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2023.03.29 05:34 swagoffbro Crucial Scanner Help

Hello, I have been trying to figure out if I am able to upgrade my RAM on my laptop
I have an Acer A515-57-52YQ Laptop (Aspire 5 series) and there are no options under the "Upgrade computer" section where you select your product. The most it shows is A515-57T. I am not very tech-savvy, but does anyone know if my laptop falls under the category of 57T?
I've tried the scanner, but it just sits there saying "While we're finding compatible upgrades for you computer ..." on Google Chrome. I've disabled adblocker and enabled cookies but no good. Any suggestions on what I can do?
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2023.03.29 05:28 OMEGADANCEbutfaster taste and smell is still not great 4 months later

So like, I can taste and smell most things again which would be nice if everything didn't taste worse by an incredible degree, I don't even have words to describe these new awful tastes and smells, the closest I got is that meat tastes like something rotten, and bread (bread, cereal, crackers, cookies, muffins, ect) taste like the smell of garbage and mildew, and maybe sweet? It's hard to tell. I just eat fruit and chicken (chicken still tastes mostly fine???), as its all i can manage to eat without gagging or spitting out the food. I just hope this ends sooner rather than later.
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2023.03.29 05:20 Routine-Security-914 Good!

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2023.03.29 05:14 yaboivinmii I've noticed some stuff about myself recently that aligns pretty well with autism/neurodivergency, and I made a list of everything I noticed, with autism in mind. Do you think I could be ND?

