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2023.03.29 06:38 Particular_Reality_4 Probably going to cancel again.

Probably going to cancel again.
Got a good comeback discount so we decided to try every plate again, ( we canceled due to boxes showing up destroyed 3 times and only getting a credit to our every plate account minus shipping which wasn't a comparable solution ). Anyway.. Tonight I made the creamy lemon herb chicken with roasted sweet potatoes and zucchini . Upon opening up my chicken breast and I use that term loosely, this is what I find, chicken chunks. ( see pictures) I was suspicious due to their size so I weighed them.. finding they are in fact almost 4 oz short of what they claim to have sent, it's supposed to be 20 oz for four servings. As you can see by my scale it's just 16.72 oz. It's pretty pathetic if you ask me.. I'm really glad I only paid about $38 for this box I think I might be canceling again has anyone else had the same problem?
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2023.03.29 06:38 funkymoses Bodycam Footage of Shooting is being shown alot on the news

I know the big "agenda" that will be played out; we need gun reform, no they were mentally ill, Trans, had a grudge against the school from childhood etc.But I want to discuss something a bit smaller scale than that.
It's funny because the last big coverage shooting was the one in Texas where officers were practically scared to enter or act.
It seems the the media REALLY want us to know that the cops were there on taking action, going as far to sync up the time stamps to show how quick to respond.
Not every conspiracy or post has to be groundbreaking or earth shattering. Its just an observation I've made while watched the news and being bombarded with the Body Cam footage of the officers.
I didn't know where else to go to post what I feel is just another round of media manipulation and I feel this is a small part of it. "Make sure they show we took action to protect the kids this time!"
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2023.03.29 06:38 No_Medium3756 Future roomates wants to live in an apartment that im not fine with

So, to give some background: I am a university student currently living in a dorm and I am not very social. I have trouble meeting new people and i dont really have a close friend. So by the time people started deciding who to be roommates with for next year I was still looking for possible roommates as i didn't have anyone close to that wanted to room. As i was deciding that i will probably have to resort to finding some people on the internet. My neighbor in the dorm told me that one of her future roommates decided to take a gap year for next year. I was getting desperate about finding a roommate and apartment since most of the places where getting taken so i asked if i could substitute her friend and be with her next year. She happily accepted at first but i realized a bit later that they didn't actually have a place yet. So i decided to talk to her and her friends about what type of place we would try for and we basically decided on somewhere on the cheaper side, close to campus, and ideally furnished. I tried to look for places and even though most of them were gone by now i found a few ones that fit the criteria we talked about. Cheap, furnished, pretty close. My roommates showed no interest in them, finding the smallest flaws and usually dismissed them quickly. One of the girls eventually set up a visit to a place that they found that in my opinion isn'texactlywhat we agreed upon. The flat is unfurnished and looks like its still under renovation, its not that close to campus or any of the stores, its not that cheap considering we will have to buy furniture, bed frames, desks, table kitchen appliances etc. Moreover none of these people will be on the city during summer so i would be the one living in an empty half renovated apartment alone for 2 months until they come back before the term and decide on what type of furniture to get. Personally im not okay with this idea but everyone else is totally fine with it. I tried to bring up my concerns but they dismissed me saying we are out of options. I am scared to speak up against this place as i am the only one that dislikes it and i joined in pretty late and at this point i feel like i can't just leave them as that would be unfair since I asked to be roommates in the first place and they will have to apartment hunt from scratch with a new number of rooms because of it. Also at this stage it is extremely hard to find a good place alone so im basically screwed if i am not with these people. Am i overreacting? I feel like if i try talking to them they will dismiss me again. Should i try to find new roommates or live alone?
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2023.03.29 06:38 EdgarMarkhov Do these EC’s Give me a Chance At t20’s?

