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2023.06.10 08:52 toast_ghost12 Finding purpose

Second time writing this because my phone had died mid-post and deleted all my progress. You'd better believe I was so ready to throw my phone at the wall. Guess that's on me for not paying attention to my battery level.
Anyway, for the past year to year and a half or so, I have began to notice that things just...aren't exciting anymore. I used to noodle around with music and music theory. I used to come up with ideas for short stories, I'd play around with computers, I'd study astronomy, and I loved math. Today? Music is just...meh. Sometimes I'd force myself to sit down and write a song so that I'm engaging in something productive, only to eventually scrap the project or decide that it's not worth my time.
Same with the rest. Literature is just meh, math is meh, computers are whatever, and astronomy is just whatever now as well. Nothing is exciting anymore. These days I mindlessly scroll through Reddit, watch YouTube, watch some occasional porn, and shovel junk food into my mouth so I can at least feel something, no matter how unhealthy or meaningless it really is. Every day is full of cheap dopamine fixes.
Every day I'm seriously to begin re-considering suicide more and more. I already attempted a few years ago, and the biggest problem with suicide is my mom. Even though I survived, my attempt ruined her. My father died when I was 5, her older brother died about a year ago, and her mother (maternal grandmother) passed about 3 years ago. Not to mention her dad's time is coming pretty close to being over as well, from the looks of it. If I did this, she would have almost nobody. But it's becoming hard to resist, because life is just so much effort for nothing in return. I have ADHD, so everything requires about 10x more effort than it would compared to your average person. It feels like a monumental task to do the things I need to do. I'm 19 and still a sophomore in high school for christ's sake. It feels like a monumental task to even look at my homework assignments. I can't take ADHD medication, because I have high blood pressure, which are stimulants and therefore increase blood pressure. So my life is basically trying to swim against the current and failing miserably, with your only option to let the river sweep you away. Combine that with the fact that I was just born this way and there's really nothing I can do about it. Sure, by some miracle I can lose weight and take the medication, but that's more of a treatment, not a cure. There's a sense of hopelessness in realizing that no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to live a normal life. If life is just going to be full of bullshit, what's the point in even trying?
I guess, my question here is, what can I do? I already attend therapy and have taken this to the therapist in question. But it feels as if my life currently is stagnant and that it's not going to go anywhere unless I do something, and I'm not going to want to do anything unless I find motivation or purpose somehow. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.10 08:33 GingerMafia48 Number port from TracFone not working

I've been trying to port my number over from TracFone for going ng on 40 days now.
I decided to get a new phone with a new carrier and transfer my number to avoid the hassle of a new number. Hasn't worked out that way.
I started the process with poor support, namely the site insisted that I needed the IMEI of my original phone with TracFone (nevermind it was seven years ago and four phones back) and they couldn't tell me what it was, only that it was my account number. That took the first afternoon to figure out. By this time I had used up all the transfer pins which could be generated in a 24 hours period trying to figure out which number they supplied/I tried to figure was the correct one.
I then found out that my number was under port protection, and for some reason TracFone couldn't transfer a number under port protection using their system, their numbers, until I called personally to remove it. That was the second afternoon.
Having removed port protection, confirmed the account number five ways to Sunday, and knowing the zip code I had set up the account in/for, it should have been straight forward, right?
Since that point, I and my new provider have tried 50+ times to transfer the number, only to fail in the transfer, with no further information than "wrong account numbetransfer pin, try again". Two weeks into this process, a call to TracFone indicated that the number had been transferred... But my new provider hadn't received the electronic confirmation of the transfer. My number was still under TracFone's system.
So a three-way call to attempt this occurred three weeks after start, one week before the end of my plan. Both support tech assure me that the transfer should complete successfully, they would ensure it, etc. etc.
Next morning, failure notification. Wrong information. Again. By this point, my service is out, texts and calls don't work, I can't generate me wtransfer pins, and I'm spitting mad.
Week four, I file an FCC complaint, listing the issues and the conundrum. FCC generates a ticket, and I get a single call from the FFC compliance department at TracFone, where my service is extended 10 days and I get to generate a new pin. I go to my new provider and use the new pin... doesn't work. Create a ticket with the new provider and escalate it, their backend is trying to work on it. New provider attempts throughout the week to force the transfer, subjecting me to transfer failures through my new phone's temp number.
Meanwhile, TracFone is calling me. Or making the appearance of it. You see, they'll call, but only long enough to let the phone register the call went through, and they hang up. First couple of times I would pick up after the first ring, only to find that the call had ended. Today, I had two missed calls from TracFone within the time it took me to hear the buzz and pick up the phone.
What's worse is after each call, they emailed me about giving them a number and a timeframe for contact, inviting me to respond to the email. After three such emails (one of which was NOT accompanied by a phone call), it was clear that they were not reading the emails.
So, where do I go from here? Not only have I been ineptly aided by customer and tech support, but at this point their behavior is clearly geared toward generating a paper trail to "prove" that I am not letting them contact me. It seems malicious at this point, and 40 effing days to transfer a phone number was ridiculous by day 4.
What are my options, besides sending a glitter packet to the only method of complaints that they would give me in their last call, their offices in Miami Florida?
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2023.06.10 08:30 illbehere231 Question for students based in USA.

