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2023.03.29 06:11 IngloriousZZZ Who are the most popular chars of the series over time?

I was kind of a snob and didn't do Buffy when I was a kid because it started out on WB. I became a big fan in my adulthood and have now watched it nearly 3x through.
I'm curious what the boards would have said about the various characters back in 1999-2005 or so when forums were hot, and the internet was becoming what it has become today.
And I know about Spike becoming too popular and that was what allegedly led to the infamous scene, and his arch to finally regain his soul after 100s of years. But include Spike if you must.
What did people think of characters like Anya, Tara, Dawn, Joyce, Giles himself over the years? Who's hot now that it's aged?
I really enjoy most of the characters and their performances to date. But I can see how certain stuff mightve left people to abandon certain chars.
Fill me in.
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2023.03.29 06:10 expert_dogpetter Narcissist mother/advise

I apologize in advance this is long… I (f25) need advise on my situation with my mom. Growing up my whole childhood, when I try to remember my mother, what comes to mind is yelling. She was the kind of person to always yell about anything and everything. Looking back now she was just very emotional through and through but I just always remember he being mad. We were never close growing up. I wasn’t really close with anyone in my family until I was about 18 with my cousin and aunt (moms sister and her daughter) we bonded over my trauma and them being there for me. I was abused physically by my brother and my dad was always working wasn’t super close with him either. But my mom was always there to belittle me and make me feel like I wasn’t good enough. I was actually quite a decent kid, yeah I talked back and refused to do dishes or something a few times but that came out of rage that was fueled by her yelling and what was previously stated. I wasn’t a perfect kid, but I worked hard in school, kept my room clean, I acted out sometimes but it wasn’t anything more that what a normal teenager would do. I drank a little bit at 18 snuck out a few times etc. My parents divorced when I was 12. My mom tried to put me against my dad. She tried to buy me my love for her then tell me I was ungrateful when I didn’t feel comfortable opening up to her or just being closer to her. I continued to be cordial with her and just pretend everything was fine to prevent any drama. Fast forward to a few months ago I’m pregnant with my first. I’m living with my brother (I thought I could mend a relationship, I know now cannot be mended) and we’re in a fight (my mom is there) and he’s screaming at me. He says something and I snap, I stand up and loudly tell him my point. He reacts by throwing his fist in my face eyes blacked out, face filled with hatred. This sends me into a trauma anxiety panic attack. I look over to my mom and she’s just standing there. Says nothing. Does nothing. I know she’s always favored my brother but that one hurt. I’m defenseless and 30wks pregnant.
I told my mom I didn’t appreciate how she didn’t even stand up for me or even tell him to stop… I told her I need space and I would let her know when we can talk. Fast forward my baby girl is born, 2 days old. My mom comes over uninvited. She’s wearing a mask looking for her. Thank god she was in the other room because she flat out says she’s sick. IM FUMING. I’m giving up and I don’t know what’s right to do. She doesn’t respect my boundaries and keeps reaching out to me. But to this day hasn’t even said the words “I’m sorry”. What do I do?
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2023.03.29 06:10 snackytacky Comfort jacket and letting go

Thankfully I didnt buy many clothes when I was sick so everything should fit, except I also own a lot of old clothes from when I was preteen or young teen that probably wont fit anymoreif I gain, like shorts that are too tight or my 6th grade graduation dress (Im 16)
Also I cant take off my school jacket. I dont want other people at school to see me gain weight because I feel like a failure and like everyone will notice and thell make comments.I feel fine around my parents and partner and maybe people who didnt see me at my lw. But at school I must wear it. I feel exposed. Vulnerable. Even if its just my arms.
That jacket is also deeply tied to my ed, of protecting from the perma cold, of comforting me through a physical barrier. It reminds me of those times strongly.
I always was quite into fashion, even through my ed and raging self hatred pretty clothes made me feel pretty. Will I ever be able to wear them again, especially at school. I feel they wont look good anymore (even tho most of them dont fit bc of my ed) and that Im just losing that priveledge, atleast infront of them.
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2023.03.29 06:10 PipThePengu Is StubHub Reliable for Resale?

