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Post anything related to Corridor Digital, Sam and Niko, and Node and their friends.

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2023.06.08 06:10 CosmicStarDusts 24 [M4F] New Jersey/Online - Looking for friends/a connection

Adult Male looking for Adult Female
Hey there! I'm looking to chat and vibe with someone with similar interests! If you're in NJ as well or relatively close I'm okay with pursuing something further if it's mutual (Maybe within a couple states is okay, I just ideally would like to be able to regularly see each other and whatnot)
About me:
• I play video games pretty often! I have a Ps5, a switch, and now I just built a PC! Some select faves in all my years playing have been kingdom hearts, hollow knight, the batman arkham games, soulsbourne games, etc. I have a LONG catalogue of games played
• I'm into anime/mangas and some ive recently been keeping up with are Jujutsu Kaisen and BlueLock
Some artists I like to give an idea of my music taste: Tame Impala, Thundercat, Blood Orange, The Weeknd, Steve Lacy, Hotel Ugly, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Her's, Frank Ocean, Bad Bunny, Tyler The Creator, Isaiah Rashad, Freddie Gibbs, Denzel Curry, Ski Mask, The Strokes, JID, etc.
• Additionally I like to listen to older music, (90s and under), Spanish music such as salsa and bachata as well as Japanese citypop from time to time too :)
Tell me one of your favorite foods and a little about you so I know you read this far and have a great day/night!
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2023.06.08 06:09 NuclearGo1dfish Melmetal V vs Mewtwo V Battle Decks

My partner is getting into Pokémon, and we have the Mewtwo/Melmetal premade sets. My hope was they’d be fairly balanced, and while they’re sorta close, the Mewtwo deck is consistently better. My partner wants to keep using Melmetal, so I’m trying to balance the decks. I’ve don’t some trainer card swaps to more useful stuff but here are my thoughts so far on mons
Most other posts I saw searching on the Melmetal V deck are shooting to be more competitive, but I really just want to balance it with Mewtwo V. What do you guys think?
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2023.06.08 06:08 Snowb1rd- 11th Anniversary Gift

Hello All,
Appreciate your time reading this thread. Darling Wife and I are celebrating 11 yrs of marriage and seems the traditional gift is Steel. Wife actually suggesting new knives, but she was probably thinking of a Shun set when she said it. Essentially she has opened the pandora’s box and I am looking for some recommendations on a pair of special knives that we can cherish but still use (not only for show).
These would be our first japanese knives. We are both home cooks currently using an old Victorinox set (prob close to 10+ years) with a king whetstones that I use to sharpen once in a while (no expert by any means, one of our chefs knives is all scratched up on the sides but the edge on it is decent for a beginner). I would prefer a 240 gyuto and my wife’s preference is a Santoku. She requires that her new knife have great food release. Im open to stainless or carbon as we use carbon steel and cast iron on our induction cooktop so im no stranger to maintenance. She prefers stainless for easier maintenance. I tend to rock chop, push cut, pull cut; wife tends to chop straight up and down. I think im looking for a laser and my wife wants something more substantial like a workhorse as she finds a thin brittle blade to be scary and prefers something with a somewhat thicker spline for confidence. I pinch grip; she prefers to use a one finger style similar to a sushi chef I suppose (can’t convince her to change her grip). wa or western handle doesnt matter as much.
Its almost like we want two very different knife styles, but the kicker is that I would want them to be like a matching set if thats even possible. Price is no object really, but if I had to say budget woukd be $500 or less EACH. I do want them to be somewhat of a statement piece but not something that we would be afraid to use. Thanks for making it this far.
Want nice gyuto and santoku matching set for wife and I anniversay gift. Must be pretty and cut gud.
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2023.06.08 06:07 staalmannen [work in progress/feedback welcome] OneDND wizard subclasses of old 3.5 PRCs