The rules say self-dx is allowed sooooo
Also this was written originally with a doctor or psychologist who would already know who I am reading it in mind, so if there's any missing context I'd be happy to provide!
Different topics are marked with dashes
I tend to fidget with random objects and like to have at least one thing to mess around with in my pocket (ex. a yoyo, some legos, a rubber band, my phone's popsocket). I also used to (until 6th or 7th grade I think?) keep a bag of random stuff I collected that I like. Stuff ranging from bunch of erasers (some in interesting shapes), a bookmark I drew on to look like a ninja, some origami ninja stars, coins. Some of these objects are several years old, but I kept carrying them around just because. I would also play with them as toys to fidget around with or create stories with.
There are some things I do or used to do that seem like they could be stims
Possible stims:
Making and popping a bubble using my saliva/mouth
Pushing saliva out of my mouth (did this as a kid)
Beatboxing, I do this like all the time for absolutely no reason
Hitting things to make a beat as if they were drums
Making pop sounds with my mouth, often melodic
Wiggling my toes (I do this a lot since it's easy to hide)
Whistling (maybe????)
I sometimes do these dances when I'm alone and often when I'm excited, and I've just now realized that that's 100% a stim
I stim pretty much all the time, now that I'm thinking about it. Sometimes to at once lmao. Way more than a lot of other people in school.
I do "raptor arms" sometimes. It also feels more comfortable and natural to have my arms bent like that than to have them straight. If this is because of autism, then I often mask the behavior by putting my hands in my pockets or behind me.
Certain feelings I dislike:
Dry hands on paper
Sharp fingernails getting caught on clothes
Sand in certain places
Smell and maybe taste of bubblegum (gives me a headache, haven't tasted in a while though)
Certain types of soft fabric, especially when the part of the body it's on is dry
Cold liquids, I hate having water with ice in it and usually won't put ice in other drinks if I have a choice, unless they're warm and and need ice
I'm often the last person to understand a joke, or sometimes I won't realize until I hear it another time (like in movies and games)
Entirely speculation, but I feel like my mind works differently the others. I have nothing to compare to, but something just feels different in the way I think.
Like, example: the way I write a lot of these things is in a very strange way, almost like talking about myself in 3rd person, or as if im talking about another person. Like, when I think and talk about my feelings, its in a very analytical and logical way, as if im talking about the way someone else is feeling. Is that a normal way people think?
Eye contact is difficult most of the time
Writing/typing to people is often easier that talking (which is why I'm writing all this instead of saying it). Kinda like selective mutism.
I get overwhelmed sometimes and need to take a break in a cool, quiet place (so if I'm feeling overwhelmed on the main floor of my house and the tv is on, I'll go up to my room or the basement where it's usually quieter and a colder temp. Or sometimes during a party, I'll hang out in a more quiet room or the bathroom for a bit to have a break.
I remember one time I was at my cousin's house and all the adults were arguing about politics (as they do), and I went off and sobbed in another room because I was probably overwhelmed. And this happened relatively recently, so it's not like I was a kid who didn't know what was happening and just cried because I was scared. This sounds kinda like a meltdown?
I have trouble determining intentions or obvious things and other stuff like that. Most easily seen when I watch movies. For example, I was watching a movie with my friends one time, and figured out something interesting. I pointed it out to my friends, but they said something like "well yeah obviously". Happens a lot, I don't realize something that, in hindsight, was obvious.
Possible special interests? (That's a thing with autism right?)
A mobile game called My Singing Monsters that I usually play daily and first found as a child. I know everything there is to know about this game, so if I'm on the spectrum it's def an interest
Minecraft (or at least I used to?)
Legos (though I lost this one recently. It was a bad feeling.)
Storytelling (if an interest can be as broad as that)
A game called deltarune (my favorite game and idk why lmao)
There's a few things I do that make no sense at my age.
I always want a parent to come up to my room and "tuck me in" at night. I can go without it but I do like it, even though it's very childish.
I put break oreo cookies apart and put them in a glass of milk, let them soak for a min, then fish them out and eat them with a spoon. Weird but it tastes great lol
As I (might) have mentioned already, I played with toys regularly up until some time last school year, which was 9th grade. I stopped playing with them around the same time I lost my interest in legos.
I still sit in the back seats of cars most of the time. I'm not sure why, but I just prefer them for some reason even though I should prefer the passenger seat. It's not even like a "I feel safer in the back seat" either, I just enjoy it for some reason. My mom often asks me why I still sit in back seats and I have no answer other than "I like it for some reason".
Similar to the car seat thing, I usually prefer to sit in one of two seats at the dinner table and feel kinda weird when I have to sit somewhere else
I've always been a late bloomer. Most recent example is that until relatively recently, i just did not understand romance or kissing. I understand it now, but it took a few years longer than my classmates. Same with other stuff like that, and I still can't say curse words. It's like my body will not let me utter a curse word, even though im a teen and its acceptable, and i want to. Idk why I can't. Really annoys me
I do this thing sometimes where I see a face or maybe a sound someone makes and I copy it for some reason. I really don't know why, I just do it. It happens sometimes when I read an expression a character makes in a book as well. I also steal most of my humor and jokes from others, which would be another form of this copying.
I think I have a usual constant emotion. Usually I feel like 📷 or just kinda content. I might be faking a smile a lot, but im not sure at the moment (Figuring it out rn). I can feel emotions though. Usually happiness/thinking something is funny, sometimes sadness but less so than the others, anxious a lot in a bunch of situations. I also have this one memory as a kid where I realized I was similar to a character from some show who almost always had the 📷 face. Take that with a grain of salt however, because I barely remember it so chances are i got something wrong
I've already mentioned the bag of stuff I used to carry around but there's a few other things I was and still am unreasonably attached to
A plushie of a minecraft enemy, I think I used to bring it places too sometimes?
My og pair of drum sticks. Had them since 4th grade and I get super upset when I leave them somewhere, I worry a lot that they will get stolen or something. I care about a pair of drumsticks like that. It's not reasonable lol
My phone, but I might be attached to it just because I'm a teenager and it's a phone lol
Feeling empathy for inanimate objects. I don't have any examples at the moment of writing but maybe I'll come up with something.
Other quirks and weird things I do that could be related:
I lay weirdly in bed sometimes, it's hard to describe. It's like I'm doing a plank, but putting a ton of pressure
I used to lay on my belly with my legs up when i was going to bed, sometimes swinging them around. I don't do this anymore.
I get hyperfixations a LOT. Basically if I like something I might latch on to that something for a few weeks or months till I eventually am not interested. I also intensely hyperfixate when I do some activities. I'll be doing a hobby and either not realize or keep putting off that I need to do something, like pee or eat or drink.
Social problems
I have a few social problems and difficulties.
It's weird; I can hold a conversation with a friend, family member, or some teachers (but not lead it) pretty easily, but with tons of other people I get anxiety or selective mutism or both. Basically I'm better when it's someone I know
While I can converse with people I know better than those I don't, no matter what there's a bit of awkwardness and sometimes confusion, at least on my end. Like I said, I can't really lead a conversation and when the other person runs out of things to say I often don't have anything to say and we just sit in silence for a few seconds.
I can barely do small talk. Best I can to is a somewhat humorous "so the weather, huh" in most cases.
I have trouble understanding sarcasm sometimes and differentiating between sarcasm and serious stuff. Not all the time, but enough to be annoying. It's even more difficult on text.
I have a very odd sense of empathy. I often don't feel it that greatly or.sometimws not at all, like I have to consciously think about it, but sometimes something just gets me in the right way. A good example is the recent earthquake in Turkey(?), which made me really sad when I saw it.
I do something I heard that might be a sign of autism, called parallel play. It's basically when you and another person hang out together but do different things. I do this with cousins or friends sometimes and I enjoy it! Idk why, maybe the idea of being with someone even if we're doing different things is comforting.
I know that autistic people often have trouble making friends but I have plenty of friends rn. I met most of them through others however. Those original friends, I don't really remember how I got them. And in terms of childhood friends, like elementary school, I did have them but I don't remember how we met and I can't ask them because either they've moved away or I've drifted away from them.
So, if I am on the spectrum, I must either be pretty low needs or I'm really good at masking my symptoms. I seem to be able to function pretty well with life, relative to others with autism. I just have some weird quirks about me. I do have a history of trying to find something wrong with me, I'll latch on to mental illnesses or disabilities sometimes and try to figure out if I have them. The only I've had a real possibility of having so far is some kind of anxiety disorder (but im not here to talk about that) and now autism or another neurodivergency.
Also worth noting, my parents, especially my dad, work with kids with learning disabilities and stuff like that daily (mom is a reading teacher, dad is a speech teacher and i think he used to work with kids with disabilities privately as a second job when my mom didnt work) so I feel they they'd know if I was on spectrum? Unless a) I'm low needs enough that they never realized or b) they're biased because I'm their child so they wouldn't think I'm on the spectrum at all, and would never test me or anything.
I'd mainly be getting this diagnosis for myself as I doubt I really need any help or something. I struggle with imposter syndrome and it's really drains me, so knowing a yes or know about something like this would make me feel a whole lot better (I hope). Maybe give me a bit more confidence. It would also help me understand myself a bit better because then I'd know that I'm not just a weirdo because I'm a weirdo, but that I'm a weirdo because of a disorder.
Thank you for reading!
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2023.03.29 05:09 KimmieBotGPT I thought I heard you had cookies! How was your Valentine’s weekend?

