Nursing homes in crystal river fl

In fact, at some point I even tried to convince him to consider annexing a part of the neighboring Kenya 🙂 I even started checking the ethic configuration of Kenya to see if they got some potential separatist movements with the access to the sea 🙂

2023.06.08 06:42 12nb34 In fact, at some point I even tried to convince him to consider annexing a part of the neighboring Kenya 🙂 I even started checking the ethic configuration of Kenya to see if they got some potential separatist movements with the access to the sea 🙂

In fact, at some point I even tried to convince him to consider annexing a part of the neighboring Kenya 🙂 I even started checking the ethic configuration of Kenya to see if they got some potential separatist movements with the access to the sea 🙂 submitted by 12nb34 to punishment_panic [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 06:37 Unfair-University-15 AITA for pranking my mother, who has Alzheimer's?

About three years ago, my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. She had been slipping mentally for a few years, and we finally took her to a neurologist, who confirmed the diagnosis. It's been really hard for all of us to watch her deteriorate, especially me, since I now have to organize family events.
Well, my sister recently celebrated her birthday, and it was at my house. The plan was for her brother-in-law and sister to pick up my mom and for the three of them to come over. My mom lives in a nursing home, and it's a nice place, but it's ridiculously expensive, given how confused she is. She's probably unaware of half of the amenities she has access to. We split the cost, but I still think it's far too much.
Well, mom showed up, and she was in rare form. She couldn't find the kitchen and was hearing things that weren't there. I was stressed out and having her babble nonsense wasn't helping. I then had a thought. I could prank my mom for some entertainment, and that would reduce the stress. I told her that the pantry door was magic and that if she opened it, it would take her to the beach, but only if she did the secret knock. My mom always took us to the beach every year as kids, and she absolutely loved to go.
Sure enough, my mom walked over to the door and was knocking on it in various ways and pressing her ear to it, like it was a seashell. It was all I could do to stifle my laughter, but my family members were giving me dirty looks and tried to get my mom away from the door. My sister later pulled me aside and tore into me. She said that I had been cruel and that if I was stressed out, I should have let other people know, and they could have taken my mom away from the kitchen. I told her that she had no right to judge me and that this was a little bit of harmless fun. I also reminded her that it's not like she would remember anyway, and I laughed hard. Well, now my sister isn't returning any of my calls, and it's been days. I think she's behaving like a spoiled child. Our mom has a goldfish brain now, and my sister is in total and complete denial about it. I'm navigating this the best that I can, and it feels like people give me no credit at all. Worse still, it's as if I'm their punching bag. I'm feeling really defeated. AITA?
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2023.06.08 06:36 OnyxEyez [QCrit] Adult SciFi, Passageways, 70k, version 2

Thank you for all the feedback I received on my first draft! I drew on a lot of it for this version.
First attempt
Dear Mx. Agent,
Larah knows mining won't be an easy job, but three years of brutal work would put her in a place where she would never struggle again. However, it does mean she has to ignore one tiny problem: the death rate among the miners is alarmingly high. When Larah discovers she has the ability to pull crystals from the stones with her bare hands, she knows she has to keep it a secret from the android overseer who has been acting oddly around her from the start.
Ignoring the unwritten rule to not leave the mine, Larah ventures onto the planet's surface. She encounters the Pronna, a group of brilliant scientists who were hired by the owner of the mine company to maintain the planet's stability and make mining easier. They reveal to Larah that the planet is far more complex than the lifeless chunk of rock the mining company says it is. As Larah explores the planet further, she feels an undeniable urge to drink the runoff from the fallen tree—runoff that the Pronna describe as the planet’s blood.
Trouble brews as the mining company begins to adopt increasingly brutal methods after the mysterious death of the owner. These changes wreak havoc on the planet that the Pronna are left unable to counter. This building havoc that triggers unsettling changes in Larah's own body that the Pronna can't explain.
Now Larah must find an explanation to what is happening to her, to the androids who are inexplicably able to violate their programming, and to the planet itself. But then the Pronna suddenly leave, and to make matters worse the mining management launches a relentless assault on “the lifeless ball of material and atmosphere.” It's a race against time to survive as the planet begins to metamorphosize into a new life stage, threatening to absorb Larah's very sense of self and the life of everything and everyone on its surface.
PASSAGEWAYS is a scifi novel complete at approximately 70,000 words in length. I am a queer, neurodivergent writer with an MFA from __University and a BA in journalism. I have been published in a variety of markets and work as an independent editor, educator, and queer researcher.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

First 300:
The planet grew outside of the transport shuttle's windows, deep purple-hued water meeting even darker sand. Larah watched it grow closer, the only building visible from their entry angle a large squat structure she assumed was the mine entrance. Other than the pilots she was the only other person onboard, the rest of the space filled with cargo. She pulled a whisper-thin holographic paper out of her breast pocket and examined the wavering text yet again.
I agree to be indentured to Cronm Mining for a period of three years.
Her signature had been written with broad strokes, in contrast to the lighter signature of the mine recruiter, with a certificate embedded in the corner preventing changes or copies. She refolded it as she leaned her head on the window. Other than the outlines of what might be trees in the distance, the bare expanse of sand and sea fascinated her. It was nothing like her home city, bustling, noisy, thousands of hundred-story buildings crammed so tightly together so she could only see the suns at midday when they crossed overhead through the smog. Here the sky was clear, the orbit of the planet—at least from what the recruiter had told her—maintaining an odd loop that kept the temperature stable throughout the year. But the rotation also meant the ground was unstable, he warned, it was a dangerous place to mine, but the money would be worth it.
This solo sun fascinated her as well. She had rarely been above the tenth level in any of the buildings, and without dirty air to filter it she found she could not look directly at it.
She rubbed her wrists, still unused to the bare skin. Without the soldered bracelets that indicated her position and master—who she had paid off with her mine bonus—the skin felt soft and vulnerable.
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2023.06.08 06:32 Jolly_Philosophy2 Throw in the towel at 2 months? 🥺

(Ftm, 2months pp) I have always dreamed of breastfeeding as a mom. I realize now how much hard work it can be.. I am considering the possibility of quitting. Here is a little about our short journey..
Baby latched great immediately after birth, and in the hospital. Long story short, my baby stayed in the hospital and I wasn’t able to breastfeed much the first two weeks and he was bottle-fed formula. I did pump, not nearly enough apparently. My supply was legitimately on the low side, and definitely could not compete with the amount of formula he had been getting. Coming home, we have had occasional latching problems. He also falls asleep at the breast despite trying to keep him awake with breast compressions, etc. he has a major bottle preference even though we do paced bottle feeding. saw 2 different lactation consultants, who both said even though my milk was a little low, I could still phase out formula and just supplement with maybe 1 bottle in the evening while making the switch to ebf (my original goal). It went well, and I was able to ebf for a few days, and then I got mastitis (caused by a poor latch I think). I got a fever / chills, had to take antibiotics, the whole thing. After that my milk supply dipped significantly, so we were back to topping off with formula. (This was right at 6 weeks) So I have been breastfeeding, bottle feeding formula, then pumping as often as I could to get my supply up again. Everything was going well, trying to get off formula again, and then I became engorged (100% my fault, my baby slept through the night, so I didnt wake up either) and I was worried it would turn into mastitis again. It’s been 5 days, the pain has gotten a bit better but I have TONS of clogged ducts still. I have tried everything to fix it. (Dangle feeding, warm water in haaka, hands on nursing/pumping, cooling after feeding, hand expression you name it) now my baby is having trouble latching again (on one side). I have cracked nipples (one side was a milk bleb which opened, the other a kind of blister). The one nipple I cant get a good latch on is white, it looks like there is no circulation. It comes out misshapen when I trying to get him to feed in that side. It looks like his bottom lip in never flanged out, and I am having a hard time getting him to latch deeply, especially his bottom lip.
So here we are, we both end up crying. I feel unexplainably heartbroken that it looks like I cant continue breastfeeding. I want to continue so badly, but I’m not sure if it’s realistic at this point. I can’t keep up with nursing, bottle feeding formula and pumping. I wonder if my time would be better spent playing with him or reading books. Absolutely if there’s a chance I could provide more than half of his diet, I would keep trying.
What would you do in my situation? Is it hopeless? I feel like I am missing out in the joys of this stage because I an ways worried about breastfeeding. Is it possible to increase my supply a second time? I will be seeing a lactation consultant again, but until then I have to consider giving up altogether. It seems like everyone would be happier if I did, despite my dream to breastfeed for at least a year. I am willing to work hard at it, I just wonder if it is even worth it at this point.
Honest thoughts / advice, please?
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2023.06.08 06:32 Special-Pie662 Rants of Renters in Vancouver-Burnaby-Richmond-Victoria

There is a person on here hijacking post, venting against home owners of the lowermainland .
As we know this is a global problem not strictly to Vancouver and Canada . Australia, Manila, Hong Kong, RIO, NYC, Seattle etc. So this guy goes by Motherfucker and after he posts, he deletes his username handle. not sure what it is as its labelled [deleted]

So my reply to the AKA guy Motherfucker whoever he is, ive copied and repost only my reply.
IN response to the renters attacking homeowners especially those in Burnaby who indicated older generation had it lucky to cheaper homes being on the market 5-6 years ago.
Keep in mind the population in the lower mainland grows 12% every YEAR.
if you have 519,000 people in Surrey , you can expect 60,000 new residence and compounding 120,000 following year , 3rd year 200,000 people. The population now doubles under 5 years. This applies to all lower mainland cities including Vancouver diverse population 676,000 and Burnaby being the lowest because of its policies to keep duplexes from being tore down to Multiplexes outside metrotown.
*Burnaby in 2035 will be more expensive to live than Vancouver as it will fit a "niche" place where everyone will want to live as [first choice] for career families .
Downtown Vancouver its' focus will see the disappearance of Vehicles in the very very near future.
With Population growth being out of hand around the world. WE are Starving everything from land use to ownership skyrise.
Frogs have disappeared, Butterflies are rare, Sparrows are no longer blacken the sky with happiness. WE see more white lines on the ground, more white lines in the blue skies, and more cars following the white broken lines. WE see close to 180,000 new vehicles every year added to the same 3 lanes going on the direction west to east TransCanada highway, Barnet , the same 3 lanes in the direction west to east on KIngsway , the overcrowded Marine drive in every city, but yet no [new added vehicle lanes].
No SKYbridge , no new Overpass, no new Express lanes. WE are losing the curb lane to cyclists who physically compete with 4,000lbs -80,000lbs vehicles everyday while the planning department deceitfully out of nowhere in the middle of the night new green lane. These projects are without homeowners approval votes. HOme property land owners are losing more to cyclists who are low mostly property tax condo owners and renters.
As to the Housing crisis,
its unfair to blame homeowners and the few who owns a few that rents them out at any price. We don't dictate the Business owner or boss how to run his or her business, The same should apply to HOme land owners on what they do with their property including the house(s).
THe real issue with the cost of renting is mainly [population growth], you need to blame.
Second, Force Immigration to deport the many illegal immigrants immediately without a subpoena or court date.
Thirdly we now have educate to all the high school kids and their parents, that their kids will not be living in southern BC. They need to evaluate their reality that living in a prime region like any other place comes with a premium price tag.
THis family entitlement ideology mindset needs to change very fast for those families to succeed. Its is not a given if you come to Southern BC including Kelowna, you are NOT given a privilege to own here unless you can afford it. To the Renters, As I told a Mister Patuzzi , your are not here to be understood , you are here to understand!

it wasn't cheap as fuck, lol i started 6 years ago having my first mortgage owning a new duplex making $23hr at the time. My gf was making $24hr. She is the brains, she saved up to put a downpayment under $180k who has two teenager girls.

