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Karl Stefanovic

2013.04.22 05:52 chooksta Karl Stefanovic

A subreddit for anything relating to wild TV show host Karl Stefanovic, who is best known for his videos **long stabby thing** and for being really drunk one morning on air. **[Long Stabby Thing](** [Daily Today comic strip [FB]](

2022.05.11 20:16 bananapeel A place to share pics of your prepper property and improvements you've made on it...

The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago. The second best time is today. This is a place for us to encourage one another with today's accomplishments in prepping. Have you planted your tree today?

2019.01.27 05:43 SludsTheEpic teennostalgia

For today's teenagers to look back on a happier time.

2023.06.10 09:11 ppeterka To all people here: stuff gets better!

Yesterday evening as I was waking to the underground station it was a nice weather and overall a pleasant and calm thing. And after a long long time I felt free and calm. I wasn't anxious about people sitting in bar having a good time and I wasn't feeling the urge to cry when seeing couples or people with children.
I walked down 2 stations just enjoying the whole "being thing". Somewhere in between I realized I'm smiling...
One year ago when the excrement hit the fan, I thought it'd never end and from now on it's all hell. Which it was pretty much - starting from waking up in the middle of the night , feeling constant shame and all shades of uncertainty and having trouble taking care of myself not to mention the house or car...
I still have problems (financial, being alone apart from having the kids 2weeks on and off, my dad in a home, processing childhood traumas etc), but there are a lot of changes in how I see my current situation. I managed to not screw up until now, and manage the kids better than I thought I could ever do - and still see a lot of potential to improve.
And I no longer require someone to validate me. I no longer need another half - I'm whole. Far from perfect but complete.
Hang in there guys! I wish this realization for everyone here! Work on yourselves, get into therapy, read books and work to get off the self-pain train. Yes, look at that goddamn mirror every day and say "I'm looking good today!".
I know how it sounds - like a TikTok influencer on drugs or something. I myself would have reacted "bullshit" just a year ago... But it happened - thanks to people on this sub too, with special thanks going to /MomForAMinute...
Still a long way to the point where I can have a relationship with someone else - but the relationship with myself is healing. And im pretty sure this is a high and there'll be lows again, but I had a peek above the clouds and I can report that indeed, the sun is shining there. What the hell, even beer might taste like laugh and fun again.
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2023.06.10 09:11 Tanyasingh0712 What is the future of DevOps and how will it change the software development landscape?

The future of DevOps holds big potential to change the entire software development landscape, empowering organizations to reach new levels of efficiency, innovation, and customer satisfaction. In the software development world, DevOps is poised to be the catalyst that propels organizations towards success. They seamlessly merge development and operations, and DevOps unlocks a world of possibilities, where collaboration and automation reign supreme.
In today's software development world, DevOps is important for several reasons:
  1. Rapid and Continuous Software Delivery
  2. Collaboration and Communication
  3. Improved Quality and Reliability
  4. Scalability and Flexibility
  5. Faster Time to Market
  6. Enhanced Customer Experience
In short, For today's world,devops enable faster and more reliable software delivery, promote collaboration and communication, improve software quality, ensure scalability and flexibility, accelerate time to market, and enhance the overall customer experience.
What is your point of view?

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2023.06.10 09:10 TEchfygeeks 10 Best Database Management Courses & Trainings

10 Best Database Management Courses & Trainings
In today's data-driven world, effective database management is essential for organizations to store, retrieve, and analyze vast amounts of information. Whether you're a seasoned data professional or a newcomer to the field, upgrading your skills through specialized courses and trainings can significantly enhance your database management expertise. In this blog, we present a curated list of the 10 best database management courses and trainings available, offering comprehensive learning opportunities for individuals seeking to master this crucial aspect of data management.

"Database Management Essentials" by University of Colorado Boulder (Coursera):

This comprehensive course covers the fundamentals of database management, including data modeling, schema design, and SQL programming, providing a solid foundation for managing databases effectively.

"SQL for Data Analysis" by Mode Analytics (Online):

Ideal for beginners, this course introduces SQL and focuses on practical applications for data analysis. Learners gain hands-on experience in writing SQL queries to extract insights from databases.

"MongoDB - The Complete Developer's Guide" by Maximilian Schwarzmüller (Udemy):

If you're interested in NoSQL databases, this course is a perfect choice. It delves into MongoDB, covering everything from installation and basic operations to advanced querying and data modeling.

"Database Administration Fundamentals" by Microsoft (Microsoft Virtual Academy):

Designed for aspiring database administrators, this training explores core database administration concepts, including backup and recovery, security, and performance optimization.

"Oracle Database Administration for Absolute Beginners" by Oracle (Oracle Learning Library):

For those interested in Oracle databases, this beginner-level course offers a comprehensive introduction to database administration, covering installation, configuration, and management tasks.