I like the OneDND Wizard and especially the whole idea of them being able to invent new spells.
In fact, I got so inspired so I imagined 2 old prestige classes as OneDND Wizard subclasses: the Mystic Theurge and the Arcane Hierophant. No idea if this is the right place to share them or if it would be better in another subreddit.
Two old prestige classes re-imagined as Wizard subcasses. They both follow a similar formula: The Mystic Theurge has proficiency in Religion as prerequisite, Arcane Hierophant proficiency in Nature as prerequisite.
Mystic Theurge Wizards that study divine magic do not channel the magic of the gods, but rather have learned to decipher the inner workings of the divine magic and have learned to replicate those effects through arcane means. Pursuing this line of study requires a heavy investment in theological studies but does not demand religious devotion. In some religions is the practice of Mystic Theurges considered herrecy.
Level 3 Transcribe divine magic You have access to the divine spell list and transcribed divine spells count as arcane spells for you and other Mystic Theurges. Transcribed spells or modified spells that originate from a transcribed spell is not accessible for wizards of other specializations, or come with a heavy penalty (must be cast at a higher spell level).
Theological studies You gain expertise in Religion and learn an additional language : celestial, infernal or abyssal.
Level 6 Research break trough Your studies have paid off! You can select 3 extra cantrips, 2 1st level spells and 1 2nd level spell from the Divine spell list without needing to cast scribe spell.
Level 10 Emulate Channel divinity Your deep studies into the nature of divine magic has given you the ability to replicate some of the miraculous feats that clerics do. You do not have any special channel divinity abilities associated to a cleric subclass however.
Level 14 Greater emulation of channel divinity You can pick a Cleric sub-class and add the additional channel divinity options from that sub-class.
Arcane Hierophant Wizards that study primal magic do not actually channel the primal magic directly, but rather have learned to decipher the inner workings of this source of magic and can replicate those effects through arcane means. Pursuing this line of study requires dedicated studies in nature, but does not demand a druidic oath or even respect for the natural order. Arcane Hierophants are sometimes seen as a threat by certain druids that despise them for having stolen their secrets, and often suspect them of being reckless biomancers that will disturb the natural order.
Level 3 Transcribe primal magic You have access to the primal spell list and transcribed primal spells count as arcane spells for you and other Arcane Hierophants. Transcribed spells or modified spells that originate from a transcribed spell is not accessible for wizards of other specializations, or come with a heavy penalty (must be cast at a higher spell level).
Natural studies You gain expertise in Nature and learn the secret druidic language.
Level 6 Research break trough Your studies have paid off! You can select 3 extra cantrips, 2 1st level spells and 1 2nd level spell from the Primal spell list without needing to cast scribe spell.
Level 10 Emulate Channel nature Your deep studies into the nature of primal magic has given you the ability to replicate some of the miraculous feats that druids do. You do not have any special channel nature abilities associated to a druid subclass however.
Level 14 Greater emulation of chanel nature You can pick a druid sub-class and add the additional channel nature options from that sub-class.
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2023.06.08 06:07 oh_uwu Mind's Eye

As we approach the planet a tingling sensation is felt by our sensitive senses, the body of a Xenari is perfect, it was achieved through intensive genetic engineering. Even the tiniest disruption to our environment will be felt immediately. As we get close to the planet it gets even more intense, though we get the feeling that something is wrong, there seems to be no indication of any danger that our scanners could find.
Our flagship "Conqueror" is now in the blasting range of the newly mapped class-M planet. The planet is perfect for colonization, the native sapience is technologically inferior. Extermination via biological structural disruption will be met with no resistance. An officer already sampled a native beforehand, and we have already tuned the disruptor with their DNA. One medium-power, long-range blast should be enough to liquefy all the native sapience. We blasted the planet and confirmed the death of all the native sapience.
As we approached the atmosphere of the planet the sensation became far too intense until we landed on the surface(?).
Suddenly it was just gone, this deep and pressing feeling is just gone. I ordered everyone to gear up and gather as much information on this planet as possible. As we open up the hatch of our ship we saw nothing, just a void. There's a solid ground yes, but there's just nothing. Our ship and my crew were just in a void of nothing. My science officer tried to understand what was happening and came to the conclusion that we are currently in a place of nowhere, there's literally nothing here, not even a singular atom.
This bizarre phenomenon is far too dangerous to mess with, maybe the native life forms have set up a trap, maybe they were trying to present themselves as weak, to open up a chance to gauge how technologically advanced we are. We hastily powered our ship and flew away, but it was useless, our scanners show that there was an infinite void in all directions. We were truly alone.
As I was staring at the infinite nothingness on the bridge I closed my eyes to rest. As I opened it I realized that the planet was just there, as if it never left.
Then I heard my first officer telling me that we're on our way to the newly mapped planet, did I just have a Deja vu? I confided with some of my senior officers and everyone doesn't seem to have a recollection of what just happened. I continued on our mission and everything went well. The natives were liquified, we returned back to our homeworld, and everything seems to be going well. The sudden feeling I felt at that time made me retire. I got a job at the local asteroid mining agency in one of our core star systems, met a mate, procreate, and lived out a pretty good life.
As I was preparing for my youngest to attend their first class in school I had a bit of a headache. It felt as if my body was being pulled and torn and then, when I opened up my eyes I found myself in the bridge of the ship. I then heard the first officer telling me that we're on our way to the newly mapped planet. I was stunned, it seemed like I'm slowly going insane. As we approach the planet I was astonished by what I'm reading. It seems like the natives are far more advanced. Last time I read the brief the natives are barely space-faring, but as these new reports show they have colonies on 2 other planets, and on their moon.
Our plan is still in motion as they don't seem to have the capability of blocking out our biological disruptors. But suddenly ships appeared and surrounded us. They have cloaked themselves and been stalking us ever since we arrived on their star system! Then everything went black.
I awoke from somewhere, it felt familiar as if I was there so long ago. Right, this was the place when we truly first landed on the planet. Just the void, but this void is different, there was debris floating everywhere, trees, plants, cars, buildings, and even life forms. It seems like it's getting rearranged, like a puzzle of sorts. A presence is grabbing floating debris and assembling them? As I was thinking further into this I was pulled by this presence, and placed upon a ship with my crew. Everything went black and I found myself in the Conqueror. I heard my first officer telling me that we're on our way to the newly mapped planet. This has to be a nightmare.
A sudden tingling sensation could be felt by my body as if I were being watched. Stalked, preyed, like a ghbpy playing with its prey.
Yes, I finally understand it. I know what you are. You're like the presence in the void, aren't you? The presence that keeps reshaping reality, trying to find the perfect story, by mixing between tenacity, bravery, and humanity. You're human.
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2023.06.08 06:05 Wutbot1 Wutbot on "Family, Member": [r/Animals] Are there any animals that reject members of their packs or familys or disassociate from them?

