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2023.06.08 07:55 sussyyybaka 24F - looking for friends into Metal/Punk music!

Hii, as the title says I’m looking for friends into Metal/Punk music to share music with. I’m also based around Los Angeles/Orange County California area, so if you’re from that area as well and we vibe, I’d be down to go to concerts together as well! Most of my friends don’t share the same music taste, so I don’t have anyone to talk about music with and it’s hard finding a concert buddy ;-; so that’s why I’m here basically haha. Anyways, feel free to message me!
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2023.06.08 07:55 Special-Context-3778 Unsure about SO's therapist?

My (F29) SO (M33) recently started working with an analyst, and- as someone who has been seeing therapists myself for almost a decade- I'm confused by some of her actions. My SO and I share expenses, and his analyst is quite expensive ($300/week), so I want to make sure it's okay to trust the process (and quiet my fears about any imaginary red flags I might be perceiving.) To be fair, he feels like their sessions are really constructive, and she does seem to be helping him work through some ingrained behavior patterns that had him feeling stuck. So credit where credit is due.
That said...
My first concern is that she is a psychoanalyst, but is not licensed or certified to be a therapist. This is new for me, though I understand the rules are fuzzier around analysis. She also works independently, so there is no supervision or team of peers doing reviews of her practice. I've tried a few different therapy modalities, but all of my therapists have had some sort of accountability to best practices and/or state regulating bodies. It makes me a bit uneasy that my SO's therapist has no listed education credentials, no associations with any professional bodies, and no ethical oversight, despite being a practicing analyst for over 20 years, especially given how much we are spending.
Second, she is very active on social media, has her posts set on public under her real name, and posts mostly "thirst traps" of herself (nothing hardcore, but mostly posed, half-clothed selfies). I'm usually pretty positive about this type of thing, but it seems (to me) strange public behavior for a mental health professional. She also seems to be interacting there with her male analysis clients, judging from the comments. That would be verboten with my therapist, but it could just be another difference.
Third, she has been encouraging my SO to make their meetings (four times a week) a priority over everything else. Which I understand, and have read is normal for analysis, but he's been cancelling all of our previously-planned time together for his sessions whenever there's a time conflict, and after two months of it, I feel like there should be more compromise. He's also talking and sharing a lot less with me, and while that's not necessarily worrying on its own, it is creating distance between us, which compounds my other worries.
Fourth (and this is the big one for me), after a month of working with him, his analyst started encouraging my SO to train to be an analyst himself, and saying that she could train him. The one thing he does share from their sessions is that she brings this up pretty frequently and tells him he'd be great at it. I'm all for him getting encouragement if that's what he wants to do, but he only seems to have an interest in it because she brought it up and suggested he should do it. I realize analysis has different rules than other modalities, but this seems like a legitimate cause for concern to me.
There's other little things, but those are the big four.
I realize this may just be my unfamiliarity with the different standards in psychoanalysis versus other disciplines, but writing all these out did put a bit of a knot in my stomache. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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2023.06.08 07:55 Insomniella Seeking advice on where to get started (or whether to get started at all)

Tw: weight, mastectomy
I recently went down a color analysis rabbit hole, which led to a kibbe rabbit hole, and I’m not sure whether to try these typing systems or not.
Overall my body is plus size and petite, which makes finding clothes that fit a struggle, but that has been more challenging over the last few years due to the following:
My weight fluctuates dramatically depending on what medication I’m taking (thanks health insurance!), and that has been coupled with the fact that I’ve also been doing fertility treatments. So my body doesn’t feel fixed, and investing in clothing that may not fit in six months makes me make short term choices. I don’t throw away clothes that don’t fit - I have my designated too big and too small boxes that I cycle through - but it just feels very temporary and hard to get a fix on.
Five years ago, I had a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, and my body feels very different in some respects. I had very large breasts before that were usually the rate-limiting factor in finding clothes that fit and look good. They were definitely my most prominent feature in the past, and now they are more proportional. In many ways a whole new world of clothing options has opened up (crew necks! Spaghetti straps!) but I have less of a sense of what suits my body than I did before, so I’ve been in the process of relearning that. It’s like I got a major breast reduction surgery in addition to the mastectomy part.
The reconstruction also means that with the weight fluctuations, my chest size never changes. So I do feel like my proportions change in some ways that aren’t natural, and the way things drape on my body can change.
I do a fair amount of work on body positivity and acceptance, but looking into all of this has made me realize that in all the shuffle, fashion stopped being fun. And I want to have some fun and get some outfits I feel great in. I also want to try some basic sewing projects - again to invigorate a sense of fun and experimentation. But I get easily overwhelmed by it all, so I thought a typing system to suggest some things for me would help give me a starting place or some ideas. But after an hour scrolling kibbe blogs and subreddits I just feel sooo lost and kind of stressed out.
I want to find something body positive and affirming, and it feels like these communities offer that, which is awesome, but I wonder if the typing would be a helpful step or not. Anyone have any suggestions on how to start and how to not get overwhelmed? Or other ideas?
Also, apologies if I used any incorrect terms. I try to be frank about my body and weight but if this isn’t the space for that or it was triggering then happy to retract or edit.
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2023.06.08 07:54 Hashtag_NomNom Necromancer Minions are shit

First things first, I love Minion builds because I think it is such a cool class fantasy to be the dark Lord behind an army of servants who kill everything for you.

That said, in Diablo 4 it seems more like a Kindergardner kissing the bubus of Toddlers. I can understand, that you're a bit slower than you're average speedfarming build. I mean 10 guys who are weak as fuck hitting 10 different targets is obviously worse than 1 guy who can focus, but man warriors feeling like a wet noodle, mages aren't that great either and those damn protection bubbles that almost every pack seems to have, you who don't have to deal with this shit, have no Idea what it's like to suffer as a Minion Necro.
Also why is it that Minions don't attack those pesky Logs lying around but 1 waller affix and they can't seem to stop hitting stupid non threatening objects. Dudes I don't wan't the walls killed, I wan't the waller killed.
Because I outgear Nightmare so hard I thought ok, let's do Torment, oh boy was I in for a bumpy ride. First Elite Pack, first hit, all my Minions where dead and yes I know "But have you invested in the survivability of the Minions?" Mf I look for +Minion Life on every peace, it is just frustrating to see you're Mage, Druid, Barb friends blasting and killing everything in 3 seconds and I come around as a Minion build and have to kindly ask the mobs to die. Wtf is this balancing?
Also for all of you who, I am sure tell me to switch to a different specc, I like Minion builds and a I am so deeply invested in this build, that you don't just switch, it requires hours of farming, that I don't want to just because blizzard can't seem to get this shit balanced.

