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Why are ALLLL my clothes shrinking no matter WTF I do?

2023.03.29 06:33 RoseGoldRe Why are ALLLL my clothes shrinking no matter WTF I do?

My dryer is so bad, I literally hang everything up now, and if I don't, it goes on the lowest setting and I baby the clothes.
It's completely ruined nearly every single piece of clothing i own, I won't even go into that because it's so stressful/upsetting to me.
I'm dealing with weight issues, and I literally cannot understand what the hell I'm doing wrong. It makes me want to not eat at all because no matter what the hell I do, my clothes shrink. Like, this is affecting my self esteem, body image, and I literally cry every goddamn time I do laundry.
So, I hung dried my shorts because I'm so worried about shrinkage at this point, and... They shrunk!
I wash EVERYTHING on cold, but because I live in a desert, the water never gets cold enough.
I use tide clean & gentle or whatever the unscented detergent is, liquid.
It's extremely dry in the house, and like, my room gets ZERO circulation of air, it's always too warm in here.
How do I make it so nothing else shrinks? I literally am so stressed out because of this, it's LITERALLY affecting my mental health, I cry every single time I do laundry, which is almost every day.
Please help me.
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2023.03.29 06:32 thhvancouver Can I please just go on my own vacation !?

Yesterday was another classic example of a disastrous couple’s vacation I’ve had with my husband.
A bit of background story. Originally I saw an offer for an all inclusive couple’s getaway in a spa hotel near the historic French city Strasbourg. The plan was to dine and spend the night at the hotel, go visit the city the next day.
Instead, hubby decided that he needed two days to visit the city, and booked an Airbnb in another city nearby because it was cheaper. And the spa? Well, if you drive 2 hours into the mountains in Germany, there is a gigantic water park with a spa inside.
So when the time came for the vacation, I stressed that it was important for me to spend time in the spa. Instead, he rushed me out of the spa to go visit the water park. When I reminded him again that I wanted to spend some time at the spa, he managed to get us kicked out of the spa by making an issue about being naked in the clothing free area (which we read and knew about before we booked our tickets for the spa)
After leaving early to go to our Airbnb, we found ourselves at the edge of a town two hours away from Strasbourg. Everything was closed (admittedly not his fault because there was no explanation. Presumably some shops closed in protest to the French pension reform.) So after walking around town, we ended up driving 2 hours back to Strasbourg and spending half a day there. Of course, since we already lost half a day, we could only make the most of the time we had to visit what we could.
We then asked our friend who came from the region for some recommendations. As we were arriving at the destination - a famous farmer’s market with a bistro, hubby decided to park at the other side of town because he thought the farmer’s market was going to be boring and wanted to also see the city. So we spent an extra half an hour just walking to and from our destination while admiring the asphalt roads and cars driving by.
He also did not forget to make a trite remark about us having to leave so early, despite knowing since last week that I had to leave the house at 5am the next day for a work appointment.
After all the trouble, did his majesty enjoy the trip? No, because he had to drive so much. Well then why did you change the original plan to include hours of drive, crossing into two countries, just for a spa and a visit to Strasbourg?
This happens almost every time because he decides to make his own plans after everyone else already has things planned out. And he acts hurt when I don’t want to spend my vacation days together with him.
Seriously, for the sake of my sanity and our relationship - go do your own things and let me enjoy my vacation how I want.
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2023.03.29 06:32 pornaltcausewhynot Parent in hospital and they can't figure out what is up.