I am a composer looking to reach out colleges so that i can work with students and assist in their projects. I want to email the animation departaments of the colleges but I'm having difficulty finding necessary contact information.
Columbia College, for example, lists various emails, such as : Alumni, Human resources, Media relations, Admissions, but I can't see how emailing any of these departaments would be helpful. And this is the case with every college's website I have checked so far. Can anyone provide some insight on how I should proceed? Thank you!
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2023.06.10 08:20 Geo5torm Permanently deleted network drivers and the pc is in windows s mode

Hello friends, I had a problem with a brand new HP laptop which i tried to change from windows 11 s mode to windows 10 and it worked but it installed windows 10 s mode.. in the process i deleted permanently the partition and the mousepad stopped working and the network adaptors too( proceeded to install an external mouse) . I downloaded the drivers from another pc and moved them to the new laptop with a flash drive but i cant install them because the pc is in windows s mode and i can’t remove it because there is no network to access internet (the laptop doesn’t have ethernet port either) what can i do?
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2023.06.10 08:19 scb_gamedesign Recovering the deleted portion of a windoze Notepad text file

I've done file recovery before but this is a bit different of a scenario with nuances that complicates things a bit for tools.
Sys specs: windoze 10, NTFS, 1TB platter drive,Notepad generated text file, 200k of text in the middle of the 600k file needs to be recovered
What happened: I somehow brushed my hand across the keypad area and did not realize I highlighted from where I was working down to the end of the file then hit space and deleted/cut the whole prior part of the file out. Since I didn't realize what happened I automatically hit ctrl-s to save because I saw the asterisk by the file name before I realized what happened. I then scrolled down and had an oh shitake mushrooms realization of what happened. Doing an undo didn't give me enough steps to fully return the deleted text.
I then left the computer running without triggering anything that would save to the hard drive other than runtime system workings. I figured this would not overwrite the text file area since it's only about a 600k text file. I poked around the drive and noticed my last backup was not as recent as I thought. It was about 300k.
I saved to my SD card some important current working files and turned off the laptop.
Where I am at now: I removed the HDD to keep from booting up with it and installed an M2 SSD drive then installed Linux. The laptop boots and operates fine with the M2 SSD.
I will be reinstalling the 1TB platter drive with the original win10 OS but booting to the Linux SSD thus making the original drive a data drive to do the recovery from.
Since I have the 300k backup file I have most of the bottom of the file. I still have the 100k top of the file also, of which I was working at the bottom of it and had deleted below it and saved the file. So the 200k below the top and above the 300k back up file is what I'm looking to recover. I normally work below the 100k top part which I still have as an intact accessible file.
Now my workflow adds to the top of the middle section of the file, so the 100k stays about the same and the file grows from the middle. Hence why the backup is a repeat of part of the top and all of the bottom of the file except for the most recent 200k additions.
Strategy moving forward to recovery: PhotoRec and TestDisk won't work because the missing part is not a deleted file. Although PhotoRec might work finding the missing text in unallocated blocks or contiguous blocks and think of them as a file. I don't recall if windoze Notepad files have a header. IIRC they do not, they just start as whatever the starting text is and same for the end except for a single EOF byte marker. Just the folder structure of the OS contains all the identifiers and links.
I am assuming some of the bottom of the top is still in the remaining allocated last file block just past the EOF marker. I am hoping the blocks are contiguous for the most part and the successive blocks on the drive contain the successive segments of the file up to the text of the backup file. In that case if PhotoRec will pull out what it identifies and text block fragments they might be in sequential order if the original file is not too fragmented.
If they are not contiguous I'll have to assemble them from the pile of text files I get out. There are metatag markers about every 100 or so lines of random length text that I can search for. With a little work if I have all the blocks I can get them into order. Once I hit the text in the prior backup I know I've probably got everything.
If PhotoRec or a similar tool will not pull out text from random unassigned blocks then I'll need some type of workflow that will pull out text from unallocated/used parts of the drive.
So I'm looking for tools or a workflow like the pro level ones I used to use in data recovery that will pull out text blocks from the unallocated space where my missing data now lies. Then I can reassemble the middle of my file and put the HDD back into use as a dual boot.
Q: any tips or suggestions on workflows or tools? Thanks in advance for your help.
Signed, I can't believe just a swipe of my hand and an OCD ctrl-s habit did all this.Moral of the story, don't neglect to save backups in a different file DAILY!
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2023.06.10 08:15 President__Bartlett Google Home/Assistant (how to delete gsuite)