Hi, long time lurker, sometimes poster.
I have seen a lot in the past days about people getting rejected with what I thought were above average stats. Perhaps this is just a bias in the data, but if not, I think I may need a reality check. I am not international btw, and my SAT’s/Grades/IB’s are all standard for top unis.
I am also from a very underrepresented state (like bottom 10 for people who apply to colleges in the T20’s), and am Asian.
I will most likely major in Poli Sci and Government as well, and will most likely go into law.
EC1: Interning/Paging with my State Senate and the US Senate EC2: Worked with Local Campaigns in my Area during election seasons. IE: Volunteering at Info Booth/Info nights, making flyers, door to door knocking etc EC3: Founded My Schools Mock Trial Club, in which we have done successfully at state levels. EC4: Brass Section Leader in my Schools Band, making it to All-State and All-Regionals (state conglomerates). Additionally am the 1st Trumpet in Brass Quintet and am in the Highest Level of the Youth Philharmonic EC5: Government Service Chair in local MYAC, organizing events to get people involved with community/government service, like holding public forums between us and lawmakers, bill writing campaigns for our state, and holding and working with lawyers and lawmakers to write our annualMock Trial Competitions case. EC6: NSDA National Debate Quarter-Finalist, State Champ, with over 1000 points in NSDA EC7: Founder of My Schools Model United Nations, where I and my team have won glory at the state level (best delegate etc). EC8: on the School ACADECA National Team, winning medals at the state and national level. EC9: Class President, organizing volunteer initiatives and schools spirit initiatives. EC10: NHS Chapter VP. Similar to above for EC9.
Some awards (don’t want to list all bc privacy): National Merit Finalist, Presidential Scholar, State Champ Debate, Government Service Award MYAC plus two more in a similar vein
I also peer tutor and obvs have volunteer hours. I am also the founder of my schools DECA club, and we have made it to state. Should I change anything with my order or EC’s? Are these ECs even good?
The hanks for helping a neurotic sophomore seeing all the crazy stuff happening in this sub. Manifesting Ivy Acceptances for y’all.
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2023.03.29 06:37 New-Earth-7767 I don't know how to tell my s/o no.

I(m) don't know how to tell my s/o(f) no. It has happened before but in this situation it has been bothering me quite a bit. About a week ago she had told me she would be hanging out with her friend who was a male soon. When she first said it I was a bit thrown off so I didn't say anything but the next day I asked if she still had this plan and she said yes and asked if I was fine with it and I had actually been able to tell her no that I wasn't and understandably she was upset so we spoke about it. I had been very open in the past that I was very scared of being cheated on especially since in the past she has told me she finds other men attractive on multiple occasions. She attempted to reassure me that she would never do that as she has been through that multiple times in the past but I am still hesitant. Back to the current thing though, she made the argument that being bisexual I haven't had an issue with her hanging out with other women but this is because there has always been multiple other people their in the past or it is with somebody that I know and trust. In this situation she is going to his house and they are going to be alone. We continued talking through this until she had to get off the phone abruptly. I texted her if she would please call me back as soon as possible because I wanted to finish our conversation. When she did she was clearly upset and I said something about it to which our conversation restarted. She told me that he really needed someone there for him right now as his girlfriend has recently broken up with him. While I understand he needed somebody after a break up it made me feel even worse about the situation but I also felt like I was being controlling Eventually I started crying because I felt terrible about it I thought I was being controlling over her. After which eventually I broke and just told her she could go and I want her to have fun. At this point though she had already told the friend and he said he wouldn't if I didn't feel comfortable which I will be honest was really nice of this guy. Even though I felt bad for doing this I did feel somewhat happy because I no long had to worry about that and I hoped we had gotten it out of the way. This was until the next time I went to go hang out with my girlfriend I was with her for a few hours and it had been the first time in a few weeks since we had gotten to be alone together so as would expect I was very happy. I had been there for a while and we had been cuddling when she turned to me and asked if she could please go to the guys house. Even though I should have told her no I said yes. I didn't wanna ruin our day and I really just wanted to make her happy. She told him I was ok with it and now there plans are back on. I've felt terrible for days and I don't know what to do. If I should tell her im not ok with it how do I even say it at this point please help.
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2023.03.29 06:37 ArtTheFox2 What if we put a song lyrics into defination of the character :D?

