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2023.03.29 04:56 Available-Cow4522 I can’t make up my mind about school, please help

I am 22f with severe ADHD. I graduated high school at 17 and I have since tried to go to college at least once a year since. I struggle immensely with school, I have a hard time learning, studying, and honestly just staying motivated. I don’t really have the patience for school but it means a lot to me and I have tried my best to work for it. I am in school full time and work full time. I have worked in the medical field since I was 18, but I grew up taking care of my disabled mother so I have a lot of experience. I briefly worked as a surgical tech in an apprenticeship program. I absolutely loved the job, but the program was AWFUL. It was reported and no longer exists. With an apprenticeship, you don’t gain certification so I can’t really use my experience anywhere else. I found an 11 month program that ends with a cert that is roughly $5000 with the whole works. This is an insanely cheap program with great results. It is an hour and a half away so the drive would suck but it’s doable. I would have to take a year off school to complete it. With ADHD comes RSD. I already feel like a failure for not completing school, it will take me almost 3 years to complete my bachelors from this point but I will be making significantly more while I work on my degree. I am going for geology and I love my major and future career, but I feel like this program is too good to pass up. The people in my life seem to be torn on which I should do, any help?
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2023.03.29 04:52 NewPhonywhodis Should I go back to my old job after being at my new one for 2 days?

tldr: New job doesn't fit the discription or pay talked about during interview, afraid it will be a dead end, and don't know what to do, or whether I should go back to my old employer.
I just left a job in a field that I was very skilled in. It had a base pay of 15hr and then had commission on top of that. I used to make about 40k a year doing that, but recently switched to a new job.
I've worked only a few so far, but initially the job posting was for a loan officer assistant position, and the pay range was anywhere from 50-150k. The job is located in a larger office building, and the interview went really well, and I was offered a job on the spot. I ended up accepting the job after being assured that I would make 15 and hour for the first 2-4 weeks and after the initial training I would be able to move into the position I had applied for.
My first day I found it odd that the two people who interviewed me did not talk to me, and I was then trained by a separate person for a telemarketing position. All day the conversation was about telemarketing with no clear conversation about the path for moving up. There was minor passing comments about being able to move up, but it seems like keeps being brushed off. There is a weird culture at the new job, where telemarketers are not allowed to talk to, or ask questions to the people working in the loan officeassistant positions. After quick trainign I ended up on the computer and make 250 calls. After talking to one of my new telemarketer coworkers during lunch, I was suprised to know he already has a mortgage license, but has been there for a few weeks but works as a telemarketer. This worries me, since he is way more qualified than me, but has the same position. He was surprised how quick they told me training would be, stating that it took him 2 months to get his license at a previous company. Today I watched one of the telemarketers get called to the office and by the end of the day their desk was freed up. No one acknowledge that they had beed fired, but when a person I'm training with asked if the desk was free, the manager said it was. Side note: all the other trainees seem to be having a lot of fun and have been in good moods, but just can't figure out why? This company is newer, but it has absolutely no reviews from employees. It seems like a lot of the people in management know each other, or at least have for a while, and I feel like an outsider. I just eat lunch in my car, and I can't help but feeling like I'm going to break down due to the uncertainty and financial stress. Who knows, maybe in a month I'll move up, but I can't afford to make 15/hr for more than one month. The work isn't hard, and i feel like I've done well so far, but I have a lot of concerns.
I'm very stressed about money and life right now, and extremely disappointed and lost feeling. Do I go back to my old job and ask for it back? Do I wait a week or two to see if things work out?
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2023.03.29 04:49 chicagoguy-123 Medication for sleep that feels the most natural?

I'm 26 and I took seroquel (the devil) for 7 years for sleep and adderall for 3 years. I got off both about 2 years ago. It's been pretty tough ever since but I finally was able to sleep naturally (even though its never much). I really wanted to live a medication free life but I just started at a new job in a new field and decided to go back on adderall because mentally/cognitively I am still not 100% after getting off of seroquel. I knew the risks (even if the useless psychiatrist didn't) but now I'm back where I started and can't ever fall asleep. What are some medications for sleep that make your sleep still feel natural? I won't survive at this new job without adderal or sleep so I need to find a way to sleep without having another experience where I take a medication that fucks my whole life up.
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2023.03.29 04:49 StonesRok Does Epic experience translate to other fields?

