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2023.03.29 05:02 MattCpp Looking for a roommate this September

Although it’s quite early, I’m reaching out to see if anyone else is planning to move to a new place around September and is interested in signing a lease together.
I’m a 24M with good credit and no pets. I also go to college and am working a full time job as a software developer.
Regarding apartment details, I am flexible with the location and cost. However, I cannot comfortably contribute any more than $1800/m. If you’re interested, other details can be discussed while we figure out whether our goals and priorities match one another’s.
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2023.03.29 05:02 NonSecretAccount In 2021, I interned at both G and A. A year later in G's intern conversion pipeline, I've been told that all intern conversions are cancelled, and A's new RTO policy prevents me from joining them fulltime. It feels like both my plan A and B have been wrecked, anyone in the same boat?

I interned at G in winter 2022. My reviews were excellent and my recruiter said that they were positive that I would get a return offer. First, they said I would get news by the end of summer, then by the "end of November", then they said January, and finally March. Few days ago, I got a call from my recruiter saying that all intern conversions are cancelled.
I interned at A in summer 2022. A few weeks after the internship, I got a full time offer. I had negociated to be fully remote and I accepted the offer. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and A announces the new return to office policy. As I could not move to the city where my office was, I asked for an exception, or to be relocated to the office in the city I currently live in. Both were denied.
Now I have to chose between relocating to the city where the A office is, or find a new job.
I feel really lucky to have had these experiences and I don't blame my recruiters or my ex-managers, but the timing does suck. I guess the lesson is that you should always have a plan C
Did anyone experience something similar?
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2023.03.29 05:02 BirthdayDesperate417 Overjoyed!!

Around this time last year, I was facing extreme distress as I was about to graduate college and the weight of my student loans became extremely real. I had a job lined up that paid about 32k a year with nearly 120k in private student loans alone. I felt helpless and like my life was over. My payments began in December 2022 and thank goodness for federal loans being paused. My first payment was around $1300 and creeped up over time to over $1400 because of one variable interest rate on one of my loans. My rates ranged from 9.75%-14.3%...I never saw a way out. HOWEVER, I got a new job with a significant pay increase and just got approved to refinance 3 of the loans (chose those with the highest interest) at a rate of 6.40%! There is a long way to go for me, but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. GOODBYE SALLIE MAE
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2023.03.29 05:02 Alternative_Bat_9164 I feel alone more often than not

Its feels like I(31F) have no friends.
I know this statement isn’t completely true. I do have friends. My oldest and best friend of 27 years is a great friend. She is also a mother of 2 and a wife. My husband is also someone I consider my friend. We have been together for over a decade. We have no children.
I have made many friends over the years, rarely do any of them last forever. A year or two at best. Of course, people come and they go like chapters in a book. They have all ended organically and without malice. They move or I move and communication dwindles as time moves on. Or perhaps they marry and have kids, then put their family first. Nothing is wrong with that and is to be expected.
Within the last year I have changed jobs and have tried to make friends. I made a great one in the beginning and our friendship lasted for a few months. However, I am 10 years older than her and we have different lives. She is single and wants to party until the crack of dawn every weekend. I do not. She has found another co-worker to share that life with and I seem to no longer hold her interests.
There is another co-worker who is my age, also married with no kids, and loves the same things as me. I talk with her about games and anime. We recommend books to each other and we have exchanged numbers. However, my attempts to hang out after work or on weekends have never been accepted or reciprocated. She also has a co-worker who is a close friend and they hang out all the time.
My office mate is also gone as she found a new job. We were on great terms, but she said she literally could not take on another friend. Which to be fair, she had so much in her plate. She was always talking to BF, BFF, mom, dad, her 3 siblings, and other friends. Her weekend schedules were crazy! I was always envious, but she told me not to be lol. She said it was incredibly difficult to keep up with everyone.
Now…I’m literally all alone. Which is great, because no one can see me cry every day. That’s not a joke.
Is one friend too much to ask for? Someone I can text silly memes to. Someone who will go to a bookstore or a park with me. Someone who can come over on Saturday afternoons and steal away the love of my dogs. Someone who will play video games with me. Someone who I can confide in and who will confide in me.
If you made it this far into my pity party, I appreciate your time. I appreciate your consideration. I ask you, dear reader, what do you think I can do to earn the friendship of another person?
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2023.03.29 05:01 whyd_u_lie I'm kinda confused on how to approach this?

