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2023.03.29 05:35 GhostNebula0001 looking for a manga

So I'm currently trying to figure out the name of a manga... A male is the protagonist with a special eye for business people potentials.. and he recieve a debt for bringing his own money into the academy..
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2023.03.29 05:35 Unlucky-Plastic7803 Understanding Tax forms and PayPal

Alright guys sorry if these are dumb questions but idk anything about taxes. I am a U.S. resident. So soundcloud for artists pays me I attach PayPal and put my legal info in. The legal info I put in is for repost to file stuff on there side ig?
So then all taxes are filed by me through PayPal. Does PayPal receive something from SoundCloud besides the money? As I understand it with like the new laws PayPal sends me a form if I make more than 600$ in a single months transaction. I am well under that so like if I don’t receive anything from PayPal can I just not report? Or will the legal info I gave to SoundCloud get me drone striked for that?
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2023.03.29 05:35 otremontiram A+ for effort

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2023.03.29 05:35 RamboBambiBambo I think I know how to fix Halo Infinite's shop to be still a successful system for profits while also being MUCH more consumer friendly. Simply put: Do what R6 Siege is doing.

I think I know how to fix Halo Infinite's shop to be still a successful system for profits while also being MUCH more consumer friendly. Simply put: Do what R6 Siege is doing.
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege is a great example of a life-service game. The game has entered its 8th year of post-launch content. I cannot help but wonder what it has going for it to be such a financially successful system? Alright, enough of me being sarcastically facetious. The answer is obvious.
The game possesses a dual-economy with a better laid-out shop system!
Halo Infinite's shop model is wrong. With roughly 85% of the cosmetics locked behind a paywall and shop items rotating on a weekly basis to diguise itself as a form of FOMO, it is seemingly trying to copy Fortnite's system of income. Which has unfortunately driven away much of the playerbase. The system needs a hard rework.
And here is how I think Halo Infinite could improve on customer satisfaction in four easy steps.
--- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Halo MCC allows players to earn tokens to save up and exchange for either tiers in the Series Passes or The Exchange for items as cosmetics.
If we were to combine this system with Halo Infinite's Credits system; it would greatly improve player satisfaction and likely bring more players back into Infinite; seeing as a lot of players have gripes with the fact that Infinite's cosmetics have 85% of them requiring money to unlock.
So in this dual economy system you have Spartan Tokens in lieu of R6's Renown Points, and you have the MTX currency of UNSC Credits in lieu of Siege's R6 Credits.
Simply put, players that win matches will earn a Spartan Token. Are you the MVP of your team? That gives you a bonus token as well. So if you lost a match but were the top on your team, you earned a token. If you were the victor and you were the MVP on your team, you earned two tokens. If you had an EXP Booster active it would grant you another ST for the match rewards - so victors get two tokens, loser MVP gets two tokens, and Victor MVP gets 3 tokens.
It would also allow for more challenges to be rewarding. As it stands right now, your Challenges just give you an EXP boost to your battle-pass leveling and to getting you closer to your Weekly Ultimate. If an event is live, your challenges at least all now progress the event pass (one of the better updates to this game). But what about outside of events? I say we should have some challenges reward players with Tokens like they do in MCC, so players can get perhaps 2 tokens from the weekly challenges. and instead of just the Weekly Ultimate challenge giving players a single cosmetic item, it should also provide you with 3 Spartan Tokens. That would mean that each week, for completing challenges all week, you can stack up a total of 5 tokens from challenge completion alone.
You would also be able to earn Spartan Tokens in the season's Battle-Pass along the standard track, so players that don't buy the Premium Pass can grind and earn some tokens as they progress the pass. Purchasing the Premium Battle Pass will simply double the amount of tokens you earn. So let's say you earn a token on Tier 10. Now by owning the Premium pass, you earn 2 Spartan Tokens.
Save up your tokens and exchange them for cosmetics.
--- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Please consult the image at the top of this post, for it is the inspiration for what improvements I believe should be done to Halo Infinite's shop.
Tabs people!
Rainbow Six Siege has a lot of its cosmetic items sorted by tabs AND the vast majority of these cosmetics were available PEREMANTLY. Now unfortunately, asking for F.O.M.O. to outright disappear is something that is outside the realm of possibilities since the marketing department has too much hold on the brand. BUT, we can reduce it.
Here is how I would have the Tabs be sorted -
  • FEATURED TAB - Here is where new content is rotated in for when it releases and where Event Bundles will be featured before being moved into the proper tabs below. You can always check this tab to see what is new this week and look for the daily item rotations. I would argue that some items in the Featured Tab would be repeat items that are temporarily on a discount for that day/week.
