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2023.03.29 06:39 Devils6_Lair66Comics So I'm watching the most recent FF cartoon on Disney+ and I see this in the 4th episode...I now have several questions and I don't know if I want the answers to them...

So I'm watching the most recent FF cartoon on Disney+ and I see this in the 4th episode...I now have several questions and I don't know if I want the answers to them... submitted by Devils6_Lair66Comics to Marvel [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 06:38 TheDorkyDeric Took me probably about 5 watch throughs to catch this on the episode “Leela’s Homeworld”

Took me probably about 5 watch throughs to catch this on the episode “Leela’s Homeworld”
It’s always the little things. Lol Oh also. I noticed the adoption dude is a bureaucrat (grade 135).
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2023.03.29 06:38 Castilian_eggs What is YOUR machete order of the DCEU?

I was re-listening to TWP's Shazam! Fury of the Gods review and James mentioned that it should have come out much more quickly to follow up on the first Shazam! film. One of the issues was that Asher Angel aged a lot between the films but there's also the lack of momentum for the Shazam series when you wait four years to do a sequel in an era of constant superhero content.
Which got me thinking of the Star Wars machete order, where some people watch A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, then do the prequel trilogy, and then go back to Return of the Jedi. This is so the storylines of Luke and Anakin end at the same time, and once the 'I am your father' line is revealed, the prequel trilogy then acts as a giant flashback to Anakin's journey to becoming Darth Vader. Some people argue that you can even drop Episode I from the machete order as what you see in A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith fill in almost all of the necessary plot points from The Phantom Menace.
So if you could reorder the DCEU films (and you can drop whatever films you feel are tangential), what order of the DCEU films would you prescribe to people watching (or re-watching) the DCEU?
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2023.03.29 06:33 Able_Grapefruit_1819 The Bay Season 4

We have only one episode of The Bay - Season 4 but read online that all episodes were supposed to be released last week (in the US). Anybody else having this problem? Would like to watch the rest of the season and no idea why only episode is showing up. Thanks.
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2023.03.29 06:31 Moshibear2009 Was just told to give up my dreams since the chances of it happening is basically zero.

Hello. in my last post, I posted about how I didn’t care about anything anymore, but then I discovered I did. This one little thing made me care about my future, and it’s embarrassing so I won’t say what it was but I was just really exited at the possibility of me being able to get it. I knew there was the possibility of rejection, and I knew it was high, but I still wanted to try it out because there was a small possibility that I could get it. I had to start from zero, so I began to start a diet and work out more to get from chubby to skinnier for it, started to work on it at home, get advice from YouTube, see people who got successful by it and that started like me, and it was basically the first time I was exited for the future in a long, long time and i even asked my dad for advice. He gave it to me, and he seemed somewhat supportive. Then, I watched videos on yt that had advice. after a week or so I learnt that it was very complicated so I went to my dad for advice. I explained the entire thing to him and he gave me more advice which I was grateful for. But then I asked the dreaded question, ‘do you think I can complete this in time for the thing I want?’ And he said no. I asked him if I should just give up and he said ‘on this? Yes.’ It crushed me. I knew the chances of my succeeding were astronomically low but hearing that just.. broke me, you know? Like I was looking forwards to my future for this even though I knew it probably wouldn’t happen but damn, getting told that my chances were next to zero was crushing. ..I was only doing what I was doing for that specific thing, and now that I know I should give up I feel like going back to my old habits and not take care of myself anymore. I just feel very sad. Rejection is hard but when it made me look forward to the future (something I wasn’t supposed to do) and make me exited for what’s to come in my life it’s very crushing and depressing to get told it won’t happen.
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2023.03.29 06:30 idiotdropout does anyone have that one shiro meme

does anyone remember that one twitter post of shiro next to a nipped window shirt, and then a edit of it with slav on it? I'm probably not explaining it properly but I'm making my friend watch the show for his first time and I keep remembering old things and now I can't find the image please it's driving me absolutely insane that I can't find it.
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2023.03.29 06:30 kungfulouie69 21 [M4F] New Jersey/PA looking to chat, game, and see where it ends up maybe find my player 2