Patient information:
Height: 5'8" ft
Weight: approx. 210 lbs
Age: 59
Race: Caucasian
Hx: Nearly Blind, Prostate Cancer (Year+ in remission), Diabetes (In control with Insulin, though.)
Medications: Metformin, Insulin, Other common meds I'm not 100% on names of.
Drink: None
Smoke: None
Drugs: None
Those are their stats.
I don't expect any answers, but thought I'd ask since hospital can't seem to figure out anything and it's free to ask. Hoping maybe someone has maybe encountered something similar and can offer some casual advice like, "Hey, maybe ask them to look into this?" Not looking for diagnosis or anything, just any ponderings or reasonable possibilities.
I'm also asking here because I don't think the quality of hospital near me is very good.
As far as the patient, they aren't the healthiest as you can tell by the list. However, they use insulin and it seems to be working as well as can be expected. They had cancer but have been in remission for awhile now (and it didn't spread throughout the body). They had a growth near thyroid or something but whatever it was, the surgery went fine and not cancerous. So while there are health issues, they are getting them taken care of.
However, today out of nowhere, they woke up and they - as someone who is usually unwilling to share any medical stuff - shared their arm was kind of numb and their hand felt like that too (for them to share so willingly indicates they are kind of scared). They were also having trouble gripping with the hand (this would be left hand/arm). Their eye on that side looked a bit droopy as well, not bad, but off.
They already had a doctor's appt. for something else so they went there. As they were walking in to be seen, they started having issues with their foot shuffling a bit and turning a bit. Speech wasn't all slurred but not great. If you're thinking it sounds like a stroke, that's exactly what they thought, and that is also what the Doctor thought who had them head over to the hospital immediately.
They did, and the ER got them in under the assumption it was a possible stroke. This was early this morning. Throughout the course of the day, they have done various blood tests, EKG, MRI, CT Scan, and what you'd expect.
Nothing showed up. The doctors said their brain looks great. But the arm still feels numb, the grip is a bit worse, the eye looks a bit better and the speech is, but now the leg on that side is feeling heavier.
They are keeping them because they have to since symptoms aren't better and they don't know what's up. I'm not very convinced they have a great plan , though.
Has anyone heard of something like this before? Where it seems like a stroke but isn't a stroke? And/or were results on usual tests came back good?
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2023.03.29 06:31 StuckinaPokeball It’s time for me to come out publicly and socially transition… but I can’t bring myself to do it.

I (27y trans girl) have been out to my family for a few months. Very right wing religious all of them and hardly supportive. I moved away from them recently to start a new life across the country in a trans-friendly state (USA), and it’s going… not great. I’m also fully out to my wife for nearly 2 years and she is 1000% supportive and has my back, I couldn’t do this without her and I love her to death. But that’s everyone who knows apart from the doctors I get my HRT (13 months) and therapies from.
But now… well I’ve started to male fail. Boy modding isn’t working anymore despite my best efforts such as binding and hoodies. The physical changes happening on HRT are obvious to the point strangers have started going out of their way to refer to me as they/them without asking. So I guess it’s now time for me to come out as fem full time, right? Start my public social transition? I mean I’m not passing as a boy anymore, but I don’t pass as a girl either; I’m stuck in this awkward in-between, and not in a good androgynous way. I mean I’ve never worn fem clothing in front of anyone except my wife, and if it were up to me I’d stay in the closet but I’m not getting much choice here. I already had severe social anxiety but now I’m just paralyzed by it and can’t hardly leave my apartment knowing the stares I’m getting. I’m stuck. I know what I need to do but I don’t have what it takes to do it. I don’t know if this is a vent post or asking for advice, but if someone knows anything that could help I could definitely use it.
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2023.03.29 06:31 greenturtles1234 Moving to Calgary summer 2023

Hi, I’m looking for a place to stay in Calgary this summer from end of April to end of August. If you’re looking to sublet your place for the summer please pm me! Preferably looking for a place neain downtown but I’m open to any area.
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2023.03.29 06:31 WorriedAnywhere3 No Updates Have Currently Addressed One of Minecraft's *Core* Issues. Why?

I want to preface this by apologizing if I come off at all as rude or demanding. I tried my best to avoid any of my writing sounding that way, but I also really wanted to emphasize how massively important this issue is. Please note that if anything sounds rude/condescending/demanding I did not at all intend it that way at all; I just really want to convey how important this is. I have a huge amount of respect for the talented developers at Mojang, and I'm sure they have a reason for why things are the way they are. This post is just me reaching out in hopes of learning what that reason is while emphasizing the issue's importance.

While the recent updates and upcoming one are all amazing, and I've deeply enjoyed playing them. The Mojang team has done an excellent job implementing really creative features that breathe life into the game. However, being totally honest, I could have lived without those features for another year or even two if it meant getting this fixed:
Multi-threading. I have searched everywhere, and I haven't managed to find a single official Mojang employee provide an explanation as to why, in 2023, a game backed by the multi-billion dollar corporation, Microsoft, does not have multi-threading. I really want an official response on either: why the won't implement multi-threading, or when they might begin implementation of multi-threading.

Servers are incredibly limited in size, complexity, and performance on Java due to the lack of multi-threading. Furthermore, single-player worlds just run a private local server that you connect to. This means single-player worlds are also plagued by performance issues caused by lack of multi-threading.
In other words: I shouldn't have to be shopping for the fastest clock-speed CPU's on the market just to use elytra without the ground disappearing below me due to chunk-generation being too slow.

