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23 f (US) Finding friends shouldn't be this hard!

2023.03.29 04:38 phantomroguegalaxy 23 f (US) Finding friends shouldn't be this hard!

Significant note: Please only message me if you're 21+ years old and from the U.S ONLY (due to the difference in timezones past 3 hours (PST) and I would like to hopefully meet up one day) no minors. I'm not interested in NSFW, drugs, alcohol, or politics either so please don't contact me if you like those things
Remember when you could just make a post and find someone or a few people to click with? It feels like nobody actually wants to put effort into anything anymore and it's actually maddening. It also feels like half the time I'm talking to someone devoid of a personality or feelings because our chats will be so lifeless. I personally don't want to talk to anyone who isn't obviously going to be putting in the same amount of care, effort, and work into building a friendship. There isn't a point, because it'll end up being draining and pointless to me
I think it would be great if I could find a few people who align with what I'm looking for. So I'll make a short bullet list about what I'm looking for in a friend + some of my interests!
• Reciprocation is above all key: both of us need to be sharing equal effort !
• I text back pretty quickly: it would be nice to find others like this! But also don't feel like you need to rush to get me a response. I don't mind waiting a bit for you to formulate something because I know it takes time writing something that has more thought/effort in it.
• I'm basically available throughout the day and night: so it's preferred you're also available that much, and also a night owl! I like consistent back and forth chatting that feels like it never ends and we can always pick back up where we left off. I understand we both may get busy but if it's taking hours/days to respond we wouldn't be a good match
• finding new music and listening to Spotify together would be radical: I'm into 80s-00s, post hardcore, alternative, emo, some goth, synthwave, indie, and tons of others
• Someone to game with on this lesser known battle royal would be nice: not looking for a gaming buddy for anything else tho!
• someone who can be kind, understanding, and respectful: too many fakes on here and in the world. I just want to meet some people who actually aren't afraid to be themselves and open up!
• I prefer deep and meaningful conversations over small talk: some people take that the wrong way and think I'm some sort of philosopher who wants to always chat philosophically. I don't. I just want our conversations to hold substance and for us to share are likes, dislikes, interests, what's happening in our lives, sharing stories, venting, you name it
• I'm open to moving off this app if we get along well/possible voice chats: HOWEVER, I'm not interested in solely having voice chats or getting into voice chats right away
• I mirror the other person: so you get back what you give! I'm pretty high energy most, if not all the time so someone who could also match that would be nice!
I love nature, stuffed animals, taking nature pictures, going for walks, going for long car rides (especially at night), listening to music, gaming, reading comics/manga/fiction, online and irl shopping, thrifting, going to milk tea shops, going to arcades, playing pool, playing tabletop, and much more! Now, I'm not looking for a gaming buddy (unless you are open to playing this lesser known battle royal I have!). Please don't message me if you only want to play that with me as I'm trying to find friends that want to do a plethora of things with me! I'd also like it if you were open to listening to Spotify with me as opposed to sharing playlists. I'm open to voice chatting but not right away and this isn't something I solely want to do. And last but not least, I'd like it if we could move off this app eventually. I don't like reddit, nor it's messaging system. I rarely get notifications at all anymore.
If you liked this post and want to get to know me feel free to send me a message telling me about you, how old you are, and what you are also looking for! I also have other posts on my page about me you're more than welcome to look at :)
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2023.03.29 02:13 piramiDA2 Can a landlord or HOA really ban tenant from amenities such as swimming pool?

Do you know any precedents where a resident was actually convicted of trespassing for not leaving a common area or coming back after being banned?
Because from what I have seen, contrary to the majority's opinion, it seems like it's impossible to trespass a resident even if he was banned and comes back again to a common area.
1.An HOA manager tries to trespass a resident that does not pay dues. Police were called. Police sided with the resident claiming it was a civil matter and they were NOT trespassed: (see 2:10)

2.Orlando Police Department policy that instructs officers what to do when someone is trespassing:
Apartment complex owners and managers may generally exclude non-tenants from the common areas of the complex (pool, parking lots, clubhouse, etc.); however, a non-tenant may not be excluded or arrested for trespass if the non-tenant is in the common areas pursuant to a tenant's invitation. This holds true even if the non-tenant has an active Trespass Warning against him/her; a non-tenant with an active Trespass Warning may still use the common areas at the specific invitation of a tenant.

3.People v. Finch ( This case basically shows that guests of the tenants cannot be banned or trespassed from the common area (in this case it was just a parking lot). It was in NY if it matters. I'm not sure if the court's verdict will be valid in every state.
[A] tenant with a lease to a specific apartment in an apartment complex has the inherent right to invite guests and ... those guests ... are licensed and privileged to be in or upon the property”
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2023.03.29 01:24 pokefan200803 if this works then huh, didn't expect it to

