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My First GoGO Experience

2023.05.31 19:05 tbo3900 My First GoGO Experience

Man what a time to remember 😂😂😂I remember my first gogo ever It was battle of the clappas in 2009 when everyone and they mother was up there we was only like 3 deep to up the CFE endless hoods different groups Fly money trap boys etc lol I got chased by like 50 niggas outside the club I think it all started because my man threw a lighter at someone or sum shit the club was too packed and niggas was mad cuz they couldn’t get inside so I think they was finding random mfs to fight man I had to run inside the hair salon by the gas station to prevent my ass from getting beaten but eventually everyone left and we went about our day sidenote: they was like it’s common for people to fight at the gogo I was like I ain’t even know
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2023.05.31 18:52 Bla_Bla_Blanket Tipping question

I just went out to lunch at this places called the saladbar. It’s something like a Chopt where they offer salads, wraps etc. during check out a prompt came up for tipping.
I guess everyone knows where this goes but now with being asked to tip at pretty much every counter I check out at I am so confused about when to tip anymore.
I was always brought up to tip when you’re at a sit down restaurant and you have someone serving you, or at the hair salon etc. so where does a place like this fall under? They are preparing my salad, but I am not sitting down and eating it there.
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2023.05.31 18:14 SuccessfulPen6539 Barber Apron for Hairdresser and Salon Hair Stylist Aprons with 8 Pockets Waterproof Leather Black Apron Cross Back Work Apron for Chef, Woodworking, Painters, Cooking Men Women Adults... For USA 🇺🇸... Price $35... Inbox me

Barber Apron for Hairdresser and Salon Hair Stylist Aprons with 8 Pockets Waterproof Leather Black Apron Cross Back Work Apron for Chef, Woodworking, Painters, Cooking Men Women Adults... For USA 🇺🇸... Price $35... Inbox me submitted by SuccessfulPen6539 to AmazonItemGuide [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:33 Electronic-Smell-548 HOD budtenders

Watch out for the budtenders at HOD Monroe, went last weekend with a friend who almost got scammed by a taller white guy in his mid 40s (brown hair, touch of gray) behind the counter. Wish I could be more descriptive but he was pretty average looking.
He ordered 24 XL jeeters, that had to be rang up in orders of 7 because of state purchase limits. First order of 7 was fine, then on the second order he only grabbed 6 and I literally watched him try to slight of hand the 7th back onto the counter. I called him out on it, and he proceeds to recount 2 times* saying nothing was wrong. So I counted them back for him seeing only 13/14. Then he tries saying “oh we will just make it right at the end” and won’t give a reason as to why he won’t fix it now.
So I started getting a bit irritated at this point and going over the receipt trying to find which one was missing, he then decides to take out every jeeter that was already rung up and paid for and mix them back into the pile that hadn’t been rung up. Like wtf is going on.
Eventually got to ring up 24 and paid the correct amount but this was drawn out for 20+ minutes while other people waited in line.
I really thought this guy was just stoned at first, but nobody in their right mind would let this man run the register if he was so fucking high he couldn’t count to 14. I 100% believe he was going to charge us for 24, push us out the door with 23 and pocket the last one for himself.
Had another budtender at this location recommend smoking RSO 3-4 months back(he still works there). Just going to outright avoid this place unless there’s a killer sale on edibles or RSO. It’s a shame because I’ve heard great things about HOD in Detroit, but HOD Monroe is an actual shithole.
Just my 2 cents, insert ballbusting comments below.
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2023.05.31 17:30 nicholequin Balayage Help

Balayage Help
I've done 2 sessions of balayage on my hair at home because I don't have the funds to go to a salon.
White shirt is me and current hair (apologies, I unbraided for the pic), other pic is my goal.
What do I need to do/buy different to attain this?
I've been using bleach powder and 30 developer, leaving on for 35 minutes then toning for 30 minutes. Using purple shampoo and conditioner.
I am proud of the transition that I've done with few lines. I also haven't damaged hair, which is a huge plus.
Appreciate all help in advance!
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2023.05.31 17:28 Budget_Arm_3375 Some Like It Hot (1959) (Marilyn Monroe test with different hair style, that was changed for actual filming)

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2023.05.31 17:24 nicholequin Balayage Help

Balayage Help
I've done 2 sessions of balayage on my hair at home because I don't have the funds to go to a salon.
White shirt is me and current hair (apologies, I unbraided for the pic), other pic is my goal.
What do I need to do/buy different to attain this?
I've been using bleach powder and 30 developer, leaving on for 35 minutes then toning for 30 minutes. Using purple shampoo and conditioner.
I am proud of the transition that I've done with few lines. I also haven't damaged hair, which is a huge plus.
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2023.05.31 16:42 lavenderangelofmercy Should I get this done on my current hair or is it not worth it/what are your recommendations?

