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2023.06.08 06:10 lpsbossardindia LPS Bossard India: Join us at the Green Vehicle Expo 2023 in BIEC, Bangalore!

LPS Bossard India: Join us at the Green Vehicle Expo 2023 in BIEC, Bangalore!

Fastening Elements for Electric Vehicles Join us at the Green Vehicle Expo 2023 in BIEC, Bangalore!
Calling all automobile enthusiasts and eco-conscious individuals!
Join us at the Green Vehicle Expo 2023 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre.
Visit LPS Bossard - Stall No. A10, Hall No. 2 and witness our cutting-edge sustainable solutions for the automotive industry. Let's drive towards a greener future together!
Learn more:
#GreenVehicleExpo2023 #SustainableMobility #LPSBossard #electricvehicles #electriccars #batterytechnology #evchargingstation #evindustry #evindia #twowheeler #electricvehiclesindia
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2023.06.08 05:54 Short_Algo $PNC Awaiting Short Signal based off 12 signals $1,205 net profit 3.71 profit factor 83% win rate on a 15-min chart. Free trial at

$PNC Awaiting Short Signal based off 12 signals $1,205 net profit 3.71 profit factor 83% win rate on a 15-min chart. Free trial at submitted by Short_Algo to StockTradingIdeas [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 05:52 Round_Yesterday6187 🤦🏿‍♂️

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2023.06.08 05:12 MonstrousApe613 Thank you Denver

Thank you Denver
Second 12-leg W of the week 🤑🤑🤑🤑
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2023.06.08 03:12 PrestorKrish1290 Checking in...

How is everybody...I havent been on since May 10th, so 4 weeks. It's bcuz the next day I watched gamexplain's livestream (they used australia time zone to get it early) & I watched Nintendo treehouse. Finally, right at midnight, I was able to play the game myself!! I binged it for the next 2 weeks...Sunday on Memorial day weekend (the 28th) I checked how much time I'd put in & saw it had been 205 hours
Unfortunately that day my right joycon broke...consequently I haven't seen the ending yet, which is why it took me longer to rejoin. I was worried about it getting spoiled for me. I've been savoring it. Right now I've done all dungeons, maxed out stamina, achieved 26 hearts & completed 110 shrines. I've also obtained & upgraded multiple armor sets. Last night I filed to have my joycons fixed but it'll take 2 weeks...but good news, today's my bday & I got a gift card, so I used that to get a pro controller. I should be returning this evening
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2023.06.08 03:09 Front_Masterpiece Is a Comet allowed here?

Is a Comet allowed here?
62 Comet, Dart block 347, TFS 205 11Rs, billet 7875 turbo, built AOD. Only at 10 psi at the moment, just breaking it in.
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2023.06.08 02:59 Upbeat_Independent23 17 Wanting to lose weight for Senior Year

Age: 17 Gender: Male Weight: 195-205 Height: 5’11 Ethnicity: Indian
Hey, I’m looking for some advice to lose weight for my senior year of high school. I want to get down to 170 if possible by September is that possible. The thing is that I don’t want to go to the gym I’d rather train at home. Also I am a vegetarian so I can’t go on a meat heavy diet. With all this being said I don’t want to lose strength ideally I lose like 20 pounds of fat and little to no muscle (maybe even start to gain muscle). What’s the best course of action? Is my goal realistic? What is a good diet to follow? Is there anything I need to buy to help me with this?
Sorry if these questions are dumb but I’ve been fat my whole life and I want that to change for my senior year and especially for college.
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2023.06.08 02:39 AmbitiousResponse925 [REVIEW] Celine Mini 16 from Heddy, JXG Factory