I was recently offered a position as a Server Systems Engineer at Epic, and I am leaning toward accepting it. My biggest concern, however, is that if I take this job I'll be locked into a specific career path for the rest of my life. My undergrad was in Electrical and I don't think I'll want to work in software for the rest of my career. I am worried that taking this position will make getting jobs in the EE field impossible since my experience won't have much overlap. Can anyone confirm if this is the case or not, or if it's hard to say? Any response is appreciated.
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2023.03.29 04:47 Short-Salt-2217 No degree, no certifications, mental and physical health issues, what can I do?

I'm 21 and have arthritis, depression, and many more things but those two are what affects me the most currently. I go to therapy, I cannot afford medication for my arthritis currently even with medicaid and another insurance (as of 2021), I need to get a rheumatologist again and see what my options are, that's on my to do list.
I love creative outlets, love drawing, but I can't do that full time. I would like to find a job where I could manage with both my depression and arthritis, on bad days. If my depression gets bad enough and I'm burn out enough, I will quit jobs immediately. It's a very bad habit and I'm making an effort to fix it. The current job I have is as an office assistant, which I like and it's nearby, but I'm only getting 8 hours a week, they can't offer any more hours.
What options are out there for someone without a college degree (went to college, never finished but would like to go back), and has mental + physical health issues? I'm all ears to also potentials. Currently I'm in a course to become a peer support specialist and hope that that will bring positive change into my life. I have experience with customer service jobs, food service jobs, babysitting, etc. I'm also trying to learn programming to see if I can get into a field that way, or add certifications to my resume.
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2023.03.29 04:45 bummyberry Should I get a degree in graphic design?

Is it worth it going to school for graphic design or should I teach myself graphic design and maybe study marketing or something related?
How is it getting jobs and how you directed yourself to that specific area?
I know it’s a broad field so I just wanna know others peoples experience whether it’s working freelance, with an agency or with a specific company, etc. ALSO any artistic directors who got to where they are thru graphic design?
THANK YOUUUU annnd here’s some context if you want :)
I’m taking a break from uni right now because I want to change my major. I was studying theatre production, but considering where I’m located, the pay, not much stability, and simply the fact that I don’t have much passion for it anymore (at least not as a full time career). I want a stable career with benefits but also be in a relatively creative space.
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2023.03.29 04:45 coder-world231 Which career has more scope in future?

It is difficult to predict which career will have more scope in the future as it depends on several factors, including technological advancements, economic conditions, and social trends. However, some fields are expected to experience growth, such as artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity, renewable energy, and healthcare. It is essential to choose a career that aligns with your interests, skills, and values, and continually develop new skills and knowledge to stay competitive in the job market. Discover the difference between product based vs service based companies and expand your knowledge.
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2023.03.29 04:44 One_Remote_3752 Links to Climate Job Boards For Anyone Looking to Start Working Within The Climate Space

Please share and include any other job boards below!! Instead of posting stuff like like " You can find stuff on Indeed/LinkedIn/GlassDoor etc". I think it would be a lot more helpful to share what sort of things you are typing into the search bars to help others know what sort of things they should be looking for.
If you want, start looking for jobs in the climate space- there are many out there!! And plenty of people who have absolutely ZERO background in science are getting hired. The climate sector knows that we need more and more and more people. So yeah you might not be qualified for all jobs, but there are plenty of jobs that WILL take you. MANY have the mentality of skills can be learned- passion and genuine care for the planet can not be. Also, there are plenty of climate organizations and businesses that still need regular admin stuff, backend tech needs etc. So there is still plenty of opportunity to do something you already know how to do just for a job in the environmental/climate space.
The most important thing about the environmental/climate space is NOTHING is a silver bullet solution, for every suggestion that works for one person/community/country/biome, it won't work for others. It doesn't make it not valid, it just makes it not the solution for that person/community/country etc.
I hope that for all those who interested- these job boards can help you find a job that interests you!
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2023.03.29 04:41 Ag_Rooster [FOR HIRE]

Seeking employment in IT
Location: North Carolina, USA
Skills: user level knowledge of computers
Current benefits: beginning a boot camp for Sec +, active Top Secret Security Clearance
Pay Range: $60k
Honestly I feel as though I’m not home enough with my family. I’m currently working in physical security, I have the drive but not the time to obtain IT Certs. Work is short staff and I just need something with consistent hours so I can begin a normal routine, and find balance with family and career.
Currently in the Army Reserves but even going to the field I have internet and my laptop.
If anyone knows anything or can connect me to a recruiter that could help. I’d even settle for a help desk job for now IF the company can hold my security clearance.
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2023.03.29 04:39 clone33 Spider-man 4 / Back in Black idea