Sorry for ranting but I'm so frustrated at this right now and had to blow some steam off.
Also I'm 69, please don't tell me to farm nightmare til I hit 74...
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2023.06.08 07:54 LandSeveral7369 My dad is asking me for money

My dad is asking me for money.
My dad was retired very recently(he is in his late 50s). He was not satisfied with this comfy retirement and wanted to make some extra money. However, long story short, he fell for some financial trap. He ends up being scammed for $30k now in debts for $10k+.
He asked for help, financially. He has good pensions that can cover all of his living expenses and extra. He could payoff the debt using his pension, if he saved up little by little…BUT it would take him a few years. He is very stressed by the upcoming financial burden.
My situation is…I am working for years. Both my husband and I hold stable positions and very good incomes and savings. I guess what i am saying is I am/ we are in the position that I can help. However, I feel very uncomfortable to give him the money. It’s not small number. My husband maybe ok with helping my dad, but it’s really unfair to him. I am also feeling a little bit concerned since my dad is not taking his own financial responsibility. It makes me feel he thinks it’s easy for me to save money and give it to him than he saves himself.
What would you do? I am from an Asian family. I feel that may matter.
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2023.06.08 07:54 ShreekertheJamisWack Champions demise farming is ruining the game…

Normal dungeon farming needs to be significantly nerfed
As it stands right now most people in the game are grouping and farming the same dungeon (Champions demise) because currently that’s the fastest way to level to 100 and it gives you more loot THAN any thing else in the game.
In my opinion it’s dumb that you get more items from normal dungeon farming with a group than pushing nightmare dungeons. It kinda demotivates people to do harder content.
I’m fine with groups getting more XP to incintivize grouplay but Nightmare dungeons should be are what drops the fat XP not a single normal dungeon.
Champions demise right now completely invalidates helltides, world bosses and nm dungeons would be useless to if it wasn’t for glyphs.
Hopefully before season 1 blizzard can increase the amount of xp and loot you get from nightmare dungeons and reduce those same aspects for normal dungeons. Easy fix.
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2023.06.08 07:54 no_nuns-none My husband is more of a caregiver than a spouse and I don’t know what to do

Me (25F) and my husband (28M) have been “married” less than a year but I’m struggling to feel like we’re a couple. I became disabled 2-3 years ago after a car accident and am no longer able to work for the time being. I have severe chronic fatigue (I can barely stand for 10 minutes without feeling like I’m going to pass out), heart problems, and get random paralysis episodes that have yet to be diagnosed. I put married in parentheses because while we did have a wedding and are committed life partners, due to my need for government financial assistance we couldn’t afford to be legally married. No one except 3 close friends know we’re not legally married.
My husband is very much a romantic in many ways, he shows his love similarly to how much Gomez loves Morticia and compliments me regularly. However there are many things that make me feel like he’s not 100% in this with me. He lost his wedding ring about 2 months before the wedding and didn’t tell me or even look for it until a week before the wedding. We ended up never finding it so instead of matching rings with our birthstones he had a completely different ring bought the day before. I can’t remember the last time we’ve been intimate together, but I would guess at least a year or close to it. I was hopeful that we would at least sleep together on our wedding or honeymoon but that did not happen. He’s thrown away several sentimental items of mine as he thought it was trash (a Polaroid of my old friend group and sequined patches from my wedding dress that were in the bag my dress was in to name two recent things). We don’t go on dates. He’ll talk about all the things we could go do but when it’s time to go he’ll either have forgotten or say he’s too tired. I stopped having expectations when he promised a picnic for dinner and instead handed me a plate with some cheese and crackers and left to smoke and play video games. Yesterday unprompted (he usually suggests dates when I’m particularly unhappy) he asked if I would go out to dinner with him as we had a gift card and I excitedly said yes, however today he asked to postpone as he wanted to eat hotdogs tonight because he was worried the buns we bought last week would go stale.
I know this paints him in a bad light but most of these things happen because of me. He’s too tired to do anything after work except maybe play video games and make dinner. He has to work full time and take little to no time off to afford our bills. I’m still working on getting on disability, but I do get EBT but legally I’m only allowed to buy food for myself. He does get 3 days off in a row but they are generally spent catching up on chores or helping me by assisting with a bath or taking me to my doctors. He’s generally too tired by the end of the day to do anything else.
I feel so guilty that I’m making him do so much for us but he genuinely wants to be my caregiver. He technically is considered my caregiver in his work’s hr paperwork and he says he’d rather do stuff for me than watch me struggle. I know caregiver is a title he’s proud of but it gives me dread every time he says it. It feels like I’m losing my husband and there’s nothing I can do about it unless I magically get better. I’ve started becoming resentful and jealous of my friends and family who get to go out on adventures (or even across the street) and achieve life goals while I’m stuck on my couch day after day. My husband has even stopped inviting me to go on dog walks with him and I feel trapped. I have almost no autonomy and I feel like a prisoner in my own home these days. I know that none of this is his fault but I’m just not ready to accept that this is the rest of my life yet.
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2023.06.08 07:54 emergencyraddish My (23F) friend (19F) DMed the person I’m dating

My (23F) friend (19F) DMed the person I’m dating without talking to me first. I told her this made me uncomfortable, and she apologized. But the DM has already been sent, and this cannot be undone. I’m not sure how to feel about this for multiple reasons. I’m not worried that either of them will make a move on the other. My friend said she just wants to talk to and play video games with my date, and I believe her. But I am worried that this will make my date uncomfortable. I have talked about my romantic relationship during conversations with my friend, so my friend knows things about my date, while my date knows little about my friend. My friend initially messaged my date as if they were total strangers, and only after I objected did she add that she knew of them through me. I also feel somewhat uncomfortable about the idea of them hanging out without me. My date and I are in the early stages of our relationship, and I had not planned to introduce them to any of my friends yet. It feels too early to potentially complicate things like this.
I tried to do damage control by telling my date that I can ask my friend to back off if the DM made them uncomfortable, but I’m not sure what else to do. I honestly just wish my friend hadn’t messaged them in the first place. I try to be understanding with my friend, since she is younger than me and sometimes unaware of social norms, but I feel like it was inconsiderate of her to do this. Is there anything else I can do to smooth out this situation, or should I just wait and see what my date thinks?
TL;DR: My friend DMed the person I’m dating without talking to me first. How do I make sure that this doesn’t complicate my relationship?
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2023.06.08 07:54 wolfieellen i am afraid to date my crush cause of his friends

when i started crushing my crush I've started to check out people who he hangs out with even though i feel like my crush thinks i am what he wants and probably enough for him i still have doubt that his friends and siblings wouldn't accept me i just think they are way off better than me and i am not .... i just feel like those people will judge me all of my flaws and would make my crush into thinking i am not good enough for him which might lead him to be ashamed of me and him not wanting me like before i know this is caused by low self esteem but i used to think i am pretty average and not that ugly but society treats me different their actions shows i am pretty much ugly every time i would meet new people they would always choose my friend over me they always prefer her.
In our country she meets the body standard that men think is attractive and well i am the opposite of it , she is slim thick with a big booty and curves while i am skinny nice shaped booty that is mostly only visible in tight clothes and i am short sometimes i would look in the mirror and think what ever god has given me thinks it's perfect he knew what he was doing sculpting me but every time i go to school i get a new perspective like why don't people like me ,why don't they not want to be my friend and they are not curious about knowing me but my friends put in little effort but they get new friends and boys like them and teachers like them and for me nope nobody likes me , my crush friends do hookah and i am sure they also go for parties but i am introverted and I like my own space and i am super shy sometimes i just think like what if i date my crush in the future and his friends invite him for a hookah session and they all come with their hot girlfriends and him well he is gonna wanna come with me and it's either i am gonna agree or disagree and if agree i am gonna be the ugliest girlfriend there all of his friends are gonna have pretty girls but if i disagree he is probably gonna complain and get bored of me and find a new girl who is better , prettier and hyperactive .
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2023.06.08 07:54 DefaultNetNavi [Manga Spoilers] Imu's Potential Devil Fruit was Hiding in Plain Sight