I finally bit the bullet and removed all my devices (google mini etc) and "linked to google" (hue, sonos) devices from gsuite/workspace to a regular gmail account.
I still have that gsuite account synced to the phone, and need it for email/calendar etc. How do I delete/remove the gsuite/workspace account from google home, so that it defaults to the regular gmail account. It seems google as removed the ability to sync only some items, on a gmail account basis.
What I'm not asking is how to remove a google account from my phone. I'm wanting to say: Hey Google, add chocolate to my shopping list, and have it add to my gmail list. Currently, it adds to my gsuite list, despite deleting the gsuite "home" in the Google Home App. There's a whole stack of devices in there (and lists) related to the gsuite account.
TLDR: How do to selectively stop sync for certain google services?
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2023.06.10 08:15 BittleBat Trouble attaching new bones to an existing armature

One of the models I had already had a complete armature that was in need of actual finger bones, so I deleted the existing one ( Which was just a single finger bone to control four fingers ) and made the full hand bone. Upon doing this the model's hands are distorted and stretched back to their resting place, which I expected was going to happen because they aren't parented anymore. Upon trying to parent them to the existing model it ends up either making the model huge and laid on its back, or it makes the hands giant and far away from the model still distorted. I know I'm doing something wrong so does anyone have any ideas what could be going wrong?
Distortion issue:
What happens after parenting:
I mainly just am trying to make this existing model from this game I play fully VRchat usable, which the full hand bones is needed. He works perfectly in every other aspect but now I can't give him new hand bones that will parent to the existing model.
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2023.06.10 07:48 microlatina SIM800L need AT command sequence to send SMTP email via Gmail or Outlook or Yahoo

Hi all. I made this many years ago using a Motorola G24 module but security protocols and conditions are now much tighter. I used the step by step from SIMCOM's "SIM800 Series Email Application Note V1.02.pdf" and "SIM800 Series SSL Application Note V1.05.pdf". I am a registered user in all the mentioned providers, so I am using my own usernames and passwords. I am not using Arduino or any other canned libraries that obviously can send emails via Gmail and SIM800. By now a simple terminal program, a PC and a serial USB/TTL cable direct to SIM800. SMS goes fine and almost any other command, such as NTP service, etc. If I get SIM800 to send email, I will use a Freescale/NXP MCU.
I am getting famous known errors:
+SMTPSEND: 65 SMTP server response error
+SMTPSEND: 67 Authentication failed. SMTP user name or password may be not right
...and the like. I feel that the authentication process fails because of SSL or TLS/STARTTLS. Here an example that fails with Outlook (eliminated the "OK" in all cases):
AT+SAPBR=3,1,”APN”,”CMNET” // Configure bearer profile 1
AT+SAPBR=1,1 // To open a GPRS context.
AT+EMAILCID=1 //Set parameters of Email
AT+EMAILTO=30 OK //Set timeout
AT+EMAILSSL=1 // use SSL for specified port
AT+SMTPSRV=””,587 //Set SMTP server address and port
AT+SMTPAUTH=1,"[email protected]","mypass" // user & pass
AT+SMTPFROM="[email protected]","Bob" // FROM:
AT+SMTPRCPT=0,0,"[email protected]","Robert" // TO:
AT+SMTPBODY=13 // here it goes a 13 char msg
DOWNLOAD // SIM800 prompts for sending text
This is a test // text ...
AT+SMTPSEND // send it
..... wait
+SMTPSEND: 67 (or other similar error)
Please, what am I doing wrong?
Thank you in advance !

