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Dedicated to the synthwave music scene, a revisionist 80s music style of synthesizers and pulsing beats, and the retrofuturist 80s aesthetic of fast cars, neon lights and chrome.

2023.05.31 17:53 Copernicus1981 [LTR] Ioreth of the House of Healing (via Konbini, translation from MTG Goldfish

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2023.05.31 17:50 NBA2KLOOKATMYTEAM Advice on fixing car, or buying another one. Weighing options.

My 2008 Toyota Camry was running a little funky so i took it into the garage. Although the engine and transmission are still solid, there is about $8,000 in repairs i am looking at (Leaking rad, Rack and pinion leaking, new tires, oil pan is degrading, few other things etc.). Right now i am weighing my options on getting the repairs done and hoping nothing else goes wrong, or taking that repair money and putting it into a new or pre-owned vehicle. Even a 2-3 year old pre-owned will cost over $20,000 and i will be left with a car payment which i currently have the luxury of not having. Just looking for suggestions and input. I was thinking if i go with new or preowned to look at possibly bridging the remaining financing with a line of credit from the bank or is the finance rate i get from a dealership going to be similar percentage anyways? It looks like line of credit interest rates are around 8-10 percent which seems more than some of the financing options i was looking at. Also if i go Hybrid or even newer 4 cylinder i need to factor in the gas savings which will be a good chunk.
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2023.05.31 17:50 ThrowRA23032 I (28F) dont want to be friends with my “best friend” (28F)

Throwaway for anonymity.
For a bit of background: I have been best friends with my friend, Lucy, since we started high school 14 years ago. I still live with my parents while Lucy lives in her own apartment. I started having sleepovers at Lucy’s house most weekends from Friday to Sunday in 2018 until 2019, when I met my partner, Dan (32M). I still see Lucy at her apartment once a week but I no longer have sleepovers. I see Dan at the weekends now as he lives in a different city (around 30-40 minutes away) so I don’t see him during the week. Lucy’s apartment is around 15-20 minute drive from my parents house. Side note which I am not sure is relevant: Lucy has had a boyfriend for 6 months who I have not met.
Dan and I are in the process of buying a house. I am moving to Dan’s city. When I told Lucy that we are buying a house, she did not express any happiness for me. The only thing she said was “I can’t believe you’re leaving me”. We have now been in the house buying process for 6 months and I have continued to see Lucy once a week. Lucy has never asked how the house buying process is going. When I started looking at houses, Lucy never asked if I’d seen any houses that I had liked. When I put an offer in on the house, she didn’t ask to see pictures and hasn’t asked for any details of when I might be moving. I feel that it has now become a taboo subject that I feel I am not allowed to talk about with Lucy.
This week, Dan and I have booked a vacation to Italy, which will be the farthest destination either of us have ever been to, and we are both very excited. I texted Lucy to tell her that we have booked this vacation, and she did not ask for any details. Her response was just “why haven’t we been anywhere together”. I then offered for us to go away for a weekend and Lucy didn’t reply. I have seen Lucy since the vacation was booked and it was not brought up at all.
Lucy has previously told me that she is upset with me that I don’t invite her on dates with myself and Dan. I have since tried to invite her out with me and Dan more often. One time, I invited Lucy to do something in Dan’s city, and she declined as it was “too far away”. I pointed out it is only 15-20 minutes farther than I travel every time I see her, and that I will be moving there so she’ll have to travel eventually, but she still declined.
I no longer feel happy with my friendship with Lucy. I feel awkward when I see her, as I feel that I can’t talk about anything good that is happening in my life. I don’t know how to approach this situation. Lucy and I have been friends for a very long time and she doesn’t have many other friends so I feel that I am her crutch. She relies on me, sometimes ahead of her family who she is incredibly close with, and it would be difficult for her if I stopped being her friend. Lucy has mental health issues that she has been suffering with for a very long time and I feel this would make it worse. However, I feel that too many things have happened which make me feel like Lucy has no interest in my happiness for me to continue being her friend.
TLDR; my best friend doesn’t seem happy for me when good things happen and it has driven a wedge between us. How do I stop being her friend?
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2023.05.31 17:49 wuhoh_ Had a dream a femboy was being mutilated

So important context: I've always been unhappy with my gender identity (I'm just a plain guy). I want to be a femboy but due to a variety of issues (diet, dysmorphia, family, etc) I am not. I desperately want to be though! It's the one goal I am deadset on achieving
In said dream, a femboy was pale and unresponsive on the ground. A group of people came and took his shirt off and started attaching tubes into him. They cut his arms and left big gashes in his legs; his organs were being sucked through the tubes as his appearance became more skeletal. The color drained from his eyes and blood was leaking from his nose and mouth as he got pailer and pailer. The whole time the people were making comments like " Oh his skin is so soft!", "He's so pretty!", "It's like touching ice cream!", "He's cute!"
Hey guys what the fuck does this mean
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2023.05.31 17:49 throwfaraway1819 My room smells like paint?

