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Almost got hit yesterday so that means time to buy a dash cam. I was looking around and found one on the trail grid pro website/YouTube that looks pretty clean. Has anyone had any experiences with the cobra dash cam from them? Thanks
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2023.03.29 05:24 AcademicInside 7 hours of troubleshooting today, and still can't use it for my Primary Use Case. Cannot recommend.

Like Roymus99, I currently have the XR Elite, Quest Pro, Quest 2, and HP Reverb G2 Valve Index sharing my VR space.
I got my XRE around 11am and took a half day off to enjoy being able to finally have something that can replace my ageing Index with wired PCVR 7 hours later, I can't believe how garbage this thing is. It's embarrassingly bad. (I can't discount that it sounds like about half of you doing reviews so far have had super smooth experiences. Which, to me, only serves to highlight how awful the XRE is when the experience is so wildly inconsistent among early adopters.)
Unless shit suddenly gets real simple this evening, this fucker is probably going back to HTC tomorrow. I'm so, so, so very disappointed.
  1. It's been 7 hours, and I STILL haven't been able to connect it for PCVR - it can't do the ONE thing I needed it to do...replace my Valve Index. I've gone through so many iterations of stuff to try I've lost track...but right now?
    • Vive Streaming Hub open on the PC.
    • USB-C connected. Headset paired by QR code
    • Note: Getting that far took 2 hours to figure out. There's a frame presented in your view that you would THINK is where the QR should go just like in every other QR code-recognizing UI element in the last 10 years. Nope. Get Closer. Bigger. No. Closer than that. No, still closer! It FINALLY registered when the XRE was 7" from my monitor, filled my ENTIRE view and the QR-code framing UI element was easily a good 2' behind my monitor. The QR was reasily 2x the size of the 'framing' bracket by the time it actually recognized it.)
    • Put the XRE on, connect it to the computer that it paired to.
    • Vive Streaming Hub says "Vive Business Streaming App Not Found" in red.
    • Search in the Vive Store for 'streami' to get any and all apps for streaming. 2 show up, neither one is the Vive Business Streaming App.
    • Find the Vive Business Streaming App manually in the store. There is no INSTALL, only NOTIFY ME - so, pick that. Receive an email 2 minutes later - "Thank you for your interest in the Vive Business Streaming App".
    • At this point, I have no clue how to connect this thing to SteamVR via USB. I'm stumped.
    • "Just download and install VIVE Streaming on your PC, then connect your VIVE XR Elite. It's that simple." "The Test Results Say...That Was A Lie!"
    • I the last hour, I did finally get it to connect to SteamVR - but not using the USB cable...it defaulted to wifi and I had no say in the matter. WTH!
  2. I found the hand tracking is frighteningly bad.
    • It randomly decides to alternate between Scroll Up And Down and Click. With terrible accuracy, at that. To the point that I'm legitimately scared to have the Store open, lest I make an accidental $20 random game purchase.
    • When it is a little bit stable, the slightest motion of my hand to click something frequently moves my 'click' off the UI element I'm trying to click. Consistently. I do not have this issue with Hand Tracking on either the Quest 2 or the Quest Pro.
    • When setting a boundary with hand tracking, I was just spinning a simple circle in my office chair in the middle of the room, holding my hand in one place, and the hand tracking lost its freaking MIND and drew a square box that extended about 20'/9m out over my driveway, 15' above the ground, then re-centered me.
    • Getting recentered meant that the Menu was now 15' away, and there's no intuitive locomotion in the Home Space with hand tracking
  3. The controllers feel like supersized versions of the cheapest Amazon-Knockoff controllers you get with one of those $20 "Insert your Cellphone for the Google Cardboard Experience" HMDs.
    • Quest2 Controller with KiwiDesigns "extended knuckles" cover, AA battery, and silicone ring protector: 245g
    • Valve Index Knuckle Controller: 193g
    • Quest Pro Controller: 168g
    • XR Elite Controller: 145g - in addition to being 15% lighter than the next lightest controller and 41% lighter than the beefed up and protected Quest2 controller, it feels very plastic-y and hollow, and the plastic feels brittle. If you're concerned about dropping your Knuckles because you might break an internal switch - imagine being concerned about breaking the tracking ring right off your controller...
    • Fortunately the controllers are so ridiculously light (compared to the others that all feel substantial with a nice comfortable heft) that you should probably have time to reach up and kick on the pass-through then still have plenty of time to go get a drink, help your kids with their homework, wander back into the room and gently catch it with a free hand as before it reaches the ground after slowly drifting down to the floor slower than a week old helium balloon.
    • Oh, yeah. I just noticed that (unlike the Quest 2) the controllers don't even stand flat when you set them on their rings! There's an intentional round tab on one side, and they rock back and forth on it. WHYYYYyyyy?
    • Once I got SteamVR up and working (by wifi, not wired), one of the controllers was way off. 45 degrees or more. Consistently. /sigh
  4. It's actually not especially comfortable.
    • Despite having pancake lenses and an adjustable diopter, the sweet spot is fucking TINY, so I have to crank the knob on the back down to mash my face into the gasket to have enough grip hold the damn thing in place. Like, WAY more than the other three HMDs I have. By a LOT.
    • The manual slider for IPD won't stay set at 70 like the Index or Quest Pro. It keeps getting pushed back toward center (down to about 66) and this gives me a huge headache pretty quickly.
    • The fan noise. Holy jesus fuuuck the fan noise. Know how challenging games spin up your GPU fans to turbine level? Yeah, quite a bit like that, but on your face.
    • No normal headphone jack, and I didn't see a USB to Headphone adapter in the box, so you're stuck listening to that fan noise no matter what.
It's been a very long day fighting with this stupid thing...I'm beat, and SO disappointed.
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2023.03.29 04:58 lordebyron vou tentar de td pra não me matar

fui no SUS mesmo, já comecei a tomar antidepressivos. fui chamado pra uma entrevista de emprego hoje (e fui, e fiz). estou estudando, aos poucos, as matérias para concursos. paguei e, dessa vez, vou ir lá e fazer.
meu corpo dói. vou da lentidão a ansiedade, para realizar qualquer coisa. tenho estipulado objetivos de recompensa, para me animar: como fazer upgrade no setup, comprar o elden ring e até mesmo uma viagem pro Japão.
quero fazer tantas coisas... mas continuamente tenho impulsos para a autolesão e pensamentos intrusivos. conviver com depressão grave é desestimulante. meu mundo é sem graça, sem meus sonhos.
quero tanto ter paz. encontrar felicidade. me agarrar no presente e projetar o futuro... só depende da minha saúde mental... só depende de mim... que deus me ajude.
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2023.03.29 04:57 ImportantDebateM8 Love and Will, Blood and Gold, and how Fromsoft Fooled their Entire playerbase into Praising and Admiring a God of Manipulation

By intentional design by fromsoftware and GRRM, this topic will undoubtedly draw more negative attention than positive. Please hold your reflexive reactions till the end, if you make it.
There is no tl;dr for this. Because if i just dropped the bomb, you wouldnt believe it.
and what a bomb it is..
*edit1 Pro tip: If you dont want to read this, you dont have to let me know. you can just.. not read it
No reason the first flood of comments should be a gank of insults about how, yes, indeed, this is a long one..
Edit2 Lol, wow, ok. Now That is funny- 3 more comments about how reading is hard after edit 1. Almost as if reading is So Hard that, in fact, they did not even make it to the first sentence of the actual post. If nothing else, writing this thing to share here was a Comedic experience.

The phenomena of religious conviction is ubiquitous among our species. One might even say A defining trait.

Our tendency to prop up certain ideas and the figureheads that represent them as being beyond criticism or reconsideration, for the reason alone that we Want the things they represent to be true.

As fromsoft understands, we want a benevolent savior, an altruistic empathetic leader, who will rescue us from the worst of the conditions life has to offer.

We want a smart charismatic leader who tells us what we want to hear in the way we want to hear it, and who quells our fears and our doubts.

once we have found someone who we believe fits the mold, we Hold onto this with all we are, and criticism and re-evaluation, become unthinkable; hostile, even.

Worst and most heretical of all becomes contemplation of the possibility that we have and are being Fooled.

This is the story of Miquella, as i understand it; and the story of how a company called Fromsoftware fooled the majority of its community into worshiping a god of manipulation, by abusing our all to human predilection for the desire for a loving god.


part 1: obfuscation and vague neutral language.


Throughout the descriptions of Miquella we find in game, we are met with an air of primarily mystery, as well as a plethora of neutral statements that are - by design - easiest to think of at first glance as being of benevolent intention.

“My brother will keep his promise. He possesses the wisdom, the allure, of a god – he is the most fearsome Empyrean of all.” - Melanias helm

"The Empyrean Miquella is loved by many people." - bewitching branch

In one sense we can interpret these as descriptions of an empathetic character- in fact most have.

However the prime examples of Miquellas goodwill are rooted in assumptions about his intentions towards the Rot, the Deathblight of Godwyn, and those who worship him, from quotes like those mentioned and those soon to follow.

Yet nowhere is empathetic intention explicitly implied.

Wherever empathy is supposedly being implied, we find statements like 'Oh brother, lord brother, please die a true death' on the golden epitaph or 'he abandoned fundamentalism when he realized it could do nothing to contain Melanias rot' on the Radagons rings of light incantation.

For the former, many interpret this as being a prayer for mercy, when it could equally be interpreted as sinister, or even cold and calculated; As if the true death of Godwyn were necessary for a larger plan. Additionally it is also stated on the golden epitaph that the sword was 'made to commemorate the death of Godwyn the Golden, first of the demigods to die.' - a statement like this is equally ambiguous.

For the ladder statement regarding Melania.. On the one end, there is the apparently obvious surface level interpretation; that he merely wants to cure his sister;

but to me the significance of this lore is more in the fact that it highlights the revelation Miquella had that The Rot Within Melania is Literally a more powerful force than anything contained within the golden order.

This is the point at which he realized he needs to learn and study something else if he is to control the will of the rot- the most powerful force in the lands-

The point at which he decided to create his own order. Afterall, 'Even the demigods, despite their nigh godhood, could do nothing to stave off the effects of the rot'

In fact, the same incantation states this as the beginning of unalloyed gold, the beginning of his attempts to control the rot.

Additionally, The Sacred Crown Helm says "Who is it that Miquella shall bless, if not the low and the meek?"
This, as the previous statements, is ambiguous as best, and sinister at worse. Afterall- are the meek and the low not, in some light, a massive army that is being neglected and unutilized?..

It is not uncommon for proselytization to target the weak and the unfortunate under the guise of aid and support.
Those in crisis make for the best devotees.

The main reason for the belief that Miquella is Good, is that it seems to be what people want to believe. We gravitate towards the interpretation that casts him in a good light.


part 2: Love and Will


When examining lore around the 'love' people have for Miquella, we cannot escape the eerie nature of that relationship as it is described.

In fact it is stated within the other half of the bewitching branch quoted earlier that this capacity to invoke affection and worship is something he has spent time and mind on cultivating;

How to best manipulate

As the full quote of the item states: "The Empyrean Miquella is loved by many people. Indeed, he has learned very well how to compel such affection"

This quote, in tandem with Melanias dedication to him as stated in her armor set, implies to me that Melania might be entirely subject to the Will of Miquella. His first and most successful test of the perfected bewitching branch - the Unalloyed Gold Needle.

This interpretation becomes even more clear when we look into the ingredients that compose the bewitching branch.

