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2021.04.23 00:16 freesoundcloud Playlisted

A Fast growing community of artist with silimiar dreams N goals to be heard.. To be On Top Of Your GAME!! Never pay just play by ear : you can send 1 track per artist per week for guaranteed spot on http://fumacrom.com/CtN9 PLAYLIST Thanks for joining wish you the best on your journey /s Ps. kilomayne That 50 come with 100 Rounds https://soundcloud.com/kilomayne/got-the-lysol-on-deck https://soundcloud.com/kilomayne/likethat

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2020.02.24 04:21 SDResistor Talk about Coronavirus in Michigan

Discuss & share news about Coronavirus in Michigan

2023.03.29 05:30 just_peachy777 Starting at a job w/ base pay, W2 vs self gen?

Currently (23f) I work as a remote insurance agent (although I do not do sales, just customer experience & billing issues mostly) & made around 45k last year w/ hourly & bonus. Great health insurance though, which is important for me.
However, I have been considering getting my MLO license but my biggest concern is not having any leads or having to market as I honestly know nobody, really don’t have any friends, or any that would be in the market to buy anytime in the near future. Sales is not my greatest strength either, but I am pretty extroverted. I do know some companies like Lower & Rocket offer base pay + commission & are W2 so benefits & not having to worry about owing taxes. Are there any places recommended or is this even a good avenue to continue with?
My only other idea is getting into UX design, data analytics or Underwriting. I really just want to find something where I can make 70-80k but I don’t really have the ability to afford to fully go back to school right now so looking at certification options.
I guess to sum it up, is it possible to land a decent job at this that doesn’t feel like a call center or that I don’t need connections to succeed in?
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2023.03.29 05:29 lowkeyalternative lana's collabs and soundtracks

lana's collabs and soundtracks
hi everyone, i'm making a list with all of lana's collaborations, soundtracks, and the songs she puts out with no album (example: looking for america), can someone tell me if i missed any?
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2023.03.29 05:28 soar_high_butterfly Am I overthinking?

I (25f) recently matched with a guy (also 25) this past weekend after about a week or so in my Beeline (got nervous, but eventually decided to go for it!) I wasted no time sending him a message, and got a response a few hours before our match was going to expire. I responded about 3 hours later, and have yet to get a response 2 days later.
My initial thought was that he was probably busy, and responded so we wouldn’t lose the match. But I’ve got this voice in the back of my head that won’t shut up with the possibility that he’s playing me or playing hard to get.
Our profiles are pretty similar in what we want (looking for a relationship, want kids someday, and some similar interests).
Can’t help thinking I’m reading too much into this, or could I be onto something? I’d really like a guy’s opinion on this situation.
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2023.03.29 05:28 Sevey13 What went wrong? FlicFilm Elektra 100

What went wrong? FlicFilm Elektra 100
Not looking for critique on the photo, I know it's not the most interesting, but it best illustrates what seems like an issue I had with the two rolls of FlicFlim Elektra 100 I shot last week. The colors are so desaturated! The grass should be green, and the brown barn in the foreground should be bold, rich, classic red.
Was this user (me) error? Was this developer error? Was this scanner error? Or is this how it's supposed to be? I looked around at other Elektra 100 shots and they didn't come out nearly this desaturated. On top of that, reviews of the film and the film's marketing website boast about how "true color" it is.
I shot this using a Nikon FM, Nikkor-S 1:2.8. Developed and scanned at my local lab. I don't have a scanner. If you'd like to see what someone on Google Earth took at the same spot for color comparison, you can do so here: https://earth.google.com/web/@47.6034046,-122.1639225,22.9126301a,0d,60y,30.22373393h,92.23892024t,0data=IjAKLEFGMVFpcE9BWi14cDBaaEtlWXBjZlZDekdROGlTZUJ3bm9peXlfZmwzSFIzEAU

Any ideas?

