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LVP buckling - recommendations (TX)?

2023.05.21 17:31 Notyouravgusername LVP buckling - recommendations (TX)?

Installed Nucore Performance from Floor and Decor 6 months ago and it's buckling in places but not in others. Second floor installed on wood subfloor seems fine but first floor on concrete isn't. It's worse in the kitchen although the longest run is probably 20 feet while no problems in other areas where run may be 3X longer. We didn't use vapor barrier over the concrete, I'm wondering if the cork backing is swelling? Also we left some expansion space but not much since most sources said LVP doesn't really expand. The painters also put the quarter round in very tight in some spots, can that pinch the floor and prevent expansion? Do we have any options at this point? Pictures don't do it justice, it's getting bad.
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2023.05.18 04:58 bluefin02 Just installed NuCore LVP Not Thoroughly Impressed. Opinions?

I've been looking forward to having our old hard wood floor removed and swapped for LVP. Finally had it done and honestly not impressed at all, I'm wondering if others have felt the same way. I did get the Nucore, "waterproof" 9.5mm thick planks with the rubberized bottom. The ones I went with were in the top 20% or so in price, so maybe I am feeling this way for a reason.
1) The subfloor was prepped very well, but there remains to be several small soft spots, maybe an installation problem but not a problem that can surface from tile or hardwood (or even carpet).
2) It is not waterproof. I have several bubbles around the flooring and they aren't only at the seams.
3) It feels thin to walk on, and if you hit a soft spot, it feels really cheap.
4) While maybe not a real problem, it just doesn't;t have that cozy, clean feel like I have had with Tile or Carpet.
I do want something easy to clean, but I think I should have gone with Porcelain Tile, looking back, the labor was just much more expensive.
How do you guys feel about LVP, pros cons, ?
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2023.04.21 07:06 Fresh_Fan_3968 At what cost does Porcelain Tile Surpass LVT?

I meant to say LVP in subject not LVT.
I went to my local floor and decor today to look at flooring. I have 6 Siberian Huskies (4 puppies and 2 adults) plus I board dogs so I need Husky proof flooring where they won't chew through the flooring and it has to be water proof and slip resistant so they don't slide around when they have the zoomies.
I was looking at the Nucore Performance LVP but it cost $4.49 SQ ft and not many colors to choose from. Meanwhile their Porcelain tile selection was huge with the majority of them costing around $2-$3 SQ ft.
I understand Porcelain tile is more labor intense and so the installation isn't as cheap as LVP but with high quality LVP being this expensive it makes you start to consider that maybe porcelain tile can be had for about the same price as LVP or slightly more but it's going to be a better option.
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2023.04.11 19:04 Internal-Proposal-43 Install LVP over glued engineer hardwood that is on-grade slab/concrete

I want to install NuCor's LVP line over the engineered hardwood that is glued to on-grade slab/concrete. My concern is that this could potentially trap moisture under the LVP and that the glue would not be sufficient enough of a moisture barrier over time and the engineered hardwood would not be able to "breathe" and trap that moisture - ultimately leading to decay, rot, and mold.
I called multiple Floor & Decor stores since it is their own manufactured product and was told by 5 out of 6 stores that this would be okay. I called Floor & Decor who also said I could float the LVP over it without any issues.
The installation states that there must be a 6 mil poly moisture barrier between the concrete and subfloor and doesn't mention anything about glue being a sufficient barrier otherwise.
What are everyone's thoughts on this? For what it's worth, i've never had any moisture problems before.
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2023.03.29 03:06 FrenchBreadSoup Soundproofing floors: Nucore Whisper Core Underlayment

I have a Multifamily I just purchased. Right know I can hear the downstairs tenants talk and watch tv. In my past I lived on the first floor of a Multifamily and dealt with a child running all day long on original 1890 flooring.
Needless to say, I like soundproofing. When I end up renting I don’t want the tenants to have to worry about eachother.
I decided to go with nucore performance whispercore vinyl. Now my question: do I add underlayment?
A. Is it worth the extra 60c per sq ft for the soundproofing it will give on top? B. Is the nucore lifetime warranty worth it?
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2023.03.20 23:02 HiImStu Do you recommend NuCor flooring?