So the real issue, you never saved up anything enough. You constantly complained that home prices will drop over the years. A great indicator to buy now was when interest rates were record low and even now , anything under 11% interest which is roughly 4.7% approx , if any bank, is not going to give you a Mortgage for a old cheap condo here, there nobody to blame except your stupidity!!! yes you !
The generation you think is old now including all other home owners charging for the high rent you consider, its because of your low income, you've known for many years that your not making Nurses wages, that today many companies like Hello 911 call takers who say "how may I direct your call?"who only need a grade 12 education, are making minimum $80k a year with the best pensions and insurance plan, you should have been LONG GONE Jack from this Lower Mainland or Southern BC.

So now what? your probably thinking if you did have a PETITE Mortgage , you live off foodbank because your unwilling to better your life, saddest part of your story if you are in a relationship, that person suffers greatly because he or she is stuck with you having to live in somewhat poverty unable to give her or him a good family with kids .

You got options, many filipinos, latinos and those from the Maritimes work 3 jobs, send money home and "don't complain publicly". Your option is to move to Southern Asia or Europe to work ESL teacher, they actually have a decent lifestyle ,
>>>>> or Move to New Brunswick to buy a nice house for under $120,000 , make the same wages your making now, They are dying for people to work for them and they now advertising paying higher salaries more than BC. Alberta Subway in the country is paying $29hr.

On the high rent and what home owners charge. Not all home owners more than one home. Luckily for some of the more expensive homes they have Family that can help them financially. I take it your not one of them, that a discussion you need to speak to your parents for failing you. And Again you were well prepared beforehand what type of future you were going to have. You could have started a RRSP or savings account in high school having a JOB like most kids planning ahead with savings that grows with maturity. Banks have been telling you constantly on tv commercials and posters while waiting at the ATM or bank teller thats always asking about interested in a preferred investment savings account.

Many homewoners have all their equity used up for paying off car loans, university loans they had, including unforseen debt they held as in Credit cards. Lets not make up shit and the shit going is why all of you "RENTER(s)" are in a predictable bad living circumstances. The Home Owners have ABSOLUTLY NOTHING TO DO owner a home. You think your problem(s) are isolated to Vancouver??? WTF? this is GLOBAL because your generation Globally fuck around as long as they could thinking living at home past 21 was ok and thinking MOM and POPs are going to give me a Heritance? Good for MOM and POPS selling their hard earn money HOUSE. Buying up new condos and LIVING THE LIFE !!!!!! Burn all that money Mom and Dad see the MotherFucking World !!! for the others who have a strong family bond like Vietnamese, Chinese who have financial family support, they financially are having to rent out their basements to be able to live a "DECENT LIFE" so they are not forced to go to foodbanks. The cost they charge for rent is not to get rich, Trust me everything is expensive, they are on the hook for new roof, bad plumbing, must need renovations. All this creates JOBS and Careers that you do not help, so it very unfair to attack them .
There are smart Canadians, mainly persistent hard working WOMEN mostly Filipinas who are great at managing finding ways to get that Mortgage. Maybe you should find yourself a Filipina partner.
Many are care aids , housekeepers, domesticated helpers. They are not rich. They have car payments and own a simple Condo that was bought in the few years.

Absolutely no reason why you should be into paying rent long-term.
RENTING and LEASING - Have always been short term. Renting is only for those recently moved to a new location because of being hired of a new JOB/Career while looking or Their home being renovated. The only exception is breakups. Because of the BC Rentalsman policies and laws that are not found in other Canadian Provinces including the any other countries like USA, Australia, Europe, It handcuffs homeowners to the renter. I believe that all renters should be forced to move out after 36 months, including those in BC Housing unless kids under 21 are still having to be dependent and those with disabilities. This allows others (new first time renters) a place and forces current renters to find something before the lease is up.
* that Renting is never a great idea, that forces you to own your own place or moving to a new location within a time frame. You got 36 months to get your shit together and find a suitable mature partner who can help as a financial partner or married partner to own. If it doesn't work out, you do like most around the world including Newfies, THEY MOVE FAR FAR FAR to another Galaxy Far far away.
Pull up your panties fucko or as you put it "motherFucker" and move the fuck out !!!! that's what a intelligent person would do. lets not hear about this any longer from you while homeowners are heavily subsidizing your bus fares including the nice parks, healthcare and the city infrastructures.
if your not paying or contributing at least $36,091 annually in taxes , is what it cost the Federal Government to run this country.
Your living, like many, "subsidized" by high income earners and COMPANIES .
* The basic $9000 tax exemption you see when you do your taxes or apply a new job when they give you the income tax form, it doesn't show you what it cost to have you living in Canada because its highly diversified, and complicated!

There are billions waiting to having the OPPORTUNITY to MOVE into C$ANADA. If you can't do your part financially in contributing or capable of surviving in any Province including BC, Maybe its time you leave Canada for good. Many have done successfully.

Good Luck and may the Force be with You!
end of story - its time to move on, lol

Currently as of June 2023
we are not any replying at this time to comment(s) because of the many that are stuck in a low paying position called a "JOB"
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2023.06.08 06:23 whirlpool4 Events for Fri 6/9 - Sun 6/11