There have been a lot of great Spider-man 4 theories that I have read lately and I am excited to see that many of them have some of the same elements that I was thinking. I think across the board a lot of people are on the same page and can guess what's coming next in some way. Here are my thoughts on what the movie will be...
So, for starters, it'll be called Spider-man: Back In Black. A lot of other people are predicting this. Here's why I think it's going to be the case...
It starts off really simple IMO. Based on the tag in NWH, Eddie / Venom are in earth-616 briefly and the last thing they are talking about w/ the bartender is Spider-man, before getting zapped back into their universe, leaving behind a piece of themselves in the 616. Peter, himself, is at his most loneliest time in his life, so that felt like an amplifier for the symbiote to seek him out, traveling all the way from Mexico to New York. That's the end of Act 1, but leading up to that is the following...
Movie opens with Spider-man in the midst of a fight w/ Scorpion (Mac Gargan) robbing a bank (or something). Spidey gets the best of Scorpion, so it seems, but then realizes he needs to take photos of this event, so he slaps a camera (phone?) to a wall and tries to recreate Scorpion's capture. As a result, Scorpion gets free and almost bests Spider-man. But at the last second Daredevil shows up to help Spidey thwart off Scorpion.
Cut to: Daily Bugle offices. Peter is trying to sell to the Bugle these recent photos of Spider-man & DD fighting Scorpion at the bank. It's reminiscent of the first Sam Raimi Spider-man movie where Jameson is trying to short-change / low ball Peter for a handful of brilliant photos. Peter leaves Jameson's office deflated. Robbie Robertson follows him outside. As they pass the desk closest to Jameson's office Peter says 'hi' real quick to Betty Brandt whose now working as a protege to Jonah. She looks at him weird and they move on.
Meanwhile, Matt Murdock is in the office on the same floor meeting with his friend Karen Page who just took a job there covering Wilson Fisk. She confesses to Matt that she got the job because the only person Jameson admits that he hates more than Spider-man is Wilson Fisk. And because of her previous work with the Bulletin on Fisk, she's just thankful she has a job after a long break from journalism. They are planning to go to lunch together. But Matt suddenly overhears something elsewhere in the office. Matt overhears all of Robbie and Peter's conversation and because he heard Spider-man's voice earlier in the same day as he's heard Peter's voice, he realizes that the two are the same person and suddenly it all comes back to him. Matt remembers Peter Parker is Spider-man. He quickly makes up an excuse to Karen and cancels lunch so that he can go confront Peter. Matt gives Peter a compelling reason to come and meet him on the rooftop of the Bugle and the two let all their cards on the table.
After each has revealed their secret identities to each other, Matt informs Peter that Fisk funded the construction of Scorpion's suit and he needs his help taking them down tonight. Apparently, Fisk stole much of the tech used to make the suit from Stark Tech. This immediately enrages Peter. However, Mac Gargon needs to take time in a warehouse near a pier in the east river to separate himself from the suit and then send it to an undisclosed location so that he can return to his neighborhood with an alibi of his whereabouts during the bank heist. So Matt insists they must crash the party before Mac fully separates himself from the suit, thus placing them both in the same place for the DA to prosecute. Which will then force Mac into a plea bargain that would incriminate Fisk.
The two meet as Daredevil and Spider-man later that same night at the pier mentioned earlier. DD tells Spidey to take out the truck carrying the suit. He'll take out Gargon in his getaway car. It all goes south as the two heroes get separated and Spidey finds himself face-to-face with Black Cat, while DD is off elsewhere fighting Scorpion alone. Spidey & BC fight for a bit before she stops to make him an interesting offer. She says they've only ran into each other tonight because she is trying to steal from Fisk to expose his corruption in the field of philanthropy. He and his wife Vanessa are fanatics about the fine arts. That's what has helped put him in the position for Mayor let's just say. She is trying to expose Fisk in a way that the newspapers haven't tried yet. Spidey says he'll think about it & then reconvenes with DD elsewhere who barely survived his face-off w/ Scorpion.
DD lectures Spider-man on what he did wrong in that operation and starts to sound like Stark or Strange who have done the same thing before to Peter. Spidey tells him he may be on to another way to take down Fisk that DD hasn't thought of yet and begs for him to be given a chance to see it through.
Next day, Peter is attending ESU and Felicia Hardy sits next to him in their Nano-Technology class. His spider-sense goes off the second she sits down. It calms and they bond for a beat. Then, his spider-sense goes off again when their professor Alister Smythe comes out in wheelchair and begins the lecture. Somehow Peter knows that Felecia is Black Cat and Alister Smythe built the Scorpion costume for Fisk (and Gargon).
In another scene between Fisk and Black Cat, it is revealed that he is blackmailing her to do his bidding in order to repay a debt. It turns out her father, who was once a cat-burglar, happened to steal Fisk's painting of 'Rabbit In A Snowstorm' right before the blip, then disappeared with no one knowing of it's whereabouts. Fisk knows her father is out there somewhere once again with that knowledge, so he's strong-arming Felecia's father to come forward and reveal how he can recover his most coveted prize.
Later, Spidey learns that Black Cat and him aren't stealing from Fisk, but rather are stealing FOR Fisk. He calls her on it and the two have a quarrel / go their separate ways.
Peter gets home. Crashes in bed. Symbiote seeps in through his window and creeps its way into his bed with him which leads to a twisted nightmare. Peter then soon wakes up on the side of a skyscraper upside down as Symbiote Spider-man.
And that's all I have for now. Thoughts?
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2023.03.29 04:36 Ag_Rooster [SEEKING EMPLOYMENT]

