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Notorious for bullies.

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2023.03.29 05:10 bossofthisjim 32 [M4F] Ohio/Online Looking for someone to watch anime and play games (ffxi/v+) with.

Japanese culture is pretty fascinating to me so finding someone who shares my hobbies/play video games with and watch things together is important to me. If you can recognize japanese culture references that would be super cool, but not necessary.
I swear that's not all there is to me though! I work full time m-f and enjoy my job. I like visiting coffee shops, my favorite drink to order is an iced chai. I could talk your ear off about curry.
Some of the games I've been playing lately is FFXIV, League, TFT, Minecraft, fighting games, etc. Would be open to playing new games.
For anime I like, basically good isekai, time travel stuff, semi;colon series, etc. I read visual/light/web novels as well!
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2023.03.29 05:09 nina_nass Is hospital volunteering sufficient clinical experience?

I volunteer in an emergency department and on an inpatient floor in a small local hospital. I really enjoy my volunteering in the hospital, as I have gotten to know all the nurses and physicians, and they really appreciate the help. On the inpatient floor I mostly check in on patients and keep them company. In the emergency department my tasks are more varied and depend on how busy the ED is during my shift. I do everything from flipping rooms, bringing samples to the laboratory, helping with patient transport, greeting patients and families, and talking to patients.
The nurses are teaching me how to do EKG's, vitals and a lot of other patient care related stuff, so it has overall been a very positive experience. Hospital volunteering is however my only clinical experience so far, and I am afraid that admission committees will find this one-dimensional and somewhat problematic.
I am planning to take the MCAT in January and will spend part of the summer and the fall for preparations. I will only be taking one 3-credit course in the fall, volunteer and do graduate research. I have been thinking about perhaps applying for ED tech or scribe position that would add 20 more hours on top of my planned schedule, and I am wondering if this would be too disruptive for MCAT preparations? Would I benefit from a clinical job, or would it be fine to only have around 300 hours of hospital volunteering by the time I apply?
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2023.03.29 05:09 tacocoma1 The Complaints Department