Bit of background: I am a first-time rep buyer and this was my first buy. I learned about the community from the NYT article about reps. I was immediately entranced and decided to do some research for myself. I stumbled upon the Wagoon Ladies and saw how organized and supportive of a community y'all are and started my deep dive. Prior to this, I was a tote bag person, but I do come from a purse-obsessed family who is aware of my rep world discovery. I used this subreddit, Youtube, the Celine website, and my local Celine boutique for reference as I obsessively hunted down info about sellers, lingo, quality, and brand history. I opted for Heddy as my seller, but also reached out to ReyKay.
Disclosure: I'm receiving no incentive to write this review. Heddy isn't aware I'm writing this review, has never offered any incentive to write reviews, and I don't plan on telling her that I wrote a review.
Seller: Heddy
Contact Info: +86 195 3638 2886
Price: 1440 CNY (205.36 USD)
Shipping: 45 USD
Total Price: 205.36 USD (price) + 45 USD (shipping) + 12.55 (5.01% PP international transaction fee) = $262.91 USD - Paid PPFF
May 20th - I initially contact Heddy in search of this beautiful new Mini 16 in Lavender. I tried contacting ReyKay about it too. Both don't have it . . . my guess is that it's too new for rep-production. The SA at the Celine boutique also told me this color is quite rare (even for auths), and that she herself was hiding a lavender triomphe for herself in the stock room. I decided to go with black and Heddy gives me a quote. I ask for BF Factory and she informs me that BF only makes the larger sizes of the 16, but JXG makes the mini in comparable quality.
May 21st - New day, new conflict. So many sizes! The 16 comes in mini, small, classique, and medium. I hadn't yet seen the auth in-person and didn't know if the mini was going to be truly too mini for me. I mean in some Google search images, the mini looks downright tiny. However, in this YT video the bag looks pretty good-sized (video). I ask Heddy if JXG instead has the small size, she sends me pics. I decide the hardware on the mini looks the best and pay same day with PPFF.
May 25th - PSPs sent to me. They look good. I GL.
May 27th - Heddy sends a generic shipping label.
May 29th - I visit my local Celine boutique. Ask SA to show me the Mini 16 in black. To no shock, it's gorgeous and I solidify my love for this bag. The experience only makes me more excited for my shipment to arrive.
June 3rd - I ask for shipping updates given that 7 days have passed. NR.
June 6th - Bag arrives!
[Authentic](Celine website)
Quality - 9/10 - (I'm grading this as a mid/high-Q bag since I don't have any other bags to reference)
Oh my goodness, this is such a gorgeous bag! I open up the 50 layers of packaging and tape, started getting nervous when I caught whiff of the oft-bemoaned fufu scent for the first time ("Could it really be?" I thought. "Am I truly now a wagoon lady?" My nostrils burned in triumph). Luckily, it seemed like the majority of the fufu smell was coming from the branded dust bag, and not the bag itself. The bag smells goood, just as clean good-quality leather should.
Materials - Exterior leather feel and texture: I'm no expert but this feels like calfskin. It's buttery smooth and feels . . . well, luxurious. Like the auth, this leather has a smooth, protective coating (a common feature of the Triomphe's "shiny calfskin" and the 16's "satinated calfskin," the difference is their texture). Like the auth 16's satinated calfskin, the texture is just very slightly pebbled, which was achieved to perfection with this rep. Interior leather: feels super luxurious and soft. Again, I'm no expert on leather, but I would trust that this is genuinely lambskin.
Construction - this is a very well-put together bag that has structure and good shape. Stitching is sturdy and neat. I'm not going to count stitches, but from what I've seen of the auth, they are the correct size. However, there is an inner lining sewing flaw, which causes some puckering of a compartment which I describe in detail below. Logo foil stamp is even and is stamped into the leather (as opposed to printed on top of) as it should, but there is a slight asymmetry on the 'E.' Before I got upset, I realized that on the Celine website, the 'E' on the display bag isn't even perfect! Makes me want to pay more attention to the foil stamps of the auths next time I go to my Celine store.
Hardware - Color appears to be correct. If I'm being picky, I would say that the auth hardware is a bit more yellow, but at the end of the day everything comes down to lighting. No one is looking that hard. My own hardware is STAYING under those protective stickers for the time being, so they look more matte in the pics. Rest of the hardware feels sturdy. The main lock on the bag body feels great and glides along its hinge with ease. Makes the satisfying little "click" when the lock is guided into place. Clasps were initially a little sticky, but after a few openings/closings, they're easy to use and serve their purpose.
Accuracy - 9/10
Rep Satisfaction Rating - 10/10
I LOVE this bag. It might be because this is my first rep, but the small flaws don't bother me that much (At 7% of the retail price, who could be mad?!). I just received it last night and already I've fondled this thing like crazy, admiring it's oh-so-cuteness.
I love the quiet stateliness of this bag, and I like that the visible branding is kept to a minimum. The style reminds me of a doctor's bag, and other Hermes-style bags which use a front-facing lock as the defining accessory. The bag is small but still fits all my necessary items: cellphone, wallet, lip balm, and hand sanitizer; I have a feeling it could fit more though considering the depth.
Seller Satisfaction Rating - 9.5/10
As some other wagooners mentioned, Heddy is lightning-fast on the reply and I was able to communicate with her well. The process was very clear to me as a beginner and Heddy helped streamline that process. I take 0.5 off for the lack of a tracking number, which I've seen other sellers are reported to provide. When I asked for one, Heddy ignored my message lol. I know I can't get that mad though-- the sellers must keep on the DL to be able to provide us with lovely bags. But man, did I want to know where my bag was!
CPR - 9.5/10
I've only worn the bag out once, but I just know this bag is going to be hard-wearing. Given that it costs but a fraction of the RP and I can wear it out with confidence, I'd say it's a very good investment. Was I minorly disappointed in the little flaws? Yes. Does it outweigh my joy in being able to own a gorgeous bag? HECK NO! As my foray into the rep world, I'm pretty proud I was able to find something this beautiful at that price.
The Wrap Up - 8/10
Being but a neonate in the rep world and a nervous person in general, I don't think I would have the guts to have an SA handle my bag for fear that they might see something I don't. As long as I'm not standing right up on the 16 section, I pretty confident this bag would pass the boutique test. This is a black bag, which tends to be very forgiving in my understanding of reps. In addition, the brand-recognition/trendiness of the 16 is way less than the flashier Triomphe in my opinion, so I think I have a decreased chance of this bag even being recognized in public. My extended family isn't up-to-date on the latest Celine, so I definitely don't have a problem wearing it out in front of them. Given its color and the structure of the exterior, this bag is not calloutable by the regular eye.
Thank you wagooners for your guidance and I hope this review helps anybody considering buying this bag! ;)

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2023.06.08 02:34 TsimpleD Help, my aquila x2 only prints at really high temps

I hope somebody can help me, when I got my 3d printer, the included filament printed perfect out of the box at like 195, I don't remember exactly, then I got some cheap PLA filament to test and learn, the recommenden temps for the extruder where like 210 to 220, but to get somewhat good results I alway had to print at like 230, then I got esun PLA+, the recommended temp is 205 to 225 and after looking around, people with the same filament print at like 205 or 210, but at that temp my printer doesn't even extrude the filament, at 225 my printer barely gets the filament out, so I have had to print at 235 to get mostly okeyish prints, with some splittings, is something wrong with my printer?
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2023.06.08 02:00 Swissarmy5 [STEP] 75313 UCS At-At - 215 spots at $1/ea

Link to original raffle:
What is a STEP raffle? A step raffle is a tool used to complete a main raffle that is struggling to finish. The remaining spots in the main raffle are bundled into prizes to be awarded in the step raffle.
MUST have a spot in the MAIN to request a spot in the STEP for the first hour, must wait for announcement when the hour is up. (Anyone that requests spots at this time that was not an original participant will be ignored.)
Raffle Total/Spots: $215 = 215 spots @ $1/ea
Spot limit per person: Yes, 5
Duration of spot limit: 30 minutes
Description: There will be 6 winners for this raffle that will get spots in the Main raffle. The same person can win multiple times but the same number cannot. Spots won are the following:
1st: 10 spots 2nd: 9 spots 3rd: 8 spots 4th: 7 spots 5th: 6 spots 6th: 3 spots
Payment required w/in 15 minutes of raffle filling.
PayPal payments are to be Friends and Family only with NO COMMENTS. CashApp payments should have NO COMMENTS. Comments will result in a permanent ban.

