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2023.06.08 08:23 caffeinespicefiend Why am I enjoying this game so much? Especially way more than The Show?

I genuinely cannot put my finger on it. This is my first experience with the Super Mega Baseball series. Now let me be really honest before I ramble on.
I didn't play many games this past decade. I've been Xbox only for almost 20 years now. Before 2021, the last baseball game I played was MLB 2K7.
For years, I was salty that MLB The Show was the only MLB licensed game around, since it was only available on PlayStation. I remember seeing the past Super Mega Baseballs in the Microsoft digital store and scoffing at it, thinking it was just some average arcade baseball game. I never bothered reading any reviews nor did I go online to find out what people were saying about it. Again, I wasn't gaming a whole lot during this period, just here and there.
When The Show was announced on Game Pass, I excitedly checked it out back in July 2021. I had strep throat and got myself a three day weekend out of it and used that time to try it out. I was so hyped UP! Well, I enjoyed it. But it didn't grab me. I wasn't compelled to feel like I wanted to play several games. Same with The Show '22. Same story with The Show '23. I mean, they are fine games, but I don't know. Something about them. They just don't grab me. My favorite all-time baseball game was (is?) MVP Baseball 2005 with 2004 being right behind it. I played MVP all year long back in the day. The Show is good, but there's just something about it that doesn't hook me.
I noticed Super Mega Baseball 4 in the 'upcoming games' list in the MS store last month. Once again, I wrote it off.
Then, it dropped and I saw there was a 10-hour free trial available. I was waiting on Street Fighter 6 to release, so I figured I would at least give SMB4 a shot and spread that time out over the course of a few days.
I played a game, had a great deal of fun, randomly decided to try out the online pennant race mode and had a blast! Started a shuffle draft franchise mode and I'm hooked. I wound up buying it outright.
I can't believe how much I'm enjoying this game, especially the online multiplayer. I expected to hate it or run into lag. I mean, I've gotten destroyed online a few times, but I'm picking up wins here and there as well as a newcomer. It took me a couple of days to get used to the pitching mechanics (meanwhile I could only bother learning pulse pitching on The Show and hated the PCI on TS as well).
I'm between a 37-42 ego player at the moment. I'm not very good, but I don't care. I'm truly loving this game and I can't figure out why I find it so much more enjoyable than The Show. It is just oozing fun every time I load it up.
I mean, Street Fighter 6 just dropped and I'm still splitting time between it and SMB4. I'm really impressed by the online matchmaking as well, being put up against players in similar skill level. Bravo. I really didn't expect much when I saw that EA Sports was affiliated with the game series now.
I love how fast-paced it is. There's not a ton of fluff. Five inning games are a breeze.
I saw the other posts about how amazing a Super Mega football, basketball, hockey, etc. would be, and no doubt I agree. I play Madden and NBA 2K as well (underwhelmed by both, although I love the MyEras mode on 2K and hope it gets improved in the next iteration), but super mega versions of both respective sports and others (especially hockey; I'm not a hockey fan IRL but loved the old NHL Blitz games and would love an arcade title) would -- er, could -- be incredible.
I love a game that I can come home from work to, play a few games and be off. Or, say, on a weekend when I'm tired, just load it up, play some franchise or some online games against random folks from 'round the world, and just enjoy it.
I've also lurked a bit here. I noticed there's a lot of criticism of this game from long-time fans. I can't empathize since I'm new to Super Mega Baseball, but I acknowledge and recognize your issues.
I'm sounding like a broken record, but as a new fan of the series, I'm having a blast and I feel like an idiot for writing it off in years past for such a silly reason when I've enjoyed this game more than The Show, immensely so.
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2023.06.08 08:23 EkEjazul Ozone_chain

