A. before this all of us got on really well and would drink/hang out together anytime I was in town. all was well
for context, A had recently started dating a girl we also went to HS with, AGF
getting to the issue, my career is in animal shelter welfare, been in this industry since I was 16. it's my life passion and I love my job. currently a tech in the clinic at a DFW animal shelter which specializes in medical cases (parvo, orthopedic cases, needing eyes removed, etc) and I was just promoted to lead (yay!). when jobs came up at a party BF started bragging about my promotion (I love him) and got congrats from the group. great, if not a bit embarrassing lol. I was fine with the topic moving on
but AGF chimes in, "is your shelter no kill?"
I tell her we dont use that term, but dont euthanize animals for time/space/breed and have a live release rate of over 90%
she goes on to say we should because "I dont know if I could work at a shelter that isnt no kill, thats how you know it's a good one. I couldnt kill helpless animals". I'll admit, I got annoyed
explained to her as politely as I could that "no kill" is a bogus term that absolutely doesnt indicate if a shelter is "good" or not and is incredibly easy to achieve if you know how to game your live release statistics. examples being only taking in the most desirable, healthy, easy to adopt out animals and forcing more borderline animals to open intake municipal shelters, refusing to euthanize animals that are suffering/dangerous so they dont negatively effect numbers, or instead of euthanizing an animal they transfer them to another shelter who they know likely will, but it wont effect their numbers
AGF was upset and just said that doesnt change what she has seen online about what "those other shelters do" and every shelter should strive to be no kill and if we werent then it probably meant people would think we're "animal killers"
I snapped that our shelter has saved the lives of so many animals that needed treatment the overcrowded city shelters and even many "no-kill" shelters couldnt provide, and even if they ended up having to be euthanized, at least we knew we did everything possible to try and ended their suffering, and I am proud of the work my shelter does. regardless of what clueless keyboard activists like her think
she got teary and yelled that I was a bitch and "this is why no one liked you in highschool either". I have to admit, I kind of laughed and said it was really sad to have to bring highschool into this when we are all grown ass adults. she got more upset, BF and I made a quick exit to a bar near his house. he supports me but is in a weird spot because A is his best friend so he feels caught in the middle. but I wont apologize for explaining facts to someone and I can tell he is annoyed at me for this
I really am not sorry, and I refuse to give a disingenuous apology, but things are kind of a mess now because I guess she was doing a lot of crying and yelling after I left. BF hasnt explicitly told me I have to apologize but I can tell he wants me to due to his friendship with A. how should I approach this?
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2023.03.29 05:54 HaZz_33 $255 Plus $50 ($305!) for You & $255 for Me!

Message me here on reddit and I will send you my how to guide. Expires on the 31st of March (2 days left!)
When you're done and you've verified your account, I will personally send you an extra $50 from me via PayID, PayPal or bank transfer, bringing the total to $305 for you and $255 for me!
First 15 people only.
This is completely legitimate and all companies used are registered and licensed in Australia.
They have all recently opened shop under and are offering lucrative sign up bonuses…it's not really a bonus, it's literally $255 for as close to free as possible haha.
The reason companies do this is to gain market share and hopefully a small percentage of the people that originally sign up stay on and become long term users/customers.
You can withdraw the funds in AUD to your Aussie bank account once you've verified your account and never use either platform again if you want!
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2023.03.29 05:53 wickedwritings best prom dress shops in orlando?

my little sister is visiting me this weekend, and she wants to go prom shopping while she's here so i can help her find a dress! i'm not a local though so idk where to go. any suggestions?
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2023.03.29 05:52 HaZz_33 $255 Plus $50 ($305!) for You & $255 for Me!

Message me here on reddit and I will send you my how to guide. Expires on the 31st of March (2 days left!)
When you're done and you've verified your account, I will personally send you an extra $50 from me via PayID, PayPal or bank transfer, bringing the total to $305 for you and $255 for me!
First 15 people only.
This is completely legitimate and all companies used are registered and licensed in Australia.
They have all recently opened shop under and are offering lucrative sign up bonuses…it's not really a bonus, it's literally $255 for as close to free as possible haha.
The reason companies do this is to gain market share and hopefully a small percentage of the people that originally sign up stay on and become long term users/customers.
You can withdraw the funds in AUD to your Aussie bank account once you've verified your account and never use either platform again if you want!
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2023.03.29 05:52 gregorsamsacore just smth I wanted to share