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2023.03.29 05:27 pulsating-fork tips on getting a formal diagnosis and other things

i have struggled on and off with agoraphobia since i was 7. since covid lockdown my agoraphobia has kind of taken over my life. but my psychiatrist will not give me the formal diagnosis. i meet all diagnostic criteria. what should i do?
also does anyone have any tips on gaining motivation and establishing a schedule? i’ve been going through so much recently, it’s nearly impossible to even get out of bed. i’ve been in and out of therapy since 5 y/o and i’m losing faith that it will help me.
also what medications have worked for you? i’ve been on hydroxyzine and it literally does nothing for me. i’m on seroquel too for my mood disorder (and my psychiatrist still won’t diagnosis me with bipolar) but my support people and i have deemed that it is not working and is making my bipolar depression worse. if anyone has any personal experience or tips on any of these things, that would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.29 05:27 imthrownaway93 Lots of BH, I have a bicornuate/septate uterus, pregnant w 3rd baby, had my first at 37w, 2nd at 39w, water broke before labor with both, is it likely to happen with this one too? Risk if preterm labor?

My first child I had at 37 weeks, water broke while sleeping, needed pitocin to kick start labor. He was 5lbs 12oz in the 15th percentile size wise. Two years later had a miscarriage where I was then diagnosed with the bicornuate/septate uterus, but OBs and midwives never said anything else about it to me again, even with 2nd pregnancy. (I go to an American Indian hospital and see a different person nearly every visit). My 2nd, I had small tear and lost mucus plug at 39 weeks, told midwife and confirmed positive for water, was sent to L&D where they broke it all the way, had a healthy 8lbs 13oz boy. This time in carrying a girl, at anatomy scan she was in 50th percentile. I get a lot of BH, every time I stand walk or change positions. I try to drink a minimum of 64oz water daily. They told me I’m dehydrated and should drink a gallon a day. I don’t think that’s necessary, I’m not that active, live in mild climate, and am 5’1”. I feel as though I should bring up my uterus concerns with the Drs but I just know they will blow me off and the next one I see will do the same. I’m I at risk for preterm labor?
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2023.03.29 05:27 Goregrip821 Enforceability of a non-compete

Hi all,
I’m a physical therapist out of New York. Earlier this week, a PT company reached out to me and made me a very solid job offer, one that I am very much considering taking. However, I have a non-compete agreement with the first company I worked for, which I left voluntarily in July 2022. Here is the exact verbiage:
“In consideration of Employee's employment, Employee agrees that while Employee is employed by Employer and for a period of (2) years following the termination of Employee's employment with Employer for any reason or no reason (whether voluntary or involuntary, with or without cause), Employee will not directly or indirectly:
2.1 own, manage, operate, finance, join, control, or be connected as an officer, employee, consultant, agent, independent contractor, representative, trustee, partner, stockholder or other equity owner with or otherwise engage in any form of clinical services for a physical therapy company or practice within a fifteen (15) mile radius from the clinic that he/she oversees.
2.2 solicit (or assist in soliciting), directly or indirectly, for the performance of business or services, interfere with or attempt to entice away from Employer or any of its affiliates, or accept such business from any person or entity: (i) which is at the time of such solicitation, or was within twenty-four (24) months prior to such solicitation, a referral source of Employer, or (ii) with whom Employee has (or had) personal contact or dealings on behalf of Employer at any time during the twenty-four (24) months immediately preceding the date of Employee's termination; or (iii) with whom employees reporting to Employee have had dealings on behalf of Employer or any affiliate of Employer at any time during the twenty-four (24) months immediately preceding the date of termination; or (iv) for whom Employee was directly or indirectly responsible at any time during the twenty-four (24) months immediately preceding the date of termination; or solicit (or assist in soliciting), directly or indirectly, for employment, employ, interfere with or attempt to entice away from Employer or any of Employer's affiliates any person who is an employee, consultant or agent of Employer or any of Employer's affiliates, who Employee came into contact with during employment, learned about during employment or obtained knowledge of such person's skills and abilities during employment with Employer; or solicit (or assist in soliciting), directly or indirectly, any supplier or licensee of Employer with whom Employee or Employee's subordinates or designees had contact or obtained confidential information regarding during employment with Employer.”
The clinic that I would potentially be joining is within a 15 mile radius of the clinic that I used to work at.
For information’s sake, there is also a clause that states that I would be expected to cover any attorney’s fees for the employer, should they take me to court:
“Further, Employee agrees that if Employee breaches any of the covenants set forth herein, the restrictive period will be extended by a period equal to the period of time during which Employee breached the Agreement. Employee also agrees that Employee is obligated to disgorge all wages if Employee breaches Employee's duty of loyalty to Employer during Employee's employment. Employer and its affiliates shall be entitled to recover from Employee and shall be responsible to pay all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by Employer in enforcing the terms of this Agreement. All of the rights and remedies of Employer shall be cumulative and not alternative.”
I would very much like to take this standing job offer, but I fear that my previous company would threaten to enforce the non-compete. I’ve read before that New York is pretty favorable towards employees regarding lawsuits. Does the duration (2 years) and distance (15 miles) seem reasonable enough to be enforced if my employer were to challenge me? Or should I just continue to wait out the two years before considering returning to the area?
If further information is required I am more than happy to share. Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.29 05:27 F4Y2 My drawing of Ludwig, took me 27 hours. Thoughts?