PayPal Info:
Cash App Info:

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 0
Number of unpaid slots: 0
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
1 phroz3n PAID
2 WeekendPuppiesCoffee PAID
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4 Fluffy-Run-6861 PAID
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214 robob280 PAID
215 emoney_316 PAID

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2023.06.08 01:58 postsomething01 Up 28.45 U , 1 hit parlay

Up 28.45 U , 1 hit parlay
Follow for picks :)
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2023.06.08 01:37 thatoldtoby [US-TN] [H] Switches, Deskmats, Keycaps, Keyboards, Alps, Artisans [W] Paypal

Alps Timestamp
MX Switch timestamp
Deskmat Timestamp
Keycaps Timestamp
Boards Timestamp
Artisan Lot Timestamp
Hi all,
Listing some of the collection on here, clearing out a lot of good stuff. Tough times upon us. Appreciate any offers, feel free to haggle or bundle.
All prices include shipping to CONUS and goods and services fees.
Description Condition Price
Alps Ambers x67 Excellent condition, fantastic click, stock switches $265 $240 shipped
Alps Salmons x90 Excellent tactility, cleaned, wax/205g0 lubed, spring oiled $180 shipped SOLD
Alps Blues x24 Great condition, stock $55 shipped
Alps Greens x39 Excellent condition, cleaned, spring oiled $85 $75 shipped
NK Dream with Cream+ copper stem, x100 Built with dream housings and black cream+ stems, copper inserts, lubed 205g0, plus oiled 55g multistage spring. One spacebar switch with black top, 67g progressive spring. $155 shipped SOLD
Cherry Hyperglides with Kailh Black stems, x100 Hyperglide housings (top and bottom), deskey filmed, kailh stems, 205g0 lubed, oiled giant symmetric 67g long spring, one spacebar switch with 70g ink spring. $125 105 shipped
Black Gazzew U4t with giant long springs, x100 Old stock black U4t's, lightly lubed with 205g0, beautiful round bump on these, 62g giant symmetric long springs $130 shipped SOLD
Ethereal pandas, x90 Ethereal pandas, kelowna filmed, 205g0 lubed, 62g giant symmetric long springs $125 shipped
Clear stem pacos, x100 Lubed 205g0 and spring oiled $85 shipped
Halo stem pacos, x70 Lubed 205g0 and spring oiled $75 shipped
Nebulas, x90 Stock $55 shipped
Gazzew U4tx, x90 Stock $55 shipped SOLD
TTC Bluish Whites, x90 Stock $55 shipped

Mat (all are new and unused) Price
Floppy Processor Half-Bone 5mm thick (no tube, with stickers) pic $95 shipped
Floppy Processor Electrostatic 5mm thick (in tube, with stickers) $85 shipped
Floppy Processor OG 5mm thick (in tube, with stickers) $85 shipped
GAF mat $65 shipped SOLD
Rubrehose Auth card mat $60 shipped SOLD
Mubai mat $55 shipped SOLD
Omnitype Dualshot 2 mat $35 shipped SOLD

Set Condition & Kits Price
GMK First Love Light use, base and novelties $305 shipped (in bag) SOLD
GMK Norse Spacebars and base, never mounted $175 shipped
GMK Striker R2 Macro and Base, still sealed $165 shipped
GMK Dots R2 White base, spacebars, rainbow kit, never mounted $225 shipped
Rama GRID caps & Keebwerks NANO bundle brass bottom nano, GRID caps, good condition $225 shipped
DCS Alps Yuri kit Great condition except missing one 1.5u alt key $165 shipped

Board Condition & Kit Price
Iron165, teal A-stock, unbuilt. Comes with teal weight, black badge, copper weight, copper badge, 2 PCBs and DB sets, CF 1.25u plate, aluminum tsangan plate. Comes with carry case. $700 shipped bundled, $520 shipped board only
Iron165 Plate & PCB New, unused, carbon fiber 1.25 bottom row OR aluminum tsangan bottom row $100 shipped unless bundle sells
Iron165 Copper weight and badge Installed but no patina at all $120 shipped unless bundle sells
Cannonkeys Balance, white A-stock, unbuilt. White E-coat. Comes with carry case. $550 shipped
Cannonkeys FRL 1800-sized bag extra bag from cypher GB, fits balance, cypher, any other FRL 1800 or similarly sized board $30 shipped SOLD

So there are an incredible number of artisans here.
The first two rows I'll sell at retail price or less. PM if you're interested. Max price for these is around $85, most are less. In those rows there are Artkey Ursa, glyco caps, GSK, archetype, NZcaps, lots more. Make a reasonable offer on any of them and I'll probably take it, especially bundled.
The 3 after that I'd like to get what I paid for them (but am comfortable taking offers). left middle right
C1: Project Key Spaceskull Galaxy $175
C2: Projectkey Spaceskull Transient $185
C3: Projectkey Spaceskull Mints $165
C4: Keyforge Orochi (can't remember cw) $105
C5: Keyforge Ent (OG colorway) $85
C6: Keyforge Shishi purple punch $145
C7: Keyforge Shishi (can't remember cw but same as orochi above) $125
C8: Wild Story Ikkakujuu Ama $175
C9: Wildstory Ikkakujuu Lola $205
D1: GSK Bara anatomy friday 13th $200
D2: GSK Bara anatomy dia de los muertos $225 $205
D3: GSK Bara anatomy, not sure cw but it's laser $185
D4: GSK Bara vesuvius $125
D5: GSK Bara Nostalgia $105
D6: GSK Scoot Gucci $125
D7: GSK Scoot Vietnam $125
D8: Artkey Voidwalker tomato $105
D9: Alpha Keycaps Salvador Hibiskush $155
E1: Hello? Bongo Vortex $245 shipped
E2: Hello? Bongo Nyctophile $325 shipped
E3: Rubrehose BBW (big bad wolf) Batman $225
E4: Rubrehose BBW (big bad wolf) scudbeam $245
E5: Rubrehose lucette Mummy dearest $205 SOLD
E6: Artkey Sirius Skydance $250 SOLD
E7: Artkey Voidwalker Skydance $175
E8: Artkey Voidwalker Malachite $200
E9: Artkey Porcus Malachite $225

