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2023.03.29 06:14 J-TS-PLR-zan 🐣Easter Decoration Sale - April 3 to 10, 2023🐇

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2023.03.29 05:56 TheScalesofFate Italian espresso: €1.50, Metro ride to FedEx: €2, international shipping: €73, overnighting your ballot to save democracy because your village clerk "forgot" to send it to you: priceless.

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2023.03.29 05:51 IndrunaIndruna How it feels being a mobile Andy 🙂👍

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2023.03.29 05:44 Unlikely_opponent I love watching videos of black men shaking their booty cheeks

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2023.03.29 05:34 Donghoon HS class of '23 undergraduate admissions


Intended Major(s)

Graphic Design or Illustration. Also interested in a lot of STEM fields (especially maths and environmental science) but probably gonna keep that as a hobby and side passion.


AP: AP CSP (4), AP LANG (2), AP PHYS 1 (3), AP WH Modern (3), AP CSA (?), AP ES (?), AP CALC BC (?), AP 2D ART & DES (?)

Standardized Testing


No leadership position :(
  1. Volunteer (Givechances, After school tutor for underprivileged students, 12th grade, 3 hwk)
  2. *HS environmental club
  3. *HS Art Honor Society
  4. *HS French Honor Society
  5. JV Bowling (High School Athletic)
  6. Taekwondo first degree black belt
  7. School literary magazin photographer
  8. Art Classes and Portfolio prep
  9. Helping my family business


  1. Regional Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards (3 silver key on photography, 1 gold key on Design, 2 honorable mention on portfolio and photography)
  2. Photographic Society of America photo festival (one of the projected category)
  3. regional Math Fair research paper silver medal
  4. In school senior art scholarship

Letters of Recommendation

  1. Art teacher
  2. French teacher
  3. English teacher


Personal Statement: My gratefulness on people's patience when talking with me and the resulting progress of my social anxiety getting better.
Worked on my personal statement all rising senior year summer and also part of fall. Rest of fall and all of winter worked on my supplemental writing.
Spent all summer (6 days a week, July onwards) on my portfolio and essays.
Acceptances + merit (no grants or faid shown)
I regret not doing anything my underclassmen years and beibg so socially awkward and anxious and unable to fit in anywhere until halfway through junior year. But what can I do. I'll do better from now on.
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2023.03.29 05:26 Blasphemous_21 Telegrama Zimmerman 2.0

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2023.03.29 04:43 TheJMG37 Last year marked the 80th anniversary of Local 11, so naturally we made a bunch of merch to celebrate. We still have some of those items leftover, so we decided to lower the suggested donation amount to to try to make room for new items. We also lowered the amount for the Super Bowl pins

Last year marked the 80th anniversary of Local 11, so naturally we made a bunch of merch to celebrate. We still have some of those items leftover, so we decided to lower the suggested donation amount to to try to make room for new items. We also lowered the amount for the Super Bowl pins submitted by TheJMG37 to IBEW [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 04:16 josuesg123 Who else think we need more ground based streaks?

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2023.03.29 04:14 Vegetable-Sock-9952 Low GPA Lesbian Gets Denied From Top Choice But Has a Happy Ending

