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2015.10.11 00:10 ConspirOC In Real Life Easter Eggs

You know in games or movies when you find a odd little secret that someone in production left unnoticed for the few in the audience that would look for it or happen to stumble upon it? This is the place to share those things you find in real life. This isn’t the area for posting digital Easter eggs, as in screenshots or photographs of screens (games, computer software, TV series, DVD menus); as those are regular Easter eggs and not IRL Easter eggs. Try /EasterEggs for such things.

2023.06.08 06:16 ccsch How to answer “What are your next steps”? as intern

It’s been the first week of my internship and my manager AND team has asked me in various ways “what are my next steps” (i.e. after graduating, in 1-2 years, etc).
I’m bit caught off guard because I just started in this role and can’t help but think this might be used to determine a return offer. Curious as to how others would answer that as an intern…. in case that question pops up again in my 1:1s with senior individuals this month.
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2023.06.08 06:16 what-did-i-do-now NIU health insurance for chronic illness

Is anyone on here someone with a chronic illness and had to use NIU health insurance? If so, how was the coverage/what are the downsfalls?
Im a T1 diabetic and need to look for insurance options as a grad student, wasn’t sure if NIU was the best for chronic ilness peoples.
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2023.06.08 06:16 Savings-Dirt-1854 I (22M) Think I'm Falling for My Best Friend (23F), but I'm Not Sure What to Do

We met her last year in college, and we've both since graduated. We got really close before she left, and I eventually told her that I had feelings for her. Twice, actually. She said that since she was moving 2 hours away and starting a new job, it wouldn't work out. She later told me that she just saw me as a friend. This was two years ago, and we stayed friends after that, but due to her moving away and starting to work full-time, we naturally drifted apart.
We recently reconnected at a mutual friend's wedding, and I think we're even closer now than we were in college, if that's even possible. We've met up several times since then, but never one-on-one, always with friends. But we always find ourselves at the back of the group, usually having a conversation of our own. Even when addressing the group, unless specifically addressing a specific person, it always seems like we're just talking to each other.
We've been texting several times per week, usually asking advice on one situation or another. Before the wedding, we would talk maybe once a month, but now its multiple times a week. Each conversation will last somewhere around 3 days, and then a new one will pick up a few days later. This is only somewhat significant because she has made it clear that she abhors texting, so the fact the she initiates a texting conversation seems like a good sign (I think? I'm still a kid in a lot of ways, so I'm still trying to figure out women lol). We even use each other for entertainment on long car rides. We'll ask each other the world's oldest philosophical questions, and then laugh at our pathetic attempts to answer what others couldn't. We'll also give each other career advice, which usually ends up in some unrelated conversation.
Now, I realize that it sounds like she may be interested in me, but she sent a lot of mixed signals the last time as well. Normally, I would just "man up and talk to her" as my friend said, but I've already told her how I feel twice, and I don't want to be that guy. What would be your advice?
TL;DR: Been friends with a girl for 2 years and was told by her she didn't share my feelings towards her. We recently reconnected, and I think there may be some interest on her end now, but don't want to be the guy who's asked her out 3 times and can't interpret signals. I'm about as dumb as they come, so any advice would be appreciated.
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2023.06.08 06:15 p33333t3r Weed effects on hormones

How does weed affect the hormones? Are there any benefits at all? To me, when cutting, there is one giant con that outweights all possible pros.
For me, it creates mad munchies and I always eat like 300-500+ calories which is a problem as I’m trying to slim down, loose 10 lbs of fat. I love weed though so I’ve compromised by reducing my use significantly so I can still stay in a deficit most days and when I do get lit, I budget enough calories so I just end up eating at maintenence.
Finding healthier munchie snacks like popcorn, nuts, oatmeal, pickles is great too. And to the people that told me to combine yogurt with protein powder, I fucking love you.
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2023.06.08 06:15 McMuppets First use charge

So it said to charge before first use but I connected the watch to my computer to charge it, which turned the watch on. I kept it connected whilst going through the set up and then left it to fully charge. Will this damage the battery? I.e. should you charge it whilst it being of for first use? I am not too familiar with how batteries work on the fenix range.
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2023.06.08 06:15 KansasVenomoth [RP] A New Student - Legends: Arceus x Scarlet/Violet

