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OptiFine - Minecraft performance tuning and advanced graphics

2013.10.09 23:20 FinalStealth OptiFine - Minecraft performance tuning and advanced graphics

Official subreddit for OptiFine - A Minecraft: Java Edition mod for optimization and graphics enhancements.

2023.05.31 17:56 Lovrok200 Sport i posao - anketa za diplomski

Pozdrav susjedi, molim Vas sve za pomoć. Trebaju mi ljudi za anketu za diplomski. Anketa traje minutu ili dvije i to max. Tema ankete je kako fizičke (sportske) aktivnosti utječu na radnu sposobnost zaposlenika.
S obzirom da cu usporedivati rezultate koje cu dobiti od ljudi koji treniraju, i od ljudi koji ne treniraju, imam dvije ankete pa ispunite s obzirom trenirate li ili ne. Hvala unaprijed svima!
Anketa za ljude koji treniraju : https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLSdxSPsZXKt.../viewform...
Anketa za ljude koji ne treniraju : https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLSeQqGaiTi3.../viewform...

Sve konstruktivne kritike su dobrodošče :D
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2023.05.31 17:54 wingulls420 10 Most Frequently Violated Tenants Rights in Olympia

Our rental duplex has formed a small union to negotiate with our landlord. We have regular dinners together to hang out and talk strategy. This winter we came up with this list of local tenants rights based on the most recent housing laws in Oly. Hope it helps others. Most of the time landlords get away with this stuff because nobody knows they are illegal and they don't have anyone elsento discuss strategy with.
  1. MOVE IN CHECKLIST: Tenants shouldn’t have to give a security deposit without receiving a move-in checklist of the unit conditions from the landlord
  2. GET YOUT DEPOSIT: If you don’t get your deposit (or an invoiced list of damages/repairs) back within 21 days of moving out then you are entitled to 3 times the amount of the deposit.
  3. NO SURPRISE VISITS: Tenants do not have to let landlords into the rented property for any reason without a written 48 hour advance notice.
  4. GET STUFF FIXED: Most emergency repairs (heating, cooling, flooding, leaking, gas) the landlord has 72 hours to fix after getting notice, and 10 days for non-emergency repairs.
  5. PETS CAN’T PAY RENT: Tenants cannot be charged monthly pet rent/fees
  6. PAY HOW YOU WANT: Tenants can choose to pay rent in whatever way they want including checks, cash, or electronic
  7. NO NOTICE, NO RENT: When the landlord wants to increase rent they have to give at least 60 days advance written notice. If it is more than a 5% increase they have to give 90 days written notice. If more than 10% it has to be at least 120 day advance notice. If you don’t get a timely written notice from your landlord about rent increases then you can legally ignore the rent increase notice.
  8. NO BS FEES: One time administrative fees are not allowed in Olympia You can pay deposits/move in fees over 1 month’s rent you can pay in installments
  9. NO CAUSE NO EVICTION: A landlord cannot terminate your tenancy without a legal reason, and that reason dictates how much advance notice you need to be given.
  10. NO LOCK-OUTS: All lockouts are illegal.
  11. YOU ALWAYS HAVE RIGHTS: Tenants cannot waive any of their rights, even if your landlord makes you sign them away.
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2023.05.31 17:51 GucciManeIn2000And6 [Hiring] (Online) JavaScript React + Firebase Developer $15 - $20/hr

Hello! My name is Luke, I am hiring a single developer who must have experience (or a strong portfolio / GitHub profile) with React framework and Google Firebase as a backend. We are going to be developing a web app with functionality similar to Facebook Marketplace, and it needs to be responsive on Mobile and Desktop.
100% remote and results-based.
Contact me via the google Forms job application
Operating on a small budget. Offering $400 for the entire project. Pay is 100% negotiable. We can alternatively arrange an hourly price if you contact me.
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2023.05.31 17:48 JBSouls FT: new aprimon combos post-HOME access // LF: HA aprimons, apriballs

Hey all, I haven't fully finished breeding all new combos yet but I might as well trade some mons to new homes anyway.
Here's my spreadsheet with available on-hands (apriball Hisuian forms, Safari / Sport mons, etc).

Feel free to offer anything I don't have yet - just make sure it has HA. Especially appreciated would be white Basculin in apriballs because I haven't gotten around to breeding those yet.

I'll also take 1 apriball for every 3 on-hands (though that isn't my main trading focus).
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2023.05.31 17:45 Hamza-Ouessleti Security Token Offerings (STOs): Hype or down of decentralized fundraising?

Security Token Offerings (STOs): Hype or down of decentralized fundraising?