Hey all I’m a 21 year old just kinda moving through life. It gets a bit lonely out here so I’d like to meet some people to join me along the way. I like a variety of things from puzzles, games, movies, music, and so much more that it be better for you to shoot me a message than for me to type it out. Im 420 friendly and I work a shit ton. I love to go and explore the woods and nature and go see what’s out there like trying to find different abandoned places to explore or just anywhere to disconnect from reality and civilization for a little bit. I am currently also working two jobs and working on furthering my career in the IT field.
😅 not really sure how to do a bio let alone make it sound interesting and I apologize for that in advance.
Well I guess a bit more about me:
I’m 6’0
Brown/black hair
Blue eyes
I normally wear hoodies and sweats in the cold and shorts in the summer but also know the difference between staying in clothes and going out clothes
I’m not a twig but I’m not a big guy plan on getting back to the gym once my schedule lightens up a bit more.
Conversation starters:
What games you play/what you play on?
What kind of music you listen to?
What genre of movies do you enjoy?
What kind of tv shows do you watch?
If you want to see a picture shoot me a DM the one on my profile is from a bit ago I look a bit different than that now.
And anything else under the sun that you can think of I could talk about for
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2023.03.29 06:29 kungfulouie69 21 [M4F] New Jersey/PA looking to chat, game, and see where it ends up maybe find my player 2

Hey all I’m a 21 year old gamer just kinda moving through life. It gets a bit lonely out here so I’d like to meet some people to join me along the way. I like a variety of things from puzzles, games, movies, music, and so much more that it be better for you to shoot me a message than for me to type it out. Im 420 friendly and I work Monday to Friday. I love to go and explore the woods and nature and go see what’s out there like trying to find different abandoned places to explore or just anywhere to disconnect from reality and civilization for a little bit. Working on furthering my career in the IT field.
Well I guess a bit more about me:
I’m 6’0
Brown/black hair
Blue eyes
I normally wear hoodies and sweats in the cold and shorts in the summer but also know the difference between staying in clothes and going out clothes
Conversation starters:
What games you play/what you play on?
What kind of music you listen to?
What genre of movies do you enjoy?
What kind of tv shows do you watch?
If you want to see a picture shoot me a DM the one on my profile is from a bit ago I look a bit different than that now.
And anything else under the sun that you can think of I could talk about for
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2023.03.29 06:28 No_Tomato_3516 BGC4

I’m watching all the older seasons of BGC since I’ve only watched 8-17 fully, I haven’t finished 1-7 all the way and I don’t plan on watching season 1 since it doesn’t seem that fun to watch. But BGC4 is really good so far i’m on episode 9, Natalie is definitely the most entertaining, I have mixed feelings on Amber, Kate is a flip flopper if somebody spit in my face I would never befriend them, and then she goes and spits on Kendra after she just said that that’s the most disrespectful thing you could ever do to someone. I didn’t like Annie at first but now I do as soon as she started stop letting the girls talk to her any type of way, Flo is just Flo honestly 😂 and Lexie is kinda just there right now. I like Kendra but she has some weird flip floppy moments as well. I didn’t really care for Portia that much but she wasn’t bad at all. I’m excited to see how the rest of the season will play out.
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2023.03.29 06:25 realm47 I took my son to a hockey game