Quality of life. There is apparently no interest in quality of life at Ableton HQ. The last great update was MIDI capture. 5 years ago. Since day 1 I've wanted to change the default key binds for the software. It's been 7 years since I began working with Ableton and the closest I have is LES + AutoHotkey with Oversampled's script which only covers most of the bases of what Live could potentially do. Max 4 Live has been a lifesaver as well for many of the features which Ableton STILL lacks. Granular, AZ Lab's Pad slicing mode, and Push 2 Arrangement Mode to name a few.
I still can't get over the fact that they haven't added a control + highlight feature after people have slowly been realizing the lack of it over a span of 10 years or so. It's not a necessity but it's little things like that which pushed me away from mouse and keyboard to the simplicity of Push's workflow (pun intended). I also was really hoping when the cloud feature was announced that it would finally allow us to easily share projects with each other by collecting all and saving with the exception of only needing to freeze/print tracks with plugins that others might not have. This would've been a game changer for me and my friends when we want to share the stems of our projects without the use of dropbox or google drive and the hassle that comes with that.
The Note app is a great addition to Ableton's lineup but the integration with other mobile/tablet applications is extremely limited and its features are so limited in general that it barely serves as a musical sketchpad. I've had plenty of other gripes about Ableton's software in the past about a lack of features as new technology is released such as integrating stem-splitting AI as an audio effect or max 4 live device. This is a feature on a handful of mobile music apps like Koala which I frequently have to set up when working in Ableton. I'll leave it there for Ableton's software.
I've had a Push 2 for a couple of years and it's been great for creating and getting ideas down without tediously clicking in piano roll or drawing automation lanes- that sort of thing. It's an amazing device for sampling and so far nothing beats the possibilities of the "hardware DAW". I have many other praises and reasons for preferring the device to anything else on the market to this day but that's not why I'm here. That being said, I can't stand the lighting power options. I understand USB C wasn't popularized until after the development of Push 2 was completed but this is no excuse for not having a rerelease or new model almost 10 years later. This seemingly simple solution to a major flaw in the device is what has me writing this portion of the review in the first place. After purchasing Push it seems like every change I've made to my home studio revolves around getting the thing to be more flexible. I purchased a MyVolts cable in order to power it from a power bank. I originally purchased a laptop and portable speaker for mobile production until I recently purchased a steam deck and set up VBan with my phone so I can use the Push anywhere I want with minimal issues getting audio on any speaker I want and close to 0 latency. Another note, its size. I can't take it anywhere unless it's the only thing in my bag. I have to be extra gentle when carrying it that way because the only solutions to travel are glorified tupperware (Decksaver) and Analog Cases (the standard in bulky but reliable cases since forever). I purchased an Analog case and I rarely use it because it has to be checked on a flight and it's way too bulky to make it on any road trips. No way around it when packing. Nothing new here, music equipment will always be impossible to haul for a number of reasons. Maybe it's not in Ableton's best interest to continue with Push development but it sure would've saved me a lot of headaches and money if they did. Not to mention the other issues I have with the device.
There are so many buttons on Push which, coming from a company that prides itself on creating software with fully integrated UI, is ridiculous. I understand a lot of passion and hard work went into creating the interface of the device revolving around the software. There's a reason the creators have their signatures on the back panel of every device. However, they did not meet the mark when it comes to conciseness and ease of use. It takes multiple button combinations to accomplish what can be done with a single mouse click in the software. I'm aware of many people who have the same complaints in their reviews of the Push. I also understand that this device was intended more for live performance but in my opinion, they targeted the wrong audience. There is also a major lack of functionality when it comes to changing parameters and many important functions of Ableton and VSTs alike. So much has to be MIDI mapped before Push is even remotely close to being a full solution for mouse and keyboard. As someone who takes pride in owning a Push, it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify the price combined with a lack of flexibility and native Ableton features. I haven't recommended it to anyone in a while even though it truly has a monopoly on Ableton hardware integration for obvious reasons.
With the steam deck I purchased, I was able to map almost all of the features of the Push (plus a few software features that it lacks) onto a controller with around 80+ total inputs/ combos which are all easily accessible on 16 (give or take) buttons of the device using the activator options through steam controller mapping. I've playtested these controls with a few friends and we made them at least twice as intuitive as Push 2's interface. This covers almost all of Ableton's necessary features and provides a great handheld and portable solution to music production for half the price of Push 2. Push only accomplishes a similar feat on around 60 buttons with a handful of combinations on top of that totaling around 70 possible inputs/ combos. This is obviously leaving out a lot of the draw to Push being mostly screenless and having a lot of buttons to accomplish exactly that. My argument for the deck is portability and ease of use. I could go on but for the sake of anyone reading this far, consult experienced people before purchasing a specific piece of music hardware, and don't make the same mistakes that we do by not studying up before making purchases or you'll be extremely let down by what you receive.
TLDR Ableton is a groundbreaking DAW with plenty of near-necessary features which other DAWs don't provide, but it will quickly be left in the dust if they continue to slow development and procrastinate listening to customer feedback. And when the right group of software developers comes along they will easily take Ableton's place in a heartbeat. Push 2 became outdated the day it was released and continues to become more of a relic to own today. New technology and hardware on the market makes a good argument for the discontinuation of Push, but nothing beats the feeling of a well-designed piece of music hardware when developed by a forward-thinking team. Hopefully, others will agree that while Ableton does a lot of the heavy lifting for music producers, they need to take development and updates to the next level in order to stay ahead of the game. Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.29 05:09 Emotional-Sail9899 PLEASE knock some sense into me

im really sitting here worried about calling off of work last minute at my barely above minimum wage fast food job because we're understaffed and i feel bad for potentially making my coworker have to take on some extra work for a night. someone PLEASE beat some sense into me 😭 it's my boss's own damn fault that the place is understaffed because he's sleazy and treats us like cattle, plus i've never taken a day off once and i always pick up extra shifts if i'm able to.. i shouldn't be sitting here beating myself up for wanting one day to myself yet here i am for some reason, good lord 🤦‍♂️
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2023.03.29 05:09 bossofthisjim 32 [M4F] Ohio/Online Looking for someone to watch anime and play games (ffxi/v+) with.