Intended Major(s): Women's/Sexuality/Gender Studies
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Social Justice - Founded coalition of artists donating profits from commissions to rotating charities every 3 months.
  2. Internship - interpret curriculum for LGBTQ+ diversity training for medical professionals into interactive lesson plans and videos.
  3. LGBT - Events chair of school GSA
  4. Other Club/Activity - Founded school's fashion club (serves as a sustainable fashion activism club)
  5. Religious - President of school JSU, stepped down senior year to allow for new leadership, doubled club membership from pre pandemic
  6. Religious - treasurer of local youth Jewish group
  7. TheateDrama - campaign director of social committee, assistant directed production and participated in varying degrees in a variety of plays throughout highschool
  8. Theatedrama - taught at a theatre summer camp for 11-15 year olds
  9. Internship - at the mayor's office, helped develop app for local art tours
  10. Work(Paid) - worked at local pottery painting shop
Letters of Recommendation
AP Research Teacher - Had a difficult beginning of the year in her class but she was able to see me grow as a student and I ended up doing really well on the AP and found a passion for humanities related research that I want to continue in college, I was able to read the letter and it was very good
AP English Language + Creative Writing - Hyped me up, probably talked about how I'm a good storyteller and my creativity. He is my homeroom teacher so we have a great relationship
AP Statistics and Statistics 2 - Did not do well in his AP class Junior year due to struggling mental health, took his optional secondary statistics class so we have a good relationship, I believe he spoke a lot about my growth.
All the interviews went fairly well I believe, I managed to connect with the interviewers pretty well and got to talk a lot but also ask a lot of engaging questions.
Personal Statement - Spent a really long time on it, multiple people cried after reading it so I believe it was good
Supplements were all okay but not my best writing, especially compared to personal statement
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
A big part of my application was the explanation for my low GPA. In the first 3 years of highschool I received Cs in my math and science classes and struggled a lot, in the application I took responsibility for what happened but also explained why my GPA was the way it was. All through highschool my grades were on an upward trend and they increased exponentially in the first semester of senior year. I also spoke about this in interviews and my rec letters mentioned it so I believe this was fully explained.

Final Thoughts:
I came into this process convinced that Smith College was the perfect place for me, so of course I was disappointed. However, I was more disappointed by what happened with Mount Holyoke. When I was rejected, I noticed that the college had made the decision (ED2) without waiting for my senior year grades to come in. In my letter they stated that they liked me a lot but wanted to make sure I was prepared so they wanted me to transfer after receiving strong grades at another institution. I am confident that if they had seen my senior year grades my result there would have been different, especially after receiving acceptances from so many more selective schools. Overall, I am very happy with my results. I do not know where I will end up attending as I have yet to visit, but I am very grateful for all the options I have to choose from. If I get into Bryn Mawr, I'll probably go there but I would like to visit all my options first. I hope everyone reading this has great luck!
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2023.03.29 04:11 windowsboy2025 Ed Edd n Eddy's Amazing Fantasies : Spider-Man!

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2023.03.29 04:04 finnphoenix7 Ultimate LIGHTS Survivor - Winner revealed!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Ultimate LIGHTS Survivor! This was an especially wild ride with all these songs being amongst Lights' most popular songs on this sub. Nearly every elimination had multiple different reactions with some people happy and others devastated, which proves that the fanbase has a diverse range of favourite and least favourite songs.
We ended up with a final two of Muscle Memory and Okay Okay. Both songs won their original album Survivor, and one of them is now being crowned the winner yet again.
Coming in second place, the fourteenth and final song voted out with 93 out 159 votes was...

Okay Okay

...which means that the winner of the Ultimate LIGHTS Survivor is...

Muscle Memory

Muscle Memory has proved once again to be an unstoppable force in these polls! Thank you again to everyone who voted and commented throughout the Ultimate LIGHTS Survivor! This concludes Survivors for her main album songs, but we will be doing Survivors for her acoustic albums and dEd in the near future. Before doing any acoustic Survivors, I'd like to ask your opinions on a couple things:
Let me know your thoughts in the comments!
A chart showing a breakdown of each round's vote count in the Ultimate LIGHTS Survivor can be found here. I also included links to the results of each poll in the table below.