Crackpot break-month theory time!
HEAVY spoilers for anyone not reading the manga.
These last few chapters have been crazy with the amount of lore and secrets we've been hit with, with one of the biggest teases being the 5 Elder Stars transforming to kill Sabo and King Cobra.
(Spoiler tags end here)
When I first read the chapter, I assumed that it was Imu launching the weird arrow attack against Cobra, but their positions don't really match up with that idea:
The arrow comes from Cobra's left side, likely coming from one of the Stars instead of Imu themself.
Shortly after, we see Sabo burst onto the scene, launching an attack against the Stars and Imu, only for the attack to prove ineffective as the group transforms. Again, I assumed at first that the large figure in the center was Imu, but this time it's the numbers that don't add up:
We see 5 large shadows, with shadow #3 standing before Imu's throne.
A new shadow appears as Sabo attempts to flee.
I think the large shadow towering over the throne room (#3) is actually just one of the Elder Stars simply guarding the throne from Sabo's earlier attack. If that's the case, it means we never actually see Imu transform, which means we don't know what kind of Devil Fruit they may have. (Assuming they even have one at all)
I don't know if it would be a paramecia or a logia, but I believe it will be the most well-known power in the series. In fact, it's the very first power we ever encountered in One Piece:

Imu has the Rubber Devil Fruit.

Let me explain my reasoning here. So we now know (since chapter 1044) that Luffy's devil fruit is secretly the Hito Hito: Model Nika fruit, giving him a body with the *properties* of rubber.
We also know that the government has been trying and failing for the past 800 years to get their hands on the Gomu Gomu fruit, but has failed at every turn.
Get wrecked nerds
It's understandable that they would want the Nika fruit. We don't know much about Nika as a whole, but the "Warrior of Liberation" is absolutely something the government would want to keep under a tight leash. However, after failing to get their hands on it for centuries, they instead opted to change its name in the public eye creating a safeguard of sorts. Now, even IF someone eats the "Gomu Gomu" fruit, awakening it's true powers is almost impossible. Most people with the power would live and die under the belief that they simply had "a rubber body".
Hiding the fruit's name helps bury the legend of Nika even more
Changing the Fruit's name is a very smart move, but that plan comes with a pretty glaring flaw in regards to the nature of DFs themselves:

There can never be two of the same kind of Devil Fruit.

We've had plenty of instances of SIMILAR DFs (The Kilo Kilo and Ton Ton fruits for example), but it's impossible for two of the SAME power to exist. And as a result, the government would have faced a very real problem if someone ever appeared with a Rubber-based Devil Fruit. People would have started asking questions and connecting dots they didn't want connected.
So what could be done about this? Easy, take advantage of another rule about Devil Fruits:

When a fruit user dies, their Devil Fruit will be reborn.

As long as a user of this ethereal "Rubber Fruit" was still alive, the risk of the Nika Fruit name change being discovered was substantially reduced. Even then though, a reduced chance is still a chance, and the government is not one to accept any odds against them, no matter how small.
If only there was a way to prevent a Devil Fruit from reincarnating...
It's pretty widely accepted by the fanbase by now that Imu is an ancient being from the time of the Void Century, kept alive through the Op Op Fruit's Eternal Life Operation or some other currently unknown method. If this is true though, it makes Imu the perfect person to eat a Devil Fruit the government wants to get rid of, and while they couldn't snag the Hito Hito: Nika fruit, snagging the Rubber Fruit was probably much easier.
So TL:DR, here's how I think things went down:
  1. Government tries and fails to capture the Nika Fruit
  2. Government changes tactics and renames Nika Fruit to "Gomu Gomu Fruit"
  3. In order to prevent two "Rubber" fruits from existing at the same time, Imu eats the real Rubber Devil Fruit and remains hidden from the world for 800 years
(Sidenote: It could also be possible that Imu has a literal "Gum" fruit. The "Gum Gum fruit as it were. Their ability could have the power of both rubber and gum, totally new idea do not steal)
While I think it would be awesome if the final boss of One Piece had the power we THOUGHT Luffy had since day one, there's a few hang ups to this theory worth addressing:
Vegapunk outright tells us that the "Gum Gum" fruit was never recorded in any books, which would mean that whatever mystery fruit I'm saying Imu ate didn't exist in the first place.
This could be explained away with a few different things, like maybe the books on Devil Fruits don't date back to before the Void Century. Or maybe the Gomu Gomu fruit was a name made up by the government, and the real Rubber Fruit simply is called something else.
Lucci tells Kaku and Kalifa that they'll learn what their Devil Fruit's names are after eating them.
I always took Lucci's words to mean a fruit user just automatically learned what their fruit was called once they ate it, but thinking about it now, it might just mean that you can piece together what fruit you ate based on the powers you gain. Like I don't think anyone would look at Kaku's transformation and think anything other than "Oh, he at the Square Giraffe Fruit". Plus otherwise, Luffy would have known right away that his fruit wasn't actually the Gomu Gomu fruit.
This whole idea has been bouncing around my head for weeks now, but I don't really expect it to be true. It's just a neat idea that I wanted to put out there and see what kind of response it got. But really, imagine how nuts the fanbase will go if right before the end of a chapter, Imu looks down on Luffy after deflecting an attack and goes

"I ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi and became a Rubber Human."

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2023.06.08 07:53 kooarbiter [MlM]How do you find a partner that isn't interested in sex, or the whole rat race around sex?