Japanese culture is pretty fascinating to me so finding someone who shares my hobbies/play video games with and watch things together is important to me. If you can recognize japanese culture references that would be super cool, but not necessary.
I swear that's not all there is to me though! I work full time m-f and enjoy my job. I like visiting coffee shops, my favorite drink to order is an iced chai. I could talk your ear off about curry.
Some of the games I've been playing lately is FFXIV, League, TFT, Minecraft, fighting games, etc. Would be open to playing new games.
Here is my not updated MAL for anime I like. Basically good isekai, time travel stuff, semi;colon series, etc. I read visual/light/web novels as well!
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2023.03.29 05:09 gman5923 I'd be employee of the year

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2023.03.29 05:08 throwraconsnoopy My (23M) best friend (23M) has an eating disorder

TLDR: I snooped and found out my friend has a very serious eating disorder. Aka I fucked around and found out.
I've (23M) spent the past week cat sitting for my friend (23M) "Daniel". It's worked out well for both of us, he has someone to watch his cat for him while he's away and I get a shorter commute to campus.
"Cat" is quite the trouble maker, especially with my friend being gone. Cat knows how to open everything, from drawers to closets and cupboards. And since my friend has been gone, Cat's gone out of his way to mess up all of Daniel's things.
When I got home from class today, there were papers everywhere. Cat had managed to get into Daniel's desk drawers and had pulled out every single paper in there.
While I was cleaning up, I noticed my name on one of the papers. I knew that I shouldn't have read it, but I did anyways.
It was a dated entry with a short blurb about how we had gone out for dinner, and how he hated going out with me because he feels so much pressure to "present normally by eating excessive amounts of food."
This was completely out of left field for me, because Daniel and I go out for dinner multiple times a week. Both of us are foodies, and we enjoy finding new places to try, and honestly eat quite a bit of food together. And to be completely honest (and at the risk of sounding like an ignorant idiot) I wasn't aware that men could even have eating disorders.
I kept reading through the pages (which was wrong of me, I accept that). According to what I read, Daniel has been diagnosed with an eating disorder. And not only that, he restricts his eating to a very concerning level. He's been calling in sick to work frequently, apparently due to a lack of energy from his restrictive eating. He's worried about being fired, or having to be hospitalized.
He aims to eat less than 1000 calories/day, which is extremely concerning when you take his activity level into consideration (he works a very high intensity manual labor job). For reference, we are about the same size and I eat over 3000 calories/day.
Daniel and I have been friends since elementary school, but we don't really have the type of relationship where we talk about personal stuff. We mostly just hang out, eat food, and go to the gym together. And I shouldn't know any of this. I don't know how to bring this up to him, or if I even should. But he's my best and oldest friend and I am very concerned about him.
Is there anyway to bring this up to him? Especially without letting him know that I snooped?
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2023.03.29 05:08 hc627398 General Nanny Boundaries

