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2023.05.31 19:16 Pure-Carpenter4728 Me (21M) and my girlfriend (21F) have been on a short break but she’s been talking to other boys.

I am a law student at university. Me and my girlfriend have been together for over a year now and we are in a mid-distance relationship (about a 2 hour journey away from me at university and at home).
From the start, the relationship has been rocky. This is because my girlfriend had been talking to another boy she matched on Hinge with after we became exclusive. This doesn’t bother me much if she told me but she lied about it for 6 months until I found out. I knew that there was something she wasn’t telling me but she would always have a go at me and cry whenever I asked.
When I found out, she was apologetic and I did not have a go at her. I was angry of course but I was more distant than anything else. I was hurt from this so much as she told me things during that time that made me feel like I was the only one to her. I felt like our relationship didn’t mean as much to her as it did for me. Thankfully, she said she would do anything to make it up to me and that I could take as long as I need to recover.
However, only a couple days after I found out, she became fed up of me being sad and said to me to get a grip effectively. I didn’t want to annoy her so I tried to bottle everything up so we could move on. There were other things happening in my life at this time too.
When I had exams, for about a month I was spending allday everyday in the library and wasn’t able to make any other plans, other than small things in the evenings. I was lucky in that she was so supportive during that time.
Unfortunately, before my final exam, we had a phone call and she asked me what I was doing on the following weekend, to which I said nothing. Stupidly I forgot that I was planning on seeing my brother who lived 5 hours away and who I had not seen in a month. I told her this on the next day and she said that she had enough and called me selfish. I said that I didn’t like that she called me that to which she said that she didn’t like me.
I wasn’t able to deal with that and felt hurt by it and this led to us breaking up because it was not the first time she had said something rude like that to me. I had had enough and it was affecting my happiness. From then, she said I would never find someone like her again and that my loss was someone else’s gain.
During my exam, I had a panic attack from this and I felt like I was going to never find love again. So, against my better judgement, I did the norm of messaging her back saying I regret my choice. Then, she said she would need a few weeks to make her mind up and to spend time with her family and friends and herself to be happy. I said the same.
But, one thing we agreed on was that we would not talk to anyone else out of respect for each other at this time. As you might guess from the title of this post, she didn’t stick to her word and I am feeling so tight chested because of it. I’ve not eaten properly in a week or slept because I feel so anxious about this.
Why do I feel so sad about this?
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2023.05.31 19:16 Emrys_616 Now That Number 1 Has Been Created, Is It His Time To Shine...

Now That Number 1 Has Been Created, Is It His Time To Shine...
For those unaware, the Xyz monster "Number 1: Infection Buzz King" was just revealed earlier today to be printed soon in the upcoming Animation Chronicle 2023 OCG Set coming in just over a week. It was used in the Zexal anime as the Ace Monster of Mr Heartland, a recurring antagonist who served Dr Faker in Zexal I and the Barian Emperor Vector in Zexal II.
Now, given what we saw with the last released Zexal character in Duel Links - Quinton, having a small pool of canon cards is no longer a barrier to getting into the game and given Heartland's amount of screentime and importance to the overall plot of the anime, I'm really hoping that Konami might see fit to include him one day as a playable character as well with a bunch of extra card voicelines to boot.
Whilst he only owned Numbers 2-4 and never actually played them, I think it'd be thematically appropriate for Heartland to have a primarily Wind-Insect deck based around turbo-ing out Numbers 1-4 (as well as Numbers 52 & 82 which he used in the Zexal Manga and were generic Rank 4's). Throw in some generic Insect support spells/traps and you have a decently solid and consistent 20 card deck that would make a pretty fun Raid Boss to battle against.
Obviously I'm not saying he should come right now, but once we've gotten the rest of the Barian Emperors and Don Thousand, Heartland would definitely be at the top of the list of leftover Zexal characters I'd like to see in the game. Thoughts on how much copium I'm taking?
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2023.05.31 19:16 Agreeable-Yam594 A Fresh Phrase Has Been Made Recently

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2023.05.31 19:16 Rigby824 New to this sub, still grieving.