Obligatory "not ace but..." I'm really only starting to get into the dating world since coming out, I'm not really interested in having sex or persuing it, but I am not opposed to it, and I was wondering if anyone here had any advice. There's a pride parade coming up in my city and I thought it might be a good chance to meet people, but I don't want it to just be grindr IRL.
I just want to have a companion to share life with, not neccesarily super long term (I figure I'll know when I've found someone worth all that time and effort) but faster than the week or so they think it would take to get into my pants.
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2023.06.08 07:53 Hadleys_Hope_Realty I feel lost, I don’t want to live anymore…

There is so much to say, but I will try to be short. Someone I care deeply for has not only contemplated suicide, has tried it and failed and is planning it again. I had a very personal relationship with this woman and after we separated she dated and slept around and just never found happiness. She has told me as recently as the past 48 hrs that her time is limited. She is adamant in killing herself and I believe her. I’ve tried everything I can think of to intervene. I love her and care about and can’t believe it has come this. I am a wreck. I feel destroyed. I’ve been passively suicidal for the last two months. I am seeing a therapist. I am taking meds. I just want my friend to live. My friend wants me more than a friend. I am at a crossroads. I feel so tormented and lost. I’ve never felt this close to death in my life. Any words are appreciated.
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2023.06.08 07:53 Intrepid_Reach6323 I want to help my brother but I’m not sure how, pls help

My brother (in high school) is a little socially awkward and has some “friends” at school but mostly just people he occasionally talks to. I’m worried because he had been saying he doesn’t have friends and that he has had some episodes of depression. I hang out with him a little everyday but I have things I have to do as well. I am pretty sure he might be somewhere low on the spectrum and I think we scheduled a therapist appointment for the depression and social talk but I’m not sure so I will ask if he is still doing that. I would invite him to hang out with me and my friends but I barely have any close ones of my own and they are really only female friends and I didn’t want to hang out with a friend while he tags along alone. Because of this I felt guilty for the times I rejected him, though ik I shouldn’t have to be because it was a normal reaction of a little brother wanting to tag along to the mall. I feel guilty like something I did might have messed him up socially and I’m worried something I might say might make him more depressed. He recently told me how he hadn’t been to a party in so long and I feel like because of his lack of experience he thinks friendships and social gatherings are much more than they actually are, and it made me sad to hear him say these things. I love him a lot and all I want for him is for him to be happy, with friends who get him. I’m not sure how to help or if I even can outside of just spending more time with him. Also he is a bit quirky and I wonder if I should support him and let him potentially mess up now and maybe being embarrassed and cringe later on in life or discourage it and possibly save him embarrassment while maybe hurting his feelings for saying what he is doing might be embarrassing? Ik embarrassment and mistakes are inevitable in life and they are a great way to learn but I’m scared he’s not the type to learn but become more scared to try or become more sad. Please pray for us and his happiness if you can/want. Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.08 07:53 air_yeezy23 35 [M4F] #LosAngeles Tall & Athletic Male Looking for FWB - Willing to travel to LA or OC

I would best describe myself as a soft/caring/nurturing daddy dom, but still dominant in bed and can initiate, lead, and control the experience. I'm affectionate and love to cuddle during aftercare and outside the bedroom. I also got a pleasure/service dom side of me that gets pleasure out of pleasing my partner. Some other kinks I have are rough sex (spanking, light choking, hair pulling, throwing you around like a rag doll), public sex, and breeding/creampie to name a few kinks. I have a few harder kinks that we can discuss later. I'm mostly looking for a FWB or one night stand, but if we click maybe it can become more exclusive. I love to go on weekend getaways and trips so it would be nice to have a travel buddy.
I'm mainly looking for a 18-34 year old woman, latinas to the front of the line but open to all races. Please be clean and have good hygiene, I love a woman that smells good. If you are interested send me a DM with a brief description of yourself and a few pictures, I'll do the same. Be prepared to facetime call to verify, so don't waste your time if you're catfishing or scamming.
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2023.06.08 07:53 Lanky-Discount8238 Been playing a game and the probability feels off.

In the game you get 10 trials/day with each trial having a 33% chance of getting the item.
From my observation and my gut feeling I feel like the 33% is cap for the 10 trials rather than per roll, eventhough it might sound like the same thing. The reason why is that from the data I gathered I noticed a very rigid deviation of +-1 meaning the range of getting the item out of the 10 trials tend to be 2-4. Very rarely I see it goes beyond that. Almost nobody gets a 6 or 7/10. Even if you get 3 during the first 3 trials, the subsequent trials will all be failures. Or even if you miss all the first 7 trials the last 3 will be hits. Not sure if there is a built in mechanism for pity or to prevent someone from scoring too much.
Is there a way to calculate or verify this?
Or did I just struck the gambler's fallacy?
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2023.06.08 07:52 EvilDebraBarone Question about Movie Ending

So at the end only 4 of the sisters kiss Futaro. Does Eatski not like him? At the end when he’s going to make his choice and everyone goes to their rooms to wait Eatski goes in hers. Does she go cuz she expects for a chance to be picked or just cuz it’s late? I know they purposely make her story different than the other girls but it seems like they hint at it that she may like him or she just doesn’t know her feelings? Did I miss something? Thanks
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2023.06.08 07:52 disheartenedagent Dear Directors, Managers & Supervisors,

Watch this entertaining video, and return when you’ve completed it: Egg Drop From Space
What is the takeaway here? Humans are not perfect. Many people have seen Mark Rober and his amazing glittering of criminals as he seeks to make the world a better place, and stinkier criminals.
A team of incredibly intelligent people made mistake after mistake after mistake. But they did not stop working together to reach their goal. They did not belittle themselves or others in the process to achieve success. They didn’t even truly hit their goal the way they expected, but they still pushed for success. Even through all the glitter bomb and squirrel obstacle redesigns, there were many failures along the way. A person who shares with the world the countless inventive ways he screws up regularly, and he once worked for NASA.
A great team and great leaders do not resort to making those around them chronically feel like shit. If Mark told the guy who built the flapping fins on the rocket his idea was worthless, do you think the guy would have stayed on the project or pushed to perform better?
If your conversations with your subordinates is not at least 70% positive, YOU are the actual reason they are not meeting their goals.
The biggest reason I don’t want to RTO is because I don’t want a team lecture and the emotional harm it causes me daily to be visible to my peers. And I don’t want to see the affects of abuse on their souls.
Create a positive team, even when you don’t want to, and we will strive to kick ass every time. We will fall short on occasion. We will unintentionally miss a MOAT offer because we were so focused on helping the customer with what they actually wanted when the MOAT pop popped at the most ridiculously inappropriate part of the conversation when the customers only concern is what the next bills are going to be after adding a car.
Side note - rather than relying on agents to cram MOAT down the throats of people who don’t want it, you need to have a really strong email campaign, and an incredibly aggressive enticing and assumptive in app pop that hits everybody once every 3-6 months. It will get to those SEVERAL MILLION who aren’t calling in. Try to offer a $1 discount on an installment fee to everyone who gets a quote in app. MOAT quotes and sales will skyrocket with effective writing and positioning. Much better than “I’m sorry your kid just died, but have you heard that you can get a great deal if you bundle…”
I overheard somebody in office say you read these, Todd Matthews. Do better. Expect better of your people. Encourage positive interactions. Sit in on team section meetings daily, and make it through every single supervisor over the next several months. Coach, modify and mold back into positive success. Remind yourselves of the pillars and mission statement.
A horse cart is driven by a person riding in the cart communicating with the horse telling them where to go, not by somebody dragging the horse by the bit.
Recognize that perfection in stats across the board is not what the goal should be. Your job is to be the leaders that help us reach our goals, not just the whip crackers. Fix yourselves. Just read through this board! We WANT to be amazing, but it’s impossible to be when we start the day told we are garbage day in, and day out - even when we are in the top 10%. A team that loathes interactions with their supervisor is not a team that will perform their best. We are broken. We are scared. We are hurt. We want you to lead. Put down the whip for awhile, and pick up the reins. If you’re not capable of this as a leader, then reconsider your fit for the role.
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2023.06.08 07:52 RedheadedRachel Do y’all also feel like you get along/understand other neurodivergent people (that have different a disorder than you) better than neurotypical people do?