The Security Token Offerings (STOs) market, the same as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in 2019, is currently blossoming away leaving theoreticals and practicals facing the unreasonable paradox of a fainted pioneer fundraising technology. Unfortunately, implications in this field are still blurry and few researchers were driven in this context. In order to understand this anomaly, we surveyed STO’s investors to investigate their motives and behavior concerning STO investments.
The survey is anonymously and voluntarily conducted for academic purposes, no financial-reward implications exist in this work. Regarding the significance of the topic, the results of this survey will be communicated to interested participants at a further point. This survey will take a maximum of 5 minutes of your time.
Survey link:
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2023.05.31 17:44 Routine_Wolf940 UX User Research Survey For Event Bookings

Hi Everyone! If you have a spare 2 minutes to fill out the survey attached, that would be great.
The survey is for a UX case study focusing on booking event tickets through Ticketmaster.
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2023.05.31 17:40 Woody-Sailor-DM A Brief History of an (as yet) Unnamed Adventuring Group

Part 1. Chapter 1. A ship pulls away from a Suzail pier, carrying, in disguise, the Archmage Vilenthral, High Priest Master Colhoun Mindient, Overseer Eilhom Brickertag, an ancient gold dragon wearing the form of a high elf, Grand Marshall Lord Jamus Pickerel, and somewhat bizarrely, Lord Pickerel’s grandmother. They head out into the Dragonreach, bound for unknown ports.
This story is not about them. Several piers away, a shabby looking but well-kept ship, Sea Sprite, pulls away from the dock with a load of wares to sell in other ports. Also aboard are Dillium Pikles (sometimes spelled by Dillum Pickless by unsuspecting humans), a female elven priest of Ilmater; Lythanderallys, a high elf that Dillium has nicknamed “Emo Elf”; young Lord Finister Eldroon (Finst), a human currently on a trade mission for the queen of Cormyr; Lord Eldroon’s groom, Dalton PathHome, an attentive halfling; Novos Demedichi, a tall, dark haired human clad in dark colors; Mrs. Potts, a plump elderly lady traveling to visit her sister in Raven’s Bluff; and her granddaughter Myriam Selligrew, along with assorted bags, chests, hatboxes, suitcases, trunks, garment bags, boxes, and pressed flowers. The other passengers also have their own gear. Discussions amongst the passengers are muted after Captain Drask’s lecture and during dinner, and most drift off to sleep early.
The first port of call is Marsember, a large Cormyran city. While only in town for a short while, Dillium gets into an altercation with the local port police while defending a band of mischievous street urchins, before returning to the ship to hide from the authorities. Finst and Dalton take a tour of the port areas of the city and learn of the impending end of the world by dragons, as described by a strange half-naked man. Novos and Lythanderallys remain onboard, absorbed in their own affairs, while Mrs. Potts and Myriam tour the ladies’ haberdashers and purchase extravagant hats.
The next port is Urmlaspyr, a largely independent city-state generally on friendly terms with Cormyr. It is here that Finst and Dalton take in a 'live action play' in a local tavern. Dillium attends the local temple (to the Triad of Torm, Helm, and Ilmater), but as a healer, she is called to a local tavern to care for a wounded tavern keep. Finst applauds the outstanding acting as Dillium, Dalton, and three bystanders care for the tavern keep and take him to the temple for healing. The father of the temple rewards Dillium with a silver falcon (which is a unit of coin in Sembia, and not a metallic bird). Later that night, Finst asks Dillium to reprise her act at dinner, but she declines. Novos and Lythanderallys remain onboard, absorbed in their own affairs, while Mrs. Potts and Myriam tour the ladies’ tailors and purchase flowery dresses.
A day or two at sea brings Sea Sprite and all aboard to Saerloon, a huge but somehow under populated city further down the coast of Sembia. Over a period of several days, Sea Sprite offloads and loads cargo while Mrs. Potts commands the assembled passengers to partake in a 'shore party'. Believing, apparently, that a shore party is indeed some sort of celebratory gathering, she commandeers a quaint cafe in a central square and commands them to serve finger sandwiches and dainty cookies to her friends and a few passersby not quick enough to dodge out of her force of personality. As night sets in, the shore party retires to a local hotel, shaped and built like an imposing keep (but actually quite comfortable inside). Brunch is buffet style, which Finst delights in and eventually has to be dragged away from. Novos and Lythanderallys have disappeared, possibly back to their rooms, still absorbed in their own affairs. Mrs. Potts and Myriam tour local cobblers and purchase dainty flower-themed slippers. Dillium intends to attend the local temple, but is spooked by the sight of a full temple to Bhaal, a quite unpleasant god of violent and ritualistic murder. She attempts to return to the ship, only to be turned away (as they are still loading cargo). She continues on to her own temple, and runs into Finst and Dalton.
Finst has decided to shop for a souvenir, of Sembia or Saerloon or something else is never really identified. He heads for the nearest disreputable-looking souvenir shop, and after bargaining with the shopkeep, purchases an ivory tooth. Or perhaps a tusk. In any case it has a quite fetching symbol on the top and appears to be old, so Finst buys it and hands it off to Dalton to carry. The carved trinket may never again appear in this story, so it may not be important. As they leave the shop, they run into Dillium, and are accosted by a short nasty goblin. After a tense conversation where words like “possibly stolen property” and “witnesses” are uttered, an ornate and expensive looking scroll case that may or may not have recently belonged to the archmage Llorianda de la Alas ends up in Dillium’s hands.
Many miles away something crawls from the slime at the bottom of a dark quiet lake.
End of Chapter One