I'm a huge fan of live sports (I used to have season tickets to both football and basketball, and would go to the occasional hockey game too). But I hadn't gone to a single sporting event since having kids.
My 4 year old son happily watches sports with me on TV, and is currently most obsessed with hockey. He saw a Blippi video about an ice rink, and was immediately hooked. I took him ice skating last month, and although I had to spend the entire time hunched over holding onto him, he loved every minute of it. For about a month, his favorite toy was a toy Zamboni I bought him.
After celebrating Michigan making it to the Frozen Four this past weekend, I got a little too drunk and decided to impulse-buy two tickets to my local NHL team, with the intention of trying to take my son. My dad used to take me to hockey games before he passed away and they were some of the fondest memories from my youth. I had no idea how my son would handle it, but I figured "you'll never know unless you try", and figured worst case scenario I was out $140.
The next morning when I sobered up, I immediately regretted it. Will he be overwhelmed by all the people? How is he going to handle all the bright lights and loud music? Will he be able to sit still in his seat at all, or will we need to leave immediately? What if he poops himself while we're there, does the arena even allow you to bring bags of stuff with you? How far away will we have to park? Can he walk that far, or will I need to carry him without a stroller? I was seriously considering not going, but my wife convinced me to try it out anyways, so I hesitantly did.
I had no idea what to expect. Anything from "completely overwhelmed total meltdown" to "quietly watches it all in amazement" seemed a possibility. But I'm happy to report that everything went great! Even better than my best case scenario!
We told him for the past few days that he would be going to a hockey game with daddy, and he was very excited about it. On the drive there, we got stuck in traffic for 25 unexpected minutes (which normally really annoys him), but he wasn't bothered. He just kept repeating "let's go to the hockey game". We got there late because of the traffic, so had to park about half a mile away. I was expecting I'd need to carry him most of the way, but he walked it all by himself, holding my hand the entire time. He even walked all the stairs up to the upper section.
He spent most of the time looking around taking in everything. The music and lights didn't seem to bother him at all. There was even an obnoxious fan of the opposing team sitting literally right in front of him who didn't seem to bother him. At several points, he turned to me and said "I'm feeling happy. I love you", which completely melted my heart.
We left after 2 periods (after letting him watch the Zambonis in the 2nd intermission) when he started getting a little antsy, and it was already way past bedtime. I had to carry him back to the car because it was raining, but even getting wet didn't seem to bother him.
The worst part of the entire evening was that the home team lost. I couldn't belive that was the only thing worth complaining about.
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2023.03.29 06:24 Moon____Dog JJ Hates Ted Lasso

I was hoping before the next pod JJ could watch Season 2, Episode 9 of Ted Lasso titled "Beard After Hours" to give us a little review. I'm not a film buff but I thought it was pretty good.
I don't have a certificate of good taste but I feel like if I list off some movies or bands maybe it will buy me some cred to get this thing watched. Here we go.
Movies: Rushmore, City of God, Killer of Sheep, Children of Men, The Commitments, I heart huckabees, The Prestige, Adaptation, The Wrestler, 7 UP series, Boogie Nights, Sweet and Lowdown, Raising Arizona, and you take your pick of blue velvet or wild at heart. I don't know there are a bunch of em.
Anywho, any chance we can get a review of that episode.
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2023.03.29 06:23 Elite_PS1-Hagrid Best way to watch AEW in the US w/o cable?

I was at someone else’s house and saw an ad for slingTV and blurted out “hey that’s how I get AEW TV,” but then I realized “wait a sec, that’s all I do with it. I’m paying $45/month just to watch Dynamite and sometimes Rampage. Tf am I doubt that for?”
I live in the USA so AEW+ is out of the question. I know I could use a VPN, but this is a money issue at hand so signing up for VPN service and then AEW+ on top of that kind of defeats the purpose.
Additionally I live on the west coast so time zones and whatnot in addition to working from 4-midnight at my new job, so I’d have to be able to watch it after it airs. Is there any place that has full episodes to watch later that evening? And does that website allow me to cast to my TV?
Shit in the dark I know. Sorry guys
EDIT: Shot* not “shit” - my bad
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2023.03.29 06:22 graay_ghost Consciousness And Free Will