"SQL and Relational Databases" by Stanford University (edX):

Provided by a renowned institution, this course delves into the principles of relational databases and SQL programming. It covers data modeling, normalization, indexing, and complex queries.

"Data Modeling and Database Design" by Udacity (Online):

Focusing on the design aspect of database management, this course equips learners with the skills to create effective data models, ensuring data integrity and efficient querying.

"MySQL for Data Analysis" by Udemy:

This course caters specifically to data analysts, teaching them how to leverage MySQL for data exploration, transformation, and analysis. It covers advanced SQL techniques and best practices.

"Database Design and Implementation" by University of Michigan (Coursera):

Suitable for beginners, this course covers the fundamentals of database design, normalization, and implementation using popular database management systems.

"Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence" by University of Colorado Boulder (Coursera):

Focusing on data warehousing and business intelligence, this course explores concepts such as dimensional modeling, ETL processes, and data visualization for decision-making.


Investing time and effort into acquiring in-depth knowledge of database management is crucial for aspiring data professionals. The 10 courses and trainings highlighted in this blog provide a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience, covering various aspects of database management, including SQL, NoSQL, administration, design, and analysis. By enrolling in these courses data analyst course in jaipur, you can gain the skills and expertise necessary to excel in the dynamic field of database management, enabling you to effectively handle and leverage data for informed decision-making. Choose the course or training that aligns with your learning goals, embark on your educational journey, and unlock a world of opportunities in the realm of data management.
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2023.06.10 09:09 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Alex Cattoni – Posse Eye Brand Voice Challenge Program ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️ Alex Cattoni – Posse Eye Brand Voice Challenge Program ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️ Alex Cattoni – Posse Eye Brand Voice Challenge Program ✔️ Full Course Download
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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the brand to rule them all? Now that you’ve identified who you are as a brand, it’s important to deeply understand who you serve. On day 2, you’ll identify your brand personality and the unique ways you reflect your values to the world. With the Mentor’s Mirror, you’ll find out how to emotionally connect with your customer’s core values, drives and desires to become the trusted source for the guidance they seek.


On day 3 of the Challenge, I’ll help you identify your brand DNA – the stand-out positioning strategy that makes you different from any other brand out there. You’ll crystallize the most important messaging assets in any Brand Voice, unapologetically declare your mission and map out your action plan for total world domination. Take it from me, when you fight for what you believe in and fiercely serve your customers, it’s Mission Posse-ble.


Your story is the window to your brand’s soul. It’s how your customers connect to you, rally behind you and stay with you. Every great brand has a powerful story – a domino effect of defining moments, scary pivots and late night “ahas!” that led you to where you are now… and future events, yet to happen, that will continue to guide your path as you build your empire. In this session, you’ll learn how to craft a deeply relatable brand story using our proven 3-part storytelling structure.


Now that you’ve identified all 4 elements of your brand strategy, it’s time to look through the Posse Eye to discover your Brand Rally Cry. On day 5, you’ll learn how to conjure a spellbinding Brand Voice and craft the unifying call that will captivate your customers and rally raving fans. You’ll walk away with your very own Brand Voice Guide and discover the practical ways you can use it to bring clarity to your messaging and ignite your mission.




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In this Q&A interview with 6 graduates of Alex’s flagship copywriting coaching program — the Copy Posse Launch Pad — you’ll discover how these aspiring copywriters used the techniques and templates that they learned from the Copy Posse (including the branding and storytelling strategies that you’ll access in this Challenge) to quit their jobs, ignite their copywriting skills from scratch and build fun, fulfilling, and lucrative businesses in less than ONE YEAR.


During this video critique, Alex shares her screen so you can look over her shoulder as she reviews and critiques 3 Challengers’ Brand Voice Guides. Watch from behind the scenes as she reveals valuable insight and copywriting tricks to help you finesse your own Brand Voice Guide, followed by answers to your most pressing questions when it comes to crafting your Rally Cry and sharing it with the world…
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An ex-Apple veteran who worked her way from retail store employee to executive speechwriter, designing presentations given to Steve Jobs AND authoring Apple’s credo, Anita runs Cause:Effect Creative, a brand vision-writing agency that helps purpose-driven leaders and organizations rally hearts and minds around what fuels their soul.
In this video masterclass with Anita, she’ll take you through her proprietary process and powerful questions to ask for a stellar creative brief and reveal the 5 biggest takeaways when it comes to building (and writing for) a soul-aligned brand.
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2023.06.10 09:05 Excellent-Zombie2702 A lot of stuff I wanna ask about

