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2023.03.29 05:41 RibokuGreat how would you make Ivar the Boneless in DND 5e

So I wanted to make a Ivar the Boneless type character but stuck on some flavoring factor's.

Note I'm basing this character idea off of the show Viking interpretation of him.
Class: I'm stuck with this.

weapon idea:

Also DM's how would you run crippled role?
- whats your suggestions?
link: https://vikings.fandom.com/wiki/Ivar

Comment what background & class would work for a DND version of Ivar the Boneless.
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2023.03.29 05:38 BakaN20 90% TDIU P&T

So I will preface this with a little background. I was Army with deployments to Iraq in 05-06 and again in 08-09. I was originally rated at 40% for migraines and tinnitus. My first claim I applied for in 2009 and after denied, fighting, and appeals, was finally approved in 2017. During that time I was working with a VSO that gave up on me half way.
I haven't worked since 2017 and my wife has been supporting our family the entire time. I was an ICU nurse with a masters and was being prepped to take over a higher level administrative position. Unfortunately, my disability really took a toll and it was unsafe for the patients for me to continue working. It really was a blow to my self confidence and mental health giving up a six figure salary and promotion and to settle for 40% disability which amounts to a couple hundred a month.
Fast forward a couple years, my disability gets worse and I get a wake up call from my child's teachers and I realize I am exhibiting symptoms of PTSD. I was very hesitant to file again due to my bad experience with the VA. I always felt dismissed and minimized even though I was also a healthcare professional. It also took me a really long time to accept I have MH issues. I think one of the biggest hurdles we go through is accepting that we have a problem and to stop lying to ourselves. Being in the military, you are conditioned to push through.
I decided this time around that I will get the help of a lawyer. This was one of the best decisions. Here is a rough timeline for those interested.
Initial claim for PTSD and increase for migraines: 31 Aug 22
C&P for MH and migraines last week of September
Migraines increased to 50% and PTSD rated at 70%. I had Tinnitus at 10% so total was 90% combined. 6 Dec 22
Applied for TDIU 27 Dec 22
PFD 25 Mar 23 PDA 26 Mar 23 PFN 27 Mar 23 Case closed 28 Mar 23 with letters available on VA.gov
I am waiting on an appeal for an increase in PTSD rating.
I am also going through all the benefits afforded to me as TDIU P&T. The wiki on this subreddit is great and I am very thankful for it.
Thank you to those who read it this far. I have no friends besides my one battle buddy. I only have my family. I know someone recently posted about this board just being all ratings bragging, but I am sure a lot of us really have no one to celebrate what little victories we might have. It is lonely. But I think it is more isolating trying to "connect" with people who do not understand our struggles. Thank you again for listening and understanding.
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2023.03.29 05:35 AlfredVClark I'm new to Dokkan, and have some questions.

Okay, so hopefully I chose the right flair and read the rules as thoroughly as I believe. I've been playing Dokkan for a little over a month now. The wiki's have been unhelpful, although it could be my Ignorance on how/where to look.
1st and probably dumbest question, how can I get SSJ4 Goku? I don't care which version, it's nothing to do with Power. Everything to do with my love for the character design. I'm sure I'm missing something.
2nd question, how on earth do I go about building a well balanced team. Or should I even be worried about that considering on only Lvl 131.
3rd question, is there a strong source of information I could read from that isn't the wiki's, or alternatively a little knowledge on how to gather more direct information from said Wiki's.
4th and last question, how long have you, the reader been playing? This is more just to get a look at the current active community and also interact with you more than just answering a newbies question.
Thank you for the read, your time, and any advice you supply if any.
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2023.03.29 05:24 Someweirdo237 [JP Update v.3.1.20] New Another Style Preview Video

Introducing Another Style Lovely: https://twitter.com/rpg_AE/status/1640911908642631680?cxt=HHwWgMDR5fur2MUtAAAA
Based on the video, tweet, and notice, here are some interesting things of note:
And now for some additional news...
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2023.03.29 04:18 Ralts_Bloodthorne First Contact - Chapter 922 - Edge of Twilight

