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Stone Masonry: Dry and Mortared Stone Works

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This subreddit contains almost every aspect of stone masonry. This includes but is not limited to brick and other baked clay products, rough or cast stone, marble, granite, cut and dressed stone, artificial stone, brick veneer and large format slabs. Please submit links to how-to pages and videos, pictures of beautiful and amazing works, and your own work for us to admire, or help you finish.

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For the various products in the Deadlands rpg. Deadlands Weird West, Wasted West, and Way Out West. Discussion on the Classic rule system, Reloaded, and Savage Worlds.

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A place to discuss the Dr. Stone media franchise. Please check out the rules and information about when releases are below. Also since I repeat it everywhere, I might as well let you know the the spinoff series Dr. Stone Reboot: Byakuya is confirmed to not be canon by the creator of Dr. Stone and Dr. Stone Reboot:Byakuya.

2023.03.29 04:56 Unhappy-Analysis-204 What is Monero (XMR)? A beginner’s guide

What is Monero?

Monero (XMR) is a cryptocurrency launched in 2014.
Like Bitcoin, it operates on a Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, but keep in mind these most significant differences from Bitcoin:
  1. Monero Blockchain data is private. The wallet balances and transaction amounts are unknowable; even if you know a wallet address, there is no way to know how much Monero is held in that wallet or the transaction history (unless the owner shares this information willingly). If transacting in Bitcoin is like sending a bank transfer, then transacting in Monero is analogous to paying with cash, where only the sender and receiver have this information. For these reasons, XMR is often called a privacy coin. Moneroj (that’s the plural of Monero) are therefore all truly fungible.
  2. Instead of block rewards trending toward zero and total supply having a hard limit, block rewards gradually decreased from 2014 to 2021 and will forevermore have a fixed block reward of 0.6 XMR. This is known as tail emission. Block time is currently about 2minutes, so about 1440 new XMR are created daily. This makes the annual inflation rate about 1% and trending toward zero over time. This indefinite block reward is to give incentive for miners to secure the network and maintain low transaction fees. Currently, available supply is 18.1 million XMR.
  3. Instead of ASIC mining used for Bitcoin, blocks are created/verified with CPU mining. Miners therefore are not typically spending anywhere near as much money for hardware as with Bitcoin mining. More info on mining here.
Marketcap is currently $2.7B USD and ranked 26th according to CoinGecko. In 2016-2017, it was a top 5 cryptocurrency by marketcap and briefly peaked as high as 4th.
Currently there are about 25,000 daily XMR transactions. data here.
It is a leading cryptocurrency for transactions requiring anonymity. offers a more comprehensive explanation on all things related to Monero.
The most active Reddit communities relating to Monero are Monero, xmrtrader, MoneroMining, and moneromarket.

Thoughts, opinions, and discussion points

Up until now I’ve tried to stick to the facts; here are some of my personal thoughts and opinions
Because it is private and anonymous by default, XMR has some strong ties to darknet markets and has been a source of controversy as an alleged tool for criminals. That criticism isn’t entirely incorrect, but using XMR doesn’t make somebody a criminal any more than buying and selling in person with cash makes somebody a criminal.
Because of the private blockchain, it’s easier for exchanges to lie about the XMR funds they have. The Monero community is very skeptical that exchanges actually have the Monero funds to back up the orders they execute. Taking self-custody of your XMR is critical to force exchanges to be (somewhat?) honest and for individuals to use XMR as intended.
The community often coordinates Monero Runs or “Moneruns” where hundreds or thousands of users select a dedicated day to withdraw XMR from exchanges. Some people are planning a Monerun on 15 December 2022. Here is a summary of April 2022 Monerun, courtesy of u/bawdyanarchist.
I’m very impressed by XMR because its conception offered something new to the world that is useful in a way that almost anybody can understand (even if you don’t understand how it works).
For the arguments that Bitcoin helps the over 50% of people on earth who live under authoritarian governments (see Alex Gladstein’s work and articles like this one), Monero fulfills that role even better as it offers better anonymity for its users than bitcoin and other currencies with public blockchains.
Combine all of these properties and XMR works very well as digital cash for transactions that do not need to be instantaneous. XMR transactions are not as fast as BTC payments on Lightning Network, ETH transactions, XNO, ALGO, etc.
I would like to promote a great podcast, Monero Talk, where I’ve learned a lot about XMR and keep up with news/the Monero community. Youtube channel and Apple Podcast links. Their hosts have taught me a wonderful truth about XMR: The only thing that can stop Monero is the false belief that it can be stopped.
Speculation time: Is Monero a good investment? I am confident that Monero should survive and hopefully thrive for many years. Everyone should consider having at least a little XMR in case you need to buy things in an untraceable way. I personally though would not choose to hold the majority of my funds in XMR as it does have a unique vulnerability: its private blockchain may be a perceived threat to many political regimes who want to easily tax, monitor, or censor the people’s money. Mass adoption of XMR is therefore hard for me to imagine, as its growth may be hampered if large governments try to declare it illegal to use XMR. This wouldn’t kill Monero, but many people like myself feel it could have a negative effect on market price. I feel comfortable holding 5-10% of my funds in XMR.
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2023.03.29 04:55 throwRApido1 Friend [30M] becomes "anxious/stressed" when I [26M] give him constructive criticism

My friend and I work together in residency. We're supposed to be good friends. We have a co-resident [25F] who is new, but has been brownnosing to 30M recently for the stated purpose of using/exploiting his connections. 25F is bad with social cues.
A few days ago, 30M was teasing me by making fun of me for a slight speaking mistake. Think a misused suffix, etc. No big deal; he and I do this privately to each other all the time and we understand it's in good fun. But this time was in front of 25F, who saw this and thought 30M was legitimately insulting me. 25F then joined with actual insults, such as "you should know better at this stage in life, it's very concerning," over as mentioned a minor mistake. When I gave 25F a confused look (because I didn't know why she was insulting me over what I thought was clearly playful teasing), she explained it back patronizingly slowly to make me feel like I wasn't understanding what she was saying.
Afterwards I told 30M that it's bad to tease me in front of 25F since she doesn't understand the difference between teasing and insulting, and that 25F is imitating him to earn his approval. I also said that the teasing only encourages 25F to be rude to me in a non-playful way. 30M agreed with all this, but then said the conversation made him feel uncomfortable because I was "telling him he did something wrong." I assured him the criticism is constructive and that I'm telling him not just for my benefit but for his own so he can furnish a good working environment.
Yesterday 30M and I were talking on the phone, and he told me that I "give him anxiety and stress" when I tell him he's done wrong by me. He said he's already stressed and that my criticizing him makes him feel more stressed, so he doesn't want to be around me as much. I told him withdrawing isn't the mature way of dealing with criticism, especially when it's meant to be helpful and can only benefit us both. He didn't agree and walked away.
How can this be explained? I know it's not enjoyable to hear criticism, but at our age I would expect all of us to be able to take it and become better people. It's a shame my "good friend" won't accept criticism and instead blames me for him encouraging my friend. I think he should be able to understand that being insulted persistently in the workplace when my "friend" doesn't ever stand up for me and only instigates it increases my own stress.
tl;dr told friend to stop teasing me because co-resident takes it as authorization to insult me, friend said it gave him anxiety and stress and is withdrawing
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2023.03.29 04:55 Turbulent-Moose9511 I (17F) don't know if I should blame myself for my SA or not