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2023.03.29 06:37 Any_Suspect_6736 A Quick Guide To Hair Level Understanding


Understanding hair levels may not seem essential to many of us, but it actually affects how we style, color, and take care of our hair significantly. Understanding the level of your hair, which refers to the darkness or brightness of the color, is crucial because it influences the hair care regimen you should use. This quick guidance will explain hair levels and give you advice on how to gauge your hair level.

How Many Hair Levels Are There?

The various hair types are briefly described here:
Hair Level 1; The deepest level, with a black or dark brown color. The majority of those who have it are of African origin.
Hair Level 2; Lighter in tone than Hair Level 1, this level is medium black or natural black.
Hair Level 3; People of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, or South Asian origin frequently have this medium-brown hair level.
Hair Level 4; Dark brown hair at level four is the most typical color for individuals of Asian or Hispanic descent.
Hair Level 5; People of European, Middle Eastern, and South Asian origin have this level of hair, which is light brown in color.
Hair degree 6; People of European descent frequently have this degree of dark blonde hair.
Hair degree 7; People of Northern European or Scandinavian descent have this degree of medium blonde hair.
Hair Level 8; People of Northern European ancestry frequently have hair at this level, which is light blonde.
Hair Level 9; This shade of blonde is extremely uncommon in nature. Hair coloring is a popular method for achieving it.
Hair Level 10; The lightest hair level, level 10 has a pale golden or platinum color.
Before choosing a wig to achieve the desired hair color, it is essential to know your natural hair color level. With this information, you'll be able to pick a wig that matches your skin tone and gives you the appearance you want.

How Do Hair Levels Work?

Hair levels are the units of measurement for determining how black or light a hair color is. Each degree, from 1 (darkest) to 10 (lightest), corresponds to a particular color. In the beauty business, hair levels are used to help stylists choose the best hair color and maintenance schedule for their clients.


Understanding hair levels is necessary to get the perfect hair color. It's important to speak with your stylist and consider your original hair color and level when choosing a new shade. To find the perfect wig hue, visit wig stores.
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2023.03.29 06:36 bbb3301 Summer Courses Prices

Howdy! I am planning on taking 6 credit hours in the summer but I'm really worried about the cost. They are distance education but they aren't section 700 or higher so I am a bit confused how they will price that. I'm also wondering if I will have to pay the others fees like the rec fee and other miscellaneous hefty fees as if we do with our normal fall and spring tuition. If anyone has taken summer courses here at A&M, how many hours did you take and what was the price? I know it ranges but I'm very curious and want to get an idea. T's & G's!
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2023.03.29 06:36 Frequent_Ad_9560 Should I leave My partner

I know this group is for support in breakups so I wanted to see if anyone can help me out. Me and My girlfriend have been together for about a year now but it hasn't been easy. We barely ever see each other and when we do we fight about something and it seems so exhausting for me I often find myself wondering why I let myself get so stressed out about the one person who is supposed to take all My stress away. She gets mad at me for trivial things and to me it doesn't look like a huge deal and that makes her more mad because she thinks I don't care at all about us, which makes me think we are just in 2 different mind sets all the time. I always pour my heart and soul into the relationship regardless of how I'm feeling and love her to the most of my ability but I'm often met with comments saying I don't care about her and I'm not doing enough, part of me gets saddened hearing things come from someone I put so much into but another part of me thinks maybe I'm just not the person she sees herself with and that's my queue to let her get on with life and find someone more fitting to her description. I should also note that a couple of weeks ago i dug up enough courage to tell her that I haven't been feeling happy with us and I don't want to be together anymore, she started crying and begging me to stay and couldn't understand why I was leaving. And seeing her like that made me feel so guilty that I ended up being convinced by her saying it would get better aslong as we both try. However as much as I've tried to make it work I find myself short on fumes from everything before that I feel like it's already gone if that makes sense? Like I did everything I could and fixing it now all seems a little too late, wounds are too deep. I understand I've lost My temper and sometimes been the source of her sadness too I don't think relationships have one completely innocent side but I do feel like maybe it's time to just call it quits and move onto something else. I also can't pkay games with My buddies or see them because she says things like "I see what's more important to you" which gaslights me into not feeling like doing anything. So I just sit alone and try my best to ignore it all. I do love her And she can be great sometimes, she cooks for me and takes care of me when I'm sick and compliments me and buys me gifts and it's really nice to have that side but it's like there's a switch and she becomes this immensely nasty person who wants to hurt me because she's feeling hurt about something. it's very overwhelming.
What does everyone else think I should do?
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2023.03.29 06:36 rbeam229 Do I do it boys?