I’m specifically talking about people who have a different disorder than you. Because I feel like I understand and can empathize more with other neurodivergents better than neurotypical people can. I also feel like I don’t judge them for things neurotypical people do.
(Just for reference, I have ADHD, OCD, CPTSD, anxiety, dissociative amnesia.)
An example of this is a girl in one of my college student orgs is on the spectrum. Well a guy in the org began teasing her. I don’t remember what he was saying specifically, but I remember that the issue was that the question was sarcastic/a joke but the girl thought that he was being serious. She was getting upset, and kept repeating that what he said wasn’t true about her. Again, he was 100% joking. Everyone but her realized he was joking. But the weird thing to me was how it seemed like I was the only person who noticed that she was genuinely getting upset and didn’t realize it was a joke.
I texted the girl that he was joking and she excused herself from the group. I followed her and she was starting to cry because of how mad she was. She thought he was being mean and making fun of her. When in reality he just had no idea that what he was saying upset her.
I’ve noticed it other times as well. Like I used to babysit twin boys who were 2-3 when I watched them. I know we don’t like self diagnosing, but these boys are definitely neurodivergent or mentally/cognitively delayed. Their parents just refuse to get them tested. When I stopped babysitting them only 1 of them had started to walk and neither talked. One of the boys was not responsive at all. Like he did not show emotions nor interact with/look at anyone. Well, I was told by the mom that I was the only person, besides her, that they liked.
Sorry for the rant. I just feel like we’re better at understanding others. What do y’all think?
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2023.06.08 07:52 EscapingKid Patch Notes - Update 24.1

Patch Notes - Update 24.1
Welcome to the Update 24.1 Patch Notes. Let's dive right in, as there's a lot of new changes and additions!

24.1 Highlights

Patch Report #24.1 on YouTube

Live Maintenance Schedule

※ The times shown below are subject to change.
  • PC
    • PDT: June 13, 5:00 PM - June 14, 1:30 AM
    • CEST: June 14, 2:00 AM - 10:30 AM
    • KST: June 14, 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Console
    • PDT: June 21, 6 PM - June 22, 2 AM
    • CEST: June 22, 3 AM - 11 AM
    • KST: June 22, 10 AM - 6 PM

Map Service

※ Please note that PC players can anticipate map changes every Wednesday at 2 AM UTC, while Console players can expect the same every Thursday at 7 AM UTC.
※ In Random Map regions, each map will have an equal probability of being selected, with a probability of 20%.
  • (PC) Test Server
    • Normal Match: Miramar / Vikendi
      • AS region: Squad - TPP
      • NA region: Squad - FPP
  • Live Server - Normal Match
    • Week 1: Erangel / Miramar / Vikendi / Sanhok / Karakin
      • PC: June 14 ~ June 21
      • Console: June 22 ~ June 29
    • Week 2: Erangel / Taego / Deston / Sanhok / Paramo
      • PC: June 21 ~ June 28
      • Console: June 29 ~ July 6
    • Week 3: Erangel / Miramar / Vikendi / Sanhok / Karakin
      • PC: June 28 ~ July 5
      • Console: July 6 ~ July 13
    • Week 4: Erangel / Taego / Deston / Sanhok / Paramo
      • PC: July 5 ~ July 12
      • Console: July 13 ~ July 20
  • Live Server - Ranked
    • Deston has been replaced with Vikendi in the map pool.
    • Ranked: Erangel (30%) / Miramar (30%) / Taego (30%) / Vikendi (10%)
    • The map service for Ranked is updated on a season-by-season basis.
※ Please note that the features and updates described below are subject to change or removal due to issues such as bugs, in-game problems, and community feedback. The images used are intended as visual references only; the actual game may look different as the builds are continually developed and refined before release.

Tactical Gear

We're turning Tactical Gear into essential items by bestowing them a new purpose, enhancing their significance beyond consumable options. Experience the game in a multitude of ways with this update, whether playing individually or as part of a team. From beginners to veterans, the renewed Tactical Gear can foster a sense of achievement among all players by enabling them to contribute to the success of their squad.

※ This update applies to only Normal Matches, Intense Battle Royale mode, and Custom Matches (Normal Match, Intense Battle Royale).
  • Players will be equipped with a Tactical Gear Carrierin their Inventory at the start of each match.
    • To ensure the Carrier does not hinder initial game progress after landing, we've set the Tactical Gear Carrier weight to 0.
  • Open the Carrier to select your desired Tactical Gear from all available options - EMT Gear, Tactical Pack, Spotter Scope, Drone, Blue Chip Detector, or the Repair Kit.
    • The Carrier cannot be opened when you're in a vehicle or on top of static transport features such as trains and ships.
  • The selected Tactical Gear will be fitted into a dedicated sixth slot reserved for Tactical Gear.
  • Once equipped, the Tactical Gear cannot be removed.
  • Tactical Gear nor the Carrier will not be dropped when a player dies.
    • Upon a player's death the Tactical GeaTactical Gear Carrier are removed.
  • Players recalled to the match will not be provided a new Tactical Gear Carrier.
  • All world-spawned Tactical Gear has been removed.
  • Radio Message
    • Can be used to relay information about the selected Tactical Gear of team members.
    • Upon equipping a Tactical Gear, a Radio Message is triggered for notification.
      • "Equipping (Tactical Gear)".
  • Training Mode
    • Players can remove Tactical Gear from their sixth Inventory slot in Training Mode only to allow for more diverse practice.
    • Both Tactical Gear and the Tactical Gear Carrier are provided via the Training Helper.
We also strive to maintain the fundamental system of Tactical Gear while rebalancing their overall stats this update as Tactical Gear have changed to a basic, required item for all:

EMT Gear

To primarily serve the purpose of team healing rather than self-healing, the healing feature will only apply to team members. Additionally, to balance the overly beneficial healing effects when using heal items, the usage time of heal items has been adjusted to the following:
  • Med Kit usage time: 3 seconds → 7 seconds.
  • First Aid Kit usage time: 3 seconds → 5 seconds.
  • In addition, the revival speed of teammates has been changed from 3 seconds → 8 seconds to prevent overly quick recoveries in tense scenarios.
  • Using Energy Drinks or Painkillers will now provide a 50% additional effect.
    • This boost will only be for personal use and does not apply to teammates.