I wasn’t able to get tickets the day they went on sale because I had some bills to pay, but my husband wants to buy me tickets when he gets paid this Friday. I went to check TicketMaster and saw that all tickets were sold out, which was extremely disheartening.
I did see some tickets for the Raleigh show on StubHub and was wondering if anyone had experience purchasing tickets from there? Or any other resale site. I really don’t want to get scammed but I also really want to see Hozier live at least once. Any help would be appreciated!
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2023.03.29 06:09 newbieforever2016 03/29/23 update

The canary of HB expired 3/27/23 and that of Paris expires 3/29/23. Admins request 72 hour grace period before pushing panic button.
You are strongly urged to get i2p setup because if claims prove true we will have that option to access dread within a week or so.
There continues to be mention of a pending i2p link. Don't be left scrambling trying to get it installed when they announce that they are online there. Be prepared.
I am NOT a premium member so I can not speak to their experiences but they are welcome to chime in with how their links are working for them.
Dread was online for much of today for those who have links other than the main link but the main link was a rough go. As of this moment the main link does not work for me so I am going to have to label it sporadic in this topic. The designation applies to the main link only but the premium links are working so marking offline would be false.
Anyone who can spare the $50 buy a premium account and you will both help to fund dread and get a private link.
Bravo to dread staff for bringing us back Dread with a side order of Daunt.
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2023.03.29 06:09 xKracken Please help me settle something. How long can brine shrimp really live?

This question started off 15 years ago. My wife's uncle gets a self contained sea monkey kit from his kids. It's a sealed jar with only air holes. No feeding or oxygen required.
Fast forward to me meeting the shrimp, Brian. Learning that the average life span is significantly less then 15 I began to become suspicious if Brian is actually a sea monkey.
My question: is there a species of shrimp that looks nearly identical to sea monkeys, but have a longer lifespan? I can try to get pictures if needed.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.29 06:09 CatTastrophe27 Advise needed Plz n Thx

Hello Everyone,
Recently, I made my brother a cute necklace because he is an avid photographer. I bought a cute pendant by 'Explorer by Tradition' through Hobby Lobby and it was adored at a show because it lights up. He volentold me I could made a bunch of them for his friends, and they would pay me, those pendants can get expensive if I buy them from Hobby Lobby specifically. Does anyone know where they get their wholesale products?
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2023.03.29 06:08 No_Zookeepergame6482 Most expensive fraud in your team?

For me by far it’s prime cafu. He genuinely feels like he has 60 passing, can’t pass 5 meters without it going wide or straight to the opponent. He’s also very weak. Gets bullied by most wingers i face. After every tackle i make he just can’t keep the ball. Might have to buy a new rb soon or put zambrotta at rb, cafu is just costing me too many games.
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2023.03.29 06:07 edryk My minimal Fix for my Biggest Gripe: Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Motivation: Abolish Levels

To start, I thoroughly enjoyed this game and do think it is fine as is. My biggest issue was that both Challenges and Collections indicated to me that a large swathe of the game seems to require completionism to even want to engage. After finishing the game, I felt that there was still a large amount of content I had yet to engage with and did not want to simply leave abandoned, so I hacked at my challenges and collections like a chore until I was more comfortable with the mound of content I was abandoning. This was not fun, and I think it was because the content had no pay off outside of completionism. I seek to propose a fix to this with minimal mechanical changes to the game as a whole.
My proposal: place more of the optional content on the critical path by removing the level system and moving its functionalities to other parts of the game.
The level system is largely unnecessary since it can be bijectively mapped to another number that can already serve the RPG function of "number that grows as you go", that being the challenges completion percentage. Since the ONLY way to gain "xp" is by completing tasks that contribute to challenges and you need 100% challenges to MAX your level, they are both measuring the exact same thing at the exact same rate. The tautology is unnecessary.
But what of the other functions of levelling up? There are only a handful of things your "level" meaningfully contributes to in this game: Health Points, Talents, (side)quest gating and loot. Your effectiveness as a wizard/witch in combat is largely detached from your "level" and more affected by your armour specs and spells available to you.