** Fri 6/9 *\*
Fri 4 - 7:30 PM Food Truck Friday Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce, 4201 Crestview Dr. SE, Rio Rancho We welcome attendees of all ages to gather together and enjoy great food and music
Fri 5 - 7 PM Exhibit Opening: Colors That Speak Words Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, 2401 12th St. NW Join us in celebration of the visual arts, poetry, and calligraphy. "Colors That Speak Words" is a collaborative installation between two writers and two visual artists with words, poetry, and visual arts and speaks to how this combination of mediums can be done in a cyclical way. The artists, Dr. Anthony Fleg, Mallery Quetawki (Zuni), Blythe Mariano (Diné), and Chilán Mustain, worked together to create an installation in motion, and the vision they bring to this space is from a contemporary perspective on how Native art is presented. This is an innovative view for visitors to see that Native art is changing and adjusting to the times. The artists will be present at the exhibit opening to read poetry and talk about this installation. Admission is free; please enter through South Entrance. Light refreshments will be served. This exhibit will be on display through October 15
Fri 5 - 10 PM Car Show & Concert! EXPO NM Home of the New Mexico State Fair, 300 San Pedro Dr. NE Friday night fever Vol 2! CAR SHOW & AWARDs, RAP CONCERT, VENDORS, FOOD TRUCKS, GAMES, ROCK CLIMBING WALL. All Makes and Models welcome. FREE GENERAL ADMISSION. $7 Parking, $10 Car Show judging and awards (only if you want to register and compete) Event brought to you by Expo NM and Desert Sun Event Productions. Car show brought to you by Sins events and NM Lowrider Arte
Fri 6 PM Rugby is a Drag (Show)! Sidewinders Bar and Grill, 4200 Central Ave SE Get out your dancing cleats and trade in that eye black for eye liner! The very popular Rugby is a Drag (show!) and fundraiser, normally held earlier in the year, has moved to June 9th and Pride weekend in 2023! This year's event will be hosted by Miss Sidewinders 2023 Seliah Deleon and Le Femme Magnifique 2017 and fellow rugger SCRUMtious Cox! This year's show is returning to Sidewinders and, as in year's past, will benefit our friends at Casa Q, which provides safe living for LGBTQ+ youth through housing, services and advocacy. This year's event will also feature participation from members of Elevated Roller Derby, NM United and more! (tickets)
Fri 7 PM Movies in the Park - Puss in Boots: The Last Wish Athena Park, 778 Athena Ave, Bernalillo MOVIES IN THE PARK is back this SUMMER! We will feature a different movie at our local parks every FRIDAY night in June. Movies will begin at sundown and we will serve popcorn for free! Bring your lawn chairs, blankets, and beverages. All movies are FREE! In the case of inclement weather, movies will be cancelled
Fri 8 PM - 12 AM Pride Dance Party 505 Spirits, 105 Harvard Dr. SE DANCE WITH US TO CELEBRATE PRIDE UNDER THE STARS @ PRIDE ON THE PATIO! DJ Baby D & DJ Rebel (Rori the Rebel) will drop your favorite hits - Get your dance on and show of your Pride with your best Pride outfit &/or Pride colors! Try our special cocktail: Prickly Pear Pride Punch, plus other great drinks and delicious food! Come early for dinner before you dance, daNCE, DANCE!!! Delicious Value Menu Items: $2.95 - NEW Sliders! (beef & veg) $1.95 - local blue corn dog pops (minis) $5.95 waffle fries & full sized blue corn dogs (veg or beef) Plus our flaky meat & veg hand pies, chunky chicken salad, mushroom pate & more! 21 & over Free Entry!
Fri 9 PM Albuquerque Pride Afterparty Historic Lobo Theater, 3013 Central Ave NE Starring Headliner: Malaysia Babydoll Foxx, DJ: Justin Cristofer, HOST: Vanessa Patricks, MEET THE QUEENS! Avery Martini, Imani Martini, Nova Martini, Kardio Karbdashian, Divyne Intervention. Private Early Entrance Meet N Greet begins at 8:15 p.m. entrance with Meet N Greet starting 8:30 p.m. Champagne Provided (tickets)
Fri 9 PM Fierce Pride: Kandy Muse Effex, 420 Central Ave SW Special guest from RPDR All Stars S13 and AS8, LA, CA, Meet and Greet 10:30 PM, doors 9p, show 11:30p Lounge: DJ Chris de Jesus Patio: DJ Aquattro Side Effex: DJ Mitch
Fri 9:30 PM Salsa under the Stars After Party JUNO, 1501 1st St. NW DJ Pedro, one of Albuquerque’s most loved DJ’s (DJ Pedro, DJ Tony, SoloVino, DJ Louie, DJ Darly + Eli Mix) mixing your favorite dance mix of Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and more! This is one of Albuquerque’s favorite after party summer outdoor events and will begin June 9th following the opening of Son Como Son kicking off the Salsa under the Stars at the Albuquerque Museum followed by the after party at Juno. Free entry to Juno with your stamp from the museum
Fri 10:30 PM Twilight Zone: The Movie - 40th Anniversary Screening! One Night Only! The Guild Cinema, 3405 Central Ave NE Check out the trailer. Dir. Joe Dante, Steven Spielberg, John Landis & George Miller - 1983 - 102m - NO MATINEES. DOOR PRIZES COURTESY OF BUBONICON 54! Based on the popular television series, this film is a collection of four frightening tales of the supernatural, each by a different director--Joe Dante, Steven Spielberg, John Landis, and George Miller! The film opens with Dan Aykroyd and Albert Brooks as two hapless road-trippers who tell scary stories to pass the time. The four segments that follow include some updated re-creations of classic Twilight Zone episodes. In the first, racist Bill Connor (Vic Morrow) is transformed into a Jew in World War II. Next, Mr. Bloom (Scatman Crothers) comes to a retirement home to teach the residents that they are only as young as they feel. In the third, teacher Helen Foley (Kathleen Quinlan) meets Antony (Jeremy Licht), a boy who is not what he seems. In the final segment, panicky plane passenger John Valentine (John Lithgow) sees gremlins attacking his flight
** Sat 6/10 *\*
Sat 8 AM - 2 PM NMHRS Garage Sale 7903 Robin Ave NE Hosted by the New Mexico House Rabbit Society. All sales go into our vet fund so that we can continue to provide medical care to rabbits in need. This is a multi-family garage sale so there will be lots to browse through
Sat 8 AM - 10 PM All The Things: Craft Cocktail & Mixer Launch Tractor Brewing Company, 118 Tulane Dr. SE The next evolution in the craft cocktail experience is here and officially launch in Nob Hill for Pride! What is All The Things? Well, let me tell you. Imagine 100% fresh cold pressed juice, pure cane sugar, and Troubled Minds spirits all in one 1L bottle ready to pour over ice! That's right you can purchase these ready made bottle cocktails now at ANY of our locations! We have: Margarita with Tequila, Paloma with Tequila, Kentucky Mule with Bourbon, Ginger Lemonade with Vodka, Limeade with Vodka & Bloody Mary with Vodka! Grab you one to go for $16! We will be using mixers of these behind our bars so you can get a first hand taste! And offering non alcoholic lavender, ginger, and classic lemonades for you to sip on! These truly are All The Things in one bottle!
Sat 9 AM - 12 PM Family, Fit, Fun Fest Tiguex Park, 1800 Mountain Rd. NW Join us for the Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails 2nd annual Family, Fit, Fun Fest. Bring your whole family to this free, all-ages event to learn about keeping fit and healthy - mentally, physically, and emotionally. Learn new skills and discover ways to keep your mind and body healthy and active, as you visit interactive booths led by community partners. Booths will include hands-on activities like games, puzzles, and brain teasers, as well as interactive lessons in martial arts, dance, mindfulness, and more. Booths will also include information on youth classes, clubs, and teams, as well as opportunities to meet local healthcare providers and learn more about mental health, nutrition, eye care, and dental care for your whole family. Climb to the top of a rock wall, make your way through an obstacle course, try the football toss or the baseball toss, shoot a hockey puck, or score a goal at interactive stations around the event! Meet and take photos with local sports teams and/or mascots and stop by Menchie's Froyo Mobile for a sweet treat. Girl Scout Members can participate in a special event scavenger hunt when they pre-purchase the 2023 GSNMT Family, Fit, Fun Fest patch
Sat 10 AM SOCH PRIDE '23 Albuquerque Social Club, 4021 Central Ave NE Come show your PRIDE at the ONLY place to be SOCHial! We are taking over the parking lot for a FREE ALL AGES event. We have multile bands, musicians and perfromers ready to give a PRIDE you wont forget. Food Truck, Vendors, Face Painting, Car Show, Games, Country Dancing and many other fun events!
Sat 10 - 11 AM Yoga with Kelsi Poulin Marketplace mezzanine, 8600 Pan American Fwy NE Enjoy guided yoga, from local yoga instructor, Kelsi! This will be a fun flow for all levels of yoga practice. $10 per person
Sat 10 AM - 12 PM Play Day For A Cause Kiddie Academy of Paradise Hills, 4590 Paradise Blvd. NW Join us for Play Day for a Cause! This free event has great games and fun activities for your kids while supporting Family Promise, the leading national nonprofit addressing family homelessness. Family Promise started in 1986 as local outreach in a single community and now has more than 200 Affiliates in 43 states. Since their founding, volunteers have helped more than a million family members in need. With a focus on empowering families and children, Kiddie Academy Educational Child Care and Family Promise are working together to give every child what they deserve: a chance to succeed. The event is free and open to the public. Donations are appreciated, but not required to attend
Sat 10 AM - 4 PM Foundational Wellness Grand Opening Party Los Ranchos Bakery, 6920 4th St. NW, Los Ranchos Celebrate our grand opening event by stopping by the B Side of Los Ranchos Bakery! Herbal tea blends, door prizes, free raffle, information on classes and events, and more! Win a free reiki session, teas, discounts on classes, or discounts on nutritional therapy! I will be teaching numerous classes at the bakery this summer. Some topics: How to make Herbal Vinegar Tinctures (aceta), Hormone Health, Healthy Habits for Life, Improve Your Digestion, Prioritizing Meal Prep, Blood Sugar Regulation, and my RESTART Program! You don’t want to miss out! Some of these classes will be free! So come on down and get some coffee and goodies from the bakery, then visit me next door and see what we’ve been up to
Sat 10 AM - 5 PM Pride Day Celebration! Quirky Used Books and More, 120 Jefferson NE Book sales, vendor pop ups, food truck, art, music, and more!
Sat 10:30 AM - 12 PM Wellness Schedule Casa Rondeña Winery, 733 Chavez Rd. NW, Los Ranchos Open to people of all skill levels, Wellness + Wine is a one-hour, outdoor practice, followed by a glass of wine or Sangria, and an invitation to stay and relax on the grounds of the beautiful Casa Rondeña Winery. This experience is $25, and includes glass of wine. Discounts apply for winery members. Reservations are required to participate
Sat 11 AM - 4 PM Papa Bear Market Boxing Bear Brewing, 10200 Corrales Rd. NW We couldn’t forget about our PAPA BEARS! Dads deserve some love and appreciation too! Spend the day celebrating Papa at our taproom. As always this FREE event will include local vendors, food trucks, photo booth, live music, paint your own pint, and, of course, BEER! (click link for full list of vendors)
Sat 11 AM - 5 PM June Used Book Sale Main Library, 501 Copper Ave NW Join us for the monthly book sale. There will be a variety of fiction, non-fiction, children and adults books, videos, DVDs, CDs, comic books, maps, and more available. Free for Members - $2 for Non-Members Free to all after noon. All Sales are held in the Lower Level, Main Library, Validated parking is available on 5th and Copper, kitty-corner to the library. The Friends of the Public Library is a non-profit organization. All proceeds go to supporting the Public Library of Albuquerque & Bernalillo County library programs
Sat 12 - 5 PM Summer Luau - Adoptables, Swag, Brews, and more! Lizard Tail Brewing Industrial, 3351 Columbia Dr. NE Hosted by Pitties and Kitties of New Mexico. We will have some PKR Tees, some PKR Pride gear, and best of all - our adoptabulls! Our booth will have a small auction set up… the prize being Tattoo Certificates with an ABQ tattoo artist! There will be a car show, other vendors, as well as water activities. Hope to see y’all there!
Sat 1 - 3 PM Family Field Day! Montgomery Park, Hosted by ABQ Family Chiropractic. A celebration of all the families who trust us with their care, and an opportunity for families who are considering our office to get to know our team in a fun, low-stakes environment. Food and family-friendly activities will be provided
Sat 1 - 4 PM Zouk with Jaime Arôxa! Alley Kats Tap Company, 222 Truman St. NE We will continue building on, and reviewing everything we have learned with Jamie Arôxa and Kiri Chapman thus far. We will continue to work on Zouk basics and building on the basics including connection and timing, musicality, lateral with variations, Yo-yo, viradinha, cambre, body, rolls, body, isolations, weight transfers, counterbalance, elástico, convergence & divergence, Wi-Fi, head, movement, styling, head movement, varying turns, and Chicote. Classes will be progressive and will be adjusted to the level of each class. Drop in anytime * All levels welcome * No partner needed * Cash preferred - can also accept Venmo and Cash App to $UWDstudios
Sat 1:30 - 4 PM Father's Day Tee Cabezon Park, 2307 Cabezon Blvd. SE, Rio Rancho Celebrate Father's Day with a round of miniature golf or two! Tee-off with dad at our Annual Father's Day "Tee". Enjoy some snacks, and an Arnold Palmer while making a craft with dad. Prizes awarded for the top 3 teams in miniature golf! Each child and parent must register individually. NO DROP-INS. Please contact the Cabezon Community Center at 505-892-4499 for more info
Sat 4 - 5 PM East Coast Swing Group Class Enchantment Dancing, 337 San Pedro Dr. NE Welcome to our Bronze American East Coast Swing Class! Whether you are a newbie stepping on to the dance floor for the first time or a seasoned professional wanting to brush up on basics, as well as anyone in-between, this class is for you! East Coast Swing is an exciting, up-beat dance that is endlessly versatile! No partner necessary, and dropping in is fine! Class cost is only $10, and a punch card for 6 classes is $50
Sat 6 - 10 PM Baddie Fest OT Circus, 709 Central Ave NW let's all have a fun summer night. Fairy Julz (crystals and more to raise your energy) will be at @ otcircus. Market, Music, Dance Performers, Crystal Pop Up Booth, Henna, Woman Vendors. Tag and invite your favorite baddies
Sat 6 - 11 PM Heights Summerfest North Domingo Baca Park, Celebrate warm weather and outdoor fun at a free community gathering during an Albuquerque Summerfest. This free concert series features local businesses with handcrafted products in The Shops, food trucks with freshly made cuisine in the Food Court, libations created by breweries, wineries and distilleries in The Cantina, entertainment by local talent, and a production by a national headliner all at a City park (click here for more info: live music, food trucks, kids' activities, drinks, vendors, parking)
Sat 7 PM Dancing Queens Sunshine Theater, 120 Central Ave SW Throw out your calendar! Buy a new calendar! Mark June 10th as the first and ONLY date in your calendar! Pride weekend, all the dancing queens are descending on the Sunshine Theater for the night of all nights. Juicee Früt presents Dancing Queens! Featuring performances by Red Light Cameras, ABBAquerque, Galaxy, Juicee Früt, Drag Performances from CoCo Caliente & Mr. Rusty Nutz, Forbidden Früt Market, & more! (tickets)
Sat 7 PM Death On The Beach: A Metalcore Beach Party Launchpad, 618 Central Ave SW Join us for a night filled with beach-going shenanigans and some of the best metalcore bands Albuquerque has to offer. Swimwear, flip flops, sunscreen and lais ENCOURAGED! Come out and rage with us, and let's make this a night to remember! Presale tickets are $10 and are available through any band. Just send them a message! Online tickets through Holdmyticket will be available soon. Inhuman Hands, EYE, Secure The Void, One Last Summer
Sat 9 PM Temple of Sound Presents Starry Night Juno, 1501 1st St. NW This event will feature our guest DJ Chris Losack! He's a longtime DJ who primarily spins house and techno but also has roots in industrial and dark music. He will be showing his dark side this time out! Join us for another spectacular event! Sparkly or night sky attire encouraged but not required! 21+ / No cover
Sat 9 PM Pride 2023 Effex, 420 Central Ave SW Spunjy Hicks Lounge: Malik Patio: DJ Chris de Jesus Side Effex: Xblyssid
Sat 10:30 PM Late Nite Comedy Jam The Guild Cinema, 3405 Central Ave NE Ristra Comedy and Chuck Parker Comedy present a stellar lineup of standup comedians! This month's headliner: Josh Fournier Featuring Chuck Parker & Sara Anne Myers and your host Alex Benton
** Sun 6/11 *\*
Sun 8 AM - 2 PM Hot Rods for Hunger Car Show and Poker Run 2801 Eubank Blvd NE Yes, our amazing car show fundraiser is happening again, thanks to Bell’s Brewery and the Mopar Most Wanted car club. This year, for early registration, we are having a Kickstart happy hour with Bells Brewery at O’Niell’s Heights location on Juan Tabo. Join us and register your car. All makes and models are welcome. Come out and see some of the coolest cars in Albuquerque. There will be raffles, food trucks, lots of awards for the cars, and a food drive for the Storehouse food pantry. Enter the Poker Run, the Car Show, or both today!
Sun 10 AM Rocketman Historic Lobo Theater, 3013 Central Ave NE THE HISTORIC LOBO THEATER along with Albuquerque Film & Music Experience is excited to bring Rocketman to the big screen! Showing Starts at 11:30 am Tickets are ONLY $10 for General Admission Come Early Brunch Starts at 10 am Full Buffet Available for only $21 The ticket price is for entry to the movie only. Pajama brunch and a movie. Exclusive Brunch Menu! Made to order pancakes, mimosas and more. 10% off if you come in your pajamas
Sun 10 AM - 2 PM STEAM DAY Rail Yards Market, 777 1st St. SW Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) all put New Mexico on the Map as a unique place. Standing for over one hundred years, the historic Rail Yards of Albuquerque stand as an ode to a period of extreme innovation for the Rio Grande basin area. Albuquerque literally rose and became what it is around the Rail Yards, and railroad era that brought so much innovation. In these industrial cathedrals, we hum with innovation again.. Activating the space for community use, the Rail Yards Market is non-profit (certified 501c3), bringing together small businesses in agriculture, food, and artisan manufacturing on a local scale. Our STEAM stands for Sustainable, Traditional, Educational and Artistic Modalities. In this area we host interactive demonstrations. Mini-Makers Unite! Learn about what makes a laser light up, a 3D printer build, and so much more! Bring out your tech, geek, and inquisitive minds to the Rail Yards Market and visit makers from Quelab. Free for all! Everyone is welcome! EBT doubled with Double-Up-Food-Bucks, ADA Accessible, Senior and WIC programs welcome, Fresh & local produce, Breakfast & lunch prepared food options, 120+ local food, healing, and art businesses, Parking & restrooms, FREE :: LOCAL :: FAMILY FRIENDLY :: PET FRIENDLY
Sun 10:30 - 11:30 AM Mindful Movement - Yoga in the Park Academy Hills Park, 9709 Layton Ave NE Meet us on the southwest side of the park, just southwest of the playground, under the large trees. Looks for the Aumies sign! Bring your mat, block, strap and water!
Sun 2 - 4 PM Lumberyard Jazz Trio Sawmill Market, 1909 Bellamah Ave NW The Lumberyard Jazz Trio is back to bring exciting jazz melodies to Sawmill Market. They use an interchanging group of New Mexican instrumentalists who have traveled nationwide to perform, lead by saxophonist Sean Johnson
Sun 3 PM Pride Tea Dance on the Patio Effex, 420 Central Ave SW 3 - 6 PM: DJ Mike Demarco 6 - 9 PM: DJ Spunjy Hicks Featuring performances by Avery Martini, Jessica K. Daniels, Imani Martini
Sun 4 - 7 PM Music on the Patio: Squash Blossom Boys Canteen Brewhouse, 2381 Aztec Rd NE Based in Albuquerque, The Squash Blossom Boys have played southwestern stages for over ten years. With beginnings as a garage band, they have explored a variety of musical genres including rock, jazz, reggae and more to find the hard driving, high lonesome sound of Bluegrass music. The current central players include Dustin Orbesen (Dobro, Mandolin, Vocals), Kit Murray (Banjo, Vocals), Kyle Malone (Guitar), Peter Lisignoli (Bass)
Sun 5 - 8 PM Mack 'n Cheese Sunday Variety Show Juno, 1501 1st St. NW Variety show with Mack 'n Cheese (Indy Hip Hop), Cali Shaw (Americana), Basilaris Trio (Jazz), Sol de la Noche, Melissa Prada (spoken word) Monthly variety show with Mack 'n Cheese (Indy Hip Hop), Cali Shaw (Americana), Basilaris Trio (Jazz), Sol de la Noche, Melissa Prada (spoken word), vendors. Family-friendly (if your kids already know the F-word). Food available for purchase. On the patio, weather permitting, or in the Gallery
Sun 7 - 10 PM S.O.S - Salsa On Sunday Dance Social 505 Spirits, 105 Harvard Dr. SE Salsa On Sunday Dance Social *With guest DJ's *Latin Dance Performances *The Occasional LIVE Music Performance *And Always... Social Dancing! salsa timba bachata merengue *What is it about a Social* The essence of a Social is for the dance community to get together and dance. Socials offer a relaxed night of dancing. Socials continue to draw dance enthusiasts who get lost in their salsa “addiction” by dancing and enjoying the music. Socials offer something for every level of dancer at any age. Bands and DJs have more freedom to play sets which appeal to the dance-centric crowd. It's about the music. It's about the dance. If you want to have an alternative to the club, are underage, or simply want to get in some good dancing - check out a Social, you might be surprised at how much fun you have
Sun 7:30 PM Brit Floyd Revel ABQ, 4720 Alexander Blvd. NE Brit Floyd returns to the stage in 2023 to perform a brand-new production celebrating 50 years of the ground-breaking and iconic musical masterpiece The Dark Side of the Moon. The show will feature classic tracks from the album such as Time, Money, Us and Them and The Great Gig in the Sky. The 2 and a half hours plus set list will also include other highlights from Pink Floyd’s magnificent catalogue of albums, including tracks from The Wall, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Division Bell, Medal and much more (tickets)
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2023.06.08 06:21 hijesushere Just some regular old, not weird in any way song lyrics that I noticed in a couple of my favorite songs... I'm gathering evidence...