Ozone_chain project gives confidence. Hopefully, those us who are working on this project will benefit a lot from here. Good project the team of this project hard working.It can be described as the financial investments in the metaverse where players can play, buy or sell digital assets and earn the project token in the process. @Ozone_chain #ozonechain $oz0 #ico #presale #quantum #ozone
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2023.06.08 08:22 Mysterious_Spring810 How to Achieve E-Commerce Success: 7 Secrets Revealed

The shopping for and promoting of products or services via the internet is referred to as ecommerce, which is also referred to as on line buying and selling or on-line commerce. It comes under e-commercial enterprise. Cellular commerce, digital funds transfers, supply chain management, net advertising and marketing, on-line transaction processing, electronic statistics interchange (EDI), stock control systems, and automatic information amassing tools are only some of the technology that are utilized in e-commerce.
click here
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2023.06.08 08:22 HereForGrilledCheese Botox Experiences in Colorado

Has anyone had Botox done in Colorado? If so, who was your doctor and how was your experience? Also, how much did you pay if you don’t mind sharing?
The Wiki post lists Dr. Michael King in Colorado, but I can’t find any reviews on him and also wasn’t sure if there are any other doctors here.
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2023.06.08 08:22 nininini567 Can I leave a fixed-term lease if I am a co-tenant?

Hi all, I am a first time renter and live with 3 other people. Our 6 month tenancy is up at the end the July and our agent has asked whether we want to renew for 6 months. Due to my circumstances, I only want to live here (and pay rent) for the next 4 months. My housemates wish to stay for the full 6 months. If I sign for the next 6 months, can I terminate after 4 months? I understand it's possible on a periodic lease but I assume it is unlikely the landlord will agree to this (but I will ask in case they do). In the case they don't, what are my options for terminating/ending my lease early?
Thank you all!
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2023.06.08 08:21 Spinaasie /r/RSA will go to stage 10 black out on 12 June, joining other subs in protest against Reddit's API Changes that will kill 3rd party apps

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2023.06.08 08:21 Emily-Ellyson Stash Box Unboxing: Viking Factory Tools"Discovery" Stash Box-Getting Grow

Stash Box Unboxing: Viking Factory Tools
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Now everything has its place - in fact, that stash looks downright classy, wherever you like to keep it!
Stash Box is 40% off with coupon {40TNNFHZ}, lowest price ever at only $32.99
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Hi, is it possible to post my items on your page?
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2023.06.08 08:21 Crafty_Squash_6610 Mira Vision SE - How Apple gets to 100mil headsets

Here's how apple could get to 100mil headsets... using a company they bought months ago...a deal that was just confirmed the day after the vision launch. Mira's AR HMD was basically a $99 shell you slot your phone into.
Not saying it will happen, but if they could get the quality & experience right (jony ive was a mira advisor) it makes a lot of sense given that their current pro tech hw/build costs probably means no sub 1500 unit for the next decade, severely limiting reach...and apple is not a limited reach company.
We used em on a project last year and it was a solid, cheap, wide field of view solution for affordable AR. It was not without issues, but nothing apple couldn't solve.
Done right, Apple could offer a $299 vision SE + byo phone package and add tens of millions of users, netting billions in revenue from entertainment, games, apps and education experiences...getting this vision party started for real, and buy valuable time till real AR glasses get here.
more on mira:
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2023.06.08 08:20 ogreatgames Hunter The Reckoning Wayward: Fight Against Evil - PS2 Game

![video](i8mlxwuqsy391 " As a hunter with supernatural abilities, you get to use your gift to defeat evil. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #hackandslash #adventure --
Hunter The Reckoning Wayward for Sony PlayStation 2. Be brave enough to face and fight against evil. Take the role of one of the Hunters. Use your supernatural abilities and undeniably strong fighting styles to destroy evil. Use and collect various weapons such as a flamethrower, grenade launcher, assault rifle, chain gun, and magic, also known as Edges, to attack or defend, against the monsters, while exploring gothic environments. Accomplish various objectives in missions, such as rescuing innocents, and fighting aggressive ghoulish monsters. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.06.08 08:19 CleatusTheCrocodile Advised to not acclimate fish

