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Mail call! First time going for a chase and I got it !!

2023.06.08 06:59 Ironik_aU Mail call! First time going for a chase and I got it !!

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2023.06.08 06:19 Latter_Carob2853 Reconocido banco inglés recomienda invertir en Colombia tras crisis de gobierno Petro

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2023.06.08 06:03 fosxei The U.S. Credit Card game (for students) - What, Why, and How

Every so often I see a post here asking about what bank or what credit card to get. In my own experience as well, many students are woefully uninformed on credit cards and how to optimize them. As such, I thought I would write a small guide as to what I think UM students should do when deciding whether or not to play the U.S. Credit Card Game.
Disclaimer: Targeted to students with SSNs. It also places a heavy focus on being able to travel while in university, not necessarily long-term strategies for credit card usage
What is the U.S. Credit Card Game?
Put simply, it is the optimization of Credit Cards (CCs). This can take a variety of forms, including getting credit cards for their sign-up bonuses (SUBs), garnering cash-back (in terms of cash and points) properly, what to do after getting a SUB, how to use the points properly, and much more.
Being in the U.S. is a tremendous advantage when it comes to CCs, as Americans get some of the best CC offerings in the world, both in terms of SUBs and cash-back.
Why should I play?
Well, maybe you shouldn't. If you aren't confident in your ability to manage your money and expenditures, then you are better off following the advice of someone like Dave Ramsey. CC debt can produce decade-long consequences, so stop here and give yourself an honest self-evaluation.
That being said, if you are financially responsible, then the world awaits you. For students, traveling during breaks is a time to make core memories. However, traveling is expensive. In fact, for international travel, airfare is likely the most expensive part of your journey.
So why pay it at all?
I've been to Europe, Asia, and Oceania, all without paying a single dime of the airfare. The only thing I paid was a meager 50-80 dollars for a fuel surcharge.
The secret? Credit cards. This is the name of the game.
At our stage in life, we aren't likely to get so much out of the cash-back cards just yet (not enough consistent spend). However, there are a multitude of CCs that you can get with a very thin credit history that will enable you to fly nearly expense free. You will unlock the previously impossible trips that you could not take with your friends. Experiences that you could only have after establishing a consistent income can be had right now, with the best friends of your life.
Seriously, you will not regret it.
How to play?
One of the greatest difficulties of the game is how to start. There are numerous tricks, restrictions, and guidelines to follow. I will link several resources below that you can read if you are curious. However, the most important one for us will be Chase Bank's 5/24 rule. 5/24 is a rule employed by Chase which will render an automatic denial if you have 5 or more new CCs in the last 24 months. What this means is, as a general rule, get your Chase cards early.
Disclaimer: If your parents are knowledgeable, they might have added you as an authorized user (AU) on their credit cards. So long as they have a good score and history, a lot of that can be imparted to you. For example, I have a friend who has had credit cards for a short time. His credit score is near 800, and his "credit history" is longer than his lifespan. If this is you, some of these rules may not apply.
Step 1: Make a Chase Checking account. They often have cash bonuses for this, so take advantage of that as well.
Step 2: Move your money there, and (if you have a job, you probably should at least part time) redirect your direct deposits to that account. Do not leave the balance low, as this can adversely affect you later on.
Your first card will be your worst one. There is no way about it. You will almost certainly be denied for a credit card at any of the major issuers (other than student/beginner cards that are worse than the ones I am about to list). That being said, the options aren't the worst. I would recommend the BoA Customized Cash Rewards Credit Card or Discover it cards. Look over these yourself, and choose. They both offer pretty decent cash-back options. They will give you cash-back, in terms of statement credit, not bank points.
One thing to keep in mind is that when you apply for a credit card, it will most often result in hard pull on you credit score, which credit issuers often do not like to see too many of. Each issuer has different rules and standards (Chase can be picky, AMEX generally doesn't care, etc). So don't just apply without considering your choices and likelihood of being approved.
Whichever card you get, put some spend on it (try for 10-30% utilization of your credit line, or a bit lower). ALWAYS PAY YOUR STATEMENTS IN FULL ON TIME. This is non-negotiable. Do not use your CC like free money. Treat it like a debit card, and only spend as much as you have.
As a general guideline, you can start getting new (and much better) cards about 6-9 months after your first card. Some of you may be fortunate enough to receive targeted offers even before then. You can also check some preapprovals from various credit issuers. Space out your applications.
In respect to the 5/24 rule, I would consider trying for a Chase Sapphire Preferred(CSP) as your second card. The CSP usually offers a robust SUB, and is an all-around great card. It has a $95 dollar annual fee (relatively low for a card of its stature). However, it may be a hard task with a short credit history. This can be helped quite a bit if you have a relationship with them (remember the checking account we established?). If you don't have a relationship with them, or your credit score is lower than ~715, or you have some other circumstance, I would look into the Chase Freedom Flex(CFF) or the Chase Freedom Unlimited(CFU). The SUBs for these other two are about 1/4-1/3 of the CSP, but they come with no annual fee. IMO, these are the most important CCS to begin with because they give you access to the Chase point system, Ultimate Rewards (UR). The SUBs are typically 25,000 and 90,000 UR points for the CFU/CFF and CSP respectively. They are worth about 1.6 cents/point, which gives you a value 400 USD for the CFU/CFF, and 1440 USD for the CSP. And that is just from the SUBs, you will accrue more from the cash-back value (which are given in points). These can give incredible value in travel, and much more. I will explain this more later. TRY NOT TO USE THE UR POINTS BEFORE YOU HAVE THE CSP OR CSR, AS THEIR VALUE IS LESS.