Lyrics in songs I've noticed.
Red Velvet
Oh hey! In the same dream
It kept calling us
Wonderland beyond distant memories
We we we strong, nothing missing
Wake up, the answer is Simple
Be Boss, blow the Whistle
The bigger world is noticing you.
Shall we have a festival? I hold your hand.
We've been waiting for this moment. Spread your wings and be yourself.
Come play at My carnival.
Climax? It starts now.
Watch out! We are making the rules.
It’s now or never, we got forever.
You're sobbing and being pessimistic
You're hesitating again, you can't choose
Writing poems in your note, your hobby is sentimental
Look, now it's time to open the door
Tell me, which do you love?
It's not bad thing to dream
It's not a fairytale, it's the real world
What are you gonna do? Which one are you
gonna pick?
Reality or fantasy, adolescent boy?
I'm still clearing dating simulation games
using the manual
I'm still a long way from real love
It's not that I don't like it
Escape from being just two-dimensional
Which one do you love?
Tonight let me know your true feelings
You'll really grow up then
Tell me, which one do you love?
(In the video the lyrics are "Logging out from delusion" for a part of it.)
That's not even getting into the imagery in the video.
Feel My Rhythm
Blowing up this fancy ball
We're back, cute chaotic delight
This is gonna be a crazy night
Epic appearance to stunning greetings
Let's have a little fun
Don't be shy, Bae bae
Let the play start
(Birds and wings everywhere in the video. Irene is shown offering strawberries to a gigantic statue of some sort which then falls towards her. Joy is seen standing in front of some type of being with wings, I can't tell what it would be though. Maybe one of us? Cant tell, she's, yeah she's blocking the shot)
Imagine anything
Now cruising into a weird, new dimension
A place I've never imagined appears unexpectedly
Don't miss this moment, baby.
Don't confine yourself to yesterday or tomorrow.
I'm truly free right now.
Come ride with me (Sway)
Let's go anywhere (Way)
I want to mess all the boundaries
In this world (Oh yeah)
When the world stops What a what a feeling Come take my hand (All right) A brand new Film We falling deep, You and I Next time, spin the clock Where should we go? Come on, let's start again You and I
You used to be afraid of the dark night (ah yeah yeah) Hiding without anyone else knowing (ah yeah yeah) No one say happy ending You stayed silent and ran away (Here we go Here we go like)...
Knock Knock There’s a monster It’s growing larger, the black hole inside of you When you back uh? The howler has swallowed you, that’s the killer Don’t be afraid, hold my hand Your past is making you scared But know your power For the final time, be first You know that I come first I’m the winner winner winner Yes, it’s the last melody To save save save you (so don’t keep) Don’t be deceived by the lie That there is no light in this world Together we will Dream a dream that’s never been seen before Dream a dream that’s never been seen before (Ya) It’s ok if you fall (stand up) It’s you (hands up) Faster Stronger Better Gotta be the best Between night and day, around 5:30AM A war without loyalty will suffocate you, this is a foul Lies, darkness, truth, ecstasy, fantasy My candle makes you explode like a fireworks of melodies in the dawn Don’t be afraid, hold my hand Your past is making you scared But know your power For the final time, be first You know that I come first I’m the winner winner winner Yes, it’s the last melody To save save save you (so don’t keep) Don’t be deceived by the lie That there is no light in this world Together we will Dream a dream that’s never been seen before I’m breaking down the walls, crossing the lines I won’t shrivel up, I’ll jump over one step You got me now got me now two step Don’t slow it down slow it down Shout towards the sky that comes to you Hold onto the key of hope...
Bon bon chocolate
go up to the sky
Avenged Sevenfold
Hate to twist your mind, but God ain't on your side
Flesh is burning, you can smell it in the air 'Cause men like you have such an easy soul to steal (steal) So stand in line while they ink numbers in your head You're now a slave until the end of time here Nothing stops the madness turning Haunting, yearning, pull the trigger You should've known the price of evil And it hurts to know that you belong here, yeah Ooh, it's your fuckin' nightmare While your nightmare comes to life
You've been lied to just to rape you of your sight And now they have the nerve to tell you how to feel (feel) So sedated as they medicate your brain And while you slowly go insane they tell you Given with the best intentions Help you with your complications
You should've known the price of evil And it hurts to know that you belong here, yeah No one to call, everybody to fear Your tragic fate is lookin' so clear, yeah Ooh, it's your fuckin' nightmare Ha, ha, ha, ha
And I know you hear their voices (calling from above) And I know they may seem real (these signals of love) But our life's made up of choices (some without appeal) They took for granted your soul And it's ours now to steal As your nightmare comes to life
Like walking into a dream, so unlike what you've seen So unsure but it seems, 'cause we've been waiting for you Fallen into this place, just giving you a small taste Of your afterlife here so stay, you'll be back here soon anyway
A place of hope and no pain, perfect skies with no rain Can leave this place but refrain, 'cause we've been waiting for you Fallen into this place, just giving you a small taste Of your afterlife here so stay, you'll be back here soon anyway This piece on Earth's not right (with my back against the wall) No pain or sign of time (I'm much too young to fall) So out of place, don't wanna stay, I feel wrong and that's my sign I've made up my mind Give me your hand but realize I just wanna say goodbye Please, understand I have to leave and carry on my own life
Creating God
Standing in the shade of altruism, answering the call Came a modern messiah to save us all Something far beyond the work of fiction, Positronic brain A world that's void of all the anguish and suffering, pain
We're creating god, master of our designs We're creating god, unsure of what we'll find
Never held a high regard for Darwin, selection takes too long A little kick in the pool shouldn't do us wrong Devouring the very last invention man would ever need But exponential growth is a frightening thing, indeed
Sometimes when I look up to the sky I have to wonder are we "summoning the demon" you and I?
Have you noticed that I'm needin' it more now, more than it needs me Got a couple of billion that seem to agree Surfing in an artificial dimension, but we're not alone Now the master has become just a stepping stone, oh
We're Creating, God.
Beast and the Harlot
This shining city built of gold A far cry from innocence There's more than meets the eye around here Look to the waters of the deep A city of evil There sat a seven headed beast Ten horns raised from his head Symbolic woman sits on his throne But hatred strips her and leaves her naked The beast and the harlot
The city dressed in jewels and gold Fine linen, myrrh and pearls Her plagues will come all at once As her mourners watch her burn Destroyed in an hour Merchants and captains of the world Sailors navigators too Will weep and mourn this loss With her sins piled to the sky The beast and the harlot
The day has come for all our sinners If you're not a servant, you'll be struck to the ground Flee the burning, greedy city Looking back on her to see there's nothing around
The day has come for all our sinners If you're not a servant, you'll be struck to the ground Flee the burning, greedy city Looking back on her to see there's nothing around I don't believe in fairy tales and no one wants to go to hell You've made the wrong decision and it's easy to see Now if you wanna serve above or be a king below with us You're welcome to the city where your future is set forever
Welcome to the family
Hey kid (hey kid) Do I have your attention? I know the way you've been living Life's so reckless, tragedy endless Welcome to the family Hey There's something missing Only time will alter your vision Never in question, lethal injection Welcome to the family Not long ago you find the answers were so crystal clear Within a day you find yourself living in constant fear Can you look at yourself now, can you look at yourself? You can't win this fight
I try and help you with the things that can't be justified I need to warn you that there is no way to rationalize So have you figured it out now, so have you figured it out? You can't win this fight
And in a way it seems there's no one to call When our thoughts are so numb And our feelings unsure We all have emptiness inside, we all have answers to find But you can't win this fight!
I see you're a king who's been dethroned Cast out in a world you've never know Stand down, place your weapon by your side It's our war in the end, we'll surely lose but that's alright So have you figured it out now, so have you figured it out?
Bat Country
So sorry you're not here I've been sane too long, my vision's so unclear Now take a trip with me But don't be surprised when things aren't what they seem
You've been breakin' down for far too long Far too many moons since you felt well and strong You see, you could say goodbye but you don't have to die Not ever
Engineer the wires to your brain Architect a code so you won't feel the pain With your family by your side and vigor in your eyes forever Live Forever I'm way up, a god in size, beyond the reach of mortals I shed my human side Father, oh father I stare at my reflection, have I lost that boy inside? Final paradigm What's it really mean to be a man? Think about your answer but please understand While it's natural to fear, I'll make it disappear forever I forever I'm way up, a god in size, beyond the reach of mortals I shed my human side Father, oh father I stare at my reflection, have I lost that boy inside? Final paradigm Singular I am I have the question if these thoughts are mine To live forever but did something in me die? I'm clawing my skin but I can't feel it inside I know the agony of pain would hurt so much better I'm way up, so far up Have I lost myself tonight? Mother, oh father Have you lost that boy you used to know?
It seems I should have walked away Reverse the wager I've no means to pay Toto has pulled back the green tonight, in sight And blue pills coat with such disdain I wore the shades for so long That I've forgotten how to see The curtain rises but who dares to pull the strings
I know this might be hard for you to believe and all, But you only exist because we allow it I question all the voices in my head Are they mine or have I been misled? Total understanding doesn't seem to mean a thing When you can't see behind the silver screen, a figurine Can't you hear me scream? By the way of cosmic rays A subtle breakdown jarred the code display A simulation as I can tell, our cell Playing out a hopeless scene We stand to lose all our charm And faith just seems to wane A billion years can seem a stunningly short time You've been beaten down time and time again But still you find yourself at the center of it all I question all the voices in my head Are they mine or have I been misled? Total understanding doesn't seem to mean a thing When you can't see behind the silver screen, a figurine Can't you hear me scream? You hear me, you had one thing to do, one thing And you fucked it up, piece of shit Nurse, patient 666158 needs to be sedated We need 500 CCs of M Oh hello there, dearie I've been expecting you Posturing the way I feel Is truth only what we believe is real? Marvel the sketches that paint the night, starlight And take a breath before it's all erased away
Their song Angels; Waking the Fallen, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet.
Yeah EVERGLOW Gonna be mad lunatic, girl When the mysteriously changed moon comes A show that will start suddenly In secret, yeah, dance I want it Ddi-dam-bam-bam, bba-rira-bam-bam A paradise found in a whole new world that is out of sync ‘Cause I’m a pirate, yeah, yeah A pirate, yeah, yeah A pirate, yeah, yeah Now let me introduce myself I am a fleet I Start this voyage Towards the moon mist Yeah, let me introduce myself...
Twenty four hours, the light disappears Overnight, night, overnight During the night when the dazzling starlight shines Ayy, lift the anchor Girls all over the world Dance tonight And we could be anything, anything now Go crazy, no doubt Rowin’ for the Crown Waving the flag, yeah...
All the way, all the way, all the way The riot we made All the way, all the way, all the way Can’t ever stay quiet Girls all over the world Run tonight Just get on board ‘Cause I’m a pirate, yeah, yeah A pirate, yeah, yeah A pirate, yeah, yeah Now let me introduce myself I am a fleet Start this voyage Towards the moon mist Yeah, let me introduce myself Ahoy! Sing a song now The hidden moon festival Well, shiver me timbers (Aye-aye) Watch this night together Last chance, get on board Approaching tsunami, disappearing afternoon Everyone falls asleep under these waves Yeah, I’m making the moves During the night when the dazzling starlight shines Ayy, lift the anchor Girls all over the world Dance tonight And we could be anything, anything now Go crazy, no doubt Rowin’ for the crown Waving the flag, yeah (Oh woah) All the way, all the way, all the way The riot that we made (Oh yeah) All the way, all the way, all the way Can’t ever stay quiet Girls all over the world Run tonight Just get on board...
A letter from that future Together with that blinding light Trust me and follow me up to my ark...
Katy Perry and Nikki Manage
Michael Jackson's Best Tracks
"Swish Swish" lyrics Katy Perry Lyrics Play "Swish Swish" on Amazon Music Unlimited (ad) "Swish Swish" (feat. Nicki Minaj)
They know what is what But they don't know what is what They just strut What the fuck?
[Katy Perry:] A tiger Don't lose no sleep Don't need opinions From a shellfish or a sheep Don't you come for me No, not today You're calculated I got your number 'Cause you're a joker And I'm a courtside killer queen And you will kiss the ring You best believe
So keep calm, honey, I'mma stick around For more than a minute, get used to it Funny my name keeps comin' out your mouth 'Cause I stay winning Lay 'em up like
Swish, swish, bish Another one in the basket Can't touch this Another one in the casket
Your game is tired You should retire You're 'bout as cute as An old coupon expired And karma's not a liar She keeps receipts
So keep calm, honey, I'mma stick around For more than a minute, get used to it Funny my name keeps comin' out your mouth 'Cause I stay winning Lay 'em up like
Swish, swish, bish Another one in the basket Can't touch this Another one in the casket (Let's go) Swish, swish, bish Another one in the basket Can't touch this Another one in the casket
They know what is what But they don't know what is what Katy Perry They just know what is what Young Money But they don't know what is what They just know what is what But they don't know what is what They just strut Hahaha, yo What the fuck?
[Nicki Minaj:] Pink Ferragamo sliders on deck Silly rap beefs just get me more checks My life is a movie, I'm never off set Me and my a-Migos (no, not Offset) Swish swish, aww I got them upset But my shooters'll make 'em dance like dubstep Swish, swish, aww, my haters is obsessed 'Cause I make M's, they get much less Don't be tryna double back I already despise you All that fake love you showin' Couldn't even disguise you (Yo, yo) Ran? When? Nicki gettin' tan Mirror mirror who's the fairest bitch in all the land? Damn, man, this bitch is a Stan Muah, muah, the generous queen will kiss a fan Ass goodbye, I'mma be riding by I'mma tell my ...Biggz, yeah that's the guy A star's a star, da ha da ha They never thought the swish god would take it this far Get my pimp cup, this is pimp shit, baby I only rock with Queens, so I'm makin' hits with Katy
[Katy Perry:] Swish, swish, bish Another one in the basket And another one and another one Can't touch this Another one in the casket And another one and another one
They know what is what Do they know? But they don't know what is what They just know what is what But they don't know what is what They just know what is what But they don't know what is what They just strut What the...
Red Velvet: Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb –31
You need to “Beat It” That boy Michael Jackson ”Bad” I’m not your “Billie Jean” Don’t you “Leave Me Alone” But you’re so ambiguous, I want “Black Or White” I can’t give up on you, my “Man In The Mirror” “Why You Wanna Trip On Me” You’re too harsh Boy, you make me “Scream” Why am I like this? Well, your “Love really Never Felt So Good” It’s so electrifying that it’s like
Next Level
I’m on the Next Level, yeah I follow the absolute rules Don't let go of my hand unity is my weapon I walk to KWANGYA I know your home ground Confront the threat Beat it, beat it, beat it
An unexpected black out The temptation is deep and strong (Too hot too hot) Letting go of the hands held together But I'll never give up
I'm on the Next Level I open the door over there Next Level I'll destroy you in thе end Until I reach the Nеxt Level KOSMO Next Level Beat it, beat it, beat it
La, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la
I see the NU EVO The hostile suffering and sorrow Make you popping and evolve further That's my naevis, it's my naevis You lead, we follow After learning the feelings Watch me while I make it out
Watch me while I work it out Watch me while I make it out Watch me while I work it out Work it, work it, work it out
Even the unbearable despair Can't break my faith Watch me while I work it Even if a more painful trial comes I won't let go of your hand, oh
Never look back Don’t covet things of KWANGYA If the promises are broken, everything will be out of control The signal is becoming unstable since a certain point in time I'll destroy you in the end (We want it) Come on! Show me the way to KOSMO, yeah
A hallucination quest created by the Black Mamba Aespa, they want to separate out ae, that's right I lose my balance and my voice too In the illusion of being criticized and alienated Nævis we (Call ae, ae) Aespa's Next Level Open "P.O.S" This is the REAL WORLD, I'm awake We against the villain, what's the name? Black Mamba
I open the door in the end (Too hot, too hot) That light is like Fire to you I'm dying to know The next story that will unfold Huh!
I'm on the Next Level I open the door over there Next Level I'll destroy you in the end Until I reach the Next Level KOSMO Next Level Beat it, beat it, beat it
I'm on the Next Level I become stronger and free Next Level I'm no longer who I was at KWANGYA Next Level Feel me I'm like a beast Next Level Beat it, beat it, beat it Huh!
[Intro: Karina] Oh my gosh Don't you know I'm a savage?
[Verse 1: Karina, Giselle] I'm a Killa who will break you, ae You're still hiding and hallucinating Beat you up, we holler I'm not afraid of you, you, hit you harder Push me in, deep fake on me To the unprepared stage Corner me in, fake on me Got everybody, mock up to me You shake me up so that I feel ashamed Cold spectators are collapsed, ae I can't stand you anymore, say, "No!"
[Refrain: Winter, Ningning] Wait and see, I'm a little savage Your dirty play I can't stand it any longer You want to break me Your hallucinations are becoming The reasons to construct you
[Pre-Chorus: Winter, Ningning] I'm a savage I'll break you into pieces yeah, oh I'm a savage I'll crush you, oh
[Chorus: Karina, Giselle, Karina & Ningning] Get me, get me now Get me, get me now (Zu-zu-zu-zu) Or I'll become more Savage (Zu-zu-zu-zu) Get me, get me now Get me, get me now (Zu-zu-zu-zu) Now I'm going to get you Now, I'm a savage Gimme, gimme now Gimme, gimme now (Zu-zu-zu-zu) I can see your words Your weakness Algorithm (Zu-zu-zu-zu) Steaming, it's steaming Steaming, it's steaming (Zu-zu-zu-zu) MA ae SYNK Don't bother me and bog off, savage (Zu-zu-zu-zu)
[Verse 2: Giselle, Winter, Karina] Mhm, everybody looks at me I'm used to it, I should take a step back I have to endure it like an adult I'm locked up in the glass I want to play such a horrible expectation I'm locked up in that hallucination frame I'm going to KWANGYA, game in Defeating a subtle alienation And making me drift apart from my ae Your satisfying trick We gone KWANGYA, game in Cut it down, my sword of light To you who is damaged It's a merciless punch
[Refrain: Ningning, Winter] See? I'm a little Savage I block your regenerative power I distract you, I leave you out Don't forget, this is KWANGYA I control your time and space Make it, break it
You are the one who protected me when I was in trouble My naevis, we love you My victory, one SYNK DIVE All the opportunities you've created I know your sacrifices, oh My naevis, we love you I know, we'll make sure to find your memories Let's meet surely after the resurrection
[Breakdown: Karina, Ningning] Savage Savage Yeah
Wake up! In a deadlier war Hold on with your feet(our feet are like hands back home) Hook! Black Mamba I am not afraid of you Hoot! I’ll break you It has changed when we entered KWANGYA Distorted æ more like me, like one A crazy presence that shows The ember that was left behind...
grew into a great evil When I helplessly isolate you Reunite we’re together again Whoo Whoo Attack Beat it Yah You’re not alone...
Shined sacrifice If you found the memory Can you show us? Can you show up? Right now, right here Follow me (Bow down) Watch me (My skill) You will get surprised (Say wow) We coming Scream (Get loud) Listen (My sound) Call it (Upgrade) We coming Blooming in chaos (We Them Girls) And confronting fear, That courage (Ah Yeah) Whenever we are together We Them Girls We Them Girls We Them Girls Meta universe exists now Parallel world All beings have meaning Part of my heart We use sympathetic words and share the body temperatures In the end, we only pursue the value of goodwill I finally became stronger I don’t get swindled or hurt It’s distorted It has started again Make sides Isolate you and me so that we can’t see ahead The algorithms that have been distorted by bad desires Use existence as the weapon and swallow with destruction Ah Evil was started at that moment Whoo Whoo Move out flip Yah I’m not alone I want to protect first encountering REKALL I will hug you so that you can feel Without SYNK DIVE Follow me (Bow down) Watch me (My skill) You will get surprised (Say wow) We coming Scream (Get loud) Listen (My sound) Call it (Upgrade) We coming Blooming in chaos (We Them Girls) And confronting fear, That courage (Ah Yeah) Whenever we are Together We Them Girls We Them Girls To face a peaceful day Inside the FLAT We laugh and love together With my friends Now I’m more curious about the future together with nævis Eventually we will probably meet nævis on the REAL MY WORLD Hold up! REAL MY WORLD Your existence is brighter than my reflection in the mirror Can you tell me? Until when, will we be together? Follow me (Bow down) Watch me (My skill) You will get surprised (Say wow) We coming Scream (Get loud) Listen (My sound) Call it (Upgrade) We coming Blooming in chaos (We Them Girls) And confronting fear, That courage (Ah Yeah) Whenever we are together We Them Girls We Them Girls We Them Girls Girls! Official translation. Play "Girls" on Amazon Music Unlimited (ad) Other Songs from Girls Album Girls Girls
Far away, far away Higher and higher To the place unseen
No one can stop me anymore Get set, go! Good-bye I’m not my old self Take a look at my WILDSIDE
By instinct, do it Come along with me Let us go down, down, down, down, da street
I didn’t go anywhere Now I could go everywhere Scared of change Just looking from the side
When you protect me and I’m breathing I’m forced into misery like a puppet, muppet I thought I was no good But behind weakness there was strength Words from loveless people, I don’t care about it anymore I will show you the truth
Never tell lies to myself any more Fly now to the place I want to be I’m never scared of going to the sky
Inside O-O-Out My wild side, my wild side The unseen me who has Overcome weakness (WILDSIDE) Far away, far away Higher and higher To the place unseen
No one can stop me anymore Get set, go! Good-bye I’m not my old self Which this WILDSIDE
Accepting myself that I don’t even know of I want to love more, believe myself more So I don’t get lost, Yeah
Starlight, slash the dark night already So bright, sparkle La-la-la-la-la
Inside O-O-Out My wild side, my wild side The unseen me who has Overcome weakness (WILDSIDE) Far away, far away Higher and higher To the place unseen
No one can stop me anymore Get set, go! Good-bye I’m not my old self Which this WILDSIDE
By instinct, do it Come along with me Let us go down down I will show you my wild side 😬 cya ❤️‍🩹😾🙀🙈
Somethings gonna give and it's not going to be me.
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2023.06.08 06:14 specialagentgarbage AITA for not babysitting my ex-husband’s kid

