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2023.03.27 06:06 _Shadar My best ones yet.

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2023.03.17 13:04 Robw_1973 Riding after serious injury.

So, after a relatively serious injury last year (September), I’m finding myself making excuses not to ride.
Like today, I was walk ready to go out for just a simple 3 mile ride - after rebuilding the rear brake assembly and replacing the discs. Anyway, I found myself making another excuse not to ride.
I love biking. But I’m scared of my lack of fitness (biking is my main form of exercise) and scared of injuring myself again.
FWIW; the injury was caused by an OTB, but it seemed so innocuous when it happened that didn’t give it any thought, but resulted in some nerve/muscle damage in my arm, which has only fully healed in the last month or so.
How do I refund my love of being on the bike and overcome my fear of my lack of fitness and endurance as well as suffer another stroke injury. At 49 years m starting to feel more conscious of my age and how it’s starting to take longer to get fit and longer to recover.
Grateful for ANY insight on how I overcome this.
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2023.03.02 21:33 DavesDyenersDives FYI scam on IG targeting disc golfers

FYI scam on IG targeting disc golfers
I'm a disc dyer so the first request isn't uncommon for my Instagram DMs. The account is a disc golfer with a few thousand followers including OTB discs, been around for years, was posting regular DG content, etc.
I didn't need the money, so I sent them a dyer friend's IG handle. Figured maybe he's somebody spreading positivity $10 at a time or something.
They took this to be my Venmo handle and "sent" me the money. The handle doesn't exist on cash app or Venmo. Immediately realized it was a scam ($5k? Ok lol). Reported the account and wanted to spread a warning here
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2023.02.28 21:16 Efficient-Wolf-3087 Discrafts wavy flight plates

So the last 3 ESP forces i’ve bought have had this uneven flight plate where it dips down under the ”discraft” stamp, it feels super cheap and weird when your thumb lands where it dips down. After watching different forces and nukes on otbdiscs there are a ton of them that sells for cheaper because of, as otb describes them ”wavy flight plate”, is this something that is a common thing for discraft or is it just the latest runs of those discs?
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2023.02.27 10:35 DiscGolfFanatic Natalie Ryan Lawsuit against the DGPT, PDGA, and OTB Open - Legal Analysis - Disc Golf dot Law

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2023.02.21 03:09 OTBKYLE (Rare) Pink Stamped Simon Lizotte Hex Giveaway - OTB Discord - https://discord.gg/GYg4sBzBSe

(Rare) Pink Stamped Simon Lizotte Hex Giveaway - OTB Discord - https://discord.gg/GYg4sBzBSe
Super sick, pink stamped Simon Lizotte Leapin' Lizottl' Eclipse 2.0 Hex. This disc is fairly rare and is fetching a pretty penny on disc golf auction sites(although we hope you throw it). End in 5 days! Free to enter. Join here. OTB Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/GYg4sBzBSe
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2023.02.18 21:50 Charliebrau First backyard ace with doggystyle! Cute..

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2023.02.14 02:51 PositivityCentral Shoutout To Infinite Discs Customer Support

Tbh I haven’t ever had an issue ordering through online disc golf retailers, but a few have stood out for amazing product packaging (Scissortail) & follow up customer service (OTB & Infinite). Last night I ordered two RPM Piwakawakas in Atomic plastic along with another disc. Today I received a call from Infinite Discs warehouse informing me that as the order was being picked, they noticed the two discs I ordered were a different plastic that was labeled Atomic on the site. The person then helped me pick out two replacements from stock, and hooked it up with discs I hadn’t seen listed last night.
We don’t hear much about good customer service in many industries, so I wanted to share some Infinite love. Id love to hear if anyone else has positive experiences with online retailers.
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2023.02.08 22:16 Krisvanbe OTB Tour Skins #82 in the City of Lights

OTB Tour Skins #82 in the City of Lights
The OTB Tour Skins #82 Fan Experience is finally here and it's taking place in the city of lights, Las Vegas! This event is not just any ordinary disc golf tournament, it is the first stop of the DGPT Elite Series, where the best players from around the world come together to compete for bragging rights and a huge payout.
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2023.02.07 01:21 Krisvanbe OTB Tour Skins #83 at Dino Hills

OTB Tour Skins #83 at Dino Hills
Join the OTB Tour Skins #83 at Dino Hills DG Farm on March 5th, featuring top players Paul Oman, Gregg Barsby, Bradley Williams, and Matt Bell. The event will be hosted by Luke Humphries and tickets include a custom Prodigy stamped disc and a meet and greet with the players after the tournament. Enjoy a delicious meal from the food truck and grab your tickets now at https://www.gkprodisc.com/ fanexperience.
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2023.02.05 13:26 _radikali what are your favorite large variants?

A couple months ago, I decided to make a 12x12 Chessboard so I could play u/fduniho 's Gross Chess (and the variants it was constructed out of) OTB. I made the pieces themselves with wooden discs that I put stickers with Chess symbols on.
The thing is, I still have a LOT of these discs left over, so now I'm looking for suggestions for 10x10 or 12x12 variants I could make OTB versions of. Would love to hear your suggestions :)
EDIT: here are some photos I toon of the board, just so you can better visualize what I'm working with
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2023.01.30 19:48 eyewreck Does anyone here PREFER their Firebirds domey?