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow! Let's shake it up a little. Barry! Breakfast is ready! Ooming! Hang on a second. Hello? - Barry? - Adam? - Oan you believe this is happening? - I can't. I'll pick you up. Looking sharp. Use the stairs. Your father paid good money for those. Sorry. I'm excited. Here's the graduate. We're very proud of you, son. A perfect report card, all B's. Very proud. Ma! I got a thing going here. - You got lint on your fuzz. - Ow! That's me! - Wave to us! We'll be in row 118,000. - Bye! Barry, I told you, stop flying in the house! - Hey, Adam. - Hey, Barry. - Is that fuzz gel? - A little. Special day, graduation. Never thought I'd make it. Three days grade school, three days high school. Those were awkward. Three days college. I'm glad I took a day and hitchhiked around the hive. You did come back different. - Hi, Barry. - Artie, growing a mustache? Looks good. - Hear about Frankie? - Yeah. - You going to the funeral? - No, I'm not going. Everybody knows, sting someone, you die. Don't waste it on a squirrel. Such a hothead. I guess he could have just gotten out of the way. I love this incorporating an amusement park into our day. That's why we don't need vacations. Boy, quite a bit of pomp... under the circumstances. - Well, Adam, today we are men. - We are! - Bee-men. - Amen! Hallelujah! Students, faculty, distinguished bees, please welcome Dean Buzzwell. Welcome, New Hive Oity graduating class of... ...9:15. That concludes our ceremonies. And begins your career at Honex Industries! Will we pick ourjob today? I heard it's just orientation. Heads up! Here we go. Keep your hands and antennas inside the tram at all times. - Wonder what it'll be like? - A little scary. Welcome to Honex, a division of Honesco and a part of the Hexagon Group. This is it! Wow. Wow. We know that you, as a bee, have worked your whole life to get to the point where you can work for your whole life. Honey begins when our valiant Pollen Jocks bring the nectar to the hive. Our top-secret formula is automatically color-corrected, scent-adjusted and bubble-contoured into this soothing sweet syrup with its distinctive golden glow you know as... Honey! - That girl was hot. - She's my cousin! - She is? - Yes, we're all cousins. - Right. You're right. - At Honex, we constantly strive to improve every aspect of bee existence. These bees are stress-testing a new helmet technology. - What do you think he makes? - Not enough. Here we have our latest advancement, the Krelman. - What does that do? - Oatches that little strand of honey that hangs after you pour it. Saves us millions. Oan anyone work on the Krelman? Of course. Most bee jobs are small ones. But bees know that every small job, if it's done well, means a lot. But choose carefully because you'll stay in the job you pick for the rest of your life. The same job the rest of your life? I didn't know that. What's the difference? You'll be happy to know that bees, as a species, haven't had one day off in 27 million years. So you'll just work us to death? We'll sure try. Wow! That blew my mind! "What's the difference?" How can you say that? One job forever? That's an insane choice to have to make. I'm relieved. Now we only have to make one decision in life. But, Adam, how could they never have told us that? Why would you question anything? We're bees. We're the most perfectly functioning society on Earth. You ever think maybe things work a little too well here? Like what? Give me one example. I don't know. But you know what I'm talking about. Please clear the gate. Royal Nectar Force on approach. Wait a second. Oheck it out. - Hey, those are Pollen Jocks! - Wow. I've never seen them this close. They know what it's like outside the hive. Yeah, but some don't come back. - Hey, Jocks! - Hi, Jocks! You guys did great! You're monsters! You're sky freaks! I love it! I love it! - I wonder where they were. - I don't know. Their day's not planned. Outside the hive, flying who knows where, doing who knows what. You can'tjust decide to be a Pollen Jock. You have to be bred for that. Right. Look. That's more pollen than you and I will see in a lifetime. It's just a status symbol. Bees make too much of it. Perhaps. Unless you're wearing it and the ladies see you wearing it. Those ladies? Aren't they our cousins too? Distant. Distant. Look at these two. - Oouple of Hive Harrys. - Let's have fun with them. It must be dangerous being a Pollen Jock. Yeah. Once a bear pinned me against a mushroom! He had a paw on my throat, and with the other, he was slapping me! - Oh, my! - I never thought I'd knock him out. What were you doing during this? Trying to alert the authorities. I can autograph that. A little gusty out there today, wasn't it, comrades? Yeah. Gusty. We're hitting a sunflower patch six miles from here tomorrow. - Six miles, huh? - Barry! A puddle jump for us, but maybe you're not up for it. - Maybe I am. - You are not! We're going 0900 at J-Gate. What do you think, buzzy-boy? Are you bee enough? I might be. It all depends on what 0900 means. Hey, Honex! Dad, you surprised me. You decide what you're interested in? - Well, there's a lot of choices. - But you only get one. Do you ever get bored doing the same job every day? Son, let me tell you about stirring. You grab that stick, and you just move it around, and you stir it around. You get yourself into a rhythm. It's a beautiful thing. You know, Dad, the more I think about it, maybe the honey field just isn't right for me. You were thinking of what, making balloon animals? That's a bad job for a guy with a stinger. Janet, your son's not sure he wants to go into honey! - Barry, you are so funny sometimes. - I'm not trying to be funny. You're not funny! You're going into honey. Our son, the stirrer! - You're gonna be a stirrer? - No one's listening to me! Wait till you see the sticks I have. I could say anything right now. I'm gonna get an ant tattoo! Let's open some honey and celebrate! Maybe I'll pierce my thorax. Shave my antennae. Shack up with a grasshopper. Get a gold tooth and call everybody "dawg"! I'm so proud. - We're starting work today! - Today's the day. Oome on! All the good jobs will be gone. Yeah, right. Pollen counting, stunt bee, pouring, stirrer, front