Seeking employment in IT
Location: North Carolina, USA
Skills: user level knowledge of computers
Current benefits: beginning a boot camp for Sec +, active Top Secret Security Clearance
Pay Range: $60k
Honestly I feel as though I’m not home enough with my family. I’m currently working in physical security, I have the drive but not the time to obtain IT Certs. Work is short staff and I just need something with consistent hours so I can begin a normal routine, and find balance with family and career.
Currently in the Army Reserves but even going to the field I have internet and my laptop.
If anyone knows anything or can connect me to a recruiter that could help. I’d even settle for a help desk job for now IF the company can hold my security clearance.
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2023.03.29 04:32 Jimins_Jammies 7 years autonomous industry experience but not an engineer, am I stuck?

I have been in the autonomous industry for almost 7 years now working hands on with autonomous vehicles. However, I do not have an engineering degree or coding experience. I've never been in management either. What's out there for someone like me that's in the middle? I'm trying to make the next move in my life but every job I'm seeing in the field is asking for an engineering degree or experience in coding, etc that I've never done.
Edit: for background before I got into the field I was pursuing a degree in management/HR. I love the technology and what it's capable of but where I'm at in life undertaking a whole new degree is not feasible. I don't want to leave the industry but I'm not seeing growth potential with my current skill set unless there's something I'm not noticing.
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2023.03.29 04:31 ThrowRAhlk I (24F) think I am starting to fall in love with my (44M) work superior...

Title says the main dilemma, we are not in a relationship, but I'm not sure how else to describe it other than there being "unspoken feelings" between us. I work in the medical field, he is an unmarried/single doctor that I work with, I'm an MA. I'm actually applying to medical schools this year, so of course, I don't plan on initiating anything, and I'm sure he wouldn't think of doing that either.
I work with this man every single day almost, and I'm with him for every single patient he sees. We basically spend the entire day together, and so we have gotten to know each other pretty well. I have found that a lot of women are attracted to him; he actually looks a lot younger than his age, and even his patients (haha) comment on how sweet and attractive he is. So you can probably already imagine how hard it is to not develop *some* type of attraction to him, especially with me spending so much time with him. The reason I feel like I'm in love with him though, is because I essentially have never felt the way I do for him towards anyone else; I don't generally find people sexually attractive, he's genuinely the first person that I have emotional AND sexual attraction towards. Moreover, he's on my mind 24/7, my dreams almost always include him, and I look forward to seeing him everyday; he genuinely gives me something to look forward to and makes the most mundane things enjoyable. Interestingly enough, he has expressed to me that he looks forward to work knowing that I'll be there with him.
At first, I really thought it was work related only, and that because of my quality of work it made his quality of life easier. Over time though, I've noticed that if we don't work together one day, he'll usually message me that day, or over the weekend, to tell me something about my positive about my quality of work (which he tells me nearly every day, and I therefore already know), starting a conversation. Even during his patient encounters, he always finds a way to relate to me or include me in his conversations with his patients, sometimes seeming like he's mainly focused on me rather than the patient at some points. Keep in mind, he has excellent bedside manner, so for him to be doing that is a little odd, and it's just another thing that makes me feel like he has feelings for me. This is a big one; he has mentioned marriage as a topic of conversation several times here and there, and has even gone so far as to give me the advice that I should choose my spouse carefully, etc. Nothing he has ever said or done has felt predatory to me, he does not go out of his way to touch me or anything, he doesn't ask me weirdly personal questions at inappropriate times, we just genuinely have a very good emotional connection. Funnily enough, we actually have opposing viewpoints in a lot of different fields of thought, but that has somehow brought us closer, as it only has fueled more conversation and understanding between us, rather than building a wall. I find that extremely rare in anyone, the ability to overlook differences in viewpoints and actually have thoughtful discussions. He actually, even in his position of power and with all of the knowledge that he has, confides in me for advice, sometimes even related to work. He has shown that he trusts me and my judgement, and has also gone out of his way to show his support a countless number of times. This means a lot to me; I come from a very abusive immigrant family that rarely ever show their support for anything that I do. I haven't had any positive male figures in my life, and I realize that this plays a role in my attraction towards this man.
I guess I'm posting on here because I'm a little ashamed at how emotionally attached I've become to this man who I realistically can never pursue a relationship with. I also want to understand if, from an outsider perspective, it seems like I'm reading a little too much into his actions, or if he also seems to have some kinds of feelings towards me as well. What's interesting too is that when I first met him, he seemed very sad that he is unmarried and would express that he felt as though he had outgrown that possibility (we come from the same cultural background and he is valid in feeling that way in terms of societal acceptance), but now he mentions sometimes without being prompted to, how he would be if he had a wife and children. Anyways, I'm curious to see what you all have to say, and I'm open to criticism if need be.
TLDR; I've never been emotionally/sexually attracted to someone before, until I met my 44M work superior. I feel like he's expressed in several discrete ways that he has feelings towards me/cares about me and my future, but he's also a generally nice and caring person. I work with him nearly every day, think about him all of the time, etc. We have been told that we have good chemistry at work and we complement each other. I've never looked forward to being around/seeing someone as much as I do with him, and he reciprocates my energy. There isn't a real power imbalance, I am financially independent and he can't affect my position in my job, and he actually confides in me about how to handle certain situations at work, as well as emotional and practical situations. I feel like I'm in the wrong for feeling this way, but part of me wishes I could actually be with him. What would be the best course of action in this scenario?
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2023.03.29 04:28 Sea-Forever4144 How Can I Become a Bank Teller?

