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2023.05.31 17:54 XriZe-hardown Neptune

(the pov itself is long and my comments will be long depending on your answer lol-(
-----• before the pov
(Not obligated to read)
~[ you're a personnel member of the Neptune , a spaceship design for outer rim's of space , you were carefully hand picked out of thousands for your skills , and you were more than happy to represent humanity in this adventure , you were actually more than happy , you were excited , a smile was plastering over your face all the time that you thought about how you'd represent humanity in this way , the possibility were endlessn and maybe. . .just maybe , you could even meet an alien! . . .this sounded awesome , and you were looking forward to that day so much.]~
[13th of May 2023 - 11:45:02 Am]
~[ you were seated pretty tightly in your seat inside the spaceship , sure you could move around the pretty huge spaceship , but before you could do so ,you had to have command launch it to space , which needed for everyone to be seated inside their own designated seats , you grudged your teeth as yiuckosed your eyes , blinking as awaited for takeoff. . . honestly , one could argue you were panicking inside your brain . But you refused to say so , since for you , that was considered pretty embarrassing.]~
~[ without much thought , you finally realized that the ship was taking off the moment it began to blast off , the sound was pretty loud outside , tho , that's not of importance , since inside the spacecraft , you couldn't hear much due to the earbuds in your ears covering your eardrums. You closed your eyes, trying to resist the gravity. . .but you were defeated in doing so. . .and you passed out.]~
[23th of May 2023 - 13:42:53 Pm]
~[ it was officially ten days since you've launched into space with your crew , you had begun to socialize with them. Getting to know some of them , as they were all mostly friendly! . . .tho , you had taken liking to one specific person on particular , May! May was like your best friend inside this ship , she wa dkind and compassionate, which was something that most somehow lacked here , but besides that , she was also very understanding , you were very fond of her. And you wished that this would go correctly and thus you were able to go back home. Since , this was getting kinda scary knowing that no one could save you if you needed. . .]~
[24th of January 2024 - 12:43:21]
~[ panick was flooding inside the ship. Has the ship itself was loosing power and fuel , you and the other crew members tried to fix it but you sadly couldn't do anything about it , so , in the Intercom , the pilot would began to yell out to go to the escape module , in hopes for people to survive this Horrible even that was currently transpiring , it was horrible , people seemed to be panicking , as some figured that putting on their astronaut suit would help them in survival , tho , soke knee that this was useless and some thought the were gonna die. You got into the escape module. Preparing to escape , when you remembered that . . .May wasn't there?! . . .where could she be! . . .you would have been the first to go looking for her , but. . .the ship began to miss oxygen. . .which would eventually cause you to pass out , falling backwards inside the escape module. you were motionless on the ground...limp]~
-----• The pov itself.
[??th of January 2024 - 23:43:23 Pm]
~[ your head jolted upwards , as you layed on a Tree trunk , your back was feeling like shit , as you were slightly bleeding in the head , your eyes quickly followed your head opening , as you looked around , you see some of your crew members laying on the snowy ground ,seeming to be dead , as you could also see some sort of escape Pod news them, which was in flames , the flames were spreading upon the dead crew member , leaving fire on them , tho , they had no reaction , so they were most certainly dead.]~
~[ you begin to panick a little , as you feel a headache coming on , it HURTED pretty badly , as your head still jerked around ,lookjg stall the damage that was caused , your gaze then stopped upon a peculiar sighting. . May?! May seemed to be injured aswell , tho. Sitting on a rock , as she was breathing slowly . . .seeming to have ashes in her suit. Along side some blood dripping down from it , and her right eye, well , above the right eye to be more specific.]~
~{ so to recap , you were now stranded on an alien planet , no communication , most of the crew you had been living with for a long time was dead , your friend was as injured as you were , and you had no clue were you were , not to mention the fact that you getting cold on the snowy ground , this was a peculiar situation. . .tho. You remembered that the escape pod Surely Had a survival kit for help.]~
~[ you now had three chicken to choose along too.]~
[X]:Check your pouches for bandage.
[O]:check the Pod for a survival kit
[I]:go check on May.
∆ rules ∆
No killing May
No idc OCS.
No op OCS.
Non humanoid are allowed but no alien.
(Keep power to a minimum pls)
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2023.05.31 17:54 mjo500 Fire alarm went off at work. I got out ok, but I've got a meeting with HR

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2023.05.31 17:53 23wrldd This would be a good way to earn diamonds on free fire

This would be a good way to earn diamonds on free fire
just download the Temu app
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2023.05.31 17:53 WBRobot Are campground social norms different for tent campers?