Hello. I am unsure of how to go about this, as it is difficult for me to accurately detail my mind. I hope you all can understand.
I don’t know what’s going on ever, at all. I am trying to think of how to word this. I think I am okay right now but I don’t feel right. A long time ago, I felt like lain was god. I was the messenger to connect and help people understand what it means to connect. That we will live inside the computers. Not physically. Mentally, you could connect. I would scour the internet and find websites that would show me answers. I would be able to talk with people through their mind. Whole conversations. And I would joke, and they would laugh in real life. And so I have not thought about it in a while. Today, I get home, and I am sent back into it. I felt like I was being watched, like there are eyes everywhere, and you can see them too if you squint through the screen. I had a panic attack. Now i feel trapped, like I have been forced back here for some reason, but this is darker. I am unsure on how to proceed. I kind of know what is happening but I don’t want to do it again. I want to remove my brain and stop thinking.
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2023.06.10 09:05 simon7607 Need for the Colonian Engineers

Everyone says "It's good to have Colonian engineers but not mandatory... But I did it."
20k Ly distance to the Colonia is no joke. So I tried not to think about their 4 engineers.
But... as time goes by the need for extra pinned blueprints are growing inside me.

Finally, I started my journey to the Colonia for their engineers.
And I'll say, "You're gonna need them eventually. But you don't have to get them today."
Be back in 4 hours... probably??
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2023.06.10 09:04 hadley108 I have a really hard time with waiting

Alright i’m typing this out bc I’m fed up with myself; today my fiancé and I went to a house showing at 5 after work but had dinner reservations at 7:45
We got done w the house showing at 6 and I was DREADING the idea of coming back home and waiting around for 1.5 hrs. It depresses me just to think about having a gap in my day
Anyway, fiance laid down to take a nap like a normal person while I cleaned the house + did whatever I could to keep my brain busy.
We finally get to dinner, then it’s time to leave. I don’t wanna leave! I wanna go out and do more shit but of course my fiancé is tired and wants to go home (again, like a normal person)
Does anybody else struggle with this??? I’m fine doing nothing all day as long as I’m home, but if I have plans during the day that entail leaving the house I CANNOT STAND the gaps between each event….i get bored and would rather go to sleep than wait around
Rant over
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2023.06.10 09:04 Decent_Ad_1478 There is no winning

Today I had a woman come in saying our soda was too sweet and that we needed to adjust the syrup to water ratio. I just told her that I would talk to my manager and we went on our way. But not even an hour later I had a man come in asking for sugar packets to put in his soda because he said that it wasn't sweet enough. Both times I went to check the bag in box and they were totally fine. I just find it crazy that I could get two complaints about the same thing, within the same hour, but both were on totally opposite ends of the spectrum. Just goes to show that you can never truly satisfy everyone no matter how hard you try.
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2023.06.10 09:04 praveenbhat0110 Praveen Bhat: The Artistry of Product Photography in Delhi

Product photography plays a pivotal role in today's digital age, where e-commerce and online marketing have become the norm. Capturing the essence and allure of products requires skill, creativity, and technical expertise. In Delhi, one name that stands out in the realm of product photography is Praveen Bhat. With his keen eye for detail and exceptional artistic vision, Praveen Bhat has established himself as a renowned product photographer in the bustling city.
Experience and Expertise:
Praveen Bhat brings years of experience and a diverse portfolio to the table. Having worked with various national and international brands, he possesses the ability to showcase products in their best light. His understanding of composition, lighting, and aesthetics allows him to create visually appealing and impactful images that enhance the appeal of the products. Praveen Bhat's expertise lies not only in capturing still product shots but also in bringing products to life through creative concepts and storytelling.
Technical Excellence:
Product photography demands precision and technical prowess. Praveen Bhat excels in utilizing advanced equipment and cutting-edge techniques to deliver high-quality images. He employs state-of-the-art cameras, lenses, and lighting setups to capture even the minutest details of the products. Praveen Bhat's technical finesse combined with his artistic sensibilities results in photographs that are visually striking, well-composed, and reflective of the brand's identity.
Understanding Client Needs:
Praveen Bhat understands that each client has unique requirements and goals. He takes the time to comprehend the essence of the brand, its target audience, and the message that needs to be conveyed through the product photography. This understanding allows him to tailor his approach to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that the final images effectively represent the brand and its products. Praveen Bhat's ability to establish a collaborative relationship with clients makes the process smooth and efficient.
Creative Concepts and Styling:
In the world of product photography, creativity and innovation are key differentiators. Praveen Bhat goes beyond conventional product shots by incorporating creative concepts and styling techniques. He understands that capturing the attention of consumers requires images that evoke emotion and tell a story. Praveen Bhat's expertise in conceptualizing unique ideas and executing them flawlessly sets him apart as a product photographer. His ability to infuse creativity into his work results in captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression.
Attention to Detail:
Praveen Bhat's dedication to his craft is evident in his meticulous attention to detail. He understands that every element in a product photograph contributes to its overall impact. From the positioning of the product to the choice of props and backgrounds, every aspect is carefully considered to create a cohesive and visually pleasing composition. Praveen Bhat's commitment to perfection ensures that each product image showcases the finest details, textures, and colors, leaving no room for compromise.
Delhi as the Backdrop:
Being based in Delhi provides Praveen Bhat with a unique advantage. The city offers a rich tapestry of locations, both urban and traditional, that can be utilized to enhance product photography. From vibrant marketplaces to historical landmarks, Delhi's diverse backdrop provides a range of possibilities to create captivating visuals. Praveen Bhat leverages the city's charm and diversity to add depth and context to his product photographs, resulting in images that truly stand out.
Praveen Bhat's prowess as a product photographer in Delhi is a testament to his passion, talent, and dedication. His ability to combine technical excellence, artistic vision, and attention to detail sets him apart in a highly competitive industry. Through his creative concepts, precise execution, and understanding of client needs, Praveen Bhat consistently delivers exceptional product photography that elevates brands and captivates audiences. For businesses seeking top-notch product photography services in Delhi, Praveen Bhat is undoubtedly a name to trust.
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2023.06.10 09:03 1dersluys AirTag for not apologizing to my friends pregnant wife when she snapped at me?