I feel like I just had an epiphany and I wanna talk about it but it’s late so posting here.
I was raised in a fucked up environment and a lot of that is religious trauma, so I struggle with the spiritual aspects of the program. I’m not really agnostic, but I really feel like god hates me and is hunting me for sport. Very much like that line Tevye says in “fiddler on the roof” where he’s talking to god and says something like, “do you just wake up everyday and think, what kind of trouble can I make for tevye?” I’m scared to get to step three bc how am I supposed to turn over my life to a higher power I’m convinced hates me.
People keep telling me to pray but I don’t really know how. Like, as a kid, it wasn’t the “god is an ATM” type prayer, but more so “god thinks you’re a degenerate so pray he doesn’t blow you to smithereens on judgement day” type. There’s a lot of lingering fear and anxiety and fear I’m not doing it right. I have a siddur but idk, it almost feels like a farce to use it. Like I’m not good enough or something? Idk how to verbalize it well.
I finished step one a couple weeks ago and my sponsor told me that my life story was like a list of near death experiences and that I’m very lucky to still be alive. People have been telling me that since I started coming to the rooms but it didn’t really sink in until then. She told me at one point, one of the roughest moments in the whole essay, not a death experience but still, “you know that was god right? That wasn’t an accident”.
I had a couple rough moments today and went to a meeting that turned out to be about the 11th step and prayer, which felt more than serendipitous. And in the meeting I was at yesterday, the speaker ended it by saying, “you know, you really have nothing to lose if you’re looking for a loving god.”
Once I got home, I had this thought like, if god really hates me and wants me dead, why wouldn’t I be dead already? There’s plenty of opportunities for god to kill me. I’ve been passively and actively trying to die most of my life already, I really shouldn’t be here. I don’t necessarily like the concept of “if I’m alive then god must be loving” bc I don’t want to think god picks favorites or something but idk how else to rationalize my existence at this point. Sorry for the ramble but ya know.
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2023.03.29 05:52 K3rm1tTh3Fr0g AT boot break in?

Hi all - thanks in advance for the help.
I purchased my first new pair of AT boots (Dynafit Radical Pros) and they're pretty snug out of the box, and after a while the arches of both feet start to hurt. The pain and discomfort depends on what socks I am wearing.
I've been to a few shops to try on various boots and their options were quite limited due to how late in the season it was when I visited so I ordered the Radical Pros online after doing a good amount of research from a site that allows returns.
So my question is, would it be advisable to just accept the foot pain for now and ski on these boots this weekend and wait for them to hopefully break in? Or do I need to take them to a boot fitter before putting some runs on them?
I eventually plan to have a shop mold the liners and likely make me custom footbeds for whichever boot I end up with long term, but want to give these boots a shot before spending more money on them for fitting/footbeds and I am trying to gauge if I should plan for the boot to have any change in the first few days of touring/skiing.
I also just snagged the next half size up from 28.5 to 29 to see if that helps with comfort but I realize their BSL doesn't fit my bindings like the 28.5 so I can't even use them without a new setup even if they fit better...
Thanks again everyone!
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2023.03.29 05:52 Juancarlos095 cell phone repair near me

Metro Detroit iPhone Repair is certified professional service. We are professional in repairing phones, tablets, Ipods & Cell Phone. We are offering our services timely. All stock are repaired in same day by our expert technicians. Our aim is provide best services to our customers.
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2023.03.29 05:52 ThePhantomPhreaque 26 [M4R] Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains - Looking to kill time while on tour

As my title suggests I'm a touring musician, currently huddled in the back of our van trying to find something to do to make the hours go by.

A bit about me: I have spent the majority of my life in Western Canada, both west and east of the Rockies. Until very recently I was pursuing a degree in art history, so if there's anyone who's as obsessive about art as me, please drop me a line IMMEDIATELY.
I have a strong connection with music, and host a radio show on my local community station, as well as volunteering there as an archivist, I know far too much about music for it to be good for me, but it has come in handy many times during trivia.

I've had a very eclectic portfolio of jobs, and so far musician is the only one thats really stuck, although it doesn't pay very well. When I'm not on the road I am currently a knife sharpener which isn't nearly as exciting or dangerous as it sounds, and mainly just involves a sore back and cut up fingers.