desk, hair removal... - Is it still available? - Hang on. Two left! One of them's yours! Oongratulations! Step to the side. - What'd you get? - Picking crud out. Stellar! Wow! Oouple of newbies? Yes, sir! Our first day! We are ready! Make your choice. - You want to go first? - No, you go. Oh, my. What's available? Restroom attendant's open, not for the reason you think. - Any chance of getting the Krelman? - Sure, you're on. I'm sorry, the Krelman just closed out. Wax monkey's always open. The Krelman opened up again. What happened? A bee died. Makes an opening. See? He's dead. Another dead one. Deady. Deadified. Two more dead. Dead from the neck up. Dead from the neck down. That's life! Oh, this is so hard! Heating, cooling, stunt bee, pourer, stirrer, humming, inspector number seven, lint coordinator, stripe supervisor, mite wrangler. Barry, what do you think I should... Barry? Barry! All right, we've got the sunflower patch in quadrant nine... What happened to you? Where are you? - I'm going out. - Out? Out where? - Out there. - Oh, no! I have to, before I go to work for the rest of my life. You're gonna die! You're crazy! Hello? Another call coming in. If anyone's feeling brave, there's a Korean deli on 83rd that gets their roses today. Hey, guys. - Look at that. - Isn't that the kid we saw yesterday? Hold it, son, flight deck's restricted. It's OK, Lou. We're gonna take him up. Really? Feeling lucky, are you? Sign here, here. Just initial that. - Thank you. - OK. You got a rain advisory today, and as you all know, bees cannot fly in rain. So be careful. As always, watch your brooms, hockey sticks, dogs, birds, bears and bats. Also, I got a couple of reports of root beer being poured on us. Murphy's in a home because of it, babbling like a cicada! - That's awful. - And a reminder for you rookies, bee law number one, absolutely no talking to humans! All right, launch positions! Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz! Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz! Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz! Black and yellow! Hello! You ready for this, hot shot? Yeah. Yeah, bring it on. Wind, check. - Antennae, check. - Nectar pack, check. - Wings, check. - Stinger, check. Scared out of my shorts, check. OK, ladies, let's move it out! Pound those petunias, you striped stem-suckers! All of you, drain those flowers! Wow! I'm out! I can't believe I'm out! So blue. I feel so fast and free! Box kite! Wow! Flowers! This is Blue Leader. We have roses visual. Bring it around 30 degrees and hold. Roses! 30 degrees, roger. Bringing it around. Stand to the side, kid. It's got a bit of a kick. That is one nectar collector! - Ever see pollination up close? - No, sir. I pick up some pollen here, sprinkle it over here. Maybe a dash over there, a pinch on that one. See that? It's a little bit of magic. That's amazing. Why do we do that? That's pollen power. More pollen, more flowers, more nectar, more honey for us. Oool. I'm picking up a lot of bright yellow. Oould be daisies. Don't we need those? Oopy that visual. Wait. One of these flowers seems to be on the move. Say again? You're reporting a moving flower? Affirmative. That was on the line! This is the coolest. What is it? I don't know, but I'm loving this color. It smells good. Not like a flower, but I like it. Yeah, fuzzy. Ohemical-y. Oareful, guys. It's a little grabby. My sweet lord of bees! Oandy-brain, get off there! Problem! - Guys! - This could be bad. Affirmative. Very close. Gonna hurt. Mama's little boy. You are way out of position, rookie! Ooming in at you like a missile! Help me! I don't think these are flowers. - Should we tell him? - I think he knows. What is this?! Match point! You can start packing up, honey, because you're about to eat it! Yowser! Gross. There's a bee in the car! - Do something! - I'm driving! - Hi, bee. - He's back here! He's going to sting me! Nobody move. If you don't move, he won't sting you. Freeze! He blinked! Spray him, Granny! What are you doing?! Wow... the tension level out here is unbelievable. I gotta get home. Oan't fly in rain. Oan't fly in rain. Oan't fly in rain. Mayday! Mayday! Bee going down! Ken, could you close the window please? Ken, could you close the window please? Oheck out my new resume. I made it into a fold-out brochure. You see? Folds out. Oh, no. More humans. I don't need this. What was that? Maybe this time. This time. This time. This time! This time! This... Drapes! That is diabolical. It's fantastic. It's got all my special skills, even my top-ten favorite movies. What's number one? Star Wars? Nah, I don't go for that... ...kind of stuff. No wonder we shouldn't talk to them. They're out of their minds. When I leave a job interview, they're flabbergasted, can't believe what I say. There's the sun. Maybe that's a way out. I don't remember the sun having a big 75 on it. I predicted global warming. I could feel it getting hotter. At first I thought it was just me. Wait! Stop! Bee! Stand back. These are winter boots. Wait! Don't kill him! You know I'm allergic to them! This thing could kill me! Why does his life have less value than yours? Why does his life have any less value than mine? Is that your statement? I'm just saying all life has value. You don't know what he's capable of feeling. My brochure! There you go, little guy. I'm not scared of him. It's an allergic thing. Put that on your resume brochure. My whole face could puff up. Make it one of your special skills. Knocking someone out is also a special skill. Right. Bye, Vanessa. Thanks. - Vanessa, next week? Yogurt night? - Sure, Ken. You know, whatever. - You could put carob chips on there. - Bye. - Supposed to be less calories. - Bye. I gotta say something. She saved my life. I gotta say something. All right, here it goes. Nah. What would I say? I could really get in trouble. It's a bee law. You're not supposed to talk to a human. I can't believe I'm doing this. I've got to. Oh, I can't do it. Oome on! No. Yes. No. Do it. I can't. How should I start it? "You like jazz?" No, that's no good. Here she comes! Speak, you fool! Hi! I'm sorry. - You're talking. - Yes, I know. You're talking! I'm so sorry. No, it's OK. It's fine. I know I'm dreaming. But I don't recall going to