A weekly recount of our gaming session. Yeah, to make a better story I should elaborate on some of the things that are largely glossed over here...
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2023.05.31 17:33 Starlea_Peach Was Feeling Pretty Good, then Overdrafted & Other FMADHD Stuff

TL:DR: Because I have ADHD, I missed crucial details and basic shit everyone else can do, I lost my 3rd job in 5 years, basically spent almost all my money in 2 months and held up my own unemployment, and I'm feeling like utter crap about it.
I lost my job in March, 3rd job in 5 years. Since this wasn't my first rodeo, I applied for unemployment insurance as soon as I was able. Got a letter a week later saying I would get $358 if I was approved, and applied diligently every week, managed to sorta fill out the worksearch records, and also qualified for other forms of assistance, including help finding a new career path (since Office type work is clearly not working for me!)
(Storytelling, meanders, too many details, but all important for context)
I've been living off a mass of savings in my checking, like, it was 6k after my last paycheck. The day before I lost my job, I bought a $850 plane ticket to visit a friend in April. Since I had money, already had the plane ticket, I figured it would be fine.
Well, I got stupid and complacent. I was getting worried that it has been nearly 3 months and I haven't gotten a single payment from unemployment. When I qualified for SNAP, the lady who worked on my case said it was taking longer because of all the fraud that happened over the pandemic, but it seemed too long to me. All these thoughts plagued me over the holiday weekend, so I made a note to do it Tuesday after I came home from all my appts and bringing my bf home from work, etc.
I check the mail when we get home, and I see something from my bank. This is never good. It was exactly what I thought it was: an overdraft notice. Luckily, when I was in dire straights back in 2017, the bank recomended I use their credit as a protection backup, but still, the notice was from the 22nd, which meant I had been paying for shit and it was hitting their credit thing and I had a negative balance of $203. HOW THE FUCK DID I SPEND 6K IN THREE MONTHS?!
I scrambled to check my bank account. It said my account didn't exist. I freaked and called their hotline. In the fall, my online banking had been deleted for no reason and when I set it back up I FORGOT TO WRITE THE NEW INFO DOWN BECAUSE OF COURSE I DID. And then like a dummy I didn't check my account for 6 weeks (I'm pretty sure I checked it when I returned).
So--I thought maybe I got hacked. Nope. There was an $800 vet visit (which I had accounted) and $730 for the AirBNB in April. I paid for my friends gas and we ate out a fair amount. I put some stuff on the credit card (which autobilled at $660 for April, but most of that was a car repair). I was wasteful and bought $130 in fabric, repaired my car's audio system for $330, and then stupidly went to the fancy farmers market with my friend and bought $20 in honey and $20 in art prints.
The rest was rent & utilities and odds and ends at the hardware store, groceries when my SNAP didn't come through because I assumed it came through on the first (for me, the 9th, but I did a big shop, it was $150). The utilities hit hard. I just am agog that the money went like that! And hella embarassed. My bf was so good about it. He's been living hand to mouth for several years now and he was patient and supportive while I had a boxing match with myself. I got complacent and stupid and made assumptions because it has been about 3 or so years since I was having to be so careful. Inflation is way worse than I accounted for, and I didn't even think about how I hadn't gotten a damn UI payment yet, which would at least float for a bit. I do not live extravagantly, though I do indulge in a fancy beverage once a week and tea at my favorite late night spot once a week. Even my bf was like "how? you don't buy anything."
Luckily, back in 2017 when I was hella broke, a teller advised since I got paid every two weeks to split my money between two accounts. That only happened for about 3 minutes, but over the plague (when I was also unemployed for the 2nd time), I put a lot of the stimulus money and extras into that account. I also forgot I had moneys in paypal & venmo that I never moved over, so I quickly moved a bit around so that I'd have SOMETHING to send the rent check out on.
So, I tried calling Unemployement, and I forgot my damn PIN, tried calling to get it reset, but it was the same fucking number and they asked for it anyway, and then I had to try 3 times before I could get a representative, then they had no one available, call back. I did that 3 or 4 times, then it was 445 pm.
I tried again this morning, starting at 8 am. 13 separate calls, 2 hours later and having to listen to all the prompts and info every time and go through the verification (I remembered my pin this morning), only to be told to call later, I finally made through on 13th call, waited on hold for 25 minutes (better than the 45 predicted). A very nice if possibly exhasperated lady told me my application was on hold because I hadn't verified my identity and that they sent me a notice on March 16th that I needed to do it.
My unemployment was basically sitting in a fucking hold box for 9 weeks or so, because I needed to verify my identity.
She told me where to go online and I have done the thing, between computer and phone. I said I didn't recall getting in in the mail, but once on the site, I recognized the logo and did recall a little fucking shiny slip of paper in with my notice letter, but there was nothing saying YOU MUST DO THIS.
(Boring Ass Storytelling over, Rant and Pity Party Incoming)
I just feel really sad that All these things are all happening because of ADHD, and because my symptoms have gotten worse since reaching my early 40s. I started medication a year ago, and it helps so much, but I feel so frustrated that I've missed seamingly little things that are really fucking me up.
Just before I lost my job, I wanted to figure out my budget using an old spreadsheet I made, but I couldn't find the spreadsheet and didn't have the wearwithall to make a new one, especially after losing my job. It's just a simple thing, WHY CAN'T I JUST DO IT? I did one before!
And I've also been thinking of all the things that I wanted or thought I would be doing and haven't. I have half a closet of vintage clothes and accessories that I thought I would sell online. I'm an accomplished Tarot Reader, but I haven't done any of my lives, or explored starting that as a legit side gig, like I've been wanting to do for like, 5 years. Yeah, I mean, I've just moved my bf in, and that has required a lot of my time and energy, because I had to make room for him, and since some of his EF is worse than mine and I had the time, I helped him a lot with the move, especially with the things he wasn't good at, like the bathroom & kitchen sort and move, and cleaning.
And the Vocation Rehab is just starting, and I'm feeling discouraged by what kind of jobs and pay is out there. I'm just so sick of working really hard to keep at baseline. I've given up on ever owning real property, and probably ever retiring.
Whine Whine Whine.
Thank you for listening to my ADHD bullshit. Maybe some of you can relate? It's like the Death of A Thousand Cuts sometimes.
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2023.05.31 17:30 jack0b69 Jsem studen stredni skoly a potreboval bych vyplnit dotaznik