To address the easiest first, the loot system, as flawed as it is, is only made more frustrating by the very unnecessary armour level requirements. The level requirement is very loosely linked to the specs of the piece, with armour sometimes having lower specs but higher reqs, making it utterly useless. You will also find that the armour found is not entirely random, with the specs (on average) growing as you progress, meaning the game takes into account your "level" (read: challenge completion percentage) when generating the loot. Since the game already has the mechanism of growing the specs of your loot as you progress, the level gating can just be removed with no other changes necessary. It isn't OP to suddenly be able to wear armour 2 levels above you since you virtually never find armour more than 5 levels above you, and it probably has a lower armour rating anyway.

With regards to Health Points, which folks may not have even noticed increased whenever you levelled up, I propose moving that to the Merlin Trials. Many have pointed out that Merlin Trials serve no function after achieving max inventory, further exacerbating their repetitive nature. what if they served 2 possible functions? Similar to how in Zelda's Breath of the Wild where you can choose between health or stamina, I could see a simple game mechanic where completing Merlin Trials gives you points that you can put towards increasing your inventory or health bar, giving the player meaningful choices on what to focus on and how to progress their game. Thematically, the merlin hologram summoned may periodically (after every 5 trials maybe) ask you if you want more inventory or health.

With Talents, I feel that the talent system is already quite flawed with the inability to re-spec your talent points, and the arbitrary limitation of forcing the player to choose talents to never unlock. Rather than think about what talent a player might want the most next, the player can get pre-occupied with considering which talents they plan on never activating. My proposal is to move the ability to unlock talents to a criminally underused aspect of the game: assignments. Like many others, I feel that we do not spend nearly enough time at Hogwarts and more assignments would give us extrinsic reasons to return to our favourite professors. It makes sense for the teachers who taught us the spells to teach us how to improve the effectiveness of the spells. The talents would become rewards for further assignments. There is an entire section of the quest UI dedicated to assignments that feels underused. The spells that are taught by Sebastian can have their associated talents be rewards for completing more Crossed Wands rounds, or Sebastian "assignments" completed in the undercroft, thematically related to his study of dark magic. I would keep the Talents interface as a way to turn on/off the talents you have unlocked through assignments, in the event you situationally don't want their effects.

As for Quest Gating, as already stated, your "level" is largely detached from your combat effectiveness so its use as an indicator for difficulty is largely moot. I feel that its greater purpose in this function was to slow down your game, encouraging you to go out and "level up" (read: complete challenges) before continuing with your quests. I feel that this functionality could be transferred to a new bandit camp system I am proposing now which involves the already established game systems of owls, infamous foes and of course, bandit camps.
The idea is that instead of soft-gating your companion side-quest lines behind "levels" which imply combat difficulty, between side quests you would be tasked by your companion (Natty/Poppy/Sebby) to "investigate" their enemy faction. How this works is that after a companion quest, Natty, for example, would task you with "investigating" a number of Ashwinder camps, and will send you an owl after you have defeated enough, prompting the next quest or telling you that you've done enough until your next quest. This prompts you to engage with the bandit camp system throughout the critical path of the game. Additionally, a sufficient number of camps defeated could prompt an infamous foe to throw down the gauntlet and send you an owl, challenging you to a fight. These foes can also serve as the gating element that prompts the next part of the side-quest line. This would help thematically placing the defeat of these foes onto the critical path, rather than hunting them down after their factions have been defeated in the main questline. Natty would have you clear Ashwinder Camps, Poppy would naturally have you clear Poacher camps, and Sebby's prejudice has you clearing Loyalist camps. In a world where Amit was a companion, he might have asked for Spider Camps to be cleared.