[first] [prev] [next] - [wiki]
In the end, it didn't even matter. - Chronicle of the Last Days of the VrekNok.Tok Empire
Vuxten wasn't sure what he expected as Casey stood up. No flexing, he just shook out his arms, tilted his head to the right and left, then just stood there.
The crowd started clapping and stomping.
All twenty-five robots went into combat stances, their eyes brightening.
The roar of the crowd was a physical thing, mixed with the STOMP STOMP CLAP of the watching troops.
The volume of the crowd somehow rose even louder as the Rigellian female ran off the field.
There was a beep and the lights went red. Another beep, they went yellow. A loud buzzer and the lights flashed red before going back to the actinic white of the sodium lights mounted on the portable light set trailers.
Vuxten expected Casey to break into a run, to charge the robots.
Instead he just walked forward, still swinging his arms wide. His sole eye burned bright amber and Vuxten could see hair thin tendrils of purple electricity around his feet when his foot hit the ground.
The robots took five paces, then all broke into a run, spreading out in a curved line with three double ranks in the middle.
One robot reached forward, the robot in front grabbed the rear robots forearms and threw it forward. It sped toward the lone human, reaching out for him.
Casey turned slightly, reached out, grabbed the head as the arms went to either side of him. Before the arms could crush him he knelt down and drove the robot's head into the ground hard enough to shatter it.
The second robot was already flying toward him, in a tight ball. The others were still running forward as the flying robot suddenly unwrapped itself, arms wide, obviously intending on slamming into Casey and wrapping its arms around the human.
Instead Casey took a two quick steps while the robot was still slightly turning, swinging one arm out.
The robot's battlesteel armor shattered like cheap plas as the robot broke in half.
The last flying robot reached Casey, who spun in place, the bare foot shattering the robot into pieces, battlesteel flying out to strike the battlescreens and make them crackled and pop.
The roar of the crowd battered at Vuxten.
The robots converged on Casey and Vuxten gritted his teeth.
He'd seen Casey at work in Heaven.
An open hand slap knocked a robotic head free. A sweeping arm motion broke robotic limbs reaching for him. A kick shattered a robotic thigh. A knee into the robot's midsection caused the armor to shatter and the robot break into multiple pieces.
Vuxten could see the robots landing blows, their kicks blocked by Casey's shin, their punches blocked by forearms or swept aside. Spiked battlesteel fists piston driven as they hammered into the scarred flesh, each impact bringing a flash of purple, but Vuxten couldn't see any damage to the big Terran.
Usually they survived long enough to swing a single punch before the counter-attack shattered the robot's armor like the battlesteel laminate was cheap macroplas. Casey would reach out and rip chest plate armor away, rip free and arm and beat another robot with the severed arm, smack heads off with a backhand, break a robot's spine with an elbow, or cave in the whole front of the robot with a forearm.
Every move flowed into the next one. Every action was calculated to force a movement that led to the robot being shattered into junk. Vuxten couldn't see any wasted movement, anything that didn't bring around a better position, for the robots to move a certain way, damage or destroy a robot.
The last robot lunged forward, swinging wildly. Vuxten watched Casey slip around the punches, kneeing the robot so it spun. Casey's hand landed on top of the robot's head as his other hand grabbed its shoulder, fingers sinking into the battlesteel armor like it was putty.
Casey ripped the robot's head off and held it over his own head as the body collapsed.
"ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!" Casey roared out.
The crowd cheered back.
Casey heaved the robotic head, the head slamming into the battlescreen and exploding.
Vuxten found himself on his feet cheering as Casey walked back to where he had dropped the black robe and slowly pulled it on. Casey slowly turned, staring at the crowd with one burning amber eyes, then drew the hood up over his head.
The crowd roared their approval as he walked off the field.
"Told you I didn't want to spoil the main event for you, son," Colonel Brett said, exhaling smoke in a long plume.
"Saw him fight during the War on Heaven," Vuxten said, sitting down and accepting the nacrobrew. "What you saw, that was a warm up."
Colonel Brett nodded. "Last week he took on four men in power armor. They lasted just over ninety-seconds before he'd destroyed the power armor," the big Treana'ad laughed. "One of the pilots was knocked goofy, but other than that, he didn't injure them."
Vuxten looked around. "You're allowing this?"
The Treana'ad nodded. "All the way up to General Du.Seelie," the big bug grabbed another nacrobrew and knocked the cap off with his cybernetic bladearm before taking a long pull from it. He belched and looked at Vuxten. "Better to have the rowdies out here fighting and drinking then hitting the Conex brothel than off post, getting drunk, fighting, trying to find someone to fuck, and burning down the town."
Colonel Brett made a motion with his cyberbladearm to encompass the entire field and the crowd that was cheering on an autonomous battlebot competition between two greenie groups.
"These men have not only seen the elephant, they've ridden it, screwed it, and left it with child. Their adrenals and dopamine systems are, to use a Terran phase, blown the fuck out," he shook his head. "The same beings who are fighting out there or cheering on their best friend getting his face smashed in are the same ones watching the early morning episodes of The Kind One or The Happy Neighborhood in the Day Room."
Vuxten nodded.
"Give them outlets for their instincts, their energy, their aggression that doesn't have them knife-fighting outside the NCO Club or getting into shootouts with the civilian law enforcement," Colonel Brett said. The big insect shrugged. "It's the age-old problem. You select for high aggression, moderate impulse control, then train them to be lethal and hone their aggression, then expect them to all behave like good little civvies until the war is on."
The big insect shrugged again. "Some species have tried cryo-stasis. Other species, like mine and the Mantid, bred a warrior caste. Still others try various solutions, none of which are that good."
He pointed out at the field where two power armor troops were fighting hard light holograms.
"The Confederate Armed Services lets this happen. It lets the ones too clever for their own good get into 'trouble'," he made air quotes. "If something goes down, well, this was all off the books and vaguely illegal anyway. Command just turns the other way for anything that isn't too bad, the grunts stay aggressive, and everyone but the reclamation yard workers are happy."