I am fully aware how hard this is to implement -- especially on such a large code base. Programming multi-threading into a game of any size and debugging it afterwards can be a total nightmare and a massive headache. However, that is not to excuse its absence. We absolutely NEED it; as hard as it is to implement, it NEEDS to be done very desperately.
Frankly, I am totally okay with waiting one or even two years before receiving any sort of new content if it means we can have this. This issue has been severely hampering my enjoyment of this game for years now, and it is the number one thing I want to see fixed. Any response from anyone that either works at Mojang or has some amount of insider information is GREATLY appreciated.

TL;DR -- A lack of multi-threading SEVERELY limits performance on even the best hardware on the market and makes things exploration with elytra or gameplay on higher render distances very difficult. The feature exists on bedrock, and I wanted to know why there has been no word about even considering implementing it on Java (from what I could find anyway).
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2023.03.29 06:31 MrTenacious30 32[M4F] East Coast Small Town NY Night Owl looking for someone with similiar interests

Yet another day of sitting here wondering if I could manage to find someone to enjoy some of my free time with. So, if you're in the same time zone or near the area of Binghamton NY then maybe we could find ourselves entertaining each other when we are both are able to get together.

I'm 5'9 with icy blue eyes, white-as-white chocolate complexion, and a fit/muscular build. We can exchange pics if you're comfortable, or you could just give me a little description of yourself so I can get an idea of who I'm talking to.

1.Mary Jane over Jack Daniels..Do you agree?

2.A night in over a night out. What would you rather do on a night in than go out?

Those are some ideas for how to start the conversation. If any of this interests you, I think you know how to get ahold of me.
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2023.03.29 06:30 MyNameisLuciana Swimming lessons for hijabi ladies near/in Salmiya?

Swimming lessons for hijabi ladies neain Salmiya?
I have a friend who asked me to post here for her. She is asking for a place where she could take swimming lessons for beginners. She is a complete newbie so it would be ideal for the lessons to be private at least in the beginning until she is more comfortable with group lessons. Any help? Also, how much would it cost?
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2023.03.29 06:30 BlackNova476 Rito, commit to this decision, despite whatever we fans say.

I was neutral on rotation, seeing as there's an Eternal mode ,so technically nothing lost. The I see the rotation list and I'm just confused. I didn't check it all, but I wanted to build something with Samira and PnZ, come to find out nearly all the Augment cards are rotated. Which checks out, it's probably a broken interaction. This makes me realize Standard having a curated card list is a filter for all the jank homebrews, and Eternal, being a place of no-nerfs, emphasizes it.
I could express my opinion about how Standard might be dull and Eternal might be roulette, but nah. I'd rather express this, to the decision makers at riot who have developed and planned this for months:
It happens so often here that they "listen" to us, but really we whine like brats until something happens. Don't do that for this please please please. Rotation is a very big change for the game, and change takes time to implement and get proper feedback. We can all speculate today, then tomorrow comes, and we play, experiment, then feel some type of way and express it. The most volatile expressions are usually the ones that get upvotes, but as we all know that should be taken with a grain of salt.
I just want to express that rotation should be given ample time to settle into the game and community. A right-away reversion as a result of the outcry of the player base would discredit the development team, and the game as a whole, in my opinion.
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2023.03.29 06:29 TigerBergman Pokestop turning into gym

I’m planning on nominating a new stop nearby, and was wondering how the whole process would work. I understand S14 and S17 sells and all that. Let’s say I have a stop near my house, and I successfully nominate a new stop somewhere further away in the same S14 cell. Which one of them would become a gym? Is it based off of which one is newer? Which one has more photos/likes? How can I guarantee that the first stop becomes the gym?
Also, I’ve heard about the whole “liking photos” thing, but I don’t know if it’s true. If I like photos of the first pokestop (well before submitting the second one) would that guarantee it becomes the gym? If you know anything about this, please let me know!
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2023.03.29 06:29 TechieBrad Near Transactions Not Syncing?

Is it just me or are transactions of near inbound/outbound not showing up in ledger live?
My tokens are there, but ledger live doesn’t show them. Is this just for me?
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2023.03.29 06:28 kingsavagelmao WiFi is EXTREMELY inconsistent, any ideas as to why?