Hi everyone,
I’m new here; I thought I’d look up an Exvangelical community on Reddit after coming to terms that I haven’t fully processed the fact that I’m currently unchurched and recently departed from the label of “Christian.” I still believe in God and try to follow Christ’s teachings of social justice and humility, but the Church can, in my opinion, fuck all the way off.
I just hit the 1-year mark since my wife and I left our home church of 6 years. It was the church that brought me back to God and ministry after a 4-year crisis of faith. We left heartbroken and hurt after all of our female pastors left because they were frequently dismissed and ignored by our male lead pastor, and the church’s subsequent attempts to cover it all up and gaslight anyone who questioned the events, my wife and I included.
After we left, people from this church who we considered family stopped talking to us without explanation, and I think that’s what hurts most of all. That hurt made me realize that Christianity isn’t what I thought it was nor what I want it to be: inclusive and loving, regardless of what building you attend on Sundays or if you attend at all.
Now I’m listening to “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill,” and I notice a lot of similarities between Mark Driscoll and my former pastor. While my former pastor wasn’t some toxically masculine sensationalist, he is every bit as narcissistic as Driscoll.
So here I am, willing and open to learn about what it means to be a Christ-loving, people-tolerating, Church-rejecting Exvangelical. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s stories!
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2023.05.31 19:15 Chemical_Mulberry_20 AITA for asking for a nurse of a difference race to look after my mum with dementia?

My mum has late stage dementia, I usually look after her at home. She needed to go to hospital after a fainting episode and they ended up keeping her for about a month. She has a history of being terrified of the Japanese, dad told her war stories while he was alive, and just the general bombing of our country too. It’s just something that’s not going anywhere in her psyche. Especially as her mind deteriorates.
So fate would have it that she was assigned a nurse who was Asian while I was there. The nurse tried introducing herself and mum started grabbing me and whispering “jap”, over and over again, she was shaking and extremely terrified. I’m not sure if the nurse understood what mum was saying (I hope she didn’t), but she just said that she will come back later when she feels better.
So mum was freaking out for about an hour. She never said anything that made sense just general “we need to stay together”, she was jabbing her fingers at her sheets a lot, sometimes at me. Just the general look of fully dilated eyes and trembling she had a lot of adrenaline.
I did try reassuring her that the Asian lady wanted to help but she wasn’t able to be reasoned with.
Anyway, when the nurse came back and tried to touch her she screamed and I asked to speak with her alone and I just said that to please not take offence but I think she wants a different nurse, and she asked why and I told her that she’s from WW2 and isn’t of sound mind.
I just wanted to be straight with her. But I think she started crying, and didn’t talk to me and walked away without responding. Mum was happier with the new nurse. But yeah… I’m pretty mortified.
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2023.05.31 19:15 newleaf9110 Supermarket stopped advertising

For the last few weeks, my supermarket (part of a large national chain) has been announcing that it will no longer be distributing its weekly ad in the newspaper. They say you can read the ad online, or pick up a copy at the store.
Now, I know that many Reddit users don’t subscribe to a newspaper and wouldn’t care one way or the other. But, I like to comparison shop, and there are four grocery stores in my area. It’s been very helpful to look at all four ads, see the weekly sales, and plan our menus accordingly. It’s far less convenient to look at a website, compared to reading four ads at the dining room table next to our recipes. And as for getting a copy at the store: by the time I get to the store, it’s too late. I should have made my shopping list already.
I do use their website, so I used the “Contact Us" link to complain. They said they’d report the issue. I also spoke to the manager at my local store, who agreed that it was a bad decision, but I understand it isn’t his fault.
So my question is: How long do you think I should boycott the store? A month? Two months? Forever?
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2023.05.31 19:15 pleix_ Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle for free

I have have a code for the bundle if anyone would like it. I received it with my new GPU but I dont play the game. You need 40 Series GPU, GeForce Experience and Battlenet to redeem.
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2023.05.31 19:15 Interesting-Permit34 How do you handle a sister with bpd?

My sister is 25 and lives with me and my parents. She has not graduated high school which has also been a difficulty in her life, but she refuses to attempt to do anything with her life. My mom and her have a really strange relationship. My sister is OBSESSED with my mom and analyzes all of her actions to a point of insanity. If my mom says something that she deems weird, then it devolves into HOURS and hours of fighting.
Last night, my mom mentioned something about a new package at the door and asked who it was for. My sister has a history of obsessive spending, so it’s been an issue in our family. That question sent my sister into an insane spiral.
They argued from 10pm until 4am. My mom kept trying to calm her down and just try to end it, but my sister would not let it go. It spiraled into something completely unrelated to the original argument. Her reasoning for not stopping is because she’s “messed up” her good days and that she can’t go back. It only stopped when I suggested my mom just sleep in the bed with her. It’s bizarre and I don’t know how to help my mom because it’s taking a toll on her health.
In the morning, we thought the issue was over, but she woke up hyperventilating and crying. She refused to reason with us and started to throw glass jars and other objects. My mom raised her voice at that, in which my sister freaked out saying “I can’t believe I made you get to the point of yelling.” It just got worse from there. My mom can’t even suggest therapy or anything related to that nature because my sister claims that it means my mom has “given up on her” and that we should be able to handle her issues ourselves.
My mom is no saint and I honestly believe most of my sister’s issues are related to her upbringing, but she has tried her hardest to deescalate the situation. I had to tell my mom to hug my sister, because I know my sister will calm down from that. So, she hugged my sister. A 10 minute hug. My mom tried to separate herself and suggest to make breakfast and she freaked out again. She claimed my mom was trying to “rush her healing” and that she just needed “one more minute of hugging.” It’s bizarre that she’s forcing affection and then freaks out that it feels forced.
As I’m typing this, it’s still ongoing. I really don’t know how to help my mom or my sister overcome this. I’ve suggested therapy multiple times but my sister refuses. Only once did she try therapy and stopped after a week because she was “cured.” What other alternatives do we have? It’s bringing unrest in my family and I feel like there has to be an approach to handling her.
edit: There are layers that I can’t even fit into this post that have occurred with my sister, so I’m sorry this post is so vague
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2023.05.31 19:15 mgwrc464 Wipers Skip/Jerk at End of Cycle on Intermittent - Ford Maverick