Vuxten nodded slowly. Beside him, Tut'el listened silently, soaking up the older officer's words.
"You started on Telkan, correct?" Colonel Brett asked. "Under General Tik-Tak, right?"
Vuxten just nodded.
"Ol' Tik-Tak, he had his fingers in everything. He let a whole thing like this get run by a Lanaktallan gangster, saved him the trouble of having to 'arrange' it himself," Colonel Brett said. He gave a slight laugh. "Man could bury two expended pistol shells in the dirt and pull out a Madame-Three-Eighteen an hour later."
Vuxten just chuckled and nodded along.
Colonel Brett checked his implant and nodded, standing up and draining away the last of the bottle before dropping it in the trash can.
"Let's go check on your man, Colonel," Brett said.
Vuxten was aware of the two law enforcement officers behind him as he and Tut'el followed the big Treana'ad officer through the crowd, which was cheering on two dozen Grodds engaged in a battle royale, wearing only loincloths.
It was out back of the mek yard, between two partially destroyed Steiner Class scout meks, that they found Casey. He was sitting on an empty crate that had held low-explosive missile warheads, drinking a fizzypop and watching the action in the ring. Peel sat just to the side, leaned back on a cargo net, one mammary exposed and a tiny human holding onto it with closed eyes and a slightly grump expression visible on the side of its face.
His face brightened and he smiled as Vuxten walked up with the Colonel.
Casey stood up, shaking Brett's hand.
"Colonel," Casey said.
"Casey," Brett answered.
"Colonel," Casey said, shaking Vuxten's hand. "Congratulations on the promotion. Gone far since we were trying to figure out how to bust open the Great Gobbler's shell."
Vuxten smiled. "That we have."
"Lieutenant," Casey said, shaking the MP's hand.
"Casey," the LT said, not looking surprised that Casey knew his rank.
"Mister Mysterio," Casey said, shaking the CID officer's hand.
The CID officer laughed. "Cathal."
Casey waved at the boxes. "Cop a squat, gentlemen," he said. He pointed at Peel. "That's my wife, Peel, and our daughter, Hashna."
Colonel Brett moved up and gently reached down with his biological bladearm, caressing the baby's cheek gently. "Little one," he said softly. He looked up. "They're always so cute, human children."
"Thank you, sir," Casey said, sitting back down.
"You won the Regiment Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Fund quite a bit of doss, Casey," Colonel Brett said.
"Always happy to help," Casey smiled.
Vuxten sat with the others, chatting about mostly nothing, sometimes commenting on the matches going on. Peel finished feeding the infant, then burped it, then held it close while it slept, taking part in the conversation.
When the matches ended and everyone started to drift apart, Vuxten moved over to Casey.
"Come to my office during lunch on Monday," he said.
Casey looked up. "Should I bring my sidearm?" he asked, only half-joking.
"No. Just wanted to talk with you about something," Vuxten said.
Casey nodded.
They said goodnight to one another and Vuxten walked with the others back.
If it ain't raining, it ain't training - Confederate Military Wisdom
The day was miserable. Chilly wind that kept switching direction, rain that couldn't make up its mind if it was heavy or just misty, heavily overcast.
Vuxten sat, staring out the window, and watched as a platoon of dogbois ran by in PT gear.
The three spaced firm knocks at the door came exactly at 1135 hours.
"Enter," Vuxten called out, spinning his chair around and moving closer to the desk.
Casey came in, wearing his ACU's. He moved to the front of the desk, exactly a pace away, and saluted. Vuxten returned the salute and waved at the chairs.
"Grab a cup of caff or a fizzystim, then take a seat," Vuxten said.
"Thank you, sir," Casey said. He moved over and grabbed a self-chilling fizzystim, cracking it open and watching the condensation form. He sat down and took a drink, waiting.
Vuxten thought for second.
"I noticed that Confed hasn't figured out your orders yet," Vuxten said. "Neither has the Telkan Marine Corps, since you're assigned to us."
Casey shrugged. "I figured they'd get around to it."
"I want you to come to Telkan with me," Vuxten said.
Casey frowned. "All right," he said slowly.
"You and Peel both," Vuxten said. He reached out and tapped a pair of manila folders. "I've reviewed the unredacted sections of your records, I've seen you both in action. I want you to come back to Telkan with me."
"Why?" Casey asked.
Vuxten sighed. "They're making me the XO of the training cadre," he said. "We've also got the Primary Leadership Development Course - Telkan, on planet, as well as the Telkan Intelligence Service training center."
Casey just nodded.
"I'm not asking you take command or anything like that," Vuxten said. "I've watched you in action. I've seen you at work. You've got a thousand years of leadership under your belt and either you're a born leader or you've become an excellent one over the centuries."
"Thank you, sir," Casey said.
"Peel has been everything from SAR to Operations Analysis to Operational Emergency Guidance," Vuxten said. "Highly rated, excellent NCOERs, taught at the Confederate Military Intelligence Institute on Terra itself."
Casey just nodded.
"I want you and Peel both as instructors. Classroom and practical," Vuxten said. "With Terra gone, and the Terran Xenocide Event, my people have to defend themselves. We have to learn to not only defend ourselves, but others."
Casey just nodded again.
"I'm pretty sure you're cleared for garrison duty, and a tour in TRADOC is something that the Telkan people would appreciate," Vuxten said. He waited a moment. "I'm not going to force you."
Casey chuckled. "Not often an officer says 'please' to lower enlisted slime like me," he smiled.
"Well?" Vuxten asked.
Casey nodded. "I can't speak for Peel, but if she's in, so am I. If she says she's in if I am, then I'm in," Casey said. He shook his head, smiling. "A few years out of armor, training boots, might be just the thing I need."
"I thought you'd like to watch your baby get older just like I want to watch my podlings grow up," Vuxten said.
Casey smiled. "We're family men now," he said.
Vuxten nodded. "And too many years in service to go running off to the nearest fight with an erection, a gut full of Bingo Cola, and a gun in our hand."
Casey laughed. "All right. You talked me into it." He stood up. "I'll let Peel know, get her opinion, then you can talk to her. She'll let you know if we're in or out."
Vuxten nodded, standing up. He shook Casey's hand.
"Give 471 my regards," Casey said.
"Tickle the baby for me," Vuxten answered.
When the big Terran left Vuxten slowly turned his chair around and stared at the rain outside.
Is it weird that battle and war are easy, it's peace-time that's hard?
[first] [prev] [next] - [wiki]
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2023.03.29 04:07 Darren716 Post WWE NXT 3/28/2023 Show Discussion Thread (Go Home Show for Stand and Deliver!)