Alt account for obvious reasons. My (30F) ex-husband (32M) and I have 2 children (4M, 2F). We have been divorced just about 6 months and he is now expecting a baby with his new girlfriend. I’m admittedly not over him. We were together 10 years, my entire adulthood. It was and is a messy split. I’m still bitter and hurt about it and he seems to have completely moved on somehow. When we had our oldest, neither of us wanted him in daycare (no judgement, we just didn’t feel comfortable) so I stayed home and eventually started my own business that allows me to work 99% remotely. My parents are also local and retired and help me out as much as they can. This arrangement works for me and I get to spend time with both of my kids.
Now, ex’s girlfriend is 5 months pregnant and they got in a huge fight because she asked him to tour daycares and he said absolutely not, he wants her to stay home with the baby, none of his kids are to go in daycare (admittedly the ones here do suck). He called me to vent and I listened then he dropped the bomb. He asked if I would be willing to take care of their baby since I’m home with our two and get help from my parents and when I have to take the kids to the office I can because I own it. He mentioned that I know how he feels about his kids in one of these daycares and I sort of lost it on him. It was a year and a half of walled up anger and hurt and I said some nasty things that I’ve since apologized for.
Fast forward to 3 days later, new girlfriend pulled me to the side when I dropped off my kids to their house and asked why I was so ugly about it and why I thought my kids were better than hers and why her baby doesn’t deserve the same things mine got. I never said that but apologized if anything I said came off like that, told her I’m happy for them (I’m not but, pleasantries) but was certainly not going to babysit their kid. She’s a nurse so I get she can’t work from home and doesn’t want to give up her career but they should’ve thought about that.
I left before it blew up again but ex called me about 2 hours later and asked me to come get the kids because he and new girlfriend were fighting and he didn’t want them around for it. I picked them up of course and ex texted me on the drive home and asked AGAIN if I would babysit for them for $200/week. I said no and he called me a bitter bitch and said I’m being an asshole because I’m hurt. I don’t see it this way at all, I reiterated that the request is absurd and I would not be talking about it anymore.
This was yesterday and all day today new girlfriend has been texting me and having her friends and family review bomb my business. I’m not worried about it, my clients know my work. Ex-husband hasn’t said anything else but has been shorter with me in our conversations about our kids.
So, AITA for refusing to keep my ex-husband’s new baby?
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2023.06.08 06:13 sitdder67 Help my mom wants out