I recently found a small local pet store with a focus on aquatics. Most of the employees are aquarium hobbyists and I have received so much good advice here so far. The other day checking out, I overheard the cashier telling someone buying Mollys to remember to just throw the fish in and that there’s no need to acclimate them. After the customer in front of me left, I asked him why he advised that thinking maybe it was specific to the species since that was the opposite of advice I’ve generally heard. Another employee quickly chimed in and said that there is no need to acclimate fish because that’s like wading slowly into a pool being worse than just jumping in. She said that acclimation is outdated information in the aquarium hobby. What are opinions on this?
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2023.06.08 08:18 LilaOliveira My husband says that abuse is a word with no meaning cw for suicide thoughts

Me (f26) and my husband (m25) are not in the same place right now. I wanted to start doing comedy but he was super not on it. He is also very jealous. I can not even mention the name of any of my exes. We've been together since November 2021. I really feel anxious when he gets jealous. A year ago he started to complain about what I uploaded to my cf, told me I couldn't up load any thirst traps but it ended up being do not upload anything that he would consider inappropriate and to take everyone that could be a threat out of the cf. Got mad and took him out too, said that it was by accident I also didn't want to tell him I had some ex relationships on the cf before he complained. Came clean the other day and he asked me to not go out and do comedy at all. He had already asked me to only go once every two weeks to an open mic and I had to be home before twelve. He has also told me I can not take a ride where there is any male in the vehicle. He really considered not letting me go out qt all because I lied about the cf. He says I made things icky and can not trust me anymore but I feel like he has never trusted me at all. When he started to get so controlling about the comedy I told him it was abusive, that it is not ok to control your partner like that and he said that I was just gaslighting him because I deserved to be put on conditional movement and timing but I lied because I felt nervous I really didn't think it would escalate like that and I don't even know if his jealousy is abusive or not. Everything I've learned about domestic abuse rings bells with this situation but he keeps telling me it is not. And even when I google or look into papers about this stuff it just gets more and more grey as if nobody has actually defined what abuse and violence and damage is and I just I just feel so alone and isolated. My family is in another country I don't properly know anybody here, I don't have a job or savings or prospects... I want to get the citizenship here in the US since we already did the process and it has been so expensive and infuriating and if I go back home I will have to return to my room at my parents house and I'll just be another defeated woman like all the other's in my dad's side of the family. I feel like if I don't make this work it would have been better to just kill myself in 2017.
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2023.06.08 08:18 sairealestateconsult Buy 3 BHK Flats In Zirakpur

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2023.06.08 08:18 yabspro Labour Contract (Employment Contract) - MOHRE, UAE

A labour contract is an agreement between an employee and an employer. It is specifically designed for employees working in firms under the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). Free zone employees will have separate labour contracts governed by the rules and regulations of the respective free zone.
Here are some important points to know about labour contracts in the UAE:
  1. Contract Period: Normally, the contract period is two years under MOHRE. This means that the employee and employer agree to a working relationship for a duration of two years.
  2. Types of Contracts: There are two types of contracts - limited and unlimited. A limited contract specifies a fixed-term employment, while an unlimited contract allows for a more open-ended employment period.
  3. Signing and Submission: The labour contract must be signed by both parties and submitted to MOHRE within 60 days from the date of entry into the country or visa position amendment.
  4. Application Tracking: You can track the status of your labour contract application through the MOHRE website ( by entering the IN number printed on the submission receipt.
  5. Printing the Contract and Labour Card: Once approved, you can print the e-contract and e-labour card from the MOHRE website or a typing centre. This allows you to have a copy of the contract and your labour card within 24 hours.
When do you need a labour contract?
Profession Change:
Renewal of Labour Contract and Labour Card:
Documents required for Labour Card renewal:
Renewal Age Limit:
It's important to understand and comply with the regulations regarding labour contracts in the UAE to ensure a smooth and legally compliant working relationship between employees and employers.
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2023.06.08 08:17 Sad_University_2987 What are some of the types of business plans for any business entity?