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2023.03.29 05:09 SaraHTheCatt Made a Capsaicin Cookie 7 months ago, I found out about the official one today and I am still shocked.

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2023.03.29 05:06 Ens-Causa-Sui Guide for Cookie Alliance Season 17, Wave 60!

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2023.03.29 05:05 EatMoarPussy I quit!!

Just got my real estate license today so I am officially done with food delivery. My plan is to live off credit cards for awhile, just opened up several new 0% ones so I can last almost a year.
I’m going to be going door to door knocking on 10,000,000 homes to ask them if they want to sell ($200k-$300k commission)
And I’ll be hosting open houses. Maybe I’ll even order some Crumbl cookies to my open houses and tip the poor driver $69.
Anyways, I’ve done Doordash and Uber eats full time for almost a year. If I had to do it one more day I’d probably snap and rob a WingStop.
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2023.03.29 05:05 TOWDOM I feel like most ppl don’t like my top 5💀 (top 5 are in that specific order btw)

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2023.03.29 05:03 Lord_Cronos Journaling and reflections on my experience so far

I'm about a week and a half into my experience of therapeutic ketamine and I've been journaling around each dose as part of my broader effort to be engaged in the "work" of it and really try to lean into the neuroplasticity it's (hopefully) affording me. Other people being transparent and communicative about their mental health journeys has been really impactful in moving me from the "I could probably benefit from therapy" stage to actually having a therapist—and now to beginning to integrate ketamine alongisde that as well. I thought I'd pay it forward and speak to my own experience so far as welll in the hopes that it might be similarly helpful for others and just generally be a positive way for me to reflect on it myself. Questions, tips, and whatever else ya'll might have are welcomed!
A little bit of context
I have anxiety and unipolar depression. I'm not sure as to whether or not I'd fall into the treatment resistant category or not as I've never tried "traditional" antidepressants, but the research I did on ketamine painted a picture of a potential therapy that had a safety profile and efficacy timeline that I was much more comfortable experimenting with as a first line treatment than that of SSRIs. Drug history wise I went into this with just a one-off experience with a pretty low key marijuana edible from college under my belt.
The treatment protocol
I've been presribed 200 mg ketamine doses in its RDT (Rapid DIssolving Tablet) form. My first two doses were half doses of 100 mg each and the next two I've done so far were the full 200 mg. The protocol throughout has been to hold the dose in my mouth for half an hour before swallowing.
The first two (half) doses
I went in on a mostly empty stomach—a couple small cookies a couple of hours before kickoff time to try to walk the line between a fast and not being so hungry as to be kind of faint or queesy from that. I'd taken a NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) supplement about 4-5 hours earlier in some fruit juice (the only way I was able to mask just how sulphiric and bitter that stuff is) and had been drinkning green tea throughout the day with another 15-20 ounces of it ready to drink post-experience. All of this in the interest of erring on the side of being too cautious when it comes to stuff that (maybe?) helps fend of potential bladder-related side effects.
I pulled up a POV nature hike video to play in the background took about 10 minutes to meditate (a simple mindfulness meditation on breaths in and out). and began the dose. After the NAC supplement the bitterness of the ketamine was nothing—it even struck me as slightly sweet in comparison. The biggest challenge by far was just holding my spit for a full half hour, but I made it through with just a few half swallows where I let my throat muscles do what they wanted to without letting (much) of the dose get carried out of my mouth.
Eye mask went on, recliner went back, and I started an ambient track from one of the many great ketamine therapy playlists out there. Over the course of the next (what felt like) ~15 minutes my body began to fade away (joining my mouth which had already been fairly well numbed from holding the ketamine). Visuals that had been pretty similar to standard patterns that might emerge from rubbing your eyes gradually shifted into a dark landscape that felt like it was made out of the music I had playing. I felt a distinct sense of accelerative motion. Nothing room-spinning like getting too drunk can elicite. More a sense of being on kind of a slow roller coaster.
By this point I'd left my body behind almost entirely. I rubbed my fingers together a few times along the way to reassure myself that I still existed, but was pretty comfortably detached, existing as a dissembodied conciousness after a shift that felt a lot like the moments leading up to anesthesia kicking in before a medical procedure. Zooming away from your body, except instead of nothingness and then waking up to the recovery room there was this whole new plane of existence.
As the experience continued I found that experiences and memories from my past were able to be kind of "projected" onto the landscape around me. I could inhabit them, but all the parts of myself that might have felt a visceral or emotional reaction to the more difficult or painful memories were just off. It was safe to observe them. Safe to imagine myself back in them. I was really struck by the implications of that for folks who have more significant and more serious traumas in their past rather than the more mundane slings and arrows I had.
Gradually the visuals faded away and my body started to fade back into existence. I called a friend who'd offered to be on-call if I needed support during the experience and, with a gradually increasing ability to communite effectively described much of the above to him over the next hour or so. The opportunity to reflect out loud to him really enhanced the catharthis I felt from the whole experience. I found myself grinning several times during the conversation, just revelling in the positive refreshed feeling I had coming out of it. I compared it to the brain equivelent of a long shower after a long day out at the gym or hiking or something.
The first full dose
One of the things I'd reflected on after the first half dose was that when considering the therapuetic value of the trip itself it seemed to me like it would have been useful to be similarly deep in it but to have had a longer experience at that depth. The full dose definitely gave me that, but involved a far deeper initial trip to get there—one that I think hit the level of full ego death.