  • MARK VII TAB - Here is where Mark VII Armor Core Bundles would be featured.
  • MARK V [B] TAB - Ditto but for the Mark V [B] Armor Core Bundles
  • RAKSHASA TAB - Ditto but for the Raksasa Armor Core Bundles
  • MIRAGE IIC TAB - Ditto but for the Mirage Armor Core Bundles
  • VEHICLES TAB - A tab dedicated to Vehicle Cosmetic Bundles
  • WEAPONS TAB - A tab dedicated to Weapons Cosmetic Bundles
  • PERSONALIZATION TAB - A tab dedicated to Player Emblem Decals, Coatings, AI Personalization, and the like.
  • ESPORTS TAB - Here rests the cosmetics of every season, every Esports Team from first to last; all available for players to obtain.
  • FRACTURES TAB - Here is where all the Fractures gear would go when the Fractures event closes, allowing players to get bundles of items from the Tenrai, Entrenched, Chimera, and other Fractures down the line.
Since 343 has allowed for all armor cores to be unlocked by default for all players, it only makes sense that bundles from all armor cores should be available at all times, with some bundles rotating into the Featured Tab to be on a discount. And of course as the game progresses with more armor bundles added to the game, there would be a new tab added each Season for every canon armor core added to the game.
--- --- --- --- --- --- ---
We have had many events in the game thus far. With rumors of Tenrai making a return as next-season's Fracture Event; we can assume that the Tenrai Event Pass will be extended... hopefully. Otherwise we may see them do the same thing that happened with The Winter Contingency event, were it's second coming saw all new items released and none of the original items from the event.
But here is a solution I have for 343 to employ to ensure that even if players missed out on these small events, they can obtain the Event Cosmetics. Simply put, they should make the Event Cosmetics become a 10-item bundle for sale in the shop after the event comes to a close.
This way if you missed out on an event, let's say the Interception Event, you can still obtain the items through the newly made Interception Bundle.
"But that won't work because I might already own 4 items in that bundle," I can hear you saying. Fear not, a simple solution would be to apply a discount to players. So if you were to have some items in these Event Passes, you will receive a 10% discount for every item you unlocked in said event pass. So having 4/10 items = a 40% discount when purchasing said bundle. Unfortunately, this would mean that these 'Event Pass Bundles' would have to be obtainable only by trading in UNSC Credits instead of Spartan Tokens.
As for the Fractures Event Passes and Regular Battle Passes? I believe that these should ALWAYS be available for purchase at any time. Were you a player that left the game during Season 2 because of a lack of content and fulfilled promises? Well returning to the game later on should allow the player to purchase the Lone Wolves Premium Pass with UNSC Credits. Meanwhile, Fractures Event Passes should be available at all times for exchange of Spartan Tokens exclusively. So if the rumored Fractures Tenrai II next season gives us 30 new tiers and doesn't allow you to unlock the 30 previous tiers; I believe we SHOULD be able to still obtain these items.
FOMO works in some areas but not in every instance. For example, cross-brand promocodes? FOMO works. Bundles that rotate in the shop fortnite style? Does't work and has driven away players.
--- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Take a look at what Rainbow Six Siege does. You can buy single items using Renown or R6 Credits. You can also buy bundles, but unfortunately if you bought some items in said bundle individually; you do not get a discount.
I think Infinite could be made to outshine Siege in this instance.
Allow players to exchange 100 UNSC Credits or 1 Spartan Token for a single item of customization. Perhaps I want the Celox helmet and its exclusive attachment but I do not want the rest of the bundle? 200 UNSC Credits or 2 Tokens later and I have my item of my choosing. But perhaps I want to exchange Tokens or Credits for the rest of the bundle later on? The game should recognize that I already have a portion of the items in the bundle and then calculate a proper fraction discount for when I buy the bundle.
A lot of players have been complaining about single item purchase not being available. I think this would be a proper solution to this issue. Just by viewing the items in your customization menus, if they have been released into the game after the event or bundle they are a part of has been unveiled AND they are not part of an event pass or the main battle pass; you can exchange a token or 100 Credits to unlock said item you are viewing.
--- --- --- --- --- ---
  1. Adopt a dual-economy system to allow players to slowly grind for goods or blitz through if they have expendable income.
  2. Rework the shop so we have an actual store instead of only having a weekly rotation, with a tabs system to sort out the cosmetics in an easy to filter manner.
  3. Reduce FOMO within reason and make Event Passes into Shop Bundles or permenant Fractures Battlepasses that get extended over time
  4. Allow for players to unlock single items with the ability to obtain a discount on Bundles those items are in.
Whaddya guys think?
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2023.03.29 05:35 AutoModerator [Get] EPC Institute – Matt Bacak – Email Marketing Specialist (incl. Bonus)