I matched with someone on Bumble on Sunday and we have a date lined up for Friday.
Now here's the thing — I barely know anything about her, which is why i'm confused on why we're going on a date, or how I should interpret this. We decided to plan a date without much talking in the start (which is how i've heard it works in the US, but again this is Korea so not sure how to look at this).
The problem with this is I don't know if she's into me, which makes me question how to approach this date. I'm into her, and if she was into me, i'd lean into the flirty, a bit more testing-the-water kinda touchiness, but now I barely know what to do.
On top of that, she doesn't seem like a very good texter (she texts me every 1-2 hours but she does genuinely seem busy but she never stays and waits for me to finish typing a message), and now i'm leaving out time to match the energy (i work a tech job so i get notifications and can pretty much reply immediately if i have to).
She definitely gives me more introvert vibes — def not a ons/fwb kinda person. I like her, I like her basic life values. But i don't know if she asked or knows enough about me to make me think she likes me a lot. and no i'm not a 10 like almost everyone on this sub. I'm in korea atm, and as a brown guy, you don't get a lot of matches which is doubly surprising — what do i do lmao.
Yesterday we were both working very late and i asked her if she wanted to get on a call (we have never done that), but she replied 'that will be awkward' — another curve ball thrown my way. how do i interpret this now. In the states, i never used dating apps and knew a vibe when i saw one which is why i'm not sure how to take this.
Is this like an english practice thing? idk how to look at this and it's driving me crazy. It's not even a random coffee date we have a date planned for the cherry blossoms at seokchon lake (romantic?) after dinner.
note: based on korea's beauty standards, i definitely don't think she struggles to find people if she wants to, but also she gives me introvert vibes so yeah
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2023.03.29 05:01 soccerdelica 24 [M4F] BC Canada, Girlfriend left me and I’m left lost and confused, have no platonic female friends just need to chat

As the title says my girlfriend recently broke things off and it was kinda unexpected. She’s been juggling jobs and trying to find a career she likes. I’ve done everything I can think of to show her I’m supportive. The job might make us semi long distance, but we’ve done that before and it was fine. Idk I’m just really lost right now and have no one I feel comfortable to talking too and would like to know a woman’s perspective I’ll end up deleting this soon anyways all stoned and in my head this is kinda pathetic man
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2023.03.29 05:01 mentalhthrowawayy I want to go to college but I’m already struggling in high school; has anyone else been in this situation?

Not sure if this kind of post is allowed here; if it isn’t, I’ll gladly take it down and my apologies for bothering anyone.
Basically, I (18M) have been considering going to college to give me both some academic and life experience, but also a competitive advantage over other candidates in a particular employment field I’m set on pursuing.
Here’s where things get a little tricky; I have been in and out of high school for two years now. I’ve switched schools three times, I’m already a grade behind where I should be and I’m currently in a distance education program that I’m struggling with. I’m a bit behind in a fair majority of my subjects as well, and I unfortunately haven’t had the motivation to pick myself up.
I’ve been having ongoing issues with concentrating on my classes as well, but I’ve put this down to me being out of the school system for so long.
I want to go to college, I want to get this degree and I want to be able to make a start in my field of choice, but I feel like with my current situation, it’s going to be a tough road that isn’t worth walking.
What advice would you give to someone like me? Is there any hope, or am I just better off leaving school all together and trying to find a job that doesn’t require high school qualifications?
Thanks in advance for any help,
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2023.03.29 05:00 tequilaandlime7 What should I do with my 401k account from my previous job?

I left my previous job 6 months ago where I have about ~$15k ($7k traditional, $8k roth) in my Ubiquity account. There is a monthly admin fee of $5 and some custodian fees.
I currently have two Vanguard accounts - a personal Roth IRA with $22k and a separate 401k account with $94k from two jobs ago.
What should I do with my 401k account with Ubiquity? I don’t think I should continue to keep it there given the fees but not sure what the best option is.
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2023.03.29 05:00 chester_alabama How do you compute or decide if a job offer is worth relocating for?