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2023.06.10 07:45 DemonicLime The Connor Scandal

You want to see drama? You want to see a trainwreck? Well, here's the latest semi-major scandal in the ORG community. I apologize that I don't have all the details, since I'm not super involved with the server(s) this took place in, but I have everything you need to know. On with the show.
Disclaimer: This is not an excuse to harass or send hate to Connor. This post is solely intended to educate the community on a recent occurance that I and many others find very important.
Our story starts on February 3rd, 2023. In a relatively underground ORG known as Snackvivor, there is a Season 1 alumni known as Connor, with the username Scourgekku#3385. To my knowledge, this account is now deleted. Connor placed 12th in Snackvivor and nothing super notable happened there, but a few weeks after his elimination (which was on February 18), he was casted in another ORG - SmORGon S21. (March 10)
In the third or fourth episode of the game, he began to have some ungodly reads in the game. Following an investigation, Connor was yanked from the game for using an alt to get information in the game. Little side note: The hosts actually forgot to make the recaps/edgic exclusively for trusted specs, so Connor could have gotten away with this if he just kept quiet on the alternate account.
Anyways, that happens, but Connor could still be seen chatting in the Snackvivor server. The two ORGs are very closely tied, so he must have put forth an effort to redeem himself... Right? Well, there is another ORG very close with these two named Koolvivor. Connor was banned from the server pre-game minutes after joining due to guilt by association the hosts wanting to be cautious. He didn't really seem to care... But this is where the story starts to get very interesting.
The season turns to spring. Another Snackvivor S1 alumni by the name of Lavender rejoins the Snackvivor server. Lavender was disqualified in his season after not speaking (in DMs or confessionals), attempting the challenge, or voting at tribal. The production team chose to remove him from the game for concern on his own well-being. Lavender, on his new account, sends a friend request to one of the hosts. Normally, it would be suspicious that they knew the username/tag before seeing the actual profile, but this one was extremely easy to remember.
Later in the week, (May 26) the Koolvivor S5 cast reveal occurs. The season begins, and all is well, fun and games until not even a week later, a player known as Devin (Gardevinoir #5846) is exposed as an alternate account of Connor. Wow! What progress he's made! Connor was promptly banned from the Snackvivor server, cause his second chance has now been killed off.
Then shit goes down. Lavender immediately jumps online seconds after Devin is removed from the server and began chatting in the Snackvivor server, all like "ugh I can't believe he went and did that a second time, are you guys okay?" The production team, or at least most of them, is online as well. They began talking about random subjects, and then asking Lavender answer or his take on it. Out of nowhere, after one of Lavender's responses, they suddenly get banned from the server. Everyone outside of production is justifiably confused, until one of the production members reveals that the Lavender account was fake. The answers that the person manning the account had replied with didn't match up with Lavender's S1 application, but the last question + response was the most evident. On top of that, the production members said that based on the times of activity, typing lexicon, and servers the Lavender account was part of, it was safe to make an assumption that the account was being run by a certain someone.
I'll give you three guesses who took it too far.
I haven't seen any activity from any of the three main accounts of the story (Connor, Devin, Lavender) so I'm assuming Connor deleted them, at least certainly Devin and Lavender. And that, my friends, is the story of The Connor Scandal.
Final Notes: - Do not harass anyone. Period. - This post is not 100% reliable. I put in all of the information I am completely aware of, and is important to the plot. I recommend you do not quote this post when referencing this scandal should it come up in a conversation. - If you are a host, take precautions. Look out for warnings signs of cheating. Take action, gather evidence, and keep your ORG safe.
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2023.06.10 07:38 ultra_mario Does Microsoft/Azure just don't want to admit they prohibit Revolut cards?