Now that the nobles are calmed and the time-space rift has been closed, Satomi can finally focus on his work as a member of the Survey Corps. Traveling to and from every point all across Hisui in search of new Pokemon, new adventures, and anything else that might prove useful to his Pokemon researcher. Things were going about as normal as one could expect, at least that was until he had been contacted by the very one who had brought him to Hisui in the first place. Arceus had given him a choice; allowing him to remain in Hisui or Satomi could return to his own time, along with the Pokemon he had caught during his time in the past. It was a difficult decision, as Satomi had grown close to many of Jubilifes residents; Akari and Laventon becoming particularly close friends of his, and yet, he yearned to return home, even if he wasn't particularly fond of his family or sure of how he'd explain his sudden, lengthy disappearance... though, he's not even they'd care or believe his story unless Arceus had joined him at his family's home. After taking some time to contemplate his future, and whether he'd return to the present or remain in the past, Satomi decided that maybe returning home wouldn't hurt. Perhaps he could use the experience gained in Hisui and pursue a new journey in his home. As promised, Arceus returned him to the present, but rather than dropping him back in the modern day Sinnoh region like expected, he instead found himself in the countryside of Paldea. Confused, he did some exploring and met up with a group of researchers; he explained his situation, and they decided to help. In order to help him get used to the present once more and meet people and Pokemon alike across this new region, they aided him in gaining enrollment to Naranja Academy, though suggested he remain quiet of what had happened during his time in Hisui. Upon enrolling into the academy, he meets Y/C, becoming fast friends. Ultimately, he joins Y/C on their journey, searching for a special treasure of his own. Will his mysterious past remain a secret or will you discover that there's more than meets the eye with this unusually experienced trainer?


Crappy plot aside, I'm basically looking to isekai Satomi, a trainer based on the Pokemon: Legends protagonist, once again. This time, we're dropping him into Paldea during the events of Scarlet & Violet. Somewhere along the way, he meets Y/C for the typical Pokemon adventure. They travel about the region, find new Pokemon, meet new people, get into trouble, deal with the local 'evil' team, and all that good stuff. Seeking out both platonic and romantic shenanigans (MxF); open to both canon and OCs. The story could eventually lead to them visiting Hisui, or perhaps even journeying to other regions if we get that far. Feel free to DM me if you're interested in this!
Satomi's character profile
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2023.06.08 06:15 mialg Jelqing - How Many Reps Per Day For Penis Enlargement?

Jelqing is the exercise guys are doing to get their penis bigger. Performing "jelqs" consists of the following:
A common question with performing jelqs is "How many reps per day do I do for penis enlargement jelqing"?
This varies depending on which routine you are following, but one way to go about it is using the following jelqs per day method:
Part of being good at jelqing and gaining size is starting out slow and easy. You want to ease into it, get the technique down, and get used to doing the exercise.
Try 50 jelqs per day for the first week. This might go by quickly, but what it does is eases both your mind and body into performing jobs. You are basically practicing for the first week, which is good. Doing too many jelqs in the beginning, and you'll burn yourself out.
For the second week, if you feel you still need more practice with the technique, then continue on with the 50-a-day scheme. If you feel you are getting better then you can go to 100.
The third week and following weeks increase by 50. So week 3 you should be doing 100-150, week 4 150-200, and so forth.
Eventually, you can stay at the 250-300 mark per day. From here you can start incorporating some other techniques like stretching.
By the way, here is an excellent routine that has everything you will need for gaining a bigger penis size with exercises. They have jelqing, stretching, and a quick, unique, "6 minute a day" routine for guaranteed size gains. This is where guys have been gaining the most size. Check it out at Penis Enlargement Remedy.
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2023.06.08 06:15 SomniaCE How many of you have transitioned from gamepad to hitbox style machines? How was that journey? (bonus question, are any of the cheap hitbox alternatives solid out of the box?)