[Get] EPC Institute – Matt Bacak – Email Marketing Specialist (incl. Bonus)
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[Get] EPC Institute – Matt Bacak – Email Marketing Specialist (incl. Bonus)
Matt’s passion is helping people like you make more money from email because Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing repertoire.
Email Marketing is a dynamic and intelligent Marketing strategy to sell your product or service. Email marketing has the ability to reach thousands, even millions of people. Matt Bacak, a pioneer in the email marketing world, has condensed his 20+ years of expertise into a specialist level course. The course will walk you through his, S+C+E formula, for earning big profits using Email Marketing.
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2023.03.29 05:35 Lower-Ad9708 Who are the best profs for FNCE 1000 and ACCT 1010?

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2023.03.29 05:34 bubbly_meringe Protecting my relationship (29F) (40M) from my own family

hi reddit, so I’ve been dating my now boyfriend (40M) since september 2022. we met at my family’s business where I was forced to manage it. to cut the long story short, I developed feelings with him and he also confessed to me that since he met me there’s an unexplainable feeling or connection he has with me. my family knew him as one of our really great and outstanding employees and he helped me A LOT. they praised him yet when I excitedly told them that I am dating him, because I kept my past relationship to myself and now I am certain of this one and wanted to share my happiness with my family, they all of a sudden go all out with nasty comments about him. they did not approve of him. it was weeks of crying on my end and I explained everything to my boyfriend and he understood but he is all that I ever wished for a guy (the complete opposite of my abusive father and very patient and the kindest man I know). My family’s points were: 1) he is 10-ish years older than I am 2) he had 2 kids with his first ex girlfriend who are now 17~18 years of ages, they want me to find someone without “excess baggage” 3) he (according to my family) is not on my/our wealth level, they want me to marry someone with money or wealthier than us
yes, he told me his whole past and I accepted him as he is and i shared all my secrets to him as well and likewise he accepted me as I am. we decided to keep our communication and relationship from my family so my family won’t continue to hurt me with their words towards him. lastly, he gave all the green flags before and now that he is my boyfriend. we keep seeing each other when we have time and I have to keep making excuses to my family in order to see him. i feel controlled with my family so lately I decided to move out with him and all he ever said to me was true, his true colors he has shown to me since we met. I love him so much that it hurts me to retell everything but I also love my family. now, we are talking about marriage in the future (he has never been married his entire life and it is his dream to be married to the lady of his truest love) and I am contemplating to hide my wedding and only invite my closest friends who understood me but the same with before I want my family to be there on my special day but I know for sure they will be against my boyfriend let alone marriage with him. they told me before they will never accept someone like him. I am leaning towards the ‘secret’ or intimate wedding
note: marrying in my country is a big deal no
what do you think of my decisions and all the situation?
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2023.03.29 05:34 emp9th Lore Videos