My drawing of Ludwig, took me 27 hours. Thoughts? submitted by F4Y2 to LudwigAhgren [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 05:26 Herhighness99 Depression symptoms?

Hi. I am 24(F). I have not been doing so well. Forgive any grammatical errors, English is not my first language. Anyway, I am actually at a good place right now. Things have been working out for me for a while now. Doors open out of nowhere and opportunities just always seem to find me and yet, I feel empty. At first I am excited for them, I am mostly excited because my parents are proud and everyones just happy for me. But then when all that is done, I just feel bleh. My room is completely messy most of the time. I am lonely. I stopped working out. Showering everyday is a problem. I could go for days. I don’t wanna talk to people. I try to keep this front of being happy and satisfied because I never want to worry my parents. Most times I feel pathetic about myself. I hate how I look. I am even scared of saying this out loud because people will think I am not grateful and my parents will think I am not being serious . I lack the strength to do even the basic things. I just wanna lock myself up and sleep in a corner.I feel so alone. Lately I wonder what I am doing here. What my purpose is. Why everyone else has it figure out and I don’t 😞gosh I could go on forever since I never talk about this with people. I have turned to the internet today in hopes of getting some answers. I cannot talk to my parents, siblings or friends, every one looks up to me. I always carry out the responsibilities, I have no time for sadness. Oh wait…also, do not get me started on my sudden social anxiety that appeared from nowhere😣 Please also advise me on how to keep a routine. Thankyou
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2023.03.29 05:26 Iwfcyb TLOU2 Early Game Rewrite Outline

TLOU2 Early Game Rewrite Outline
So I've had this sitting on my PC since moments after I finished the sequel and was exceedingly put off by the choices they made in the story, so as a sort of venting of frustrations, I banged out some early game changes in rough outline format that I feel would have fixed a majority of the problems with the way Naughty Dog handled it while hopefully making it a little more interesting and "deeper" than the original.
It's 10 pages (so feel free to skip if that's too much) and covers from the time of Joel and Ellie's fight about not giving her a choice up until Joel's death. My goal with this was to try and fix the issues I had with the story while maintaining as many of the story beats Druckmann clearly wanted in his story.
Curious if you guys feel this is better or worse than the original, and what changes you'd have personally made to either my rewrite or the original story in general.
Please keep in mind this is an extremely rough outline that I banged out in about an hour, so go easy on me. Lol
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2023.03.29 05:26 BurnBrightPhoenix Just ended up losing 5.5$ today

I hadn't eaten anything today since 1pm which was a sandwich and the first meal of the day. And after a bunch of classes, i was starving and thought id chat up a few undergrads and see if anyone would be willing to sell me a meal-block, and help in me saving money instead of buying food at an atrocious price.
Anyway, the guy placed an order which was not received by the restaurant and the app said it was ready and couldn't be cancelled. So i was left hungry for another class until i could finally get done and go home and eat something. And well, that money was lost
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2023.03.29 05:26 AdTimely6684 Box Braids or Knotless Braids