Should I get this done on my current hair or is it not worth it/what are your recommendations?
Backstory: I have a hair appointment schedule for tomorrow. I’ve gotten blonde/silver highlights done in my hair before and had them for like 2 years and I was over it so I got my hair dyed back dark brown, close to my natural hair color (at a salon). Well i’m in need for a cut and I thought about going to a little bit lighter brown but I’m not sure if it’s pointless due to my current hair color! I also don’t want to risk getting blonde in my hair again because I really didn’t like it and am over the whole blonde moment! What do you guys think?
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2023.05.31 16:42 smithwalker00 Best Skin Care Clinic in Mona Vale

1O1 Darley Beauty Collective Want to look and feel beautiful? They help you enhance the beauty you already have. They pride themselves on being the best. At their beauty salon, they offer you a range of products & services from hair and nail care to spray tanning to eyelash extensions and various beauty therapies.
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2023.05.31 16:37 yournailsupplier Expert Advice for Hairstylists: Keeping Hair Healthy

Expert Advice for Hairstylists: Keeping Hair Healthy
It is more than just doing their hair or putting on cosmetics; it involves getting to know them, establishing connections, and fostering a sense of self-worth in them. Whether you're an established stylist or just getting started, you need to have the skills and resources to change the hair of your clients and improve their whole beauty experience.
In order to make our clients look and feel nude nail art their best, let's explore the world of beauty together.
To give their clients the finest service possible, hairstylists must stay on top of the most recent trends, methods, and products. You should be aware that your work is more than simply a job; it is a calling that has the potential to significantly impact the lives of the people you serve, whether you are a seasoned veteran or just getting started.
In addition to looking beautiful, having healthy hair can increase your self-esteem, enhance your overall appearance, and prevent hair-related issues like dandruff, hair loss, and breakage. For everyone who values a fantastic hairdo, maintaining healthy hair is essential.

1. The Formula for Healthy, Shiny Hair

Are you sick of having clients approach you for advice on how to maintain healthy, shiny hair? As a hair stylist, you are aware that there is no secret to having healthy, luscious locks. However, you can assist your clients in maintaining their gorgeous hair in between salon visits by giving them some useful hair care advice. The best hair care guidance you can give your clients is included below. These suggestions will not only assist them in maintaining the health and beauty of their hair, but they will also establish you as the most in-demand stylist in the area. Prepare to impart some hair knowledge now.

trending nail designs 2022

2. Identify hair type

Understanding your client's hair type, which varies greatly from person to person, is the first step in providing proper hair care. Each variety of hair, whether oily, dry, curly, straight, or colored hair, needs a certain kind of care to stay healthy and beautiful. others with oily hair, for example, need to wash their hair more regularly than others with dry hair. The buildup of extra oil on the scalp can cause itching, flaking, and a bad feeling. On the other hand, people with dry hair should refrain from over-washing it because doing so can remove the natural oils from their hair, making it brittle, frizzy, and prone to breakage.

3. Use a Premium Shampoo

To maintain healthy and attractive hair, selecting a high-quality shampoo that is suitable for your client's hair type is imperative. It's essential to stay away from harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens to avoid depleting the hair of its natural oils. Choosing hair care products with natural ingredients will help nourish and protect the hair while delivering the vital hydration and moisture for healthy, lustrous hair. Examples of such substances include essential oils, botanical extracts, and proteins. Choosing the ideal shampoo is a quick and easy way to guarantee that your client's hair is healthy and gorgeous.

4. Avoid Washing Too Much

A common hair care error that can harm the general health of the hair is over-washing. Too many washes can rob your hair of its natural oils, which serve as a layer of protection, leaving it dry and brittle. As a result, hair may be more nail designs for spring vulnerable to external influences damaging it and breaking it. Therefore, depending on their hair type, customers should only wash their hair two to three times per week. This not only aids in preserving the hair's natural oils, but also gives the scalp time to refill and restore its natural balance, giving the hair a healthier and more vibrant appearance.
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2023.05.31 16:24 Pearls_and_mud Hello! I’ll jump on the train of salon butchered hair. Question about oiling.

