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2013.10.04 11:57 JawnZ Brigham Young University-Hawaii: The REAL Paradise

A Place for Redditers who are either attending, have attended, or want to Attend BYU-Hawaii. News about the school, and the surrounding area. Hopefully there is enough of a population to support this Subreddit!

2023.06.08 06:21 tatted_gamer_666 What should I be trimming?

What should I be trimming?
First time growing in an aerogarden (“for science”) when I have grown in soil I’ve never had to trim any leaves because it usually grows tall and more spread out. This shit is short and bushy af and starting to get a tangled mess 😂 this is day 31 I’m shocked it’s growing this fast tbh. It’s got 6 nodes already and I topped it off this morning but unsure about how to go about trimming this up so it’s not as tangled. Should I leave it? I was told by one friend to leave it because the fan leaves are like “solar panels” and if I trim the fan leaves it’ll get stressed out. But it looks a mess. Ahhh he’ll need advice. I already trimmed 4 HUGE fan leaves about 10-11 days ago but only because I had a nutrient issue then and those leaves had yellow spots
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2023.06.08 06:21 dhruvp3958 One day it will all be good

24M. I just came back from a short 2 mile run and today it felt like my body wasn't working with me but I kept at it and finished what I set out to do.
That felt good.
I have been carrying the heavy wooden log of Major Depressive Disorder on my back since Dec 2018. I went the anti-depressant route but that didn't fully help me, although they helped me to get through college. I could focus on tests and sleep well. I stopped taking medication in March 2022 after my psychiatrist deemed I was good on my own.
At that time I didn't feel that I fully recovered but it was enough to get me through the day without penetrative negative thoughts stalling my mood. But the dark demon hadn't left me, it showed up again this year. The first 6 months of 2023 were hard but I knew I had to fight and get through. The trick is to not to pay heed to negative thoughts and not let them carry you to hell.
I would advise running daily, it will be the hardest thing you add to your routine but trust me it gets easier. No lofty mile targets, just go out in Nature to get the heartbeat up and oxygen in. Aim for 10 minutes a day.
And there will be one day like today where it'll feel so good with all the neurotransmitters in your brain running around as they are meant to. You'll be hopeful and happy. You'd feel elated that there is a way out and it's all achievable. There is a way out.
PS: Don't let the negative thoughts in your mind make you believe it's not for you, that you'll never feel happiness or you don't deserve it.
You do and you are worth it. Keep fighting!
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2023.06.08 06:20 After-Ad7934 Was wondering what the community's stance is on this

Was wondering what the community's stance is on this submitted by After-Ad7934 to u/After-Ad7934 [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 06:19 UpsetMotherOf2 Moving out the country with 2 small children (8 and 6). Bad idea? Advice?

I'm a single woman with 2 young kids.
I separated from my ex of a bit and got custody of my children. I had funds saved, but after I moved out my parents house, my savings was wiped because I just wasn't making enough and I was literally repairing the apartment with my own money.
I ended up moving back in again with my parents and it's been hell. I was initially told I had a few years to get my bearings back down again, but after 10 months, I'm now being told I have to leave. They did this before so idk why I put myself back in this position.
I was initially told that as long as I was doing "something" I could stay. At first I was registered for online classes, but quickly realized that was bad idea as I wasnt sure WHAT i wanted to do.
Then I was going to join the military, while giving them temporary custody (their father wouldn't be able to handle them). I figured solid job and free schooling. Win win. All I wanted was a week to myself and a week with them before doing that, since I am constantly on my feet and dealing with heavy equipment. And the kids and I just havent had a break from life. I was stressed and NEEDED that break before boot camp. I "wasn't allowed" to get that break. So I'd just work like a mule then not see my kids for a year or so? I gave that up, even though I was prepping myself for it and extremely excited for it. I loved the idea of a steady paycheck with a predictable job schedule that actually allowed me to take part of my kids life.
I've had to live with their rules for a hot second unfortunately. So I've just been quietly existing, living bare minimum and not able to save or do much out of fear(?). I've gotten no leeway on rent. I fully admit I've been getting charged cheaper rent, but with me paying for childcare, it doesn't really help much. Childcare for 2 children is rough these days.
I've been paying them rent, storage rent, car insurance and groceries. Not to mention all daycare and the kiddos' needs. So I practically have nothing saved.
It's been depressing and I've honestly been struggling with the concept of existence lately, but I'm pushing through because I love my kids and I love seeing them grow into the little amazing humans they are.
We will be probably be homeless soon, but I weirdly don't mind it because at least we won't be here. I'll try and do instacart for as long as my car can last and will figure it out from there. That's all I can really do. I'll also apply for low income housing and pray I get in somewhere.
That being said, I won't have support here. There's no point in me really staying in the US and it's always been a wish of ours to travel. I figure, having nothing, this might be the time for that? Is there a country where a single parent of 2 can thrive and not live paycheck to paycheck? How bad of a move would this actually be?
I had plans to go finish my bachelor's, but with this new twist I'm no longer pursuing that. I'm so sad and lost right now.
I'd you read this far, thank you. I need solid advice, even if it hurts my feelings. This maybe a stupid move, but the thought make me happy. I just want to be stable and happy again for my kids and myself. I'm lost in every single way, shape, and form. Everything I do is wrong.
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2023.06.08 06:18 StonedRangers Come join the Rangers the Stone'd Rangers that is