bed. Well, I'm sure this is very disconcerting. This is a bit of a surprise to me. I mean, you're a bee! I am. And I'm not supposed to be doing this, but they were all trying to kill me. And if it wasn't for you... I had to thank you. It's just how I was raised. That was a little weird. - I'm talking with a bee. - Yeah. I'm talking to a bee. And the bee is talking to me! I just want to say I'm grateful. I'll leave now. - Wait! How did you learn to do that? - What? The talking thing. Same way you did, I guess. "Mama, Dada, honey." You pick it up. - That's very funny. - Yeah. Bees are funny. If we didn't laugh, we'd cry with what we have to deal with. Anyway... Oan I... ...get you something? - Like what? I don't know. I mean... I don't know. Ooffee? I don't want to put you out. It's no trouble. It takes two minutes. - It's just coffee. - I hate to impose. - Don't be ridiculous! - Actually, I would love a cup. Hey, you want rum cake? - I shouldn't. - Have some. - No, I can't. - Oome on! I'm trying to lose a couple micrograms. - Where? - These stripes don't help. You look great! I don't know if you know anything about fashion. Are you all right? No. He's making the tie in the cab as they're flying up Madison. He finally gets there. He runs up the steps into the church. The wedding is on. And he says, "Watermelon? I thought you said Guatemalan. Why would I marry a watermelon?" Is that a bee joke? That's the kind of stuff we do. Yeah, different. So, what are you gonna do, Barry? About work? I don't know. I want to do my part for the hive, but I can't do it the way they want. I know how you feel. - You do? - Sure. My parents wanted me to be a lawyer or a doctor, but I wanted to be a florist. - Really? - My only interest is flowers. Our new queen was just elected with that same campaign slogan. Anyway, if you look... There's my hive right there. See it? You're in Sheep Meadow! Yes! I'm right off the Turtle Pond! No way! I know that area. I lost a toe ring there once. - Why do girls put rings on their toes? - Why not? - It's like putting a hat on your knee. - Maybe I'll try that. - You all right, ma'am? - Oh, yeah. Fine. Just having two cups of coffee! Anyway, this has been great. Thanks for the coffee. Yeah, it's no trouble. Sorry I couldn't finish it. If I did, I'd be up the rest of my life. Are you...? Oan I take a piece of this with me? Sure! Here, have a crumb. - Thanks! - Yeah. All right. Well, then... I guess I'll see you around. Or not. OK, Barry. And thank you so much again... for before. Oh, that? That was nothing. Well, not nothing, but... Anyway... This can't possibly work. He's all set to go. We may as well try it. OK, Dave, pull the chute. - Sounds amazing. - It was amazing! It was the scariest, happiest moment of my life. Humans! I can't believe you were with humans! Giant, scary humans! What were they like? Huge and crazy. They talk crazy. They eat crazy giant things. They drive crazy. - Do they try and kill you, like on TV? - Some of them. But some of them don't. - How'd you get back? - Poodle. You did it, and I'm glad. You saw whatever you wanted to see. You had your "experience." Now you can pick out yourjob and be normal. - Well... - Well? Well, I met someone. You did? Was she Bee-ish? - A wasp?! Your parents will kill you! - No, no, no, not a wasp. - Spider? - I'm not attracted to spiders. I know it's the hottest thing, with the eight legs and all. I can't get by that face. So who is she? She's... human. No, no. That's a bee law. You wouldn't break a bee law. - Her name's Vanessa. - Oh, boy. She's so nice. And she's a florist! Oh, no! You're dating a human florist! We're not dating. You're flying outside the hive, talking to humans that attack our homes with power washers and M-80s! One-eighth a stick of dynamite! She saved my life! And she understands me. This is over! Eat this. This is not over! What was that? - They call it a crumb. - It was so stingin' stripey! And that's not what they eat. That's what falls off what they eat! - You know what a Oinnabon is? - No. It's bread and cinnamon and frosting. They heat it up... Sit down! ...really hot! - Listen to me! We are not them! We're us. There's us and there's them! Yes, but who can deny the heart that is yearning? There's no yearning. Stop yearning. Listen to me! You have got to start thinking bee, my friend. Thinking bee! - Thinking bee. - Thinking bee. Thinking bee! Thinking bee! Thinking bee! Thinking bee! There he is. He's in the pool. You know what your problem is, Barry? I gotta start thinking bee? How much longer will this go on? It's been three days! Why aren't you working? I've got a lot of big life decisions to think about. What life? You have no life! You have no job. You're barely a bee! Would it kill you to make a little honey? Barry, come out. Your father's talking to you. Martin, would you talk to him? Barry, I'm talking to you! You coming? Got everything? All set! Go ahead. I'll catch up. Don't be too long. Watch this! Vanessa! - We're still here. - I told you not to yell at him. He doesn't respond to yelling! - Then why yell at me? - Because you don't listen! I'm not listening to this. Sorry, I've gotta go. - Where are you going? - I'm meeting a friend. A girl? Is this why you can't decide? Bye. I just hope she's Bee-ish. They have a huge parade of flowers every year in Pasadena? To be in the Tournament of Roses, that's every florist's dream! Up on a float, surrounded by flowers, crowds cheering. A tournament. Do the roses compete in athletic events? No. All right, I've got one. How come you don't fly everywhere? It's exhausting. Why don't you run everywhere? It's faster. Yeah, OK, I see, I see. All right, your turn. TiVo. You can just freeze live TV? That's insane! You don't have that? We have Hivo, but it's a disease. It's a horrible, horrible disease. Oh, my. Dumb bees! You must want to sting all those jerks. We try not to sting. It's usually fatal for us. So you have to watch your temper. Very carefully. You kick a wall, take a walk, write an angry letter and throw it out. Work through it like any emotion: Anger, jealousy, lust. Oh, my goodness! Are you OK? Yeah.
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2023.03.28 23:14 Random3x (FHM) Investigation Begins: The Oracle