I guess I find it weird that people are arguing about the nature of consciousness so much in this without intimately connecting it to free will —not in the moral sense, but rather that as conscious beings we have agency to make decisions — considering the dominant materialist viewpoint necessarily endorses free will, doesn’t it?
Like we have a Punnett square, with free will or determinism*, and materialism and non-materialism:
  1. Free will exists, materialism is true — our conscious experience helps us make decisions, as these decisions are real decisions that actually matter in terms of our survival. It is logically consistent, but it makes decisions about how the universe works that are not necessarily true.
  2. Free will exists, non-materialism is true — while this is as consistent as number one, it doesn’t seem to fit to Occam’s razor and adds unnecessary elements to the universe — leads to the interaction problem with dualism, why is the apparently material so persistent in an idealistic universe, etc.
  3. Free will does not exist, non-materialism is true. This is the epiphenominalist position — we are spectators, ultimately victims of the universe as we watch a deterministic world unfold. This position is strange, but in a backwards way makes sense, as how consciousness would arise if ultimately decisions were not decisions but in the end mechanical.
  4. Free will does not exist, materialism is true — this position seems like nonsense to me. I cannot imagine why consciousness would arise materially in a universe where decisions are ultimately made mechanically. This seems to be the worst possible world.
*I really hate compatibilism but in this case we are not talking about “free will” in the moral sense but rather in the survival sense, so compatibilism would be a form of determinism in this matrix.
I realize this is simplistic, but essentially it boils down to something I saw on a 2-year-old post: Determinism says we’re NPCs. NPCs don’t need qualia. So why do we have them? Is there a reason to have qualia that is compatible with materialism where it is not involved in decision making?
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2023.03.29 06:20 TaraJaneDisco Never Noticed This Detail Until Rewatch

This show has so much subtle brilliance. Currently doing a rewatch to get me from new episode to new episode. On Season 1 Episode 3 just now, and Greg is watching a DEI training video (around 31:30). As he does, he turns over his shoulder absentmindedly and sees a train of white, middle-upper class, able-bodied men leaving a boardroom as the video's VO plays talking about Waystar being strongly committed to diverse hiring practices (listing all the diverse criteria). And over that auditory list we see nothing but white men chatter en masse with an ultimate "Fuck you, we are COMPLETELY full of shit about this DEI shit" vibe. I never noticed this the first few watches.
Every time I do a rewatch I spot something that just kills me with it's subtle sarcastic visual commentary and cutting observational wit. Bravo is all. Embarrassed I didn't catch it the first time (to be fair I was probably looking at my phone).
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2023.03.29 06:20 ALLIN95 The Last of Us Part II

So I finally got around to playing this game and just finished it and here are my thoughts: First off; wow. I mean, we all learned to really love Joel and Ellie and their relationship and I was so excited to see where it would go in the second part of the series. I loved how they made him much more emotional and really toned down his masculinity in this one. An interesting choice but an obvious choice to make nonetheless.
Right off the jump, we got a taste of the new direction when an old white man used a slur to insult Ellie and when he tried to apologize by making her a sandwich she refers to it as a "bigot sandwich" audibly yelled "you tell him Ellie" and was so glad she put his prejudices to rest.
Upon Joel's shocking death, I first was angry to see him go, since I was fully invested in this character and went through the emotions of the first game and seeing how he protected Ellie and risked his life for her again and again. However, I knew the direction of the writers wouldn't let me down and this would be a tale of redemption.
Upon playing as Abby, I was first disappointed that I had to play as her since she ruined the life of one of my most beloved characters in any fiction, however I later would learn that I was supposed to actually hate Joel and I just had it all wrong the entire time. They really gained my appreciation for Abby the moment she allowed the pregnant lady to go out in combat with her. I believe Mel said "why would Owen get to decide what I do" and I couldn't agree more. It was up to her to risk her life while carrying a baby and that was an undeniably brave and empowering move by her and no man, not even the father, should have any say in that. Back to Abby; I was shocked by her size but realized that that was my own biases as a man and that was something I had to work on. There's nothing women can't do including having a 4% bmi and have male bodybuilder physique even in the apocalypse and I understand that now. Also gained my appreciation by including a transgender boy that she cares for and respects his pronouns and destroys anyone who deadnames them (I believe this is wh' lie decides not to kill her in the end but we'll get to that)
Seeing the Scars in this game was intriguing. I first thought they were a cannibalistic tribe but yelled with joy when I found out they were a religious group. I mean what a move by the writers making them deranged AND religious. Usually religion is bad and therefore so are anyone who practices them. I loved tearing through them and watching Abby take them out with her brute strength.
The ending although I can see how it was controversial, was perfect. I was glad to see Ellie grow and realize that the entire reason for the journey wasn't worth it anymore. I loved how she started her journey to kill Abby shattered emotionally and she ended it still shattered but also now missing two fingers (obvious but the two fingers leaving her was symbolic of her and Joel's relationship dissolving as she realized he was really the bad guy for protecting her throughout the first game). Also when she had the knife to Lev's throat and Abby remarks "He has nothing to do with this" that was really the moment Ellie decided she was not going to kill Abby because obviously that would be extremely hateful since Abby had to get Lev to the gender reassignment surgery in Seattle.
All in all loved it and can't wait for the next game and all of the representation it will bring.
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2023.03.29 06:19 shandromand Writing Prompt Wednesday #338, 3/29 - Grimm Tai-dings