Do you have any examples of animals breaking ties with other family members or pack members? In humans there are justifiable reasons for that, but are there occasions in nature that they animals give valid reasons to being broken apart from (hurt other pack members for example) and are consequently cast away from the pack?
Original Post
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2023.06.08 06:04 BjornNjude New Nudist Podcast Ep30: Disrobed in LA

New Nudist Podcast Ep30: Disrobed in LA
We hear from the cast of Disrobed about their experience being nude on stage – including a real-life mother and daughter
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2023.06.08 06:01 THESLIDEWBN Family Flavors The Slide WBN Popl

This is Operation Social Justice Busters- The HoneyTrap Cast 2023
Just when you feel the community is coming together the terror strikes again! Our non-profit organization, Family Flavors The Slide WBN, and members had their rights violated, Targeted, homes invaded, and humiliated by local CSPD and FBI agents not once but twice!! WATCH this video, this will truly help you all understand how far the system will go to tear our community and its members apart.
WE MUST STAND together as a people & FIGHT for RIGHTEOUSNESS at ALL COSTS!! We can't allow them to continue to break good organizations down that are SOLEY for the VOICE of the PEOPLE- WHO continue to serve the community year after year and love doing it! We are reaching out to the people to stand and support the cause. We created a GoFundMe to raise funds for replacing broadcasting equipment illegally seized, legal fees, and economic hardships.
Go Fund ME link: To help the slide recuperate from this tragedy please see link below to our GoFundMe campaign. Donate directly to us via Cash, Check, Credit Cards, Cashapp, or Paypal.
The greatest weapon we possess to fight against tyranny is our VOICE!! SHARE- COMMENT- TALK ABOUT THIS!!
If you are a CIVIL RIGHTS Attorney Interested in joining our FIGHT, please contact us at, Email us: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Contact us: 719-300-7936
#CivilRights #ColoradoSprings #TheSlide #Familyflavorstheslidewbn #CSPD #4thAmendmentRights #BreakingNEWS #LOCAL #NONPROFIT #JUSTICE #GoFundMe #UNITE #WEthePeople #SocialBusters #HoneyTrap2023 #Donate
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2023.06.08 06:00 samm8888 The Ultimatum: Are Sam and Aussie still together? (June 2023 update)

The Ultimatum: Are Sam and Aussie still together? (June 2023 update)
"...they have decided that the only two cast members who will be invited to their wedding are Tiff and Vanessa."
Vanessa??? I understand that there was a lot of editing and a lot was cut out, but when did they become friends? I didn't see a lot of on screen interactions between her with Sam or Aussie.
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2023.06.08 06:00 SnakeBlood456 !!HAPPY PRETTY LITTLE LIARS DAY!! (Tv show)

Heyyyyyyy hope that you are all going well and looking after yourselves <3 omg ‘A’ HUGE pretty little liArs (tv show) day to everyone!!! On this magical day (June 8 2010) pretty little liArs (tv show) was released for the first time and it’s been iconic ever since! Pretty little liArs has been super successful at the Teen Choice Awards (its cast earned 53 nominations and won 35 of them), and also is the most successful show on ABC family (with an average of 2 million viewers per episode when airing), its an amazing show full of mystery and suspense!
To celebrate i hope that everyone enjoys watching / rewatching, thinking, reading, posting / commenting, outfit matching, theorizing, and doing extra pretty little liars consumption today! Some ideas to help celebrate (you could comment below if you want to) is: your favorite scenes, favorite storylines, favorite characters, favorite red herrings, favorite quotes, favorite partners, favorite outfits, favorite ‘A’ messages, favorite dollhouse, favorite parent, favorite cast member, fun facts about the show / favorite behind the scene moments, what rewatch you are up to (number and episode name), how you found out about the show, etc literally everything and anything to do with the pretty little liArs tv show you can share!
“Heyyyy little liAr, happy pretty little liArs day enjoy re/watching the show while i enjoy watching you -xoxo A” (MEME ONLY!!)
“What do you call someone that would do anything to protect their secrets, dresses super adorable, and is being blackmailed by ‘A’? A pretty little liAr, that’s who! I hope that you enjoy re/watching as much as i enjoy exposing your secrets! Enjoy your pretty little liArs day, hugs and kisses A” (MEME ONLY!!)
<3 <3 <3 Enjoy pretty little liArs day everyone <3 <3 <3
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2023.06.08 05:58 glimpseofgod readings available ♥︎

you'll get an in-depth and super-detailed psychic reading which will answer your burning question! you'll also get a free follow-up session where you can ask any questions for any clarity you need.
i'll tap into my psychic abilities, use tarot, and connect with both my spirit guides and yours to give you the best guidance possible.
i'm able to cover all areas of your life or any topic you choose.
no sugar coat - i'll deliver the message exactly as it is. not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.
my reviews
about me & my shop's policy
dm for price ♥︎
(custom spell casting available)
love, light, and blessings!
⊹-- alexa
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2023.06.08 05:58 Cr1s1sCore [H] Multiple leftovers [W] Games Trade/Paypal