Winner Loser Match Finish Stipulation
Axiom ~20 other NXT Superstars Moonsault Battle Royal to Qualify for North American Title Match at Stand and Deliver
Tyler Bate w/ Chase U Von Wagner w/ Mr. Stone Spinny Boi
Electra Lopez Valentina Feroz Electra Shock
Eddy Thorpe Myles Borne Swinging NEckbreaker
Indi Hartwell Sol Ruca and Ivy Nile Elbow Strike Qualifying match for Stand and Deliver Ladder Match
Drew Gulak w/ Charlie Dempsey Hank Walker Roll Up
Tony D'Angelo and Stack s Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen Double Team Inverse Power Bomb If Briggs and Jensen win they are added to the tag title match at Stand and Deliver
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2023.03.29 03:26 AceTrainerStin My heart dropped straight to my ass

My heart dropped straight to my ass submitted by AceTrainerStin to DBZDokkanBattle [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 02:03 zstephable2 Is Eddie a Descendant of Lars?

So the wiki claims that Lars is a descendant of the last human King. In game, when asked about being the King by Eddie when he was given the Battle Cry sword by Ophelia's father, who knew a guy who knew the King. I'm sure this answers my question but I was wondering if there was any proof that Lars was the descendant of Riggnarok or if he just wields the sword.
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2023.03.29 01:52 Omnipotara I finally did it!

I finally did it!
I can proudly say that I finally beat every stage of Extreme Super Battle Road! :D
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2023.03.29 01:31 Smeelio Random Theory/Speculation

Given that more content has been confirmed after Trail/Tower of Treachery Treachery and Sienna's 4th Career, and also given that the new campaign and map includes a sick-ass wizard duel between Oleysa and Sofia, along with the first substantial use of an NPC within the maps themselves and not just in the Keep, do you think it's possible we'll see Franz Lohner fighting alongside the Ubersreik Five?
They've been semi-teasing it for a while, I think: for example, in Lohner's Chronicles our boy Franz does actually set out with the intention to fight, and he only stops just short of it because the situation is defused (see here and here and maybe elsewhere I've forgotten), and I believe he also has lines in the Keep about how going out is exciting and good for you. Given that the Chronicles are often used for teases, plus what we've seen in the maps themselves, I think it's possible.
Plus, isn't it a popular, semi-confirmed fan theory that Lohner is actually (looks up the name on the Wiki) Morgan Bernhardt, the protagonist of some previous Warhammer Fantasy games, and so has experience in fighting and heroism? I'm not an expert on this theory or on the wider lore, but the aforementioned Wiki has some good info about the hints in both V1 and 2 here, and I think it's also something that's hinted at in some of the Chronicles, though I can't remember the exact ones right now so don't take my word for that bit. Having him take to the field would probably be a fitting climax to this thread spun across both the games and all the external media!
Basically, I think it would be cool (and possible) if we one day had an end-of-map/campaign setpiece where Lohner is locked in a 1v1 duel with some kind of super-powerful Chaos/Skaven champion, surviving on his old skills and powerful magic equipment, but their battle is just out of reach of our main heroes, who thus have to do some map objectives (while being swarmed by the champion's lackeys of course) in order to aid him and stop him getting overwhelmed and beaten, and then finally he does a cool move and stabs the dude to death and you win the map. Or something like that anyway! What do people think, and am I insane?
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2023.03.29 01:25 littprince [Store] Collectors Cache 2019, Aghanims 2021, Diretide 2022