Summary of results

Songs eliminated by round
Round Song Eliminated % of Votes Tiebreaker Finish Results
1 Saviour 11.28% - 15th place Link
2 Ice 16.78% - 14th place Link
3 Second Go 16.08% - 13th place Link
4 Where the Fence is Low 21.62% - 12th place Link
5 We Were Here 14.38% - 11th place Link
6 Almost Had Me 17.02% - 10th place Link
7 (Tie between Prodigal Daughter and New Fears) 15.75% - - Link
7 Prodigal Daughter - 15 votes 9th place -
8 Salt and Vinegar 24.24% - 8th place Link
9 New Fears 24.24% - 7th place Link
10 Same Sea 23.98% 6th place Link
11 Speeding 25.17% - 5th place Link
12 Siberia 32.09% - 4th place Link
13 Toes 42.19% - 🥉 3rd place 🥉 Link
14 Okay Okay 58.49% - 🥈 2nd place 🥈 Link
14 Muscle Memory 41.51% - 🥇 Winner 🥇 -
Second most voted-against songs by round:
Round Song % of Votes
1 Ice 10.26%
2 Where the Fence is Low 11.41%
3 Where the Fence is Low 15.58%
4 Salt and Vinegar 14.19%
5 Almost Had Me 11.76%
6 Salt and Vinegar 14.18%
7 Salt and Vinegar 14.38%
8 New Fears 17.42%
9 Siberia 18.18%
10 Speeding 18.58%
11 Toes 24.48%
12 Toes 29.1%
13 Okay Okay 33.59%
14 Muscle Memory (winner) 41.51%
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2023.03.29 03:54 blueleader11 I’m Rich

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2023.03.29 03:23 NikkolasKing The Most Nostalgic Inuyasha Music For You

These are not necessarily my favorite songs from IY but they "hit" differently. In reality, these were all heard pretty close together. It's been 20 years, the gap between ED1 and ED3 is nothing by comparison, but as much as Dearest is my all time favorite anime ED, for pure "nostalgic effect" nothing will ever beat My Will. Just the first second of it transports me back to high school and staying up late to catch more of my feudal fairy tale. (I love when they introduced that slogan/catch phrase later on)
For an actual song in the show, Naraku's Theme. Hearing those eerie chords really takes me back. Inuyasha was so dark and ominous and even a little bit horrifying to a young me.
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2023.03.29 02:51 InverseFlash Anime Rin


Azoth Dagger
Bounded Field
Command Spells
Magic Crest


Azoth Dagger
Bounded Field
Command Spells
Usage - Objective
Usage - Scaling
Jeweled Sword
Magic Crest
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2023.03.29 02:41 complainingaboutdum Old good, new bad. Any questions?

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2023.03.29 02:39 lightningsedge Welcome to the multiverse

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2023.03.29 02:19 thisdamtruck 88 chevy for sale

88 chevy for sale
I'm sick of this truck lol. So anyone close to al want it come and get it. Asking 4500 clean title. Runs and drives hesitation on acceleration but clears up if you get on it. New parts within the last 2 months- cts,map sensor,fuel pump,fuel filter,throttle body has been clean with new gaskets,fuel regultor,new injector orings and filters,Distributer cap and rotor,thermostat, coolant temp sending unit,oil and filter,plugs and wires,front brake calipers,rear brake cylinders,exhaust donut gaskets,just spent 600 on the front end,throttle postion sensor,pcv valve,egr valve. Yes I have receipts on just about everything. Body is straight with no dent,but clear is peeling. Interior is clean and nice for the age. High miles but motor was rebuilt something supposed to have less than 100k but that was previous owner. 305 v8 with I believe a th400 3 speed trans. Just did the throttle body and new fuel pump. Ran amazing for 3 days now getting a lean code again. So I'm done and sick of working on this truck.
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2023.03.29 02:03 Chase122701 Everything is $1! Multiple slides to look at!

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2023.03.29 02:02 Calvyam Alright student does alright

