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2023.03.28 20:38 Seeyouon_otherside The Isolationists - Chapter 22: Predator vs Predator

Memory Transcription Subject: High Captain Ferlinn, Secessionist Fleet Command
I stared grimly out at the darkness of subspace. I had just doomed a colony of thousands to be atomized. The glassing wouldn’t be as quick as the Feds or Arxur would have done it. Our antimatter arsenal was small due to the weapons being an offensive weapon, needlessly expensive to produce, and all our military being primarily focused on defense. The only reason Operation Hailstorm succeeded so well was because of the Federation’s incompetence and cowardice. Looking back at the battles, our attack strategies were quite sloppy, relying only on the overwhelming force of our dreadnaughts to constrict and crush our enemies.
Vajo would likely expend whatever antimatter, nukes, and Class-3 seismic charges he had before switching to standard bombardment. If that wasn't enough, he'd send down death squads to clear the survivors. I looked at the coordinates Overseer Noctif had given me. Sot Lovin, a planet heavily scarred by centuries of weapons testing and one that was well out of the Unity’s way. Large portions of its surface had been rendered uninhabitable by radiation and toxins and a seismic charge test gone wrong had gouged a deep scar visible from space called Odorala’s Folly after the long-dead woman who’d designed and tested it. Although it was still occasionally used for more testing, fresher planets had been acquired for similar and Sot Lovin had been more-or-less reduced to a hazardous, historical wasteland barely worth notice. It was a perfect rendezvous point.
As I relayed the coordinates to Faznik, who had yet to receive them, I ordered our subspace trail be hidden. The Federation had no such technology to accomplish that but we weren’t able to secretly keep tabs on the xenos for so long without learning how to hide our footsteps. I leaned back into the Captain’s Chair and rubbed my organic eye. Everything had gone to shit - more than usual at least - because of one person. I still couldn’t fathom as to why Edo had done this. He was a die-hard Isolationist and should have withdrawn the Guardian Fleet and hunkered down like he originally wanted to. Instead, he’d escalated the war and I had a suspicion that the Arxur weren’t going to be very happy. After witnessing their power at Earth, I had concluded that the reptiles could easily destroy the Federation but they didn’t because the xenos were their food supply.
With Edo vaporizing that food supply, he was drawing the Arxur’s ire.
Memory Transcription Subject: Captain Drozo, Arxur Dominion Sector Fleet
This Zeyzell Unity was quickly drawing the Dominion’s ire. Their hatred of the animals was commendable but destroying our food source was unacceptable. Betterment had been attempting diplomacy with them for a week now only to be completely ignored. My target was a colony they had yet to glass and seize it from the pitiful predators. I chuckled as I recalled the first time I came face-to-face with one. The tiny carnivore had growled threats at me when I drew too close and spat the word "xeno" the same way a prey animal would call me a "gray." Despite the xenophobia, it seemed that a predator alliance with them and the Humans was entirely plausible as they continued to pledge more and more support.
And then they left. Every ship and troop battalion packed their bags and went back to Zeyzell-10 without any explanation. Rumors began to leak through about some sort of attack on the Zeyzell ruling council and then the canines suddenly turned and began glassing every Federation planet under their control down to the last city, using weapons that nobody had ever seen: bombs that cracked planet's crusts, satellites that sent the weather into pure chaos, among others. It was obvious that whoever took control after the attack, they wouldn't stop there so, against our better instincts, we attempted to talk them down. Every transmission was ignored and every vessel was turned away at gunpoint at best and blown up at worst.
So here we were. We'd give whoever this was one last chance to stand down before we attacked.
"Exiting subspace nowng subspace now, Captain.”
The sudden shift from darkness to light dazzled my eyes for a second. Blinking the afterimage away, I stared at the scene before me. The wreckage of a battle lay scattered in orbit while a large Zeyzell fleet turned the planet to glass. The way the fleet instantly fell into a defensive formation instead of panicking and running like the prey usually did was oddly refreshing. Bombers continued to skate through the atmosphere while the larger ships trained their weapons on us. Those boxy and vulnerable Carriers of theirs opened their bay doors and allowed clouds of swarmfighters to spill out.
“Hail them,” I snarled.
The hail transmitted for a few seconds before it was picked up. A Zeyzell appeared with disgust evident in his eyes.
“What do you want, xeno?”
“I am Captain Drozo of the Arxur Dominion. I have been sent here to relieve this colony from your control. This is non-negotiable.”
The canine laughed.
“Overseer Edo wants those things down there dead and who am I to disobey him? I would have thought that our goals would have aligned right here.”
“We agree that the prey are lesser than us, but the fact of the matter is that we need them. The animals exterminated our livestock and so we have been forced to turn to eating them to survive.”
“So what? There are plenty more planets throughout the Federation. This isn’t even a blip on your radar.”
“I think we both know that this Edo will not stop here. And what’s stopping him from turning on us once the Federation is destroyed? We are putting an end to things right here and now, one way or another. I will give you one last chance. Stand. Down.”
The Zeyzell bared his teeth in a laughable threat display.
“May Maa scorch your soul.”
With that, his image dissipated and target-lock warnings began blaring. Opening volleys from railguns on both sides lanced through the void. More of theirs struck a target than did ours. Oh, what I would give for some of those metal balls the Zyezell were fond of using. The Zeyzell hastened their glassing campaign as we closed in.
“Incoming swarmers!”
The clouds of swarmfighters launched forwards when the railgun strikes lessened and began tearing our front ships apart. The Zeyzell fleet spread out into a defensive blockade with the Carriers in the middle of formations of a few dozen ships. Giant gaps were opened up in the formation. Of course. The goal wasn’t the defense of the planet. It was holding us off until the glassing was finished. Who cared if we landed on the surface? We didn't have time to besiege them. We had to find a way to kill them or drive them off as soon as possible.
Many other captains saw the openings and allowed themselves to be overtaken by their bloodlust and sped forward.
“Wait! They’re baiting you! Turn back!”
Some heeded my warning and pulled back. Those that didn’t met a swift end to a second wave of swarmers. This was going to be difficult. We surrounded them, but they held all the cards. Anyone who got too close was vaporized and all the canines had to do was sit and wait until their job was finished. The Zeyzell held remarkable control over both their fear and aggression, not a single one breaking formation to fight or flee. I growled. I didn’t see a way to get through them.
Railguns continued to fire and some were able to hit a target but most were intercepted by a swarm. I sighed. There was no brilliant strategy that came to mind. The Zeyzell obviously weren’t worried about the populace so there was no need for them to spread themselves thin to cover more of the planet and the small groupings were well defended, only breaking formation to fire a railgun shot before falling back behind the curtain of swarmfighters. I recalled a few Zeyzell once bragging about how they were the masters of defense. At the time, I couldn’t fathom as to why they thought such cowardice was worthy of recognition. I know now. The Zeyzell had been hiding from the Federation for centuries. That gave them plenty of time to learn how to turn cowardly defenses into fleet-killing formations just in case they were attacked.
I thanked the Prophet that this fleet had no Weapons Platforms. That would probably put an end to this battle real quick. I watched the battle for a few more minutes before resigning myself to the fact that we were going to take heavy casualties no matter whether we won or lost. We might as well throw everything we still had at once. Otherwise, we might as well be bashing a titanium shield with our bare hands.
“All ships surge forward on my command. We will overwhelm them with brute force. We will not allow these pitiful predators to hold us off!”
Growls of anticipation answered me over the comms.
“Ready… Now!”
Every remaining warship burned their sublight thrusters and flung ammunition wildly at the blockade. I could practically feel the Zeyzell’s eagerness as they pounced. Warships fell in droves as the blockade tore them apart. But then they began to fall off as well. A cloud of swarmers that had been on the verge of tearing my own ship apart suddenly stopped as their Carrier was destroyed. We were doing it! We-
Suddenly, the Zeyzell broke their formation and began retreating around the planet. Swaths of bombers rose up out of the atmosphere and joined them.
"Sir, they're hailing us."
Perhaps they were surrending.
"Accept it."
The Zeyzell from earlier appeared before me again with a smug look on his face.
"Congratulations, xeno. You win. Here, have the ball of glass and carbonized corpses. Maybe you can clear out any survivors for us."
I growled with hatred. We'd been too late.
"What was the point of all this? You know what we would have done to the population. They might as well have been killed. We would have done your job for you!"
"Orders are orders, xeno. I follow them to the fine print. Have a good day."
With that, they jumped out of the system and left us with a useless, dead colony. All that food just wasted!
The Dominion would get our retribution eventually.
Memory Transcription Subject: Chief Nikonus of the Kolshain Commonwealth
I was in a bit of a pinch, that was for certain. The Zeyzell had gone from yet another problem to deal with to perhaps the greatest threat to the Federation except for maybe the Humans. We and the Arxur both used each other for our own purposes. The Arxur needed us for food and we needed them to keep the population under our control. The Humans had thrown a wrench into that balance but I was certain that they could be dealt with in time. The Zeyzell at first posed a similar problem as the Humans until a week ago.
No matter what the predators claimed, I hadn't blown up their Council Chamber. I didn't even know where Zeyzell-10 was. But whoever did it, they had royally pissed the canines off. They had turned full genocidal on us and they didn't have the same needs as the Arxur did. Normally, I would just let the veil of our cowardice fall and wipe out the predators but I had no idea of their true defensive capabilities. Their offensive abilities left something to be desired but there were plenty of rumors abound of their impossible defenses such as energy shields that covered entire planets and gigantic turrets that could take out orbital targets from the surface. For all I knew, any Extermination Fleet would be ripped to shreds within days. Not to mention that they were almost certainly spread out over many worlds. Glassing Zeyzell-10 would complete the amazing accomplishment of killing a portion of their population and pissing the rest off even more.
I had to hope that they would stop where they are now.
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2023.03.28 18:36 Mistawondabread The inside of a National Weather Service radar dome.