Ok so I the whole night I’ve been laying in bed I’ve been smelling this weird kind of..smell. Like I just sniffed a permanent marker. I checked around and turns out. I left a old cup of banana smoothie that I had two days ago next to my bed without realising. (Banana, soymilk and honey just in case any of those are causes) I quickly got it, gave it a washed, picked up the rest of my room to see if anything was wrong. And nothing. There’s a very faint smell. But I don’t know if it was just because I’ve removed the cup or if there is something still in here that I can’t see considering the paint smell went off and on when the cup was still in there. I did some research in fear that it was a gas leak, but I doubt it specially since gas leaks smell like rotten eggs.
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2023.05.31 17:46 Ok-Pride-9467 Dishwasher rinse aid receptacle leaks brown viscous fluid

The rinse-aid dispenser seeps a brown viscous fluid. The dishwasher was present when I bought the home. Home was built in 2007. It cleans well and functions in all other ways.
It had this same leak when I moved in overCA year ago. I flushed it out with a LOT of hot water. Seemed fine for a long while. I run the dishwasher only once or twice a week.
The brown liquid is leaking again from the area of the cap if the rinse aid receptacle.
Any ideas as to what is causing the problem and how to fix it? Thanks!
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2023.05.31 17:46 Troppar 98 k1500 Transmission

I would just like some input on my 1998 k1500. I just recently had the transmission overheat while towing approx 2500 lbs. After I brought it to the shop they said I may want to price transmissions. The truck shifts well and didn’t slip when I drove it after this happened. The shop is going to flush the tranny and fix the leak, but I’m wondering if I should get it rebuilt or look for a new one. It only has 108,000 miles on it which is why I’m curious.
Also, would it be beneficial to put an aftermarket transmission cooler on it?
Any ideas will help. Thanks
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2023.05.31 17:46 rambonette {Help} Smell of petrol outside the vehicle for the first 60km after filling up the car w/ Ford Fusion (Europe) 1.4 Duratec (2008)

Good morning everyone!
I turn here in search of some kind soul who would like to point me in the right direction.
Before I get into the matter at hand, I would like to spend a few words to describe a bit of the general background of the car in question.
I recently came into possession of a 2008 gasoline-powered Ford Fusion (the European version) equipped with a Duratec 1.4L engine. This is a discontinued model that was sold in Europe (2002 to 2012) that has nothing in common with the American Fusion. Old car but cosmetically very well maintained and with only 70,000km.
After a few checks I went to the gas station to fill it up. I would like to mention that I was very careful not to spill a single drop on the ground or on the car. I then decide to go for a test drive. After a few minutes of driving with the windows down I begin to smell a strong odor of gasoline. Fearing that it was a leak from the tank or on the fuel line I stopped the car and with the help of jack I inspected underneath the car. The tank and the hoses in particular. no visible leak, no traces, nothing. I then decided to go to the local mechanic. after a few dozen kilometers, however, the smell vanished. i took the car to the mechanic anyways. he also performed the same inspections as I did with the car running but without finding anything.
The mechanic tells me that it is probably a few drops dropped during refueling.
After a few days I return to the gas station to refuel and the pungent gasoline is back.
I apologize in advance for my ignorance in this matter; I am young and novice. However, I am all ears and hope to absorb some knowledge. I hope I have managed to describe the situation as best I can and thank in advance anyone who would like to give me any tips or advice!
Cheers fro Italy!
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2023.05.31 17:46 cgnificantBrick7649 Leaked of breckiehill video sofia the baddie dog video chrisean rock myla del rey ice spice marlene santana corinna kopf viral video on twitter leaked ...

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2023.05.31 17:46 cgnificantBrick7649 Leaked of BreckieHill video Sofia the baddie dog video chrisean rock myla del rey ice Spice marlene santana Corinna kopf viral video on

Leaked of BreckieHill video Sofia the baddie dog video chrisean rock myla del rey ice Spice marlene santana Corinna kopf viral video on submitted by cgnificantBrick7649 to bvcxs09 [link] [comments]

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2023.05.31 17:42 Pykrete_Blue Quick Bore - or How Challenges Still Suck The Life Out Of Me.