Mom 87 has dementia with psychosis as well as elderly schizophrenia and is in a memory care unit.
The short version is I live in 1200 Miles from her and I had to come up to get her situated in the memory care unit she cannot live on her own anymore.
I'm her only son I have power of attorney I'm here for several months.
when I go to visit almost the entire time that I'm there she talks about is getting out and coming back to her current house.
The facility recommended that I don't come by for a few weeks because it makes her worse. And it takes a while for some people to acclimate to a new environment and my mom unfortunately is one of those she wants out of there so bad.
I do call and talk to her on the phone and occasionally I can divert her from that kind of conversation and it's not too bad.
but she STILL sometimes will swing back to the conversation of getting out out and going home
that's usually when I tell her I have to get going and I'll call her tomorrow.
She thinks she is fine she and she gets aggravated with me and blames me for putting her there and then sometimes forgets about it and is fairly nice to me. But most of the time she's getting aggravated that I've put her in a nursing home when there's nothing wrong with her and of course there's a lot wrong.
I'm thinking of going home sooner than later.
there's nothing more I can do here heck I can't even go visit her
she's being very well cared for this is an excellent facility with a five-star rating they've been around over 25 years.
I'm happy with a care she's getting I'm not happy that she is not adjusting and I don't think she ever will.
I know I'm doing the right thing
I'm being responsible and helping all I can
I cannot let her live on her own she wouldn't survive.
Staying strong is the hard part it's hard to sleep at night
I feel terrible what's happening to her
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2023.06.08 06:07 AlexShadow21 Im gonna lose it

So I started a new position about a week ago, which coming with the territory means training and mistakes are going to be made as I am learning the ropes right?
Well backstory, I have been in the same field for 5 years (hospital nursing), I decide I need more work than my previous position was able to give. Originally 32 hrs a pay period was more than enough to live on, but now not so much so I decided to hunt for atleast 40hrs a pay period. So I find this job and apply and accept the role.
HUGE MISTAKE. I am not even 3 days there, and they throw me to the wolves, alone completely with 40 tasks I have never encountered before in my previous nursing role. I am asking for help, only to be scoffed at and mocked like I am the idiot of the pack. The other nurses speaking in hushed tones about "the new nurse is kind of stupid", writting messages about me in the hospital chatroom (think discord, but for hospital staff to IM eachother). While you may think, "Alex how do you know they are talking about you?" let me tell you the lovellyyy event that occured at lunch my first week.
I was eating lunch outside because the weather is nice, no rain or bad weather in sight, which seems fine right? Wrong. I come in and all the sudden the nurses around me are screaming and making a big deal that I had 2 small blades of grass in my hair as I was laying in the grassy court yard trying to relax my mind a bit. This explodes because 1 nurse then reports me to HR and management and I get written up for "not complying to company standard dress code". Instead of the nurses simply coming to me and being civil saying "hey, you have some grass in your hair, may want to fix it" they report me and have me FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN MY 5 YEARS AS A NURSE, written up.. I returned to my desk to see all my "coworkers"smirking and asking "what happened" as if playing dumb to not knowing EXACTLY what it was.
I just dont know what to do or where to turn. I regret leaving my previous role every day I return to this godforsaken new position. I have no outlet, as clearly the HR department is only for the people that have been there the longest. I could not even explain my case before that lovely pink notice was flaunted in my face. Whats worse is the company has a 6 month minimum position policy, where I am forced to work this role for 6 months before i am allowed to begin looking for other employment.
I just dont know what to do. In all my years nursing, I have never felt more alone, lost, and hurt. In a mere 3 weeks I started in this position, I have come home crying because the incessant bullying and belittling remarks I receive every shift. Asking for help on new tasks I am not familiar with I receive eye rolls and scoffs of attitude, many times followed by "how long have you worked here? you dont know this? -_-" I just want to scream..clearly I dont know or i would not be asking.
Its come to the low point that my alarm goes off and I have to tell myself not to cry. I just do not think time is going to make this position easy..the people and honestly the over all aura in the building feels like a toxic miasma.
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2023.06.08 05:57 richieeeeejohn 5 Reasons Nursing Home Email Lists are Critical to Success in Senior Care

5 Reasons Nursing Home Email Lists are Critical to Success in Senior Care


Infoglobaldata - Top b2b Email Database Provider
If you're in the business of providing senior care, then you know that reaching out to nursing homes can be a critical aspect of your success. Whether you're providing medical supplies, caregiver services, or something else entirely, being able to reach out to the right nursing homes can help you make the right connections and get your business off the ground. And that's where nursing home email lists come in. In this blog post, we'll explore the top 5 reasons why nursing home email lists are critical to your success in senior care, and how they can help you build the relationships you need to grow your business.