The fact that she is clad in unalloyed gold, and has had the golden needle within her, leads me to believe that not only was the will of the rot within her being contained, but indeed Melania herself had become subject to the bewitching allure of Miquella.

This lends new perspective to when she calls him the most fearsome empyrean, as well as alluding to a possibility that he learned to compel affection so successfully by having first bent his sibling empyrean demi-god, and her godly rot, to his will.

In fact Miquellas use of unalloyed gold might revolve entirely around his goal of controlling the wills of those present in the lands between. Greater, and lesser.

An aspect of this control happens to involve the capacity to ward off the unwanted effects of these wills-

But Importantly, this is not a property of unalloyed gold alone


part 3: Blood and Gold


Miquella is said to have watered his haligtree with his own Blood.

As stated in the description of the Haligtree knight armor:

"Though watered with Miquellas own blood since it was a sapling, the Haligtree ultimately failed to grow into an Erdtree."

Why is this significant?

The Bewitching Branch is crafted using 2 items. One of the items is Miquellas lily, who's description states "A delicate water lily of unalloyed gold" and "Thought to be beloved by the Empyrean Miquella in his youth."

The branch happens to be the only thing that can be crafted with this item.

The second ingredient in the bewitching branch is the only other item in the game that speaks to the act of someone tending to plants with their own Blood. The Sacramental Bud.

We learn in the description of these buds that they were long ago "cultivated with youthful, sacramental blood." - Just as the haligtree was.

and this Youthful blood combined with the unalloyed gold within Miquellas lily, compels wills.

This realization leads one to multiple conclusions, one of which being that the haligtree itself could potentially be a beacon of will domination of sorts; being grown of his blood, and braced in a structure of unalloyed gold.

This particular revelation also sheds light on the role Mohg has to play within Miquellas larger scheme.

Mohg is an unwanted omen demi god, discarded into the leyndell sewers at birth up until he was elevated by the mysterious 'formless mother'.

Miquella was a prodigy who studied closely with his father and God Radagon and was powerful enough to invent a technology capable of controlling the scarlet rot, and a tree likely intended to take the place of the erdtree as the central governing force of life and death in the lands between.

Yet somehow Mohg was able to obtain Miquellas body without any resistance whatsoever, without ever even having been seen?

More specifically, his 'sacred flesh' as a ghost in the consecrated snowfields puts it, as if to put emphasis on the fact that this is likely Just his body, not his soul.

Furthermore, and somewhat tangentially, in the opening of the game we see Miquellas soulless body being transported by Mohg, yet importantly, it is cocoonless. Meaning the cocoon we find him in with Mohg is one he formed around himself in his new environment. Willingly.

And we know this was him, not Mohg, because it is a perfect match to the cocoons lying in wait at the haligtree.

Additionally we learn from the 'lord of bloods exaltation' talisman, that this cocoon has a literal thirst for blood. as it states "render up your offerings of blood; Drench my consort's chamber. Slake his cocoon's thirst."

All this is to say that Mohg is a part of Miquellas larger scheme.

We know Miquellas empowered empyrean blood plays a central role, nd that seems to be central to Moghs part in this.

admittedly this aspect of the theory, Mohgs involvement, is the aspect that to me still has the most mystery to it.

Regardless, the blood of Miquella, plus unalloyed gold, is what grants him the capacity to compel the wills of others.


part 4: The Rot Tree, and 'Gowry'


The following presumes Gowry's questline, with Either ending, to be cannon.

If betraying Millicent is the cannon outcome to his questline, then there are 3 scarlet aeonia in the base of the haligtree.

If it is not, then there are 2- and the second, Melanias, has been pierced by the needle.

A single one of those blooms caused Caelid to happen. Does this not have massive implications for the future of the haligtree?

No matter what outcome 'Gowry's questline has, it's seemingly all going according to plan.

What plan?

The first time you see Gowry, he asks you to cross the aeonian swamp.

A tarnished on foot could do no such task. Yet, torrent, who's summoning ring is made of unalloyed gold, is unaffected by the rot. We know this is the case because the ring does not burn in the frenzied flame ending. But more importantly;

How does Gowry know we have Torrent? Or that torrent possesses this ability?

We have recently learned from the DLC reveal photo that Miquella was quite possibly torrents previous owner- and that torrent just happened to choose 'us' - the most probable candidate for success.

Before coming to a conclusion on these points I'm throwing up in the air, lets continue.

Gowry asks you to cross the lake of rot in aeonia- why? to retrieve for him a Broken Unalloyed Gold Needle.

But how does he know of the existence of this item? and how does he know it is there?

When we retrieve it for him, he then asks us to leave him be in private so he can Repair it

How does he Know how to repair one of the most advanced pieces of technology in the lands between? Designed specifically to combat the wills of outer gods.

Or what it even is? or does?

We return to find he has repaired it, and once repaired, it has a Tiny Blood Red Spot in the center.. Blood, and Gold.

He then tells us to please give it to Millicent because He Just Knows Exactly what the needle is for, and how to use it.


Lets continue.

We approach Millicent with the needle, and she seems surprised and skeptical that a random needle would cure her rot- as if its capacity to do so is far from common knowledge. She then Immediately falls asleep, and awakens with a sudden urge to go to the Haligtree.

We talk again to Gowry and he acts as though this is All According to Plan.

Sending Millicent to Bloom in the Haligtree.

saying 'now she TOO can begin her journey' - admitting that he is likely the cause for the other bloom we see at the bottom of the haligtree.

Furthermore he knows by exactly what mechanisms Millicent can be made to bloom into the most potent bomb for the haligtree.

How would he know that? and Why the Haligtree?

Throughout the quest he also demonstrates knowledge of events in Millicents quest before having been told of them, as though he is somehow keeping tabs through the unalloyed gold

Again, How?

It's time we ask, Who is Gowry?

what do we 'know'?

He appears at a glance to be a heretical sage from Selia, offering us sellian spells and insights into the town.

He insults the worshipers of the rot as being 'witless', to then Later proclaim to be himself a worshipper of the Rot.

finally, he claims to be father to Millicent and her sisters.

that is more or less all he lets on, but it is not all we know.

It is my belief that in most of the things he tell us, he is Lying, and ultimately It is my conclusion that Gowry is actually Miquella, possessing pests in spirit form.

Upon hearing this, skepticism is appropriate.

However it is important to avoid that subtle trap of mind that moves us to proclaim 'it cannot be', as this gut level reaction is rooted in the reality that we love the idea of loving Miquella. We cannot help it, he was written as such.

In this, we have been bewitched.

If we follow the path of logic laid out by this conclusion, it leads to many insights as to the larger scheme of this would be god.

In my understanding, Melania has been subject to the will of Miquella for as long as she has been known as his blade.

We never learned or even got a hint as to why she would go off and fight in the shattering.

It is my hypothesis that she did so under influence of the will of Miquella, for multiple reasons.

First off, the shattering was potentially seen as an opportunity to test out the full power of the rot, as well as a chance to implement his desire for godhood and the creation of new life, his daughters of the rot.

And second, Miquellas plans for the deathblight of Godwyn might well have been bound up in the stars, which Radahn had halted.

We learn in 'cleanrot knight finlays ashes' that after the initial caelid bloom, Melania fell into an immediate Slumber.

It is stated in Finlays ashes that She was then carried back by this random knight clad in unalloyed Gold in an 'unbelievable' feat - Unbelievable that is, unless we realize that Finlay was likely under miquellas influence.

it is my belief that the feat is described as such to draw attention to the fact that this was something abnormal. And this in addition to the term 'slumbering' leads me to conclude this was Miquellas doing.

As we find her in game, Melania is at the base of the haligtree, slowly acclimating it to the rot. As Miquella would well know, plants suffer shock if their environment changes too quickly.

This way, once the blooms develop, they will be developing within an environment already prepared for them. A hollowed core awaiting the eruption of scarlet vines, with a supporting brace structure already in place.

It is a large part of Gowry/Miquellas ultimate plan to have the haligtree become an erdtree of the strongest force in the land- scarlet rot.

With him alone capable of controlling it, his rule would be absolute.

With this in mind we realize that when he calls Millicent and her sisters his daughters, it is because he engineered the circumstances of their birth.

He knows that betraying her will cause a more magnificent bloom because, perhaps, he has done the same thing to Melania to cause caelid, ultimately creating her and her sisters-

Regardless, the logic is consistent.

He pretends to 'worship the rot' allthewhile knowing that without the technology he has to control it, it eats things away to nothing.

Who would know what an unalloyed gold needle is? Miquella.

Who would know that there was one in the Aeonian swamp where Melania bloomed? Miquella.

Who would know that we could survive the swamp of rot with our spectral steed Torrent?

Who would know how to fix a broken unalloyed gold needle?

Who would know how to use an unalloyed gold needle?

Who would know what circumstances need to arise for a perfect scarlet bloom?

Who compels influence through unalloyed gold?

Gowry is Miquella.


Honestly the layers of lies Gowry tells to distract from the reality of his identity are hilarious once you see it.

The slip ups are funny too.

Like when you first give him the needle and he talks himself up 'ah yes this must have been made my a true artisan visionary' - or when he laugh suspiciously after saying 'i must be getting old' like he thought he never would.. Or how when you deny his initial request he says 'I'm used to being patient'

Also, i cant emphasize enough how much of a red flag it is that Gowry just knows how to repair the needle, and is sure it will work to control the most powerful force in the lands between, the scarlet rot. A power that even the golden order was unable to combat. Almost like he has done this kind of thing before..

Some tangential notes:

The haligtree is covered in depictions of what is likely an older Miquella wielding a giant golden needle. I believe this will likely be used to kill the erdtree, Godwyn corruption and all. Or, perhaps, control it.

Ordina is the same architecture as Selia- and is covered in depictions of miquella.
hence Miquellas awareness and associations with Selia, as Gowry.

Miquellas body is in the cocoon with Mohg, but his soul is scheming. And much like ranni or shabriri, he uses possession to enact his will directly when needed.

Miquella has empowered youthful blood. the formless mother wanted him from the start. He knew it, and planned for it. He plans to control the will of the blood god just as he plans to control the will of the rot god. Perhaps with the unalloyed golden ring on his body?
The formless mother is to miquella as the rot is to melania.
He seeks control of Both.

Castle sol was a project of Miquella, and on the ash of war of the prized possession of the castle, the eclipse shotel, it states "Set the lusterless sun ablaze with the Prince of Death's flames, inflicting the death ailment upon foes" - an Explicit intention to weaponize Godwyns deathblight.

I do not have the full picture, but i have enough to understand that the narrative we have developed as a community- the faith held in Miquellas supreme goodness- might well be a sign that we have been profoundly fooled about him, his intentions, and motivations.




I believe the story of Miquellas haligtree is not a tragedy, and his plan has not failed.

In fact, we played right into it.

It is a cautionary tail of unexamined unquestioning faith in a narrative for the reason alone that one would prefer it be true.

The oracles in the haligtree herald the coming god, but its not Melania.

The Truest tragedy of the game is Melania, who never had a chance between the rot within and the manipulation of her brother demigod who sought only to use her rot to seek dominion over the lands between.


Fromsoft has cultivated a mentality within their community around the idea of Miquella, the empathetic and Just, benevolent savior of those unblessed by grace, tragically abducted; plans halted or uprooted

But the actual story at play seems to be far more sinister, and also, far more human.