Title. I love 6 button pads and while I'd love to play stick I just don't know if I have it in me to learn how to use one properly for fighting games. That said, I'm tired of every 6 button pad feeling so incredibly cheap or having a major issue holding it back. Build quality, cheap feel and poor dpads plague what few 6 button pads exist. Victrix has an interesting option that I'm sure has solid build quality and isn't cheap, but it has an odd shape and Dpad type and I'm wary of risking nearly $200 on something so different.
As much as I love the format, it is exhausting to have every controller feel so absurdly lackluster in some form or fashion. I play a lot of fighting games and am beginning to travel to events again and I'd also just like the ability to easily repair and customize something like a hitbox (in my experience, they're way easier to work on than most controllers and last longer).
All this to say that I am thinking of trying out a hitbox style controller. Buttons would likely feel far more intuitive to me than stick and I use my fingers on the buttons for pad anyways so it isn't a huge shift. Have any of ya'll made that jump and if so, how rough was the transition? What device did you go with and why? Also like the title asks, what cheap alternatives to the official hitbox are worth pursuing?
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2023.06.08 06:15 Mrshyguy1234 Advice for 4 year relation me M20 F 20

Me (20M) and (20F) have been in a relationship for 4 years through out the years we have been very good and I have enjoyed it very much. Recently she has been crying to me telling me idk if I feel the same but I want to keep trying to feel the same. Tonight we had a conversation she had been having sexual dreams about others and not about me ( no one in particular) she claims. After having the conversation she tells me about how the late 20s to ealry 30s have been flirting with her at their bartending. She also tells me she doesn’t flirt back and I believe her but I have sick feeling she thinks about hooking up with those guys we use to have great sex but lately we have not because I had problems in the bedroom and she’s been having mental problems. I hope this make sense. I told her I’d give it till the end of the month to rethink our relationship and to try to be intimate and feel better. Idk if I am doing the right thing.
Should I break up with her, yes or no ?
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2023.06.08 06:15 redfournine How do you migrate data?

Context: I have a legacy app, developed by consultants that is no longer with the company. My team is building a brand new one to replace the old one. Both old and new is using MS SQL Server. Table structure is gonna be very different between old and new.
The key table in the old db has roughly ~250k rows. There are still gonna be data being added even while we do migration, but the rate is low - probably 20-50 rows/week.
How do I migrate the data from old to new db? What are the tools, what steps, what to do/not to do? Do SSMS have anything to map data from old db's table structure to new db's table structure?
I have never done data migration before, so I have zero idea what to do, what to expect
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2023.06.08 06:15 Real_Celebration5860 Typography Masters course for UX/UI Designers – Alexunder Hess

Link Download:
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Here’s what you’ll get in Typography Masters course for UX/UI Designers

Module 0: Greetings
After completing this lesson, you will understand how to maximize the value of any educational program, but especially of this one. You establish objectives and find the drive to produce more gorgeous and professionally-looking works that will advance your career and finances.
Introduction to UX/UI Typography, Module 1
After completing this session, you have a better understanding of typography's significance and its impact. You are skilled at enhancing both your own and the designs of your clients and colleagues. With your understanding of typography, you can grasp how to make money.
Module 2: Planning. Information architecture and research
After completing this lesson, you are aware of the initial stages of the design process and where to begin your project. To make your working process as productive as possible, you are aware of just how to prepare the copy. You are an expert at working with information architecture.
Typography in practice, module 3. Hierarchy
After completing this lesson, you are able to choose font sizes, establish style guides, and define the visual and semantic hierarchies for your project. You are aware of the psychological theories that will help you create the ideal hierarchy for your design project. You are completely knowledgeable about line height and how to specify it for each component of your design.
Grids, layouts, and formatting in Module 4
You will be able to work with grids and construct the ideal grid for your website or app once you have finished this subject. You are familiar with how to operate, build up the layouts, and comprehend vertical and horizontal rhythms. You are fully aware of how to use alignment and whitespace, as well as how to determine the spacing between headings and paragraphs.
Typography in practice, module 5. Psychology
Your ability to select typefaces for your websites and mobile apps will be at its peak after completing this module. You are fully aware of the appropriate typefaces to use for headings, paragraphs, buttons, and other elements. You are aware of the typefaces to stay away from in UX/UI design projects to get the best outcomes.
Font pairing and adjustments in Module 6
You are able to pair fonts after completing this module. what font combinations are most effective for various businesses. You know what changes to make and how to make them so that your design appears beautiful, approachable, and expert.
Typography in practice, module 7. Tips and Tricks
You are the person with the most knowledge about typography after completing this session. You understand how to use type for SEO and how to animate text elements in your designs. You know how to defy typographic conventions.
Module 8 is a unique module. Bonuses & Special advice
You are the person with the most knowledge about typography after completing this session. You understand how to use type for SEO and how to animate text elements in your designs. You know how to defy typographic conventions.
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2023.06.08 06:14 kvaaen Which activity for outdoor stairs