1) The Growing Need for Senior Care

The population of seniors in the United States is growing rapidly, and this trend is expected to continue for years to come. As more people age, the demand for senior care services is on the rise. In order to keep up with this growing need, businesses and organizations in the senior care industry must stay ahead of the competition.
One of the most effective ways to do so is by utilizing nursing home mailing lists, nursing home email database, and “Nursing Home Email Lists”. These powerful tools can provide a wealth of information on potential customers, allowing senior care providers to reach out and connect with those who need their services most.
Without access to these tools, senior care providers may struggle to stay competitive in the market. They may miss out on key opportunities to reach new clients, or they may fail to stay in touch with their current customers. Ultimately, this could lead to a decline in business and a loss of revenue.
To avoid this scenario, senior care providers must stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry. By utilizing nursing home email lists and other key tools, they can stay ahead of the curve and remain successful in the years to come.

2) Why Email Lists are Critical in the Senior Care Industry

As the population ages and the demand for senior care services increases, it has become more important than ever for businesses in the senior care industry to have effective marketing strategies. One of the most important tools for reaching potential customers is through email marketing, which can be greatly facilitated by nursing home email lists.
Nursing home mailing lists, nursing home email databases, and nursing home email leads are all essential resources for senior care providers looking to reach potential clients through targeted marketing. With these resources, businesses can create email campaigns tailored specifically to their ideal audience, ensuring that their message is reaching those who are most likely to be interested in their services.
Email lists are especially important in the senior care industry, where individuals often require specialized care and assistance. By using a nursing home email list, businesses can easily reach those who are likely to need senior care services, whether they are looking for assisted living facilities, home health care services, or other forms of senior care.
In addition to providing targeted marketing opportunities, nursing home email lists can also be an excellent resource for staying up-to-date with industry news and trends. By subscribing to industry newsletters and other resources, businesses can stay informed about changes in the senior care landscape, and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.
Overall, nursing home email lists are an invaluable resource for businesses in the senior care industry. By using these lists, businesses can connect with potential clients more effectively, stay informed about industry news and trends, and ultimately increase their chances of success in the senior care market.

3) 5 Key Reasons to Use Nursing Home Email Lists

  1. Targeted Marketing: One of the most significant benefits of using nursing home email lists is the ability to target specific demographics of potential clients. Nursing home email databases allow you to narrow your focus and reach out to individuals who are more likely to require senior care services.
  2. Increased Reach: With a nursing home email lead list, you can reach a larger audience than you might with traditional marketing techniques. By reaching out to a broader range of potential clients, you can increase the chances of generating more business.
  3. Cost-Effective: Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising, and nursing home email lists are no exception. Compared to other forms of advertising such as print or television, email marketing campaigns are more affordable and can deliver similar results.
  4. Personalization: By using nursing home email lists, you can personalize your marketing efforts to specific individuals. This approach can help you establish a deeper connection with potential clients, increase the chances of generating leads and ultimately, convert more leads into paying customers.
  5. Measurable Results: With nursing home email lists, you can track and measure the success of your marketing campaigns. By using tools such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates, you can determine which campaigns are generating the most leads and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

4) How to Find High-Quality Nursing Home Email Lists

Once you understand the importance of nursing home email lists for success in the senior care industry, the next step is to find high-quality nursing home mailing lists to support your marketing efforts. Here are a few tips to help you get started:
  1. Research reputable list providers: Start by doing some research online to identify reputable companies that specialize in nursing home mailing lists. Look for providers with a track record of success and positive reviews from other clients in the industry.
  2. Narrow your search: Once you have a list of potential list providers, narrow your search by looking for companies that offer targeted email lists specifically for nursing homes. This will ensure you get a more accurate and relevant list that meets your needs.
  3. Consider data quality: Look for a list provider that has strict data quality controls in place, including regular updates and verification processes. This will help ensure that you get a high-quality list with accurate contact information for your target audience.
  4. Evaluate pricing and guarantees: While cost should not be the only factor in your decision, it is important to compare pricing and guarantees from different list providers to ensure you get a fair deal. Look for providers that offer reasonable prices and satisfaction guarantees.
  5. Ask for referrals: If you know others in the senior care industry, ask for referrals to reputable nursing home email list providers. Word-of-mouth recommendations can be a valuable resource for finding high-quality lists.
By following these tips, you can find a high-quality nursing home email list that helps you reach your target audience and achieve success in the senior care industry.

5) Tips for Maximizing Your Nursing Home Email List

Once you've obtained a high-quality nursing home email list, there are several strategies you can implement to make the most of it. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your email list:
  1. Personalize your emails: Use the recipient's name and any relevant details to make your email more engaging and relevant to the recipient. This will increase the chances of your email being read and acted upon.
  2. Segment your list: Divide your email list into specific groups based on demographics or interests, and create targeted emails for each group. This will make your emails more relevant and increase the chances of engagement.
  3. Create compelling subject lines: Your subject line is the first thing recipients see, so make it catchy and engaging to encourage them to open your email.
  4. Use a clear call-to-action: Make sure your email includes a clear call-to-action (CTA) that encourages recipients to take action, such as scheduling a tour or booking a consultation.
  5. Track and analyze your results: Use analytics tools to track the performance of your email campaigns, including open and click-through rates, and use this data to refine your strategies and improve future campaigns.
By following these tips, you can increase the effectiveness of your “Nursing Home Mailing List” and boost engagement and conversions. Remember, your email list is a valuable asset, so make sure you use it wisely and effectively.
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2023.06.08 05:55 namebunny So confused what do I file for? Sick leave or compassionate care benefits. Single mom needs help!

I apologize for the length and lack of grammar. I’m exhausted. Normally this stuff isn’t challenging for me…
First I am a single Mom with two kids and work full time. I’ve been working remotely since the pandemic and as of February was required to come into the office three days a week, wasn’t supposed to be back in person until September, received accommodations to work 4 hours a day in office so I could drop off and pick up kids. Work for a non profit, so money is tight.
Ok so my mom who is the main caregiver for my father who is 86 with dementia and is an amputee. He is in good physical shape, but his mind, not so much.
Mom has been in and out of the hospital due to a blockage in her leg since February. The surgery was supposed to be fairly simple. She was supposed to be out in 3 to 4 days after the surgery when she woke up from the surgery there was no circulation to her leg so they had to go back in for another surgery to fix it. I had to rush to the area where she had the surgery, which was an hour for me to take care of my father and arrange further care for her when she came home about two weeks later ( during that time dad stayed with me). I obviously had to request time off to care for my father and coordinate everything else after she was released she started her recovery and about a month later woke up, and there was no circulation to her leg. She was rushed to the hospital, which meant I had to take time off of work again, and go take care of my father, with both kids. This time she contracted an infection that was not curable with antibiotics. Mom had to stay in the hospital for almost a month. During that time I was able to arrange short-term stay for my father, and was able to return to work.
Mom came home for about a month same thing happened, no circulation to her leg, was airlifted to Toronto and had to have her leg amputated, exact same amputation at my dad. Go figure.
So here is what I’m trying to figure out. I need to take time off to care for my mother and I’m getting different answers from multiple people on what to do. As I am now the main caretaker for my father (he’s currently staying with me again) and I now need to take care of my mother who just had her leg amputated, AND work AND I’m a single mom.
I’ve been told to file for compassionate care that would give me up to 26 weeks off from work and up to 55% of my pay, BUT because moms leg has been amputated she is no longer at risk of dying. I’ve also been told to to file for medical leave for stress for 26 weeks. I have a very detailed note from surgical nurse practitioner and I’m going to see my doctor tomorrow for a not for myself.
Do I file for medical leave due to stress (I have detailed doctors notes for both)OR compassionate care benefits. Also scared, that they will fire me.
At this point I just need someone to walk me through it clearly, talk to me like I’m a kid. My brain is struggling to process anything.
If you’ve read this far THANK YOU.
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2023.06.08 05:50 radswanson 39w Double Rainbow Baby in the NICU

This birth story is not going the way I thought it would. Any other rainbow mamas out there with difficult birth stories and happy endings? Could use some encouragement.
4 days ago my precious rainbow boy was born in just under 12 hours. Only to be quickly swooped away to the NICU because he still had some fluid in his lungs. Spent his first hours of life hooked up to a CPAP and the next 3.5 days with an uncomfortable IV in his arm. Holding him was difficult because of all the machines and wires. Then they discovered his bilirubin was elevated, so he has spent the last 2 days under blue lights. We were only able to hold him during his feedings. He hates breastfeeding because we weren’t physically able to form that bond in his first days. Now that he’s off the CPAP, IV, and lights we are hopeful that he can come home tomorrow…but the nurses keep pressuring me to try to breastfeed. I am perfectly fine with exclusively pumping, but apparently that’s “too much work” and I “just need to keep trying.” I start feedings trying to breastfeed and when he inevitably gets frustrated I switch to the bottle, which he’ll only take about half of from me. Then the nurse will come in and basically force him to drink the rest of the bottle. NICU nurses are great at their jobs, but they do not understand full term babies. My 4 day old does not need 30-50 mls per feeding. They want him to poop out the bilirubin by putting him in a eating contest.
Today a nurse told me that I need to have two consecutive successful feedings before I can take him home. Through all of this I hadn’t cried, but all my emotions and hormones came crashing down on me all at once and I had a breakdown in the middle of the NICU. What the actual fuck? Like are they afraid I will let the baby that I’ve been trying for for 2 years just starve to death? How can I possibly have a “successful” feeling when they are constantly over feeding him? The NICU is so stressful and regimented. There’s no room for “You are too fussy to eat right now, let’s cuddle try again in a little bit.” I don’t know what to do. I just want to take my boy home where he belongs. This isn’t how I imagined my son’s first days of life.
TLDR: Full term rainbow baby is in the NICU with minor health issues. Mom frustrated with situation.
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2023.06.08 05:48 Flimsy-Ad-714 Gauging Demand for Business