Been a travel trailer camper my entire life (40+ years), this holiday weekend we were in a commercial campground in the Midwest. Between my family and friends, we had a row of 4 full hook-up sites. Behind us is a field of primitive tent sites. No "roads", but the way the rows of tent sites were marked, there were drive able paths that traveled horizontal to our sites. While we primarily hung out a few sites down, I had not one, but two tent campers drive their minivan/car through my site. The first one was while we were hanging out around the fire at night. Heated words were exchanged on both sides. Ours were mostly because the group had small kids and dogs. The second time was the next day by someone at a different site than the first. That time my dog was chained up, and the kids were actively playing. She claimed it was OK because she "drove slowly". After speaking with the campground, they plan on adding boulders at the back of the sites to prevent future incidents. But, are tent campers just that different?
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2023.05.31 17:52 FrontpageWatch2020 [#688+311198] BABYMONSTER's Ahyeon Comes Under Fire As Video Surfaces Of Her Using Racial Slur In A Performance [r/kpop]

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2023.05.31 17:52 Comfortable-Bat-4072 A Practical Tourist Guide to Pyrrhia. Part 2: Dragons, Inhabitants of Pyrrhia and their curious habits

Welcome back dear tourists and travelers of all types and species.
Today we will look at the curious habits and general traditions of the dragon tribes of Pyrrhia.

Let's start from a premise: dragons are not all the same.

In Pyrrhia live 7 different species (or "tribes", also considering that they are obviously part of the same species), each of which has different characteristics and different traditions.
All these tribes are part of a single species, obviously due to the fact that they can produce fertile offspring. it is therefore probable that we are speaking here of "races".

These tribes have different powers, looks, and abilities (many make absolutely no sense). Many of them (except the poor Seawings) have a kind of "breath", a specialized element thrown from the dragon's mouth as a defense and offense system, which is called an "exhalation". It can be fire or poison or ice or curses.

All seven tribes will be detailed in specialized episodes.

Let's move on to those characteristics shared by all tribes.
Being reptiles, dragons lay eggs to reproduce. Unique feature: they have 6 limbs (4 legs and 2 wings)
A dragon never stops growing and reaches adulthood at 7 years of age, despite having a hundred-year life expectancy. We cannot but ask ourselves questions about why they are so long-lived but grow so fast, going against various natural laws (as if everything else were).
Dragons are all carnivores. Everyone. Except the Rainwings who, like pandas, defy the law of nature exclusively out of laziness (in fact they are fruitarians). Apart from themselves, normal dragons eat mostly medium- to large-sized live animals.

Now. Let's stop for a moment at this sentence.
An adult dragon is about the size of a blue whale. So it eats about one large sized being like a cow per day. They do not breed, but mainly hunt. How is it possible that animals are not extinct yet?
In the wild, it usually doesn't happen that a super-predator evolves into being intelligent and eliminates all of its predators. But let's not ask ourselves questions. Furthermore, for a reptilian species (which in nature have no emotions, no offense) and without prehensile free limbs (in fact they walk on all legs and their wings are not prehensile) it is even more difficult.

Dragons are as intelligent as humans and have an advanced, medieval-style, hierarchical society. Despite this, after almost 5,000 years of history, they still haven't invented such basic inventions as gunpowder. This arouses much suspicion, considering that humanity has gone from iron swords to spaceships in barely 2000 years. But let's not ask ourselves questions.
Emotionally, dragons are just like humans. They complain about money, cry because girlfriend dumped them, cheer in bars and tend to get drunk if they have alcohol (unconfirmed). They communicate both by speaking (human beings do not understand this language, hearing it as roars, mumblings and curses) and with body movements.

Fun fact: The Universities of Cambridge and Oxford have teamed up to release an official English-Draconic dictionary.

Curious and somewhat bizarre fact. Many dragons tend to be aggressive and violent because, quoting; "We are dragons, that's how we are." It might sound normal, but it's like a human being starts hunting mammoths while saying; "We are human beings, that's how we are". Which leads one to wonder why they generally see themselves as a species and not as an individual, but let's not ask ourselves questions.
The dragons are divided into 6 well-defined kingdoms, each occupied by a single tribe. This is obviously strange, considering that human beings are divided by territory, not by ethnicity, but let's not ask ourselves questions.
Each of these tribes has given its name to a specific region of the continent, except for the Nightwings who, we remember from the last episode, live together with the Rainwings.
Each tribe is ruled by a queen, so they are matriarchal societies. Despite this, female dragons do not appear to have more power than males in other areas of society.
The method of dynastic succession is somewhat barbaric. The queen's daughters (sometimes also sisters, nieces, or cousins) gain the throne by challenging the current queen to death, and if they win, they gain the throne right away. It goes without saying that this method makes absolutely no sense.