Just always wondered this, thought of it again because OTB just put up a bunch of I Dye Champ Firebirds and they’re all at least somewhat domey with a lot being very domey. For the 9304-ish slot, I know many, including myself, prefer a disc to be flat since it’s often used for many shots besides simply a backhand throw. I find it funny that the Firebird was a groundbreaking mold when it came out and sort of set the standard, but it seems most companies can whip up discs in this slot that come out without a dome for the most part, and Innova has to deliberately make special runs to not come out with a dome. So back to my original question, who are you out there that prefer your Firebirds this way? Innova keeps pumping these out so they’re going somewhere, I’ve just never thought for a second to mess with a domey disc in this slot.
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2023.01.26 17:10 awguitar86 Simon giving is OTB trophy discs away is hilarious!

I think it’s so funny that Simon just gave his OTB open trophy disc away, and now that he’s on MVP he wants it back to throw haha! It’s hilarious!! Maybe OTB Open should do something different for the trophy from here on out. Or maybe not!
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2023.01.24 04:36 TheRealMickstar Infinite Discs discount code?

Does anyone know of a current Infinite Discs discount code? I usually order from OTB because they always have free shipping codes, but they don't have what I want at the moment.
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2023.01.19 03:27 Jacktropolis OTB preorder

Wondering how the preorder works on OTB. Interested in POing the new hex coming out but didn’t see a color preference option. Do they just send you a random disc when they get the order or do you get to pick when they receive the order.
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2023.01.12 19:52 Maximus77x Simon's MVP bag page on OTB: Alright non-Gyro folks, time to try some new discs!

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2023.01.12 01:22 brobisho779 Is this the moment Simon decided to drop discmania? Nothing like an A+ trophy to entice someone to join your team.

Is this the moment Simon decided to drop discmania? Nothing like an A+ trophy to entice someone to join your team. submitted by brobisho779 to discgolf [link] [comments]

2023.01.11 15:59 BoofHeavyweight Can anyone tell me anything about this disc? Can’t seem to find another one like it online…

Can anyone tell me anything about this disc? Can’t seem to find another one like it online… submitted by BoofHeavyweight to discgolf [link] [comments]

2023.01.11 15:53 BoofHeavyweight Can anyone tell me anything about this disc? Is it special made? Can’t seem to find another like it…

Can anyone tell me anything about this disc? Is it special made? Can’t seem to find another like it… submitted by BoofHeavyweight to WestsideDiscs [link] [comments]

2022.12.06 20:06 pissfoam Expanding the Ditch

1973-1975 Ditch trilogy (Time Fades Away, On The Beach, Tonight’s The Night) fans have had a great time in the past few years with Neil’s archives releases. From TFA finally getting an official reissue on CD and vinyl to the recent Archives 2 set there’s a whole lot of material from that period now out there: - We have a live album for each record - Tuscaloosa, Roxy & Citizen Kane Jr. Blues - Homegrown, the lost album, now expands the trilogy into four albums. - Archives 2 box set includes various outtakes for each record, including a double albums’ worth of acoustic outtakes and unique songs, a lot from the still-unreleased Homefires record (disc 6 - The Old Homestead) - NYA website now includes exclusive outtakes for Tonight’s The Night and On The Beach including TTN versions of Wonderin’ and Walk On, and OTB versions of Mellow my Mind and Tonight’s the Night.
So do you class it as ‘the ditch trilogy’ these days or ‘the ditch period’ as there’s now a lot more stuff out there, particularly homegrown which now makes it a quadrilogy?
What more would you like to see released from this fan-favourite period? Any more official bootlegs you’d like to see, known outtakes etc.? Personally I wish that the NYA online outtakes were included on the CD box set, I find that pretty frustrating. I’d love to see another series in the archives releases where albums are released in large format books with photos, essays, lyric sheets and tape box photos that include the complete sessions. Imagine Tonight’s The Night in that form!
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2022.12.03 21:43 OTBKYLE OTBdiscs Official Discord, Inv link: https://discord.gg/GYg4sBzBSe

OTBdiscs Official Discord, Inv link: https://discord.gg/GYg4sBzBSe
Hello fellow Reddit lovers!the OTB Discs Discord is a fast growing community of disc golfers!
NEW: #Releases-Restock Channel! be the first to know when we upload new discs to the website! With Manufacturer Ping Roles coming soon!
A New Discord Giveaway every Saturday Morning!
Tons of different Channels: Art, Gaming, Mail Call, Self Promotion, Gifs Only, Forums and much more!) Come join in on the conversation! All Welcome!
Server Invite Link: https://discord.gg/GYg4sBzBSe

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2022.11.20 18:27 ocean_arms ISO: Lost Valley Open Tournament Stamps

Looking for a lost valley open tournament Stamped disc from AGA Farms. I would like to get a used one preferably and not from OTB
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