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2023.03.28 06:31 rrmdp 📢 Honeywell is hiring a Advanced Hardware Engineer - Weather Radar!

Apply →
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2023.03.27 21:36 ribhere Well worn Puma Junior pen knife circa early 1970s

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2023.03.27 21:06 CrassostreaVirginica Southwest Virginia weather radar down for two weeks. Here’s what that means for forecasting. The National Weather Service is conducting planned maintenance on the Doppler radar

Southwest Virginia weather radar down for two weeks. Here’s what that means for forecasting. The National Weather Service is conducting planned maintenance on the Doppler radar submitted by CrassostreaVirginica to Virginia [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 21:01 CrassostreaVirginica Southwest Virginia weather radar down for two weeks. Here’s what that means for forecasting. The National Weather Service is conducting planned maintenance on the Doppler radar

Southwest Virginia weather radar down for two weeks. Here’s what that means for forecasting. The National Weather Service is conducting planned maintenance on the Doppler radar submitted by CrassostreaVirginica to swva [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 19:50 ExcuseOk2709 Widget refresh super delayed?

I love carrot weather's customization and features but I just cannot seem to get the damn widgets to actually stay up to date. right now my Home Screen iPad radar widget is displaying data from 20 minutes ago. if I tap on it and then close it, the radar will be updated. that's annoying because the radar widget's purpose is to give me at a glance info showing if there are storms nearby and here in the midwest that can happen quickly.
background app refresh is on. low power mode is off. wifi is connected.
does apple throttle these kinds of requests? I honestly have the same issue with my Apple Watch weather widget. the native weather app always shows up to date info, but carrot weather will regularly be an hour 'behind', as in, it will be 2:30 and the watch face will still be showing 1PM 2PM 3PM et cetera
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2023.03.27 16:55 bulleteyedk EU XBOX Chernarus Hard Survival
- Name :
- Slots: 20 (we increase this if server reach max capacity)
- EU based
- Server Resets : Every 2 hour starting at midnight 00.00 CET
- Xbox
- Controller Only
- 1PP/3PP
- Cold weather -18° to -10°
- Hard environment
- PVP/PVE/KOS (Play how you like)
- 3 hour days / 20 min nights (not complete dark)
- Vanilla loot+ and item conditions adjusted a bit
- Vehicles + Helis increased a bit
- Increased zombie spawns
- Zombie hordes
- Increased wolf and bear spawns
- Build Anywhere (garden plot restrictions)
- Weekend raiding
- Boosted stamina
- Discord Shop with json delivery every reset (pistols, ammo, clothing, storage/tents and tools)
- High tier equipment only lootable
- 3x Custom dropoff areas
- Active adult Staff
- Discord currency earned in game and by time spent playing on server
- Sell items at dropoff areas to optimize your discord economy
- A lot of quality custom areas
- Custom items, more weapons, fruits and tools
- Safezone for dropoff areas
- Extra player spawn points at coast areas
- Hulk Kilfeed stats + radar
- Events
- Factions
- Lightly modded Milis
- Holiday Inserts
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2023.03.27 14:57 robmos619 Some warnings from a thunderstorm near me last night.

National Weather Service Wilmington NC 401 AM EDT Mon Mar 27 2023
The National Weather Service in Wilmington has issued a
Other locations impacted by this tornadic thunderstorm include Bolivia, Varnamtown and Brunswick Novant Medical Center.
TAKE COVER NOW! Move to a basement or an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. Avoid windows. If you are outdoors, in a mobile home, or in a vehicle, move to the closest substantial shelter and protect yourself from flying debris.
National Weather Service Wilmington NC 339 AM EDT Mon Mar 27 2023
The National Weather Service in Wilmington has issued a
For your protection move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a building.
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2023.03.27 03:04 Worldweatheralerts TORNADO WARNING

The National Weather Service in Mobile has issued a * Tornado Warning for... Central Choctaw County in southwestern Alabama... * Until 830 PM CDT. * At 737 PM CDT, a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located 4 miles east of Crandall, or 16 miles east of Quitman, moving northeast at 45 mph. HAZARD...Tornado and quarter size hail. SOURCE...Radar indicated rotation. IMPACT...Flying debris will be dangerous to those caught without shelter. Mobile homes will be damaged or destroyed. Damage to roofs, windows, and vehicles will occur. Tree damage is likely. * This dangerous storm will be near... Toxey around 745 PM CDT. Butler around 800 PM CDT. Pennington around 815 PM CDT. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS... TAKE COVER NOW! Move to a basement or an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. Avoid windows. If you are outdoors, in a mobile home, or in a vehicle, move to the closest substantial shelter and protect yourself from flying debris.
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2023.03.27 01:44 boopboopboopers Day 6 Slight following day 5 slight. Here comes the busy season. Keep an eye on the sky!

Day 6 Slight following day 5 slight. Here comes the busy season. Keep an eye on the sky! submitted by boopboopboopers to tornado [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 23:19 Worldweatheralerts TORNADO WARNING

The National Weather Service in Mobile has issued a * Tornado Warning for... Southern Covington County in south central Alabama... * Until 445 PM CDT. * At 405 PM CDT, a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located 9 miles northwest of Laurel Hill, or 14 miles west of Florala, moving east at 20 mph. HAZARD...Tornado. SOURCE...Radar indicated rotation. IMPACT...Flying debris will be dangerous to those caught without shelter. Mobile homes will be damaged or destroyed. Damage to roofs, windows, and vehicles will occur. Tree damage is likely. * This tornadic thunderstorm will remain over mainly rural areas of southern Covington County. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS... TAKE COVER NOW! Move to a basement or an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. Avoid windows. If you are outdoors, in a mobile home, or in a vehicle, move to the closest substantial shelter and protect yourself from flying debris. Torrential rainfall is occurring with this storm, and may lead to flash flooding. Do not drive your vehicle through flooded roadways.
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2023.03.26 22:37 chaseinthyface It begins. Stay safe everyone, I hope this doesn't get any worse.

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2023.03.26 19:11 embracentropy MSFS Flysimware Cessna 414 WX Radar

Is the weather radar on the GNS530 option functional. I just purchased the module. The only option for the 414 is AW model and I don't see any other WX options for the GNS530. The WX radar screen illuminates, but doesn't show anything, not even the arc overlay.
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2023.03.26 19:04 ridfox Insane weather I just got

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2023.03.26 14:49 wanderwithalex Discover Aruba's One Happy Island!