In conclusion and TLDR, the level system is unnecessary and its functions could be easily shifted toward aspects of the game begging for more extrinsic motivations to engage with.
Original Level Function: Proposed replacement:
Loot Reqs just remove
Health Points Merlin Trials
Talent Points Assignments
Quest Gate Bandit Camps
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2023.03.29 06:07 No-Employer-2244 Best route to lab analyst in CA?

Looking for any advice on getting a lab analyst position here in CA. I have a BS in biochemistry, but no work experience in a lab. Currently have about 6 months as a distribution operator and taking D2/T2 soon. Would like to get out of distribution eventually and I think the lab is where I want to be.
Considering studying and taking the CWEA grade 1 lab analyst test, but I’m not sure how useful that will be.
It seems like a lot of positions want a year of lab experience. Some are willing to train as long as you have a science background. Haven’t seen any positions like that near me yet though.
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2023.03.29 06:07 WhileSuccessful6921 Am I too forgetful? Should I be concerned?

hello everyone. For context I am a 20 year old college student. I am enrolled in the honors college at my university, and am also enrolled in a special academic program for my major. Every week, I have assignment routinely due at MW at 10AM, Saturday at 12 AM, and Sunday at AM. However, literally every week without fail I forget to do these assignments. I've had this routine for nearly 3 years, but for some reason, now it's a problem? Remembering to do them literally slips my mind. Since the beginning of the semester, my grade in one class has dropped 20 percent, which is making the board of my academic program deliberate on kicking me out. I'm also at risk of losing my financial support. Important projects, tests, and assignments - I just can't focus on them for some reason. My life is in shambles and I don't know it its an underlying issue or if I'm really just forgetful. Please advise.
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2023.03.29 06:07 Material_Agency3837 Using Barricade R-Wrap on the inside of the house?

Not sure if this is the correct subreddit since I’m not a professional. If it’s not could someone point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
So a quick backstory to why I think it’s a good idea and please tell me if I’m wrong and why.
I started construction on the house and found moisture problems causing mold and rot in the house and although I’m going to address that I can’t do it at the present moment as I live in Ohio and the weather isn’t cooperating.
What I did do is remove all the insulation and drywall from that affected wall and fixed what I could until I can remove all the siding and replace the rotted wood and fix the affected area correctly this spring.
Getting to the meat and potatoes here I found cheap Barricade R-Wrap from some auction sites and was plan on using it on the interior and exterior of the walls since I have enough and the price was right. My though it it will give me more R value and hopefully keep the mold off of my new walls. I did insulate the walls and will be replacing the insulation again once I do the exterior.
Now silly me I already have the walls wrapped and ready for drywall when I talked to a friend and he said his brother had something similar and the research he did says it’s a bad idea.
I started to do some research and the only thing I can find it “Tyvek” brand. The research I’ve done says that it’s an absolute NO with Tyvek brand because it’s like Gortex and it slows moisture to wick one direction only. However I can’t seem to find anything on Barricade. I’d also like to add that Barricade and Tyvek are completely different materials. Tyvek is more of a plastic and Barricade is more of a mesh.
Now with all of that being said I’ve done a quick search and find that you can in fact use plastic on the interior of the walls and it’s perfectly fine. Now how is it that plastic is okay? Plastic doesn’t breathe at all, aside from the holes you put in it from the staples and screws. Now Barricade would breathe and should allow moisture to dissipate.
I tried calling Barricade directly and was referred to someone only to get a voicemail with the mailbox full. So I’m asking for some help.
Do I leave the Barricade R-Wrap up inside and drywall? Do I put plastic over the Barricade R-Wrap and then drywall? Do I remove the barricade R-Wrap and install plastic and drywall? Do I remove the Barricade R-Wrap and just put up drywall like normal and hope the mold doesn’t spread or contaminate my new drywall? Do I buy Greenboard and do that wall in mold resistant drywall?
I have mold everywhere it seems, the more I do the more I find and I am in the process of fixing the causes and preventing it from spreading as I remove and kill what I can. Information on mold removal, prevention and methods also welcome.
Also keep in mind that since I’m trying to get more R Value in my build I was going to do this throughout the house.
What solution or combination should I use?
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2023.03.29 06:06 AllyDorie Realizing best friend of 10 years tried to sabotage my life