My first floor(concrete slabs) is LVP and then the stairs and entire second floor is currently carpet which I am ripping out. I found this NuCor product that is a close enough match but also have been hearing of issues with NuCor. Thoughts?
This is this product I was looking at.
What do you guys recommend for quality flooring? Do you suggest I stay with LVP, or go with other type of flooring?
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2023.02.21 18:26 Historical_Air_8997 Nucore performance reviews

Anywhere here install the floor and decide Nucore or Nucore performance? I’ve seen only a few mixed reviews online, the good ones seem okay but the bad ones seem pretty bad. Their website has reviews disabled and almost no actual customer reviews appear.
They mil rating on what I’m looking at is 22+. The thickness is between 6.5-8mm which all seems good. But some reviews say that the 22mil isn’t as strong as other brands.
The cost is around $3.80-4.60/sqft which I found some Shaw’s pro brand stuff for $4.50/sqft that has good reviews.
My contractor recommended floor and decor so I looked there but now I’m second guessing it. I picked everything out and not sure if it’s worth looking at other brands now.
Let me know what you all think! Especially if you installed it in your home. Also I know they have some budget LVP under $1.5/sqft, you can review if you want but I just assume any budget LVP won’t be good.
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2023.02.18 06:38 k0nabear Thoughts on this vinyl flooring from Floor & Decor?

We have visited many flooring stores and been having a hard time finding vinyl flooring that we like. The only place we found something that we like is from Floor & Decor:
We are a little hesitant about getting flooring from F&D due to reading that their products are low quality like flooring available from Home Depot and Lowes. We’re happy to pay more for something of better quality - we just can’t find something that we like visually. What is the sub’s thoughts on this flooring? Is it decent enough quality or should we continue our search through other flooring stores?
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2023.02.04 21:49 Magnolia05 Flooring suggestions, please

Five years ago, I bought an older house and immediately replaced the living room and dining room carpet with NuCore LVP. I don’t particularly like it anymore. I feel like it looks and feels thin and cheap. This year is like to replace the flooring in the whole house, but I’m afraid of ending up with something I don’t like, like the NuCore. I’ve tried looking at Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Floor & Decor, but the options are a little overwhelming to me. I’d love to get some suggestions, or at least some help narrowing it down.
I have two 65lb English bulldogs and a 75 gallon saltwater aquarium, so waterproof and scratch resistant are both important to me. And again, I’m not sure I’m explaining it right, but the NuCore I have now just feels thin or something. I’d like something that has a little more solid feel to it, if that makes sense.
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2023.01.22 07:19 monoton3 Why does my contractor hate LVP?

I want to replace carpet on my 1300 sq ft place. I went to floor and decor and was originally drawn to engineered hardwood ( about $7 sq ft). I ran into LVP
And everything on this subreddit says this is the way to go especially with kids and a dog ( not to mention price )
My contractor is completely against it and highly recommending engineered HW - am I missing something??
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2023.01.20 21:55 sankalp89 Are all thiner (6.5 mm) LVPs bad in locking?

I ordered this 6.5 mm NuCore LVP from a local store. My floor installer guy said that these don't lock easily. He showed me that when he laid three pieces together, he was able to pull the last one just right off without a slight bit of resistance. He put them in place by hammer and everything but it still was quite loose. He said if it locks well, you have to apply some good pressure to snap it out.
He asked me to get the thicker ones like 10mm or more. But when I am shopping around, it seems like 6-8mm is the standard in the LVPs and there aren't too many options of 10 mm thick LVPs. Moreover, NuCore isn't that small of a company either that's selling bad LVP tiles.
I'm thinking now if my flooring guy is unskilled?
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2023.01.20 18:38 NewSouthSprouts I bought NuCore LVP from Floor and Decor for the whole house. First up is the bedroom. Do I need a molding track/u channel to stop the floor between bedroom and hallway, or is it ok to leave it with a 1” gap for a month or two?