I wanna begin this post by saying:
  1. This is my first time on Reddit ever, so I am very sorry if this is wonky at all.
  2. Trigger warnings of SA, suicidal thoughts, etc
  3. I'm also not very good with words, so I am very sorry if this doesn't make much sense
Okay so, this is gonna be a tough one to write out. I feel as though I have been through some tough shit. Since I can remember I've felt like life isn't worth living. I don't know why, I just sometimes get an overwhelming amount of sadness and just confusion that makes me feel like there's nothing left for me in this life. It's almost like I think of myself as one of the background characters that boosts other people into their main character roles, and I'm just supposed to die off. Especially with my Highschool years coming to an end, I feel like my life is also coming to an end.
I had this really bad my 8th grade year, then Covid hit. I was in such a dark place. My parents fought all the time-which wasn't unusual, they fought all through out my life- and i was just overall in a deep depression. I ended up doing cross country so that I would have something to look forward to and keep me for... dying i guess. Well, I ended up getting messaged by one of the guys on the team that my best friend knew. He told me he liked me and asked if I liked him back. I told him I barely knew him and so I didn't know yet. He proceeded to ask me everyday after that if I "liked him back yet" eventually, I gave in and said I liked him because... i honestly don't know. He was cute and I had low self esteem and didnt recieve much attention from anyone like that before. Or attention from anyone really. Things progressed slowly and eventually we started talking in person. This is the part where things get kinda confusing, but I'm gonna try to keep it short and sweet. We started hanging out more, and then one day his parents saw us kiss (just a peck) and they freaked saying how he needs to break things off with me (looking back on things now I think was a good thing, but unfortunately, I was so very naive.) He broke things off but continued to talk to me. About a month later he randomly kissed me and said he wanted to get back together. I said yes (Stupidly).
The next night we hung out with our group of friends and they all decided to watch a movie. So I cuddled with... lets call him Jared. I cuddled with Jared and shared a blanket with him. The lights were off and we were watching the movie when suddenly I realized Jared's hand was slowly sliding closer to the top of my sweat pants. I started to panic a little, but thought "he wouldn't do that to me". He started to inch is hand into the front of my pants. I froze, terrified and having no idea what to do. He stopped his hand at about the middle between where the flaps open up and the start of where the pubes grow, so it wasn't all the way down i guess. After the night was over and I went home he texted me asking if "that was okay" and I wanted to be very gently about saying that I was uncomfortable with it, so I told him "Im not really ready for that but you can like put your hand in my back pocket if you want" thinking that it would be a good compromise I guess, I dont know what I was thinking. Well, wanna guess what the response was? "oh... ok". I apologized many times saying that I just wasn't ready but he became very dry with me. I felt panicked and guilty. I didn't want to lose him because he was the only one I had. or at least thats how he made me feel. I now realize I was never more lonely and unloved than when I was with him.
Well. The next time we hung out, he did it again. I said it was okay. Why? I dont know, I still hate myself and blame myself for everything, but I won't elaborate on that right now. He continued to do that 7 different times. around the 5th time he went into my hole (my dry hole) it hurt so much and it was the worst. He didn't care. The last time it happened, he made me grab his... whatever you wanna call it. I was disgusted. and when i tried to pull my hand away, he held it there and rubbed my hand with it. he then continued to try and pull my shirt down so he could see my boobs. and at one point tried to shove me into the bathroom so I could take my shirt off for him.
A few weeks after that, his parents discovered the messages he'd been sending me and made him cut all contacts from me.
I was broken. I didn't go to school for a month. I was confused, I didn't know whether to be sad that I lost someone that I loved and cared for so deeply, or to be mad as I slowly started to realize what actually happened to me. I blamed myself. i told myself I could have stopped it. and I could have, and I hate myself everyday that I didn't.
However, it got easier to not blame myself. My new boyfriend of 1.5 years helped me through a lot of it and told me that it wasn't my fault and I shouldnt blame myself. I almost started to believe him until a few days ago. We were talking about something and idk how but the topic of my SA came up and he said something like "yeah, you really could've stopped it". my heart dropped and i started to cry. I texted him back saying "well don't you think I think about that every single day of my life" he proceeded to just sweep the whole thing away and I just didn't continue to talk about it because I didn't want to start a fight. But it is still hanging in my mind. repeating over and over and over that I couldve stopped it. and the fact that my own boyfriend things the same thing just kills me.
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2023.03.29 04:55 mialg Yes, Penis Pumps Work — Temporarily. Here’s What to Expect

Yes, Penis Pumps Work — Temporarily. Here’s What to Expect
Penis pumps can increase blood flow to your penis to help you achieve or maintain an erection so you can have penetrative sex. They cannot permanently lengthen your penis.
You may gain a teeny bit of extra length from using a penis pump, but it’s a temporary gain.
For someone with erectile dysfunction (ED), penis pumps are less expensive and generally safer than other options when used correctly. They can also be used alongside ED medication, like Viagra.
Penis pumps have also been shownTrusted Source to effectively preserve erectile function after prostate surgery and radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

1. How does it work?

A penis pump works by using suction to draw blood into the penis.
The blood fills the blood vessels in your penis, causing them to swell so your penis gets — temporarily — bigger and harder.
A constriction ring — better known as a cock ring — is usually placed around the base of the penis to help keep the blood in the penis and maintain the erection, er, longer.

2. Is it safe?

For the most part, yes.
According to the FDA Trusted Source, using a penis pump or other external rigidity device could aggravate penile conditions, such as priapism.
Too much air pressure in the cylinder can also cause mild bleeding under the skin’s surface. For this reason, penis pumps may be not be right for you if you:
  • Have a blood disorder
  • Have a history of blood clots
  • Take blood thinners
A cock ring that’s too tight or left on too long could cause your penis to become bruised, numb, and cold.

3. How do you know which pump is best?

For starters, avoid any pump that’s advertised as being for penis enlargement.
Ask your healthcare provider for a prescription. You don’t need a prescription to buy a penis pump, but having one can ensure you get a safe device.
You may also be able to have part or all of the cost of your device covered by insurance or patient assistance if you have a prescription.
Speaking of safe, the pump you choose should have a vacuum limiter. This helps control the pressure in the cylinder from getting too high and potentially — ouch — injuring your penis.
Finally, consider your penis size when buying a pump or tension ring (if not included with your pump).
Most kits are a one-size-fits-most deal, but if your member leans much smaller or bigger than average, you’ll want to choose accordingly.