After you are established in the Chase ecosystem, for our purposes, as students with low, inconsistent expenditures, we will be looking for the highest SUB cards (within reason). If you for whatever reason spend a lot of money, then you have more options as well, but this guide may not be for you in the first place. There is a catch with most of the CCs that offer high SUBs. That is that they require you to spend x amount of dollars within a certain timeframe. Some of these spend requirements are very manageable (2000 USD in 6 months), and some are harder (5000 USD in 3 months). Do not stretch yourself thin here. You can do something known as manufactured spend (MS) to help reach that requirement, but I would not recommend it, as we are somewhat tarnishing our original goal with that. If you are in desperate need to reach your spend requiremnt, look into gift cards (they often have discounts, so you get the cash back and the gift card for extra value), although some credit cards have restrictions on this. You can also often pay your rent with a CC, although the fees for that vary. Do the math, and adjudicate whether or not it is worth it.
So, what cards should you be looking for?
In general, cards that give you bank points (Citi's Thank You Points (TYP), Chase's Ultimate Rewards (UR), AMEX's Membership Rewards (MR), etc). These offer the most flexibility. Some good cards in this category are any of AMEX's Platinum, Gold, and Green cards. They give out very very high SUBs, but their annual fees can get high, so do the math and make a decision. I would recommend against the Chase Sapphire Reserve since it probably isn't worth for students, the SUB is not that great, and the annual fee is very high. I would also recommend looking at cobranded airline cards. The AMEX Delta Gold, for example, recently dished out 75,000 SkyMiles after 2000 USD was spent in 6 months. Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Red is giving out 70,000 American Airlines miles after you pay the annual fee (99 USD) and make one purchase within 90 days. 70,000 AA miles gets you roundtrip to anywhere in the world. United Airlines recently devalued their points quite heavily, so I would avoid any of their cobranded cards for the time being. That being said, if their points get better, a 0 annual fee card called the United Explorer exists, and recently, the 70,000 miles SUB you could get would get you just about anywhere as well. SkyMiles, while hit or miss, can have so very amazing flash sales (most recently, they had a roundtrip flight to Auckland from just about anywhere in the US for 42,500 SkyMiles).
In general, I would recommend avoiding all store cobranded cards and exclusively cash-back cards until you have enough income and expenditures that it is worthwhile. For now, focus on getting the best SUBs so you can maximzie your experiences in college.
The general idea is for cards with annual fees, downgrade them after 1 year of holding it. If a downgrade option doesn't exist, then bite the bullet and enjoy what you got out of it, call for a potential retention offer, or cancel it. I would recommend trying not to cancel too many cards, as it can have adverse impacts on your credit in the future, and if done too often, can cause credit issuers to blacklist you. If the annual fee is too high for you to manage, and there is no downgrade available, then reconsider getting the card.
Let me give an example. Lets say you get the AMEX Gold, AMEX Delta Gold, CSP, CFF, United Explorer, and the Aviator Red. If you move your MR points to Delta and the UR points to United, that gives you ~165,000 SkyMiles, ~180,000 United miles, and ~70,000 American Airline miles. The SkyMiles are worth about two roundtrips to Asia or Europe, the United Miles are worth about two round trips to Asia or Europe, and the American miles are worth about one round trip to Asia or Europe. That is 5 international trips. The combined first year annual fee across all of these cards is just $350, and all except the AMEX Gold and Aviator Red (sometimes can be downgraded) can be downgraded to a $0 annual fee card. 5 international trips, for 450 dollars before your fuel charges. That value is incredible. And this is all before you get the extra points from any expenditures you may be having. The combined spend across all these cards to get the SUBs is (in order from the original listing) 4000 + 2000 + 4000 + 500 + 3000 + 0. That is just 13,500 USD that you need to spend in order to get the SUBs. Assume you spread this across 3 years, that is just 4,500 USD a year. I am pretty sure most people live on more than 4,500 a year. Thats some (most?) people's annual groccery bill! Assuming your freshmen year you are building your credit, you could take an international trip every summer and then take two trips your senior year. Imagine traveling the world with your friends while in university, for much cheaper than if you had to pay cash.
That's about all I have to say. I have done extensive research on this topic, and I have employed it myself. I just hope everyone else can enjoy the perks as well.
Please ask questions and I can try to answer them to the best of my ability. I have left out some details in order for this to be as easy to read for the most people.
Get your first credit card the moment you turn 18. Build your credit responsibly. Use it like a debit card. Pay in full, every month. Keep a spreadsheet. Enjoy as banks pay for your travels.
There are many nuances and rules, but I tried to keep it simple enough and digestible for the layperson.
Here are the two most important resources in learning about the U.S. Credit Card Game:
Doctor of Credit and US Credit Card Guide
There are several other travel-focused blogs that exist, so follow them so you can always get the best value out of your points. Often there are transfer bonuses from bank points to miles, and so you can getup to 50% more value than I stated above, depending on the offering.
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2023.06.08 05:48 octoberfunny El nuevo emisor de Stablecoin Raft renuncia a la moneda fiduciaria como respaldo financiero