So, as you can guess from the title. I’m trying to decide between my go-to box braids or get knotless. I am a orientation leader for my school this summer, so I’m not trying to be tussling with my hair at 5 o’clock in the morning. I have 4b/c hair and one of the main reasons why I’m considering knotless is because I heard it doesn’t hurt after it’s installed, so it was better for those with sensitive scalps.
That’s my main problem with my lovely box braids. THEY HURT SO MUCH. It only last a few days but I literally cannot move a single strand or else I’m internally crying. The last time I got box braids and my mother moved a few strands to check it out, I had to stop myself from tearing up. Another thing that happened last time was that after the pain went away a few days later, it was replaced by this tickling sensation that would come and go. It felt like a bug was crawling on my scalp before going back onto my hair only to do the same thing a few minutes to hour later. It wasn’t like I had lice or my hair wasn’t washed, so, that was VERY concerning.
My mother told me they weren’t supposed to hurt but I get braids once a year, so my scalp isn’t used to that tension. Furthermore, every single braiding experience I had resulted in a few days worth of pain. Even when I got jumbo Conroe braids.
Now that I’m done with the background info, here’s the questions I have:
-which one last longer ? -Pros and Cons of Knotless -Dos and Don’ts of Knotless -how to maintain the hairstyle and take of my natural hair ?(I always struggle with this) -Price range for each in Houston?
Sorry if this post seems really demanding, I just really want to have as much information as possible. So, thank you in advance ☺️.
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2023.03.29 05:26 BlancoMuerte I let down a friend

Saturday morning a buddy of mine called. We had talked for hours catching up as it had been about a year since we last talked. Reminiscing on all the shenanigans, talking about what we had going on in life, and finally made plans to visit later in the year. He thanked me for taking the call so late and vented to me about issues he was having. 3.5 hour phone call with someone I only served with for a short time but a man that is a close friend.
Today his mom reached out to me, I was the last person he spoke to before ending his life. My friend reached out to me in a time of need but I didn't know that. I didn't know he was hurt or struggling that bad. I failed him. I failed his mother, his daughter, all of his family.
I don't know how to feel now. I don't know what to say to his family. I just feel like I fucked up.
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2023.03.29 05:25 Sad_Manner478 CAFESSSS

I am looking for either cafes or study areas that open throughout the night in ramadan or more like 24 hours?
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2023.03.29 05:25 suspicioussoup404 My boyfriend might break up with me on Thursday

That’s it really. I don’t have enough energy to type up our whole story. We’ve been together since June of last year and it hasn’t been easy by any means. We’ve faced a ton of problems and things hit an all time low point this January. Things have been awful and horrible since then but I never gave up fighting for us because I knew that we could make it work and get things back to the way they were, but better and improved with healthier communication and stuff. And you know what? It did get better. We got to that place again and I was in complete bliss but the universe is a cruel fucking bitch and more shit ended up happening and now he’s seriously considering leaving.
He told me his thoughts last weekend. He wanted to be completely transparent with me and he made it clear that while he needed just a bit more time to think, he was heavily leaning towards leaving.
His reasons are somewhat valid. Different life goals and him possibly moving overseas for work when he graduates and all that. I get it. Of course there are other reasons as well, but to me though, I don’t think it’s necessary to throw away what we have together over hypotheticals. As much as you might want to plan out your future, life is extremely unpredictable. Why break up now because you MIGHT move to Germany? Why can’t we cross that bridge if and when we come to it? There’s a chance it won’t even fucking happen anyway!!!
He needed more time to think and I needed to set aside time to grieve. I’m a nanny for a one year old and I need to be in a decent mental headspace to play with her and have enough energy to be able to chase her all over the house. My schedule is Mon-Thurs and I get Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off always. I figured if we broke up on Thursday, I’d have Thursday night as well as the next three days in a row to grieve and cry my eyes out before I have to go back to work with a smile on my face. We both agreed that waiting till Thursday made the most sense.
In the meantime though, I truly feel like I’m losing my mind. Part of me is thoroughly convinced there’s no way he’ll actually be able to go through with it. But the other part of me is completely terrified of losing him and isn’t as confident that he won’t leave. I’m in this weird limbo between feeling okay and optimistic one minute and then going into a full blown panic the next.
We saw each other last night and watched a movie together and ordered Pizza Hut. Today we went grocery shopping together. Both were very fun and overall a genuinely wonderful time. It was so relaxing too. Kind of like the eye of a hurricane almost. Just him and I functioning together completely normal. Laughing, making jokes, just our normal everyday bullshit. But both nights ended with me sobbing into his arms because despite those beautiful moments we shared, he’s still leaning towards leaving.
Tomorrow night is Wednesday and we’re going out on a date. We both decided that we’d like to do this so that if we do end up separating, we’ll have had one last date night together where we dress up nice and have a few drinks and go back to his place after. I asked if I could be in charge of planning it so I’m going to surprise him by taking him to the restaurant where we had our first date. It just felt fitting to me.
And then it will be Thursday and we’ll meet up to talk. I’m hoping and praying that he’ll have taken into consideration all of the things I’ve said over these past couple of days about working through our problems and waiting to tackle gigantic things like potential moves until they’re actually here. I hope that Thursday will end with me snuggled up next to him in bed and waking up to his beautiful smiling face the next morning.
But I also know that there’s a very strong possibility that that won’t be the case. That Thursday night will be the last time I ever see him. I haven’t told any of my friends or family. I don’t want any of their advice or outside influence. I want to deal with this in private, but it’s also such a heavy burden to carry, which is why I’m sending this out into the void of the internet. I got to type out how I’m feeling and for now, that’s enough to keep me from crying. Maybe I’ll start crying again later tonight and if I do that’s okay. I’ve said all I can say to him and now there’s nothing left to do but wait and appreciate those beautiful moments we had today and yesterday and look forward to our beautiful date tomorrow night, because they very well might be the last moments we’ll ever share together.
I feel so broken and so helpless. I just want him to stay.
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2023.03.29 05:25 PersonSuitTV Enterprise XG 24 dropping massive amounts of packets