One version of the story is emotionally appealing and easy to see at a surface level glance,

While the other is unpleasant and unnerving, and requires more in-depth reasoning to discover.

In this, they have successfully convinced the majority of the playerbase, including those who proport to communicate the lore, that this most fearsome and compelling of gods is Exactly who he'd like you to think he is- a god worth worshiping unquestionably- because that is the story that we in large want to believe

So much so that much like with real world figures of worship, many cant even comprehend being wrong in their placement of their faith, because to do so would mean to admit that someone once praised was never worthy of praise at all,

and may indeed have been manipulating all along your desire for something worthy of worship.

Allthewhile those who question the faith held in the belief that Miquella is good, are met with the same reactions of ostracization and scorn as those who dare criticize the religious figures of real life.

Honestly the metanarrative behind this aspect of the game has blown me away. The success with which they have deceived us into believing in a false idol, while also putting the information that undoes them right before our eyes.

building such a masterful illusion of benevolence around a character who is truly a horror-

Yet after over a year since the games release, the community still has not realized; because in large part, they don't want to.

Classic fromsoft.

this really is the best game I've ever played.
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Xe đạp điện là gì?

Theo điều 3 Nghị định 171/2013/NĐ-CP của Chính phủ: Xe đạp điện là loại phương tiện thô sơ cơ bản có hai bánh, sử dụng động cơ điện và công suất thấp, công suất trung bình là 250 W. Do công suất thấp nên mức tối đa vận tốc của xe điện là 25 km/h. Xe được trang bị bàn đạp hỗ trợ, người lái vẫn có thể di chuyển trong trường hợp tắt máy, hết điện.
Xe đạp điện có tên tiếng anh là Electric bicydes hoặc E-bike. Đây là loại xe đạp được trang bị động cơ điện giúp người lái di chuyển dễ dàng hơn, tiết kiệm sức lực và thời gian. Thay vì đạp như xe đạp truyền thống, xe đạp điện cho phép người lái kích hoạt động cơ bằng cách bấm nút hoặc đạp. Xe đạp điện được sử dụng rộng rãi ở các đô thị vì thuận tiện đi lại và bảo vệ môi trường.

Cấu tạo của xe đạp điện

Thay vì động cơ đốt trong tương tự xe máy, xe đạp điện hoạt động nhờ hệ thống động cơ điện. Hầu hết các xe đạp điện thông thường đều có các thành phần sau:

Về thiết kế ( ngoại quan )

Hình dạng của xe đạp điện có hình dáng khá giống so với những dòng xe điện bình thường khác. Kèm theo đó là một số đặc điểm thiết kế riêng của mỗi nhà sản xuất. Xe được thiết kế với bàn đạp trợ lực giúp cho người điều khiển chủ động hơn trong vấn đề di chuyển.

Hệ thống động cơ điện

Hệ thống mô-tơ điện bao gồm các mô-tơ điện khép kín được nhà sản xuất tích hợp vào bánh sau, tạo thành một khối liền với vành xe. Nhờ đó, hệ động lực này có thể ngăn nước và các chất độc hại từ môi trường. Hệ thống động cơ điện được coi là bộ phận đặc trưng và quan trọng nhất của chiếc xe đạp này.
Hai loại động cơ điện phổ biến nhất hiện nay là không có chổi than và không có chổi than. Đặc biệt, hệ thống động cơ điện không chổi than được sử dụng và sản xuất rộng rãi nhờ khả năng hoạt động mạnh mẽ và bền bỉ.

Bộ phận nạp điện của xe

Bộ phận nạp điện còn được gọi là sạc xe hay bình ắc quy. Đây là nơi lưu trữ và cung cấp điện cho xe. Nó là bộ phận quyết định tuổi thọ, tuổi thọ và độ bền của xe.
Các loại pin xe đạp điện trên thị trường hiện nay là: pin niken hydride kim loại, pin axit chì, pin niken cadmium và pin lithium ion.
Trong đó lithium là một loại pin được sản xuất theo công nghệ mới và được sử dụng trên các mẫu xe hơi hiện đại. Khi được sạc đầy, xe máy điện có pin lithium cho phép bạn di chuyển quãng đường lên tới 80 km. Do những tính năng tuyệt vời nói trên và độ bền lớn, trọng lượng nhẹ nên giá thành cũng cao hơn.

Bo mạch điều khiển

Đây là bộ phận giúp điều khiển tất cả các chức năng của xe máy điện. Bảng điều khiển nhận tín hiệu từ tay ga để phối hợp động cơ điện và thiết bị sạc giúp điều khiển xe di chuyển theo ý muốn của người dùng.
Những dòng xe đạp điện hiện đại có hệ thống thẻ điều khiển kết hợp một số chức năng khác.

Tay ga điều khiển

Là bộ phận nằm ở vị trí tay phải của người điều khiển phương tiện. Tay ga điều khiển xe có thiết kế và chức năng tương tự như tay ga của xe máy. Vì thế nên khi bạn vặn ga, cảm biến điện từ sẽ xảy ra, giúp xe di chuyển thuận lợi hơn.

Một số bộ phận khác

Ngoài những bộ phận chính kể trên, xe máy điện còn có các bộ phận khác của một chiếc xe đạp điện hay xe máy điện như bánh xe, đèn, phanh, xi nhan, còi, khóa điện,… là những bộ phận quan trọng hỗ trợ đắc lực cho việc tham gia giao thông . .

Nguyên lý hoạt động của xe đạp điện

Nguyên lý hoạt động của chiếc xe đạp này tương tự như nguyên lý hoạt động của xe máy điện. Để xe di chuyển, người dùng chỉ cần vặn ga để điều chỉnh tốc độ mong muốn. Khi vặn ga, một tín hiệu sẽ được gửi đến cảm biến tốc độ trong hệ thống bảng mạch để xác định mức năng lượng mà xe cần, kết hợp với động cơ và hệ thống ắc quy giúp xe chuyển động mượt mà.
Những chiếc xe đạp sử dụng động cơ điện công suất cao và người dùng có thể di chuyển với tốc độ 40 km/h. Tuy nhiên, tốc độ an toàn khi đi xe đạp điện là 25 km/h nên có thể dễ dàng giải quyết tình huống khi tham gia giao thông.

So sánh xe máy điện và xe đạp điện

Xe máy điện và xe đạp điện là hai loại phương tiện di chuyển thân thiện với môi trường, tuy nhiên có những điểm khác biệt sau:
  • Tốc độ chạy: Xe máy điện có tốc độ chạy nhanh hơn so với xe đạp điện, đặc biệt khi chạy trên đường cao tốc hoặc đường phố rộng rãi.
  • Chi phí vận hành: Chi phí vận hành của xe máy điện thường cao hơn so với xe đạp điện do mức tiêu thụ năng lượng cao hơn.
  • An toàn: Xe tay ga điện cung cấp khả năng bảo vệ cao hơn so với xe đạp điện với hệ thống phanh, đèn chiếu sáng và chỗ ngồi thoải mái hơn.
  • Tiện lợi: Xe máy điện chở được nhiều đồ hơn xe đạp điện, nhất là trong những chuyến đi xa.
  • Tác động đến môi trường: Xe đạp điện là phương tiện giao thông thân thiện với môi trường hơn so với xe máy điện do không tạo ra khí thải hay tiếng ồn. Rèn luyện sức khỏe: Sử dụng xe đạp điện giúp người dùng rèn luyện sức khỏe và giữ gìn sức khỏe tốt hơn so với xe máy điện.
Tóm lại, có thể nói xe máy điện và xe đạp điện đều có những ưu nhược điểm khác nhau. Vì vậy, tùy thuộc vào mục đích sử dụng và nhu cầu của người dùng mà bạn sẽ lựa chọn được loại xe điện phù hợp với mình nhất nhé.

7 Tiêu chí chọn mua xe đạp điện mà bạn nên biết

Xem xét mong muốn, nhu cầu của bản thân

Xe đạp điện được thiết kế cho những người khác nhau và cho các mục đích khác nhau. Nếu bạn muốn thoải mái, hãy nhìn kỹ vào khung. Nếu bạn muốn leo đồi, hãy xem xét động cơ, động cơ 250W hoặc động cơ gắn giữa là lý tưởng nhất. Nếu bạn muốn di chuyển quãng đường dài, pin trên 400W là rất cần thiết. Biết nhu cầu cá nhân của bạn giúp bạn tập trung sự chú ý và chiếc xe đạp quan trọng của bạn.

Lựa chọn xe máy điện hay xe đạp điện

Nhiều người băn khoăn không biết nên chọn xe đạp điện hay xe máy điện làm phương tiện di chuyển chính. Trên thực tế, vấn đề này không khó giải quyết chút nào. Trước tiên, người mua phải tính toán xem nhu cầu sử dụng của mình là gì, chi phí mua xe đạp điện, sau đó xem thông số của nhà sản xuất để chọn chiếc xe phù hợp nhất.
Xe đạp điện thường chỉ có tốc độ 20-25 km/h, quãng đường đi được sau một lần sạc đầy chỉ khoảng 40 km. Qua đó có thể thấy xe đạp điện chỉ phù hợp với học sinh, sinh viên vẫn chưa có nhu cầu đi lại nhiều. Xe máy điện là giải pháp tối ưu cho người đi làm. Tốc độ tối đa có thể lên tới 40 km/h, cá biệt một số loại có thể đạt tốc độ 65 km/h và đi được quãng đường 80 km mỗi lần sạc đầy.

Chọn xe chạy pin hay ắc quy

Đối với xe đạp điện, pin được coi là bộ phận trung tâm, là “trái tim” của toàn bộ chiếc xe đạp. Pin tốt quyết định phần lớn đến chất lượng xe nên người mua thường rất quan tâm đến bộ phận này.
Lựa chọn xe điện chạy bằng pin hay xe điện bằng ắc quy cũng luôn là câu hỏi được nhiều người quan tâm. Bởi ít ai hiểu rõ ưu nhược điểm của 2 loại hình lưu trữ năng lượng này. Trên thực tế, điều quan trọng nhất giữa pin và ắc quy là độ bền và phạm vi hoạt động.
So với pin, ắc quy có tuổi thọ cao hơn. Khi sạc, pin chỉ giúp xe điện đi được quãng đường 40 km. Tuổi thọ chỉ khoảng 300-400 lần sạc tương ứng với tổng quãng đường đi được khoảng 14.000 km.
Hiện nay, xe đạp điện ắc quy đã lỗi thời do độ bền không cao, quãng đường đi được chỉ 20-30 km là phải sạc điện. Chưa kể đến những tình huống nguy hiểm như chập điện, cháy nổ. Công nghệ pin của xe đạp điện đã được “sang trang mới” khi pin lithium cho phép đi được quãng đường lên tới 80 km trong một lần sạc. Pin lithium cũng có cấu trúc bền hoàn toàn chống cháy nổ.

Tải trọng khi sử dụng

Hãy nhớ rằng, bạn không bao giờ lái xe một mình. Đôi khi còn là bạn bè, người thân ngồi phía sau, vì vậy một chiếc xe điện có tải trọng dưới 130kg không nên nằm trong danh sách lựa chọn của bạn. Vì tải trọng còn liên quan đến độ bền của khung gầm và động cơ. Nếu thường xuyên chở quá tải, xe nhanh hỏng hơn.
Hầu hết ô tô điện được trang bị pin có thể đi được quãng đường trung bình 40 km trong một lần sạc. Tuy nhiên, nếu bạn cần lái xe trong nhiều ngày, bạn phải có một chiếc xe chạy được 75-80 km cho một lần sạc đầy.