Hello (sorry for the long post, but a lot has developed):
I live in a relatively small apartment; there's about 16 total residents in 2 buildings (8 per building) for the "complex".
We have a "shed" in between both buildings, which is where our router is located, and various extenders at different locations in the buildings and outside; we are unable to purchase our own Wi-Fi, as there's no cabling running through the building, and are stuck to use the apartment Wi-Fi.
This is where the problem comes in, and where I need help with.
For the past 7-ish months, the Wi-fi has been very inconsistent. It will randomly disconnect A TON. However, it happens infrequently. There's been periods of DAYS without any disconnects, other days it will work for 8+ hours until the disconnect(s) arise, and there's been days where it disconnects every few minutes.
Now to explain the actual problem: By disconnects, the internet, just, well, stops working for a minute (give or take), and proceeds to start working again after the little "spurt", until the next little "spurt". [ex. If I do a speed test, and get 30/10 (which is the general speed I've been getting at times when the internet works since mid-march), the speed test during the disconnect (granted if the page even loads) would be somewhere in the ball-park of 0.1/0 to 10/3 (yes, I've done MULTIPLE speeds tests where the upload speeds would be a flat ZERO, and the download would be below 1)]

This led me to 3 different potential reasons, all of which (I think?) might be ruled out:
1) There's an issue with the extenders/wiring/router that's causing the disconnects
2) The internet drops during periods of over-usage by all us tenants
3) It's a problem with my devices.

Now, I said that I feel as if I've ruled these out, so *MAYBE* someone can read what I say and tell me that I'm actually wrong. I'm hoping that's the case, so I can actually understand what's happening, because I'm completely lost and the tech company doesn't help.

Important extra info: I've been talking to tech support about this. Our internet provider is spectrum, but our complex has us call this small "3rd party" tech company near us (I always get on the phone with the same 2 guys) who handles the internet for us (not exactly sure how it works, but they have access to all our speed info). Anyways, I'm going to relate what I say next to this tech company.

Sometime in mid-February, when I kept repeatedly contacting the tech company, they finally decided to come out (after claiming that apparently I was the only one having an internet issue) and found out one of the extenders outside was filled with water, and that all the tenants were connecting to one singular extender. They replaced it (didn't fix issue). They then decided to replace both the modem and router, which DID fix the issue for a couple weeks (first time in 6 months I had consistent internet!), but, once again, the issue started up again. The only real reasoning I had to rule this out was because of how INCONSISTENTLY it would cut out. I'd figure if it were an issue with the cabling, it would CONTINOUSLY happen, not work fine for a random day (let alone 2 weeks!), and then struggle for the following two.

This is what I WOULD THINK would be the issue. However, the tech company INSISTS when I contact them that the usage rate isn't even remotely high in comparison to what it COULD be when I claim the internet is messing up, and they say the usage rate isn't the issue.
*for extra info, our landlord sold the property to a different company, who decided on actually upgrading our internet speeds in late February. This, on TOP of the replacement routemodem meant that my MAX SPEEDS in early march were consistently hitting 50/10 for like 2ish weeks. But, like I said, the problem has returned, and now my top speeds are around 30/10 (I have NO IDEA what happened there)*.

All of my devices in the home deal with this issue AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. If my wifi starts struggling on my PC, I'll check my devices, and vice-versa. They work when there's no issues, and all stop working when the internet issues arise. It seems simple to count this one out.

Now, HOPEFULLY what I've said makes sense.

Like I said, I've talked to the internet company extensively on this, and, to be frank, I'm pretty sure they have absolutely NO idea what's going on, and either think: A) I'm lying, or B) I'm being EXTREMELY stingy with the internet (which, I at least don't THINK I am, because I think infrequent transitions from dial-up speeds to quality internet would upset anyone, no?). They're even MORE confused, because apparently I'm the closest someone in the complex can be to the routeextenders, and I'm still having issues.
Some "statistics" I've heard them mention on calls before:
- My connection strength sits somewhere around 50%,
- The usage rate will be at around 20-30% when I claim the internet is dropping,

If anyone has ANY idea on what could be happening, or at least what I SHOULD be doing please let me know. I've contacted the tech support people each of the last 3 days, and have been left on read over each of those texts, so at this point I'm losing hope.

tldr; internet has frequent disconnects, tech company *claims* it's not the usage rate, I've ruled out the possibility of it being my devices as this issue, and the landlord upgraded the internet speed, as well as the tech company replacing the routemodem fixed the internet for 2 weeks (first time I had consistent speeds in 6 months), but the issue arose again.
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2023.03.29 06:28 Caffeine-addict- Spent 14 hours at a salon for chemical burns