vyplnujte ohledupne (negreafujte protoze mi to zbytecne prida tak minutu prace)
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2023.05.31 17:30 ItsEsmeJones [M4A] When Donnie Met Baby Pt. 2 [Unhinged Mafioso Speaker][Brave Listener][*Definitely* Not Yandere][Reverse Comfort][Dom to Sub][Shipwreck][Rescue][Being Vulnerable][Supernatural?][Protective][Possessive][Super Loving][Lore Drops][Comedy?][Oh No He's Hot][CW: Hate Crimes Against Lizards]

Part 1
Context: You were a DJ for a strip club. At least, you were before you met the mobster Donovan Greywater aka 'Donnie'. You met him during a tense shift at the club, and he's been hung up on you ever since. He's crazy, there's no questioning it, but he's got a lot of redeeming qualities! He's even taking you out on a fancy cruise for your first big couple's activity. Doesn't that sound nice?
Setting: A distinctly reptilian island
Tags:[M4A][Unhinged Mafioso Speaker][Brave Listener][Definitely Not Yandere][Reverse Comfort][Dom to Sub][Shipwreck][Rescue][Being Vulnerable][Supernatural?][Protective][Possessive][Super Loving][Lore Drops][Comedy?][Oh No He's Hot][CW: Hate Crimes Against Lizards]
Usage: You may tweak or record this script. Gender flipping is OK! Please credit me if you use this script in any of your projects. If you would like to use this script for a paywalled recording, please note:
Monetization: All forms of monetization are OK with me! Youtube, Patreon, etc. I would appreciate being able to listen to the recording, if possible. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
Other Donnie appearances:
Sweet as Honey Pt. 2
Breaking the Bad Boy
The Prince of Crows
Check out the rest of my scripts by using the Script Directory
[Scene opens in…???]
[SFX: Faint hissing/tropical forest ambiance/ocean waves lapping sand nearby]
[...You were on a boat, you’re sure…]
[SFX: Faint sounds of a boat collision/crash/people screaming]
[...You were on a boat with your boyfriend before it hit a reef]
[You were with… Donnie]
[SFX: The Listener falling into the water before the memory fades and they begin to wake]
[SFX: Reptilian hissing]
[Your eyes open slowly. Everything hurts]
[SFX: Louder reptilian hissing]
[Your brain runs through your love of animals encyclopedia. Komodo dragons currently are ranking in the “fuck that” section]
[SFX: Donnie sprinting]
“Godamnit, you giant septic tank of a fucking monitor lizard, back off my BABY!”
[That’s about when you get to see your mobster boyfriend full-on suplex a ten-foot prehistoric middle finger]
[SFX: Confused, panicked hissing]
[Donnie throws the poor creature aside, panting]
“...It’s OK… Ship crashed, we’re on a fucking Komodo island, I just suplexed a Komodo dragon, it’s fine…”
[SFX: A LOT more reptilian hissing]
[Your boyfriend snarls through his teeth, clenches his fist, and whips around]
“...Or I’m going to have to make you fuckers extinct in the sanctity of your own fucking home… C’MON, YOU KNIFE-TEETH HIDIN’, CHEAP-CAMPIN’, GRAVE-ROBBIN’ muddaFUCKAS!”
[You curl in a ball, trying to protect your twisted ankle while your boyfriend squares up with near-literal dinosaurs]
[This is it. This is how you both die, you’re sure of it…]
[Pause - Break]
[Somehow, you both still live. About an hour after the initial confrontation, Donnie has you riding on his back as he hurries through the dense jungle]
[Donnie laughs as he carries you on his back]
“Shit, I didn’t expect to take out twenty of ‘em either! Guess boxing with Enzo is actually doing me some good. Told you we weren’t dying today!”
“Yeah, the one that doesn’t understand memes. Nice guy. Kind of a dumbass, tho.”
“Hell yes, I’m gonna tell him I beat up twenty Komodo dragons with my bare fucking fists! And teeth, a little…”
“Hey, One-Eye bit me first. Fucker.”
[His voice softens]
“Hey, hey...We’re gonna be OK, Baby, don’t you worry. This ain’t my first ship-crashing scenario. How’s the ankle…?”
[He sighs]
“...First vacation together as a couple and the ship sinks… My fuckin’ luck… Just wanted to take my sweetheart somewhere nice and BOOM! Fuckin’ Komodo Island. Komodo my fuckin’ ass.”
“...Hey. You wanna hear the greatest love story never told?”
[He chuckles, still hefting you with ease]
“Well, it begins with a man named Lucien Greywater and a little bellhop at a hotel. A mobster staying at a nice hotel when someone ran in to try and gun him down and this little sassy minx named Milly charged the guy with a suitcase! Knocks him clean out!”