My husband works at a company that operates on almost every US state and he is qualified to apply for Assistant Manager soon, wherever there is an opening. We want to take advantage of this opportunity to get ourselves out of Houston. I work remotely so we wont have a problem of being a single income household should we relocate. No kids, just us two and our dog.
We have the liberty to choose which state he can apply to and we want to be keen on choosing a location to hopefully settle and build our lives there for at least the next 10 yrs or so. We have a few requirements like our preferences in climate, housing costs, school district, cost of living, etc, but we can do a separate research on those.
Ultimately I’d like to hear from the community on the smartest ways to compute or decide if a job offer is worth relocating for. This would be our first time doing a big move in the US after moving here from abroad 2 years ago. So any advice, tip, or insight will be very much appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.03.29 05:00 Crotenis What does it mean to be paid in royalties as a translator?

Hi everyone, I've been looking for a job to enter the book publishing industry and I got an offer which made me very excited! However it mentioned that the way the contract works is I get paid in royalties at the end of each month for my work. Does that mean for example I wouldn't receive any pay until a work I translated gets published?
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2023.03.29 05:00 hmmmokay9 About to lose it all

We have a home, our kids are in great schools, until now we seemingly were okay.
I am a nurse and left a staff job to travel. They money was nice but I was miserable. After the assignment I have yet to find another permanent job. Everything is behind. Were about a week away from just selling the house and I can’t believe everything will be gone.
We can’t live off my husbands salary alone. I have 2 kids. 1 in grade school and the other is 2. I have a PRN job, but the cost of daycare doesn’t justify going to work. Add the skyrocketing price groceries, gas, our utilities have more than doubled in the past year. It has been like a domino effect and we can’t keep up. We have cut out everything possible from spending and it’s not enough.
I feel like a failure. I don’t want to move in with my parents. I feel like I could throw up. I hate that I work in healthcare because I work my ass off for nothing because I am disposable to the hospital system. They only care about their bottom line. I just want to live my life here but we can’t.
And the worst part… it costs more to rent than our mortgage. But add utilities, 2 car notes (we got the cheapest we could find) plus insurance. It’s too much.
How are other families doing it? I can’t figure it out anymore.
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2023.03.29 04:59 RecordsAreGroovy Pet sitting fatigue

I'm an entrepreneur and I started pet sitting a year ago as one of my gigs. Things have really picked up the past few months between Rover, word of mouth referrals, and being a contractor for a local oet sitting company. I'm in the middle of 5 almost back to back sits from March to April 15.
I did a meet and greet Sunday for a booking in November for 3-4 weeks. When I realized this elderly and blind dog can only be left for maybe an hour at a time that it was too much. That's a long time to not socialize, including over Thanksgiving. Plus I don't want to book that far out for someone I've never sat for before. I just declined and felt terrible.
Within minutes I get a request from someone else wanting me to sit for 17 nights at the end of April. I thought "well, it's a over $1k" and then thought "I don't want it" 😳. Trust me, I could use the money, but the idea of adding another sit next month was too much.
I even enjoy living at other people's houses but it gets overwhelming. It baffles me when I see posts complaining about the cost of pet sitters. It's def a job. Moving in, moving out, cleaning their house, walks, having your life and schedule revolve around their dog...
Anyway, just wanted to vent and see if others could relate.
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2023.03.29 04:59 NewPhonywhodis New Job doesn't description for fit what I applied for, or was told during interview, need advice