It must have been terribly slow and stupid of me but it just dawned on me two days ago that my (28f) closest friend (27f) was trying to sabotage my life.
I am a small entrepreneur in this one field and one day my close girl friend (same friend in question let’s call her Laura) called me and said one of her ex clients is now in my field of work and looking for a new supplier, strongly suggested I should meet up with him to the point of being pushy. Anyhow I agreed to the meeting, and shortly after our conversation I got an email from this ex client (35m) and the conversation was brief and we agreed to meet and talk in person.
Over at the restaurant I realized it was a date. He said he had told Laura he’s looking for a date and a girlfriend, hence the meet up. I was very confused as to why I was told one thing and hearing another, so I left shortly after discovering his intention. After this brief meet up this gentleman became strangely obsessive via constant phone calls, text messages and emails all about his love confession (we’ve only met for 20 minutes!). Later I found him stalking me outside of my office and home (nobody else could have given him my home address but Laura, but I just wasn’t thinking and didn’t think it could be her). I tried telling him off nicely to avoid hurting his feelings by saying I am not interested in a relationship or dating in general at this point of my life and that he misunderstood the reason why I agreed to meet. Then, when the stalking and obsessive behaviours didn’t stop, I told him straight up he is disturbing my life and he must stop.
Upon receiving my strongly-worded message, he became furious and cursed me in the most unimaginable ways and thankfully after I blocked him, he never showed up near either my office or home again.
I spoke to Laura about my whole ordeal with this gentleman after, she said ever so calmly indicating yes he has some issues with bipolar disorder among a few other medicated illnesses. I found the entire episode strange but since my life was very hectic at that point (about 8-9 months ago) I didn’t think much of it. Until two days ago I realized Laura was purposely trying to set me up to date this person knowing full well he is not in the right state of mind. I called Laura the past Sunday asking how she came to know him, she said she used to work with him, but he got fired for not being mentally competent and sexually harassing a coworker. I gasped.
5 months ago I met a wonderful Turkish gentleman (I’m Canadian with Swedish and Kazakh parents, he is a US green card holder and now working in Canada, where we met) and we fell madly in love. We are now engaged and the wedding will be next year. He is a romantic and not shy to display his affection even in front of my friends (including Laura).
Just after we got engaged (I called to tell all my girl friends and family), Laura asked me to seriously reconsider my relationship with him. Said no man in their sane mind would want to commit just after 5 months of dating, and suggested he might be mentally ill and that’s why he chose me (almost her exact wording). I found the way she talked unsettling and have since distanced myself a little.
One day I got a call from Laura, urging that I should really consider breaking up with my fiance, the reason she gave was that she has a gut feeling my fiance is the ‘same crazy kind of guy’ (quoting her) as ‘her ex client’ (her words again, about the guy I’m Part 1). And then I started to realize she doesn’t want me to be in a happy relationship. What’s more, she lied to me about how she made the previous gentleman’s acquaintance and then really really wanted me to be in an abusive relationship with him (she knows full well the problems the gentleman in part 1 has). Then, when I was in a happy relationship she tried gaslighting tactics on me a few times to have me to see my fiance in a different light so we’d break up.
I don’t know when she started to change and not want the best for me anymore, but to sabotage my life not once but twice is a whole different level of hurt she has caused me.
Apologies for the long rant, I typed in a haste to get it out of me and I haven’t figured out how I am going to face her in the future.
TLDR: Best girl friend Laura tried to set me up by deceit with a mentally unstable man who was fired for sexually harassing a coworker (one of the reasons he got fired)— Part I. And then when I met someone and got engaged, she tried to gaslight me into thinking I am unworthy and something is wrong with my fiance that I should break up with him — Part 2.
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2023.03.29 06:06 siege4255 Could any of this be Long COVID? (Orthostatic hypotension, abdominal pain, dysautonomia, hypogonadism)