Hi, everyone. So I am a college student and experienced childcare workenanny. I started a new position over the winter, and it started off great. The parents both work very demanding jobs, but they are kind people. We agreed on a part-time position.
I have worked with kids for a long time, but I have never seen kids that are so chronically ill.
The first non-cold incident was during winter. The kids had flu/RSV and ended up giving it to me. While they paid me when I was off, I was left with a $400 medical bill (not including medications). But I brushed it off because I know that some sickness is inevitable. They were, however, continuing to display their standard “cold” symptoms the entire time leading up to that and did not receive any medical attention.
The next incident was pink eye. This happened two days before I was about to leave to present at a research conference. I informed the parent (WFH) that their child had green secretions coming from their distinctly red eyes. They brushed me off, and said it was allergies. The next day (two days before my flight was supposed to leave) they greeted me at the door and informed me that their child did, in fact, have pink eye. I was given no notice to get a mask, wear gloves, etc. Thankfully, I only developed a cold while I was gone. But I really would’ve appreciated a heads up, and if my initial observation was taken seriously. Again, that could’ve ended up cost me hundreds of dollars if I had gotten sick.
These kids (1.5 and almost 5) keep their severe “colds” pretty much 24/7. I do not believe there has been a single week since I started where both have been well. They are always coughing, complaining of sore throats, saying they feel hot, etc. The youngest has the worst bout of it. She has progressively gotten worse. They do not, however, take them to the doctor. I believe they give them OTC pain relievers sometimes, but nothing more than that. In December when I was working, I noticed how ill the baby had become. You can hear her wheeze almost all of the time (it’s gotten worse), because her lungs are irritated and her mucus secretions are so thick. There are times that I have contacted the parents while they were working because I was so concerned about the child’s ability to breathe. Holding her a full arms length away from me, I could hear her wheezing. But I keep getting brushed off. When they do acknowledge she is sick, they say that they simply know what to do.
A few weeks ago, the youngest threw up all over me while I was feeding her. It was all over my shirt and pants, and I did not have a change or clothes packed or my car with me to go back home and get some. I texted a friend to bring me a change of clothes. When one of the parents came up, I told them what had happened they brushed it off and said she still “spits up.” I have had kiddos spit up on me—this was vomit, and a significant amount of it. The parent did not offer me a change of clothes, to take the girl so that I could change—nothing. I was in my vomit-soaked outfit for over an hour. Because the baby was sick she kept waking up and screaming whenever I tried to put her down (asleep) so that I could change. I felt awful for her and knew it was critical for her to rest so she could fight off the virus, so I finally just let her sleep. When the parent came up about half an hour later, they sat beside me as the girl slept on me (which I also felt guilty about for sanitary reasons). I know that they could smell (and see) that I did not change, but they still did not offer me the opportunity to go change. The worst part wasn’t that I was thrown up on—it was how humiliated I felt for the rest of my shift and sitting next to that parent.
Since then, the kiddos have kept their usual “colds,” which hit me hard last week. I ended up with a sinus infection—another large bill because of medications, office visit, tests, etc. Yesterday, after finding out that the oldest boy had drinking medicine all day for a sore throat (which honestly, they always have—so I was exposed before this), I started to feel feverish and got a sore throat. I finished out my shift, but spiked a 104 fever that night. Again, the next day I had to do an office visit, medications, etc. It turns out that I have strep. And the high-risk individual that I live with is now sick also. I have a doctor note for two days, but my fever is persisting. They said we could touch base after the note is up, but I really don’t know what to say about coming in for the rest of the week—and that’s if my fever breaks.
I feel so lost, because they seem like kind people and have accommodated me when I needed a day or two off during finals and had to attend a conference. Vice versa, I am now working almost double the hours we initially agreed to—in addition to any random days that they have told me that they need all-day care. But, I still feel like I owe them, and I do not want to be a poor employee. I know that a good nanny/NF relationship requires sacrifice from both parties, and I want to try my best to make it work.
I just don’t know what to do right now. I have tried masking (new), washing my clothes as soon as I get home, regular hand washing, etc. I have spent close to $800 on medical expenses, am missing classes because of illness, and now infecting others in my household. They are always kind when I finally have to call out because of sickness, but they don’t seem to understand that their kiddos are the ones transmitting things to me.
Again, I love this family so much and truly feel for them. But I just cannot afford to be getting sick like this—for both financial and academic reasons. We never discussed sick care in my hire interview, but it says on my Nanny Profile that I do not care for sick kids.
I am also concerned about liability, if the youngest child does start to asphyxiate (on his secretions) on my watch. I have even sought advice from medical professionals on how to best handle that situation, if it were to happen, since it would go beyond standard CPR.
Does anyone have any advice for this type of thing or advice? Should I just stick it out?
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2023.03.29 05:08 hannahchry Am I valid for disliking my boss? I feel so worn down and discouraged at work

I work in a mostly male dominated field and have a boss who is ~17 years older than me. I had no problem with him at first, but these are some things that have quite honestly pissed me off:
-He used to toss his credit card on my desk for me to get him lunch
-When I organized a meeting with him to ask for feedback on something that was important to me, he said he wasn’t expecting me to do that and said, “but you’re feisty, I like it” (🤢)
-Always has me do random menial tasks for him like helping with PowerPoints for his presentations, claiming he “lied on his resume about knowing ppt” (and the men on our team never have to help with things like this)
-Said I’d be lucky to ever get a big raise again
-Asked me to tell his boss how great the work culture is (quietly on the side of course)
All this leaves out some factors that I see as personal character flaws, but I’m more focused on how he is toward me. I am amazing at my job and I know it but I feel so drained and worn down working with him. Am I valid for my anger? Has anyone ever found themselves working with someone like this, and what did you do?
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2023.03.29 05:07 Technical-Put1134 I Hate Fridays (2021)