Discover Aruba's One Happy Island!
Considering a vacation to Aruba's One Happy Island? Check out our Aruba travel tips!
If you’re looking for a tropical paradise to escape to, Aruba is a destination that should be on your radar. Located in the southern Caribbean, this tiny desert island is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and warm, sunny weather.
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2023.03.26 08:28 timception My advice to those thinking about coming…. Don’t.

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2023.03.26 08:19 Kitchen_Duty Module Advice

Do not, under any circumstance link your steam account to the ED stand alone client until you read this.

If you link too early, you just lost $100 or more, seriously. More on this later.
TLDR: Buy the F18. Rent modules on stand alone. Buy the F18, then syria, then something cool. consider persian gulf.

Hello, my name is Kitchen and I have a problem and hate money. If you click my name, you'll see the modules I own. I fly them all, mostly proficiently, so I feel I'm qualified to talk about most of them. This is advice for a new player on 'what modules I should buy?' Or perhaps the 2nd module to buy. This is mostly an essay on purchase order, not for only planes but modules. And yes, this is an essay. If you don't want to read it, that's cool, I still think you're probably a neat person and will probably enjoy flying with this group. So first, DCS is a flight sim, so you'll need: a computer, a module, a map, and hardware to fly it with. Perhaps you need advice on hardware, so see my other essay on that. Let's also discuss the variety of eras and planes in this too. For people that know what generation things are, cool, I don't. I don't really know anything about real life planes but I do know DCS. Modern planes will get you the most play. Followed by the cold war (think F14, mig 21, f5, mirage). Korea is a smaller pool, ww2 is as small or even smaller. If you are a part of this group looking for module advice I'll only recommend modern planes first. If you want a korea war experience, you'll probably have to find that elsewhere or be the change you want to see and spark that fire and lead the group into an era/playstyle that you want. We have a personal server and can host any map/mission that is provided that has interest in playing. We of course will have themed missions from creators but generally, modern all the way. (edited)
Steam Vs Stand alone. There are huge benefits to both but I want to discuss the stand alone. For those on steam you already know how great steam is. On standalone: First, you can rent modules for 2 weeks (including maps) on the stand alone every 6 months. This is a huge deal and is awesome. So try out the module before purchase. Second, on stand alone, your first cart (the entire cart) is 50% off. You can save $100's if you dogpile your first purchase cart. Third, you can link your steam account purchases to stand alone and play on the standalone with all the modules, so you lose nothing. If you link your steam account before your purchase, you are boned for the 50%. So do not, do not, DO NOT, link your account before purchase. Lastly, standalone has "miles" you accumulate on purchase. Basically it is 10% of your purchase in savings for the next purchase, so a $50 modules will get you $5 off your next. I got the mig21 for free because I bought enough, neat. Also, the accounts are still linked, so you can always play on steam or buy more stuff on steam after the linking process and it will pass to stand alone just fine. I don't know much about you personally so I'm going to speak generally as possible but the best advice I can give is: Buy the F18 first, then buy something exciting next. Also, I'll be using words in here like you already know what it is, I can't include a dictionary for the post but if you have a question, ask. We are here to help and learn together. Ok let's go. (edited)
Free Module SU-25T This is not a bad plane, it is actually capable and it can deliver HARM based weaponry well. With a human trainer, you can be effective and useful without money. It is not as good at ground pounding as other modules but this is also free. The AI provided training is not as good as it should be. If you want to learn this and only this, ping someone that knows it and we can have you doing ground pounding in a few hours and be GOOD at it. Seriously, I'd almost recommend this over the harrier some days, more on that later. If this module had a ground locking 360 tpod like the NATO planes it would almost be too good. First Module, F18: This is the jack of all trades plane in this game that will be generally featured in every mission we host as a group. It can carry almost all the weapon types (except good cluster bombs… grrr rock eyes) like: dumb bombs, smart bombs (laser, GPS, and the walleye),mavericks, JSOWS, dumb rockets, fox 1,2,3s, HARMs, cruise missiles, and harpoons. It can land on the ground and on a carrier. It is full fidelity, has easy to learn systems, has robust and easy to find tutorials from all your favorite and least favorite youtubers. It has easy to learn air to air refueling when you are ready, easy to understand MFDs that are readable. Systems that make sense, INS aligns quickly, is easy to taxi, doesn't require a ton of buttons on a HOTAS, TPOD actually works… well-ish. If you learn this pretty well, other NATO jets will be easy to learn. There is a reason why the F18 is recommended, because it is very good. Now if you personally (or find someone that agrees) that it isn't "exciting" that's fine. But if you are clueless and willing to just jump in this is the plane to go for it. It's also easy to land on the ground, no flare required, you can literally slam it down > 2000 ft/min. This plane will hold your hand really well. (edited)
Ok so after the F18 and a map, it gets gritty. Let's talk about personality and full features. Minecraft (yes, I'm blaming minecraft) allows people to perpetually live in early access with a list of "coming soon, full release". So, anything you see promised is a lie, buy what the module has now and expect it to never go further, possibly get worse. Ignore what all these companies will tell you is coming. And yes if you haven't guessed, we're gonna talk about Super Carrier and then yes, the harrier.Super carrier is money pit but I think it is 100% based on personality for the player. Do you want to be restricted to just one carrier? Do you like being spawn limited? Want to wait your turn? Animated deck crew that has hand signals (only useful in the day time…). Then perhaps Super boat is for you. Super carrier has features that I find useful (like the FLOOS system or 'the ball') and the deck crew is kinda neat. Is it $30 neat though to you? It was to me and for us boat planes it is nice to never miss the wire because that boat wasn't available to us. You get the Su-33 with this purchase. If you think $30 is a lot then you should not buy super boat. If you think $30 is like a happy hour bar tab for yourself and it isn't, consider a purchase. If you hate exclusion and peasants, come to $uper boat and make fun of peasant boat with us. (edited)
2nd plane: So the big ones, in the modern era in my personal (by fly hours, guessing)order: A-10 F-16 JF-17 F-14 Mirage Harrier FC3 - worth it for the j-11a, f15, and the SU-25 (non T version) - appended on the bottom Viggen There's a lot to discuss in the above list and now it comes down to what you enjoy in DCS and what makes you excited. If you see the above list and one plane sticks out, like the F-14 because "it is awesome", trend that way.Comparisons, if this then that: A-10/Harrier - A-10 is the winner for me right now. Razbam keeps changing things and breaking the harrier and making it a bit less fun to fly. The a-10 is rock stable development wise and is a great experience. A-10 needs a ton of 4 way switches though. So if you are light on controls, trend towards the harrier. The harrier is faster and able to land on FARPS/crayon-boat. It can carry an impressive loadout also, around 8 bombs and 14 guided rockets. It is a considerable amount of ground pound for a small plane. You'll have to micromanage the fuel and asymmetric loadouts. It is a solid choice but very difficult to learn/master but it solid. (edited)
A-10 does have some drawbacks though, mostly dealing with speed/altitude. Some SAM sites literally can't shoot 20k up, so in the a-10 you will be generally very very low. Also you will be sub 250 knots in the a-10. So if a mig 29 is coming, you cant run away very quickly. Gun on the a-10 is obviously better and the harrier gun imo is only used for emergencies. In fact, you can only use it throttled up, which makes gun runs interesting because you are going speedy bois in a nose dive throttle up! F-16/JF-17. These planes are pretty comparable in capability and systems and weapons. I think the jeff gets ignored mostly because so few of us even know it exists before DCS. The Jeff has some really really quirky things going on with the systems/flight model/pylons that you will probably struggle with but if you are not excited about the f16, perhaps the jeff can fill that single engine void.
The 16 is more capable with a wider pylon weapon arrangement and it can carry more fuel because of a dedicated belly tank. You also don't lose a slot for a tpod but you will always be turning left/right due to drag and imbalanced trim. You can sacrifice fox 2's on your tips for fox 3 loadouts, which is worth it imo. The 16 is lacking development in a lot of systems, the TPOD makes you want to commit soduko in the parking lot of an Ikea, and it finally got JSOWs but it got the A model which is maybe better than urinating out the window at anything larger than a infantry unit. It does carry JDAMs and laser guided in all the good flavors plus the CBU 105s of doom, plus the 6 pack maverick loadout. It is a fast plane, able to actually catch up to someone, think mach 1.5 in a dive no problem, mach .99 in mil power at 30k. Air to air refueling though is very difficult to master, if you struggle in the 18 the 16 might kick you, and kick you, and kick you. It doesn't have short legs though if you stay in mil power, think 2 hour flight times no problem.
The jeff is an interesting plane. The displays look like a tesla and the tpod is seriously 4k. It has a limited ordnance selection but has the usual JDAM, GBU12, plus its own flavor of HARM, cruise missile, and harpoon. Doesn’t get an HMD and I'm not a huge fan of the fox 2s, rear aspect only most days but the fox 3 (sd-10) is a murder machine. While the jeff is multirole you don't get to do multi mission sortie since you lose a ton of flexibility by loading mixed. Expect some dirty dirty loadouts for fuel, bombs, fox 2's, and a tpod. Jeff has a datacartridge implemented, so you can do custom chaff/flare programs but you only carry 32 chaff and flare. It has also has restricted jettison requirements, below I think mach .8 for jettison which really sucks when you are going defensive against SAMs. Jeff is kinda slow, expect F18 performance, but if you are looking for full fidelity red, this is it and it honestly isn't bad, it just isn't what we expected. I find refueling it difficult due to input lag and engine spooling/cool down but maybe it is just me. And to clarify, I have refueled every plane in the game that is capable and am proficient in it 📷 Also the quirk: you can emergency jettison in both and the 16's doesn't drop your missiles. The jeff you have to be slow though, below mach .8, which makes dog fights hard because the jettison. Then you might want to switch your config switches (2 of them) and it's awkward. jeff's guns are pretty limited and the 16 carries more of them and i think its dogfight mode is better. Jeff also can't use tacan with datalink on... quirky. (edited)
F-14. So I'm torn about this plane for several reasons. First, from a mission design standpoint, the phoenix missiles it carries allow you to kill any red plane without even being shot at, so it is hard to balance against. That is a DCS thing, not a you enjoying the plane thing though. 2nd, the pilot role comes in two flavors: nothing to do and FLYING the plane. This is one of the few non fly by wire systems so you have to use rudder and gently pull into stuff. You have to trim when fuel is misbalanced, you have to make sure your wings are swept when performing certain actions. The F14 is probably the best module for look, feel, performance, and detail thanks to heatblur. The gold standard developer for this game by a long shot. Other torn reasons, the sparrow implementation is rough, you'll need to use boresight often to get a stt pal lock and that is sometimes rough. Fox 2's are old too so don’t expect some insane stuff from those. Lastly, the f14 is an old machine, so don't expect a lot of hud information, including a useful velocity vector. You are going to be looking at gauges around the cockpit and between your legs for the radar. If you don't have headtracking I feel this is 100% not the plane for you. So now let's go to RIO. Learning RIO is a whole other job. It requires the same amount of time as any other module because the F14 is like a ww2 radar simulator. You don't just tell the radar 'over there' you have to micromanage and tell the radar how to work. There's tutorials obviously but it isn't easy. The LANTIRN pod (anime cam) is also very hard to use, so don't expect a lot of joy in the backseat doing ground pound. (edited)
Oh… jester. I find jestor not too bad but sometimes I die because of him. Jester has an issue with locking onto planes I feel he should be able to. I have abandoned the AI so often just to burn towards the target, get a PAL lock and fox 3 on the guy. Or just maddog one out there because jester won't lock.But my most favorite couple of experiences in this game was with a human rio and me in the front. It was a great ride, and the stories and fond memories makes me want you to do the same. It is satisfying to murder bad guys with your friends, especially when you work together, even if it is poorly (him losing lock and me ripping the wings off in a dodge attempt….) F14 has lase bombs/dumb bombs but bombing isn't the main goal for it. Seems like an afterthought honestly and really only use for giggles and not for serious mission stuff. Difficult to air to air refuel too. Probe causes a lot of drag and is pretty far away from the nose, so getting locked in is difficult, keeping it trimmed is difficult, seeing the tanker is difficult. Jester also cyberbullies me when I do bad just like my dad did before he went away for cigs that one time.
F14 is fast though but not for long. Big plane, big engines, big fuel use. But for it's role, fleet defense, I feel if you really want to enjoy it, you will. There are some huge f14 fan bois and they are probably not wrong. Mirage - Razbam product but actually good. If you want to fly high, murder people from far away and see art, this isn't for you. Mirage needs to fight dirty with no datalink, an unusual RWR symbology, typically low altitude, and only 2 fox 1s and 2 fox 2s. If you get into a turn fight with guns, you're gonna get em. Big delta wing turns good, loses speed fast though. Air to air refueling is similar to the f18 in difficulty. Can carry snakeyes well and big 2000 lb runway baguette delivery. Fits really well into our cold war themed stuff because of the 'limitations' but I often see some EU and Zen coming back with 4 kills to their name with only 4 missiles. Maybe they were born with it, maybe it is just the make up they wear. Viggen I own this now: It is great dumb fun but planning is everything. Easy start up, good bomb loadout, has mavericks which are difficult to use. Has cool rockets, dumb bombs. You won't get a ton of use on general multiplayer servers. It is probably the best anti ship plane in the game. (edited)