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2023.03.29 06:36 aroace_sloth My friend might be aromantic

So this girl, I'll just call Alice, has been my friend for about 3 years and she knows that I'm aroace. Quite a few months ago I know she had researched my sexuality and recently she asked me this 'do you ever want to be in love' and I replied with 'sometimes'. She then tells me she's never had a crush before and then we had parted ways because we had places to be. The only reason I'm doubting this is because Alice is the type to make jokes about random miscellaneous things and I can usually tell she's joking but this time I wasn't sure. She sounded kinda serious. Should I ask her? She's not usually one to talk about things seriously so maybe I should. Also I don't want her to think I didn't care or forgot about it cause then she'd probably not ask about it again. What should I do?
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2023.03.29 06:36 holierthanmao Maybe add a lawyer to the writers' room.

I just discovered this show and have found it pretty enjoyable. However, I am 9 episodes in and the legal mistakes keep getting worse.
Most shows will take some liberties when it comes to the timeline of court procedure because a 12 month civil case schedule doesn't fit in a single episode, and whatever, that's fine. But in this show, we have a judge ordering a member of gallery arrested for criminal charges based on testimony during a summary judgment hearing, which is wrong for multiple reasons. There is a judge saying "I hereby move to vacate the conviction", which is wrong. The parties make motions and judges make orders--so a judge "moving" is like the judge was asking permission from tiself to do something.
But episode 9 has been one glaring error after another. In a civil case, they keep talking about getting warrants. Warrants are what law enforcement and prosecutors get in criminal cases, not parties in civil litigation. Margaret (and by extension, Todd) represent the defendant, yet Margaret sends Todd to talk to the plaintiff outside the presence of her attorney (and to speak to her using deception). If that happened in real life, the firm would be disqualified from the case and Margaret's law license would be in serious jeopardy. They also spend the whole case working to further the interests of the plaintiff at the expense of their own client, the corporate defendant, and then just handwave the incredibly serious ethical violation away as being in the interest of the company (even though that tactic was clearly never signed off on by the company and cost them $360 million in shares).
I fully expect media to get legal procedure wrong for the benefit of story and pacing, but when the errors are because the writers' room can't be bothered to figure out they mean "subpoena" instead of "warrant", or "order" instead of "move", its just lazy. Like I said, I am more often than not enjoying the show, but please, if you are going to produce a show about litigation and the courts, run the scripts by someone with some legal knowledge. Please.
End rant.
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2023.03.29 06:36 Ok-Thanks81 7 years out…