What are some of the types of business plans for any business entity?
Planning a business is the most significant step that one cannot ignore in any business. A good business plan helps you to understand the market, connect with your target, devise effective strategies and determine the required funding. There are different business plans that are used at certain stages or according to the nature of the business. A business enthusiast can learn more about business by searching assignments help Australia on the internet. You will find reliable resources on business developments that are specially prepared concerning the learners. The materials are prepared in a way that is easily understandable to you. Here, a few of the commonly used business plans are mentioned below-

  • Start-up business plan
As an emerging business entrepreneur, your first stage in business is the start-up business. In a start-up business plan, it will include all the initial steps that are required in any business. It will contain all the detailed information about the company and its core members, specification about the product or service and the plans and goals within the next one to five years. This plan will be useful for you in setting the targets and steps to acquire them. With this business plan, you will grow enough confidence in gaining potential investors.

  • Internal business plan
Internal business plans are focused on by the relevant and internal teams of the organization. Specific departments or teams are supposed to put more emphasis on internal business plans for determining the objectives, tasks and strategies for them. For instance, the HR department may have its internal business plan which they will share with the company separately. Such plans may include details regarding the market share, marketing strategies and outreach plans.
In addition to this, assignment help experts are available 24*7 for students who find difficulty in preparing assignments. They ensure to provide plagiarism-free assignments so that you can score the best for your assignments.
  • Operations business plan
An operation business plan helps define the operating functions and conditions of the business. The plan can assist you in projecting the costs and revenues, employee responsibilities, department’s objectives and strategies for carrying out the business. With this plan, you can organize the responsibilities and duties of the employees.

  • Feasibility business plan
The viability of a proposed business or project is dependent on a feasibility business plan. Being engaged in a feasibility business plan, you can assess the future profits and potentialities of any project by analyzing the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You need to connect with investors and provide them with details of your financial projections so that they can gauge the reliability of the capability of your business.
Besides, if you take help from resume writing services, you will never miss your submission deadlines. They are highly concentrated to deliver your assignments on time. Moreover, online assignment help provides their service at a very minimal cost so that every type of student can enjoy the benefits. Even though you pay a nominal price, they do not compromise the quality of the assignments.
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2023.06.08 08:17 One_Inch_Nick Buying/owning an L400 Delica

I'm guessing everyone here has probably seen posts like this a thousand times but-
I've been wanting to buy a delica for years now and I've finally decided to bite the bullet and go for it. The example I am looking at, at the moment is a 2003 model with the 3L petrol engine, 187xxxkms, and chamonix decals for $12000(AUD). After a call with the dealer it seems the service history is pretty vague but from the pictures it looks very tidy and stock as a rock.
So what sort of things should I be on the lookout for when inspecting it? What am I getting myself into? Should I wait for a better example to come up?
Delicas have got to be my dream car so anything that could help would be greatly appreciated, thank you:)
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2023.06.08 08:16 CedarSketches Ex-roomate wrecks my fiancé’s car and abandons us with the problem and now we have to go to court