Generally, they are going to flat out try to kill you. They want to faceplant you into the ground and explode. I wouldn’t consider flying one without rudder pedals (not twist) except the KA-50. I would only recommend a heli if you understand that DCS does not natively support heli stuff at all really. You will have to push a lot of 'I believe in make believe' buttons. I personally own the HIP, huey, and Ka-50, and the apache is on the way.MI-8 (hip), and huey: The hip is better at killing and is stronger and faster. But it is like a semi truck with RUSSIA painted on the side. Fly it with purpose and not a sports car. Side gunners aren't the best but it gets dumb amount of rockets. Gun pods are like a light show but lags everyone out. Switches are russia: everywhere, all the time, not convenient. To switch to guns/rockets is literally two seats away. Makes sense for real life maybe but in dcs that is annoying.
Huey is a wobble fest sports car. Side gunners are murder machines, you can also get a free copy of Fortunate Son by CCR if you know where to look on ED's website. Ask in general, the link changes sometimes and is hard to find. With both the hip/huey expect to kill humvees/people only. Light APCs if you are lucky. Expect to die a lot. Hind: I think it is ok based on reports. The AI Petrovich is pretty 'god mode' kinda like jester. You can murder all sorts of tanks and stuff, plus with CTLD you can do everything the HIP can do but with more dakka. If I didn't have the HIP already, I probably would own the hind. If you go to fast, you can die easy, if you try to hover too heavy, you die. If you try to fly when the weather is hot, obviously straight to die. KA-50: imagine you are on a roller coaster but with machine guns and you will understand the ka-50. Try to get it off the rails and it will fight you and you might die. But keep it there and you will murder all of those innocent tank children you encounter. The ka-50 gun can kill t-55s, the vikkors can kill t-90s and you can carry 12 of them. It is not the Hind, so do not fight toe to toe, you want to hide behind buildings and hills and be sneaky. It is effective if you are but it is frustrating if you don't spend the time. Oh….. No night vision in it at all. So daytime or gain/contrast on high and squint. Apache: not out as of this essay. Gazelle: It exists but no one has sung its praises to me to determine its worth. Sorry

Flaming Cliffs 3:

Is it worth $50, no, and you should not buy it for that price. Is it worth $25 sort of. Is this particular module worth $7(on sale) or $15 not on sale? Probably notish. Ok, first I'm an elitist and I'm going to talk down to you. If you have only $7 for this game, it's gonna be a rough game for you to play. Just the hardware alone, stick, computer, etc is going to add up much faster than your modules. If a $7/15 module puts you off of purchasing a module because you don't want to waste your money then perhaps you're in the wrong game. It would almost be smarter to just rent in perpetuity in a round robin fashion all the high fidelity modules till you find one you like and can afford. Also I hate when people say "I want to start with something easier then transition to high fidelity". That is the wrong attitude. FC3 planes are usually low performance/capability . You will have less control of your plane and limited options with these aircraft and you will hate it when you learn the comparison. Something simple like radio management is non existent in these planes and that is just the surface. Some modules don't let push a button for gear down and another for gear up. It is just up/down on one control. Or the Su-25t, doesn't allow an axis for wheel brakes, it has to be a button. Annoying:
If I had to pick one module to buy in FC3, it'd be SU-33. Carrier ops, good fuel loadout, carries the most missiles, has datalink, has some air to ground capability, sneaky long range fox 2's. Also can air to air refuel with the basket which is easier to learn. It is in KM/h and metric but it is pretty good at what it does. Note: if you buy super carrier module you get the SU-33 included. Next choice would probably the the su-27/j-11a. J-11a is the better choice and it has fox 3's and a ton of weapons, datalink. Basically a non carrier Su-33. Next would be the F-15C. Air to air only. Can carry amraams or sparrows for the 1980s roleplay. Has an absolute insane amount of gas, can air to air refuel with boom. No 9x missiles so you can't do the spicy offbore shots. It does not have datalink and the tires pop easily. Air to air refueling is really difficult in this plane. You will have to learn radar on a system that is similar to NATO planes but lack finer controls as the 16/18 etc. It does murder people well because fox 3's though once you get them locked. (edited)
Su-25, A-10A, mig 29 - these are ok at best but for a first module it is a waste of your money imo. It is a much better deal to buy the entire FC3 pack and play with these modules but for most people, you won't touch these very often unless we have a themed mission around these airframes.There are a lot of people that think they are neat, cool, and capable and these airframes are. But this essay is written towards people buying their first couple of modules. Also gearing towards $/value which FC3 use to be good value till all the better full fidelity modules came out. If you are considering FC3, I'd either buy it first as a $30 taste test for DCS (but the hornet/viper cost $50 and they are superior and that is only two meals out at fast food) or like your third or fourth module because you want to pick some red planes. FC3 is also a possible better choice if you are on a super limited budget/don't have a full decent HOTAS setup since you'll need significantly less hardware to operate the plane well. (edited)

Buy the F18. Rent modules on stand alone. Buy the F18, then syria, then something cool. consider persian gulf.
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2023.03.26 05:10 beaninspirer 26 March: On This Day In History What Special Day Is Today?

26 March: What happened on this day in history?
We celebrate art and science and remember some of the prominent and most loved authors. In case you are celebrating your birthday today, you will be surprised to know with whom you are sharing your birthday with.
So, let’s unwrap to see what special day is today.

What Happened Today? On This Day in History: 26 March

People & Politics

Natural Disaster


Space & Technology

Birth Anniversaries (26 March)

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2023.03.26 04:13 urbanplayground1 [Fiction] The Hounds of Tinderlos Part 2