Hey. I am new here, however Dday is back in July of 2016. Yes almost seven years ago. I know I might get some hate comments and hopefully some positive ones too. It’s ok though. I am here for help. I am the one that cheated on my husband. It lasted for four months and I trickle truthed him after as well. It was emotional at first for the first two months and then went to physical. There was zero contact about a week after Dday, but I did wave to him at a stop light when my car pulled up next to his about a month later or so. There has been zero cheating. We have been to quite a bit of counseling right after. Did an affair recovery group for a very long time. Few years actually which involved weekly calls. We ended up selling our house, moving cities, selling cars (because we had sex in them), and moving our four beautiful kids (now 18, 15, 12, & 7) to new schools. We together chose to build a house which we are now living in. We have read a lot of books as well. We are now back in counseling again with a counselor I love, but individual counseling right now. Not couple. I have a lot of family of origin issues to deal with however that is no excuse for my actions. I take full responsibility for all my actions. I Take full ownership. It isn’t my husbands fault at all for what I did. It’s mine. I have nothing to defend. I was a horrible person, mom, wife, friend, and all my actions were so unloving and unkind. For all of you that are here and were cheated on, I am so so sorry. It’s not fair for you and you were thrown into this without knowing it was going to happen and without asking to be. No one should have to go through the pain that you are going through. It’s horrible.
A little more background…my oldest knows. We had to tell her why we had to move because she was devastated to move the beginning of junior year. We moved to a different city. 50 min away. We have been in our new home for 1 1/2 years. My husband has always struggled with bad triggers. He tried emdr a little. He wanted all of the details so I gave them to him. He is still struggling with still being married to “a cheater.” Feels like he is not being able to be his genuine self and feels like he is the dealbreaker type of guy. He dreams about being with someone that is “pure,” “not tainted,” and holds a lot of resentment and anger still. He hasn’t forgiven me…I have asked him. A few of his top core values are justice, fairness, and love. He put a post nup together (fall of 2022) on his own with a lawyer that took me a few months to sign but I signed it. I have been a stay at home mom for the last 16 years so there was some fear there because of the financial situation in it and the fear he would just turn around and divorce me. He said he wasn’t thinking about divorce at the time of signing and that it would help him feel some justice. I signed it four months ago hoping it would help him feel that and help him feel more safe. I am by no means not this unicorn recovery wife. I am trying and never want to give up. I have had to deal with Shame issues, controlling mechanisms, I suck at empathy with him at times so our convos about affair stuff goes in a circle. I have been and am growing still, learning, and making changes. I genuinely want to be the best human I can be. I want to be the best wife I can to him and am so grateful for him and all he has done for us. I am very remorseful and feel horrible for him.
He says he still loves me but doesn’t want me. He still likes having sex with me but has triggers still. He has said “I am a great catch” and also that our relationship is better than others without the affair in it. We have a great time together still. He just thinks now he might be happier divorced, with someone that didn’t cheat on him, and apart so he can heal more. He said that “if” we got divorced maybe we would end up back together in a few years and maybe not. He feels like he is faking it with me at times. We will be married for 21 years this august. I don’t even know exactly what I’m looking for. Maybe advice, thoughts, what I can do more of, or anyone that has a similarity. I genuinely love him so much. I want my family to stay together. I know I shouldn’t have done what I did. It was so wrong. Sorry this is long.
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2023.03.29 06:36 chase2g My wife doesn’t want to send me selfie of herself

So my wife and I are in a long distance relationship and I’m in the process of bringing her to live with me in the US. So oftentimes I would ask for selfie of her or pictures/videos of her daily activities. However, she doesn’t want to send me anything especially the selfies. I feel upset and betrayed because I would love to send my pictures or anything for her. I even provide money for her to spend monthly no question ask. I feel like a little a kid throwing tantrums cause I don’t get what I wanted? But we’re husband and wife?!?? What am I missing here?
Is this a sign of one sided love? But we met, got married, and slept together and such. She’s not the type of person to let others touch or near her if she doesn’t love that person. I’m just freaking frustrated because I don’t receive what I reciprocate.
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2023.03.29 06:36 A_Fox_Does_Art How to tell my crush I love her without saying it?