Hello, looking for game trades/paypal.
April 2023
- Aliens: Fireteam Elite
- Life Is Strange 2: Complete Season
- The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante
- Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp
- Founders' Fortune
Previous months
Starlight Children's Foundation Bundle
- Full Throttle Remastered
- Aliens vs Predator Collection
The WB Batman Collection
- Lego Batman
Capcom Summer 2022 Bundle
- Bionic Commando
- Strider
March 2021 Choices (5 Remaining)
- WWE 2K Battlegrounds (SEA)
- Hotshot Racing
- Peaky Blinders: Mastermind
- PesterQuest
- Wildfire (SEA)
- Boreal Blade
- Ageless (SEA)
- Fluffy Horde
- Regular Human BasketBall
- Sword Legacy Omen
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2023.06.08 05:58 SevastopolCrew Introish Post

We've been here for awhile and have left a lot of comments and one post but never really made an intro but hi!
We are the Sevastopol Crew a TraumaEndo Median system. We have a lot of members most of which are fictives cause of other mental illnesses and their affect on our plurality. We are bodily in our 20s and generally all queer. We are always down to make friends with other adult systems but will answer questions about plurality if we can for younger systems. We haven't actually known of our plurality for that long a little over a year but we're known about plurality for several years we were mostly in denial about our trauma and fear of or various endo origins. We engage a lot in the online community and know two systems in real life one being our spouse. We don't share a lot on reddit because of well, different toxic subreddits so you'll usually see us tag messages from specific members as either letters or I think on occasion we have just used an emoji. We write, occasionally draw, love ttrpgs, videogames, reading, webcomics and our spouse keeps introducing us to new fun animes. If you want to chat my dms are open and you can ask for my discord and if you want you can just ask us general questions through I can't promise if we'll answer all of them!
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2023.06.08 05:56 Arkhambeyondx Where was he during the events of Arkham Knight? Is there a lore reason why Batman didn't call him to grab Scarecrow and put him in a holding cell?

Where was he during the events of Arkham Knight? Is there a lore reason why Batman didn't call him to grab Scarecrow and put him in a holding cell? submitted by Arkhambeyondx to BatmanArkham [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 05:56 glimpseofgod readings available ♥︎

you'll get an in-depth and super-detailed psychic reading which will answer your burning question! you'll also get a free follow-up session where you can ask any questions for any clarity you need.
i'll tap into my psychic abilities, use tarot, and connect with both my spirit guides and yours to give you the best guidance possible.
i'm able to cover all areas of your life or any topic you choose.
no sugar coat - i'll deliver the message exactly as it is. not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.
my reviews
about me & my shop's policy
dm for price ♥︎
(custom spell casting available)
love, light, and blessings!
⊹-- alexa
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2023.06.08 05:56 NotGuerillaMarketing Flapjack, K'nuckles, and Bubby swap places with the Strawhat Pirates (One Piece). How far do they go?

They begin in the East Blue and make their way towards the Grand Line, convinced that Candy Island is where the One Piece is located. How far in to the series do they make it, and who finally defeats them?
R1: They take the exact route the Strawhats did, fighting the same foes.
R2: They only get involved if it's appealing/relevant to them, and they don't help strangers. So for example, no Alabasta since they don't feel compelled to help Vivi.
R3: Doctor Barber and Peppermint Larry are added to the crew. Same rules as R2.
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2023.06.08 05:54 Basic_Cucumber3440 Voice acting question

My agent sent me a voice acting audition but the casting direction said apply if you are union only which I am not should I do it also I do more film and Tv and not voice acting
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2023.06.08 05:53 Fern-0100 No sense of style anymore

As many people have discussed on here before, Sierra seems to have lost what her sense of style is. In her most recent set of Instagram stories, she returned to the maxi skirt with dumpy t-shirt combo (ugh) which got me thinking: when was the last time she wore a “nice” shirt in her day-to-day life? Looking back on her posts and reels, I can only find her in oversized t-shirts, oversized crew necks, or athleisure tops. I’m struggling to find anytime she looked like she put in any effort into her outfit for something that isn’t a special occasion (like Disney cruise, friends Baccalaureate party, etc). Specifically the shirt thing is throwing me off because does she not own any blouses/nicer tops that fit her anymore? I personally don’t “dress up” everyday, but I feel better and more confident when I put effort into my outfit/appearance. I also think there’s something to be said about a person’s appearance reflecting their state of mind. For someone who started off as a beauty and fashion channel, Sierra has really let herself go in this regard.
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2023.06.08 05:52 RealDonutBurger Interesting fact

Interesting fact
On the Apple App Store, Dual Destinies is given a 12+ rating instead of its usual 17+ rating. Similarly, Apollo Justice is given a 4+ rating instead of a 13+ rating.
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2023.06.08 05:51 Determination7 An Outcast In Another World (Subtitle: Is 'Insanity' A Racial Trait?) [Fantasy, LitRPG] - Chapter 200 (Book 5 Chapter 26)

Quick Author's Note:
For better clarity of intent, the 'worthwhile opponent' stipulation in Lifedrinker is being changed to 'non-negligible opponent' moving forward.