Chế độ bảo hành của xe điện

Bảo hành mang lại cho bạn sự tự tin rằng khoản đầu tư của bạn là xứng đáng. Hầu hết xe đạp điện trên thị trường chỉ được bảo hành 6 - 12 tháng. Nhưng tại Đại Lý Xe Điện, chúng tôi cam kết bảo hành lên đến 3 năm nên Quý khách hàng hoàn toàn yên tâm khi lựa chọn mua hàng tại các cửa hàng của chúng tôi.

Năng lực kháng nước của xe điện

Thời tiết nóng ẩm như nước ta là kẻ thù số 1 của đồ điện tử chứ không riêng gì đồ điện tử. Bạn cần tìm một chiếc xe có kết cấu khung gầm cao nhất có thể, hộp ắc quy được làm kín để nước không lọt vào khi lái xe dưới trời mưa hay đường lầy lội.
Đặc biệt xe đã đi đường chắc chắn sẽ bị bám bẩn nên việc rửa xe định kỳ là điều tất yếu. Cũng như những gợi ý ở trên, hãy chọn một chiếc xe có hộp điện và động cơ kín để chúng không bị ướt ngay cả khi bạn rửa xe.

Các hãng xe đạp điện tốt, đáng mua nhất hiện nay

Xe đạp điện Asama

Asama chắc chắn là một thương hiệu xe đạp điện mà tất cả chúng ta đều quen thuộc. Xe đạp điện Assam được đánh giá cao về sự gọn nhẹ, thoải mái, thiết kế thời trang và an toàn khi di chuyển.
Giá xe đạp Asama trên thị trường từ 8- 15 triệu đồng với chế độ bảo hành 2 năm. Các thương hiệu nổi tiếng với xe đạp điện:
  • Xe đạp điện Assam EBK
  • Xe đạp điện Assam ASF
  • Xe đạp điện Assam A48
  • Xe đạp điện Assam ASG thứ 3
  • Xe đạp điện Asama Ebk 002
  • Xe đạp điện Asama Ebk 003
  • Xe đạp điện Asama Ebk or 2202
  • Xe đạp điện Asama Pin Lipo Ash
  • Xe đạp điện Asama EBK SH1801.

Xe đạp điện HKbike

Xe đạp điện HKbike là thương hiệu Việt nổi tiếng được yêu thích nhờ thiết kế trẻ trung, năng động và chỉ có mức giá từ 7-15 triệu đồng. Chính vì vậy đối tượng khách hàng của HKbike là học sinh, sinh viên.
Xe đạp điện HKbike có khung thép không gỉ được sơn tĩnh điện bền bỉ và chắc chắn cùng pin/ ắc quy nhập khẩu từ thương hiệu Bosch nổi tiếng. Có thể kể đến một số dòng xe đạp nổi tiếng của thương hiệu:
  • Xe đạp điện HKbike A2
  • Xe đạp điện HKbike A3.
  • Xe đạp điện HKbike Zinger Color thứ 2
  • Xe đạp điện HKbike Zinger Color
  • Xe đạp điện HKbike Itrend HKbike

Xe đạp điện Giant

Thương hiệu xe đạp điện Giant là thương hiệu có lượng mua tương đối ổn định, chủ yếu hướng đến đối tượng học sinh, sinh viên, giá từ 8 đến 12 triệu.
Xe đạp điện Giant có thiết kế đẹp, năng động, bền bỉ với các công nghệ hiện đại chống thấm nước, êm ái và bền bỉ. Một số mẫu xe đạp điện tiêu biểu của hãng này bao gồm:
  • Xe đạp điện Giant 133S – Mini
  • Xe đạp điện Giant 133S-S200
  • Xe đạp điện Giant M133
  • Xe đạp điện Giant 133 QD
  • Xe đạp điện Giant M133SH
  • Xe đạp điện Giant M133L
  • Xe đạp điện Giant MMT
  • Xe đạp điện Giant M133L
  • Xe đạp điện Giant 113G

Xe đạp điện Nijia

Nijia là một trong những thương hiệu thống lĩnh thị trường xe đạp điện Việt Nam với các mẫu mã, kiểu dáng đa dạng, sang trọng, cứng cáp với khung sườn làm bằng thép không gỉ phủ sơn cao cấp, sơn tĩnh điện.
Một số dòng xe đạp điện đáng chú ý của Nijia bao gồm:
  • Xe đạp điện Nijia Dibao
  • Xe đạp điện Nijia Dibao Eco
  • Xe đạp điện Nijia Nioshima S 2018
  • Xe đạp điện Nijia Plus bình ắc quy 20A
  • Xe đạp điện Nijia S 2017
  • Xe đạp điện Winner Nijia
  • Xe đạp điện F8 Nijia 2018
  • Xe đạp điện Nijia 2019
  • Xe Đạp Điện Nijia Terra Motors 2017

Xe đạp điện Hyundai

Hyundai là một thương hiệu xe đạp điện phổ biến vì thiết kế thời trang. Giá từ 10 triệu đồng trở lên và bảo hành 3 tháng đến 3 năm tùy sản phẩm khác nhau.
Tuy nhiên, trên thị trường hiện nay, Hyundai chưa có được chỗ đứng vững chắc như các thương hiệu khác, mà phần lớn là do giá bán khá đắt so với mặt bằng chung. Bạn có thể tham khảo một số mẫu xe đạp điện Hyundai như:
  • Xe đạp điện Hyundai Aven
  • Xe đạp điện Hyundai Toma
  • Xe đạp điện Hyundai Pemo
  • Xe đạp điện Hyundai I Ctity 10
  • Xe đạp điện Hyundai I Ctity 20
  • Xe đạp điện Hyundai I City S

Xe đạp điện mini Scooter

Xe đạp điện mini Scooter là dòng xe đạp điện rẻ nhất trên thị trường hiện nay. Xe có thiết kế khá độc đáo, được giới trẻ Việt Nam yêu thích vì sự hiện đại, năng động và cá tính.
Xe đạp điện mini scooter nhỏ gọn vì mỗi lần đi được 25-30 km mà giá chỉ 4 triệu đồng.

Xe đạp điện Honda

Xe đạp điện thương hiệu Honda nổi tiếng với dòng xe đạp điện sử dụng 4 pin sạc trở lên có thể đi được quãng đường dài, khoảng 60-70 km.
Ngoài ra, xe còn có thời lượng pin lâu và độ bền cao nên làm hài lòng nhiều khách hàng kén chọn. Tuy nhiên, giá xe đạp điện Honda khá cao 15-20 triệu đồng. Bạn có thể tham khảo một số mẫu xe đạp điện tuyệt vời đến từ thương hiệu này:
  • Xe đạp điện Honda A5
  • Xe đạp điện Honda A6
  • Xe máy điện Honda Two
  • Xe Máy Điện Honda VS V3
  • Xe đạp điện Honda A7
  • Xe đạp điện Honda A
  • Xe đạp điện Honda M6

Xe đạp điện Bridgestone

Xe đạp điện Bridgestone là dòng xe đạp điện được sản xuất theo tiêu chuẩn công nghệ Nhật Bản. Xe sử dụng công nghệ pin lithium an toàn, kiểu dáng hiện đại, thời gian bảo hành từ 2-3 năm.
Tuy nhiên, xe đạp điện Bridgestone vẫn chưa phổ biến ở Việt Nam do giá cao. Một số xe đạp điện tuyệt vời của Bridgestone bao gồm:
  • Xe đạp điện Bridgestone PKD18
  • Xe đạp điện Bridgestone SLI48
  • Xe đạp điện Bridgestone SPK48

Xe đạp điện Yamaha

Xe đạp điện Yamaha hướng tới đối tượng là nữ sinh viên, bà nội trợ và người lớn tuổi do thiết kế nhỏ gọn, kiểu dáng trẻ trung, năng động.
Trong những năm gần đây, Yamaha đã sử dụng pin lithium nên nguồn điện khá an toàn, mang lại sự tin tưởng cho người mua. Giá bán xe đạp điện Yamaha chỉ từ 9 triệu đồng. Một số sản phẩm nổi bật của thương hiệu này là:
  • Xe đạp điện Yamaha Icats N2
  • Xe đạp điện Yamaha Icats H3
  • Xe đạp điện Yamaha Icats H4
  • Xe đạp điện Yamaha Exciter F1

Xe đạp điện Martin

Martin là thương hiệu nổi tiếng về xe đạp địa hình, xe đạp thể thao và xe đạp điện. Giá xe đạp điện Martin trung bình từ 8-10 triệu đồng, là lựa chọn lý tưởng cho những khách hàng có thu nhập trung bình.
Xe đạp điện Martin có kiểu dáng thời trang với nhiều mẫu mã, kiểu dáng và màu sắc khác nhau cho bạn lựa chọn. Bạn có thể tham khảo thêm một số dòng điện tử đặc sắc của thương hiệu:
  • Xe đạp điện Martin Raptor
  • Xe đạp điện Martin EBM A1
  • Xe đạp điện Martin MTE Pin Lipo
  • Xe đạp điện Martin MTE

Xe Đạp Trợ Lực ADO

Xe đạp trợ lực điện ADO là một trong những sản phẩm có động cơ 250W, dễ dàng tăng tốc và vượt các chướng ngại vật. Thiết kế giảm sóc kép: giảm sóc khí trước và giảm sóc yên, giúp lái xe êm ái hơn. Với kích thước của xe thì đối tượng phù hợp để đi có chiều cao từ 155 – 200cm, chịu được tải trọng lên đến 100kg. Bên cạnh đó giá thành chỉ từ , xe đạp trợ lực ADO đang được nhiều người yêu thích sử dụng.
Một số mẫu xe đạp trợ lực ADO có tại Đại lý xe đạp như:
  • Xe đạp trợ lực ADO A20 AIR
  • Xe đạp trợ lực ADO DECE 300 Lite
  • Xe đạp trợ lực ADO DECE 300C
  • Xe đạp trợ lực ADO A26S XE
  • Xe đạp trợ lực ADO A20F XE
  • Xe đạp trợ lực ADO A20 XE
  • Xe đạp trợ lực ADO A16 XE

Xe đạp điện Bluera

Xe đạp điện Bluera là một thương hiệu xe điện được sản xuất độc quyền do Đại Lý Xe Điện sản xuất. Tuy nó còn khá mới so với người sử dụng, nhưng không bởi vậy mà chúng ta bỏ qua nó. Với những ưu điểm như sử dụng động cơ mạnh mẽ, công nghệ chống nước độc quyền, kiểu dáng hiện đại. Khung xe chắc chắn, các mối hàn thẩm mỹ, không bị rỗ xỉ, tải trọng gấp 2 lần các loại xe điện thông thường, phanh tự ngắt điện khi thắng gấp. Nước sơn tĩnh điện bền, chống rỉ sét, thẩm mỹ cao, sử dụng động cơ chính hãng Nhật Bản, tự động khóa xe. Ngoài ra, giá của xe đạp điện Bluera tốt và rẻ hơn so với những hãng xe cao cấp khác mà chất lượng lại ngang bằng.
Một số loại xe đạp Bluera hiện nay như:
  • Xe đạp điện Cap X Max I
  • Xe đạp điện Bluera Fast 10
  • Xe đạp điện Bluera 133
  • Xe đạp điện Bluera 133 IP6 PRO
  • Xe đạp điện 133 Pro Max 2022
  • Xe đạp điện 133 Pro 2022
  • Xe đạp điện Super Max 2022
  • Xe đạp điện Bluera X16
  • Xe đạp điện Bluera 133 IP6 – 20AH
  • Xe đạp điện Cap Super Star
  • Xe đạp điện Cap X Pro
  • Xe đạp điện Bluera 133 IP6 – 12AH
  • Xe đạp điện Bluera A10
  • Xe đạp điện Bluera XS
Ngoài ra còn có một số hãng như : Xe Đạp Điện Galaxy, Xe Đạp Điện Pega, Xe Đạp Điện Yamaha, Xe Đạp Điện Yadea
Những dòng xe trên đây đều có tại Đại Lý Xe Điện, nếu bạn có nhu cầu tìm hiểu vào tham khảo nhiều mẫu xe điện hơn hãy xem tại đây: Cửa hàng bán xe đạp điện rẻ nhất