Tactical Pack

  • Attachment slots decreased from 4 slots → 2 slots.
  • We wish to give the Tactical Pack a similar feel to a Level 4 Backpack. Therefore, the reduction of slots is aimed at moderating the possession of individual items such as firearms (excluding stackable items).

Spotter Scope

Improved for more straightforward and less time-consuming use.
  • Its magnification capabilities are now adjustable from 4x to 8x, allowing for more detailed observations.
  • The creation of the white passive marker is removed. The red active marker will be automatically created and maintained for 7 seconds after a scan.
  • The standard Screen Pings can also be placed while using the Spotter Scope.


  • Maximum range has been reduced from 300m → 200m.

Blue Chip Detector

The Blue Chip Detector has been perceived as an overperforming gear. Therefore, it has been decided to receive several adjustments to harmonize it with other Tactical Gear.
  • Screen update frequency: 5 seconds → 8 seconds.
  • Enemy scan radius: 100m → 50m.
  • Players who are equipped with a Jammer Pack are undetectable with the Blue Chip Detector.
< Dev Comment >
Following the initial introduction of Tactical Gear, we have observed their considerable utility in gameplay. However, we also understand the magnitude of the decision players are faced with in sacrificing a primary weapon slot for Tactical Gear, particularly in battle scenarios where mid-to-long range combat is crucial. As such, with the renewal of the Tactical Gear system, we eagerly anticipate witnessing our players' varied gameplay strategies!
For example, for solo play, we look forward to see players utilizing a strategy centered around their chosen Tactical Gear, which you'd select to complement your primary weapon. You may opt for a slow-burn approach with the EMT Gear, spending more time looting and gradually entering the Safe Zone. The Drone and Blue Chip Detector can help with a strategy that involves quick penetration of the center area, swiftly identifying incoming enemies. And the Tactical Pack could suit those favoring weapons with high ammo consumption. As for the Spotter Scope, it may be ideal for players selecting weapons aimed at precise long-distance engagement.
As for team play, we anticipate strategic looting that aligns with team dynamics while avoiding overlapping roles. Each teammate would have a distinct role, contributing effectively to the team's primary goal. Utilize the Drone and Spotter Scope for ordering and coordination. Or the Spotter Scope could enhance accuracy for those sharpshooters. The EMT Gear and Tactical Pack may also be helpful to novice players, so they could actively contribute to team survival, or even the Blue Chip Detector for optimal information delivery.
With this change, we are also committed to implementing constraints that are proportional to in-game performance - we do not aim to unfairly boost the abilities of already-skilled players. With this in mind, we've made it so that once a Tactical Gear is selected, it becomes irreplaceable. Players are required to use their chosen equipment consistently throughout the match. We have also proceeded with an overall balance update.


Tactical Gear - Repair Kit

The current Helmet/Armor Repair Kits and Mechanic's Toolbox seemed to have limited applications in specific circumstances - therefore, we're merging them into a single versatile Repair Kit that can repair Helmets, Vests, and vehicles. With this multipurpose tool, you can now consider the possibility of pursuing the role of your team's go-to mechanic.

※ This update applies to only Normal Matches, Intense Battle Royale mode, and Custom Matches (Normal Match, Intense Battle Royale).
  • The Repair Kit is no longer a consumable, and is now a part of Tactical Gear that can be equipped to your Tactical Gear slot.
    • Once equipped, it cannot be replaced or removed until the match concludes.
  • The Repair Kit can be utilized up to 10 times.
  • You can use the Repair Kit via the Limited Interact key.
  • A single use on a Helmet or Vestwill restore its durability to 100 in 6 seconds.
    • You can repair not just your own Helmet/Vest, but those equipped by your teammates or those found lying on the floor.
  • A single use on a vehicle restores 500 durability in 8 seconds.
    • You are only able to repair a vehicle that can be interacted with.
  • The repair process will be canceled under the following circumstances:
    • If the character carrying out the repair, or the subject undergoing the repair, moves using the movement keys.
    • Once the preceding repair of the same Helmet/Vest/vehicle is complete.
    • If another player picks up the Helmet/Vest from the ground during the repair.
  • New feature: Removing and installing tires
    • When the Repair Kit is equipped, you can use the Limited Interact Key to remove tires from any vehicle.
      • Tires that have burst with 0 durability cannot be removed.
      • Interacting with a vehicle will display the remaining durability of the tire.
    • Removing a tire requires a certain amount of time.
    • Successful removal causes the tire to drop to the ground.
      • Tires weigh 20 each.
      • Tires will go to your Inventory's fourth melee weapon slot.
      • You cannot remove or install tires to the BRDM, Boat, Aquarail, Mountain Bike, Motor Glider, Airboat, or Snowmobile.
    • Any player can install removed tires on a vehicle, even without a Repair Kit.
      • Upon approaching a vehicle without a tire, tire installation requires a certain amount of time.
    • The removal/installation process will be canceled under the following circumstances:
      • If the vehicle is driven during the installation process.
      • If the position of the vehicle changes due to a collision or other during the installation process.
      • If another tire on the vehicle during tire removal receives damage.
  • The existing Helmet/Armor Repair Kits and Mechanic's Toolbox have been removed

Emergency Pickup, BZ Grenade, Jammer Pack, Mortar, and Panzerfaust
  • Will now world spawn in all 8x8 maps.
  • This applies to Normal, Ranked, and Custom Matches (including Esports mode).
  • The spawn rate of the Emergency Pickup in both Normal Match and Ranked on Erangel and Miramar maps has been reduced by 30%.

World - Vikendi

After the Vikendi Reborn update last year, we've diligently monitored player trends and incorporated your valuable feedback into the latest update.


  • We have tactically upgraded those locations - excluding major cities - that, according to live data, have proven to be the most unfeasible for engagement or where cover was particularly scarce by adding new objects and ridgelines, offering more opportunities for strategic cover.


  • The initiative Blue Zone ruleset similar as Ranked's for Normal Matches introduced back in Update #23.1 has been applied to Vikendi, effectively reducing the overall playtime.