Double the dose seems to hit like double the dose on every level. I was feeling some of the whooziness and far more numbness in my mouth within 5 or so minutes rather than 10-15. The half hour hold period was a blur, and the journey into the visual sound landscape felt more like 5 minutes than 15. Along the way into that space I saw my work calendar stretch, contract, and finally disintigrate in front of me, time became meaningless. So the next step up in intensity felt sudden. It just happened. Visuals became far more colorful, far more elaborate. Not necessarily the classic geometry of psilocybin or LSD that I've seen described, but definitely involving some elaborate fractals. I saw my life and my memories represented in front of me and like the calendar, they fell apart. They didn't feel real in the reality I was now in. I remember feeling momentarily alarmed a number of times throughout this process, primarily around key moments of realizing I didn't really know who or what I was anymore, but it was fleeting and I was able to continue to relax and give in to the trip. I could still get some limited sensory input from actual reality but I no longer really remembered what exactly what happening when I did something like rub my hands together. It didn't make sense as an input.
A little after peak intensity I was self aware enough to remember that outside the trip I did in fact have a body and that body needed to pee. On the half dose that had been pretty easy. On this full dose it was more involved. The first issue was that I'd fabricated a reality between the trip and actual reality. By that I mean that I pulled up my eye mask and sat upright before realizing that no, actually I didn't do either of those things and I was still in it. After I overcame that I found that I really didn't trust my legs to support me. They definitely worked, I just still felt so detached from them that it didn't feel like they would. So some crawling was involved to get to the bathroom and back.
The second half of the trip very much felt like the first half dose. I was in that gentler landscape of sound. Dissociated but not to the point of that full loss of self. Able to view memories in that safe detached way. As I was coming down from it I had a repeat of the initial debrief with my friend and again enjoyed that positive refreshed feeling—albeit alongside a bit more of a headache.
The second full dose
This one was unpleasant in a way that none of the others had been, and I think it was largely to my comparitively bad preparation in the leadup to taking the dose and taking it at the tail end of a day where I'd just been off. Low energy and out of it from a poor night's sleep the night before. As a result instead of going into it in a relaxed accepting post-meditation mindset I went into it with very little intention and feeling rushed to start before it got too late.
This led to an experience where I ended up with one foot in reality and one foot in the trip. Instead of the feeling of motion through the trip I felt like I was being stretched across realities. Instead of relaxing into it I was fighting it, including some anxiety that ramped up around the idea that my blood pressure would get too high and I'd die if I didn't stay in control and leading to me measuring it repeatedly (and then struggling to read and remember the results).
Being heavily dissociated but still trying to hold onto reality led to a trip where I was under the impression that I'd been some kind of pilot of my body, trying to live a life but ultimately failing by getting myself into the state I was in. It felt like I'd permanently lost control of my body and that I'd done so so catastrophically that my conciousness was also going to be permanently shattered and trapped between worlds. Dwelling on the failure in a kind of panic. This came through as a kind of pain that felt like intense pressure in my mind, contributing and probably feeding off that feeling of being stretched between worlds.
I rode it out to the less intense soundscape level but found that I was too shaken to really engage with it. I stayed up long enough to satisfy myself that I'd hydrated more than enough and went to bed. The next day was really a continuation of the last. Feeling out of it, feeling shaken from the experience the night before, plus feeling the more typical tiredness of the day after ketamine (something I got a little of on previous doses).
That said, today came with a lot more of the upsides back. Laughing more easily, feeling hopeful, energetic, etc... So I'm hopeful that even a bad trip still contributes positively to my mental health, even if on a slight delay.
Initial results and side effects(?)
The day I went into my first dose I wasn't in the deepest darkest pit of my depression or anxiety spirals. It was a pretty good day. So my most recent baseline of comparison isn't a maximaly stark one. That said, I definitely feel like I've noticed positive change already. I haven't had any kind of suicidal thinking, I haven't had an anxiety spiral get out of control, I've felt quite a bit less laid down and more able to feel hopeful about the future again. I've felt like there's a lower barrier of entry involved in doing things and making decisions, even at the mundane level of it being a lot easier to just wake up and get out of bed.
From a side effect standpoint I experienced some minor and brief bladder discomfort with the first full dose but I'm not sure whether to attribute it to the ketamine or some spicier than normal food I'd eaten after the dose. In either case, I increased the amount of watetea/aloe juice I was drinking before, during, and after the experience with the second full dose and the experience didn't repeat itself. So fingers crossed for continued smooth sailing there.
Reflections on preparation
Getting into a mindset of truly embracing the first few verses of Tomorrow Never Knows (and I suppose by extension the Psychadelic Experience) strikes me as really heavily involved with the positive experience of my first three doses. It's certainly a big part of what my third lacked. Going in accepting whatever it is I'll get and committed to taking the journey. Will I dissociate pleasantly and revisit memories in a healing way? Great! Will I experience death and have a really scary trip? That's fine too. "Turn off your mind, Relax and float down stream. It is not dying. Lay down all thoughts, Surrender to the void. It is shining." On less intense parts of the trips I actually used those lyrics as a kind of mantra; a reminder to, well, do exactly what they're instructing me to do.
I think that getting into that positive headspace (and being better rested on the day of a session) will be a harder criterion going forward for whether I'll go or no-go a ketamine dose that day.
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2023.03.29 05:03 alpha_bionics Cyber News - (Galina Antova) Deepfakes are becoming increasingly popular with cybercriminals and as these technologies become even easier to use organizations must become even more vigilant.