(Not sure ab the tag? This is halfway planning halfway I need advice)I’ve fallen for another one of my friends 😌 I am super bad at friend ships if you can’t tell, but I really wanna say “I love you” without saying it. I know one is “The moon is beautiful tonight, isn’t it?” And I wanna say something like that but something WAY less known. Something she can’t just search up and immediately find out what it means. I cant just say i love you that way, we’re both smart kids and figure things out pretty quickly and she’ll quickly find out I don’t mean the moon. We’re fake married too, we have rainbow loom rings and fake kids rings from a bowling alley/ arcade that I bought for us. She’s honestly super cute and a bit hot. She’s my wallpaper and my Lock Screen so I’m surprised she hasn’t noticed, but my lack of contact is definitely a drawback. She hugs quite a bit, and I don’t like physical contact. I’ve been hugged by three friends my whole life and two of them were because they also like hugs and one of them was my crush. I just need some way to tell her and get it off my chest without ACTUALLY telling her. I cannot ruin my only healthy friendship go to waste because I can’t stop getting crushes on some friends (ex was a friend before, old crush which lasted maybe a few months was also a friend still is, for those who haven’t seen my old posts) so what can I do? Reddit, help me :(
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2023.03.29 06:36 Repulsive-Upstairs-3 $50 trick at The LINQ

Staying Saturday April 29th- May 3rd at the LINQ. Our flight gets into Vegas at 8am. Was thinking of trying the $50 trick along with some politeness and charm to try to get an early check in and upgraded to a 2 queen suite or pool cabana. We need 2 beds. Looking at availability, there's nothing on Saturday though, only single kings, but there is Sunday- Wednesday. If we're willing to switch rooms if they don't have an upgrade available for Saturday night, what is the best way to go about asking for this? Should we check in and just wait until the next day to ask for an upgrade? Or ask when checking in First time to Vegas so trying to learn the ropes. Thank you.
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2023.03.29 06:36 -doves-nest- Alcohol and our moral obligation to avoid it.

I've been off and on here for several years now. And it's like every time I quit drinking, I find a reason to keep going. I hate to tell you all now that I've drank recently. But the more I really feel it now I understand there are more philosophical reasons to not drink (and I think the philosophical reasons are important).
If you don't understand what alcohol really does to you, it's up to us to understand that. And it in fact is a pain in the ass to figure this out despite what anyone will tell you. Alcohol is a filling of a hole inside of us and if you don't figure out what that hole is, it will not result in anything positive for you.
But if you're like me and you've decided that there is a hole, and it in fact is a hole you've been filling for a long fucking time, you are not alone. This hole, my god, it seems like a shallow hole (compared to others). And it only seems shallow because nobody quite understands what you are going through, you are still not alone. The shallowness or depth of the hole is irrelevant. You are far more relevant! And that's really what matters. Who you are. And the depth of you. Because alcohol is a shallow creature waiting to suck the life out of you.
Alcohol has sucked the life out of me for nearly 20 years or more because I have lost all track of it. It's irrelevant the amount of years though. I hope you truly understand this. I've been through the worst shit you could imagine and I'm sure the shit you've been through is worse than I can imagine. It's a fact for all of us. We are all here together for a reason and I implore you to understand that we are all together in this same understanding of what life really is and what it can be most importantly. We are all together as people and we always will be.
If you want to truly understand the relevance of time and the role that alcohol plays, I encourage you greatly to think about what life means to you. What the daily struggle of it means to you. Because whether you understand the philosophical difference of it, we are all in fact one day away from death, every single day we live. This is a fact of life. Every day we grow older, we are in fact closer to this inevitable outcome. This is our chance to be morally cogent with what life gives us and all what life allows us. And this is all life allows us, I assure you, is today. The great gift of today and only that.
Please understand this is not just our opportunity, but our ultimate definition of life in a sense. We must act in a way that represents us as people because we are so darkened by this drug that haunts us. That binds us. That blackens us. Don't let it blacken you too. Live in a different way. Today is what matters and all that is creating the version of you that you want to be.
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2023.03.29 06:36 GreatHornedRat_UWU Writing for ADHD on the Go Tip #1: Routine, or learning how to still be your lazy self and still write stuff