I'm trying to get a job in banking and would like some advice on how I can land a job as a bank teller. I do not have any experience in banking or have taken courses related to banking or business but would really like to enter that field and explore my career options. So far I only have customer service experience and some college education however when I applied for a bank teller position I was rejected. I would like to know what I need to do in order to stand out to employers and be considered for this position, thanks!
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2023.03.29 04:26 Crossbow_Hunter How to feel like a man while battling homelessness during the worst year of my life?

This scares me because 30 is around the corner and I am trying to build my life back up, but it's taking its toll on me. I feel like less and less of a man the more that I try.
So I lost my home to a natural disaster in the US. I wasn't doing tremendously before, but I was manageable. I had a job that paid the bills, not much more. If I was lucky I could treat myself to a few beers at the end of the month, and I looked forward to those months.
So a few things...
After losing my house, I tried couch hopping. That lasted a few months, but couldn't do it forever. Most of my friends are settled down with partners, and some have children. I understood when they said they couldn't really have me anymore.
I was diagnosed with a vision disease. Not fully blind. Just enough to make it hard to find a good paying job. I was in the army, so that helped me get my current job helping veterans get their school benefits, but I'm helping others without getting help myself.
I shower, brush my teeth, and shave in a mechanics shop that took pity on me. I just have to show up 30 minutes before they open and be gone by the time the door opens.
My job is white collar, but doesn't pay all that much. But it's the best job I've had in a while. I sleep in the parking lot, which turns into a different place at night. I move around occasionally to avoid issues. But my primary base is this parking lot.
I was stabbed about a month ago while trying to shield a girl from a gang fight during a street party that I was walking through. It was FAR from fatal, but that was an extra hospital bill.
I was detained once in the parking lot while a group of ongoers watched. The reason behind this was because I resembled a drug dealer that the police were trying to apprehend. The officer has since been suspended.
A nearby company actually hired a private investigator to follow me because they assumed I had I'll intent on the company's business. It's an oil company, which is taken fairly serious around here. This led to a brief scuffle, which admittedly I started because I didn't know what was going on.
All of this makes me feel like less of a man. Like no matter what I do, I'm doomed. I look at all of my friends who have their affairs in order and wonder why I'm not getting a fair shot at life.
Any advice on how to feel more like a man while going through all of this?
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2023.03.29 04:21 Minister-Of-Darkness Adding Retail Experience to Graphic Design Resume?