4. How do you use it?

Some products have more bells and whistles than others, but the basic function is the same.
Here’s the gist:
  • You place a tube over your penis.
  • You pump out the air, using the hand pump or electric pump attached to the tube, creating a vacuum effect.
  • Once you’re erect, you remove the pump.
  • You can place a constriction ring around the base of your penis to help you maintain your erection.

5. Are there any precautions you should take?

Taking the following precautions can help make your experience safer and help you get the best results from your device:
  • Shave your pubes. Nothing kills the mood or a boner like snagging an unruly bush. Removing hair from the base of your D before use will prevent hairs from getting caught in the ring. It may also help you get a better seal against the skin.
  • Use as directed. Even if it looks pretty self-explanatory, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s directions to ensure safety and effectiveness.
  • Don’t leave the ring on for more than 30 minutes. Cutting off blood flow to your penis for too long could cause damage. Constriction rings shouldn’t be left on longer than 30 minutes.
  • Have lube on hand. Apply a bit of lube to your shaft and the base of your penis, as well as around the end of the cylinder, to create an airtight seal. Lube will also make it easier to slide the tension ring on and off. Plus, if you’re going to get handy before getting your pump on, lube can make masturbation even more pleasurable.

6. How long will its effects last?

Typically, expect around 30 minutes, but everyone’s different.
Factors like your arousal level and when you put it on during your sesh can also influence how long the effects last.

7. How often can you use it?

It depends on your situation and comfort level.
Most people can use it safely multiple times a day if needed, as long as they use it correctly.

8. Is there anything else you can do to help increase size or improve function?

Absolutely — at least as far as function goes, anyway. Increasing size, well, that’s a tad harder.
When it comes to improving function and getting stronger erections, a balanced lifestyle will go a long way. This means:
  • reducing your stress levels
  • getting enough sleep and regular exercise
  • limiting things like nicotine and alcohol, which can have the opposite effect on boners
Certain medications can also mess with your sex drive and cause erection problems — especially antidepressants and blood pressure medications. See your doctor if you think your medication may be the issue.
Though it should go without saying, being horny is a key part of getting hard and maintaining an erection. Spending a little more time on foreplay before penetration can help get the blood pumping.
Now regarding size…
There’s really no way to increase your penis size without surgery or stem cell method. Not that size matters or has any bearing on your ability to give or enjoy some serious pleasure anyway.
If having a bigger penis matters to you, you can make it look and feel bigger by:
  • keeping your pubes trimmed so every inch is on display instead of covered by hair
  • maintaining a balanced weight, which can make your D look bigger than it is
  • learning to work with what you’ve got using sex positions that allow you to go deeper so it feels bigger to your partner

Now Listen Very Carefully Here:

How Stem Cells Make IT Bigger…
In the USA, more than 9,000 men have tried the stem cell method**. Surveys and consumer interviews confirm that it has two main properties:**
  • It is 3 times more effective and faster than penis pumps and weights, or any other type of treatment.
  • It naturally enlarges the penis forever, improves blood circulation, and increases the number of corpora cavernosa.
You can increase the size of your penis by 1/2 or 1 inch in the first week, guaranteed by medical testing!
“So, what do I do next?”
On the next page, you'll see all the fluff science and take a *revolutionary* quiz to see how big stem cells can make YOU, based on your size, age, and race.
This quiz is something I've never seen before. Take it now to see YOUR growth potential!

What’s the bottom line?

Penis pumps do work, but if you’re looking for a permanent increase in size, you’re out of luck.
Pumps are designed to help you get and maintain a firmer erection. And, like all boners, pump-induced erections are temporary.
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2023.03.29 04:54 daguro Christians and their lack of compassion

I am struck by this again and again. Christianity has become an authoritarian sect.
I grieve for kids growing up in those situations, the way I grew up. I left home at 18 because I didn't want to fight with my parents. I joined the Army. I knew that if I stayed around them, I would be fighting with them all the time. I didn't want to be that person.
I wanted a family that loved each other, something that I didn't feel I grew up in. I have gotten over blaming my parents. They were raised with little to no affection, especially my father. I don't think he knew how to express affection, was tremendously shy. He worked hard to put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads, so I can't blame him for that. But that is a low bar. Being a parent required more than that.
On this board and in other online places, I encounter a lot of people who were harmed by their upbringing and seem to have no where else to turn for help/validation. It is a dark hole indeed when you feel horrible and it seems that everyone around you is telling you that you shouldn't feel that way.
There is a lack of compassion in Christianity. If you don't conform to the way they live, then you just aren't Christianing hard enough.
Sometime back, I read about Paul's exhortations against homosexuality in Romans 1, and the writer said that we had been reading wrong. This writer said that Rome was full of slaves (approximately 30% of the population). Paul's primary audience was the freedmen and slaves. The slaves had no control over their lives and some of them were being sexually assaulted/molested/exploited, including males. There was no where for these people to turn. Paul wasn't railing against a male homosexual hook up culture. Rome's culture was hyper-masculine, and Roman males, if they engaged in sex with other men, would never be in a submissive role. There was no hook up culture. What existed was a culture where Roman male citizens could copulate with an unwilling male slave and it was okay. Paul was expressing compassion for those people stuck in that situation. Go read Romans 1 again and think about whether this was Paul calling homosexuality as a vice only or if there is an element of compassion there.
Anyway, I wish there was more compassion in Christianity today. It would make the world a better place.
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2023.03.29 04:54 rpg-maniac rpgmaniac’s in depth D4 review & feedback after playing 44 hours during the OB

I will start by saying that I despise D3 & haven't play a Blizzard game since SC2, my history with Blizzard games goes like this Diablo->StarCraft->Diablo2->StarCraft2-> THE END
For many-many years D3 was my most anticipated game, when the game was close to release I could spot from a mile way that this was not the game I had in mind & will definitely not be something I would like to play & that was the case in the end, D3 was by far the biggest disappointment I had in my life as a gamer till now, needless to say I skipped it & act like it never happen.
Forward to D4 Open Beta, I would be honest here although the game looked nice I was almost certain that I wont like it for various reasons, so you could say I was somewhat biased before even start playing, well let me tell you although I could find many things I thought needs improvement the devs at Blizzard who crafted this game manage to give me a hard slap in the face & make me admit how wrong I was, yep I never expected to say this but I was wrong because D4 have been crafted exceptionally & the potential for what is going to become in the future is literally limitless.
During the beta I lived and breathed D4, I played for about 44 hours (check this to get an idea apart from sleeping and eating I did nothing but play the game trying to see as much as possible, if the game wasn't fun, if I wasn't having fun playing there is no way I would have spent that many hours playing a game in such a short time, & that is the biggest proof that D4 is fun, so the developers imo can be proud because they created a fun game & I'm sure the majority out there agree with that sentiment.
So without further ado:


  1. The Game Looks Gorgeous, the visuals & the art direction is on point, exactly how a Diablo game should look like, with that I mean gritty & gory also realistic & serious, so huge props to those responsible for this aspect of the game, they really did an amazing job.
  2. The Atmosphere, everything is dark & grim, there is people in distress everywhere, people in need of help, you go out of town & you find either people frozen because there were caught on a blizzard, massacred bodies that were eaten by wild beasts, so many other such examples but the atmosphere feels nice, also I liked especially the icy theme & the heavy blizzard out of towns in the first region of the game.
  3. The Sound Design, there is nothing more to say here other than to give my highest praise to the sound design team because they truly did an amazing job & there is nothing to complain about.
  4. The Combat, the combat feels really nice (as long you change the combined move+interact+basic attack all-in-one button from the options, else it feels clunky) I had a great time slaying thousands & thousands of mobs while grinding dungeons or taking part on events out in the world map, it felt smooth & neither fast or slow, just perfect somewhere in the middle, it felt really good can't find anything to complain about.
  5. The Campaign & the Cutscenes, let's put those two together as they are essentially part of the same thing, the main story, at least what we had the chance to experience on the first zone, looks really nice & I enjoyed it while playing, there is ofc some parts of it that I liked more than others, but it was enjoyable for the most part & I definitely looking forward to see more of it, also the cutscenes in some cases were made in exceptionally way that definitely elevate the presentation to the viewers.
  6. The Side Quests, now who would guess that I'm gonna like the side quests of all things on an MMO, I play MMORPGs for the past 20 years more or less & the side quests was never something I enjoyed doing because they are always terrible made & feel like a chore, well I think that more than half of the side quests I did in D4 was fun & interesting because they were carefully crafted & they were really well made, they didn't feel like side quests to be honest but more like a part of the main story.
  7. The Transmog/Wardrobe system, I loved this, it's straight 10/10 & I would like to see any game company include this kind of system on their game in the future, it's perfect I love everything about it because it offers so much customization & freedom to alter how your character looks & stuff like that is always welcome.
  8. The Cinematics, well those are always top-notch on any Blizzard game but I had to say it anyway, especially the intro, the first trailer we saw deserve to get some awards, definitely.
  9. Monster Level Scaling, before I tried the beta I was against this but then I played the game & I was constantly thinking every time I was roaming some before low level area "if not for monster level scaling this area would have low level mobs that would pose no threat to me & I couldn't get any valuable drops out of them whatsoever..." in short it would happen what usually happen on any mmorpg, all low level areas become useless after a point when your level is high enough & there is no point to revisit all those low level areas anymore, also there is one more reason I liked monster level scaling & I thought this kind of feature suit a game like Diablo perfectly, because it would be anticlimactic to exiting a town & every mob you are facing is low level scrap, if that happen it would definitely ruin the atmosphere that this world is bloody dangerous & there is things out there that wanna murder you & eat you alive, & it's very important to feel that way at all times else the game won't feel as fun anymore, at least not for me.
  10. Cursed Treasure Chest & Cursed Shrine events, I really like those they have a nice surprise element, instead of getting loot or buffs you get a swarm of mobs in your face, fun mechanic.
  11. Legendary Aspect System, the fact that every legendary item found in the game has a kind of super mod, which can be extracted and transferred to any item we desire in order to help perfect the kind of character we are trying to build, is something really awesome & I liked that idea very much, especially when you consider that those Aspect mods have also quality levels like any other mod in the game, that means that you are not only searching for an Aspect you need & once you found it that's it, you want it to have good rolls also & that add to the RNG level & that means that there is something more for us to looking forward to when we are out there hunting for loot.
  12. Sorceress Ice Spells, I played a Blizzard Sorceress during the beta (here a link to some gameplay if anyone wanna check how my character plays & I really liked how ice spells look, especially Frost Nova & Blizzard, & I also liked very much how Frozen enemies look, the devs did a really good job with the ice element.


  1. The Bosses, there is a few good ones but for the most part the bosses have many flaws from their mechanics, the level of challenge they offer, even their looks for many of them, they are not good enough also there is many similar looking ones on some dungeons that look like they devs copy/paste them everywhere, & also one great flaw over all regardind the bosses is that they are not memorable, there is many memorrable bosses on past Diablo games but I didn't felt that for the bosses I fought on D4, they seem generic & lack identity, the devs definitely need to do more on that front, we would like to have some scary, challenging & memorrable bosses for D4 please.
  2. Skills Customization, this is more or less something most people who played the game agree I think, there is not enough stuff on the skill tree to build really unique characters & have in mind I'm not saying in any way that I would like to see PoE level of depth but there is a middle ground to be found & I think the devs can do much more to offer to players another layer of depth to customize their build, for example why there is no way to alter our skills & what they do although so many people asked for something like that repeatedly in the feedback we gave? why there is no way for example to change Ice Shard from a single row projectile spell to multiple projectiles or to increase the AOE range of my Blizzard or Frost Nova? we need more options Blizzard, we want every skill to have a number of different options for us to choose from in order to be able to create our own truly unique build.
  3. Number of Active Skill Slots, it's way too limited atm, I couldn't get any ultimate skill because I couldn't remove any of my current skills from my skill bar because my build would be ruined if I did that, I suggest for two more skill slots if not two definetely one more else it would be impossible for most people to use an ultimate skill, who would choose to put a skill with a CD of 1 minute instead of something else that we would be able to use every few seconds or as often we want as long we have available resources to use? six are not enough Blizzard & most people agree with that, give us more options & don't limit the game to that extent, this could ruin the game for a lot of people you know.
  4. Randomness of the Dungeons Layout, I did so many dungeons during the beta & I left kind of disappointed with the level of randomness I experienced, most of the times it was long corridors with a few rooms left & right on your way or a long corridor that open up in a big room at the end that has two more corridors left & right like the letter T, those were the dungeons where we need to find some objects that help to open a door, this was the case for the majority of the dungeons I did during the beta & I can't say I liked that, on that aspect the game missed the point completely on how a procedural generation game suppose to be, if the layout of a dungeon is not random enough, if the layout doesn't feel completely different every time you enter, then it's not good enough, you never felt that way for example while playing D2 so on that aspect D4 falls short & completely miss the mark.
  5. Cellars, those super-mini dungeons (they are literary one room in size...) doesn't do it for me, for the most part it kept me wondering what's the point? it was nice when their purpose was to help progress some quest but aside from that to have them all over the map when they are not that fun to do & they doesn't offer any kind of challenge, since you need less than a minute to clear everything there is inside, so ye.. the devs imo need to overhaul this feature, it needs to be more challenging, it needs to be more rewarding, it needs to be worth doing else there is no point for it to be in the game, that's my opinion anyway.
  6. Lack of Unique Challenging Mobs, the game needs more tough & scary mobs to fight along with those packs of common & magic mobs we slay in large quantities to spice things up during grind, to offer some challenge, to offer that surprise factor we so much need to make grind more interesting & fun & to also offer to players the chance to get some sweet drops from them because at the end of the day that's what the game is all about, I speak for some kind of Elites, Champions, Mini-Bosses even, that kind of stuff, make them big, make them noticeable, make them scary, & finally make them able to put up a fight & make players feel that this is not a target you erase from your screen with a few push of a button & you move on to the next, but that's an enemy that needs a higher level of focus & effort on our part to put them down.
  7. Character Creation, the character creation didn't offer the amount of variety & options I would like to see myself & I fount it very lacking compare to what other games ussually offer, it didn't offer as many options in hairstyles, face types, hair colors, eye colors, & in general there was not as many options & it was impossible to create a character we have in our minds because our options are so limited, this btw would lead to the majority of players look exactly the same & that is not ok, that is actually really-really bad.
  8. Fonts, ok this might not sound as important for some, but for me reading dialogues from quests that are written with Arial font (here an example ruin the immersion of the game, finding journals during grinding & presented with a story written on Arial font ruin the immersion of the game, watching Arial font all over my status window make me to always wonder WTF!? the devs were thinking when they decided to fill the game with Arial font on everything? did they really feel that this kind of font is fitting for a Diablo game? because there is lot's of people out there who can't fathom why they did that myself including...