Greetings, Huntsmen, Huntresses, and gender neutral Hunters! Welcome to another week of writing prompts! If you are new here, this is a community-driven weekly event, and the purpose is primarily to generate creativity and have fun while doing so (whether you are a 100% real-meat person or not, we don't judge).

What will be involved Special Note for Spoilers!:

Each week, three RWBY-related topics will be posted (subject to ties and special events!). Participants can write a short piece of fiction or dialogue based on that prompt. When writing, the suggestion is to aim for 1k-3k words, however, this is not a requirement. There is no goal - this is not a popularity contest - just write and have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)
You may write spoilers for the most recent episode into your works. However, we ask that you treat it like NSFW entries and post elsewhere (FFN, wattpad, etc.), link to it here, and provide proper warnings, okay? Great! <3

Rules (gore, NSFW, spoilers etc.)

The rules are the same as the sub's posting guidelines. Nobody here wants to see your story taken down, so please refer to them before contributing! If someone chooses to ignore these rules, the post will be removed.

Additional information

Pre-writing is welcome! /rwbyprompts is a sub with writing as a focus - there you will find an archive of all the threads as well as a somewhat fleshed-out wiki with odds and ends. :) A detailed spreadsheet of WPW things is here! Keep in mind that this houses a lot of the old prompts, but it also has links and things like early participation to previous WPW threads. We're trying this whole week-to-week thing in the face of the bajillion prompts we had built up. We might do something with them, or people might cycle them back in, who knows what could happen??
Find us on Discord at The Qrow's Nest! The permanent invite has been deleted due to Discord bot shenanigans, so dm shand if you want an invite!

The Prompts!:

  • Qrow should be dead several hundred times over. Yet every time Death goes to collect him, Misfortune finds some new absurd way to foil the poor Reaper's efforts.
  • Taiyang once helped to capture Tyrian Callows. So when Tyrian first sees Jaune, he starts having flashbacks...
  • After falling into the abyss, Ruby wakes up in the past, right before meeting Ozpin.
  • Amber gets the last laugh over Cinder.
Optional prompts that must be combined with one or more of the above:
  • The marvelous misadventures of Rot Flammen, Weiss Schnee, Blau Luft, and Grun Erde.
  • Penny was disappointed to learn that "please" isn't the human equivalent to sudo.
  • A RWBY Chibi sketch(es) based on the fanfic or AU of your choice.
  • After Volume 3, Roman reincarnates as the protagonist of a video game of the author's choice.
  • Team JNPR buys an espresso machine, and Nora tries the first cup.
  • Weiss rants about the lack of bidet in Beacon.
  • Jaune is actually a former GDI commander whose semblance can manifest any GDI equipment. Including the Ion cannons.
  • [Insert villain] didn't realize Mercury and Emerald were an item till they walked in on a moment. Said villain can't help but be awkward about it.
  • Team JNRP meets Jaune's Maternal Grandfather - Siegfried Schtauffen.
  • Cinder suddenly has a personality shift and instead of being evil, she's now super nice.
  • An Isekei Quartet style situation where all the MCs of RT Shows end up in Atlas Academy.
  • RWBY in the style of a film noir.

Next Week's Poll:

The annual Spring Break Beach episode is on, so we're still on last week's poll! :)
The Poll!