I hate Fridays.
I loathe the day that comes after Thursday and before Saturday.
I wish Friday’s did not exist.
I would rather have 1000 Mondays than ever have to experience another day as dreadful as a Friday.
I would rather have Monday on repeat for the rest of my life than have to live through Friday ever again.
I must be the only person in the entire world who hates Friday’s with such a passion.
During the week, I can distract myself with all the stresses and deadlines.
The hustling and the bustling enough to keep any nasty thoughts of Friday to breach my consciousness.
The assignments and early mornings and minutes of socializing is usually enough to satiate my anxieties surrounding the end of the school week.
But like clockwork, it always comes.
As the day goes on, the dread builds and builds.
By the time the clock strikes 3:00, I'm nearly in tears.
Ready to burst if someone holds my gaze longer than a nanosecond.
My facade would be broken if anyone dared to look too close.
They never do.
As I watch the plans formulate around me, all I can do is wring my hands and turn my gaze to the floor.
Wanting to be anywhere but here, but never wanting to leave.
For when I do, it’s final.
I’m alone.
My biggest fear, what Friday stands for and what it brings, is utter and complete loneliness.
Not the kind that they write songs about, but the kind that kills.
I take the long route home on Friday’s, tacking on at least another 40 minutes until I’m faced with reality.
I can trick myself that I have a destination, maybe I'm meeting someone, maybe I have plans, maybe I’ll bump into someone.
All sweet lies that I never quite believe.
As the key turns with great effort, I’m greeted with an empty home.
No “hellos” or “how was your days”.
I make my way to my room, down a small hallway, dragging my feet and going so slowly, putting off the inevitable.
There’s no hiding it now, there’s no way I can trick and twist my brain into another deluded daydream or fantasy.
My only plan is to numb.
I need to stop feeling the wasteland inside my heart, so I turn to the best distractions in the world.
My secret stash must stay plentiful, as Friday’s come every week.
Music blasts from my speakers, drowning out any possible thoughts. good or bad.
Alcohol passes my lips and burns until it settles in the darkest part of my stomach, igniting me from inside out.
I pretend this is what happiness feels like as I spin around my room.
As the night goes on, empty bottles and cans litter my room, the music is now on a repeated loop, and tears have begun to stream down my face.
No matter what I do, I can never hide from Fridays.
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2023.03.29 05:07 jpdipz Beaverton DMV currently taking walk-ins at all?

Hello, I looked at the next available appointment at this location, and it's booked out till near the end of April. Has anyone been there recently, and can you tell me if they take walk-ins at all? I tried to call them but did not reach anyone. Many thanks!
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2023.03.29 05:07 Lwyerthrowawayacc Barred for a year and being unemployed since has me feeling like a failure. How long did it take to land your first job after the bar?

As in title. I am applying for jobs like crazy and interviewing. How many interview rounds are necessary to make a final decision? I got past round 2 and 3 if not auto-rejected outright. Rejection letters are generic as to why and I'm struggling. It's been a huge blow to my confidence and I don't know if I'm good enough to be a lawyer anymore.
I feel trapped in this profession but I don't have any career alternatives. I have been doing pro bono work with a non-profit in the hopes that I can leverage that experience once an attorney role opens up, but there's no guarantee. An attorney did leave but there's no word as to whether her position will remain vacant because there's no job posting at all. I was a Paralegal for 8 years rotating around different areas but still I keep hearing that I am too new.
How long did it take you to land your first gig post bar?
I am just so depressed to be honest. I have even applied for non-JD roles but then they say I am over qualified. Could really use any advise or anything to pick me up -- I am already at a low point as it is
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2023.03.29 05:07 bdiddyiddy Stressed out with ESL job search in Taiwan

I arrived in Taiwan on March 16th, and was enjoying my time here the first week or so. As I was sending emails out to employers and filling out applications, I was also exploring this beautiful island and having a blast. I'm now in full-time job hunting mode, and have had extreme difficulty finding any ESL/buxiban work outside of Taipei (Just don't want to work there due to the cost of living) that doesn't give off a ton of red flags.
I was close to signing a contract with a chain called Sesame Street, but was warned by the foreigners working there not to sign one. Apparently the working conditions aren't great and they send you around to several locations spread across Tainan. I'm going to try my luck in Taichung after the break, and hope to find something. I was also sending out my resume a couple of weeks before arriving, but most schools ending up disappearing and stopped responding to me once I arrived.
I worked in China previously for one year in 2017-2018 so I have some ESL experience teaching very young learners. I also have a degree, background check, a 180-hour TEFL certification and am a native speaker from the US. If anybody has advice or could possibly help me out, I would be incredibly grateful.
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2023.03.29 05:07 g0urm3tv0mit I currently intern, and it seems like they want to hire me full time afterwards, how do I tell them I want a long break before working full time directly after graduation?