Hello! I’ll jump on the train of salon butchered hair. Question about oiling.
So this was my hair last week before the salon absolutely butchered it. The after picture isn’t worth posting. The back of my hair has legitimate stair steps and my ‘curtain bangs’ are straight across ledges that go way too far into both sides of my face.
Anywho… I started oiling my scalp and length before my once-a-week hair wash this week. I used argon and rosemary and slept in it before double washing and using a hair mask the next day. My scalp is SO ITCHY. Is that normal? Or am I straight up allergic? Any other hair growth tips? I cannot take biotin or collagen because they massively break my out :/
Thank you!
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2023.05.31 15:49 capellisalons Best Hair Salon in Dallas

Best Hair Salon in Dallas
At Capelli Salon, we offer the best hair salon services in Dallas TX. We use natural processes to make your hair look natural-looking colors and stylists to meet your fashion requirements. We provide a wide array of hair services and cover North Dallas, Highland Park, Design District, and Lakeway. For an appointment call North Dallas at (972)-250-4565 and for Design District call (469) -399-0061. For more information visit our blog:
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2023.05.31 15:44 christmascookiecat When am I supposed to tip?!

I have become increasingly confused as to when a tip is appropriate. Obviously at restaurants, hair salons, etc. but what about at Jersey Mikes? Or at the dog groomer for clipping my dogs nails? Or coffee shops? Please help.
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2023.05.31 15:38 vandalism_ig I went to a proper hair salon recently and I just wanna show off how amazing the before and after is :) thoughts?

I went to a proper hair salon recently and I just wanna show off how amazing the before and after is :) thoughts?
(Nevermind the nose ring, it flips.)
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2023.05.31 15:31 Pristine-Seaweed-382 Raises are shit but your GM is the real problem.

I've been a GM for close to 7 years and fight like hell for my team when it comes to compensation. Outside of the salon, all but 1 partner makes $20+/hr and that 1, works 4 hrs a week is at $17. I'm not in CA or NY markets either.
How? I use the existing system to my teams advantage. If you are being promoted, you now have to apply for that job, this is good because your GM can make your pay anything below mid point without any approval needed. This is also true for external applications. I've used this 3 times for genuine promotions. I have successfully used the off-cycle pay increase request form 8/9 times. Som of those approvals were not even asked for by the partner. If 1 person asks, I will choose another partner in same role or who's underpaid and ask. No harm in asking but be prepared to backup your request with reasoning.
If you are good partner and your GM cares, they can help move mountains.
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2023.05.31 15:15 justanotherguy-1994 28 M4F Just looking to chat and maybe meet to chill

I'm a 28 year old dude, pretty average build, 5'7" with thick curly dark hair and glasses. I also have a lovely daughter that's the light of my life. My hobbies are mostly gaming related, tabletop and video so if you have any interest in that let me know!
Edit: I'm in Tonawanda NY
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2023.05.31 15:12 SadSupermarket1923 What is a strange belief or superstition that you or someone you know holds?

What's the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen in a beauty or hair salon?
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2023.05.31 15:10 Riccikapricci Hair Cut Salon Fullerton

Fullerton, California is home to many great hair salons, but one in particular stands out: Hair Cut Salon Fullerton. This salon offers a wide range of services including haircuts, color, highlights, and other hair treatments. The stylists at Hair Cut Salon Fullerton are highly trained and experienced professionals who have a passion for their craft. They will listen to your needs and give you the best recommendations for your hair type and lifestyle. The salon itself is a relaxing environment with comfortable seating, modern decor, and state-of-the-art equipment. The prices are affordable and the quality of service is exceptional. Whether you are looking for a quick trim or a complete hair makeover, Hair Cut Salon Fullerton is the perfect place to go for all your hair needs.
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2023.05.31 15:08 Riccikapricci Hair Cut Salon Fullerton

If you're looking for a great hair cut salon Fullerton, you're in luck. Fullerton has a wide variety of salons to choose from to suit every budget and style preference. From upscale salons with high-end services to more affordable options, there is something for everyone. Many of these salons offer a wide variety of hair cutting and styling services, including coloring, highlights, balayage, and more. They also offer services for both men and women, so there is no need to worry about gender-based pricing or services. Whatever your hair type or style preference, the hair cut salons in Fullerton are sure to exceed your expectations and leave you feeling confident and refreshed. So, go ahead and book that appointment and treat yourself to a fabulous new haircut and style.
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2023.05.31 13:22 elgatostretchy Need help!!!