Intended Major(s): Geography, Environmental Studies. I just think they're cool
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. #1 UPWARD BOUND WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I could write a lot about this but oh my godd I love this shit, part of student leadership council, go to tutoring for like 2 hours a week and have to commit to the whole summer program. Worth it though. (9-present)
  2. #2 Was Co-Captain of Schools archery team in 11th grade, Did it from 9-11th grade and it was cool, never won anything major so sorry y'all. Probably spent like 8 hours a week on this bru
  3. #3 Research Organizer. Did some research for the University Of Minnesota, was very nice. Can't give away more cause you can dox me AGAIN. Spent like a couple hours a week on this though (12th)
  4. #4 Part time job at a caribou. I mean it's just a part time job y'all, what do i gotta say. Was a cashier, handled payments, the whole 9 yards, spent like 15ish hours a week till i quit (11-12)
  5. #5 Teacher Assistant. TA'd for the library and just checked in and out books. Had to handle events when they were happening in the library and managed the online system for books. So like 4ish hours a week here (started this year lol)
  6. #6 Schools Tennis Team. Joined REALLY late last year but I'm doing it again this year! Never won a tournament or anything so yeah. Spent like 8 hours a week here (11-present)
  7. #7 Food Shelf Stocker! Stocked food mostly, just keeping inventory checks and all that. But I did a lot of work up front handing stuff in. Really nice stuff. (11-present)
  8. #8 School Event Organizer. Was with a team of 3 other seniors to set up and plan our schools African American culture night. This started kinda late though so I was only able to put it on a few of my applications sadly. (did it for like 3 months this year)
that's it.
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
Awards? I Barely know her!
Letters of Recommendation
English teacher for 3 years: 10/10 oh my goddddd I love this guy and he can write so well. I wish he didn't leave the school senior year though :(((. Amazing letter though truly
APUSH Teacher: I needed another letter if i'm being honest and its nothing special. 7/10 though!
Upward Bound Mentor: 10/10. For a guy I didn't really start speaking to until last year he knows his shit fr. Felt like he knew me through all of high school it was so heartfelt. <3 thank you so much bro
St. Olaf: 8/10. We had to do these for Upward Bound and it was nice! She had to leave really quick though but I felt like we connected
Carleton: 9/10: AWESOME INTERVIEWER!!! She was so nice and we shared so many interests. The only thing that's stopping me from giving this a 10 is I was so nervous the whole time and stuttered so much oh my godd
Macalester: 5/10. First interview btw. There was a time when he asked a question and i just didn't know how to respond and had a little breakdown in my head trying to come up with something. Could've gone better but like oh well man.
Personal Statement: I thought it was pretty nice. Talked about how Formula 1 quite literally changed my life and made me who I am now in 9th grade.
Supplemental. They happened. They felt mostly good though! I ended up reusing one of the Occidental prompts for Carleton cause I just didn't wanna bother.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Acceptances: all of these below were either EA or rolling btw
Carleton. Honestly I am 100% sure that my interview is what saved me from an auto-rejection. Probably won't get off but frankly I'm thrilled I'm ever here.
NYU??? IDK what these guys were thinking. I applied for Gallatin cause I'm a sucker for them liberal arts if that makes any difference. Still kind of surprised I wasn't just rejected.
Additional Information
After all this I can 100% say that I hated every second of this college application process but, what can you do. Will probably end up committing to St. Olaf cause they gave me almost a full ride for some reason plus I already know the college well. Also like this is actually like one of the best kept secrets for colleges wtf. Seriously! Their financial aid is top notch and it's in the most stereotypical college town ever. Sometimes I swear it's people thinking it's one of *those* Christian colleges cause of the name (it's barely even Christian anyway.)
Hope everyone here can get what they want though! You all deserve it so much.
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2023.03.29 01:51 Paravi My collection so far over the course of childhood until now!

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2023.03.29 01:16 Lacrosse287 Class of 2021 Results

Intended Major(s): Economics
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
Varsity lacrosse all 4 years with team captain senior year
Club lacrosse for a top team
Hosted lacrosse clinics and camps for younger players
Research at a top university
Snowboarding and skiing club
Tons of lacrosse awards
Small awards from my school
I built a good relationship with my teachers throughout high school, so I think they should be good.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
I'm extremely blessed to be in the current position that I am in. The connections and opportunities have definitely helped me along the way in the admissions process. If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment or DM me.
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2023.03.29 01:14 Lela_chan Pizza lunchable!!

Pizza lunchable!!
Forgot the can opener though, so no olives for me :c
Still dank!!
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