  1. Skill Enhancing System, I would like to have the option to enhance/alter my skills in unique ways, to have the freedom to choose from a variety of options in order to create my own unique build, this is something the game needs atm as what the skill tree offer to players definitely lacks depth & there is no way to do what I'm talking about from inside the skill tree currently, compared to some other ARPGs it's really disappointing to see what the D4 devs created, especially since they received so much feedback from players years before the game's release & it seems they either never read it or just chose to ignore it.
  2. Vertically Based Dungeons, THIS-IS-THE-FUTURE-OF-DUNGEON-CRAWLERS, I experienced a few dungeons in the game where we had to climb down a ladder to a lower level & you already made the first step but let's take this to the next level, now imagine entering a simple dungeon like those we played during the beta but instead of the usual simplistic, small-scale layout we get a huge totally random maze-like map that aside from the ground floor it also has another 3-5 levels either underground or on the upper floors, & each floor has it's own unique boss, now something like that would be so fun to play & will really feel that I'm playing a next-gen dungeon crawler, an ARPG that has some unique, revolutionary design choices & doesn't feel like anything I've played in the past, Blizzard you are in the perfect spot right now to make that revolution happen, to differentiate yourself from the pack, give to nerds out there what they have only dreamed off till now.
  3. Secret/Hidden Doors/Rooms & Destroyable Walls, words can't express how much I love this kind of stuff, my enjoyment level would go up considerable if the dungeons in an ARPG offer this level of exploration, exploration is my thing & I can't enjoy a game if there is no secrets to find, if there is no meaning to carefully explore everything, if there is nothing interesting to discover, so put this kind of stuff in the game & make it worth it for us exploration-junkies although I'm certain that this is something anyone is going to love & it will make the game more fun to play for everyone.
  4. PvEvP Dungeon, something for PvX fans, now imagine a massive dungeon where 4 players enter at the same time & spawn at random locations, drop rate is boosted & you can really get some sweet loot inside this dungeon but PVP is always ON & you can't turn it OFF, also in case a player kill you everything in your inventory drop in the floor, doesn't this sound like something that would be really fun to play? for me it sure does!
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2023.03.29 04:54 Jegkanikketale Help Me Refine My Blog Post: "Bridging the Gap: A Digital Health Platform for Underserved Communities"