Long story, TLDR at the end. So my ex-coworker calls me one day saying she’s pregnant and getting evicted. I made it clear I was unsure as I was in the process of getting rid of another shitty roomate, but I oblige and tell her she’s got two months max. Well like four months later we decide to sell them my fiancé’s car to boost our savings for moving out of country. We gave her permission to test drive it, on a dirt road (since it didn’t have tag or insurance) and according to her new roommates divorce lawyer since we gave her permission we are held liable. Keep in mind she doesn’t have her license or permit, and her passenger boyfriend had an expired permit. Well I did not give her permission to drive it down to go smoke at 4am when she knew the brakes were shot but said they had “fixed themselves”. She crashed it into a tree down an unnamed county dirt road, called me sobbing and apologizing and saying they needed to go to the hospital. Her boyfriend got stitches for a gash in his head, she got no treatment even though she was complaining of a massive migraine. I was calm, she promised to have it towed within two days and she’d pay to have it fixed. Cool. Well later that day we drop her off at boyfriends brothers house, and she keeps saying she’ll come back for her dog and to help with things. She never comes back. A couple weeks later at like 4am I see a state trooper drive down our road. In my 20 years of living here I’ve never seen or heard of a cop coming down here so I panic. Then a tow truck drives by and I’m like “shit the car” (she never got it towed out.) so I text her I’m like “hey this is happening and I’m sorry but it’s your responsibility to take care of this and find the car. She refuses to find the car, fiancé and I couldn’t find it, and we FINALLY get a letter in the mail from the towing company saying we owe ~$2,500 for storage fees. I send her a picture of the letter and she’s refusing to pay it since her new roomate has multiple children and she’s the only one working. She FINALLY comes to get her damn dog (which has destroyed over $2000 worth of our belongings as well as damaged the house) and I try talking to her about it but she’s still refusing to help. We just recently got a court summons to see if we want to protest their right to auction the vehicle. I don’t think it’s a criminal court proceeding but I’m still scared and don’t know what to do. I’ll edit later with the legal jargain they used if it’s important.
TLDR: Shitty roomate wrecks fiancé’s car with no tag or insurance or license, refuses to help whatsoever after promising to do so, now I have to go to court where the plaintiff is the towing guys.
If it’s at all important I’ve not spoken to the court or the towing company.
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2023.06.08 08:16 Far-Journalist5103 Who's right? Just opinions

So, one of my friends got into a committed serious relationship with a girl recently. I know both of them personally. They had been talking for a while and both wanted something serious. They are in a distant relationship for the time being, but the guy plans to get together in the coming year. For now he'd travel every few months to meet her.
So, a few days back, she ended up kissing her guy friend. She says it was by mistake because she was high. But stopped immediately because she felt it was wrong. Initially the guy was angry, but they sorted it out soon enough and it was fine.
A few days later, the guy randomly asked if she's talking to any of her exes or hookups she has feelings for. She said, yes, she was, quite regularly. But nothing more than life updates. He was surprised to know that she was talking without telling him. He asked, if she'll be fine if he talks to his exes. She said, it's ok as long as he doesn't get sexual with them and he lets them know that he's now in a committed relationship. He asked, if she told the guys he was talking to. She said, no. The guy was uncomfortable and said that's not ok then. She lost her cool and said, it's none of his business what she tells them. And why would she announce it to them without any context. He said, since you guys are giving each other life updates, this falls into the category of life updates She was still adamant that since they were not talking about anything sexual, it's not required for her to tell him.
The guy then said, this isn't normal behaviour and she not telling him is a breach of trust, especially after the kissing incident and that's what normal people expect from their partners. But she kept justifying it by saying that she didn't know that that's how he thought and that she has never been in a serious relationship where her partner had expected her to not talk to any of her ex bfs or hookups, and without even letting them know about it.
Now the guy says, it's not fair that he is being painted as a obsessive and nosy person, and that she reversed the whole thing on him.
While the girl thinks that it's not her fault and it's the guy's fault that he expects that from her. And that she won't get a dream about what he thinks about all this.
In my opinion, the girl is definitely in the wrong here. Especially, given her past kissing incident. And trust once broken, needs to be built carefully again. Also, why would she hide and talk regularly to her ex if she's already committed and that too without informing her bf?
What do you guys think? Because none of them are ready to listen to me.
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2023.06.08 08:14 ImaginaryList174 Don't take your health for granted guys