I’m interning right now at the Hpayroll department of a construction company that is very successful, has great room for growth, gives full time employees benefits, including multiple insurances, 401k, partial tuition reimbursement if we want to further education, etc. When I applied, I asked for 18/hr because my degree isn’t in hr just general business, but they instead offered me 20/hr, which was great to me. I like the environment, I enjoy “desk jobs” because I’m introverted and like jobs that have routine. I really think this company is great, and I’m very open to the idea of growing with them. They already told me they are interested in keeping me longer than most interns (until September 2023) because they are interested in hiring after my graduation (May 2024).
This is great, except for the fact that I do not want to jump into working full time after graduation. I’ve worked hard in school, worked in food service on my feet for three years so far, and I just want at least a month/4weeks without work or school, but they seem eager about the idea. I don’t want them to decide I’m not worth waiting, and hire someone more experienced! But I have done a lot these past few years, and I just want to have some time to live the life I always wanted, to be an adult and just travel around and explore mew places. How can I make sure I can keep this position waiting and still enjoy my life for a little?
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2023.03.29 05:07 Abidarthegreat Group World Building Experiences

I'm currently running a homebrew campaign. But not one that I created. I decided to have the table do the world building for me.
We spent two sessions using an RPG called "The Ground Itself" to establish a world. Once we had thousands of years of lore, I created a situation and we ran a session of an RPG called "the Quiet Year". Which the Adventure Zone recently did.
Honestly, I was worried because I didn't know what to expect. When the table voted on building a setting based on an airless, lifeless moon, I was incredibly worried that there was no way we could create enough content to make a campaign. Boy was I wrong.
Trust the process, people.
Not only did we do it, but I think my players are more invested than ever since it's their world too.
Together we managed to create a kingdom with the survivors of a colony ship crash. They discovered that the moon they were stuck on is filled with the tombs of an ancient advanced race of Aarakocra who turned themselves into near gods and vanished fighting beings from outside the universe.
Now my players are exploring the surface of the planet below, a planet filled with Eldritch mysteries. The game has a Spell Jammer meets Call of Cthulhu esthetic.
Together we even created a few new homebrew races like the Floral Folk, a group of telepathic plants who meld consciousness with the great Mother Tree, and the Chubbles, small chaotic fuzzballs the enjoy blowing things up way too much.
We are only a few months in and so I'd love to hear of other experiences with allowing the players to help build the lore of the world and then playing in it. Good, bad, are there any pitfalls to watch out for?
So far, as a DM, I can say this is the most enjoyment I've ever gotten out of a game and I hope I can keep up the momentum to drive it towards a satisfactory conclusion.
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2023.03.29 05:07 upinflames_ Should I take advantage of an engineering internship nearby?

Hey all, I would really like advice on this. I'm a junior in high school, and I'm looking to major in something in STEM, but I'm just not sure what yet. I have a very wide range of interests, such as chemistry, biology, math, space, and physics (not 100% sure because I find AP Physics 1 kinda boring, but I don't know if that's the teacher, the material being boring [some have said alg physics is uninteresting, idk] , or that I just don't love physics. Anyways, I digress). If I'm being honest, I haven't done my due diligence on careers yet, but I'm looking at maybe astrophysics, engineering (idk the specific field), chem/biochem, and maybe medicine???
Now this brings me to my dilemma. An opportunity for a eng internship has opened up near me, and I don't know if I should do it or not. It is in electrical engineering, which I don't think I'll get into, but I've been told that any eng internship will look great on a resume and provide a good experience (feel free to comment on that). Also, my area is pretty opportunity dry for these kinds of things, so its a little rare. The problem is, I have no clue if I am going into eng. I have kinda found myself leaning slightly more towards theoretical sciences (like discovering stuff), but idk about the job opportunities there/if it is practical to spend my time pursuing that. I wouldn't want to waste my time doing an eng internship if I don't go into eng, because 1) I think it might look bad if I go into an eng internship, spend my junior year summer doing it, and not pursue it (not demonstrating my passion????) and 2) I might be able to do research at a nearby college by begging a professor to let me on (this is a maybe if they'll let me, but I'm not talking out of my a**\ bc people at my school have done/do it). Any advice would be appreciated on what I should do.
This was long, but really, thank you if you read all of this. Constructive insight would be phenomenal!!!!!! Let me know of any clarifying questions.
Edit: also, the app deadline is coming up pretty soon, so I won't be able to take time and explore if I love eng. I have explored a little, but not enough
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2023.03.29 05:07 XReverenceX God creates Evil.