I am looking for a YouTube channel on the lore that gives an indepth explanation on DnD. One that will go over everything as if I am clueless (I am) the best example of something similar Luetin for Warhammer 40k. The channel goes into historic events pre game, explains origins of races etc. I am basically looking for DnD lore for dummies lol.
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2023.03.29 05:34 StepwiseUndrape574 A few questions before buying a mod menu

Hi, i've been thinking about getting a menu and I found Stand Regular. It's at the top of what I'm willing to pay but seems worth the money.
But I wanted to ask a few things from people who have some experience modding:
1.Is that a good choice? I don't need some options, mostly just making money(from missions, not by adding artificially) crash protections, teleport and other quality of life changes, i wouldn't be needing any griefing tools or anything that interferes with other players.
2.I understand it's an internal menu, running as part of the game. How can it avoid detection by Rockstar Launcher checking the game files? Won't it get me banned for just being there?
3.Is the site I'm looking at,, legit?
4.Is there a way to see when a Rockstar employee is spectating me? As far as I know you can get banned by auto detection of cheated money/cars, by getting reported for cheating in a public session, or by an admin who decides to take a look at what you're doing and witnesses you cheating. Can the menu prevent or warn me about the last one?
5.Are menus like Stand fun to use for someone not amused by griefing and aimbotting? As in, are there some fun things to do not designed to ruin the fun of others?
Sorry if the questions are dumb, but I've only ever used Menyoo for singleplayer and Modest Menu before for a while so I don't know much about mods, and I don't want to waste money by rushing it. Any answers and opinions are appreciated, thanks!
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2023.03.29 05:34 AutoModerator [Get] Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0

[Get] Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0
Get the course here:
[Get] Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0


Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0 is an ultimate course for anyone who wants to learn how to trade and become a successful trader. You will learn from Siddhant Goswami, the CEO of Trade With Sid, who will teach you everything from beginner to professional level information to get you started on the right path to becoming a consistently profitable trader.
Acquiring the Right Mindset and Improving Risk and Money Management Plan
One of the key components of becoming a successful trader is to have the right mindset, which is precisely what you will learn in this course. You will learn how to develop a mindset that will enable you to achieve higher levels of mastery trading Forex or any other financial instrument.
Additionally, you will learn how to improve your risk and money management plan, which is essential to becoming a successful trader.
Upgrading Your Trading Methodology and Applying Skills and Tools
In Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0, you will learn how to upgrade your trading methodology to read price action correctly to identify the strongest trend in place. Moreover, you will apply the right skills and tools to increase the probabilities of making winning trades while reducing risk.
Through this course, you will gain a deep understanding of how to integrate risk control, money management, and price action to have a successful trading business.
Personal Tricks, Techniques and Views on the Forex Market
The course will go beyond just theoretical concepts and cover our personal tricks, techniques, and views on the Forex market, which have tremendously fast-tracked our success. The course will give you access to insights that will make you a more confident trader, enabling you to make sound trading decisions.
Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0 is a comprehensive course designed to teach you how to become a successful and consistently profitable trader. You will learn the crucial components of trading, including mindset development, risk management, and money management.
You will also learn how to apply the right skills and tools to increase the probabilities of making winning trades while reducing risk, and gain access to personal tricks and techniques that have fast-tracked our success.
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2023.03.29 05:34 blackberrywheatfox I’m not sure why, but I don’t like Logan for Rory.