The Stone'd Rangers needs new members. All members are welcome no matter the skill or style. PvE mostly needing more for raid teams. Xbox mostly, but we have branched out to all platforms with our discord. Most of the clan members are located in California, but members are across the US. We play mid day early evenings. 10 members with about 5 active. requirements to join Mic Adults only. focusing on mainly doing end-game content with raids in mind with more active members we have. You should join our ragtag clan. If you have a chill and laid back, maybe you are a solo player looking for a good clan that will help you level up. Game with new friends, we are 420 friendly adults. Most of us dad's, We are very active. Just made a discord to get events going. We communicate through that and Xbox messages.
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2023.06.08 06:17 Physical_Map4043 So this is why they had to switch venues for banter live? Saw this in the banter qrts, the antis have now taken over. Sigh.

So this is why they had to switch venues for banter live? Saw this in the banter qrts, the antis have now taken over. Sigh. submitted by Physical_Map4043 to DreamWasTaken2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 06:17 tmnf_1986 Autoimmune??

36 yo Caucasian female (Hispanic) 5’4” 213lbs USA/Texas until 18, then mid-Atlantic region
Symptoms come and go for 10+ years. And do not always present at once. No noticeable food items causing them.
Hives (deep painful red, burning, itching spots) on soles of feet only. Occurs more frequently in warmer weather or after a lot of walking. Started when patient was 17yo.
Painful still joints in fingers and toes. Unable to bend. Will sometimes look swollen and feel hot/red. Begin about 8 years ago
Painful knee. Swollen/red/hot to touch. Begins about 8 years ago
Fatigue Occasional body aches/malaise (especially before period)
5 pregnancies resulting in 2 births and 3 miscarriages
Diagnoses: fainting/PVCs (POTS?) 2018 Tinnitus High Frequency hearing loss(2016) Obesity Arthralgia Cervicalgia Depression 2005-2008, 2018-2021
Current medications:
Spirolactone 100mg (for acne) 2023 Tretinoin topical Trizepatide (for weight loss) 2023 Advil PRN
Medical test: Routine labs normal except for ESR is usually 25-40 Basic autoimmune (ANA) testing negative Lyme negative
I’m so tired of being in pain all the time and not having a reason. For YEARS! Doc says we can rule things out and they have I guess, but idk what else to do. It’s def added to depression when you are always hurting.
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2023.06.08 06:16 brooke0100 Biopsy in 10 days

3 suspected Fibroadenomas with circumscribed margins found in right breast all sub cm. One is being labeled as Bi-rad 4A low suspicion and will be biopsied in 10 days. I have an appointment with a breast specialist/surgeon to take a look at my test results and see me through. I’m pretty freaked out and would love some info/advice.
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2023.06.08 06:16 leslieb13 First solo nonrev out of country.