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2023.06.10 07:37 rajiz Trump Indictment 55.

So reading through the indictment this seems out of left field compared to the rest, as appears to be pertaining to the Hillary servedeleted emails and that his own lawyer deleted the files? Can some one help me here. Hoping this right sub to ask.
Sorry can’t link image, but 55 at bottom of pg 21 and top of 23:
“ …TRUMP, in sun and substance, told the following story, as memorized by Trump Attorney 1:
[Attorney], he was great, he did a great job. You know what? He said, he said that it - that it was him. That he was the one that deleted all of her emails, the 30,000 emails, because they basically dealt with her going to the gym and her having beauty appointments. And he was great. And he, so she didn’t get in any trouble because he said he was the one that deleted them.
TRUMP related this story more than once that day. “
So what does this mean? That his attorney deleted the emails as they were BS and, assuming, to allow him to weaponize the deleted emails against her publicly as she no longer could produce them?
As mentioned this just seems out of place with the rest of the indictment.
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2023.06.10 07:36 m4gister_militum Package is stuck at customs, UPS doesnt want to help, what can i do?

I bought a used phone on amazon and after a few days i got an email from UPS saying my package was stuck at customs clearance and that they would not be able to help because i need an NBTC license? I cant believe these assholes dont want to help me, they even say that i have two options, do all the paperwork myself with another broker or abandon the package.
What can i do? Does anybody know another broker i can contact on the internet? I tried to do the NBTC license thing on the internet but its in thai and i dont speak the language.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.10 07:31 s6x Certain videos do not start from the beginning while signed in?

Posting here because youtube has hilariously locked their own forums for more than three months.
I've searched far and wide for an answer to this one. Certain videos (music) will start from some random time instead of the beginning while I am logged in. Highly annoying for playlists.
I do not have premium.
I have tried different browsers (including a fresh install).
I have tried incognito mode.
I have tried rebooting.
I have tried emptying my browser cache.
I have tried deleting the videos in question from my youtube watch history.
The URL does NOT contain a timestamp.
Only happens while logged in with a certain profile (have tried others).
I HAVE NOT tried deleting ALL of my youtube watch history. I rely on this to know what I have watched before and I can't do it.
Is there any other way to fix this?
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2023.06.10 07:24 FinnBalur1 A private high school in Toronto cheated me out of my pay by disputing my online teaching hours. Any idea how to go about this?

I keep getting different advice from so many different people, but in the end this is my life I'm gambling with. One wrong move and I could end up homeless. I signed with this school on May 8th, as a high school English teacher, after quitting a 10-month contract job that I had and that ensured me EI for July and August and even sickdays and holiday. I switched over for a couple dollar hourly wage increase. So, I work this new job, and they paid me less than half of what I'm entitled to get on May 20th. I was shocked. I complained, and so they stalled for weeks and made promises to rectify it on the next payroll period. June 6th comes, and the pay is wrong again. So, I complain again, and at this point they are bouncing me between each other: "go to him," "email her," "do this," "do that." They said I was an independent contractor, not entitled to holiday or sick days, or even paystubs. I am teaching OLC4O to their students, a course the kids need to graduate high school, by the way.
They are saying the reason this is a problem is because I did not record my online teaching using Adobe. The issue is my schedule was really busy, and they didn't train me on it. I expressed to them many times I was having technical difficulties with it. The vice-principal even referred me to a person I can email and their response was "we don't have experience with macs, but here's a [very unhelpful] link." I finally got it to work on my own, outside contract hours, but now I keep asking to get paid for my unpaid work (about 30 hours or so), and i am gettinng the run around. I threatened them with the Ministry of Labour but they don't seem to care, even ignoring my emails. I literally have an email from them saying "we will compensate you on the next paycheque," and a message from my VP with a photo of my timetable. But they don't care, still. I would have quit earlier but I believed them and said "okay, my money will arrive soon" as they stalled for time. I was naive, and now they financially drained me; I am in so much credit card debt, and I've had multiple anxiety attacks, I feel sick to my stomach all the time. I'm late on rent; I can't afford my car payments, nor any of my bills.
I will file a complaint with the ministry of labour, but it might take time to process and it's not guaranteed. An agent on the phone told me they may have misclassified me (as an independent contractor), and that it didn't make sense. A friend who used to work for EI told me to get a sick leave doctor's note for my anxiety and apply to EI, but I think as an independent contractor I may not be entitled to sick leave EI, or even regular teacher EI.
I don't know what options I have at this stage, but I feel so helpless and broken-hearted... All I wanted to do was teach. That was all. And to get paid for it.
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2023.06.10 07:18 Correct_Arachnid_327 Can someone please weigh-in