And that's pretty much it for now. I'm always looking for some novatouch leftovers and I'd be interested in swapping rubrehose caps, kinda been looking for a starburst Bongo lately but not trying to buy right now. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 01:16 The_Sportsologist Taking a look at the Sixers' cap sheet

Hello friends, today I thought it would be fun to take a look at the Sixers cap sheet and the many paths they could take moving forward. Daryl Morey has a lot of tough decisions to make, but most of those will likely depend on James Harden's decision this summer. Let's take a look at some possible scenarios.
Here is the Sixers' cap sheet going into this summer:
Player 2023-2024 2024-2025 2025-2026 2026-2027
Joel Embiid $46,900,000 $50,652,000 $54,404,000 $58,156,000
Tobias Harris $39,270,150
James Harden $35,640,000
PJ Tucker $11,014,500 $11,539,000
DeAnthony Melton $8,000,000
Furkan Korkmaz $5,370,370
Tyrese Maxey $4,343,920
Danuel House Jr $4,310,250
Montrezl Harrell $2,760,026
Jaden Springer $2,226,240 $4,018,363
total $159,835,456
expected luxury line $162,000,000
The italicized salary for James Harden's 2023-2024 season is the key. Harden can opt into that salary, opt out and re-sign a long-term deal in Philly, or opt out and decide to go to another team in free agency. His decision will be the pivot point for the Sixers roster building moving forward so let's take a look at a few different scenarios and see what they could look like.
Scenario 1: Harden leaves in free agency
Let's say the Houston rumors are legit and it's soon confirmed that James will be on his way back to Texas. The Rockets can sign him outright using their cap space meaning that the Sixers face the possibility of losing him for nothing. What do they do to replace the lost talent? The best route might be to utilize cap space and explore free agency. Let's see what the cap sheet looks like without Harden and with the addition of the cap holds for McDaniels, Melton, and Maxey so we can determine what their cap space could look like:
Player 2023-2024 2024-2025
Joel Embiid $46,900,000 $50,652,000
Tobias Harris $39,270,150
PJ Tucker $11,014,500 $11,539,000
DeAnthony Melton $8,000,000 $15,200,000
Furkan Korkmaz $5,370,370
Tyrese Maxey $4,343,920 $13,000,000
Danuel House Jr $4,310,250
Montrezl Harrell $2,760,026
Jaden Springer $2,226,240 $4,018,363
Paul Reed $2,261,266
Jalen McDaniels $1,805,205
total $128,261,927 $94,409,363
expect salary cap $134,000,000 $143,000,000
expected cap room $5,738,073 $48,590,637
So, for this summer they would have about 5.7 million in cap space to use in free agency, but they could increase that to almost 10 million if they renounce the cap holds on Reed and McDaniels. Or, if they found a way to move Harris' contract, they would have 45 million to spend in free agency and could still re-sign Reed and McDaniels after they hit the cap limit. Considering that Harris's deal is expiring this may be possible, but given the severe lack of tradable picks that Morey has to work with it won't be a guaranteed possibility. If they aren't able to move him then it could be in the best interest of the Sixers to aim for the summer of 2024 when they are set to have about 48.5 million in cap space even after accounting for Maxey and Melton's cap holds. They can make a couple splashes in free agency, re-sign Melton and Maxey, and should still have room to utilize the taxpayer MLE. They also can free up another 4 million by declining Springer's contract this October.
Free agency is a risky path considering that you are never guaranteed to land anyone. These days with extensions and the ability to demand trades, stars tend to enter unrestricted free agency less than they did before. And planning for the 2024 offseason might not sound good to Embiid, who the Sixers are no doubt wanting to keep happy. It could be that Daryl Morey and company don't want to go down this path, but I think that it's nice that they at least have the option if Harden does decide to walk.
Scenario 2: Harden demands a max and gets it
Let's say the recent Houston rumors serve as effective leverage for Harden, he demands a full max contract to come back to Philly, and Morey can't resist keeping his old friend around. Well unfortunately, that will lead to this roster becoming very expensive, perhaps too expensive to keep their high-end talent as well as quality depth. Maxey's new contract will kick in next season and will be a third big salary on the books going forward even as Harris' finally comes off.
The point of this post is not to speculate about what players are going to get in free agency, but we need to make some estimations to analyze what their cap sheet might look like going forward. Let's use Tyler Herro and Jordan Pool’s recent contracts of 120 and 128 million to estimate Maxey’s next deal. Let’s just say that he gets 125 million over 4 years, or 30.125 million per season. Let's also say that Paul Reed and Georges Niang re-sign under short term deals for 7.5 and 4 million respectively and the roster is filled out with a few minimum contracts. Here's what their cap sheet potentially looks like for the next 2 seasons:
Player 2023-2024 2024-2025
Joel Embiid $46,900,000 $50,652,000
James Harden $46,900,000 $50,652,000
Tobias Harris $39,270,150
PJ Tucker $11,014,500 $11,539,000
DeAnthony Melton $8,000,000
Furkan Korkmaz $5,370,370
Tyrese Maxey $4,343,920 $34,500,000
Danuel House Jr $4,310,250
Montrezl Harrell $2,760,026
Jaden Springer $2,226,240 $4,018,363
Georges Niang $8,000,000 $8,500,000
Paul Reed $6,000,000 $6,000,000
total $185,095,456 $165,861,363
expected luxury line $162,000,000 $172,881,999
As you can see, for 2023-2024 the Sixers would be set to go pretty deep into the luxury tax, deeper than they ever have before. While the ownership and front office might be okay with that for this upcoming season, they are going to be much more hesitant in the coming years when the second apron penalties fully kick in along with the increase in luxury tax penalties.
For 2024-2025 and beyond they would have 3 players taking up the vast majority of their cap. Adding in Tucker and Springer's salaries along with the theoretical contracts for Reed and Niang, the Sixers would have just around 33 million to fill out the remaining 8 roster spots before going over the dreaded 2nd apron. Unless they have a plan in place for going well over the apron and dealing with its penalties, they don't really have a way to fill their roster out with quality depth while paying 90% of their cap to Embiid, Harden and Maxey.
Scenario 3: Harden re-signs to a more team friendly deal
Let's say that the Houston rumors are overblown and Harden's desire is to come back to Philly long-term, even if it means settling for less than a max contract. What kind of deal would he be okay with? Who knows, and I do hate to speculate, but I also love to make cap sheets, so let's just say 35 million per year over 4 years and check out what the sheet looks like for the next 2 seasons:
Player 2023-2024 2024-2025
Joel Embiid $46,900,000 $50,652,000
Tobias Harris $39,270,150
James Harden $35,000,000 $35,000,000
PJ Tucker $11,014,500 $11,539,000
DeAnthony Melton $8,000,000 $15,200,000
Furkan Korkmaz $5,370,370
Tyrese Maxey $4,343,920 $13,000,000
Danuel House Jr $4,310,250
Montrezl Harrell $2,760,026
Jaden Springer $2,226,240 $4,018,363
total $159,195,456 $129,409,363
expected salary cap $134,000,000 $143,000,000
expected cap room $0 $13,590,637
Suddenly the tax owed for the 2023-2024 season doesn't look so bad. They could move Korkmaz to duck the tax entirely, or possibly utilize the taxpayer MLE to add another depth piece. The nontaxpayer MLE likely won't be a feasible option unless Harden re-signs for 30 million or below.
The 2024-2025 numbers are very interesting if the Sixers decide to hold off on Maxey's extension since they could have a little cap room to play with. Theoretically they could open up a max spot by moving Tucker and waiving Melton's cap hold, we but already saw how tough it would be to fill out the roster with 3 huge salaries on the books. Instead, they could keep Melton and Tucker and still afford to sign a free agent using cap space and then sign another using the taxpayer. It might end up that they pay players like Paul Reed and Jalen McDaniels this summer and don't have any free cap space in 2024, but again, it's nice to have the option.
So, if anyone's still reading this, I want to know what you think. What do you hope Harden decides to do? How do you hope to see Morey pivot in response? Did you have any interesting takeaways from the cap sheets? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!
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2023.06.08 01:13 bytecode Master II FD02 MM33 - Engine limp and cuts-out randomly - please help diagnosing PICS included