So, I've paused on writing my D&D story series (insert ad: check out my ongoing series Hjulbrek Hunhivehr's Book of Grudges if you're a D&D nerd like me) and I've decided to write this post about what I learned from writing stuff on the side. Keep in mind, this isn't going to be a how-to guide on "becoming more organized" or "write up a diagram of what you want to do"; sometimes stuff like that doesn't work for some people, even though it's important. Instead, I'm going to make a guide on writing for people like me who've spent years making projects, trying to follow through, but eventually just leave then to gather dust on in your laptop/phone/book storage.
Anyway, before I forget to write this post, let's get to it.
Tip #1: Routine
For people with time, money, and good life-choices, it's a hell of a lot more easy to sit down and write; that is, if you're naturally good at writing, that is. Heck, it's a hell of a lot HARDER for people with no time in the day, barely any money to pay off their student loans, and who made the genius decision to apply for a B.F.A. in Theatre. We're getting a little off-topic. If you have neither of the stuff I listen above, you will struggle, and most of your stuff will probably be crap; however, dont be dissuaded to share it with others. Heck, I dare say that it's fine to write crap. Without bad writing, we can't learn to understand what is good writing. That's why it's good to make a routine of it: get the experience first, and then write a classic second.
As a person who hyperfocuses on stuff, I've never been comfortable with writing at a desk. I got too much on my mind every day, so instead I write my thoughts and ideas down so that I don't have bother my family with talking all the time about it. It doesn't matter how I write it down: notebook, phone, laptop, chalkboard, my own skin if I get really bored, just as long as I'm creating something. Some of my best work is actually written down while I'm walking around my city while typing on my phone or on the treadmill; that doesn't work for some people, but for someone like me who's a stocky, absent-minded hick from East Bumblefuck, Saskatchewan, it helps me focus on the writing while also feeling less conscious about my weight.
TLDR: Set up a writing routine; doesn't have to be scheduled by calendar, just write down the foundations of a story and add onto it periodically. Don't stress about the final product, just write it down and look over it; let the stuff flow, and come back later if you got an idea to add.
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2023.03.29 06:36 royerlraph79 My friend [F20] and I [M23] felt empty, sad and "numb" when we merely had to go, I would like to know your opinion on that complex situation

TL;DR: I [M23] hung out one-on-one for the first time with a very good friend [F20] suffering from severe social anxiety, exhibiting the exact opposite behavior as she usually does (confortable with me touching her physically and being close to me, sustained eye contact was frequent, verbal communication was on point, wasn’t showing any sign of shyness or being reserved, etc.), and we both felt the exact same unusual emotions and feelings we aren’t able to precisely identify at the same time when we left each other for the night. I would like some opinions that would help me identify those feelings.
I [M23] don’t tend to overthink stuff like this, and I find this situation particularly weird and the odds seem kinda off to me because this an unusual behavior between us, so here’s the situation: my hospitalized friend [F20] has the right to go anywhere out the hospital for 2 hours every day, so we took that opportunity to see each other and have a great time together at her place. She is usually the kind of person who avoids eye contact and touch, and tends to exhibit signs of severe social anxiety (I’m not making that up, that’s a diagnosis), such as playing with her hair, having difficulty talking coherently or talking at all, being extremely reserved, etc., even with me, having a very good bond since I’m one of the only person who understands what she’s going through and I’m easily able to communicate with her because for some reason, decoding her non verbal language is extremely easy to me and I manage to "convert" her body language into words very accurately, I know for sure because I always ask her if the words I placed match what she is trying to tell me, and her answer is extremely enthusiastic almost every time.
Now, when we saw each other, the EXACT OPPOSITE behaviors were exhibited: very good verbal communication, no trouble having me touching her physically (I’m a nurse student and when I asked if I could listen to her lungs with my stethoscope, she didn’t hesitate to give consent at all, despite letting her know that I had to place the stethoscope directly on her back under her clothes for proper audition), no sign of anxiety, no trouble being physically closer to me than usual, frequent and sustained eye contact, etc.
Additionally, it was the very first time hanging out together one-on-one.
When I dropped her back to the hospital and went back home, I sent her a text message telling her that I strangely felt empty, numb and sad, and that I didn’t understand the nature of these emotions because we had a really great time. She answered that she felt exactly the same. We thought it was really odd for us to feel exactly the same despite not being together anymore when these feelings emerged. So I proposed the hypothesis that since these emotions were not present when we were together, then leaving must have triggered that sudden reversal upon our feelings. She agreed with that idea. We know we are feeling other things too, but we are unable to pinpoint exactly what they are.
So I would like to have your opinion on this situation or some insight because I do not understand. What’s going on? Are we falling in love? Is that what it feels like? I’ve got so many questions. I’ve been in serious romantic relationships before, so what gives?
Anyway, I would be very grateful if someone could help me!
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2023.03.29 06:36 noodlesoup06 Reality Behind Subticks System (My understanding)