I am a 62 year old female wanting to take my first solo nonrev trip (out of country). I live in Las Vegas but am ready to fly to any airport. Please send me suggestions of places you would go as a single 62 year old female. I’d probably go for 3-4 days, weather doesn’t matter, travel time can be any. I’ve thought of Montreal, Iceland, and Italy. I just don’t know what would be the easiest to navigate alone. I love the outdoors, museums, meeting new people, and exploring to list a few. Thanks for any suggestions.
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2023.06.08 06:16 huntersood I decided to start my D4 journey in Hardcore for the first time

I decided to start my D4 journey in Hardcore for the first time
I've never tried hardcore mode before because I just die a lot in Diablo games. But with D4's release and the knowledge that seasons will have us starting over every few months anyway, I decided to begin my journey in Diablo 4 in hardcore mode.
It started with the noob decision to go with Necromancer because "summons can help keep me alive" and I came up with the absolutely creative name for my Hardcore Necromancer, Necrocore.
After the first 30 or so levels I really disliked Necrocore. My skeleton army was always obliterated by every boss and I was left running around screaming trying to dodge every single projectile. Came close to death at least 10 times and miraculously got away. I regretted taking a Necromancer because it turned out to be far worse than I expected.
But then I discovered the Shadowblight build. Gone was the minion army that Necrocore depended on, and instead he became a lone blight on Sanctuary, wracking ruin and decay everywhere he went. He began dominating and quickly conquered most of sanctuary. He was well on his way to completing all renown and preparing for the Temple capstone dungeon when tragedy struck.
I was looking up how to get the Primal Instinct Mount from twitch and decided to quickly gift 2 bus on a random streamer so I could get it. I directed Necrocore to enter a dungeon and alt-tabbed out to complete the transaction for the twitch subs. Every single dungeon I have ever done had a safe entrance zone, you could easily enter a dungeon and wait for your party to gather or do what you needed before venturing in. Somehow the one time I decided to alt-tab out of the game, it was during the one dungeon that doesn't have a safe entry zone. I alt-tabbed back to the game to see the death screen.
When I started hardcore. I knew my character would eventually die. I was fully expecting to rage and carry days of anger when it happened. What I wasn't ready for was the grief. I lay awake in bed unable to sleep, lamenting on why Necrocore was taken away so early. In just another day or two, he would have have had the highest renown across sanctuary. In another week, he would have defeated the Fallen Temple. Had he died in combat, it would have been a honorable death. Instead, he was laid low by a moment of carelessness, brought about by hours of experience that trained me to think the entrance of a dungeon was safe. He died with 10 scrolls of escape and 5 elixirs of death evasion on him. He survived an assault from the Nightmare Butcher, he survived countless helltides, and near-death encounters across sanctuary. But he died to a goddamn goatman because I wasn't paying attention. I hope the grief fades away, this is far more difficult than I thought it would be. I would love to be angry instead. RIP Necrocore
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2023.06.08 06:15 Rhoff8713 🚨 Live Look @ The Merger Room 🚨 4 Tables With Chips Flying on PLO and NLH!!! 100 Hands = $1k Weekly FreeRoll Entry Agent Opportunities! 24/7 Tables! Immediate Payouts! Why Play Anywhere Else? 209-535-2441 Txt to Get Set UP!!!

🚨 Live Look @ The Merger Room 🚨 4 Tables With Chips Flying on PLO and NLH!!! 100 Hands = $1k Weekly FreeRoll Entry Agent Opportunities! 24/7 Tables! Immediate Payouts! Why Play Anywhere Else? 209-535-2441 Txt to Get Set UP!!! submitted by Rhoff8713 to pokerrrr2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 06:15 p33333t3r Weed effects on hormones

How does weed affect the hormones? Are there any benefits at all? To me, when cutting, there is one giant con that outweights all possible pros.
For me, it creates mad munchies and I always eat like 300-500+ calories which is a problem as I’m trying to slim down, loose 10 lbs of fat. I love weed though so I’ve compromised by reducing my use significantly so I can still stay in a deficit most days and when I do get lit, I budget enough calories so I just end up eating at maintenence.
Finding healthier munchie snacks like popcorn, nuts, oatmeal, pickles is great too. And to the people that told me to combine yogurt with protein powder, I fucking love you.
submitted by p33333t3r to moreplatesmoredates [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 06:15 scodgirlgrown How long does a supplement take to work