Which activity for outdoor stairs
Hi all,
Thinking about making a heavy bagpack and walking up and down on these stairs. Which activity would you use? I would like to measure how many stairs or meters I ascend and decent.
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2023.06.08 06:14 OogieBoogie989921 JNMIL. Driving me crazy about DRESSES 3 months before my wedding

So let’s start with my daughters. JNMIL wanted to buy her flower dress which is fine! Although I had the idea with going and idk kinda picking it since it is my daughter AND my wedding. Two weeks after we announced we were going to follow with wedding planning this time (we’ve rescheduled like 3 times. Covid, pregnancy and buying a house we are just working in reverse lol) she went out and bought a dress for her… 4 sizes too big and AQUA F-ING BLUE. Well I finally got it through to her I’m no way using that dress and picked another. It’s big but it’s really cute (there’s a better chance of her to grow in it with minor changes and she matches me!) Well she hounded me to go a size smaller for months. Finally told her whatever order the smaller size. “Well I don’t think the arms are going to fit, she’s going to be to big for it”…. Then WHY harass me to get a smaller size?!? So that’s the issue with my daughters still on going.
This woman… idk if it’s a game to her? Out of spite? But I’m 🤏🏻 to blowing a MAJOR gasket. I’ve worked hard MATCHING everyone one on both sides of the family so nobody looked like an outcast or looked like just a guest and not part of the family. I’d like her in a dark green I have my mother in a pastel green. THIS WOMAN BOUGHT THE TACKIEST CAMO DRESS I HAVE EVER F-ING SEEN… I shut that shit down quick(politely of course but told her again dark green and gave her options of what I thought would look great!)…. I do have HINTS of camo (per DH request) which is fine I’ve made it work but why am ALL camo dress…don’t get me wrong probably looks great on some… she is not some. Then today she starts sending me a whole bunch of pictures that are black (and party dresses for girls in their 20’s… NOTHING mother of the groom) I asked we going to a funeral? Her comment “your wedding”… oh you are JOKING. Once again pulled photos and sent them too her.. she proceeded to text MDH “I’m not wearing any of those everything is wrong with all of them… I’ll just wear jeans” AHT let talk about how NONE of yours you picked is age appropriate, event appropriate or the bare minimum of what I asked let alone JEANS TO A WEDDING. YOUR SONS WEDDING?!? DH I love him dearly flat out told her the guidelines ONCE again about the dress. “K we’ll see”…
I am so damn burnt out on this “maybe” and “we’ll see” bs. I’ve even asked her is it a color problem? Dress styles you like? Don’t like? And she avoids the hell out of those questions… IM TRYING TO HELP COMPROMISE HERE. It’s to the point now my girls (bridesmaids) think she’ll wear a white/off white dress so they ALL bought water guns to fill with koolaid. maid of honor went ahead and got a back up green dress Incase she decides she’s going to wear anything else. I want her to look beautiful, age appropriate, elegant a mother of the groom. Not have anyone stand out like a sore thumb in family photos while everyone matches and she does her own thing… IF she does not follow and refuses back up dress the only photo she will be in is one of her, FIL, BIL AND DH.
Rant over thank you for reading!
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2023.06.08 06:14 kvaaen Which activity for outdoor stairs

Which activity for outdoor stairs
Hi all,
Thinking about making a heavy bagpack and walking up and down on these stairs. Which activity would you use? I would like to measure how many stairs or meters I ascend and decent.
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2023.06.08 06:14 Legal-Syrup-2578 Favouritism-boys