[He laughs, maneuvering through the brush]
“I know! And then Miss Milly turns back to look at Mr. Greywater, who is in absolute awe, by the way, and says, ‘Dang Mister, don’t you know how to protect yourself? You outta get you a bodyguard’.”
“What did he say? Well, as Dad liked to recount it, he put on his most devastating romantic smolder and said, ‘Yeah? You’re hired’.”
“Oho, I don’t think Ma was expecting him to be that confident either, especially not after that display. But… for all of his faults, Pops always knew what he wanted, and that feisty little bellhop had just stolen his heart, right in front of him!”
[Pause <3]
“Heh… Yeah. Dad wasn’t always warm… He didn’t always have a kind word… but I knew he loved Mom, and Mom loved me, so… I think that’s enough, you know?”
[SFX: Him continuing to jog]
“It’s been a while since I been out here but I think I have a spot for just such a disaster as this.”
[Donnie laughs]
“Baby, I’m psychic, remember? I have a lot of shelters, bug-out plans, weapons, and various other means to keep my business from crashing pretty much worldwide, and, yeah, crashing on Komodo Island was one of those. Didn’t expect I’d be piggybacking my partner during, hehe. Ah! There we go. See that little cabin there?”
“Eyup, all ours, and Komodo free… Well, it better be. I don’t mind putting more lizards in the ground but I also don’t wanna get yelled at if the fuckers are endangered or something.”
[SFX: A lock being fiddled with and a door swinging open]
[He manages to get the cabin open and carry you in, setting you down on an immaculate couch]
“There we go… You sit right here for a sec, Baby, OK? I’m gonna wrap your ankle.”
[SFX: Cloth ripping]
[To your shock, he rips his expensive jacket for strips of cloth and wraps your ankle]
“Huh? What about my jacket?”
“Pfft, yeah, it’s expensive. Who cares? If it was sentimental, I wouldn’t wear it, and I can always just toss on a damned muscle shirt or somethin’. Your ankle’s hurt… and Donnie wants to take care of his Baby, alright?”
“Heh… God, I love that smile. Sit still, OK?”
[SFX: Extended cloth shuffling/ripping mixed in with some Donnie grumbles/swears]
“There we go… Phew, honestly? Being shirtless is a lot nicer in this heat, sheesh.”
“...Someone’s ogling me.”
“Hey, you’re allowed to! C’mon… How come you won’t look at me for more than a second or two?”
[He sits next to you, listening while you explain]
[Long Pause]
“...Partners in the past were richer than you and treated you like property, so you’re leery about not being able to take care of yourself…”
[He nods, more to himself than anything or one else]
“...Anyone I’d know?”
“You want ‘em dead?”
[He huffs but nods again]
“...I get it. I have a lot of power and a lot of money and I’m a scary guy. I’d be fuckin’ scared to trust me, too…”
[He tenses as you rest your head on his shoulder but immediately eases]
“Oh? Resting your head on my shoulder, huh?”
“Heh… Yeah, I don’t doubt you don’t know a lot of people that’d fight a dinosaur for you… but I would. I know most of those assholes would have left you there to be food, but when Donovan Greywater says he loves someone more than his own life, he means it.”
[...Pause <3]
[He giggles a little with that raw chaos energy]
“Ooh, you never noticed how buff I was? Oh no, not my Babydoll flirting with me while we’re both delirious off of adrenaline.”
[You share a little kiss, at ease]
“Hmhm, mwah. I do love kisses from you… But, ah, before we start acting like randy idiots, let me go ahead and put in a request for emergency rescue. I saw a bunch of people swimming for another part of the island, but I doubt everyone made it off the ship…”
[He stands with a sigh, running his hands through his hair]
“...I’ll make you a strong drink while I’m a it. Gotta take care of my Baby, eh?”
[Pause <3]
“I’d love a back rub when I get back, Sweetness. You hear any hissing or lizard sass, you know what to do.”
[He tosses his head back and laughs]
“Godamn right! Aim for the throats and insult their ancestors!”
[With that, he heads off into what you presume is the kitchen. It’s not exactly how you saw your first vacation with your new boyfriend going but… fuck it, right? He beat up dinosaurs for you and he’s hot]
[To be continued?]
Note: The Only Thing Komodo Fear is Donnie.
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2023.05.31 17:29 Bragior Class Discussion: Berserker (post-Ultimate Mastery Update)