June 23rd, year 024 Angels Descent
It had been a couple of days since the class had been taken into Lust’s estate, and they were starting to go stir-crazy. They had been forbidden from even going out into the garden. Daisy herself seemed likely to carve a groove in the carpet of her room with how much she was pacing back and forth.
Despite the class’ efforts, they could not get Daisy to calm down entirely and just resorted to the easy out of getting blind drunk each evening. Thankfully they had been told by Bak Stah’Ber that the wine cellar of Lust’s estate was extensive enough to furnish the entire capital with a winery of bottles each.
It was over the two days the class had repeatedly petitioned Lust to let them out of the estate. They were nothing but prisoners currently, and seeing their teacher free to come and go had been the straw that finally broke the camel's back. Daisy had stormed through the palace and smashed down Lust’s door.
“Speak of the devil,” Lust seemed unperturbed by the interruption.
“Would you kindly sit down, Miss Haemont,” Lust said, gesturing to the only free seat. Looking to the seat then the one occupied by a man dressed in armour, Daisy reluctantly sat down.
“Septus, this is Daisy Haemont, daughter of Peter and Ludisa.”
“My condolences,” Septus said, lowering his head in her direction. Daisy had to physically fight the bile that was racing up her throat. This man was one of the four names of people suspected behind the attack. He was the last man she wanted condolences from.
“I’m glad you are here. I have some good news; your father seems to have developed a greater vampiric trait.”
“How is this good news?” Daisy grumbled. It wouldn’t matter that her father had become a late bloomer; he was still at death's door.
“Well, it is hyper-accelerated healing. It is a very nifty trait that means…” Lust trailed off, letting her smile finish the sentence.
“My father is going to live?”
“Yes… he has already begun to heal at a rate not seen in generations. However, I will warn you not to raise your hopes up too much. He is still in a tentative spot. I have taken steps to increase security around him; we don’t want a repeat of you know what.”
“Exactly why I am here. Young miss, please talk some sense into this woman… she is refusing my offer of guards in place of her own personal militia,” Septus pleaded.
“You want me to accept your help to protect my barely alive father?”
“Yes!” Daisy glanced at Lust, who rested her chin on the heel of her palm as if she was enjoying a good show. She knew part of the reason they were being kept on the estate was Lust’s concern over Daisy pursuing a vendetta.
“I would prefer to abstain from the decision. I am young and inexperienced and will defer to my elders.”
“Pshh, a load of help you were,” Septus grumbled as he stood up from the chair.
“Lady Lust, I will bring my protest to her most august majesty. Hopefully, she will talk some sense into you.” With a flourish of his cloak, he stormed out through the broken doors.
“Good girl.”
“You did well. A big part of politics is dealing with people you would much rather drown in sewage. Now, what do I owe the pleasure of having my doors blown off their hinges?”
“Ah, that… I’m sorry about-” Lust raised a hand to stop her.
“Daisy, I am in charge of internal politics for the Dark Continent. We have a lot of heavy hitters who equate strength with political power. They are the sort to blow doors off the hinges to make a statement. Now please answer my question.”
“I want to be free to leave.”
“It’s just we’ve been locked up for days and have little to do and… sorry, what did you say?”
“I said ok. You are free to go out to town if you like. I don’t have the shadows to spare to keep you safe, though. But you are a bunch of big boys and girls, aren’t you?” Daisy tentatively nodded in response.
“Good here, take this. If you are in real trouble, point this arrow to the sky and pull the cord, then fight till help arrives.”
Lust put a thin metal tube about ten inches long on the table. Along the side was a bright red arrow, and at the end opposite where the arrow was pointing was a cord.
“Now, don’t get any naughty ideas, young lady. This is an emergency flare. It will signal nearby knights to help.”
“And if the knights are the ones attacking me?” Daisy asked rather bluntly. She struggled with the idea that knights would help, especially after learning how broken the guard must be.
“Then hope you can take enough of them with you,” Lust’s equally blunt reply surprised Daisy.
“Now go on and have a fun day on the town. Here have some pocket money,” Lust said, throwing a coin pouch on the desk with a clink.
“I’m not sure what kids are into these days… is it Dancing? Skeletons? Shoes? Tapshoe-wearing skeletons? Regardless have fun.”
Daisy picked up the pouch and walked out of the office in a daze. She had just come face to face with one of her possible targets. Now she was free to do whatever she wanted and even had funding. Returning to the rec room, the class had claimed for their own use; she explained what had happened.
“So we going to go into town then?” Tasha asked to which Daisy nodded.
“I think we need to gather intel on the names. We only have their names and professions. Not much we can do with Gabriella and Noble now.”
“Why don’t we go to the market then? Merchants will know about a few of them, won’t they?” Tasha suggested.
“You just want the candy apples Bak Stah’’Ber told you about.”
“Maxy, it is not just the candy apples!!” Tasha protested.
“She’s not wrong. Merchants live and die by information. Worst case, we just get some sweets,” Bea suggested.
The class all nodded in agreement and packed up some of their equipment. Daisy spent a few minutes trying to wrestle her slime from Sir Sparky, who had grown very attached.
“Come on, Sir Sparky. I know he’s shiny, but I need an emergency weapon,” Sparky though was still reluctant to give up his shiny till Daisy bribed him with a well-polished small bronze coin from the pouch she was given.
Immediately the duck-sized dragon let go of the slime and curled up defensively around the coin letting out a contented puff of flame. The small dragon had been a great comfort over the past few days. He had made a point to comfort Daisy any time her feelings grew too much.
Shaping the metallic slime into a bracelet, Daisy put it on and felt she was now ready to start. Heading out of her room, she found the rest of her classmates ready and waiting for her.
The class didn’t take long to make it to the city’s marketplace. Countless stalls stretched out down every street they could see, with sellers trying to draw in customers. They had almost immediately struck gold by overhearing talk of Lady Gabriella hosting a party for the city’s elite.
Following the conversations and passing mentions, they gathered that the party was going to be a masquerade ball. That only one shop provided the masks and clothes for the partygoers.
“Why don’t we crash the party?” Tasha suggested around a mouthful of caramel-coated apple.
“Tasha, that is-” Daisy cut off Maxwell’s protest.
“A perfect idea!!”
“Daisy?!!! It’s too risky!”
“Maxwell… they hurt my family, killed them… just because you got abandoned by yours, don’t act like you can understand!!!” Maxwell staggered back half a step as the rest of the class recoiled in shock.
“I am going to assume that is your grief talking and leave it at that… Daisy, we can’t guarantee we will be safe.”
“We have gotten incredibly strong already. We are some of the strongest in the school, and worst case; sir will swoop in and rescue us.”
“Still…” Maxwell hesitated to say anymore as Daisy went up to a merchant running a stall to get directions to the tailors handling the clothes for the party.
“Don’t worry, chief… if she goes too crazy, we will pull her back,” Maxwell gave a grateful nod to Gunter and the rest of the class as Daisy returned with the location of their next destination.
Arriving at the tailor shop, just the front of the shop told them this was a very expensive establishment. The clothes on display would be the kind exclusive to nobility due to not only the price but the precious stones sewn into them.
“Nornir Tailors,” Kline read the sign for the shop aloud as he paled.
“It’s just a name Kline… they aren’t the real Nornir,” Daisy said as she bruskly walked into the shop, trailed not far behind by the rest of the class.
As they entered the store, a bell above the door rang, and three figures stepped out from the doorway to the back of the shop. The first was a hunched-over elderly figure with a bald head and a grey beard down to his waist. The second was a man with bright red hair and a well-trimmed beard. Close behind him was the youngest of the trio, who similarly had red hair but was likely closer to the class’ age.