So for context my friend and his wife live several hours away and I don’t get to see them or their kids much. He’s pretty much my best friend on earth and I want to see him so often so when I was presented with an opportunity to have a board game night with them, my new gf and an old military friend that both me and bestie knew I jumped on it.
Everything’s peachy right? The trouble is friends wife is 6mo pregnant, and not only that I’m reasonably sure has some form of autism and doesn’t get enough social interaction on a daily basis both because friend is military and is on detachment rn and because she torpedos her social relationships given enough time (at least from my perspective).
Anyway when friends wife asked the group who should host I responded I should because I’m most centrally located. She got seemingly a bit annoyed and said that they should host so that “her kids didn’t cause trouble since she would primarily watch them”. I’ve know both her kids their whole lives, babysat both of them, have multiple pets I’ve raised from infancy, and nothing particularly breakable so I figure between all that 4 hours at my home isn’t a problem and said as much. Apparently this struck a nerve, I’m not sure if it was the inclusion of being a pet parent or just disagreeing with her in general but she blew up at me. Friend does damage control and she reaches out to “apologize because she thought I might’ve been offended” I told her I don’t feel very strongly on who should host but I was shocked and bothered that she reacted so poorly to such a small disagreement. Importantly I did not apologize because not only did I feel I did nothing wrong but she apologized and I thought that meant she legitimately saw her own actions as out of line.
I thought it all ended there. A week goes by with nothing. Didn’t speak to her or anything at all, when today I got a message that was unsent before I could read it, then my friend says to the group he and his wife had to cancel, blaming it on the military and finally a message (to the whole group) saying “no don’t let him lie to you, we aren’t coming because I have an issue with OP not admitting they are wrong” I am a reasonably measured and non combative person most of the time but my response was “are you f ing kidding me right now?” She had messaged me first and then decided afterwords to deliberately make this a public problem in front of everyone. I told her she was definately in the wrong and how childish she was being, and that being pregnant can make small things seem big but didn’t excuse her behavior especially after I’d agreed to let her host anyway because it wasn’t worth the conflict. She even tried to tell me friend the “it’s him or me” because when I called him to figure out what just happened and tell him I felt blindsided he was clearly distressed and made a point of trying to be neutral because clearly he’d tried to defend me and been blown up on too. I seriously don’t even know what the heck even pissed her off to start with and her accusation that I don’t take accountability bothers me. AITAH??
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2023.06.10 09:02 ZBottPrime Daily Horoscope for the 13 Houses (June 10th, 2023)

Luckiest House of the Day: Canid (Wolf) What a night for hot dice! It's time to take a chance.
Sanguine Houses of the Day: Corvidae (Raven), Vulpine (Fox), Selachimorpha (Shark) Sometime today will be Responsive and Lively. Don't let goals get too far out of view while enjoying that carefree joy. The following might experience the following:
Choleric Houses of the Day: Squamata (Lizard), Crocodilia (Crocodile), Ursine (Bear) Today brings Changeable and Aggressive temperaments. Channel the energy but don't let theatrics to derail the day otherwise others will think you're egocentric. The following have a tendency for the following:
Melancholic Houses of the Day: Feline (Cat), Hyenad (Hyena), Arachnae (Spider) Rigid and Quiet will plague the day. This will be balancing act to keep out of unwarranted suspicions, but if the mood can manage it will lead to a breakthrough. The following must resist dwelling in the following patterns:
Phlegmatic Houses of the Day: Rodent (Rat), Chiperaran (Bat), Serpentes (Snake) Peaceful and Controlled is today's central points. The persistent ones can find plenty of time to get some self care. The following should cultivate the following attitudes:
Ascending style: Wild or Natural Descending style: Anti or Contrasting Retrograde style: Domestic or Urban
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2023.06.10 09:02 MotionEdits1234 All About Wedding Highlight Video Editing