I 25F went to the salon on Saturday to get my hair blonde and purple balayage type vibe. I had went in for a consult about three weeks earlier and i had been very honest with the stylist letting her know I use box dye and what I wanted to get done and that I wear my hair in a ponytail every single day. She quoted me 8-10 hours and let me know it’s going to be $95 an hour.
The actual appointment took about 14 hours. She had used foils on the most of my hair and then a developer on my roots the developer level 30. she had with the developer sit on my head for about 45 minutes I let her know it started burning. She immediately came over and try to take some of the developer off and it wasn’t any better so she rinsed me off. Later she had put different dye on my roots as apparently the developer didn’t fully work and it was yellow. my scalp still hurt after the burning feeling but I didn’t think anything of it and the artist also didn’t think it was a big deal.
The next day, Sunday, I woke up to my scalp, still hurting and weird chunks on my hair around my middle part. I had my wife check it out and it was burnt and oozing. Throughout the day, my hair is so painful I could not wear it in a ponytail. Monday rolls around and I went to work still with my hair down and I talked to one of my supervisors who used to be a hairstylist and she expressed how concerning the developer was and how I have chemical burns on my scalp. She mentioned how I need to call the salon to make sure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else, but the salon is closed on Sunday and Monday so I called on Tuesday.
The salon stated they need to reach out to the stylist to see what happened, which is understandable. The artist tell me a super long text basically telling me there’s nothing I can do and that my head’s gonna be like this for two weeks. But she so sorry and nothing like this has ever happened before. But she’ll take a look at it on Thursday
I still have blisters on my head. I’m honestly thinking about reaching out to the salon owner and trying to get a partial refund. As I still can’t wear my hair up and I’m in pain. The dye job is pretty and I am happy with the end result I’m just so upset with the burns.
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2023.03.29 06:28 GuerrillaJiuJitsu The Basics of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Or BJJ

People all around the country are becoming more and more interested in the benefits and effectiveness of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This is even truer for the Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. areas. However, before jumping right in and joining a school, maybe you would like to know some of the basics of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was almost unheard of, until it became an event in The Ultimate Fighting Championships. It has quickly become one of the most respected martial arts in the world and has been proven very effective in many situations. The US Military recognizes its qualities and effectiveness along with many law enforcement agencies such as the Air Marshals. brazilian jiu jitsu
The basics for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are using your opponent's own strength, aggression and force to defeat them. You use your own leverage and body positioning to defend yourself in an attack. Many fights wind up on the ground before one opponent defeats the other so, BJJ teaches grappling positions such as Guard, Mount and Side Control. These help the defender apply strikes to their opponent using the most leverage-based techniques available.
The biggest advantage of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is that anyone can do it from young to old. It is one of the effective self-defence sports to take down a larger and stronger opponent no matter your size. You don't have to be in great shape to perform the strikes either nor do you have to have prior martial arts experience to benefit from BJJ. jiu jitsu near me
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was designed with self-preservation in mind. It is a great method of protection from personal attacks from just about any predator. Women enrol in BJJ for the benefits of protection when they must work late at night and are out alone. The BJJ moves gives them a feeling of security. It is, today, a sport but was originally created as a functional form of self-defence.
Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu include:
• Weight loss
• Build body strength
• Increased flexibility
• Increased self confidence
• Can lead to a healthier life in general
Many other benefits have been recognized from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that are usually taken for granted such as flexibility, balance, hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular improvement. Many of these are not thought of when you consider enrolling in a BJJ school. BJJ is great exercise and allows you to develop your strength, awareness and strategic thinking. These benefits can be carried throughout life and used in everyday situations. jiu jitsu classes
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is not a physical exercise for attacking an opponent. It is a self-defensive, beneficial art form that requires both body control and mind control from the user. It is a self-preserver that anyone can benefit from and use in a defensive position. With BJJ you can feel more secure when traveling alone and use the lessons you learn throughout your everyday life. Talk to your local Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor about enrolling. You will meet new people, have fun and learn life lessons that will aid you in dealing with everyday situations.
View More: family martial arts academy
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2023.03.29 06:28 SuzieQbert Estranged mom wants to talk about her will