I like purple. When this season's weekly ultimates were leaked, as they always are, my eyes were immediately drawn to the funky purple patterns of Orchid Cluster. It's a little ugly, but I still want it. I make a note to check the weeks until it comes up, and hope the challenge isn't too grating.
Too many weeks later, here it is, locked behind a deceptively simple challenge.
TLDR: even in their dumbed down form, Challenges still take your normal gameplay and strangle it, reduce it, force you to do things you may not want to do or that - extremely often - are not useful to your team. And even if you don't care about them, every player ON your team is potentially a player who does.
On the surface of it: Get an enemy Spartan with any pistol immediately after switching to it.
The logic this implies: switch to any of the game's 4 pistols and kill someone within about a second of doing so. On the face of it, this is an example of a 'good' challenge - it instructs the player in a core method of getting kills, draining shields with one method before finishing with a reliable headshot weapon. (Well, only two of the pistols can headshot iirc, but I digress.)
But despite doing this repeatedly, it triggered once in total. Out of five. So, what am I missing?
Oh, ok. Turns out that, insofar as my experiments have led me to believe, you need to do damage to them with *weapons only* first. Melee into switch into headshot? Did not work on any occasion. Grenade into switch into headshot? Sorry, buddy, we don't do that kind of thing around here. Ok, fine. Solely utilize your assault rifle or, if you nabbed one, plasma pistol/pulse carbine to get their shields down, then pop them after a switch. Incidentally, I used the sniper rifle during one game, but every body shot I landed into a pistol switch + headshot? Nothing.
... But that still doesn't work 100% reliably, so what else are we missing? Oh! All the damage \must** be yours. If the enemy has even so much as a graze on him from an ally's assault rifle spray from across the map, sorry pal! Outta luck. You did not qualify. Try again.
Y'know, in this team-based shooter. Oh, I guess I could try Ranked FFA - the only current form of FFA in matchmaking is Ranked - but the same issue would apply there anyway, where 1v1s are rare and more often become 1v1vGuy Who Jumped You Both For The Double Kill.
So no, I queue up Quick Play, a game mode with an assured Assault Rifle and Sidekick starting loadout, and then just try to get into constant 1v1s with people with the very specific motion of Reduce Shield > Switch > Shoot Head With Pistol. Grenades? Subdue that reflex. Melee? Not gunna help. Objective? What objective, I'm not here to play your game, I'm here to complete a boring, irritating challenge that couldn't fit its requirements into the limits of its text string and so just kind of lied about them instead, or at the very least omitted half of them.
With all these requirements met, I get the last Quick Draws I need in one game. Oh, and the enemy capped the flag three times while I did so, but hey, I'm sure my team don't mind that one of their teammates was playing like a weird bot the whole game. Or when I grabbed camo purely to wait for someone to walk past me so I could spray their back and get an easy shot on the head in their panic and surprise.
Towards the end, one of my attempts failed - a fight I could have easily won, were I not playing like a rigid freak. The game helpfully chimes in with a death screen hint on the right, insisting upon me The Golden Triangle. The pillar upon which Halo is built: Guns, Grenades, Melee. Grenades, which this medal seemingly detests. Melee, which this medal turns its nose up at.
I'm reminded of a dozen other challenges in the normal pool that are still like this, that still change the way you play the game for the sake of busywork. Get kills with X weapons - hey! What are you doing conforming to The Golden Triangle of shoot + melee?! That's not a kill with the Zumba Wumba Gun, that's a kill with melee! Oh, you died. Well, peep our hint screen, dear player, and let us educate you about The Golden Triangle--
I shut the game off without even looking at my new visor, and give silent thanks that the remaining ultimate rewards this season don't appeal to me.
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2023.05.31 17:41 servingcuntt 6 month old navel navel piercing oozing puss/blood?

I got my navel pierced in the beginning of November last year, recently I just changed the jewelry (I had an actual piercer do it, I didn’t do it myself). I didn’t have any major problems after changing it, although I did get two tiny irritation bumps on both holes. I just figured that was because I just had the jewelry changed. Now, both bumps are pretty much healed and gone but I noticed the bottom hole is leaking a pus like liquid and a tiny bit of blood. Should I be concerned? Or is this normal after changing jewelry?
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2023.05.31 17:41 FunOnABun34 Metal Roofing Quote

Metal Roofing Quote
Thoughts on this quote for my parent’s roof? This is in small town Tennessee, and the roof’s about 15 squares. Seems high to me.
My parents recently bought a house and during their DIY remodel discovered (after a leak) that the shingles were installed directly to the deck, so I’m also trying to convince them they should tear off the shingles to put down a layer of underlayment before putting down metal panels.
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2023.05.31 17:41 NoImpression9 Difficult choice

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2023.05.31 17:41 cgnificantBrick7649 Leaked of BreckieHill video Sofia the baddie dog video chrisean rock myla del rey ice Spice marlene santana Corinna kopf viral video on

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2023.05.31 17:41 cgnificantBrick7649 Leaked of breckiehill video sofia the baddie dog video chrisean rock myla del rey ice spice marlene santana corinna kopf viral video on twitter leaked ...

Leaked of breckiehill video sofia the baddie dog video chrisean rock myla del rey ice spice marlene santana corinna kopf viral video on twitter leaked ... submitted by cgnificantBrick7649 to bvcxs09 [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:40 kaernity finally a passable relic for him :'›

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2023.05.31 17:40 No_Government01 Anyone ever installed these? How did you do it? I can’t get back there

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2023.05.31 17:39 kobel4k3r5 How to fix leak

I have a laundry where one of the faucets (left one in the photo: ) is slowly leaking water. I tried buying a cap to cap off the latch like the right one which doesn’t seem to work. Any tips on how to plug this up so it doesn’t leak?
I do not have a washer(yet) so I cannot plug this into a washer that is why I wanted to just plug this up in the meantime.
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2023.05.31 17:38 blisspeas How much longer until SS3?

After the shoes leaks I'm so hyped and I just can't contain myself. Any ideas of when they should be releasing series 3?
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