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PayPal payments must be in the form of Friends & Family to prevent fees & chargebacks.
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2023.03.29 01:14 Spudn1ckel Precision Keystones: Why ADCs are only taking Lethal Tempo

In the recent 13.6 patch, Lethal Tempo was nerfed for Marksmen. To quote the patch notes: “There are some champions where they'll never give up this level of attack speed and that's understandable, but for everyone else, there's more than just one viable keystone out there!” Ignoring the weirdly condescending tone of this statement, the reasoning provided for nerfing the rune it that it is taken too much. But this made me wonder: what are the other “viable keystones out there”? Where are these other options for Marksmen?
Let’s look at each of the other keystones intended for Marksmen individually:
Conqueror: This rune is all but completely unviable for ADCs. The only Marksman that consistently takes this rune is Samria, and only because she has absolutely no other option. Compare Conqueror to its predecessor, Fervor of Battle. Those that played back when Fervor was in the game probably remember that it was viable and reasonably balanced on both melee and ranged champions, so why can’t Conqueror be? The biggest difference between the two is that conqueror gives less stats and takes longer to stack with autos in exchange for stacking off of abilities, making it of course worse on Marksmen. I can think of a couple potential ways of allowing Conqueror to be viable on Marksmen again without hurting its current users:
A) Adjust the stacks for ranged autos/abilities from 1/2 to 2/1. This change could cause collateral for some of the few mages that take Conqueror, such as Cassiopeia, but all of the ones I found had other keystone options, and could always be buffed if adversely affected. I believe that the rune variety of an entire class should take priority over that of a couple champions.
B) Split the rune into 2 keystones, one for ability focused champs and one for auto focused champs. This would of course cause some short term chaos, but I believe it would be far easier to balance in the long run, considering the balance mess that current Conqueror has been.
These are just my propositions; this is intended to be a post about design and not balance discussion. My point is simply that I believe it wouldn’t be all that challenging to make Conqueror viable on more than one singular Marksman, which would increase variety for something like 40-60% of the roster without major repercussions.
Press the Attack: This rune is a bit of a mess. In preseason 8, when Runes Reforged was released, PTA was effectively the replacement for Fervor of Battle, mentioned previously. Of course, it didn’t fill those shoes well, so Riot shortly released Conqueror to take its place. Since then, this rune has been extremely niche and only picked on a few champions such as Lucian, who takes it because he has synergy with it and Conqueror isn’t an option, or Miss Fortune and Ezreal, who take it because they simply have no good keystones. This rune seems to have some conflicting ideals; the champions that take it all use it as a tool for quick trades in lane, like Hail of Blades. But the rune also provides the ‘exposed’ damage amp, which is only relevant in extended fights. Essentially PTA is in a limbo between Hail of Blades and Conqueror, which I believe is the main cause of its unviability. The simple solution is moving it toward one end of the spectrum: remove the damage amp and focus it more on short trades, or remove the proc damage and focus it more on extended fights. I’ll avoid providing numbers to keep the discussion about design. I think either of these could make it more popular and appealing to different audiences. Again, Riot has options.
Fleet Footwork: I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that Fleet Footwork is the worst keystone in the game, by a good margin. The only ADCs that can use it without trolling are Jhin, who has some of the worst keystone synergy out of any champion in the game leaving him with this and Dark Harvest as his only options, and Caitlyn who would still rather take nerfed Lethal Tempo even with her terrible AS ratio. As far as I can tell, it is intentionally kept weak because lane sustain is very dangerous and difficult to balance, which is understandable from Riots perspective. What I don’t understand, however, is why Riot hasn’t reworked this godawful rune so it can actually be usable. The solution seems pretty obvious, make it a scaling sustain rune. There are several ways to do this: remove/reduce the base heal and increase the ad scaling, add crit scaling like the old Warlords Bloodlust, or change it to scaling lifesteal like the even older Warlords bloodlust. I know healing is a touchy subject, but healing post lane phase is significantly easier to balance, especially for Marksmen who cannot effectively draintank, and you will still sacrifice a damage keystone for it. This rune perpetually being kept bad is not a reasonable solution.
And I should mention Hail of Blades as well: it’s only viable on Tristana and Kai’sa because of their specific playstyles. I don’t believe this rune should be changed because it’s unlikely it will easily find a larger audience, but I do think that calling its niche usage on 2 Marksmen ‘rune variety’ is disingenuous.
All in all, Lethal Tempo still seems to remain largely ubiquitous even after the severe nerf it got in 13.6. I don’t believe the rune was overpowered before the patch, and it certainly isn’t now. Riot has made it clear time after time that they want to encourage variety in item and rune choices, but Marksmen are going to keep taking Lethal Tempo regardless of how terrible it is if they have no other options.
What do you think? Do you agree that this is a good way of increasing keystone variety for Marksmen? Why or why not?
TL;DR: The Precision tree keystones are very poorly balanced for Marksmen. I believe Riot can and should increase variety by adjusting the other options rather than making Lethal Tempo unviable as well.
Edit: some comments have provided ideas for changes to Hail of Blades that I think could work, thanks u/Advacus and u/Epyimpervious
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The Custom Request can do :
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2023.03.29 00:53 Immolatedaccount Marc Laidlaw's a Cyberpunk writer. How that could pertain to Half-Life.