Need help!!!
Last resort here. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong with my hair. Every time I trim it it’s fine, then once it gets to about this length it begins to look dry, stringy and thin. I don’t use heat on my hair, except for warm water in the shower, I try to avoid scrunching my hair with a towel, I’ll usually use a cotton T-shirt to avoid pulling, I always air dry, I don’t use any products except for shampoo and conditioner, I try to use a satin hair cap at night, and I wash my hair every other day. I tried so many different products, I’ve tried all natural shampoos which made my hair more dry, expensive salon shampoos which kind of worked but they’re expensive, drug store shampoos which is what I’m using now (coconut oil OGX) because I started OLAPLEX and it made my hair worse after a while. (Weighing it down, became dry after some time), AND i tried curly hair products but they made my hair so greasy and heavy it was not good.
TLDR; I’m wondering if maybe I need to try a different curl routine? Most of the time my hair is wavy, and I see lots of curls after my hair dries when I wash it. Picture is my hair on wash day.
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2023.05.31 13:02 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - May 31st

On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - May 31st
1968 - The Jackson 5 perform a week long gig at the Capitol Theater (closed- 1985) in Chicago, Illinois
1977 - Michael visits Studio 54, where he parties with Steve Rubell, Steven Tyler & Cherrie Currie among others, after opening day of Beatlemania, a Broadway musical revue focused on the music of the Beatles as it related to the events of the 1960s, in New York City
1993 - The World Music Awards, which was filmed on May 12th, airs with Michael winning 3 awards
1997 - Michael Jackson begins the second leg of HIStory World Tour, with a show at Waserstadion in Bremen, Germany, to an audience of 85,000
2005 - Trial Day 63
Jurors in the Michael Jackson trial had the day off as lawyers wrangled over the instructions they were to be given for their deliberations.
Judge Melville announced that closing arguments would begin Thursday morning (in 2 days), while jurors would receive the instructions the afternoon before.
Jackson was not present in court as lawyers hammered out the jurors’ written instructions. Spokesperson Raymone Bain said he "is going through a lot of emotions right now -- relief that it's over, but very nervous. Because, of course you know, a very major decision is going to be made within the next several days."
In a move expected to favor prosecutors, Judge Melville said he would reduce the alcohol charge from a felony to a misdemeanor. The change in the charge came at the request of prosecutors and was met with objections from the singer’s defense.
Prosecutors allege that Jackson supplied alcohol to his accuser and younger brother. Legal experts say the misdemeanor charge will be easier to prove, but would carry a lesser sentence, most likely a fine or a short term in county jail. The felony charge alone would have carried a 2- 4 year sentence in state prison.
The Judge will also instruct the jury not to take the ‘Living with Michael Jackson’ documentary “for the truth of what is said except for certain identified passages.”
"The rest is considered hearsay and you can only consider that it aired and its impact if any on Mr. Jackson," said Judge Melville. He did not specify which passages were being referred to.
Lawyers also argued about how jurors should determine the credibility of witnesses and how they should consider the past allegations against Jackson.
The Judge said jurors would be told to consider the alleged past acts only if they "tend to show [Jackson’s] intent" with regard to the current charges against him.
The approved jury instructions read: "Evidence has been introduced for the purpose of showing the defendant committed crimes other than those for which he is on trial," the approved instructions read. "This evidence, if believed, may be considered by you only for the limited purpose of deciding if it tends to show a characteristic plan or scheme to commit acts."
Judge Melville will tell jurors that they are entitled to ignore the testimony of witnesses who lied purposefully, but said they were not required to do so if they felt the witnesses were truthful in other regards.
Today's arguments from lawyers went on for hours, prompting defense attorney Robert Sanger to say: "Your honor, if we had televised today's proceedings we could have deterred an entire generation of kids from going to law school."
Later, during a discussion of an instruction to jurors not to bring cell phones into deliberations, Sanger quipped, "That replaced the old one that had to do with bringing Ouija boards in."
The absence of both Mesereau and prosecutor Ron Zonen has led to speculation that the two attorneys are working on their closing arguments for Thursday.
Court Transcript
2006 - Michael Jackson makes a surprise appearance on the popular SMAPXSMAP variety show in Japan. He shocks everyone in the studio as they cannot believe it is really him
2013 - Jackson v AEG Trial Day 21
Court is a half day today between the hours of 9 AM - 1 PM.
Katherine and Rebbie Jackson are at court.
Paul Gongaware
AEG Cross
Putnam asked Gongaware if he had any understanding as to why Michael was taking painkillers. "Before the 3rd leg of the Dangerous tour started, he had scalp surgery, hit nerve or something it was very painful; was treated for that .When he did the Pepsi commercial, his hair was burn at the top," Gongaware explained, saying they did surgery so hair would look natural. "I didn't know it was an addiction"
Gongaware said & that he learned MJ had drug problems after Mexico City.
Gongaware did a Rod Stewart tour in North America after Dangerous tour. He next worked with Michael in the HIStory tour in 1996/97
Gongaware said he did not have a general concern with Michael having a drug addiction. After shows ended in Hawaii, Michael had lost $27 million, was in debt $11 million to lighting and sound, Gongaware testified. He switched managers to fix things in the second half of the tour, Gongaware explained. Gongaware said he had to cut lots of expenses. They wanted to give Michael the same show, but he said there was so much excess to be trimmed. Second half of the tour, Gongaware was the tour executive and he worked directly for Michael. It netted $14 million, $11 million paid vendors. We got the tour to break even, Gongaware testified, saying he worked closely with Jackson on the second half of the tour