First time watcher here! I’m only on episode 4 of season 7. Before I watched it, everyone would say that I’d LOVE Logan for Rory and that he’s the best out of her love interests… I disagree. When I was a teenager, I loved Jess with Rory (this was based only on clips I saw online and I was a sucker for the bad boys lol) but as an adult, I don’t like Logan for Rory either, idk. I just found Logan to be extremely pretentious and tried to say he didn’t like his father, but I think he didn’t like his father because they honestly share similarities. Him breaking up with Rory over a small fight? I feel like he just wanted an excuse to fuck those bridesmaids tbh. He also liked to “live live on the edge”, but at what cost? Rory going to jail? Also, if he was in a bad mood, that meant Rory had to be too. Weird. Maybe this season I’ll change my mind about him (highly unlikely) but what do you guys think about Logan?
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2023.03.29 05:34 GiantsJets Leather Car Seat Covers

I have owned Prius for nearly two decades now, and in each generation the driver seat is uncomfortable (Can't judge Gen4 or beyond though). I tried a generic seat cover I had as it has some sponge padding underneath the leather, and it improved the seat comfort immensely. However, the seat cover doesn't fit the driver seat properly and isn't the most significant thing to look at.
I wanted to therefore ask: of the fake leather car seat covers (to my knowledge, there is PVC and PU Leather), is there one that is best? I'm only interested in covering the driver seat only as I feel like it will improve comfort immensely. I see a bunch on Amazon with varying types (all either PVC or PU). Is there a general preference when choosing between fake leather? Bonus points for anything waterproof!
I also know there is Clazzio and Katzkin, but was wondering if anyone had luck with any of the Amazon generics before going that route.
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2023.03.29 05:34 bmwjor Money market Interest tax

Just curious to how the tax situation works with money market funds Some of them are exempt from state and local taxes At variable rates, like on on Fidelity SPAXX is ~50% exempt, while FDLXX is almost 100% exempt. Even some are exempt from federal taxes like FTEXX. Reading other posts sounds like we have to calculate this manually once 1099 is sent out next year, but say you held both SPAXX and FDLXX in the same year, do you get 2 separate 1099s for each MM which makes the calculation easier or is it a one consolidated 1099 and you have to figure out where the money came from? Because if that is the case that seems very complicated
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2023.03.29 05:33 lDK122 goofy ah hacker man

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2023.03.29 05:33 Pinball_Lizard Anyone remember these charts? They were packed in with old toys for the series in the US. This was the first, but I believe there were others as well. To the best of my knowledge they were the only source to give Pokemon-style numbers to Digimon.

Anyone remember these charts? They were packed in with old toys for the series in the US. This was the first, but I believe there were others as well. To the best of my knowledge they were the only source to give Pokemon-style numbers to Digimon. submitted by Pinball_Lizard to digimon [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 05:33 DerrickBagels i have a hardware idea that's been on my mind for the longest time that I'm confident valve would be interested in

Have tried applying a few times and sent a few messages, engineering background but not directly gaming related, idea isn't something i want to give away completely but it involves AR and would be the extreme limit of how alyx had a barrier to play, what that does is get you the market of people with fuck you money that will pay high prices for experiences. As opposed to steam and deck which are the most accessible, fill out that spectrum and i know how to make something great on the other end of inaccessibility that the whole world would watch, and possibly play along
That's as much as i want to say and if anyone has an idea on how to get an elevator pitch in please suggest a point of contact
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2023.03.29 05:33 DellaBeam Musicians, how do you integrate fitness with the physical demands of your practice?

This is kind of a niche topic but it's something I've been curious about ever since I added lifting to a list of hobbies that includes various stringed instruments and drums... and I figure that among the 1.1M of us on this sub, there must be at least a few folks in similar boats.
Practicing and performing can be kind of rough on the body itself (lots of repetitive motions and odd postures, plus holding a big heavy instrument asymmetrically for 30 minutes at a time if you're playing bass/guitar onstage). On the flip side, I'm much less likely to sit down and play when I'm managing a lot of upper-body tightness from the gym (which is... often).
So, fellow musicians, I'd love to know:
Are there specific fitness or recovery practices that have actually helped make playing your instrument more comfortable?
Is there anything you do to avoid interference between your fitness practice and your musical practice?
Or any other observations, experiences or recommendations in this area?
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2023.03.29 05:33 CallmeFishmeal_ Spouse and I are in the market for some empathogens. Any suggestions?