Discussion Schedule and Navigation

Check the Wiki for the full list of the Character Discussion Threads.
Please vote for the upcoming featured discussions:
Newly released/rebalanced characters will be added to the surveys after two weeks of their introduction or implementation.

Class Discussion: Berserker

Show your wild side with mix-and-match skills for a dynamically defying fighting style.


Unlock Prerequisites

  • CP ×2,500
  • Gladiator Distinction ×20
  • Superior Duelist trophy — Clear the quest Search for an Heir with a Fighter-type class

Class Details

Level Bonuses

Level Bonus
1 ATK +2,000
5 HP +500
10 ATK +2,000
15 HP +500
20 ATK +2,000
  • Total: ATK +6,000, HP +1,000
  • Completion Bonus: ATK +2%, HP +1%

Master Bonuses

Level Bonus Level Bonus Level Bonus
1 - 11 ATK +300 21 ATK +300
2 ATK +300 12 HP +300 22 DMG Cap +1%
3 HP +300 13 ATK +300 23 ATK +300
4 DMG Cap +1% 14 DMG Cap +1% 24 DMG Cap +1%
5 HP +300 15 ATK +300 25 ATK +300
6 ATK +300 16 DMG Cap +1% 26 DMG Cap +1%
7 DMG Cap +1% 17 ATK +300 27 ATK +300
8 ATK +300 18 DMG Cap +1% 28 DMG Cap +1%
9 HP +300 19 ATK +300 29 HP +300
10 DMG Cap +1% 20 New Support Skill 30 Main Skill Upgrade
  • Total: ATK +3,600, HP +1,500, DMG Cap +10%
  • New Support Skill: Trample
  • Unlocked Class Color Outfits:
    • Fighter (Lvl 10)
    • Warrior (Lvl 15)
    • Weapon Master (Lvl 20)
    • Berserker (Lvl 30)

Ultimate Mastery Bonuses

  1. ATK +3,500
  2. HP +1,500
  3. Debuff Success +7%
  4. C.A. DMG +7%
  5. Chain Burst DMG Cap +7%
  6. DMG Cap +12%

Support Skills

Name Obtained Description
Battle Instincts Lvl 1 Boost to double attack rate. 10% boost to max HP.
Revenge Run Amok Lvl 1 Chance to dodge and counter a foe's normal attacks.
Trample Mst 20 Supplement damage upon triple attacks (Cap: 100,000 per instance)

Main Skill

  • Name: Full Arsenal III
  • Skill Type: Buffing (Yellow)
  • Cooldown: 5 turns
Obtained Effects Duration
Lvl 1 Gain Instant Charge. Instant
Gain 50% ATK Up (Normal) and 30% C.B. DMG Up. 1 turn
Mst 30 Also gain 20% C.A. DMG Up (1 time) and 10% C.A. DMG Cap Up (1 time). Until used

EMP Skill 1

  • Name: Armor Break
  • Skill Type: Damaging (Red)
  • Cooldown: 5 turns
  • EMP Cost: 30
Effects Duration
Elemental damage to a foe. Instant
Inflict 25% DEF Down. 180 seconds

EMP Skill 2

  • Name: Rage IV
  • Skill Type: Buffing (Yellow)
  • Cooldown: 5 turns
  • EMP Cost: 25
Effects Duration
All parties gain 40% ATK Up (Normal). 3 turns
All allies gain 5% DMG Cap Up. 3 turns
Consumes 30% of charge bar.

EMP Skill 3

  • Name: Rampage II
  • Skill Type: Buffing (Yellow)
  • Cooldown: 6 turns
  • EMP Cost: 15
Effects Duration
Gain 100% DA Up and 50% TA Up. 3 turns
Self-inflict 30% DEF Down. 3 turns
  • DEF Down can be removed.

EMP Skill 4

  • Name: Ulfhedinn
  • Skill Type: Buffing (Yellow)
  • Cooldown: 5 turns
  • EMP Cost: 50
Effects Duration
Gain Ulfhedinn. 4 turns
Consumes 100% of charge bar.
  • Ulfhedinn applies the following effects:
    • 50% ATK Up (Unique)
    • 50% DEF Up
    • 30% Bonus DMG
    • Guaranteed TA
    • Debuff Immunity
    • Cannot use skills
  • Ulfhedinn cannot be removed.