tldr: New job doesn't fit the discription or pay talked about during interview, afraid it will be a dead end, and don't know what to do.
I just left a job in a field that I was very skilled in. It had a base pay of 15hr and then had commission on top of that. I used to make about 40k a year doing that, but recently switched to a new job.
I've worked only a few so far, but initially the job posting was for a loan officer assistant position, and the pay range was anywhere from 50-150k. The job is located in a larger office building, and the interview went really well, and I was offered a job on the spot. I ended up accepting the job after being assured that I would make 15 and hour for the first 2-4 weeks and after the initial training I would be able to move into the position I had applied for.
My first day I found it odd that the two people who interviewed me did not talk to me, and I was then trained by a separate person for a telemarketing position. All day the conversation was about telemarketing with no clear conversation about the path for moving up. There was minor passing comments about being able to move up, but it seems like keeps being brushed off. There is a weird culture at the new job, where telemarketers are not allowed to talk to, or ask questions to the people working in the loan officeassistant positions. After quick trainign I ended up on the computer and make 250 calls. After talking to one of my new telemarketer coworkers during lunch, I was suprised to know he already has a mortgage license, but has been there for a few weeks but works as a telemarketer. This worries me, since he is way more qualified than me, but has the same position. He was surprised how quick they told me training would be, stating that it took him 2 months to get his license at a previous company. Today I watched one of the telemarketers get called to the office and by the end of the day their desk was freed up. No one acknowledge that they had beed fired, but when a person I'm training with asked if the desk was free, the manager said it was. Side note: all the other trainees seem to be having a lot of fun and have been in good moods, but just can't figure out why? This company is newer, but it has absolutely no reviews from employees. It seems like a lot of the people in management know each other, or at least have for a while, and I feel like an outsider. I just eat lunch in my car, and I can't help but feeling like I'm going to break down due to the uncertainty and financial stress. Who knows, maybe in a month I'll move up, but I can't afford to make 15/hr for more than one month. The work isn't hard, and i feel like I've done well so far, but I have a lot of concerns.
I'm very stressed about money and life right now, and extremely disappointed and lost feeling. Do I go back to my old job and ask for it back? Do I wait a week or two to see if things work out?
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2023.03.29 04:59 wacky-and-silly I'm not sure what to put as my "expected salary" for a job site

For some context, I have been writing music for a while now with the goal of eventually making music for a video game. I'm currently signing up for a job site similar to LinkedIn, but targeted specifically to the gaming industry. I'm trying to make it clear in my description that I am very open to different sizes of jobs (as in, I don't mind whether I'm writing a whole soundtrack, just one song, or simply helping out with various audio engineering things) but that makes it tricky for me to put in an expected salary, especially since this my first attempt at applying to jobs like this.
Does anyone have any insight? I know this is a pretty specific issue, but I'm not sure where else to go for help. If you need any more details that I didn't mention here to help narrow down a salary range, I'm happy to give them.
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2023.03.29 04:58 Interesting_Sun_2092 Adding too much stress to our life?

It seems like I keep unnecessarily adding stress, and then only realize about it after. My husband I just got married last month, I switched jobs, went from working day shift to night shift, am in the middle of grad school interviews ( and if I was to get in grad school would be another 3 years, and me not working), and in the midst of that I for some reason thought it would be a good idea to get a puppy. We had a miscarriage at the end of last month, and although we weren’t trying for a baby and I am now on birth control , I feel like it was an awkward/weird/sad time for us, and maybe I was trying to fill some type of void with the puppy. Now I honestly feel like I’ve put too much on my plate, maybe even on our plate, and he feels it. We are also moving out in 2 weeks and I am working 4 12-hour shifts a week because my new job requires mandatory overtime. On top of that, when we first met our puppy she was very calm and obedient but has become increasingly mischevious & a ball of energy basically. I feel like when he comes from work he’s too tired to even play with her and I do most of the day on the days I’m off, even though I’m exhausted too. Sometimes I get sad and think maybe we’re not going to enjoy our marriage. We also got into too much debt with our wedding, want to go on a honeymoon, and basically have to furnish an entire an apartment because I live with my parents and he lives with a roommate and their furniture is more or less destroyed. I think it was used before they used it for another 6 years. I don’t know if I can get any advice, or if there even is any advice to give me…but I guess if anyone can just tell me it’ll be ok? Our relationship is good, we love each other very much, although I do feel like the sex has decreased due to the stress & we are both a little more stressed out in general, & it shows. Not fighting wise, but maybe not as much affection or effort put forth.
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2023.03.29 04:58 Pimp_Named_Guapo Just Quit, Higher up had me doing something too dangerous