Last Week:

Some of the older threads keep getting updates - if you spotted a to be continued, you might wanna go back and have a peek! ;)
The thread
The Prompts:
Last week was our annual Spring Break thread - we had a couple of late posts, so be sure to head back and give Ragnar and Trin some love! <3
Alternate-Secondary Prompts:
  • An AU where Pyrrha is Jaune's childhood friend.
  • Pyrrha's ghost possesses Ruby so she could interact with Jaune. (Nothing "unsafe" happens, though)
  • The tragic story of a young huntress (or huntsman), the ravenous horde of Grimm (s)he has fallen in love with, and the disapproving society keeping them apart.
  • Team WTCH abridges a RWBY episode of your choice (btw the comment isnt stickied).
  • The history of SDC corporate branding.
  • RWBY/HI FI RUSH Crossover!
  • Rather than be inspired by Qrow, Ruby instead bases her weapon(s) and combat style off of a different scythe wielder (not necessarily from the RWBY-verse).
  • Top GeaGrand Tour Remnant Special, featuring Yang Xiao Long. Hilarity ensues, as is the usual for Top GeaGrand Tour.
  • Young Maria going for tryouts at Haven Academy.
  • One character has something in their teeth, and another JUST. CAN'T. STOP. STARING at it.
  • JN_R visits the neighborhood where Pyrrha grew up.
  • Yang finds a Terran main battle tank. Chaos ensues.
  • When Crocea Mors was created, a soul was born in it. This secret is known by the Arc Family only, with the exception of Jaune. So when the sword reawakened, it introduced itself to Jaune while in front to Team JNPR.

Upcoming Events:

Next week is Spring Break!

Important Stuff and Things!

I have managed to rescue /RWBYFanfiction from an untimely demise! If you would like to share your fanfic or make recommendations, head on over there! I know that I've said something special was coming for this, but Ruby on Rails is hard and not cheap to operate. The fanfiction indexer that I was trying to set up just isn't working and probably needs someone with more experience in RoR programming/design. I haven't completely put it to bed, but it might be a while before I can circle back to it. In the meantime, the fanfic sub has actually had a decent amount of postings - head on over and say hi! :)
No matter how bad things may get, words will always have meaning. Now get out there and write something, but most importantly, have fun! :)
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2023.03.29 06:16 Own-Pineapple6272 How do I forgive being diagnosed late?

I (19F) was diagnosed with OCD, GAD, Depression and ASD a couple years ago, around age 16-17, pretty much all at the same time (though we already knew I had depression and anxiety we just didn't really do much to treat it except try general therapy). I've been homeschooled my entire life by my mother, and it just never went well. My mother tried, but I would do this thing we called 'shut down mode' where after a while my mind would just lock and I wouldn't retain anything she'd try to teach me, and after a while she was so tired of fighting about it because it was putting such a strain on our relationship and because of this I didn't learn so many things that feel essential. I DID officially graduate highschool through some special tests I had to take, but I feel so unprepared and stupid that I don't feel capable of college or for the world in general.
I'm angry because I feel like if I had been diagnosed as a child, my mother would've KNOWN that she needed to teach me with different methods I would respond to instead of just trying to push the same stuff to the point where I would shut down. This is even harder to take because my sibling was diagnosed as a child with some of the exact same disorders as me and was accommodated (and often his accommodations would make me struggle even more because we were both homeschooled and had to share the space).
I know my mother feels guilty for missing it. For not realizing for so long what was wrong with me, and my anger isn't JUST at her, it's also at basically everyone because how could no doctors, therapists, friends family or even teachers when I would take random classes outside of the houses, NOT NOTICE HOW MUCH I WAS STRUGGLING.
My disorders, particularly the OCD, have set me back SO. MUCH. I've been working for the last 2-3 years just trying to undo the tightly wrapped rituals I've been stuck doing and it just infuriates me that it was able to grow this badly.
It feels like I've been handed the short straw and it hurts to watch my sibling going to college and learning how to live their life while I'm not sure I even know where to start.
I don't want to feel this way, but I'm just so angry at everybody around me, my parents, my sibling, my old therapists, and I'm torn because half of me is also super angry at myself for not realizing I had these problems but the other half doesn't think I'm at fault at all because I was a child?
So yeah, I'm just upset and a mess and just feel like life is punishing me for the things I did wrong as a child.
Does anyone know how to overcome this? Or has gone through this themselves? I know I probably sound selfish being upset about this when I know my parents tried their best, they love me very much and I feel so guilty for having this resentment in the first place.
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2023.03.29 06:16 JaysterJam A little appreciation for some of my favorite 11th Doctor episodes.