I have a 2022 Ford Maverick that I’ve been chasing this particular issue and I’m at a loss. I have been dealing with the skipping/jerking wiper issue now since I bought my truck. I am starting to see it cropping up on many other people’s trucks too but no real resolution.
What I'm referring to is only when the wipers are on intermittent mode, when they reach the end of the cycle to rest at the bottom of the windshield, they seem to skip/jerk ahead to a further stop rather than resting at the original point. When the windshield is dry it doesn’t do it and when using the regular low/high or washer modes they work perfect as well. I have checked and my wipers are aligned to the marks on the windshield, and I have even gone through a couple sets of blades and cleaned the windshield.
I have had it to 2 different dealers who could not replicate the issue. So based on feedback from other owners, I went ahead and just replaced the wiper motor myself. It’s an easy job and I had Ford points which made the part cheap enough to be worth the gamble.
The wipers are doing EXACTLY the same thing as before. I’m completely stumped now and all I can think of is this is either an inherent design flaw or maybe it’s the wiper linkage that’s to blame? I have no idea and this issue drives me absolutely crazy. Would love some input especially from any Ford techs that maybe have seen this issue and know the fix.
Thank you!
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2023.05.31 19:15 thefinalthrowaway22 I can’t tell if I’m being self destructive/selfish, or if I’ve truly just been accepting less than the bare minimum.

The question is: am I being self-destructive/selfish, or am I subconsciously fighting against accepting the bare minimum and/or red flags?
This all surrounds my 6 year long marriage, going on 8 year long relationship.
I don’t know when I’m wearing rose tinted glasses anymore. I’m genuinely grateful for many things, but mentally I feel like I’m an absolute disaster at the same time - and those conflicting feelings are just killing me. I want to give up, get a divorce, but I can’t tell of it’s to save myself, or save my husband from me and my insanity.
My jealousy is at an all time high, and my self esteem is at an all time low. I have been yo-yoing between anorexia and binging for a few years now, losing 30 lbs and gaining it back. I’m ruining dates or family outings with my growing bitterness. I’m listening to people tell me how good of a man I have, but immediately thinking of all the negative things. The battle against my better judgement to go through his phone is enough to make me sweat, fidget, and nauseated. My mental health is seriously affecting my physical well-being at this point.
He added his new young secretary on his Facebook account. I had to legitimately use his phone in front of him, and I had to search someone in the search bar. His secretary’s name was typed in and she was added by him as a friend. Her first post that popped up was a bikini picture. I wanted to vomit. She is young, perky, beautiful, tall, blonde, and single - everything I’m not.
He won’t look at me naked - he’s never tried to sneak a peek while I’m dressing or in the shower like any of my exes. I expressed to him over a year ago I’d like to shower with him. We still haven’t. We’ve gone our entire relationship of nearly 8 years without him ever once seeing me fully nude. I often wonder if it’s because he doesn’t find me attractive.
He doesn’t touch my whole body when we have sex (under the covers, lights off). He won’t even undress me, I have to undress myself. I wonder if it’s because he is fantasizing about someone else and touching me would ruin his imagination.
He comments about how big my clothes are, even holding up my underwear and exclaiming how wide they looked. They were a size large. He did the same thing with my leggings, and extra large sized pair. Those are loose on me for when my period starts and I’m bloated - even though logically I know it could be just a sarcastic gut punch, it made me feel like I’m worthless. He calls other women “heavy set” even though they are smaller than me. I’ve been the same size since before we met, a 10/12. My wrist bones are so large I have to purchase men’s wrist watches, I’m simply not a dainty lady. My Nordic ancestry built me to survive famines and carry pine logs, and I try to find strength in that, but I slipped back in to not eating again instead.
But I am grateful that he pays the bills. I am grateful he moved me in to his house. I’m grateful he takes care of my animals when I can’t. I’m grateful he doesn’t control me.
But I have this deep seated nauseating gut feeling that it’s not “if” he’ll cheat on me or leave me, but “when.”
If I could find the strength to have higher self esteem, would I still think this way? Would the jealousy disappear?
I hate the thought of staying, but I equally hate the thought of leaving. What if I leave and he moves on to a new, beautiful girl? It will prove I was the problem the whole time. I wasn’t good enough for him.
I can’t keep going on like this, but I also can’t leave, and I don’t know where to start to fix any of this. What do I even do? What is the first step I need to take?
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2023.05.31 19:15 buteredtsaep carbonara dude from omegle