This is the second Enterprise XG 24 I have received that has had an issue with massive amounts of packets being dropped. Whenever a download or file transfer happens the ports on the devices being used for that action will start to increment hundreds of dropped packets that can be seen under port management of this switch. This is resulting in significantly slower speeds than my previous switch or even just being connected directly to my UDM-SE. If I do a download directly connected to my UDM-SE it will maintain a steady 115Mbps, however when going through the switch it will fluctuate between 70-110 a lot. When using downloading a file on my previous multi-gig switch I could hit 145Mbps consistently downloading, but swapping back and forth from that switch to this switch I see the same 70-110 in consistency and can never hit anything above 120Mbps. In fact, just doing a 70Gb download generated 10027 dropped packets as where even directly connected to my UDM-SE the same download had 0 dropped packets consistently. Something is very wrong with this switch, and the previous XG-24 I returned for a defective LCD display did the same thing. Also on that same note, while the LCD Screen works on this unit, it still will not let me adjust the brightness of the LCD at all...
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2023.03.29 05:25 Valkrane My boyfriend always wants his husband to tag along on our dates... am I being selfish because this annoys me?

I am in a poly relationship with a married man. He had a husband and they are great together. Him and I live an hour away from each other and we are both self employed so we are both busy people and don't get to see each other as often as we would like. But lately whenever we make plans he wants his husband to go, too. Or his husband asks to come. This annoys me. Him and hubby live together. They see each other every day and they go and do things as a couple all the time. Then when it's my turn to have my time with him, which isn't that often, I have to share him. Him and I are planning to go to a three day tattoo convention in May. I booked the hotel room and everything. Well now he tells me his husband is coming. Well the room only has one bed and I am not sleeping on the damn floor when I paid for the room. He didn't ask me to sleep on the floor, for the record. I'm just saying. I guess I'm just going to be a 3rd wheel all weekend. Am i being selfish? I don't have much experience with poly relationships where a marriage is involved. He tells me that he sees me and his husband as equals and one day he hope I will be his wife, too. But lately I haven't felt like an equal. And I don't have anything against his husband. He's a great guy. I just wish I could have some alone time once in a while with the man I love. How domi bring this up without sounding like a selfish b? I currently don't have any other partners that I am serious with. I just have f buddies aside from him. I am more gay than I am straight and if I were to get serious with someone else it will be a woman. TL:DR The title of the thread pretty much sums it up.
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2023.03.29 05:25 tanuki-owo Type me based on these random statements that range from completely random to downright concerning

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2023.03.29 05:25 Fickle-Exchange2017 PARTY ROLL 50TH EP Q&A

Lets sit back, kick up & pat our dicks & tits for making it to 50 episodes!