Rewatching Doctor Who twice at the same time currently, but most recently the 11th Doctor's run. He is by far my favorite Doctor for many reasons, but I really wanted to appreciate some of his episodes! feel free to drop your own episode appreciations in the comments I'd love to hear em!
The Eleventh Hour; My top episode, if you were to ask me what my favorite Doctor Who episode was, id say this. Coming off Mr Tennant's run Mr Smith had some very very big shoes to fill, but I think he knocked it right out of the park, watching it as a kid I related to little Amy, and wanted to go through on the adventure, it felt like a fantasy come to life. And as an adult it still holds that same feeling. His little speech at the end and literally walking into place as the new Doctor cemented him as my favorite.
The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang; A wonderful finale for a wonderful first season. The Pandorica's chamber and Stonehenge as a setting was limited, but it really was used very well! The Doctor's speech to literally all his enemies is epic beyond belief and the reveal of the Pandorica not being a cage but a prison was really good. Big Bang was a fun episode, all the interconnecting points between times was really fun when it all unravelled even if predictable. The Doctor's words to little Amy right before the cracks in time close is heartwrenching to me personally. Probably my 2nd favorite finale.
The Doctor's Wife; I will defend this episode till the last tick of my clock, even though it is a very popular episode. The Doctor's Wife did something that I was wanting to see for a veeery long time. Since 10's speaking to the TARDIS more like a friend than a machine (I am aware he also did this in classic who) I wanted to see more TARDIS being sentient and this episode gave it to me. Surannes Jones plays Idris beautifully and really captures the wacky craziness that the TARDIS was feeling, and the moments between the Doctor and TARDIS are so satisfying and fun to watch. I really want more sentient TARDIS moments, give them to me.
The God Complex; A really fun one I don't hear talked about much, The God Complex takes really interesting concepts and subverts them completely. A monster feeding off fear? wrong, feeding off faith. A ruthless Minotaur? no, a solitary, depressed creature who only wants it to end. A maze of massive hotel rooms on an alien planet? no, a prison ship floating aimlessly through space on a broken subroutine. The cast of characters is really fun and the little moment of Rory commenting how Howie just got over a stutter really felt genuine and hit well, even though I didn't know much I felt terrible for his death. The Doctor also just spitting the facts at the end and making Amy loose her faith in him was really well done, specially as an adult who now understands he cradle picked her.
Nightmare in Silver; again, not one I see common positive comments about, but one I love either way. While production was less than smooth, and Mr Smith resented the double acting, I think all parties still did a fine job. It has some of my favorite soundtrack pieces before the finale and Mr Cleaver will always and forever be such a fun character to me. I loved Amy's Choice and what it did to show the Doctor's darkness, and it does it here again in a really fun way. The plot with the emperor is meh at best, but personally the ending makes up for it, Mr Cleaver is just the coolest to me. (Also feel like putting Rings of Akhaten on here is cheating, god tier episode . So this took its place)
The Name / Day / Time of the Doctor; What list of favorite 11 episodes could be completely without mention of the end. Mr Smith's finale 3 full episodes as the Doctor. Name of the Doctor takes what we've seen from Clara's introduction episodes/special and brings it to a close, the Great Intelligence is a fearsome villain with a fearsome plan, ruining the Doctor's life but destroying his personal timeline. Seeing Trenzalore after the build up is surreal, especially when you see the ever expanding corpse of the TARDIS upon the horizon. And of course, the biggest reveal of this special, The War Doctor. John Hurt was a fantastic casting and I know that I had the biggest expression of shock on my face when I first watched it. Day of the Doctor will forever be one of the best overall Doctor Who episodes, I mean c'mon, how could it not be? 10, 11 and War all together, what more to be said?. The saving of Galifrey was really good and the early reveal of the 13th Doctor had me screaming. Plus its OST is absolutely incredible! Time of the Doctor is a funny one, coming into it was upsetting, it was the end of my favorite Doctor. But at the same time I couldn't help but also feel happy to watch it. All good things come to an end, and man he went out with a bang, an explosion of an entire Dalek fleet to be exact! incredible music aside, Time was an amazing send off, the Doctor defending Christmas until all left were the Silence and Daleks. Clara's pleading that lead to the single greatest OST in all of Doctor Who 'Never tell me the rules'. And the granting of a new regeneration cycle. But the real gem of this episode was the pre-regeneration speech. I cant not cry every time, the drop of the bow tie signifying it is truly the end. But his speech stuck out as a note to fans as well as Clara, one which definitely helped me open up to the new Doctor after having 11 for so long. And the inclusion of both little and old Amy was really really heartwarming, like a reverse of Amy's meeting, when he was her imaginary friend and now she is his. The best regeneration of the lot to me personally. And of course... the enterence of Mr Capaldi as the 12th Doctor, who grew to be my 2nd favorite.
So! what are yalls favorite episodes? 11th doctor or otherwise! How do you feel about my takes? Id love to hear it all!
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2023.03.29 06:15 bluesuedeshoezzz Thoughts on the Documentary-Style in the show vs. book?