Ive been dating this person for 2 years now and am living with her. I have had a history of feeling like Ive been emotionally abused by her but for some reason this situation felt like the most concrete evidence (to myself) that she does gaslight me. This is an account of me writing fresh after it happened (so please excuse errors and such) and just wanted to see if anyone can relate or maybe confirm in such a way my feelings - I dont really have anyone to talk to irl as shes made me feel that i cant share anything about her to anyone. I would really appreciate any kind of response thankyou. If anyone needs anymore information please let me know.
We were talking and i think i asked her as shes putting her boots on "where are you going?" and she said "to subway, you hungry?". and then i said "ewww, na". and then she said "youre being weird". "why?" i answered. "Because youre making me feel bad for eating". instantly i felt weird bc i was not insinuating that at all, i would never ever fatshame her. I said "I just had a bad sub last time." and then she just went over in a list of all the times ivemade her feel bad or something. idk its such a blur honestly and it feels like ny brain is deleting it. and then I playfully flicked my beanie at her and said "ok lets just go" because i didnt want to hear it anymore. she then said I "hit" her and i was like it was playful i didnt mean to. and she kept using the vague language to kind of square me up and show that I physically hurt her. and she kept saying i was being weird. i even said at one point this feels like youre gaslighting. i am writing this right now, feeling like my legs and body are just so nervous and shaky and cold. i feel like my brain is so cloudy and confused and scared. im writing this because i feel like my body is telling me that she is abusive to me and she always has been and that this is what feeling gaslit feels like. im writing this because i dont know if i will forget this or that the story will be changed in my mind by her. im sriting because i have to remember this feeling of extreme cold and that someone just kicked my legs out from under me. feeling like i am the perpetrator and the victim.
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2023.06.10 07:16 ChasteLockedHubby Recovering 8+ year old maps

Hey guys. I used to play minecraft a TON back in 2011-2015. I spent tons of hours building a few maps and had transferred them to a new mac at one point. Fast forward to this year and I've started getting emails that I needed to migrate my mojang account to microsoft. This reminded me of all the fun I used to have building those worlds, so I followed these steps, updated minecraft, etc. but alas. None of my old maps were there. I've checked application support, but there's no minecraft folder. I've searched my mac for the keyword "minecraft" and there's nothing besides the application itself.
It's been a long time since I played, but I have no memory of ever deleting these worlds. Any idea what might have happened / anyone ever have encounter a similar situation? I assume it's a lost cause, but if anyone has any ideas how I could recover these, tis greatly appreciated. (I am running a harddrive deepscan, BTW, but doubtful it'll come up with anything.)
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2023.06.10 07:12 Snacks_McGee My fix for cloud sync error and game not launching

I recently moved over a bunch of smaller games from my micro SD card to my SSD and some of them moved over fine, but there were a couple that gave me a cloud sync error and wouldn’t allow me to launch the game. I tried turning cloud sync off, reinstalling the games, and was on the verge of doing a factory reset. I emailed Steam support and, of course, they were no help, but I was able to fix it on my own where the game was able to launch and sync cloud saves again. So here’s what I did, in case anyone is running into the same issue and wants to give this a shot:
  1. Find the Steam ID # for the game you are having an issue with
  2. Go to: .local/share/Steam/steam apps/compatdata
  3. Delete the unknown file that has that Steam ID # in the name
That was basically it. I don’t know what that did, but it took me several hours of tinkering and that solution worked for me. Good luck.
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2023.06.10 07:10 Neat-Platypus1398 Instacart banned me from 7+ stores for doing as they asked