Raft presentó su nueva stablecoin en dólares estadounidenses llamada R, respaldada por un único criptoactivo: el éter estacado (stETH) de Lido, líder en estaca líquida.
La stablecoin, que empezó a cotizar el lunes, utiliza mecanismos de hard- y soft-peg para mantener su precio en torno a 1 dólar, según los documentos del protocolo. El hard peg depende del arbitraje para mantener un precio estable, mientras que el soft peg se basa en incentivar a los usuarios a actuar basándose en "la expectativa de que el peg se mantendrá en el futuro".
La stablecoin de Raft es "la primera stablecoin colateralizada por Lido Staked Ether (stETH)", según un comunicado.
Mientras que las mayores stablecoins, USDT de Tether y USDC de Circle Internet Financial, están respaldadas por activos convencionales como bonos del Tesoro de EE.UU., las que están respaldadas por criptoactivos han tenido un éxito desigual. El DAI de MakerDAO, que está garantizado por una combinación de tokens basados en Ethereum, stablecoins y activos del mundo real como bonos del gobierno de EE.UU., ha acumulado unos 4.600 millones de dólares de capitalización de mercado. Mientras tanto, la UST de Do Kwon -que estaba respaldada por su token LUNA- se desplomó estrepitosamente hace un año.
Tanto DAI como este nuevo producto de R difieren del costoso experimento de Kwon porque, aunque no poseen bonos de la vieja escuela, sus activos son emitidos por entidades no relacionadas, mientras que el de Kwon era su propio token.
Tras la crisis bancaria de EE.UU. en marzo, que depegó múltiples stablecoins incluyendo USDC de Circle, la segunda mayor stablecoin por capitalización de mercado, una serie de criptoprotocolos se han centrado en evitar los activos fiduciarios como garantía para protegerse de las presiones regulatorias en curso y la exposición a los bancos.
Recomendado para usted:
Funcionarios de Illinois impulsan la concesión de licencias estatales de cripto para emular la BitLicense de Nueva York
Los CBDC van a decepcionar
Usuario de Uniswap pierde $8M en ether por ataque de phishing
El despliegue de Raft de su protocolo de préstamo permite a los usuarios depositar stETH y pedir prestada una cantidad mínima de 3.000 dólares. "Esta elección de diseño estratégico no sólo tiene que ver con atraer a los jugadores más grandes en el ecosistema de estacas líquidas, sino que también garantiza un equilibrio saludable en el protocolo, proporcionando incentivos adecuados para las coberturas en el raro caso de que una posición requiera liquidación", dijo el Jefe de Marketing de Raft, Tony T., en una entrevista exclusiva con CoinDesk. No quiso dar su apellido.
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2023.06.08 05:03 StrawPaprika873 Mejor opción para ahorrar?