i need help finding some dude i met online yesterday. he was italian, ive made some pickup lines with food (mostly carbonara and pasta) and he liked and laughed to all of them and ive found him rly beautiful but then my wifi somehow resetted and i lost the whole convo. if you're the person who talked to me yesterday (may 30th) around 10 pm (brazillian time) on omegle i beg u to answer this cuz you're really cool and pretty and sweet. if you're not please just help me find him by reposting this or whatever y'all are up to like im asking for nothing else than this 😭 sorry if posts like these arent allowed btw i just need to find this guy oh dawmn thank u in advance
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2023.05.31 19:15 Every_Heart4898 Drama, controversies, and goofiness

Drama, controversies, and goofiness
Hey there, glad you've come to stop by. I've decided to make this post out of concern for sub AngryObservation. At this point I'm kinda concerned that there's too much drama, trolling, and goofiness that's distracting us from the point - making essays. I'm gonna detail solutions to these problems in a very straightforward way. I'll detail some of my criticisms I have, with regards to the handling of these issues, and I'll detail my solutions afterward.
And uh- before I start, I'll just go ahead and say this... I'm not a alt of any crazy troll. I don't really want any major part in terminally online internet drama. I don't really care about the drama that much, and that's why I'm making this post - I want it to end.
The Problems
For starters, we've seen a RIDICULOUS influx in drama lately. There's some pretty vile, honestly nasty trolling going on, as well as overdramatic responses to the trolling itself. Common-sense tells me that this all has to do with various trollsters... y'know... the Poignob / WalterFMondale / Sachin632 guys. I will say this about them - they're probably not the same trollsters. This creates a problem for our sub, because we'll never really be 100% sure what's going on. This is why we need to start making reforms, and good changes to improve things.
Based on my own theories, I speculate that Poignob is probably WalterFMondale / AffectionateFox. There's some notable similarities between the two. I also speculate that Sachin is not AngryObserverEnjoyer, but behind those really vile spam accounts, I can't remember the names of 'em but everyone (including me) found them disgusting and immature. Granted, that's the reaction the person was probably looking for. I'm not really sure who made AngryObserverEnjoyer, however - that's the biggest mystery here.

This post also raised some questions. I recommend reading the whole post, because it reads as if Poignob himself wrote a parody of themself. One person stated in the comments that they had trouble even writing a imitation of Donald Trump. Honestly, this post doesn't really seem like a imitation.
The reason we have so many trollsters, and so much drama... is because there's a lot of LARPing to subs like ours. I mean, let's be honest here, what sub with extensive mod elections and eccentric redditor personalities is gonna be normal? I feel like the mod elections are a overlooked reason for us having long periods of drama. This isn't to say I'm against democracy and stuff like that, but I'm not exactly a fan of having terminally online losers slander and criticize each other to win internet points and "fame".

Ed_Durr responds to Wide_right_yes' criticism of his political views. Long story short, I think he made a excellent response to the drama. But this should have never happened, and goes to show the goofiness of internet LARPing.
Another problem is how the drama has been handled. I don't really think it's being handled well, and the responses I've been seeing are real headscratchers. Um, please take a look...

TheAngryObserver makes a second essay, in response to trolling that happened on the Discord.
Overall the post itself isn't bad, it's well-written and provides a good insight into the trollsters' madness. But, it's probably best to just ignore these things entirely. Isn't a extensive essay going to just inspire them to cause more madness, in hopes of getting another essay written and published? If they're looking for attention, that's a easy way to give it to them.
I think TheAngryObserver is fantastic, they've made a wonderful community for us all, and I appreciate them a lot. But I think that, with all things considered, the trollsters should be ignored all the time. And plus, if the trollsters are really that crazy (as in, genuinely mentally ill in some way) it's not good to publicize it. Ask them to get help in some way, and maybe ask them what's going on, etc.
The Solutions
Firstly, I think that mod elections should be ended. Our sister sub, YAPms, is doing just fine without mod elections, and they have a healthy amount of moderators to begin with. I don't see any real issue with having no mod elections, most subs don't do them and they're just fine too.
Secondly, I think that attention shouldn't be brought toward trollsters. Posts about specific trollsters, with dozens of comments speculating on who's behind it, aren't good. Drama like that is often goofy, and a tad ridiculous. I doubt we'll ever know for sure who's been making the troll alts, we can only make speculations. Posts about the trollsters and their antics should be banned, at least for the time being.
Thirdly, there should be some basic karma requirements for the sub. This could have the drawback of stifling the sub's longterm growth, but I think its necessary given the state of things. We really don't need any more goofiness.
The Conclusion
I've made this post to detail my thoughts on these issues, in a straightforward way. I hope that our sub will become better soon, because there's so many wonderful essays that could be written and read. I guess I'll go ahead and say this, thanks for reading.
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2023.05.31 19:14 thewarmvoid 28m looking for friends from anywhere