Hi everyone! I've written an exploratory blog post that delves into a concept for a comprehensive digital health platform tailored to the needs of underserved communities. The intended audience are folks interested in harnessing technology for social good, who are comfortable with technical documentation and diagrams. I'd appreciate any insights, suggestions, or constructive criticism to ensure the content is both engaging and informative.
Building a Comprehensive Digital Health Platform for Underserved Communities with IBM Technologies
In recent years, the demand for digital health solutions has grown significantly, driven by the need to improve healthcare access, quality, and efficiency. However, highly disadvantaged and under-resourced communities often face significant barriers in adopting and benefiting from these technologies. By leveraging IBM’s advanced technologies, we can create a comprehensive digital health platform that addresses the unique needs of underserved communities and helps close the healthcare gap.
Market Potential of Digital Health Solutions
As the global digital health market continues to expand, there is significant potential for growth in serving underserved communities. By addressing their unique needs, we can tap into a total addressable market (TAM) that is expected to grow from $96 billion in 2022 to $210 billion by 2030. Focusing on these communities can help create new market opportunities while positively impacting healthcare outcomes in disadvantaged regions.
We can draw inspiration from other healthcare companies that are implementing innovative and highly visible solutions in the industry. Some notable examples include:
· Allscripts Healthcare Solutions: Known for its EHRs and population health management solutions.
· AdvancedMD Inc.: Focuses on cloud-based medical office software and telemedicine tools for ambulatory medical practices.
· AthenaHealth: Offers speech-to-text dictation powered by Nuance® and HIPAA-compliant telehealth services.
· Cisco: Provides virtual healthcare delivery models and remote patient monitoring technologies.
· eClinicalWorks: Recognized for its cloud-based EHR and practice management solutions.
By examining the success of these companies and their innovative solutions, we can better understand the best practices and strategies for creating a robust digital health platform tailored to the needs of underserved communities.
The proposed digital health platform offers a seamless and intuitive experience for users by integrating multiple IBM products as follows:
  1. IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding and IBM Watson NLP Library for Embed are integrated into the Natural Language Processing Module. They analyze user input, extract meaningful information, and provide personalized health guidance. These technologies understand the context and sentiment of user input, allowing the system to offer relevant and intelligent recommendations.
  2. IBM Cloud hosts the entire system, including the Health Portal Mobile App, Content Management System, and other components. The cloud infrastructure ensures a scalable and reliable platform for managing and delivering services to diverse users.
  3. IBM Watson Language Translator is integrated into the Adaptive UI’s Language Detection and Translation module. It automatically detects user’s language preferences and translates content, making the health portal more accessible to users with diverse language backgrounds.
  4. IBM Watson Assistant for Healthcare Clients and IBM Watson Assistant for Health Benefits are integrated into the Health Portal Mobile App. These technologies help automate scheduling appointments, bill payments, and answer commonly asked patient questions while personalizing the experience based on user’s health plans and eligibility.
  5. IBM Watson Studio is used to develop the Personalization Engine and other AI-driven components of the system. The collaborative environment allows for building, training, and deploying machine learning models that power the system’s intelligent recommendations and user experience.
  6. IBM Db2 stores and manages user profiles, content, and other data in the system. As the database server, it provides a reliable and scalable solution for data management, ensuring smooth operation and quick data retrieval.
  7. IBM API Connect is employed to create, manage, secure, and socialize APIs for the Health Portal Mobile App. The APIs enable seamless interaction between the mobile app and various modules, such as the Adaptive UI, Content Management System, Personalization Engine, and Natural Language Processing Module. This ensures smooth data exchange and efficient operation across the entire system.
  8. IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson is integrated to protect the privacy and security of patient information in the healthcare app system. This unified endpoint management (UEM) solution helps comply with healthcare regulations, reduces IT workload, and lowers the cost of managing mobile devices. It also provides AI analytics capabilities to detect and respond to potential security threats, safeguarding patient and employee data.
Now let’s delve deeper into the health portal’s structure by examining the following component diagram. The diagram depicts the system components and their relationships, illustrating the value of the overall solution. In this diagram, you can see how the Health Portal Mobile App connects with various IBM products and system components, providing a cohesive and streamlined experience for users.
(Component Diagram)
The sequence diagram below provides an overview of the interactions between the user and various system components. It demonstrates the flow of information and how the health portal adapts and updates content based on user interactions and preferences.
(Sequence Diagram)
Lastly, the class diagram below illustrates the relationships between the different components of the health portal solution. It demonstrates how the Health Portal Mobile App interacts with the Adaptive UI, Content Management System, Personalization Engine, Natural Language Processing Module, and External EHR System.
(Class Diagram)
Benefits and Challenges of Building a Digital Health Platform for Underserved Communities
· Improved healthcare access: By offering telemedicine and remote monitoring capabilities, the platform can help overcome geographical and financial barriers to healthcare access.
· Enhanced patient engagement: By providing personalized health guidance and educational content, we can empower individuals to take charge of their health and well-being.
· Cost-effective healthcare delivery: Digital health solutions can help reduce healthcare costs by streamlining administrative processes, optimizing resource allocation, and improving patient outcomes.
· Limited access to technology: Addressing the digital divide, especially in underserved communities, is crucial to ensure widespread adoption and utilization of the platform.
· Data privacy concerns: Ensuring the security and privacy of patient data is paramount, given the sensitive nature of healthcare information.
· Integration with existing systems: Seamless integration with existing healthcare infrastructure and governmental programs is vital to the platform’s success and user adoption.
Addressing the Needs of Highly Disadvantaged and Under Resourced Communities
To effectively serve the needs of underprivileged communities, the digital health platform would need to continue to focus on the following key areas:
· Affordability: Ensure the platform is accessible to individuals and healthcare providers, regardless of their financial resources.
· Accessibility: Design the platform to cater to users with varying levels of digital literacy, language proficiency, and physical abilities.
· Cultural Sensitivity: Adapt the content and delivery to suit the unique cultural backgrounds and beliefs of diverse communities.
· Integration with Existing Healthcare Systems: Facilitate seamless integration with local healthcare providers and governmental healthcare programs to ensure continuity of care.
A comprehensive digital health platform that integrates IBM technologies has the strong potential to address unmet needs in highly disadvantaged and under-resourced communities worldwide. By focusing on affordability, accessibility, cultural sensitivity, and integration with existing healthcare systems, it can bridge the healthcare gap and improve health outcomes in underserved communities.
Furthermore, the growing market potential of digital health solutions presents a significant opportunity to create a sustainable and impactful business in this sector. By drawing inspiration from other innovative healthcare companies and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, organizations can be more empowered to build a digital health platform that truly makes a difference in the lives of those who need it the most.
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2023.03.29 04:54 fallingoverising r/Eugene mods

u/Fauster: I don’t have direct evidence of u/Fauster being a doxer or a racist, but I have seen some posts where other users have claimed that he is. For example, one user said that u/Fauster threatened him with “dangerous people” he keeps in the community and also used racial slurs. Another user said that u/Fauster doxxed him and protected racist and violent stalkers. A third user said that u/Fauster was a hateful racist who made some females very uncomfortable with how he spoke to them. However, these are all allegations that I cannot verify or refute. Maybe u/Fauster has a different side of the story or an explanation for his actions. I think it would be fair to hear from him before making any judgments. Doxxing and racism are serious issues that should not be taken lightly, but they should also not be used as false accusations to harm someone’s reputation.
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2023.03.29 04:54 Inflatepump A Pump Expert with 13 Years of Sales Experience Tells You How to Buy a Suitable Pump for Your Inflatable Products

If you have inflatable products such as air mattresses, swimming rings, or inflatable toys, then you need a good pump to inflate them. But how do you buy a suitable pump? Here, as a pump expert with 13 years of sales experience, I will introduce you to some key points for purchasing a pump.
The first point is to look at the power of the pump. The power of the pump determines its inflation speed and efficiency. If you need to inflate larger products, then you need a pump with higher power to inflate them faster. However, if you only need to inflate small products, then a lower power pump is sufficient.
The second point is to look at the noise produced by the pump. Some pumps can produce a lot of noise, which may affect your user experience. If you need to use the pump at home or in a place with many people, then you need to choose a pump with lower noise.
The third point is to look at the portability of the pump. If you need to carry the pump with you frequently, then you need to choose a pump that is easy to carry. Some pumps come with a portable handle and a compact design, which can be conveniently placed in a suitcase or backpack.
The fourth point is to look at the reliability of the pump. The reliability of the pump is very important because you need a pump that can be used for a long time. Choosing a pump with a good brand reputation and a long warranty period can ensure that your pump can be used for a long time, and can be repaired or replaced in a timely manner if problems occur.
Finally, don't just look at the price. Choosing a suitable pump requires comprehensive consideration of the above aspects. I hope these key points for purchasing a pump can help you choose a suitable pump, making your inflatable products more convenient, fast, and comfortable
And below is the power ( pressure )range for you guidline . Pressure required max 20PSI (1.37Bar ,137kPa)
● Inflatable Paddle board SUP
● inflatbale Kayaks and inflatale ocean boat
● Inflatable air tent
● Inflatable kites

Pressure required Max 2.5PSI(17kPa ,17236Pa)
● Inflatble Towable tubes
● Inflatable Gym air mat,Yoga exerise Mat
● Inflatable Normal PVC boat
● Large inflatable products
● Water sport ball

Pressure required MAX 0.6PSI (4000Pa ,4kPa)
● Air mattres/ beds
● Inflatable chair and safa
● swimming pools/tubes
● water floats toys
● Inflatable furniture
● Vacuum storage bags
● Adult pool floats toys