Según su experiencia, cual es el mejor banco para poner plata que no ocupo, para que vaya creciendo con una buena tasa de interés? Ahora mismo estoy en banco estado pero parece que no es la mejor opción...
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2023.06.08 04:23 Low-Wish-6096 Grupo VIP TELEGRAM con +500 onlyfans completos de las más famosas modelos del mundo, especialmente Colombianas y mexicanas, se actualiza todos los días, para entrar solo se paga una vez 10mil pesos nequi o 5$ USD paypal, para fotos de prueba e información escribeme al telegram @bosch1005

Hay muchísimas mas, pero en esta lista están de las más destacadas, de todas las modelos se va actualizando el contenido y se van mandando nuevas modelos. Contenido actualizado de Luna Diaz, Camila Leal, Katalina Sandoval, Mayits, Steffymoreno, Gummies15, Laucriss, xyeyex, Gaby Gardez, Joisramirez, Sofia Garcés o Garsexx, Estaosorio, Vanebp19, Natalia Torres, Jurley Corona, Fiammisx, Sailormoon, Majovergarag, Amelianeferet, Isabella Ramirez, MarcyJimenez 👉🏻 Anny Smith #annysmith 👉🏻 Cintia Cossio #cintiacossio 👉🏻 Aida Cortes #aidacortes 👉🏻 Isabela Ramirez #isaramirez 👉🏻 Valery Altamar #valeryaltamar 👉🏻 Juliet Suarez #julietsuarez 👉🏻 Tania Alonso #taniaalonso23 👉🏻 Valentina94 #valentina94 👉🏻 Medusa Only #medusaonly 👉🏻 Karely Ruiz #karelyruiz 👉🏻 Geral Zarate #geralzarate 👉🏻 Jexys Caicedo #jexyscaicedo 👉🏻 Yarely #yarelyly 👉🏻 Maryuri Tello #maryuu_07 👉🏻 Ellie Leen #ellieleen 👉🏻 Angy Arevalo #angyarevalo 👉🏻 Karol Sibaja #karolsibaja 👉🏻 Ximemo #Ximemo 👉🏻 Karen Facundo #karenparachini 👉🏻 Angela Valdivieso #angelavaldivieso 👉🏻 Mistress Danielita #lujopaisa 👉🏻 Saralia #gummies15 👉🏻 Jois Ramirez #joisramirezo 👉🏻 Juanita Gómez #juanitagomez88 👉🏻 Laura #lxxrxsc 👉🏻 Matu Garcés #matugarces 👉🏻 Valentina #valrual 👉🏻 Andrea rodas #andrearodas02 👉🏻 Anna Hellsing #annahellsing 👉🏻 Michelle Rabbit #michellerabbit 👉🏻 Martina Smith #martinasmith 👉🏻 Martina de caramelo #martinadecaramelo 👉🏻 Maria del mar #maria_dmar 👉🏻 María Alejandra Villegas #oficial_mav 👉🏻 Jhoana Orozco #latinateen 👉🏻 Alice Alvarez #alicealvar3z01 👉🏻 Valentina Gomez #valeng222 👉🏻 Dailyn Montanez #tremendashow 👉🏻 Maria José #mj24cv 👉🏻 Jessica Orozco #jessorozcog 👉🏻 Silvi #saabsilvi 👉🏻 Laura Cristina #laucriss 👉🏻 Susana Medina #susanamedina 👉🏻 Laura Van #lauravan 👉🏻 Steffy Moreno #steffymoreno 👉🏻 Luisa Fernanda #soyluiicam 👉🏻 Miranda Gremory #mirandagremory 👉🏻 Andrea Alvarez #andreaalvarezz 👉🏻 Katalina Sandoval #katalinasandoval11 👉🏻 Laura Isabela #lauraisabelaleon 👉🏻 Vita Celestine #vitacelestine 👉🏻 Windygirk #windygirk 👉🏻 Hanna Owo #hannaowo