Putnam: "Was there an ongoing concern Mr. Jackson was having problems with painkillers during the HIStory tour?"
Gongaware: "No, not at all"
Gongaware said he didn't see anything that would suggest Michael was addicted to painkillers. He testified that Michael didn't have a doctor traveling with him on the second half of the tour and there was no tour doctor with the tour.
Putnam: "How was Michael on the HIStory tour?"
Gongaware: "Great! He was sensational!"
Gongaware said MJ only missed one show on HIStory tour when Princess Diana died. "He went to bed, knew about the accident.". Michael was told Diana was going to be okay and next morning he learned she died, Gongaware described. "That affected him greatly." Gongaware said he missed shows in Dangerous tour but not in HIStory tour. Putnam asked if there were signs MJ was using painkillers during HIStory tour. "No indication at all. I didn't think he was," Gongaware said. He said he would certainly notice if there was any problem during that tour.
Gongaware said HIStory tour was pretty smooth. It ended in 1997. Right after, Gongaware said Michael called him and asked him to work for him. "He liked my work, he liked what I did," Gongaware said, adding that Michael wanted him to be his business manager. Gongaware said he didn't accept the offer and decided to go out on his own to promote concerts. He was tempted, Gongaware said, but he had lined up what he wanted to do. He worked with Yani next.
AEG defense attorney Marvin Putnam then asked Gongaware to describe the founding of his company, and its purchase by AEG. Gongaware had co-founded a new version of a company called Concerts West. Gongaware and his partner, John Meglen, created Concerts West in the late 90s. Concerts West started out with concerts of Andrea Bocceli, Mariah Carrey, Eagles and Millennium at Staples Center. AEG acquired the assets of Concerts West around 2000, Gongaware said, and Concerts West became AEG Live. Randy Phillips is AEG's CEO.Gongaware said he made a deal that requires him to work only half time starting this year
Putnam then asked Gongaware about plaintiff's contention that AEG was desperate for This Is It because it wanted to pass rival Live Nation. "It's so much bigger", AEG Live exec Paul Gongaware said of Live Nation. "It is so much more complicated"; He said that Live Nation has to find artists to fill the many venues it owns, and that AEG Live doesn't have that issue. Gongaware said AEG Live is the second largest concert promoter company. Live Nation is the first. "Our philosophy is different," Gongaware said, adding they choose what they want to do, whereas Live Nation has to meet their quota.
Putnam: "Would you like to be number 1?"
Gongaware: "No. It's so much bigger, it gets so much more complex. I'm happy being a good number 2"
Next time Gongaware worked with Michael was on the This Is It tour. Peter Lopez, Michael's attorney, called Gongaware's partner in 2007, asked to meet. From 1997 to 2009, MJ did not do any touring, only a couple of shows. Gongaware said he went to Vegas to meet with Michael in 2007. The meeting was to discuss how AEG did tours, didn't talk about him touring. They met again in 2008, also in Vegas. "Paul Gongaware! I knew that if you came, things were going to be ok," Michael said about him. Gongaware said Jackson remembered him and told him regarding the HIStory tour, "Whenever I saw you, I knew things were going to be OK"
Putnam asked about Gongaware's use of the term 'Mikey' to describe Jackson. Gongaware said he used it with Jackson. He described Jackson as getting in playful moods, and that's when he would call him Mikey; Said he wasn't mocking him. "Mikey was not meant as an insult", Gongaware said.