Thanks for look at this post and hopefully you decide to hmu and chat
About me I'm from Singapore am a chill and jolly dude (I laugh a lot) but am rather introverted irl (not online though, I just suck at f2f interactions), I've recently graduated from my uni at the end of March and have been searching for a job ever since(dam this economy is bad).
Aside from job hunting I like to read manga/webtoons (more webtoons these days), play video games to pass the time or watch random videos online. Videos usually range from history stuff to the most random shit you'd see online. I'm mostly a night owl but am trying to fix my sleep schedule somehow.
What I'm looking for are people who are willing to chat with me about anything and everything. I'm open minded and accepting of things but please do understand everyone has their limits and don't push it too much.
Tldr: struggling graduate that's unable to find a job is searching for online friends to chat with.
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2023.05.31 19:14 CrabsEatNachos Does anyone know what make/model this is, or is it entirely custom?

Does anyone know what make/model this is, or is it entirely custom?
I inherited this guitar body from my Uncle who recently passed away, and I was wondering if it was a production model or if it was custom. It’s been torn down and rebuilt so many times that any possible identifiers are no longer visible. I’m going to get it working again, I just wanted to see if any information existed online to make rebuilding a little easier.
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2023.05.31 19:14 ThatTubaGuy03 Where are all of these "leaks" coming from and why is everyone treating them like they are 100% unfailable?

I'm relatively new to the magic community but when where why and how are these leaks coming from and why is everyone believing them? Maybe I'm just crazy, but in the smash bros community, leaks were based on two things, how realistic your Photoshop skills were and how many people you could convince that you had an uncle who worked at Nintendo.
Maybe you guys have a different definition of leaks, but why is every single mtg YouTuber blowing in their pants over some random cards that literally anyone could have made with fan art and a custom card generator? And if I missed some large section of it, maybe these are from Wizards of the coast themselves, but then if the creators are telling you this and they want you to know, then it's not really a leak is it?
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2023.05.31 19:14 akbarn777 Hidden Saiyan Origins Revealed: Grandpa Gohan, Bardock's Father, Unveiled as a Powerful Warrior on Earth!

An interesting idea for a twist in the Dragon Ball storyline. If Grandpa Gohan was revealed to be Bardock's father and a Saiyan hiding on Earth, it would certainly add an intriguing dynamic to the series. Here's how the scenario could play out:
  1. Bardock's Origins: In this scenario, it would be revealed that Grandpa Gohan is actually a Saiyan warrior who managed to escape the destruction of Planet Vegeta. He settled on Earth and hid his true identity, living a peaceful life as a martial artist.
  2. Bardock's Arrival: Instead of being sent to Earth by his father, Bardock would be sent there by his mother, who entrusted Grandpa Gohan to raise and protect him. Bardock's mother would have made this decision to keep him safe from any potential threats, given the Saiyan race's reputation for violence and conquest.
  3. Grandpa Gohan's Training: With Grandpa Gohan's guidance, Bardock would be raised as a martial artist, just like Goku was in the original Dragon Ball series. Gohan would teach Bardock about discipline, martial arts techniques, and the importance of protecting the innocent.
  4. Bardock's Growth: As Bardock grows older and stronger, he would start to question his origins and his purpose on Earth. Grandpa Gohan would reveal the truth about his heritage, explaining why he kept it a secret for so long. This revelation would ignite Bardock's desire to explore his Saiyan roots and become a powerful warrior.
  5. Bardock's Quest: Bardock would set out on a journey to discover more about the Saiyan race and his place within it. Along the way, he would encounter familiar Dragon Ball characters and face new challenges, as he seeks to unlock his true potential as a Saiyan warrior.
  6. Bardock's Impact: Bardock's presence on Earth would also have significant ramifications for the Dragon Ball universe. He could potentially influence major events, such as the arrival of Raditz, the battle with Vegeta and Nappa, and even the eventual confrontation with Frieza.
Overall, this twist in the storyline would add depth to the character of Grandpa Gohan and provide an alternative perspective on Bardock's upbringing and journey. It would create new opportunities for character development, exploration of Saiyan heritage, and epic battles in the Dragon Ball universe.
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2023.05.31 19:14 Younglingfeynman 6 concepts marketers should know