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2023.06.08 04:22 Pepr-616 Como hicieron su tramite de crédito, ayuda

El detalle es que los bancos que he ido me han comentado, que en Banorte se hace un cobró de 300 a 500 pesos y que existe la posibilidad que no me pueda llegar la hoja de la consulta, en Santander y Bancomer me piden una cuenta de credito con ellos ya sea la tarjeta, es necesario tener un crédito con el banco donde vaya a solicitar o no es necesario tramitarlo, por que me dicen que eso me lo proporcionan al momento de hacer un tramite de crédito con ellos.
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2023.06.08 03:50 releasethebsmttapes Hey Banco y WISE

Hola! recién estoy empezando a trabajar con una empresa americana, me depositan en dolares pero el problema es el tipo de cambio de Scotiabank, tengo una cuenta de Hey Banco, super activa que uso en mi otro trabajo, y solamente me gustaría saber si alguien tiene experiencia utilizando WISE y transfieriendo su dinero a la cuenta de HEY.
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2023.06.08 02:31 MasterShake9001 Got a perfect Order from the Funko Shop

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2023.06.08 02:16 Armando_Bardo mangina y decadente

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2023.06.08 02:07 Researcher_1999 Article: When I was 14 I really did build a bomb. But nobody ever put me in cuffs.

When I was 14 I really did build a bomb. But nobody ever put me in cuffs.
This is a really interesting article about a kid who admitted to making a small bomb the size of an aspirin bottle in 1993. When police went to retrieve him for questioning, his mother convinced them to let him finish his paper route first. He got a year of community service, the whole town shunned him, and he didn't face any real consequences. His bomb was small and wouldn't have done more than blow up a mailbox, so it kind of makes sense that he would be given a break.
Side note: Chris Wisher used to be friends with Chris Morris and was acquainted with Eric. They played paintball together. There was a time when the Blackjack crew chased someone out of the store for allegedly stealing something and the person ran all the way into the Wisher residence. Later, the neighbor's mailbox was bombed. I suspect there were far more "innocent people" who were making bombs than we know. Wisher may have been one of those people. I can't see someone hanging with Morris for long if they weren't into destruction.
In contrast with the kid from the article, who made a low-powered, small bomb, Eric Harris admitted to making pipe bombs up to 8" in length, documented his exploits on his website with his two main cohorts, Dylan Klebold and Zach Heckler, and they investigated, but wouldn't push it legally.
The more you examine the situation, this really seems to be a case of "tell me Eric's father used his military status to pull some strings with police" without telling me Eric's father used his military status to pull some strings with police. And not just for Eric. If Eric was let off the hook this way, so were Dylan and Zach. Imagine being one of the officers who made this happen, not knowing at the time you were letting a future school shooter off the hook. Imagine that guilt.
Some highlights from the article:
"So why wasn't I in cuffs? My mom had told the police that I needed to complete my paper route, otherwise the neighbors would complain. Then, she promised, she'd bring me down to the station for questioning. The police agreed.
Also: I was white.
I delivered the papers, rolling them tight and fleeing each house before any of my customers could strike up a conversation about the front-page news. When I was finished, my mom took me to the station, and after a long interrogation, I confessed. Later, I would go to court and get sentenced to one year of probation and 125 hours of community service."

"Sometimes the best justice is shame

I was a juvenile when I was sentenced and so my name did not appear in the paper at first. But Norfolk was a town of just 21,000 people then. Word spread fast and the community came to a rapid consensus: I was an idiot.
They reminded me of this judgment every day for at least a year. Teachers looked at me differently. In history class, when we read about the bombing of Pearl Harbor, my classmates made jokes. The girl who sat next to me in band would no longer talk to me (her father was in the State Patrol). My friends' parents forbade them from hanging out with me, which was just salt in the wound because I was permanently grounded anyway. The Norfolk Daily News ran an editorial about my crime with the catching title "It's Stupid." For a 14-year-old, becoming unpopular was a far worse sentence than some community service. From the authorities to my parents to my peers, I was shamed. This, more than anything else, was a powerful deterrent.