Putnam: "Did he seem thin in 07?"
Gongaware: "Yes, he was always thin"
Putnam: "Did he seem to have a problem with painkillers?"
Gongaware: "No"
Putnam:"Did he seem to be under the influence?"
Gongaware : "No"
Gongaware said Michael was alert, engaged, interested in what was going on in the meeting in 2007. He wanted to do a King Tut mini-movie. The next meeting with Michael was in NY. Gongaware didn't remember what they discussed. Sometime in 08, they began discussion of Michael going back on tour. Dr. Tohme, Michael's manager, approached AEG. Randy Phillips was primarily the one involved in the discussions with Dr. Tohme and Peter Lopez regarding the comeback tour. The meeting in 2008 began with discussion of a possible MJ exhibit at the Hilton in Las Vegas.
Colony Capital is an investment company that bought the note of Neverland, Gongaware said. By 'note' he meant the 'mortgage'. "They (Colony) were trying to figure out what to do with Neverland"
Gongaware talked about being at Michael's house at Carolwood when the singer signed the contract with AEG for the This Is It tour. "Michael read everything in the contract", Gongaware said. He remembered Michael being engaged, alert and paying attention. "He was good.I felt great about it," Gongaware said. "It was a Michael Jackson tour, it was a great thing." Gongaware said he watched Michael pretty carefully in the meetings, he knew Michael had went to rehab, but he didn't see any signs of drug problems.
Gongaware said he was aware of the physical exam done on Jackson after the signing for the tour.Email on 2/11/09 from Bob Taylor to Gongaware:
Thanks Paul. I now have the medical and blood reports. Looks good. I now need more info of what is available. This will help with the presentation to the insurers. I would like to offer insurers a medical update say every 21 days.
Response from Gongaware:
I'm not ready to put anything in writing.
Gongaware said it was because he didn't have the answers. Gongaware said he did not have concerns with Michael abusing prescription drugs. "It just confirmed what I believed, that he was fine. He wasn't doing any drugs," Gongaware said about the results of Michael's physical exam. A February 2009 email between him and the insurance broker showed that insurers wanted med checkups on Jackson every 21 days. The broker also wanted details on the concert set, dates, and other details that Gongaware said weren't decided on yet. "The back to back shows WILL be a problem", the broker wrote Gongaware. Suggested adding them in after Jackson started performing shows.
AEG produced/promoted the This Is It I tour. "We needed to front all the money," Gongaware said. "He didn't have the money, so he needed us to do it." Tohme, Michael's manager, told AEG about needing the money. Gongaware said Tohme emphasized several times that Michael needed to make money. Gongaware said Michael and Ortega figured out the creative elements they wanted and Gongaware had to figure out how to make them happen. Gongaware said the initial phase of rehearsal was done at Center Staging in Burbank, but venue didn't have room for production elements. They moved rehearsals to The Forum, which didn't have a high ceiling to hang the lights. Then they moved to Staples Center.
After the morning break, Gongaware said Michael chose This Is It as the name because it was going to be his last. Gongaware:
"You never know what kind of business a tour will do. We had no idea the demand, we wanted to make sure it was successful. Initially, they had 31 shows scheduled"
Gongaware said Prince had done 21 shows at the O2 arena, and Michael wanted to do 10 more. "You didn't know what the ticket sales would be," Gongaware said. So they announced only 10 shows to test the waters. "Demand was there obviously in the presale," Gongaware said. He talked to Tohme, asked for more than 50 shows. Tohme said Michael would do 50.
On March 5, 2009, Michael held a press conference in front of O2 arena and announced the comeback tour. Gongaware was present. Michael was not on time, late by a couple of hours. Gongaware said it didn't surprise him since Michael didn't like to do those things (press conferences) "His schedules don't always run like clockwork", said Gongaware, who was a little annoyed by it but not surprised. "Michael came up to me, gave me a big hug, whispered in my ear 'make sure the Teleprompter has big words, I don't have my glasses'" Gongaware said.
Putnam: "Did he seem inebriated?"
Gongaware: "No"
Putnam: "Drunk?"
Putnam: "Smelled like alcohol?"
Gongaware: "No"
Gongaware thought the press conference was great. "The reaction of the press was really good, I think people liked he was returning." Gongaware said they asked people to register on a website and only people registered could get into the presale to purchase tickets. He said that based on the response, they knew the tour was going to be a major success
"He was good," the AEG executive testified. "I think he was excited"
One day after that, Gongaware said Michael called him to discuss the tour. He said Michael chose Kenny Ortega to direct the show. "Michael liked special effects", Gongaware said. He put together a presentation for Michael with the latest effects and made him promise he would show up. Demonstration was on 3/16/09 at Sony Studios. It had 3D on LED that was never done before, pyro and new type of flame. Putnam showed a clip of the This Is It documentary where there are the pyro effects that were going to be used. "He loved it," Gongaware said, adding Michael didn't seem to be bothered with pyro usage. Gongaware said there was a pretty cool water fountain effect shown and not used. "It was messy," he described. "He was really engaged, as he saw all the effects he got really excited." Gongaware said he had no concern that Michael had drug problems, didn't seem slow or lethargic in March of 2009. A meeting was scheduled for March 17, 09. Gongaware emailed Michael's assistant that only Michael and Kenny Ortega should be in that meeting. "They were the creative forces and needed to find the show's path before including everyone else", Gongaware explained
Regarding Kenny Ortega watching out for Michael's health, Gongaware said no one at AEG asked him to do that. Gongaware thought Ortega watched out because they were friends and worked together.
Gongaware will join The Rolling Stones tour this weekend, but will return on Monday to resume testifying
Court Transcript
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2023.05.31 12:51 roronoa_sakura AITA for giving a (very) negative opinion about a beauty procedure my mum wanted to get done?