Master II FD02 MM33 - Engine limp and cuts-out randomly - please help diagnosing PICS included
Hi all,
I'm currently trying to diagnose a number of issues plaguing my van, primarily it goes really limp, and/or the engine cuts out without warning if trying to accelerate hard/climb a hill, and can only be restarted by turning the ignition off and on again with the key.
Mileage: 207K milesEngine: G9U, 2.5L DCi 100MIL/EML: Doesn't illuminate during the fault (it does illuminate at start, and has illuminated in the past).
I have recently bought CLIP, with v213 SW, but I'm struggling to find my way around CLIP, I think that I need to find some tutorials.
I'm seeing the PR038 - RAIL PRESSURE continually oscillating between 6 and 9 bar whilst the engine is off and hasn't been used since the day before.
**Overview:**It starts fine, there's a whiff of smoke, which seems to clear, I think that it's a little bit of oil in the intake, it's done 205,000 miles+
  1. It doesn't like to accelerate readily from cold, it does improve after a bit of driving. (I don't thrash it when cold, it accelerates painfully slowly at first, could be rich A/F mixture due to oil in the intake perhaps?
  2. There's no apparent boost until the van has been driven between 8.9 & 9.2 miles, afterwhich there's a surge, a puff of soot from the exhaust, and you can feel the boost working.... but
  3. After a driving with/without boost for a while, the van will eventually go into limp mode, can barely accelerate, and wont rev over 3000k unless going down a hill.
  4. cheap ODBIIreader shows:
    1. PO089 - I think that this relevant
    2. PO380 - I think this is a glow plug circuit A problem, I swapped out the glow plug relay to no avail, I need to figure out how to test the glow plugs
  5. CLIPgives more more information, although I can't work out how to bring up the previously saved DataRecording graphs/values (I can see the dat files in the User>DataRecording folder):
    1. monitoring fuel pressure from cold, with the ignition on but not running, I see the fuel rail pressure continually oscillating randomly between 6 & 9. This behaviour has been noted every time I connect up to the van, over several days. Always bouncing between 6 & 9 (I think it's in millibars).
    2. When the engine is running, fuel rail pressure is significantly higher in the range of hundreds, 300-400 (bars?).
    3. I notice that fuel trim values for the cylinders all vary, values for cylinder 3 are in the negative, whereas values for cylinders 1,2&4 are positive values (mg/stroke).
    4. The fuel pressure regulator was changed September 2019, I can't remember whether the pressure sensor was changed.
    5. It has had two injectors replaced, one in Sept 2019, and the other July 2023. Clip says that the injectors have been coded.
I'm wondering whether to replace the fuel pressure sensor, as it seems odd to me that it oscillates even when the engine is off.
But I don't want to just throw parts at it willy-nilly. However, I do wonder whether it's the pressure sensor.
Live data
Live data note rail pressure 6 bar - engine not started since day before
**Faults:**Looking at the faults, I'm finding the following:
on EDC16 C36 Injection:
  1. DF537 - Pressure Sensor Circuit - C0.1
  2. DF025 - Preheating Diagnostic connection - 1.DEF
  3. DF053 - Rail pressure regulation - 3.DEF
I'm assuming that 1. DF537 & 3. DF053 are relevant to the problem that I'm experiencing?Where to go next? Are there any tests that I might run to determine possible cause of the faults short of replacing the sensor, and regulator in a "Throwing parts" approach?