Pressure required Max 0.4PSI (2700Pa,2.7kPa)
● Air pillow
● Childen swimming ring
● Baby bath tube
● Inflatable balls
● Kids Inflatable Boat in Swimming Floats & Inflatables

as long as you find the right range of pressure for your finaltables ,you will know how to choose a best air pump
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2023.03.29 04:54 skylamarie97 25 F [Friendship] Looking for artsy friends!!

hello there my name is Skyla, I am 25 years old. I am a college graduate with a degree in religious studies. I am originally from a rural area in Tennessee, and moved to New York City to get my shit together.
It should be noted that I am a cult survivor and I was held against my will by my parents for almost a decade. Because of these experiences I do have some weird quirks and mannerisms. Like for example I find it fun to go to grocery stores to look around and buy different new foods to make me happy, because my parents never wanted to spend money on me and wouldn’t allow me to keep the diet I wanted. Along with this, I love doing activities that are considered childish (e.g. wearing brightly colored clothes, playing webkinz regularly and watching children’s tv) because I was never allowed to express myself freely growing up so I just have an extremely delayed adolescents.
When it comes to what I like I am more on the eccentric side of things. My definition of fun is going to houses of worship to socialize and interact with the worshipers there along with that i love going to shows in small venues and finding new music through this avenue. I love to play old computer games, and webkinz regularly. I love buying children's art projects and doing them to de-stress. I am also autistic/have ADHD and should mention that what my special interests, which are: religion, old/dead languages, kidcore and y2k aesthetics, old internet, ancient near east, late 19th century-early 20th century Europe,astrology,supernatural stuff, early modern Eastern European Jewish culture and history, and pop punk music are just a scratch on the surface of some of my special interests. I also love to film tiktoks and am trying just for the hell of it to become an content creatoinfluencer that focuses on talking about religion and documenting my life while wearing extremely bright rainbow aesthetics. Along with this I write in my free time too; mostly academic material with other informative literature too, along with personal essays and pieces. It should be noted politically, I am a leftist, a communist to be exact. Lately tho I have been getting into trying to make my own art. I am learning how to use Blender and saving up to buy an iPad so I can learn how to use Procreate to start seeing art in the world that I want to see. Along with all of this, I love to cook and figure out new foods I like to eat!! my favorite food to cook though is pasta along with breakfast foods, halal plates, and wraps.
Lookwise i am 5'8 midsize. I mostly dress extremely feminine, wearing lots of dresses and I love to play in makeup too. Along with that I cover my head for modesty,religious reasons.
Doesn't matter the background when it comes to who I want to talk to just please don't be a big meanie xoxo
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2023.03.29 04:54 Livefreemyguy Woman I have a crush on invites me to fly out and visit her, buys us concert tickets, then ghosts me? Lol?

I (26M) met this woman (23F) on vacation. We, at the time, lived 3 hours apart. It was a right person wrong time type deal. She had just gotten divorced from an abusive husband and then eventually moved to another state with family to escape him and go to rehab.
We’ve kept in touch mainly via Snapchat since then. Her communication on there has always been a bit off, she will always reciprocate, but sometimes just leaves me on delivered for days at a time while still posting stories. I never really payed much mind to it because I knew she was going thru a lot then when she got into rehab I didn’t even know how often she was allowed to have her phone. I didn’t want to pile a love interest on top of her problems. Also again, whenever she responds it’s always very enthusiastic and reciprocative. She’ll ghost for 2-5 days max but always come back.
However, this time we talked she randomly invited me to come visit her where she is living now. I sent her a Snapchat of my bleeding face I got in a mosh pit, she responded saying she wishes she was there to kiss it and make it better, then sends a second message saying “come visit me!!!” I say of course, just waiting on an excuse to go there. I think for a minute and check who’s touring right now and see that her favorite band is playing in her city in June, so I just send her a screenshot of this along with that message.
Two days later she open it and I get a torrent of messages from her on Snapchat. I open it and she’s already bought the tickets and tells me to get my ass down there. Then talks about all the other things we’re gonna do like go to the aquarium and what not. She talks about splitting a hotel with heavy sexual emphasis. After we’ve talked about it for a bit I’m like okay this is happening and I buy a round trip flight for a 4 day vacation to visit her and send her a screenshot of the confirmation for the flight.
Mid-conversation she stops opening messages, is yet to open the message I sent of the screenshot. It has been 1 week since this and she has posted stories a few times, but has not opened my messages which I sent her mid conversation.
I mean it is in June I have plenty of time to figure it out, but I have already bought a flight, and 1 week is the longest she’s ever left me on delivered.
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2023.03.29 04:54 Graytower0 Moist Eye Cups

I apologize for the grossness of the title and subject. To preface just as progress was starting to be made (2 months ago) life got messy, but things have calmed down enough that I want to start getting back into it. Because the best I can get is a dim room lit up from outside sources I use a sleeping mask. However in trying to get back into it I have run into an issue which frankly kills my enthusiasm for both getting into the dark room and staying there for long. Which to say that after tensegrity even just the long form of unbending intent following life saver's, sweat starts soaking into the eye cups making that general area feel moist and gross, which makes getting silence even more difficult and generally is a big distraction. So I wanted to ask if I could do tensegrity without the mask on, wipe away any sweat in that area and then put on the mask, or alternatively if any others also use a mask how they deal with this problem?

Also some Misc Questions.
  1. I believe I had gotten to the point of almost talking to an IoB. Saw what looked like 3-4 lips appear on a huge purple puff, the feeling of a reoccurring character in dreams even though they wear a different face, feeling almost certain that a certain memory during recap was false, being woken from sleep because of a voice so sharp and clear that I thought it was a real person. Anyways is there any particular pass which would make it possible to contact it, or for now just continue basic darkroom?
  2. When colors are talked about are they just referring to the smaller puffs?
  3. Can the false room which is created after doing unbending intent be made more accurate and detailed somehow, as it stands it only creates the roof and the walls, but where the closet appears to be in the shadow room is actually where the door is and furniture in the room is totally absent.
  4. What are the huge jagged yellow spikes that make it hard to find puffs?
  5. Can the purple bands whose dark inside seems different to the dark outside the bands, be used like a puff?
  6. I've just about gotten all of Unbending intent memorized what is the best form to learn next?
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2023.03.29 04:54 thenameone Passive income is really hard

To be honest, the amount of time you might spend trying to get a side hustle to be passive is definitely the opposite. It takes great will and determination to keep hustling to get that even one dollar of passive income.
Sure, you could buy a few vending machines or rent a house or even buy a property, but for most people, making passive income is hard.
Does anyone want to share their journey and how they got started for some motivation?
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2023.03.29 04:54 VinnieFalco Separate Debug/RelWithDebInfo directories for external dep

I am using an external dependency via find_package. I have built the external library locally, into two separate directories. One for Debug, and one for RelWithDebInfo. I use Visual Studio. how do I set up cmake's Visual Studio Generator (which is multi-configuration capable) to produce a Visual Studio Solution where the Debug configuration uses the Debug directory of my locally-built external dependency, while the RelWithDebInfo configuration uses the RelWithDebInfo directory of my locally-built external dependency.
The problem is, it seems I can only point find_package to ONE of these directories for ALL configurations of my multi-configuration-capable generator. I am setting "CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH" to either the Debug or the RelWithDebInfo directory of my external dependency, and I can't put both directories there because it will only find the first one, and besides the libs have the same name so how would it know which ones to use?
How do I make this work? Or am I supposed to believe that we are in the year 2023 and cmake still can't support this?
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2023.03.29 04:54 Key_War How easy difficult is it in abroad?