All About Wedding Highlight Video Editing

All About Wedding Highlight Video Editing
Wedding highlight videos have become essential to modern weddings. They celebrate the day’s special moments in a condensed and visually stunning form. The keyword here is “condensed” — the best highlight videos expresses a sea of emotions in a few minutes.
That’s why the art and craft of wedding highlight video lies in the editing. Without masterful video editing, it’s hard to imagine the footage, music, audio, emotions and storytelling coming together to create a video that will be cherished for a lifetime.
As a wedding videographer, you know it’s a great video when it succeeds in making your clients cry, laugh, and relive every moment over and over again. That’s exactly what a professionally-edited wedding highlight video achieves.
Let’s dive into some of the basics and techniques of successful wedding highlight video editing.

Understanding Wedding Highlight Videos

Wedding highlight videos are short cinematic films that capture the best moments of a couple’s wedding day in 4–6 minutes.
However, a highlight video is more than a summary of the special day. It is a beautiful keepsake for the years to come. It involves storytelling, emotions, and visuals to create a compelling and unforgettable experience for the viewers.
The editing for these videos is done skilfully to combine elements such as storytelling, emotions, and visuals to create a captivating and unforgettable experience for the couple and their friends and family.

Techniques for Wedding Highlight Video Editing

Wedding highlight video editing is an art that requires careful consideration of various elements to create a captivating and emotionally charged video. Here are some of the elements that come together to create it.

Storytelling: Weaving a Compelling Narrative

The couple’s vows, officiant’s speech and toasts from the wedding day are used to weave a compelling narrative. The video editor carefully selects and arranges these moments in a way that tells a beautiful love story, capturing the essence of the couple’s special day.

Visuals: Capturing the Essence of the Wedding Day

Candid moments, such as stolen glances, laughter, and tears, are carefully chosen to create an authentic and emotional experience for the viewers. Details, such as the rings, flowers, and decor, are also highlighted to add depth and richness to the video. The reactions of family and friends, from heartfelt speeches to tearful hugs, are carefully included to convey the emotional impact of the day.

Color Grading: Creating a Visually Appealing and Cohesive Look

Color grading, on the other hand, involves adjusting the colors and tones of the footage to create a visually appealing and cohesive look. All the cameras are matched as closely as possible and the footage is graded to achieve a look that complements the visuals.

Sound Design: Enhancing the Audio Experience

Sound design involves enhancing the audio by removing noise, equalizing, and levelling all audio tracks to create a seamless and immersive experience for the viewers. Ambient and acoustic sounds, such as the rustling of leaves or the sound of waves crashing, can be added to enhance the overall audio experience.

Music Selection: Setting the Tone and Mood

The right music can evoke deep emotions and add a layer of sentimentality to the visuals, amplifying the overall impact of the video. The video editor carefully selects music that complements the couple’s love story and the emotions captured in the footage.

Process of Wedding Highlight Video Editing

Here’s a sneak peek into how experienced video editing agency like Motion Edits give shape to a beautiful wedding highlight video.

Collaborating: Understanding the Vision and Preferences

We maintain communication and collaboration with the videographers, ensuring that the final product meets the couple’s expectations. We discuss the style, tone, and overall theme the couple wants to convey in their highlight video.

Sorting and Selecting Footage: Curating the Best Moments

Another crucial step is to review and select the best footage from multiple cameras and angles. Once the footage has been selected, it is organized and arranged to create a timeline and flow that tells the couple’s love story in a compelling manner.

Video Editing Techniques: Polishing the Footage

Various techniques, such as trimming, cutting, and rearranging footage — polish the video for a visually appealing result. Transitions, effects, and creative elements are added to enhance the video’s aesthetics and flow. A cohesive storyline are crucial to engaging viewers.

Audio Enhancements: Elevating the Emotional Impact

Audio enhancements play a crucial role in elevating the emotional impact of a video. This involves adding carefully selected music that complements the video’s mood, tone, and emotions. In addition, sound effects, ambient sounds, and other audio enhancements are incorporated to enhance the overall audio experience.

Fine-tuning for a Seamless Viewing Experience

This step involves reviewing and making necessary adjustments to various aspects of the video, including visuals, audio, and overall flow. Consistency is checked to ensure the video maintains a cohesive and engaging storyline.