Item spawn

  • Vikendi's Normal Matches typically feature an array of special item spawn spots, leading to an excess of high-value items. To prevent disproportionate looting of these items, we've recalibrated the balance. The spawn rates of high-value weapons and items have been scaled down to also mitigate the disparity in the play experience with Ranked matches.
  • Lab Camp
    • The probability of finding lucky Supply Drops (holding Care Package weapons) have been boosted.
      • However, a marginal downgrade has been made in the quality of items.
      • A significant reduction has been made in the appearance rate of Care Package weapons and Level 3 equipment.
    • Critical Response Kits will now exclusively appear in Lab Camps, with an increased spawn rate.
  • Caves
    • The quantity and quality of items discoverable in caves' Supply Drops have been downgraded.
      • A significant reduction has been made in the appearance rate of Care Package weapons and Level 3 equipment.
      • 8x Scopes, Critical Response Kits, and C4 have been removed from caves' Supply Drops.
  • Secret Room
    • Acquisition of the Self-AED is now restricted to Secret Rooms, except for the rare chance of looting it as a world spawn item.
  • The Thermal 4x Scope will now only be available as a world spawn item, in Care Packages, and caves' Supply Drops. It has been removed from Lab Camp and Secret Rooms.
  • The following changes have also been made to align with the ruleset of other maps.
    • ARs, SMGs, Handguns, Crossbows, Grenades, Smoke Grenades, Stun Grenades, and First Aid Kits will spawn slightly more.
    • SRs, LMGs, Backpack (Level 1), Molotovs, BZ Grenades, C4, Emergency Pickups, Bandages, Med Kits, and Adrenaline Syringes will spawn slightly less.

Vehicle spawn

  • In terms of transportation, we noted that vehicle usage in Vikendi was lower compared to other maps, so we've amplified vehicle spawn spots and appropriately adjusted existing spawn locations.

Blizzard Zone

  • The duration of the Blizzard Zone has been increased by approximately 70%.
  • The number of snowstorms appearing in a Blizzard Zone has increased.
  • The distance between snowstorms has decreased.
  • The phases when Blizzard Zones occur during a match have been adjusted.

Cable Car

  • Player feedback concerning the rather sluggish speed of Vikendi's Cable Cars was noted, leading to a significant speed enhancement. This adjustment now allows for better encounters during transit, with an overall speed increase of 80%.

Comeback BR

  • Map
    • We have improved player's vulnerability by relocating existing objects to the back.
    • Item spawn spots have been added near player spawn locations for an optimized start.
    • Made containers more accessible by repositioning some containers and adding wooden pallets.
  • Combat time
    • Reduced combat time from 160 seconds to 100 seconds.
    • The Play Area restriction time has been adjusted to accommodate the reduced combat time.
  • The multidrops will descend earlier.
  • To prevent the decreasing survival rate as the number of participants increases during the later phases of Comeback BR, each size of the final Play Area for each phase has been adjusted.
  • The UI notifications for Comeback BR have improved.

Crowbar Interaction

  • Increased spawn rate for cabinets.
  • A storage unit specifically designed for Crowbars has been added to garages that are accessible with a Crowbar. This storage unit has a high probability of containing a Crowbar.
  • Simultaneously, we've slightly diminished the appearance rate for Secret Room Security Keys.
    • However, we've increased the spawn rates for items such as healing items and throwables.


  • Reduced the volume of wind turbines by 40%, along with the audible range.


  • Minimap has been updated to mirror the above changes.

Ranked - Season 24

  • The Jammer Pack, Mortar, Panzerfaust, BZ Grenade, and Emergency Pickup have been added to every map.
  • Vikendi has been added to the map pool with a 10% matchmaking probability.
    • Number of players: 64
    • Weather: Sunny
    • The Blizzard Zone, Lab Camp, Crowbar interaction feature and cabinets, Cable Cars, bears, and Supply Drops are available.
      • Weapons only available in Care Packages have been removed from Lab Camp and Supply Drops.
    • Comeback BR, Security Keys, Thermal 4x Scope are not available.
    • High-tier items have generally decreased.
    • BRDM vehicles can not be called with a Flare Gun from outside the circle.
  • The leaderboard will reset after the Live Server maintenance.
  • Check out your final Tier from the previous season through your Career page.

Season 23 Rewards

Below are the rewards you'll be receiving based on your final Tier from the previous Ranked season.
Tier Season 23 Rewards
Bronze Bronze PUBG ID Emblem
Silver Silver PUBG ID Emblem
Gold Gold PUBG ID Emblem, Ranked Parachute Skin
Platinum Animated Platinum PUBG ID Emblem, Ranked Parachute Skin, Platinum Medal
Diamond Animated Diamond PUBG ID Emblem, Ranked Parachute Skin, Platinum, Diamond Medal
Master Animated Master PUBG ID Emblem, Animated Master Nameplate, Ranked Parachute Skin, Platinum, Diamond, Master Medal
Top 500 Bonus rewards for Top 500 players: Animated Top 500 PUBG ID Emblem, Animated Top 500 Nameplate

  • The Parachute skin and Medals are permanent rewards.
  • The rest of the obtainable rewards are available for use during a single Ranked season.
  • Rewards can be found in your Inventory once Season 24 starts.
  • Once Season 24 is over and the server undergoes maintenance, every reward but the Parachute and Medal will be withdrawn from your Edit Profile page.

Custom Match

  • On/off option for the Tactical Gear Carrier has been added.
  • Helmet Repair Kit, Armor Repair Kit, and Mechanic's Toolbox have been removed from the Spawn tab.
  • World-spawn Tactical Gear have been removed from the Spawn tab.
  • On/off option for the Recall system has been added.
    • When the Recall system is off, both the Blue Chip Tower and Blue Chips will not spawn and the Blue Chip Transmitter can not be used.
  • The Blue Chip Transmitter has been added to the Spawn tab.
  • The phase settings in World - Vikendi above have been applied to Custom Match - Vikendi.
  • Esports Mode
    • Vikendi has been added.
    • The number of players in a team has been changed to 10.
    • A setting option for the Blue Zone has been added.


  • We've observed that requiring new players to complete AI Training Match was impacting the engagement of new players in Normal Matches. Therefore, after successfully finishing Basic Training, players will now have the ability to play Normal Matches right away even without having to complete AI Training Matches.

Survivor Pass: Splash Royale

A new Survivor Pass: Splash Royale is prepared for the approaching hottest season of the year. Read more details on the upcoming June Store Update announcement!



  • New item sets have been added to the Hunter's Chest and Archivist's Chest.
    • Survivor Pass: Vikendi Reborn


  • Implemented enhancements to our memory management system, resulting in a reduction of hitches experienced during gameplay.

Bug Fixes


  • General in-game bugs have been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where an extra timer was generated upon completion of a team member's heal using the EMT Gear.


  • Fixed collision, texture, performance, and some other general Vikendi map issues.
  • Fixed the issue where the Self-AED was not appearing in Taego's breakable pots.
  • Fixed the issue where certain heal items were not spawning on the bridges of Erangel.


  • Fixed the issue where the Clan Tag was being displayed in specific in-game areas when the Clan level was at 1.
  • Fixed the issue where the kill/assist details were not displayed upon accessing the Inventory in-game.
  • (Console) Fixed the issue where the "Played with" information was not displayed upon returning to the Social page after viewing a random player's profile from the Recent Players list.
  • (Console) Fixed the issue where your character does not appear when navigating back to the Lobby subsequent to selecting a random Spray item within the Customize page.


  • Fixed the issue where a highlighting effect was applied to the Helmet (Level 3) in the Erangel Remaster lobby skin.