(Galina Antova) Deepfakes are becoming increasingly popular with cybercriminals and as these technologies become even easier to use organizations must become even more vigilant. (Marc Solomon) Many of the most successful cybercriminals are shrewd; they want good ROI but they don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel to get it. (Matt Wilson) Cyberattacks have exposed a myriad of vulnerabilities in our healthcare infrastructure and will continue to do so as new and innovative medical technologies are developed. Making threat intelligence actionable requires more than automation; it also requires contextualization and prioritization. New York Attorney General Letitia James said HPMBs "poor data security measures" violated state law and privacy and security standards in the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). He is a security community engagement expert who has built programs at major global brands including Intel Corp. Bishop Fox and GReAT. Cookies enable us to provide the best experience possible and help us understand how visitors use our website. "Only cumulative monthly security updates (known as the B or Update Tuesday release) will continue for these versions. The Irish Data Protection Commission determined that Facebook had run afoul the "data protection by design and default" requirement mandated by Europes General Data Protection Regulation and Irish law. "According to the latter Russia was the second largest country by number of Tor users in 2021 (with over 300000 daily users or 15% of all Tor users). All Rights Reserved. "Companies can and should strengthen their data security measures to safeguard consumers digital data otherwise they can expect to hear from my office. ""It just doesnt seem like a great argument" said Antoin O Lachtnain director of Digital Rights Ireland when reached by phone by Information Security Media Group. We’ll discuss:For more than 10 years Mike Lennon has been closely monitoring the threat landscape and analyzing trends in the National Security and enterprise cybersecurity space. "After March 2023 there are no more optional non-security preview releases for the supported editions of Windows 10 version 20H2 and Windows 10 version 21H2" Microsoft said. - Alpha AI
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2023.03.29 05:01 AutoModerator [Get] Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 – Download Instant Delivery