So literally maybe a hour and a half ago i quit. I’m 18, a SGA, and don’t drive and was closing by myself for the first time. Randomly during the last 2 hours of my shift some guy who claims to be a higher up calls me and gives me a BUNCH of information, I’m constantly writing things down and am kinda overwhelmed with having to talk to 2 people at once. Plus customers coming in trying to buy consoles and asking questions. Eventually I’m on the phone with him on my personal phone and the FedEx international people with the store phone, for maybe a hour I’m talking to both and of them and am told not to hang up because of a Cancellation Fee and that already has my nerves bad. So for maybe 2 hours I’m dealing with people coming in asking questions while texting my store leader, talking to the higher up, and on the phone with the fed ex people. Eventually I’m told that I’ll be getting a 700 dollar bonus for all this and I’m excited. Eventually I’m told to take all the bills from the registers and put it in the safety deposit bag. So I count it all while simultaneously on the phone with 2 people. Im told to try and get my dad who’s picking me up to go to a address and put the money somewhere. Eventually my dad comes and picks me up after I close down the store. What I’m thinking is the address is a bank but its a gas station with a bitcoin atm. So here I am with a bag full of almost 4000 dollars and am asked to go to this address at 10 o clock at night. I’m only 18 and have lots of social anxiety and am shaky with my dad and my dad is already kind of yelling at me about how dumb this is. So we go to the gas station (I’m still on the phone with the higher up) and am now FaceTiming the higher up. I’m nervously shaking because of anxiety and because I have a huge bag of money and people start noticing it. My dad grabs My phone and stars telling the higher up how dangerous it is to have a 18 year old go into a sketchy location with a bag full of the stores money. My dad starts cussing the higher up out and the higher up says “don’t you know you’re getting your son in trouble” then my dad freaks out and says how my safety is is more important then this job. Long story short I text my SL that I’m putting the bag of money back to the store and dropping off my key. I unlock The door and look up in the camera and put the bag and my keys on the counter and lock the store up and leave. There’s alot more small details but I feel like I’ve said enough for now
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2023.03.29 04:58 fatweb34 Find Part-Time Jobs in Auckland Easily and Quickly

Find Part-Time Jobs in Auckland Easily and Quickly

Want some additional money? With ease, locate part-time employment in Auckland with MyJobSpace. You can easily and quickly locate part-time employment that suit your interests and talents with our job search engine. Start submitting applications for part-time jobs immediately to begin earning extra income.

part-time jobs
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2023.03.29 04:58 JCFalkenberglll Goliath Sd.kfz 302/303 in use during the Warsaw Uprising. 1944

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2023.03.29 04:57 rpg-maniac rpgmaniac’s in depth D4 review&feedback after playing 44h during beta