Nơi bán xe đạp điện uy tín, chính hãng nhất

Bluera - Đại Lý Xe Điện - Đại lý chuyên phân phối các sản phẩm xe máy điện chính hãng từ các thương hiệu uy tín như Vinfast, Vespa, NIJIA và Xmen Challenger. Chúng tôi cam kết cung cấp các sản phẩm chất lượng cao với giá cả cạnh tranh, đáp ứng nhu cầu di chuyển của người sử dụng trong đô thị.
Đến với Đại Lý Xe Điện – Bluera, chúng tôi cam kết với khách hàng:
  • Đội ngũ nhân viên chuyên nghiệp, nhiệt tình và am hiểu về sản phẩm sẵn sàng hỗ trợ tư vấn 24/7
  • hướng dẫn sử dụng, bảo hành và bảo trì sau bán hàng để đảm bảo xe máy điện của quý khách luôn hoạt động tốt và đáp ứng nhu cầu di chuyển hàng ngày.
  • Giá cả cạnh tranh và hấp dẫn
  • Cung cấp dịch vụ bảo hành và sửa chữa sau bán hàng để đảm bảo xe máy điện của quý khách luôn hoạt động tốt
  • Bán trả góp qua với lãi suất vô cùng hấp dẫn
  • Quà tặng hấp dẫn, thu cũ đổi mới
  • Có nhiều chính sách hỗ trợ đăng ký đại lý ủy quyền Bluera.
  • Với phương châm “chất lượng và uy tín là trên hết”, chúng tôi cam kết mang đến cho quý khách hàng những sản phẩm tốt nhất với giá cả cạnh tranh nhất trên thị trường.
Nếu quý khách đang tìm kiếm một nơi đáng tin cậy để mua xe máy điện, xe đạp điện, xe máy 3 bánh, hãy đến với Đại Lý Xe Điện chính hãng giá rẻ của chúng tôi. Chúng tôi sẽ cung cấp cho quý khách hàng những sản phẩm tốt nhất và dịch vụ tốt nhất để đáp ứng mọi nhu cầu của quý khách hàng.
submitted by dailyxedienvietnam to u/dailyxedienvietnam [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 04:29 Colorshake Strange ring appearing in astro shots?

I've noticed I've been getting this strange ring in the center of ALL the astro shots that I take. I use a Tamron 150-500 + Sony a7iii on a sky guider pro. Attached image shows it on the top right, though it is always in the dead center of the photo. Any ideas what might be causing this?
submitted by Colorshake to AskAstrophotography [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 03:51 2hotscot First new build in over 10 years....011D EVO White build

Took awhile to acquire some components (GPU mainly) since I needed all white. SPECS:
Only problem for lighting is the ASUS GPU. When I turned them on to white, it was a light green color, so I just keep them turned off. Don't know if that is standard with these cards or just because it is used. I think I will put a LED strip on the front inside facing the GPU to give it a "fullebrighter" look in that part of the case. Found an Addressable RGB 2 pack white LED strips that plug into the 12v header on the MB, so NZXT Cam should be able to control it.
submitted by 2hotscot to lianli [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 03:46 kelti-o (Offer)Babylon 4K, Top Gun Maverick 4K, Indiana Jones Crystal Skull 4K Mad Max 2 4K, Unfriended, Riddick unrated Trilogy, My List(Requests) MEGAN MA, Puss in Boots The Last Wish MA, anything I don't have and Your Offers/list

\ I split all splitable codes; so, If you want a full code please let me know and please ONLY redeem what we agree upon. Thanks in advance!*
****DISNEY HD SPLIT CODES (**port to MA)
101 Dalmations 1961 (GP)
Aladdin 1992 Animated (GP)
Aladdin Live Action (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Aladdin Live Action (GP)
Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Bad Day (GP)
Avengers Age of Ultron (GP)
Avengers Infinity War (GP)
Avengers Infinity War (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Beauty and the Beast Animated (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Big Hero Six (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Captain America First Avenger (GP)
Captain America First Avenger (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Captain Marvel (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Cars 3 (GP)
Cars 3 (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Cinderella 2015 (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Finding Dory (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Finding Nemo 4K (MA)
Frozen (GP)
Frozen (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Frozen Sing a Long Edition (GP)
Frozen Sing a Long Edition (MA)
Frozen 2 (GP)
Inside Out (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Into The Woods (MA)
Iron Man 2 (GP)
Iron Man 3 (GP)
Iron Man 3 (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Jungle Book 2016 (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
The Lion King Animated (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
The Lion King Live Action (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Maleficent (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Maleficent (GP)
Mary Poppins 1964 (MA)
Mary Poppins Returns (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Monsters University (GP)
Mulan 1998 (MA) 4K
Muppets Most Wanted (GP)
Need For Speed (MA)
Onward 4K (MA)
Oz The Great and Powerful (iTunes)
Oz The Great and Powerful (GP)
Petes Dragon 2016 (iTunes)
Pinocchio (iTunes)
Planes (GP)
Planes (MA)
Planes Fire and Rescue (GP)
Planes Fire and Rescue (MA)
Queen of Katwe (iTunes)
Sleeping Beauty 1959 (GP)
Spies in Disguise 4K (MA)
Spies in Disguise (GP)
Star Wars Rogue One (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Star Wars The Force Awakens (GP)
Star Wars The Force Awakens (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Star Wars The Last Jedi 4K (MA)
Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker (GP)
Super Buddies (GP)
Tangled (GP)
The BFG (iTunes)
The Good Dinosaur (MA) (iTunes redeems 4K)
The Little Mermaid 4K (MA)
The Little Mermaid (GP)
The Lone Ranger (GP)
The Lone Ranger (MA)
The Nightmare Before Christmas (MA)
The Pirate Fairy (GP)
Thor (GP)
Thor (MA) (iTunes redeems 4K)
Thor Ragnarock (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast (GP)
Tomorrowland (MA)
Toy Story 4 (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Zootopia (GP)
Zootopia (iTunes) (redeems 4K)

007 Skyfall (vudu/GP)
2 Fast 2 Furious (MA)
47 Ronin (MA)
A Dogs Purpose (MA)
A Good Day To Die Hard Extended (MA)
A Quiet Place (VUDU HD/iTunes 4K)
American Girl Isabella Dances into the Spotlight (MA)
American Girl McKenna Shoots for the Stars (MA)
America Imagine The World Without Her (VUDU)
American Made 2017 (MA)
American Reunion Unrated (MA)
Anchorman 2 (VUDU split)
Annie 2014 SD (MA)
Apollo 13 (MA) Split
Atlas Shrugger Part 3 (MA)
Babylon (4K Vudu/4K iTunes)
Bad Grandpa: Jackass Presents (VUDU split)
Barbie and her Sisters in A Pony Tale (MA)
Barbie and the Secret Door (MA)
Barbie in Princess Power (MA)
Barbie in the Pink Shoes (MA)
Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess (MA)
Barbie Starlight Adventure (MA)
Battleship (MA)
Ben Hur 2016 (vudu split)
BlackHat (MA split)
Book Club (VUDU split)
Braveheart (Vudu 4k) split
Buttons A Christmas Tale (vudu) split
CaptainUndertpants The First Epic Movie (MA)
Cult of Chucky unrated (MA) split
Curse of Chucky unrated (MA) split
Daddy's Home (VUDU split)
Daddy's Home 2 (VUDU split)
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (MA) (redeems 4K iTunes)
Deadpool (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Despicable Me 1 (MA)
Despicable Me 2 (MA)
Despicable Me 3 (MA)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days (MA)
Divergent (SD) (VUDU)
Dracula Untold (MA)
Dragonheart Battle For The Heartfire (MA split)
Dr. Seuss's The Lorax (MA)
Ender's Game (VUDU split)
Epic (MA)
E.T. (MA)
The Fast and Furious 2001 (MA)
Fast and Furious 2009 (MA)
Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift 2006 (MA)
Fast Five Extended Edition 2011 (MA)
Fast & Furious 6 Extended Edition (MA)
The Fast and Furious 2017 Theatrical (MA)
The Fast and Furious 2017 Extended (MA)
Furious 7 Extended Edition (MA)
Fences (Vudu split)
Fifty Shades of Grey unrated (MA)
Flight (vudu split)
Friday the 13th Part 3 (Vudu/iTunes)
Fury SD (MA)
Get Out (MA)
G.I. Joe Retaliation (vudu split)
Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters unrated (Vudu split)
Heaven is for real SD (MA)
Hercules 2014 (vudu split)
Home Alone (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Hop (MA)
Hotel Transylvania SD (MA)
How To Train Your Dragon (MA)
Hunger Games (Vudu)
Hunger Games Catching Fire (Vudu)
Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 (vudu)
Ice Age Continental Drift (MA)
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (4K Vudu/4K iTunes)
Infinite (HD Vudu/4K iTunes)
Interstellar (VUDU split)
Jackass Forever 2022 (Vudu HD/iTunes 4K)
Jack Reacher (Vudu split)
Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit (vudu split)
Jason Bourne (MA)
Jaws (MA)
John Wick 1 (HD Vudu/4K iTunes)
John Wick 3 (vudu/GP/iTunes 4K)
Jurassic Park (MA)
Jurassic Park The Lost World (MA)
Jurassic Park 3 (MA)
Jurassic World (MA)
Katy Perry The Movie (vudu split)
Kick Ass 2 (MA)
Kingsman The Secret Service (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Kung Fu Panda 3 (MA)
Last Knights (SD) (Vudu)
Les Miserables 2012 (MA)
Life of Pi (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
LOTR Fellowship of the Ring (MA)
LOTR Two Towers (MA)
Love Actually (MA) SD
Lucy (MA) 4K
Madagascar 3 Europes Most Wanted (MA)
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (MA) 4K
Minions (MA)
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (vudu split)
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (Vudu split)
Mission Impossible Fallout (vudu split)
Monster High Electrified (MA)
Monster HIgh Fright ON (MA)
Monster High: Welcome to Monster High (MA)
Mother! (Vudu split)
Motherless Brooklyn (MA) SD
Mr Peabody and Sherman (MA)
Ninja Assassin 2009 (MA)
Noah (vudu split)
Non Stop (MA)
No Strings Attached (VUDU split)
Now You See Me 2 (VUDU split)
Oblivion (MA)
Office Christmas Party (VUDU) split
Only The Brave (MA)
Olympus Has Fallen (MA)
Pain and Gain (vudu split)
Paper Towns (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Paranormal Activity 1 (vudu split)
Paranormal Activity 2 unrated (Vudu split)
Paranormal Activity 3 extended (Vudu split)
Paranormal Activity 4 unrated (Vudu Split)
Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones (Vudu split)
Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension (Vudu Split)
Parental Guidance (MA)
Penguins of Madagascar (MA)
Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters (MA)
Perks of Being A Wallflower (vudu)
Pitch Perfect 1 (MA)
Pitch Perfect 2 (MA)
Planes, Trains and Automobiles (HD VUDU/4K iTunes)
Playing with Fire (VUDU) split
Rango (VUDU split)
Red 2 (SD) (VUDU)
Ride Along (MA)
Riddick Collection Trilogy directors cut/unrated versions (MA)
Rio 2 (MA)
R.I.P.D. (MA)
Rise of the Guardians (VUDU)
Rise of the Planet of the Apes (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Safe House (MA)
Sausage Party (MA)
Selma (vudu split)
Sherlock Gnomes (Vudu split)
Sing (MA)
Sisters (MA)
Snatched (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Snow White and the Huntsman (MA)
Son of God (MA)
Spiderman Homecoming (MA)
Split (MA) 4K
Start Trek 4 The Voyage Home (VUDU HD/iTunes 4K)
Star Trek Beyond (Vudu split)
Star Trek Into Darkness (Vudu split)
Suburbicon (Vudu split)
Super 8 (VUDU split)
Taken 2 (MA)
Ted unrated (MA)
Ted 2 unrated (MA)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 (vudu split)
Terminator Dark Fate 4K (vudu split)
The Adventures of Tin Tin (Vudu split)
The Big Short (VUDU split)
The Boss Baby (MA) (4K through iTunes)
The Boss Unrated (MA)
The Bourne Identity (MA)
The Bourne Legacy (MA)
The Bourne Supremacy (MA)
The Bourne Ultimatum (MA)
The Croods (MA)
The Dark Tower (MA)
The Dictator (VUDU split)
The Dilemma (MA)
The Gambler (Vudu split)
The Girl On The Train (MA)
The Great Wall 4K (MA)
The Guilt Trip (Vudu split)
The Heat 2013 (MA)
The Impossible (Vudu)
The Internship (MA)
The Last Stand SD (Vudu split)
The Maze Runner (MA) (redeems 4k through iTunes)
The Mummy 2017 (MA)
The Mummy Dragon of the Tomb Emporer (MA)
The Other Woman (MA)
The Scorpion King 4 Quest For Power (MA) split
The Secret Life of Pets (MA)
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (MA)
The Sponge Bob Movie Sponge out of Water (VUDU split)
The Time Travellers Wife (MA) SD
The Way Back (MA) SD
The Wolf of Wallstreet (VUDU split)
The Wolverine Extended (MA)
This is 40 theatrical (MA)
Top Gun (vudu split)
Top Gun Maverick (Vudu 4K/iTunes 4K)
Transformers Dark of the Moon (vudu split)
Transformers Age of Extinction (Vudu split)
Transformers The Last Knight (Vudu split)
Tremors A Cold Day in Hell (MA)
True Grit (VUDU split)
Turbo (MA)
Unbroken (MA)
Unfriended (MA)
Warcraft ( MA)
War For the Planet of the Apes (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Warm Bodies (VUDU split)
What to Expect When You're Expecting (vudu split)
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Vudu split)
World War Z (Vudu split)
X-Men Days of Future Past (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
XXX Return of Xander Cage (Vudu split)