The Hounds of Tinderlos Chapter Three
Stuart kept his eyes forward as they piled into the cab. Moments later they were off.
Sahid also kept his eyes in the same direction too.
While he gazed at the back of the driver's head, Stuart wondered why Bill gawked at the dead zone near their office. It was like driving through a dimly lit tunnel with openings into dark and desperate scenes. When they passed into the rest of the city everyone sighed like they had held their breaths.
The light from the stores and streetlights crawled across their faces as Stuart wrestled with his thoughts. He was beginning to think that this venture that Todd had gotten them into was worse than he realized. Yes, the money was good, in fact, it was the best. But he wondered if they would pay with their slowly decaying sanity. How long would Sahid put up with his strange dreams? How long would his family tolerate them?
Even though Stuart didn't care too much about sleep, he wasn't stupid. Too few hours and even simple tasks would feel onerous. How many weird things could he take in his dreams before the thought of going to sleep would fill him with fear? He was an accountant, not a writer, so the too-steady diet of strangeness would be unhealthy. Another thought crossed his mind. Where did he get the inspiration for that dream? The black hole was probably from some article on TV or online, but everything else not so much. Especially the dancing pink fog. What was it? Did it save him from falling into the black hole?
“We're here,” Bill said.
That broke Stuart out of his gloomy thoughts. A most welcome break. He looked up at the bar in front of him. The name,” Noden's Nook”, flashed in blue and white neon. It seemed like an ordinary bar from the outside, and what he could see through the windows. Just a bunch of people sitting and drinking.
Bill paid and tipped the cabbie and they got out. No one said anything until they were inside.
The inside of the bar was just like the outside, mundane. Stuart almost sighed in relief. His tolerance for strangeness was pretty low now. Maybe they would hang out, get some beers and it would be like the old days? Maybe he would get so drunk that when he got home, there would be no dreams.
They took a seat near a window and sat down.
Bill looked around. “Let's wait a bit before we order.”
Sahid frowned. “What's going on Bill? We were supposed to find out wh-”
“I'll get to that! Sorry, please wait a bit,” Bill hissed.
Stuart just watched Bill and Sahid. It seemed like maybe some questions were going to be answered soon.
“How's the family doing?” Bill asked.
Sahid sighed. “Not good. We can't get enough sleep without nightmares. I'm thinking about taking a week off and going on a short break with my family.”
Bill scanned the bar. “Do you know why your family is having nightmares?”
Sahid shook his head. “I haven't watched anything scary other than the news. Heck, I even took a break from gaming. Mostly because I just feel too tired.”
Stuart frowned. The three of them have been in some pretty awful business situations, but none of them caused nightmares like this.
Bill nodded. “I had one weird dream before I met Abby. It was about the sea. There was something at the bottom. Um, I think a city. There were lights and creatures moving around, but it wasn't scary just strange.” Then Bill looked around the bar and smiled.
Stuart followed Bill's gaze.
Tina was walking towards their table. When she got close she said, “This job must really suck, everyone has issues.”
Stuart noticed that Tina had cut off most of her hair. No more tightly wound buns. Her ears stuck out more like pink radar dishes. For a moment he wondered if they picked up more than just sound. “Hey, Tina.”
She nodded then sat down.
“Do you want a beer?” Bill asked.
“Nah, I'm good. Maybe some soda later. Guys we need to talk. All of you look like crap,” Tina said.
Stuart smiled. Tina definitely knew how to sugarcoat things.
Bill frowned and then sipped his beer. “Even me? I'm sleeping good.”
Tina narrowed her eyes and gaze at Bill. “Not to sound mean, but you're getting that Innsmouth look.”
Sahid peered at Bill. “He looks different, but I can't put my finger on it.”
“Hey! I only went swimming there with Abby two maybe three times. What's wrong with that?” Bill frowned.
“We'll talk privately later, you and I. Now, we need to talk about the situation you guys are in,” Tina said as she waved for a waitress.
“We're in a situation?” Stuart knew better, but he did want a name and more info.
Tina scanned them. “Have any of you talked to Todd?” Head shakes all around.
“I tried to send him emails, but I didn't get any replies,” Sahid said. “Do you know what's going on?”
Tina sighed. “I checked my folder full of info, and I got a bad feeling. Especially the pen. Something very wrong is happening here. It also didn't make sense that an unknown company would work with us. Not to sound mean but really? Give us a check for millions?”
“What did you do with the paperwork?” Bill asked.
Tina looked around. “I kept it just in case. A few days later someone sent me a letter. Don't ask who, there was no name or return address.”
“What was in the letter?” Stuart asked. Now he knew why Tina didn't show up at their new office. For a moment, he wanted to curse Todd, but then he thought that maybe he got tricked too. Maybe.
Tina's gaze locked on Stuart for a second then looked elsewhere. “The letter said that Todd had gotten you guys mixed up with some seriously dangerous goings on. Other than suggesting that I find out who Nhotep is, I have nothing.”
“I tried tracing the money, but that just led to NHotep LLC. After that the trail goes cold,” Stuart said.
Bill shook his head. “I can't believe that Todd would treat us this way.”
“Maybe this isn't Todd's fault? We need to find him. He might know things. Stuart, did you find an address for the LLC?” Tina asked.
“Yeah, but what-” Stuart started.
“You need to go there and see if you find Todd. Maybe the creeps behind the LLC need him alive. Oh, I almost forgot. Take these with you and don't drop them,” She pawed through her purse and brought out a manila envelope. “Take these with you when you go.”
Stuart frowned when he looked at the envelope. “What are they?”
“Something you might need at the LLC. Be careful,” Tina said and held the envelope out to Stuart.
“Why me and not Bill or Sahid?” Stuart asked as he reluctantly reached out.
“Bill is going to dig through the servers and find out what they're really hosting. Sahid is going to check the code and find out what he can. If you know more about servers and programming, you could replace Bill or Sahid,” Tina said.
“Why don't you do it?” Stuart asked. Being volunteered for a scary mission didn't feel right. Then he started wondering why he was scared.
Tina sighed again. “If you get caught, you might be spared since you're useful to them. Also, you could make up some BS excuse that fits. They don't know me, and I would just disappear.”
Sahid laughed. It wasn't a mirthful one, more like a laugh from someone outside a very nasty cemetery. “What if this was just some crime organization? You sound like this is some sort of X-files thing. Did Fox Mulder send you the letter?”
In better times this would've gotten some laughs. Now, it was not even crickets. Maybe they were scared too?
Tina broke the silence. “Yeah, if this was just mundane crime stuff, you wouldn't have bags under your eyes. Stuart would've found more info. So yeah, it's an X-Files episode and there's no Mulder and Scully coming to the rescue. We are alone.” She turned and waved at a waitress. “I'll have a Coke, no ice please.”
While she was busy, Stuart, Bill, and Sahid exchanged glances.
Stuart felt that things had gotten very real. “How are we supposed to handle whatever is behind the weird stuff?”
Again Tina looked at Stuart.
Stuart wondered why he never knew what color Tina's eyes were. They were always hidden behind glasses. Nah, he thought, that's crazy talk. “Okay, I'll go to the address of the LLC.”
“Bring the envelope with you. Don't open it until it's necessary,” Tina said.
“Why? What's so important?” Stuart asked.
Tina shot him some stinkeye. “Do you really think that you're safe in this place with all of these strangers?”
Bill whispered. “Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean people aren't after you.”
“Really Bill? This is just some sort of shady business stuff,” Sahid said as he gulped his beer.
Tina turned and placed Bill and Sahid under her gaze. “Okay fine. If you don't think things are so strange I'll just leave. I don't want to, but if you're comfortable with strange nightmares and weird stuff happening out the corners of your eyes, well, I'll be going.”
Stuart looked at the envelope and thought about what had happened in the past weeks. He was quite sure things were going to get worse. Maybe this was their only way out? How many strange nightmares could he tolerate? Maybe Tina was right? “Guys, I'm with Tina. Let's find out what's really going on. Sahid, do you want to have your wife and kid suffer with more bad dreams?”
Sahid frowned and looked down at his empty beer mug. “No, but this seems so far-fetched. Wait. Tina, how do you know we have nightmares?”
“Well because both of you have bags under your eyes larger than my suitcases at home. Also since I've stayed here for a few weeks, I've gotten my share of nightmares too. Don't know why I didn't sign anything. That weird pen made my fingers itch. Maybe that's how I got added to the Bad Sleep Club, not sure,” Tina said in a low voice. “I get it. How about this? We give Tina two weeks. If by then we don't see anything useful, we move on,” Stuart said.
A moment passed. Tina's coke arrived in a mug with lots of ice and a straw.
Tina frowned. “Whatever.” She stuck her straw into the glass and drank away.
Bill nodded and held up his half-empty beer mug.
Sahid raised his empty mug.
Stuart raised his almost full beer mug.
Tina raised her mug of ice and Coke. “Here's to the Y-Files!”
They clinked their mugs together. A few moments later Bill got rides for everyone. Tina paid the tab. No one felt like celebrating.
Stuart rode back to his apartment and worried about what to do next. Also, he wondered what was in the envelope. The weight picked at his curiosity, but he managed to keep the seal closed. It didn't take him too long before he reluctantly fell asleep...
He was floating in the void while below him specks and splashes of different colors moved beneath him. “Is that the whole universe?” Stuart asked no one. A thought crossed his mind about seeing the Milky Way galaxy. His vision zoomed in on it. The galaxy slowly spun in space. I bet I could see my house from here, he thought. And his vision flew into a sector of space and through the solar system toward Earth.
When he was a kid, Stuart was a big fan of astronomy, but he abandoned it for a job in the 'real' world. The outer planets flew past him so fast like he was on a spaceship. If this was a dream, he wanted to stay asleep as long as he could.
“Oh, you're here,” A voice said.
Stuart stopped gazing towards Earth and looked up. It was that strange pink fog again. He wondered why and how it was speaking. “Are you talking to me?”
It nodded or Stuart felt that it had. “Yes. We're both in great danger.”
Stuart looked around for another black hole.
The fog shook its head or whatever passed for one. It was all just a swirling mass. “No, the problem is much worse than that.”
“Wait, you saved me from the black hole. Thanks.”