I apologize in advance for the length of my rant, and if I am somewhat rambling. I just really need to let this out and have no one to talk to.
I am a 34(f) from Canada. I have really been struggling for several years. I am a very independent person, and have lived on my own since I was 16. I have always had 2-3 jobs, and thrived on it. My mom and my entire family really other than my dad, are severe alcoholics, and I made the decision to leave at 16 and pretty much cut contact unless they could someday choose me over the booze. That never happened. Before this "rough period" I felt like I had gotten away, broke the curse and made something of myself. I was succesful and happy. Working 2 jobs, a long term partner, our own house.. life was good. But it all went to shit. It started in 2017 when I found out I had endometrioid adenocarcinoma (uterine cancer), which thankfully we caught quick and was very treatable. After that whole ordeal, I was back to work for less than one month before a woman who was texting and driving ran a red light and T-boned me on the driver's side door as I was driving through my green light. More hospitals, more therapies and more missed work. Once I was back to work for about 2 months this time, covid hit and I was laid off from one job and fired from the other. I was considered high risk due to my immune system being shot from my cancer treatments, so my doctor told me I couldn't work and to isolate anyways. Once lockdowns ended and things got somewhat back to normal, I found a new job. A great job actually that I was really excited about and love. I have been there now over a year and a half, and was trying my hardest to dig myself out of my immense hole of debt.
I didn't have benefits before this job, so although the major stuff during the cancer and the accident like the surgeries, the chemo, the radiation etc. was all covered a lot of stuff was not. I had to pay for very expensive perscriptions, therapies, physio etc. on top of not having any income for just over 2 years altogether between the cancer and car accident. I blew through my savings within about six months, and then took out multiple credit cards and lines of credit. At first, I really wasn't that worried. In my head, I just thought like.. I need to do what I have to do to survive right now, and once I am healthy again I will just work my ass off for a couple years to pay all this off. Then covid hit, and after I was fired, I really started to worry. I somehow limped through and came out the other side and then got this job that I have now, that I mentioned before. The new problem now is that once again I am having major health issues. I have been on sick leave since October. Thankfully, this time I have insurance at this job, unlike the previous times, so I am still have some sort of income even though it's very minimal. I have been in and out of the hospital for months with internal bleeding, stomach ulcers, anemia, extreme fatigue, severe stomach pains, and nausea. Everything here in Healthcare is so backed up right now from covid times that it is taken forever to get anything done. I am going for my 2nd endoscopy/colonoscopy on June 15th with the internal medicine specialist/ gastroenterolgist that I was referred to ages ago and its finally happening. The first one didn't work because there was some sort of blockage they couldn't get by. So hopefully I will have concrete answers soon. But in the meantime it's been a mess. MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds, iron transfusions, blood transfusions, blood work every week, barium enemas and on and on. My mom has colon cancer, and her father died from colon cancer, along with several other family members.. so I am very nervous.
I am not exaggerating when I say I lost everything over the past few years. My partner of 8 years broke up with me during the cancer ordeal because he was worried I wouldn't be able to have kids. We actually found out I had cancer in the first place because we were trying to get pregnant, I didn't have my period for 4 months and we thought I was pregnant forsure but the tests kept saying negative. So we went to my gyno, all excited and happy... and left with horrible news instead. During those 6 years I also lost my house, my perfect credit, my nice brand new vehicle, a lot of friends, and more. Once I had gotten this new job I thought like.. finally.. a break. I will get back on track this time. And now with this new round of health issues, I just feel like giving up. I have always tried to be positive no matter what. But this time, it's feeling impossible. Life is just so hard when you have no safety net or someone to fall back on isn't it? I never realized before how much I took my health and ability to work for granted. Now, I am alone, bed ridden, worried about being evicted from my crappy one bedroom apartment with no where to go and no one to talk to. I am behind on my rent, my phone and internet is about to be cut off.. the 60% of my wages I am getting from sick leave doesn't make it really far and I'm just limping along here. I also used to bartend on the side which was a huge help to my monthly income and I haven't been able to do that for months either.
Anyways. That was a lot lol and I apologize. It's just been eating me up and I needed to get it out somehow. There are a lot of safety nets in canada, but it seems like since I have a job on paper although unable to work, I don't qualify for many. If anyone has any idea's i would really appreicate it!! Being bed ridden is not good for someone who likes to be active. All you can do is sit here and think think think.
If you've made it this far, thank you and I hope you have a great day! Xo
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2023.06.08 08:14 Sterben1103 Did I do the right thing here?