The guys and gal answer some questions about themselves and the show and Dusty gets pretty drunk near the end. hahah

- I am a real American https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX_k5_egUAo
-Mark claims he was bored and drunk and wrote down answers in advance...but we all know he wasn't drunk at all. hahaha
-The Table Layout : Mark sits in the middle, Steven to the left, Vanessa to the right, Dusty across, Matt to his left, Cory to the right.
-Steven's mom's mini van is gold. She's our biggest fan btw.
-Steven, Matt & Cory All work together. -Steven somehow lost his computer and hadn't told his employer.
-At the time of the recording, their key demographic were people in their twenties. Now we're all sour in our thirties, hooo raaay!!!
-California and Texas are where most of their USA listeners reside
-A juggalette once followed them on facebook.
-These are the guys Favorite Mystery Science Theatre 3000 show runners. Steven is a Mike guy. Dusty is a Mike guy. Matt is a Mike guy. Mark is a Mike guy. Vanessa is undecided. GOD DAMN IT WOMAN. Microsoft Rory is a Joel guy for robot reasons. Cory hasn't watched enough to care.

-The following is the casts fav serial killer Steven: H.H Holmes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H._H._Holmes Dusty: Lady Gaga in American Horror Story https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_Gaga Vanessa: Jeffrey Dahmer, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeffrey_Dahmer Rory: Ted Bundy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Bundy Matt: Robert Durst https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Durst
-A serial killer may have eaten one of Engineer Rory's relatives

-Steven looks like a bag of cream gravy with a beautiful golden wig on top -Dusty looks like Ben Gibbard, but with a beard. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Gibbard -Cory looks like Abe Lincoln/Amish Cool guy -Mark looks the same as Cory, but has more Mustache than Beard -Vanessa looks like a wrinkly baby, with teeth that are all different shapes
-A guy once approached Cory and inquired if he wanted to get into commercials. Do it, where I am from, a gig like that paaaaaaays.
-Dusty talks about Sweet Dee being in the Fifth Wave, but she isn't. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_5th_Wave_(film))
-At this point, the Tim Allen ep was their favorite -Any ep thats about to be posted is usually their unfavorite for insecure reasons.
-The guys played a year and a half of path finder before getting into DND Next, aka 5e
-Matt is insecure about over using Microsoft Sam. But I think it's our favorite NPC
-Jedwyn is a clawhammer guy
-Steven hates playing Jedwyn, as a Warlock is too simple. He's right; powerful but bland/not versatile.
-Steven played a tiefling Alchemist named "Oppenheimer" in a previous campaign -Vanessa once played as "Hagetha Crumbwell" a Witch, during the text/paper games.
-Cory has restarted fallout 4, five times. He likes character building
-Fumbles has been through all the rotating DM's stories. -When Matt first met Dusty, he thought his high pitched Character voice was his real voice.
-Everyone but Matt and Rory went to high school together. Steven met Rory and Matt at the place Steven works at.
-They record on Thursdays at this point.
-Dusty was too drunk to say "Heeeeey" when his Name comes up during the recording. -Dusty texted Cory, who will be our next DM, his character, and it's been approved.
-At the time of this recording, Mark's dad cut his hair off and trimmed his beard. The crew is shocked.
-Jose asks a question. That's Dusty's friend. You might know him, Mr season 5. They did invite him to play before but schedules never met up.
-Carl 7 runs off Crow oil
-Dusty wears boxers -Steven & Cory are boxer briefs -Vanessa goes commando
-Dusty played DnD in middle school and nearly got kicked out for it. It was a conservative school that thought he was playing with black magic. smh, lol
-Cory writes his campaigns like plays with options
-Rory still doesn't know how to play DnD at this point.
-Rory's fav Matt diss is the "suicide by cop" joke, which was made by Dusty.