After reading the findings by several people who tested the game responsiveness, the bottomline is that the CS2 servers are still running 64 ticks but with better response and enhanced shooting accuracy. In simple words, servers are 64 ticks but they have made the client side subtick. This means the bullets registry etc. will be accurate but you wont feel the same level of smoothness as 128 ticks. I have explained this below.
So, Valve has basically introduced timestamps on client side, so whenever the client sends packet to the server, there is one extra packet which stores the exact timestamps of important moments, this includes shooting and movement etc. The server is still running on old tick, which means there are 64 transactions in a second, but when the server makes calculation, it uses that timestamp in the packet and not the packet receipt time, which means all the bullets are as accurate as they can be. This is a major upgrade over 64 ticks and a cool engineering, but this will still be beaten by faceit when they copy timestamps way of doing things, providing accuracy of subtick + smoothness of 128.
Note that the number of packets sent by client side will now look similar to what we see in 128 ticks because as I mentioned above, the client is now sending one extra packet of timestamps with every original packet. Hence its easy to confuse it with 128 ticks.
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2023.03.29 06:36 StargazerCeleste Federated search for productions of niche musicals?

Hello musicals subreddit!
I'm a huge musicals fan and so is my BFF. My dream is to surprise him with tickets to a niche (read: unpopular) musical that is rarely performed but that we are fond of — think like They're Playing Our Song or Zombie Prom.
I have Google Alerts set up for a bunch of musical titles, but I never get anything in time to arrange a trip; a musical will be playing one weekend a hundred miles away and I don't see a newspaper article about it until the Friday of the weekend in question.
What I would love is some sort of federated search engine where I can search for a musical and see everywhere it's been licensed out for the next X months. I don't care if it's a high school production, a college production, a community theater, a regional playhouse, a touring production, an Off-Off-Broadway show, whatever — I just want to be able to keep tabs on any productions of these very rarely produced shows.
Does anything like this exist, or am I forced to get Google Alerts too late to act on them for the rest of my life? Thanks!!
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2023.03.29 06:35 Terrible-Trust-5578 Could the Tik Tok Ban bill be part of a plan to restore Roe V Wade?

This is probably going to be the dumbest thing you've ever read, but here we go.
I'm thinking this clearly violates the Fourth Amendment, allowing the government to look through texts, emails, and any device hooked up to the internet (security cameras, smart thermostats, etc.) without subpoenas.
But it also reminds me of the right to privacy that the SCOTUS that originally ruled on Roe derived using a lose constructionist interpretation of the Constitution, which was recently overruled.
So what I'm seeing here is that this bill will pass, as it's bipartisan. It has plenty of support, no matter how much constituents protest.
But then, I'm wondering whether SCOTUS will overturn it and in the process, reestablish said right to privacy, thereby laying the framework for codifying Roe.
I know I'm reaching, but...
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