my mom actually hates brother is 9 and she makes me and my other female siblings do all the house chores. My dad used to defend us...he stopped and now favourites him too. Honestly, he was born pretty stupid...but my mom messed him up more by not sending him to kindergarten cause she thought he was too small (November baby, made him 3 when he should have joined...physically he was huge though and wouldnt passed as a 5 yr old). They say because he was bored and stupid he should do less work, but he wasn't, he manipulates situations to make himself seem dumber and more 'obedient' ( mom says she loves him more because he is more obedient and we are not. Proabaly not a good reason to love your kid.) He doesn't do any chores, brings in bad grades, and yells at her. I fight back at this and they get mad. I remember when I got a dental procedure my dad yelled at me and told me he hates me and wishes I was never bored cause of the cost...he got the same stuff done and they haven't even talked about how 'he owes them'. I honestly don't know what to do..I'm either going to run away (which I cant) or kill my self ngl. I don't know why I'm posting this...I guess I wanna know if there are other options. I dont know how to fix this cause they won't. Can I make money somehow to run when I'm old enough? There strick, unfreindly I cant just talk to them about it. Help me out of this hell, dear reader.
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2023.06.08 06:14 buhlertj [REVSHARE] Pixel artists and animators for Aemon Games LLC - monster tamer game. Environments, characters, monsters, vfx

Good day, Aemon Games LLC is working to create a monster tamer game to improve and expand upon the genre. Our game aims to increase a players options in regards to team composition by including mechanics to hack creatures type alignments and by rebalancing types used in other games. We want to increase replayability by providing variable endings and a NG+ system too.
For the last year we have been working on world building, lore, quests, creating a dex, and we are in the process of creating the draft game design document. The lore centers around AI enhanced creatures called Aemon and how humans almost wiped themselves out in a war where the Aemon where used as weapons during the war. The game is set in a post-reconstruction era where the player returns to the islands where the war occurs. They will seek out clues regarding the history of the war, meet new creatures never seen before, and fight against an unknown enemy seeking to kill all Aemon to prevent another war.
Creating a monster tamer means we have lots of artwork to complete. Maps, environments in the overworld and battle scenes, monster and character sprites at several zoom levels, character dialogue sprites, and attack animations to name a few.
For an art style, we are aiming for a HD2D look similar to Octopath Traveler or Triangle Strategy. Because the game is in early development, this can still be modified as we try to find an art style that stands out in the genre.
We presently have three artists and one animator whor are on the project and are looking to add several more animators and/or artists. If you are interested and want to learn more, feel free to DM me or check out our discord where you can read the game dev blogs.
Thanks for reading :)
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2023.06.08 06:13 Vespertil Computer not turning on but also refuses to turn off and runs fans at full speed.

Being completely honest I'm already in the acceptance stage but decided to post my issue here in hoping for some fix that I haven't tried yet.
My problem is the following, one day I was using my computer normally with no particular issue or any irregular occurances besides the fact that it was using less memory than usual(Which I list here just for transparency's sake but do not believe to have anything to do with the problem.), I get a bit sleepy so I shut down normally and go to bed. The next morning I try to turn on the PC and notice that It is unusually loud and taking a bit to turn on. "Okay" I thought, "Must be some sort of update that is making it think harder today. Might take a second to turn on." But then it just didn't so there is my grief. The GPU fan goes super fast and loud for some reason, I can't tell if running at full speed is the case for the other fans because the noise from the gpu one doesn't let me have an accurate idea of if the others are unusually loud or fast. There is no display at all, not even the bios or motherboard logo. In fact, the monitor doesn't even get signal, and another very odd thing is that normally I would have to hold the power button for about 3 seconds for it to turn on but now as soon as i press the button it turns on at fulls speed and, get this, just won't turn off no matter for how long I hold the power button. I have to turn it off by switching off the power supply.
Here Is some stuff I have tried In the attempt to troubleshoot this beast:
- tried the ram sticks individually and in both ram slots to see if it was a ram problem;
- Cleaned the Ram sticks and the ram slots;
- Disconected the gpu and tried turning it on using the integrated graphics of the cpu;
- Disconected and reconected every cable to make sure they were connected properly;
- Tried reseting the CMOS.

RAM and PSU are new with less than a month of use and were working perfectly the day before.
monitor is known to be working properly because I still use it and, in fact, am using it right now on my laptop.
Every fan and rgb (for the parts that have it) turns on normally.
I have removed the RAM sticks and turned it on because, supposedly, the amount of beeps would help me on troubleshooting but there were no beeps and I don't know what that means.

These are my parts:
- Motherboard: ASRock A-320M-HD
- GPU: GTX 960 2GB
-CPU: AMD athlon 3000G
-RAM sticks: T-force ddr4 xtreem 16gb(2x8gb) 3200mhz Or something like that
-PSU: forgot details but it's a 750w from corsair.
-I don't think it relates to the problem but in case it does, my OS was endeavourOS.