“You're welcome. Please let me speak before you ask any questions. Our time here is very short.”
For some reason, the fog sounded like a female British character from a Dr. Who episode. “Do you have a name?”
The fog sighed. “You can call me S'gnac. Please let me continue.”
Stuart nodded while thinking about why he could understand the strange fog and its body language. What was going on that he could interpret the way a gas could move as body language?
“The reason why we can understand each other is that this place allows it. It's a dimension of great horror and madness. I assume that you see me as strange and frightening.”
“The first time I saw you I was kinda scared. Now, not so much,” Stuart said.
“Well, that doesn't fit the pattern. When I saw you, I was frightened. A solid body, you consume and excrete gasses. It doesn't get more frightening that that. Well, mostly,” S'gnac said.
“If this is a place of horror and madness, it kinda is slacking,” Stuart said.
S'gnac sighed.
It sounded just like when one of Stuart's sisters would try to explain something to him, and he wasn't getting it. “Sorry, please continue.”
“This dimension isn't mine or yours. What I don't understand is why we're both here at the same time. Some entity or entities want us to be scared, and or driven to madness,” S'gnac said.
“Wait, you're a thinking gas. What would scare and hurt you? You can just flow away,” Stuart said.
Again S'gnac sighed.
“That's not fair. I've never encountered anything like you. I'm not even sure why we can talk to each other,” Stuart said.
A moment passed.
“Sorry, please accept my apologies. I've met a lot of strange beings in my travels. Fear is mostly universal though the type might change across species. Some might hide it and or deny, but it's there. If a being can think, it can feel fear or something like it. I can be hurt if I lose control of my vapors. It's one of my fears. I guess it would be like your fear of something tearing off a part of your body. This dimension is ruled by entities that feed off of fear, and madness. They'll keep shoving it down your throat until your mind is gone.”
Something pulled at Stuart. He looked around but he couldn't see what was doing it. So far it was a light tug.
“Why are we talking? I don't feel scared when I'm with you,” S'gnac said.
Maybe by having this conversation, he was being primed for more nastiness he thought. But that didn't make sense. Wouldn't it be better to just overwhelm him with horror than have a nice chat before? Or maybe something else had set this meeting up? “S'gnac does it make sense that these entities that live here have enemies, and they set up this meeting?”
“It is possible. There are beings in our home dimensions that would resist corruption from here. Why have they not shown up, and told us what we need to do?” S'gnac asked.
The pulling on Stuart felt like a child had a firm grip on his arm, and wanted to show him something. He was quite sure though he didn't know where it came from and that he wouldn't like what he saw. “Something is trying to take me somewhere. I don't want to go!”
“Hold on if you can! If the enemies of the rulers here allowed us to meet, there must be a reason,” S'gnac said.
The pulling intensified. No more child, it was a burly construction worker, and Stuart couldn't resist for too much longer. “Good luck, S'gnac with your fight!”
“What is luck?” S'gnac asked.
Stuart was pulled away from the universe, and into some sort of strange space. It was all curves and folds like he was in some sort of living thing. If he could've had a bit of time to explore what he was seeing it would've been fine, but he flew on.
Now the soft and inviting curves were broken up by dark and cold spines. At first, it was just a few but as he continued to travel the number of spines increased. Then with a mournful cry, he crossed over into some sort of angular space.
It was all sharp edges and endless malice here in this dim red-lit place. He was sure that looking at anything too long would cut his eyes to bleeding ribbons. This was definitely a place of madness. No sheltering curves just sharp cold edges to slice and slash.
“I knew that swiping right would get me something good,” A cold voice that sounded like the whetting of many knives sounded in the distance.
Stuart struggled against the pull. This would be a great time for him to wake up. He even tried to slap himself, but he didn't have hands or a face to hit.
“Lemme see mah dinner guest,” The cold-edged voice crooned.
Then he saw the source of the voice. It looked like someone had dumped a pile of knives and swords and other cutting things in a pile. But the collection of sharp edges was looking at him. One part seethed and sliced at the air.
The pull intensified.
“Don't worry it won't hurt. Me,” The thing said as Stuart flew toward the creature. Its blades and knives and other bladed things that Stuart couldn't understand or name seem to anticipate tearing into him. Red light shone wickedly off of the edges. Then something swooped in and grabbed him.
“You don't belong here! I'll find you my morsel!” The sharp-edged thing howled.
Stuart felt himself moving so fast he couldn't see anything. He couldn't even see who or what grabbed him. All he could feel is a relentless speed sending him somewhere...
Then he woke up.
The Hounds of Tinderlos Chapter Four
They were sitting in Sahid's office.
“Dude. Are you alright? You're starting to make me look good,” Sahid said while sipping from an energy drink. He grimaced.
Stuart frowned. “I don't look that bad.” He knew why Sahid was hitting the stuff. The loss of sleep was weighing heavily on him. The last crap job they had usually left them alone when they went home.
Sahid nodded. “Even Bill looks better than you.”
That was kinda true. His skin looked less gray and his eyes almost looked normal. But he looked tired.
“Yeah, Stu, I'm gonna be on the cover of GQ. You'll see!” Bill said and thrust some chips into his mouth.
Stuart shook his head. “Funny, real funny. I don't know how many more nightmares I can take. We gotta find Todd then get to the bottom of things. After I check my notes, I'll head out to the address.”
“Maybe they'll have the servers in the same building with Todd?” Sahid said.
Bill shook his head. “Nah, Stuart will have to go somewhere else for those. I betcha.”
“Can you do something with the servers here? What if our connection to them is why we're having problems?” Stuart asked.
A moment passed.
“Maybe that's how we got hooked into this?” Bill asked.
Sahid shook his head. “Don't you guys read any fiction? Stuff with demons or witches? I have an idea that we got hooked into this from the contracts.”
Stuart frowned. He remembered how his fingers tingled after he used that strange pen from the info pak. “My fingers felt funny after I signed with the strange pen. The ink was a strange deep red color.”
Sahid nodded. “Bingo! We probably signed in blood. Remember the instructions? We had to use the pens that came with the info paks. If we want to be free maybe we have to find the contracts, and burn them!”
Stuart looked at Bill. It seemed like this was too much like an episode from a weird TV show or a movie.
Bill looked back. “Do what you gotta do. I'm going to see if I can cut the connection to their servers from here. Might need your help, Sahid.”
Sahid looked at Stuart. “Wait, Stu's going to save Todd on his own. That's not fair.” For a moment Stuart felt a bit better. Maybe he could get a wingman for this mission?
Bill killed that idea. “You know more about the database and the connecting code than I do.”
“Yeah, but don't you see how it might be hard for Stuart to do this on his own?” Sahid asked.
“Yeah, I do see it, but we can make sure that Stuart gets the most up-to-date info. We still don't know where the servers are. I really doubt that they're at the same address they're keeping Todd. It doesn't make sense,” Bill said as he got more chips to eat. “Wait, I have Tina's number, let me call her and see if she can back up Stuart.”
Stuart nodded. It would've been better to have the good terminator with him, but Tina was better than doing this alone.
“Gimme a sec,” Bill said and grabbed his cellphone. After a moment, he called. “Hey, Tina. Stuart needs some help carrying some pizzas for the company dinner. I was wondering if you could help him out.”
There was a pause.
“Yeah, well, I doubt Stuart can carry more than two. Oh yeah and drinks too. You'll do it? Great!” Bill hung up. “Tina will meet you at another pizzeria because she has to give something to a friend. She'll meet you at Anthony Pesce's.”
Stuart frowned. “Where's that?”
Bill shrugged. “Google it. Get me one of their salmon slices please.”
“That sounds pretty tasty, but I like tuna. Can you get me a tuna slice?” Sahid asked.
Stuart looked at his friends like they had lost their minds. Yeah, they were talking in some sort of code, but he wondered if he was missing something. It was probably better to play along. “No problem.” He left Sahid's office with farewells ringing in his ears.
After he got the address off of his computer and wrote it down, Stuart put it in his pack he brought from home along with the mysterious manila envelope. Again, he thought about taking a peek inside, but somehow he resisted the urge. Then he was off after calling a cab. The idea of waiting for a bus for some reason frightened him.
The area around the office had gotten worse though he couldn't point to a reason why. Stuart had stopped walking to and from work and just used cabs. His remaining sanity thanked him. While he waited for the cab he kept his eyes off of the crumbling buildings. If the rank odor that crossed the street was a clue, well, looking around wouldn't be any better. Finally after what seemed like hours, but were really just a few minutes, the cab showed up. He gave the cabbie the address of Nhotep's home or office, then he googled the fish pizza place. Luckily, it was within walking distance.
Nhotep's place definitely gave him chills not the weather. The area was surrounded by a concrete wall on all sides. It wasn't the wall that made him uneasy, it was the dead grass around the wall. A few steps away, weeds grew with abandon. He also noticed the razor wire with its sharp edges glinting in the sunlight on top of the wall.
The entranceway was a bronze door with an intercom system. Stuart decided to get Tina before attempting to enter.
Anthony Pesce's was closed. The Health Department sign said it all. Also, the smell of rotting fish sneaking out of the place also gave Stuart the impression that maybe the food wasn't that good.
Some guy stopped next to Stuart. “That dump is never gonna open again. It was a disaster from the start. One of my friends got so sick, he couldn't eat anything solid for days. They shoulda sold that stuff as a bio-weapon if you ask me. If you want decent pizza, go to another town.”
Stuart nodded. “Thanks.”
The guy just nodded and left.
After a few moments, Stuart wondered if Tina was going to show up. He decided to give her an hour and go on with the plan without her. Calling seemed like a good idea, but then maybe they were being watched, and it would get his friends in trouble.
An hour later, Stuart lost patience. No one had called and the looks some of the people gave him weren't friendly. It was one thing to be ignored which he expected, but stinkeye from strangers when he was just standing around was another. After sighing he walked back to Nhotep's place.