"Keep up the good work! If you keep listening, you'll get a prize" - Dusty to us the listeners
"I drive a 2010 Toyota Pussy Magnet" - Mark
"Wait, Rory doesn't work for us?! But me and Matt see him all the time at the job with the other guys" - Dusty, trying to be confusing

"Mark, Can you pull out your spreadsheet of our fans ages please" - Dusty, going back to a classic
"Btw, if you ever liked us on Facebook, Cory knows where you live..." - Mark
"But everytime, these people would take this certain course in college, they would text me, "DUDE!!! ONE OF YOUR REALATIVES WITH YOUR LAST NAME IS LISTED AS A VICTIM FOR GACY" - Rory
"I pretty much look like a homeless man, with a beard, but with a hipster nazi youth cut" - Dusty, LoooooooL
"Vanessa looks like that movie star if that movie star smoked cigarettes' since she was an infant" - Dusty
"And we fuel that depression by each privately texting Matt to say, 'you're a horrible person', we're not your friend' " - Dusty, when Matt gets depressed after they record
"I will admit that I did spend more than 30 seconds trying to print something from a turned off Printer" - Steven, being technologically impaired
"Dusty gets everywhere" - Danielle Kay "That's true, my cum stream is quite wide" - Dusty
"I play lawful good in real life! It's getting old!" - Dusty
"A character that can break a grapple while still getting another action, throws a sword more than an improvised weapon and one shot a character...." - A sour Steven on what would be a controversial thing amongst the group and that one dick that rated the show negatively because of it.
"Could you use some kind of wind magic to propel a boat?" - Dusty to Cory, about what's possible in Cory's campaign
"What ends up happening is that I focus on something over there and I'll be thinking, ah shit maybe I should do this, or this, or this and then I try to get back into it but i'm already fucking lost" - Rory, on what he thinks the guys do.
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2023.03.29 05:25 ninja_truck The axle on my IC4 just broke

Just happened about an hour ago -
I've had my IC4 for almost 2.5 years. I was in the middle of a normal workout, and noticed that the bike was making a lot more noise than usual, almost sounded like the pulley was extra loud. The resistance on the bike didn't feel any different, so I wasn't overly concerned... until the right pedal arm came off.
I took the cover off, and discovered the axle connecting the two crank arms had snapped on the right side, near the middle of the bike.
I regularly tightened the pedals and wiped it down. I didn't have any other issues with the bike. It's been a trooper, I've logged almost 600 Peloton workouts in that time. Not that I'm panicking, but I'm used to have an in-house exercise device, and I'm going to be a little twitchy until I can replace it somehow.
Anyone have an issue like this? I've seen stories of pedals and crank arms breaking, but this was new to me.
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2023.03.29 05:25 steakforkx Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Full Course)

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2023.03.29 05:25 neyyumss Life truly is a carousel..

TW: Child Loss
Ive been debating on making a post here for a few months but my life has been a complete rollercoaster this past few months. 2 months ago I left my job I’d been at for 3 years for a better opportunity, 2 weeks after this my 3 year old son passed away in an unexpected horrific accident. I ended up going back to work the first week of March and it was a complete shit show, I was offered to step down my first day back and a few days following that. Along with pay discrepancies and then talking to me in a condescending tone, I almost threw in the towel but this job pays way too much money for me to give up so easy.
A couple weeks ago my fiancé and I had what I’d consider our first normal date night since the loss of our son and when we got home we had sex for the first time in a long time, he pulled out but I took a Plan B as soon as I could get one within the 72 hours because we had said if we decide to have another kid this will be a planned pregnancy and we were considering to try in the summer so we’d have 2 under 2 like we once had with my oldest who’s 5 and my 3 year old.. I’m 5 days late, my boobs have been hurting and I feel like i’m running back and forth to pee at work, so tonight when I got home I took a test. When it read negative the first minute I tossed it out, a couple minutes later I pulled it out and it was positive. While I want to feel excited, I feel a sense of sadness and embarrassment about this. I feel like when people put 2 and 2 together they’re going to shame me for this. If I’m correct, the due date would be right around when my son who passed was born. I haven’t told anyone but my fiancé and my best friend and i’ve expressed my concerns to her too, and she says it’s no one’s business and they don’t need to know. I could’ve 100% taken more caution, with everything going on this past few months i’ve been meaning to pickup my birth control but couldn’t find time. I don’t know, I just feel absolutely like a horrible person. I’ve cried so many times this week thinking about my son, his little voice, and how much I miss him, Im able to put on a show at work smiling and laughing with others but I break down at home..
I just needed to vent.. This is as short as I could describe my chaotic life without getting into crazy detail. Thanks if you got this far. 😔
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