"The Gellin Empress was the catalyst for our breakthrough," a mage explained. "Tracing Lord Rob's lingering mana signature through the space between dimensions proved effective at first, yet it came with an insurmountable problem: he only attained mana after initially leaving Earth. At a certain point, there was no more of a signature for us to trace. We had found his home dimension, but finding his home world within the infinite expanses of that dimension could have taken years of aimless searching, like blind men stumbling in the dark."
He leaned forward, clearly enjoying having a captive audience. "The key, then, lay within Lord Rob's memories. Even without mana, memories have a power all their own. The Empress looked within his mind and found locations of personal importance to him. Ones that he remembers with pristine clarity. By scrying for areas within Lord Rob's dimension that matched those specific locations, we were able to narrow down the scope of our search considerably."
The mage spread his palms wide, and his voice dropped a full octave, as if he was imparting a great revelation. "The result will soon be made self-evident. You shall bear witness to the foremost magical achievement of our era: a one-way viewing window into Lord Rob's world. The first of many to come."
In respect for the man's showmanship, Rob started up a clap. Granted, he would've clapped even if the explanation was done via a mindnumbing PowerPoint presentation, because nothing in the universe could stunt his enthusiasm right now. Riardin's Ranger, the Elders, Diplomacy, and the Soul Surgeon clapped as well, although Rob was pretty sure they were just following his cues. This moment couldn't possibly hold the same gravitas for them as it did for him. They mostly were here to provide moral support and satisfy their curiosity.
While for him, this meant everything.
"Do we need the Gellin Empress here to create the window?" Rob asked. "I'd also like to thank her for the help she's given."
The mage shook his head. "I'll spare you the details, but to be succinct; she taught us how to save a mana-based copy of the necessary memories, which will allow us to attune to a subset of Earth locations. Her presence is not required. In fact, she insisted that we proceed without her, as the Gellin have gone to rest for the night."
Must be nice. I'd trade ten Levels for a consistent sleep schedule. Rob internally frowned at himself, punting the envious thoughts away. No sour grapes. If the Empress helped me see Earth again, then I hope she sleeps like a baby for the rest of her life.
"One question," Keira interjected. "In your explanation, you stated that, without the Empress' assistance, it may have taken years to discover Earth. That is hardly the weeks or months you claimed in the past."
The group of dimension mages froze, embarrassment blooming on their features. They looked to the head mage for guidance, whose veneer of showmanship was deflating like a leaky balloon. "We were perhaps...optimistic."
"By years?"
"The previous estimate I put forth was one that assumed we would develop breakthroughs as we went along." His mouth widened into a sheepish grin. "As you can see, we, um, succeeded."
Keira raised an eyebrow. "Only with the timely assistance of a Leader." Her tone was calm, yet unyielding. "Rob is too grateful to point out this contradiction, so I suppose the task falls to me. You have also told us that you should be able to 'open' the window and let Rob send a letter home within the next week – is that more unfounded optimism?"
"No." The mage straightened his posture. "Now that we have located Earth, the rest is simply a matter of refining our spells and collecting reserves of mana. We are no longer blind, nor are we fumbling in the dark, and thus our progress moving forward shall be predictable and steady. This, I swear."
After a few seconds, Keira nodded. "Then I thank you for the wonderful boon you've granted to the man I love."
From behind, Malika giggled under her breath. Rob squeezed Keira's hand, gave her a warm smile, and faced the mages. "I'm ready whenever you are."
The tent thrummed with mana as the dimension mages formed a Mage Circle with Malika. It was no different from any other time they'd done so, yet the knowledge of what they were about to accomplish heightened the tension in the air to a fever pitch. Rob's pulse quickened, his throat tightening. He'd been disemboweled by monsters, decapitated by eldritch abominations, and none of those events made him a fraction as nervous as watching the dimension mages at work.
Minutes passed. Rob forced himself to be patient. Reaching across the boundaries of space and dimensions wasn't like heading to the store to pick up a carton of milk. It involved a level of spellcasting prowess that would take Rob decades of committed study to have even the slightest chance at grasping. Frankly, the fact that it was possible at all still beggared belief.
Maybe...maybe the mages were wrong. Not lying; just wrong. They could be overeager, sharing before they were actually ready, and they'd end the circle looking contrite and ashamed.
That was okay. No biggie. Rome wasn't built in a day, or...something. He could wait–
It was the sound of a rusted hinge, of crumpling paper, of breaking bones, and more. A combination of all the noises things made when subjected to an external force. Like reality itself was groaning under the pressure.
A thin, imperceptible line appeared at eye-level, dark as the endless void. Slowly, inch-by-inch, it widened.
It had become a rectangle. Two feet wide, three feet high. With a final CREAK, reality threw in the towel. The void dissipated, as if smoke blown away by a gust of wind, revealing...