I will start by saying that I despise D3 & haven't play a Blizzard game since SC2, my history with Blizzard games goes like this Diablo->StarCraft->Diablo2->StarCraft2-> THE END
For many-many years D3 was my most anticipated game, when the game was close to release I could spot from a mile way that this was not the game I had in mind & will definitely not be something I would like to play & that was the case in the end, D3 was by far the biggest disappointment I had in my life as a gamer till now, needless to say I skipped it & act like it never happen.
Forward to D4 Open Beta, I would be honest here although the game looked nice I was almost certain that I wont like it for various reasons, so you could say I was somewhat biased before even start playing, well let me tell you although I could find many things I thought needs improvement the devs at Blizzard who crafted this game manage to give me a hard slap in the face & make me admit how wrong I was, yep I never expected to say this but I was wrong because D4 have been crafted exceptionally & the potential for what is going to become in the future is literally limitless.
During the beta I lived and breathed D4, I played for about 44 hours (check this to get an idea apart from sleeping and eating I did nothing but play the game trying to see as much as possible, if the game wasn't fun, if I wasn't having fun playing there is no way I would have spent that many hours playing a game in such a short time, & that is the biggest proof that D4 is fun, so the developers imo can be proud because they created a fun game & I'm sure the majority out there agree with that sentiment.
So without further ado:
  1. The Game Looks Gorgeous, the visuals & the art direction is on point, exactly how a Diablo game should look like, with that I mean gritty & gory also realistic & serious, so huge props to those responsible for this aspect of the game, they really did an amazing job.
  2. The Atmosphere, everything is dark & grim, there is people in distress everywhere, people in need of help, you go out of town & you find either people frozen because there were caught on a blizzard, massacred bodies that were eaten by wild beasts, so many other such examples but the atmosphere feels nice, also I liked especially the icy theme & the heavy blizzard out of towns in the first region of the game.
  3. The Sound Design, there is nothing more to say here other than to give my highest praise to the sound design team because they truly did an amazing job & there is nothing to complain about.
  4. The Combat, the combat feels really nice (as long you change the combined move+interact+basic attack all-in-one button from the options, else it feels clunky) I had a great time slaying thousands & thousands of mobs while grinding dungeons or taking part on events out in the world map, it felt smooth & neither fast or slow, just perfect somewhere in the middle, it felt really good can't find anything to complain about.
  5. The Campaign & the Cutscenes, let's put those two together as they are essentially part of the same thing, the main story, at least what we had the chance to experience on the first zone, looks really nice & I enjoyed it while playing, there is ofc some parts of it that I liked more than others, but it was enjoyable for the most part & I definitely looking forward to see more of it, also the cutscenes in some cases were made in exceptionally way that definitely elevate the presentation to the viewers.
  6. The Side Quests, now who would guess that I'm gonna like the side quests of all things on an MMO, I play MMORPGs for the past 20 years more or less & the side quests was never something I enjoyed doing because they are always terrible made & feel like a chore, well I think that more than half of the side quests I did in D4 was fun & interesting because they were carefully crafted & they were really well made, they didn't feel like side quests to be honest but more like a part of the main story.
  7. The Transmog/Wardrobe system, I loved this, it's straight 10/10 & I would like to see any game company include this kind of system on their game in the future, it's perfect I love everything about it because it offers so much customization & freedom to alter how your character looks & stuff like that is always welcome.
  8. The Cinematics, well those are always top-notch on any Blizzard game but I had to say it anyway, especially the intro, the first trailer we saw deserve to get some awards, definitely.
  9. Monster Level Scaling, before I tried the beta I was against this but then I played the game & I was constantly thinking every time I was roaming some before low level area "if not for monster level scaling this area would have low level mobs that would pose no threat to me & I couldn't get any valuable drops out of them whatsoever..." in short it would happen what usually happen on any mmorpg, all low level areas become useless after a point when your level is high enough & there is no point to revisit all those low level areas anymore, also there is one more reason I liked monster level scaling & I thought this kind of feature suit a game like Diablo perfectly, because it would be anticlimactic to exiting a town & every mob you are facing is low level scrap, if that happen it would definitely ruin the atmosphere that this world is bloody dangerous & there is things out there that wanna murder you & eat you alive, & it's very important to feel that way at all times else the game won't feel as fun anymore, at least not for me.
  10. Cursed Treasure Chest & Cursed Shrine events, I really like those they have a nice surprise element, instead of getting loot or buffs you get a swarm of mobs in your face, fun mechanic.
  11. Legendary Aspect System, the fact that every legendary item found in the game has a kind of super mod, which can be extracted and transferred to any item we desire in order to help perfect the kind of character we are trying to build, is something really awesome & I liked that idea very much, especially when you consider that those Aspect mods have also quality levels like any other mod in the game, that means that you are not only searching for an Aspect you need & once you found it that's it, you want it to have good rolls also & that add to the RNG level & that means that there is something more for us to looking forward to when we are out there hunting for loot.
  12. Sorceress Ice Spells, I played a Blizzard Sorceress during the beta (here a link to some gameplay if anyone wanna check how my character plays & I really liked how ice spells look, especially Frost Nova & Blizzard, & I also liked very much how Frozen enemies look, the devs did a really good job with the ice element.
  1. The Bosses, there is a few good ones but for the most part the bosses have many flaws from their mechanics, the level of challenge they offer, even their looks for many of them, they are not good enough also there is many similar looking ones on some dungeons that look like they devs copy/paste them everywhere, & also one great flaw over all regardind the bosses is that they are not memorable, there is many memorrable bosses on past Diablo games but I didn't felt that for the bosses I fought on D4, they seem generic & lack identity, the devs definitely need to do more on that front, we would like to have some scary, challenging & memorrable bosses for D4 please.