“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.”
Isaiah 45:7
Many know that the word “evil” here is best understood as “calamity, adversity, tribulation”
“See now that I, even I, am He, And there is no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal; And there is none that can deliver out of my hand.
Deuteronomy 32:39
I commonly hear many Atheist refuse the biblical God on grounds that He is either “not a good and loving God because He allows evil in the world” and/or is ultimately responsible for the evil in the world, and thus refuse to belief in Him or worship Him.
God claims to be the one responsible for killing, for wounding. Is this Evil?
He clearly confirmed this throughout the Old Testament in how He dealt with the Israelites due to their rebellion and fornication with the other false gods of the surrounding nations. He used Assyria and Babylon to be His tools of judgement, calamity, punishment, and tribulation. If anyone knows the history of how ruthless and brutal the Assyrians were, or how the siege of Jerusalem went under Nebuchadnezzar it was absolutely nightmarish by todays standards.
God sat from heaven proudly taking responsibility for what occurred. He was pleased with the “evil” He caused and the judgment that was delivered. In the Prophets it is clear God wanted to also make an example to the surrounding nations using His own people whom in another section of their history He “betrothed with an everlasting love” (how long did that last…..)
If the God of the Bible is real, and whether you deem Him evil or not based on His actions or inactions in this world, how do people go about (especially professing Christian’s) using the aspect of His involvement with “evil” as grounds to deny Him, or say they would not and that others should not worship Him?
Christian’s typically blame the devil for everything or just the free will of man. BUT, atheist are more correct in that if God is God, He must be Sovereign over His creation, and if He is Sovereign He thereby is ultimately responsible for the “evil” in the world.
God let Satan cause great evil to befall Job all because Satan challenged His boast about Job….
Was this Evil?
If this is the Biblical God. I’ve come to experience both Christian’s and Atheist can’t stomach Him. The Christian’s shy far away from the OT God and just focus on the NT.
His character is still the same though….yesterday, today, and forever.
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2023.03.29 05:06 staff_count_403 34 [M4F] US/online/anywhere - looking for new friends

I’m in a stage of life where I’m just not meeting a lot of new people (married, kids, busy job). I’m a pretty private person and I’m having trouble finding new friends, particularly ones I would feel comfortable opening up to. I have a tendency to close off and bury a lot of things and I’m definitely feeling like I need to seek for a bit more external support with how things are going for me right now. I also am a good listener and am usually the rock for those around me, so hopefully I can be that for you as well. I prefer chats over DM’s.
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2023.03.29 05:06 tobiasand How do you bring up therapy?

Long-time lurker, the usual story. Just figured it’s finally time to vent and ask for advice.
I (f29) and my husband (m30) have been together for nearly 9 years, married for 2, dead bedroom for 5.
In the beginning it was amazing. We were young, at college and I was living my best sex life after a fun and crazy year before meeting him. I felt like the stars had aligned and - cringe - I knew what the songs and movies were about, and that I’d gotten ‘it out my system’ but also found someone to explore the rest with.
We left school and moved to the nearest big city. We had new jobs, friends, we shared an apartment after 2 years. It was then that the sex started to change in frequency, eventually hanging at about once a month, before we started to talk about it. We figured it was just life getting in the way, then year 3 and 4 it really took a turn. It went from infrequent but still good to infrequent and awkward, clunky and unsatisfying.
I tried to talk to him about it - I was young and thought it was about me so I hit the gym, did my teeth, went to an expensive lingerie shop around month 6 of DB but nothing. Sometimes we would start to kiss more deeply in bed and I would think “omg! We’re normal, it’s ok” but he would physically push me away having had some sort of visceral reaction. The rejection is something I still feel so sad about, it stings - my sexuality was a fun part of my identity that I carefully nurtured and enjoyed, and now I feel depressed that it’s been neglected. I feel awkward initiating and worry I’m starting to think of him as a non-sexual being, though I am still very attracted to him. We are very affectionate in all other capacities so all this feels complex.
There is a lot of backstory around it all - he has had a lot of trauma in his life right up until the month before he met me, but has never sought therapy. I am financially reliant on him. When we got married I thought it was an indication that things were going to get better as they briefly did but nope - things soon slid back to the way they were. And before you ask, we got married for legal/visa reasons.
I feel so frustrated, I feel like I’m wasting the best looking years of my life - sounds small, I know but feels significant - and I’ve also spent many nights thinking about my younger escapades that I’ve driven myself insane.
We most recently had mediocre sex a couple months back. The pattern follows that he wants to have sex when he’s drunk or high. Not a good sign - I want meaningful, intimate and sober sex.
TLDR; long term fizzle turned into complete nothingness but I still want him and want it to work - how do I broach the subject of therapy to a resistant partner? What are your experiences?
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2023.03.29 05:06 Empty-Employment-106 .. I'm lonely when I'm not alone.