The Half-Life wiki reports he's a cyberpunk-oriented writer. I think this is peculiar as it would make Half-Life sorta it own cyberpunk-oriented media. There's also references to AKIRA, which is cyberpunk based. The polyrobot is based on Regult Battle Pod from the anime Super Dimension Fortress Macross, which is an franchise that isn't cyberpunk but it's also futuristic. I wonder if the other robots inspired by anime. These aren't relevant compared to what Marc Laidlaw wrote before, that would later have similar literary devices in Half-Life and have a crystal named off it 'Xenium'. Gadget at first glance doesn't seem so cyberpunk or futuristic, but it slowly and surely becomes more cybernetic and futuristic. Coincidentally this is also Japanese media. A lot of Marc Laidlaw's work take place in these post-apocalyptic, horror, futuristic surreal settings. What's interesting is how I think this may had inspired Half-Life's 2 synths and transhuman arm, they're all cybernetic. This suggests the Combine are an extension of cyberpunk. Lebbeus also describe his stuff as kinda alive too, which affected the aesthetic probably. Half-Life has a large extension of body horror and biological horror. What's interesting is that also seem to be what Gadget also has themes about. Some of Marc Laidlaw's most cyberpunk stuff seems to be Kalifornia and Neon Letus and The Orchid Eater, but Marc's all science fiction. Kaliforina also has dystopian themes, which is interesting. People believe that the dystopian themes in HL2 is from 1984 when I heard Marc never read it, this means it must've been his own dystopia. Cyberpunk media are dystopian. 1984 was an inspiration and visual inspiration though. It might explain why Combine are so advanced and cybernetic. The Advisors are based on Dune, pre-pitch concept of G-man like race probably, and Synths have their own origin, Advisors are also described as Synths in the Prima guide, basically having life support and mech bodysuit on. Ted Backman says the Combine scanned creatures to make them, like they're 3D printing them but also proposed they themselves evolved. He presents like they aren't real, despite being real. He's describing them as like unrobotic and wild. This could explain what's up with the city scanner, it's the least life looking of the bunch. It probably variation between it. So the Synth's origins are confirmed but not the transhumans as I can't find anything about it. Ted Backman also designed them I think and in RTB he only described his approach to armor for them, actually he does go on lot more about it. Now I finally get the Consul's name. I originally thought Viktor called it that due to some French positions being Consul, but this was written by Marc, Consul is just a nice sci-fi title to have. Transhuman probably have the same origin as the Synths. Their origins are half-human half-synth and alien soldiers probably, it is odd that in Hyperborea concept art the soldiers were the same. The Combine Guard was a Combine soldier that ranked up and became more Combified. For 1984, I'm not sure how much made it into writing but some dialogue do sound like they're trying to mimic 1984. Issue he never read it, and I think in the book and film they never actually talk like this. From what I seen, a lot of 1984 is kinda just long venting tangents, it works better as a psychological horror imo than an backdrop for an dystopia. Marc heard of it though by now. Consul dialogue seem it was trying to copy the propaganda aspect, the "the true citizen" thing. About the Japanese, Valve has quite a history with Japanese companies.
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2023.03.28 23:53 C0llege0fCle0patra The Occulted Alchemical Secrets Within 'The Birth of Venus' - [a must read]