  2. Skills Customization, this is more or less something most people who played the game agree I think, there is not enough stuff on the skill tree to build really unique characters & have in mind I'm not saying in any way that I would like to see PoE level of depth but there is a middle ground to be found & I think the devs can do much more to offer to players another layer of depth to customize their build, for example why there is no way to alter our skills & what they do although so many people asked for something like that repeatedly in the feedback we gave? why there is no way for example to change Ice Shard from a single row projectile spell to multiple projectiles or to increase the AOE range of my Blizzard or Frost Nova? we need more options Blizzard, we want every skill to have a number of different options for us to choose from in order to be able to create our own truly unique build.
  3. Number of Active Skill Slots, it's way too limited atm, I couldn't get any ultimate skill because I couldn't remove any of my current skills from my skill bar because my build would be ruined if I did that, I suggest for two more skill slots if not two definetely one more else it would be impossible for most people to use an ultimate skill, who would choose to put a skill with a CD of 1 minute instead of something else that we would be able to use every few seconds or as often we want as long we have available resources to use? six are not enough Blizzard & most people agree with that, give us more options & don't limit the game to that extent, this could ruin the game for a lot of people you know.
  4. Randomness of the Dungeons Layout, I did so many dungeons during the beta & I left kind of disappointed with the level of randomness I experienced, most of the times it was long corridors with a few rooms left & right on your way or a long corridor that open up in a big room at the end that has two more corridors left & right like the letter T, those were the dungeons where we need to find some objects that help to open a door, this was the case for the majority of the dungeons I did during the beta & I can't say I liked that, on that aspect the game missed the point completely on how a procedural generation game suppose to be, if the layout of a dungeon is not random enough, if the layout doesn't feel completely different every time you enter, then it's not good enough, you never felt that way for example while playing D2 so on that aspect D4 falls short & completely miss the mark.
  5. Cellars, those super-mini dungeons (they are literary one room in size...) doesn't do it for me, for the most part it kept me wondering what's the point? it was nice when their purpose was to help progress some quest but aside from that to have them all over the map when they are not that fun to do & they doesn't offer any kind of challenge, since you need less than a minute to clear everything there is inside, so ye.. the devs imo need to overhaul this feature, it needs to be more challenging, it needs to be more rewarding, it needs to be worth doing else there is no point for it to be in the game, that's my opinion anyway.
  6. Lack of Unique Challenging Mobs, the game needs more tough & scary mobs to fight along with those packs of common & magic mobs we slay in large quantities to spice things up during grind, to offer some challenge, to offer that surprise factor we so much need to make grind more interesting & fun & to also offer to players the chance to get some sweet drops from them because at the end of the day that's what the game is all about, I speak for some kind of Elites, Champions, Mini-Bosses even, that kind of stuff, make them big, make them noticeable, make them scary, & finally make them able to put up a fight & make players feel that this is not a target you erase from your screen with a few push of a button & you move on to the next, but that's an enemy that needs a higher level of focus & effort on our part to put them down.
  7. Character Creation, the character creation didn't offer the amount of variety & options I would like to see myself & I fount it very lacking compare to what other games ussually offer, it didn't offer as many options in hairstyles, face types, hair colors, eye colors, & in general there was not as many options & it was impossible to create a character we have in our minds because our options are so limited, this btw would lead to the majority of players look exactly the same & that is not ok, that is actually really-really bad.
  8. Fonts, ok this might not sound as important for some, but for me reading dialogues from quests that are written with Arial font (here an example ruin the immersion of the game, finding journals during grinding & presented with a story written on Arial font ruin the immersion of the game, watching Arial font all over my status window make me to always wonder WTF!? the devs were thinking when they decided to fill the game with Arial font on everything? did they really feel that this kind of font is fitting for a Diablo game? because there is lot's of people out there who can't fathom why they did that myself including...
  1. Skill Enhancing System, I would like to have the option to enhance/alter my skills in unique ways, to have the freedom to choose from a variety of options in order to create my own unique build, this is something the game needs atm as what the skill tree offer to players definitely lacks depth & there is no way to do what I'm talking about from inside the skill tree currently, compared to some other ARPGs it's really disappointing to see what the D4 devs created, especially since they received so much feedback from players years before the game's release & it seems they either never read it or just chose to ignore it.
  2. Vertically Based Dungeons, THIS-IS-THE-FUTURE-OF-DUNGEON-CRAWLERS, I experienced a few dungeons in the game where we had to climb down a ladder to a lower level & you already made the first step but let's take this to the next level, now imagine entering a simple dungeon like those we played during the beta but instead of the usual simplistic, small-scale layout we get a huge totally random maze-like map that aside from the ground floor it also has another 3-5 levels either underground or on the upper floors, & each floor has it's own unique boss, now something like that would be so fun to play & will really feel that I'm playing a next-gen dungeon crawler, an ARPG that has some unique, revolutionary design choices & doesn't feel like anything I've played in the past, Blizzard you are in the perfect spot right now to make that revolution happen, to differentiate yourself from the pack, give to nerds out there what they have only dreamed off till now.
  3. Secret/Hidden Doors/Rooms & Destroyable Walls, words can't express how much I love this kind of stuff, my enjoyment level would go up considerable if the dungeons in an ARPG offer this level of exploration, exploration is my thing & I can't enjoy a game if there is no secrets to find, if there is no meaning to carefully explore everything, if there is nothing interesting to discover, so put this kind of stuff in the game & make it worth it for us exploration-junkies although I'm certain that this is something anyone is going to love & it will make the game more fun to play for everyone.
  4. PvEvP Dungeon, something for PvX fans, now imagine a massive dungeon where 4 players enter at the same time & spawn at random locations, drop rate is boosted & you can really get some sweet loot inside this dungeon but PVP is always ON & you can't turn it OFF, also in case a player kill you everything in your inventory drop in the floor, doesn't this sound like something that would be really fun to play? for me it sure does!
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2023.03.29 04:57 KeepAPlaceForMe98 Want to break into the cybersecurity realm..