I've been married for 6 years now and he is my one and only companion.. no friends and no close family.. .. I never got a ring/ a wedding.. etc. When we got together we were 16 and I already had a child ( due to unfortunate abusive circumstances) but anyway.. we dated for a while and ended up with a baby of our own shortly after legally marrying .... Flash forward to 6 years later.. I still have never gotten a ring or proposal/ no talk of a wedding etc.. I wanted another baby as I am nearing my 30's and my other children are pretty old now.. but then I realized .. what's the point? I'm already unhappy. We probably can't afford another baby.. and it would be another excuse to continue living life mediocrely.. Starting to come to terms with the fact that this will be my life forever... no cookie cuttemovie scene life.. no friends.. no wedding.. no more babies.. no more anything
Idk :c I guess all I'm trying to say is that I feel my life will pass me up unfulfilled/ and it sucks that I'm sad and alone.
I guess the only solution is to just keep on keeping on.
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2023.03.29 05:06 Meviax 29 [M4F] UK/Anywhere - British lawyer looking for an American girl to chat to and get to know

The title is of course self explanatory. I would like the opportunity to speak to someone new, I would not ordinarily have the opportunity to day to day, here in the UK. Over the last few years since graduating, I've began to meet less new people, and friends have moved away.
As for why the US specifically, it’s somewhere I’d like to visit in the near future, and so it makes sense in that regard. I also like the accent, which is of course a bonus.
This would be with friendship in mind, though I’m open minded if anything else does develop. I’m happy to chat via text, or audio chat.
As for me, I’ll list a few things about me, and you can ask the rest you’d like to know when we begin to chat:-
- Lawyer
- Multilingual
- Does not drink tea or coffee
- Has never broken a bone
- Will destroy you at monopoly
- Avid reader
- Funny - I like to make people laugh
- I enjoy American sports
- Honest
If I sound like someone you’d like to talk to, please do drop me a message, even if it’s just hi and we can go from there. Also - happy to share what I look so can do upon request.
I look forward to hearing from you!
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2023.03.29 05:06 Falador69 FFXIV Market Board

I've been playing FFXIV for a while now and I've noticed the marketboard is kinda bad. It's important for every MMO's trading system to be a free market (for the most part). And i don't want that to be taken away! But i think it can be upgraded. My issue with it is that the price you see on your server for items is technically not the actual price because there is cross server marketboard access.
The fact that addons or mods are against the rules (which is why i don't use them) it's nearly impossible for me to see the actual price of an item. Which leads to items taking a long time to sell OR leads to undercut battles. I could server swap to the 20+ different servers to fix this but it'ss 2023 and i don't think that should be the only solution. Basically, every other game out there with this much of a following does not have this issue. I originally thought it was just me but i honestly haven't ran into one person who hasn't experienced this. It's bound to happen with certain items in any game that is perfectly okay and expected, but with FFXIV it's ridiculous how often this occurs.
There are a few ways to fix this IMO but the most logical way is instead of showing the price of JUST your server the game should show the prices on every server. That way if your server says an item is 2,000,000 gil and has been selling for that price recently, but a different server is selling it for 1,500,000, you won't waste hours or days trying to sell it. OR you could wait it out and see if the price goes back up.
WoW has a similar thing, normally you can only buy and sell on your own server. But they started merging servers and had those servers share the auction house. When you sell almost ANYTHING it sells instantly or in seconds. Imagine if they couldn't see the price of their fellow merged servers without actually going to them and checking for themselves. It would slow everything down and be a terrible experience for everyone. I know this is how it's always been for FFXIV so it might be difficult even to believe it's an issue. But even if you personally haven't experienced the negative side effects yourselves, you have to at least admit it's weird that we can't see prices of other servers.
Feel free to express your opinions on this, please be respectful and cordial. Thanks.
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