TLDR: My estranged mother keeps trying to use emotional shrapnel to try to lure me back in to a relationship - most recently claiming she needs to discuss her will with me. I feel like it's time to extinguish her hope once and for all, but I'm not interested in cruelty. How do I get her to just leave me alone?
So, trying to keep this short, I've been estranged from my mother for years. She has always been incredibly difficult, and I knew from an extremely young age that I would never have chosen to know her if I had any choice in the matter. Lots of emotional neglect, bullying, weaponized shame and physical abuse in our house.
My older sibling (mid 40's) has never been employable, and had lived with our mother off and on (mostly on) for about 20 years. Almost 7 years ago sibling got full custody of their school age child. One family dinner was all it took for me to know that I could not watch this child have the same childhood my siblings and I did.
Looking at the situation, the only influence I had was my presence. So I wrote a long letter telling my mother how traumatic it was growing up in her home, and letting her know I would not be present to see another childhood shredded by her parenting.
The ultimatum was this: Take parenting classes, and get therapy, and attend family counselling. OR I simply will not see her again and our relationship would be completely over. Either way I wouldn't watch my nibling suffer.
Predictably, she refused to acknowledge the letter to me and disposed of it, but went around crying about my cruelty to everyone who would listen. Nearly a year later, she realized that I was serious, and arranged a counselling session for the two of us. I went, out of a sense of obligation, but by then I had realized how much better my life was in every measurable way. My blood pressure had returned to normal and I got off meds, my self esteem had shot up, I was smiling and humming to myself nearly every day... before cutting her out, I had no idea that people could just wake up happy, like, all the time.
So I went to the session because I'd said I would in that letter from a year earlier. And it was the craziest thing. In 90 minutes we plowed through the full cycle of abuse. Started with the nicey-nice behavior, then as soon as she was uncomfortable everything was "that never happened," then by the end she was telling me that everything I said was a lie, I was evil and she's ashamed of how I turned out to be.
Decision made - obviously this estrangement became permanent that day.
(For anyone wondering about my nibling, child came to my home every weekend for years so that my sibling could have a break and child could see what a stable home looked like. I registered them in weekend activities alongside my own kiddos, and treated them all equally. NC with my mother didn't mean NC with sibling or child. I take care of my people.)
So since then, my mother (who can only contact me through email but my husband has never blocked her) keeps trying to find something emotionally compelling enough to lure me back in. One year at Christmas its "here's one cup and saucer from a set that belonged to your grandma. Call me for the story about these dishes." Then for a birthday, she'll send over my deceased dad's high school yearbooks with a note that says "I have lots more of your dads things. Just come over and we can go through things together." Just always some bullshit trying to pull at my heartstrings.
Most recently, she called my husband asking him to pass on the message that "we need to talk about my will."
The truth is I don't give a rats ass what she does with her meager belongings. As I kid she used to refuse to buy me shampoo because apparently I used too much of it - so I went to school having just rinsed off in the shower because I had nothing to wash with. I started working the summer I was 15, and never relied on her money again. Why would I want her leftovers now? So there is no discussion to be had about her will. She can do whatever and I couldn't care less.
So anyway, here's my question: obviously she is still holding out hope that our relationship can be healed, but there's no fuxking way that's happening. The way I see it I have two options.
  1. Ignore her as I've been doing for all these years. Dead silence from me.
  2. Send an email stating plainly that she missed the boat for reconciliation. That she needs to stop torturing herself with hope, and she needs to stop harassing me with these things. Then block her email address.
I'm not feeling great about either of these things. My goal is to just be left alone. What can I do to get there? Any advice?
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2023.03.29 06:27 KagakuNinja Still having issues after months, confused about mask

I have had some form of day time drowsiness problem for a while. A sleep study confirmed that I have mild apnea, my AHI was at 5.something. The doctor didn't have any clear recommendation, so I went with CPAP. I have Resmed Airsense 10.
I started with nasal pillows (AirFit P30i) and a chin strap. It took a while before I could actually sleep with the thing on, and even then it was never good sleep. Usually the AHI number would be around 5, although I think I got a 2 once. I started using a nasal mask, and kind of liked that better.
And then my nose got stuffy. I have allergies, and even taking an anti histamine before bed time wasn't helping. I could try nasal sprays, but I was told they have a rebound problem. So I switched to a Philips Dreamwear mask.
Now I am getting horrible dry mouth. I've read some threads about dry mouth. I could use the chin strap with it, but I thought the point of a full mask was so that you could mouth breathe. I cannot use Biotene or Xylimelts, as they have xylitol, a type of FODMAP I need to avoid. I will try upping the humidity.
I also prefer to sleep on my side, it is better for my acid reflux problems. But it seems like various times at night my machine goes into overdrive blasting air into my face if I sleep on my side (and it is noisier). The AirFit and Dreamwear are supposed to allow side sleeping...
I'm not sure if I have a good fit on the mask. I never thought that my nose was small, but the measurement guide in the kit put me slightly under the limit for the small mask. I've tried medium, and I don't think I'm getting as good of a seal. With both small and medium I have to fiddle with the mask to get it so there isn't air leaking into my face, and side sleeping will disrupt that.
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2023.03.29 06:26 Visual_Record_528 How does forwarding an email work?