Hey /securitycareeradvice
I'm a post-grad looking for job opportunities in the cybersecurity sector!
I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology with a minor in Law & Society and I was looking at additional certifications in order to break into the cybersecurity realm.
I stumbled across this intensive 6 month "bootcamp" by a university near where I live.
I've spoken to some alumni and they said it was really good and recognized by corporate brands but when I look for jobs on indeed, they rarely ever say that they need the following certifications
-GIAC / (GFACT) -Foundational Cybersecurity technologies
-GIAC / (GSEC)- GIAC Security Essentials
If I were to come out of this program with little experience, would it make me employable in the cybersecurity realm?. Even just a entry level job at 50-60k compensation would make this worth achieving for me.
If not, what would your suggestions be regarding breaking into Cybersecurity? I current work within a bank at an entry level corporate role dealing with Credit Cards so I do have a little bit of knowledge and experience with money / KYC / AML but nothing really substantial.
I do really just want a career switch and even if I have to shell out money for certifications , it is something I'd be willing to do.
Thank you so much in advance /securitycareeradvice
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2023.03.29 04:57 Valuable_Regret5603 Moving a Friend (26M) in I guess

I (30F) was talking to this dude (26M).. well still is. We known each other for about 3-4 years. We’ve dated for like a year but we’re not together now. We’re just trying to see where things go. He’s been having a difficult time with his living situations. I moved him in with me because i’ve been having a very stressful time with paying the bills & getting groceries. So i have a daughter (6) & my mom stays here to help me with her. So this dude now lives with me & i told him he has to start working & paying bills if he’s gonna stay here. Mind you his track record with jobs is horrible he don’t ever keep one. He thinks game is life but don’t make no money from it. Since he’s been here, he’s been real disgusting not really cleaning up behind himself. All he do is spend is money on shit he wants to do and weed. He hasn’t really saved up much of anything. During the times when the whole house is trying to relax he’s the loudest one in here. Having loud convos on the phone and screaming at the game. At some point if something pisses him off he’s breaking shit. Which makes me jump up outta my sleep. Anytime i say something to him to correct him on his actions he has an attitude problem. Idk what to do whenever he leaves the house i’m more at peace when he’s not here.
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2023.03.29 04:57 EcoWitch How to change my resume to seem like a local, or at least not the enemy? Moved and xenophobia/gentrification are issues.

I realize the initial reaction to this will probably be that my resume sucks. That's fair, I suppose. But please just play along and believe that isn't the problem.
I moved to a state I had never visited before so I wasn't aware that people were very much against 'outsiders' moving in. People introduce themselves by saying how many years or generations their family lived here. The first thing I'm asked is how long I've lived here. Gentrification is very much a problem and it gets brought up all the time.
Over the past year I've applied to over 50 places. Landing great jobs in a timely manner has never been an issue for me before. I only received two calls back and they both (in different ways) grilled me on why I moved here and one of them even asked if I was buying or renting and how I could afford to since I'm unemployed. I don't know how to respond to questions like that.
I just got a Google Voice number with the local area code to try to help. But all my experience and degrees are from out of state. I don't know how to make my resume look more acceptable.
I'm also not sure how to answer the question for why I moved here. I told them I wanted to be closer to outdoor activities and that seemed to piss them off more, along with other random people who have asked me that.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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