Sorry, kinda long! So basically my IC card would stop working after my 2nd to 3rd Ralph's order and would reset the next day. If i activated a new card it would work again for only 3 or 4 Ralph's orders (not batches) a day. I had reported this issue once when it happened and even the pin the agent told me didnt work and i'd end up paying with my debit and get a reimbursment. I complained many times to an agent, every couple of days or so and of course they claimed they "put a note on my account" and whatever else they say but it still kept happening 1 to 2 times a day. There were even times when they would deny my reimbursement and it took weeks/months to finally get it. More on this later. So April 25th I'm waiting at like 4pm Ralph's for a quick mini batch that usually pops up every 15 min or less and waited for an hour. Nothing, on a Monday. Only needed 1 more for a promo and was super annoyed. Next day I'm waiting at 6am in front of Ralph's for an hour and see literally no batches while I see the only other shopper walk in. About 20 min later another shopper I know pulls into the lot and says they took a batch that was sitting on the screen for a while. Strange because I never saw it. This happens a few more times with other shoppers for about 2 hours. Went and tried Vons for an hour. Nothing while I see a shopper get an order leave come back and gets another order. There are 7 stores that I know of that I stopped seeing batches for on April 25th. Ralph's vons, Walmart, cvs, Albertsons, stater bros and total wine. All stores near the area I shop. After a week i told an agent i havent seen 1 batch from each of these stores when i used to see a lot of them daily because they were bad orders and would sit and they gaslighted me saying my account is fine and I will recieve batches soon and didn't bother to make a ticket. Asked another agent and they said they did. Checked back in a few days and still nothing. I asked them on Twitter to look into it and they said IT still doesn't have an answer. This goes on for SIX WEEKS, meanwhile I'm losing around $500 a week! So finally week 6 I ask and the guy says I am banned because the store requested it. Seeing how i only really shop at the ralphs and know everyone there says this makes no sense and tell him so and he says there's nothing he could do and he would have the appropriate department resend the email he says was sent feb 10th (then why was I shopping till apr26??). Me, being the lazy bum I am and never delete emails have every email around then and there was no email and sent him a SS of all my emails that day. I get it a day later and it says that I am banned at those retailers because I used my own debit card when theirs would not authorize no matter what I did. Every email sent about it says "only use your card if you have a problem with it" and never issued any sort of warning. I had gotten at least 5 new cards but my issue meant I needed a new card literally every day if they didn't want me to use it. I replied to the email from trust and safety and he hasn't responded for 4 days now. Twitter help says their decision is final. This is so damn ridiculous I can't even believe it's happening. If anyone knows or has an idea I could really use it, this is so unfair, ive lost thousands of dollars for doing what they told me to do😓
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2023.06.10 07:07 KipSqueek game says I'm using a guest account but I'm logged in via my email.

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2023.06.10 07:05 jmorgannz Health marker / lab result tracking services & apps

Hi all,
Wondering what services are available out there for entering in the myriad of test results and markers we have, to keep them organised in on place.
I am not interested in having them analysed with health scores or explained to me - I just want somewhere to put them all, and a way to view them historically with a graph view etc.
I had been using the labs feature of SelfDecode, however I was hoping there would be cheaper solutions out there, possibly even with free/ad supported options.
I have a number of people with CI for whom I also help give insights on their lab results etc, so getting them to use them also would be a great help.
I found HealthBit which is the only one I could find that had a free tier. Unfortunately it seems like it is an 'app only' product - which I absolutely hate - I can't stand these lazy companies who don't make at least a web login for their product. I'll still look into it as basically the only option I can find - but as it is so far, they have failed to email me a verification code three times - so I can't even get in. Not a good sign.
So - does anyone know of or use anything like this that they could share?
I did find a couple that sound good feature wise but require expensive subscriptions to use - so yeah not interested in those. At all.
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2023.06.10 06:53 Sad-Pea-7724 This is app makes Grindr look like a better choice