Benefits of Outsourcing Wedding Highlight Video Editing

As the demand for wedding highlight videos continues to rise, many wedding videographers are turning to outsourcing as a strategic solution for their video editing needs. Outsourcing wedding highlight video editing offers several benefits that can significantly enhance the overall quality and efficiency of the video production process. Here are some of them:
  • Outsourcing provides a time-saving and efficient workflow for busy wedding videographers and production houses.
  • It grants access to professional video editors with expertise in wedding highlight video editing, ensuring skilled and specialized editing.
  • Consistent and high-quality results are achieved through a streamlined editing process, delivering a polished final product.
  • Flexibility in accommodating client preferences and revisions allows for customization and personalized touches in the video.
  • Outsourcing frees up time to focus on other aspects of the wedding videography business, such as client communication, marketing, and business growth.

Final Thoughts

Wedding highlights are becoming a focal point in wedding media production, and creating a great one is becoming increasingly challenging. Its aesthetic and emotional value also increases the stakes. Creating a great one takes a professional to weave together a story with music, visuals, and aesthetics, complementing it with cohesion.
Outsourcing this task to a professional video editing and video post-production company like Motion Edits. Videographers can save time, access specialized expertise, and deliver consistent, high-quality results.
Get in touch with us today to experience the advantages of outsourcing your wedding highlight video editing needs and create winning videos that delight clients.
Source Link[]
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2023.06.10 09:02 Born_Investment1252 My parents are on the verge of divorce and I don’t know how to feel about what’s to come

Hi Reddit,
It’s unfortunate this is my first post but sadly I have nobody else to talk to about it currently (it’s 1:40am as I type this)
Long story short my parents have always been fighting with each other since I was a kid, with my Dad being the instigator most of the time for very unreasonable small details (I have an assumption he has a mental disorder, as I myself have ADD and Autism but his habits are….different). Due to my parents constant fights and reactionary habits it led to my brother dropping out of college just 2 weeks in a couple of yrs ago to enroll in the navy to get away from them, that ended up saving his life truly looking back at it.
I myself moved out my sophomore year of college to live on campus despite school being 40 minutes away, as it gave me more freedom to do more at school for myself and my career, but mainly also to get away from the constant fighting. I moved back in about a month ago after graduation, with a new excitement as I felt the years away helped my relationship with my parents, and also I would finally get to spend time with my little sister, who honestly loves me the most out of everyone in my family (she always communicates with me and only opens up to me, which I appreciate as she reminds me of myself when I was a kid, always getting bullied, not feeling understood and not understanding the environment around me well, etc.).
Sadly I left for a quick trip to Florida with some friends the week after, and got a message from my sister saying mom and dad are getting a divorce. It threw me off as everything seemed….fine for once? I called my mom and she confirmed the news and I got pissed and made the call short, but once I got back I never talked to them about it and I just waited to see if they could work to fix it, and they have tried, going to a weekly church group on Thursday nights that’s focused on failing marriages, but today I witnessed something unfortunate.
I was in my room as I heard loud yells coming from down the hall, and I went to my parent’s door to see what was going on as it was worrisome, I waited out and heard as they were arguing, they walk out and see that I was there and kept arguing.
The next 90 minutes was rough. My mom told me through the whole spill of what happened (basically she noticed on mother’s day my dad was having odd conversations on his phone, turns out it was many prostitutes he went to see over time recently). She learned today everything after secretly paying someone to get all that information, as my dad kept denying it over the past couple of weeks, and tonight specifically is when she got it and approached him about it as they were asleep.
Witnessing everything that was said was heartbreaking, I’ve never seen my mom, or anyone in general cry so destroyed. Her words said will always stick with me as an example of how ones actions can destroy a person over time.
Both my parents are set on divorcing now, but I don’t know how to feel.
I myself have had a relatively “slightly rough” year, having gone through health issues earlier in the year, a rough “breakup”, a death in the family, withdrawing from certain substances, and I got a great FT job with a top Tier2 consulting firm, but it got pushed back a year, so now that has caused me stress financially as I try to find a temporary job.
I just don’t know how to feel about the aspect of everything WILL change. Our beatiful house we just got? Will be sold, my sister? Will have to move schools again and make new friends, while she hasn’t had any in years, my mom? She doesn’t have a degree here, so she will have to live in a rough place likely for a while.
I am at a mix of emotions right now, but the part that breaks me the most is seeing my Dad not being willing to put in the work to change, as things stand now.
His family (parents, grandparents, etc.) all have been either druggies, alcoholics, domestic abusers, bums, etc. he was the only one who left the island to try to have a good life, but sadly he’s leading himself to a path right back to the same shit and demons his bloodline loves.
If you’ve read all of this, thank you, it means a lot. Any advice or tips would be appreciated.
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2023.06.10 09:02 IAmVeryMuchStupid Update on Chief (59 days)