The Occulted Alchemical Secrets Within 'The Birth of Venus' - [a must read]
'The Birth of Venus' is one of Alessandro Bottecelli's [1445-1510- "Italian Renaissance Master"] most famous paintings. [Before decoding the art, I need to repeat a few things for anyone who has not been following my posts.]
"Khem was an ancient name for the land of Egypt; and both the words alchemy and chemistry are a perpetual reminder of the priority of Egypt's scientific knowledge. Many interesting solutions to the riddle of alchemy's origin have been advanced. One is that alchemy was revealed to man by the mysterious Egyptian demigod Hermes Trismegistus[Thoth]. This sublime figure, looming through the mists of time and bearing in his hand the immortal Emerald, is credited by the Egyptians as being the author of all the arts and sciences. In honor of him all scientific knowledge was gathered under the general title of The Hermetic Arts." [Manly P. Hall- Secret Teachings of All Ages].

Alchemy is rich with communicating divinity in all living things- a teaching of ancient Kemet/Egypt - our word Nature stems from Netjer[nTr], which meant god and was used interchangeably between ALL living things.
It is alleged that Bottecelli was a "Navigator" [Grand Master] of a French fraternal organization Prieuré de Sion, with other names such as Isaac Newton, Leonardo DaVinci, Robert Boyle etc. The allegations of this organization existing prior to 1956 are considered "debunked." However, it is not too incredible that ancient knowledge was continued through various groups, in concealed forms. Paying attention to their work itself is key. It is only there that it's revealed - the hidden knowledge they carry - for those who share the understanding. The shallow meaning that is presented forth is not only meant to escape scrutiny, but to veil the unready; remain undetected by the ignorant fool..who is unwilling to see for himself. "Realizing, therefore, that alchemy is a mystery in three worlds--the divine, the human, and the elemental--it can easily be appreciated why the sages and philosophers created and evolved an intricate allegory to conceal their wisdom."
Art, Literature, ancient monuments etc, are the real time travelers - carrying the code in front of generation after generation.
I have said many times that alchemy is much much more than trying to perfect a formula that turns base metals into gold. It is analyzing yourself as a form of art - going through the stages of alchemy to birth an inner transformation. It is life coming from death. Turning lead to gold = bringing what is unconscious to the light. Essentially, sincere alchemy is preparing and purifying oneself for higher consciousness / deeper awareness and understanding. You must do the work. And I think I am beginning to see things even more wider.. in that once you are purely transformed internally..you will have the ability to transform/manipulate the external -in where the importance of metals and [bio]electromagnetism come in. It all starts within yourself- the true Alchemists Laboratory.
Now, lets look at the hidden that is waiting to be discovered in The Birth of Venus. Bear with me, as it requires breaking down a lot of symbolism.
"Most art historians agree, however, that the Birth does not require complex analysis to decode its meaning..While there are subtleties in the painting, its main meaning is a straightforward." Are you good with that? It blows my mind, because there is SO MUCH in this painting to unravel.
The Birth of Venus
The centre female is Greek Goddess Aphrodite [identified as Venus by the Romans - The most original creation of the Roman pantheon].
She is coming out of an unnaturally sized scallop shell [aka Jacobs Shell]. In Roman times, a route called the path of Janus, which ended in Cape Finisterre - [known as the End of the World or End of the Earth], where pilgrims would collect a shell from the sea to show that they had finished their journey. The beginning of this path was in the Temple of Venus - who would come out of the sea in a scallop shell, representing fertility and personal rebirth. The shell is considered protection of knowledge, and thrown into the ocean at the end of the true path as a gesture of wanting it to flow into the awareness of those willing.
Venus - considered Earths sisteTwin planet..and is the morning/evening star.
path of Janus - Janus being god of doors, gates, duality, transitions, beginnings and endings.
Janus - duality
Could her coming out of the sea and shell, in the centre, reveal she acquired knowledge into her flow of awareness that allowed her to over come her dualistic nature.. unlocking a door into higher consciousness, a new beginning.
It is an allegory of the fools journey, who must battle and conquer the real Satan/STN -.. his ego/material desires and attachments [his opposing sides/duality]. It takes many transformations, many transitions/beginnings and ends, many deaths and rebirths.. many doors to unlock.
All of the elements appear: Air, Fire, Earth, Water. Another under laying message in alchemy is control the elements, or they control you. The Fire in this particular case is the depiction of the eternal soul either ascending or rebirth back to material.
In West position, the Wind god Zephyr, and the female light breeze Aura, appear to be blowing her to land. Physical Earth. He was considered as the messenger of Spring - which ultimately symbolizes rebirth. Spring is a time when life grows after a period of being submerged into cold and darkness. In ancient Egypt, heading West meant death, the journey into the underworld to be reborn into East. [The cycle of the sun]. Does the Painting show Venus have a hold on her elements after a transformation, or does it indicate she was manipulated by a force, pushing her back to land -material reality.
Well lets keep looking... to her right, is Horae - the hours.. portions of time itself, ready to greet her once her foot embraces Earth. The mental trap of time, enveloping like a circle that is always coming and going. Horae appears to be levitating, unscythed by Earth's pull. Will Venus re-enter the trap of land and time? She is covering her reproductive parts - perhaps indicating her self-awareness and end [or at least the hiddenness] of the physical rebirth cycle. It also symbolizes her concealing the Copper aspect. Her Copper hair also aligns with her body quite flawlessly.. has she merged body, mind and soul?
Copper is the metal assigned to Venus in Alchemy. The sign was derived from the Ankh [which is the original cross, and I continue to show that it symbolizes man as key to his own enlightenment].