Hey folks!
For a little context, I graduated college April of last year with my degree in graphic design and have spent nearly a year rebranding and refining my portfolio, whilst maintaining a part-time retail job. The last graphic design related experience that I had was when I did my internship around the time I officially graduated. In this scenario, would it be a good idea to add my retail experience highlighting the essential skills in the design field (i.e. collaboration, time management, multi-tasking, etc) on my graphic design resume?
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2023.03.29 04:20 Oneoh123 Description of “The Game”

Just finished season 1 for the first time. No spoilers.
The game of the wire: No matter what people get hired or promoted when things are going well for the police. And when they go poorly for the police people get fired demoted or threatened. The efforts of those in power ultimately get co-opted by the system: ie the judge that began helping mcnulty. If one has a personal will they wish to express they must disturb the order of the will of the system. Mcnukty is a fairy tale. A person who has noble direction to their ethics is shown to prove the point of how unlikely it is that someone doesn’t fall into the line of the system ethic. Both institutions operate under strict hierarchies of control. Respecting the hierarchy is seen as morality and not ethic. No matter what when things go well everything stays the same in the drug trade. But when things go poorly people die and others get promoted. No matter what the money and the drugs flow no matter who goes to prison or who is killed. Every space within both systems gets filled once it’s emptied. To a degree it’s arbitrary who fills the space within both institutions when considering the functioning of both systems as a whole. Intuitional success occurs for the police at the misfortune of the drug trade. The drug trade is neutral to the police when it is successful. Therefore the aggressors are the police and not the drug trade at the institutional level. The drug trade is part of not separate to the Justice system. The Justice system does not aim to destroy it as much persist to control it. The drug trade functions to provide a service at its core that will never be quenched of its thirst for the lowest of society and highest or most powerful controllers of the institutional power system. Personal success within the system is about positioning yourself for opportunities and not about doing your job with morality. The Ethic of the system eats away personal morality for rewards of career advancement or potential career advancement. Following orders for both institutions travels the distance between institutional ethic to the imposed morality of the hierarchy. Nobody who is guilty is punished to or for the extent of their crimes because of special interests within the system the guilty represent or imposed on them by the same system that snatched them up in order to use the false excuse to catch a larger fish that is really a veiled attempt to shield those in legitimate power from being found out or held accountable. There is criminal or illegitimate power and there is institutional or legitimate power. Both are corrupted by the other. "it’s a game. you play the game as best you can." The game is played at the behest of its individual institutional sense and corresponding institution to institution sense. Every institution has its own agenda and every agenda has its own institution. But both institutions share 1 thing: money. Money unites the two in games of power. Power is the energy used by both institutions to charge or oil the battery of their machine. The way they both acquire this energy? Money. Money is turned into energy to power both machines of each institution. Mcnulty doesn’t change or effect the system as much churn the wheel of its functionality. It’s strange to say but the system doesn’t function unless some outlier forces it to turn on. Otherwise it just sort of sits there mostly dormant in terms of any institution to institution correspondence beyond the corruption of the drug money traveling to the power controllers of the government. Everyone is powerless to change the system because it creates in them the imposed effort to reinforce it or submit to its will. No single individual can change it as much turn its wheel. You would have to fire everyone within the government in order to change its functionality. It’s one body of cell made up of endless complexity that everyone is confused to be a part of.
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2023.03.29 04:18 RedRobinxox I feel like my husband is starting to resent me being a SAHM

He has always encouraged me to stay home with our child since we could afford to, we moved provinces during my mat leave, so I wasn't able to return to my job anyway. If I bring up going back to work, he reminds me that I won't make much after daycare costs. I wouldn't make much in the field I was working.
Every chance he gets he reminds me that it's better than having to go into work everyday like him or says he would trade places with me in an heart beat, he hates that he has to go to work everyday.. etc. I understand no one wants to work, but I try to remind him I'm not on vacation, I'm looking after our child plus trying to keep up with all the housework since he hardly helps anymore.
It's been almost 3 years, and Im currently pregnant with our second and having a hard time. We tried for almost a year, so I was so happy, but I've been extremely tired and sick, and trying to keep up with my toddler is exhausting.
It seemed as soon as we found out I was pregnant, my husband switched a bit. My husband has been stressed at work and seemed to take it all out on me when I found out I was pregnant, he basically told me he couldn't handle me complaining because he was too stressed at work.
This past month, I haven't had anyone to talk to. He used to be my best friend. I don't have any friends here yet and feel pretty isolated constantly. I feel like we've drifted so far apart, and every time I mention it to him, things get better for a little while, then they go back to this. I don't know what to do. He's miserable coming home from work everyday and I can't seem to say anything to him, for instance if I say “Oh, I'm so tired” he says “well so am I” or if I say I had a bad day with our child, he tells me how awful his day at work was. It's like a weird competition for him.
I guess I just needed to vent it out, has anyone else had this experience with their SO?
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2023.03.29 04:18 No-Priority5118 Which job opportunity should I take?