Everything was as he remembered it. The same furniture with scuffed marks of wear-and-tear. The same living room where they'd watched movies each Friday. The same kitchen with a sink perpetually filled with dirty dishes. The same tacky wallpaper that his mom refused to change, and that he secretly enjoyed.
Identical. Like a portrait had been painted straight from his memories.
A tsunami of aching nostalgia surged through him. Rob didn't realize he was extending his hand until his fingertips were already brushing against the viewing window. Its surface felt solid, and for an instant he was terrified that this really was just a painting. Something invented to give him false hope.
Then he noticed that a window had been cracked open. Not the mages' window; the window inside his house. A small breeze blew inside, jostling a curtain ever so lightly. Just enough to make it move.
"It's real." Rob's voice was hoarse. "It's my home."
No one said anything. They allowed him his silence, a gesture which he greatly appreciated. Eventually, Rob took a deep breath, clenched his hands so that they wouldn't tremble, and looked at the dimension mages. "Thank you. I owe much. Even if observing from afar ended up being the limit of what you could do, just seeing my house again like this is..."
He trailed off, unable to find words that were sufficient. Thankfully, the dimension mages seemed to understand. "You are most welcome, Lord Rob." The head mage smiled. "This is far from the limit of what we can do, however. Give us time, and this window shall open."
Rob nodded, choosing not to believe them. They were probably right, but on the off chance they weren't, he didn't want to look back on this moment with bitterness. Best to assume the worst and be grateful for what he already had.
As if drawn by a gravitational pull, his eyes drifted back towards the window. It was displaying a fixed point in the center of his home. "Can you switch perspectives? I want to check other rooms." His parents were likely asleep in their bedroom at this hour. Assuming they didn't sell the house out of grief and move, that is.
"I am afraid that isn't possible. We can transpose the viewing window to other specific locations that the Empress provided, but having it 'walk around', so to speak, requires finer control than we are yet capable of."
Yet, he says. Which means that with practice, they'll be able to. Rob placated himself with that notion. This was a minor setback, and he wouldn't let it get him down.
He especially wouldn't listen to that tiny voice in the back of his head, whispering that the reason he couldn't see his parents right now was because they were–
"Got it," Rob stated, in a wooden voice. "What other locations did the Empress pick out?"
The window's perspective blurred and shifted. Rob swallowed a gasp as an extremely familiar place was displayed before him. He'd seen it many, many times, even after coming to Elatra. It used to be at the top of his nightmare rotation, only ousted from its throne when Blights started coming into play.
In front of them was a small grassy lawn, surrounded by lecture halls in the near-distance. The place that had forever altered the course of his life.
"This is where it all started." Rob pointed to an empty spot in the middle of the field. "Portal opened up. Right there. Saturated with darkness. Chains shot out, tried to grab at Jason. I pushed him out of the way, and...the rest is history."
Silence reigned once more. After a few seconds, Orn'tol stirred. The young Ranger opened his mouth, preparing to say what would undoubtedly be some platitude reassuring Rob over his noble sacrifice.
"The grass truly is green."
Rob burst out laughing. He kept going until he was short of breath, wheezing as the others looked at him with eyes full of concern. "I'm okay," he managed to cough, once the laughter had died down to snickers. "Thanks, Orn'tol. I needed that."
"You're very welcome?" Orn'tol exchanged confused glances with the rest of Riardin's Rangers. "I am unsure of what I did to assist you, yet it's good to see you in high spirits nonetheless."
"Sometimes a little silliness is just what the doctor ordered." Rob offered him a high-five, which the boy accepted with zeal. They returned their gazes to the viewing window, Rob tilting his head as he peered closer. "Hmm. That's weird."
"What do you mean?"
"There's no people. It's early evening, but college students have the worst sleeping patterns on the face of the planet. Trust me; I'm speaking from experience. Usually you'd see a dozen partygoers strung out on energy drinks racing around now."
"Perhaps this location is known as a place of danger," Keira posited. "I would certainly be hesitant to tread where a portal of darkness sprang from the aether and kidnapped a civilian."
Rob watched the viewing window for signs of life, finding none. "Could be. Parents probably pulled their kids out after what happened to me. Then either the government condemns the area, or enough money is lost that the college goes bankrupt." He snorted. "Would be the least of what it deserves, considering the tuition fees. Bloodsucking vampires."
"People on Earth drink blood?"
Normally, Rob would have played along with their confusion, but there were more important things to focus on. "Can you change this to the next location from my memories?" he asked the dimension mages. "How many are there, anyway?"
"Five in total. One moment, please."
The window's perspective blurred, shifted, and reformed. Now it was displaying a city sidewalk, its view positioned right outside the best god damn burger joint in existence. Rob didn't care what anyone else said; two greasy slabs of beef squeezed between two sesame-seed buns was the absolute pinnacle of culinary delight. So what if his palette was 'like a five-year old's?' Wasn't his fault that delicious things were delicious.