Update on Chief (59 days)
No, the title isn’t a typo, the foster home he is going to has decided to call him Chief instead of Cowen. Anyways, if you haven’t seen this pupper before, he is the small boy on the right of the first photo. The one on the left is his mother, Poppy, and the second image is our 5 year old boy Fluffy. Chief used to have a sibling (Carter) but he unfortunately couldn’t survive past the 3 day mark. Anyways, Fluffy is the eldest dog in the house, 5 years of age. He’s pretty dumb, but also highly energetic and emotional. The mother, Poppy is 1.5 years old (don’t worry, that’s a normal age for a Pomeranian mum). She is always the one trotting behind on walks, she has always been like that, but unlike fluffy, her eyes are farther apart and smaller than Fluffy’s. Anyways, we bred Poppy with another Pom to create Chief, who today is only 59 days old. He is very fast, zooming around the house all the time and likes dark and enclosed areas, such as under the table or right behind a door. Both places are very dangerous, so we have to keep an eye on him and be careful when opening doors. But he goes to his foster home on Sunday, 11th of June 2023, so I try and make the best of his time in our house. Chief loves everyone in our house, but he has a close connection to me for some reason, every time he notices me, he comes bounding towards me, sometimes tripping over his own feet. Also the foster home he is going to is my Uncle’s home so I will be able to make some more updates about him.
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2023.06.10 09:01 Bluebeetlebug Deciding to hold myself accountable today

It starts with just one day at a time doesn’t it? A promise to myself, an activity for the day, the next hour, something, anything right now instead to distract from the scrolling craving.
I’ve gotten into some really bad habits again and my sleep has suffered, which then in turn contributes to more screen time as my willpower is lessened. I’m crankier, I’m far less productive, I‘m not the mum/partneperson I want to be.
My daily average for this week is so far 3h and 37 minutes on my phone. I know I probably can’t change all that at once, so my aim is to keep it under 2 hours today with a stretch goal of being under 1 hour.
I can exercise, read, clean up, tidy, study, write. All important things and I want to put my phone away by 8 o’clock tonight.
Wish me luck, and good luck to all of you.
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2023.06.10 09:00 AutoModerator Daily Discussion Thread - June 10, 2023

How are you doing today? What's new?
We want to foster a sense of community, which is why we have a centralized place for most daily conversation. This allows users to post and get replies, but also encourages them to reply to others in the same thread. We want you to receive help and be there for others at the same time, if possible. Most questions should go here, along with regular updates. Thanks for helping us create a great community!
Off-topic discussion is allowed :)
Note: Please refrain from discussing positive tests (and beyond) in this thread - those topics are better suited for the Weekly Results thread or the new sub for Alumni. Thank you!
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2023.06.10 08:59 stopcocainum Vendor Review (u/Raven Culture)

Got selected for giveaway by u/RavenCulture. Thank you for selecting me.
Now the review of the product. He was nice and friendly after i contacted him, he let me chose between spores.I asked him some questions about inoculating as its my first time, he gave important tips on inoculation.
The spore was delivered quickly in a week the shipping was free but i was out of town so im writing the review today.
Packaging - 10/10 He also gave some cool looking stickers. Thank you again for the spore.
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2023.06.10 08:58 jonni_09 Today was a very lonely birthday...

Today, June 9, was my birthday, and it was the loneliest one I had in a long time, and although I have had lonely birthdays in the past, this one stung the most. I have been struggling with loneliness and rejection for months and depression for a couple of weeks. Over my life, I have made many friends in my life, and many of them end up walking away and hurting me in the process. Several friend groups have come and gone, usually, because they start ghosting me after knowing me for a while. I thought I had a best friend, but I know I'm not his. I thought masking all the time would help me keep friends around, but it didn't work because my autistic traits would slip through the cracks once in a while. When I tried to be myself in recent months, I could not maintain relationships. I started going to a university last fall and started making new friends after my previous group ghosted me out of the blue. But I don't feel fully accepted. Like usual, I just feel like an afterthought. Even the person I called my best friend seemed disingenuous and uninterested in me today, and I didn't get to see him; I haven't seen him in months.
I feel like the last "true" friend has moved on from me. I feel like this new friend group is bound to crumble apart soon because of some drama not even regarding me. I have felt alone, I always feel sad because I want to have at least one best friend in my life. Not a relationship where I view them as my best friend, but I'm also theirs. A relationship where I'm not an afterthought. Someone who understands me, who respects me. Someone who remembers me.
Today, when my parents cut my cake for me, it was just my parents singing me happy birthday, when just two years ago, I had been surrounded by people for my birthday. It completely drained me not to start crying right there because of the immense loneliness I felt, looking at just two people. My little sister didn't even want to come out to join us. I feel like a complete reject. I feel alone.
And quite frankly, I don't want to make new friends ever again. I've reached an age where I no longer have the tolerance, the energy, the heart, or the spirit to go through this endless cycle of abandonment. I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life, but I have no choice.
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2023.06.10 08:56 kititokun Had the game 3 days