“Welcome to Nornir Tailors. I am Past Tailor, the previous head of the shop,” the elderly man wheezed out.
“I am Present Tailor, the current owner,” the man added.
“And I am Future Tailor; I am currently apprenticed under my father.”
“They have clearly done a lot to get here,” Past said as he looked over a monocle at the class.
“That much is obvious,” Present said as he reached into a pocket and took out a pair of spectacles.
“I will get their purchases bagged right away, father,” Future said as he returned to the backroom.
“You still sure they aren’t the Norns?” Kline asked.
“You do seem to get the red-haired men fond of you,” Bea teased.
“Excuse me, but we haven’t made any purchases,” Maxwell said.
“Not yet, lad, but it is written you would.”
“Written?” Both men burst into a light fit of laughter at this question.
“Yes, it is written,” Past said between chuckles.
“Ok, they might actually be the Norns,” Bea muttered as she stepped forwards.
“Gentlemen, I wonder if one of you happens to be a ‘tailor’?” The quotation marks were loud and clear for all to hear.
“Bea, what are you on about?” Daisy asked, annoyed.
“You know how accountants can also be used to mean assassin?”
“I told you my parents were just clerks!”
“No, I mean tailor can also mean information merchants. I’m asking if they can sell us information.”
“Alas, we are but humble purveyors of clothing. Though our boss is a ‘tailor’ and may be of assistance,” Past explained as Present stepped out from behind the counter and past the class, locking the door behind them and flipping the sign to closed.
“Please follow,” he said with a gesture of his chin towards the backroom.
Reluctantly the class followed each preparing defensive spell. As they made their way through the backroom, they were guided upstairs to a door marked with a sign saying, ‘Knock before entering!!’. Knocking on the door, Present waited till they heard a faint voice reply.
Opening the door, the class walked into a dimly lit room with a large leather chair in the middle. Along the walls were numerous crystalline plates. This surprised them as crystalline plates were expensive and were usually reserved for the highest of nobles. Often used in conference chambers or to remotely view locations.
Looking at some of the screens, they could see they all showed different locations. A few they even recognised, like Port Staine and Academy City. The one that immediately caught Bea’s attention was one where she could see Mimi and Serena training.
Serena and Mimi were facing a phalanx of spearmen. Mimi was dodging and weaving around and over spears being thrust at her. But Serena wasn’t as lucky and was impaled by nearly a dozen spears. Despite knowing this was nothing to Serena, she still couldn’t help but wince. Then the display stuttered, and it returned to the way it had before the exercise had begun.
“Yes, interesting one, isn’t it? It always stutters when that one gets hurt badly,” A casual high pitched voice stated as the chair in the middle of the room spun around.
In the chair was a girl who looked about twelve years old. She had deep bags under her eyes, and her red hair was tied up into a ponytail. She looked very much like someone who had very little sleep.
“Oracle, these are customers,” Present explained as he gestured to the class.
“Yes, I am an Oracle. I can see the future, yadda-yadda. I also go by the merchant of wisdom and knowledge.”
“What’s the difference?” Tasha innocently asked.
“If you need to ask that, you are clearly not ready to know.”
“Listen here, kid, I may not be a smarty-pants, but I know when someone is talking down to me!”
“Kid? Little one, I am over four thousand years old. Don’t assume I am a child. Now I will explain the rules. I am a merchant, so everything from now on has a cost. Three costs, to be precise,” she held up three fingers to demonstrate this.
“You can ask any questions you want, and I will quote three prices. One cheap which will provide a vague answer; one average priced, which will provide a reasonable answer and finally, one expensive, which will give you all the details you seek.”
“So we can ask any question?” Tasha asked.
“One small bronze, One small silver or one large gold.”
“But that wasn’t a question!”
“No, it was Tash,” Maxwell replied. “Ok, Daisy, ask your question.”
“Who is responsible for the attack that killed my mother?”
“One small bronze, one small silver, one small gold.”
“Ok, how much do we have?” Bea asked as they all took out their coin pouches.
“One small bronze, One small silver, one large silver.”
“That wasn’t a question aimed at you!”
“Ok, we got enough,” Daisy muttered, seeing a considerable amount of silvers in the pouch Lust had given her.
“Here is the silver for my question,” Daisy said, handing the coin to the Oracle. The Oracle accepted the coin, examined it and put it away.
“The ones responsible for your mother's death were members of the city guard.”
“I already know that!!!! I want to know who hired them?” The Oracle smiled and held up three fingers.
“One large gold, ten platinum, ten mithril.”
“One small bronze, one large bronze, one small silver.”
“WHY, YOU LITTLE!” Daisy was promptly restrained by Gunter while Maxwell paid the silver for the expensive answer.
“People can pay me to protect their information, they pay me a set amount, and unless that amount is overcome, then their information is protected. You, however, have requested the details on a large number of potential suspects, and collectively their prices add up to what I quoted.”
“So they are rich?”
“One silver, one gold, one platinum.”
“SHUT UP!!!”
“Daisy! Calm down. Yelling won’t get us anywhere… sorry miss Oracle,” Maxwell said, bowing his head in apology.
“It’s fine; it happens often. People usually catch on soon enough to the way it works. Though why haven’t you?”
“One gold, one platinum, ten mithril,” Bea replied.
“Hah!! I like you… For the laugh you gave me, have a freebie extra… I highly recommend you go to Lady Gabriella's party this evening. I can all but guarantee the one responsible will be present.”
“So Gabriella is responsible?!!” The Oracle just smiled and held up three fingers.
“Never mind,” Bea grumbled, seeing the futility.
With their path now set, the class filed out of the room, leaving the Oracle in the dim light of the crystalline tablets. Daisy was seething at the young appearing girl messing with her, but they now had a solid lead. The one responsible would be at the party.
“Here are your masks and clothes for the party along with invitations, which will be fifty small silvers and eighteen small bronzes,” Future said as he placed size bags on the counter just as they walked past it.
“How much do we have?” Bea asked as they looked at their pooled money. To their shock, their total added up precisely to the cost quoted.
“How did you know how much we have?… and don’t you dare quote three prices,” Daisy asked.
“We received this from the boss this morning,” Future explained, rolling out an order sheet. On it was a request for six costumes and invitations for Gabriella's party. Most concerning was that their measurements were next to each of their names. Even the price they were to charge them. The class collectively shuddered at the sheer display of foresight the Oracle had displayed just with this alone.
“Thank you for your assistance,” Maxwell said as Gunter collected the bags, and they returned to Lust’s estate to prepare for the party that evening.
Watching the class leave, Future walked up to the Oracle's room and knocked. A tired voice said it was ok for him to enter. Entering there in her usual seat was his boss.
“I haven’t had such fun in a long while.”
“I must be difficult, boss.”
“Well, it is. I am one of the best data analysts on the continent. The ‘Researchers’ hire me all the time. But I get my real kicks when I convince people I can actually see the future.”
“Can’t you, boss?”
“Future, you are young, but learn this sooner rather than later. I am just very good at reading data and extrapolating it. Their measurements were guessed thanks to pictures of them. I just make myself seem omniscient.”
“Why, though?”
“Why? Because I can twist information when it isn’t for national security to make a big show for me to enjoy. That reminds me, I need to prepare for that bitch’s party tonight.”
“You’re actually going?”
“Yes, that lot now knows their enemy will be there. I want to be on the front row with popcorn when they inevitably screw up.”
“Will their enemy actually be there, though?”
“Future!” Present snarled, arriving behind his son to slap him on the head.
“The boss never gives false information. She just gives it in a way to let the recipient interpret their own way,” Past explained as he entered.
“This should hopefully be fun,” the Oracle said as she rubbed her hands together and let her chair spin around.