Belatedly, he realized that his memory of this restaurant had been strong enough for the Gellin Empress to choose it as a point of reference for interdimensional portal magic. That...yeah, that tracked. Aside from the burgers, he had fond memories of sitting at the outside patio with Jason and his folks, drinking Minty Fresh Phantasma and inhaling cheesy fries as they mocked his dietary preferences. Good times.
He was about to explain what this place meant to him when a human casually walked past the viewing window.
She was a normal working woman like any other. Tired eyes, a purse slung over her shoulder, and dressed for lukewarm weather. A cell phone was held in her right hand, her eyes glued to some form of social media. She strode past the window without a care in the world, visible for merely a second before disappearing from view.
To the Elatrans, it was like a horror movie jumpscare. All of them froze. Several gasped. Elder Alessia grimaced. Faelynn muttered "a world of Humans" in a hushed tone. The only exceptions were Elder Duran and the Soul Surgeon, who crept closer to get a better look, their eyes shimmering with curiosity.
In contrast, Rob let out a sigh of overwhelming relief. That bored, everyday woman was exactly what he'd needed to set him at ease. Earth hasn't completely gone to shit behind my back. People are still living their lives.
As he watched, a few more humans walked in front of the window. A middle-aged man, a young boy with his mother, and an old woman with a walking cane. The old woman pivoted straight into the burger joint, Rob internally praising her good taste.
"W-well," the head mage stuttered. He paused, cleared his throat, then started anew. "As you can see, the viewing window is imperceptible to those with low Levels of Sense Mana. Naturally, this will not be the case for a portal that can be interacted with from both sides."
"Dangerous," Meyneth commented. "I would advise that you conceal this type of spell for as long as you are able. The viewing window especially."
"Why is that?"
"If this window cannot be sensed by those with low Levels of Sense Mana, then that makes it an ideal tool for spying on non-Mages. In your haste to glimpse into the world of another dimension, you have inadvertently developed a field of magic that puts every nation in Elatra at risk of subterfuge. People have been assassinated for much less."
The mages blanched. "We are nothing more than simple researchers," the head mage protested, in a faltering voice. "Who besides a madwoman like the Dragon Queen would stoop so low as to threaten noncombatants?"
Keira averted her eyes, pointedly examining the floor.
"We can discuss matters of life and death at a later time," Duran interjected. He gestured to the viewing window with the demeanor of a child in a toy story. "There's a world of discoveries to explore! Take a look at those structures the Earth Humans have built – they resemble the buildings within Human territory, yet small differences set them apart."
Duran ooooh'd as another person walked past the viewing window. "So many humans are ambling about despite the late hour. Is this area a well-traveled location in your home city, Rob?"
"This is around the level of street traffic you should expect for early evening. If it were daytime, you'd see a hundred people per minute."
Duran aaaah'd. Before he could launch into a series of questions, Zamira beat him to it. "Pardon me if this comes across as an insult," she began, hesitantly. "But Earth Humans appear marginally...uncoordinated. It is hard for me to describe the notion, yet when I watch them move, they appear as if they're liable to fall over at any moment."
They look normal to me, Rob almost said, before remembering that Earth's normal wasn't Elatra's normal. "That's called being permanently Level 1." He shrugged. "They've all got crap stats. Except athletes, I guess."
Zamira stared at the human passerby with obvious sympathy. "My condolences."
Does Earth seem like a world of cripples to her? Rob wondered. Even Utility Class users have the option to put a couple points into Dexterity and Perception. That's not counting the natural stat boosts they gain as they grow up, either. And when combined with Vitality and healing magic, it means that people in Elatra tend to age gracefully.
Rob tried to think of the last time he'd seen an Elatran with the same frailty as that old human woman with her walking cane. The oldest person he'd met so far was the Fiend High Soulseer, and in spite of being positively ancient – and blind – the dude could get around fine. Elder Duran was having health problems, but that was only after suffering from severe Corruption poisoning for weeks on end. An incident like that would've landed an Earth human in long-term hospice care.
Actually, no, that was wrong. It would've just killed them.
"We should switch to the next location," Rob said, preempting any further questions. "There's still two more left." Maybe I can Keep your expectations in check.
He was right to do so. Rob's heart sank as the viewing window solidified once again, revealing battered, empty streets. Half the buildings had collapsed to rubble, as if visited by a wrecking crew with an axe to grind. He recognized this spot as the street leading up to his favorite movie theater on the other side of the city. There'd been good times here, as well.
Although not anymore. The theater's roof had caved in, and half the letters in its ostentatious PRIME CINEMA logo were missing. It would take years to rebuild – assuming someone was willing to invest millions of dollars into what was essentially a ghost town.
"This..." He ran his hand down his face, aware of everyone gazing at him with pity. "As you can probably infer, this isn't normal. In the past–"