Not asking for sources! And please do not dm for sources!
To simply put, my partner and I like to occasionally browse the markets and plan out what we want and when. Right now, we are really interested in the empathogen selections. We are most excited to try 5-mapb, 3-mmc, 6-apb and MDMA. Of these choices, which gives the best and most desired effects? Has anyone had any bad experiences with them? I have been talking to multiple vendors and one said they can send a sample of 5g each for $300. I have worked with this vendor many years and trust is no issues, and this is the deal I'm thinking is best. I was just wanting/asking for people's experiences with these. I'm sure some are better than others, but overall, what do we think?
(I apologize to the mods if this post is not allowed, feel free to delete if need be.)
Thanks everyone for their time.
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2023.03.29 05:33 foldawg29 Benchmade 42 and Benchmade 62

Time Stamp-
The 42 is in great condition and has a more rare spring latch that is very strong. The 62 seems to have been heat anodized on the original scales before I received it however I sent it to benchmade and it was cleaned up the best they could and it is much better than before however it is still there. In addition to the 62 I do have flytanium scales that would be going along with it however.
$750 for the 42-
$275 for the 62 and additional flytanium scales-
willing to entertain reasonable offers
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2023.03.29 05:33 Hopeful-Cry-1264 should I leave my job?

Ive been working here for almost three months. I make 15$ an hour. I work almost 6 hours. No benefits or anything like that. Terrible work environment without getting too specific there isn’t really anything the superiors can do. I absolutely hate it. Not enough money to live. I’m exhausted by the time I get home. Don’t even want to show up tomorrow, I was going to stay until I file my taxes but I’m thinking about just writing a resignation letter tonight and emailing it to my boss and dropping off my keys in the morning. I’m only 21 and everyone in my life is telling me to stay at this job even though I can’t stand it. What should I do?
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2023.03.29 05:33 sometransfella FTM Documentaries, Movies, Shows

Hey gents! I'm still working on this resource for the community:
If you're ever seeking FTM and/or transmasc media rep, have a browse. And if there are any documentaries/films/shows missing from the list, please let me know so I can add them. I watch new media whenever I can... I work two jobs, so spare time is limited, but I'm doing my best 😉
The inspiration for this site was my own loneliness, and a persistent feeling that trans men are underrepresented. As it turns out, there is a lot of media about us, but it's easy to feel that we're alone when much of our media has historically been forgotten or erased. This site is my way of pushing back against erasure. Plus, I'm not involved in trans spaces at all nowadays, so this is a way for me to remain a little bit connected with FTM communities.
I'm also always on the lookout for unsafe binding, especially bandage binding, in films/shows. I've dedicated a page to critiquing media that sets a harmful example:
I hope these resources can help you guys! Especially if you're feeling alone at the moment.

Disclaimer: I make no money off this site. It's a hobby and something productive to do with my frustration about FTM invisibility (especially historical invisibility), instead of just being mad. If you know any guys who are feeling that same frustration, please share the URL ❤️
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2023.03.29 05:33 cmdrstacklin [BUG - XBOX SERIES S - v1.61] Kerry Eurodyne "Boat Drinks" Quest Bug

(Playing as Female V) After you wait for Kerry at the marker, if you do not wait for Kerry to finish speaking and select a response (“Ahoy back atcha."/“Nice dinghy you got there.” - NOTE: I selected the "Ahoy back atcha" line and it fixes the quest ending to work correctly. The devs just need to put in a wall so you cannot enter the boat until you answer Kerry. That's why I'm posting this because I can't find any reference to this bug.) The mission will continue as normal, however at the end of the mission when Kerry asks for help pulling down a pole things break down if you DON'T wait for Kerry to finish AND respond to him before hopping onto the boat. V falls into him and the game will pause for a moment. Afterwards he will say "No thanks, V. I'm alright". When the player regains control there is an infinite saving wheel at the top and Kerry locks into place. The quest will NOT proceed. The only option to make it move forward is to reset to a save before you started the quest OR walk far enough away from the quest area that Kerry gets pissed at you and messages.
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