UM Skill 1

  • Name: Ferocious Roar
  • Skill Type: Buffing (Yellow)
  • Cooldown: 6 turns
Effects Duration
Axe- and Sabre-specialty allies gain 30% DA Up, 30% TA Up, and 20% Bonus DMG. 4 turns

UM Skill 2

  • Name: Beast Fang
  • Skill Type: Damaging (Red)
  • Cooldown: 7 turns
Effects Duration
400% Elemental damage to a foe (Cap: ~635,000). Instant
Inflict 25% ATK Down and 25% DEF Down. 180 seconds
Gain 50% DMG Cap Up. 2 turns
Auto-activates upon normal attacks while Ulfhedinn is in effect.

UM Skill 3

  • Name: Bloodzerker
  • Skill Type: Buffing (Yellow)
  • Cooldown: 0 turns
Effects Duration
Gain Bloodzerker. Until recast
Effect ends when HP is below 25%.
  • Bloodzerker applies the following effects:
    • Consume 25% of current HP upon performing a charge attack.
    • Gain 50% Sharp ATK Up (1 time) for 1.5 turns.
  • Sharp ATK Up is assassin modifier.
  • Bloodzerker cannot be removed.

Helpful topics to discuss

  • What role does this class fill and what content does it do particularly well in?
  • Which elements are best suited to using this class?
  • What MH weapons are particularly suited to this class?
  • Is the CCW worth using for this class?
  • How does this class compare to other classes, for early-, middle-, and late-game players?
  • What general subskill would you recommend using with this class?
  • Which EMP nodes would you prioritize for the class?
  • Which EMP skill are worth taking?
  • How does this class fare in full auto?
  • How does this class fare in battle system 2.0?
  • How do you personally use this class, if at all?
  • How was the class improved with Mastery Bonuses?
  • How was the class improved with Ultimate Mastery Bonuses?
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2023.05.31 17:29 kevinmaloneschilifr Linguistics Survey About US Regional Language Variation (Southern state residents, 18+)

This survey is for my college Anthropology class. It's anonymous and I'm the only one who will see the results. I will summarize the results in my final project, which will be seen by students and faculty. It will take 1-2 minutes. Thank you!
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2023.05.31 17:29 theforgottenapple LF: New Aprimons from Home (see inside) FT: On-Hand Aprimons, Ability Patch/Auspicious Armor/Apriballs

I will be available to trade later today
Hi everyone,
This is my list of on-hands.
I also have Auspicious Armor, Ability Patches and Apriballs
I am looking for the following (all with HA where applicable):
Me You
1 Aprimon 1 Aprimon
1 Auspicious ArmoAbility Patch 2 Aprimon
1 Apriball 5 Aprimons
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2023.05.31 17:21 quickbookphhelp To Accommodate your Financial Records – Seek Help from Quick Book Chat Support

Quick Books is a popular industry-driven bookkeeping software for small and medium-sized organizations. This software with Quick Books Chat Support offers a range of features and tools to simplify bookkeeping tasks.
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Our quick book software provides a user-friendly interface and offers both desktop and cloud-based versions to cater to different needs. The primary goal of this software is to deal with your business goals, minimize taxes, and help with business decisions for monetary development.
We at QuickBooks support phone numbers can help create a clear and detailed record of financial activities, which serves as the foundation for various accounting processes and financial reporting. It ensures that all financial transactions are properly recorded, classified, and summarized, allowing for accurate and up-to-date financial information.
For Quick Books chat support, you can visit and explore the website to accomplish your financial objectives. We are focused on utilizing our skills to help you achieve your business goals whether it is to settle a business issue or settle on a testing choice.
Quick book support phone numbers give superior solutions and individual administration you seek for your business requirements. We are giving you 24-hours access through a safe online chat support.
You can call us at +1-800-416-6061 to talk to our client support representative.
It is important to note that we are not affiliated to intuit in any form. We are independent of intuit and other registered trademarks of intuit.
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2023.05.31 17:19 Binh_Nguyen3006 Có ai đang rảnh không, có thể giúp em làm bài khảo sát được không ạ, thứ 7 này chốt r ạ

Khảo sát chi tiêu sinh viên trong 1 tháng (google.com)
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2023.05.31 17:17 Caulitots Immediate Opportunity: Join CMU's Study Today, Get Pizza & Amazon Gift Card

Hey PGH!
I'm part of a Human-Computer Interaction team at Carnegie Mellon. We're studying the future of mobility with a focus on Gen Z's use of self-driving cars. How will they learn and work on the go? We'd love your input!
Who: Locals aged 16-33. What: Participate in a research study on campus (300 South Craig Street). When: Today! We're flexible with time. Rewards: Free pizza and a $20 Amazon gift card.
Your time commitment would only be an hour. Interested? Just click this link or scan the QR code attached. Thank you for considering this!
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2023.05.31 17:17 Tommy_Sands West Coastin’