If you treat a kid like a criminal, they're more likely to act like one

In the past 15 years, I have served with several nonprofits in the Omaha area, often working in low-income neighborhoods that are far more racially and ethnically diverse than the ones I knew as a kid. In the safety and privacy of one-on-one conversations, I have seen seemingly tough, unreachable kids break down in tears because they had failed to meet the expectations of teachers, mentors, or parents. Many of these kids are considered gang members. Photos of them hang on the wall in the Omaha Police Department's "gang unit," arranged in a hierarchy and given ridiculous titles like "captain" and "soldier."
If shame can be a powerful motivator, so can glory, no matter how flimsily dispensed. Many people like to blame "gang culture" for glorifying theft, drugs, and violence, and I don't necessarily disagree. However, I've found that local media and even police can become complicit in perpetuating the glorious myth of gangs. These organizations describe teen gangs like organized crime rings, printing or broadcasting their street names and even printing mug shots.
Don't get me wrong: Some gangs are a real menace, but most of the so-called gangs in Omaha are fleeting, loose associations of hormone-driven kids; they couldn't organize a kickball game let alone a crime ring. If many of them, especially the younger ones, were treated the way I was as a 14-year-old - that is, like the individual, confused, and often downtrodden kids they are - they might not become such self-fulfilling prophesies of hardened criminality."
Related, interesting articles:
"The attacks were largely carried out by two rival student gangs named “Immortals” and “Tandav,” both wishing to assert dominance over the other. However, police believe that the gangs are part of a larger network of 10 groups with hundreds of members on WhatsApp and Instagram."
^^This is an example of how the media makes these kids and their "gangs" out to be more glamorous and powerful than they really are. This sounds ridiculous.
The 11th grader was practicing for his master plan: to carry out one of the worst school massacres in U.S. history.
“I had fun entertaining the thought of actually, like, injuring and maiming people,” he told police, “and, like, showing people that I am dominant over them.”
His explosives were known as crickets, made from emptied-out CO2 cartridges and filled with gun powder. Police say it’s not unusual for teens in rural areas to play around with them. Yet those who study mass killings know their significance: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold carried dozens of crickets with them when they entered Columbine High School on April 20, 1999.
LaDue had done his homework.
He hoped his assault would leave at least 40 dead – more than triple the 13 killed in Columbine.
His plot was thwarted on April 29, 2014, when a 911 caller reported seeing someone she suspected was breaking into a storage locker.
The case looked like a slam dunk. Bomb-making material in the storage locker. A confession. An arsenal in his bedroom.
And a diary he kept to “explain after I was dead why I did it.”
But the case would turn out to be anything but simple. And the judicial system would wrestle with this question:
What is justice in a case like this – a massacre that never happened?
Where does preparation end and a crime begin?
Note: The fact that people even consider that a foiled plot is not a crime is ridiculous. We are living in a world where the laws are made to favor criminals. This is why Eric got away with his bomb-making. Parents, teachers, police, they all lack the balls to do what's right. Nobody wants to be a rat. The Browns are the only people who reported Eric, but others knew. Why didn't they say anything? People are checked out from life.
And I'm no stranger to this type of situation, either. I know first hand what it's like to be in that position. I had to report this person and pray he never found out about it. Then, I had to lie my ass off about my schedule to make sure he didn't come to my house anymore. There is a definite element of concern for your own safety when you know someone is actively desiring to harm someone. You have to balance the situation by protecting yourself and that often means staying anonymous. But the reason you have to stay anonymous is because you know the police probably aren't going to do anything, and the person won't end up in jail, and they will remain free to unleash their anger and rage on you.
If parents handled their kids in the home, it wouldn't become other parents' responsibility to report them to police. Why the &$*# was it the Brown family's responsibility to report Eric to police while his own father was covering his tracks? Imagine what will come out in those depositions in 2027. I think people are about to have the shock of their lives when they realize the Harris' aren't just innocent parents who were fooled by their son. They weren't fooled. They turned a blind eye. And Dylan's parents were in denial. No shade to them, even so, I still have compassion and respect for them as people. Nobody expects their kids' destructive behavior to be a sign that they are on a path to becoming a murderer. They were probably genuinely caught off guard. But this should be a lesson to other parents who find out their kids are making explosives: handle it yourself and don't make it someone else's responsibility. Don't make other people parent your child.
It's mind blowing if you think about it. Pun absolutely intended.
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2023.06.08 01:26 AbleArcher8537 Me compensa pagar 35 lks por tener vida crediticia?