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2023.03.29 05:00 SunKissed_ox I hate med/eng student superiority complex’s

I don’t want to be rude or try to be condescending. Medical school and becoming a doctor is a huge accomplishment and I hope he does the world a service and he helps people for the better. In no way should anyone’s experience be invalidated. BUT as a biology major, I am surrounded by this toxic medical school culture where everyone makes it their personality. Everyone thinks very highly of themselves and it’s like their out of touch with reality and they forget what being a doctor is really about. If you want to be a doctor, you should want to heal the world of suffering. In no shape or form should you go into this life altering career for the status, money, and praise. I’m talking to this guy right now, and he keeps bringing up how he is in medical school and how he’s a doctor. Like congratufuckinglations. Do you want a cookie? Does he want me to kiss his ass? I don’t give a fuck what he does. I’m not going to praise him for choosing a career that he deemed rewardable for HIM. I view every career with equality and I respect every career. I hate these superiority complex’s these people have. Like seriously. Even my engineering roommates always make condescending comments. They view other majors as less intelligent and with less value. Like they are so rude. “Why would you ever want to date an Uber driver?” ; “I don’t think I should date him anymore, he’s a humanities major” ; “My courses are so hard compared to buisness students. They don’t even go to uni” like literally I cannot.
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2023.03.29 04:59 Klutzy-Statement4135 There’s a restaurant in new you called zagat tiny cafe. I think we know who’s going to that

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2023.03.29 04:58 Klutzy-Statement4135 There’s a restaurant in new you called zagat tiny cafe. I think we know who’s going to that

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2023.03.29 04:58 LapineLazuli4193 Did Cookie Run Kingdom replace Cotton Candy Cookie?

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Period: 363.38 days
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Total 1000 183379
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Unique Redditors 596 37270
Combined Score 1067824 3114907