I am not looking for anything or anyone specific, and would love to chat with just about anyone!
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2023.03.29 05:52 Radiant_Entertainer9 I thought I had but a snowballs chance in hell…

In the last Two weeks since I’ve posted my last post here, a fair bit has transpired.
I would rather not disclose these detail, as they are long and I do not have the words for it.
As I said in my last post, I am great friends with one of their friends. Alongside having mutual friends between the two. They have sat at my lunch table (if I were to say) 4 out of 5 days in the average week. We have talked and they have directly talked to me fairly often, or included me in a group discussion.
Though, I have a “devils advocate“ in my head. And it says “What if he is only talking to you to not make it seem awkward when you inevitably sit near each other.” Which is a really fair point.
One final thing though, they know I play music and they claim I am talented at it. Despite me bringing it up only once or twice.
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2023.03.29 05:51 ThompsonTom POV: You visit Spamton’s shop. (TikTok made by me)

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2023.03.29 05:51 Krampuzz15 Perdi uma ótima vaga de emprego porque não tenho a reservista do exército

Para dar um pouco de contexto, eu (18 H) recentemente fiz 18 anos e trabalho em um shopping para uma empresa conhecida até, só que eu só trabalho por convocação, então eu só posso trabalhar quando a administração da empresa me chama (e eu só ganho por dia trabalhado), isso quer dizer que eu tenho uma escala de trabalho maluca, posso trabalhar duas semanas direto, trabalhar só um final de semana ou até mesmo ficar dias sem trabalhar. Minha mãe tem uns contatos com gente de uma empresa que trabalha para um órgão público, e ontem um recrutador dessa empresa me ligou para fazer algumas perguntas, a conversa estava indo bem, até ele me perguntar se eu já tinha a reservista do exército, informei que ainda não tinha, então ele disse que sem a reservista eu não conseguiria ter um contrato com a empresa, mas ele me disse para ir na junta militar para ver o que eu poderia fazer. Então eu fui na junta e me falaram para eu voltar lá entre os dias 15 à 30 de JULHO. Eu não consigo expressar em palavras o quão frustrado eu estou, agora eu vou ter que ficar no meu trabalho atual(que por sinal eu odeio) até talvez conseguir a reservista, e ainda tem a chance de não ter mais vagas nessa empresa quando eu conseguir a reservista. Desculpem qualquer erro ortográfico, eu estou tão puto que nem raciocinar eu consigo.
Edit 1: a vaga era muito boa, o salário pelo que parece era mais de 2000 reais(fora os benefícios), tá certo que é mais longe da minha casa que o meu trabalho atual, mas isso não tem problema.
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2023.03.29 05:50 trypaw 22013 Ford Interceptor surging at low RPMs?

Hello! I have a 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan with automatic transmission I've been experiencing an issue where I start driving and everything is fine until I reach about 20-30mph and then the car starts surging when I'm pressing on the gas. It kind of feels like the car is pulsing. It's only when accelerating. If I take my foot off the gas pedal it stops until I press it again. If I try to maintain a steady speed its the worst. I can be on a straight steady road going anywhere from 20 to about 45 and I notice it significantly. If I get up to 50/60 RPM I do not notice the surging. It really hates hills or inclines and kind of sputters a little going up them. I had spark plugs and a ignition coil replaced but to no avail the car still does this. It idles perfectly by the way, no issues at all. Super smooth idle and great until I hit the 20/30MPH mark... It's worrying me a lot and I'd like some tips on what you guys think?
To add:
-I also had my entire power steering rack replaced about a month ago. I was getting a power steering assist fault message so had Ford replace it. It was a know recall but sadly my car didn't fit the recall time limit. I don't know if replacing the power steering rack could cause anything like this? Or make this issue appear if it wasn't installed correctly?
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2023.03.29 05:50 TranquillizeMe My Initial Thoughts on the HUD Update as a 6,600 Hour+ Player.