TV SHOWS HD (Will trade for single movie)
Game of Thrones Season 1 (iTunes redeem)
Game of Thrones Season 2 (iTunes redeem)
Game of Thrones Season 3 (iTunes redeem)
True Blood Season 4 (iTunes redeem)

ITUNES HD CODES unless otherwise stated
A Quiet Place (redeems 4K) Split
Alien Covenant (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Alvin and the Chipmunks The Road Trip (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues (split)
Ben Hur 2016 (split redeems 4K)
Buttons A Christmas Tale (split)
Captain Underpants The First Epic Movie (ports to MA)
Contraband (ports to MA)
Cowboys and Aliens (ports to MA)
Daddy's Home (split redeems 4K)
Daddy's Home 2 (split redeems 4K)
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Deadpool (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Despicable Me 2 (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Diary of A Wimpy Kid (ports to MA)
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (ports to MA)
Dumb and Dumber To (ports to MA)
ET (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Exodus Gods and Kings (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Fast and Furious 6 extended 2013 (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Furious 7 Extended Ed (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Fifty Shades of Grey (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Fifty Shades Darker (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Friday the 13th Part 3
Ghost in the Shell 2017 (iTunes split) (redeems 4k)
Gifted (ports to MA)
G I Joe Retaliation (split) (redeems 4K)
Gone Girl (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Hansel and Gretal Witch Hunters
Hercules 2014 (split redeems 4K)
Hidden Figures (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Hop (ports to MA)
Home Animated (ports to MA)
Home Alone (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
How to Train Your Dragon 2 (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Hugo (Split redeems 4K)
Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 (split redeems 4K)
Ice Age (ports to MA)
Ice Age 5 Collision Course (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Identity Thief (ports to MA)
If I Stay (redeems 4K)
Independence Day Resurgence (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Jack Reacher (split) (redeems 4K)
Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit (split redeems 4K)
Jason Bourne (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Jurassic Park The Lost World (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Jurassic World (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Katy Perry The Movie
Kingsman The Secret Service (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Kingsman The Golden Circle (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Kung Fu Panda 3 (ports to MA)
Les Miserables 2012 (ports to MA)
Logan (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Lucy (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
MikE and Dave need Wedding Dates (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Minions (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (split redeems 4K)
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (split redeems 4K)
Mission Impossible Fallout (split redeems 4K)
Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Mr Peabody and Sherman (ports to MA)
Neighbors (ports to MA)
Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Noah (split)
Non Stop (ports to MA split)
Oblivion (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Office Christmas Party (redeems 4K)
Pain and Gain (split)
Paranormal Activity 1 (split)
Paranormal Activity 2 (split)
Paranormal Activity 4 (split)
Paul (ports to MA)
Pitch Perfect 1 (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Pitch Perfect 2 (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Playing with Fire (redeems 4K)
Rango (redeems 4K)
Ride Along (ports to MA)
Savages (ports to MA)
Selma (split)
Sing (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Snatched (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Snow White and the Huntsman (ports to MA)
Spectre (redeems 4K)
Spy unrated (ports to MA)
Star Trek Into Darkness (redeems 4K)
Super 8 (redeems 4K split)
Ted (ports to MA)
Ted 2 (ports to MA)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 (redeems 4K)
The Book of Life (ports to MA)
The Boss Baby (ports to MA)
The Bourne Legacy (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The Change up (ports to MA)
The Fault In Our Stars (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The Last Stand (SD)
The Longest Ride (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The Martian (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The Maze Runner (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The Maze Runner The Scorch Trials (ports to MA) (redeems 4k)
The Peanuts Movie (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (ports to MA)
The Secret Life of Pets (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The SpongeBob Movie Sponge Out of Water (Split)
The Wolf of Wall Street (split redeems 4K)
This is 40 (ports to MA)
Top Five (split)
Towerheaist (ports to MA)
Trainwreck (ports to MA)
Transformers Age of Extinction (split redeems 4K)
Transformers The Last Knight (split redeems 4K)
Trolls (ports to MA)
True Grit (split) (redeems 4K)
Unbroken (ports to MA)
Wanderlust (ports to MA)
War for the Planet of the Apes (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Warm Bodies (split redeems 4K)
Wild 2014 (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Why him (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
World War Z (split)
X-Men Apocalypse (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
X-Men Days of Future Past (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
XXX Return of Xander Cage (redeems 4K)
Your highness (ports to MA)

Alien vs Predator Requiem (ports to MA)
Alpha and Omega
Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squekeul (ports to MA)
Alvin and the Chipmunks Chip Wrecked (ports to MA)
Babylon A.D. (ports to MA)
Black Swan (ports to MA)
Bridesmaids (ports to MA)
Chronicle (ports to MA)
Crank 2
Crazy Stupid Love (ports to MA)
Date Night (ports to MA)
Diary of A Wimpy Kid (ports to MA)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules (ports to MA)
Doc McStuffins Friendship is the best Medicine
Dr Deuss Horton Hears A Who (ports to MA)
Due Date (ports to MA)
E.T. (ports to MA)
Fame 2009
Family Guy Something Something Darkside
From Paris With Love
Hall Pass (ports to MA)
Hangover Part 2 (ports to MA)
Hall Pass (ports to MA)
Hitman 2007 (ports to MA)
Horrible Bosses (ports to MA)
Ice Age A Mammoth Christmas (ports to MA)
Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs (ports to MA)
Ice Age The Meltdown (ports to MA)
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Peter Pan Returns
Jumper (ports to MA)
Knight and Day (ports to MA)
Love and Other Drugs (ports to MA)
Madagascar 3 Europes Most Wanted (ports to MA)
Mamma Mia The Movie (ports to MA)
Mr Poppers Penguins (ports to MA)
Percy Jackson The lightning Thief (ports to MA)
Phineas and Ferb The Perry Files
Predators 2010 (ports to MA)
Prometheus (ports to MA)
Public Enemies (ports to MA)
Rio (ports to MA)
Rise of the Planet of the Apes (ports to mA)
Robin Hood (russel crowe) (ports to MA)
Something Borrowed (ports to MA)
Slumdog Millionaire (ports to MA)
Taken (ports to MA)
The A Team (ports to MA)
The Croods (ports to MA)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (keanu) (ports to MA)
The Expendables
The Help (ports to MA)
The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emporer (ports to MA)
Tooth Fairy (ports to MA)
Transporter 3
Unknown (ports to MA)
Unstoppable (ports to MA)
War Zone Punisher
We Bought a Zoo (ports to MA)
X-Men First Class (ports to mA)
X-Men Origins Wolverine (ports to MA)
X-Men United:X2 (ports to MA)
Yogi Bear (ports to MA)

**ALL codes have been verified

MY ISO/Request list:
A Man Named Otto MA
Devotion iTunes
Knock at the Cabin MA
Puss In Boots The Last Wish MA
The Prophecy 1-3 iTunes
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2023.03.29 03:45 Far-Bid-2195 Why is my active hours going down?

Why is my active hours going down?
I took a screenshot of my active hours this morning, and I was about to go online when I noticed the active hours went down. Any explanation?
submitted by Far-Bid-2195 to UberEATS [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 03:44 ChristianWheel This morning I got my pre-order in for case and fans. All other parts are either in-hand or in shipping!