Background: 28M former 8-10 year alcoholic. Hospitalized in October 2022 for electrolyte imbalances after binge drinking. No drinking since. Have Dealt with debilitating dysautonomic symptoms since: in the 2-3 months after I had terrible episodes of PVCs/ panic that got to the point where I couldn’t drive. Got on propranolol which helped and I slowly started to get better.
Then in late Decembeearly January I caught COVID with a relatively mild illness (some cough, 101 fever, worst sore throat of my life) and since then it seems like my symptoms have gotten worse.
I have terrible orthostatic hypotension and tachycardia. I did an at home tilt table test the other day where my BP dropped 50mmHg after standing still for 9 minutes and I almost fainted. My resting heart rate is high and spikes to 140-160 with standing or walking. I have constant dull pain in my livespleen area when I get up and move. I have extremely low T and no libido/ ability to get an erection. Also major fatigue.
I have no idea what to do and these physical symptoms are ruining my life and mental health. I am terrified of cirrhosis due to the liver area pain and as these symptoms are common in liver disease and as I was a heavy near-daily drinker for many years and used to get liver pains after binging but every workup for liver disease so far (uktrasound, shear wave liver elastography, liver labs) has been negative so far, and just shows a gallstone and mild splenomegaly. Doctors are unconcerned in that regard, even though those tests aren’t perfect in ruling out cirrhosis. I’ve also read COVID can continue to attack the liver months after infection which scares the shit out of me.
I feel like my life is falling apart and everyone around me thinks my symptoms are all in my head so I feel lonely and depressed. Unsure whether this is long COVID, long alcohol withdrawal, or liver disease. Seeing a cardiologist on Thursday for some answers maybe but unsure where else to go from here.
Any advice or guidance?
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2023.03.29 06:05 familyguyisbae when do I pay taxes (shipping to Canada)

Hey, I have a question. I'm currently looking to buy products from the fanatec US website and have them delivered to me into canada. My total (including shipping. Nothing about taxes) is 1000 usd. When I go to pay, the total is still 1000 usd and no taxes have been added. I'm just wondering, when do I pay taxes? Is it at the border when its being delivered to me or do I just not pay taxes anymore? Thank you :)
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2023.03.29 06:05 dkdkada How does research work? (Need help/advices)

I'm a high schooler who's interested in biomedical engineering (cellular). I have a life goal of carrying out cellular research for antiaging. I am taking AP Bio and AP Chem next year, and after taking them, I would like to start contacting college researchers and see what I can do in the near future. Before actively starting research projects, I would like to interview some engineers & researchers, and get a big idea of what to do throughout my rest of highschool years and early college years. I know it's gonna be a tough process, but if you have any idea where I will be able to interview the researchers and how to contact them, could you share them with me please? Also, if you have one, do you have any other advice in general?
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2023.03.29 06:05 Deep-Guava7342 Why is relationship is changing and how to I fix it? (18F) (21M)

I (18f) and my (21m) partner have been dating for a pretty decent time now and things started off amazing, we always talked and we’re happy to be around one another. We would watch movies, send thoughtful messages etc and things were going good.
We first met on yubo (a more minor open “tinder” basically) I lived in Ohio while he was in Colorado. I felt like I had the world in my arms when talking to him. About two years into our relationship he moved out here to be with me in Ohio and things were perfect, I had a place to go and someone I truly and deeply love just down the road from where I was. After I got everything together I moved in with him and it’s all been good until a few weeks ago.
There was an incident at my work with the management and I lost my job// I’m getting quiet fired (they stopped putting me in the schedule about 2 weeks ago) and with me not having my license I can’t go out and do whatever I want/ need to, I must rely on him and I under that can be a lot because he is going to college classes in the morning and gets home to relax before work, he works at 3pm but goes in early sometimes but always is home at 7pm, we have 3 cats and they are pretty much my only living contact when he isn’t here. I don’t really have friends so I don’t talk to anyone much outside of him but when he gets home I let him relax and don’t ask for anything. But once he gets on the game (which is almost as soon as he sits down) it’s more of im the only person in the room again, but he is having a great time with his friends and laughing, but when I try to bring up any type of conversation he either cuts it short or just doesn’t talk to me.
He’s an amazing guy and I love him so much, I see a future with him but I’m not sure if I’m doing anything wrong or it’s just my loneliness sneaking into my relationship. I just want things to be normal again, watching movies and cuddling and just being near him. I’ve tried to explain that to him and he seems like it’s no big deal and pushes it aside. I see this as an everyday thing and that’s just how my life will be forever. What do I do?
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2023.03.29 06:05 Fragrant_Impress2362 Estimate for briefcase/messenger