Let me give you some context here:
I'm a woman who has always been into beauty and selfcare, and since I got my first job, I've been spending quite an ammount of money for things like expensive skincare, hair products, getting my nails done, going to the salon, to the spa... However, there are cosmetic procedures that don't fit my wants and needs and are simply not my cup of tea. One of these being, brow lamination.
I had it done once but I naturally have shaped, full brows, so I didn't see much change in my appearence and the small change I did see, faded away in a matter of weeks (when they promised it would last for two months), that's why getting a procedure done for my eyebrows is just not of my interest.
This morning my mum sent me a special offer from the beauty center she goes to, and they were offering brow lamination for half the usual price. My mum is not very interested in beauty, selfcare or cosmetics, or at least not as I am, but she will treat herself with a pedicure or a facial from time to time.
So back to this morning (here is where I might be TA), I get this text with the offer, and I tell her that, from my experience, I find it to be a waste of money. She called me a hypocrite for saying that while having my nails done, and my hair taken care of, and having so many skincare products. I told her that I was just giving my opinion, because a brow lamination is not something I would want, because the results fade away way too soon. So she told me that, if we look at it that way, every beauty procedure is a waste of money, because nothing is permanent. I saw her point there, but insisted that we all have different wants and needs, and I again said that for me, this specific procedure was a waste of money, while other procedures like getting my nails done, were worth it.
She then said that she sent me the offer because she wanted my opinion on the price, not because she thought I would be interested, and that I made her feel like any procedure she might get done is worthless, which is not what I said. I just wouldn't have guessed that she wanted to get a Brow lamination, it doesn"t suit her character.
I don't think that giving someone my opinion about something, even if that opinion is negative, is like me telling them they can"t get it done. My mum took it personal and thought I was saying that she was wasting her money for wanting a procedure done, which is not at all what I think, I was just giving my opinion, about one specific procedure that didn"t work for me.
But now I'm wondering if I was too harsh, and that I should've said "didn't work for me, but go try it if you want to" or something like that. I also wonder if I should apologize because, while I was just giving an opinion, it looks like it made her upset for some reason. AITA?
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