I don't want to do self-promotion in here but I will be doing a build vid if anyone wants to come along on this journey with me.
CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5975WX
Motherboard: ASRock WRX80 CREATOR
CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken Z73 RGB White
RAM: G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Series 256GB (8 x 32GB) DDR4 3600 CL16
GPU: Asus GeForce RTX 4090 ROG Strix OC White Edition
PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2
Case: Phanteks NV7 White
Case Fan: 7 Intake Phanteks D30-120 White (Reverse)
5 Exhaust Phanteks D30-120 White
SSD: Micron 9400 Pro 32TB U.2
Intel Optane P5800X 800GB
Intel Optane P5800X 400GB
Corsair MP600 PRO NH 8TB
Corsair MP600 PRO NH 8TB
Seagate FireCuda 530 4TB
Seagate FireCuda 530 4TB
Seagate FireCuda 530 4TB
Seagate FireCuda 530 4TB
SSD Misc: ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 Gen 4
Micro SATA Cables PCIe x8 Gen 4 for Bifurcated U.2 NVME Dual Port AIC
HDD: WD Red 20TB
WD Red 20TB
Sound Card: TC Helicon GoXLR
Microphone: Shure SM-5B (Vintage)
Headset: Beyerdynamic DT-880
Monitor: Samsung Odyssey Neo G9
Samsung Odyssey G7 28" 4K/144
Samsung Odyssey G7 28" 4K/144
Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Tactile (Green)
Mouse: Razer Mamba Hyperflux & Firefly Hyperflux
Thermal Paste: Kingpin Cooling KPx
Speakers: Yamaha HS8 White (Pair)
Capture Card: Elgato CamLink Pro
RGB: Lian Li Strimer Plus 24-pin
Phanteks Neon M1 x2
Phanteks Neon M5 x2
Galax Soft Tube ARGB Vest 4000mm For AIO Tube
AquaComputer Farbwerk 360 x3
Cables: CableMod E-Series ModFlex Kit
CableMod ModFlex Right Angle SATA Cable
CableMod ModFlex Right Angle SATA Cable
CableMod 12VHPWR 180° Angled Adapter (Var B)
CableMod E-Series 12VHPWR Cable
Total Cost: Roughly $30K
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2023.03.29 03:10 ogreatgames Fire Pro Wrestling Returns: Ultimate Wrestlers Are Back - PS2 Game

Fire Pro Wrestling Returns: Ultimate Wrestlers Are Back - PS2 Game

![video](kqefbr1grx391 " Win high intensity wrestling matches in one of the greatest wrestling game in the world. Visit https://ogreatgames.com/products/fire-pro-wrestling-returns to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #wrestling #fighting --
Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for Sony PlayStation 2. Fire Pro Wrestling Returns is a return to the formula of old-school fun, with innovative gameplay and new features. Experience the thrill of the wrestling ring as it goes back to basics. Slam your opponents to the ground in a no holds bared wrestling match with multiple wrestlers. Create your own wrestlers then go head-to-head against enemies. Even play against your friends in an endless battle for supremacy. Demolish your opponent to the ground with body slams and headlocks in this fiery wrestling game! --
Hey check out similar videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05uKspxQ89s&list=PLVduyMnVQjzNYPljUBqwgAXdMPQ9CEKWY
submitted by ogreatgames to Ogreatgames [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 03:06 CMVB Dyson Sphere instead of Ringworld Shadow Squares

Classic shower thought, but the shadow squares that simulate the day/night cycle on a ringworld bug me for some reason I can’t identify. No idea why, I just find them… ugly.
I was thinking that it’d be more aesthetically appealing to have an enormous low-orbit statite that happens to be a hemisphere covering half the star, instead. But even before crunching the numbers, I realized that getting it to spin anywhere near once per day really wouldn’t work.
Still, the aesthetic of that half shell spinning around the star got me thinking. Instead of a ring of shadow squares, build a Dyson sphere. Along the equator, leave holes open to work as windows to simulate day, while the rest of the sphere is simulating night. And, of course, sucking up all the solar power.
And while the example I provide is of a solid shell, it would work even better with a swarm, because you could adjust your power satellites’ orbits if you ever want to tweak the climate of the ring world.
submitted by CMVB to IsaacArthur [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 02:38 MoonCobbler Far From Perfect - The mod list from my Stable Boston Videos. Please be Nice.

This is not a fully tested load order. There is still bound to be errors or possible mods being in the wrong space. But I’m mostly just sharing this so that other people can take notes on my set up. As I’m rather happy at how I have implemented all the changes I’ve done to all the enemies, weapons, encounters, as well as setting a sense of atmosphere for my play through. I just hope that I have this all set up correctly.
I have many more light sources throughout the game. Some of the members of factions will have flashlights, while some items have glow mapped textures to make them easy to see in the dark. NAC X is also used to take out the HUD in the game and instead replaces health and radiation warning with visual effects. Also hiding the hud and all its pop up and animations means its not taking up processing power on my xbox. While I use other texture mods to make the moon bigger while the stars are more pronounced in the sky. All around I am proud of how visually I’ve improved the game while giving all the enemies more variety through very vanilla means of script mods.
Settlement Framework
Far - Faraway area reform
Better Coastal Waves - Wilder Water
Distributed DLC Leveled Lists – I have it set to unhinged. Love what it does to all the enemies!
Retro Radio Replacer
Gatorclaws revamped
SKK Fast Start
NAC X - Nuka World
NAC X - Far Harbor
Faction and AI Overhauls
Randomized Weapon Templates
Deleveled World
Friendly Radroaches - Makes them an ambient creature. Don’t activated tell after saving in Root Cellar.
Mirelurk Eggs Never Hatch
Wave Spawner
OCDecorator - Static Loot
OCDecorator - DLC
Home Decoration Daisy Rugs
Fusebox Generator Plus
The Zap Gun, a Makeshift Laser Weapon - I put this here because it adds turrets under defense,
Graf’s Security Fences
You Can Crash on the Couch
Guard Posts and Towers With Spotlights
Improved Shack Bridges
More Legendary Enemies
Non-Lethal Radiation
Please note that the two mods above are xbox exclusives and that they may not work for everyone. So far they’ve not given me any trouble.
Radiation Overhaul
Effective Melee Blocking
Economical Sprinting
SolarPowered Perk Alternative
Realistic Death Physics - No Animation
Realistic Ragdoll Force
Drinking In the Zone
Lunchboxes - More Food, Less Junk
Valuable Robot Models + Buttercup
WRVR - New Companion and radio station
Follower Stealth Distance Fix
Ball - A Fetching Mod - Can be handy and fun to play fetch!
Legendary Kellogg - Also makes changes to all Coursers.
Protected Unique Brahmin
Enemy Workshop Turrets - I think this is another xbox exclusive mod. I haven’t gotten it to work tell I put it in this spot. Tell me if it gives you all any trouble.
(UI ONLY) ScreamingLake Soundscapes - Horror
Classic Fallout Ambient Music Non-Replacer
Not Great Not Terrible - Scarier Geiger Counter sounds
Real Heartbeat Sound
PipBoy Flashlight Sounds - Metro
Existence 2.0 Radio
Visual, Texture, Atmospheric Improvements
Bye Bye Clouds - Removes the clouds in the distance. But helps with FPS. IT JUST WORKS!
Fallout Texture Overhaul - Stars
Vanilla Moon (4X)
Clarity - A Visual Overhaul
Clarity + NAC X Patch
Vivid Fallout (HD) - Trees
Vivid Fallout (HD) - Roads and Bridges
Optimized Vanilla Textures - Main
Wooden Shacks Re-Done
Jester’s Better Destroyed Vehicles
Valius’s High Quality Textures
No Ugly Plants and More
Wetness Shader Fix by Ablaze666
Remove Ugly Flat Trash - Helps a little with FPS. But also just cleans the environment up just a little.
Gritty Subway Stations
Redder Rocket
Retextured Chems - Ephla’s
Glowing Children of Atom Armor
Nugs instead of Rad Rabbits
Fallout 3 NV Feral Ghoul Replacer - This is a good performance ghoul texture.
Glowing Animals Emit Light - All DLC
Pre-War Food Classic Volume 1 - We don’t have the second one sorry!
Resident Evil Ammo Boxes (Clean)
The M38 Gas Mask - A ‘Gas Mask Replacer’
ETSGS - Easy To See Glowing Stuff
Immersive Mouth And Teeth - It always bothered me how people’s mouths looked in the game.
Glowing SuperMutant Eyes
Gibs of Glory - Head Explosions and More (Gore)
Limited Blood Decals
Power Line Physics
Swinging Animated Meat Bags - For some reason these have a light on them. But it kind of helps when it’s night out.
Immersive Candles
Water Enhancement Textures
Forest Fungus De-Lit
Live Action Handy
Neon Lights
Dynamic Lights for Glowing Drinks
Shadow resolution 2048 > 512
Pip_Boy Dual Colors - Green Ghoul
Pip-Boy Flashlight - Large
Dogmeat Helmets and Hats - DLC - It also adds to the Rader dogs level lists!
The Charger Pistol - A Gauss
Dak’s Ballistic Mask
Scavver’s backpacks
TNR Shoulder Lamp - These can be found on both Gunners and BOS. You will see enemies using flashlights in the dark.
K-9 Harness - Tactical Body Armor
Stealth Boy Classic
A Simple Sleeping Bag
Mogomra’s Home Plate Overhaul
Settlement Salvage Bot - Still Can’t find other spots for it could possibly go to.
Flirty Commonwealth(Female Player)
Flirty Commonwealth(Same Gender) - What I love about these two mods is that they make everyone say more things. All of it uses Vanilla voice lines and some maybe choppy at times. But I’ll never forget having and old lady comlement my but in Good Neighbor.
Tactical Weapon Mods - Mounted Lasers, flashlights, bayenets
See Through Scopes - GOTY
RE4 Ammo Pickup Sounds - Moved it here because it does the sound when you pickup a gun. Thought I’d put it here just in case.
Hollywood Laser Bolts
Hollywood Bullet Tracers - What I love about this mod isn’t just that they make the bullets and bolts more pretty. But they Also slow down their velocity. Making it possible for you or enemies to dodge.
Realistic Recoil - look up KupoKinz if your not finding this.
Automatically Lower Weapons - Up loaded by KupoKinz
Free Weapon Downgrades - DLC
Unique Explosives [Season Pass] - Note that this is an xbox exclusive and that it maybe different for everyone as we can’t look deeper into it on Nexus. Still having it here seems to stop the troubles I’ve had with it before.
CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul
Restored Radium Rifle
Perforation - Automatic Weapons - the more you land your hits with automatic weapons the bigger the damage you cause to enemies. Works by scripts to put an invisible gun mod on. May cause you to go unarmed for a little while if your console is being slow. Also does this if you pick up the same kind of gun you're holding.
VAFS - Vaultec Accelerated Focus System - Bullet time!
VAFS Patches
NOTE ON VAFS WITH PERFORATION: These two mods basically work the same way. They both add an invisible mod to your gun. Having just one means their scripts will run faster. While having them both it will be slower to switch to your gun and you may be unarmed while the scripts work. This can also happen when you pick up the same kind of gun that you're holding. So be careful.
Notes of the Commonwealth
Advanced Stealth Ring - Another xbox Exclusive mod. So who knows if it will always work for you!
Dead Financial District
Boston - Less Enemies
Fallout 4 AI Overhaul - I’ve not tested this mod. But I think it shouldn’t be activated tell you save in the Root Cellar.
Cheat Terminal
—-------------------------Keep these unactivated until you save in the Root Cellar —----------------
English Full Dialogue Interface
No Combat boundaries
Search and Destroy - Extended combat range and stealth searches
Ferals Can’t Open Doors!
Unlimited Combat Followers
Quick Step
Combat Settlers
Hack Protectrons as Settlers
SKK Companion Weapon auto upgrade
SKK Dynamic Damage Manager
Dynamic Loot reduction
Flashy(Joer) - Feral Infestations
SCDC Subjective Cinematic Dialogue
Silent Protagonist by StupidDunmer - This may not work for things like WRVR or may have trouble in DLC areas. As I’ve found it to not work in Far Harbor. But I love what it does with the cut scenes and makes dialogue a lot quicker and better.
—-------------------------------- INI Changes mods that shouldn’t be active tell in the Root Cellar—----
Longer Power Lines
Disable Tutorials
Faster Enemy Respawns - Diamond City Security just got a lot more busy.
Fast Corpse Despawn
Please note that the faster respawn and despawn mods work by time on the wall. Not by waiting or sleeping. If Bodies don’t disappear it's possibly because your to close for them to despawn and should leave.
So here is what your gonna have to do when you first leave the vault. Your gonna head on over to the Root Cellar. Go in there and hot the clothing you get for NAC. Your going to go through and turn off all of it’s features except for just a few. You’ll want to keep the Comlex hit FX, chem FX, weather fx and radiation FX. You can now fully hide your hud if you wanted to and make it a modern FPS. Best of all this will help with performance to get rid of those pesky Pop ups.
Everything else should be turned off as it will eat up the processor in terms of what it will be needing for everything else. Then you save your game and go to the main menu.
When on the main menu you’ll go in and activate the rest of the mods. Then back out and let the xbox load all the new mods you activated. Then you’ll want to restart your xbox. When it comes back on you’ll load the save. Don’t leave the Root Cellar just yet as you’ll want to do another save. Maybe look at the beautiful retro Radio when you save so you’ll know which save is the right one.
Then after the second save you’ll want to fully close Fallout 4 by quitting and fully turning the game off. Only then is it safe to load that save game in.
Now there are a few problems that I’ve noticed and can’t seem to find. For the most part my game runs great. I do have crashes still in Boston. But they’re not as often. But it’s when I’m in the workshop and I’ll get screen tears. They are not often and it’s usually when I’m weapon crafting or building new things. If anyone has advice for me on what it could be. Please let me know.
submitted by MoonCobbler to Fallout4ModsXB1 [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 02:28 Interceptor402 "Cursed Ring" -- can't fault SG for false advertising here