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2023.01.15 06:49 glamisduner Been looking for a good brand of LVP but not sure how to choose.

Floor is a concrete slab.
We redid our floors last year with NuCore from Floor and Decore and now we are paying the price. So looking at specs does not appear to be the best approach. The NuCore we bought seems to have very weak locking joints and is coming apart all over the house. Warranty was denied because one 10" cabinet that came in later was placed over the floor int he kitchen so that voids the warranty for the entire house. Also the installer was having issues with the flooring but instead of throwing out pieces where he broke the brittle locking mechanism we found he had glued them together (glue discolored after a few months). NuCore's locking is the worst I have seen after looking at several brands afterwards, although many stores have samples where you cannot see how they are locked together.
So we are back to having to remove everything from the house again and redo the floor. Most flooring stores around me seem to sell brands I find very little info on, and the ones I have found have mostly negative reviews. We brought home Paradigm samples but after searching google it appears there are many complants on the locking mechanism of this flooring as well so it's right out. We also brought home samples of Johnsoon hardwood 9"x60" with 30 mil wear and Proximity Mills 7x48 with a 20mil wear later. I'm leaning towards proximity mills but I can't afford to keep throwing away $10,000 a year on flooring so I need to be certain it's a decent product.
I heave read many bad things about smartcore / lifeproof so we are looking for something better than those options. I believe that shaw makes a good floor but haven't seen anything we really liked to pay $7-8 per sqft. Is shaw what I am looking for? I'm willing to deal with a color or design I don't like at this point if it is the only way to ensure the flooring won't fall apart in a year. Mohawk might be ok too although the specs seem inferior, I havent read anything about the locking portion of it being terrible.
We are also considering installing costco's garage flooring in the house. I figure if you can drive over it, then it shold hold up to foot traffic. It has 27mil wear layer but is also 9.6mm thick. Again we just don't like the color options as the gray is too dark, However if this is my best bet I can get the 800 sqft I need for about 6 g's, for the redo. Also worried that the installers will not be experienced with this product and will screw it up anyways?
Thanks in advance!
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2022.12.29 08:08 Upper-Pirate-8126 NuCore Performance Luxury Vinyl Plank Glued Instillation

I am thinking about installing luxury vinyl plank over existing floors on most of the first floor on my house. 1/3 of the area is hardwood in a 2 story foyer with large amounts of direct sunlight. The other 2/3 of the area is 12”x12” ceramic tile that I plan to float a self leveling product over to fill the grout lines. Also to note, this is the main floor of my house with a plywood subfloor over a conditioned finished basement, so there are no concerns of moisture seeping through the underlying surface.
I am leaning towards NuCore Performance luxury vinyl plank, but am a bit worried on the mixed reviews I’ve seen on the product warping at the joints. The manufacturers instructions suggest gluing the planks down with an adhesive made for cork when the area is exposed to direct sunlight. I was thinking of gluing the entire floor for continuity in feel. Has anyone glued this product down before and if so, were there any issues you ran into down the line? I assume you don’t need an underpayment when gluing this product, would I be correct?
I am also stuck between NuCore and Shaw or Coretec. Obviously the price of NuCore is more affordable, but I’d rather pay a bit more for the better quality product. I have a color I absolutely love in the NuCore, but haven’t been able to find that exact match in the other brands, which again makes me lean towards the NuCore. Can anyone weight in as to why I shouldn’t go with NuCore if I am gluing it down?
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2022.11.26 22:02 austinlolwut Acceptable gap?

Made the mistake of going with nucore flooring for 2 of my rentals I'm renovating. I finished one apartment and on number 2 but have a few small gaps like in the photo. It appears some planks are not square. Will this cause any issues or is it tight enough to work? I'm at the point I'd like to rip it all out and start new after messing with these gaps for hours
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2022.11.21 06:45 Smthng_Clvr_ LVP Mohawk vs NuCore; weight?