Taking a week and half to visit San Francisco, potentially LA. I’m coming from Denver. I’m open to all forms of transportation (rental, flight, train). My main thing is I’d like to make this as fun and efficient as possible. Purporse of the trip is pleasure and some potential networking in San Francisco. I’d like to be somewhere walkable and open to car rental. Just looking for suggestions on how to approach this last minute trip? What framework you all use to save money and still have a good time. I’d be leaving this Friday. Thanks!
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2023.05.31 17:17 Binh_Nguyen3006 Mọi người có thể giúp em làm khảo sát được không ạ ? Thứ 7 tuần này là chốt rồi, mà em còn thiếu quá

Khảo sát chi tiêu sinh viên trong 1 tháng (google.com)
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2023.05.31 17:16 AppliedPsych [Academic] Mock Juror Decision Making in Sexual Assault Cases (U.S. Citizens Age 19+)

My name is Christina Engelken and I am a PhD Candidate at Southern Illinois University. I am seeking participants for study which aims to understand how people make decisions in a sexual assault trial. In this study, you will view a summary of a sexual assault case, read trial transcripts, and answer questions about your verdict and other opinions you have about the case.
U.S. Citizens aged 19 are invited to participate. This survey would take around 15 minutes to complete. Participation in this study is completely voluntary, and not participating or withdrawing from the study will bear no penalty.
Participating in this study will enter you into a drawing to win one of twelve $50 Amazon gift cards. If you are interested in participating, please visit this link: https://siucpsyc.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_dcCYWi2Q35DHN9c
We encourage you to ask questions. If you have questions about the study, please contact:
Christina Engelken
Department of Psychology
[email protected]
Tamara Kang, PhD
Department of Psychology
[email protected]
phone: 618-536-2301
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2023.05.31 17:11 Lurker202020202020 Ledger refused to refund - email in post.

Hi there 👋
I, like many on this sub, feel betrayed by Ledger after this recent outage with their recover service. I contacted them asking for a refund, after seeing there were other people here who were successful in getting their money back for their purchase, after stating they were mis-sold the product. I no longer want to use my ledger, or have anything else to do with the company, so what would you reply with?
Hi there, I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to address your concerns and assure you that we value your feedback. It's important to us that you have a clear understanding of what Recover is and how it can benefit you. Please keep in mind that your Ledger device does not start sharing any fragments without you:
being subscribed to the service
your manual consent on your Ledger device (i.e. pressing both buttons)
To create a comparison for point #2, your Ledger device cannot sign transactions without you manually consenting to it on the device. The same thing goes fragmenting, encrypting and sending the three fragments of your recovery phrase.
Even if you were to use Ledger Recover, Ledger will never have access to your full recovery phrase. The three separate fragments go to three separate, independent companies (Ledger, CoinCover, Escrowtech). One fragment simply isn’t enough to reconstruct your recovery phrase and only contains a piece of it.
To provide you with comprehensive information, I highly recommend reading about Ledger Recover provided by Coincover in detail. You can find all the relevant information by visiting the following link: https://support.ledger.com/hc/en-us/articles/9579368109597?docs=true.

Regarding the refund, if your order is still within the withdrawal period (within 14 days of delivery), you can ask for a refund following this guide: https://support.ledger.com/hc/en-us/articles/10265554529053-Return-your-product?support=true.

Keep in mind if that the period has passed, we can't proceed with a refund. The warranty provided by Ledger covers any malfunction (e.g. screen, battery…) within 2 years of purchase with a replacement for a new device. For any other circumstance, a refund or replacement cannot be offered.
I hope this reassures you. Don't hesitate to get back to me if you have further questions.
Have a great day.
Best Regards,
Theo Tech Customer Success Specialist.
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2023.05.31 17:09 ombhs About Us

About Us
Edufreedom provides latest Jobs, Online Form, various sectors such as Railway, Bank, SSC, Navy, Police, UPSC, BPSC,BTET updates at one place Edufreedom.
Click here to visit: https://edufreedom.in/
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2023.05.31 17:06 Wishsprite Exeter Doctors Wait Times - Awful or just my Docs?

Are all Exeter Doctors surgery's as useless as mine or is it just St Leonards Practice taking the piss?
Filled out an online triage form explaining progression of symptoms that had landed me in A&E and the A&E docs long term reccomendations (including a new prescription he couldn't give me himself cause its long term) and the surgery text me back very quickly to say your GP will call you back in a MONTH. Had to cry all over their receptionist and speak to the 'emergency' doctor to explain I need the new meds now, not in a month's time.
It seems ridiculous that a phone appointment always takes 4-6 weeks and takes a miracle to get a physical one. Also weeks away.
I'm on the bloody long wait list to see a neurologist at the hospital and in the mean time all my GP keeps doing is throwing more of the same meds at the issue that aren't particularly helpful.
Do all the local GPs have such long waits? Cause I'm at my wits end. Will transfer if I can. But no point if all as bad as each other. EX2 post code for reference.
I shouldn't have to take up emergency appointments for ongoing long term issues. But apparently that's 'just how it's done'.
submitted by Wishsprite to exeter [link] [comments]