1/ Availability Cascade Bias / Illusory Truth Effect
This bias occurs when the perceived importance or validity of an idea or belief increases simply because it is repeated frequently.
As information spreads rapidly through various channels, such as social media or word-of-mouth, people tend to believe it more, regardless of its accuracy. The availability cascade bias can lead to the formation of false beliefs or the perpetuation of misinformation.
We've got a tendency to believe information simply because it is familiar or frequently encountered and tend to skip critically evaluating its truthfulness.
This bias can be exploited by those who (intentionally or unintentionally) repeat false information (e.g. to popularize a certain narrative).

2/ Blind Spot Bias
This one refers to the tendency for individuals to recognize cognitive biases in others while being unaware or less likely to acknowledge those biases in themselves.
It is the notion that people have a "blind spot" when it comes to recognizing their own cognitive biases. They may readily identify biases in others' thinking or behavior but struggle to perceive or acknowledge their own biases.
I wonder if this is partly why people like reality tv so much. The Blind Spot Bias can occur because individuals tend to have a self-serving bias, perceiving themselves as more objective and rational than others. It can also stem from a lack of self-awareness or an overreliance on their own subjective experiences and perspectives.

3/ Reactance Bias
Reactance bias refers to the tendency to react in opposition to perceived attempts to restrict or limit one's freedom or autonomy.
When individuals feel their choices or freedoms are being threatened or taken away, they may become more motivated to resist or even engage in the opposite behavior.
This bias can influence consumer behavior, political beliefs, and interpersonal relationships, as people strive to maintain a sense of control.

4/ Negativity Bias
The negativity bias is the tendency for negative experiences and information to have a greater impact on our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors compared to positive ones.
I.e. negative events or feedback tend to be more influential and memorable than positive ones.
This bias can affect various aspects of life, such as decision-making, risk assessment, and interpersonal relationships, as negative information often carries more weight in our minds.

5/ Outcome Bias
Outcome Bias refers to the tendency to judge the quality of a decision based on the outcome, rather than evaluating the decision based on the information and circumstances available at the time it was made.
I.e. people often judge the decision-making process based on whether it led to a positive or negative outcome, rather than objectively assessing the soundness of the decision itself.
My own illustrative example for this is: Taking a 2nd mortgage and betting it all on black at the casino doesn't make it a good decision even if you won.

6/ Functional Fixedness:
Functional Fixedness is a cognitive bias that involves perceiving an object or concept as having only one specific function or use, thus limiting its potential applications.
People tend to fixate on the typical or conventional purpose of an object, disregarding alternative possibilities.
This bias limits their ability to see creative or innovative possibilities for utilizing the object in different ways. It can hinder problem-solving and inhibit the exploration of unconventional solutions.
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2023.05.31 19:14 Funko304 Just Delivered!!!

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2023.05.31 19:14 Low_Jackfruit_1257 Regigigas raid 7702 3684 8792

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2023.05.31 19:13 dannyamusic curious about playing the outdated Mac/iPhone version of Fortnite BR

i know that if you download the game on Mac or have it already on iPhone it will be still stuck in Chapter 2, but i have some questions about that specifically.
i’m sure the item shop is the same as far as today’s item shop excluding anything added after that point is that correct? i’m also guessing the older Battle Pass cannot be purchased or completed or anything since the date expired, is that also the case? lastly, if you win a battle royal in that older version of the game, do you still get the glideumbrella for that season if you win a match in it or is that not the case?
i imagine all of those are no longer available, probably the same as any quests for rewards at that point still being active, but i saw a video of someone playing it & kind of became curious.
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2023.05.31 19:13 shantanu_choukikar_ Angst, Flight from Freedom, and the Totalitarian State