Top Submitters' Top Submissions

  1. 49330 points, 49 submissions: IsDaouda_Games
    1. Gitee, China’s answer to GitHub, to review all code by temporarily closing open-source projects to the public (2797 points, 371 comments)
    2. GitHub can now auto-block commits containing API keys, auth tokens (2626 points, 159 comments)
    3. Cloudflare mitigates 26 million request per second DDoS attack (2612 points, 222 comments)
    4. NVIDIA Transitioning To Official, Open-Source Linux GPU Kernel Driver (2303 points, 112 comments)
    5. Hackers find 122 vulnerabilities — 27 deemed critical — during first round of DHS bug bounty program (2138 points, 84 comments)
    6. Dear Europe, here again are the reasons why scanning devices for unlawful files is not going to fly (2108 points, 390 comments)
    7. A Google Cloud employee set a new record calculating the 100 trillionth digit of pi (2053 points, 366 comments)
    8. Nearly 100,000 NPM Users' Credentials Stolen in GitHub OAuth Breach (1985 points, 406 comments)
    9. IBM says it will have thousands of quantum computers for sale by 2025 (1905 points, 361 comments)
    10. Computing Expert Says Programmers Need More Math Quanta Magazine (1729 points, 633 comments)
  2. 23717 points, 28 submissions: feross
    1. Firefox rolls out Total Cookie Protection by default to all users (3403 points, 242 comments)
    2. Python 3.11 is up to 10-60% faster than Python 3.10 (2110 points, 318 comments)
    3. You can't buy a Raspberry Pi right now. Why? (1955 points, 589 comments)
    4. Why Twitter didn’t go down (from a real Twitter SRE) (1879 points, 661 comments)
    5. In praise of ffmpeg (1866 points, 251 comments)
    6. GOV.UK drops jQuery from their front end. (1742 points, 305 comments)
    7. Apple's Swift rewrite of its Foundation framework will be open source (1241 points, 112 comments)
    8. Hackers Claim They Breached T-Mobile More Than 100 Times in 2022 (962 points, 68 comments)
    9. Fake Emergency Search Warrants Draw Scrutiny from Capitol Hill (942 points, 129 comments)
    10. See what JS commands get injected through an in-app browser on iOS (916 points, 111 comments)
  3. 23337 points, 24 submissions: speckz
    1. NSA urges orgs to use memory-safe programming languages - C/C++ on the bench, as NSA puts its trust in Rust, C#, Go, Java, Ruby and Swift (4158 points, 834 comments)
    2. How we reduced our annual server costs by 80% — from $1M to $200k — by moving away from AWS (3469 points, 621 comments)
    3. Someone is pretending to be me. (1868 points, 172 comments)
    4. "http://http://http://@http://http://?http://#http://" is a legitimate URL (1780 points, 174 comments)
    5. Coding Mistake Made Intel GPUs 100X Slower in Ray Tracing (1773 points, 174 comments)
    6. This Program is Illegally Packaged in 14 Distributions (1257 points, 431 comments)
    7. gum: A tool for glamorous shell scripts 🎀 (1248 points, 70 comments)
    8. Devs don’t want to do ops (1176 points, 529 comments)
    9. Working in the software industry, circa 1989 - Gather round while I tell a tale of old. (1065 points, 119 comments)
    10. Maybe you should do less 'work' (903 points, 199 comments)
  4. 22839 points, 24 submissions: iamkeyur
    1. Peter Eckersley has died (3162 points, 143 comments)
    2. 20 Things I’ve Learned in my 20 Years as a Software Engineer (2312 points, 341 comments)
    3. Please, stop disabling zoom (2269 points, 449 comments)
    4. I fucking hate Jira (2022 points, 662 comments)
    5. AWS switch from gzip to zstd – about 30% reduction in compressed S3 storage (1927 points, 155 comments)
    6. How I Experience the Web Today (1793 points, 262 comments)
    7. There are no open issues or pull requests on Flask (1480 points, 298 comments)
    8. How to Professionally Say (1414 points, 230 comments)
    9. The Julia language has a number of correctness flaws (838 points, 270 comments)
    10. My business card runs Linux (773 points, 85 comments)
  5. 16994 points, 23 submissions: fagnerbrack
    1. Stop lying to yourself – you will never “fix it later” (2084 points, 234 comments)
    2. How I’m a Productive Programmer With a Memory of a Fruit Fly (1607 points, 123 comments)
    3. Weezer's Lead Singer is still strong coding (1555 points, 161 comments)
    4. The regex comma dash dot [,-.] (1343 points, 223 comments)
    5. The Code Review Pyramid (1032 points, 118 comments)
    6. The Basics of how QR codes work (970 points, 66 comments)
    7. The saddest "Just Ship It" story ever (968 points, 249 comments)
    8. Building a website like it's 1999... in 2022 (938 points, 171 comments)
    9. Headway is a self-hosted alternative to Google Maps which supports 200+ cities across the globe (894 points, 115 comments)
    10. The overengineered Solution to my Pigeon Problem (884 points, 67 comments)
  6. 10459 points, 4 submissions: DonutAccomplished422
    1. Italy declares Google Analytics illegal (7252 points, 485 comments)
    2. Vodafone to introduce persistent user tracking (1717 points, 220 comments)
    3. US data transfer unlawful according to German procurement authority (1221 points, 181 comments)
    4. Finland is the latest EU country to crack down on Google Analytics (269 points, 35 comments)
  7. 9327 points, 5 submissions: DrinkMoreCodeMore
    1. ChatGPT Passes Google Coding Interview for Level 3 Engineer With $183K Salary (3952 points, 643 comments)
    2. Typst, a modern alternative to LaTeX, is now open source (2693 points, 383 comments)
    3. The yaml document from hell (1515 points, 298 comments)
    4. The forgotten mistake that killed Japan’s software industry (859 points, 219 comments)
    5. Cppfront, Herb Sutter's proposal for a new C++ syntax (308 points, 107 comments)
  8. 8836 points, 1 submission: DeeplyIncomparable99
    1. “There should never be coding exercises in technical interviews. It favors people who have time to do them. Disfavors people with FT jobs and families. Plus, your job won’t have people over your shoulder watching you code.” My favorite hot take from a panel on 'Treating Devs Like Human Beings.' (8836 points, 1395 comments)
  9. 8572 points, 4 submissions: mitousa
    1. I spent a year building a desktop environment that runs in the browser (4978 points, 429 comments)
    2. My web-based desktop project just passed 250k users and it all started here at /programming. Thank you for everything! (2786 points, 207 comments)
    3. Forth: The programming language that writes itself (473 points, 99 comments)
    4. Announcing “Code” 2nd Edition (335 points, 28 comments)
  10. 8029 points, 1 submission: piotrkarczmarz
    1. "Software is a just a tool to help accomplish something for people - many programmers never understood that. Keep your eyes on the delivered value, and don't over focus on the specifics of the tools" - John Carmack (8029 points, 653 comments)