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2023.06.08 08:14 reclusivegiraffe I legit just came up with this sub without knowing it existed

(Not really a shitpost, but there’s only 2 flairs to pick from)
I was sitting and thinking about all the ok buddy subs… and I thought to myself “Heh, what if there were a weezer shitposting sub called okbuddyholly… I should make that sub… how do you get a sub going? How would I get an active community?.”
I decided to search it for shits and giggles, and now here I am. I’m delighted that it exists but pissed off that I thought I came up with something original
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2023.06.08 08:14 shxdowstxrm P2P Speaking out before this becomes the NORM.

I put this text under another post as a response to another but here it is.
You might be willing to spend money now,
But think of it this way.
  1. ⁠Not everyone has 50 dollars disposable income to spend on extra content PLUS 60 more dollars on getting the exclusive shop content. While you may have this disposable income, not everyone including myself is willing to spend that much money to unlock ONE outfit…
  2. ⁠It’s utterly ridiculous. I’ve been an avid Disney Magic Kingdoms player until I stopped probably 2021. The game got so bad. You had to spend 15 dollars FOR one character plus many more additional purchases. Mind you, these p2w characters came every 3 weeks. That’s a lot of money. DMK was made by Gameloft, which also is the company that made DDV. I knew this was coming. Either way, there is going to be a pay wall. But I think it is absolutely ridiculous knowing that in every update there will be new p2p overpriced expensive things. But the thing is, DMK used to be pretty free to play. The premium character would only cost 2.99 or 7.99 for 2. (usd. But now, for 1 character it’s 15.00. It will only get worse and people will stop playing the game.
  3. ⁠Guess what! The game will get hella boring! lets just take it this way. If they release an update that unlocks the Cinderella realm. Cinderella is free and unlockable. But, you have to pay 15.00 for Prince Charming. Every update. For people that can’t/shouldn’t have to pay for that, that’s a lot less content that they get to play. The game will get boring which then will mean that people won’t play it. Getting 1 character with a few extra quests every other month is total B.S!
So while it might be “Gladly purchasable” right now. You might want to actually fight back. Curiosity killed the cat.
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2023.06.08 08:12 blackflameandcocaine Unauthorised final pay deduction? 😤

Long story short – I’ve just left my job of a checkout operator at a super shitty supermarket after two years of working there and received my final pay on Tuesday even though my last day was on the 27th.
Under my deductions for student loan and PAYE in my payslip, there is something listed as final pay deduction for $30. I’m just wondering if anyone could give me an insight into it. I have never given them consent to deduct anything from my pay. It is well known at the supermarket, they will deduct you if you return uniform in “crap” condition, even though they aren’t the best quality and are super old and gross. Shirts I have been given have massive sweat stains all around the neck and I had to wear them as there was nothing else. However, nothing has been mentioned to me since I left regarding the state of my uniform.
I realise I could just email them and ask, however I would rather see if anyone had any advice on here before proceeding. I am wary of emailing them as they will most likely just say there was an issue with the uniform and they have deducted it from my pay for it. The work jacket they gave me two years ago had a broken zip and rip on the sleeve when I was first given it– I listed this in the information sheet. I’m wondering if they have may have charge me for it because they are such arseholes.
I made a post earlier this year regarding how they wanted me to pay them back cash, (they insisted I HAD too and berated me for this in a very condensing way) because my till was $20 down one shift. I refused to pay and shortly after this, they also cut a shift that I had for two years without warning (I found out from the roster) and gave it to a new coworker and told me it was because work is quiet. Basically I’m wondering how can I proceed now I no longer work for them and don’t need to put up with their bullshit anymore.
Thanks :)
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