I think there's several things about the UI that should be changed, outside of what is currently bugged. I'll try to list them here. Note: I am NOT a console player and can't speak to what they are experiencing.
  1. Abilities Flash Before Coming Entirely Off Cooldown
On the legacy UI, they only flashed after coming completely off cooldown. I think this functionality in the new UI should be removed, and the abilities should only flash the moment they come off cooldown, and should maybe even flash more noticeably than they do currently in the new UI.
  1. No Sliders For HUD Size/Opacity/Other Values
Sliders are more configurable and easier to use than spamming a button to reach a specified value. This Should be changed across the board.
  1. No Option to Disable HUD Elements
There is currently no option to disable HUD elements. I would like to do this without having to turn the Opacity to 0.
  1. Default Size of Buff/Debuff Icons is Too Small
More of a console issue IMO, but the default size is way too small. It should be bigger by default, and if that means you need to reduce the number of icons per row, then so be it IMO. I'd rather have 3 rows of icons than tiny icons.
  1. Store Has No Option to Undo All
You now have to click each item individually that you purchased to undo that purchase. I think this didn't warrant a removal and should be added back as it was convenient.
  1. Double-click to Purchase is not as Responsive as Before
I am a "double-click to purchase" player, and it seems to not be working as well as before.
  1. The Item Store Doesn't Disable Checkboxes for Invalid Filter Combos
You can filter by 2 groups of items that would yield in 0 results. This is not possible in the legacy UI as they block filtering by two groups with no items in them, and I feel it should this feature should return.
  1. Kill Messages do not Stagger if Multiple Occur Nearly Simultaneously
If two people die in the same instant, the Kill Message UI element will start playing the first kill message, then immediately stop and play the next one. This can make it seem like there was not a multi-kill. Kill messages should be staggered IMO and should wait to complete before playing the next one. The kill feed solves this problem but it feels wrong.
  1. Abilities No Longer Have a Highlighted Border when Available to Upgrade
If you compare legacy UI to current, when you have a level point to spend, your abilities that you can upgrade not only flash, but they also gain a bright outline around the icon. That is gone in the new UI, and I don't think there is any reason for it to be gone. I think it should be added back. There's no reason to change things for the sake of change, and this is one of those comfort things for me.
OK NOW I'm going to detail what I like since this feels one-sided.
  1. The Modularity
I appreciate that there are more options for how to setup your UI.
  1. Abilities Stay Faded Until Fully Off Cooldown
This used to get me a lot where I would think my abilities/items were off cooldown because the icon was basically all lit up. Glad it is staying faded now, but if they could just fix #1 up above, I would be much happier.
  1. UI Health Bars for Objectives Move in Real-Time
The health bar on the UI used to only update like once or twice a second but now it updates in real-time! It is an awesome change for objective play and I highly appreciate this.
  1. Death Recap is OP I love the new Death Recap screens, they are sick. Thank you.
Other notable things: you can see your teams XP now in the god icons, you can see god icons next to chat messages, you can see FGs/GFs you got per team, and you can see bounty rewards.
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2023.03.29 05:49 Deep-Guava7342 Why is my relationship changing and how do I fix it?

I (18f) and my (21m) partner have been dating for a pretty decent time now and things started off amazing, we always talked and we’re happy to be around one another. We would watch movies, send thoughtful messages etc and things were going good.
We first met on yubo (a more minor open “tinder” basically) I lived in Ohio while he was in Colorado. I felt like I had the world in my arms when talking to him. About two years into our relationship he moved out here to be with me in Ohio and things were perfect, I had a place to go and someone I truly and deeply love just down the road from where I was. After I got everything together I moved in with him and it’s all been good until a few weeks ago.
There was an incident at my work with the management and I lost my job// I’m getting quiet fired (they stopped putting me in the schedule about 2 weeks ago) and with me not having my license I can’t go out and do whatever I want/ need to, I must rely on him and I under that can be a lot because he is going to college classes in the morning and gets home to relax before work, he works at 3pm but goes in early sometimes but always is home at 7pm, we have 3 cats and they are pretty much my only living contact when he isn’t here. I don’t really have friends so I don’t talk to anyone much outside of him but when he gets home I let him relax and don’t ask for anything. But once he gets on the game (which is almost as soon as he sits down) it’s more of im the only person in the room again, but he is having a great time with his friends and laughing, but when I try to bring up any type of conversation he either cuts it short or just doesn’t talk to me.
He’s an amazing guy and I love him so much, I see a future with him but I’m not sure if I’m doing anything wrong or it’s just my loneliness sneaking into my relationship. I just want things to be normal again, watching movies and cuddling and just being near him. I’ve tried to explain that to him and he seems like it’s no big deal and pushes it aside. I see this as an everyday thing and that’s just how my life will be forever. What do I do?
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2023.03.29 05:49 Astrnougat Omg they’re real

Omg they’re real
I got this Instagram ad right now and almost died. thought this was a joke. It is very real. So eco-conscious griege! Perfect for me! I am a hyper-petite baby SAHM who wants to shop sustainably 💁🏼‍♀️
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2023.03.29 05:49 ohshiiiiiiiit Looking for store shelf

Hello! I’ve been searching for a Store Shelf in the shop for a while and can’t get lucky enough 😭 does anyone have a spare that could help me out? tysm in advance!!
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