Rob practically jumped out of his skin at the abrupt sound of gunfire. At first he thought the shot had come from outside, but no, it was both too distant and too close for that. The noise also sounded different from the rifles that the Dwarven Thunder Rod wielders employed.
A series of repeated bangs swept his thoughts away. Everyone watched in astonishment as a crew of Earth military soldiers ran into view from a side street, desperately fleeing the eight-legged Blightspawn that was hot on their tails. The abomination was more of an amalgamation of flesh and limbs than anything resembling a living creature, and the way it skittered made Rob reconsider if spiders were really that bad in comparison.
"Keep firing!" one of the men commanded, his voice sounding like it was coming from the bottom of a lake. The soldiers blasted their assault rifles in a retreating offensive, peppering the abomination with a hailstorm of bullets. Their response was swift, their aim was true, and it did not matter. The Blightspawn bulldozed through the rain of bullets as if it was a light drizzle, the creature's five cavernous mouths wailing for blood and sustenance.
It was nearly upon them when an explosive rocketed in from the opposite side street, knocking the Blightspawn off its many feet. The reprieve was temporary, but it was just long enough for the soldiers to escape unharmed. Unfortunately, the creature was also mostly unharmed, sporting minor injuries despite a direct missile strike to the torso. With a chorus of screams that prickled Rob's ears, the abomination continued its chase, batting away a second missile as it resumed the chase with renewed fervor.
Then it was gone, having left the window's range of sight. Distant sounds of battle grew quieter, the gunshots and explosions becoming more faint as predator and prey ran deeper into the ruined city.
Rob closed his eyes. He said nothing for half a minute, allowing himself time to process what he'd seen.
"Okay." He opened his eyes, nodding. "This is fine."
Keira laid a hand on his shoulder, struggling with what to say. " don't need to–"
"Hold it in? Bottle up my emotions?" A wry chuckle escaped his throat. "Honestly, I'm not as affected as I thought I'd be. The Blight dropped one too many cryptic hints for me to be surprised, anyway. At this point I'm just glad that Earth hasn't been completely overrun. Some parts of the city might be fucked up, but not all of it is."
He narrowed his eyes. "The biggest thing I'm worried about is the Blightspawn itself. You saw those weapons the humans were using, right? Think of them as substantially upgraded versions of the Thunder Rods. They should've put a real dent in a fully-grown Blight, let alone one of its spawn."
"Perhaps the creatures have gained a defensive Skill?" Duran theorized. "What we witnessed appears consistent with other damage reduction Skills such as Tough Skin or Heat Resistance. I would surmise that the Blight has learned something akin to – for example – Thunder Rod Resistance."
Rob paused. Elatra didn't have a specified 'Bullet Resistance' Skill, but that was because conventional firearms had been removed from the system for balancing purposes. The Blight wouldn't give two shits about balance. They'd cheerfully grant themselves Bullet Resistance, Missile Resistance, and whatever else tickled their fancy.
And the more Earth fought back, the more resistant they'd become.
"...This doesn't change anything," Rob eventually concluded. "Earth is a big boy planet. It'll figure something out. In the meantime, we'll clean up our problems here and be ready to help if the Blight's still around by then."
"You're sure?" Keira asked. Two words that held so much intent. 'Are you sure you'll be alright? Are you sure Elatra should remain your primary concern? Are you sure you don't want to head home the instant the dimension mages create a working portal?'
Rob gave her a thumbs-up. "I'm sure. And I know you'll worry about me regardless, but I promise I'm feeling fine."
Or maybe he was just numb, and an avalanche of emotions would bury him when he least expected it. The good news was that was a problem for future-Rob to deal with. Present-Rob had one last area to investigate.
I'd be satisfied with seeing my old bedroom intact, he thought, as the dimension mages altered the viewing window for the last time. I have strong memories there, right? It should be a candidate. Those late night Netflix binges were uh...riveting. Yeah.
The window finalized.
Rob felt the strength leave his body.
Some parts of what he was seeing were incongruous. Strange details that he'd need to figure out soon. All of it took a hard backseat to the one sight in the room that truly mattered.
Jason was alive.
He was at his house that Rob had visited so often. Alive. Surrounded by people. Alive. Chatting away. Alive. Gesturing in that exaggerated manner he often used. Alive.
A dam broke. Silent tears began streaming down Rob's face. Thoughts cut out, leaving only the realization that his best friend since childhood, the sole person he'd have trusted with his life before meeting Riardin's Rangers, the man whose place he'd taken when the gods picked a new chew toy...
Was alive.
"Hey, man." Rob's smile was the most genuine it had been in a long time. "Been a while."
At that moment, almost as if he could hear him, Jason grinned.


Author's Note:
When I was writing Chapter 199, I was mildly annoyed that Rob didn't reach 200 Vitality on Chapter 200. That would've been hilariously coincidental. But if I had to choose between that chapter or this one for a big milestone...I think I like this better.
Happy Chapter 200, everyone. Thanks for reading and staying on this journey with me.
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