Someone asked me to forward someone else something, but I'm not sure what that means. Does that mean the person I forward something to will see that thread of emails with a specific person?
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2023.03.29 06:26 elmihy Adopted two sisters who are very different… do u think they’re both happy?

About two years ago I adopted Clem and Maya, two sisters from different litters who were looking out for each other after being left on the street. Clem was almost 1 yr. Maya was 4 months.
I’ve noticed Maya communicates with me quite clearly, and gives me a lot of “I Love You” signals. She comes up to me for pats throughout the day, she flips herself over onto my chest when I lie down, she asks for treats and play. She’s an active, vocal, expressive, and very affectionate kitten.
Clem is in comparison, much less expressive. She mostly sits on my legs and sleeps. She doesn’t seem to particularly like being picked up or held. When I first got her, I held her all the time. Held her baby style even. (She was recovering from a hip surgery at that time). She was stuck to me like glue. But a couple months in she stopped enjoying it, it seems, and she’s straight armed me ever since. She seems to enjoy pets, well enough but doesn’t stick around for them and flop over. She just closes her eyes and leans into it a little and then keeps it moving. Only thing she stops for are butt pats, which I try to provide as much as possible. Clem really only harasses me in the hour before breakfast and dinner. During which time she incessantly paces around me, purring loudly and making biscuits. Other than that, she’s either sleeping in her own beds or sleeping near or on me.
This might be somewhat ridiculous… but do you think both cats are happy and feel loved? Their ways of expressing themselves are so different…. I don’t know if it’s just personality or if Clem is having a harder time connecting with me 🥺
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2023.03.29 06:26 Fishykarp Circus Baby's Pizza World -- Solved?