EDC16 C36 Injection - fault list

EDC16 C36 - DF053 - Rail Pressure Regulation Function

EDC16 C36 - DF053 - Rail Pressure Sensor circuit

Any suggestions for further testing would be most welcome.
Thank you.
Edit: Image formats
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2023.06.08 00:00 dedusitdl BG.c Raises $700k for Tabor and Martin Kenty Gold Project Exploration

Yesterday Big Gold Inc. (CSE: BG) announced that it has successfully closed the second and final tranche of its non-brokered private placement offering, raising a total of $713,205.
Full press release here:
The funds will be used largely in part to support exploration programs at BG's Tabor Project in the Shebandowan Greenstone Belt and Martin Kenty Project near the Rainy River Mine Complex in Ontario.
Notably, the Tabor Project benefits from its proximity to Goldshore's Moss Project, which recently reported an estimated 6 million ounces of gold.
Promising field sampling results from the Martin Kenty Project have unveiled multiple assays with gold grades surpassing 0.5 grams per tonne, pointing to significant potential for gold mineralization in the area.
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2023.06.07 23:58 dedusitdl Big Gold Inc. (BG.c) is cashed up for exploration after closing PP

Yesterday Big Gold Inc. (CSE: BG) announced that it has successfully closed the second and final tranche of its non-brokered private placement offering, raising a total of $713,205.
Full press release here:
The funds will be used largely in part to support exploration programs at BG's Tabor Project in the Shebandowan Greenstone Belt and Martin Kenty Project near the Rainy River Mine Complex in Ontario.
Notably, the Tabor Project benefits from its proximity to Goldshore's Moss Project, which recently reported an estimated 6 million ounces of gold.
Promising field sampling results from the Martin Kenty Project have unveiled multiple assays with gold grades surpassing 0.5 grams per tonne, pointing to significant potential for gold mineralization in the area.
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2023.06.07 23:43 amiadramaqueen WIBTA if I (21F) asked my partner (23M) parents to pay for a new car key.

Well today I stayed over at my bf house where he lives with his parents at an isolated location in the countryside. I arrived at his house and placed my car key on the side on the worktop. We have been hanging out all day and I needed to start heading home, which is 30 minutes away as I did have work in the morning. I couldn't find my key anywhere and we spent a good hour looking for it. This did make me panking and start crying as I have had really bad luck recently, getting into a minor car crash, getting scammed 5k of my money which I couldn't get back and then needing to get a new car because the other one broke down. This put me at a really low financial state and this all took place within 2 months so I was kinda over the bad luck. We searched everywhere and i showed them where I put my key. My partner said it might have gotten into the rubbish bin which they burn in the incinerator at the bottom of their garden. This was when I got the feeling it might be in the incinerator, so we went out there and luckily the fire was over so we tipped out the Ash and spent another hour looking through the Ash and whatever was left that didn't burn. We found parts of my key in there so my hunch was right, but there wasn't anything left so I couldn't use my car to get home or to work the next day. The reason why I'm asking if I WIBTA is that it was one of his parents that knocked it into the bin or threw it in there without know. I looked up our local key cutter and got a quote which said for my type of key could cost up to £75-205 which due to the past event I can't afford to buy, pluss it wasn't my fault that It was put in the incinerator. So AITA?
Edit. A few of you are asking why I didn't keep them with me on person. As I wasn't going anywhere, I didn't take a bad with me, and I was wearing a tick tock romper dress thing that doesn't have any pockets. Normally, my partner tells me to place my keys there because he doesn't like 'clutter' in his room. And as for why wasbt another keys thrown away, both of his parent have just come back from shopping, and they both had their keys on hand. The shopping was on the work top so I am just guess that was when it happened as they had a lot of rubbish they put in the bin. This did mean the bin was full, which is when they then take it down to the incinerator. I hope this has given enough info.
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2023.06.07 23:31 jm3494 [US-CA] [H] Tomo Titan Grey, Iron180 Graen Green, Box75 Black/SS, Linworks Dolphin Burgundy, GMK WoB Katakana [W] Paypal, Local

Timestamp TomoTimestamp Iron180Timestamp Box75Timestamp DolphinTimestamp GMK WoB Katakana
Hi, selling some items to downsize the collection. CONUS or local to 92618 preferred. Not looking for trades at the moment and prices are firm.
If you purchase more than 1 item, take 8% off the entire amount. Not FCFS. Comment then PM.

Monokei x TGR Tomo with ePBT Origami bundle

Price : $450 + shipping

Color : Titan Grey
Condition : Built once and kept in Kaban case. No flaws and like new condition. ePBT set is like new with no shine

Smith + Rune Iron180 with 21kb Irish Green bundle

Price : $550 + shipping

Color : Graen Green WKL
Condition : Built once and typed on for 1 day and then kept in case. No flaws and like new condition.

Box75 Black / Stainless Steel

Price : $390 + shipping

Color : Black with polished stainless steel
Condition : Built once and typed on for a week. No flaws on case, potential hairline scratches or dust on SS

Linworks Dolphin Burgundy

Price : $475 + shipping

Color : Burgundy WKL
Condition : Built once and typed on for a week then stored in case. No flaws.

GMK WoB Katakana

Price : $70 + shipping SOLD
Condition : Mounted once on the Box75 and then put back into trays. Comes with GMK trays and sleeve. No shine.
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2023.06.07 23:06 DaKatos First time at a casino. 100€ in 205€ out. Good thirty minutes of blackjack. (10 to the dealer of course :3)

First time at a casino. 100€ in 205€ out. Good thirty minutes of blackjack. (10 to the dealer of course :3) submitted by DaKatos to gambling [link] [comments]