Angst, Flight from Freedom, and the Totalitarian State
As part of my endeavour to get back to the very basics of existentialism, I found myself between the concepts of angst, radical individual freedom, and authenticity. Every time I read about these concepts, I cannot help but think about how they are intimately connected to the aspects of any totalitarian state. But before venturing into that territory (and the connection I am trying to make here is not that strong either, in my honest opinion), what exactly is angst?
Existentialists begin with the claim that human beings have radical free will. This, however, first and foremost leads to a rather sickening realization: because we have freedom, we are not one with the world. We do not go through simple motions of stimulus and response as most beings do. As a result of our ability to take decisions and tailor the way we react to the world, we are, in a sense, not wholly subsumed by it. Each individual has a separate identity from the world around them. This leads to a significant degree of estrangement. We are, in a sense, different from the world.
(I wrote a complete post dedicated to the existentialist concept of estrangement. You can check it out if you require more clarification on the same.
Estrangement- a Fundamental Pillar of Existential Philosophy by u/shantanu_choukikar_ in Existentialism )
This freedom also comes with a realization that we can, if we want, "disengage... with the world", to quote Sartre. Similarly, we can form our own meanings (this opens a whole new can of worms) and choose our own paths. This, consciously (sometimes unconsciously), makes us aware that we are responsible for everything we do. If you think about it, it is indeed a heavy realization. The famous example of a cliff is generally used to demonstrate this. To quote Wikipedia (which surprisingly does a good job this time):
"The archetypal example is the experience one has when standing on a cliff where one not only fears falling off it, but also dreads the possibility of throwing oneself off. In this experience that "nothing is holding me back", one senses the lack of anything that predetermines one to either throw oneself off or to stand still, and one experiences one's own freedom."
Just think about a very layman-ish (from a philosophical perspective) but meaningful (from a practical perspective) example: If I tell you that, baring the most extreme cases, it is you who are responsible for being stuck in a job or stream you do not find meaning in, and that at the ultimate level of analysis, it is your responsibility to change it if you want to find some semblance of meaning in that aspect of your life, how heavy would that make you feel?

This realization of one's freedom and the responsibility that comes with it leads to a state known as angst. Not everyone has the courage and maybe the required willpower to truly accept the responsibility for what they do. Even if they do have, most people just won't engage with it. Hence, people often try to suppress these feelings and engage in a flight from freedom.
Remember the passing mention of values (the can of worms) above? Deciding one's value system, based on which one will operate in this world, can be taxing. Not only is it taxing, the society often actively persecutes those who live on their own terms or whose values clash with the dominant values. Exercising one's existential freedom has a strong component of potential backlash.
It is much easier, then, to just "follow the herd" in the Nietzschean sense. One can forego one's freedom and perhaps the responsibility to think and act in accordance with what one considers authentic and just do whatever everyone is doing. This is the flight from freedom.
One characteristic of totalitarian states is an extreme version of precisely this. An overwhelming amount of individuals let go of their freedom. It is strangely analogous to a kind of mass psychosis. There is an enormous surrender to the values of whatever doctrine that is in power (totalitarian states and doctrines go hand-in-hand). No doctrine comes to power in a vacuum. Throughout the process of it assuming extreme power, there is profound support for it.
The press, various institutions, thinkers, and almost everyone latches on to the central entity having power. What is important is to understand that at the ultimate level of analysis, all such institutions are composed of individuals- individuals who have relinquished themselves to the values of the parent ideology that has, or will, gain power.
Why such a surrender happens on a massive scale instead of a local scale is perhaps a question for another inquiry. The aim of this post was just to link these various concepts together.
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2023.05.31 19:13 TurtleTimeline AI mental health care: revolutionizing treatment


AI-driven mental health care: personalized treatments, predictive models, and ethical imperatives

By Megan Marshall / Turtle Timeline
Mental health is a growing concern globally, with more than 50% of people receiving a mental health diagnosis at some point in their lives. Whether we struggle with our own mental health or care for loved ones who do, mental health is an issue that affects the daily lives of us all.
Mental health conditions are complex and can often be challenging to diagnose and treat. But recent advancements in technology offer new hope for millions of people worldwide.
Enter artificial intelligence, or AI, the cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing mental health care.
With its ability to provide personalized treatment, identify people at risk of mental health problems, and even develop digital biomarkers, AI is changing the game regarding mental health. And while there are certain risks and challenges associated with using AI tools in mental health care, this technology can potentially improve countless lives.

Artificial intelligence in mental health care today

Artificial intelligence in mental health care is an emerging field of study. AI’s rapidly changing technology has the potential to transform mental health care and provide more effective personalized treatments. AI can automate specific tasks, analyze patient data, and improve risk or illness predictions.
AI-assisted mental health interventions can identify potential warning signs of mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. People can also use AI to identify potential sources of mental health problems, such as a stressful work environment or a lack of social support.
Three AI tools currently active within today’s mental health space are Woebot, Tess, and SAM.

Woebot: relational agent for mental health

One example of AI in mental health care is Woebot, a chatbot that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) practices to help people with depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. Woebot uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand a person’s language patterns and responds with empathy.
According to its website, Woebot can form trusted bonds with people within 3-5 days and deliver clinically validated techniques in a conversational format. Another study validated these outcomes by concluding that conversational agents like Woebot “appear to be a feasible, engaging, and effective way to deliver CBT.”