It is also called the 'Mirror of Venus.' Unlike the cold, silver mirrors we use today that grabs our energy, in ancient times polished copper was used for a healthy, warm reflection. Ankh was also used to mean "mirror." Reflection is important for transformation. When you look at your physical appearance in the mirror, you can visible see what you want to fix and take the proper steps. But, more meaningfully, inner self reflection does the same. This is the symbolism.
Here is the Egyptian hieroglyph for mirror, notice how it also represents the metaphysical SILVER CORD:

The Island that Venus is progressing toward in the painting is Cyprus - the Island of Copper. The word copper comes from the Greek name for the island - Kupros. In ancient mythology texts, Venus was said to be “churned forth from the frothy seas around Cyprus."
Copper [and Gold] is the oldest human metal, and runs in the veins of the earth just like it flows through the veins of the human body. Females are said to have approx. 20% more copper in their blood. The amount of copper in a women’s blood corresponds to her menstrual cycle. During pregnancy, copper levels almost double in the mother’s blood to support the placenta and nourish the fetus, while iron levels increase in the fetus as the birth time approaches. The red arteries are related to iron (Mars) and the blue veins to copper (Venus.) Even today the Mars glyph is used as a symbol of the male and Venus glyph as a symbol of the female. “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus!”

I find copper fascinating the more I learn, For instance, take a look at this quick post in the BlackMagicFuckery sub.. that shows what a force Copper is to be reckoned with: https://www.reddit.com/blackmagicfuckery/comments/sb1wit/copper_isnt_magnetic_but_creates_resistance_in/

So, as Horae appears in the painting, levitating, as time - defying Earths physical laws. Copper is usually a reddish hue, but when exposed to the element, it can undergo a series of chemical reactions that give it a greenish or bluish colour [alchemy].. The Statue of Liberty is an example of green copper. The blue green hues in the painting symbolize transformation, and copper’s great affinity for water. transformation. Blues are high vibration, Reds are low. Each indicating a stage.

So please tell me why "there was nothing to analyze" in this painting?

Manley P. Hall said that the green flag of Islam shows the crescent of Venus, not the moon (because of the green color and the day of the week they have chosen as their Holy Day.) Each of the major religions has a specific day designated as its Holy Day. The Muslim’s Holy Day is Friday which is ruled by Venus.
Copper also has antibacterial effects [ancient Egypt was aware of this]. In fact I have been finding it rather interesting alot of ancients used copper plates to display their works of art. If you wear a copper bracelet, its believed to alleviate the pain of both rheumatism and arthritis and wearing them also strengthens the blood and cleans the arteries. Copper, coming in contact with human skin, forms chelates with the human sweat and this is absorbed into the skin. When our sweat becomes acidic through stress, green appears on the skin because the extra acid dissolves more copper than we can absorb. It is an excellent stress indicator.
Venus is also Lucifer. So, the birth of Venus is the birth Lucifer - blind and ignorant. But through the journey and path of Janus, he restores his sight (just like eye of Horus), and brings the light forth onto himself. The morning star and the night star. Veiled and Unveiled.
I think the message is clear, and consistent. Quiet the ego, acquire knowledge along your way.. learn to master your inner self, and in turn you will be able to master everything around you rather than slave to it. As you transform, answers flow into your awareness you couldn't see before.. guiding you. The true awakening of your soul is the Philosophers stone, elixir of life. One more thing:
The parts of her hair that blow, are copper coils with a section showing the infinity cycle [8]. An 8 is also the pattern the sun(gold) and the moon(silver) create on their annual travel. The sky shows you the repetition of the infinity rebirth cycle.
It is stemming from her head.. the journey is MENTAL.











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2023.03.28 21:52 thekorppi Unreleased cards in Dokkan. What is your wishlist? (Source: Dokkan Wiki)

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2023.03.28 21:29 Unusual-Swimming9636 Ulysses (New 52) VS Tal-Rho (Superman and Lois)

Random Encounter. In Character.
Ulysses Feats
Tal-Rho Feats?mobile-app=true&theme=dark)
And I know “VS Battle Wiki” cringe but that’s all I could fine for him.
Can’t wait for this to only get upvotes without any engagement
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