We can say that this is it folks.
See you next time with "The Tribes of Pyrrhia: Wallowing with the Mudwings"
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2023.05.31 17:51 Internal_War917 Making friends is weird! Looking for friends that are women

I (30 f) am married with 2 boys. I am currently a stay at home mom but prior I was an engineer in the Navy. I’ve traveled all over the US and have been to many countries so I have plenty of crazy stories to tell. Im also a cat and plant mom. I grow my medicine (legal in my state). I LOVE concerts. Into all genres but I’m a metal head at heart. Something about a metal concert speaks to the soul. Feel free to recommend bands. Here are a few of my favs. Wage war, bleed from within, fire from the gods, 5 finger death punch, august burns red, I can name so many more feel free to ask. Also into WWE, I love the drama from it 😂
I’ve had a lot of shit experiences in life and know you have to make good out of bad. So, I’m a pretty positive person, but not a judgemental positive 😂. I love dark humor, talking about the unknown, and lastly I’m a great listener.
Making friends in person is so strange to me. I’m pretty quiet when I first meet people and I also feel like not many women would be interested in what I am. So for once, I’m putting myself out there. Feel free to message me and talk about the world or whatever it is friends talk about!
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2023.05.31 17:51 I-Passed6789 The dumb and the dumber

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2023.05.31 17:51 BrilliantSection4501 How to pick which class to change a character into from second seal?

I'm quite new to fire emblem (just beat awakening and now playing birthright) and I wanted to know how I should go about deciding which class I should change the character to.
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2023.05.31 17:50 Stock_Party_2450 One of my wife’s comfort items came in handy around the fire

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2023.05.31 17:50 InuLuj32 Should I accept an offer from a consulting firm or take the risk and wait for a better company?

TLDR: I currently have a job in a niche field with low pay and low WLB. I want to switch jobs and got 2 interviews, one of them which will likely bring me an offer by next week. The other one (which is the company I really want to get into) has scheduled the final interview in 1 month and I'm not sure I'll be able to succeed the interview. Should I wait for the interview at the company I like or take the offer from the company which is really interested in hiring me?

Hey everyone,
I'm torn between several choices in my current situation.
I'm currently a developer in a niche field (games) since 1+ year.
I don't really like the job and the pay is rather on the low end.
So, I've been applying to different jobs posting as I've decided 1+ year here was enough experience to switch jobs.
Currently, I've had 2 interviews:
- First one at company X. Totally different field (web/mobile app dev/a bit of security) and a lot of opportunities to grow. I can even choose which team I'd like more to go into. The thing is I've got another technical interview which I'm not sure at all I'll succeed and that inteview is scheduled in 1 month. Salary is good, WLB too (15min commute, 1 day homeworking).
- Second company Y is a consulting firm which would send me in a company also active in the gaming field. I've had several interviews with them and they're really happy with who I am and my skills. I should probably receive an offer in the next week. I estimate that pay will be a bit better than where I am now (although not by a meaningful difference). WLB not that great (1h commute, no homeworking). The consulting company told me that after the project's done (around 1 year long), I will be able to switch to another field (web dev, backend probably).

So the question is: my preferred choice is company X (tech stack, getting out of the gaming field which isn't lucrative or rewarding enough, salary, WLB, homeworking, ...) but what should I do if I receive an offer from company Y as I'm not sure at all the company X will send me an offer?
I could of course just stay at my current company, refuse Y's offer and wait (and hope) for an offer from X in which the worst case scenario I just stay at my current company. BUT, at my current company I've been told already several times that the managers weren't happy with my work (they're asking for impossible deadlines as they've got no technical ideas of the constraints and the required amount of work). So there is a possibility that I'll just get fired in the next 3 months or so.
Concerning the salaries/advantages:
- Current 2200€ net, no car, no fuel card, no laptop/phone, no bonus (except for 13th month), poor WLB
- Company X: 2100€ net, great car, 150€ fuel card, group + hospital insurances, more WLB
- Company Y: probably around 2000€ net, random car, fuel card, group + hospital insurances, poor WLB