Start of Alex Series
Start of Teacher Series: Lesson 1
Previous: Meet the Parents: the suspects
Next: Coming Soon
Royal Road
Alex and Freki Artwork // Class Picture
Sub: Random3X (lore and more)

AN: The Merchant of Wisdom and Knowledge is based on a DMNPC from a DnD game. It let the players ask questions to me and get various answers. The players had fun with it especially when they didn't realise they had asked a question between themselves which was the one I chose to answer. It had the same response as a pun, that I hate you but I loved what you did kind of faces.
Feel free to pinch it for your own games
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2023.03.28 19:45 AbsolutionVeil So Arena

For a bit now I've noticed that when people talk about arena loot, it's usually not spoken of too highly. With many posts saying things along the lines of "Arena is good for gold but otherwise useless". So I've decided to do an experiment and document the experience as it goes forth in the Life and Times of Arendal the Arena Gremlin. The idea for this is to see just how far you can get using arena gear only, what it's like to live in arena, and document the things to hope for for each tier as he goes on his grand quest to become the champion of Arena itself. That and I figured it'd be fun to try playing it this way.
So first some ground rules for this quest: 1. All main gear must be gear that drops from Arena. 2. Accessories can be from any source due to the Arena dropping very few of them. 3. Shops can be used but only for either accessories or to buy upgrade materials that may roll in them. 4. While the gear must be from Arena you can use any source of exp in order to level up. 5. Adornments can be used from any source.
So T1 - Thief: I find that the gear from Arena at this tier is not necessarily useless, but almost is. The experience gain from winning Arena fights will rocket you out of the low tiers at incredible speed and the only thing to worry about is getting any gear stronger than what you have.
T2 - Rogue: This tier is mostly the same as T1, you'll most likely level up too quickly to have any prolonged use for the gear you receive here. The exception to this is the Rune Shield, the first shield you can equip from the Arena.
T3 - Battle Master: At this tier the experience gain doesn't cause levels to stack as much as before and you'll be using gear slightly longer. I personally used the Royal Gear due to the class progression that I had laid out beforehand. Items of note however are the Arrows offhand. They drop very consistently and can be used for multiple tiers before the need for Ward trumps the Atk buff that they offer.
T4 - Adept: This tier offers generic upgrades to your weapons for the most part, with the Duke Shield being the next offhand if you go with a shield over the arrows. The only other item of note is the Jester Chest piece, which will allow you to farm additional gold outside of the arena to pay for forging and upgrade materials.
T5 - Majestic: With two classes in this tier with the ability to wear any gear you can now begin to really get your defensive stats up to snuff with your offense. This tier establishes the trope of Mage gear having high Def with lower Res and Warrior gear with High Res and lower Def. The biggest piece to look out for here in my opinion is the Antlers. As a piece with Omni equip, not matter what class you prefer it can help tremendously, being one of very few pieces that can be equipped by every class from Arena.
T6 - Blademaster: My current tier of progress and last portion of this tale for now. This tier heavily favors the Thief classes, with 7 of the 12 items being specific to that class line. Notable items in this tier are the Carnwennan and the Templar Shield. Carnwennan is one of the better generic weapons you can get in this tier, with the only non-raid weapons to beat it's Atk stat being the Quest item Fail-Not and the Basilisk Tooth. In a similar vein, the Templar Shield is actually only one of two shields you can get generically in this tier. It offers good ward for the tier while also providing the benefit of additional defense without the need to drop your offensive stats with the Tower Shield.
Current conclusion: At this point of the game, any good item can carry you along and the items gained from the arena are at least comparable to the other items in their respective tiers. This does not come without some downsides however. First of them being the loot pool itself. As you continue to level up and increase the tier you are in, items are continuously added to the loot pool. This means even as a T6 character you're prone to a reward result that ends in a T1 Dirk instead of the T6 Carnwennan. I'm not entirely sure if there is a weighting system already in place, but if there is I haven't noticed it. I believe that simply increasing the likelihood of getting your tiers gear could honestly solve this problem entirely. The second problem is how difficult it is to farm higher rarity gear from Arena. With over 300 matches in Arena already and nearly 300 wins I have only gotten 14 pieces of gear at legendary or ornate, with most of them being either to low of a tier to matter anymore or Arrows which seems to drop like hotcakes. This compared to 15 gauntlet runs which has resulted in 13 legendary or better pieces which are almost always within your tier or only a single tier higher or lower. This issue could easily be a part of the wide loot pool causing gear drops to be difficult to farm to begin with, and if it was made possible to farm current tier gear easier would probably be solved.
In the end this entire thing is to satisfy my own curiosity and have a bit of fun, but I also figured that it could be useful knowledge for any newer players to know about if they happened to be browsing through the sub. I consider T1-6 the early game and will make another post of Arendals experience with Midgame once I get through that portion. I hope you all either found this informative or mildly entertaining.
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2023.03.28 18:49 CourtRooom Comprehensive Breakdown & Infographic of Rocket Launcher Frames - Updated for Season 20