I’m curious to know everyone’s thoughts on the show’s documentary format?
In my opinion, I felt the show didn’t utilize it as well as they could have and it just sort of fell flat to me. In the book, I felt the documentary framing was a creative way to tell the story and get to know the character’s often differing perspectives. I felt it added some depth and complexity as we were basically piecing together the story from the memories of multiple different people. It also allowed for some funny moments when characters would remember the same situations differently or make quippy comments.
After watching the show, I felt it was kind of just unnecessary since they proceeded to show the events as they actually unfolded, regardless of the different characters’ memories. It also seemed the show didn’t really include the same level of depth or comedic elements the book included.
The attempts to age the actors for the documentary therefore seemed like an unnecessary distraction and I think they could have accomplished the same story without the documentary framing and maybe instead just used a “flash forward” in the final episode.
Curious to know everyone’s thoughts, from both book readers and those who just watched the show!
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2023.03.29 06:15 PrairieGirl89 Regarding Father **spoiler warning**

How do we actually know that Father is Shaun? What proof do we actually have? He honestly could be anyone saying he’s our grown son who’s watched us from a creepy underground lab. Has anyone killed the young synth Shaun to see if he has a component. It bothers me that they are labeled as Father but not Shaun. I wouldn’t put it past the institute for pulling another experiment. For all we know they killed our kid for his genes and this is some old dude who’s trying to stop you from destroying his lab since he saw you easily go through all of the obstacles of the wasteland. It’s hard to not be suspicious of the institute since their so shady.
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2023.03.29 06:14 YourChineseFriendZhi 💥Learning methods for Mandarin Chinese Grammar, Pronunciation and Characters!

💥Chinese grammar, pronunciation and characters
Watch full episode on YouTube: YourChineseFriendZhi
I would say that the essence of grammar is the method of thinking. 🧠Therefore, learning Chinese grammar is to learn the method of thinking in Chinese. Let me explain what I mean by that.
When you hear me ask you questions, your brain has already started to think (hopefully), and the language in your head is most likely your native language. This is why linguistics says that "language is a tool for thinking." ⚙️Because human thinking and language are both linear, the ideas in your head need to be organized step by step according to a set of rules. In language, this rule is grammar, so the most important thing in learning Chinese is to understand and master the way of thinking in Chinese.
🔊Pronunciation is the phonetic system of Chinese; ✍🏻Chinese characters are the writing system of Chinese. They are just two mediums for carrying information. The method to learn them is to understand and memorize the correspondence between information and symbols
Now we know that the starting point of language is the idea you want to express in your mind. Through the organization of grammar and using either the phonetic or writing system, you eventually form sentences to express your idea.
If my content is helpful, please feel free to like, comment, save, share, and follow me. Thank you for your support and encouragement! 💕✨✨✨
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2023.03.29 06:13 slicedfern What should I watch to catch up

The latest episode I’ve seen was the Isshiki arc, which episodes/arcs are worth watching after that?
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