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aldebaran Resources Inc. (“ Aldebaran ” or the “ Company ”) (TSX-V: ALDE, OTCQX: ADBRF) is pleased to report results for holes ALD-23-227 and ALD-23-228 from its ongoing drilling campaign at the Altar copper-gold project in San Juan Province, Argentina.
Hole ALD-23-227 was a 200 m step out hole to the north from previously released ALD-22-223 (1,167.50 m of 0.48% CuEq – see March 1, 2023 press release). ALD-23-228 was a 200 m step out to the north from previously released ALD-23-225B (951.20 m of 0.60% CuEq – see May 31, 2023 press release).
Both holes have provided valuable additional pierce points into the promising geophysical anomaly beneath and lateral to current resources at the Altar project. In addition, both ALD-23-227 and ALD-23-228 tested the northern extension of the newly identified Altar United trend.
ALD-23-227 entered favourable host rocks at approximately 1,000 m depth, and then returned attractive grade mineralization until the end of the hole. ALD-23-228 hit the favourable host rock formation at approximately 750 m depth and thereafter returned some of the highest-grade copper mineralization encountered on the project to date, demonstrating that the high-grade mineralization found previously in hole ALD-23-225B has continuity.
  • 565.60 m of 0.60% CuEq from 676.00 m depth
    • Including 474.60 m of 0.69% CuEq from 767.00 m depth
      • Including 329.60 of 0.80% CuEq from 912.00 m depth
  • Hole ended in 74.60 m of 0.80% CuEq with the last sample running 0.96% CuEq
  • The Company has re-entered hole ALD-23-228 and is actively drilling to test for the deeper extension of this higher-grade mineralization
  • 198.50 m of 0.50% CuEq from 1,040.00 m depth
    • Including 60.50 m of 0.63% CuEq from 1,178.0 m depth
  • Hole ended in 31.50 m of 0.69% CuEq
John Black, Chief Executive Officer of Aldebaran, commented as follows: “Hole 228 represents another remarkable run of mineralization and represents some of the better grades we’ve seen at the Altar project. We have re-started drilling on hole 228 to see if the higher-grade mineralization continues to depth. The Altar system continues to grow well beyond what was previously understood. The resource we have in hand already represents one of the largest undeveloped copper projects in the world; however, with the mineralization we’ve been hitting in recent drill results, we expect it to grow substantially.”
Dr. Kevin B. Heather, Chief Geological Officer of Aldebaran, commented as follows: “Both holes reported today demonstrate that the new Altar United trend continues to deliver solid runs of higher-grade mineralization that build onto the previous higher-grade intercepts reported recently in holes 223, 224, and 225B. With these new results, it’s clear that Altar United is delivering continuity of higher-grade mineralization, within an already very large Altar system, that will add additional higher-grade tonnage. The upper portions of holes 227 and 228 both drilled through less favourable rhyolite host rocks, and while they didn’t return exceptional grades, it demonstrates that even poor host rocks can be mineralized in this strong system The lower-grade intervals reported today will likely report to resource at a break-even cut-off grade, which typically hovers around 0.1% CuEq, thus potentially reducing the strip ratio.”
Table 1 below displays detailed assay results. Figure 1 displays a plan map with the location of the reported holes as well as completed and active drill holes. Figure 2 displays a cross-section, looking to the east, showing results from ALD-23-227. Figure 3 displays a cross-section, looking to the east, showing results from ALD-23-228. Figure 4 displays a cross-section, looking to the east, showing results from ALD-23-228 in histogram.
Discussion of Results
Drillhole ALD-23-227 was collared 200 m north of ALD-22-223 (see Company news release dated March 1, 2023). It was drilled at an -75-degree inclination and a 180-degree azimuth. The final depth of the hole was 1,238.50 m.
Drillhole ALD-23-227 intersected a package of strongly fragmental dacitic crystal tuff over the first 428 m, then transitioned to less favourable but weakly mineralized massive rhyolite, which continued to a depth of 1,179.60 m. The hole then transitioned into the better mineralized diorite porphyry intrusive rocks until the end of the hole, with mineralization increasing towards the bottom of the hole.
The base of oxidation in hole ALD-23-227 is only 26 m depth. Alteration in this hole is characterized dominantly by white sericite-pyrite-tourmaline-quartz assemblages and sporadic pyrite-enargite-anhydrite / anhydrite-carbonates-chalcopyrite-sphalerite structures and veins. This white sericite alteration overprints, and locally obliterates, an earlier green sericite-chalcopyrite-pyrite assemblage from the very first metres of the hole up until approximately 750 m depth, leaving only local windows of the earlier green sericite assemblage. Beyond 750 m depth, the green sericite-chalcopyrite-pyrite assemblage progressively increases along with an associated increase in both chalcopyrite and quartz-chalcopyrite-pyrite-molybdenite veins.
From 843.80 m to 1179.60 m depth, white sericite-pyrite-quartz alteration is of moderate intensity and associated with an increase in the occurrence of chalcopyrite. In this interval, the rhyolite porphyry has some relicts of biotite-magnetite-k feldspar (potassic) alteration, which is overprinted by increasing green sericite-chalcopyrite-anhydrite assemblages associated with halo-style veins (as documented in nearby holes 223, 224 and 225B).
From 1,179.60 m to the end of the hole, biotite-k feldspar-magnetite-chalcopyrite-bornite (potassic) is the dominant alteration in the diorite porphyry intrusion, but is also overprinted by moderate intensity, green sericite-quartz-anhydrite-chalcopyrite-(chalcocite) alteration-mineralization, pervasively developed in the halos of hairline veins. A substantial increase in the frequency of quartz-chalcopyrite-pyrite-molybdenite veins is also observed towards the bottom of the hole.
Drillhole ALD-23-228 was collared 212 m north of ALD-23-225B (see Company news release dated May 31, 2023). It was drilled at an -75-degree inclination and a 180-degree azimuth. The final depth of the hole was 1,241.60 m (drilling has re-started on this hole to deepen it).
Similar to drillhole ALD-23-227, hole 228 intersected a package of strongly fragmental dacitic crystal tuffs from surface to 205.30 m. These volcaniclastic rocks overlie a long run of massive rhyolite extending to a depth of 805 m, followed by more favourable andesitic volcanic host rocks until 918.55 m depth and then from there until the bottom of the hole within well mineralized diorite porphyry intrusive rocks.
The oxidation profile in ALD-23-228 is poorly developed in the upper portion of the hole, with the occurrence of sulphides from near surface and minor jarosite-goethite-hematite in fractures up to the base of oxidation at approximately 266 m depth.
Alteration within the upper crystal tuff and rhyolite units is characterized dominantly by the occurrence of white sericite-pyrite-tourmaline-quartz assemblages with minor pyrite-enargite-anhydrite / anhydrite-carbonates-chalcopyrite-sphalerite vein structures overprinting an earlier green sericite-quartz-chalcopyrite-pyrite alteration. “D” type veins, which are typically late in the development of porphyry copper systems, are very frequent in the upper portion of the hole, with a lesser number of high-sulfidation structures; all crosscutting earlier quartz-green sericite-chalcopyrite-pyrite and white quartz-chalcopyrite-moly veins.