From a lack of knowledge, experience and identifiable signs from the other parts, my suspicion is that this motherboard is the source of the issue but I don't have access to an extra one I can use to confirm it and buying stuff for later returning it isn't as easy here as it is in some places so I'm reluctant towards buying any new parts before being super sure of the source of the problem.

Any help Is apreciated and in case anyone wants any more data, feel free to ask for it in the comments. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.08 06:13 Feisty-Flatworm9711 Advice about ghosting loved one after being too vulnerable

So, I pretty much have one person that cares about me. I’ve been super depressed for 3 weeks now and after 1 week I decided I wasn’t going to end my life so I chose to tell her that I wasn’t feeling good (I could never tell someone I’m not doing well and then die, leaving them wondering for the rest of their lives if there was something they could have done; she lost her dad to suicide). I had a cut that I had to get stitches on and I told her impulsively. She’s super busy so we only talk about every 3 days, so none of our texts have much detail (context: she was a professor and I just graduated; I used to see her every day and now I don’t at all) and I hadn’t even explicitly told her that I’m cutting and just randomly dropped that I got stitches with no other info. I massively regret it and am incredibly embarrassed by telling her. I keep ignoring her texts asking for detail about the stitches but she’s getting persistent and it seems like the only option is to cut her off. It feels like she doesn’t care at all (tons of empty promises of getting together and feels withdrawn) so I just hate that I told someone about the stitches who can’t provide the support I need, but there’s no one else I can tell. But I should have just told no one, getting the stitches was a wake up call and I haven’t cut since so it’s no longer a problem.
I don’t want to lie to her about why I got stitches but I can’t give any insinuations that I did this to myself. It seems like the only option is to ghost her because I cannot answer that question and if I tell her I don’t want to talk about it, she’ll know. Needing some advice on if/how to go about ending this relationship.
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2023.06.08 06:13 gingervitis10 My (22M) boyfriend keeps photos of his exes, flings, and their nudes. How do I (21F) approach I went behind his back and discovered this?

my boyfriend keeps photos of his exes, girls he’s dated, and old convos.
I (21F) am a nosy lady. I’m guilty, I invade anyone and everyone’s privacy. If you’re sitting next to me texting someone, I’m most definitely reading that conversation. In the beginning of our relationship my boyfriend (22M) had always accused me of cheating, lying, or talking to other men. I brushed it off as I knew he was pretty traumatized from his previous relationships where his exes were cheating on him, and i have always been loyal to my friends and family. Heck, even to my situationships i’m loyal. I always have fought for our relationship, and tried to create healthy ways to gain trust and establish a good relationship. We started living together 4 months in temporarily, and one day I decided to go on his Ipad. I had went through his phone before and I had found some evidence of him texting a girl, but it was later communicated and solved. This time I went through everything, his notes, pictures, messages, browser history. Everything. I found out he had been lying to me on when his most recent relationship was, when he had texted her last, and how their conversation was inappropriate. Fast forward and we’ve been dating almost a year. He works a job where he travels a lot for work, and when I had visited him he sent me home with an iPad he had used to give to one of his friends. This opened an outlet for me, I would check again. Everything was mostly clear until I reached his google photos. I found nudes that weren’t mine, lingerie pictures, so many photos with different girls, his exes, and some of his exes nudes. Those were hard to see, but the big hit in my gut was seeing him propose to his first ex, which he has never told me about. I feel ugly, like I haven’t been enough, like all the photos we have are forced or have no meaning. Why does he need to keep those photos? Why do men safe keep those things; how come our relationship hasn’t made him realize that those pictures aren’t sacred for our relationship, and he should’ve deleted them i don’t know how to bring it up, i never had permission to look through it, and anytime i have a problem or insecurity, somehow it ends up my fault. So Reddit, would you bring it up? What would you do?
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2023.06.08 06:13 kvaaen Which activity for outdoor stairs

Which activity for outdoor stairs
Hi all,
Thinking about making a heavy bagpack and walking up and down on these stairs. Which activity would you use? I would like to measure how many stairs or meters I ascend and decent.
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2023.06.08 06:12 adverseoccurings Can anyone break down computer viruses for me? Lots of questions inside if anyone would

Can you buy, and use a computer virus with having no computer education? Is it a thing to hire hackers and give them targets of companies, How much money of the vault does it steal?
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