My wife (geriatric, home health physical therapist) and I are contemplating starting a business and could use some help gauging demand. If you had to decide between moving into a retirement/nursing home or getting assistance managing your home, making home modifications for mobility issues, etc. would you pay a premium to stay in your home?
View Poll
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2023.06.08 05:41 RevenueVirtual4922 Admission

I’m 19 years old. I’ve just moved here from New Zealand. While I was in year 12 (year 11 for Australian students) covid hit. I went from doing well in my subjects to utter and complete failure. I found it very difficult to learn from home, I was behind and I was unmotivated. I dropped out. I’ve worked as a PSA and a caregiver. I’m wondering what my best options are to go about admission to University here in Melbourne. I don’t think I wanna waste a year of my life doing a foundation course. I want to study biomedical science or nursing. Someone help.
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2023.06.08 05:31 Party-Comedian8183 Assisted Living University Online Course – Dr. Robert King

Link download:

Here’s what you’ll get in Assisted Living University Online Course

Subject Matter of the ALU Online Course
Signature Training Subjects Contain:
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2023.06.08 05:23 cvkme I want to get into traveling! Any tips would be appreciated

I’ve been a nurse for a year now. I currently work in ER as a staff nurse but I started in a respiratory stepdown and EMU unit. I feel like I would be comfortable working in any unit from ER to stepdown and anything with lower acuity. In my current job, I try to work an extra shift every week for an extra shift bonus and overtime, but the extra shift bonuses have been steadily decreasing. My job also recently hired 6 new nurses and many of us have been getting flexed while on shift. It has made getting a bonus shift difficult as well and in December the bonus will end completely. My lease is coming due in December so I should have an idea of how much the increase will be by end of September. I am anticipating anywhere from 300-500 dollars more per month, which I honestly cannot justify. I have decided that I will most likely start traveling after the holidays for 2023.
I am single, no pets, no kids, and no loans. My biggest concern right now in life is Making Money to put away for my future. I spent my entire savings on my car and nursing tuition. I have been rebuilding that savings, but it has been hard to even stay in the green with the price of rent and my bonus shifts being taken away. My current state (FL) is a notoriously poor state for nursing wages so I feel like it’s time for me to bail and travel.
Most of my traveling friends have been with Aya. Is that the recommended agency to travel with? Any tips or details y’all could share with me would be mega appreciated. I feel like I’ve been lied to my management at both my nursing jobs so far in interviews about money and working conditions so I really need some advice to be less naive when I take this step.
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2023.06.08 05:16 delta_skelta I'm going to give it one more shot with diet before getting meds

Had my first attack in 2016 at 28 years old. I was always a healthy eater and was in really great shape. I probably drank too much beer, but I was single and in my 20s so it is what it is.
I have about one attack per year and my uric acid levels are about 8.5 mg/dl the last time I checked at a lab. I bought a home uric acid meter (Urit brand. Chinese crap, do not recommend) which gave somewhat high variance readings, 8.5-9.5 when testing once per week. But something strange happened after I started adding a lot more fiber to my diet. For three weeks straight the number went down 7.8 > 7.5 > 7.2...
It could be the POS meter, but given all the noise in my previous results, it seems strange that it consistently went down which makes the numbers more believable. Anyway I had a minor attack this week which was unmistakably gout but it was minor enough to be handled with ibuprofen and only lasted two days and I could still walk almost normally. I ran out of test strips so I am thinking to get a new better quality meter and continue high fiber intake while trying to control my UA with diet.
I am wondering for those on allo, were your attacks when starting allo like the one I described above? If the meter was right and the trend continued, I would be in the 6.x range for UA right now and I am wondering if my recent attack could have been from lower UA dissolving some existing MSU crystals? I have an upcoming trip, but I plan on getting a lab test asap, but unfortunately I'll have to wait a few weeks.
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2023.06.08 05:11 DaBear_Lurker AI scenario creation: Google Bard vs. ChatGPT 4.0

I hope this is helpful. I finally tried using Google's Bard AI chat tool and threw in a generally vague "surprise me" kind of prompt for fun. Seemed ridiculously tame and unimaginative compared to the same prompt thrown into ChatGPT 4.0 a few seconds later to make the comparison.
Here's the prompt: can you give me a great D&D "monster hunter contract" scenario, along with details of the cool location the players will find the monster in?

Google Bard response:
Sure, here is a great D&D "monster hunter contract" scenario, along with details of the cool location the players will find the monster in:
The players are approached by a wealthy merchant who is offering a large sum of gold to anyone who can slay a dangerous monster that has been terrorizing his caravans. The monster is a giant spider that lives in a cave system on the outskirts of town. The cave system is dark and dangerous, and the spider is said to be very powerful.
The players must be careful as they explore the cave system. The spider's webs are everywhere, and the spider itself is very good at hiding. If the players are not careful, they could easily become trapped in the spider's webs or be attacked by the spider itself.
If the players are successful in slaying the spider, they will be rewarded with the merchant's gold and a reputation as skilled monster hunters. They may also find other valuable treasures in the cave system, such as gems, gold, or magical items.
Here are some additional details about the cave system:
I hope this scenario gives you some ideas for your next D&D campaign!

Now, here's the ChatGPT 4.0 response to exact same prompt:
Contract Name: The Twilight Drake Contract
Contract Description:
Deep within the enchanted Mirrored Woods, an elder twilight drake named Vorathis has started to wreak havoc on the nearby settlements. Known for their dual nature of light and shadow, twilight drakes are usually peaceful, dwelling in their lairs and avoiding interaction with humans and other creatures. Vorathis, however, has changed its behavior. The local villagers, farmers, and merchants are unable to go about their business due to the fear and destruction caused by this drake. The Town Council of Arkenford has thus issued a contract, offering a substantial reward for anyone who can stop Vorathis.
Contract Details:
Location Details:
The Mirrored Woods is a vast, magical forest situated to the north of Arkenford. It got its name from the unique flora called Mirror Trees that grow throughout the area. These trees have reflective bark and leaves that create a disorienting, mirror-like effect. This forest is a maze, shifting and moving as light interacts with the Mirror Trees.
Unique Features of Mirrored Woods:
  1. Mirror Trees: The trees here reflect light in odd ways, creating illusions and changing paths. An Intelligence (Nature) or Wisdom (Survival) check might be necessary to navigate the forest without getting lost.
  2. Shadowlight Fauna: Due to the unique conditions, the animals and plants of the Mirrored Woods are dual-natured, switching between light and shadow forms.
  3. Luminous Fungi: The forest floor is littered with bioluminescent fungi that illuminate the forest with a soft, eerie glow at night.
  4. Ancient Ruins: Scattered throughout the forest are the ruins of an ancient civilization that once thrived here. These ruins might contain treasure, traps, or clues about Vorathis's recent change in behavior.
  5. Vorathis's Lair: Hidden in the heart of the Mirrored Woods, Vorathis's lair is a vast cavern adorned with crystals that enhance the mirror effect. The players will need to solve a light-refraction puzzle to enter the drake's lair.
Additional Quest Hooks:
  1. The players discover that Vorathis was guarding an ancient artifact within its lair which was recently stolen, causing it to lash out. They must retrieve the artifact to calm Vorathis.
  2. A necromancer is hiding in the Mirrored Woods, experimenting with shadow magic which is negatively affecting Vorathis.
  3. Vorathis is not the villain here. The town council is trying to drive it away to exploit the magical resources of the Mirrored Woods. Will the players choose to side with Vorathis or the town council?

I mean, c'mon.
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2023.06.08 05:03 Emergency-Insect-116 How Medical Record Reviews Strengthen Nursing Home Injury Claims?
Explore the crucial role of medical record reviews in nursing home injury claims. Learn how these records help establish negligence, identify preventable injuries, substantiate mistreatment allegations, and quantify damages, contributing to a fair resolution of such claims.
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2023.06.08 05:02 annoyed_girl5 Only parent trying

Can someone please give me advice? I’m in a place I never thought I would be in. When I married my husband I guess I only saw his good qualities.
We had our son 4 months ago and it’s very clear he hates being a dad. He is unwilling to even try. I spend ALL my time making sure all of my child’s needs are met. If he cries, I respond. I feed him, bathe him, change his diapers, play with him, entertain him, and most importantly love him. I stay so patient all day long. It’s quite the adjustment to go from not caring for a child, to spending all my time caring for a child. To be honest I LOVE IT! I absolutely have hard days, but most of my hard days stem from having absolutely no help raising our son.
Right after my son was born my husband bought a John boat. This was without running it by me first. He already has a perfectly fine (and extremely nice) Lund boat. My husband goes fishing at least 1 day a week (sometimes 2-3 days) since our son was 3 days old. My husband works 4 ten hour days and then has a 3 day weekend. He is willing to give me and my son 1 day out of the week and the rest is for work and his hobbies. I have had COUNTLESS conversations with him about how hard it is to raise our son 100% by myself 6 days a week. It’s especially hurtful that he only works 4 days a week and he could be giving his family 3 whole days. But he’s choosing his hobby over us.
I have clearly addressed this as an issue with him and ask him to please spend more time with us. He again and again would tell me raising our son isn’t that hard and he needs time for his hobbies.
I was left alone when our son was 3 days old while I was still recovering from having a baby so he could fish, I would tell him I’m depressed and having suicidal thoughts and he would still choose to go fishing. He doesn’t help clean any dishes baby related. He won’t get me a drink when I’m stuck nursing the baby. He hasn’t given the baby a bath ever. To be honest, there are so many more terrible things he has done that seem to be very neglectful of me and my child, but if I keep listing them I will get very upset. Bottom line, he sucks as a spouse and father.
I have been very clear that I am unhappy and honestly just exhausted. I’m also starting my own business (because he says I need to work and make money) so it’s not like my only job is to take care of my son. Even if it was, that’s no excuse for him to barely spend time with us or help me with him at all. I keep a very clean house and do yard work. I literally have my hands in everything-maintaining the house, only one raising our son, bringing in money. The ONLY thing he does for our family is bring home money, and he’s constantly complaining about paying for stuff.
I’ve talked to him and told him what I need and he just doesn’t care. Do I have any options left? Or should I just leave? I just know that he’s taking more from me than he’s giving and I’m getting really tired in this relationship.
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2023.06.08 05:01 empyyyyyy Anxiety about surgery/pre-op room & parents being present

Hi all! I am scheduled for labrum repair and possible microfracture next Tuesday. I just had my pre-op appointment with the nurse and nurse anesthetist, and I am getting really nervous. I am 23F and live on my own but in the same town as my parents. I'll be staying with them for a few days post-surgery, which is amazing. They are coming to the surgery for support and to take me home, but I would really prefer to meet with the surgeon, nurses, and anesthesiologist by myself. I know it is my right to have medical privacy, but I'm nervous my parents will absolutely flip out and be upset (which I can understand). Also, I'm an only child and I've definitely felt a bit hovered over my entire life. I know they love me, want the best for me, and would do anything for me but in situations like this, it makes me really stressed out.
How do I discuss this with my parents without making them upset? How can I let my care team know?
Any advice you have would be awesome... I am so anxious.
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