MoCo Snow Predictions, Delays, and Closings

2019.01.30 01:21 blue313 MoCo Snow Predictions, Delays, and Closings

The Number 1 Source for Winter Weather Forecasts, Closings, and Delays across Montgomery County, Maryland is Billy Blizzard Boy! Not affiliated with MCPS.

2018.12.08 15:38 TheMoCoShow The MoCoShow

Hey everyone,
I’ve posted some of our stories here a few times, but I wanted to let you know a little bit more about The MoCoShow.
Everything started as MoCoSnow back in 2010. MoCoSnow is a hub for winter weather and school closing/delay predictions for our county.
It got to the point where I wanted to expand beyond weather so I started The MoCoShow...a website, podcast, and associated social media accounts that cover Montgomery County.
It’s not your typical news coverage, as I’m just one person. I try to cover retail (openings/closings), entertainment (through fun facts, celebrities associated with MoCo, and occasionally things to do), history, food, and a little bit of local politics.
We started our podcast this summer. My co-host is Steve Solomon producer and on-air personality from 980’s Steve Czaban Show.
It’s a weekly show that covers things that have happened that week in MoCo as well as the “MoCo Celeb of the Week” and the “Old School Spot of the Week.”
We have weekly guests, but after a brief introduction they just kind of join us to talk about what’s been happening. This is so that our show remains interesting even if you don’t care for the guest that particular week.
You can check us out here (they all offer a different experience):
Website- Instagram- Twitter- Facebook-
Please keep in mind that I’m just one person and this is all self-funded. I also have a full-time job so covering everything isn’t really an option.
Let me know what you think!
Check out The MoCoShow website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and podcast!
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