How to get in was the first hurdle. The razor wire looked really sharp, and he knew that if he tried the intercom at the door that might alert the folks behind it to what was going on. Of course, they could just say no and not let him in. There was the other thought that maybe no one was in the building who could open the door.
He was so involved in trying to solve the puzzle of getting past the door, he almost missed the strange symbol on the wall of a closed law office. Next to that was a bunch of plastic crates and boxes that made a makeshift staircase up to the wall of Nhotep's yard. Stuart peered at the symbol, it seemed to be some sort of star. The number of points seemed to shift while he gazed at it then it faded away. Stuart frowned. A quick look at the darkening sky showed him he didn't have a lot of time before evening.
Then he looked at the boxes. For a moment he wondered if it would work. To make things even easier, he saw a metal rack a few steps away. It was possible for him to carry it to the wall and use it to protect his skin from being slashed to bits by the razor wire at the top. Stuart shrugged and got to work.
It was difficult because the rack was heavy and the boxes creaked alarmingly like they were going to break at any second. He managed to put the rack over the razor wire and clambered over. There was the squeal of tortured metal as the razor wire sliced through the rack, but Stuart was already falling down.
He expected a shortfall because the wall wasn't that high, but it felt like he was falling from a great height. At the last moment, he managed to duck and roll. Grayish dust puffed into his lungs when he hit the ground. For a few moments, he just lay there stunned and coughed a bit.
When Stuart finally got to his senses, he regretted looking around. A cloudless yellow sky arched above him while an endless vista of dead gray grass grew up to his neck. This was definitely not Kansas or any place he knew. Stuart turned around and looked for the wall. Nope, it wasn't there just another view of what he saw before.
He spent several minutes looking around trying to find the house, but he failed. The silence of the area was scaring him too. If he was still in the front yard of the house, he should be hearing traffic and people instead of total silence.
Something rustled in the distance.
Stuart couldn't tell where the sound came from, but it seemed like it was getting closer. He swung a panicked gaze around. Where could he go? Maybe if he picked a direction, he would run right into what was coming through the grass or another threat? Unlike the doomed hunters in one of the Jurassic Park movies, he didn't have anything that resembled a weapon. Anything would work, a knife or a throwing star. Then he remembered what Tina has said about the envelope, and its mysterious contents. Maybe there was a gun or something useful?
He put the pack down and fumbled for the envelope.
The rustling got louder.
When he looked up, he saw something pushing the grass aside from several yards away, but his mind couldn't accept what it saw. Whatever it was, its hunger and malice were palpable like a punch to the face. He flung his gaze back into his pack and finally grabbed the envelope.
A stench of rotten meat and worse things covered him.
Stuart closed his eyes, opened the envelope, and pulled out something. His fingers tingled as some sort of electric current ran through them. After a few moments passed he opened his eyes. A quick glance at his hand showed that he was holding nothing.
He was a few yards away from a wall in a dead garden. Stuart turned around and saw a path leading up to a shabby house. Instead of pure silence, there were the sounds of traffic and people. “That's one hell of a security system,” Stuart said. Then he wondered what he did to get back there. After gazing at the dead grass and trees, he decided to get into the building before night. Something about this area made his hackles rise and he felt that when the sun went down things would be worse.
Up close the house definitely didn't look like a finalist for Better Homes and Gardens. Paint was peeling off of the door and walls in grayish flakes. The windows were caked with grime. Stuart shook his head. He just didn't understand why this place looked so bad when Nhotep had millions to throw around. To add to the nastiness of the area, the doorknob was covered in some sort of grayish slime.
It took a few moments for Stuart to paw through his pack to get enough tissues to wrap around the doorknob so he could turn it. Even with several layers, some sort of greasiness stuck to his hands. He made a solemn vow to keep his hands away from his face, and other parts of his body until he got home and wash them until they were cleaner than a microchip lab.
The door opened quietly. Stuart looked inside. While the outside was shabby city, the interior looked much different.
There was a short hallway with short shelves filled with items that felt expensive just to look at them. A cash register started to ring in his head. Cha-ching! Cha-ching! He almost reached for a shiny jeweled thing but at the last minute, he pulled back his hand. His gut said the item was just too pricey. With a sigh and a bit of anger, Stuart kept his eyes forward. He also resolved to check his bank account when he got home. Well, if he survived. With a shake of his head, Stuart banished that thought.
Everything was shiny and new like it was just made that instant. Dust? Well, that word didn't exist here. Past the hallway was a living room with a staircase leading up.
A chill snaked down Stuart's spine. Something about the cleanliness of the place bugged him. Was there an army of maids roaming the halls, and they would catch him? Or even worse like what he experienced in the garden, everything was an illusion. He might be tromping through trash and filth and not know it. His skin crawled like something was on it. He wondered if there was something worse.
Something yapped in the distance. The sound got louder.
Stuart looked around. He couldn't see the oncoming dog, but he could feel its presence like a heavy hand on his face. Every second the hand's weight increased along with the loudness of the barking. He wondered if he would end up being crushed even before he could see what the dog, well, if it was one.
Trying to run didn't work. His feet were glued to the floor and he could feel the bones in his face creak. Again he looked through his pack for the envelope.
The howling got louder.
Stuart's teeth ached but he finally pulled what looked like a strange star made out of some sort of grayish stone. It switched between having too many to too few points before fading away.
The howling and crushing pressure on his face faded. He sighed and looked around. Again he shook his head, there was no time to waste. A hasty search of the area showed no Todd. There was a door to the basement, but Stuart decided to leave that for later. Hopefully, he wouldn't have to search there. His too-heavy diet of horror movies made him reluctant.
Stuart eyed the staircase. It looked normal but after what he went through, well, he wasn't going to trust his eyes. So he slowly climbed the stairs while looking for anything dangerous. Nothing happened and Stuart was looking at a hallway with paintings on both sides. At the end of the hall was a door.
He frowned looking at the morbid pictures. Each one showed a skeleton with a few rags sitting or lying on the ground. Some of them were indoors, and others were outdoors. Each place looked decrepit and abandoned. “Is this Nhotep guy a morbid bastard?” Stuart said.
As he walked down the hall he noticed that the clothing and backgrounds were getting more modern. Dusty discarded radios changed to big bulky TVs until finally, the tech was somewhat contemporary. A chill raced down his back. There was something not quite right about this. He wondered if the pictures were a clue to something horrible. The last picture or painting on the right side of the hall was much different. It was well-lit and without any skeletons. He even knew the subjects.
Tina and Todd were sitting in front of a TV playing video games.
Stuart's eyes widened. “What the hell?”
The painting seemed so lifelike he expected Todd and Tina to start moving. Of course, there was the idea that this was just a painting, and the real Todd and Tina were elsewhere. Maybe in the basement or on this floor? Then again, after what he had experienced, maybe he was right. His friends were in a painting and would remain until they died or he saved them.
How? He wondered. How did his friends end up in that “painting?” Stuart moved his right hand close to the painting before pulling it back. Maybe if he touched it, he would get sucked in, and escape would be impossible?
Stuart inspected every inch of the bronze frame for buttons. Touching it was out of the question because he had no idea what that would do. It was smooth and shiny with nothing he could press. “I'm gonna have to use another of those weirdo stars,” He whispered.
A quick glance showed that Tina had gotten up and was facing the left side. He frowned. The last time he checked she was sitting down.
Again he reached into his pack and pulled out a star from the envelope, but he didn't bother looking at it closely. “Here goes nothing.” Stuart just touched it to the painting.
There was a flash, and something knocked him on his butt...
“Stu dude! I'm soo happy to see you! Wow, that Nhotep is a bum and a half. I should've known he wasn't the real deal. Playstation fives are as scarce as hen's teeth,” Todd said.
Stuart awoke feeling a quick flash of warmth across his body as he looked up.
Tina adjusted her glasses like they slipped off of her face. “You don't make a good cushion so I better get up.”
Stuart just watched her. She was so close.
“Stu dude, you okay?” Todd asked again as he stuck out his hand.
Todd helped Tina to her feet.
Stuart got up on his own. “You guys were in...” He looked at the painting. The once shiny frame was shattered into pieces and whatever had held the image of Todd and Tina was gone. “What the hell?”
Todd looked at the shattered frame and the cracked plaster behind it. “Wow. No one would believe that! The takeout was alright though.”
“You had takeout?” Stuart asked.
“Yeah, some weirdo outfit called ShubHub, we're the most with a thousand deliverers!” Todd replied.
“Guys,” Tina said.
“You made calls from that?” Stuart gestured at the bronze bits.
Todd nodded while looking at the other pictures. “Nhotep is a morbid bast-”
“Guys!” Tina yelled.
“What?” Stuart asked.
Tina sighed. “How long do you think it would take before Nhotep or one of his minions shows up? My guess, not so much. Let's get to the contracts and burn them.”
Stuart nodded.
They looked around and noticed the door at the end of the hall. A moment later they were rushing down the hall.
“So Tina, how-” Stuart started.
Tina raised her hand. “Contracts.”
When they reached the door, everyone looked around to see who would try the doorknob.
Tina frowned. “Really? Fine.” She tried to open the door. It rattled but stayed closed. “Damn, locked.”
“Well, I guess we leave? Or maybe we check out the basement? All creepy places have a basement,” Todd said.
Stuart had his fill of strange goings on and just wanted this to be over.
“No problem,” Tina said and pulled a hairpin out of her hair. A few moments later it was an improvised lock pick. Seconds later, they heard a click come from the door.
The door creaked open.
“That doesn't sound scary,” Todd said.
Tina shot him some stinkeye.
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