So, fellow devs, what's your advice ?
Thank you for your time and your answers!
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2023.05.31 17:49 jacksmachiningreveng Rheinmetall MLG 27 Naval Multirole Gun System remains stabilized on target while firing from a floating platform

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2023.05.31 17:49 Icy_Flight9634 Lindsay G test cancelled due to the mall fire

Lindsay square mall was evacuated due to a fire yesterday, my test was cancelled, initially, the staff said they might resume the test in the afternoon but didn't. Does anyone know if they're adding more test appointments to accommodate the cancelled test?
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2023.05.31 17:48 ReallyJustTheFacts The DOJ Has Questions About Trump Firing an Election Security Expert Days After the Election

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2023.05.31 17:48 andysmom22334 Spending Buckets Broke Savings Round Ups

When they rolled out the checking spending buckets, my savings round up transfers stopped working. It just says "transfer processing" when I drill down to the details on the round up. I even deleted it and readded with no luck. Supposedly there is a service incident opened for my issue but they will not provide updates or an ETA on the solution.
I don't use Spending Buckets. I tried them the first day they were live and quickly ran away from the dumpster fire.
Is anyone else having this problem? And is there another bank that has this feature? So far I found Acorns (a 3rd party app) and BofA (ugh).
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2023.05.31 17:48 knaz19 Does Anyone KNOW the Base Fusion Damage?

Hello, new poster here. I have played this game on and off for a while now through multiple patches. It's pretty cool, but I also have NO CLUE what half the stuff does and exactly how the math rolls up. A general idea, yes, but man is it cryptic. And the Wiki is out of date and useless. It's a shame for such a good game.
OK with my mini rant out of the way my question is, does anyone have any way to find the base, unmodified damage (from class levels or artifacts) of each skill and combo? I am finding at the end of each run I do, when I compare my combos, the total damage potential for each is wildly out of scale with other combos. For instance Vortex is like 6x Ether Fire. But of course that is with a certain set of artifacts, etc. I would like to know this for ALL combos so I can ignore the junk ones and not waste 30+ minutes of an otherwise good run.
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2023.05.31 17:48 Yomamas_boyfriend ULPT Question: Should I get my coworker/frienemy fired

Tldr: Here's the deal. This guy who I thought was my friend has shown his true colors and Im trying to figure out how to proceed.
Long version: I'm in the Army National Guard and I befriended a fellow guardsman some time around 2007. Fast forward to 2009 he helped me get a federal job at the same facility where he worked. He was very content with his position and I was very ambitious. Within a year and a half I had been promoted over him from WG6 to GS7. He seemed fine with it because it was less work he had to do. A decade goes by and our supervisor retires. I was immediately plugged in as the interim supervisor and eventually awarded the position. He undermines my authority often. Always shows up to work ridiculously late. Calls out of work at least once a week. The thing is it's a very slow and difficult process to fire a federal employee, but I have an ace up my sleeve. I have evidence that he has been convicted of aggravated assault in 2022, has and open DUI case, have been arrested at least 4 other times in 2022, and has recently gone to jail ( this week) for attacking his 25 year old secret wife (He's in his 50's). Likes young women because he can control and manipulate them with money and transportation. I know you're saying, "but what's that have to do with you?" On at least 3 occasions I've been pulled into the drama unexpectedly. 1. From his Facebook account the wife (girlfriend at the time) sends me a video of him drunk on Facebook raging out on and threatening her, and rambling about being violated by Vice Lords in the 90's. She also made statements about people and situations that she couldn't know unless he told her since we've never met nor spoken to each other. He flipped out on me for responding to her.
  1. 6 months later. He sent me a long-winded text around midnight one night saying that he got married and need to get an annulment and that I need to stop telling people his business and that he needs my support... I don't speak to anyone about other people's personal life I keep it professional.
  2. We had a co-worker move to a different department so as the supervisor I rearranged duties to equally distribute them amongst all my employees. Once again he was not at work when the meeting transpired. I told him that he would now be in charge of a certain task he said okay. Days later around midnight again he sent me another text saying to stop coming at his neck and talking slick about him in meetings and that he's my senior so get someone else to do the task assigned to him. He also, brought up things from my past that I told him in confidence. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about and that he should bring whomever his "source" is so that we can discuss it like men and colleagues. He quickly apologized and has never brought it up again.
My team and i are fed up with his laziness and unprofessionalism. Do you guys think I should play the wild card and get him out of here or build a legit insubordination packet?
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2023.05.31 17:48 bitemy Christians bullied an Indiana school district into canceling a school play with LGBTQ characters. The students raised more than $83,000 and put the play on in a professional theatre.