I'm about to purchase some flooring for a 900 sq. ft condo.... caught between Costco's Mohawk and NuCore from Floor&Decor. What's getting me is how much heavier the Costco brand is. Is there a benefit or drawback of this? I live on a 2nd floor and had to put down a bunch of self leveling cement to prepare for the flooring so I am worried about the weight (even though I might not need to worry about it?). The floor is not perfectly level but its the best we could do -- hopefully a cork underlayment will help.
Does anyone have any insight or experience with either of these floorings? They both have the same thickness and wear layer, the NuCore has a cork underlayment built in, the Mohawk a foam underlayment
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2022.11.16 20:03 No_Bother3564 Has anyone installed Nucore luxury vinyl flooring? I’m not sure what to do about the steps. I don’t see they sell stair treads, only stair noses. Do i use 2 planks and a stair nose for the step? Hard wood and stain it? Floor and Decor did not have a vinyl stair tread that matched perfectly. Thanks!

Thank you!
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2022.11.16 16:18 No_Bother3564 Hi all. Contractor is redoing my basement floor with Nucore Luxury vinyl. The stair treads he recommended I used our just ever so slightly a different color. Apparently nucore does not have stair treads, what is my alternative to getting an exact match? Color looks closer in this picture btw

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2022.11.08 22:22 silverblackyzf Question on Layout of LVP in basement

I'm laying vinyl planks in the entirety my basement. It's a large area with lots of angles and a main entrance from the garage. I'm not sure where I should start. I've read that it's best to start on the longest wall, which would be my Gameroom. However, the hallway coming off of the garage door is the main entrance for us on daily basis. I don't want to start in the game room and then when I get back to the garage entrance, things aren't straight. Any suggestions (picture below for reference)?
This is the flooring I'm using:
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2022.10.04 04:36 4theboys151720 Help!! Lvp nucore rigid floors

We’re installing Nucore Rigid core flooring. Is it normal for there to be a popping sound at the short end of the joints? If not, what are we doing wrong?
We got the wrong underlayment at first and have had to take up the floor and start again with the correct underlayment. Because the floor started breaking.
We’re just super cautious because we don’t wanted it to break again.
We have also put down 7/16th OSB so the floor is level.
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2022.08.26 19:28 EliminateThePenny Prepping wood subfloor for Self Leveling Underlayment and have a few possibly (probably) dumb questions -

I'm ripping up the old nasty berber carpet and installing NuCore LVP in my 1972 house. That involves having the subfloor flatness spec of 3/16" over 10', which my house definitely does not have so I'm following the steps as in some videos on YouTube that are unlinkable.
  1. When do you remove the sill seal and caulk? Is it after the SLU dries fully? Isn't there any concern of pieces of it getting stuck in the mixture?
  2. The bag of Henry 555 says that all parts of the subfloor must be submerged 1/8", but then later on says it can be feather edged to match elevation. I only have 2 low spots in my subfloor and I don't want to spread SLU everywhere up there (the floor is adjacent to 4x bedrooms staying as carpet) so will it be a problem if I just trickle the SLU out into it fills in the dips and doesn't spread on the whole floor?
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2022.08.17 06:15 IMTHEBATMAN92 Looking for LVP brand and model advice

I have been researching flooring for almost a year now. Thanks to this sub I feel like I am finally close. You all talked me into lvp over laminate and for that I am forever thankful.
At this point I am trying to choose between brands and model.
The 3 stores I have near me are lowes, homedepot and floor and decour.
Given that and the fact. We are looking to do a full house install; this includes stairs, bathrooms and kitchen.
What brand do you all recommend or vote for?
Right now we are mainly stuck between lifeproof and Nucore. They are both roughly at our price point $3.5z However online blogs all have conflicting reviews on which one is better.
Any thoughts and recommendations?
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