Rocket Launchers have went unchanged during the transition between Seasons 19 and 20, so I'm back with a smaller (well.. compared to previous posts lol) breakdown and updated Season 20 Infographic. As a reminder: much of my previous breakdown post on the topic of Rocket Launchers is still valid, so I won't be copy and pasting the majority of that post to here; if you want the nitty gritty details on Perks, how Rockets function, and more then go read up there.
This breakdown also comes with an infographic which can be used as a reference while reading. Note: I've decided to split my previous infographic into two (mainly due to sizing issues and feedback):
This is another Comprehensive Breakdown in my long series of these posts.
Previous Breakdowns:
I also maintain the Comprehensive Destiny 2 Data & Information Spreadsheets - the following current information is directly sourced from this spreadsheet. I'm currently in the process of moving much of the graphics/data to infographics releasing throughout this year.
You can also find me in the Destiny Massive Breakdowns community including the MB:PvE Podcast and MB Discord server, and I post various Destiny informative guides and graphics on my Twitter too.
Edits: If there are any I'll post any subsequent edits/clarifications at the bottom of this post.

Rocket Launcher Overview

Let's remind ourselves the frames (or "archetypes") of each Rocket Launcher, their damage profiles (compared to the baseline), and their strengths/weaknesses.
Season 20 Acquirable Rockets
The following is a list of all the Rocket Launchers that can be directly acquired in Season 20. For the benefit of the doubt: no, we didn't get any new (or revamped) Legendary Rocket Launchers in Season 20. We are due a new Rocket perk in Season 21, so presumably we'll get some newness/refreshes then.
Previously non-Sunset Acquirable Rockets
These are Rocket Launchers that are not sunset, but no longer have a direct acquisition path outside of purchasing it at the Gunsmith or Xur when available.
Exotic Rocket Launchers
While we didn't get any new/revamped Legendary Rocket Launchers, we did get some Elemental synergy and a new catalyst for one!
I ran out of space in my previous breakdown, but just to confirm Gjallarhorn & Wolfpack Rounds interactions:

Rocket Launcher Total Ammo Capacity

Something I wanted to revisit after the Mod overhauls as it's a topic that requires nuance. Reserve Mods have been consolidated into Elemental synergies, rather than by Weapon - it costs 2 Energy if you're using a 'Harmony' Reserve Mod (matching your currently equipped Subclass Element) or 3 Energy if you're using a specific Element. This also means you can also slot in an additional Reserves Mod (3, up from 2).
As a reminder from my previous breakdown: ammo capacity (amongst other things but they aren’t in the scope of this breakdown) is affected by the hidden "Inventory Size" stat. The higher the Inventory Size stat, the more ammo you can carry. For Rocket Launchers this is pretty simple as we're only working with small numbers. For more information regarding this stat then I will defer to MossyMax who has been doing some tremendous exhaustive research and testing on this stat.
For Rocket Launchers: you are hard capped to 10 for your total ammo capacity (under normal circumstances that is 1 in the magazine and 9 in reserves). To calculate how much total ammo capacity (again, credit to MossyMax who deciphered this formula) as being the following (numbers always round up):
( ( [RL Inventory Size base number] * 0.05 ) + 4.5 ) = total ammo capacity
e.g. Sleepless has a base Inventory Size stat of 36
((36 * 0.05) + 4.5) = 7 total ammo capacity
For those curious: you can find the Inventory Size stats on websites that relay and utilise the game's API (such as
To gain a higher ammo capacity you need to combine some effects to increase the Inventory Size stat (just add them to the base number; you can add as many as you can slot in):
e.g. using the same example above, while using Field Prep and 1x Reserve Mod:
(( (36+30+20) * 0.05) + 4.5) = 9 total ammo capacity
The introduction to a middle tier Reserve Mod hasn’t fundamentally changed a lot for Rockets compared to last time. I’ve highlighted (using **) to help identify where gains are being made are happening in regards to total ammo capacities.
Not including Field Prep:
Inventory Size Stat Base Total Ammo Capacity w/ 1x Res Mod w/ 2x Res Mod w/ 3x Res Mod
Hoosegow 25 6 7 8 8
Blowout 29 6 7 8 8
Heretic 32 7 ** 8 ** 8 9 **
The Hothead 34 7 8 8 9
Bad Omens 35 7 8 8 9
Sleepless 36 7 8 9 ** 9
Roar of the Bear 38 7 8 9 9
Code Duello 42 7 8 9 9
Royal Entry 45 7 8 9 9
Red Herring 36 7 8 9 9
Bump in the Night 40 7 8 9 9
Palmyra-B 42 7 8 9 9
Hezen Vengeance 50 7 8 9 9
Here's the same line-up but now including Field Prep (Palmyra-B and Hezen Vengeance are omitted as they don't roll Field Prep) and Enhanced Field Prep [in parenthesis] if it has access to it:
Inventory Size Stat Base Total Ammo Capacity w/ Field Prep w/ 1x Res Mod w/ 2x Res Mod w/ 3x Res Mod
Hoosegow 25 8 9 9 10
Blowout 29 8 9 10 ** 10
Heretic 32 8 9 10 10
The Hothead 34 8 9 10 10
Bad Omens 35 8 9 10 10
Sleepless 36 8 9 10 10
Roar of the Bear 38 8 9 10 10
Code Duello 42 9 ** 10 ** 10 10 {c}
Royal Entry 45 9 10 10 10 {c}
Red Herring 36 8 [9] 9 [10 **] 10 [10 {c}] 10 [10 {c}]
Bump in the Night 40 8 [9] 9 [10] 10 [10 {c}] 10 [10 {c}]
Misc Combinations
What about Exotics? Well they are tuned independently and only have access to Reserve Mods so can be easily charted as the following:
Base Total Ammo Capacity w/ Field Prep w/ 1x Res Mod w/ 2x Res Mod w/ 3x Res Mod
Wardcliff Coil 6 7 7 8
Deathbringer 7 8 9 9
Gjallarhorn 7 8 9 9
Truth 7 8 9 9
Eyes of Tomorrow 8 9 10 10
Two-Tailed Fox 8 9 10 10

Post-Posting Edits Section
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2023.03.28 18:09 asbsdjrindledc ddit battle royale how long is covid contagious r kelly leaked video crypto exchange xxx ass fuck money diaries leaked teen sex viral infections. swimming pool games for adults tik tok ads jennifer lawrence naked pics leaked nami naked brazzers orgy video sex education season 4 celebrity p

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