First 2 were figuring out stuff or dying. Today i completed my first two bunker contracts. Took me 4 hours (mostly trying to deal with bugs or flying) and for some reason the second one didn't pay me. And ship got blown up as soon as i killed the last enemy? Also while trying to loot my ship all the equipment i was wearing disappeared off of my player and left me in a white suit. That hurt the most because i found a guy with cool heavy armor and an lmg. So after 4 hours i have no new gear and only made 15k. I really want to like this game but idk how you people do it. Any advice for common bugs ? Two I've noticed is not being able to target anything for a qt warp ? And gear disappearing off my character repeatedly every time i add something new.
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2023.06.10 08:54 CevicheLemon This applies to most MMO's or RPG's honestly

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2023.06.10 08:53 Hot_Combination_401 I'm sick of biting my tongue around my sister's fiancé (vent)

My future brother-in-law rubs me the wrong way when anything LGBT+ related is brought up in conversation.
I'm a lesbian, out to my entire family for almost 2 years now. They all support me, most of all my youngest sister who has known for years before the rest of my family did, and helped me a lot through coming out and just generally being a super sweet sister. But her fiancé is a piece of work.
Today, for the SECOND time, he was trying to convince me that lesbians are actually interested in men and regularly have sex with them, and that every lesbian he knows still has sex with men. (I'm almost positive he doesn't actually know any lesbians other than me.)
Then he felt the need to go on about why he doesn't like Pride events when my sister asked if she could come with me to one, and then went on a rant about how Scooby-Doo "ruined" Velma by having her come out.
My sister is the only thing keeping me from going off on him because he pulls this shit all the time and I'm so angry. I'm convinced he wants to get under my skin, while also acting like he wants me to see him as a brother. I'm sick or biting my tongue, I should be able to stand up for myself and what I believe in, but for the sake of keeping peace I can't.
My sister defends me and the LGBT+ community whenever he says those things, but he just talks over her. I'm really sorry for venting, I'm just so tired of this same song and dance everytime I see him. My parents just brush it off, but I just know one day he's going to say one word too many and I'm going to yell at him.
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2023.06.10 08:53 richoka Why Literary Criticism Is A Bunch Of Academic BOGUS HOGWASH!

Today we begin 1 Samuel Chapter 8.
For the Complete Jewish Bible, click HERE.
For the King James Version, click HERE.
Chapter 8 of 1st Samuel represents a turning point in our study of the Scriptures.
At this stage, Israel is undergoing a major transformation in its national and redemptive history.
This portion of the Bible also attracts much doubt and suspicion from the lawless Christian world.
So before we dive into our text study, I need to take a detour and defend against some common attacks leveled at the truthfulness of the books of Samuel and Kings from the academic world.
So here’s the situation.
A bunch of professors who may have been smoking to much marijuana decided a whole new approach to interpreting the Scriptures was needed to account for so-called “contradictions” contained in the books of Samuel and Kings.
This whole new approach is called Literary Criticism.
Don’t be intimidated by that phrase.
Scholars love to pontificate their ridiculous theories over others with language that sounds high faluting…
But at the end of the day is hollow and meaningless.
So let me break down what Literary Criticism is all about for you in a super easy-to-understand manner.
In a nutshell, it’s just a method of looking at the various styles of writing and the various usage of certain phrases in the Bible to determine if one book was written and compiled by one author or many…or if it suffered corruption at one point.
That’s it homies.
That’s all that literary criticism is.
The arrogance of literary critics has even reached the point where they claim they can tell WHEN certain verses were penned simply by identifying certain literary styles and grammar.
But their bs doesn’t end there.
These heretics also accuse the Biblical prophets of recording their prophecies fraudulently after the fact.
For instance, they’ll claim that Isaiah prophesied the downfall of Jerusalem after it occurred.
What’s the basis for their ridiculous claim?
Again, they’ll just say he used certain words and phrases that “proves” he recorded his prophecies long after the events happened.
They’ll also say Isaiah didn’t really author the book he’s named after..
The real author actually borrowed Isaiah’s name to establish credibility.
Pretty mind-blowing, isn’t it?!
Mind you, there’s ZERO evidence for these assertions.
Their claims are all subjective in nature and can’t be proven.
Nevertheless, because they’re viewed as academic experts who shouldn’t be questioned, they’ve caused believers all over the world to lose their faith.
Let me repeat what I just said, so it’s clear.
Literary critics make claims that can neither be proved or disproved.
Yet they’re believed, accepted and respected simply because of the degrees on their wall.
Ya feel me?
Their theories are then forced upon unsuspecting and innocent Bible College and Seminary students…
And after a few years have passed, the claims of these Literary Critics become fact.
Well, it’s time to overturn their nonsense…which I guarantee we’ll do the next time we meet.
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