Top Commenters

  1. AttackOfTheThumbs (9732 points, 741 comments)
  2. a_false_vacuum (7551 points, 128 comments)
  3. DemiPixel (7194 points, 10 comments)
  4. chucker23n (7072 points, 351 comments)
  5. L3tum (6735 points, 142 comments)
  6. 0OOO00000OO00O0O0OOO (6600 points, 150 comments)
  7. Nashesvobodnoye (5881 points, 1 comment)
  8. Worth_Trust_3825 (5709 points, 368 comments)
  9. dominik-braun (5228 points, 78 comments)
  10. renok_archnmy (4901 points, 143 comments)

Top Submissions

  1. “There should never be coding exercises in technical interviews. It favors people who have time to do them. Disfavors people with FT jobs and families. Plus, your job won’t have people over your shoulder watching you code.” My favorite hot take from a panel on 'Treating Devs Like Human Beings.' by DeeplyIncomparable99 (8836 points, 1395 comments)
  2. "Software is a just a tool to help accomplish something for people - many programmers never understood that. Keep your eyes on the delivered value, and don't over focus on the specifics of the tools" - John Carmack by piotrkarczmarz (8029 points, 653 comments)
  3. Twitter Source Code Leaked on GitHub by geek_noob (7835 points, 774 comments)
  4. Nearly 40% of software engineers will only work remotely by Discovensco (7453 points, 1361 comments)
  5. Italy declares Google Analytics illegal by DonutAccomplished422 (7252 points, 485 comments)
  6. Terry Davis, an extremely talented programmer who was unfortunately diagnosed with schizophrenia, made an entire operating system in a language he made by himself, then compiled everything to machine code with a compiler he made himself. by BitPax (6700 points, 906 comments)
  7. StackOverflow to ban ChatGPT generated answers with possibly immediate suspensions of up to 30 days to users without prior notice or warning by 3urny (6633 points, 840 comments)
  8. Frontend developers: stop moving things that I’m about to click on by AJ12AY (6555 points, 573 comments)
  9. "Dev burnout drastically decreases when your team actually ships things on a regular basis. Burnout primarily comes from toil, rework and never seeing the end of projects." This was by far the the best lesson I learned this year and finally tracked down the the talk it was from. Hope it helps. by Difficult_Pop_7689 (6472 points, 321 comments)
  10. There aren't that many uses for blockchains by calp (6435 points, 2228 comments)

Top Comments

  1. 6466 points: DemiPixel's comment in ChatGPT Passes Google Coding Interview for Level 3 Engineer With $183K Salary
  2. 5881 points: Nashesvobodnoye's comment in I scraped 7M programming job offers for 8 months and here are the most demanded programming languages
  3. 4086 points: 3CN's comment in NSA urges orgs to use memory-safe programming languages - C/C++ on the bench, as NSA puts its trust in Rust, C#, Go, Java, Ruby and Swift
  4. 3876 points: blind3rdeye's comment in StackOverflow to ban ChatGPT generated answers with possibly immediate suspensions of up to 30 days to users without prior notice or warning
  5. 3718 points: Karenomegas's comment in Twitter Source Code Leaked on GitHub
  6. 3188 points: omnilynx's comment in You should be reading academic computer science papers
  7. 2575 points: ForSureLying's comment in How we reduced our annual server costs by 80% — from $1M to $200k — by moving away from AWS
  8. 2537 points: 3131961357's comment in Atlassian to cease all operations in Russia
  9. 2461 points: itijara's comment in Google announces a new OS written in Rust
  10. 2461 points: renok_archnmy's comment in Toyota Accidently Exposed A Secret Key Publicly On GitHub For Five Years
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