Which of the two opportunities should I take?
I work in the architectural field and have been with my company for a little less than 5 years. I was super happy when I started this job but over time I have become miserable. Bad management, lack of mentorship, and an overall doubt in my own interest to continue in the arch field. I’ve never been sure I wanted to do this for the next 30 years but I have stayed. I’m underpaid, under appreciated. And getting up every morning takes the life out of me. It’s starting to affect my performance.
I recently got a job offer at another firm that is paying me more and seems to be a little more organized. They seem to be much more appreciative of their employees and want to see them grow. Again this is just based of what I know and can see from the outside.
I have another opportunity with a friend of mine who I used to work with and consider a mentor. He started his own firm after getting laid off from my firm during the pandemic. He’s going three years strong and wants me join him and build this company. He thinks so highly of me. I’m not sure which opportunity to act on. Below is a pros/cons list I put together.
Current Firm Pros- Interesting/enjoyable projects, familiar with work/standards, great coworkers,
Cons- No apparent opportunity for growth, understaffed, lack of mentorship, expected to work long hours, underpaid, not appreciated,
New Firm Pros - Wide variety of projects (higher ed, commercial, some sports), opportunity to work in other areas not just production, offering more money, will be pushed to get licensed
Cons- Unfamiliar with standards(possible learning curve), slightly farther drive, maybe give smaller roles in projects in the beginning,
Friends Firm Pros - Familiar with work, opportunity to manage projects, less stressful work, opportunity build the company by applying what I have learned at current firm, fantastic work culture
Cons- Smaller projects, no 401K or benefits, working with a friend(could strain relationship), super high expectation
I’m stressing about this more than I think I should be. My biggest hurdle is getting over the fact that I actually have to interest in this field and I’d just be leaving a bad situation to a maybe better one. I want more time to find out what I really want to do but have not time or mental capacity with my current situation. Either of these opportunities is prolonging the inevitable but I for sure need to leave my current company.
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2023.03.29 04:15 No-Armadillo-3562 Phone interview for my dream job!

Hello all!
I work in healthcare but my dream has been to work in forensics as an autopsy technician. After years of applying multiple times to my dream location, completing a master's degree in the field, and working at a trauma hospital through the pandemic getting work experience, I finally had a phone interview today!
The interview went great, and now I am waiting to hear back and see if I get a second interview with a panel of professionals who will ask more in-depth questions.
Luckily it would be a zoom-type interview, not in person (yay!) so I don't have to worry about being physically awkward in a room full of people. I have interviewed with them before back in 2019, and they used to do in-person interviews. It was terrifying.
I was hoping to get some advice from fellow folks on the spectrum who also struggle with interviewing. I never know what to say or ask when they say do you have any questions for us? I almost always panic and freeze up, even if I do have questions for them.
Any good general questions to ask an interviewer? Is it better to ask more questions, even if you already know the answer? I don't know what to do!
Or even specific questions related to the job if anyone has some? It is an autopsy technician job - I would be doing the physical dissections and photographing of the bodies and whatnot with a small team of technicians.
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2023.03.29 04:13 LpJmac88 Should I talk to my boss about my low work load or just prepare for the worst and apply for new job?

I’ve been an instrumentation engineer at an Oil & Gas firm for almost 2 years now I came here straight out of college. These past few weeks my work load has been very very slim and I am concerned they might fire me. I am conflicted though because we just had annual reviews for 2022 and I got all good notes and no complaints. Also they consistently talk about their plans for me in the future and what projects I’ll be on. However for at least the past 3 weeks I have struggled to meet 40 hours as I’ve just been picking up mundane around the office tasks to get paid for.
Do I meet with my boss or just apply for new jobs? I’ve heard the job market is very rough right now with lots of lay offs and not a lot of hires.
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2023.03.29 04:12 No_Entertainment5940 Am I really going to be prepared for future careers with my degree options?