Tess: mental health chatbot

Another example is Tess, an integrative psychological AI chatbot that provides self-help message exchanges that mirror texting with a coach or a friend. Clinical psychologists built it, and its website boasts impressive outcomes: 92% of users moved toward recovery, over 2,000 chats with Tess occurred during a crisis, over 7,500 depression screenings took place via Tess’s conversations and more.
One study looking to assess the feasibility of Tess to reduce anxiety and depression in college students found it to be an accessible, cost-effective tool for delivering support but not to replace the role of a trained therapist.

SAM: detecting the language of suicide

While AI does lack the insight required to treat patients with mental illness thoroughly, it can still identify patterns and language indicating potential psychiatric problems. For example, Dr. John Pestian used AI to analyze hundreds of suicide notes and found that the most common statements were instructions rather than expressions of emotion.
Pestian and his team then used algorithms to classify patients as suicidal, mentally ill, or neither. They found that the machine learning model came to the same conclusions as human caregivers about 85% of the time, according to his interview with The New Yorker. This model created SAM, which uses AI to listen in on conversations and compare what people say to identify those at risk of self-harm.

Benefits and risks of combining AI and mental health care

AI could be a powerful tool for improving access to quality mental health care and enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.
While the benefits of this emerging technology are beyond impressive, it’s essential to also consider the drawbacks of using AI in mental health care when making decisions about its use.

Benefits of AI-assisted mental health interventions

The integration of artificial intelligence into mental health care has the potential to provide more accurate and timely interventions for those in need, reduce the stigma associated with seeking help for mental health issues, and make care more accessible for those who are unable or unwilling to access traditional treatment interventions.
AI can also provide cost (and time) savings for healthcare providers, as well as improved diagnostic accuracy, treatment adherence, and more personalized approaches when developing treatment plans.

Risks of AI-assisted mental health interventions

However, integrating AI into mental health care is not without risks. AI algorithms are not perfect, and there is a risk of bias being built into them, leading to incorrect decisions. AI systems require data from humans, which can be subject to errors, leading to inaccurate conclusions.
Natural language processing also has the potential to miss subtle cues, as it is difficult to teach computers to interpret human language in the same way humans can. These subtle cues can be critical in detecting or understanding a person’s state of mind.
It is also important to acknowledge the potential ethical concerns that come with using AI in mental health, such as privacy issues, bias, and the dehumanization of care. We must address these concerns and implement safeguards to ensure that the use of AI in mental health care is both effective and ethical.
By striking a balance between the potential benefits and drawbacks, we can leverage the power of AI to improve mental health outcomes and provide accessible, personalized support to those who need it most.

Ethical considerations for the future of AI mental health care

In 2019, researchers reviewed 28 scientific studies of AI and mental health that took electronic health records, brain imaging data, novel monitoring systems like smartphones and video, mood rating scales, and social media platforms to classify and predict depression, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, schizophrenia, and other mental health conditions.
The findings concluded that by leveraging AI in mental health care, we could obtain continuous, long-term monitoring of the unique bio-psycho-social profiles of individuals that impact their mental health. AI is well-suited to process the resulting number of large sets of complex data.
Their findings also mention ethical considerations for AI in mental healthcare practice, such as the need for accurate algorithms and addressing biased data. AI can offer many benefits, including improving the detection and diagnosis of mental illnesses, monitoring treatment progress, and delivering remote therapeutic sessions. But the research concludes that a diverse community of experts must communicate and collaborate to expand and realize the full potential of AI mental healthcare.

Ethical integration of AI in social work: addressing bias and ensuring just practice

Social Work and Artificial Intelligence: Into the Matrix also asserts that a diverse group of experts must collaborate on how AI will impact mental health services now and into the future. The author shares that “as AI proliferates across all sectors of industry, social work must claim a place in AI design and development, working to ensure that AI mechanisms are created, imagined, and implemented to be congruent with ethical and just practice.”
Research makes it clear that bias and ethics are significant concerns when using AI in mental health care. Practitioners must inform patients of the risks and benefits associated with AI-assisted interventions, and they should put the appropriate safeguards in place to ensure the privacy and security of patient data. They must also embrace this new wave of changing technology to ensure their expertise influences the efficacy of the interventions.

The bottom line

AI is poised to transform mental health care by providing tailor-made treatments, detecting individuals who may be susceptible to mental health disorders, and creating digital biomarkers. Promising virtual therapists like Woebot and Tess have been able to provide personalized therapy to those suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health challenges.
Additionally, predictive models have demonstrated the ability to identify people at risk of mental health problems. And other reports that this ability to identify could integrate into the workplace to help employees monitor stress. The future possibilities are seemingly endless.
Although there are potential risks associated with utilizing AI tools in mental health care, such as bias and privacy breaches, the positive impact of AI mental health technology holds enormous potential. By incorporating ethical practices, mental health care can advance significantly with the support of AI. Keep up: the impact of rapidly changing technology
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