Items & Skins

※ Clipping issue: Graphics that are shown outside the visible part of an image/object.
  • Fixed the clipping issue of the hair when using Victory Dance 114 with the Hairstyle 42 equipped.
  • Fixed the issue where the arm became transparent upon equipping ROSÉ's BLACKPINK Gloves with Lunchmeat's Hoodie.
  • Fixed the clipping issue of the waist when equipping the Wasted Future Pants with the Bunny Academy Hazard Jacket.
  • Fixed the clipping issue of the waist when equipping the Wasted Future Pants with the FaZe Clan Jacket.
  • Fixed the clipping issue of dress during repeated crouching and prone motions with a weapon and NieR:Automata - 2B's Dress equipped.
  • Fixed the issue where the ankle became transparent upon equipping Dinoland "Alex" Suit and Sky Captain Boots.
  • Fixed the clipping issue of the ankle when equipping PGI.S Tactical Pants and certain shoes.
  • Fixed the issue where the arm became transparent upon equipping Tormented Knight Gloves and certain tops.
  • Fixed the clipping issue of the forehead when equipping Marauder's Mask and Dead by Daylight "The Legion" Jacket.
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2023.06.08 07:52 Winter-Grocery6852 Question about my eating

-question about my rating-
On chess.Com I have an account I play on when I have drank alcohol, which is rated 1200-1300, however when I play on the same account when I am sober it feels like I am cheating in a sense.
For further explanation I am rated 1531 OTB but I have been told my rating is actually 1850+ I have beaten people of such ratings.
online i find it hard to get into my concentration and often make mistakes but OTB I seem to be able to find moves I wouldn’t online.
Now I play very quick which often surprises my opponents, for example I will find complex moves in only 30 seconds, (of course for some moves I do take longer)
Now getting to my question: what rating do I say I am? Do I tell them my OTB rating or do I tell them my rating.
On some occasions I’ve even been called out for supposedly cheating(wether that is online or OTB, I e been called out in both), so I find it difficult to say my actual rating since people will suspect me of cheating which I would rather avoid since I just want to enjoy the game.
I’ve even been put in a way higher rating group than myself since they considered me to be higher ranked and it destroyed my tournament, so I’m confused as to what to tell the officials when I participate.
Any tips would help.
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2023.06.08 07:52 marvelousms My experience/opinion: Sonos Sub or Sonos Sub Mini?

Hi /sonos subreddit group,
Long time lurker; I’ve really appreciated this group, everyone’s questions, ideas, opinions and contributions, and I’ve learned a lot from the group. I have a couple of Sonos Play:1s that are a stereo pair. They sound great as a stereo pair, but definitely lack bass, at least for my listening tastes. After reading a lot of posts on this subreddit, a few weeks ago, I went the more affordable route and got a Sonos Sub Mini to pair with the paired Play:1s. It definitely made my music-listening experience better, but I didn’t go, “Wow!” to the listening experience. It was an improvement, but not a mind-blowing improvement.
With the sale going on, I picked up a Sonos Sub from Best Buy, because the price difference between a Sub and Sub Mini wasn’t as great.
My initial and current reaction to the Sonos Sub is a definite, “Wow!” The Sonos Sub behaves differently than what I’ve come to expect from stereo subwoofers: there isn’t this wall- and floor-shaking/vibrating bass that’s coming from the general direction of where the sub-woofer is (unless I really crank up the Sub’s volume level); rather, what I hear is the paired Play:1’s are handling the highs and mids, the highs and mids seem improved in how crisp they sound, the stereo separation sounds more noticeable, and the Sub is handling the bass and I have this general feeling of being really immersed in the music. Music is dramatically richer and fuller and I feel like I’m hearing the music performed live in the room, even when the volume is turned down. It’s like the jazz band, the rock group, the vocalist, the electronic music artist, etc. is performing in the room. I’m really impressed and pleased with how the Sonos Sub adds to my music-listening experience with Sonos speakers.
TLDR: if one can afford/save up for the price difference between the Sub and Sub Mini, go for the Sub, even for use in smaller rooms. For me, spending the extra money for a Sonos Sub vs. a Sonos Sub Mini will be worth it in the long term. Next up: saving up for a Sonos Arc!
I hope this is useful information for others on this subreddit.
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2023.06.08 07:51 Significant_Will_343 I (32F) and my ex boyfriend (34M) of 7 years broke up in Jan. and now I feel like I am going to lose him all over again.

My ex and I broke up in February after 7 years of being together. We still live in our house together until I move out in September. Things were difficult and awkward the first 2 months after the break up but slowly we started being more civil and even better. Now we have started talking more like friends and even getting along better now than the last 3 years of our relationship. There are still some moments of hurt here and there but for the most part good.
We broke up because I didn’t see our relationship going towards forever. Our relationship was sexless. I mean sexless in we would have sex once a month, sometimes once every two months. He is battling alcoholism for over a decade. Our political views are very different. I struggle with BPD and anxiety, which he also struggles with depression. He refused to work for over a year after he quit his union plumbing job (he ended up getting a job 2 months after our break up). When it came to household chores he is only responsible for doing dishes and I take on everything else, but even with just having to do dishes, those sit in the sink for a week or more. He has a negative outlook on a lot of things in life which was mentally exhausting. I would communicate with him about my wants and needs in a relationship and he would compromise but it usually only lasted a few weeks before he was back to his old ways. It was starting to feel like a bad roommate situation.
During the relationship we tried couples therapy with multiple therapists, date nights every week, keep political talk to a minimum, attempted to have scheduled sex at least once every two weeks (he didn’t like that idea). Even tried talking about one positive thing that happened during our day. There are many things we tried doing to repair our relationship but I won’t list them all.
I took a lot of time, communication, and effort to make the relationship work but in the end I could no longer do it.
But now that we are being more friendly towards each other and the weight of being in a failing relationship is lifted I feel like I am going to lose him all over again. I know I can still rely on him as someone who will be there for me. Example was this past weekend I was on a date with a guy I recently started dating and was feeling uncomfortable and had been drinking. I texted my ex about the situation and without hesitation he asked for the address and asked if I wanted him to come pick me up. We have been laughing and joking a lot more and having good conversations like good friends would. We don’t have the what if talks, or the I wish things worked out talks. We both are moving forward with our lives and want the other to happy. I could honestly call him my best friend.
Now my fear is that once I move out in September I am going to be losing him again. Not losing him as a boyfriend but now losing him as a best friend. I fear that once I walk out the door of the house and officially move into my new place, that will be the last time I see him. He says we will still friends but life takes us down different paths so who really knows.
Question: has anyone actually tried staying friends with their exes? If so, how did it turn out?
TL;DR My ex and I have become good friends after our break up since we still live together. I am moving out in September. I feel like I am going to be losing him again when I move out. Not as a boyfriend but now as a best friend.
Question: has anyone actually tried staying friends with their exes? If so, how did it turn out?
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