Hi all, this might have been asked before, but how long does it take most people to see a difference in supply after taking a supplement? I've always had slightly low supply and am perpetually trying to get it up in hopes of being able to stop having to supplement with formula (my own hangup). I just got my most productive pump ever over Memorial Day: 5oz combined! I usually get 55-65ml at that time. It was about 48 hours after switching from Legendairy Milk Cash Cow back to Liquid Gold after having been on Cash Cow for 10 days (I thought it wasn’t helping). Now I’ve been on Liquid Gold again since (almost two weeks), and my pump output has gone down to 45ml combined just now.
Do we think the big pump amount over MDW was because of Cash Cow and it just took 10 days to make a difference, or was it from 48 hours of Liquid Gold? Also willing to accept option C: supplements are fake and this is all a placebo 🫠
For context, pumping time was about the same time as always but it had been a little longer than usual since my last expression because we were at a wedding. That was also my first significant amount of time away from LO so I hadn’t directly nursed him in like 7 or 8 hours at this point (I pumped one other time during that span and it was also super productive compared with my normal amounts— 3oz).
Lastly, LO has nursed pretty normally throughout this period except today he ate for longer than he has in weeks. He’s 15 weeks old. It could just be comfort nursing to go along with the delightful sleep regression we’re having but a little concerned he could be getting less milk.
If there’s any chance the supplement is what made those pumps so good, I want to make sure I’m taking the best one for me. Thanks in advance for your thoughts/experiences!
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2023.06.08 06:15 Lonely_Tea_3909 [Writer] I will write a Light Novel/Manga/Webtoon/Webnovel for you

☆I have experince in writing anime themed stories,manga,animes,light novels,webtoon stories and scripts. I can also write anime/manga recaps for your YouTube channel .
■This is a Light novel sample I have written.You can read it online :
Having and selling a light novel is cool because the niche is not saturarated and you can make money with it.
So you are asking yourself if you get an anime themed story where can you publish your manga or light novel?
Here are some places :
The first one is Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)...Many light novels get published there and Why can't yours be published there too?
Then there is some websites where you can publish your Light Novel like :
●Scribble Hub ●Royal Road ●Webnovel Etc.
Not only will i write a Light Novel for you but I will also tell you where to publish it and together we will do research how to get it popular.
@All copyright rights will be yours after you purchase it.
☆So now let's talk about prices.
●These are my prices :
-5000 words for 50$
-10.000 words for 100$
-20.000 words for 200$
-30.000 words for 300$
These prices are considerable and not high because there is a lot of work that goes into writing.
Comment below or send me a dm if you are interested.
Thanks and enjoy your day!
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2023.06.08 06:15 Cansuckmynads [WTS] 14.5 and 10.3 upper

14.5 upper: aero precision upper, gas system, and barrel, bcm mcmr 13, cerakoted magpul fde. Does not come with furniture. Will be selling the optic separate. $300
10.3: aero precision upper, gas system, ballistic advantage 10.3 Hanson profile barrel with pinned gas block. MI 10in quad rail. Cerakoted FDE. Shot maybe 100 times. Originally had it posted for 350, now asking 300
16inch: odinworks slick side upper, BA 16in barrel, aero gas system, grey ghost precision 15in hand guard. All cerakoted Magpul ODG. Unknown round count, but probably sub 500. Asking $300SOLD
Vortex strike eagle with vortex cantilever mount 1-8(don’t have box): $260
Vortex strike eagle with vortex cantilever mount 1-6(don’t have box $220
HS 510c(don’t have box): $200
I think it’s a PA magnifier?Could be wrong. Will pair with 510c for 250 total or 50$ by itself.
3x aero precision bcg, under 500rds 100$ each
DD ambi ch 60$
2x Aero ambi ch large lever 60$
Pm me with any questions and have a great day :)
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2023.06.08 06:15 themaddogmax Daily Check-In Is Now Part Of Start App In Ireland

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2023.06.08 06:14 thisguy731 Am I(M20) reading between the lines too much? (F21)?