Circus Baby's Pizza World -- Solved?
So, this kind of appears to be the main issue that theorists have run into regarding the timeline -- William Afton would have no reason to build the Sister Location animatronics to capture children unless he already suspected the secrets of Remnant.
I can't say for certain that I have a foolproof answer - and I'll note where evidence I'm unaware of could easily break the idea - but I do have a solution that in my mind makes all the pieces fit nicely into place.
Seen Above: Circus Baby's schematics as unlocked in Sister Location
Piece #1: Baby
So, Elizabeth Afton, right? She, a child, approaches the child-capturing robot. The robot opens its weird claw stomach and grabs her. And then she dies?
This has never felt right to me. I mean, was the claw just built too strong? It killed her instantly, instead of capturing her alive in the way we've been assuming the Sister Location animatronics work. Did William not check Baby's chest hole until Elizabeth had died of dehydration, even after realizing that his daughter was missing?
This confusion is what led me down this path, it's what initially motivated me to look at her blueprints again, and with that mindset one thing caught my eye most: Emergency Stop.
I'm not the first one to point this out, but that's an interesting thing for Baby's schematics specifically to contain -- you'd think that either they'd all have it (and so it isn't worth pointing out on Baby specifically), or none of them would. The consensus seems to be that William installed the Emergency Stop feature after Elizabeth died, just in case. After all, the game only has a limited amount of space to give us information, and so the fact that Emergency Stop is here means that it is important enough to call out and furthermore might be a feature important to William specifically.
Following this fact to its logical conclusion makes it pretty apparent: Circus Baby from Sister Location is an upgraded version of Circus Baby from Circus Baby's Pizza World
We know that the Sister Location animatronics regularly have their innards scooped out in an attempt to 'fix' them, of all the characters in FNAF they would be the easiest to rebuild or revamp. I posit that in addition to the above assertion, it's entirely possible that Circus Baby was not originally built to capture children for the purposes of collecting Remnant.
Afton just wanted to kill kids with a funny claw. That's it. Maybe start his own business for normal ego-driven reasons to strike out on his own and compete with Henry.
The blueprints aren't really necessary, I just want to break up the bits of this into clear chunks
Piece 2: Ballora
So if you watch Matpat's FNAF stuff, he makes the joke once or twice that the whole vr-sisters thing from Fury's Rage is kinda FuhNaff pet theory. In the same way, it definitely feels like Ballora being Mrs Afton is his.
Now, to be clear, I do genuinely believe the Ballora thing, it's just funny how often he brings it up. When he mentions Mrs Afton in the final part of his 2023 megatimeline, I genuinely laughed. It does make sense, all this talk of 'bringing the family together' in theorising and broadly we've forgotten all about the mother and her place at the head of the table and kind of just glossed over that. But that's neither here nor there, just a way for me to segue to:
“Why do you hide inside your walls, 
When there is music in my halls? All I see is an empty room, No more joy, an empty tomb. It's so good to sing all day, To dance, to spin, to fly away.”
So, an empty room, an empty tomb. Whether you believe that this is Mrs Afton, it very well could read as referring to Elizabeth's death -- whether William's own grief is somehow agony'd into the animatronic or this is actually the mother's grievances over Willy locking himself away in his work. Which, if we follow this logical thread, leads us to another interesting idea:
Elizabeth Afton was already dead when Ballora was built
Now, here's where my knowledge is a bit shaky given that I have not read any of the books nor do I have an inside-out knowledge of every easter egg in FNAF. However, to my knowledge, there is no indication that any animatronic other than Baby and the unnamed springlock suit were ever at Circus Baby's Pizza World. There's apparently Fazbear Frights story where some glasses from Pizza World create a hologram Ballora and she makes a kid dance, I don't know what that's about, but in terms of the literal physical robot I don't think there's anything.
If you look back at Baby's own schematics, you'll see that nothing she does is explicitly kid capture-y. Whereas Ballora, Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy have all of their listed features to do with movement, misdirection, ect. Because Baby was supposed to be a stationary stage preformer -- where the others were built with longer legs and inbuilt systems meant for these weird delivery-party kidnapping FNAF-ARlike remnant gathering expeditions.
Yes, I'm also positing that Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy were made after Pizza World closed. I was going to add their schematics here to break up some paragraphs but I think aesthetically this looks better so you're just gonna look those up yourself.
this image is literally just filler lmao
So what?
Elizabeth Afton's death does not have to take place after William knows about remnant. The timeline, as I see it, goes as follows
1st: William builds Circus Baby as a normal (read: murder-capable) animatronic
2nd: Circus Baby preforms her intended function (read: serve ice cream and claw a child to death), but on Elizabeth who was not an intended target (shoulda gotten the security puppet ID wristbands, Willy!)
3rd: William notices that Baby's eyes are funky and maybe she's possessed -- gets curious about the idea of robots being used to preserve human souls
4th: William retools Baby to be a capture bot possibly by lowering the intensity of the claw, and builds Ballora and the Funtimes perhaps from existing designs he was planning for his restraunt, maybe even bots in the process of being built, or in Funtime Foxy's case The Mangle, and starts collecting remnant.
This allows Circus Baby's pizza world to be early in the timeline, without necessarily needing William to be aware of remnant. Elizabeth's death can slot in basically wherever, because we KNOW that William made adjustments to the Funtimes after her death and so Baby did not need to originally be able to capture kids. In fact it makes far more sense that Baby isn't built for capture because, again, she didn't capture Elizabeth. She killed her and fused into her soul.
I don't actually know if this solves anything. The current lore is pretty unintuitive, which is exactly why I hope to simplify it here, and so I don't actually remember what the current accepted timeline is supposed to be even having watched a lot of videos on it. Revisiting this specific era seems important, and hopefully I can start some discussion which leads to something helpful :)
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2023.03.29 06:25 Jerememe13 [CA, WW] [H] Legendary Collection Holo Rattata & Vintage to Modern 130 Ultra & Secret Rare Card Lot - JP/EN, DMG - LP [W] DMG/HP Holo & Ultra Rare Pre-2012 Cards, Wantlist, & PayPal

timestamp & card list (5 pages)
Selling a lot of ~130 Pokemon Cards. They are all varying in condition, going from Damaged to near mint. I would say they are mostly moderately played. They are mostly Japanese but there are lots of English cards and other languages as well. Please message me or comment for pricing, going by eBay sold for reference. Trades welcome, PayPal preferred.
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2023.03.29 06:25 lilscamstar My cat gets scared out of no where and pees herself and I’m not sure what’s going on. she won’t let me touch her or get near her at all.

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2023.03.29 06:25 Mr_Pizzaboy Mirrorpool in Titan?

I am no expert in Modern neither in Titan, but i asked myself why noone plays Mirrorpool in Titan as one off, could bring extra threads and like i never saw it. Probably there is a reason why but I just asked myself, so maybe you can help me out here, thx already.
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