Like its just bad. Anon profiles that don't require any sort of validation can just pop up and message out of the blue. You turn one down or block, they pop right back up with a acid laced tirade. Oh sure, give us the option to block chats from Anon profiles, but why put it behind a paywall? Why are there no limits to how many anon profiles someone can make? Put a limit in, like two per 48 hours or something like that
Like everything is seemingly behind a paywall, even basic features that Grindr and other apps have for free. For example, I gotta pay to have multiple pictures? I gotta pay to travel (explore)?
Lack of filters. I can't filter by age, height, weight, position, tribe, etc. This app is four years old and the thought has never once occured to the devs to add these? These should have been in from the start!
Same trash as other apps. Pic Collectors. Time Wasters. People who can't be bothered to read profiles. I got a cock and ass shot on my profile, yet I'm still getting asked for pics? What more do y'all need?!?People who can't be bothered to read the active conversation. I've been asked the same damn question multiple times in the same conversation. This isn't really an app problem, more of a location problem, but like.. honestly, one thing I'd love to see on this app or another app is to suggest to others to read a bio prior to sending a message. Just a little popup that says "hey have you read this person's bio? yes or no" yes allows them to continue, no exits the convo and tells them to read it
And deleting conversations is obviously a huge no no that I learned the hard way. Like okay, I can relate to deleting message mid convo - annoying. But like I send a message, its seen, no response, person is on hours afterwards, I send a followup, seen, still no response - I delete it and get cussed out? I get a message, I respond, the person sees my response but doesn't respond, active on app hours later, send followup message, still no response I delete the message, I get cussed out? Why?!? Is there some specific reason myself or the other party needs to be notified that the convo was deleted? That is just opening up the door for people to be harassed and potentially stalked. That's not safe
I'm gonna go get my refund
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2023.06.10 06:45 whit3_no1ze Gamban Claims to be Foolproof, which is a lie.

So just in case anyone here has wasted their money on Gamban, please refrain. It's one of the most useless solutions you could possibly subscribe to. I can't speak to how it works on Android devices but it is literally a waste of money for iOS users. You can literally install Gamban and the security profile that comes with it. It blocks dns entries for all gambling and sportsbetting sites that have been added to their list. It's funny cause it even blocks email content from the sportsbooks and gambling sites. Well it's very easy to work around. Not here to hinder anyones progress dealing with sportsbetting and problem gambling but in all honesty this is not a solution. You can simply go into your iPhone settings > general > profiles VPN, DNS and Device Management. From there all you have to do is remove the gamban profile and voila, you degenerates have access back to all your sportsbooks and online casinos. So if you're an ios user, don't waste your time on this pos product. you're better off going the self exclusion route. it's fucking hard - but it's much better than paying a fraudulent company money monthly for some shit that doesn't even work. they literally claim that gamban is unable to be uninstalled, well either their engineers are absolutely brain dead or they're selling a fraudulent product. Here's a direct quote from their site.

Will I be able to remove Gamban from my device if I change my mind?
No, Gamban is designed to protect people who have gambling addictions, meaning they are likely to change their mind after installation. In order to protect our customers from relapse, we are not able to remove Gamban from your device for you.

Well that's absolute bullshit, you can easily remove it from your device. and you can do so with the 30 second directions i posted above. gamban's just a company preying on vulnerable folks with gambling addiction.

Also another direct quote from Gamban:

Uninstalling Gamban

We're always pleased to hear that our customers are doing better. We really appreciate it when people reach out to let us know that they've overcome their gambling habits.
In order to protect our customers from relapse, we are not able to remove Gamban from your device for you.
Should you feel your willpower slipping, we recommend visiting our Get Help pages for further support and advice on beating addiction.
For more information please visit this article
You can contact our support staff by using our contact page to speak to one of our experts.

Which is also complete bullshit, you can easily uninstall it using the method posted above. please don't waste your money on this pos company. if you're seriously suffering and have issues keeping away from it - self exclusion is the best way to, you don't have to make it permanent either, you can do it for 2 years and take a cool off period.
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