(This excerpt is from a Washington Post article written by Hannah Natanson.)
FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Sydney Knipp, 16, tiptoed to stage’s edge and peered around the black curtain at the nearly 1,500 people waiting for the play to start. It was the largest audience she had ever seen.
In a few minutes, Sydney was supposed to stride before them, braids streaming, to deliver the opening monologue as Alanna Dale in “Marian, or The True Tale of Robin Hood,” a gender-bending take on Sherwood Forest’s beloved bandit.
Dotted among the crowd, Sydney saw, were security personnel in bulletproof vests. At the entrance, theatergoers were submitting to bag checks and a metal detector wand. Behind Sydney stood Fia, her 14-year-old sister, costumed as Much the Miller’s son.
Sydney and Fia, and their characters, were the reason for the security — the reason this play was happening not at school but at an outdoor theater in the girls’ hometown. Alanna confesses her love for a woman in the 16th scene. Much declares they are nonbinary two scenes later. The LGBTQ storylines drew complaints from parents, spurring Carroll High School to cancel “Marian” in February out of concern for students’ safety.
But the cast of two dozen teenagers decided to put the play on anyway. Now, on a chilly evening in late May — after raising almost $84,000, booking Foellinger Theatre and whirling through 2½ weeks of late-night rehearsals squeezed between Advanced Placement exams and finals — it was opening night for a show adults had warned them not to do.
Sydney sidled to her little sister. “How are you feeling?”
The teens believed — knew — they were part of something bigger. They knew schools across the country are nixing plays and musicals that feature gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender roles, often due to parent objections. They were aware Republican politicians are passing a record-breaking wave of laws restricting the rights of LGBTQ children, and that Fort Wayne trends White and red.
The teens also knew they had fans: the thousands who bought $15.50 tickets or donated to their fundraiser; the local theater groups who lent decorations; even “Marian” playwright Adam Szymkowicz, whom they had met on a Zoom call.
But in these last moments with her sister, Fia had something to confide.
She was thinking about what producer Nathan Gotsch said a half-hour before showtime. Should any hecklers emerge, he told students, ushers would escort them out. One student, dressed as a king’s guard, had raised black armored gloves and promised to deter disrupters with his fists, earning laughs. But Fia wasn’t laughing now.
“If someone yells something,” Fia whispered to Sydney, “I think I’m going to cry.”
Sydney pointed to the audience. “Dude, there are so many people with dyed hair out there,” she said. “We’re going to be okay.”
She laid her arm on Fia’s shoulder. Fia rested her forehead on Sydney’s hand. The sisters stood, curled in an embrace, as the crowd began to hush.
Three months earlier, Meadowe Freeman arrived early to school for a surprise meeting called by her principal and theater director.
Auditions had just wrapped for Carroll High’s production of “Marian.” The 18-year-old, who chose theater because “I’m not very sporty,” had anticipated teasing from students about the play’s LGBTQ characters. But she never expected what she heard that day: that some parents disliked the play so much it couldn’t continue.
“You read about it on the news,” Meadowe said, “but you never expect it to happen in your school.”
Sitting near the front of the room was Tristan Wasserman, 18. He watched his friends start to cry. Walking from the meeting, he decided: The show would go on.
That night, Tristan hunted up the email of “Marian” playwright Szymkowicz. He researched the name of a reporter with Fort Wayne’s 21 Alive News. He fired off versions of the same email.
“Hello,” he wrote, “my name is Tristan Wasserman … It was actually on my 18th birthday that we found out that we wouldn’t be doing Marian.”
His efforts yielded news coverage and, ultimately, 5,600 signatures on a petition to reinstate the play. One of Tristan’s friends, Stella Brewer-Vartanian, president of a left-leaning political club at Carroll High, launched Twitter and Instagram accounts devoted to reversing the cancellation. But the school stuck by its decision.
So Tristan began recruiting students to speak at the next school board meeting. If enough teens explained why it was wrong, he figured, the adults would have to listen.
On Feb. 27, Tristan, Stella — who wasn’t part of the theater program but felt outraged by what she called adult bullying — and roughly 20 high schoolers showed up, some with prepared speeches.
Before most could speak, a woman rose. Kaye Niman said she was a taxpayer, a mother and a pastor’s wife. “Marian” — with its “LGBT whatever, however many ABCs you want to put on it” — was immoral, Niman said.
“What we believe in is what the Bible says, and the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin,” said Niman, who did not respond to a request for comment. “It’s forgivable, don’t get me wrong, it’s forgivable and we love them, but nevertheless … I applaud whoever made the decision to not have this play go on.”