Looking to buy a messengebriefcase that will fit a 14” laptop, charger, notebook, pens, etc. I am open to a custom piece or if someone has an existing design that is relatively close to what I’m looking for, I’m okay with that too.
Rough dimensions: 16” x 12” x 3”
Color: light to medium brown
Design: flap with single strap/buckle closure, main compartment to have a segregation where the laptop can go for additional protection and minimal movement. An outer compartment would be a nice to have but not necessary. Shoulder strap, prefer a single handle on top of the flap
Let me know if you need more information.
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2023.03.29 06:05 sssdytyu Bug in the game

So I recently had to re download Tarkov and now when I opened up the game it will not allow me to buy/barter anything from traders. I don’t know what is going on and just need help. I do have all items for barters and money for items it just won’t show the deal button. Also I redownloaded it 3x after initially noticing this.
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2023.03.29 06:04 jesuslovindoc An alternate please!

Vanakkam everyone. I live near the Marina Beach (at the moment). I used to walk there during the pandemic and now I haven't been there. I would like to start walking again. I just want to know if the beach is still open for walking, or if people have found alternatives for the same. If you do, please let me know! And berry thanks in advance!
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2023.03.29 06:04 SnooMemesjellies2968 HELP! The leaders that I had bought are no longer displayed ):

Hello guys, I need help to solve this problem. A couple of years ago when I was playing HW2 on the Xbox One, in the games it started allowing me to use Kinsano, even in the Microsoft Store it looked as if I had bought it. Some time later, I bought Johnson but a month later I stopped playing HW2. Now I have played again with my friends, but this time on HW2 pc, and despite using the same xbox account, Kinsano and Johnson are not available to me, and in the Microsoft Store they appear to buy, as if I had never done it . I even reopened the game on the console, and it's the same, they appear as if I had never bought them. How could I solve this? D:
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2023.03.29 06:04 Sufficient-Joke63 Concerned Mom

Long post - I am sorry but I need advice because I am absolutely livid. My son graduated out of the local Autism Behavioral Intervention school - they said he was too smart for it to be beneficial for him to go there any longer. Okay. Fine. That leaves us with Public schools. Which we live near. So my little sweet rainbow baby is in Pre-K. Smart as a whip. Smartest in his class per the teacher (which "surprised" her). He came home yesterday with a bruise on his ear lobe and I am talking about a bruise covering HALF of his ear lobe.. No call from the school. No notes. Nothing. I asked him what happened knowing that I wasn't going to get an answer out of him - he was non verbal but is now verbal but still struggles to communicate some things. He wouldn't talk about it. This morning I was getting him dressed for school and he had a meltdown - kicking and punching at me and screaming NO. So I did what I always do and I decided to try and talk to him about what was going on. Normally yes/no questions and he nods in response. I asked if it was because of his ear and he broke down crying so hard. All he would say was "Go away! Don't touch me!".. I will also mention that today is his birthday which he said he didn't want to be "special" and he didn't want a day (bday).
I called the school and asked for the principal because the teacher never knows anything that happens in her room. Principal called me back and said that no one saw anything. I asked the principal if she l knew what it would take- how much pressure was needed to bruise an ear lobe and she treated me like I was over reacting. So if you don't mind - would you tell me that? Be frank because I'm beginning to second guess my decision to get angry.
I will point out that my son is not violent to himself. He is only aggressive to others when they are aggressive towards him. So I know he didn't do this to himself.
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