Alright here we go, so I (M20) have this friend (F21) who I am quite fond of. We met on a more or less study abroad program but not outside the USA if you can follow me on that. I came home early from my time because of unknown health issues. Needless to say I was devastated to leave and to leave behind my friends. When I got home I didn't want to reach out to anybody because I was to down in the dumps. But this friend of mine reached out to me the next day to see how I was doing. Long story short over the next 11 months we texted every week pretty consistently. When the time came for her to come home I was super excited because I was gonna be able to see her again.(we live like 5 hours away). It takes about a month for schedules to align so we can see each other. The day finally comes and I head down to hang out for the evening. Pretty routine night, dinner, museum and a movie. But when we got back to her place we stayed in my car for almost 3 hours just catching up. And through the whole time we were holding hands and cuddling and you know the awkward teenager stuff😂. So we concluded and I walked her to the front step and gave her a hug goodbye which lasted about 10 minutes. She was holding me so tight I was taking shallow breaths. It was as if she didn't want to let me go. And me being in the moment decided to ask if I could get a goodnight kiss to which she said yes and you can figure out the rest from there. So goodnight kiss secured and im on my way. Fast forward to 3 days later were texting and she sends me a message saying "im not looking to seriously date right now cause I'm trying to figure myself out". And Im not igonna lie that devastated me pretty bad. but what gets me is at the end she says "I would still love to talk and hang out though when we are both free :)" and that's where I need the advice. Shes also coming to see family thats about two hours from me and informed me that this would be happening if i wanted to come visit. So I guess here's where I need the advice, how do I take this. There's a million ways to go about this and yes i know I'm overreacting probably more than I should but shes really important to me and I'd hate to see her go especially if I never got the chance.
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2023.06.08 06:14 steveosnyder Our City is Desperately Short of Money

So, the news reported last week that Winnipeg, in the first quarter, is projected to be $27 million over budget for the year. Unfortunately, because of all that has happened in the last few years, the Financial Stabilization Reserve (aka the "rainy day" fund) is only $19.5 million, so this will completely deplete the fund and still be short $7.5 million.
My main concern is that council last week approved our strategic priorities and one of them included "reviewing the debt policy to gain access to capital". At a time when we have no reserves, are still $7.5 million short on operating, and interest rates are raising our city wants to go further into debt.
I presented to council's finance committee last week and had countless social media spats with our Chair of Finance, councillor Jeff Browaty, and he keeps blowing me off. His remarks to the news agencies were "It's common that the city forecasts a deficit through the first quarter of the fiscal calendar..." which is true. Last year we forecast a deficit in the first quarter, one that would bring our reserves to $3 million above minimum which prompted the City Controller to say "As we sit today … we're above the floor. Not much, but we're above the floor,". Then, in July, the second quarter forecasts were presented and it had our reserve going to $30.4 million, or about 40% of the mandated minimum. This prompted our Financial Chair to say "The floor is council-mandated. The option is there to go below (it). The options would be to raise property taxes. Cutting services is certainly an option..." What happened by the end of the year? It ended at $5.3 million, less that 10% of minimum.
The city had a plan with this years budget to reinvigorate it, reducing the projected cash for capital projects and it was boosted back to $19.5 mil, but as mentioned at the beginning of this crazy long post, that lasted as long as a fart in the wind.
So, despite knowing the options -- raising property taxes and cutting services -- and us being in a worst financial position than we were mid-year last year, our city soldiers on, taking on more debt to try to spend their way out of a deficit...
I am so numb to this stupidity. Sorry for the long winded rant, it's a bit cathartic for me to vent.
TL/DR: The city is really in financial trouble.
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2023.06.08 06:12 imlosingitistg I'll miss you everyday