submitted by Interceptor402 to EpicSeven [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 02:27 fuckboiwithfeelings Proxy 3D chamber vs Peak Pro 3D chamber?

Recently got the Guardian. Noticed that if I were to get a new 3D chamber it wouldn't have the straight black design, it would have the red ring. Which led me to notice that the proxy comes with a full black design. Also, I read the proxy chamber is quartz coated and the peak pro chamber is ceramic coated.
Are there any notable differences between the 3D chambers for the proxy and peak pro? Performance, personal opinions?
submitted by fuckboiwithfeelings to puffco [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 02:17 Caliartist What can be done?

Hi all!I'll try to be brief but I may ramble a bit. Quick info on me, I'm a master carpenter, I've been working in museums, theatres, and art galleries for 20+ yrs. I built homes and did finish work before that.
I often get high quality wood straight from lumber yards when I need something specific, but for general, rough construction, I do still go to Lowes or HD. My local HD sucks, bad, but its 3 miles closer than Lowes. So, for the last few years I've only gone to Lowes after HD pissed me off. Lowes was always cleaner, better stocked, with more employees, and better customer service. I'd say it was that way all the way up to maybe 2019? Maybe even 2020.
Today, I had a delivery of lumber from Lowes. A bunch of 2x12x12's for stair stringers, and various studs and trim boards. I started going through it to find about 40% of the wood was split beyond use. Not just an end grain check, but split that it won't pass code inspection.
I called to have the split pieces returned and replaced. I spoke to a nice woman who set up the pickup. After an hour or two, I found some more damage and tried to call back. This is where it got fun. The robo system kept bouncing me around, from delivery, to pro desk, back to delivery, no one was picking up. It rang so long the call dropped. I called again, same story. I went to lunch and tried after. After another 5-10m, I get ahold of customer service. He transfers me... again it rings till the call drops. You get it, ya? I called for a solid hour, put the phone on speaker and went back to drawing plans even. No one picked up.
Then I came here and found /lowes reddit. I saw someone mention the MOD hack for the robo answer. I asked for MOD and it worked, but again, just rang and no one picked up. 2 more calls later, I get the same customer service guy from earlier. He apologized. He said that they are so short staffed people have just unplugged their phones! (lol) I asked what could be done, I just want to modify the return and order, he said nothing, that no one who is around could help. I asked what I should do. He suggested that I bring the wood in person. (talking 2,000 lbs of wood or more, thats why I had it delivered). I said I can't do that and so we agreed that I'd just call tomorrow and hopefully get the woman from delivery before it got loaded.
Lowes used to be the higher quality store, out of the big box stores, in terms of lumber, customer service, and store professionalism. The last two years have seen a drastic decline in everything Lowes offers. It is frustrating to see as a customer and I'm sure its soul crushing for employees. I've since spoken to the store manager even and he just acted (maybe truly) like his hands were completely tied. He couldn't do any hiring, he couldn't cull the bad lumber that is going out, he was just as defeated as the customer service rep I spoke to.
TL:DR: I used to shop at Lowes when HD pissed me off. The last couple years, Lowes has gotten so short staffed that they end up being worse in most respects. I feel for the employees. I do. How the hell can customers pressure admin/corporate to hire more?! You guys need to be paid more, to retain talented people, and need to do a massive hiring. (which needs to pay well to attract good people).Prices are crazy high, the earnings are up, why do employees and customers both have to suffer! (I know why, but c'mon how can we pressure to change this?!)
submitted by Caliartist to Lowes [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 01:45 ocean6csgo Recommendations for a Front/Rear for my Mom's SUV. VIOFO?

I have a VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K and I like it. The base did stop working 2 years after having it, but I was able to contact BlackBoxMyCar for a replacement for like $25 shipped.
I like the screen's UI and has always seemed to work. I'm open to other brands and suggestions.
Here's some basic info for what I am looking for:
  1. Has a Screen - I like the VIOFO UI. I had a BlackSys CH200 before and didn't like it because it didn't have a screen and their software was very bugged.
  2. I am aiming for a dash cam that is super reliable, great visibility, and high quality
  3. I am not looking for a quirky, buggy device I have to learn to master. Looking for straight forward functionality with pretty robust features.
  4. If someone side-swipes her and bolts off, I'd ideally like the video quality to be good enough to get their tag number. So good day/night visibility and a good sensor.
  5. The car is for personal, non-fleet use
  6. Looking to hardwire it
  7. Needs to be Auto-Shutoff Capable. VIOFO's has worked great.
  8. GPS
  9. I'm not looking for Cloud Services - Local SD Card Only
  10. Owner is an iPhone if that matters
submitted by ocean6csgo to dashcams [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 01:37 joen00b Black Magic is finished!

I decided to rebuild my Les Paul standard, mainly because I didn't like the sound of the ProBucker pickups it came with. They were all treble all the time, and I just couldn't get good power chords out of it.
I started with the Pickups: Seymour Duncan Slash in the Bridge and Seth Lover in the neck, both in gold. Once I decided that, I decided to do the whole motif in gold and black, then went on a hunt for parts! It may look over the top, but it sounds amazing!
I took the guitar down to wood, then rebuilt it from the ground up:
Seymour Duncan Slash and Seth Lover pickups 1 conductor with braid on each.
Tune Voodoo String guide (from Etsy).
Planet Wave Self Trimming Tuners.
CTS 500K Long Post Pots.
Dopro 3 way jack in Gold.
J.D. Moon Roller Tune-O-Matic Bridge.
Schaller Straplocks in Gold.
Pure Tone multi-contact (4 way) 1/4" Jack.
Custom Truss Rod Cover (from Etsy), I named the guitar Black Magic because of the pickguard.
Custom Pickguard with a screwless mount (from Etsy, it mounts under the pickup rings).
I scored some beautiful gold and black pickguard covers, but they didn't fit, so I went with black no name pickup rings.
Rewired everything with Gavitt 7 strand cloth covered, pre-tinned cabling.
Stringjoy balanced ultra lights (9-12-15-24-32-42).
And a .022uf Capacitor connecting the tone and volume, ala the old school Les Paul wiring.
Planet Wave Self Trimming Tuners
Voodoo Skull String Guide and New Truss Rod Cover
Custom Pickguard with 'screwless' pickguard mount
Front of Voodoo Skull Sting Guide
The whole shebang!
submitted by joen00b to guitars [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 01:15 skywardswedish A Tinfoil Hypothesis: The Failure of the Eclipse is NOT due to Starscourge Radahn...

... it's actually due to the lost black moon.

We interrupt the scheduled "The Gloam-Eyed Queen is Solaire" posting to bring you what is admittedly still pretty half-baked as a theory, still I needed to throw this out there because I sincerely believe there's more to be plumbed here.
So it's common speculation that Radahn holding back the stars is what prevented Miquella from successfully completing whatever ritual was taking place at Castle Sol. The Sun is a star after all, and it provides a convenient explanation for Malenia's military march against Radahn, which otherwise feels out of character for a faction that mostly just keeps to themselves.
However I feel like we've all been overlooking a crucial component in this mystery, because eclipses are not actually determined by the movements of the stars - they're determined by the movement of the moons.
And what do you know, there's a moon mentioned in the lore that's prominently missing:
This legendary talisman is a treasure of Nokstella, the Eternal City. [...] This talisman represents the lost black moon. The moon of Nokstella was the guide of countless stars. - Moon of Nokstella
A black, lightly beguiling stone. Prized by the sorcerers who produce them. [...] Said to be a fragment of the black moon that once hung above the Eternal City. - Memory Stone
A moon, now gone and implied to have been destroyed, that is also said to have once guided the stars. But what about the other moons?
Both Rennala's Full Moon and Ranni's Dark Moon are explicitly described as full moons. Now, I'm decidedly NOT a fan of using too much out-of-world information when interpreting Elden Ring but upon further research I learned that that real-world solar eclipses can only occur at a particular point in the lunar cycle, and that is during a new moon - a literal black moon, if you will.
What would this mean for the established lore? As of now ... absolutely nothing. There's too little information in the game regarding the black moon to believe it would change anything important. And there's also the wrinkle with it's connection to Nokstella: how could it be involved in a solar eclipse if it was (presumably) underground?
Anyways, we probably won't get better answers for the eclipse question until the DLC, if at all, but for now I just wanted to present the possibility.
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2023.03.29 01:14 ShiaoftheGrasses Beginner Tuner Needing Some Advice

Hey guys! I'm an old school American V8 builder looking for some advice on a build I want to do. I have a 1987 Integra with the DOHC D16a1 5spd that I absolutely love, but I unfortunately blew the rings on one of my pistons, so I decided to do a full rebuild.
Originally all I had done was a head port, swapped in some ZC cams and a header but I know that I want more kick out of the car. I was considering a turbo build but I don't want to go crazy, just 180-210 horsepower at most and still run pump gas. There are so many crazy combinations for internals and boost but I wanted some recommendations for hitting these numbers before I do anything.
(And no I don't wanna do a B swap lol.)
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2023.03.29 00:38 Gunzerker832270 [USA-TX] [H] (PS5)Switch Collection and Consoles, New 3DS XL, Elden Ring Collectors Edition New in box, (PS4) Dying Light 2 Stay Human new in box, Persona 5 Royal Phantom Thieves edition New in box, Persona 5 Take your Heart Premium Edition New in Box, Persona 5 Strikers, more below [W] Paypal F&F

Recently Came up on a collection I'm willing to sell. If you make an offer I will decide shipping on it depending on what you get. if you'd like photos please let me know so I can submit them all Games have been tested and work fine.
please let me know if you would like in depth pics of the item you are interested in.
Xbox One
Just Cause 3 (New Sealed) - $10
Fallout 76 New - $10
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