As Niman wrapped up, 16-year-old Peyton Stratton sat picturing the role she had hoped for: that of Marian/Robin, who leads the troupe of Merry Men. Peyton, who wants to attend law school, admired Marian for her ferocity, wit and determination to protect the people she loves.
Telling herself to summon those traits now, Peyton walked to the microphone. She reminded the board of school anti-bullying initiatives that teach children not to tolerate hate.
“By taking down this play, you’re following the opposite of that message,” she said. “You are teaching students to fold at the first sign of struggle.”
Stella told the adults they were writing themselves into history as “hateful.”
And Tristan gave a promise: “I have not rested,” he said, “nor will I rest until this decision is reversed.”
Students headed home with hope. Tristan was in his bedroom when he got a text alerting him that the superintendent, Wayne Barker, was speaking about the play.
“This came down to an issue where our principal felt that it was going to be an unsafe activity for our students to participate in because of how divisive it was becoming,” Barker said. “I support his decision … I’m comfortable with why he did what he did.”
In a statement to The Washington Post, district spokeswoman Lizette Downey said the decision to cancel “Marian” was due not only to parent complaints, but primarily to “disruptions already occurring between students directly involved within the theater department.” She did not specify what those “disruptions” were.
Superintendent Barker declined repeated interview requests.
For a while, the students were lost. Some pondered putting on the play outside school, Stella said, but no one knew how. Then Stella got a message saying a local man she’d never met wanted to talk to her.
A former teacher born and raised in Fort Wayne, Nathan Gotsch, 40, sympathized with administrators’ plight — but felt more for the students. And, he felt, he was perfectly positioned to help.
Gotsch, who attended film school at the University of Southern California, spent his 20s working in entertainment in Los Angeles. After stints in education and journalism, he had just run unsuccessfully for Congress. Taken together, it meant Gotsch had the know-how and the network of political, activist and theater contacts the students would need to stage “Marian” themselves.
Over a video call, the idea took shape. Gotsch agreed to serve as overall producer, and four teens — Tristan, Stella, Meadowe and Kaitlyn Gulley, head of Carroll’s Gay-Straight Alliance — would become student-producers.
Gotsch set up a GoFundMe to pay for the play; it pulled in $80,000 in under two weeks. Nonprofit Fort Wayne Pride, which advocates for LGBTQ rights, stepped in as fiscal agent, managing the money.
Nathan and others identified two dozen students willing to act in “Marian” and assigned them parts. He hired a professional director and crew to handle stage management, engineering, sets, sound, costumes and lighting. He secured Foellinger Theatre for May 20 and coordinated security with Indiana State Police and parks personnel.
Meanwhile, Stella and Kaitlyn promoted the play at a “No Hate Fort Wayne” rally and a Democratic Party gathering. Meadowe and Tristan liaised between adults and students in the production — while Meadowe learned a role as a guard and Tristan served as assistant stage manager and sound designer, at one point imitating pigeon calls for the play’s soundtrack.
Rehearsals — running after school and on weekends — started May 3. The student-actors had fewer than 4o hours, across less than three weeks, to learn their lines.
Teens were facing APs and fast-approaching finals. They were fielding phone calls from journalists and messages from actors who wanted to cheer them on — support they appreciated but which took time.
The Friday before opening night, Peyton arrived late after ferrying over three students who lacked cars. Her hair was already braided in the intricate coils required for the role she had coveted: Marian.
She fast-walked into a kitchen tucked below the theater to cries of “Peyton! They need you in makeup!” and “Peyton! Go straight to makeup!”
“I know,” Peyton said, crossing to a wall and scribbling her initials onto a sign-in sheet.
She eyed the steaming
(To read the full article go to )
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2023.05.31 17:47 Worshipakainu THE MAN WHO WILL BEAT AKAINU BTW 🤡

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2023.05.31 17:47 Aimbosil New fire haven mythical concept

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2023.05.31 17:47 shadowking1711 Pokemon games to play

Hello everyone,
Pokemon FireRed and sapphire were my first pokemon games. So jumping into the switch, Violet is my newest one . My question is. Are the older games on the switch worth playing? Like sword and shield? I've heard mixed things about them . But seeing that we are able to transfer the older pokemon to the new games has me wondering if they are worth it .
Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.31 17:47 Sming7177 Gotta catch them all

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