TL; DR: Should I pick a career path that I'm more interested in with a potentially good outlook, or one that I'm (possibly) less interested in, but has more job opportunities and a seemingly better future?
Hello, I am trying to decide between electrical engineering (EE), or computer science (CS), and I have been stressed out over this for about a year now. I plan on starting college in the summer. I'm 23 and in South FL now. This will be a long post, just a heads up. I'd say this is one of those passion vs opportunity debates with myself, but I'm passionate about both fields.
General interests
I will start by saying that I find software very interesting. I think many fields of CS are interesting; robotics, cybersecurity, video game development, AI, and networking are the ones I'm interested in the most.
However, I find the fields of EE interesting too, perhaps a bit more than those of CS; power and energy, telecommunications, controls, nanotechnology, also robotics, etc... I find essentially all the fields of electrical engineering interesting, as opposed to only some from computer science. This lack of interest in some of those CS fields is notably due to my lack of information in regard to what they teach. I am still learning and conducting research about what algorithms, data structures, computer architecture, etc. consist of. It all seems almost as interesting so far.
Now, going off that alone, it would make sense to say that I should just go for EE since I seem to like more fields of it than CS and have a stronger interest in them in general, but I start to have my doubts on whether it's worth it when I hear so many people say that it's difficult to find jobs for example, unless you are in a certain geographical location. South FL apparently doesn't have many opportunities for EEs from what I've heard, and what little research I've done for that. I'll leave a link for this as well. Now I am willing to relocate, but I think having that as an option and not a necessity would be better on the nerves. Relocating isn't easy you know.
With CS, jobs are everywhere, and I wouldn't have to worry about my location because I could work remotely (I'm sure I could as an engineer, but I think it's a lot less likely) ...
Another thing I'd like to point out is that I've read articles and forums that have discussed the future of EE that have also said that it isn't growing. I will link them towards the end.
Actual work
While I don't think I'd enjoy learning what I would in CS nearly as much as I would in EE, I can’t say for sure because I’m not too familiar with CS subjects. I do know that I'd feel awful about not learning about electromagnetism and other cool physics. On the other hand, I'd also feel bad about not learning some cool cybersecurity, networking, or AI related topics taught in CS.
Honestly, I don't think I'd enjoy coding all day as a job either. I love coding, but I think I'd rather do it on my own free time, along with cybersecurity, networking projects, and video game making. I've never had to code or do these things for 8 hours a day, so how would I know? This is a similar mindset to not knowing whether or not I'll enjoy CS curriculum and work can be said for EE work as well. I've never had to design, develop, and test electrical equipment before.
If I don't end up picking EE, I'll likely reluctantly choose CS, but then I may end up loving those fields that I'm unfamiliar with in CS just as much as the EE ones... I just don't know... I'm sorry, as you can see this is really stressing me out and I'd just like some help please. I am not fond of uncertainty and I'm often indecisive as such. If you are still reading all of this, then I really appreciate you!
My plan at the moment is to just go for computer engineering (CPE) actually, and just see which classes/subjects I like from there, since I'm told often that it is a good mix between CS and EE. The only reason I wouldn't choose CPE to completely major in is that I have heard that it is better to specialize in one over the other, than to be a jack of all trades. I do think CPE is cool by itself though, so I may end up sticking with it the whole time. I also feel like I may "miss out" on some classes that CS or EE would teach that go into more depth and detail that CPE wouldn't...
If all else fails, I'm becoming an electrician or carpenter. I can't deal with this mess of stress, lol.
That is the end of my stress rant. I hope you all have a wonderful, amazing, and fulfilling year.
Related links:
(Please mind the clickbait headlines)
"Electrical Engineering is dead; long live the past?"
"U.S. predicts zero job growth for electrical engineers."
“Engineers: Employment, pay, and outlook.”
“Occupational Outlook Handbook: Electrical Engineers”
"State map data for Electrical Engineers" (Site updated February 21, 2023)
"Electronics and Electrical Engineering Jobs on the Decline—Can They Be Saved?"
Final thoughts
Maybe EE is declining, but it could be only temporary, maybe it will jump in demand in the future. Just like this CS "bubble" could only be a temporary thing; although I think it's easier to see how CS careers such as AI, cybersecurity, and software development will continue to grow in the future, with the increase in tech and computers everywhere.
I think the same thing is being said about CS, about it becoming more difficult to find work, because of AI; it’s already making art, music, and small programs, and many other things. It’s only a matter of time before it starts doing more complex things, and people are afraid of losing their value.
With CS though, again, it's easier to see why it's likely going to continue to be in demand, with the rise of cyber threats, internet of things (IoT), cloud computing, data science, etc., and you still need people to understand the AI and its work.
It does make sense to say from a general perspective that EEs will be needed as well for future robotics, green/sustainable energy solutions, biomedical engineering, etc.
However, while there are many people that claim that EE is still, or will be, in-demand in the future, I've yet to see any compelling evidence or points brought up as such. I have loved the world of computers since a young age. I am also passionate about physics, and have been since an even younger age, so all of this is coming from a desperate heart, but I must use logic and reasoning as well.
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