A major change in the style of alteration occurs within the andesite volcanic rocks and the diorite porphyry units below approximately 805 m depth. From this depth and to the bottom of the hole, the white sericite-pyrite assemblages decrease considerably, and the dominant alteration is characterized by an early, strongly developed biotite-k feldspar-chalcopyrite potassic assemblage overprinted by a green sericite-quartz-anhydrite-chalcopyrite-(chalcocite) assemblage associated with the halos on hairline veins, both of which are well mineralized.
These halo-style veins are pervasive and obliterate the original texture of the rock and are associated with very high copper grades due to abundant fine-grained sulphides consisting of chalcopyrite-pyrite-bornite-molybdenite. Occurrence of these halo veins also corresponds with an increasing frequency of quartz-chalcopyrite-pyrite-molybdenite veins, which in most cases are crosscutting the halo-style veins.
Project Update
The Company is actively drilling with four rigs. Holes ALD-23-229, ALD-23-230, ALD-23-231 and ALD-23-189EXT are completed and were terminated at 1,413.60 m, 611.40 m, 1,211.80 m, and 1,246.00 m respectively: all pending final assays. Hole ALD-23-189EXT, is an extension of a historically drilled hole ALD-12-189, which was originally terminated at 592 m depth. At the date of this release, holes ALD-23-232, ALD-23-124EXT and ALD-23-228EXT were active and at approximately 1064.70 m, 751.00 m and 1,358.70 m depths, respectively. Hole ALD-23-124EXT is an extension of a historically drilled hole ALD-12-124, which was originally terminated at 226.50 m depth. A fourth rig just commenced drilling on hole ALD-23-233 and will not reach its planned target depth during the current campaign but will be left in good standing in order to re-enter and continue the hole at the start of the next field campaign. The Company plans to begin demobilizing the drill rigs and then shut down the camp to close out the 2022/2023 drill campaign in the coming week.
For more context, please join the Company in a live event on Thursday, June 8 th at 11:00 am EST / 8:00 am PST. Q&A will follow the presentation. Click here to register:
Qualified Person
The scientific and technical data contained in this news release has been reviewed and approved by Dr. Kevin B. Heather, B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc, Ph.D, FAusIMM, FGS, Chief Geological Officer and director of Aldebaran, who serves as the qualified person (QP) under the definitions of National Instrument 43-101.
(signed) “ John Black
John Black
Chief Executive Officer and Director
Tel: +1-604-685-6800
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
*Please click here and subscribe to receive future news releases: *
For further information, please consult our website at or contact:
Ben Cherrington
Manager, Investor Relations
Phone: +1 347 394-2728 or +44 7538 244 208
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
About Aldebaran Resources Inc.
Aldebaran is a mineral exploration company that was spun out of Regulus Resources Inc. in 2018 and has the same core management team. Aldebaran has the right to earn up to an 80% interest in the Altar copper-gold project in San Juan Province, Argentina from Sibanye Stillwater Limited. The Altar project hosts multiple porphyry copper-gold deposits with potential for additional discoveries. Altar forms part of a cluster of world-class porphyry copper deposits which includes Los Pelambres (Antofagasta Minerals), El Pachón (Glencore), and Los Azules (McEwen Copper). In March 2021 the Company announced an updated mineral resource estimate for Altar, prepared by Independent Mining Consultants Inc. and based on the drilling completed up to and including 2020 (independent technical report prepared by Independent Mining Consultants Inc., Tucson, Arizona, titled " Technical Report, Estimated Mineral Resources, Altar Project, San Juan Province, Argentina ", dated March 22, 2021 - see news release dated March 22, 2021).
Forward-Looking Statements
Certain statements regarding Aldebaran, including management's assessment of future-plans and operations, may constitute forward-looking statements under applicable securities laws and necessarily involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, most of which are beyond Aldebaran's control. Often, but not always, forward-looking statements or information can be identified by the use of words such as "plans", "expects" or "does not expect", "is expected", "budget", "scheduled", "estimates", "forecasts", "intends", "anticipates" or "does not anticipate" or "believes" or variations of such words and phrases or statements that certain actions, events or results "may", "could", "would", "might" or "will" be taken, occur or be achieved.
Specifically, and without limitation, all statements included in this press release that address activities, events or developments that Aldebaran expects or anticipates will or may occur in the future, including the proposed exploration and development of the Altar project described herein, and management's assessment of future plans and operations and statements with respect to the completion of the anticipated exploration and development programs, may constitute forward-looking statements under applicable securities laws and necessarily involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, most of which are beyond Aldebaran's control. These risks may cause actual financial and operating results, performance, levels of activity and achievements to differ materially from those expressed in, or implied by, such forward-looking statements. Although Aldebaran believes that the expectations represented in such forward-looking statements are reasonable, there can be no assurance that such expectations will prove to be correct. The forward-looking statements contained in this press release are made as of the date hereof and Aldebaran does not undertake any obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements or information, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, unless so required by applicable securities law.
Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.
Aldebaran Resources Inc.
Figure 1 – Plan map showing completed and active drill holes from the ongoing 2022/2023 drill program as well as ALD-22-220 and ALD-22-221 from the 2021/2022 drill program.
Aldebaran Resources Inc.
Figure 2 – Cross-section looking towards the east displaying CuEq (%) values in ALD-23-227
Aldebaran Resources Inc.
Figure 3 – Cross-section looking towards the east displaying CuEq (%) values in ALD-23-228
Aldebaran Resources Inc.
Figure 4 – Cross section looking towards the east displaying CuEq (%) values for ALD-23-228 in histogram
Photos accompanying this announcement are available at:
Universal Site Links
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2023.06.07 22:21 WasteManufacturer793 First layer nightmares ☠️

First layer nightmares ☠️
I recently switched to a flexible magnetic bed from a glass bed and here’s the aftermath.
I use an ender 3 setup with a cr touch and apart from the bed, everything is stock.
This was printed with eyrone matte filament so, it’s not exactly bad fillament. bed temp 45 and nozzle at 210-205.
I would appreciate any and all help to solve this 🙏
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2023.06.07 22:21 Consyder-RSGW TSLA Fundamentals: Revenue Growth

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