I lost my dog the other night. Her name was Bailey. She was only 6y old. I brought her to the emergency vet genuinely thinking I would be able to bring her home the next day. She wasn't eating and had lost a lot of weight as well as had some vomiting and diarrhea. I knew she wasn't in good shape but I thought I'd bring her to the vet and it would all be okay.
medical info warning
Got the call after they looked her over: her small intestine had a section that was inside of itself. They needed to do surgery. Of course we said yes. 7 thousand dollars. My partner and I paid 7k for her first surgery. 7pm she went in and I still thought it would be ok. 9pm. I get the call after her surgery. It was worse than they thought. Not only was a peice of her small intestine inside itself- but it was perforated and leaking bile and blood into her stomach as well as part of it died. They mentioned some lining in her tummy that did its job to stop it but it was all alot worse. 10-15k. That was what they estimated the cost to be to continue. And that even if we did, there was no guarantee that she would make it. That or euthanasia. We didn't have 10k nevermind 15. We didn't even have the 7k for the first surgery. We took out 2 care credit cards plus 2k of our own money (basically all of our paychecks) to pay for her first. I thought she was gonna be okay I thought I would have my baby home. She didn't tell us it was this bad. I thought maybe impaction but that could be fixed right? But this was so much more. She was still herself, still loving and cuddly and just- her. The vet even said that she wasnt showing the signs- they didnt know how bad it was. They told us that even if we had brought her in a few days before that it wouldn't have changed the outcome.
We had to put her down- we had no other option and we didn't even get to say goodbye because it was done as she was still under anesthesia to keep her comfortable. We got to say goodbye to her body after it was over. We stayed for an hour total going over our options and saying goodbye. It has been the most heart wrenching thing I've experienced. And I've lost pets before. I have lost family before. But she was my baby girl. My everything.
Our other dog at home is so sad now. He doesn't know why she's not home- maybe he does. He looks for her and looks at her crate (it's only been 2 days). He sits and lays in her spots and it's so much. My partner has picked up extra shifts at work to makeup the money we've spent ontop of our other expenses. We're only 20&21. Their birthday just passed this weekend. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to be okay. I keep a brave face and try to stay strong but- I feel so depressed. We had to go into work after saying goodbye. Right. After. I couldn't stop crying the whole night and I am now too. I miss her so much. I wish she was here and okay and I wish she knew how much I miss her and love her. I can't put into words how much I hurt. The cost of cremation and everything is alot too but- I don't care. We have planned for a private cremation and to recieve her ashes. The vet was kind enough to give us an ink paw print and clay paw print which is in the mail for us. We'll also be ordering a nose print as well. I want to get a heart necklace to hold some of her ashes and to have her paw and nose prints engraved on it (if anyone knows of any good ones that aren't too expensive plz let me know). I just miss her so much. It all feels so surreal. She was my soul mate pet. And she was our other dog's (3m) soul mate. They were perfectly balanced and now he has to be alone for the first time in almost 2 years.
I'm sorry this is all so long. I just had to get this off my chest. My partner has already posted here and I thought it would be cathartic as well. I just want my baby back.
I wrote this for her aswell- I am blanking out the names just for privacy sake..
I don't know what I'm going to do without you The pattern pattern of your paws and nails on the title of the kitchen Your grunts and huffs that filled the clod silence Your jumps that could take me off my feet and leave my stomach hurting as I laughed. I don't know what I'm going to do without you. You kisses and nuzzles when i wasn't feeling good or just needed some love. The way you'd rest your head on me and just stare at me. Your eyes filled with love and admiration. Even in your last days and moments you gave me that look. And it haunts me now- Not in a bad way- But I see you. Staring at me. And I feel the love and the warmth in it. And I know that you knew. Before I did. That those would be your final moments soon. That your days were coming to an end. And still you sat and laid and stayed by my side and acted as if all that was wrong was nothing more than a small whisper. They told me you were strong. But I know that you must've been in alot of pain- and I'm sorry for not catching it in time. But I miss you now so much than I can describe. It hasn't been more than 10 hours since I got the call that you were going to need to be put down. And I feel so empty. It's been 8 hours since I left the emergency vet after saying goodbye- I couldn't even say goodbye to you. Just to your body. Bit I hope you heard me. And all my heartfelt words. I know I might not have let you know- but you were really. Truly. My everything Bailey. You have no idea what you meant to me. And still do. I worry for [our other dog] and [my partner]...but I worry for me. And you. I don't know what lays in wake after the release of death. It's always been my one greatest fear. But with you on the other side without me- I find my mind wandering to the possibilities of how I can be with you again. I hope you wait for me. And that you understand all of the love I have for you. And how sorry I am most of all. You're gone. I cant rub your ears or tummy Or pet your fur and caress your cheeks and chin. I cant look into your eyes and kiss your nose or hold you close. I only have memories and pictures and soon your ashes. I'm hoping to get you a beautiful urn. Maybe a box with a photo of you. Or a heart one. I want a necklace as well. I want to always keep you with me. You are my baby. Even if you're gone. I don't know what I'm going to do without you.
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2023.06.08 06:12 ComfortableSundae436 Well...I talked to him but now I'm crying.

I told him he liked the girl. Let's call her "Y." he pretty much said, "Huh??" "Uh no ew" The ew got me lol so I guess that's clear. But I don't want them to meet. I honestly dont. I dont feel comfortable with them being together, nothing I can do. I don't wish to see them together, and I know she is going to post vlogs and stuff about their stay together, and I decided to unfriend her and unsub to her shifty channel (sorry). And we'll we won't talk for 10 days but I don't think I want to wait. I don't think I can wait at all. I'm going to be lonely, and I am just so emotional that I think I'm going to end this relationship.
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2023.06.08 06:12 chimpwithalimp /r/wellington will go dark, like thousands of other subreddits, between June 12th to June 14th. Details inside.

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