Buen día, aquí me prestan 500.000 y me toca pagar como 535k en 15 días, no me prestan más ni se puede diferir a más de 4 cuotas, me suena mucho a gota a gota, pero dicen que reportan positivamente en centrales entonces eso ayudaría por lo menos a que no me rechacen hasta en el mugre ol*mpica. En eeuu ya me estarían desangrando tres bancos diferentes, pero así es la vida
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2023.06.08 01:08 Matu_Bolso1899 Transferencias inmediatas 24/7[HSBC]

Me acaba de llegar un mail del HSBC diciendo que ahora las transferencias son inmediatas 24/7 a todos los bancos, increíble, no lo puedo creer.
Desconozco si el resto de los bancos también las implementaron para el envío, en las webs no veo nada
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2023.06.07 23:57 Nyx_Lupa24 Got First Chase From Funko!

Got First Chase From Funko!
Didn't think I'd get it but did! Added three more DC pops for my collection!
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2023.06.07 23:14 SandiestCow I had to pony up for the chase, I have no luck over here! haha

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2023.06.07 23:12 Belhood Deuda vencida banco nación

Primera vez que posteo, pero cuando me contaron no lo podía creer. Tengo un compañero de trabajo que tenía una deuda en la tarjeta de $1000 y algo con banco nación en una cuenta que era del trabajo del que había renunciado. Se olvidó de pagar un mes. Le llega un mail informando la deuda y va a pagarla, pero desde el banco le dicen que no le pueden recibir el pago de una deuda vencida y que para poder abonarla tiene que sacar un préstamo personal, con los intereses correspondientes del préstamo (algo de $3000 más). El no tuvo otra alternativa más que tomar el préstamo y pagar la deuda. Pregunto, esto es legal? Me dijo que sentía que le estaban tomando el pelo.
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2023.06.07 23:06 sebyelcapo ¿Por que no subiria la categoria de la cuenta bancaria?

Si estoy en relacion de dependencia en blanco y me depositan el sueldo en un banco con tarjetas y la cuenta bonificada, hay alguna razon por la que no trataría de tener la cuenta mas alta posible?
Por ejemplo en el banco patagonia esta la clasica, plus y singular. Si mi sueldo es suficiente para estar en la singular y me den Visa Signature, ¿hay razones por las que no lo deberia hacer?
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2023.06.07 23:02 MarcosGilbert Alquiler permanente en España sin residir actualmente allí

Hola. Soy argentino con pasaporte comunitario que hace 4 años vivo en Holanda. Pedí el pase en mi empresa a España porque no me banco más los inviernos acá y la falta de sol. Mi empresa me lo concedió a partir de Julio para pasar a trabajar en la oficina de Madrid.
Mi problema es con el alquiler de vivienda. Leyendo veo que la gran mayoría piden nómina (que no voy a tener hasta Agosto) y si no varios meses de adelanto. Esto es así? Es factible alquilar un departamento ahora mientras no resido allí, o reservarlo para cuando llegue, sin tener esos recibos de sueldo?
Por otro lado: qué tanto tardan en darte el NIE? También leyendo veo que dicen que tarda mucho y que te lo piden para poder alquilar. Me da la sensación de que voy a tener que contratar un AirBNB por más de un mes hasta tener todos los papeles en regla (mi empresa en eso no me ayuda).
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2023.06.07 22:28 triple_demiga Si El Doctor® sacara su himno hoy

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2023.06.07 21:10 danibalazos Programadores remotos y retiro de dólares wn Bolivia

Leí recién en otro post, que hay varios programadores remotos locales. ¿Cómo están lidiando con la escasez de dólar?
Antes juntaba un buen monto y sacaba todo junto, eran buenas épocas.
Ahora tengo más juntado de lo que puedo retirar para vender. El banco me ofreció hasta 6.955 Bs que no está mal, pero en la calle se puede sacar más.
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2023.06.07 20:54 chill_y_guaro Oiga la vara