Many people specially younger generation have been staying in foreign countries for mostly study and work. How hard is the life compared to Nepal or how easy it is if it's easy there. I am from Nepal and staying in Nepal with almost all my relatives in Nepal itself, so i can't ask them cos no experience of such.
I feel people don't share the full story.One uncle was like "Oh, mero chora le ta malai 25000 pataucha australia gako 3 maina bhayo".
While there are others who are sending money from Nepal to their sons/daughter to complete the studies and stay period in other countries.
I want to know tya gara 25k pathauna k garchan, esai ramro college ma padhai huncha ki alik sasto college matra ho option, k k kaam garnu parcha, legal issues huncha ki hudaina, rent kasari khojne. I want to know the full picture, the whole expericence of leaving yur country and making it in other countries.
PS. -No one in family who lives in other countries. fascinated by the prospect. what are the things i should know to choose my decison to stay or come to us, aus, can, europe for studies.
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2023.03.29 04:53 bat_wings_sing_this How to interpret T levels while on spiro

I'm in the US starting HRT soon and my doctor is prescribing spiro but I'm not sure what T levels to aim for. Ideally I would like some T acting in my body for libido etc.
As I understand it though, since spiro is an androgen receptor antagonist, it doesn't directly lower T levels, it works by blocking the T in your body from acting on your cells. (I know that in combination with e it will still end up lowering your T production). My issue is, say I aim for a particular T level, since the spiro is still blocking testosterone activity, the effective level of T acting on my body is going to be lower than whatever T level shows up in tests.
Given that, how do people make sense of what T level to aim or? Is it just trial and error? Or are there target T ranges that have been shown to be effective for people using spiro?
Anybody's thoughts or experiences with this would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.29 04:53 probablyoatmeal Vertex group not connecting to bone?

I go through little phases of trying to do light rigging and then forgetting literally everything. I’m embarrassed to say it, but I can’t figure out why the vertex group “Wings Left” isn’t linking to its corresponding bone. It’s identical to another bone, “Wings Right,” which works perfectly fine.
Target mesh is “Morpho Wings.”
Here’s the .blend
I’ve checked: * Vertex weights— They check out for each bone pairing. * Naming— No bone/group naming differences. * Modifiers— Mesh is linked to the correct armature. * Correct Mesh— It’s all the same object with two split planes.
Maybe I’ve just taken too big of a break from this stuff, but I don’t know what else to check. “Wings Left” is set to mirror the rotation of “Wings Right,” but having that bone constraint seems unrelated to be the problem. Quick note, the mesh has overlapping planes and have to be separated if you want to take a look at each wing individually. The overlapping is for how the VFX system in the game this is for works, not a creative choice. My point for having this simple rig is just to see how the texture looks in different positions as I continue to paint it.
Any help or ideas to make sure this doesn’t happen again are appreciated!
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2023.03.29 04:53 Salty-Comfortable-43 Please help- cat with mind boggling stomach issues

My 3y old female cat, Panini, 8 lbs, has had some stomach problems all her life. As a kitten she was diagnosed with having a chicken allergy and we switched to hydrolyzed protein dry food which went well. We eventually tried introducing tuna wet food, limited ingredients and she was fine with that. After reevaluation with the vet, we started feeding her a limited ingredient wet food and dry food, featuring fish as the protein. During that time she gained weight, had good energy but did suffer from diarrhea off and on.
2 years later we made a big cross country move and made no food changes. Panini got sick along with her brother a few weeks after we arrived. Throwing up and lack of appetite. We took them to the vet and they were diagnosed with a stomach bug which was treated with antibiotics. That solved the problem BUT ever since she has not been able to eat any dry food. We have tried multiple different kinds but no matter how slow or how many kibbles she eats, it comes back up a few hours later. Her litter mate, went through the same antibiotic treatment but does not have any remaining problems.
The two cats do not fight about food and have separate food bowls. I always ensure they both have plenty of food access. I even give Panini extra “secret” meals through out the day when her brother is sleeping to make sure she gets enough calories.
Now she eats only wet food, fish only. Poops are all good but about 1-2 times a week she throws up pretty majorly, an entire sitting of food. She has good energy and looks great aside from being pretty slender.
We consulted our vet and he did not have any ideas. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts 😺
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2023.03.29 04:53 ToasterYourToast First airport experience with my SDiT

In a couple weeks I’ll be flying with my 7 month old SDiT for the first time. I have terrible airport/flying anxiety so I want to know what to expect. It’s a 3 hour domestic flight.
What is the process like, start to finish for the day of travel?
Do you have your dog wear gear when flying? And if so do you take it off to go through security?
What should I do while waiting to board after security checkpoint? Besides going to the relief area.
How do the people sitting next to you on the plane react to you having a SD?
Should I call ahead and make sure there are no pets in my row? Is that something I can even do?
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2023.03.29 04:52 ohwhataworlditseems Advice on how to make art as sustainably as possible? Specifically watercolor art and lino prints

Links to resources or sustainable art materials would be appreciated :) I’m in the US for reference
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2023.03.29 04:52 Whole_Celebration_35 Self guided tour at Ohio State

Hey, I’m a prospective student planning on visiting OSU next month, I was wondering how are the self guided tours on campus? Are they good, or are the scheduled events way better? And just to make sure: we don’t have to have a reservation for the self guided tours right?
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2023.03.29 04:52 stcrcatcher Started my POTS journey and it led me to MCAS

I assumed my facial flushing and redness was from the POTS, but I've seen a lot of people talk about MCAS that have POTS as well and it got me thinking...
2 years ago, I suddenly developed an extreme allergy to Tylenol after never being allergic before. I get random allergic reactions out of nowhere and just deemed it normal. I have trouble breathing sometimes, shortness of breath, a fast HR, face and full body flushing that feels like I'm burning, stomach issues, severe nervous system issues... headaches-confusion-fatigue- and anaphylactic episodes.
I don't know how my allergists didn't catch this on the first time around, but they're about to get one hell of a phone call. It could really be MCAS, and I'm so nervous. I can barely deal with the POTS, and this realization has made everything make sense.😭
If anyone has any words of support or wisdom, I would appreciate it so much.
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