Oiga la vara
Que madre voy a tener que ir a ese link y poner mis credenciales de nuevo, y por si falla mejor adjuntar una copia del token 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
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2023.06.07 20:54 4m3mory rank the debut songs

here's my ranking:
  1. chase me- dreamcatcher
  2. bonbonchocolat- everglow
  3. crown- txt
  4. dalla dalla- itzy
  5. latata- gidle
  6. burning power- makamaka
  7. spit it out- MAJORS
  8. so bad- stayc
  9. black mamba- aespa
  10. FACE- nuest
  11. I- taeyeon
  12. sunday- fanatics
  13. eleven- ive
  14. movie star- cix
  15. doomdoomta- tribe
  16. bonnie & clyde- yuqi
  17. replay- shinee
  18. valkyrie- oneus
  19. giventaken- enhypen
  20. no more dream- BTS
  21. congratulations- day6
  22. athletic girl- h1key
  23. aria- craxy
  24. door- eunbi
  25. glassy- yuri
  26. adore u- svt
  27. danger- taemin
  28. solo- jennie
  29. honestly- limelight
  30. BIM BAM BUM- rocket punch
  31. higher- fifty fifty
  32. im your girl- khan
  33. love in bloom- ily:1
  34. too too (22)- hi-L
  35. the astronaut- jin
  36. O.O- nmixx *gap after
  37. agust D- agust D
  38. oh ya ya- lunarsolar
  39. why don’t you know- chungha
  40. like crazy- jimin
  41. Q&A- chebul
  42. tricky house- xikers
  43. hocus pocus- bvndit
  44. ponzona- purki
  45. allegro cantible- nature
  46. to heart- fromis9
  47. girls girls girls- got7
  48. district 9- skz
  49. ring x ring- billllie
  50. icecream cake- rv
  51. daydream- jhope
  52. pirate king- ateez
  53. boom boom- ANS
  54. pop? pop!- csr
  55. drive- miyeon
  56. pop!- nayeon
  57. nun nu nan na- cignature
  58. woo!ah!- woo!ah!
  59. beambeam- soyeon
  60. candy jelly love- lovelyz
  61. boombayah- bp
  62. into the new world- snsd
  63. like oohahh- twice
  64. la vie en rose- izone
  65. wonderland- gugudan
  66. birthday- somi
  67. generation- tripleS
  68. firetruck- nct127
  69. dreamnote- dreamnote
  70. indigo- rm
  71. fearless- lsf
  72. moonlight aria- ariaz
  73. MoMoMo- WJSN
  74. i don’t know- apink
  75. smiley- yena
  76. mama- exo
  77. wings- pixy
  78. tagme- weeekly
  79. tell me you love me- bol4 *gap after
  80. siren- p1h
  81. shut down- clas:y
  82. twilight- wei
  83. got ya- ichillin
  84. rose- mimiirose
  85. parallel universe- ninei
  86. flash- x1
  87. BOY- tbz
  88. hi high- loona
  89. vanilla- lightsum
  90. bugaboo- bugaboo
  91. barcode- lilli lilli
  92. we woo- pristin
  93. who dis?- secret number
  94. otg- rose
  95. glass bead- gfriend
  96. moonlight- neonpunch
  97. lalisa- lisa
  98. chewing gum- nct dream
  99. gorilla- pentagon
  100. BOY- treasure
  101. energetic- wannaone
  102. happiness- rv
  103. mr. ambiguous- mamamoo
  104. mmook jji bba- saturday
  105. tresspass- monstax
  106. fanci- girlkind *gap after
  107. jjan! koong! kwang!- momoland
  108. wa da da- kep1er
  109. lockdown- epex
  110. attention- newjeans
  111. bop bop!- viviz
  112. flower- jisoo
  113. bad news- tempest
  114. happy death day- xdinary heroes
  115. ice age- mcnd
  116. break the rules- cravity
-this ranking solely has to do with how much i like the debut song, not the group. one of my fav groups could happen to have a debut song i don’t like that much unlike the rest of their discography. or the group could have a debut song i really like when i don’t like the rest of their discography.
-this was hard to rank thanks to so many good options. bc there’s so many, ranking low doesn’t mean much. i'm posting this b4 i decide to remove any of the soloists.
-i didn’t know a FEW of these songs well, so i had to listen to them just for this and might not be fully sure.
-i just did all the debuts i remember. i’m mostly a 4th gen stan with a lot of 3rd gen. idk any other gen well and just included a few soloists i know, i left a lot out there too.
-i left out a lot the newly debuted rookie nugu bgs bc i’m too lazy to listen.
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